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I Want What I Pay For
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WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- Before Comcast came into Washington PA, we had another cable provider which we never had any problems. Well when Comcast rolled into town they promised all these great services and great cable. Well that lasted for a very short time. The cable on a few channels started to go out or tile (small blocks across the picture and also effects the sound), which we called and the service representative would have me go through a series of troubleshooting procedures to try to handle the problem myself from home. Sometimes it would work, but for only a short time and the problem would return.

And if we did get a visit from a service tech. we would ask them if they knew why they were here and they said they had no idea and we would have to go through the explanation all over again. I do understand that I would have to explain the issue to the service personnel. However to show up and have no idea of what the problem is, if they had to bring certain items to do the repair well they would not have them, not a good business practice.

Well anyhow this has gone on for over a year now, and the issue has not been addressed correctly. They have replaced all the cable in the house, the connection at the pole, the box at the pole. They have also replaced the cable to the house with cable triple the size of the previous 2 cable lines.

Oh I'm sorry they had replaced the line to the house last year, but this year they determined that the cable was not large enough because of the distance to my house from the pole - oh the cable from the pole to the house in underground. I explained to the individual who sets up the service calls to please try and remedy the problems because I am tired of paying for a service that I have not received.

This evening I was on the phone with Comcast to set up yet another service call for Saturday morning. I told the Comcast representative that the service tech should not be here very long because everything in the house and cable from the pole to the house has been verified by the other service tech to be in perfect working condition, therefore it should be a quick fix. What I did tell the Comcast representative was that the only thing I believe could be wrong is the cable coming down the road to our pole, because that is the only thing that has not been replaced.

The answer the representative gave to my wife was, "Well we have had no complaints from any other customers on your street." Really! I am seriously thinking about dumping Comcast and going with another provider. I've never experienced such poor service from any other items that myself or my family has purchased or used. But my complaint is not all negative. When the service personnel show up to fix or try to fix the problem they are there when they say and they do seem knowledgeable and courteous, however good manners does not fix the problem. Once again, I want what I pay for...

Lack of Customer Service
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Policy regarding Customer Service. Yesterday my wife tells me that she has spent 2 times 40 minutes speaking to someone in the far-east who didn't even listen to her and suggested that the order for a self-install cable box would not be here in time for the Stanley Cup final, game 7 and the final game. I am a fan of the Bruins. However when I arrived home there was the cable box neatly packed and left outside my front door. I collected and examined the contents reading the instructions and realized it wasn't rocket science. All I had to do was connect three wires.

I completed the task in less than a couple of minutes and waited the compulsory 20 minutes for something to happen. Nothing happened. In fact 4.25 hours later I was still in the same position, but by this time I knew the Bruins had won 4-0. How did I know? Because my wife emailed me and told me the result. I still didn't have television. In the interim I had spoken to at least three different Asian young ladies and a male supervisor. They are always polite, but achieve zero except increase my blood pressure.

By 11:45 pm I had given up. The supervisor who should be fired put me on hold and the phone went on and on and on until in the end after an inordinate amount of time the call dropped. The three young ladies had me pressing buttons on my remote. They asked me to undo and reconnect cables. It was all designed as a nonsense exercise. They were obviously reading from a script and they couldn't deviate from that script. How dare you call yourselves number in cable television? I have DirecTV at my home but it is not available at my city apartment.

It looks like I am going to have to seek alternative arrangements. Frankly your service is dreadful and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. The customer is your future and to treat him so badly is shame on you. This morning I called to ask them to collect the equipment that they dumped on my doorstep and was promptly told to deliver it by hand to the local Comcast office. I am not the UPS or FedEx or the USPS and I am not going to return it. I will leave it in exactly the same position that I found it. I waited to arrange for a collection because I want to be reasonable and guess what? I waited and waited and waited and no reply.

I called again and the same thing occurred. I have made 7 calls to Comcast, and my wife has made two before me. When will you understand people are not prepared to wait 40 minutes every time they need to speak to anyone? The cheek of trying to market your company on the basis of putting the customer first is galling. That is a joke and if it wasn't so frustrating I could laugh.

