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Comcast; Lack of concern and/or service
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SCOTTDALE, GEORGIA -- I am writing this letter to you now, while I am once again fuming at the total ineptness of your company. Please allow me to elaborate. I have as of this evening, been without phone service for 4 days on either of 2 lines coming into my house. Phones that have been going on and off for the last year and a half, at least. No one can explain the situation to me but I do want to enlighten you as to the last action that was taken before this outage. I called to report that once again, my computer service was out. They sent a supposed cable tech out to fix the problem.

While he was here, he came in and asked me if we had Comcast as our phone provider. I do not handle the paying of bills because I am blind. So, I told him I wasn't sure, that my husband was not there to ask but that I did not think so. He said OK and then left. Well, the computer cable was working just fine. But then I discovered, when my cell phone rang, and my friend told me he could not reach me on either of my phone lines, that this tech who was supposed to be fixing my computer cable problem, also, for some unknown reason that has yet to be explained to me, ripped out all the wires in the phone box and left me high and dry with no phone service.

As soon as I realized his action and what it had caused, I immediately called your so called help desk and was told, after speaking to person after person after person that it would be the next day or the day after that before they could "œsend someone out". I asked why they could not send the same guy that tore out my phone box right back over here and then they informed me that he was a cable man and not trained to work on phones. Well, that was pretty obvious to me already.

My whole point is, they should have had someone come out, even if it meant after hours and overtime, to fix what amounts to your own people's destroying my property then refusing to come back until they were able to squeeze me in according to their convenience. Once again, I was treated as if I did not matter in the least. But my money sure does matter, it seems.

Now, here we are once again, I have no phone service for the 5th day now and at this point, I am canceling not only my phone service with you but my cable and internet as well. I would have kept at least the TV because that I am not fond of Direct TV, but quite honestly, my husband and I talked about it last night after I spent at least 3 hours on the phone yesterday, trying to get someone out here to help me get some phone service. Much of that time was spent being shuffled from person to person and of course, ultimately nothing got resolved. I do apologize for the length of this letter but I feel you need to see just what your so called 24/7 customer support is all about.

Wednesday, August 8th: Both phones once again out of service with open lines. This has been happening every day for the last month or so but they usually come back on after an hour or so. Not so this time. I began calling and was told they could not come out until Monday at the earliest. I told them that that was totally unreasonable and unacceptable, since this is an ongoing problem.

After a good couple of hours calling back and back again trying to speak to someone who actually seemed to have some intelligence and concern, they agreed with me and told me they would get someone out on the next day, which would be Thursday. While I was not exactly thrilled with this, I had no choice but to accept it. I was told they would be here between the hours of 2 and 5. When they never showed up, I called at around 6:00 and was told that the tech reported that he had called and we were not there, so he took it upon himself to cancel our appointment.

In the first place, I most certainly was home and in the second place, even if I had not been, I had my cell phone with me at all times and he would have reached me on that one, since it is the contact number I gave them since my other phones were obviously not functioning. This man blatantly lied to his dispatcher. But that is not the first time I have experienced dishonesty amongst your employees, as I will explain later. So, once again, they re-scheduled for the next day, Friday for the hours of 2 to 5.

Now mind you, I have expressed to your people that I am a blind diabetic and am also a kidney failure patient. I must have access to phone service. My husband had to go out of town this weekend and had to take our cell phone with him in case he were to break down somewhere on the road. Therefore, it was imperative that my phone get fixed and immediately! I was assured over and over that the tech would be there this time, no problems, even if he had to work overtime.

3:00 came and went, no tech. I called, was assured he was still coming and then someone from Comcast called me to see if I was home and said they would be there soon. 5:00 The exact scenario as above took place. 5:45 I called and was told the tech had just left his last appointment at 5:30 and was on the way to my house. He was supposedly in Decatur, which is exactly where I live so I assumed he would be here shortly. I was wrong.

