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NO STARS: Run From Them as Fast as You Can.
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Rating: 1/51

RICHMOND -- I moved to Redmond & unfortunately there seems to be only Comcast that can provide both internet & cable at my apartment. After several hours of being on hold, etc with Verizon, they somehow cannot provide internet services despite the tenant on the 3rd floor having it. So great, that leaves Comcast.

Problems started as soon as service started. First, let me say that I have a very new expensive modem & router that I bought when I moved here. So, Comcast tech came on a Friday morning to hook up a wire (really I could likely have done it myself). All is well, so I thought. The following week I keep getting messages that service wasn't connected. I finally talk to someone that Wed & advise yes indeed services started, BUT that I wasn't getting the 45 channels I had agreed on over the phone with Comcast sales representative & instead was getting only 10 channels. Nothing she could do of course but was glad service was indeed started.

Then it got worse as just 2 days later, service was shut off. Why oh why? I called on Saturday & told they were too busy to deal with my call. WHAT? Advised to call back the next day. Called on Sunday, again on hold & switched to multiple people only to be told to call back on Monday to talk to a technician. Called on Monday & told service stopped because it was never completed despite THEM having a log of phone call with a representative previous week saying yes service was started. Also told I signed up for only 10 channels. Really? How about going back to the "phone recording" of the call to sales representative because we did say 45 channels.

Things got only worse... Ready for this... If I want to continue service it will now cost $30 more per month because the "special" I signed up for is only available online to first-time customers. Are you freaking kidding me? COMCAST makes the mistake and even admits they made the mistake of cutting off the service but now you're going to pull a stunt like this? Comcast representative didn't even care to make it right & wouldn't let me talk to her supervisor.

Couple of weeks go by & I get a call from a Comcast representative who wants to know if I'm happy with the service. ARE YOU KIDDING? I don't have the damn service. Tell him the story & the BS of being put on hold for countless hours & then only to be told I have to talk to someone else... He wants to make it right. Ah but I still can't get the same package for the price I signed up for because that "special" is over. Seriously people.

I need to have internet at the apartment for work purposes. I can't rely on walking over to the library every time I need to be on it. So, he's going to make it right by telling me I can have such & such package which is way more channels (I don't watch a lot of TV but of course the 3 channels I do enjoy are on the higher package) & I will have internet at the Blast level (which means 150 mbps). Ah but it's going to cost $30 more per month than what I originally signed up for.

So all that is needed is for Comcast to send a cable box. A SIMPLE cable box. But no, they can't even get that correct. They send the wrong box & then are going to charge a rental fee for a box that is incorrect. I already have a modem & router, don't need the unit you've sent AND I heard Joe (the rep) tell the person this on the phone since Joe was standing there next to me. He repeatedly told whoever at Comcast that I only need the cable box for such and such TV package. The guy on the other end sounded (yes I could hear him) like an idiot. He just couldn't get it through his head what Joe was saying. Why surprised I'd get the wrong thing?

So, now have to wait for the correct cable box to show up (yet again more delays & errors on Comcast's part). Find out that not getting 150mbps but only 25. Another 2 hour call to Comcast. Rep says "Yes I see that on the bill that you were upgraded to 150 at no cost to you. However, on the bill is the error of being charged for a combo modem/router that you aren't using (don't even have it because Joe took it with him when he left)." So she's going to correct that (yeah haven't gotten the new bill yet so we'll see). But there's nothing she can do about not receiving the 150 mbps. A technician will have to come over (yet again).

He shows up & calls in to Comcast. They tell him I'm signed up for only 25mbps. I show him the bill. He tells them that, & they tell him he's wrong. Are you ** kidding me? It says it on the bill. Another call into Joe. He's going to get it corrected. That was over a week ago. Guess what? Do you think it's running at 150? Hell no.

I will never do business with this company again. In fact, as soon as an alternative comes around, I will rather pay termination fees than to continue dealing with Comcast. Clearly they do not care about customers. They do not care about making things right or heaven forbid offering some kind of real compensation for THEIR errors.

And I have been telling everyone and anyone about what's happened. Absolute BS & to have to go through the phone system only to be put on hold for hours on end & told "you need to talk to such & such a dept" only to have go through the phone prompt system all over & re-explain all over is just crap. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH COMCAST!

Wish I Could Use a Different Company
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Rating: 1/51

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Comcast is the WORST company I have EVER dealt with. I have been trying for 3 weeks now to get service with them because unfortunately they are the ONLY internet providers in our new neighborhood! Unless we want DSL which is impossible since I need the Internet for my work. I keep getting the runaround with this company and no one is properly trained with the correct information. Then their agents you contact who are in other states such as Illinois or Mississippi who tell you they are going to follow-up on how service is coming along, NEVER DO.

