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Do your homework before switching from your current cable provider to Comcast Cable.
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FROSTPROOF, FLORIDA -- I had Dish network for over 2 years and seen what I thought was a good deal from Comcast Cable. I called Comcast several times and spoke with a representative about the cost involved with the service I was seeking. When I felt we had a firm understanding amongst myself and the representative with the service and fees associated with switching to Comcast I proceeded to order Comcast cable services. After ordering the service I was told they wouldn't be able to have a person come out and set up the services for 2 weeks. I should have known at this point that nothing good was going to come from this change of service. Someone came out and finally hooked up the service. Then I received a Bill for the first months service. When I ordered Comcast the representative told me I only had to pay for the second DVR. The first one was free. Then she told me I would only have to pay 9.95 per room for installation on 2 rooms. Well to my surprise I was charged 9.95 for one room installation then had to pay 20.00 for having cable turned on, 29.95 for the internet being activated, and 35.00 for the phone activation. And I had to pay for the DVR I was told I wouldn't have to ( to boot). When I called Comcast to ask why I was being charged for all that when the representative clearly told me I wouldn't and the other charges were never mentioned and they told me sorry for the representative giving you the wrong information but you have to pay what is billed and found an excuse for every problem encountered. Now I'm locked in with this company for 12 months at which time I will change providers and never do business with or recommend Comcast Cable to anyone. All I can say is if it seems to good to be true then it probably isn't true. Make sure of all the hidden fees before changing services.
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Alain on 01/25/2012:
Give Comcast's corporate office (1500 Market St. Philadelphia, PA 19102) a call at (215) 665-1700 and let them know they have a problem in your area.
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Sorry Excuses
Posted by on

I have recently been on the phone with your Comcast Center in Knoxville, Tn., and on several other occasions I can't even remember how many times. I could go on to write hate mail as to the kind of service I am given with most I speak to, but it wouldn't do any more good than not.

My problem with your representatives is not as bad as the quality of service my television gets. It is an everyday occurrence that something is wrong with the reception. There is not one particular channel high or low, time of day, or condition of weather that affects it. My picture will turn into pixels and lose sound. This can occur constantly, one time right after the other, or it will come and go or completely black out. It also does this sometimes on all three boxes I have, or it may only do it on one, depending on the circumstances. The cable was connected in March of this year and we have had nothing but trouble since. They supposedly have most, if not all, of my calls noted on my records. The many attempts made to resolve this issue have done nothing. They recently came and completely rewired this home in July, putting in all new cable lines. I am still having problems with interference of my cable reception, and frankly I am all but fed up with it and the Customer Service Center.

I will be the first to admit that after all of the waiting time and then talking to someone that has no idea of what I'm saying, I can turn into a real "witch". But you should hear some of the excuses I hear and some of the things they say are wrong. It truly amazes me that they can honestly sit there and believe themselves what they are telling you. They have also been trained very well to hang up on you if you get aggravated. This is even if you don't say bad words to them. It's like they just get tired of hearing your story, so they just hang up knowing you'll never get "them" back on the phone. In the past two weeks, I have asked to speak to a supervisor, and was told that one would call me back within 24 hours. Well, I'm still waiting. As for the trouble-shooting people that come to your home, when they call, they ask if your service is still acting up. If it hasn't or isn't at the time, they say they can't know what to look for. I can understand this, but I don't understand why the lines in my area can't be checked for that "hair-line" split in one of your lines.

I guess my biggest qualm with all of this is: Why should I be the one paying you all of the big bucks for service, get poor reception, and then have to wait at home for someone every time I call in, only to be told, if there is nothing wrong at the time, there's nothing they can do. My time is as valuable to me as yours is to you. I don't mind having to wait for a repairman, but I certainly don't want it to be an every other week thing. It's been three times in the last month. I'm sick of it.

I do realize my bill is not in the best standing, never has, but it always gets paid, and you make sure we pay dearly for it being late. BUT....... you do get your money. The lady I spoke with today, the second time after the first one hung up, told me my cable was on "soft shut-down" and that was the reason for the interference. I know what a "soft shut-down" is. My television is not out of service as of this moment, nor the computer service. You may have it listed for this, but as of right this moment, it is still in working order. Is this lady right about interference on my television because it is "scheduled" for soft shut-down? This makes no sense to me. Another one of your representatives had me to disconnect my cable and run it straight to the television set, even though all 3 T.V.'s were doing the same thing at the same time, she told me all three of my boxes had gone bad at once. After this explanation, I just asked her if she was "BLONDE". DUH! My boxes seem to be just fine, it's the reception I am getting interference with. Another night we were having an "end of the summer" slumber party. We stay up all night, play on the computer and watch movies. But not that night. Right in the middle of our movie, the whole service shuts down. No T.V., no internet and 6 kids here with nothing to do! I called again. This time it was for scheduled maintenance. I was informed there was nothing that could be done. It would be off for 2 hours. I asked why customers are not informed about this scheduled maintenance, and they just told me they didn't have to inform us of it. If we had known this was scheduled to happen, we would have planned a little differently. But since we weren't even given the chance, it ruined a really nice time for the kids. Did you compensate me for this inconvenience? I don't think so. Furthermore, you never compensate me for my outages, my trouble, my time or anything else. But just let my bill get behind and you compensate yourselves for that! Plus every time I am inconvenienced by your service, I am still paying for it anyway. How fair is this? Your company makes a killing from your customers. You are forever giving specials to new customers, but what about your faithful customers? What do you do for them? My answer, just the runaround I've been getting for the last 5 months, and still bad reception, rude customer service representatives and no compensation for my trouble.

You may have the market cornered on cable, but hopefully one day there will be someone bigger and badder to take you down and give you some competition. I'm all for another cable company to come in and take your customers. I'd be one of the first to go. In turn, I would ask my family to do so also, because if it wasn't for me referring them to you, you wouldn't have them. Your "refer-a-friend" program screwed me on this also. Even after speaking to a representative about referring someone, they still wouldn't allow me to collect on my free month for referring them. Your reason, even with the email I kept from your representative, was, you didn't recognize it in my area. What a rip-off. This was the one question I did ask the representative about and she wrote back saying as long as I was a Comcast customer, I qualified.