This morning I spoke with Lisa at your executive head office and asked if she could resolve the issue. She said she would. I am prepared to wait until the end of business hours today to see if it is resolved. I am not going to take time off work to put right your wrongs.

My advice to all of you at Comcast is to look for another job. Comcast is big but not that big that they can't fail. If they keep this up that is exactly what will happen. I know they can get it right; they did at my business for 6 years without any trouble. OK there was teething problems getting it working, but once it was working, I never had any trouble. You should be striving to get it right and not fob people off by getting Sunshine (that was what she called herself) and Rani and others to fob the customer off. I am going to write to my senator asking him to look at your monopoly position and to determine whether the federal Government can intervene on behalf of the consumer.

Worst Company Ever- Comcast
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Your customer service is really, really poor and bad. I've been using Comcast for over 5 years not because I love the service but because I don't have any other company's service where I live. However, it's been so unbelievably annoying and terrifying whenever there is an issue with Comcast. Whether it was cable or internet or just box outside of the building, I would call the customer service and they will have technician come in to fix the issue. Not only they are not on time but they don't know what they are doing most of the time.

Almost every time, I have rude customer service representatives on the other line. Since I moved into new address and transferred the service to new house, I wasn't getting any OnDemand movies. I wasn't able to purchase movies and I had 3-4 technicians came, but no one was able to figure it out. So I gave up. But I'm still paying the same bill as everyone else who gets the service. The corporate says I can't get the credit back or money back because it's just a service. Yeah, and I'm not getting that service... Is this that hard for you to understand?

At least the free movies worked so I was fine with what I have. But then recently Comcast cable box broke outside of the house and the tech person came to fix it. After that I wasn't able to get the free movies through OnDemand either. When I called yesterday after waiting for couple of weeks to see if it's going to work again, the customer service representative reboot the box etc.

And, I asked her how long I need to wait til I check the OnDemand again. And she said 5 minutes, and I asked her more questions about 'what can she do if it doesn't work just like the OnDemand movie's not working?'She was sooo rude and keep repeating herself. Yeah, I already heard that, but you are not answering my question. When I asked her the same question she is not answering, she immediately transferred me to technician without asking me whether it's OK or not or at least some other company reps. tell you 'please hold or something'. In the middle of the conversation she was gone.

All the sudden this tech person is saying hello and I needed to repeat everything again. She was not only speaking rude but her action was ridiculously rude. I wish I had her name written down. But then this tech person had also same annoying rude tone in his voice when I told him what just happened.

This is so typical every time I call to Comcast and this is getting ridiculous. I'm not the only one who has so much bad experience with the Comcast service. Not only your customer reps stinks, but your service has so much issues. I practically call almost every month or every other month to report the problem. My colleagues at work also agree with me. They hated your service so much, they switched to other cable company. If I could, I would switch the service right away.

The problems? I think your company needs to hire quality customer service representatives. If you don't have resources to hire and pay more for better personnel, then TRAIN them!! Even last night that lady representative told me to wait 5 minutes until open the OnDemand, but then when I spoke to the tech person on a very same phone line, he says I need to wait 30 minutes at least. What is wrong with your employees or say what is wrong with your company?

Also, TRAIN your technicians. Every time someone comes to fix the thing, they say the different thing, and it doesn't look good on your company. Don't spend money on the TV commercial which people like me don't even believe because we are so annoyed by your company. And start investing hiring a quality customer service reps and training technicians.

Whenever I see your TV commercial, it makes me so mad and I just change the channel. Because your words don't match with your service! Your customer service representative are really really rude and have very poor attitude. I don't think your company will survive very long with this poor service. Bankrupt is only thing I see if you continue this.

Comcast Employees Are Not Truthful
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Over a month ago I paid my bill for Comcast and had a similar experience to the one described below (8/27/2010 - Unauthorized charge/no refund). My payment didn't go through their automated system. It advised me "not able to accept your payment" which was a check by phone. I was paying a two month payment. I talked to a customer service representative who advised me that there would be no problem and ASSURED me that I wouldn't get charged a fee for talking to him instead of using the automated system, and that he would track payment and take it off the system.

