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Incorrect Billing Has Taken 4 Months and Is Still Not Resolved!
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Rating: 1/51

MARION, VIRGINIA -- In May, my Comcast bill was raised by $10 and I was not able to determine what the charge was for. When I called to find out why, I was first told it was a sports package I had signed up for. I let them know that I would not sign up for a sports package because my husband and I do not watch sports. They then changed the story that it was for the HD channels on my TV and that they would adjust the bill.

When I signed up for Comcast in July, 2014 I asked several times if the price they quoted was for 1 year or 2 years. Every time, the person on the phone said 2 years. So, I was shocked to find a different amount on the bill. While $10 was not a big difference, it would amount to about $120 over the rest of my contract life. I was assured by the gentleman on the phone, the one who changed his story of what the money was for, that it was taken care of and that I would not have any other increases. He gave me the amount to pay, which I paid.

I signed up for Comcast on July 1, which means that the modem special, which should have been for 12 months, was only for 11 months, if that is why I was charged extra. My June bill arrived, and not only was the amount not fixed, but I was charged another $10 fee, which again I could not determine why I was now charged an additional $20. Thinking that it was an error and that somehow the credit for May's bill was not registering. When I called, the person I talked to explained that the original $10 fee charged on my May bill was for the modem special that had expired.

I related the conversation when I signed up for Comcast that the fee I was being charged was for 2 years and was not informed that the special would expire in 11 months. I do give her credit for attempting to make the situation right. She did check and I was able to sign up for another 1 year special and she said she would take care of the $20 billing problem. She gave me an amount that I would pay for the June bill, which I did.

In July, my bill arrived and it was well over $100 higher than it was in June. I called Comcast again and the lady investigating the charge said I had been charged an early termination fee when the change for the new modem special was made in June. Again, I give this lady credit for attempting to make the mistake right. She removed the fee, according to her, and had it ready for her supervisor, who was not there, to sign so it could get submitted to the billing department. I was told that this would correct the problem and that my bill would be correct after this. Why, oh why did I believe her?

My August bill arrived today, and when I looked at it, I was now $254 past due on the account. I was very frustrated that it was taking a fourth call to attempt to correct the error. I spoke with a customer service representative who, after hearing my story, said I had to speak with someone in the billing department. This is where my day went downhill. She was very condescending.

When I explained what was going on, she looked at the bill and told me that I was incorrect, the adjustments had been made and that I only owed $10 for the month. When I questioned her, she said it takes several months for the bill to appear correct (why had no one said this?) and that their billing was confusing. She said I hadn't bothered to open the bill, but I had it open on my computer.

When I told her that, she insinuated that the problem was mine since I didn't know how to read the bill. When I questioned her on the fact that 1) her statement that the bill was confusing and 2) that it still showed it was incorrect, she condescendingly repeated that the problem was mine for not understanding. She cut me off several times in the conversation to repeat her statements throughout the call.

I asked to speak with the supervisor and surprise, a supervisor was not available. Do the supervisors work??? If the billed showed $254 past due, one would assume that is the amount due for payment, whether it is viewed through the email or online. When I called, the automated voice said I had $254 past due. When I opened the bill online through Comcast, the bill showed the amount due was $254.

I am so over Comcast. They will not get my business in the future and I will be sharing this story with people so they can evaluate their desire to be aligned with a company who makes so many errors and treats customers as though they are 5-year-old errant children.

Poor Service, Poorer Care
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- So, I was a loyal Comcast customer for over 10 years, beginning in 2000. Then, I started having trouble with some of my services and decided to give AT&T Uverse a shot, since they finally showed up in my community. Loved it, loved them, and loved their consistent attention and care for their customers... not to say they don't have issues at times, but they handle things so very well that they make you feel bad for even bringing it up. That said... I had to move, just up the street to a new community, and I am being forced to use Comcast (Bulk services?).

