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Cancellation of Service - Constitute Cancel of Service Agreement
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I return to Comcast/Infinity on December 10, 2014. Wrong move on my part! Since then I have had to return the modem 3 times, not once but three times! Days after my enrollment on December 27, 2014, 5:23 pm chatted with a representative where someone had utilized my information to setup an account and had access set up security questions to which I was not aware. I contact Customer Security assurance department and I advise this was a breach in Security and if the situation was taking care I would handle the situation accordingly to the law of Texas against the right of a citizen.

This has been an ongoing battle and I am just over it! On May 6, 2015 spoke with a representative who could not care less about their communication skills nor the customer, advising the cable needs to be change out due to the Internet service was not uploading and downloading as to the speed to which I am paying! The technician came out and change the internal cable inside my office but the connection was not up to the plan I had purchase. Contact Comcast on the March 30, 2016, technician show up advise needs to replace the cable connection located in the back yard! The cable is above surface and the weather is affecting the connection.

Technician walked around the backyard and then proceed to his truck and stayed there for about 30 to 35 minutes talking on the phone; arriving to my home at 9:20 am and was gone by 10 am! Not a thing was done! Contact Comcast on Friday July 29th, time 2:45 pm advising no signal and advising to setup appointment for a technician to come to examine the outside cable. The appointment was schedule for Sunday, 31st of July 2 pm! I had already made arrangement to attend an event, and decide to reschedule the appointment for Tuesday 2nd of August, time 10 am!

The representative shows up at 10:15 am - 10:20 am. I told him I really need him to check the outside cable connection. He first verify the cable connection on the inside of my office, then I had to contact my neighbors to place their dogs in the backyard within the garage, due to the fact the cable connection is connect to their cable box! Why on earth would anyone in their right mind would connect a cable connection to a neighbor's box, therefore any issue with the cable wiring I have to bother the neighbors to allow the service technician for repairs! Can you describe these action in one word! I can!

The technician replaces the cable due to the neighbor's dogs had chew the wire and had buried the cable! However, he did connect the new cable on my side, but the cable is still above surface being submitted to all the heat and sprinkler system. The technician did advise he had made an appointment to have the cable bury using my Comcast email address but I do not see any confirmation within my email address or to say the least if the confirmation was even made for someone to bury the outside cable.

Furthermore, within my account the download speed I am paying for is for 250 Mbps and upload speed is 25 Mbps. Well the speeds shows download is 40 to 48 Mbps and upload is 25-30 Mbps! This is false advertising and I am not getting what I am paying for a 80 dollars monthly fee! This is not what I agreed upon and this is false representation! This goes against the consumer right and I will succeed in getting out of the contract. I have everyone name, time, dates I spoke with regarding this matter and I will succeed! I have retain a copy of this message for my file!

The Worst Service - Their TV Commercials Are Such Lies
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Tallahassee. I moved but stayed in Tallahassee within 7 miles of each address. In trying to schedule the service move with a request for the exact same service that I currently had. Getting the service transferred took me over 3 1/2 hours of on-telephone time. All the transferring, waiting on hold, transferring again, getting cut off, was ridiculous.

Lo & behold, the move happens, the tech arrives to hook up the service (quite smoothly here) but my service is NOT the same as I had. Many channels I no longer get & the on-screen messages is that I need the "subscription". Well finally, about a month after the move, I have time to spend on the phone to try to get it corrected. Again over an hour on the phone on hold & being transferred to no resolve. So I try their online chat. The tech actually, at last, tried the reboot of the equipment several times to no avail. Although I asked, never explained why the service was different (or less) and what the "subscription" meant.

They sent me a new box. Wanted to charge me $9+ for shipping - of thank you - supposed being waived. So now I get to try to self-install. Because I moved a small 7 miles, I no longer have the identical service, have spent about 5+ hours trying to accomplish things by phone and another 90 minutes on a phone chat with a tech.

Christ - I hate Comcast and will voice it repeated and as soon as another service is available I will be gone from that company. (Oh and typical - in another state when visiting my sister, they had "an appointment" with a Comcast tech for a technical issue with their services. Sure the Comcast van showed up almost exactly on time, but drove by the house, went around the cul-de-sac and simply drove away. Failed appointment - like everything else Comcast does).

