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Now I Remember Why We Went To Satellite
Posted by Dustysangel on 03/14/2011
BREMERTON, WASHINGTON -- We had Comcast when we lived in Tacoma and they sucked so badly that once we moved we switched to DirecTV. Sadly we moved to a place where we were unable to receive satellite service so we had no choice but to go back to Comcast. We were getting just the basic converter box cable and wanted to "upgrade" one of the rooms. Now we get this "new" box hook everything up properly and can't get any channels past our local channels.

Called customer service and got no real help, only to be told we have to wait two days for a tech to come out to "fix" the problem. Some upgrade. Now I remember why we left Comcast in the first place.

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Posted by dan gordon on 2011-03-15:
as someone who had dish and just started with Comcast you'll be much happier. I know the 'bar' for cust svc is low but with Comcast you get an office to go to with people who work in the USA. You don't have to have a contract, be on autopay, or pay $129 to have someone fix a problem.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-15:
They are going to help you. You just have to wait two days. Patience is a virtue.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-03-15:
When we moved to Washington from Arizona, we went from DirecTv as the first address we lived at could only get Comcast due to trees bloking the southern sky. To get what we have with Comcast, we'd have to sign up with Qwest to get the bundle of Qwest phone and internet and DirecTV. No thank you, I'd never go bck to Qwest. Not aftr having them for so long in Arizona. We get service out of the Olympia office of Comcast, and the service has been excellent. The very few problems we have had have been very minor, and have been fixed with a smile in short order. Don't be so impatient, Comcast is extrmely busy, wih all the people coming over from satellite. Two days is not going to kill you. Relax, you'll get an ulcer.
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ComCast's Digital Scam
Posted by Tamiep on 10/14/2009
Comcast has taken advantage of this Digital thing. They say the converter is free, but fail to mention that you will loose channels you already have, claim that it was a mistake that you had them in the first place, and tell you that you have to upgrade to get them back (meaning pay more).

Not only that but to now get Nick Jr, which is the main channel that we watch, you have to buy the $75 package! My cable was $19.95! They truly are scammers!!! I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau! I hope you all do to.

This is outrageous!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-14:
cancelling the crappy service would be easier....

good luck!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-14:
I think maybe you might be mistaken. Prior to this program, I was losing channels as they moved them from analog to digital. When they announced this program, I jumped right on the nabdwagon and got two of the new boxes (and yes, they are free) and when I connected them I got back the channels I had previously lost.

If it is a case of you getting paid channels for free, then the only scam is you not paying. You benefited from their mistake, that doesn't mean they never have a right to correct the mistake. If they retroactively charged you for those channels, would that make it all better?
Posted by tamiep on 2009-10-15:
There is always some jerk on these things just trying to make the person posting wrong. Get a life, guy.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-15:
does that mean that if he had agreed with you he'd then "have a life"?

Personally I'd suggest reading the contract to see what channels are authorized and which ones aren't.

the last time i had cable i had a list of channels that were authorized for my account and what ones i'd have to pay extra for. course these days i don't have any TV. not much on that i like watching save for 2 shows.. but that's just me.
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Warning Comcast Desktop Doctor deletes files
Posted by Caribmer on 06/03/2007
MASSACHUSETTS -- Comcast's online utility software called Desktop Doctor somehow deleted over 3Gb (billion bytes) of data including thousands of photos and other very important data.

I could not get through to Comcast's call center and was forced to pay to have the data recovered.

After 7 phone calls to Comcast and bouncing through their call centers a technician was sent out to research the problem. I paid a data recovery company to recover my data and was informed by a comcast rep. to save the receipt for reimbursement.

A technician spent 3 hours rebuilding the operating system and troubleshooting but could not even get the internet to work again. The PC is a total loss and the technician refuses to acknowledge this. He told me he is "skeptical about everything in his life" and obviously does not understand that he was dealing with someone with a technology background.

He spent 1 hour trying to connect to the internet and then blamed it on the virus protection software program. Rather than trusting the customer, this technician failed to see that I lost 6 years worth of data and software files on a 40Gb is unrecoverable without data recovery software. The technician then had the nerve to say that he could not prove that it was this utility that deleted the files. I have over 20 years experience in the technology area and am dumbfounded by this lack of accountability.