I upgraded to the triple play back on the 5th of June, and was told that the equipment would be delivered within 3-5 business days. Great. Fantastic. On the the 10th I called just to see where things were... to ask when I might be receiving my equipment... and was told that the order was still sitting in their system with a "pending" status, so had never been forwarded to the warehouse that ships the equipment -- I asked how that could possibly have happened, and I also asked what would have been the outcome had I not called to check. Dude said, "... no one would have known if you had not called..." What?!

So I said, "...alrighty then... let's get that fixed -- and by the way... can you send that to me fast-tracked, since I am now without TV, Internet, or phone?" He said, " problem... just one thing though, you're gonna need to pay $29 for the quicker shipment." At that point I was so frustrated that I just said, "Whatever." And he said they would "share" the cost with me. You know, like it was MY fault that they didn't do their jobs correctly the first time. Fine. On the 15th, still no equipment.

Third call. "Oh, wait... we just now sent that package out to you... and we don't have any actual tracking information to help determine when you will actually get the package. Could be tomorrow, could be a couple of days after that." Package showed up on the 16th. But wait, there were only two of the four pieces of equipment I was expecting. Fourth call. Rep says, "Your account activity actually shows that it's been cancelled... and it looks like prior to the cancellation, there were only two pieces of equipment ordered." What?! "Yep..."

Four reps and two supervisors later, I am being told that I now have to wait for a call tomorrow (18th) for the account to be straightened out. And if I try to make any changes to the account (since none of the reps actually got my itemization correct), then "...the audit department would make it so that NO SERVICES would be connected at my location..." What?!

The last representative I spoke to acted as if I had called back all those times to make changes to my order, when in fact, each time I called back -- BECAUSE OF THEIR TOTAL AND COMPLETE LACK OF COMPETENCE -- I had them read back to me what was shown in the order and IT WAS NEVER CORRECT. How is that my fault?

These folks really don't give a crap about customer service or just plain SERVICE for that matter. I just don't get how they can all be so callous regarding how they affect our lives. I know they have a ton of customers, and I know they have it so that you are basically stuck in certain situations or areas; however, know this... depending on where you live, work, & play, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE THEM AT ALL. I have the option to split up my services and only take the Basic/Expanded that the complex forces us to use... and I will use another company for my internet and phone. ANY OTHER COMPANY.

Almost everything you watch on Cable can now be accessed through the internet and all sorts of apps. Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, etc., are now viable options to completely do away with cable. Comcast has basically ensured that I will now be one of the loudest voices in the "down-with-Comcast" arena.

My puny little dollars may not make a big difference to them... but by God, I will spend the rest of my days trying to convert as many folks as I can reach. THEY ARE RIDICULOUS. They need to train their employees to actually know their product and to actually care about the customers on the other end of the dollars they collect every dang month!

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Rating: 1/51

NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I have been through hell this last week with this company. I was part of a bulk plan through my apartment complex and left with no choice but to use the company and forced to pay for cable whether I wanted it or not. The crazy thing is it would seem not a single customer representative has ever heard of a bulk account or at the very least has no clue how to manage these accounts.

It was a nightmare setting up and was a nightmare to give back the box for the cable and transfer my internet when I moved out. Endless call transfers that get you nowhere! And some of the nastiest/rudest customer service I have ever received from any company! I was very clear about wanting the exact same internet service I was already receiving in my old place moved to my new place, when they told me the price it had gone up. I asked why and was told it is just the price being offered, come to find out they upped my speed and were charging me extra!

I went into the store to give the boxes back after I actually moved. They informed me my set up that I was assured several times over the phone was all good to go was actually not processed because they forgot to disconnect the previous tenants service. I was again assured it was all taken care of, but then I got home only to find my internet was not working in my new place even though it was prior to going into the store. I then had to call Comcast yet again to try and resolve my issue.

I was called "ma'am" despite repeatedly saying my name was Mathew which I corrected them on only to be called ma'am 1 min later by the same (barely English speaking) representative. I asked to speak to a supervisor but was instead transferred to IT. I would drop Comcast in a heart beat but just like my previous apartment, my current apartments only option is Comcast, what a nightmare! I would strongly recommend if you have other options than Comcast to seek them out and don't get stuck in their trap, you will never get out, just transferred, and transferred, and transferred....