Five days later I had back to back charges taken out of my checking account. I had two checks that were charged for leaving my bank account in a debit balance which caused a domino affect in charges and problems. When I called to advise them I talked to someone who told me they would have to review and that it would be 3 to 6 weeks, not acceptable, I want to talk to supervisor, no supervisor but turned the ticket in. Went to local office the next day, extremely rude and no help. Turned in claim to bank which they denied because Comcast responsibility.

Called Comcast, my issue was turned over to Supervisor who was supposed to call me and tell me to fax bank statement. Spent 3 hours going to bank, and fax the bank statement to Comcast. They never called, called back and representative advised me they didn't know where my money was but I had a credit on my account for that amount. Called back next day, I was told my check would be reversed and be in my account that Friday. Never was, called Monday, and they said it took a week, I advised them no I did not. I do bank transactions reversals and deposits for a living, and takes 2 days at the most.

Asked to talk to a supervisor, and that supervisor told me "Oh it MAY be a manual check sent to you." I told supervisor I wanted a call within 24 hours because the credit was off my account and I wanted to know where my money had disappeared.. She called me next day and told me yes it was a manual check and it was in collections and I should have my money in 3 to 6 weeks. "Not acceptable" I said. I better have it this week, because now am not able to pay my rent because of the charges on my account. She gave me number of Executive Office which I called the next morning.

That Supervisor called me and advised me that the check had been processed and I would receive my money in "the next few days." I have not seen my money, and am afraid to cancel my service for fear that I never will. This is my followup after last summer when my internet went out, called and talked with 3 reps who advised me that they would send a tech out the next day. No one ever showed up, so I cancelled the internet service. I have not been told one true statement since I called them to make my payment.

If anyone has had a similar experience and would be interested in a class action suit, I would welcome any takers. I am reporting this incident regarding Comcast to the FCC, BBB, Cable Regulatory Board, and their entire board of directors. They may not care and consider me no one to be dealt with, but they will remember me and my name after I am done with them.

Poor customer service, uninformed uneducated service people
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VERO BEACH, FLORIDA -- I first have to say that prior to the switch to digital cable I had great service and never had to call for any issues. Then came the digital migration... I now have to have a cable box to get the stations I got before, which at first didn't seem to be much of a problem. The first box I was issued didn't work properly and they swapped it out. The second box worked fine for about six weeks, then a couple of days before Thanksgiving the problems started, no service or poor quality signal resulting in a pixelated picture with no soundeach time I turned on the set it was a different set of stations affected.

I call customer service and some nimrod reading from a script tells me to "power cycle the box" which I have already done before calling as this has become a ritual. They then say "I will send a refresh signal" even though I tell them I have already gone through the automated menu and had a refresh signal sent within the past hour to no effect.

Then the next thing they say is "will must send out a tech" for which they will bill me as soon as he enters my house. I tell them I had crystal clear service for almost two months and the problem can't be inside my house because nothing is different inside my home, the problem has to lie outside, maybe in that crummy old connector that's fastened to the outside of my house and the old exterior cable which hasn't been upgraded in all the years I've lived here (40+ years).

They insist they have to come inside and MAYBE if they decided the problem isn't inside they won't bill me... now if I call back the immediate response, before I even explain what the problem is, is "we will schedule a tech visit". I DON'T WANT A TECH VISIT, I WANT SOMEONE TO FIX THE CRAPPY LINES COMING OFF THE POLE TO MY HOUSE AND IMPROVE THE SIGNAL!!! Co-workers I've talked to tell me whatever you do, don't let one of their techs inside because they will make a mess & even if they don't find a problem inside you will be billed!!

One person told me the tech supposedly rewired her cable and afterwards the reception was worse than before (hard to imagine since it stunk before) and she finally went to dish, but had a hard time getting rid of Comcast, they continued to bill her for service she no longer had but that's a whole other story... I think I'm about ready to follow her lead and switch to satellite too.

I suspect Comcast knows most problems are on their end, especially since the service suddenly went downhill after the switch to digital and they weren't prepared for it but they are maximizing their profits from service calls by sending techs out for every little thing and billing the customers for the lack of service. After all, if they tell a non-tech savvy person that the problem is their inside wiring how would they know it's a lie. Sorry for the long rant. Comcast is going to lose another customer and I don't think they really care.