7:00 came and went and I don'™t mind telling you, I was furious by now. Now, no one seemed to know anything about the tech or where he was or why he had not shown up. One so called supervisor told me he had probably gone home. I asked was there no way to get in touch with him and while he did admit to having access to his phone number, said he would not call him because that'™s not the way they do things. The fact that I was absolutely livid to the point of being in tears and demanding that something be done before I was left here with no phones for an entire weekend seemed to fall on deaf ears from not only this person but from every single person I dealt within your company.

And yes, I did finally use a word that I should not have used an normally would not use when speaking with intelligent, normal human beings. But by that time, I was beyond angry. I lost it. This idiot then told me to watch my mouth and "try" to act professionally". I was speechless! At that point, I told him to turn it all off. The phone, the computer service and the T.V. cable I will never, in my lifetime, give Comcast another dime.

I and my husband have been good customers of yours for many, many years and have had problems for about ¾ of those years but we stuck with it partly because we kept hoping it would get better and partly because we didn't want the hassle of changing over companies. But I will tell you what he and I both agree on. We are through paying Comcast bills, including the ones laying on his desk now.

By the time you deduct all the minutes we have had to use on our cell phone that we normally would not have had to use, the hours and days that our phones, internet access and T.V. cable has been off and on, off and on, we should be owed a rather large credit by now. But, I have no expectations of receiving any such thing, so we are just calling it quits and calling it even now. Don't bother to send us bills. We will not pay them. You could offer us a lifetime of free service in all 3 departments and I would run screaming in panic.

The icing on the cake to this latest fiasco is that last night, a very nice young lady called to check to see if the tech had ever showed up. I told her no and that I was extremely upset and worried about being with no phones now and she told me to wait and she would call me right back. She did and said she had reached the tech and he was on his way. Well, I wasn't going to hold my breath and when he did show up, I was shocked. My shock soon turned to disbelief then resignation as once again, Comcast proved itself to be totally inept and incompetent. They had sent a distress call person to me for trouble on my internet. Good God almighty people, if was the freaking phones! You still don'™t get that???? Not only that, but you could send out a distress call for the internet being down but not for a blind diabetic woman's phones being out??? I think your priorities are a bit askew.

I will close this somewhat lengthy letter by letting you know just how dishonest your people are. On many occasions I have asked a so called supervisor to pleas contact dispatch to see where the driver is who is supposed to be out here fixing one of my many multitudes of non functioning Comcast services. They always tell me they have no way to reach them. Well, I spoke to one yesterday who was actually honest about it and said that yes indeed, most supervisors can get in contact with dispatch, if they want to. I figured as much and I cannot abide liars. So, I guess what all of this is leading up to is this...

I want all of your products/services/boxes/wires/people and anything else you can think of, out of my house and off of my property. I have canceled all services already but I just wanted someone in corporate to know how we who pay the bills and keep the company going are feeling. And if you think I am the only one that feels this way, you are sadly mistaken.

I furthermore intend to edit this letter down and get it posted to every consumer complaint web site I can find on the web and mail it to everyone in my address book and encourage them to do the same. I have already told everyone I know of the shoddy, shameful non-service I have received from you people and I know of at least 3 of them who chose Bell South over you because of what I told them. That did give me some degree of satisfaction, I must tell you. I suggest you start getting your act together. People are tired of being abused and taken for granted and taken advantage of by companies like yours and putting up with it because they think they have no choice. Well, I do and I have made it.

You will note that I have copied the BBB and the FCC in on this letter. I am also going to send a copy of it to every consumer reporter I can find on both television and radio and if I can find some on the web, they will hear from me as well. I have just finished this letter and to no surprise to me, my internet is down... still... Oh well, only have to put up with what you refer to as your "service" for a couple of more days then my dealings with you are thankfully over.

The Worst Week Ever/Comcast Abuses it's Customers
By -

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I am a brand new Comcast customer, having only moved into my house exactly a week and three days ago. I called to set up my cable two days after I moved in and they installed in the following day, so I have been a customer exactly one week... and it has been the worst week ever!