Sorry, I just had to stop writing. Why? My channels are going in and out again. I had to call your service center in Knoxville, again. Now I have to wait on someone tomorrow, AGAIN! Give me a break! I can't even get a letter written to you without my reception messing up.

Do you intend to compensate me for my time, my inconvenience and my loss? It would be fair to say I've lost at least a month's worth of cable in the last 5 months. Plus the two people I've referred to you at a month free for each. Looks like I'm out about three (3) months "WORTH" of cable. So, tell me what's fair about this situation? Why should I not be mad? I am mad at the whole thing. But is there anything I can do about this? NO! Except send this letter to everyone or anyone that will listen. I love my cable & internet service----WHEN IT WORKS CORRECTLY! But that is so very little that most of the time is spent HATING IT!

If anyone has a solution, I wish you would let me in on it. I want to keep my services, I even want to upgrade to the phone system you are offering. BUT.... not if things continue the way they are going. I know for a fact that I am not the only dissatisfied customer you have. But for some reason, we seem to keep getting pushed to the back of the line, and it stinks!

I appreciate anyone brave enough to figure this out, and help me with the problems I have experienced.

p.s. Now THEIR site is telling me my letter has too many characters in it and to shorten it? Why is this allotment of only 1500 characters not listed on here BEFORE I wrote the letter? Is this just a FLAW? AN OVERSITE? JUST PLAIN STUPIDITY IF YOU ASK ME!
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Comcast; Lack of concern and/or service
Posted by on
SCOTTDALE, GEORGIA -- This is a letter I am sending to the corporate office, if and when I find an address for them.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dear Sirs/Madams:

I am writing this letter to you now, while I am once again fuming at the total ineptness of your company.

Please allow me to elaborate. I have as of this evening, been without phone service for 4 days on either of 2 lines coming into my house. Phones that have been going on and off for the last year and a half, at least. No one can explain the situation to me but I do want to enlighten you as to the last action that was taken before this outage. I called to report that once again, my computer service was out. They sent a supposed cable tech out to fix the problem. While he was here, he came in and asked me if we had Comcast as our phone provider. I do not handle the paying of bills because I am blind. So, I told him I wasn’t sure, that my husband was not there to ask but that I did not think so. He said OK and then left. Well, the computer cable was working just fine. but then I discovered, when my cell phone rang, and my friend told me he could not reach me on either of my phone lines, that this tech who was supposed to be fixing my computer cable problem, also, for some unknown reason that has yet to be explained to me, ripped out all the wires in the phone box and left me high and dry with no phone service. As soon as I realized his action and what it had caused, I immediately called your so called help desk and was told, after speaking to person after person after person that it would be the next day or the day after that before they could “send someone out”. I asked why they could not send the same guy that tore out my phone box right back over here and then they informed me that he was a cable man and not trained to work on phones. Well, that was pretty obvious to me already. My whole point is, they should have had someone come out, even if it meant after hours and overtime, to fix what amounts to your own people’s destroying my property then refusing to come back until they were able to squeeze me in according to their convenience. Once again, I was treated as if I did not matter in the least. But my money sure does matter, it seems.

Now, here we are once again, I have no phone service for the 5th day now and at this point, I am canceling not only my phone service with you but my cable and internet as well. I would have kept at least the TV because that I am not fond of Direct TV, but quite honestly, my husband and I talked about it last night after I spent at least 3 hours on the phone yesterday, trying to get someone out here to help me get some phone service. Much of that time was spent being shuffled from person to person and of course, ultimately nothing got resolved.

I do apologize for the length of this letter but I feel you need to see just what your so called 24/7 customer support is all about.

Wednesday, August 8th: Both phones once again out of service with open lines. This has been happening every day for the last month or so but they usually come back on after an hour or so. Not so this time. I began calling and was told they could not come out until Monday at the earliest. I told them that that was totally unreasonable and unacceptable, since this is an ongoing problem. After a good couple of hours calling back and back again trying to speak to someone who actually seemed to have some intelligence and concern, they agreed with me and told me they would get someone out on the next day, which would be Thursday,. While I was not exactly thrilled with this, I had no choice but to accept it. I was told they would be here between the hours of 2 and 5. When they never showed up, I called at around 6:00 and was told that the tech reported that he had called and we were not there, so he took it upon himself to cancel our appointment. In the first place, I most certainly was home and in the second place, even if I had not been, I had my cell phone with me at all times and he would have reached me on that one, since it is the contact number I gave them since my other phones were obviously not functioning. This man blatantly lied to his dispatcher. But that is not the first time I have experienced dishonesty amongst your employees, as I will explain later. So, once again, they re-scheduled for the next day, Friday for the hours of 2 to 5. Now mind you, I have expressed to your people that I am a blind diabetic and am also a kidney failure patient. I must have access to phone service. My husband had to go out of town this weekend and had to take our cell phone with him in case he were to break down somewhere on the road. Therefore, it was imperative that my phone get fixed and immediately! I was assured over and over that the tech would be there this time, no problems, even if he had to work overtime.

3:00 came and went, no tech. I called, was assured he was still coming and then someone from Comcast called me to see if I was home and said they would be there soon.

5:00 The exact scenario as above took place.

5:45 I called and was told the tech had just left his last appointment at 5:30 and was on the way to my house. He was supposedly in Decatur, which is exactly where I live so I assumed he would be here shortly. I was wrong.