Training of staff needs to be updated so that they are all on the same page instead of having techs who come to the house and tell you they cannot install inside because the cable hasn't been buried outside the new home and then contacting an agent on the phone who says yes they can install inside without the cable being buried, or another agent who says "Oh, even if that tech had been on time he couldn't have done the work inside because the cable isn't buried yet".

All of this may have been avoided to begin with if the second agent I spoke with on the phone on June 24th had not dismissed my call telling her the house was a new construction to begin with and I was told may need to have line buried outside. To top it off, when a tech came out to bury the line two weeks later we are told that who installed the fire hydrant crushed the cable pipe so now Comcast needs to contact 811 so they can mark where Comcast can bury the line as to not bust any pipes themselves. They tell us it will take 24-48 hours to do so, which would have been July 7th or July 8th and then he (the tech to bury the line) would be back that weekend, July 9th or 10th.

Here we are a week from July 6th and 811 STILL had not been contacted to come out. I know this because I called them on July 10th myself as well as just now. Comcast is the WORST company I have dealt with! So if you have ANY other choice in your area, take it! I know I would.

Bad Company
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Rating: 1/51

NEWARK, DELAWARE -- Because they even do not deserve a single one. I was using Comcast and moved to somewhere else. Then I transferred my service. One year later, my service was disconnected for no reason. Then they charged me disconnection and reconnection fee for $190. I fight with them for at least 3-4 days. Then they waived these fees. But later, my dissatisfaction with them made me move to Verizon.

Now, they claim that I have a contract with them and they ask for early termination, although I did not sign up with any contract. I realized that they sign me up without my permission and put those waived fees on my early termination penalty. Now they want me pay those fees. I would never recommend Comcast to my friends. STAY AWAY!!!

Worst Service
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Rating: 1/51

RINGGOLD, VIRGINIA -- My internet went down due to storm, after I put in ticket. Agent stated tech will be there tomorrow between this and that time. He never showed up next day. I called again, agent stated, "Tech will be there tomorrow." Tech never showed up. I called the next day again, agent stated, "There is no ticket." I put in another ticket - same thing happened. I called again to follow up the ticket, agent stated, "There is no ticket." No one called. I called again and again for 8 days after yelling and cursing, finally on the 10th day someone showed up, but issue still not resolved. This is not my first-time service with them. Where I live only Comcast provides service.

"Valued Customer" pays the price for "Calling too many times"
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Rating: 1/51

After countless unpleasant, extensive and disappointing phone calls attempting to get to the root of my Blast Internet speed problems, being bounced from department to department, having my escalated calls cancelled and "restarted" multiple times, charging additional "service" fees, XFINITY rescinded the initial account credit offer citing that I, their "Valued Customer" "called too many times". I find it extremely disappointing and disheartening that this is what XFINITY calls customer service!

Stay Away from Comcast
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- After 14 months, I moved out of my office to an executive suite with existing internet service. The scumbags at Comcast would not reduce the early termination clause of 75% of the full contract amount. This is sheer robbery. Avoid using Comcast!! AT&T Uverse, DIRECTV, Dish...whatever you can do.

Comcast = Crooked & Horrible Horrible Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

LAKE JACKSON, TEXAS -- What I TRIED to send in email via Comcast's "cute" little "write to Jack" feature, soliciting customer feedback so that they can "continue to improve" the impeccable customer service they claim to insist on?!? ROTFL!!! Of course, when I actually attempted to SEND this email, I got an error message directing me to call COMCAST'S "friendly courteous and capable customer service team".... Er, yeah... THAT'S what I want to do. WHO IN THE HECK TO THEY THINK THEY'RE KIDDING?!

Why not just switch providers? Because every other one of the very short list of "competitors" in this monopoly industry is just as awful. GOVERNMENT endorsed corruption across the board. COMPLETELY NAUSEATING (I AM going to figure out some way to escape this horrid hostage situation - by hook or by crook so help me lord)...

Only the latest in ongoing unimaginably horrible service problems. Do you people think this is funny? I cannot even imagine telling a client that it is their job to repeatedly call and beg and talk to no one other than idiots who can do nothing but read from scripts - endless "on hold" in torture chamber of being subjected to horrendous marketing blather - as if I want to buy additional services from a company that can't provide my basic home telephone service. How can you possibly pretend any of this has anything to do with "excellence"? Can't imagine any context in which anyone could characterize this idiocy as anything remotely having to do with that word.