From the very first moment that I began communications with Comcast I have had absolutely nothing but headaches. I called to arrange for service to be installed at my house for the Comcast Double-Play, high speed internet bundled with Digital Cable. When I got through to a representative he was pleased to help me set up my service and took my information.

After a few minutes on hold he came back on the line to inform me that there was a glitch with his computer and that he would have to "transfer me to billing and they could build my account and help you (me) set up service." I was transferred to billing and I told her exactly what he told me and her reply was, "I don't understand, build your account? There's a hold on your account for unreturned hardware."

I was amazed, I have never had an account with Comcast, and this is my first time living on my own. Prior to last week I had lived with my parent and they had their own cable account. After five or ten minutes of explaining my situation the representative from billing explained to me in a condescending tone that whomever lived at that address prior had not returned their equipment and that there have been instances where people have tried to start new service at their address to avoid paying their fines.

This was appalling; she basically accused me of trying to scam her. I told her that I had just moved in and that I had no knowledge of any prior activity at my address nor did that have anything to do with me. She responded, "Because of the history at your address you're not going to be able to have cable UNLESS you come down in person and provide evidence that you have taken up residence at that location."

After three more customer service representatives and a supervisor, I was forced to leave work early, get a letter from the property owner that I was purchasing the house from, drive to Staples Mill, wait in line for 45 minutes, watch a lady cut in line and be served in front of everyone else before I actually got to the window. From there I had to provide a picture ID and the letter stating that I was taking ownership of the property. Then I was told that the hold was lifted but I would have to call to schedule service.

I went to the parking lot and did just that, this is where I noticed the security guard glaring at me. He came to the window of my car on the driver's side and leaned into the window and asked me, and I quote, "Why you sittin' here? Do YOU work here, YOU waitin' on somebody?" I showed him my paperwork and tried to explain when he cut me off and asked me again, "YOU work here?" I said, "NO! I'M a CUSTOMER and I'm trying to fix a problem!" After that and two more customer service transfers I was able to schedule an appointment... I though all was done and hoped I would never have to deal with any of it again.

Then two days ago I came home from work to find a tag on my door with a 'Please Call Us As Soon As Possible' heading and a note stating that a technician had been working in the back yard. No information about when or why or even the tech's name. When I walked through the door my cable and internet were out. I called the number and could not get through, finally after about six tries I got through to someone. She informed me that there was nothing wrong with my account and that there had been an outage in my area and it would be about four hours until it would be back up. She said, "If it's not up by morning call again for an update.

Yesterday I did just that and I was informed that they did not know why my service was out. They said that I would need to be home from 11-2pm so that a technician could come out to my house. I made arrangements for that and called back. I scheduled the appointment and then the representative informed me that there would be a fee of $29.95 for the technician to come. I said, "No. You guys messed up my service I shouldn't have to pay to fix it." She said, "We charge for service calls. That's policy."

I asked for a supervisor and she said, "You can talk to a supervisor if you want, but they ain't going to change company policy." I told her to cancel my service and send someone to get the box. To which she replied, "You can do that but if you had the wire protection plan there wouldn't be a service charge."

I knew nothing of a protection plan and was pretty frustrated by now so after I explained with some seriousness that I had never heard anything of the sort, had only been a customer for a week and was ready to switch to DirecTV she offered to waive the charge and add the protection plan for $2.95 a month even though I wasn't supposed to be able to get the protection plan until after I'd been a customer for at least 30 days. This doesn't make sense but whatever.

Long story short, tomorrow a tech is supposed to come fix the problem they caused and I'm supposed to be grateful that they aren't charging me for it, even though they'll still be charging me over $36 annually to protect me from such charges. Oh and she said, and again I quote, "That's a good deal." I swear the second Verizon brings its FiOS service to my area I will leave Comcast behind, if not sooner.