Told One Price and Then Charged Way More
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Rating: 1/51

MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- My mother, which I help out at times since she's 87 years old, has had Infinity for a few years with TV, phone and Internet. Her modem started having trouble so I took it in to Infinity to exchange. The person at the counter claimed she could save money each month by switching to a new bundle, adding security. I told the lady several times that we didn't need security but she said it'd be worth it so she could lower the total monthly bill from $192 to $153. There would only be an installation fee of $16.50 for 6 months. Sounded good and my mother had the package changed, thinking now her bill would be around $170 a month for six months and then down to $153 a month.

Her first bill came and it is $314.17. That's way higher! She didn't cancel the security system before 30 days because she'd no idea her bill would be higher than they originally told her in the Infinity office. Now they want $1000 + to cancel the security system that she didn't need or want in the first place, plus she has installation fees and a higher monthly bill than before! They definitely tricked her into something she doesn't need. She has never used the security and never will. So we'll end up paying $1000 plus for absolutely nothing.

Comcast was very dishonest on this matter. Sounds like elder abuse to me. I've called several times to Comcast plus gone to their office several times and I get various excuses and a refusal to budge, just saying we signed and are stuck with it. The installer told her she could cancel within 30 days with no penalty, but of course the first bill, charging way more than they originally told her, didn't come tell after 30 days so we didn't know we should cancel before the bill came. They clearly are taking advantage of an 87 year old that trusted what they said.

Improper Troubleshooting, Trouble Tickets Canceled, Flawed Management, Lied to Repeatedly
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Rating: 3/51

WOODBINE, GEORGIA -- Tuesday 28 April 2015, a technician arrived to troubleshoot the loss of reported failed channels. Before his arrival two of three channels had been restored remotely. The technician was unaware the reported channels were missing on all TV sets in the house. When replacing the LR TV coax connector and observing the signal was not restored, he was surprised. I asked why he replaced that connector as the report I made stated it was a loss to all TVs, not the LR set. He replaced numerous coaxial connectors, and talked to someone several times, but did not correct the fault or identify where the fault existed.

When I received an automated Comcast call requesting a performance rating, my responses triggered two responses; notification a supervisor would be calling me to discuss the work and I was asked to give an oral report via their message system. No supervisor ever called, as promised; perhaps my oral report emphasized the technician was improperly trained... but not why his supervisor could not lead him to understand how to use his equipment. I requested the technician compare other signals to observe what the strength of the missing channel should have, to no avail.

Thirty six hours later, I called to ascertain when the next technician would arrive to conduct troubleshooting, I learned the earlier trouble ticket was cancelled without repairs being completed and without my consent or knowledge. I initiated a new ticket. Saturday, 2 May 2015, a different technician arrived and immediately identified the fault was off my property entirely, and was isolated to the amplifier for the entire subdivision. Exactly what I reported to both technicians, as the most recent other faults had been isolated to that equipment. This technician was quick, efficient, accurate, in short... perfect.

He explained he could not perform the repairs as his department had separated those duties to more senior personnel. The repair now fell to the maintenance group. The next Tuesday, 5 May 2015, I called Comcast for an update. Again, someone had cancelled my trouble ticket. No new ticket for Maintenance group repairs had been created, until I promoted them to issue a new ticket. The fault still exists, and IMO, no trouble ticket should ever be cancelled until a new ticket is issued and the customer is apprised of the shift to the new ticket... along with scheduling a repair timeframe.

In this case, my presence is not required, as the technician can observe the loss of signal before repairs and the restoration of a signal at the remote repair site itself. Despite being told a supervisor would call me via automated message once and twice by live agents, no such call was made. We have an answering machine, should I have not been available. I have spoken to supervisors twice in the last 15 years while at this location.

