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Check Your Bills, They Overcharge
By -

I have had Comcast on and off for the last 5 years. The whole time I've been dealing with billing problems. In January of 2009 I disconnected services and went to AT&T. I had problems trying to disconnect with them and had to have AT&T guys come out on numerous occasions because they could never hook up my phone and internet.

I called Comcast again to see what the problem was and they were still billing me for services that I was not using. I had AT&T for 3 months and was paying $120 a month for all three of my services and I actually liked Comcast Internet, cable and phone services better but I did not like their pricing.

A Comcast representative called me after the 3 rd month of having AT&T and said "If you come back we will give you all three with DVR and movie channels for $129.00 for 12 months. Everything was fine at first and then in November, December, January, February & March of 2010 they randomly changed my bundle package from $129 to $178.88.

I called and talked to 4 different people until I finally got a manager on the line and he told me that I should have noticed the mistake months ago. So here it is April 02 of 2010 and Comcast has overcharged me by over $295.00 dollars and they said that there is nothing they can do.

I am now waiting for that manager's supervisor to call me back. They say it could take up to 24-48 business hours to call me back. I am getting ready to start a petition and I guarantee you there will be over 500 names on this list just from my area alone.

I also am filing a complaint with "The Better Business Bureau" on Monday April 05, 2010. If anyone can help by signing the petition and telling their own story it would be very helpful to once and for-all have Comcast punished for treating us this way. No company should be able to get away with this. Please email your stories that way I can work on getting them fired.

Billing and service bait and switch scams.
By -

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NEW JERSEY -- OMG where to start? Got the notice that the switch to digital was coming and I needed adapters for all of my TV's. (8) They "give you" 3, so if I want all the TV's to get the same channels they have now (extended basic). I have to pay $18 month more for the 5 "extra" T. V.'s. So I thought might be a good time to call and see what kind of deals they had going. The Comcast salesman tells me if I go to the Triple Play, I can get the Premium channel cable package, phone, and 30 mbps high speed internet for $149.99 AND he'll throw in the other 5 adapters I need for no monthly charge. I agree and sign up.

Here's where it all falls apart. I get no confirmation whatsoever as to the agreement with the Comcast sales person. The day before the install I call Comcast and ask for a copy of a bill, or sales order to confirm that what they are installing and charging me is what I agreed to before they install it all. I'm told they can't do that! But he read over the phone what appeared to be what I agreed to. OK, no problem right? Wrong...

Next day the installer comes with just 3 boxes (the "3 free ones"). I ask where the other 5 are and he says that's all there are on the order. I tell him the deal, and I call customer service while he is at my house. They say they DO SEE the FOUR (not 5) other boxes for free there. I argued that it was to be 5, but it wasn't worth it after a while so I told them to just ship me the four and I'll install them... They do.

Back to the installation of the 3 boxes... after installing and turning on the DVR box it started making a loud grinding noise. I went into the other room where the installer was and told him. He came back into the room, picked up the DVR unit and shook it over his head! It stopped. I told him I wasn't happy with that "fix". He said that happens sometimes and it would be OK. It started doing it again while he was still here. He told me he only had one other unit in the truck and that one didn't he shook it again. It stopped making the noise again. 3rd time it started making noise, he went to look and I had to take a call.

When I came in a few minutes later he was filling out paperwork for me to sign since he was done. I told him I wasn't happy with the unit and shaking it to stop the noise. He said "in a tone" that he swapped it out already while I was on the phone (but didn't he say he only had one other and it didn't work?). Needless to say this one didn't work for long after he left and I had to make an appointment for a new one. This new one works fine now.

The installer also didn't install the special modem needed to get the higher Internet speed that was included in my package. I found this out a week later when I did an internet speed test and called Comcast to tell them I wasn't getting the speed I was promised. They told me I need this other 2nd modem that was supposed to be installed when I was hooked up. I guess they count on people not knowing and never checking the speed.

So another appointment is made to install the new faster modem. The installer arrives and spends 4 hours at my house, new modem is working but at the same 16 mbps speed as the other one. The installer calls Comcast to tell them the situations and is on the phone with the office and I hear the guy at Comcast say to the installer, "What does the customer want? Another 5 Mbps? Is he OK with the 16? That's all I can get him. Tell him to try it for a few days and see if the speed picks up!" So they couldn't get me the 22-30 they are charging me for.

I'm sure 98% of people aren't getting it and have no idea. They didn't even bother to put in the right modem. But the bill is right...So I gave up on the higher speed, since that was a "throw in" I'm sure I'll never get anything taken off the bill. Besides, I have no proof of any kind that I was even supposed to get this speed now do I?