Comcast - unbelievably bad product and nonexistent customer service
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CORDOVA, TENNESSEE -- I had two services with Comcast, cable television and high-speed internet. I had never had a problem with either of these services until after the corporate buyout that took Time Warner away from me. I soon discovered that I had to pack lunch and dinner if I intended to pay my bill in person because the lines were so long at the office.

But, I could always pay online - or so I thought. I discovered that the payment website was only functional about half the time. OK, I thought - I could get around this by planning ahead and starting my attempts to pay a week early. I let these things slide because change is difficult and complicated, and at least in the beginning the services I was paying for actually worked.

You have guessed by now that the days of actually being able to watch the channels I was paying for and surf the internet using the high-speed service I was paying for were soon to be over. It all started with a bang, when I discovered that I had no television at all. I called, was put on hold, finally got a surly receptionist, and got my visit scheduled. When the technician came out, he installed a signal booster in my home and we once again had television (why I suddenly needed a signal booster I will never know). That was fantastic, until I discovered that I wasn'€™t getting half the channels I was paying for.

Another call, another hold, another surly receptionist, another visit. This time, there was apparently nothing wrong with anything, but I wasn't getting my channels, and I was still paying. Over the next month, watching TV was like playing roulette -“ you never knew which channels you were going to get, and sometimes they'€™d disappear as you were watching them. I don'€™t particularly enjoy roulette, but as I said, change is difficult and complicated. So, here I was, getting lousy service, paying more than I had to, not getting what I was paying for, and putting up with all of it. But wait until you hear what happened with the high-speed internet service.

I guess I shouldn'€™t have been surprised when the internet just stopped working one day. Since I now had the company on speed-dial, the dialing was easy - that didn'™t make the hold time and the surly receptionist any easier to deal with, but we do what we can. A few days later, the technician came out to my house, checked all the things I already know how to check, perused everything from the cables to the modem, and tells me there doesn'€™t seem to be anything wrong.

Apparently there is no moral problem with the fact that I am paying for a service I am not receiving, because he casually turned to leave - but here'™s the kicker: HE HANDED ME A BILL FOR THE VISIT! Arguing did no good - he informed me that it is the policy of this excuse for a business that service calls are not free, regardless of whether or not the technician did anything to resolve the issue. At this point, change did not seem so complicated or difficult. Before the door had slammed, I was investigating other options for my television and internet service.

Unfortunately, I was stuck with these people for the remainder of that last month, a month during which I could amuse myself daily by wondering if this would be the one day of the week that my internet service would actually work. During this month, I made three more calls about my internet service, but (no surprise to me) I never got relief or resolution.

Finally, the day came when I switched to satellite TV. For internet service, I got DSL. Together, they came out cheaper than what I was paying these other charlatans, and I have never had a complaint about either business. When Comcast sent me a bill for the final month, I sat down and wrote an email. I also wrote a letter in case they proved to be as competent in handling emails as they were with other electronics. The upshot of this letter was that I refused to pay for the last month, since I had not had service.

About a month later, a woman from the company called to find out why I had not paid my bill. Apparently, my correspondence had found its way into file 13, the ultimate destination of all their customer service issues, I suspect. I reiterated the contents of the letter to her. This genius informed me that since I had only called three times about the lack of internet service (it was actually four total, but at this point, what does it matter?), they could only reimburse me for three days out of the month.

Even though it was clear from my service calls that I had been without internet service almost the entire month, apparently their policy is that I must call and schedule a service call every single day. At 40 dollars a visit, that'€™s an extra $1200.00 for one month. I don't think so. I understood at last why that grandmother in the northeast had leapt over this same company'€™s counter and begun beating their computers with a hammer.

Since that time, I have received one more call, during which I repeated the same information again, and later on I received a collection notice from a company they have found that will try to do their dirty work. Rest assured that I will not pay this bill under any circumstances. I urge anyone not to be lured in by seemingly wonderful deals about combined cable, internet, and digital phone service. You will wish you hadn't bitten, after losing several years off your life due to stress.