Extreme Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I moved into a new home and tried to transfer my service. I called Comcast well before I moved to set up the transfer, now I've been in my new home 11 days and still no service. Technician came out as originally scheduled, but the cable line had not been run to the house so he said he would have someone run the cable and he'd be back that afternoon. No cable was run and I never heard from him again. A day of work wasted.

Then after many hours on the phone with numerous different people, I got nowhere. Each person we talked to gave us dates for installation but then someone else would call and show no record of our previous conversations. Everyone we talked to told us something different. To be fair I like the product Comcast has. I tried DirecTV at one point because of issues with Comcast service, but their product isn't as good in my opinion. So I'm stuck with Comcast at this point.

Comcast should hope they never have any real competition, they will be gone. Amazing to me they are in business! Calls to customer service are to people all over the country and NO one knows what the other is doing. Comcast is the biggest joke company I can remember dealing with. Comcast Service Sucks!!

I Was Mailed the Router Without a Password.
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Comcast... thieves... They mailed my router without a password, and so how could I use their service? I was busy during that time and had no time to call them, but seeing they didn't care I didn't open the box and they sent me a bill. So I decided to send the box back via UPS, and they put me on collection for 59 dollars, and I didn't even have a password to use the box. Later they mailed me a letter saying that I hadn't sent the box. What a bunch of idiots.

Comcast you're one of the most horrible companies in the world, along with AT&T and DIRECTV... Yes in huge capital letters I put this info for everyone to see. Comcast you messed my credit for 59 dollars and you know I never used your service. You're a bunch of miserable authorized thugs. I rate it one star because it's the minimum allowed, but in fact I rate Comcast minus 100,000,000,000.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Horrible customer service and liars. We recently called to cancel our cost escalating service. We were told if we signed a 2 yr contract our service cost would remain the same for 2 yrs, no increase. Six months later they have raised our rates saying we are wrong. Why on earth would I sign a contract to lower my rate for only six months only to return to yet higher bills?

They are sleazy liars who attain business on fraud. A class action suit should be filed against them. Talking with customer service they agreed they gave us a rate for 24 months but that they should not have done so. Sick of these bottom feeders. They should abide by what they agreed to in their contract, as they would expect and demand me to do the same.

Comcast Business Client Service Manager signed us up for Services we didn't order.
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Rating: 1/51

BEAVERTON OR -- Our family business in Beaverton Oregon had used Comcast Business for our cable, phone and Internet services for the past few years until we were assigned Brad ** as our Comcast Business Client Service Manager in early August 2015. Brad ** was rude and unprofessional employing high pressure sales tactics including signing us up for services we never ordered or even had a discussion about.

When we refused to pay an upfront fee for maintaining a fixed price for our combined services our Internet and phone service became intermittent for the next week with one outage lasting more than 5 hours. We are now with Sprint, but had to pay Comcast an early termination fee. Brad ** of Comcast Business service was a bad chapter in our company that I want to warn the public about.

For a Large Company I Would Have Expected at Least Reasonable, if Not Superior, Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BRANFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I called Comcast the week after stopping into their branch office and getting all the information to hook up new service. I had to push through numerous voice prompts (none of which were relevant as to the reason for my call) before getting a human on the line. Michelle greeted me with an attitude which really threw me as we haven't even begun our conversation yet. After speaking with her for about 10 minutes or so, I realized she couldn't help me and asked to be transferred to a manager.

After remaining on hold for about another 20 minutes, Raymond came on the line. I asked if he was a manager and he said he was not. Well, we discussed my situation and he actually was cordial and tried to help. Without explaining anything to me, he put me on hold and when he came back on the line, he said he had Bob on the line who could help me. Strange but ok. I went through everything with Bob (now my 3rd time) and ultimately got very frustrated that I politely told Bob I would be going to their competition and said goodbye.

I would think any company would bend over backwards to gain new customers, but that certainly was not my experience! And, they lost my business before they ever got it. A shame for them. Previously I was with Cox Communications for 22 years and they couldn't thank me enough every time I called!! Silly Comcast.

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