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HDTV Cable Box Problems
Posted by Gogaterz on 11/01/2006
What a nightmare I’m having with Comcast. Let me first say that I have basic cable, tier II cable, Silver package with the HBO channels, and high speed internet. I pay them almost $150/month for crappy service. First, had visual, but no sound from my HD cable box. I called on a Thursday afternoon and after being on hold for 34 minutes, the Comcast support rep had me unplug my box (their cure for everything), like I haven’t tried that before. Of course then everything needs to reset and you can’t use “On Demand”. That lasts until you turn the box off. Turn it on again….no sound. Nice. The support rep told me they couldn't send anyone until that Tuesday and someone had to be home. So, on top of no cable for 6 days, my wife had to stay home from work to let the cable guy in. He shows up, on time though, says the box is bad, takes it and installs a new one and says everything is fine. My wife checks before he leaves and sees that 90% of the channels don’t work and “On Demand” doesn’t work. He tells her the box is resetting and it will be fine in 30 minutes. 30 minutes later they still don’t work. Oh, and I had about 20 hours of prime shows taped on the DVR cable box. He took them with him in the old box. Two hours later, still no channels. I call and after holding for 20 minutes, I get a support rep who tells me to unplug the box again, of course it doesn’t help and she tells me they can have someone to my house on Friday, I ask to speak to a SUPERVISOR. They give me a SUPERVISOR who tells me they need to send someone out again, and he can have someone at my house the next day (Wednesday) at 10:30 and I have to be home. So I take Wednesday off from work so someone can be here at 10:30 as per the SUPERVISOR. No one shows up at 10:30. I figure maybe they got held up. Finally at 1:00 I call and ask to speak to another SUPERVISOR, who tells me there is no appointment because it had to cancel and someone should have called me to tell me that. After much complaining and telling the SUPERVISOR that I was going to cancel my account, she checked into some things and said they'll have someone to my house by 5:00 this afternoon. So basically we’ve gone one week without cable, and two days of missed work. That's a lot more than my monthly bill for cable. I'm not going to pay my bill this month because I have lost probably four months of cable bill costs just missing work. I'll bet you they’ll be very fast to contact me to find out why my bill has not been paid. Actually they’ll probably be even faster to shut off my service. Funny how they have that down pat. Maybe it's time we all switched to DSL and a sattelite dishes. The monopoly of cable needs to stop..........(UPDATE)...Well somebody came out and said that the LAST REPAIR PERSON should have known that the latest box was bad because they are supposed to test them before they leave. He said THE LAST REPAIR PERSON probably tested it and saw a problem, but told us everything was good because he probably just “wanted to get out of here”. So he said he tested it and everything is fine with ANOTHER BRAND NEW BOX. So I finally felt satisfied and tonight went in to watch television and guess what………….NO SOUND AGAIN. I called Comcast, waited for 15 minutes to get someone and they told me they can have someone out to fix my box on Friday. Here it is Wednesday and I have the original problem I had last Thursday when I called. I asked for a Supervisor and they told me none was available. This will get posted on line again with the latest update. Oh, and I’m mailing a copy to the local newspaper and the Chairman of Comcast. Proobably have an update Friday when it’s not working for another reason!

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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-11-01:
We had a very similar problem with Comcast and our HDTV box. After numerous "reboot" the box calls to their useless customer service, we finally took matters into our own hands. I located a local comcast office and drove their with my old box. Swapped it out for a new box and remote. Everything has worked great since. We did however have to call one more time after getting the new box so it could be "activated" or something. We had a similar problem where the channels would not show up. They activated it and it worked great after that. One trick, try calling and selecting the menu option for new customers. You get through a lot faster (2 min versus 30 min) and they can remotely activate your box. Good luck!
Posted by momtoss on 2006-11-29:
Did you ever get anywhere with comcast? Have had similar problems, gave me a bad HDTV box, set me up for appointments and they don't show up,then when I call they say they don't show an appt. for me. Have also asked for supervisor and there is never one available, they say one will call me back but they never do. I'm the big fool, I have cable, internet and phone service with them. I am so sick of Comcast, customer service is such a joke and their techs that come out are useless. They want to get in and out ASAP, they will tell you anything to get out of your house. I have their wires hanging all over the outside of my house like spaghetti. I have asked them to hang them right and they totally ignore me. I thought companies where not allowed to have a monopoly on the market, but that theory goes out the window, just look at FPL (electric co.), my goodness that's a whole other complaint post. I hope your problems have gotten attention and hope that you don't have anymore.
Posted by missd1975 on 2006-12-18:
I hate Comcast SO MUCH. I just got cable 2 weeks ago, and already I have problems. Menu, signal coming in, no picture. Saturday I called customer (dis)service, and after being on hold for about 30 minutes, I was told a rep was going to try sending a stronger signal to my box and I would get a call back in 2 hours. YEAH RIGHT. Like I believed that!
Today I called back, and of course the woman on the phone had no idea what my problem was, even though she confirmed that all the notes from my Saturday call were in the system. So, you know, you would think that would answer the questions she was asking me...since they were the same questions I was asked the first time...
Now I have a tech coming tomorrow, and thank goodness for the fact I work from home, because otherwise that would be two days off work for cable service. I am actually stunned my technicians showed up for the first time. But hey, since I live in Chicago, now I have to worry that my technician might be a serial killer!! GREAAATTT!
If Comcast can't fix this, I am done with them. It sucks so bad that they are my only option. I realize most cable companies have their issues, but I had great luck with RCN and...oh, hey...Comcast is the first one I ever heard about that had a murderer contracting for them!!
Posted by April Hoelle on 2013-11-06:
Had a Comcast cable HD put in when I moved to my new place. Well I had problems with the sound. Finally called them back out to hook my other TV and asked for new Cable Box. The guy put one in, needless to say that I turned off the TV and now I have no signal. I had Verizon and it was great. Service was great. I would rather have them. So my husband called and they sent a signal to the box. Needless to say, nothing happened. So he called to ask them to come out again, and waited for 2 hours for them to come out. So he called and they said that they did not have us scheduled for today and told us that we would have to return the box backed to Comcast around 40 minutes away. I also am not paying $50,00 for everytime they come out. Screw them. I will go back to Verizon.
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Stop the "Brainwashing", end the "Monopoly" NOW!
Posted by JT Direct on 02/21/2006
CANTON, MICHIGAN -- This letter I had certified to the COO of Comcast, Stephen Burke:

