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How I Didn't Get Help
Posted by on
SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- I am very, very, very frustrated with Comcast's customer non-service. Did I say "very" frustrated? I have been a customer for 8.5 years. I have paid bills on time, I have changed services over the phone, I have moved service from one house to another. I have also called the service center most recently to gain information regarding HDTV. On every single occasion, I was never asked for ID and I was able to accomplish all these things without the "permission" of the person on the account, my husband of 15 years. However, on my 2nd and most recent call to the customer service number, I was informed that I would have to drive 25 miles to the nearest Comcast office to pick up an HD box in order to "get the full benefit" of my new, very expensive HDTV. Not even remotely pleased that this would add another 6.95 to my monthly bill, I drove to the office today. Upon my arrival, I was told, none too politely, that I could not pick up the equipment because my name was not on the account. The clerk attempted to reach my husband at work, but due to the nature of his job, he is rarely available by phone.

I was then directed to a "supervisor" who escorted me to a small room off the lobby. The room should have had "interrogation" on the door. It was impersonal, and made me feel that I was the one at fault for seeking for equipment that I would eventually be paying money for each month. The supervisor tried to no avail to convince me she was sorry I had driven all this way, especially for this box. She tried to tell me it was all for my husband's and my protection. She tried to explain that they had no idea if we were divorced, estranged, etc. How insulting! Not all of your customers are low-life, degenerate, or dysfunctional. I tried for several, several moments to reach my husband, all the while feeling as if I were held hostage in this office. It was extremely obvious that I was doing all I could do to reach him. However, it was not possible.

The supervisor then offered to have a tech install the box for free, as well as deduct the monthly payment for six months. She'd still have to contact my husband for "permission." Well, it's been 5 hours since then, my husband has tried to reach her several times, and has left a message, to no avail. I called back, asked for her, her supervisor, that person's supervisor. Three phone calls, I begged the receptionist to not put me to voice mail again. Three phone calls, I went to voice mail. Great customer service. I just asked for a person. That's it. The person I spoke within person promised that, if my husband called today, we'd have the tech out tomorrow. How much do I believe that now, when we've not been able to resolve this mess all day. Your office manager did and said all she could to get me out of her interrogation room. It worked. I'm home, with my great TV, rotten reception, and still no resolution to a simple problem. I just wanted an HD box, pay for it, and watch TV.

I attempted to email these comments to Comcast. However, it cut me off at 1500 characters, and then would not submit the entry at all. Thankfully, I saved it to my hard drive, in case there was more to the story. Read on:

Part II:
Well, I finally reached a person two days and dozens of phone calls after being in the office. She saw that I was now on the account, although my husband never spoke to anyone to authorize that. Turns out, during one of my calls to the call center earlier in the day, I had been added to the account because I could provide my husband’s social security number. Funny how that wasn’t sufficient in person, 4 days earlier, with obvious attempts to reach him at work. The office manager set up the tech to arrive on Friday. He arrived, late in the day, installed some things, then discovered our cable from the road to the house is inadequate. He said he’d be back tomorrow.
Now, I am not dumb enough to believe someone would come to work on a Saturday. However, when I called the following Monday morning, the representative at the call center said it was scheduled for Wednesday. He showed no record of a scheduled installation of the HD Box. He was kind enough to add the installation to the already scheduled line installation. I confirmed with him on 3 occasions that this was all scheduled for Wednesday because I would not be available on Thursday.

Wednesday morning, I made arrangements to be home and available all day. I called the local number and confirmed via the auto response system that someone should be at my home between 8 and 12. Shortly after, I received a call from our local office, stating that the work was actually slated for Thursday. The word “enraged” does not apply. After a lengthy hold (I didn’t believe she’d really call back), the person came back to say that they would try to get a temporary drop line, and install the box after the line was completed. She also offered to waive the installation fee, although it should have been reflected on my account from the very first offer in the local office.

I have been told such incredibly conflicting information by so many people, it is difficult to comprehend. I cannot understand why, when a customer regularly pays their bill, offers to upgrade their service, and offers to install the equipment themselves, they would have to go through an ordeal such as this. . I am so glad that satellite TV is offered in our area. It's interesting that your monthly statements say "thank you for choosing Comcast. We realize you do have a choice." I guess that means in providers, because I have had no choice so far. Your communication system to customers and among employees needs serious improvement. I hope this letter finds its way to every call center rep, manager, supervisor, and employee. Treating a loyal customer like this is a perfect example of what is wrong with nearly every company in this great country.

And Finally: The cable installer has arrived; it was a much simpler job than what he’d been told, and now I am awaiting the tech who will install the HD box. Already, the reception is better, and I am not sure I even need the box. But, you can bet I won’t be canceling the service and installation. At least for 6 months.

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BokiBean on 2009-02-11:
I got to say I'm with Comcast on this one. If they had given your HD box out to someone else, you'd be screaming bloody murder.
Anonymous on 2009-02-11:
It pains me to do this,but I'm on comcraps side as well....

but I still hate their service and would never go back to cable
madconsumer on 2009-02-11:
yes all comcast hd programming needs to come through the hd receiver.

as being said, comcast will not give any equipment to persons not listed on the account. this prevents your ex going to comcast, picking up a few receivers, and you getting stuck with the bill.
C_Logan on 2009-02-24:
ugh. that frustrating.. I'm acutally a rep w/comcast. unfortunetly, we do have much more of a strict identification policy than ever before because of identity theft etc. As frustrating as it may be, its happening to everyone. you need to have 4 things to verify your acct. name, address, telephone # & last four of social, acct # or last ppv ordered. and no supervisor can over ride that.. just for your info. but I'm sorry you had such a bad time. hopefully your next experience won't be as awful..
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My Personal Email Conversation With Comcast
Posted by on
This is the reply from "Write Rick Germano"

Dear "Angry Customer"

I have read you complaint and would like to first apologize for all of the problems you have had. I would love the opportunity to help you address and find a resolution to your issues. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone @ 410-XXX-XXXX. My hours are 10:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday. I am not sure what issues you are having so I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for allowing me the chance to help you resolve your issues.

John Doe
Executive Customer Care Representative
Greater Baltimore Area

This is my Reply to above message.

John Doe:

The best method of describing my history of dealing with Comcast would be with a timeline. John Doe , you may choose to read all of this detailed history or you may not. You, may also choose to note me as that "type" of customer or you may not as well. But one thing is that this is being written as a real-life experience with a more than negative customer service relationship.

Date: May - August 2008
Issue: Internet Service Outage
History: Had intermittent service outage with the internet service and was sent a technician. Technician came out checked signals, blamed it on the hot weather, and changed a splitter, and the service worked for another week or so. Service outage happened again and another technician came out - 20 minutes before scheduled time frame (luckily I was in the area to where I could race home). Technician blamed the outage on a cable line being hit by a contractor and said to call customer service and request a refund.
Complaint: Two different technicians gave two completely different reasons for outage. One technician arrived before the time frame (meaning I could have missed the appointment). Issue was only resolved with me spending numerous amounts of time on the phone trying to get a bill credit.

Date: August 2008 - September 2008
Issue: Name Change, Service Disconnect
History: Was in the process of moving to a new address and needed my name removed from the account and put into existing roommates. Options given: name change form or disconnect. Went with the name change form (was told it is immediate once received by Comcast). Didn't receive the form, had to get it faxed over. Sent in the form and called to request confirmation, Comcast had received it, yet was told it will take 60 days to take effect. Went with a new suggestion - disconnect. Had the disconnect order set-up and was told to bring in the existing digital box by 10/12. Called customer service on 10/4 to re-confirm to bring in the digital box, was told by "Name Removed" that the individual on the phone who was in training told you the wrong thing and that you shouldn't bring in a digital box to the lobby to have the name change/disconnect.

Complaint: Had to call and request a faxed copy - long delay in sending it via mail. Once again get numerous unique answers to a common issue that must be taught at some point in training. Wasn't told the correct method of going about getting your name removed from an account and further more almost cost me a trip on a Saturday to the Baltimore Metro Drive Lobby for no apparent reason. And had to deal with the phone customer service where you the customer is put in a scenario where they feel that they should be getting paid to do the legwork.

Date: September - October 2008
Issue: New Connection/Set-Up
History: Went ahead and ordered new account at a new address and the sales process was very fluid and easy (surprise), yet the backend technical set-up was not (another surprise). Technician came out 30 minutes before scheduled window, had to race home once again. The authorized Comcast installer set-up our phone, internet, and cable package. He didn't set-up the phone on all jacks, as was confirmed by a CSR to happen. Went to set-up an appointment to have a tech fix the issue - was never sent to dispatch...So we sat at home from 10-1 on 10/4 waiting for nothing and then was re-scheduled for 10/5 between 1-4 and issued a credit. The credit was nice, considering that meant we received $6.66/hr for waiting and divide that by two leaves you with $3.33/hr - really worth our time! So we canceled the appointment for 10/5, due to the previous history of no-shows, early show-up, etc. Now, I decided to re-schedule online with "John Doe 2" and "Jane Doe" was telling me that only one jack is included in the set-up, but he'll get his manager to approve us to have them installed for free - gee thanks! and then he set-up the appointment and transferred me over to Jane Doe who had absolutely no idea what was going on and pretty much took around 20 plus minutes to get an appointment and figure out what account I was talking about.

Complaint: Tech arrived out of time frame, Work order wasn't sent to dispatch, Waited all day for nothing but $20 off a bill for service that isn't installed correctly. Had to once again do my own legwork to get a situation resolved.