OK, it gets better. A month later I get a letter stating that I haven't signed "the agreement" for 2 years at $149.99. First ever mention of any contract at all. It will cost me $250 to cancel once I sign, and if I don't sign in FIVE days I will start getting charged Comcast's "regular daily rate".

I NEVER heard of or received any "agreement letter" prior to this. I've been asking for a copy of what I'm getting and getting charged for for 2 months to no avail! So I call and ask if I can get a copy of my "contract" so I can make sure it's right and I can send this agreement letter in. I'm informed that they can't do that (of course), but she reads to me that I'm paying $167.99 per month. Want to know why not the $149.99? Because I have 4 additional adapters that they are charging me for now!!!

There is no record anywhere that anyone I spoke to (at least 5 reps and the sales rep.) ever noted on my account that these adapters are included (even though I spoke to 5 on 5 different occasions who read to me off their screen that they saw they were to be included).

I even have the signed work order from the first installer stating that he heard the customer service representative on the phone saying that the additional adapters they are sending me are to be NO CHARGE. Before you do anything with Comcast tell the representative that you are going to need to see a copy of your entire order e-mailed to you before you hang up the phone! They are scam artists. Everything I said here is 100% accurate.

UPDATE TODAY: Someone from Comcast is trying to contact the sales dept. in Arizona to see if they can confirm what I ordered. How is this guy, even if he didn't rip me off, going to remember my deal 2 months ago? Why do customers have to rely on a sales guy's memory from 2 months ago? Why don't we get a copy e-mailed of what we agreed to? In my opinion because if they don't give you anything in writing you can't say later that you're not getting what you ordered.

Simple as that. I just got off the phone with a local rep (same 800 # I called) who told me basically that anything I was told or promised before doesn't matter because they are the local Comcast, all these other agents were from all over the place. Only they can set pricing etc.!!! Comcast says they have no record of my calls to all of their different reps over the last two months, no record of the original sales order, just what equipment I have and what they charge standard. What a rip off!!!

Update Sept 3, 2009. I called Comcast Tuesday to find out about the tracking down of the Arizona salesman. I asked to be connected to the Monmouth Junction N.J. Comcast as I was instructed to do by the gal who was trying to resolve this for me, of course the answer was "Sorry sir, we have no way to transfer calls, can I help you with something?"

After explaining the whole scenario I was transferred to the "resolution department" (I think that's what she called it). They could help me. After a long hold I was connected to a woman who had no idea why I was calling, so that whole detailed story needed to be told again. After I told her how I wasn't supposed to be charged for the adapters she simply stated, "You get 3 adapters for free, each additional adapter is...." I swear to God! I cut her off and got upset and she told me....are you ready?...."Sir, when I have a salesperson come to my home or offer to sell me something, I get that person's card so if there is a problem I can call them."

(Note: no one from Comcast will give you any direct number other than 1-800- Comcast.) So now it's my fault! How arrogant. So I asked for a supervisor, put on hold and no one ever picked up. I contacted Comcast corporate in Philly, office of the president 215-286-8960. A lovely young lady answered and seemed very helpful. Someone would contact me that day.

The NEXT day, around 5pm I was left a voice message. I wasn't home. They didn't try my cell like I asked. I called them back 5 minutes after they left the message. No return call now going on the 3rd day. Will keep you posted. This site is great for venting. It does make me feel better although I doubt I will ever get any satisfaction from Comcast.

I've been updating this review in the comments section under "golftipper". I'll keep you posted if it gets resolved. Please keep in mind when ordering these great Triple Play deals that the $149.95 price doesn't include $5 modem rental, taxes, fees and such. I just also received a bill that charged me twice for the phone activation fee of $29.95. That's $60 extra on the bill this month and I already paid this fee last month.

They did remove it but why do I have to keep calling them on this **? My account also says that I removed all these premium packages on the 9th. I didn't add or remove anything! Never touched it and wouldn't know how. So who knows what my new bill will read... FIOS is still not in my area... just called again.

What Service?
By -

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I am very saddened by having to send a letter with so many complaints in it, however, I am so displeased with the Comcast company that I am considering cancelling my service that I have only had for 2 weeks. Let's go to the beginning of the ordeal. My husband and I recently bought a house. As part of that we decided that we would like to have internet, phone, and cable service. After searching the market and doing price comparisons we decided to sign up for the Comcast Triple Play.