Who's your customer?
By -

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have never been a fan of Comcast, however, it is the only game in town at the moment. I am patiently awaiting the availability of FiOS so I can dump Comcast. Verizon offers quality customer service. What prompted this review? I had been experiencing intermittent audio problems over the past month so I called their customer service number. After being disconnected once, I finally spoke with one of their technicians. He was very pleasant and helpful, he sent a test signal and the audio issues were corrected instantaneously.

He recommended that I make a service appointment since some of the equipment I have may be faulty, I agreed and set up an appointment for this past Wednesday (this is where things went south very quickly). I had to take time off from my job to meet the repairman between 4 and 6. The Comcast dispatcher called and indicated the repairman was on the way. I waited for about 15 minutes and then decided to go outside to see if he was in the front of my building. The truck was parked in front, in clear sight of the entrance to my apartment building. I noticed that the driver looked at me, put the truck in drive and waited for traffic to pass before he pulled away.

I was able to approach the passenger window before he pulled out and knocked on it. He threw the truck into park, turned towards me with a look of disgust and proceeded to stare at me for several seconds so I asked "are you coming in?" He got out of the truck, slowly walked around to where I was standing and continued to stare at me, I felt like I was back in high school and this guy was challenging me to a fight.

I am a 61 year old professional and I felt threatened, my first reaction was that I was a victim of racial discrimination. He clearly had a problem with my my appearance and my attempt to stop him from leaving. After a minute or so of discussion, he said "I have another call", turned around, got in his truck and took off. This was a good thing, when I pondered the chain of events, I realized that I was better off not allowing this representative of Comcast into my home.

I then contacted Comcast's customer service and spoke with a pleasant customer service rep, when I indicated that I felt that I was a victim of racial discrimination, he suggested that I speak with his supervisor. His supervisor, surprisingly, contacted me within 5 minutes. He clearly was not trained in customer service, he defended the repairman's actions and after a minute of dealing with this jerk I asked to speak with his supervisor. His supervisor, again surprisingly, contacted me within 5 minutes. She was slightly better trained than her subordinate, however, she defended the repairman's actions.

This company clearly condones threatening behavior. They exhibit absolutely no customer satisfaction; no wonder there are hundreds of complaints on this site. Their charges and fees are inflated and very unreasonable. I would not recommend them to anyone, not even to a person I dislike.

Comcast cable services
By -

First of all I would like to go back about two months or so. We moved from one address to another & I contacted Comcast to have my cable & internet turned on to my new address, the gentlemen that I spoke with was nice enough, which is rare with Comcast. However he made me some pretty good deals, over the phone, but when the cable guy came to install my cable he brought with him a regular cable box which was not what I ask for. I ask for an HD DVR because we have an HD TV.

Well I informed him of this & he said well all that is written on the order is a regular cable box, & again I said no that was not what I ordered. I also informed him that I would not be able to pick my HD channels with a regular cable box, he said that I would be able to pick up all the channels that I ordered, not. He didn't really stay long enough to see if my service was working properly & he just went through a couple of the channels & said that everything was fine. I took him at his word. Well I had nothing but problems, I couldn't pick up my on demand or any free channels nor could I pick up any of my HD channels.

At least twice a week I was calling & complaining about this & they would send someone out to look at, they would fix it but within the hour it wouldn't work again. This went on for about a month, so I did my research & decided to drop the cable and get satellite instead. I do not have a problem with them at all.

When I called Comcast to tell them that I wanted to drop their cable & keep the internet, the lady I spoke with was very rude. The reason she was rude was probable because I told her why I was dropping the cable. I told her that I really have no problem with the internet, just the cable & I also made her repeat back to me what I wanted which was drop the cable keep the internet.

Having dealt with Comcast & their untrained employees to verify everything I even did it online with their live chat to make sure they had everything correct. The reason I did this was so that I would have documentation to print out. They did verify everything correctly online. Well when I went to pay my bill at our local office, I brought with me the print out, and by the way I did the live chat twice, did it the very next day to make double sure & I printed that out as well.

The lady at the front desk told me how much I had to pay & there again knowing how Comcast never keeps their word on anything. I ask her do they have it noted on my account that I'm dropping the cable & keeping the internet, she said no we have it as a total disconnect. I showed her my print out & she was even a little upset about the lack of communication, however she did fix that problem.

