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Comcast Dug Huge Holes in My Yard, Left Exposed Wires and Cable Hazards
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- My brother came home to find the cable box which is located in the front of my yard ripped off and a big black cable protruding from its connectors which then went across my driveway and across my entire front yard to another neighbors home. He stated his first thought was that someone was stealing cable until he was informed by neighbors that Comcast was the culprit. Not only is there a huge, black cable going across my driveway and cutting through the middle of my front yard, Comcast Cable has also dug a huge "Grave like" hole in my front yard right at the edge of my front yard where many people in the community use the walkway for their walks.

This hole is so large it can swallow a toddler or a small child whole. It's very deep. Comcast contractors did a very lazy, shoddy job in trying to tape off this section by using red tape that does not even tape off the hole but the area behind it. There are large wires protruding from this hole going into the street. My brother and several neighbors have called Comcast for over two months to express our concerns about the exposed wires (as so many children play in this area as I have a corner lot) and Comcast has been indifferent to our concerns. Comcast has made no effort to explain when this issue will get fixed if ever. Every time my brother or a visitor to the home drives up into the driveway they are driving over huge cables.

Also, the wires protruding out of this hole go out into the street. Last, Comcast has left a huge pile of dirt which extends from my yard and blocks the walkway of a public sidewalk. How is it possible that Comcast or any utility company can create electrical and trip hazards by having large, gaping holes being left in the yard with exposed electrical wires going all through a private homeowners yard, across their personal drive and into the street for two months without any word on a resolution? I am concerned someone will get hurt or even yet KILLED.
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User Replies:

Soaring Consumer on 2013-12-27:
File a complaint with your local public utilities commission as well as the code enforcement division of your police department.
Tezrien on 2013-12-27:
Utilities including cable companies have an easement at the edge of your property where it meets the road. But the cables running across your driveway are fair game. They most likely aren't electrical cables and I would cut them in the most damaging way possible. Then they would HAVE to listen to your neighbors who suddenly have no service. Also I would complain to your town and.or state's office that governs utilities.
ok4now on 2013-12-27:
Welcome to Comcrap. This is just one example of how they abuse a paying customer. I dumped them and now have Fios and I'm loving it. Yes they have their share of negative reviews as all cable providers do. Verizon has given me the least problems with really good customer service. When hurricane Sandy hit the entire neighborhood lost power for a week. I have a Generac backup 20KW generator that restored power in 12 seconds for the entire house. I had full Verizon phone, internet and digital TV during the entire power outage. Other neighbors with generators lost service from Comcrap. You be the judge.
clutzycook on 2013-12-28:
In addition to reporting them to your local government officials, I'd contact the news media. They love stories like this. A little public shaming goes a long way to light a fire under Comast's collective rear ends.
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Cable Picks Up Radio Station Cannot Get Service to Come
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- My cable box seems to be picking up a Radio station playing music 24/7 it never stops .I can stand about 2-3 feet from the outside cable box and follow the orange line around the garage to end of garage where the black wire stats and goes up into the attic. I even hear the sound through the wires. In our neighborhood the electric wires are under ground so a cable box, an electrical box and a box for phone are grouped together, actually they look more lie poles about 4 to 5 feet tall, on the other side of my home are two more such poles they also have music coming out of them.

This has been going on for three years I always assumed it was coming from a neighbor I just found out recently where the problem is. The bad part is that the music comes in to my house, it is one volume outside and twice as loud inside my house, making my live hell. Hard to watch a movie or read a book, sleeping is also impossible, my nerves are shot. So I called Comcast on Aug. 9 told them the story that said they would send a tech, no one showed next call Sep.6 , Answer someone would come on Fri. Next call Sep 13 I was the informed that I got the wrong info, someone had to come who ha special tool that could take 3 to 10 days.