Charges to My Account
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Rating: 1/51

FOX LAKE -- For starters, I tried to disconnect my service back in January 2016 due to being relocated for work. After talking with a representative they told me that an early termination fee of $170 should be waived due to service not being available where I was relocated. Here I am in June 2016 and I have received a bill for close to $500 (after not receiving anything from Comcast) from a collection agency! I have an electronic bill dated February 2016 with a remaining balance of $51. I never paid this due to speaking to a rep that said the early termination fee should be waived.

Again, I spoke with a representative that said that it should be waived, which seemed as though I was going to actually get a credit. Now after getting the bill of close to $500 another rep is telling me I was misinformed and owe this ridiculous remaining balance!!! Do not use Comcast, they are crooks!

The Worst Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SALISBURY, MARYLAND -- I've been their customer for over 5 years. Got fed up with through the roof pricing and cancel the entire service. They send me a bill for the outstanding balance which I paid. A week later they send me another bill for $140.00 a fee for early termination. Called the number, the first agent just hang up on me. Called back, got customer relations agent, Pam, who told me that my name was not on the account and she needed to talk to my husband since I was not authorized to speak (she pulled the wrong account, numbers are similar). But the bill came on my name!

Long story short she got very rude towards me, continued being rude towards me while talking to my husband, lied about sending an agreement to my email and did not resolve our concerns or answered to our questions straightforward. She kept saying that we broke the contract but would not specify when the contract was originated. Said that I should have an agreement sent to my email 7 month ago, I said there was no agreement in my mailbox on which she replied it was long time ago.

I said "I have emails from you dated 2 years back and do not see an agreement among them," she changed the subject and tried to blame us for not reading the fine line of a contract that we have never seen. My husband finally asked for her supervisor who resolved our issue. All that after being on the phone for two hours and 17 minutes to credit a charge that they had no right to post on my account in the first place since there were no contract renewal.

Scam Artists
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Rating: 1/51

PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA -- Scam artists. I used Comcast for years before I moved to another place. I requested they transfer my service to continue it at the new location and was on the phone for hours making the arrangements when all of a sudden there was an "issue" preventing them from transferring the service and that I would have to stop the service and start a new service. They assured me a few times that they would treat it as a transfer with no extra fees.

A few months later I'm getting harassing phone calls from Comcast claiming I owe over $400 and when I tried explaining the situation they would bring up "the terms and conditions" with no intention whatsoever of helping me out. Every time I tried to talk to them about it they would say that "it's all in the terms and conditions".

They really ** me over and today I just found that I have a collection account from them on my credit report. I want to cry but it's so frustrating. I don't know what else to do. I wish I would have listened to those who said not to use them. I've always paid every bill on time but no matter what you do these terrible people will find a way to scam you. They don't deserve to be in business.

A NIGHTMARE - Years Later Even!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Comcast is a terrible company. In addition to two years of bad service at escalating prices I left my apartment after a deeply jarring roommate experience. I returned the modem and Comcast charged me for it anyways as well as for billing that was debt shared. Five years later, well after the statute of limitations, I got reported to a "zombie debt" credit agency. I'm furious. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY -- they are beyond incompetent and hugely predatory.

Good Luck Getting Help
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Rating: 1/51

Please expect to take 60-90 minutes out of your day, get transferred multiple times, spend more time on hold than talking with someone, and probably not have your issue resolved when you call into Comcast. By the way, your rates are going up, unknown to you, and you will get the run around by someone who speaks broken English as to why your bill is never the same amount each month. Good luck.

Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Horrible customer service. Worst billing system. Always blaming the taxes when they increase your bill. No consideration with loyal customers. You must monitor your bill and call for clarification almost every month. The worst nightmare!!!

Incorrect Billing Has Taken 4 Months and Is Still Not Resolved!
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Rating: 1/51

MARION, VIRGINIA -- In May, my Comcast bill was raised by $10 and I was not able to determine what the charge was for. When I called to find out why, I was first told it was a sports package I had signed up for. I let them know that I would not sign up for a sports package because my husband and I do not watch sports. They then changed the story that it was for the HD channels on my TV and that they would adjust the bill.

When I signed up for Comcast in July, 2014 I asked several times if the price they quoted was for 1 year or 2 years. Every time, the person on the phone said 2 years. So, I was shocked to find a different amount on the bill. While $10 was not a big difference, it would amount to about $120 over the rest of my contract life. I was assured by the gentleman on the phone, the one who changed his story of what the money was for, that it was taken care of and that I would not have any other increases. He gave me the amount to pay, which I paid.

