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, Editor | Updated November 6, 2018

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Posted on 04/25/2018

BRISTOL, PENNSYLVANIA -- This is the worst company I have had to deal with, like the person above I could write a short book about the lies and deceit. In November 2017 after months of calls and technicians repair (one tech blames the work of the previous tech) Christmas Eve morning tech put in a new modem, this was the problem! No, two weeks later bounced off the internet again and again.

I took the modem to the store along with the extra box for another room, questioning the increase from 3.99 to 5.99, response, "We raised the fee for people like you who don't return the device and we increased your bill by $10 three months ago and you didn't complain about that but you complain about $2 increase?" I took device I "paid" for.

Again having to get service for dropped internet a representative gave me her name as Lucky, she held me on the phone for well over an hour and said things such as these; "Denise what a sexy name you have, can I call you by Denise?", "Sure." "Ok Denise I love that name I will be your lucky charm tonight and get you up and running (sexy voice)." After not being able to put me back online she apologized and said she was still my lucky charm and will see her in my dreams tonight, "Is that ok Denise?"

I would have preferred to be call a liar or not understanding technology and be laughed at by these smug young employees, I had a technician come out to my apartment and accused me of stealing cable and started to pull up my carpet, I threw him out after saying, "Then why do I pay $159/month?" They may not be able to provide you with service but if a headache is what you want - that's a guarantee with this company.

So let's get this straight, Philadelphia Office calls me because they see eleven (11) service calls in 17 days and wanted feedback on their customer service and the service they provide to such an important customer as me. Now Comcast calls me because I have had to call so many times to get back online. I told them I was advised to move my cordless phone base away from the router - that causes problems, I advised them I have lived here for 10 years and never had so many problems.

They send out a Comcast tech to find the problem. I said I did not want a sub-contractor and the tech needs to show me his Comcast employee photo-card, this was placed on the work order. He calls, says he is out in the parking lot can I let him in, "No, walk to the front of the building and I'll buzz you in." Asked for his identification, he left it in the truck, wasn't that on the work order? "Yeah do you want me to walk all the way around and I'll get."

Already frustrated, I let that slide. He said the problem was in the wiring, too old. It's been here 10 years, rewired the entire apartment and I asked him to check the speed. I pay for 200/200 and live here alone, one device plus cell phone. He checked it at my laptop and said 157/11, that number is eleven.

I said that he did nothing to make the situation better, his response: "Well it is Wifi that is all you are going to get, you should hardwire your laptop in the bedroom," did he not see the tower for my desktop? He said, "Go to Walmart and get an extension to run to the laptop on a hard wire." I asked why I should do this, he said, "Because we don't."

And guess what? He had a trainee with him watching and trying to keep a straight face. Then explain to me what wifi is because I can only hard wire one computer and that is the desktop. Told me to get a splitter, "Where do I get a splitter?" "Look around the internet, dude." I have no connection! He said, "That is all I can do" and left.

I am on the internet and not 8 hours after he leaves, the internet connection dropped again. Once again I had to call for customer service to 'reboot' the connection. I explained to the representative that I wanted a call from the Philadelphia office or I go to the media. It is now 11:49 pm. No call, perhaps it is because the phone is part of their service and cannot reach me because I have no service again. They will however be happy to call me on my cell phone using up my minutes due to the fact of no internet connection.

Did you ever do one of the surveys they ask you to rate their performance once I complete my 'experience' with them, and the question on a 5 point scale (1 most likely,5 not at all likely) how likely are you to recommend Xfinity to family and friends - run the other way is not an available response, nor do they allow you to measure in nano grams. Rate minus -10.

My two year contract expires 4/24/2018. Yeah! I could go on about my experiences with them, work orders over the years fills three penda-flex files. Yet they still try to get me to sign into another two contract with excellent packages. They should spend more of their capital getting up-to-date equipment instead of paying people to convince you to go down another rabbit hole. Best of luck (and I don't mean Lucky the representative for Comcast - not misspelled) to all in finding a decent company who provides the service we are paying for.

Posted on 02/26/2018

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- On the phone for 3 hours just to get a password changed. Talked to 5 different employees. English hard to understand and gave conflicting answers to questions. They were friendly, just not knowledgeable. They owed me money for services not rendered. They stalled hoping I would give up trying to solve the issue. It should not have taking 3 hours to solve my issue over a billing mistake they made. I will be looking for another provider.

Posted on 01/27/2018

DAVIE, FLORIDA -- Comcast having systematic issues with hidden charges, cost hike, misrepresentation cases at its finest! Their technicians are mostly of the very poor skills, which Comcast never take responsibility for the job poorly done such us rewiring of the house, where damages caused weren't investigated. Their right hand doesn't know what left one is doing :(

! I got so frustrated and disappointed with them that I strongly believe that no one else can be as worse as they are! I'm paying now early cancellation fees and their tech fees for the service call that Comcast send the tech and it wasn't requested by me :(!!! Hoping with the injustice, they will go down the hill as the worse company ever!

Posted on 01/22/2018

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- My studio is moving and I no longer need this service. They are going to charge me over $500 to get out of my contract. I feel like I'm dealing with loan sharks. Comcast is preying on small businesses and I hope they get the karma they deserve.