Comcast Employees Are Not Truthful
By -

Over a month ago I paid my bill for Comcast and had a similar experience to the one described below (8/27/2010 - Unauthorized charge/no refund). My payment didn't go through their automated system. It advised me "not able to accept your payment" which was a check by phone. I was paying a two month payment. I talked to a customer service representative who advised me that there would be no problem and ASSURED me that I wouldn't get charged a fee for talking to him instead of using the automated system, and that he would track payment and take it off the system.

Five days later I had back to back charges taken out of my checking account. I had two checks that were charged for leaving my bank account in a debit balance which caused a domino affect in charges and problems. When I called to advise them I talked to someone who told me they would have to review and that it would be 3 to 6 weeks, not acceptable, I want to talk to supervisor, no supervisor but turned the ticket in. Went to local office the next day, extremely rude and no help. Turned in claim to bank which they denied because Comcast responsibility.

Called Comcast, my issue was turned over to Supervisor who was supposed to call me and tell me to fax bank statement. Spent 3 hours going to bank, and fax the bank statement to Comcast. They never called, called back and representative advised me they didn't know where my money was but I had a credit on my account for that amount. Called back next day, I was told my check would be reversed and be in my account that Friday. Never was, called Monday, and they said it took a week, I advised them no I did not. I do bank transactions reversals and deposits for a living, and takes 2 days at the most.

Asked to talk to a supervisor, and that supervisor told me "Oh it MAY be a manual check sent to you." I told supervisor I wanted a call within 24 hours because the credit was off my account and I wanted to know where my money had disappeared.. She called me next day and told me yes it was a manual check and it was in collections and I should have my money in 3 to 6 weeks. Not acceptable I said. I better have it this week, because now am not able to pay my rent because of the charges on my account. She gave me number of Executive Office which I called the next morning.

That Supervisor called me and advised me that the check had been processed and I would receive my money in "the next few days." I have not seen my money, and am afraid to cancel my service for fear that I never will. This is my followup after last summer when my internet went out, called and talked with 3 reps who advised me that they would send a tech out the next day. No one ever showed up, so I cancelled the internet service. I have not been told one true statement since I called them to make my payment.

If anyone has had a similar experience and would be interested in a class action suit, I would welcome any takers. I am reporting this incident regarding Comcast to the FCC, BBB, Cable Regulatory Board, and their entire board of directors. They may not care and consider me no one to be dealt with, but they will remember me and my name after I am done with them.

Poor customer service, uninformed uneducated service people
By -

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA -- I first have to say that prior to the switch to digital cable I had great service and never had to call for any issues. Then came the digital migration... I now have to have a cable box to get the stations I got before, which at first didn't seem to be much of a problem. The first box I was issued didn't work properly and they swapped it out. The second box worked fine for about six weeks, then a couple of days before Thanksgiving the problems started, no service or poor quality signal resulting in a pixelated picture with no soundeach time I turned on the set it was a different set of stations affected.

I call customer service and some nimrod reading from a script tells me to "power cycle the box" which I have already done before calling as this has become a ritual. They then say "I will send a refresh signal" even though I tell them I have already gone through the automated menu and had a refresh signal sent within the past hour to no effect.

Then the next thing they say is "will must send out a tech" for which they will bill me as soon as he enters my house. I tell them I had crystal clear service for almost two months and the problem can't be inside my house because nothing is different inside my home, the problem has to lie outside, maybe in that crummy old connector that's fastened to the outside of my house and the old exterior cable which hasn't been upgraded in all the years I've lived here (40+ years).

They insist they have to come inside and MAYBE if they decided the problem isn't inside they won't bill me... now if I call back the immediate response, before I even explain what the problem is, is "we will schedule a tech visit". I DON'T WANT A TECH VISIT, I WANT SOMEONE TO FIX THE CRAPPY LINES COMING OFF THE POLE TO MY HOUSE AND IMPROVE THE SIGNAL!!! Co-workers I've talked to tell me whatever you do, don't let one of their techs inside because they will make a mess & even if they don't find a problem inside you will be billed!!