I signed up for Comcast on July 1, which means that the modem special, which should have been for 12 months, was only for 11 months, if that is why I was charged extra. My June bill arrived, and not only was the amount not fixed, but I was charged another $10 fee, which again I could not determine why I was now charged an additional $20. Thinking that it was an error and that somehow the credit for May's bill was not registering. When I called, the person I talked to explained that the original $10 fee charged on my May bill was for the modem special that had expired.

I related the conversation when I signed up for Comcast that the fee I was being charged was for 2 years and was not informed that the special would expire in 11 months. I do give her credit for attempting to make the situation right. She did check and I was able to sign up for another 1 year special and she said she would take care of the $20 billing problem. She gave me an amount that I would pay for the June bill, which I did.

In July, my bill arrived and it was well over $100 higher than it was in June. I called Comcast again and the lady investigating the charge said I had been charged an early termination fee when the change for the new modem special was made in June. Again, I give this lady credit for attempting to make the mistake right. She removed the fee, according to her, and had it ready for her supervisor, who was not there, to sign so it could get submitted to the billing department. I was told that this would correct the problem and that my bill would be correct after this. Why, oh why did I believe her?

My August bill arrived today, and when I looked at it, I was now $254 past due on the account. I was very frustrated that it was taking a fourth call to attempt to correct the error. I spoke with a customer service representative who, after hearing my story, said I had to speak with someone in the billing department. This is where my day went downhill. She was very condescending.

When I explained what was going on, she looked at the bill and told me that I was incorrect, the adjustments had been made and that I only owed $10 for the month. When I questioned her, she said it takes several months for the bill to appear correct (why had no one said this?) and that their billing was confusing. She said I hadn't bothered to open the bill, but I had it open on my computer.

When I told her that, she insinuated that the problem was mine since I didn't know how to read the bill. When I questioned her on the fact that 1) her statement that the bill was confusing and 2) that it still showed it was incorrect, she condescendingly repeated that the problem was mine for not understanding. She cut me off several times in the conversation to repeat her statements throughout the call.

I asked to speak with the supervisor and surprise, a supervisor was not available. Do the supervisors work??? If the billed showed $254 past due, one would assume that is the amount due for payment, whether it is viewed through the email or online. When I called, the automated voice said I had $254 past due. When I opened the bill online through Comcast, the bill showed the amount due was $254.

I am so over Comcast. They will not get my business in the future and I will be sharing this story with people so they can evaluate their desire to be aligned with a company who makes so many errors and treats customers as though they are 5-year-old errant children.

Most Corrupt/Inept Company We've Ever Dealt With
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Rating: 1/51

WOODBURY, MINNESOTA -- In Jan. of 2014 we signed on with Comcast for cable TV/phone/internet. They were offering a two-year "special" (with a cancellation fee for the first year) and, per my request, our sales representative wrote on our Purchase Order exactly what it would cost for the second year. Immediately our bills were way too high, but after my husband argued with them, they dropped down to the agreed amount. But after the year was up, sky-high went the bills again.

I requested a better copy of our signed Purchase Order with the rep's notes, as our customer copy wasn't totally legible. This seemed like such a simple request, which any decent company would comply with. I made multiple phone calls and got multiple stories - the Service Order had been archived; it no longer existed; if we went to our local Comcast store, they would have a copy for us.

I went there and was told it had been scanned and shredded. I asked for a copy of the scan. I was yelled at. I called my husband and the "Customer Support" person yelled at him on the phone. She said, "Our sales reps promise this stuff all the time, but we can't make any money THAT way!" When she finally looked at the Service Order copy I did have, she said she could see there was more writing on it, and she would talk to her supervisor and they would call us the VERY NEXT DAY to reduce our bill to what we felt it should be. She insisted on shaking my hand. No one ever called.

I filed a Complaint with our state Attorney General - merely asking that Comcast provide us a better copy of our Service Order and then abide by it. Then we received a copy of an "Agreement" from them in the mail. It claimed we had "requested" this new Agreement, which locked us into a two-year contract with a large cancellation fee.

Yesterday we received a call from a Comcast representative (she only called because of the AG Complaint - plus we had complained to our local cable franchise office). We recorded the call. She said that on the date I had been in their store, one of us asked for this two-year contract. That is hogwash. But to make things worse, she insisted that this "Agreement" had then been verified with us over the phone by their "3rd-party verification vendor."

Neither of us has ever taken a call from such a person (and, no one else lives here…). When I asked her which one of us did that, she said WE should know that. When I asked for proof (like a recording?), she said they would not give us that, and we could take them to court.