Next call Sep. 17 I was told someone would be here this evening between 5 and 7 pm I called one more time Sep 19. I explained the story again, told the person that I would report them to the FCC it should be obvious that something is cross in the wiring , I than spoke with a supervisor He never heard of such a thing he thought someone was playing a trick on me Sure 24/7 a trick. He finally said he would send Tech who would have special tools. I said it was sad that Comcast only had on set of special tools. Today is Sept. 21 I have not heard or see any one from Comcast and no one has called. How can people have a job in customer service when they have no training how to treat the customers, We are not just Pee ons we are clients paying good money and we deserve the best service. Without us there would be no job
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Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI -- In Feb 2013 I had Comcast cable installed in my home. On the day of installation, the tech was over 3 hours late to the 2 hour appointment window. During the installation, the tech misjudged while trying to drill a hole to run a line into one of the bedrooms and I now have a hole in my living room wall where the drill came through. Along the way I have had a few issues, but they were all pretty easily handled...of coarse after spending 30-40 min (sometimes longer) on hold with the service center. On July 11 my cable box in my living room quit working. After another very long hold session (two days in a row) I was told to swap the box out at my local office. When I went to swap the box out the lady tells me that I have a DVR box and that I haven't been paying for. I tell her that I never asked for a DVR box, just a digital box. She proceeds to tell me that I will be back-billed for the time I have had the DVR box. Anyway, after a few "not so nice" words were exchanged, I left with my digital box. After I get the box home and hook everything up, guess what...that's right...it doesn't work. After another 3 hr wait for someone to call me back, they try sending signals and I still do not have service. They schedule someone to come out (a week and a half later). When the tech comes, he tells me that it will be a $60.00 charge for him to see if he can fix the cable. Negative. He tells me that he can tell me what to do and they won't charge me. OK. my cable works but goes in and out for the next day and a half. Now it is completely out again. I have spend another 30+ min on the phone with the service center with someone who can barley speak English and is trying to tell me to do everything that has already been done. He did schedule another technician to come out this Saturday (4 days from now). He can't tell me whether there will be a charge or not.

One thing you can bet, this is the absolute last chance Comcast has to make things right or I will be canceling my service and calling a contractor to come do an estimate on fixing my wall and Comcast will be getting the bill for it. (Which is by the way ridiculous that no one has contacted me yet after I have mentioned it to them three times).

In my opinion, don't waste your time with Comcast.
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Three Appointments Made, Three No-Shows!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NAPLES, FLORIDA -- I made an appointment with Comcast on Thursday morning for Saturday between 10:00 and 12:00 noon. I was told that I would receive a phone call when the technician was on his way. At 12:30 I decided to call to see when he was coming. It was a two hour wait to speak to a representative.

The Comcast representative was in India. I was told I had no appointment scheduled. I was told the appointment was made for August 2. I made no such appointment. I asked to speak to a supervisor and waited 40 minutes when I just hung up. I later called back, waited two hours for Comcast to return my call. I made an appointment for Sunday and was told it was between 12:00 and 6:00 pm. I was told I would receive a call to narrow the window. At 2:30 I called Comcast to see if they could tell me when the technician was coming. I waited 90 minutes to speak to someone (in India) and was told I had no appointment. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told, "He was engaged on the phone." She would have him call me when he was free and asked for my contact numbers. He never called.

On Monday morning I called (India again) to explain my frustration. I was told how sorry he was. I asked if we could try again. We made an appointment for Wednesday. I was told they would call me to let me know the time frame. When I never received a call, I called Comcast again. This time it was the Philippines. Again I was told I had no appointment. It was scheduled for August 2. My billing statement has printed, "Thank you for being a valued Comcast customer." Are they kidding me? I wasted a whole week-end of my valuable time, I spoke to a variety of people who do not speak clear English, who say a lot of nothing, who lie, who are illiterate, and do not deserve their jobs. We must call out of the country to find Comcast store hours, and they don't know. We must call out of the country to see if what is needed is in stock in the Comcast store. They do not know.

I cannot send Comcast my hard earned money as they do not deserve it. I will change services in the very near future. Comcast can go to hell!
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User Replies:

bcd on 2013-07-25:
Comcast pulled the same stunt on us last year. They changed the date of the first appointment without notifying us. They failed to show up for the second appointment and they denied our claim that we scheduled the third appointment. I spoke with local reps with minimal hold time but the results were as poor as your dissatisfaction with their overseas support. I have no confidence in their integrity and I feel your pain. Good luck, AT and T is no better.
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Comcast Poor Customer Service at All Levels.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA -- Comcast has the worst customer service I have ever seen in my entire life. They offered to help me with my problem (hacked internet account). When the customer support person realized that she couldn't help, hung up on us. We called back and another customer support person hung up on us again. The third time we called, another customer support person told us that they couldn't help but level 2 service could. We were then transferred to a level 2 representative who told us that we will not be disappointed if we sign up for the Xfinity service. It sounded too good to be true and I repeatedly asked her if she knew what it would take to recover my account and she reassured me on that.