Once we decided to sign-up we went to to fill out the questionnaire and talk chat with the online representative. 3 hours later after not being able activate the account my husband was told to call the 800 number the next morning. While on break at work he called and had to help the lady on the phone do her job. See the night before we had already established a home phone number, but she was insisting that we did not. Finally, after much convincing she looked at the account and found the information that he was talking about. So it took her an hour to set up our account. A bit of a long time if you ask me.

Then we go to the day of installation. We signed up for 2-5 P.M. because we had carpet being installed in the morning. AT 10 A.M. I received a phone call from the call center stating that the installer was on his way. I explained that the carpet installation would not be completed until noon and that he could come then. She said she would call me back at noon. However, at 4:30 I had to call the call center back because we had not heard anything. At that time I was told that we could expect the installer within 30 minutes.

Then we get to the installer. When he arrived and my husband began telling him what we needed done, he became very agitated. We did not follow him around the house while doing the install to watch him, however, it appeared after the fact that we should have. We asked him to make as many phone lines active as possible. However, he only made one phone line active to where we could plug in a phone. This caused a problem with our home security install because he had to run another phone line that would not have been necessary had our request for the Comcast installer been granted.

We were expecting 3 HD DVR boxes and began telling the installer which rooms we were placing them in which was fine, but he had only brought one standard box. This takes us back to the phone call for set-up where the Comcast representative had told my husband that we could only receive HD boxes because that was all that Comcast offered now.

So we were taken aback when we received 1 standard box rather than the 3 HD DVR that we had paid for. In one of the 3 rooms we were planning to place a box the installer had to run a new cable line. He did so as we expected by drilling a hole in the floor and running through our garage that is under that room. It was a little disturbing that he asked me to help him find the hole that he drilled because he wasn't sure where it was located in the ceiling of the garage.

After showing him the hole I left to continue moving. After the install my husband and I were dismayed when we went into the garage to find about 30 feet of cable dangling from the ceiling. So I guess now it is our responsibility to clean up that mess, although it would be nice if Comcast would take responsibility for the mess and come back to correct it.

In addition, when he installed our internet he removed the face plate from the wall in the room that was established as my husband's office and did not replace it. I know it seems simple, but this disgusted us as we are in the process of removing all the old face plates and putting in new ones to make our home look nice. So where our cable line is we can now tell everyone that enters our new home that Comcast left it looking like a mess.

Since the install we have set up our email accounts. We were under the impression that when the internet was installed we would be able to choose our own email account names. However, our installer took the liberty of choosing something random for us. Much to my surprise when I logged in to my account the first time the username was the ridiculous name he assigned to me. It was listed as the “From” name when I sent out my first email to everybody I know.

After an hour on the phone with tech support we were able to finally resolve that, however, I am still dismayed that when I log into my account it says “Hi, **”. I find it very impersonal and offensive that you can't make your system welcome me by my name and I am unable to change that myself. I was very disappointed when I was told that is going to call me ** as long as I have an account there because in 6 months your company has been able to resolve this issue.

I have also tried to use the voice data account that is part of our phone line. However, it appears as though our installer did not set it up for us. In addition, I was informed by a service survey this morning that he should have explained to us how to use the voice data. That upsets me greatly that I am paying for a service that I don't have and can't use.

In addition, the installer neglected to explain how to use the DVR, but I guess that's because he didn't bring the correct boxes to our home. Of course, the only thing he said to us was to call 800 Comcast to request the correct boxes. When I called them I was told it would be 5 days before we could receive our boxes because we weren't on a route until then. This only made me feel as if my money didn't matter to your company. When the boxes were finally delivered, the man walked into our home, sat them down, asked me to sign a receipt, picked up the standard box, and walked out the door. So again, no one explained to us how to use the features on our TV.

At this point I don't know what the answer is to resolve all of these issues. I do know that I expect some sort of compensation for the lack of services that I have received. I also expect Comcast to come back to my house, with a smile, free of charge, to correct the installation errors that occurred. I also expect this at my convenience since I have already missed 2 days of work for Comcast installation. I am also open for suggestions from your company on how you feel that I should be compensated for the disappointment and hassle your company has caused me.

After you have contacted me to let me know your opinion about this and how you plan to compensate me for the inconveniences that I described above. I will make my final decision regarding whether or not to cancel my services with your company at the time that you contact me regarding these disappointments with your company. Since submitting this letter to the corporate headquarters one week ago, I have received no feedback. This morning I called because my OnDemand is not working on the cable, and am waiting for a local supervisor to call me back.

