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Terrible:-( :-( :-(
Posted by Ant7hony on 02/27/2014
KODAK, TENNESSEE -- I've had Internet with Comcast for 4 months never been late on payments or anything. A girl called me from Comcast and said I could get TV and internet for $10 more so I agreed. So she said they would send me the box and I was to hook it up. I couldn't get it to work, so I called and the man on the phone told me he'd send someone out and if it was the box it would be a free house call.

The guy came out it was the box so he switched it for a smaller black box. I got my bill and they charged me for the guy coming out and a $50 deposit plus $39.99 and other fee's my bill was $157 dollars. It says 30 days if your not happy you can go back to what you had before. So, I called and they transfered me to 5 different people that I have to tell the same stuff. The girl told me I can go back to what I had, but I would still have to pay for the guy coming out and the $50 deposit fee that they added on so my bill would still be $147 dollars. I just told them to turn everything off so my bill will be at least under $100 so stupid!!! I wish I never agreed to add something that I was lied to about now I am going to lose my Internet too.:-( :-( :-(

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Posted by Lavida_boheme on 02/11/2014
COLORADO -- OK, I'm beginning to think that there is no such thing as a reputable cable/satellite television company. Comcast:

1) hires 'customer service' people who really don't care about you and give you false information.

2) makes promises and then renegs on them.

3) drags their feet at any kind of resolution.

4) Lies/misrepresents themselves some more.

This company is NOT worth doing business with! They will screw you over, trust me on this! These crooks don't even deserve a 1 star - more like -1 star.

DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A TRUSTWORTHY TELEVISION PROVIDER?? Or will I have to go to Hulu and be a season behind?
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Devious? Or Merely Stupid?
Posted by John_paul89 on 02/10/2014
CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- So, we rely heavily on WiFi in our house, and Comcast was the only company that could offer enough mgps to meet our needs ( AT&T came close, but we had 'have cable, too' in order to get the higher WiFi). The sales representative I got on the phone way over-promised and utterly undelivered. According to her, we could get a Triple Play of the high speed Internet we needed, as well as phone and 80 channels of cable (including HBO)- all for $119 per month. Additionally, she said, she could charge us $30 for the install fee (usually $99). I told her I needed to talk to my wife about it, and she agreed to call me the next day.

- What she did instead-
She proceeded to process the order, and the next day (unbeknownst to us) had a technician come over and flip the Comcast switch (previous occupant had Comcast). At that point, Comcast started charging us for service, even though there had been no install, and I had not yet determined what package I wanted.

Additionally, when I called back the next day I was told that the actual cost of the package was going to be $159 per month, and there was no way that the install could be done at $30 (which I was fine with, but why lie?). The person assisting looked at the order she had placed and it was a mess.

- The following month
Received a whopping bill for both service and install, since they started billing us 2 weeks before the actual install. Called to complain, and was told that there was nothing they could do: service started the day they flipped the switch. As I was happy with the phone/internet (we dropped the TV because the original representative had lied to us and there was no HBO included), I agreed to pay the bill.

I paid the bill, and 5 days later received a notification threatening that our service would be pulled due to non-payment. Checked my bill pay and saw that the payment I had sent to them had been deducted from my account. Called them up and asked if they'd received payment. They said they typically receive notification of payment within 3 days of being paid online. I pointed out that it was FIVE days, and is my service at risk of being pulled? I was advised that I should check it again in a couple of days ('because it takes a few days for payments to post', though I again pointed out that it had been ), and if my service gets interrupted they would reinstate it upon receipt of payment for 'ONLY A $25 RECONNECT FEE!!!' Total bargain, when you pay your bills online and on time... ARE THEY KIDDING ME???