He then informed me that Comcast would contact me and send another tech. to resolve this. A Comcast manager has not returned my call and I am fed up with paying $100 month for services that are overpriced. The desktop doctor utility should be taken off their website before this happens to other customers.
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Posted by MRM on 2007-06-03:
That is very unfortunate that you have lost 3gigs of data. Hopefully, you have some data backed up since your last backup session. Also, If you use a recovery software made by Ontrack, you may be able to recover some of your data, if not all of it. You can still recover some of the data even when the harddrive has been formatted and restored to its factory settings. Toodles...
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-06-03:
Comcast...the name says it all.
Posted by BvF7734 on 2007-06-03:
I feel for you. Honest I do. However, I am puzzled at your lack of knowledge as well. Being a desktop tech of only 5 years personally, I know of at least a dozen ways to recover the data through both legal and not so legal methods without spending a dime. Most simple of all is a simple undelete command from the command prompt. Others involve booting into a BartPE environ to recover the data using forensic tools. Also even going into the Linux side to recover data as well.

All that aside, The tech that visited does sound rather incompetent and I hope this works out for you.
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Charges on services not rendered/ refusal to refund $459 of monies already paid
Posted by JN25 on 04/19/2006
SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND -- Comcast is a rip off company. I lived with my parents part of 2004 and 2005. In March 2005 I had the HSI cut off because I moved but still had the cable connected for their use. Because why have them pay reactivation fees and such, plus they don't speak English so if they have any problems I can speak to customer service easier.

Apparently for the next 10 months we were being billed for the HSI (which was included in the bill with the cable)and my parents kept paying the bill for both services not knowing that I had already cut the HSI. When I finally looked at the bill and realized we are still being charged I contacted Comcast and a representative said they will put in the request to refund the $459 of fees charged and paid to Comcast. The research will have to be approved by one of the managers Thaiwo or somebody. Well here we are April 19, 2006 and I called customer service and Christine looked into the matter and said apparently they have no records of me ever calling and no records of any conversation to any reps or and research into the matter. I asked Christine to give me the corporate office number, but surely enough she doesn't have it, how convenient! All she had was the mailing address which I took down. Christine says she will put in a request to have 3 months refunded but not 10 months. Why I asked? Response: Because it was your fault for not calling in the error! My response: My fault that I had already returned the modem 10 months ago with a promise from the drop off center that I will not be billed for HSI, my fault for them to continue to bill me and continue to accept the payments when no service was rendered! I asked Christine: So why is okay for Comcast to add late fees and discontinue notices and put customers into collection for being late 2 months? And is okay to take some ones money for Comcast error and not refund the monies already collected for services not rendered? Is this legal or illegal?

Well now I'm up against the wall, this refusal of refund of $459 has ticked me off to the point where I have to complain to the Montgomery County Consumer Affairs. Guess I will have to wait and see. Oh I spent already 4 hours researching how I can contact and complain to Comcast directly. It is near impossible to get a direct number to corporate office. The only number posted when I google search is the regular customer service #1800-comcast. There needs to be some type of class action suit for customers with real disputes. Is there any one who knows of a class action suit for Comcast, I would like to sign up! Your thoughts needed. Thanks!

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Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-19:
If you need the address and phone# to Comcast Corporate office, here it is. I can also get you a list of there corporate officers.
Comcast Corp.
1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102-2148
Phone: 215-665-1700
Fax: 215-981-7790
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-19:
I found this info in the Yahoo financial section.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-04-20:
Why didn't you just show them the receipt you got when you turned in the modem? You say you didn't get a receipt? Your problem then. I've been with Comcast for more years than I can remember. The have a very good website--just click on 'support.' Within a minute of contacting them, I get an acknowledgement email with a confirmation number (or do they call it case number?). The latest silly thing they helped me with is the influx of spam email I was getting. The gal 'walked' me through what I had to do. Voila! No more spam. Consider yourself fortunate that they're willing to make any kind of deduction at all.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-28:
Comcast Corp. Phone Number in Philly - ask for customer problem resolution
Posted by J.Ryan on 2006-05-08:
I have experience dealing with consumer complaints specific to Comcast. I believe I could assist with this situation as well as many others I've read here. It's a fairly complicated process due to different "departments" at national, regional and local levels with each department having various "levels" of priority. I'd be happy to assist since I've been through it all so please feel free to email me and I'll be more than happy to provide you with more information.