As soon as I signed up, the tech service representative came on the line and told me that it wasn't doable. I asked to cancel the service and was told that the department was closed. It took me a while to finally get to a representative to cancel the service, but I was doubtful that they would do the right thing after all that I experienced. Sure enough, I was billed for the service that I didn't receive. I had to call back again to have the charges removed. This time I was told by the billing support representative that the cancellation didn't take effect and she would have to transfer me to that department. I was frustrated and asked to speak to a supervisor. She then put me on hold in the "hold universal" to teach me a lesson. In summary, Comcast sucks big time.

The minute I find another viable internet provider, I will switch for sure. Comcast should know that customers will not tolerate this backward customer service. If they don't improve, they will be replaced by their competitors one of these days.
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Comcast Is Not Ethical Toward the Community
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I wrote to Comcast since I was billed $10 a month for a year for a movie channel I never watched. Through what I assume to be their advanced technology, they can verify that I never watched this channel. I know I should have noticed it on my bill, but I just paid it monthly. When I cancelled the service, I looked back at my bills and noticed these monthly charges. I wrote to Comcast and received the email below. But when I called and told them I know I was responsible for the other charges, but felt that I should not have to pay for the monthly channel I did not use, I received this email and when I responded through a phone call, I was told I was still responsible.

I knew I could no longer afford cable and that is why I cancelled the service. I was responsible, but they were not. All the times I called to find ways to reduce my bills, no one ever suggested to cancel this movie channel. They supposedly have these programs to help the community, but it is just for advertisement purposes only. It is a lie, because they suggested a program that help if your children are on reduced lunches, but what if your children are grown? And again, why did they not suggest to me to cancel this movie channel if they are so concerned about the community. And when I called, she was rude, so not true, dreams do not happen all season long unless they consider dreams to be nightmares.

Ward, Sandra (Sandra_Ward@cable. Comcast. com)Add to contacts 4/16/13
To: ritakarlo@Hotmail. com

Good day Carlos-

Thank you for contacting the executive office regarding your billing concerns. We appreciate the opportunity to resolve your issues and concerns.

I would like the opportunity to address your concerns, but have been unsuccessful in reaching you at the telephone number provided. Carlos please let me know if there is an alternate telephone number in which to reach you? Please know that we are putting a tremendous amount of resources into improving our customers experience and as such, I look forward to further reviewing your concerns directly. At your earliest convenience please contact me to ensure proper resolution at (888) 736-6711 ext 51500 my office hours are 8:00a through 5:00p central time…..

We appreciate that you took time to help us keep our commitment to quality customer care and look forward to restoring your confidence in Comcast.

Sandra Ward

Comcast Executive Care

Sandra_Ward@cable. Comcast. com

Where dreams happen all season long……
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User Replies:

madconsumer on 2013-05-26:
what did ms. ward say when you contacted her?
FoDaddy19 on 2013-05-26:
There are many channels that I don't watch, but end up paying for on my cable bundle, I would love À la carte pricing on cable TV, but that will never happen. Comcast is my cable provider as well, and my opinion of them isn't not all that high. But in this case they didn't do anything wrong, giving you bill a once over falls into the realm of personal responsibility.

As for the community aspects of it, I will grudgingly admit they do good work around here, they have days were employees come out and build playgrounds, or host a festival for children and adults with disabilities, or do other charity work. I'm not sure how can equate not advising you to drop a movie channel to not caring about the community.
trmn8r on 2013-05-26:
As a rule, you should review all your statements in a timely manner.

When mistakes are made, and consurners are billed for services they aren't using, the law states a company needs to only go back 30-60 days. While it would be nice for a company to go back further, it does require research assuing the records for paid bills are still available.
GenuineNerd on 2013-05-26:
I gave up cable because of the ever-increasing price, and decline of quality, of the service. First I gave up cable internet in favor of DSL because it kept going out...my phone was briefly through Time Warner as well...when the internet goes out, the phone goes out. When a close friend died, and was expecting a lot of calls and e-mails, the service went out again, despite having TWC techs to the house a number of times. I switched phone and internet back to AT and T for that reason, and rarely had issues. Because I spend more time online than in front of the tube, I cancelled the cable, and instead get 32 channels via over-the air, as well as having a Blu-Ray player that can stream Netflix, Hulu Plus, and many other programs, some for free. Cable is a waste of money anymore.
John Nicholson on 2013-05-26:
You are complaining because YOU did not look at your monthly bills and now want to blame the cable company?? You really need to take responsibility for your (in)action. Comcast is totally correct. You are whining. It is not becoming of anyone.