This is by far the worst customer service I've experienced, bar none. If their products didn't work acceptably (and weren't the only ones who could offer the wireless speeds we need), I would drop them faster than a politician can lie. I cannot believe these folks haven't gone bankrupt. Yet.
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Bad Dealt With 3 People on Phone
Posted by Ruokie75 on 02/08/2014
IRWIN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Trying to change to new triple play with HD salespeople told me no technician was needed, they would send equipment via UPS and will receive it in 3 to 5 days on 1/23. On 2/01, I called to find out where the customer service representative said at UPS processing center somewhere in PA, not Pittsburgh. It should have been no later then Tuesday.

I Called Wednesday evening and was told nothing had been shipped. The representative checked and said they had what was needed in Greensburg. I told her have them hold them and I'll pick it up on Saturday.

I went on Saturday morning, waited 45 minutes to be waited on and was told the equipment wasn't available. They haven't had any for 2 weeks also, I would need a tech at $50.00 charge to hook it up. That was not what i was told on 1/23.

I now have to wait 3 to 5 days for equipment and still not have complete service. Someone needs to tell their sales reps 1) make sure what is needed for service is accurate 2) make sure equipment is at the office they send the customer too.

This is the worst service I've had 3 weeks 3 hours of my time and still not right.

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Trouble With Internet
Posted by Benaebertocchi on 01/30/2014
I would like to thank Comcast customer service rep/login #37669
who spent over 30minutes with me by telephone, assisting me with my internet and phone issues. She was very very helpful, supportive, courteous, polite, and deserves to be recognized for her amazing customer service qualities. She is definitely an asset to Comcast's workplace!!! Thanks again #37669........
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The Worst Customer Service Ever
Posted by Gladme on 01/28/2014
HIALEAH, FLORIDA -- In my 49 years of existence I have never written a letter of complaint but I am so APPALLED at Comcast Customer Service that I feel forced to write my first one. Let me start by saying that I would have never thought a company like Comcast would turn out to be the company with the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

My father’s cable went out last Friday, January 17, 2014. He went to the Hialeah Comcast office to advise them of the problem. After waiting in a two hour line they told him that from now on he needed the cable box to be connected. He went home and did just that. However it didn’t work. Seeing my father’s frustration, due to the fact that he is 84 years old and TV is his biggest form of entertainment, I decided to take matters into my own hands and called Comcast for a technical call service.

After going through all of the automated services and sending signals to the cable box Comcast finally agreed that a technician had to service my father. At this point my father had been without cable for three days. A technician was scheduled to come on that Tuesday and never showed. I called to let them know this. Again, a person came on and tried to tell me what to do with the box, etc. With no apologies given for the not show call they scheduled yet another appointment for Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014. This time they called my dad and by accident my dad pressed the wrong button. Within 20 seconds I was calling Comcast back to let them know of the mistake but they said that appointment couldn’t take place anymore and that the earliest they could come was on Wednesday, Jan. 29 for a $30.00 fee. I was very upset and hung up on the guy, called back and was able to get someone friendlier who scheduled a call for the following day, Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014 from 10-12. By Sunday at 12:00 no one had showed up and when I called they told me that the appointment was cancelled due to a power outage. At this time I was furious. How can an appointment be cancelled due to a power outage when it is obvious that my father’s cable service interruption was there before the power outage took place? I felt my blood pressure rising and the lady finally put me through to a supervisor who assured me someone would be there on that day and gave me a priority number of 020380997. She said someone would call me back to give me a time of arrival. Sunday came and went and no one called. Meanwhile, my poor 84 year old father has been sitting doing nothing waiting for the Comcast technician to come. Today, Monday, January 27, 2014, I called Comcast once again. This time I got someone who told me the computer said that a technician was scheduled to go to my father’s house on Wednesday, Jan. 29, from 1:00 – 3:00. To say that I was angry, frustrated and helpless is an understatement. I hung up, called back and this time the lady told me now that the priority number which I was given on Sunday was never inputted correctly into the computer therefore that is the reason no one ever called. She proceeded to tell me that a call would take place on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014, from 1:00 to 3:00. I told her a service call had to take placed TODAY, Monday, Jan. 27 because my father had been without cable for a week and a half. I proceeded to tell her that she needed to cancel someone else or pay a tech over time but that my father deserved at least that. She told me no problem that she was going to call me back with another priority number and the problem would be resolved today. Needless to say, today came and went and I never got a call back.