J. Ryan
Posted by MadComcastCustomer on 2006-11-18:
Yes, I am trying to organize a class action suit now. Comcast is charging me for porno movies that I didn't order, and they have disconnected my service several times until I have paid for them. Enough is Enough!
Posted by Julie on 2013-05-31:
We just add to the people who have been ripped off by comcast. We live in Spring, Tx and have been paying for 6monhs now for a service we never had. We contact Comcast several times and they sent tech. that didn't help since they said the problem was not technical, but otherwise: we were givens phone number that never existed, it never got on the record even.so we were left with NO phone service either for whole six months and they made us pay for it. Even worse, every single time we call the costumer service they went ballistic with us like if was our fault that Comcast was charging us for 6 moths for services we were not getting. Today was the last straw, the MF costumer service representative went ballistic because it was "our fault", according to him, to not do everything we needed to do to make Comcast straight! Ok enough for us. We just go back to our old home: AT and T! The HELL with Comcast!! they can keep the money that stole from us AND give it a better use, like improving the salary of the f* customer service people there!

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Billing Problem
Posted by Geomerr on 04/15/2014
My problem was corrected and handled very professionally by
Louise CCBL {32825}.
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Kelly At The Tucson Location Provided Extremely Helpful Information. She Was Patient And Knowledgeable. I Am Very Pleased That She
Posted by Dlcoe7 on 04/13/2014
I could not receive Gmail or open apps. Kelly patiently guided me through all the steps to rectify and correct the problem. She is a valuable employee. the date is 4/13/2014 at approximately 11 am.
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Comcast Rips Off The Disabled
Posted by Patricialong1 on 04/10/2014
PALM BEACH FLORIDA CORPORATE OFFICES, FLORIDA -- We became members in 2011 Oct 30. They hooked up the equipment wrong and had to return. I had issues within 24 hours. The real problem started Dec 2011. When we could not watch channels due to all kinds of different interference on different channels. The internet did not work and they told us we had to buy a splitter and router from Walmart at our cost . To use the internet we had to unhook the TV and then hook up the internet this went on for 2 years.

My husband was disabled and had a feeding tube in his stomach he had cancer. I have a FDA recall implant in my back my spine is broken and the implant grows into my organs so it rips my organs every time I had to change TV to internet back to TV. Then you could not watch the TV because the internet was on. They said I had to many walls in my house 1400 square feet 2 bedroom home. They promised the would credit us for all the trouble when the issue was fixed. Well I had over 50 tech here and 278 hours on the phone with this company. I know I should have thrown their junk in the street. 4 other neighbors on a 10 house block had the same problem and was promised the same compensation.

They changed my DVR boxes on all 3 TV because they said the boxes were bad. Well again its their equipment I should not have to pay for boxes that do not work. Replacing the boxes never ever fixed the issue. They told me they ran and changed the wires from our phone pole were the signal come through to the house 7 times according to an independent company it was never change and was a lie. Another issue they steal, every time the took a box out to be changed the did not take it off the bill I was paying for 3 boxes on each TV - 3 TVs for 2 years before I caught that issue.I was also paying for HD never hooked up until Dec 2013.

Their customer service team is well trained to quote we will compensate you. All I got was the refund for the boxes they overcharged me and the no shows tech credits. The did allow us HBO and Starz for free for a couple of months but you could not watch those either. Due to both of us being disabled, my husband fighting cancer with no insurance after being fired from his job the last thing we need was to fight a cable company. We were kind understanding and gave them 3 years to fix the issues. I have my DVR's that shows issues until the day we were disconnected. On May 31 2013 They quoted me a special bundle package for 119.00 month for phone, internet and TV. I was paying over 200.00 a month. I spent 9 hours on the phone because the new package discounted channels. I was quoted wrong 3 times and had to speak to 7 supervisors to fix the price issue which shows as a credit on my bill of 30.,00. That was the only way the supervisor could fix the billing issue. Well the phone did not work. People from landlines just received a dead line no sound.