Now here within the last week or so I have been trying to pay my internet bill online, not an easy task with Comcast, for one they totally changed my log in ID & password without informing me of it & two when I did finally get into my account I couldn't get my payment to go through, so there again I contacted Comcast via live chat, I thought that they needed to know that there was a problem with their payment page.

Like I said earlier they are not customer friendly. The lady ask me if I was logged into my account & I said yes, how else would I be able to get that far into it without being logged into MY account. Very inconsiderate if you ask me, well we argued about it back & forth & I just ended the conversation before I said something that I would have regretted. I have been complaining about this for close to a week now & I have yet to hear anything from anybody. They have been in this area for a little over two years now & if you took a survey you would not hear anything good about them. This is all true & can be proven. Tired of Comcast treating their customers like crap.

With Comcast You'll Be Out of Business fast...
By -

LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA -- This is a WARNING rather than a review. If you are financially dependent on your computer working in order to carry out business transactions that require your immediate attention like I am DO NOT USE Comcast. CAUTION DO NOT ATTEMPT STOCK TRADES!!!

If you are dependent on your phone service for Medical Emergency Response, a security system or simply having a working phone DO NOT USE Comcast. If you like your TV BEWARE it can stop at anytime either by system failure or by vindictive employee tampering (Proven and confirmed by management) which was just one of the reasons our TV went off! These experiences occurred weekly in a home already equipped with and using all of Comcast's premium services.

In order to incorporate an office into the extra room Comcast was called. This required getting a phone line added that would be separate and attached to a Medical Emergency Alert System required by the user. For the purpose of conducting serious business negotiations and trades a separate computer internet service was installed. For TV a new connection. This was beneficial to Comcast financially and they were more than happy to accommodate with the assurance these products would work reliably.

The first week all the computers stopped functioning and all the phones went dead. Having no phone service was a serious matter in this household as is the case in many homes and was expressed to management. I explained that someone needed to come out immediately or I would have to make preparations to have someone here in case of an emergency. Comcast Management said and PROMISED they would send someone out that evening. Guess what... No one came. Comcast Lied. Comcast employee confirmed this the next and "apologized".

When I complained to a Comcast employee retaliation in form of losing my TV service immediately after I hung up. Now we had no phone, no Internet and no TV. I don't like cell phones so I had to go to the neighbors to use their phone. It soon discovered and it was confirmed the representative had utilized his power to disconnect our service. I had his identity which I recommend you always get when spending valuable time with these people.

Although the Manager was very apologetic, promised to discipline this man and do everything to get all our services working this has not occurred. I found out today no disciplinary action was ever taken to correct or end this behavior. I have no complaints with the technicians who have been very friendly and tried to help. One free lancer confided that Comcast "treats their workers badly" I could see for myself how pressured and inadequately trained these techs are.

When the owner of the home asked for reimbursement they refused. Today I spoke again with a Manager who agrees they really "lost it on this one" adding that in "some" areas the system doesn't work well. I countered by telling him this property is in the big city of Santa Rosa. Further North in Healdsburg where this might be possible and where my home is located Earthlink works just great. Their excuses don't make sense.

It has been over a month and service has not gotten better. Although they do send Techs out the problems remain. The phones have gone dead a minimum of once a week, the Internet service fails on a daily basis and the TV reception comes and goes.

Today was the last straw. I lost a very important business transaction this morning for the third time. They have had so many opportunities to get it right and I even joked we were going to charge rent because the techs practically live here. I am told by a Comcast employee that this is not the way my computer should be working it is their system and they need to fix it. He assured me they would get it right.

Well there efforts are lost on my loss of Money, Time and Peace of Mind. Remember the medical emergency alert system was dependent on the phone line working and Comcast was well aware of this priority assuring us the phone would work before they were commissioned to come out. To add insult to injury this company literally lied when they promised to fix the phone and we were lucky there wasn't a tragedy. Then one of their vindictive employees tampered with our equipment in an effort to create even more discomfort and frustration.

My friend is stuck with this mess. I get to go back the my Heavenly home in the wine country where my Dish TV service is working and always has. My phone has never gone out and I use Earthlink a company that has never failed me and continues to earn my respect. For a mere $17.00 a month I get high speed internet service that far exceeds anything in speed I ever had using Comcast's most "elite" service.