7:00 came and went and I don’t mind telling you, I was furious by now. Now, no one seemed to know anything about the tech or where he was or why he had not shown up. One so called supervisor told me he had probably gone home. I asked was there no way to get in touch with him and while he did admit to having access to his phone number, said he would not call him because that’s not the way they do things. The fact that I was absolutely livid to the point of being in tears and demanding that something be done before I was left here with no phones for an entire weekend seemed to fall on deaf ears from not only this person but from every single person I dealt within your company. And yes, I did finally use a word that I should not have used an normally would not use when speaking with intelligent, normal human beings. But by that time, I was beyond angry. I lost it. This idiot then told me to watch my mouth and "try" to act professionally". I was speechless! At that point, I told him to turn it all off. The phone, the computer service and the T.V. cable I will never, in my lifetime, give Comcast another dime. I and my husband have been good customers of yours for many, many years and have had problems for about ¾ of those years but we stuck with it partly because we kept hoping it would get better and partly because we didn’t want the hassle of changing over companies. But I will tell you what he and I both agree on. We are through paying Comcast bills, including the ones laying on his desk now. By the time you deduct all the minutes we have had to use on our cell phone that we normally would not have had to use, the hours and days that our phones, internet access and T.V. cable has been off and on, off and on, we should be owed a rather large credit by now. But, I have no expectations of receiving any such thing, so we are just calling it quits and calling it even now. Don’t bother to send us bills. We will not pay them. You could offer us a lifetime of free service in all 3 departments and I would run screaming in panic.

The icing on the cake to this latest fiasco is that last night, a very nice young lady called to check to see if the tech had ever showed up. I told her no and that I was extremely upset and worried about being with no phones now and she told me to wait and she would call me right back. She did and said she had reached the tech and he was on his way. Well, I wasn’t going to hold my breath and when he did show up, I was shocked. My shock soon turned to disbelief then resignation as once again, Comcast proved itself to be totally inept and incompetent. They had sent a distress call person to me for trouble on my internet. Good God almighty people, if was the freaking phones! You still don’t get that???? Not only that, but you could send out a distress call for the internet being down but not for a blind diabetic woman’s phones being out??? I think your priorities are a bit askew.

I will close this somewhat lengthy letter by letting you know just how dishonest your people are. On many occasions I have asked a so called supervisor to pleas contact dispatch to see where the driver is who is supposed to be out here fixing one of my many multitudes of non functioning Comcast services. They always tell me they have no way to reach them. Well, I spoke to one yesterday who was actually honest about it and said that yes indeed, most supervisors can get in contact with dispatch, if they want to. I figured as much and I cannot abide liars. So, I guess what all of this is leading up to is this.....

I want all of your products/services/boxes/wires/people and anything else you can think of, out of my house and off of my property. I have canceled all services already but I just wanted someone in corporate to know how we who pay the bills and keep the company going are feeling. And if you think I am the only one that feels this way, you are sadly mistaken. I furthermore intend to edit this letter down and get it posted to every consumer complaint web site I can find on the web and mail it to everyone in my address book and encourage them to do the same. I have already told everyone I know of the shoddy, shameful non-service I have received from you people and I know of at least 3 of them who chose Bell South over you because of what I told them. That did give me some degree of satisfaction, I must tell you.

I suggest you start getting your act together. People are tired of being abused and taken for granted and taken advantage of by companies like yours and putting up with it because they think they have no choice. Well, I do and I have made it.

You will note that I have copied the BBB and the FCC in on this letter. I am also going to send a copy of it to every consumer reporter I can find on both television and radio and if I can find some on the web, they will hear from me as well. I have just finished this letter and to no surprise to me, my internet is down... still.... Oh well, only have to put up with what you refer to as your “service” for a couple of more days then my dealings with you are thankfully over.


Mary /Earl
Scottdale, GA 30079
Former very disgruntled and dissatisfied Comcast subscriber
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User Replies:
Sparticus on 08/13/2007:
Here is there corporate address:

Comcast Corporation
ATTN: Brian L. Roberts (CEO)
500 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102-2148
Phone: 215-665-1700
Fax: 215-981-7790
tnchuck100 on 08/13/2007:
Lengthy..yes. But well written. Please post any reply you may get from them.
MRM on 08/13/2007:
How did you post this letter on this website? Who is your new internet provider? If you signed up with Verizon DSL, you've made a wise choice:)
GeorgiaLady on 08/13/2007:
Thanks so much for the address. I have already sent it via e-mail to numerous people at the
FCC, BBB and the Comcast addresses that are listed on here but will definitely send it snail mail as well. By the way, the 2 addresses that use the words customer service in their addys both came back as undeliverable. What a laugh. Somehow, it does not surprise me. As to how I posted this, Bell South will be here on Wednesday to hook up my new service and I told Comcrap to turn it off as of Tuesday night. Thanks for your encouragement and support. I feel like we are up against a big corp. with a lot of money and a lot of customers, so they just don't care if 1 or 2 leave but I am sincerely hoping to get their attention and maybe stop people I know from going through this. I'll let y'all know if I hear anything. Thanks, Mary L. Williams
PC_Doc_ESC on 08/14/2007:
Hi Lynn.. this is your favorite step son... stacy. :p
Awsome letter! You go girl!
Now, I need find one of these liar supervisors and punch him in the face. Be back later.
Luv ya!
GeorgiaLady on 08/14/2007:
A satisfying update on the Comcast situation... I sent the letter that I posted on here to every single comcast address this site listed on the contact page for Comcast and apparently, at least one of them got to the right person!! At approximately 2:30 today, my cell phone rang while I was at my doctor's ofice. I did not answer it but did check it as soon as I could. It was Comcast calling. The manager of the tech service dept., no less. Gee, all of a sudden, they have time to get in touch with me... He left a message saying he would like to talk to me about seeing about getting my service issues resolved. I actulaly laughed out loud when I heard that! As I was standing at the counter, paying my bill, my phone rang again. This was only about 20 minutes after the first call. I answered this time and it was him again. I told him I would call him back when I got home, some time between the hours of 2 and 5. That felt good! When I did call him back he said he was so sorry about what had happened and that he took full responsibility because he is the head of the service tech department for Dekalb County and that he really wanted to make things right and keep me as a customer . . . blah, blah, blah. As I sat there listening, the smile on my face started to grow. I just couldn't help myself! I interrupted him to ask him how he had heard about my situation. There was a pause on the line and I then asked him if he had possibly gotten a copy of my letter? He said that it had indeed been forwarded to him and that his supervisor was standing there right beside him and was *very* concerned that I was dissatisfied. Uh huh, sure. Where were you last week? Anyway, he kept asking what they could due to get me back as a customer and to satisfy me. At that point, I let him off the hook. I told him there was no way on God's green earth they would *ever* get me back and that I would never have Comcast in my home again. I told him that if they were sooo concerned this could have been resolved last week. I then made it very clear in no uncertain terms that left no room for question. Another pause then he asked "Even if we come out today and fix your phone for you?" Again, I had to laugh. I told him that if he could arrange to have my phones turned back on today, there was no reason they could not have had them turned back on 6 days ago or any day since then with as little trouble. Especially since I had stresed to them repeatedly that it was a medical necesity for me. Well, I finished by teling him I appreciated his calling me, truly I did, but no way, no how was he going to change my mind. I also told him that Direct TV had just left my house with my brand newe service now working beautifully and that AT&T would be heer tomorrow and the next day with my new phone and DSL service. With what sounded like resignation in his voice, he told me he understood and I told him to have a nice day and that was that. So, I don't know if it was all an act, but I do think someone is going to have some explaining to do somewhere. Here are the two numgbers I ended up with to contact Dekalb County Tech Service for Comcast if any of you in GA wish to try them out. I won't give you his name for fear of being sued for one thing or another. Good luck to any of you with future dealings with these people.