Following is in inverse chrono. THIRD ATTEMPT: Having determined that ** is a clueless imbecile, but still desperate to get my phone service working, at 10:40 pm I AGAIN called 1-800-934-6489. I AGAIN was put on hold in endless recordings. Hell for ANOTHER 20 minutes until I finally got through to ** in the Philippines. ** said he's worked for Comcast for three years, so I was hopeful he would be more helpful than **. NO SUCH LUCK.

After 15 minutes of same little game as I'd already endured with ** (“I'm sorry, ma'am - I'm doing all I can, my very best, but the tech support line is still busy”), I threw in the towel. I guess the gambit is just to weed out customers by attrition, rather than offer actual support. I am LIVID. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

Already endured this cr - TEN SOLID DAYS OF CALLING & BEGGING AND BEGGING & CALLING in Dec. 2013... And since then more about every 2 months with huge bottomless pit of service crashes/malfunctions. Might be funny in a sitcom, but even there I doubt it.

Clearly your company has nothing but contempt for your customer's time and energy. I don't work for Comcast. I am supposedly your customer. But you'd certainly never know it. I do not have time for this ridiculous nonsense. Entirely deplorable excuse for a company - and for that matter an industry. I'm at my wits' end. I have no idea how to get any kind of service out of your sorry company.

SECOND ATTEMPT: CALLED 1-800-934-6489 @ 8:00 p.m. Thurs., July 31 2014. After waiting on hold with ENDLESS excruciating Comcast ads and self-promotion, hostage AND tortured, all characterized as “EXCELLENT”- insane! Talked to “customer account executive”- HA! “Executive”? Treating your customers as stupid chumps? SERIOUSLY??? ABSURD! -** in the Philippines who has worked for COMCAST for a whopping month.

Told me he was trying to connect me to the people who know how to help me. This went on for TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!! NEVER GOT THROUGH to ANYONE!!! ** kept saying that he really wanted to help me and he was doing everything in his power but all of the tech support people were very busy... blah blah blah AD NAUSEAM. Finally had to GIVE UP - after TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!! (THAT bears repeating!!!). Including being subjected to endless recordings telling me how much Comcast values my business and I just need to stay on the line and a "customer support account executive" would soon be available to help me.

FIRST ATTEMPT: After absolutely no luck with any of the “online resources” @ Comcast website: 1/2 HOUR on telephone w/ ** in the Philippines who told me she had my problem all fixed. SHE DID NOT: Called Comcast Service Dept. (Thurs. July 31 2014 @ 5:15 p.m.) @ 1-800-447-9085, and spoke with ** (re telephone service for 979-265-5842).

** said she thinks that the problem is that this telephone service & modem are still connected to the "old network" (why I have to call customer service in order to “get migrated” instead of that happening automatically, I have no idea). And that telephone service can be immediately restored & repaired by: "migrating" the phone & modem to Comcast's "new network".

Process - requires downloading different data to modem, which will cause a brief internet service interruption; after the "download & migration", the service will be "re-activated" or "activated" on the "new network"; process takes about 20 minutes, following which service/ all services - telephone, internet & TV - should be restored to just the same as they were before (including same settings, etc.) EXCEPT with phone service WORKING and all services better & more reliable going forward.

** recap of what she did, in Comcast Lingo, is: "registered" my modem to Comcast's "new network", "created a switch to assign a modem to a new number, as part of the activation process". Result should be that my modem should have one telephone line (same as before, same as always). ** added these instructions: Make sure telephone line is connected/plugged into modem "phone port" (i.e., NOT plugged into the wall jack.) Any continuing or future problems, call Comcast support at: 1-800-934-6489 (available 24/7) or 1-800-447-9085 (line I called & got **, but NOT available 24/7).

Comcast Mafia Mentality
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Rating: 1/51

CORPORATE: PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I chose this location in Philadelphia because according to Google it is the corporate location. The biggest issue with Comcast is its customer service. The Comcast Customer Service reps lack knowledge about the product and services; they lack customer service integrity and loyalty to the brand. They are reckless regarding the customer experience and potential liabilities resulting from their lack of knowledge and proper response to client issues.

When a customer is paying outrageous charges just to watch TV and they call Comcast regarding an issue; a question; education or guidance, the customer is calling a Comcast Representative, because they truly believe that representative will be able to help them. As a representative the Comcast Rep should be knowledgeable enough to give the customer right and true answers and/or guidance.

If the Comcast Rep cannot do that, who should the customer call? Unfortunately, if a Comcast customer service representative gives you the WRONG information, and you believe them because they are a COMCAST Customer service "REPRESENTATIVE", (that you called for help), if the information turns out to be wrong, YOU are Doomed. Even if, you have a copy of the CHAT with the representative giving you WRONG information in the CHAT. It does not matter that the person you called for help is wrong...You the paying customer are still liable.