Re: Corporate Overview & Services

Dear Sirs,

As a recent long-term subscriber to Comcast Cable, coming from the Media One organization back in the 1990’s, I had elected to drop my service with your company cited for various reasons as I will discuss in this letter. This is not a letter of complaint but an overview of your company & service people you employ and should be directed to your President and Chief Operating Officer.

Personally I find it appalling that the Federal Government has “allowed” your company to function as a “monopoly” over the airwaves. I also find it appalling to character of people to whom you employ as “customer service representatives” at Comcast and to have such an arrogant attitude towards the “paying” customer of your service. This is one of the reasons why American businesses have such a hard time competing against foreign competitors.

My issues with your company are nothing new to the general public and I am not looking for resolve but to make a clear point of how you operate & treat your customers.

ISSUE 1: In the course of being a subscriber since 1988, when MediaOne was developed, costs and services were excellent. As a businessman for years in the Marketing/Media business the costs were understandable fair. Since that time when Comcast took over rates continued to increase without provocation. As a “paying” customer of your service, for years my bill has always been paid on time or ran a bit late however; ALWAYS paid in full. This year in running late, your service provider in my area decided to cut off my service WITHOUT ANY proper notice, phone call or email communication of any sort, is this how you operate?

ISSUE 2: In discussing this situation with one of your “customer service reps”, I had to deal with the most arrogant & defensive woman I had ever spoken to in my life. Her attitude was “take it or leave it”, I defiantly left it-IMMEDIATELY. It’s rather funny that when you want to have service cut off there’s no problem but when you have a service problem, it takes forever to resolve it or in “your” time frame.

ISSUE 3: In finally determining why I wasn’t properly informed by this woman after knowing that Comcast had my home address, home phone number, work phone number, email address and etc. her conclusion was to blame it on my postman! What type of “customer service” people do you employ!

I think it’s fair to say that I understand what your operating costs are for this business as I have dealt in the same business arena for many years and again; I find it appalling to what you charge the average consumer for TV/Internet services.

I think it’s clear that for myself as well as many other customers who have left Comcast and have no intention of EVER returning to your services. There are many options out there that are “within reason” for the average consumer to afford and this is not a matter of affordability but your absorbent costs to the public which are ridiculous for what you offer; nothing!

Your cable line up even for just a basic package has nothing of interest except on a rare occasion. Even in an attempt to reduce my services in the past for a less costly monthly bill, being that I spend very little time even watching TV, I wound up saving $5.00 a month, what a joke.

I am aware that there is litigation with the State Cable board that would allow consumers to select ONLY what they want in a cable package and pay for only that which they select and I know that Comcast is fighting this, why? You don’t make enough off the average consumer? And I know it obviously doesn’t go towards hiring true “customer service “people to represent your company.

As I have made it clear to family, friends and business associates alike, to drop their subscription with Comcast or to NEVER sign up. I have also made it clear to them that I would be happy to pay for their set-up costs with someone else other than Comcast.

I think it’s sad that a company such as Comcast has forgotten the real reason they have grown at such a substantial rate, THEIR CUSTOMERS. It’s fair to say that many, many people have found other options for their TV viewing and internet services, you can’t brainwash the people all the time, we do wake up. I remember a time not too long ago when TV didn’t cost a thing and yet we were all still entertained, and as fast as movies come out on DVD’s and the low-cost internet services that are everywhere, why would people throw their money away with Comcast?

I sincerely hope that you “re-evaluate” your services & costs to the average consumer and stop the brainwashing commercials that you air making people think that they have to have this. People are much wiser than Comcast realizes, we’re not fooled anymore. If you don’t re-evaluate your services & costs, and give people what they really want, I can only see Comcast continuing to lose its’ customer base and finally being sold, bought out or close the doors.


Jeffery Taylor

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-02-22:
So you didn't pay your bill on time and they cut off your service? That's pretty much how it works. Even if they had all your contact information, how much time, effort and expense are they to put into trying to get you to pay your bills on time? You go on to complain about their prices, yet you want them to increase their costs even more by coddling people that can't understand what "due date" means on their monthly bill.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-22:
Good point, Hugh. I've been with Comcast since they came into my area. We had problems when they first started up. When hooking me up to the Internet, it took six agonizing weeks of sporadic service. However, TV was exceptional. After the problem was resolved, there was no charge to me for the entire six weeks--neither Internet nor TV. If ever I have a problem, just one call gets results. This letter deals with generalities. Just substitute any supplier's name for 'Comcast', and it could be sent to any cable company. For instance, when I call Comcast, I ALWAYS get the name of the person to whom I am speaking and make a note of the time, date, and how long the conversation lasted. In this way I can put a name to my contact, not just some 'woman.' Take Hugh's advice and pay your bills on time or you'll be sending a letter of this type to your current supplier when they cut off.
Posted by JT Direct on 2006-02-24:
It's obvious that your are advocates of Comcast, to each is own. As a businessman in the "Media" business for many, many years, I have a fair understanding of costs to the end user, my letter states the truth about how Comcast operates. As I explained in my letter, this was never a matter of "affordability" but the absorbant costs Comcast charges people, jacking up rates with "NO" viable explaination to customers. Consider yourself "lucky" that you found a well received service individual to assist you with your issues however; in my experience with Comcast from the installers, who do not work for Comcast by the way, to the service people, it's worse than dealing with DELL technical support, if you know where I'm coming from. I'd rather spend my money on something more entertaining through the year that surfing through channel after channel of crap. I do hope they go under, sincerely!
Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-24:
JT,I don't think you'll get your wish to have them go under. Comcast is here to stay, especially with that huge Regional Operations office they recently (within past 2 yrs.) opened in Plymouth. Channel surfing? Why not invest in TV Guide or just use the Cable Guide that comes with the Freep each Sunday?
Posted by Tikkirella on 2006-03-08:
You all must be Comcast employees or have an affiliation of some sort with Comcast because anyone can see that Comcast really isn't that great. Not to mention, since when do Comcast CSRs know what they are talking about? I have had good service from time to time, don't get me wrong but on certain issues, when trying to resolve it, I too have had multiple people giving my different excuses.