Going Forward: So at this point, let's hope the technician actually shows up tomorrow 10/8 between 4-6pm and not earlier (some of us have to work). Let's hope that the issue is taken care of and that in the future minus any acts of God or "acceptable" technical hiccups that my experience with Comcast will be one where a service is delivered, an invoice is sent, and a bill is paid. Because, beside using the excuses that everyone else has (monopoly in telecommunications, just don't care about you, go with satellite). I am just besided myself as to how a company can drag a severely tarnished public image along everyday and still pull in a profit at yearend


"Angry Customer"

Dear "Angry Customer"

You can be assured that I read every word of the e-mail you sent an am planning ongoing forward with reporting the issues with customer service to the supervisors responsible for those representatives, and also the complaints with the service department as well.

Please accept my apology for the inconvenience that you have experienced due to the missed time frames and poor installations, and poor customer service. I plan on following up with your account to make sure that the site supervisors are aware of the issue and confirming that the technician arrive within the window promised to you. I will also be following up with you after the work is completed to make sure that everything has been completed to your satisfaction.

I would like to call you on Thursday morning to speak with you in person as to the completion of the work promised and the measures in which we can make you happy. Is there a phone number that you can be reached at to speak about this on Thursday morning?

Again I apologize for the inconvenience and hope that after tomorrow we can make your service and experience with Comcast much more enjoyable. I look forward to speaking with you on Thursday morning.

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User Replies:

Anonymous on 2008-10-25:
It seems like a pretty reasonable response to me.
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Customer Service
Posted by on
MANASSAS, UTAH -- This company has no concern in keeping me as a "valued" customer. Below is a letter I actually hand carried to my local Comcast office. This produced no results. You might read this letter and swear I had to embellish parts of it because it is so over the top regarding Comcasts ability to solve the most basic of cable problems. I can only state that every word of it is factual. Just in case someone at Comcast reads this and takes pity on me, my account number is [snip]

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have no idea why I am writing this e-mail because in the past month I have received absolutely no help from your company with my internet service, phone service and digital TV problems. The breakdowns in your ability to solve my problem with all three of your products have gone far beyond frustrating and have even surpassed laughable. The direct TV commercial where the CEO of a cable company, surrounded by his management team, asks "how is our customer service" and one guy just starts cracking up really does sum up your commitment to keeping me as a customer.

I don't even know where to begin in explaining my experience. I hope you have some time on your hands because this will take awhile to read. Over a month ago I began my quest. We started having problems with our internet service. Some days it would work and other days it would not. Then the phone developed the same intermittent problem, and last but not least, my digital TV service would not. and still does not, receive any of the premium channels and is not getting HD reception. I made several calls about the internet problem. The call center tried several times to fix it over the phone but did not resolve the issue. Finally I was told my modem was bad because Comcast could not see it on the network. I purchased a new one and it seemed to help the problem for a week or so. When it stopped working again, a tech said I had a very weak signal and setup a Sunday appointment to have a field technician come out. The appointment time I was given was from 9 am to 12 noon.

That Sunday at 9:15 I received a call from someone at Comcast stating that he was a manager and that he was able to pick up my modem on his end and asked if I still wanted to have someone come out to the house. I re-explained my problem that I had a weak signal and it was not just the modem but the phone and TV as well. He said " Well I guess we can still come out but its your call". That was the exact moment I realized nothing would be getting fixed at my house that day. Two employees showed up an hour later and , go figure, that one of them sounded just like the same “so called manager” I just spoke with. They never came in the house to verify my problems. One guy went to the pole and looked up and said that the wrong type of cable was used and a crew would need to come out and re-drop the right cable. They were getting ready to leave when one tech stated " I guess we had better check the signal at the box on the house". Pretty much seems like a no brainer to me but who am I to say. The tech confirmed that indeed my signal was weak. It took all my efforts to not to just bust out laughing. Hell I could have told them that on the phone and saved them the trip.

The problem was already discovered, by Comcast, over a week ago. The tech handed me an invoice stating the problem. He also said that he would schedule an appointment to have a new cable put in. When I asked him about a time frame, of the appointment, he could not even give me a two-week window. He did say, however, not to call customer support again because this would just delay the process. I waited 2 weeks and no new cable. I went against the techs advice and recalled customer support. A very nice woman answered the phone and looked into the problem. I was told the appointment was scheduled, but for some reason, canceled. She said she would contact the field manager and he would call me with the new appointment time. Another week, and another call to customer support. Again, a very nice woman tried to assist me. She stated no appointment was scheduled and she would send an e-mail to someone in the field and they would contact me.

I must be a chump to fall for that old trick again. I was, not even, that concerned when she asked me how to spell aerial and reoccurring. I bet you can guess what happened next. If you though "nothing" then winner, winner, chicken dinner. Another week and another phone call. Again, a very nice woman tried to assist me. She put me on hold and called the field techs. She came back on line and told me that an appointment was set up for the following day. I swear, I thought I had just won the lottery, an actual appointment with an actual person and it only took four or five tries. Who says, that a company ranked at the bottom of all US companies in customer service, can't make an actual appointment. Sign me up to a lifetime contract with these guys. The next day, a tech indeed showed up looked right back up that same pole and announced he had just run out of cable and would come back later. Eight hours later he showed up, looked right back up the same ole pole and said his ladder would not reach due to the drainage ditch in front of it. Wow, now that’s really COMCASTIC. I have now been waiting five days for a bucket truck to somehow make it back to that troublesome pole. While I am waiting I'll just go down to my $3000 dollar paper weight ( my HD TV ) and dream about the good old days when it actually worked. I would call an old friend to lend me a shoulder to cry on but alas that’s out again too. Hey, at least my internet service is working today. One out of three isn't that bad.

A faithful Customer for Life,

Vincent M Atkinson
Manassas, VA 20112

P.S. I would have sent this from home but our email service only receives mail. We have not been able to send an e-mail for months. Nice way to cut down on complaints. I bet it was the same guy that was cracking up over the customer service question mentioned above that though up that little trick.

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User Replies:

BvF7734 on 2008-07-09:
Very nice! I hope it all works out for you in the end. It is issues like this that I refuse to put all my services in through one service. Look into Dish as I am just a few miles north of you in Loudon and have not had any issues with Dish or Verizon for Phone and Internet through FiOS. I know it is being put in around you, just don't know exactly.
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This Is The Final Straw!
Posted by on
COLORADO -- At one time I actually liked Comcast. If there was a problem you called and someone actually came on the phone after punching in a few keys. Now they make you jump through hoops after they caused the problem in the first place.
Comcast is billing me for a service charge for something that was their fault not mine. I even confirmed that with the technician when he came over.
I have cable in every room in my house and I moved my computer back to another room and couldn’t get the cable working. Should have had a cable connection there. It was there before but not now.

I called up Comcast to make an appointment and got the run around. A supervisor was supposed to call me back from the call center and didn’t. I have names, times and dates since I log all my notes for obvious reasons now.
The technicians are friendly and I have no problem with them. Its the customer service reps (oops I mean the non-customer reps that has brought me to the point where I felt I had to tell my horror story online so others may hopefully avert this same problem simply by avoiding Comcast.
Now about the billing problem.

First I sent an email and the person who answered me told me I had to either call or do "live chat".

I was trying to get credit for the previous down time when Comcast had a problem in my area. I went without cable almost the whole day. So I tried to do live chat" and I thought my computer was going to crash. I kept on getting the hourglass until I just gave up.

So I called and went through all the menu options. I finally got someone in a call center who I really thought I woke up as he sounded like he was sleeping. Nice but no help. I told him about my billing problem and he is not even responding to what I am saying. So I asked for a supervisor if he couldn’t help me and he said to hold on. Well I held on and held on but no one came to the phone so I hung up.

A little while later I called a local number. I thought this would work. But all I got was a recording which said over and over again "thank you for calling Comcast". So I hung up.

Then I tried to call back the same number I did when I got in touch with Mr Sleepy Head. Now I got a woman who was mumbling so bad I didn't have a clue to what she just said). OK now I got her name after a few attempts. But all she is concerned with is who I am. Who in the world would call Comcast if they weren’t the person on that account? I AM the person on this account and I don’t' even want to call them. Why the heck would anybody else want to call them? What would they get by calling someone else's cable company? Where is the logic in this?

Aggravation maybe? She wants to verify who I am. She asked me for my name, address, account number and phone number which I already had keyed in per the announcement to do so. Now this woman is asking me for my social security # the last 4 digits??!!!

What in the world does Comcast need with my social security number ? I don't even remember ever giving Comcast my social. I already gave her all the other identifying information. Why is this woman giving me such a hard time? I told her she was the only person that ever asked me for my social and that I wasn’t giving it out to her.

Now I asked for a supervisor because its obvious to me that this woman doesn’t care about my problem. All she wants to know is who I am, where I live and what my social security # is.

I don’t give my social security # to anyone unless its my doctors (and I even question giving it to them now whether its really needed). I am started to get a little teed off by this time.

I didn't make this mistake they did and its costing me a lot of precious time since I need to get back to work! This woman refused to give me to a supervisor until I told her the problem which I already told her it was a billing problem. She was arrogant and rude and hard to understand so I had to keep asking her what she just said.