I am appalled that these people represent Comcast. My father has a home owners association which contracts Comcast therefore it is the only reason that keeps us tied to Comcast. If not I would have been gone a long time ago. I have U-Verse and had been thinking of switching over to get Infinity since U-Verse is a little bit overpriced. I wouldn’t switch to Comcast even if you told me I could have it for free. What a difference with customer service. This is not the end of it. My next step is to get the residents signatures for the association to withdraw from Comcast as I have already found out how many residents are dissatisfied with Comcast’s services. I will also post my bad experiences and bad reviews for Comcast on the internet where I see possible. It is the worst company I have ever dealt with. The bad experience has left us aggravated, helpless, used and fooled. I am a teacher and this morning on my way to work was when I called. I felt so frustrated and upset that I got into a car accident but then again that’s a whole different story that I am sure Comcast could care less about. All I heard from your workers is “I feel your frustration”. I told them that it was obvious they had been trained to say that for by then I had heard it 100 times. I asked them to please stop saying it because it just made me more furious.

I forgot to tell you that after my accident my husband took over the situation and tried taking care of the problem from his job. They told him not to worry that they would take care of it today. Comcast assured that my father would get a call before the service call today. NO ONE CALLED!!!!

Comcast is truly the worst company I have ever dealt with. They don’t care about their customers or anything else and I will make sure that everyone and every possible source of communication finds out about my experience.

Gladys Sola
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Posted by Shaun on 2014-01-30:
It does sound frustrating.

Are you sure the HOA requires that your father go through Comcast as opposed to suggesting a cable technology versus that of digital satellite. I've seen HOAs that have a primary concern of digital satellite dish(s) being VISIBLE. But that doesn't mean that you couldn't cancel Comcast and subscribe to either DirectTV or Dish Network
Posted by Paul on 2014-01-30:
Yes, this is very frustrating, but unfortunately, it isn't shocking or surprising. You see I have been through this with other large companies, for example Verizon. Not a cable provider, but has equally deplorable customer service - at least for DSL/land line customers. Dell - another company with horrendous customer service. I hope this is resolved for you soon.
Posted by nikalseyn on 2014-02-02:
Why don't you just buy a ten dollar rabbit ear tv aerial and at least set your dad up to watch the telly over the air until you figure out how to get cable tv? In your area you should be able to get a few stations and they are now digital so the quality is great, even with a small indoor aerial. At least he would get some tv.
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Poor Business Practices, Poor Customer Service, Ignorant Personnel.
Posted by Bjvom on 01/19/2014
FLORIDA -- The advertised contract price for service does not include all the mandatory equipment you are forced to lease from Comcast in order to use the service.

They add every possible miscellaneous charge they can (postage, service call, technical assistance) even when you didn't request it and it didn't solve any problem.

When you call to rectify mistakes and unfair charges, it takes far too long to navigate through the electronic ignore queue choosing from umpteen options, none of which often remotely align with the reason for the call. When you finally reach a living human being, more often than not their English is barely intelligible, they can not comprehend the nature of the problem, and they are not authorized to do anything about it. Eventually calls are "escalated" to another operator and you then try to explain it all over again. Never once in all the times I have called with a problem has any "customer service specialist" at any level ever asked me the one simple question they should; "What is it you need?" Instead, you are subjected to a counterproductive delivery of a seeming unending litany of scripted responses that serve no purpose other than to waste time. I saved the text of the last online chat to show anyone who thinks I am hydrolyzing my experience.