Everyone thought PG&E was safe. Look what happened. Guess what? The same thing is going to happen to Comcast. Take my word for it; it will.
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Comcast HD Technology Fee
Posted by Unhappy999 on 05/28/2012
I have had Comcast HD for about 6 years. This month, out of nowhere, a new charge appeared on my bill HD Technology Fee 9.95. I chatted with someone to get it removed last week, they said, it's a mistake, I will take it off. Nothing showed up online for a credit to my bill so I chatted again today. Again, the person said not to worry, we will take it off. She never said your HD channels will be gone. Obviously, why would I pay extra for 2 HD boxes and not want the HD service.

Well, when I turned on my TV today, my HD channels were gone. So I called, and the woman said if we remove the fee, your HD channels will be gone. She also said my bill had not gone up, they just broke out the charge separately, I said the bill did go up by the new fee. She got my channels back and then at the end she said my bill would go up. She then tried to sell me more channels and phone service when she knew I was trying to get my bill down. This is after 4 months ago they gave me a special deal which was to include everything, now they add a new charge.

So now with Comcast, to get HD it cost you extra $20 a month, 9.95 for fee and 9.25 for HD box. Since I have 2 HD boxes, I get charged another 9.25 for the second box. Even the Comcast people do not know if this is mistake or not because I got different answers from different people. Up until now, the HD was included with my first box because the first 9.25 on my bill said HD Digital Preferred and now it just says Digital Preferred and I have the HD charge separate. Comcast is a ripoff.
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Posted by ok4now on 2012-05-28:
Hello? Now you are finding out what Comcast is all about. This is why I couldn't wait to leave them. If you want true HD programming without the the nickel & dime expense there is only one option....Verizon FIOS. Yes you will read complaints. My experience with them after three years has been flawless. No problems, great HD programs, super fast internet and dead reliable phone service. Dump Comcast and switch to FIOS, you will be much happier.
Posted by Alain on 2012-05-29:
I haven't seen this on our Comcast bill yet, but thanks to your review, I'll be looking out for it. I appreciate the heads up, Unhappy!
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-29:
Hello? If your billing rate and/or "breakouts" changed you should have been notified.

I'd be on the phone to Comcast a few more times until I received an explanation of this that makes sense. Or leave.

Two reps have told you that your bill has not gone up, but it has. Somebody has some splainin to do, Lucy. My *guess* is at the end of the day, someone will fess up and admit that your bill has indeed gone up.
Posted by Bill Proctor on 2013-08-03:
My local Comcast rep. said it was a "Federal Tax", and they (Comcast) had nothing to do with the fee ($9.95 pr month) ?????????????????????.
Posted by cb29 on 2013-10-29:
You don't have to have the HD technology. Tell them to take it off the bill. All TVs are set up with HD now, so it's not necessary.
Posted by sickofcomcast on 2014-01-02:
We have had similar problems with Comcast. When living in DE we never had problems but since living in the Baltimore area for the past year and a half, we end up with HD charges and DVR charges.....and we don't have a DVR or DVR service. We have to call them and battle over the bill. We have had it. In just 2 more days, we will have Verizon Fios installed. We are in hopes of a much better experience. Oh, and during the unexpected storm the end of June 2012 we lost cable/internet service for a full week. We called and reported it and then called again at the end of the week. When we asked about reducing our bill for the month, we were told we should have asked for it when we reported the outage. We had to talk to several people before we got some resolution to this. We should NOT have to beg for refunds or bill adjustments when the charges are not valid charges.
Posted by Pissed@Comcast on 2014-01-14:
I have been with Comcast for over 10 years but being that when you move they have to create a new account for you (which I don't understand why they just can't update the address..I mean they have all this technology) they are pretty incapable of pinpointing long-term customers (unless you a person that never moved).

Anyhow life happens and I got behind (not Comcast fault) so I had like a $268 balance and I called the representative and I said I can pay $200 and the remaining I would pay with my next bill. Representative said okay and that she would make 'note' of it on the account. So I paid the what I promised to have them a week later turn me off.

So I called and say why did you disconnect me and the representative was like well you have a $68 past due balance. I was like okay I know this because I called last week and the representative said okay. So back and forth and back and forth talking to people even the useless DM of the area to sum it up they thought they could extort it out me. But no one could ever explain to me how 'certain' people could run up a 600 bill before they was cut off but I called explained what I could give and get turned off for a balance under $100. Their only answer was it is a 'case' by 'case' situation so my case of I did pay something and made arrangements didn't fall as one that could be that 'case by case' situation.