Comcast = Crooked & Horrible Horrible Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

LAKE JACKSON, TEXAS -- What I TRIED to send in email via Comcast's "cute" little "write to Jack" feature, soliciting customer feedback so that they can "continue to improve" the impeccable customer service they claim to insist on?!? ROTFL!!! Of course, when I actually attempted to SEND this email, I got an error message directing me to call COMCAST'S "friendly courteous and capable customer service team".... Er, yeah... THAT'S what I want to do. WHO IN THE HECK TO THEY THINK THEY'RE KIDDING?!

Why not just switch providers? Because every other one of the very short list of "competitors" in this monopoly industry is just as awful. GOVERNMENT endorsed corruption across the board. COMPLETELY NAUSEATING (I AM going to figure out some way to escape this horrid hostage situation - by hook or by crook so help me lord)...

Only the latest in ongoing unimaginably horrible service problems. Do you people think this is funny? I cannot even imagine telling a client that it is their job to repeatedly call and beg and talk to no one other than idiots who can do nothing but read from scripts - endless "on hold" in torture chamber of being subjected to horrendous marketing blather - as if I want to buy additional services from a company that can't provide my basic home telephone service. How can you possibly pretend any of this has anything to do with "excellence"? Can't imagine any context in which anyone could characterize this idiocy as anything remotely having to do with that word.

Following is in inverse chrono. THIRD ATTEMPT: Having determined that ** is a clueless imbecile, but still desperate to get my phone service working, at 10:40 pm I AGAIN called 1-800-934-6489. I AGAIN was put on hold in endless recordings. Hell for ANOTHER 20 minutes until I finally got through to ** in the Philippines. ** said he's worked for Comcast for three years, so I was hopeful he would be more helpful than **. NO SUCH LUCK.

After 15 minutes of same little game as I'd already endured with ** (“I'm sorry, ma'am - I'm doing all I can, my very best, but the tech support line is still busy”), I threw in the towel. I guess the gambit is just to weed out customers by attrition, rather than offer actual support. I am LIVID. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

Already endured this cr - TEN SOLID DAYS OF CALLING & BEGGING AND BEGGING & CALLING in Dec. 2013... And since then more about every 2 months with huge bottomless pit of service crashes/malfunctions. Might be funny in a sitcom, but even there I doubt it.

Clearly your company has nothing but contempt for your customer's time and energy. I don't work for Comcast. I am supposedly your customer. But you'd certainly never know it. I do not have time for this ridiculous nonsense. Entirely deplorable excuse for a company - and for that matter an industry. I'm at my wits' end. I have no idea how to get any kind of service out of your sorry company.

SECOND ATTEMPT: CALLED 1-800-934-6489 @ 8:00 p.m. Thurs., July 31 2014. After waiting on hold with ENDLESS excruciating Comcast ads and self-promotion, hostage AND tortured, all characterized as “EXCELLENT”- insane! Talked to “customer account executive”- HA! “Executive”? Treating your customers as stupid chumps? SERIOUSLY??? ABSURD! -** in the Philippines who has worked for COMCAST for a whopping month.

Told me he was trying to connect me to the people who know how to help me. This went on for TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!! NEVER GOT THROUGH to ANYONE!!! ** kept saying that he really wanted to help me and he was doing everything in his power but all of the tech support people were very busy... blah blah blah AD NAUSEAM. Finally had to GIVE UP - after TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!! (THAT bears repeating!!!). Including being subjected to endless recordings telling me how much Comcast values my business and I just need to stay on the line and a "customer support account executive" would soon be available to help me.

FIRST ATTEMPT: After absolutely no luck with any of the “online resources” @ Comcast website: 1/2 HOUR on telephone w/ ** in the Philippines who told me she had my problem all fixed. SHE DID NOT: Called Comcast Service Dept. (Thurs. July 31 2014 @ 5:15 p.m.) @ 1-800-447-9085, and spoke with ** (re telephone service for 979-265-5842).

** said she thinks that the problem is that this telephone service & modem are still connected to the "old network" (why I have to call customer service in order to “get migrated” instead of that happening automatically, I have no idea). And that telephone service can be immediately restored & repaired by: "migrating" the phone & modem to Comcast's "new network".

Process - requires downloading different data to modem, which will cause a brief internet service interruption; after the "download & migration", the service will be "re-activated" or "activated" on the "new network"; process takes about 20 minutes, following which service/ all services - telephone, internet & TV - should be restored to just the same as they were before (including same settings, etc.) EXCEPT with phone service WORKING and all services better & more reliable going forward.

** recap of what she did, in Comcast Lingo, is: "registered" my modem to Comcast's "new network", "created a switch to assign a modem to a new number, as part of the activation process". Result should be that my modem should have one telephone line (same as before, same as always). ** added these instructions: Make sure telephone line is connected/plugged into modem "phone port" (i.e., NOT plugged into the wall jack.) Any continuing or future problems, call Comcast support at: 1-800-934-6489 (available 24/7) or 1-800-447-9085 (line I called & got **, but NOT available 24/7).