Finally she said she would transfer me to a supervisor but she only put me on hold. I waited and waiting thinking she hung up. Then I hear a faraway voice and I didn't who if she was talking to me or someone was talking to her.
Finally I said "are you talking to me"? She said hold on for a supervisor. This was the 3rd time I was told to hold on for a supervisor. Like how long do I have to hold on for a supervisor?

I'm starting to wonder if there are any supervisors there since I never ever talked to one. Either they are on the phone with someone or in a meeting. This is the standard answer.

Now I know this is fruitless. I have never spoken to a supervisor at Comcast. Even when I was assured someone would call me back from the call center no one did.

I am now going to cancel my account as soon as I find another cable company which of course is the big problem in the first place. Comcast is the only provider in my area for cable.

I have a home business and I need cable but I am now at the point where I am considering downgrading to DSL with Verizon. Or maybe a laptop would work for me if I could get wi-fi. Something I am going to have to look into now.
Verizon at least has people that are NICE to you when you call. They don't try to torment you. I am waiting for Verizon to have Fios in my area and so far they don't and Optimum is not in my area either who I heard good things about.
Maybe if Comcast stopped sending me weekly literature about their great three in one package deals and utilized some of that marketing money for customer service training this would have a different outcome.

I was actually thinking about their three in one package deal but they lock you in for 2 years and no way am I going to do that now with all these problems.

Today so far between waiting on the phone for a Comcast supervisor, trying to get online with them and now writing this horror story I have fallen behind in my work and will have to probably work late again to make up for this lost time. Thanks Comcast I really needed this!

Hopefully this is the last time I will ever have to complain about Comcast since I will soon be joining the ranks of others who have left Comcast behind in the hopes of something better.

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User Replies:

madconsumer on 2008-06-05:
all this cause you lost service for a day? was the entire area out of service? or just you?

demanding a supervisor is not the answer. as you found out, they offered you nothing more.

I have been with comcast for many years, and have had zero issues.
Ponie on 2008-06-05:
One thing I know about credit for down time at Comcast: You have to notify them when it goes out, then call them when it's restored. How would they know who was affected if you don't? They can't just blindly pick an area, even if it's a general or trouble outage, and issue credit for X number of hours in that territory. If you follow protocol, I know they issue credit because I've received it several times during my many years of being a Comcast customer. If you're so unhappy with their service, attend your local government meetings and complain. They are the ones who granted the franchise to Comcast.

You have plenty of choices. Comcast isn't the only provider. Perhaps in your township/village/city it is, but that's who you voice your displeasure to. Our county has *free* wireless available to each an every business and household. I choose to stay with Comcast.

So--what happened to this mysterious, disappearing cable connection? If it was there before but not now, who removed it and did you say anything about its removal? That statement is confusing.
ladyblogger on 2008-06-05:
To mad consumer
No this was not about losing cable for a day. I was only asking to be credited for that day. But then I was told to do a live chat....that was just the beginning of the problem. Its the lousy customer service not the part about comcast down (that happens now and then)...I find it surprising that you have had zero issues with Comcast, very unusual I might add..try googling comcast reviews and see how many happy customers they have. Now this makes me wonder why if you never had any problems with Comcast then why are you even looking at Comcast reviews on my 3cents.com? Do you work for them? What's your interest?
ladyblogger on 2008-06-05:
Please read the entire post before replying. Yes I DID follow protocol as you mentioned so rudely. And yes I do get credit from Comcast for outages sometimes after 2 phonecalls to remind them to send it to me. No I don't have time to attend my local government meetings. Do you attend your local government meetings when you have bad service from a huge corporation? If you do you probably have a lot of time on your hands.

You choose to stay with Comcast. I find that odd considering the google reviews. They are not good reviews. No I don’t have a choice in my area for another cable provider. If I did I would have been long gone from Comcast by now.

Lastly the cable connection was working at one time and when I moved my computer back to that room the connection wasn’t working and it wasn’t my fault either per the technician. I don't intend to publish every minute detail in this forum.

I don’t see why you even care about my cable connection. Who are you anyway? Do you work for Comcast looking online to see who is posting their latest Comcast horror stories?
spellweaver16 on 2008-06-07:
The first three items of information (Name, phone number, address) are needed to discuss things with you. The fourth identifier (account number, last 4 of ssn) is for your security before they can discuss your bill or anything in-depth with you.
Ponie on 2008-06-07:
'Do you attend your local government meetings when you have bad service from a huge corporation?' Yes, I do. That's how I get the best overview of my local government. In fact, it was problems with Comcast's startup here that prompted me to attend the first one to voice my opinion. Working from home, I can set my own hours. If I want to get my work done at three in the morning, I can do so.

'I find that odd considering the google reviews.' When was the last time you got onto a consumer review site and posted a compliment? You're currently ticked off, so write a difficult to understand letter of complaint. Naturally the chances of seeing more complaints about a national company are going to be greater than the number you see about Joe's Pool Parlor down the street. Except when in their infancy of starting up in our area, I have never, ever, had to escalate to a supervisor when contacting Comcast, no matter the problem. A couple very simple matters were solved by email.

As far as your disappearing cable connection is concerned, unless you're subscribed to the In-Home Wiring Maintenance Program at $2.95 per month, be prepared to pay for a $35 service call. If subscribed to this service, it will be $17.50. Your choice.

No, I am not a Comcast employee. As stated earlier, I have my own business and work from home. However, I see our attitudes toward problem solving differ greatly. I understand 'stuff' happens occasionally and don't go on a tirade when problems are not solved yesterday--as you seem to demand.

You have choices--you can go satellite, you can go dialup, you can go smoke signals. I think the best thing for you would be to use an IBM Selectric--then all the fault would lie with you.

spell is correct. Would you want anyone to be able to make changes to your account? Your name, phone number, and address are readily available from the phone book.

Chill--it'll help keep your blood pressure down.

ladyblogger on 2008-06-07:
To Ponie

When I get outstanding service I always write a letter or send an email as well as telling the person my intentions to do that as well. I do the same for lousy service too.)

I guess I am the only person that has trouble with Comcast? I guess that you refuse to acknowledge the bad reviews in Google and even on this own site?

You seem to only recognize what you want to recognize in order to make your point. If YOU want to go to government meetings the more power to you. That doesn't mean I want to go or that I have time to go either.

Just because you never had to escalate a problem at Comcast does not meet this is the same for other people. Your story is not representative of all the other unhappy customers at Comcast or do you feel that you speak for all of Comcast's customers all over the country?

As far as your disappearing cable connection is concerned, unless you're subscribed to the In-Home Wiring Maintenance Program at $2.95 per month, be prepared to pay for a $35 service call. If subscribed to this service, it will be $17.50. Your choice.

(Obviously you still choose to answer my posts without reading them). I said the technician confirmed I wouldn’t be charged since it was Comcast's fault. BEFORE you post to this post AGAIN, please go back and read this part so we can be done with it.

I guess I think it’s a little strange that you won't give this up and continue to defend Comcast. What is your connection to them? Again you must have a lot of time of your hands to scour sites like this one and start replying to other posts. You sound like you are affended??

You say you are not a Comcast employee but I believe you are.
Check out the google reviews (even though I think you have done that already).
There is one in particular that tells of a person who was hired to do damage control by Comcast on these different sites). IS THIS YOU?

As far as your comment that I demand things (No, I do not demand anything).
But I do expect NOT to get billed for something that I was told I wouldn't be billed for when it was not my fault. If you are going to disagree with me again please get your facts straight.

As far as what I plan to do - it's my decision overall and not yours. If people want to post a complaint on a complaint website (after all that is the purpose of this website) to give their own personal feedback on anything company at all it is their right. It also helps other consumers and gives them a heads up also when deciding who to do business with. It also helps the company who the people are complaining about. If they are interested they can correct their ways and stay in business. If people stop doing business with companies that provide bad service then those companies eventually go out of business and then people start losing jobs and they go on public assistance and our taxes go up. Yes and we all pay for that, including YOU.

Would you want anyone to be able to make changes to your account? Your name, phone number, and address are readily available from the phone book.

(No, you're wrong again). I am NOT Listed in the phone book) so please do not assume you know anything about me.
Ponie on 2008-06-08:
'When I get outstanding service I always write a letter or send an email...' Not on M3C you don't!