I am a person about principle and Comcast didn't value my commitment of 10 years to them so I let them keep their service and returned their boxes. But then 4 days later after dropping off my boxes to the main station I have a representative call saying they could make arrangements for someone to pick up the boxes but if I would like my service back on they could setup a payment arrangement to get me back on. I would be an idiot to fall for something like that if they was incapable of keeping the original arrangement they agreed on in the first place.

Sorry Comcast but in the real world (well for me anyway) A roof over my head comes before a TV that I don't watch. I only pay you exorbitant prices because you decide to put the 'KIDS' channels on you higher packages. Now I have Verizon Fios I am pretty sure they appreciate the assistance of getting a new customer.
Posted by D.Lomas on 2014-01-19:
Comcast is corporate piracy. Public is subjected to deliberate malpractice in that access to anybody with competence is deliberately blocked while customers struggle impossibly to have dialogue with non english speaking offshore comcast " specialists-in- non-comprehension". Many non productive efforts with offshore customer reps have wasted endless time while I tried to listen to incomprehensible accented twaddle in their weird english useage. OBVIOUSLY the chaos is corporate intention, created to hinder solutions thus deflecting customers' grievances from reasonable resolution. The company's "customer services" are a malicious anti customer management system designed to cloak their middle finger indifference to the customer, and its polices are manipulative to an extreme. (eg "ghost" supervisors )
A disgusting group of corporate gougers using all the tricks of their corporate greed motivated methods to give minimum value for money .
Time for government to look into the cable monopoly
Read the many other complaints floating around the web including even some current jaded employees of the comcast group
Posted by JAMES SMITH on 2014-02-07:
Posted by Cindy on 2014-02-24:
I cancelled service, the customer service lady said she would ship out boxes to return the equipment. She said that was the easiest. I finally got the boxes from UPS and I packed up a modem and 2 TV boxes and shipped them back. They are now saying I never returned the modem. He asked if I took a picture of the serial # on the modem, no I did not. No one said I should have done that!!! How can they receive the cable boxes and not the modem??
I will never use this company again. I now have local channels only with a antenna(Free TV).
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Excellent Customer Service on Computer Problem
Posted by Great Grandma W. on 02/06/2011
I am 77 years old and was having trouble with my Comcast service and don't know much about computers and was fortunate to reach a very helpful and patient young woman in Arizona on the phone who spent 30 minutes with me working through the problem with my new internet connection. I can't tell you how much her kindness meant to me. I wish I could compliment her by name (it started with "T___") because she made a big difference in my "sanity" working through the problem. At my age we are not as sharp as we once were (before computers!!). I live in Texas City, Texas and spoke with her around 6:00 p. m., Sunday, February 6, 2011.

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Posted by jkalin on 2011-06-21:
Recently received service by Justin at Comcast and was extremely impressed with his ability and concern for my problem. This technician is a gem and knows how to handle his work!
Posted by Bridget Dewolfe on 2011-11-28:
I am very unhappy-put CMT back into basic package
Posted by John on 2012-05-30:
It has been years since I have felt ANY satisfaction with Comcast!...TODAY, one extremely patient and knowledgeable young lady from out in Western Texas has changed that poor opinion to a very pleased and happy opinion! A young lady , ID#34377, is by far, the best coustomer support person I have EVER had the experience of working with to resolve my wireless issues. I truly hope the Comcast Brass are reading this post, and further reward this young lady for her kindness, professionalism, patience, and efficientcy of handling my issues! Do you hear me Comcast Suits?? I would be happy and proud to have an employee like her and hope you do the right thing by her. Once in a blue moon these days do you run across a decent employee, in spite of the business culture and beaurocratic nonsense, who truly shines and DOES put the company and customer first. This is an exceptional employee and has for the very first time dealing with cable, satisfied my issues and made me feel like I'm a customer who matters. Thank you Keeta!
Posted by Chris on 2013-01-31:
I was helped by LOIS today at Comcast. She is pleasant, patient and very knowledgeable. She helped me resolve a problem I had been having with my cable in a matter of minutes, then asked if she could help me with anything else. Comcast, consider yourself lucky to have her as an employee!
Posted by Richard on 2013-02-27:
Customer satisfaction is personified by a young lady named Pam. She works in billing and she should be recognised and treated as a shining star. Granted, all of your people do the very best they can, no complaints.
Pam works for Mr. Dan Bishop, who should be proud to have such an asset in his group. She is beyond all expectations. I told her she deserves a huge raise! Throw in a corner office company car and expense account while you are at it. Great job Pam!
Posted by doug on 2013-02-27:
A long while ago a lady named Sherita Helped me BIG TIME..I never could find how to get a thank you e- mail to her..hope she sees this..God bless ya..Doug
Posted by Alem on 2013-04-03:
I had an email send/receive issue for few days. I was unable to get help on two or three days in row contacting over the phone. some were reading a script non stop with exaggeration..most of them were taking a lot of time to read a manual and most of all they were unable to solve my problem.
some of them were hard to understand what they are talking about because of their heavy accent.
when ever they can find a way,
They were referring me to different departments and to the "high level problem solvers" for a fee and they didn't know why they have to charge me too.
However, few minutes ago I contacted a Comcast member online help chat room, known as operator ID is YvonneRCBU. she/he took the time without noncontinuous manual reading and repeat-ion to help solve the problem. I wish Comcast has many operatorsas YvonneRCBU.
Posted by Dolly Alexander on 2013-05-16:
I would like to compliment your employee, Eugene Yuri, employee #213-52 for the excellent service he provided on 4/24/13, for my cable. After being on the phone from 3:00 to 5:00PM, and talking to several people, upon being connected to Eugene, the problem was fixed in minutes. He knows his job! BRAVO! I hope he gets this thank you!
Posted by Ladonna Battle on 2013-06-13:
I would like to compliment your employee Jocel who is a supervisor with your company on the chat customer service. I had previously set up a payment agreement and my services was still cut off. I was not able to make any arrangements because it showed that I was already suspended. I currently go to school online and desperately needed my services. She was able to reconnect my services for seven more days. I had spoke with serveral people and no one else would help me. I thank Jocel she was truly a life saver.
Posted by Marsha Caraway on 2013-08-25:
I spoke with a representative by the name of Tiffany who handled my call to completion concerning my internet and phone outage. She was kind, patient, understanding and friendly. She also adjusted my account for my inconvenience. I hope she is a valued employee. Thank you again, Tiffany.
Posted by Nadine Mac on 2014-03-15:
For a short time I had Comcast service for my television. After my husband died, I made a lot of bad choices
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Comcast Netgear Router CG814WG
Posted by Tjamnz on 01/20/2007
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Purchased (billed and paid in full) Comcast Netgear CG814WG Home Networking Router for use with Comcast Home Networking Service.