It would be funny if it were not so frustrating and blood-pressure-raising. The always polite but always unresponsive responses lead me to believe the person on the other end has no prior experience with human interaction much less with technical problems.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2014-01-20:
Comcast has worked very hard to earn the title Comcrap. Definitely well deserved. The next time you have to call them keep pressing 0, sometimes it will bypass the Comcrap options and get to a real human. As for the quality of the human? Well that's a discussion in itself.

Comcrap = Outsourcing at its finest.

Companies have more phone numbers and contact options than ever. GetHuman shows you how to get through fastest.

Posted by madconsumer on 2014-01-20:
i have been with "Comcast" for 14 years, and have never experienced the issues you claim. yes I have to rent their equipment, far cheaper than purchasing outright. recently I called the customer service line, entered the account telephone number, pressed zero for a human, and was connected directly. the person on the other end answered my questions promptly. their customer service is regional, therefore I would suspect being in florida, they employ other nationalities.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2014-01-20:
I've had good results with Comcast internet service. In the rare instance I need help, I do an online chat since my hearing is bad. I'm a longtime customer, not an employee.
Posted by ok4now on 2014-01-21:
As a former captive Comcrap customer I can relate to your problem and understand your frustration. Example: I had a frequent internet problem where I had no internet connection. I spent over an hour on the phone (mostly on hold) being transferred from one idiot to the next. They read off of their cheat sheet and couldn't fix it.

I then drove to their local office hoping for faster service. What a joke, it looked like a welfare office and I could see the problem. Employees were joking and kidding around while ignoring the waiting customers. The phone was ringing off the hook but nobody answered it. This is customer service?

I now have Verizon Fios and am loving it. Everything works (triple play) and I have no complaints. Great fiber optic HD TV. Blazing fast internet and dead reliable phone service. Dump Comcrap and switch to Verizon. You'll be much happier.
Posted by Shayen on 2014-01-21:
I've known people who worked for Comcast Call Centers. Basically, they hire anyone with a pulse and pay them barely over minimum wage.
Posted by angie_regis on 2014-01-21:
They are WAY TOO expensive for the level of ineptitude they provide! Too bad comcast internet is the fastest.
Posted by ok4now on 2014-01-22:
"Too bad Comcast internet is the fastest." Really? Do your homework. Transmission speed of light through fiber is much faster than electricity through cable...hands down. With fiber internet the speed is dramatically faster. The TV signal is brighter, no lag time in movies and instant on. Still not convinced? Do a comparison test at speedtest.net. Fiber smokes cable.
Posted by Ready to dump Comcast on 2014-01-24:
Comcast Cable is THE worst company i have ever dealt with. Their customer service people are the most ignorant and moronic people i have ever had to deal with. I moved in July of 2013 and it took them until October of 2013 to get my account straightened out. This was after i had to call every day for 4 months, several times per day to do so. Thankfully i keep notes with names of who i spoke to, what time i spoke to them and what was said during the conversation because even though the rep said "we are noting this in the computer" they weren't. It took me calling over 60 times, yes i said 60 times, to get them to remove a service tech charge from my bill that was not supposed to be charged to begin with. They just kept telling me it was being noted in the computer and then sending me a bill every month with the charges still on it. I guess they figured i was a dumb ass, like themselves, and would just forget about it and pay it. Now i am having to call because my local office did not post a payment i just made and they are trying to charge me for that amount again. I am fed up with comcast and have decided that i no longer wish to have television. I can get my local news on my computer at work and i have a $1.20 to rent a movie from the Redbox every week. It's a shame that they are one of the most expensive pay television providers on the market and they don't invest any of that money into properly training their staff and customer support people. Oh that's right, the CEO Brian Roberts needs that money, to hell with his customers.
Posted by ok4now on 2014-01-25:
Ready to dump Comcast: Excellent Post! You nailed this big time. Comcrap customer service is the worse. They try to wear you down with their incompetence and horrible tech support. I couldn't wait to dump them after I moved. I now have FIOS with no problems or issues. Everything works better and customer service has been great.
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They Lie and Extort!
Posted by Aoaklee on 01/15/2014
ISLAMORADA, FLORIDA -- I am so outraged with Comcast!
i sign up for their. ."Bundle pack" at one price!!
i have never seen that price on my bill!! Ever
i get letters once a month. . Why the bill is going up. . New box, less channels etc
a letter today I will be billed additional 10. For a 4th box I have.
I never had $ boxes or tv!!
i call, its a 1/2 day on the phone need serial numbers etc. . Move furniture etc get her 2 numbers. . The guy downstairs not available. . She says she will call me back at 4. .. Never calls
i am right now on hold after a new guy tells me, can't find all that info. .. I am being charged for a 3rd box. . I am paying for 2. .. What the hell is wrong here!!!
i am on hold so long I have time to write this!
it is appalling, extortion, the worst business I have ever dealt with!
don't watch any tv if you have to call or consider Comcast the worst!