'...so please do not assume you know anything about me.' I know you don't post compliments on M3C. :)

BTW, Comcast couldn't afford me. Toodles...
JacksonC on 2008-06-12:
Wow, I've been having terrible trouble with Comcast. Been very polite with them and can't get through to a knowledgeable person. I've used the live chat, email & phone. So fedup, your experience is def in line with the people I've spoken with about Comcast, including mine.
Frustration17 on 2009-02-08:
lady. ever heard of identity theft? and are you aware you can request to verify a different point of security? yeah. true story. and you may be the only one calling in on your account but think of all the thousands of ppl that are victims of identity fraud. that's why comcast has that security measure in place. for YOUR protection.
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Comcast Customer Service Sucks!
Posted by on
DEPTFORD, NEW JERSEY -- Chat id : a705af9b-89a6-40bf-a521-1a337b39e439
Problem : Order Information

Scott > Order Information
Chris.18156 > Hello Scott_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Chris.18156. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Chris.18156 > I will be happy to assist you with your order.
Scott_ > This is Beth Pfaff
Scott_ > OK
Chris.18156 > May I please have your account number?
Chris.18156 > May I please have your full phone number with area code?
Chris.18156 > Thank you.
Scott_ > welcome
Scott_ > Very happy with Comcast service
Scott_ > I won't be switching to Version
Chris.18156 > Thank you.
Scott_ > however I do want the Blast!
Scott_ > Blast! me
Scott_ > you can throw in a little extra too if you want
Scott_ > never fast enough...you know
Scott_ > instant gratification...
Chris.18156 > Unfortunately I can not upgrade service as there is a hold placed on your account. It is $172.26 overdue at the moment.
Scott_ > just paid it cause I knew you would say that
Scott_ > via credit card
Scott_ > no check
Scott_ > not check
Scott_ > BAM!
Scott_ > Chris?
Chris.18156 > A credit card payment can take up to 48 hours to process.
Scott_ > that's nice
Scott_ > so Blast! me
Chris.18156 > Until the payment posts to your account, any upgrade or downgrade request will not go through.
Scott_ > so call someone and get the hold off please
Chris.18156 > Please chat back when the payment has processed, and an agent will be able to upgrade your service.
Scott_ > no
Scott_ > if you cannot help me'
Scott_ > forward me to the supervisor
Scott_ > this is not good customer servce
Scott_ > I want to complete this transaction now
Scott_ > I want to complete this transaction now

Scott_ > I don't want to wait
Chris.18156 > My supervisor will not be able to remove the hold. Would you still like to speak to my supervisor?
Scott_ > yes
Scott_ > customer service grade D-
Chris.18156 > One moment please
Chris.18156 > My supervisor will connect in a moment.
Scott_ > Jepoardy Music Plays......
Scott_ > Customer begins to fall asleep
Chris.18156 > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
Melissa.7786 > Hello, my name is Melissa. I am Chris's supervisor. Please give me a moment to read the transcript thus far.
Scott_ > customer wakes up
Scott_ > OK
Scott_ > bye chris
Scott_ > such a nice young chap
Melissa.7786 > I understand that you wish to upgrade your service.
Melissa.7786 > I understand that you wish to upgrade your service.
Melissa.7786 > The program will not allow us to add any additional service as long as there is an upgrade hold on the account.
Melissa.7786 > You will need to contact the local office to have this lifted.
Scott_ > Yes I would like to purchase something from Comcast..which will generate Comcast revenue
Scott_ > OK please contract the local office for me and I will hold
Melissa.7786 > I understand your frustration however, you will need to contact the local office directly.
Scott_ > no I will need you to take care of this customer service sales request from beginning to end
Scott_ > please help me help you
Scott_ > you know these calls are monitored
Scott_ > and you don't want to be stuck giving poor customer services right?
Scott_ > you know "the customer is always right"
Scott_ > the first rule?
Melissa.7786 > Scott, I am unable to contact the local office for you. As Chris mentioned if you wait a day or so, we will be able to process the upgrade. At this time, we are unable to do so.
Scott_ > your raise this year might depend on this call....
Scott_ > so lets get this sale taken care of
Scott_ > don't push me off
Scott_ > and try to send me to someone else that won't be able to help me
Scott_ > are you really Chris's supervisor?
Scott_ > or just a coworker?
Melissa.7786 > I am Chris's performance supervisor.
Scott_ > If I can call so can you
Scott_ > so who is Chris's manager?
Scott_ > and your manager?
Scott_ > because I am not going to tolerate this
Scott_ > I want Blast! and I want to buy it now...
Melissa.7786 > The reason why an upgrade would be put on your account is because it has been overdue and the only department that can lift this is the local office which you need to contact yourself.
Scott_ > and I want you to call
Scott_ > no you can contact them as well
Melissa.7786 > Scott, they need to speak to you directly. I cannot work as a go between in this case.
Scott_ > just get them in this chat
Scott_ > very simple
Melissa.7786 > We are a national call center and do not have access to local chat.
Scott_ > HELP your customer
Scott_ > so call them
Melissa.7786 > If you call us at 1-800-COMCAST, you can be transferred to the correct office.
Scott_ > no'
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > I need you to get this problem resloved
Scott_ > yes I want Blast!
Scott_ > now are you telling me to call who?
Scott_ > 08096
Melissa.7786 > Scott, you will need to wait a few days then for the payment to post.
Scott_ > is my area code
Scott_ > who are you telling me to call?
Scott_ > no you said call your local office
Scott_ > and they will lift the hold
Melissa.7786 > You will need to contact the billing department who will be able to direct you to the local office.
Scott_ > just re read it
Scott_ > and what will the local office do for me
Melissa.7786 > I am looking for your local office if you would like to call them directly. The local office is able to lift the upgrade hold for you.
Scott_ > so if they can lift it just CALL them
Scott_ > ssy I have a customer on the line that I am upgrading
Scott_ > and he has paid via creit card and has not been processed yet
Scott_ > please verify that and lift the hold
Melissa.7786 > Scott, you will need to talk to the local department directly.
Scott_ > very simple
Scott_ > no you can do it
Melissa.7786 > Here is the local office information for you:
Scott_ > this is what customer service is all about
Melissa.7786 > Gloucester
Address: Hours:
304 South Broad St
Woodbury, NJ 08096
Phone: 800-266-2278 Monday,Wednesday and Friday 8:30am to 5pm, Tuesday and Thursday 8:30am to 8pm, Saturday 8:30am to 5pm
Scott_ > to call
Scott_ > so call them
Melissa.7786 > Scott, you will need to speak directly to your local office or wait 24 hours.
Scott_ > no you call them
Scott_ > or send me to your supervisor
Scott_ > remember I am going to email this converstation to someone
Scott_ > so be careful
Scott_ > that is if I don't get Blast! soon
Scott_ > so you better be sure you follow policy
Melissa.7786 > Scott, you can email this conversation to whomever you like. Our guidelines are that you need to contact your local office directly.
Scott_ > simple customer service common sense says just handle the call
Scott_ > I don't believe that
Scott_ > you have a sale
Scott_ > you have new revenue
Scott_ > you do what it takes to book it
Scott_ > Verizon is on your heels
Scott_ > you could lose a valued customer
Scott_ > if your smart you just do what it takes to please the customer
Scott_ > Right Miss Missy?
Scott_ > think outside the box
Melissa.7786 > Scott, the reason why there is an upgrade hold on your account is because the account has been past due.
Scott_ > its your business its your new money
Scott_ > oh OK now blame it on the customer
Scott_ > that a good option
Melissa.7786 > You will need to contact the local office to have this lifted.
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > just make the sale Missy
Melissa.7786 > As I have explained, the system will not allow us to do this until you have contacted the local office to have the upgrade hold lifted.
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > yes I want my Blast! or I want to speak with your supervisor so I can tell
Scott_ > him about this poor customer service from you and Chris
Melissa.7786 > I am the highest level of support at this call center.
Scott_ > well what are we going to do
Melissa.7786 > My performance manager's name is Matthew Nopper.
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > because I am not just going to go away..
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > there has to be an escalation path
Scott_ > a name don't give me nothign to help me
Melissa.7786 > Yes, you need to speak directly to your local office.
Scott_ > you have to get me to someone who can help me
Scott_ > no
Scott_ > Get Matt
Melissa.7786 > Matthew does not work out of this call center.
Scott_ > so you customer has a proplem that you cannot handle
Scott_ > and you have to get him to somone who can help him
Scott_ > since you refuse to
Melissa.7786 > Scott, I have directed you to your local office. I cannot send you there directly as you will need to call in.
Scott_ > I wonder if Verizon would do this to their customers
Scott_ > no you call them and get the ban lifted
Melissa.7786 > Scott, what is your relationship to the account holder as I do not see you as authorized on this account.
Scott_ > this is not Scott this is Beth
Scott_ > computer auto signs in
Scott_ > oh now we are going to try to get out of the call that way
Scott_ > Nice Missy
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > anything to keep from doing work or going out of you way
Scott_ > yes
Scott_ > I need HELP!
Scott_ > customer needs some service
Scott_ > HELP!
Scott_ > I need BLAST!
Melissa.7786 > You have been directed to the local office which is the correct department that you require to have the upgrade hold removed.
Scott_ > you should be able to do that
Melissa.7786 > Until you contact your local office we cannot process any orders for you.
Scott_ > if customer service cannot who can?
Scott_ > HELP!
Scott_ > help me missy
Melissa.7786 > You must call your local office.
Scott_ > get my Blast order processed
Scott_ > call one of your cowokers and have them help u
Scott_ > make this sale
Scott_ > CEO@comcast.net
Melissa.7786 > Beth, as I have repeatedly explained, you will need to call your local office.
Scott_ > come on missy this is sim[ple customomer service
Scott_ > customer service 101
Scott_ > you are getting a D- so far
Scott_ > and I have said YOU call
Scott_ > I paid !
Scott_ > via Credit card!
Scott_ > instant
Scott_ > don't
Scott_ > done
Melissa.7786 > As I have explained, you need to speak directly to your local office as they are the department that has placed this hold on your account.
Scott_ > you have the payment
Scott_ > I will not
Scott_ > YOU call
Scott_ > why cannot you CALL missy?
Melissa.7786 > Beth, I cannot make promises for you that is why you need to speak to the local office directly.
Scott_ > What is the reason for this policy?
Scott_ > promises ?
Scott_ > Why does the customre have to call ?
Melissa.7786 > The reason for an upgrade hold policy is that payments have been routinely late.
Scott_ > what is so special about calling the local office?
Scott_ > so don't you charge late fees ?
Melissa.7786 > The local office is the department that has put the hold on your account.
Melissa.7786 > You need to speak to the local office.
Scott_ > I'm not sad when I get money for doing nothing are you?
Scott_ > YOU CALL!
Scott_ > fix the problem
Scott_ > or send me to Matt
Melissa.7786 > We do not have access to phones as we are a chat department.
Scott_ > or someone that can help me
Melissa.7786 > Beth,
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > I need help
Scott_ > and you know what to do
Scott_ > Help me or get me to someone who can
Melissa.7786 > To receive the help you are requesting, you will need to speak to your local office directly.
Scott_ > Missy...
Melissa.7786 > You will need to speak to your local office directly.
Scott_ > you need to help
Scott_ > me
Scott_ > I am not going away
Melissa.7786 > This is the help that I am authorized to provide you.
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > I don't believe htat
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > yes I need blast!
Scott_ > yes
Melissa.7786 > As discussed, you will need to contact your local office.
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > you are saying you don't have a phone?
Scott_ > to call anyone?
Melissa.7786 > I cannot speak to the local office for you as they need to speak directly to you.
Scott_ > why?
Melissa.7786 > They need to hear your voice not mine.
Scott_ > tell me why
Scott_ > about what?
Scott_ > about what?