Also be aware that since Comcast uses contractors for installations and sales, if some of your personal equipment goes missing from your home during installation, you may get some free channels. If you call Comcast customer service and get a representative who happens to be a contractor, they may offer you better services with another cable company, instead of focusing on your issue with Comcast. Just make sure that the representative who is trying to sell you another service company at least addresses your issue with Comcast before you hang up.

If you call Comcast to complain about the Comcast customer service representative who offered you services with AT&T U-verse; who kept your phone number and calls you regularly to see if you will consider letting them set you up with another Cable company; and the Comcast representative that you get to make this complaint says; "that happens sometimes because the representative was a contractor", you are again on your own.

I was with Comcast as a new customer for only 4 months. It is remarkable how they tell you that the conversation may be recorded, but they just so happen NOT to have a copy of the recording where you are later disputing the contents of a conversation with another representative.

My experience with Comcast is NOT over. I still receive phone calls regarding retention, from reps who are not aware that I have not been a cable or internet customer for 2 months now. This is another example of poor organization and administrative protocol. I am still being billed for the security service I requested be canceled 4 months ago and the equipment picked up 2 weeks ago.

I received another call today (3/5/14) from a Comcast Service representative asking me about retention for keeping the cable and internet services that were canceled and equipment returned on 1/22/2014. At this time I was also notified that I would be receiving a final bill which includes a $1000 early termination fee for the security service I called within the grace period to terminate 4 months ago.

What is so ironic about that call on 11/29/2013 is that when the Xfinity home rep could not tell me how to stop the touch pad from beeping and I said "I don't think this is the system for us; how do I cancel?" The representative said, "I can go ahead an get that are within your 30 day period. I said "Really!!! I didn't even know I had a 30 day period." It is convenient how Comcast has a record of most of my calls regarding my complaints and issues, but absolutely no record of the call I made 11/29/13 the day after Thanks Giving, to request cancellation of the Xfinity security services.

In Closing: it's like imagining a Mafia experience from its portrayal on TV or in Movies. I can now imagine what that might feel like from the perspective of someone unknowingly getting involved with a group, person or company that is willing to benefit from them at any cost and in some way regardless of the injury as long as they prevail.

Before you order Comcast consider the recurring issues in the reviews, i.e., Customer Service Reps. Consider the cost of doing business with Comcast in general or if there is an issue that you need them to solve. Consider how they got so big even with such a high rate of complaints. AND... Consider how vulnerable you are if Comcast is the only provider in your area, then hope you get lucky, like some reviewers on this review site. In any case be careful.

It Isn't Easy To Become A Comcast Customer
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Rating: 2/51

FT. MYERS, FLORIDA -- We are spending the winter in Florida for the first time. I spent a lot of time finding the best price for internet service here, so much time in the automated systems waiting to get to a real person for rates that I went over my Verizon monthly minutes allowance. After checking several days (because their deals change daily) Comcast had a special with no contract so I signed up.

While on the phone the Rep. asked for SS number so they can run a check in their system to see if I have any bad debt with them. I've never been a Comcast customer so I don't. I drove to their office and waited forever-picture purgatory, got the modem equipment, came home and hooked it up. It works. Today, two weeks later I received a letter from Comcast telling me that LexisNexis says I'm not credit worthy and they need a deposit from me.

The coded reasons listed are: The input address has an invalid apartment designation (this is the correct address and it isn't an apartment so there is no apt number). Identity elements not fully verified on all available sources - what? I'd never heard of LexisNexis so I looked them up. They are resellers of credit info so I guess they don't have to do a thorough job. They just plug me in and this address doesn't match my normal address and they stop there.

Of course it won't match, we're seasonal customers. I don't live here full-time. They don't give a credit score it's a Market Max risk score with a range of 000-900 and the score they gave me was 222. I have an excellent credit score with all three credit reporting agencies.

Now they want a deposit to provide service. I don't want to give them money and then in 6 months have trouble getting it back. I just want to pay for service they provide and be done. Do I need to be worried that their stupid score will affect my real credit score?

Waiting for new service...4 weeks and counting...
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Rating: 1/51

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- They do not even deserve a star. Horrible customer service! Hence why they are the worst Customer Service 8 yrs IN A ROW! I am so tired of excuses. Just please give me service! If I could pay $1,000 to have any company besides them I would! I am getting the worst runaround with no answer...just another 3 weeks...and he went on vacation which cost me another week because nobody can do his job... For this type of company I would expect so much better. If you have any other option - DIRECTV, anything - go with them! I will dropping my home Comcast and getting DIRECTV this week!

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