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False Information/Fraud
Posted by LMitchell528 on 01/14/2014
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- In October 2013 I called Comcast for service. I knew I had a bill so I asked them how much was my old balance. They told me I qualify for a program called the amnesty. This program was to write off up to 500 of the bill and I would have to pay the rest up front in my case it was suppose to be $19 along with the first months bill of the new service.. I told them I will call on Friday when I get paid. When I called back on Friday I was told my account was so old that I will start over as a new customer and I will not owe anything from the past. Ok they come out hook my service up. I get my bill, I pay $250.00 then I get another bill and my 250.00 was applied to my 7 year old debt. I called Comcast to see what was going on. I could not get anyone to explain what was going on. Finally I spoke with a Rep by the name of Passion. She told me with the Amnesty program they only write off a certain amount, so this will not happen again and offer me a free premium channel for 6 months. At this time I had no trust in Comcast so I did not want to pay my next bill and they apply it to the old account. I contact them again to ask for something in writing to be sent to my email, no one wanted to do that . I was given the number to Collections I contacted them they are always busy and ask if you would leave a message, and someone would call you back. No one ever calls back when you get in touch with someone they tell you it is billing and billing tell you it is collections issue. I have been going through this for six weeks. On Friday Jan 10,2014 my services were disrupted. On Tuesday Jan 14 2014, I went to Comcast located at 900 Michigan Ave. I was told it was nothing they could do about this. They gave me two numbers to call. One was the number I have been leaving messages with for 6 weeks and the other says they are just a payment center, they can not look into my account. I am so frustrated with all of this. When I called back in October All I wanted was an amount to pay my old bill. I do not understand why all of this is happening now., If Comcast just said your old balance is $500.00 I would have paid it in October and everyone would be happy. Comcast would have had there old payment in full and I would have my service. I am so confused by all of this. Comcast is the worst ever.
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Posted by ok4now on 2014-01-15:
Welcome to Comcrap, where they never fail to pizz off a customer. Their customer service is only second to Sears so don't expect much. As a former customer I can understand your frustration. I was stuck with them until I moved and now have Fios. What a difference. Their triple play product is dead reliable with great customer service. No billing issues. Dump them and switch to Verizon. You'll be much happier.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2014-01-16:
It seems a little unfair for you to be so impatient with them after it took you several years to pay them what you owed. You say that you are prepared to pay them now, so why not just send in the payment the same way you sent in your bill?

As for FIOS being a better deal?? Not in this universe. You'll pay more, and get less, and their customer service is non-existent.

Good luck.
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On Going Issues
Posted by Mfsf06 on 01/03/2014
FRANKLINVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- I moved in in May. Comcast is the only service in my area. I was with Direct TV for 7 years and never had problem like Comcast has given me!!!! Since May there's been a TV if not both with something going wrong. From no DVR to no channels to now our internet kicking you off every other hour and so much more. Then when you call they put you on hold for ever.

I pay close to $200 a month and this is the service I'm stuck with. I even had a employee argue with me over them being the best!!! Comcast is a joke and they don't care about there customers or the service as long as they get paid!!!
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