Scott_ > why do they need to hear my voice?
Scott_ > you work for the company
Melissa.7786 > Because if I called them claiming I was you, that would be fraud.
Scott_ > you work for Comcast
Melissa.7786 > You need to contact your local office directly.
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > come on Missy
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > this is rediculus
Scott_ > there is no reason
Scott_ > they need to hear my voice
Scott_ > you need to admit that
Melissa.7786 > As there is nothing else I can assist you with today, I will need to release this chat.
Melissa.7786 > Thank you for contacting Comcast! We appreciate your business!
Melissa.7786 > If you need assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us through Live Chat or E-Mail (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Comcast also offers excellent FAQ and Help forums located at www.comcast.net to help you reach a resolution independently.
Melissa.7786 > If you need assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us through Live Chat or E-Mail (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Comcast also offers excellent FAQ and Help forums located at www.comcast.net to help you reach a resolution independently.
Melissa.7786 > Have a great day!
Scott_ > help
Melissa.7786 > Analyst has closed chat and left the room
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User Replies:

Sparticus on 2008-03-18:
Your account was locked and overdue... I think you should expect to wait for the payment to clear before they offer any more services to you. Seems very reasonable.

I see no fault with how Comcast initially handled this.... and no need to take it further with the supervisor.
Anonymous on 2008-03-18:
This isn't real. This is just obnoxious.
thensider on 2008-03-18:
In this situation, it does not appear that comacst customer service sucks, it appears that you are instigating an escelation that is not necessary. I have a great idea for you: pay your bills on time, and comcast will not place a hold on your account! Have a nice day!
MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-03-18:
I tend to agree cherpep.
GothicSmurf on 2008-03-18:
I agree with Sparticus. If you CALLED IN your payment, why would you NOT ask to have the ban lifted? And why is it such a big deal for you to call?
madconsumer on 2008-03-18:
good grief!!!

I got lost after the first 12 times he was told his account was locked due to non payment. and since he paid via credit card, the terms are stated they take 48 hours to post.

I think the title should be changed to;
comcast customers who suck at being customers.
thensider on 2008-03-18:
HAHAHA! I agree, MAD!
Anonymous on 2008-03-18:
This one is a classic for the M3C's Hall of Customer Shame.
lilydarling on 2008-03-18:
Scott_ > I want Blast! and I want to buy it now...

should be changed to:

Scott_ > I want an Oompa Loompa and I want it now daddy!

Seriously. I hope you realize you acted like a spoiled six-year-old.
Anonymous on 2008-03-18:
So, it was okay to make Comcast wait for you to make your payment to the point your account was locked. Now you want Comcast to jump through hoops so you can experience instant gratification with your BLAST? Hypocrite! Comcast was more than patient with you. I would have disconnected from the chat much earlier than they did.
BvF7734 on 2008-03-19:
For once, there is nothing I can say to defend the op...

Umot, due to your failing to pay your bill, your account got locked. If you had called initially and paid via phone, they would not have locked the account and could have upgraded then as well. I hate defending Comcrap as it goes against every fiber in my body but in this case, they did nothing wrong and followed the play book precisely. It is you who should apologize and it is you who antagonized this company. Your selfishness and slothness caused your issue and you refused to own up to that. There is nothing I can say to defend you. It is people like you that make people who have legitimate complaints seem like they are only gossiping.
UMOT on 2008-03-20:
The point is that the first rule of "Customer Service" is the customer is ALWAYS right. That is a long standing saying in business for a reason folks.

This comment was purposely left without and introduction as to see what the general reaction to this type of Customer Service would be and it confirms my suspecion that people have been blinded by Corporatism by the way they are treated as employee's.

Time to WAKE UP and remember what it means to be individually free, private & mighty. When the US Government and Corporate America fear the people that is DEMOCRACY. When the PEOPLE fear them it is called TYRANNY!

The proper thing for Comcast to do, from a business perspective, is to train their representatives to take ownership of a customer complaint or sale from inception to delivery of the resolution to the problem or the delivery of the sale and the new service.

Not to transfer a customer to another waiting queue or give them a number to call or tell them to wait and call back at another time. Own the call and be responsible for that customer interaction from beginning to end and SERVE the customer. That is the first point.

Now, secondly and specifically, this customer called for additional service from Comcast, which equates to new REVENUE for Comcast. Who, by the way, is under heated competition from Verizon in this area in terms of HD Cable TV, Internet AND phone service. So every piece of new business is critical to Comcast given this added competition. Every effort should be made to acquire new business and not let it go by the wayside to Verizon because the customer feels less than "Taken care of" or the proper term would be "SERVED". Remember, they are the one forking out their hard earned dollars! Again, Customer Service like in the 50's when they used to check your tire pressure, check your oil and clean your windshield at the gas station when you stop to fill up.

So soon we forget where our bread is buttered when companies go PUBLIC and its the shareholders that suffer! Why has this happened ? You tell me.

Here is how you handle the call:

Customer calls for new service and Customer Service Rep sees that a hold has been put on account due to past due balance.

Customer Service rep checks incoming payments to see if customer has paid already and it has not posted and that would have been correct in this case.

If this functionality is not available to customer service, then the rep would have ask the customer if he had made a recent payment because his account is past due and locked due to that fact.

In this case that would have also been true and the Customer Service Rep would then in turn either LIFT the hold or if in the STRANGE case they do not have the authorization to do so SIMPLY CALL SOMEONE WHO CAN, GET IT DONE AND PROCEED!!!

Then apologize to the customer for the delay and make the SALE! Knowing full well that Comcast and any other company charges significant late fee's for people who do not pay their bills on time and is a significant part of Comcast's yearly REVENUE. Don't pass judgment on the customer when you have no idea why the payment might be late and honestly Comcast shouldn't care since they are being well compensated in late fee's.

Now, during this call the Rep will also review the payment history of this customer and if this customer is consistently late paying and running a past due balance the Rep may offer a payment plan to reduce the late fee's accruing where the existing balance is divide in 6 incremental payments and added to the existing monthly bill to help the customer get back on track.

This a SERVICE and a 1 time small fee is is applied to the account initiate the payment plan which results in MORE REVENUE and a better results in terms of accounts that have to be sent to collections, which again, is LOSSED REVENUE because of collection company fees and service cancelations.

And heck since these people are having a hard time given the current economic downturn, give him something small FREE as well. Like a On Demand movie rental or 1 month free of the new BURST! service. Whatever! It don't matter. Anything to insure your edge over Verizon.

Finally, if you had to make the customer wait on hold to call someone else to get the hold on the account lifted APOLOGIZE for that delay, thank your customer for the new business and tell him you appreciate it, ask him if there is anything else you can do for him, wish him a pleasant day and say goodbye.


thensider on 2008-03-20:
I am a customer service rep. I am also a consumer. Keep both of those things in mind. As a CSR, I would say you, or the 'caller' in the case, are an idiot. You cannot expect a customer who is consisantly late on their payments to be pandered to. The customer, in this case, has no respect for the business, why should the business have respect for them? That's like saying if someone steals something from a store, the store should exchange it for them, even though they don't have their receipt. As a consumer, I would NEVER ask for such service, if I was the customer in this situation. Not only is it not the agents fault, as they are not the one making the rules, and the customer in this case harassed the agent, probably to the point of anger. Aditionally, someone else was probably in cue, WAITING for service, because someone decided to act like I freaking JERK, because they didn't get their way.
Anonymous on 2008-03-20:
Is it good business to 'sell' something to someone who doesn't pay? It's too expensive for businesses to carry these non-paying customers, why perpetuate the problem by selling them something more?
MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-03-20:
Bottom line...if you pay your bill on time...you won't get disconnected...your account won't be frozen...and we won't have to hear you complain about why you weren't given preferential treatment when you were the one that caused all the problems by not paying your bill.
Anonymous on 2008-03-21:
No UMOT, the customer is not always right. The customer has the right to expect to be treated fairly and with respect. The customer does not have the right to be disrespectful. If you are not satisfied by the way you are being treated by the CSR, you are free to contact corporate management. If you do not like the policies established by the business you are free to take your business and money somewhere else. The customer has the responsibility to pay their bill on time, treat the CSR's with respect and follow the policy of the business you are patronizing. Its karma, whether you are the CSR or if you are the customer. Everyone should treat others as they would like to be treated. The best way to show a business you are not happy is to take your business and money to another company. Trying to bully a CSR into submission in order to get what a person wants, as shown in this post, is not effective and shows a lack of maturity.
Anonymous on 2008-03-21:
Well said John.
Aerocave on 2008-03-26:

You are ridiculous. Thanks for the laugh you just gave me...I hope Comcast cancels your account next time. You are certainly not a customer I would want.
DRKELSO on 2008-04-04:
jktshff1 on 2008-04-04:
long day drk?????
DRKELSO on 2008-04-04:
Anonymous on 2008-04-04:
Good one, LOL.
UMOT on 2008-04-04:
I sent this message without comment to Comcast Customer Service and
Comcast sent me a card apologizing for the "recent problem you had" and gave me a free movie. Now I know they are going to address the issue and understand customer service and I am impressed and they have my loyalty and I will not switch to FIOS 50 mbit service.
Anonymous on 2008-04-06:
They sent you the card and the movie to get you out of their hair and to get you to go away. Looks like they got off for the price of a $3.95 pay per view movie. If I were Comcast you would have gotten zero/zilch/nada/nothing! LOL Way to stick it to 'em Umot!
DRKELSO on 2008-06-26:
lol, payperview movies are pure profit for my company. for them to give you one free, is simply shooing you away like a bothersome fly.
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You got to Fight for Your Rights
Posted by on
SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- I had been a loyal cable subscriber for well over 20 years. Before Comcast came along, my cable company was Time Warner. Although I heard of many complaints against Time Warner, I never personally experienced any problems with them. I thought their customer service was reasonable. When I had a problem they promptly corrected it. In the spring of 2007 Comcast took over. Perhaps it was just a coincidence but I began having some problems with my digital cable reception. At first it was just an occasional hindrance but throughout the summer it got noticeably worst, so bad that several channels were completely unwatchable. I contacted Comcast service in September and a technician came out as scheduled. He was nice and changed out some older wiring coming into the house. Unfortunately it didn’t help. Another tech was called out and he said the wiring in the house itself needed to be upgraded to cure the problem. Apparently Comcast uses outside contractors for this type of work, not their own technicians. So a time and date was scheduled for this rewire. This is where the fun begins:

I took a day off work. I was told they would be at my house between 8am and noon. No one showed, no one called. I finally called Comcast and after getting the run-around for several minutes, I was told the service man sent out for the rewire was a “commercial” installer and realized when he drove up to my house at around 8am, that it was a “residential” rewire and drove on. Of course no one at Comcast called to inform me of this oversight. If I had not called them, I would probably still be waiting for their arrival. At any rate, it was rescheduled for the following week.

I took ANOTHER day off work, (a half day this time) and the contractors actually showed up at my door as scheduled. Only instead of a rewire like their work order said, they messed around with my current wiring and told me a rewire was not needed, only an amplifier that they could get me for around $50. They told me they would have another guy come out and install the amplifier the next day. I was a little skeptical of these guys. (They totally screwed up the wiring around the TV and cable box). After they left I called Comcast service and told them what they had told me and they informed me one of their technicians could install an amp if it was needed and at half the price. They agreed the contractors were only trying to take advantage of me but all they could do was schedule another technician to come out. So for the third time a Comcast technician came out. I explained what I had been through, he did some checking and said that an amplifier would NOT help my problem, in fact would only make it worse, so once again he scheduled a rewire for my house.

And once again I took a day off work to wait for the contractor to show up and rewire my house. Once again I was told they would be at my house between 8 am and noon. Once again no one showed and no one called. Once again after patiently waiting 4 hours for someone to show up at my house, I called Comcast to question what happened. Once again I got the run-around and passed on to different people before finally I was given the same excuse as the first day. A “commercial installer” was wrongly scheduled to come to my house and once again the rewire would have to be rescheduled.

That was the breaking point for me. I tried to complain on the phone to a supervisor but was told they were tied up and unable to talk to me. I was told someone would call me back but of course no one did. I wrote emails but was told all they could do was schedule another technician to come out. So the next day I shopped around for other options. Since Comcast has a monopoly on cable in our area, my only alternative was two different satellite companies. I chose the one that sounded best and scheduled a day for installation. It meant taking one more day off work but it was worth it. I then took my cable box to the local Comcast office, turned it in and informed them I would be cancelling my service effective immediately. The satellite installers showed up on schedule, totally rewired my whole house and now I have a better picture then I ever had before.

This would be the end to my story if I had not received a bill from Comcast a month later for amount of $69.29 which they said was the unpaid balance I owed them. Since Comcast had caused me to miss time from my job, instead of a check I enclosed a letter addressing what I had been through, told them they had cost me over $300 in lost wages and suggested if they reimbursed me for my lost wages THEN I would pay my bill. I figured they would just drop the whole thing and we would both just cut our losses and move on. NOT SO. The other day I got a second bill, not direct from Comcast, but from a collection agency. Now they want $81.76. (additional late fees? collection fees? who knows?)

Now I’m contemplating taking Comcast to small claims court and suing them for my lost wages just to get back at them. It will mean taking more time off work and although I know just paying the bill would be the easiest and smartest thing to do, this has now become PERSONAL. I’m tired of a conglomerate like Comcast thinking they can push their customers around and hold us hostage for their incompetence. I feel it’s time to take a stand.

I apologize for the lengthy complaint but could not state all the facts in a more condensed version. What’s sad is all of this could have probably been prevented if Comcast did not use unreliable outside contractors.
Resolution Update 01/17/2008:
Today I received a call from Comcast headquarters. They have agreed to give me a $0 balance and apologized for the inconvenience. I don't know if it was the BBB complaint or the threat to take them to court that persuaded them. Just glad it's over and I could not be happier with my satellite service.
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Anonymous on 2008-01-16:
The more of these cable complaints I see, the more glad I am I got superior HD from DirecTV.
madconsumer on 2008-01-16:
since your issue is with a contractor, the best way to avoid these issues is to hire your own. if I re-call, comcast clearly states they will charge you for in house cableing.

either hire your own contractor, or do the work yourself.

I have had comcast for years, and have experienced zero issues. I really enjoy the superior signal and hd programming I receive.
memoryx57 on 2008-01-16:
Madconsumer, I think it IS Comcast's issue. They're the ones paying the contractor to do THEIR work. If they can't handle it correctly then maybe they need to find another contractor or else get out of the cable business. Why in the world do you feel that the OP is somehow responsible for shoddy work when he is paying Comcast to take care of it? If Comcast makes an appointment with the customer for someone to come and do work and the contractor doesn't show up then it's Comcast's responsibility to make it right.
Anonymous on 2008-01-16:
Well said Madconsumer and Memoryx57, Best Answer's for sure since the issue was about house cabling since that was what the post was about. "find another contractor" would seem the best solution.

Lets see 6410 complaints on M3C's about satellite TV service, hmmmmmmmm?

Since "someone" brought it up those that have a TV signal 22,000 miles away may want to consider new fiber optic HD TV with cable as its only thirty feet away. Satellite providers can not even provide Free HD programming, they charge extra. Cable of course includes much superior local fiber optic Hi Def channels and something as simple as video-on-demand. If you want Voip phone or high speed Internet your sent off to the he11 of Vonage and DSL, great choices there. Oh' you want to watch your local channels, get ready to pay more again.

How about interference from buildings, trees, rain and even wind can interrupt your satellite signal. Your 100% correct Madconsumer those in the know always go with the best service and most cost effective choice that will provide them with a superior fiber optic cable HDTV signal. Of course unless you have one of those special dishes that defy all laws of nature and known physics.
Principissa on 2008-01-16:
I'm with memory as well. Comcast dropped the ball not once, but numerous times. A commercial installer for a residence, give me a flippin' break. This whole situation could have been totally avoided had just one person taken the time to do their job properly. I would be completely livid if I had to constantly take time off work only to be told that they sent the wrong installer out. The bill situation is different though, I would just pay it and get them out of my hair. I realize that you are angry and you want them to pay, but I personally would rather be rid of them.
TomT223 on 2008-01-16:
In response to using an outside contractor myself: A while back the company talked me into paying an additional monthly fee to cover ANY problem with my cable. (ie: problems with my house's internal wiring). So in effect, it was their responsibility not mine.
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Comcast offers Norton but resolution for the problems associated with installing it
Posted by on
PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA -- After Comcast notified my husband and I by e-mail that the Mcaffee security suite included with oue Comcast internet service would be expiring, we were prompted to installed their "new, free, Norton Security suite which would automatically remove McAffee (the previously offered internet security protection software program included with our internet service).

While I attempted to install the Norton onto my computer, I began receiving messages that it was having problems installing because of my operating system (windows 7). I immediately aborted the installation and removed all part of any of this Norton program ended up partially installed into my computer and continued using my Mcaffee (since I had a lengthy subscription included with the purchase of my computer. My husband on the other hand did not have any other security software program installed on his computer, other than the McAffee previously offered by Comcast. Immediately following the installation of the Norton program, onto my Husband's computer he noticed his Microsoft outlook would no longer send and receive my e-mail.

Since we found this problem, we have already wasted more than 30 hours of our time since last week, talking to Comcast techs and supervisors on the phone only to be walked through the same basic steps we had already done every time and then ultimately told the same thing by all of these Comcast employees...."it's a problem with Norton & you need to contact them".