One person told me the tech supposedly rewired her cable and afterwards the reception was worse than before (hard to imagine since it stunk before) and she finally went to dish, but had a hard time getting rid of Comcast, they continued to bill her for service she no longer had but that's a whole other story... I think I'm about ready to follow her lead and switch to satellite too.

I suspect Comcast knows most problems are on their end, especially since the service suddenly went downhill after the switch to digital and they weren't prepared for it but they are maximizing their profits from service calls by sending techs out for every little thing and billing the customers for the lack of service. After all, if they tell a non-tech savvy person that the problem is their inside wiring how would they know it's a lie. Sorry for the long rant. Comcast is going to lose another customer and I don't think they really care.

Comcast - unbelievably bad product and nonexistent customer service
By -

CORDOVA, TENNESSEE -- I had two services with Comcast, cable television and high-speed internet. I had never had a problem with either of these services until after the corporate buyout that took Time Warner away from me. I soon discovered that I had to pack lunch and dinner if I intended to pay my bill in person because the lines were so long at the office.

But, I could always pay online - or so I thought. I discovered that the payment website was only functional about half the time. OK, I thought - I could get around this by planning ahead and starting my attempts to pay a week early. I let these things slide because change is difficult and complicated, and at least in the beginning the services I was paying for actually worked.

You have guessed by now that the days of actually being able to watch the channels I was paying for and surf the internet using the high-speed service I was paying for were soon to be over. It all started with a bang, when I discovered that I had no television at all. I called, was put on hold, finally got a surly receptionist, and got my visit scheduled. When the technician came out, he installed a signal booster in my home and we once again had television (why I suddenly needed a signal booster I will never know). That was fantastic, until I discovered that I wasn'€™t getting half the channels I was paying for.

Another call, another hold, another surly receptionist, another visit. This time, there was apparently nothing wrong with anything, but I wasn't getting my channels, and I was still paying. Over the next month, watching TV was like playing roulette -“ you never knew which channels you were going to get, and sometimes they'€™d disappear as you were watching them. I don'€™t particularly enjoy roulette, but as I said, change is difficult and complicated. So, here I was, getting lousy service, paying more than I had to, not getting what I was paying for, and putting up with all of it. But wait until you hear what happened with the high-speed internet service.

I guess I shouldn'€™t have been surprised when the internet just stopped working one day. Since I now had the company on speed-dial, the dialing was easy - that didn'™t make the hold time and the surly receptionist any easier to deal with, but we do what we can. A few days later, the technician came out to my house, checked all the things I already know how to check, perused everything from the cables to the modem, and tells me there doesn'€™t seem to be anything wrong.

Apparently there is no moral problem with the fact that I am paying for a service I am not receiving, because he casually turned to leave - but here'™s the kicker: HE HANDED ME A BILL FOR THE VISIT! Arguing did no good - he informed me that it is the policy of this excuse for a business that service calls are not free, regardless of whether or not the technician did anything to resolve the issue. At this point, change did not seem so complicated or difficult. Before the door had slammed, I was investigating other options for my television and internet service.

Unfortunately, I was stuck with these people for the remainder of that last month, a month during which I could amuse myself daily by wondering if this would be the one day of the week that my internet service would actually work. During this month, I made three more calls about my internet service, but (no surprise to me) I never got relief or resolution.

Finally, the day came when I switched to satellite TV. For internet service, I got DSL. Together, they came out cheaper than what I was paying these other charlatans, and I have never had a complaint about either business. When Comcast sent me a bill for the final month, I sat down and wrote an email. I also wrote a letter in case they proved to be as competent in handling emails as they were with other electronics. The upshot of this letter was that I refused to pay for the last month, since I had not had service.