After 3 years I finally said fine you can not fix the issues I can live with that but I am due a credit for 3 years of services issues. Not a 3 year credit some reasonable refund.for the time, pain, and no service. When the love of your life is dying changing cable not top of the list but I believed they were honest. MY BAD. I watch what ever channel is working, I bought a cell phone so I took care of the phone issue for now, They did finally fix the internet in DEC 2013. But all the pain the techs in and out of your house when you are both in such pain is crazy.

The last issue was they wanted again to come in and change the boxes. They said our boxes are old. So again bad boxes. Their tech department told me and I quote 1 box might go bad but not all 3. they just change them. Their equipment, techs, and corporate office are the worse I have ever talked. to. I am a customer service manager for 30 years and we always stood behind what we promised. I believed they would also . NOT TRUE and changing TV boxes does not fix the phone they blamed that on Verizon issues., however the people calling me also have AT&T and Comcast.

Join us make a complaint with the FCC, Its the old bait and switch they will cheat you. So far, I have had 362 people change in 3 states and that one weeks work. DO NOT LOSE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.
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Forced to Pay for 2 Weeks of Service, No Service
Posted by Snlionheart on 03/25/2014
LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON -- Surprise, surprise. My service was disconnected on Friday evening. Apparently, unbeknownst to me I had missed a couple payments without any notification. Unfortunately, I had no money until the first week of next month. So, I called and made an arrangement to have the full past due amount paid in that week. They said we will reconnect you then. Today, I realized that they were making me pay for 2 weeks service without actually receiving the service. So I called again and asked about it. The CS person became very rude and yelled over my questions that she couldn't do anything for me. I tried to explain that this practice of making customers pay for something they weren't receiving is not industry standard. She just hung up on me.

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Posted by Paul on 2014-03-27:
The CSR could have informed you that it was not industry standard to provide services and not be paid for them.

My guess is that since you went multiple months without paying your bill that Comcast is requiring a security deposit of sorts, in case this happens again.
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Worst Customer Service Ever!!!!
Posted by Krwrll on 03/08/2014
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I have a problem with my wifi signal being too weak. called Comcast customer service and made an appointment for a service tech to come and look at it. It was set for 3-5-14 between 5-7 pm. At 8 pm called, because no one showed or called me. They were very sorry and rescheduled for 3-6-14 between the same hours but did say it could be as late as 10 pm before someone showed up, REALLY? Well guess what, no call no show again. This time they offered 3 months free HBO, funny because I don't have TV service with them. Like they couldn't see that when looking at my account. I have Dish for TV and for a VERY good reason. After waiting on 3-7-14, again no call or show on the 3rd appointment, Oh and they would be sure that a supervisor called me. Still waiting for that call and a tech that may be here today 3-8-14 or tomorrow 3-9-14 between 12-6 pm. I also email the VP of customer relations, no word from him either. My time means nothing to them since I have no other options in the area that I live in. They tell you whatever they have to just to get you off the phone because they no when you call back you will always get someone else and they never have to talk to you again. They are usually in another part of the world, if they are even in the US.

This company has THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! If you have any other option for internet or TV service I strongly recommend that you go with it. I would rather have slower service than to ever have to deal with this RIDICULOUS company EVER AGAIN.#worstcustomerserviceever
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Over Payments and they Refuse to Return It
Posted by Luckyjewels25 on 02/28/2014
GREENEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- We're just another case where Comcast has not only refused to cancel service without multiple calls but are holding 4 months of over payments under the ruse that we owe $40 missing equipment....which it was their technician that "as advertised when you move" rehooked us up and took all the old equipment claiming it was defective and had to be replaced.

Well people, there's no hope out here...Comcast just continues to be allowed to "STEAL" customers money and nobody stops them. There has to be a way to stop Comcast's bad and illegal business practices. Were cancelling all our service but there has to be some way to get someone powerful to indict the top management for this recurring theft.
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