I downgraded my service to standard Comcast 5Meg internet service and wireless will now not work on Comcast Netgear CG814WG. Comcast said its a Netgear issue... called them and Netgear said its a Comcast issue. Netgear will not offer support because they said the firmware is proprietary to Comcast and this makes sense.

Comcast has no firmware updates and their tier one agents are instructed to say its a Netgear issue.

This is crazy considering i can go to best buy and purchase a cable modem gateway for half that price and without any limitations. Comcast wasted hours of my time by giving me useless tech support white papers that were related to Comcast home networking subscribers, which was no good for me (my issue) because I'm a regular Comcast internet customer and not a chn customer anymore.

Their inability to provide a work-around for this issue, or a firmware update\rollback is unreasonable by any technical measure. Considering (reiterate) you can buy your own at a store without any limitations.

What a lousy product. Never buy this product from Comcast because you will never be able to use it for anything else, other than for Comcast service which has many limitations for the price.
like only connecting so many nodes at one time at home. (this is silly if you know anything about networking)(you only get so much bandwidth anyways)

Just make sure you buy your own cable modem gateway and never one from them if you sign up for service to avoid these headaches.

The main issue is there reps are not telling the truth (they lied)by saying its not their issue... well... it is.. because i bought it from them, and its their firmware on the the device too.
So I'm letting Netgear off the hook. Netgear WILL NOT PROVIDE any support for these devices and it says to right on their web site.

Wake up Comcast! Wake up!

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Posted by MRM on 2007-01-20:
You're right, you should have bought a Netgear router at your local retail which is much less expensive than the ones at Comcast. Your wireless router should work with your cable modem, regardless of downgrading your internet service. I mix-n-match my cable modem (Westell) with wireless router (D-Link) and they work just fine. I would suggest you check your ethernet connections and your network settings in Windows.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-01-21:
I have a d-link router too and I've never had any problems with it. I have whatever kind of cable box RCN gives me.

I wonder how much comcast charged for a "comcast" router?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-21:
I don't think I have ever herd a good thing about Comcast?
Posted by yankeeryu on 2007-05-17:
Well the reason you are having problems is that the device you has is a gateway, not a router. It would work with comcast IF you purchase additonal IP's. The reason you need additional IP's is that you have downgraded your service. So the standard service only gives you one IP address. That is why routers will work and gateways wont. It is not comcast scamming you. You just either need a router for the standard service , or to purchase additional IP's or use the homenetworking service. Maybe you should of checked some tech support forums first. But that is just my opinion
Posted by tjamnz on 2007-05-17:
Hello, I'm the original poster. Well... after a weeks of complaining they finally made it work with there standard internet service. It was an east coast comcast router, and since im in seattle now maybe it took them awhile to figure it out. thanks for all of the interesting replies. btw, the main issue initially was how both companies claimed its not their issue. Thats quite a good way to lose a customer in cities where there's choice of isp's. Im still with comcast because of quality 5 to 8megs down consistently.. at least on my segment.
Posted by tjamnz on 2007-05-17:
yeah.. i bought a nice router too and ditched the older one, (wpa instead of wep) with all kinds of advanced features that the cable co router didnt seem to offer.

in other words you get just a basic transceiver/modem with their tier one service with no bells and whistles.
Posted by mrand90706 on 2007-05-26:
I'll preface this by saying that I do work for Comcast, so naturally my view is biased. However, I don't really have any reason to lie in here since they aren't paying me to say what I have to say here.

I searched internal databases and could not find any reference to this gateway, perhaps because it is from an East Coast market? To the best of my knowledge, the Netgear gateways with Comcast firmware have model numbers ending in 'CC'. On Netgear's website, this gateway is mentioned as obtaining certification, but not associated with Comcast. If I took your call I would end up sending you to Netgear as this appears to be a Netgear branded item, not Comcast's.

I realize this would not help, but from what you've said, it appears to be more a Netgear problem than a Comcast problem, just as it would be a Netgear problem if you bought the gateway from Best Buy, not Comcast.