We are now giving up cable TV (they're the only provider here), and switching our phone/internet company. The representative threatened a cancellation fee. I have a feeling this isn't over yet. I cannot describe how stunned we are by all this. The Comcast store promised me a refund of the overcharges, but I know that will never happen. But if they try to charge us one more penny, we will be in Conciliation Court. Also, thank you to our state Senator Franken who was instrumental in today quashing the Comcast/Time Warner merger. This company is already w-a-y too big for its britches.

Update 04/26/2015:

I am adding part of that recent conversation with Comcast. (In our state, you can record your own phone conversations. However, I did tell her at the end that it had been recorded.)

Comcast: Our position remains the same in regards to the response that I forwarded to the Attorney General… I did inform him that we do have an Agreement on file… where the Agreement was placed through a third-party verification process on March 24th of 2015... Third-party verification means that you agreed to the upgrade or the promotional pricing that was offered.

Hubby: On March 24 of 2015??

Me: Nobody agreed to anything, ma'am… We got [an Agreement form] that was dated this year which … locks us into two years with a big cancellation fee. Nobody agreed to that…

Comcast: Well, [it's] correct because we did get that third-party acceptance.

Hubby: Can we talk about that third-party acceptance?

Comcast: I'm trying to explain it to you. When you agreed to the promotion and the promotion was added, we send all of our customers through third-party agreements whenever there's any contracts or you're signing up for a special promotional offer that lasts for up to 24 months. And with this particular Agreement … either you had called because the Agreement had bumped up… and so when you agreed to another Agreement, then that nulls out the first one, so you did get a copy … of the recent one that was agreed upon on March…

Me: Who agreed?

Comcast: The upgrade was placed. And you had contacted us in regards to it. Because the Agreement…

Me: Who agreed?

Comcast: … a verbal agreement over the phone.

Me: Who agreed?

Comcast: Why don't you tell me. Why don't both- because both of you are on the phone.

Me: But who agreed?

Comcast: Both of you are on the phone, so one of you can tell me who agreed.

Hubby: Neither one of us agreed.

Me: Neither one of us agreed. Do you have this recorded?

Comcast: We have it on file.

Me: You do. We would like a recording of who agreed.

Comcast: Well, you won't get that recording.

Me: I'm sure we won't because no one did.

Comcast: But the Agreement has been sent to you…

Hubby: I want to make sure I'm clear on this. You are saying that either C___ or I talked...

Comcast: That is correct.

Me: Which one? Which one of us? If you have it recorded…

Comcast: Either you…

Me: Well, we don't sound the same.

Comcast: Ma'am, that's done through a third party. It's not even done by Comcast. A third party has this information.

Me: Who is the third party, ma'am?

Comcast: It is our vendor…

Me: I'm sorry, who is the vendor?

Comcast: If you want that information, then you can either take us to court to get it because that's not…

Me: Take you to court to figure out who signed up for a two-year…??!

Comcast: But you're asking me questions that are not relevant to the issue here.

Hubby: Of COURSE they're relevant!

Comcast: OK, so what I'm saying to you is that we have an Agreement on file, which you agreed to … on March 24 of 2015 …

Me: You say that some third-party vendor (quote, unquote) signed us up over the phone, somebody gave permission, you won't tell us who this vendor is, and you say go to court to find out?

Comcast: No, here's what I'm saying to you, to clarify it. You agreed with Comcast to accept this promotion.

Me: No…

Comcast: OK, you're saying “No,” so it's OK to disagree, but this is what we're showing happened. So during the agreement process, to validate it, we forward it over to a third-party verification process or vendor…

Me: So PROVE that.

Comcast: Ma'am, we sent you a copy of the Agreement.

Me: It is not in my opinion legal to tell somebody they have a contract they have to opt out of when they haven't signed up for it…

Hubby: Before we finish- and this is a yes or no question, and I'd like to complete it before you answer. Are we clear that you won't send us any proof that we participated in a third-party verification and that we-

Comcast: No, no, I'm not going to-

Hubby: You were supposed to let me FINISH.

Comcast: Oh, you go right ahead, sir, I apologize, I thought you were finished.

Hubby: I want to be perfectly clear that you will not send us any proof that we participated in a third-party verification, and that we agreed to something, and that we signed off on something. I want you to just answer yes or no.

Comcast: No, I won't send you any information other than the Agreement that we've already sent you… What I've stated to you is that what she put when she put in that new order…

Me: Who is she?

Comcast: Uh, whoever you spoke with, whenever you upgraded your service, and agreed to with the third-party verification in regards to changing your contract.

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