678-414-1709 office
770-559-6916 Desk of manager

It's true... revenge is sweet!! (Shamefully evil grin)
tnchuck100 on 08/15/2007:
Thanks for the update. I think you handled it beautifully.
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The Worst Week Ever/Comcast Abuses it's Customers
Posted by on
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I am a brand new Comcast customer, having only moved into my house exactly a week and three days ago. I called to set up my cable two days after I moved in and they installed in the following day, so I have been a customer exactly one week...and it has been the worst week ever!

From the very first moment that I began communications with Comcast I have had absolutely nothing but headaches. I called to arrange for service to be installed at my house for the Comcast Double-Play, high speed internet bundled with Digital Cable. When I got through to a representative he was pleased to help me set up my service and took my information. After a few minutes on hold he came back on the line to inform me that there was a glitch with his computer and that he would have to "transfer me to billing and they could build my account and help you (me) set up service."

I was transferred to billing and I told her exactly what he told me and her reply was, "I don't understand, build your account? There's a hold on your account for unreturned hardware."

I was amazed, I have never had an account with Comcast, and this is my first time living on my own. Prior to last week I had lived with my parent and they had their own cable account. After five or ten minutes of explaining my situation the representative from billing explained to me in a condescending tone that whomever lived at that address prior had not returned their equipment and that there have been instances where people have tried to start new service at their address to avoid paying their fines. This was appalling; she basically accused me of trying to scam her. I told her that I had just moved in and that I had no knowledge of any prior activity at my address nor did that have anything to do with me. She responded, "Because of the history at your address you're not going to be able to have cable UNLESS you come down in person and provide evidence that you have taken up residence at that location."

After three more customer service representatives and a supervisor, I was forced to leave work early, get a letter from the property owner that I was purchasing the house from, drive to Staples Mill, wait in line for 45 minutes, watch a lady cut in line and be served in front of everyone else before I actually got to the window. From there I had to provide a picture ID and the letter stating that I was taking ownership of the property. Then I was told that the hold was lifted but I would have to call to schedule service.

I went to the parking lot and did just that, this is where I noticed the security guard glaring at me. He came to the window of my car on the driver's side and leaned into the window and asked me, and I quote, "Why you sittin' here? Do YOU work here, YOU waitin' on somebody?" I showed him my paperwork and tried to explain when he cut me off and asked me again, "YOU work here?"

I said, "NO! I'M a CUSTOMER and I'm trying to fix a problem!"

After that and two more customer service transfers I was able to schedule an appointment...I though all was done and hoped I would never have to deal with any of it again.

Then two days ago I came home from work to find a tag on my door with a 'Please Call Us As Soon As Possible' heading and a note stating that a technician had been working in the back yard. No information about when or why or even the tech's name. When I walked through the door my cable and internet were out. I called the number and could not get through, finally after about six tries I got through to someone. She informed me that there was nothing wrong with my account and that there had been an outage in my area and it would be about four hours until it would be back up. She said, "If it's not up by morning call again for an update.

Yesterday I did just that and I was informed that they did not know why my service was out. They said that I would need to be home from 11-2pm so that a technician could come out to my house. I made arrangements for that and called back. I scheduled the appointment and then the representative informed me that there would be a fee of $29.95 for the technician to come.

I said, "No. You guys messed up my service I shouldn't have to pay to fix it."

She said, "We charge for service calls. That's policy."

I asked for a supervisor and she said, "You can talk to a supervisor if you want, but they ain't going to change company policy."

I told her to cancel my service and send someone to get the box. To which she replied, "You can do that but if you had the wire protection plan there wouldn't be a service charge."

I knew nothing of a protection plan and was pretty frustrated by now so after I explained with some seriousness that I had never heard anything of the sort, had only been a customer for a week and was ready to switch to DirecTV she offered to waive the charge and add the protection plan for $2.95 a month even though I wasn't supposed to be able to get the protection plan until after I'd been a customer for at least 30 days. This doesn’t make sense but whatever. Long story short, tomorrow a tech is supposed to come fix the problem they caused and I'm supposed to be grateful that they aren't charging me for it, even though they'll still be charging me over $36 annually to protect me from such charges. Oh and she said, and again I quote, "That's a good deal."

I swear the second Verizon brings its FiOS service to my area I will leave Comcast behind, if not sooner.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/07/2007:
Your story is absolutely COMCASTIC :-)

Have you checked your address at Verizon to see if FIOS is available?
Sparticus on 06/07/2007:
This is an epic customer service story... thanks for sharing... =)
TNT8385 on 06/07/2007:
I agree with PassingBy. It was COMCASTIC.
Anonymous on 06/07/2007:
Makes you wonder if the idiots at the top of these mega corporations have any clue about what's going on in the trenches?
BvF7734 on 06/07/2007:
I feel for you and hope right along with you that FIOS becomes available quickly. Comcrap is the sux0rz. Sorry but it is true.
Ponie on 06/07/2007:
Sparticus, this may be 'an epic customer service story' for Comcast bashers, but I take exception with a couple of the 'facts' stated in this complaint.