Most recently, over the last two days, we have spent over 12 hours on the phone and internet with Comcast's techs and Norton customer service techs located in India in an attempt to fix the issue. Much of this time was wasted asking the customer service rep/tech in India to repeat what they said because we were having a very difficult time understanding what they were saying. What we experienced with the Norton techs is that they appeared to be very well trained in mostly being able to say "I'm sorry" and they want to remotely removed the Norton program from your computer while you sit at your monitor and watch them fumble with your mouse opening and closing many programs on you computer while they guess as they try to figure out what to do to fix the problem.

After the tech said he had successfully removed every trace of the Norton software from the computer and the computer should be back to normal, we then attempted to send and receive e-mail from the outlook program and it still was unable to perform the task. I asked the tech if he knew how to fix the problem and after he did everything he could to avoid answering the question, finally after asking him the same question 4 times, he finally admitted he did not know how to fix the problem......WHAT? Again I asked to be transferred to someone that knew how to fix the problem, specifically asking for a supervisor. He responded by telling me he would transfer me to a higher trained technician.

I then (after waiting on hold for 21 minutes) spoke to the "higher trained tech" and this person said Norton did not have a fix for this problem and I needed to now go back to Comcast and tell them to reconfigure my e-mail set up....since it was a problem with Comcast and that I should call them to fix it.

Interestingly enough, the lesser trained Norton tech told me he did hear about several customers having this same problem with their Microsoft outlook immediately after downloading the Norton software.

During the past week, my husband and I have had a multitude of conversation with Comcast techs and Comcast Customer Service Managers and Norton Techs and Norton Advance Service Tech and Norton Tech Supervisors. The problems and issues still have yet to be resolved through either of these conglomerates. My next step is to spend a minimum of $59 for a phone call to Microsoft and hope that one of their techs can resolve the issue....if that doesn't work I'm afraid I may have to remove Microsoft Outlook from my computer and then reinstall it (which will include copying all of my address lists and groups and all saved and sent e-mail and more, or take the computer into a professional computer repair service company to have it fixed..

I am exhausted and totally frustrated from this nightmare. It is sad to know what little professional assistance and limited troubleshooting capabilities is offered when speaking with many of the Comcast service reps before telling you it's not their problem and we should uninstall Norton if it's not working properly or just call Microsoft...it's their problem. All of the Comcast customer service seem to have the same textbook responses to the complaints and problems What a horrible way to do business!!!!!!!!! You would think with so many Comcast customers complaining and posting all over the web; the multitude of problems they are having with Comcast service and Norton antivirus and security, they would do something about it. Comcast executives should be made aware of this by their lower level employees and react to fix the problems people are having since the switch from McAffee to Norton.

In my opinion Comcast needs to provide their customer service reps with more and better technical training instead of teaching them to say "I'm sorry about your inconvenience but....... you need to contact Norton or Microsoft to resolve your issues....this is truly the worst experience I have ever had with any company and a rampant "IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM" attitude..

I wonder if these companies are aware of the customer satisfaction statistics......if you make a customer happy they will tell a couple of people, but if you make a customer unhappy, they will tell everyone they know.
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User Replies:

CUFlipSide on 2010-03-24:
I had no problem making this transition on to Windows 7. In fact, I was kind of impressed with the slick utility they used to unsinstall the McAfee, then install the Norton with the settings that McAfee used. Have you tried running the install again? I can attest that it runs fine with Windows 7, in fact it the best version of Norton in years.
ok4now on 2010-04-02:
Comcast is the big dog on the block and they know it. Their customer service sucks and the employees are poorly trained looking like ghetto when making a visit to your home. I'm running Windows 7 with Norton and have no problems with Outlook. One key difference is I dumped Comcast and switched to Verizon Fios. A huge improvement, especially the internet. I did a clean install of Norton (paid version $40 bucks) and didn't have to contend with getting rid of the McAfee junk lurking on my hard drive. This is a Comcast issue not Norton. Threaten to cancel your service and see how fast they fix it.
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HDTV Cable Box Problems
Posted by on
What a nightmare I’m having with Comcast. Let me first say that I have basic cable, tier II cable, Silver package with the HBO channels, and high speed internet. I pay them almost $150/month for crappy service. First, had visual, but no sound from my HD cable box. I called on a Thursday afternoon and after being on hold for 34 minutes, the Comcast support rep had me unplug my box (their cure for everything), like I haven’t tried that before. Of course then everything needs to reset and you can’t use “On Demand”. That lasts until you turn the box off. Turn it on again….no sound. Nice. The support rep told me they couldn't send anyone until that Tuesday and someone had to be home. So, on top of no cable for 6 days, my wife had to stay home from work to let the cable guy in. He shows up, on time though, says the box is bad, takes it and installs a new one and says everything is fine. My wife checks before he leaves and sees that 90% of the channels don’t work and “On Demand” doesn’t work. He tells her the box is resetting and it will be fine in 30 minutes. 30 minutes later they still don’t work. Oh, and I had about 20 hours of prime shows taped on the DVR cable box. He took them with him in the old box. Two hours later, still no channels. I call and after holding for 20 minutes, I get a support rep who tells me to unplug the box again, of course it doesn’t help and she tells me they can have someone to my house on Friday, I ask to speak to a SUPERVISOR. They give me a SUPERVISOR who tells me they need to send someone out again, and he can have someone at my house the next day (Wednesday) at 10:30 and I have to be home. So I take Wednesday off from work so someone can be here at 10:30 as per the SUPERVISOR. No one shows up at 10:30. I figure maybe they got held up. Finally at 1:00 I call and ask to speak to another SUPERVISOR, who tells me there is no appointment because it had to cancel and someone should have called me to tell me that. After much complaining and telling the SUPERVISOR that I was going to cancel my account, she checked into some things and said they'll have someone to my house by 5:00 this afternoon. So basically we’ve gone one week without cable, and two days of missed work. That's a lot more than my monthly bill for cable. I'm not going to pay my bill this month because I have lost probably four months of cable bill costs just missing work. I'll bet you they’ll be very fast to contact me to find out why my bill has not been paid. Actually they’ll probably be even faster to shut off my service. Funny how they have that down pat. Maybe it's time we all switched to DSL and a satellite dishes. The monopoly of cable needs to stop..........(UPDATE)...Well somebody came out and said that the LAST REPAIR PERSON should have known that the latest box was bad because they are supposed to test them before they leave. He said THE LAST REPAIR PERSON probably tested it and saw a problem, but told us everything was good because he probably just “wanted to get out of here”. So he said he tested it and everything is fine with ANOTHER BRAND NEW BOX. So I finally felt satisfied and tonight went in to watch television and guess what………….NO SOUND AGAIN. I called Comcast, waited for 15 minutes to get someone and they told me they can have someone out to fix my box on Friday. Here it is Wednesday and I have the original problem I had last Thursday when I called. I asked for a Supervisor and they told me none was available. This will get posted on line again with the latest update. Oh, and I’m mailing a copy to the local newspaper and the Chairman of Comcast. Proobably have an update Friday when it’s not working for another reason!
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Sparticus on 2006-11-01:
We had a very similar problem with Comcast and our HDTV box. After numerous "reboot" the box calls to their useless customer service, we finally took matters into our own hands. I located a local comcast office and drove their with my old box. Swapped it out for a new box and remote. Everything has worked great since. We did however have to call one more time after getting the new box so it could be "activated" or something. We had a similar problem where the channels would not show up. They activated it and it worked great after that. One trick, try calling and selecting the menu option for new customers. You get through a lot faster (2 min versus 30 min) and they can remotely activate your box. Good luck!
momtoss on 2006-11-29:
Did you ever get anywhere with comcast? Have had similar problems, gave me a bad HDTV box, set me up for appointments and they don't show up,then when I call they say they don't show an appt. for me. Have also asked for supervisor and there is never one available, they say one will call me back but they never do. I'm the big fool, I have cable, internet and phone service with them. I am so sick of Comcast, customer service is such a joke and their techs that come out are useless. They want to get in and out ASAP, they will tell you anything to get out of your house. I have their wires hanging all over the outside of my house like spaghetti. I have asked them to hang them right and they totally ignore me. I thought companies where not allowed to have a monopoly on the market, but that theory goes out the window, just look at FPL (electric co.), my goodness that's a whole other complaint post. I hope your problems have gotten attention and hope that you don't have anymore.
missd1975 on 2006-12-18:
I hate Comcast SO MUCH. I just got cable 2 weeks ago, and already I have problems. Menu, signal coming in, no picture. Saturday I called customer (dis)service, and after being on hold for about 30 minutes, I was told a rep was going to try sending a stronger signal to my box and I would get a call back in 2 hours. YEAH RIGHT. Like I believed that!
Today I called back, and of course the woman on the phone had no idea what my problem was, even though she confirmed that all the notes from my Saturday call were in the system. So, you know, you would think that would answer the questions she was asking me...since they were the same questions I was asked the first time...
Now I have a tech coming tomorrow, and thank goodness for the fact I work from home, because otherwise that would be two days off work for cable service. I am actually stunned my technicians showed up for the first time. But hey, since I live in Chicago, now I have to worry that my technician might be a serial killer!! GREAAATTT!
If Comcast can't fix this, I am done with them. It sucks so bad that they are my only option. I realize most cable companies have their issues, but I had great luck with RCN and...oh, hey...Comcast is the first one I ever heard about that had a murderer contracting for them!!
April Hoelle on 2013-11-06:
Had a Comcast cable HD put in when I moved to my new place. Well I had problems with the sound. Finally called them back out to hook my other TV and asked for new Cable Box. The guy put one in, needless to say that I turned off the TV and now I have no signal. I had Verizon and it was great. Service was great. I would rather have them. So my husband called and they sent a signal to the box. Needless to say, nothing happened. So he called to ask them to come out again, and waited for 2 hours for them to come out. So he called and they said that they did not have us scheduled for today and told us that we would have to return the box backed to Comcast around 40 minutes away. I also am not paying $50,00 for every time they come out. Screw them. I will go back to Verizon.
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Stop the "Brainwashing", end the "Monopoly" NOW!
Posted by on
CANTON, MICHIGAN -- This letter I had certified to the COO of Comcast, Stephen Burke:

Re: Corporate Overview & Services

Dear Sirs,

As a recent long-term subscriber to Comcast Cable, coming from the Media One organization back in the 1990’s, I had elected to drop my service with your company cited for various reasons as I will discuss in this letter. This is not a letter of complaint but an overview of your company & service people you employ and should be directed to your President and Chief Operating Officer.