Until now I never felt good about using a company that employs foreign workers however Comcast has changed my opinion completely. I believe the "Best man deserves the job" and my experience with Earthlink has by far exceeded my expectation. These employees handicapped with a language barrier and constantly abused due to prejudice perform remarkably and have earned my respect and admiration.

They work harder, are so polite, take abuse as par for the course and overcompensate with an astounding desire to please. Their manners are impeccable and show remarkable tolerance even in the most challenging circumstance. With Comcast I am hung up on, transferred in circles, rudely assaulted and my equipment is disconnected as punishment for complaining.

If this is the service I get for supporting an American corporation I can do without. Without guilt or shame I gladly take my money and my praise to the people who earn it... I truly appreciate the efforts of the technicians for their efforts and honesty. As to the company itself who believes appropriate compensation is a robotic apology and despite the evidence to the contrary assure me they are the best available I say actions speak louder than words.

Today after demanding to be connected to Dennis a manager who promised to "do everything he could for us" he had the nerve to say "It looks like you got a lot of service for very little money." I responded asking him "What service"? Reminding him the service I received is a lot more expensive even if it worked than Earthlink and I have not lost any business deals with Earthlink. Little money? To be clear we have not received any credit from Comcast and pay the premium rate, no discount. The funniest part of all this was while the owner of the home was on the phone with management the phone went out twice! Hard to argue with that and still no credit!

What is undeniably apparent with Comcast is that neither the employees or the company care one bit for the customer, their business, their service or their comfort and satisfaction. To Comcast the customer is like a herd of cattle and slaughter is par for the course. Today we were told we would be credited for "today". Wow! "Thanks for choosing Comcast" Well I didn't and I DON't!

Customer service and actual service
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MIDDLEBURY, INDIANA -- OK Where to start. Have had service for over a year with an average of a tech to my house 1 time a month since service started only to have my problems escalate about 2 months ago. My modem resets itself. My digital cable goes out. I am without phone service or internet or cable on the average of 2 times a week but periodically as it decides to not work. Because my problems are intermittent I call, they send a tech. The tech says "sorry I see nothing wrong." They leave.

2 hours later my service is blanking again. I call Comcast. They send another tech. He finds a problem but says his equipment is not functioning well out here. (IE his phone and other computer equip cause we are in a dead zone here) so he goes up the road and send info to Comcast. Comes back, tells me to call Comcast and if I have anymore problems and tell them I need a line tech sent cause there are no problems from the pole to the house.

So of course I have a repeat of the problems. Call them, tell them and am told "well why would you think you need a line tech?" I say "well because that is what your repair tech said." "Well he didn't send any info to us stating that so we will have to send another repair tech...." I think you can see where this is going. Anyway after several days I think almost 2 weeks they send a line tech only after a call to the main offices in ILLinois and also to the executive offices and I am told they have traced it back to a header over 10 miles from my house and are fixing it.

Over a week later service does seem much better but most anything would have been an improvement but now not even 3 weeks later I am having service drops again. Only now when I call I get a recording saying there are service interruptions in my area, today makes the third one this week. I find that kind of unacceptable. We pay for services, we should be able to count on those services but we can't last week.

I had to drab my sick 2 year old out of the house to a payphone at 4 in the morning to call his doctor cause he was sick and my phone was down. Let's see I should be happy with Comcast services? But what am I to do? No other companies offer these services for a reasonable cost to my low income budget so I stick it out or I have no services.

Oh yes they give me credits supposedly but my bill never changes. It is always the same. Oh wait I lie, it just increased to assure that we continue to get good services with increasing costs of gasoline etc. I really wanted to laugh at that but was afraid I would cry instead.

Comcast sucks and if one more of those phone people says to me "I'm so sorry for the whatever" I may hurt someone - it sounds like they are offering condolences on a death or like they are sorry I have a terminal illness and I guess I do cause I have a terminal pain where I sit from dealing with Comcast. Not that I think this will do any good but hey venting does help at times thanks. Oh just to finish with a bang had to wait to post this till my modem reset.

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