About a month later, a woman from the company called to find out why I had not paid my bill. Apparently, my correspondence had found its way into file 13, the ultimate destination of all their customer service issues, I suspect. I reiterated the contents of the letter to her. This genius informed me that since I had only called three times about the lack of internet service (it was actually four total, but at this point, what does it matter?), they could only reimburse me for three days out of the month.

Even though it was clear from my service calls that I had been without internet service almost the entire month, apparently their policy is that I must call and schedule a service call every single day. At 40 dollars a visit, that'€™s an extra $1200.00 for one month. I don't think so. I understood at last why that grandmother in the northeast had leapt over this same company'€™s counter and begun beating their computers with a hammer.

Since that time, I have received one more call, during which I repeated the same information again, and later on I received a collection notice from a company they have found that will try to do their dirty work. Rest assured that I will not pay this bill under any circumstances. I urge anyone not to be lured in by seemingly wonderful deals about combined cable, internet, and digital phone service. You will wish you hadn't bitten, after losing several years off your life due to stress.

Comcast Innovations in Dishonest
By -

PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN -- I have been a Comcast customer for over 10 years. I subscribe to Internet & Comcast Cable television. For the last 10 years, every year Comcast has reduced the number of TV Channels that I used to receive. The remaining channels are either INFOMERCIAL or Community Channels or religious channels. For $18.94 a month, I have been getting LESS & LESS channels and what is left is not worth watching. Today, I lost 3 more channels, due to "DIGITAL MIGRATION".

When I called COMCAST, I have been told by Manager ** Employee # **, that unless I upgrade to "DIGITAL PACKAGE " [$50.00+] there is No way I could get the 3 lost channels. I believe Comcast is FORCING customers like me to pay more for the same channels that I am already paying. This is illegal and deceptive, since Comcast does not reduce it's monthly fee due to reduced service. IF Comcast reduced it's fee, what they are doing will not be illegal. But removing service and charging the same fee is Illegal. I have filed a complaint with FCC [ reference number: **].

Comcast is defrauding consumers by failing to prorate it's Monthly fee for reduced service. This has been going on for the last 10 years and their brand new excuse is now " DIGITAL MIGRATION ". I certainly do not want to pay more for TV and I do not wish to Pay $50.00+ just for TV. I am already paying $47.95 monthly fee for the internet. Comcast should either restore it's service or reduce it's fee related to the TV.

I have taken 3 steps against Comcast. Filed a complaint with FCC. Filed a complaint with Attorney general of your state. File a complaint with Better Business Bureau. Comcast Scams and fraud is all over the place. The best advise is to bring the Full force of the LAW against Comcast. If every one of us takes time to do what I have suggested [In addition to posting comments on Web], Comcast will realize that they are not dealing with idiots.

They will see that Victims have intelligence and CAN FIGHT BACK. Let us all Bring the Full Force of LAW against Comcast. Comcast responded to BBB complaint by saying that they were working on resolution. Their attempt at resolution was noting but a poor and sad excuse for their illegal operations.

Who's your customer?
By -

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have never been a fan of Comcast, however, it is the only game in town at the moment. I am patiently awaiting the availability of FiOS so I can dump Comcast. Verizon offers quality customer service. What prompted this review? I had been experiencing intermittent audio problems over the past month so I called their customer service number. After being disconnected once, I finally spoke with one of their technicians. He was very pleasant and helpful, he sent a test signal and the audio issues were corrected instantaneously.

He recommended that I make a service appointment since some of the equipment I have may be faulty, I agreed and set up an appointment for this past Wednesday (this is where things went south very quickly). I had to take time off from my job to meet the repairman between 4 and 6. The Comcast dispatcher called and indicated the repairman was on the way. I waited for about 15 minutes and then decided to go outside to see if he was in the front of my building. The truck was parked in front, in clear sight of the entrance to my apartment building. I noticed that the driver looked at me, put the truck in drive and waited for traffic to pass before he pulled away.