Comcast Mafia Mentality
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Rating: 1/51

CORPORATE: PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I chose this location in Philadelphia because according to Google it is the corporate location. The biggest issue with Comcast is its customer service. The Comcast Customer Service reps lack knowledge about the product and services; they lack customer service integrity and loyalty to the brand. They are reckless regarding the customer experience and potential liabilities resulting from their lack of knowledge and proper response to client issues.

When a customer is paying outrageous charges just to watch TV and they call Comcast regarding an issue; a question; education or guidance, the customer is calling a Comcast Representative, because they truly believe that representative will be able to help them. As a representative the Comcast Rep should be knowledgeable enough to give the customer right and true answers and/or guidance.

If the Comcast Rep cannot do that, who should the customer call? Unfortunately, if a Comcast customer service representative gives you the WRONG information, and you believe them because they are a COMCAST Customer service "REPRESENTATIVE", (that you called for help), if the information turns out to be wrong, YOU are Doomed. Even if, you have a copy of the CHAT with the representative giving you WRONG information in the CHAT. It does not matter that the person you called for help is wrong...You the paying customer are still liable.

Also be aware that since Comcast uses contractors for installations and sales, if some of your personal equipment goes missing from your home during installation, you may get some free channels. If you call Comcast customer service and get a representative who happens to be a contractor, they may offer you better services with another cable company, instead of focusing on your issue with Comcast. Just make sure that the representative who is trying to sell you another service company at least addresses your issue with Comcast before you hang up.

If you call Comcast to complain about the Comcast customer service representative who offered you services with AT&T U-verse; who kept your phone number and calls you regularly to see if you will consider letting them set you up with another Cable company; and the Comcast representative that you get to make this complaint says; "that happens sometimes because the representative was a contractor", you are again on your own.

I was with Comcast as a new customer for only 4 months. It is remarkable how they tell you that the conversation may be recorded, but they just so happen NOT to have a copy of the recording where you are later disputing the contents of a conversation with another representative.

My experience with Comcast is NOT over. I still receive phone calls regarding retention, from reps who are not aware that I have not been a cable or internet customer for 2 months now. This is another example of poor organization and administrative protocol. I am still being billed for the security service I requested be canceled 4 months ago and the equipment picked up 2 weeks ago.

I received another call today (3/5/14) from a Comcast Service representative asking me about retention for keeping the cable and internet services that were canceled and equipment returned on 1/22/2014. At this time I was also notified that I would be receiving a final bill which includes a $1000 early termination fee for the security service I called within the grace period to terminate 4 months ago.

What is so ironic about that call on 11/29/2013 is that when the Xfinity home rep could not tell me how to stop the touch pad from beeping and I said "I don't think this is the system for us; how do I cancel?" The representative said, "I can go ahead an get that are within your 30 day period. I said "Really!!! I didn't even know I had a 30 day period." It is convenient how Comcast has a record of most of my calls regarding my complaints and issues, but absolutely no record of the call I made 11/29/13 the day after Thanks Giving, to request cancellation of the Xfinity security services.

In Closing: it's like imagining a Mafia experience from its portrayal on TV or in Movies. I can now imagine what that might feel like from the perspective of someone unknowingly getting involved with a group, person or company that is willing to benefit from them at any cost and in some way regardless of the injury as long as they prevail.

Before you order Comcast consider the recurring issues in the reviews, i.e., Customer Service Reps. Consider the cost of doing business with Comcast in general or if there is an issue that you need them to solve. Consider how they got so big even with such a high rate of complaints. AND... Consider how vulnerable you are if Comcast is the only provider in your area, then hope you get lucky, like some reviewers on this review site. In any case be careful.

Hackers Can Get to Your Easily Through Comcast/Xfinity - Don't Use Their Services!
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Rating: 2/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Posted in the NY Times today: “Comcast Profits Jumps 28.6% on Growth of Broadband.” Brian L. Roberts, Chief Exec at Comcast said that this is due to “focus on delivering innovative products and superior customer experience.” I say, **! Comcast's second-quarter earnings rose to 1.7 billion because customers can't find any alternative companies, so we settle for the only thing available.

Earlier this week, the police came to my house to take a statement and report about computer hacking via my Comcast/Xfinity Internet service. I could not get through to Comcast this entire week. They put me on hold and then tried to transfer me to different departments to resolve my network/computer hacking issue. At Comcast, my calls were dropped a total of 7 times! A few customer service people told me that they were having troubles with their internal phone systems and calls were being dropped. I got an apology but no resolution to my issue. I am supposed to be “An Xfinity Insider; one of (their) most valued customers.”