First of all, Comcast does *not* charge for a service call necessitated because of their error. Second, if you experience an outage of an hour or more, your account is credited.

I believe the poster misunderstood this statement: "There's a hold on your account for unreturned hardware." I think she probably said 'address,' rather than 'account.' It's not unusual for irresponsible subscribers to move and not return the equipment. A tennant in the apartment next to mine was evicted. At age 51, she was going through her second bankruptcy so had no regard for Comcast's equipment left in the apartment. At the request of my complex manager, I contacted Comcast asking if they were interested in the things left. They said yes and would send someone out to get it. Told them I'd drop it off the next time I was in the area of their office. About two weeks later I took the items back. Result: On my next bill I received a $40 credit for bringing it back to them. That equipment costs a little more than a dollar two eighty nine.

Dodger, welcome to the world of living on your own. Your parents, like the rest of us, have had to make arrangements to be home for appointments, etc. I can understand Comcast's requiring ID to prove you are the new owner and not the previous slacker. If this is your attitude only 10 days after finally fleeing the nest, you'll soon realize life has its ups and downs--I wish mostly ups for you.
Anonymous on 06/07/2007:
Ponie, Comcast will attempt to charge for service calls even if it's their fault. A few years ago my line was cut instead of a neighbor after he moved away. For week they said my TVs were broken even though all of them had no picture on any channel. Finally a tech was sent out and he discovered the error. In their next bill Comcast included a $50 charge to restore service. After visiting their local office I was credited the $50 plus they gave me free HBO for 3 months.
traceylynnprincess on 03/08/2008:
The person that lived at that address before you skipped out on a bill. all you have to do is take your lease or closing papers to the office to prove you just moved in and they will get you signed up.
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Comcast - unbelievably bad product and nonexistent customer service
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CORDOVA, TENNESSEE -- I had two services with Comcast, cable television and high-speed internet. I had never had a problem with either of these services until after the corporate buyout that took Time Warner away from me. I soon discovered that I had to pack lunch and dinner if I intended to pay my bill in person because the lines were so long at the office. But, I could always pay online - or so I thought. I discovered that the payment website was only functional about half the time. OK, I thought - I could get around this by planning ahead and starting my attempts to pay a week early. I let these things slide because change is difficult and complicated, and at least in the beginning the services I was paying for actually worked.
You have guessed by now that the days of actually being able to watch the channels I was paying for and surf the internet using the high-speed service I was paying for were soon to be over. It all started with a bang, when I discovered that I had no television at all. I called, was put on hold, finally got a surly receptionist, and got my visit scheduled. When the technician came out, he installed a signal booster in my home and we once again had television (why I suddenly needed a signal booster I will never know). That was fantastic, until I discovered that I wasn’t getting half the channels I was paying for. Another call, another hold, another surly receptionist, another visit. This time, there was apparently nothing wrong with anything, but I wasn’t getting my channels, and I was still paying. Over the next month, watching TV was like playing roulette – you never knew which channels you were going to get, and sometimes they’d disappear as you were watching them. I don’t particularly enjoy roulette, but as I said, change is difficult and complicated. So, here I was, getting lousy service, paying more than I had to, not getting what I was paying for, and putting up with all of it. But wait until you hear what happened with the high-speed internet service.
I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when the internet just stopped working one day. Since I now had the company on speed-dial, the dialing was easy – that didn’t make the hold time and the surly receptionist any easier to deal with, but we do what we can. A few days later, the technician came out to my house, checked all the things I already know how to check, perused everything from the cables to the modem, and tells me there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong. Apparently there is no moral problem with the fact that I am paying for a service I am not receiving, because he casually turned to leave – but here’s the kicker: HE HANDED ME A BILL FOR THE VISIT! Arguing did no good – he informed me that it is the policy of this excuse for a business that service calls are not free, regardless of whether or not the technician did anything to resolve the issue. At this point, change did not seem so complicated or difficult. Before the door had slammed, I was investigating other options for my television and internet service.
Unfortunately, I was stuck with these people for the remainder of that last month, a month during which I could amuse myself daily by wondering if this would be the one day of the week that my internet service would actually work. During this month, I made three more calls about my internet service, but (no surprise to me) I never got relief or resolution.
Finally, the day came when I switched to satellite TV. For internet service, I got DSL. Together, they came out cheaper than what I was paying these other charlatans, and I have never had a complaint about either business. When Comcast sent me a bill for the final month, I sat down and wrote an email. I also wrote a letter in case they proved to be as competent in handling emails as they were with other electronics. The upshot of this letter was that I refused to pay for the last month, since I had not had service. About a month later, a woman from the company called to find out why I had not paid my bill. Apparently, my correspondence had found its way into file 13, the ultimate destination of all their customer service issues, I suspect. I reiterated the contents of the letter to her. This genius informed me that since I had only called three times about the lack of internet service (it was actually four total, but at this point, what does it matter?), they could only reimburse me for three days out of the month. Even though it was clear from my service calls that I had been without internet service almost the entire month, apparently their policy is that I must call and schedule a service call every single day. At 40 dollars a visit, that’s an extra $1200.00 for one month. I don’t think so. I understood at last why that grandmother in the northeast had leapt over this same company’s counter and begun beating their computers with a hammer. Since that time, I have received one more call, during which I repeated the same information again, and later on I received a collection notice from a company they have found that will try to do their dirty work. Rest assured that I will not pay this bill under any circumstances. I urge anyone not to be lured in by seemingly wonderful deals about combined cable, internet, and digital phone service. You will wish you hadn’t bitten, after losing several years off your life due to stress.
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Anonymous on 06/22/2010:
Change is inevitable and not always for the better.There are still many kinks with digital services, hopefully the technology will be improved upon before next superbowl. Would hate to miss that.
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Comcast Innovations in Dishonest
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PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN -- I have been a Comcast customer for over 10 years. I subscribe to Internet & Comcast Cable television. For the Last 10 years, every year Comcast has reduced the number of TV Channels that I used to receive. The remaining channels are either INFOMERCIAL or Community Channels or religious channels. For $18.94 a Month, I have been getting LESS & LESS Channels and what is left is not worth watching. Today, I lost 3 more Channels, due to " DIGITAL MIGRATION ". When I called COMCAST, I have been told by Manager SANDRA Employee # 2827, that unless I upgrade to " DIGITAL PACKAGE " [$50.00+] there is No way I could get the 3 Lost channels. I believe Comcast is FORCING Customers like me to pay more for the same channels that I am already paying. This is Illegal and Deceptive, since Comcast does not Reduce it's Monthly Fee due to reduced Service. IF Comcast reduced it's Fee, what They are doing will not be illegal. But removing service and charging the same Fee is Illegal. I have filed a complaint with FCC [ reference number: 10-C00216771]. Comcast is defrauding consumers by failing to prorate it's Monthly fee for reduced service. This has been going on for the last 10 years and their brand new excuse is now " DIGITAL MIGRATION ". I certainly do not want to pay more for TV and I do not wish to Pay $50.00+ just for TV. I am already paying $47.95 monthly fee for the internet. Comcast should either restore it's service or reduce it's fee related to the TV.