I was able to approach the passenger window before he pulled out and knocked on it. He threw the truck into park, turned towards me with a look of disgust and proceeded to stare at me for several seconds so I asked "are you coming in?". He got out of the truck, slowly walked around to where I was standing and continued to stare at me, I felt like I was back in high school and this guy was challenging me to a fight.

I am a 61 year old professional and I felt threatened, my first reaction was that I was a victim of racial discrimination. He clearly had a problem with my my appearance and my attempt to stop him from leaving. After a minute or so of discussion, he said "I have another call", turned around, got in his truck and took off. This was a good thing, when I pondered the chain of events, I realized that I was better off not allowing this representative of Comcast into my home.

I then contacted Comcast's customer service and spoke with a pleasant customer service rep, when I indicated that I felt that I was a victim of racial discrimination, he suggested that I speak with his supervisor. His supervisor, surprisingly, contacted me within 5 minutes. He clearly was not trained in customer service, he defended the repairman's actions and after a minute of dealing with this jerk I asked to speak with his supervisor. His supervisor, again surprisingly, contacted me within 5 minutes. She was slightly better trained than her subordinate, however, she defended the repairman's actions.

This company clearly condones threatening behavior. They exhibit absolutely no customer satisfaction; no wonder there are hundreds of complaints on this site. Their charges and fees are inflated and very unreasonable. I would not recommend them to anyone, not even to a person I dislike.

Comcast cable services
By -

First of all I would like to go back about two months or so. We moved from one address to another & I contacted Comcast to have my cable & internet turned on to my new address, the gentlemen that I spoke with was nice enough, which is rare with Comcast. However he made me some pretty good deals, over the phone, but when the cable guy came to install my cable he brought with him a regular cable box which was not what I ask for. I ask for an HD DVR because we have an HD TV.

Well I informed him of this & he said well all that is written on the order is a regular cable box, & again I said no that was not what I ordered. I also informed him that I would not be able to pick my HD channels with a regular cable box, he said that I would be able to pick up all the channels that I ordered, not. He didn't really stay long enough to see if my service was working properly & he just went through a couple of the channels & said that everything was fine. I took him at his word. Well I had nothing but problems, I couldn't pick up my on demand or any free channels nor could I pick up any of my HD channels.

At least twice a week I was calling & complaining about this & they would send someone out to look at, they would fix it but within the hour it wouldn't work again. This went on for about a month, so I did my research & decided to drop the cable and get satellite instead. I do not have a problem with them at all.

When I called Comcast to tell them that I wanted to drop their cable & keep the internet, the lady I spoke with was very rude. The reason she was rude was probable because I told her why I was dropping the cable. I told her that I really have no problem with the internet, just the cable & I also made her repeat back to me what I wanted which was drop the cable keep the internet.

Having dealt with Comcast & their untrained employees to verify everything I even did it online with their live chat to make sure they had everything correct. The reason I did this was so that I would have documentation to print out. They did verify everything correctly online. Well when I went to pay my bill at our local office, I brought with me the print out, and by the way I did the live chat twice, did it the very next day to make double sure & I printed that out as well.

The lady at the front desk told me how much I had to pay & there again knowing how Comcast never keeps their word on anything. I ask her do they have it noted on my account that I'm dropping the cable & keeping the internet, she said no we have it as a total disconnect. I showed her my print out & she was even a little upset about the lack of communication, however she did fix that problem.

Now here within the last week or so I have been trying to pay my internet bill online, not an easy task with Comcast, for one they totally changed my log in ID & password without informing me of it & two when I did finally get into my account I couldn't get my payment to go through, so there again I contacted Comcast vie live chat, I thought that they needed to know that there was a problem with their payment page.

Like I said earlier they are not customer friendly, The lady ask me if I was logged into my account & I said yes, how else would I be able to get that far into it without being logged into MY account. Very inconsiderate if you ask me, well we argued about it back & forth & I just ended the conversation before I said something that I would have regretted. I have been complaining about this for close to a week now & I have yet to hear anything from anybody. They have been in this area for a little over two years now & if you took a survey you would not hear anything good about them. This is all true & can be proven. Tired of Comcast treating their customers like crap.