Posted on 01/19/2018

TROY, MICHIGAN -- Comcast Xfinity is great when it works. Just one little problem. It doesn't work half of the time. And good luck getting it fixed. And here's the real kicker. Their customer service is the absolute worst customer service of all time. Good luck trying to talk to someone other than a voice activated robot. If you can get through to anyone that's human (a big if), they are totally useless, and often rude. Comcast is a company to avoid at all costs. My condolences if they're the only service provider in your neighborhood.

Posted on 12/26/2017

VIRGINIA -- I contacted them to switch from cable and internet to internet only due to their absolutely ridiculous pricing. I was told how much that would cost and asked they turn off the TV at the end of my billing cycle to avoid proration. I was given a date. I got off the phone and had no TV. I called to get them to turn the TV back on because I had already paid for it. It took 45 minutes of them telling me it wasn't them turning it off but a separate problem.

I was finally told that they did turn it off. That you cannot end service on a certain date. That I would have to call in on that date. So I did. I got told a completely different price for internet only. They continue to try to prorate me even though I called in on the date they said the billing cycle ends on. My bill remains in the air because they will not update the system, they do not know how much internet only costs. Every person says a different amount.

I have no clue what to pay. It's unbelievable that a company run so poorly can stay in business. I literally got 3 different prices within 5 minutes from the same representative. When I told her that she said it is because I cut her off. That's not possible because if she said the correct price the first time there wouldn't have been two more. They are literally charging me a TV broadcast fee when I don't have TV. Says it's prorated. Huge scam. Stay away!!!

Posted on 12/22/2017

NEW FLORENCE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I received a notice on my bill and called to explain that I live on Social Security which was due two days after Christmas and could I pay then. The first young lady said, "Sure. No problem." So we set it up to be taken from my bank account on the 28th. The next day (which was the 19th) my bank called to say I was overdrawn. That Comcast took their payment out. I called Comcast right away and spoke to another woman who said she could have it withdrawn and that my bank would most likely do away with any fees. She also stated that she would call me back either that afternoon or the next day which she didn't.

So I then called them again on the 22nd and long story short they can't do a thing for me even though I now will have fees amounting to $61. Even after talking to a supervisor (which took forever) he informed me that even though it was their fault it is not their policy to reimburse any fees they may have caused. Isn't that nice? They caused the problem but it's too bad for you - you get stuck with any cost. Maybe it's time to let people know how they treat their customers and look at other cable companies.

Posted on 11/30/2017

KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- I would have to write a novel to detail every bad experience I've had with Comcast in the past 6 months. Will try to summarize: Different information, including pricing, from each different person you talk to. Told no installation fee, had problems with installation, called for another technician, offered a credit on the install for my trouble, told them they couldn't credit because there was no charge. She said "let me check"... "you are correct, there is no charge for today". Then received a $100 charge for the install. Called and they credited only $40 of the $100.Went into the store and the girl credited the rest.

Called about having a landline installed. They made us listen to all the "deals" and the landline was too expensive. Was told I could have an internet phone installed that would plug into the modem. Was told to purchase a second modem for the phone. Went into the store to buy the modem. They said that's ridiculous to have a second modem on one line. Told us to go next door and purchase a booster, since the phone would be a distance away from the existing modem.

Had phone installed by another company, since it is for hearing-impaired. Phone worked for one week and then gave an error message. Called Comcast. They said it would be $15 per month for a new phone line, next person said $50. I went ballistic and they made it an additional $33 per month. I would have gone with the landline, instead of the internet connected phone had they told me there would be a fee for that also.

I have not had ONE phone call take less than an hour and a half and most have taken two hours. Today's has been three hours trying to get the phone working. They had reassigned the phone number to someone else and had to assign a different number. They are having technical difficulties and can't get the phone working. After 3 hours and repeating myself to four departments, including repeating my account information each time, they have to call me back because they can't get it working.

There is a reason the reviews about Comcast are usually so long. You get so angry, you feel like you are going to have an aneurysm. The poor people at the tail end of the two and three hours take the heat for you feeling like a crazy person. And you know it is the way the company is run. It is also the fault of the Front line employees, who NEVER give the right information the first time. Including their salespeople. They are not knowledgeable enough.

I can't say enough bad about this company. I will have to pay to get out of my contract. They thanked me for being a loyal customer today and are crediting me $60 for the hassle I've been through for 3 hours today. I told them it is not enough and I am not a loyal customer. That I will be changing to another company as quickly as I can. I don't care what the cost or hassle to make the change.

I had similar issues with Comcast in another state. I put up with them for 6 months and changed to AT&T. I did not have one problem with AT&T for the next 3 1/2 years. I never even had to call the company once. I'm told they are not as good in Georgia, but I think I'm willing to give them a try here. This is when you wish you were on meds.

Posted on 11/26/2017

CHARLESTON SC, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Comcast owes me $60 which they took out of my account because they claim someone came to my house to hook up my internet, even though my roommate hooked it up. I've literally called Comcast 6 times to which I've spoken to over 10 people. 3 of them claimed that they would “put a credit on my account for $60” though I've been charged 3 more freaking times. Literally only giving this company 1 star because it's the lowest it will go. I'll switch to AT&T before I ever go through this again. Absolutely ridiculous.

Posted on 10/11/2017

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- Every time I call I'm transferred between a hundred different department only to be hung up on in the end. The last time I called I took 7 hours to finally talk to a person. Who was very rude and clearly had no knowledge of their job. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

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