Glad to hear it is working now. Sorry you couldn't have the problem resolved more quickly. BTW, we don't provide 5MB service, at least in this market. 6 or 8, but not 5.
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Call the Headquarters. It works. ph#215-665-1700-Executive Office. Be Polite.
Posted by Counci_j on 01/21/2004
COMCAST HEADQUARTER PH#215-665-1700-Executive Office.
I currently have a problem with Comcast. My service was disconnected due to a late payment. I made the payment and they wanted to charge me $75+ to reconnect. I refused because of all the problems I had with them and advised them that I no longer wanted their services. A few months later a Rep for Comcast came by my house and posted a note stating that they wanted me back as a customer and wanted me to contact them immediately. Long story short, they reconnected my services at no cost. Two months after having their service, they decided to charge me a reconnection fee. Of course I refused to pay it and after searching on the computer for over an hour, got a number to their corporate office in Philly. corporate Office: 215-665-1700- Executive Office-Headquarters. If you can't get any satisfaction, contact this number. Be POLITE!
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Posted by Efficiencee on 2007-04-30:
Very odd that you have to instruct your readers to be polite...... I thought politeness to people was a given.
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Online Chat Rep Much More Helpful Than Calling Comcast
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 07/15/2011
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I cancelled my Comcast service at the end of April when I moved from my apartment to my house. After I cancelled, I was informed that I had to return the equipment to a Comcast location. I wasn't in a hurry to do this, but saw that there was a drop off location 5 minutes from my house.

When I called Comcast to make sure I could return my equipment to that location, I was informed that I could not return my equipment there because it wasn't a drop-off location. Instead, I had to go to one of two different locations. Both locations were about a 60-75 minute drive from my house (or a 50-65 minute drive from where my apartment was). I wasn't pleased about this, but knew I didn't have a choice. I planned on returning it, but I kept delaying it because of how busy I was getting.

Eventually I got an invoice in the mail from Comcast saying that I owed $380 for the equipment that wasn't returned yet. I was actually a little surprised that they didn't just take it from my credit card since I was on autopay when I was a customer of Comcast. Stupid me didn't really do much about the invoice.

Yesterday, I had some free time and remembered to talk to Comcast. I went to their website to see where the drop off locations were. Amazingly, the one close to my house was now classified as a drop-off location. I had to call Comcast though, just to make sure that I could return my equipment there. When I got a hold of someone, I explained to them that I had equipment to drop off and asked if I could return it to the Willow Grove location (close to my house). They pulled up my account and said that I could return the equipment there. I double checked to make sure that I absolutely could, and she said that I could. I was quite pleased about this.

Knowing Comcast hasn't always given me the right answers, I saw that Comcast had an online help chat available. I figured I'd give it a try to make sure I could actually return the equipment to Willow Grove. When the person came on, I explained my situation about how I was told before that I couldn't return equipment there, but I am now being told I can, so I wanted to know which is the correct answer.

She pulled up my account and informed me that I could not return the equipment there. She said I couldn't because that location is not the local Comcast branch from where my apartment was. I found that to be odd, since that location is closer to the apartment than the local branch.

She did inform me that Comcast could send me a UPS box (free of charge) so that I could mail in my equipment. She gave me a link. When I clicked on it, I noticed that I could only do that if I still lived in the same place. Since I don't, I informed her of that. She said that I could mail it still, but I would have to pay for postage. I was very much happy about this.

Instead of wasting a few hours driving Comcast, waiting in line to drop off the equipment, and driving back, I can just mail in the equipment. I then proceeded to ask her how much of a credit I would be issued once the equipment is returned. She gave me exact answers so I know what to expect. She updated my address as well so that when I do return the equipment, they will send me a check for the money they owe me to my current address.

The best part about the online chat, in my mind, is that I was able to print a transcript out so that if there are any disputes about what was said, I have it in writing. Comcast has told me things in the past that they later denied, but now that I have the transcript, that won't be happening anymore.

If Verizon ever does fail me in customer service and I switch back to Comcast, I will be making all of my inquiries on the online chat system.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-07-15:
This is very helpful information, Steve, since I'm a Comcast customer. I'll be sure and remember this if I have any problems. Thanks and good review!
Posted by Churro on 2011-07-15:
Man Steve you got some serious review writing skills.

Excellent review.
Posted by MRM on 2011-07-15:
I agree that online chat with the rep is better than calling because you are more clearer online.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-07-15:
comcast rocks!!

very helpful review.
Posted by Skye on 2011-07-15:
What a great review Steve! Very informative and helpful.

Thank you!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-07-15:
I've always used the online chat with Comcast, much better that landline....
Posted by Ponie on 2011-07-15:
I've also found sending them an email gives me a paper trail of items discussed and resolutions reached.
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Comcast offers Norton but resolution for the problems associated with installing it
Posted by Ladylin on 03/24/2010
PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA -- After Comcast notified my husband and I by e-mail that the Mcaffee security suite included with oue Comcast internet service would be expiring, we were prompted to installed their "new, free, Norton Security suite which would automatically remove McAffee (the previously offered internet security protection softwear program included with our internet service).

While I attempted to install the Norton onto my computer, I began receiving messages that it was having problems installing because of my operating system (windows 7). I immediately aborted the installation and removed all part of any of this Norton program ended up partially installed into my computer and continued using my Mcaffee (since I had a lengthy subscription included with the purchase of my computer. My husband on the other hand did not have any other security softwear program installed on his computer, other than the McAffee previously offered by Comcast. Immediately following the installation of the Norton program, onto my Husband's computer he noticed his Microsoft outlook would no longer send and receive my e-mail.

Since we found this problem, we have already wasted more than 30 hours of our time since last week, talking to Comcast techs and supervisors on the phone only to be walked thru the same basic steps we had already done every time and then ultimately told the same thing by all of these Comcast employees...."it's a problem with Norton & you need to contact them".

Most recently, over the last two days, we have spent over 12 hours on the phone and internet with comcast's techs and Norton customer service techs located in India in an attempt to fix the issue. Much of this time was wasted asking the customer service rep/tech in India to repeat what they said becasue we were having a very difficult time understanding what they were saying. What we experienced with the Norton techs is that they appeared to be very well trained in mostly being able to say "I'm sorry" and they want to remotely removed the Norton program from your computer while you sit at your monitor and watch them fumble with your mouse opening and closing many programs on you computer while they guess as they try to figure out what to do to fix the problem.