I have lost time, productivity at work and the hacker can still get into my computer and steal all the details about my life and work. I am a responsible computer user, too. If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. The hacker actually was on my computer searching through my files and email while I watched them moving my computer mouse.

Any suggestions about how to sound the alarm about Comcast and their terrible service? One representative at Comcast told me that to investigate my hacking problem, I would have to pay additional fees for their “signature support services,” but when I asked about the amount of the fees, the woman on the phone said that she could not hear me! How can I raise public awareness about the dangers of using Comcast/Xfinity and getting your computer hacked? People need to know that the company will not help you unless you fork over more money, even if you are a "most valued customer."

Don't Expect a Visit Soon
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Rating: 1/51

LYNCHBRUG, VIRGINIA -- For the past few weeks, our internet service has been acting up - going off for hours at a time and then coming back. Wednesday night we lost service and could not get our modem to go online again. Thursday morning it still was not working, so I called customer service.

They told me that it was not something they could fix over the phone and a technician needs to come service it, which was fine. They said he could be there between 3 and 5. Since I work at home, I asked if they could come any earlier since I was being hindered from work, and the guy put me on hold to check and when he came back and started talking, he hung up on me.

I immediately called back and after going through the automated process, I was connected to a guy calling himself ** in the Philippines who proceeded to tell me that I had no appointment scheduled for that day, and in fact, the earliest he could get me an appointment was going to be TUESDAY.

I told him that I work from home and need the internet to do so and asked to speak with a manager. He refused to let me speak with a manager and insisted that the only option I had was to take the Tuesday appointment despite the fact that it was going to hinder me from working for the next FIVE days.

I call back because I really needed my internet fixed and wanted answers as to why it would take a company FIVE DAYS to fix something that they are billing their customer for. The lady I spoke with told me that she could escalate my ticket so that dispatch would try to get to it sooner and that I should hear something back within the next hour.

An hour passed, and my phone hadn't rung, so I called back and spoke with a man who told me that because of storms in my area (which happened over a week ago and were not bad in my area at all), dispatch was busy and that's why I couldn't get an appointment until Tuesday but that he would escalate my ticket and I should hear something.

I asked to speak with someone about canceling my account because I knew Verizon could come out and install DSL the same day. I was connected with their retention department, who told me that she would escalate my ticket and someone would definitely be out before Tuesday to take care of my problem.

I drove to work (a long commute because as I said I normally work from home) and started chatting with customer service online, just to make sure that all these people who said they were going to escalate my ticket really had. The guy I spoke with was very nice and helpful and actually gave me a confirmation number for the ticket he escalated.

On my way home, I received a call from dispatch saying that I should be getting a call from a technician within the next 24 hours with the time when he would be there to fix my internet. I SPECIFICALLY ASKED THE LADY I SPOKE WITH IF THIS MEANT THEY WOULD BE THERE BEFORE MY TUESDAY APPOINTMENT, AND SHE SAID YES.

Today I got online to check my account and see if there were any appointments scheduled, but it was showing none (not even the Tuesday appointment), which made me think that the person I had talked with last night actually was right. THEN, I get a call from someone else from Comcast saying that unfortunately, no technicians were going to be available to come service my internet until TUESDAY.

I was baffled. I asked her about the call the previous night, and she said she had no record of it, and all she knew was that no one was coming to my house until Tuesday. I asked her if I had been lied to then by the woman who called me last night, and in a roundabout way, she admitted that yes, I had been. Again, I asked to speak with someone about canceling my account, and they assured me that they would escalate my ticket and call me back with an answer.

She did call back, which I have to give it to ** for coming through on that. No one else who said they would call me back has. BUT, all she had to say was that she didn't have any answers for me yet, and someone would be in touch with me soon. UNBELIEVABLE! How does this company stay in business with customer service this bad? I will be switching, and more importantly, I WILL be telling everyone I know to avoid Comcast like the plague they are.

Repeated lies!!
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Comcast complaint. One consistent theme of Comcast is that no one ever does what they promise. You will be done and no one ever calls back to follow up!! We decided to get Comcast service for the first time when moving from Kansas to Indiana in November 2010. My wife has a brother who works for Comcast and our landlord also has family working for Comcast. Therefore, we began this experience with a positive outlook about the company.