I have taken 3 steps against Comcast.
1- Filed a complaint with FCC.
2- Filed a complaint with Attorney general of your state.
3- File a complaint with Better Business Bureau.
Comcast Scams and fraud is all over the place. The best advise is to bring the Full force of the LAW against Comcast. If every one of us takes time to do what I have suggested [ In addition to posting comments on Web], Comcast will realize that they are not dealing with idiots.. they will see that Victims have intelligence and CAN FIGHT BACK. Let us all Bring the Full Force of LAW against Comcast.

Comcast responded to BBB complaint by saying that they were working on resolution. Their attempt at resolution was noting but a poor and sad excuse for their illegal operations.
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Weedwhacked on 05/31/2010:
Somehow I'm sure they covered their butts so that this would be legal.
goduke on 06/01/2010:
Reducing channels for the same price is not illegal. There's no law that says they can't do this. It's much the same as the ice cream companies reducing the size of a 1/2 gallon of ice cream and keeping the same price point. Since the fed gov't made their digital declaration, many channels have simply quit broadcasting an analog signal. Comcast can't provide you a channel which no longer exists.
MDSasquatch on 06/01/2010:
Except for the fact that you are not under a written contract with an ice cream company to provide you with a service.

I am having the same trouble with Comcast; the channels we receive through the box is fine, but the TVs that are direct connect are constantly losing channels.
PepperElf on 06/01/2010:
Indeed this isn't illegal.

It might not be nice but it's not illegal.

personally I just say "screw regular tv" and watch the shows I want on hulu, youtube, or Bing for free.

clutzycook on 06/01/2010:
Yeah I noticed the same thing a few weeks ago. Amazingly though, all the Spanish language and home-shopping channels are still there :/.
Bud101 on 06/08/2010:
They have done the same thing to me, lost 11 channels last 30 days, now they would like 7-8 dollars per month more to get them back. That is Bait and switch in any other business. Would some good atny sue these folks into the ground, they are circumventing the rate increase procedures and Breaking every rule in the book, Sue um Danial.
Anonymous on 06/08/2010:
Its not illegal but it should be. I have had this happen with a couple of channels also. Cable companies need to tread their customers better cause just like blockbuster they will go downhill with sites like hulu and youtube folks will downgrade. (VH)
Mee2 on 07/08/2013:
You can also file a complaint with your local cable charter or franchise. These complaints go into escalated executives.
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Who's your customer?
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PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have never been a fan of Comcast, however, it is the only game in town at the moment. I am patiently awaiting the availability of FiOS so I can dump Comcast. Verizon offers quality customer service.

What prompted this review? I had been experiencing intermittent audio problems over the past month so I called their customer service number. After being disconnected once, I finally spoke with one of their technicians. He was very pleasant and helpful, he sent a test signal and the audio issues were corrected instantaneously. He recommended that I make a service appointment since some of the equipment I have may be faulty, I agreed and set up an appointment for this past Wednesday (this is where things went south very quickly). I had to take time off from my job to meet the repairman between 4 and 6. The Comcast dispatcher called and indicated the repairman was on the way. I waited for about 15 minutes and then decided to go outside to see if he was in the front of my building. The truck was parked in front, in clear sight of the entrance to my apartment building. I noticed that the driver looked at me, put the truck in drive and waited for traffic to pass before he pulled away. I was able to approach the passenger window before he pulled out and knocked on it. He threw the truck into park, turned towards me with a look of disgust and proceeded to stare at me for several seconds so I asked "are you coming in?". He got out of the truck, slowly walked around to where I was standing and continued to stare at me, I felt like I was back in high school and this guy was challenging me to a fight. I am a 61 year old professional and I felt threatened, my first reaction was that I was a victim of racial discrimination. He clearly had a problem with my my appearance and my attempt to stop him from leaving. After a minute or so of discussion, he said "I have another call", turned around, got in his truck and took off. This was a good thing, when I pondered the chain of events, I realized that I was better off not allowing this representative of Comcast into my home.

I then contacted Comcast's customer service and spoke with a pleasant customer service rep, when I indicated that I felt that I was a victim of racial discrimination, he suggested that I speak with his supervisor. His supervisor, surprisingly, contacted me within 5 minutes. He clearly was not trained in customer service, he defended the repairman's actions and after a minute of dealing with this jerk I asked to speak with his supervisor. His supervisor, again surprisingly, contacted me within 5 minutes. She was slightly better trained than her subordinate, however, she defended the repairman's actions.