After the tech said he had successfully removed every trace of the Norton software from the computer and the computer should be back to normal, we then attempted to send and receive e-mail from the outlook program and it still was unable to perform the task. I asked the tech if he knew how to fix the problem and after he did everything he could to avoid answering the question, finally after asking him the same question 4 times, he finally admitted he did not know how to fix the problem......WHAT? Again I asked to be transferred to someone that knew how to fix the problem, specifically asking for a supervisor. He responded by telling me he would transfer me to a higher trained technichan.

I then (after waiting on hold for 21 minutes) spoke to the "higher trained tech" and this person said Norton did not have a fix for this problem and I needed to now go back to Comcast and tell them to reconfigure my e-mail set up....since it was a problem with Comcast and that I should call them to fix it.

Interestingly enough, the lesser trained Norton tech told me he did hear about several customers having this same problem with their Microsoft outlook immediately after downloading the Norton software.

During the past week, my husband and I have had a multitude of conversation with Comcast techs and Comcast Customer Service Managers and Norton Techs and Norton Advance Service Tech and Norton Tech Supervisors. The problems and issues still have yet to be resolved thru either of these conglomerates. My next step is to spend a minimum of $59 for a phone call to Microsoft and hope that one of their techs can resolve the issue....if that doesn't work I'm afraid I may have to remove Microsoft Outlook from my computer and then reinstall it (which will include copying all of my address lists and groups and all saved and sent e-mail and more, or take the computer into a professional computer repair service company to have it fixed..

I am exhausted and totally frustrated from this nightmare. It is sad to know what little professional assistance and limited trobleshooting cababilities is offered when speaking with many of the Comcast service reps before telling you it's not their problem and we should uninstall Norton if it's not working properly or just call Microsoft...it's their problem. All of the Comcast customer service seem to have the same textbook responses to the complaints and problems What a horrible way to do business!!!!!!!!! You would think with so many Comcast customers complaining and posting all over the web; the multitude of problems they are having with Comcast service and Norton antivirus and security, they would do something about it. Comcast executives should be made aware of this by their lower level employees and react to fix the problems people are having since the switch from McAffee to Norton.

In my opinion Comcast needs to provide their customer service reps with more and better technical training instead of teaching them to say "I'm sorry about your inconvenience but....... you need to contact Norton or Microsoft to resolve your issues....this is truly the worst experience I have ever had with any company and a rampant "IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM" attitude..

I wonder if these companies are aware of the customer satisfaction statistics......if you make a customer happy they will tell a couple of people, but if you make a customer unhappy, they will tell everyone they know.

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Posted by CUFlipSide on 2010-03-24:
I had no problem making this transition on to Windows 7. In fact, I was kind of impressed with the slick utility they used to unsinstall the McAfee, then install the Norton with the settings that McAfee used. Have you tried running the install again? I can attest that it runs fine with Windows 7, in fact it the best version of Norton in years.
Posted by ok4now on 2010-04-02:
Comcast is the big dog on the block and they know it. Their customer service sucks and the employees are poorly trained looking like ghetto when making a visit to your home. I'm running Windows 7 with Norton and have no problems with Outlook. One key difference is I dumped Comcast and switched to Verizon Fios. A huge improvement, especially the internet. I did a clean install of Norton (paid version $40 bucks) and didn't have to contend with getting rid of the McAfee junk lurking on my hard drive. This is a Comcast issue not Norton. Threaten to cancel your service and see how fast they fix it.
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Unauthorized Withdrawals from our Checking Account
Posted by Kgale on 09/08/2007
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- I see that many people have commented on Comcast's horrid 'customer service'. They have angered us so much in the past few months, and we have been unable to get any satisfaction. The straw that broke the camel's back was this morning when I realized that they had deducted $160 from our checking account unauthorized! We had been waiting three months for a promised credit of $42.95 for a month of interrupted and poor internet service. Since we never received the credit and we were on the autopay system, I cancelled that feature and was planning on paying my bill by check minus the credit we were owed. I received a ticket number when requesting the credit and a ticket number when cancelling autopay. Imagine my surprise when they took the money out anyway...even after the ticket has been closed and completed. Worse than anything though is their nasty attitude. They can not refund my money...no supervisors or finance persons available in the office on weekends. "You can come back on Monday". How about that?

I asked the representative if she would go to work for me Monday so that I could come back and wait in line to receive no assistance again. They are absolutely driving me insane and I am surprised that more people don't leave that office screaming and complaining. I have spent this evening reporting Comcast to the BBB and researching class action lawsuits against them.

If there were any other cable companies...we would switch and never look back. Comcast is probably the worst company that I have ever done business with.
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Posted by BOBOLAMA on 2007-09-08:
never autopay any bill. just asking for trouble.
Posted by moneybags on 2007-09-08:
Contact whoever your representative is on your local city/county government. They are the ones that give these idiots the franchise for your area.
Posted by BOBOLAMA on 2007-09-08:
Also, i have used Comcast for years, and i have no complaints. Excellent service,fastest internet of any home ISP. And are always ready to help online if i have a problems. the $99.99 per month for 1 year of phone,cable,and ISP, is awesome!! i love it.
Posted by trumania on 2007-09-08:
As an ISP they aren't too great. I hear they're shutting people down if they use the internet "too much" basically if you're downloading a lot of data they get upset even though you're paying for unlimited internet access.
Posted by BOBOLAMA on 2007-09-09:
not true trumania, the more you use it, the better it gets, downloads in seconds not minutes. it's awesome! it;s the top of the line in ISP's at 8-MPS. no-one else is even close, except for a business t-1,or t-2 line
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-09:
I've got FIOS 5/2 and it blows away ComCrap at any time. Neighbor had the so-called SpeedBoost so we ran a test downloading a 3gig file. FIOS remained at a constant speed while the ComCrap speeds jumped up and down. Guess who finished first? He switched to FIOS and it's also cheaper. I can sympathize with the OPs post. But ComCrap isn't the only one with billing problems.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-09-09:
When you canceled the autopay with Comcast, did you also notify your bank? I was involved in only one such transaction and was told by my bank I did the correct thing notifying them also.