We ordered Comcast's Double Play – Phone and Internet service package for $39.99/month. This was ordered online on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 12:56 P.M. Our confirmation shows Bridgevine Order Number: **. We have a printed copy of this. Our Order Reference Number was:**. Installation was scheduled for Monday, November 22, 2010, between 1-5 P.M. Ticket Number was: **.

Service was installed on time and worked fine; for exactly one week! The installation man would install only one connection for our whole home. We had a phone and two computers hooked up to it, a desktop and a laptop. On the afternoon of the next Monday, November 29, the laptop started receiving a message that Comcast was having problems connecting with it. Then began a series of trying to seek correction of this Comcast problem, beginning with online assistance and then many phone calls to their tech support.

Everyone I spoke with was polite; they just were all lacking any ability to correct the problem. They would tell me they had to send it to more technical staff within Comcast and that they would then contact me. No one would allow me to actually speak with a more technical person and I was never called back by anyone! After almost two weeks of this, I thought the problem might be with my laptop, although the messages from Comcast online always said they were having problems connecting. I wiped the computer memory clean and reloaded everything back onto it. I got the same exact message from Comcast.

A friend has AT&T Internet service, so I took my laptop there to see if it would work on AT&T. It worked immediately from first plugging it in! At this point, I decided to switch to AT&T. Even though the same service was more expensive with AT&T, at least it worked. I terminated Comcast service, effective Monday, December 20. Since it was still within the Comcast 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, I was told that I would receive a full refund of the $98.29 I had already paid. This first bill that I'd paid billed me $47.20 for monthly service, instead of the $39.99 that I had ordered!

When AT&T was here to hook up their service, they informed me that Comcast had cut all of the AT&T lines which had been in the house, running service to every room. Comcast uses totally different types of lines, going to a different location, and there was no legal reason for them to cut the AT&T lines. In fact, it was a criminal action!

On Tuesday, December 21, at 10:35 a.m. I spoke with ** at Comcast. She issued a work order, number **, for Comcast to repair the cut AT&T lines; agreeing that the lines should not have been cut! She told me that a ** (spelling?) at the Anderson Comcast office would be contacting me to get it fixed. His phone number was given as **. He left one voice mail message for me and has not returned any on the messages I have left for him! She told me that I would receive the full refund check within 4 to 6 weeks.

This guaranteeing of the refund to be in the mail within 4 to 6 weeks is a habit of Comcast, a delaying tactic that they used with me every month. They can issue bills promptly, but seem unable or unwilling to issue refund checks! At 3:45 P.M. that same day I returned the Comcast modem and power cord to their office at 335 E.10th Street, Anderson, Indiana.

On Wednesday, January 12, 2011, at 3:53 p. m., after receiving another bill from Comcast, I called them and spoke with ** in North Carolina. She told me that their records did show that I had returned the modem for which they were billing me and that I should ignore the current bill. The 'final bill' should be received by me 4-6 weeks after December 21, 2010. Then the 'refund check' should be received by me 4 weeks after that. She said they would follow up on the damage claim. No one had contacted me to repair their damage.

I next received another bill from Comcast, showing current account activity through January 14, 2011, adding more money due! It was charging me $70.14 for 'unreturned equipment'!!! On Friday, January 21, I received a COLLECTION ACTIVITY ALERT from Comcast, dated January 18, for the full amount of the bill dated January 14. After only 4 days from issuing a bill, they sent the COLLECTION ACTIVITY ALERT for the amount of $119.29!

On Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 1:54 P.M. I called Comcast and ended up speaking with ** from Fort Wayne. He was nice, polite and assured me he would take care of everything and that I'd receive the refund check in 4 weeks. However, the only thing that actually got changed was to show the return of their modem!

On February 14, Comcast billed me for $49.29 (monthly service charge, including tax)! I had terminated service two months prior and they still owed me the refund of $98.29. But, instead of refunding me, they were still charging me more!!!

On Wednesday February 22, at 4:18 p. m., I called Comcast again and spoke with ** in Indianapolis, and his supervisor **. They reassured me that I would actually get the refund check in 4 weeks, saying they could not expedite it despite its long delay. They also issued a new work order to repair my cut AT&T lines, **.

On Saturday, February 26, I received another COLLECTION ACTIVITY ALERT for the new amount of $49.29. Now, on Tuesday, March 22, I received a COLLECTION NOTICE from a collection company trying to collect this $49.29 for Comcast! I still have not received my refund check, many months promised and far past due, while Comcast still tries to collect unjustified charges! Plus, they are ruining my good credit rating!!! Can anyone help me with this monster?