This company clearly condones threatening behavior. They exhibit absolutely no customer satisfaction; no wonder there are hundreds of complaints on this site. Their charges and fees are inflated and very unreasonable. I would not recommend them to anyone, not even to a person I dislike.
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Venice09 on 01/24/2010:
Was there anything about your appearance, other than race, that you think might have caused the tech to react the way he did? Was there anything in the way you approached the truck that could have made HIM feel threatened? Did he give any explanation at all other than saying he had another call?

I can't help thinking there is something missing here.
Anonymous on 01/24/2010:
I'm curious. In what ways did the comcast reps and the supervisors defend and condone the behavior of the service technicians. What did they say?
Venice09 on 01/24/2010:
I too would like to know what the reps and supervisors said to defend the tech's behavior. That could be the missing piece of this story.
Skye on 01/24/2010:
Maybe this tech wasn't assigned to this particular job. We've had Comcast at our home, and so have the neighbors at the same time, and we both had different technicians.

Maybe the op was looking aggressive. After all, there are 3 sides to every story, the OP's, Comcast and the truth which lies somehere in the middle.
Anonymous on 01/24/2010:
Agreed Skye. That's why I am curious about what was said.
bcd on 01/24/2010:
Just because somebody doesn’t react or behave the way you expect is no reason to assume it’s racial. Maybe he considered your aggressive approach to him to be racially motivated. Maybe he was there to respond to another service request instead of yours.
Ytropious on 01/24/2010:
BA Skye. He might not have been your tech. My husband works for a different cable company and you'd be surprised the amount of random people who come up to him on or off the job in his company van and ask him cable questions. He might have been late for his next appointment, and maybe rolled his eyes that another random person was coming to ask or complain about service. Again, believe it or not, I can fully vouch for this happening pretty often to cable techs. I think it had absolutely nothing to do with you. He was not racist in any way shape or form.
PepperElf on 01/24/2010:
bcd - I suspect it's just easier to assume that.

and just because you call to complain does not mean you were actually right about the employee
it just means you called to complain.

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Comcast cable services
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First of all I would like to go back about two months or so. We moved from one address to another & I contacted Comcast to have my cable & internet turned on to my new address, the gentlemen that I spoke with was nice enough, which is rare with Comcast. However he made me some pretty good deals, over the phone, but when the cable guy came to install my cable he brought with him a regular cable box which was not what I ask for. I ask for an HD DVR because we have an HD TV. Well I informed him of this & he said well all that is written on the order is a regular cable box, & again I said no that was not what I ordered. I also informed him that I would not be able to pick my HD channels with a regular cable box, he said that I would be able to pick up all the channels that I ordered, not. He didn't really stay long enough to see if my service was working properly & he just went through a couple of the channels & said that everything was fine. I took him at his word. Well I had nothing but problems, I couldn't pick up my ondemand or any free channels nor could I pick up any of my HD channels. At least twice a week I was calling & complaining about this & they would send someone out to look at, they would fix it but within the hour it wouldn't work again. This went on for about a month, so I did my research & decided to drop the cable and get satellite instead, I do not have a problem with them at all. When I called Comcast to tell them that I wanted to drop their cable & keep the internet, the lady I spoke with was very rude, the reason she was rude was probable because I told her why I was dropping the cable, I told her that I really have no problem with the internet, just the cable & I also made her repeat back to me what I wanted which was drop the cable keep the internet. Having dealt with Comcast & their untrained employees to verify everything I even did it online with their live chat to make sure they had everything correct. The reason I did this was so that I would have documentation to print out. They did verify everything correctly online. Well when I went to pay my bill at our local office, I brought with me the print out, and by the way I did the live chat twice, did it the very next day to make double sure & I printed that out as well. The lady at the front desk told me how much I had to pay & there again knowing how Comcast never keeps their word on anything, I ask her do they have it noted on my account that I'm dropping the cable & keeping the internet, she said no we have it as a total disconnect. I showed her my print out & she was even a little upset about the lack of communication, however she did fix that problem. Now here within the last week or so I have been trying to pay my internet bill online, not an easy task with Comcast, for one they totally changed my log in ID & password without informing me of it & two when I did finally get into my account I couldn't get my payment to go through, so there again I contacted Comcast vie live chat, I thought that they needed to know that there was a problem with their payment page. Like I said earlier they are not customer friendly, The lady ask me if I was logged into my account & I said yes, how else would I be able to get that far into it without being logged into MY account. Very inconsiderate if you ask me, well we agrued about it back & forth & I just ended the conversation before I said something that I would have regretted. I have been complaining about this for close to a week now & I have yet to hear anything from anybody. They have been in this area for a little over two years now & if you took a survey you would not hear anything good about them. This is all true & can be proven. Tired of Comcast treating their customers like crap.
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Starlord on 11/19/2009:
You don't state where you are in this great country, but I can assure you that Comcast in the area of Olympia, WA does a fantastic job. The installer who came to put our systems in place was very knowledgeable, and did his work in a very masterful manner, and even corrected some wiring errors from past services or tenants. Any time we have had a problem, which has been very seldom, the personnel on the phones are courteous and resolve the problem very quickly. I feel sorry if you live in an area that the workers dislike management, which is the main reason workers perform poorly, but apparently, we have great managers here in the Puget Sound area, as we have fantastic service always.
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Customer service and actual service
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MIDDLEBURY, INDIANA -- OK Where to start. Have had service for over a year with an average of a tech to my house 1 time a month since service started only to have my problems escalate about 2 months ago. My modem resets itself my digital cable goes out I am without phone service or internet or cable on the average of 2 times a week but periodically as it decides to not work. Because my problems are intermittent I call they send a tech the tech says sorry I see nothing wrong they leave 2 hours later my service is blanking again I call Comcast they send another tech he finds a problem but says his equipment is not functioning well out here (IE his phone and other computer equip cause we are in a dead zone here) so he goes up the road and send info to Comcast comes back tells me to call Comcast and if I have anymore problems and tell them I need a line tech sent cause there are no problems fron the pole to the house. So of course I have a repeat of the problems call them tell them and am told well why would you think you need a line tech I say well because that is what your repair tech said well he didn't send any info to us stating that so we will have to send another repair tech.... I think you can see where this is going . Anyway after several days I think almost 2 weeks they send a line tech only after a call to the main offices in ILLinois and also to the executive offices and I am told they have traced it back to a header over 10 miles from my house and are fixing it. Over a week later service does seem much better but most anything would have been an improvement but now not even 3 weeks later I am having service drops again only now when I call I get a recording saying there are service interruptions in my area today makes the third one this week. I find that kind of unacceptable we pay for services we should be able to count on those services but we can't last week I had to drab my sick 2 year old out of the house to a payphone at 4 in the morning to call his doctor cause he was sick and my phone was down lets see I should be happy with Comcast services? But what am I to do no other companies offer these services for a reasonable cost to my low income budget so I stick it out or I have no services. Oh yes they give me credits supposedly but my bill never changes it is always the same oh wait I lie it just increased to assure that we continue to get good services with increasing costs of gasoline etc. I really wanted to Laugh at that but was afraid I would cry instead. Comcast sucks and if one more of those phone people says to me "I'm so sorry for the whatever" I may hurt someone it sounds like they are offering condolences on a death or like they are sorry I have a terminal illness and I guess I do cause I have a terminal pain where I sit from dealing with Comcast. Not that I think this will do any good but hey venting does help at times thanks. oh just to finish with a bang had to wait to post this til my modem reset
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madconsumer on 08/02/2008:
comcast has a few 'regional' issues. locally, I have had wonderful issue free services.
Anonymous on 08/02/2008:
Being without service for that long is unacceptable.I wonder if this poor excuse of a cable service uses A&E factory service for their technicians?