Personally I find it appalling that the Federal Government has “allowed” your company to function as a “monopoly” over the airwaves. I also find it appalling to character of people to whom you employ as “customer service representatives” at Comcast and to have such an arrogant attitude towards the “paying” customer of your service. This is one of the reasons why American businesses have such a hard time competing against foreign competitors.

My issues with your company are nothing new to the general public and I am not looking for resolve but to make a clear point of how you operate & treat your customers.

ISSUE 1: In the course of being a subscriber since 1988, when MediaOne was developed, costs and services were excellent. As a businessman for years in the Marketing/Media business the costs were understandable fair. Since that time when Comcast took over rates continued to increase without provocation. As a “paying” customer of your service, for years my bill has always been paid on time or ran a bit late however; ALWAYS paid in full. This year in running late, your service provider in my area decided to cut off my service WITHOUT ANY proper notice, phone call or email communication of any sort, is this how you operate?

ISSUE 2: In discussing this situation with one of your “customer service reps”, I had to deal with the most arrogant & defensive woman I had ever spoken to in my life. Her attitude was “take it or leave it”, I defiantly left it-IMMEDIATELY. It’s rather funny that when you want to have service cut off there’s no problem but when you have a service problem, it takes forever to resolve it or in “your” time frame.

ISSUE 3: In finally determining why I wasn’t properly informed by this woman after knowing that Comcast had my home address, home phone number, work phone number, email address etc. her conclusion was to blame it on my postman! What type of “customer service” people do you employ!

I think it’s fair to say that I understand what your operating costs are for this business as I have dealt in the same business arena for many years and again; I find it appalling to what you charge the average consumer for TV/Internet services.

I think it’s clear that for myself as well as many other customers who have left Comcast and have no intention of EVER returning to your services. There are many options out there that are “within reason” for the average consumer to afford and this is not a matter of affordability but your absorbent costs to the public which are ridiculous for what you offer; nothing!

Your cable line up even for just a basic package has nothing of interest except on a rare occasion. Even in an attempt to reduce my services in the past for a less costly monthly bill, being that I spend very little time even watching TV, I wound up saving $5.00 a month, what a joke.

I am aware that there is litigation with the State Cable board that would allow consumers to select ONLY what they want in a cable package and pay for only that which they select and I know that Comcast is fighting this, why? You don’t make enough off the average consumer? And I know it obviously doesn’t go towards hiring true “customer service “people to represent your company.

As I have made it clear to family, friends and business associates alike, to drop their subscription with Comcast or to NEVER sign up. I have also made it clear to them that I would be happy to pay for their set-up costs with someone else other than Comcast.

I think it’s sad that a company such as Comcast has forgotten the real reason they have grown at such a substantial rate, THEIR CUSTOMERS. It’s fair to say that many, many people have found other options for their TV viewing and internet services, you can’t brainwash the people all the time, we do wake up. I remember a time not too long ago when TV didn’t cost a thing and yet we were all still entertained, and as fast as movies come out on DVD’s and the low-cost internet services that are everywhere, why would people throw their money away with Comcast?

I sincerely hope that you “re-evaluate” your services & costs to the average consumer and stop the brainwashing commercials that you air making people think that they have to have this. People are much wiser than Comcast realizes, we’re not fooled anymore. If you don’t re-evaluate your services & costs, and give people what they really want, I can only see Comcast continuing to lose its’ customer base and finally being sold, bought out or close the doors.


Jeffery Taylor

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User Replies:

Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-02-22:
So you didn't pay your bill on time and they cut off your service? That's pretty much how it works. Even if they had all your contact information, how much time, effort and expense are they to put into trying to get you to pay your bills on time? You go on to complain about their prices, yet you want them to increase their costs even more by coddling people that can't understand what "due date" means on their monthly bill.
Ponie on 2006-02-22:
Good point, Hugh. I've been with Comcast since they came into my area. We had problems when they first started up. When hooking me up to the Internet, it took six agonizing weeks of sporadic service. However, TV was exceptional. After the problem was resolved, there was no charge to me for the entire six weeks--neither Internet nor TV. If ever I have a problem, just one call gets results. This letter deals with generalities. Just substitute any supplier's name for 'Comcast', and it could be sent to any cable company. For instance, when I call Comcast, I ALWAYS get the name of the person to whom I am speaking and make a note of the time, date, and how long the conversation lasted. In this way I can put a name to my contact, not just some 'woman.' Take Hugh's advice and pay your bills on time or you'll be sending a letter of this type to your current supplier when they cut off.
JT Direct on 2006-02-24:
It's obvious that your are advocates of Comcast, to each is own. As a businessman in the "Media" business for many, many years, I have a fair understanding of costs to the end user, my letter states the truth about how Comcast operates. As I explained in my letter, this was never a matter of "affordability" but the absorbant costs Comcast charges people, jacking up rates with "NO" viable explanation to customers. Consider yourself "lucky" that you found a well received service individual to assist you with your issues however; in my experience with Comcast from the installers, who do not work for Comcast by the way, to the service people, it's worse than dealing with DELL technical support, if you know where I'm coming from. I'd rather spend my money on something more entertaining through the year that surfing through channel after channel of crap. I do hope they go under, sincerely!
Ponie on 2006-02-24:
JT,I don't think you'll get your wish to have them go under. Comcast is here to stay, especially with that huge Regional Operations office they recently (within past 2 yrs.) opened in Plymouth. Channel surfing? Why not invest in TV Guide or just use the Cable Guide that comes with the Freep each Sunday?
Tikkirella on 2006-03-08:
You all must be Comcast employees or have an affiliation of some sort with Comcast because anyone can see that Comcast really isn't that great. Not to mention, since when do Comcast CSRs know what they are talking about? I have had good service from time to time, don't get me wrong but on certain issues, when trying to resolve it, I too have had multiple people giving my different excuses.

Everyone thought PG&E was safe. Look what happened. Guess what? The same thing is going to happen to Comcast. Take my word for it; it will.
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False Information/Fraud
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- In October 2013 I called Comcast for service. I knew I had a bill so I asked them how much was my old balance. They told me I qualify for a program called the amnesty. This program was to write off up to 500 of the bill and I would have to pay the rest up front in my case it was supposed to be $19 along with the first months bill of the new service.. I told them I will call on Friday when I get paid. When I called back on Friday I was told my account was so old that I will start over as a new customer and I will not owe anything from the past. OK they come out hook my service up. I get my bill, I pay $250.00 then I get another bill and my 250.00 was applied to my 7 year old debt. I called Comcast to see what was going on. I could not get anyone to explain what was going on. Finally I spoke with a Rep by the name of Passion. She told me with the Amnesty program they only write off a certain amount, so this will not happen again and offer me a free premium channel for 6 months. At this time I had no trust in Comcast so I did not want to pay my next bill and they apply it to the old account. I contact them again to ask for something in writing to be sent to my email, no one wanted to do that . I was given the number to Collections I contacted them they are always busy and ask if you would leave a message, and someone would call you back. No one ever calls back when you get in touch with someone they tell you it is billing and billing tell you it is collections issue. I have been going through this for six weeks. On Friday Jan 10,2014 my services were disrupted. On Tuesday Jan 14 2014, I went to Comcast located at 900 Michigan Ave. I was told it was nothing they could do about this. They gave me two numbers to call. One was the number I have been leaving messages with for 6 weeks and the other says they are just a payment center, they can not look into my account. I am so frustrated with all of this. When I called back in October All I wanted was an amount to pay my old bill. I do not understand why all of this is happening now., If Comcast just said your old balance is $500.00 I would have paid it in October and everyone would be happy. Comcast would have had there old payment in full and I would have my service. I am so confused by all of this. Comcast is the worst ever.
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ok4now on 2014-01-15:
Welcome to Comcrap, where they never fail to pizz off a customer. Their customer service is only second to Sears so don't expect much. As a former customer I can understand your frustration. I was stuck with them until I moved and now have Fios. What a difference. Their triple play product is dead reliable with great customer service. No billing issues. Dump them and switch to Verizon. You'll be much happier.
Obsfucation on 2014-01-16:
It seems a little unfair for you to be so impatient with them after it took you several years to pay them what you owed. You say that you are prepared to pay them now, so why not just send in the payment the same way you sent in your bill?

As for FIOS being a better deal?? Not in this universe. You'll pay more, and get less, and their customer service is non-existent.

Good luck.
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