Comcast ripped us off and lied about service areas
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I was told it was no problem to set up service and got strung along so far before being told they can't give us service in our building that I cannot return the modem and am told they are at no fault for this? Damage Resulting = we are out 110$ and have had 3 months of having to share an extremely slow connection with a friend in our building. I can't write (this is our passive income!!) because I can't load pictures. It takes 3 minutes just to load an email! And all the time I have spent asking, waiting, being lied to is ridiculous.

I need to spread this far and wide and see how many other people they have done this to. It is a multi-level scam between them and 'affiliates' so none of them have to take the blame and they can sell you shoddy equipment you just can't use. Now I am going to go list this modem on eBay and hope I can get at least 30$ of our money back...

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MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- OH MY GOD! Really? Okay, in November of 2008, I called Comcast to have internet installed at my apartment specifically for my XBOX 360. They told me that I had to give them $90 at the time of installation, to which I agreed. Everything went smoothly until the installation date that Friday. I had to work that evening at 5 and the installer was supposed to be there between 2 and 4pm.

However he didn't show until about 20 minutes before I had to be at work and I had called him as well as Comcast at least 6 times. He did a 'quickie' install and the modem just so happened to be defective (surprise) so I had to go the ENTIRE WEEKEND without my service. Monday morning I go to the office and pick up a new modem which worked, but for some reason, I still couldn't connect to XBOX live. I called and spoke to a competent guy who adjusted my service so that I could connect.

Everything was fine until mid-January. On January 12, I called and asked about protocol for transferring my service as I was moving out of my apartment a few days later. I was told that after I paid my bill, I would simply have to call. Well in the chaos of moving out of my apartment, I had forgotten to pay my bill, so on January 20, I went and paid my bill and inquired about transferring my service to my new house.

The lady helping me, who was really nice, told me that there was a hold on my account (understandable) and that I could check back later in the evening or the next day to make sure the hold was lifted and then make the arrangements for transfer. It wasn't lifted that night, but then I called the next day and LO AND BEHOLD there's a past due balance from a residence I had 8 YEARS AGO for $500+! I have not used Comcast/Time Warner since the summer of 2001 when I moved from my old residence. Also, keep in mind that NO ONE told me about this between November and January 21.

In fact, the person I was talking to told me that I should have been told about this when I made the order for service in the first place, IT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN INSTALLED TO BEGIN WITH, and that the transfer couldn't be done with the past due balance on the books. Keep in mind that I have received NOTHING from them about this matter THE WHOLE TIME I had been using their service. I then asked to be transferred to the billing department where I hoped to hear a reasonable explanation of what went wrong.

Naturally, I didn't get one. Actually, I got into an argument with the supervisor who had the nerve to raise her voice at me when I'm the one being screwed. I spoke to another friend who told me that the statute of limitations should have already run out. So the next day, I called Comcast to check when the previous account was sent to a creditor, which was done on January 21, 2002. Then I went to visit a friend, who is also a Comcast customer, and borrowed his computer to look up the statute of limitations for debt collection in my state.

Turns out in my state, it runs out 6 years after its sent to a collector. Doing the math, it expired in January of 2008! So, translation, they CANNOT come after me for a single cent of that money. I then called Comcast back explaining this to them and they said that they still were not going to give me my service. I then wrote an email to [snip], the SVP of Customer Operations, explaining the situation.

Of course I have heard NOTHING from him. I did however speak to [snip] (I only remember her name because I was wondering who would name their kid [snip]), who told me that her upper management was insisting that I pay the past due balance before I got the transfer. I then got into it with her and she dared to raise her voice at me as well (there are two witnesses to this). I then demanded to speak to someone else about this matter.

On the night of January 23, at 10:15, I get a phone call from someone from billing of whom I demanded my $90 back along with the money from my bill since it was service that they have already admitted I should not have had to begin with, to which she replied that not only were they NOT going to transfer my service, but they were also going to transfer the past due balance to my present bill!

EXCUSE ME?! I told her that if that happens, my next step is to not only have a judge throw out the past due balance that should have already been written off, but to sue them as I had already spoken to an attorney about this. I have heard NOTHING from anyone since that night. To this day, NO ONE is capable of explaining this huge mistake to me. I say huge being that $500 on a residential account is quite the thing to miss, even if it's over 7 years ago.

Every opportunity to inform me about this issue, EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY: the day I requested service in early November 2008, the day I exchanged the defective modem they gave me, January 12 when I called to ask what needed to be done for the transfer, January 20 when I went to their office to pay my bill, and the day I called to transfer my internet service on January 21, 2009 has been SQUANDERED! Does their incompetence know no bounds?! They had AMPLE time to inform me about this and they have failed, which they themselves on numerous occasions have admitted. So I say again, REALLY?

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