Hopefully in the future you will be able to dump their crappy service for a better provider.

Good Luck!


Anonymous on 08/02/2008:
These cable complaints are really piling up now......sad to say there are too many to deal with. Consider satellite and DSL if you can get it. Cable's days are numbered.
Anonymous on 08/02/2008:
some of enjoy satellite,and some enjoy cable.Some have had unfixable problems with both,and voice their opinions here.I for one have left cable in my rear view,only because the local provider is Comcast,and they couldn't get it together to keep me as a customer.So far I've had great luck with what I have now.
Anonymous on 08/02/2008:
Once I invested in a quality LCD, I decided I had to have totally digital signal, source to portal. Analog cable or the "upconverted" version of digital wasn't going to cut it for me, let alone their reliability
PV22 on 08/02/2008:
There is such a love hate relationship with Comcast. They are the gate keeper to our content. I have actually come to terms with the idea that they are not really going to improve in any dramatic way. I friend of mine pointed me to to offer suggestions to Comcast. Others can offer more suggestions and vote on existing ones. Let's let our voices be heard through suggestions.
dt66 on 08/02/2008:
poifect on 08/03/2008:
no DSL available here and satallite price is not an option they basically have a monopoly here which I thought was illegal but hey it's comcast
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What A Joke, Really...
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DUBOIS, PENNSYLVANIA -- About six months ago, my contract was up with Dishnetwork, I didn't want to renew b/c I wanted to get internet and their prices were so high for theirs. So I decided to call up Comcast, ha what a joke.

I owed Adelphia a bill from before I got my dish service. I honestly just forgot about it. So I called 1800-COMCAST to see what the amount was and what type of deals were in my area. I was told "You owe 121.50" OK, that sounded just about right, I went into my local payment center, and paid the back amount off, I asked the lady (whom didn't have a name tag, none of them in there do.) if I could get service back on, since my back bill was paid off. She proceeded to tell me that since I just paid the back off, it won't be in the system right away (Why not?) and that I would have to pay an additional 100 dollars. For first months services and connection costs. OK,, so total I paid 221.50 on this bill. The following month (It was turned on sept 11 2007) I received a 180.00 bill. I called all upset and I got this response "Maam, the 221.50 you paid was only the back and 40.00 connection fee not the first months bill" UMmmmm OK, Why was it so high since I was told my TV, and internet wold be just about 100 dollars? So the lies apparently started from the first moment I called this place, because by now, I still have no clue on what's going on...

My TV has been shut off three times, because of a delinquent bill. The problem is, I just can't pay the entire bill so I get told to make a min payment of X amount it changes all the time, one time it was 80 the next time it was 50 and finally its 150... Then every time a payment is made a bill always comes about 4 days later, Then is about 70 dollars more than the balance before I paid on.....I don't think they could have posted it to the account yet, but I just find it suspicious that every time I make a payment, no matter what part of the month, I am receiving a bill just days later....

Every time my husband calls t discuss this issue we get a run around, and ignorant reps. Saying "IF you would of paid your bill on time you would be having this problem" HOW rude can yo be.. MY response to them is "Well if I didn't have to deal with a bunch of liars, whom don't know how to communicate, within the company, then maybe I wouldn't be in this situation." There is nothing I hate more than being be belittled on the phone by someone who is supposed to be a customer service rep...

I am sick of this company and as soon as a new cable company comes around with a good internet service, I will continue to put up with the liars, and horrible service, no words on the on demand guide, and interruptions. Horrible service high prices should be their slogan...
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madconsumer on 03/20/2008:
I have been with comcast for a long time. never any issues.

it does sound as if your telley and internet are out of your budget. my combined bill for internet and cable is about $140 per month.

Anonymous on 03/20/2008:
Mad is right...didn't it ever occur to you that cable is a luxury, not a necessity, and that it is a luxury that you cannot currently afford?
Ponie on 03/20/2008:
Yada, yada, yada. I can't keep up with my bills, but this is something I *want*, not need, so you better give it to me. You 'honestly' just forgot about a bill you owed? Yeah--sure.
GothicSmurf on 03/20/2008:
Here's how a past due works. Say your bill is $100, you miss the payment, so the next bill is $200. $100 for current and $100 for past due. You only pay the past due amount so the current amount gets carried to the next bill, so the past due is back to $100 again. This is not for any fees or reconnection charges.

I agree with everyone else, sounds like this is a luxury you can't afford right now.
spiderman2 on 03/20/2008:
Comcast doesn't turn off my tv or internet, but then again, I pay my bill. You cannot afford to have the services they are providing.
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