As moneybags suggested, attend your city council meetings, bringing up the fact that you (and any others you can garner to speak on the subject) are unhappy with Comcast. They are the ones who granted the franchise to service your area. If you're the only one who complains, nothing will be done about it. In our city we have two cable companies, although the areas are split--one cannot go into the other's territory.

trumania, I've always respected your commments and usually agree with them, but I have one question: From where did you get the information that Comcast is shutting down people who use the Internet "too much?" Only thing I can imagine is it was an off-the-cuff remark made by your sister's second cousin's daughter's mother-in-law's neighbor who is hard of hearing. :)
Posted by Nohandle on 2007-09-09:
Moneybags and Ponie you're both on the money about the Local Franchise Authority (LFA). There's actually a portion on my monthly Comcast bill with the telephone number of of LFA. With Comcast cable services being cheaper in other areas for the same service I wonder if there might be a financial advantage for our local government. Just a guess on my part.

Ponie, I read the same thing as Trumania a couple of days ago and am trying to remember where. It might have been on the Kim Komando website. It had to do with some individuals "overusing" the space and creating a problem for others as far as speed and Comcast was beginning to drop those who they felt overused with hugh downloads etc. It somewhat reminded me of companies, I'm thinking cell companies, who were dropping those who called for tech support continuously and the cell companies felt they weren’t worth it.

Good reminder kgal for those considering autopay with Comcast or any other company.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-09-09:
trumania, a thousand apologies! Since Nohandle mentioned seeing something of this type also, decided to do a little digging on my own. Although I don't think this applies to the every day Internet user, I found an article in the Contra Costa Times which says, in part:

"Comcast is contacting high-bandwidth users by phone and addressing their "excessive use,"...If their use can't be curbed,...Comcast will help those users select a commercial-business product. A person who would be termed an excessive user and disconnected would be someone sending 256,000 photos a month or 18,000 e-mails every hour...According to Comcast, there are approximately 780,000 Bay Area Internet customers and less than 0.1 percent are considered transgressors."

I KNEW there was some reason I liked My3C--I learn something new every day! But I don't think any of us has to be concerned about being dropped, do we?
Posted by trumania on 2007-09-09:
Ponie, heh. Yea. Some of these things we hear are so obscure and ... to put it flat out... stupid, it's hard to believe. When we pay for internet we're usually paying for "Unlimited Internet Access" which makes us wonder how some people can be dropped from service because they're actually ...well... using that to their benefit.

Honestly... are we at risk? Maybe... possibly, hopefully not. But with High Definition videos widely being made available online through TV companies and other media outlets, then we're getting closer to using more and more data.

Which leads us to the last possible point. Net neutrality. I'm sure you've heard of it at least once in the last 6 months, if not the concept then just the term. Internet companies are pushing to charge you an additional amount to access certain sites at a faster speed. They say if people want to get some where faster then they can pay for it just like say... the mail. If you want your package to get some where fast priority, overnight, 2nd day air, whatever, you pay more. But keep in mind this is extremely BAD for consumers, you're already paying for access to the internet, why should you have to pay to get data faster from certain websites?

This boils down to the idea that the internet infrastructure is breaking down. Think of a brand new 5 lane highway, at 3am there is no one there and everyone who travels on that highway can drive fast without any obstacles. But at 4:30 pm during rush hour it gets bumper to bumper, you're going 5MPH and you're bored out of your mind.

Internet access lines are experiencing the same problem right now. Especially with the HD content that is easily available. It puts more cars on that highway at any given time which can slow down the rest of us. The point is the media companies need to upgrade many of their access routes from say copper lines to fiber optic lines, this would solve data speed issues for now.

Just something to keep on your mind for the future. Ponie, thanks for the apology, most people here wouldn't own up to a mistake like that. As far as my sister's second cousin's daughter's mother-in-law's neighbor who is hard of hearing, well... she can be found at digg.com great website to look at news, especially news the mainstream outlets tend not to report on. Check it out.
Posted by traceylynnprincess on 2008-03-08:
It takes up to 30 days for the autopay to be cancelled.
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Why Give You Service? You Already Paid Us
Posted by Slickjesus on 12/09/2012
Comcast, has double billed me, ignored my request for termination of service and failed to refund over payments. Often they're the only game in town. Their service and product is poor enough I'd rather not play at all. So now I have no service. I use the library if I need web access.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-12-09:
did you return the equipment to the local comcast office?
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-09:
Not sure I understand the title of your complaint, but...

Mad brings up a very good question? If you haven't returned certain equipment, it's likely you're still considered a customer...

Normally, when canceling the service, you are provided with a confirmation number which you should record. You are then given a certain period to return the equipment used for the service. By not doing so, I could see them retaining your account or charging you for the non-returned items.

Do you have documented proof of 'over-payments'? Without it, they may very well show your account in the negative.

If your account does still show a balance due, I would suggest addressing it now and not ignore it. This isn't to imply that you owe such a debt, just not to ignore it. It's better addressed now than later as the total can increase through interest and additional collection fees.

Best of luck and please keep us posted.
Posted by Old Timer on 2012-12-09:
Comcrap is just as bad as DirecTV and DISH. Rip off the customer where ever possible and give them as little as possible for their hard earned money.
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