Comcast service stinks
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RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- Comcast service really stinks. My story starts on Tuesday, April 11, 2006 with the supposed instillation of my digital phone and cable service. A tech was to be at my home between the hours of 2-5pm to install all services. I received a phone call at work from the tech, at 12:45 pm, asking if I still wanted my service to be connected today (4/11/06). I stated yes and he could come anytime he would like. I would be at home waiting since I did not currently have phone service nor a cell phone for him to contact me.

I was at home waiting and then I used a relative's cell phone and tried to call the tech back by the same phone number he called me from earlier in the day with no answer. So then I called the local customer service number to speak with a representative who said that the tech had closed out his orders for the day. The tech has also stated that he had been the house with not answer to the door. Not true. I was at home with the door open, and that he called me at work. Also not true. I checked with my employer. They did not receive a phone call and even if they had they would have instructed them to come to the house.

I advised that the phone line was extremely important because I number one did not have a working phone in my home and two the people from the security company were to come out later that evening to connect the alarm service. Finally, after being on phone with several reps and supervisors a tech came out to my home to install only one cable line and all of a sudden the phone service could not be connected and someone else would have to come to my home. The tech also informed me that he did not have all he equipment needed to finish the cable order.

At this point I had the pay the security people for a service call because Comcast did not follow through with their promise. Fine the next appointment day Wednesday, I believe, they would make me the first on their list of appointments to be seen between 8-11am the tech showed up at 11:50 am. I asked did he have all the materials to do what needed to be done to fulfill this service order he then stated that he did not have a whole lot of time and if he could get to it he would if not I would need place another call to Comcast customer service center.

Needless to say he did not have enough time to finish. I again called Comcast to get another tech out to finish the work order. The rep and the supervisor I spoke with again promised that everything would be taken care of that day. I waited all day missing a day at work waiting for Comcast tech to show up.

Thursday of the same week, again a tech was to come out to my home and never showed up. Saturday the tech finally shows up looking really "ghetto" without all of her supplies, no ID tags on her car or person. She has to call a supervisor and the come to bring the rest of the supplies then the two of them run a cable line from a splitter in the spare bedroom and using staples to run the wire around the baseboards of the floors and around door frames to run the cable to the room across the hall It looks like some tried to run Christmas lights around the upstairs portion of my house.

After all of the trouble I had getting my services connected I was promised by a manager that I would receive 2 months of FREE phone and cable service. Guess what?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Received a bill for $145. What kind of ** is that. I have called again waiting on a response from a manager that I called yesterday 5/10/06 at 3:45 pm knowing that the managers leave a 5-5:30 pm with no return phone call as of yet. Now to anyone reading this review could you please contact me at ** with some advise on how to start suit class action or other wise thanks.

The Worst Possible Option for Cable TV
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ILLINOIS -- Chronic problems with Customer Service, On Demand, Technical Service, name it. 6 years of crap...the only reason we haven't cancelled our service is because we have yet to hear of a decent option. I'm currently on phone for past 15 minutes (after 35 minutes yesterday and more time these past 2 weeks). Sometimes wait 15 minutes to even get service. Supposed to come out today to once again check out our set-up.

When they didn't show up by time scheduled 9-12, I called them and was told the techs didn't have proper equipment and would have to reschedule. After I let them know I wouldn't do that and that I had to leave by a certain time they did reschedule for same day. I'm now on phone waiting for a manager to voice my frustration. This has been going on for 6 years!!!!! Who's the fool?!? ME!
This is only 1 of so very many problems with Comcast. We can't use On Demand 50% of the time and they have yet to figure out that it isn't on our end!

WE HATE COMAST AND HAVE JUST ABOUT HAD ENOUGH! We are now searching and researching options....Anyone got any suggestions as to a good cable company?!? Thanks!

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