As a note to you: drop the cable telly, buy a $50 Roku box, sign up for Netflix streaming at $7.99 per month(unlimited)and save money big time. When you subscribe to cable, you pay for many channels you do not watch. That's part of your bill. How many people do you think watch the Mexican and religious channels? Very few, but all subscribers subsidize them.
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Comcast Service Is Terrible but Lucky There Are Other Service Providers
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I've had Comcast for years and when I initially signed up I was paying $99.99 for cable/internet/phone. I have my bill automatically drafted from my account and Comcast is supposed to send me my bill via email, but I never get the email for some reason.

I noticed that my bill has gone up over $150,.00 a month so I called to see what happened. They said I was under a special promotional price and that the price I had was no longer available and there was no specials for current customers. I've been with them for over 6 years and you would think they would cut me some deal, but no. I was super frustrated by Comcast and wanted to find a cable provider that was less expensive and I came across this article that really helped me find the best deal in my area.

Hope this helps others also http://coupondeals123.com/coupon/articles.php?article_id=article_20130212
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User Replies:

Anonymous on 2013-02-15:
If you call and tell them that your bill went up and you can no longer afford their service & will be switching to a cheaper provider, they will give the current "new customer" promotion for whatever package we have. We have had triple play for 5 years and I believe we started at $120 a month on a promo rate and 5 years later, we are paying $212 a month! Anyway my husband calls once a year and tells them its too expensive and we're switching providers and they give us the current Triple Play promo which is around $160 a month in my area. I suggest you do the same. He's done this at least 3 times and it always works. Good luck! Comcast is ridiculously high for what you get, my husband needs to get our bill lowered ASAP!
ok4now on 2013-02-16:
Verizon plays this same game. I got a six month promotion on the premium channel package, saving me about $45 bucks a month. They do warn you in the monthly bill when it will expire. So every six months I have to call them and they extend the promotion. I've been with them for over three years now and my monthly bill has stayed about the same. As a previous Comcast customer the bill was constantly changing.
Charles on 2013-02-22:
I had the same problem. They advertised a triple play bundle for 99.00 dollars for 12 months and after only 6 months they billed me 144.00, saying that the promotion was only for 6 months!!! You cannot trust them. I cancelled all services with them. Be aware of their procedures.
Kate on 2013-06-27:
I have never been so angry and frustrated with a company in my now rather long life for exactly the same reasons, and what Charles says is absolutely the norm with this outfit, it's a deliberate strategy, not random inefficiency or incompetence. I've had staff repeat the end of a promotion date 3x supposedly good for six months, written down and confirmed it three times, and still had my bill jump by $60 at three months with the arrogant service response that 'Comcast never gives out six month promotions', acting as if I'm either making it up or am looney, despite what I was clearly told. This has happened more times than I can count. I'm on a really limited income right now due to severe damage caused by MDs in this Gforsaken town (Salem, OR, armpit of the bottom feeding sector of the universe), so I'm almost completely homebound, need the net and am dependent on tv in a most unhealthy way.

Anyway, Comcast absolutely refuses to put their promotion promises in print and I've been told that it's my obligation to check my bill each month. Their strategy is to jerk the bill up by 50% or more, when you find out and complain, they say they can't do retro refunds sticking you with an extra $80. They will offer you another promo, which will also end earlier than promised, causing another nifty overcharge, and they do this relentlessly. When I tried to pre-emptively ask for a promo before the one I was on was about to expire, they took away--RETROSPECTIVELY--the lower priced promo I was still on, charging me extra for more than a month before the call and started me immediately on the one I thought would start when the old one expired, two months of appr $60 each extra, while the rep acted as if she was doing me a favor......That did take six calls and hours to straighten out and they did give another promo that almost made up for the premature end On my income I can't afford hundreds of dollars for their games. (Meanwhile, although I made a decent income in the past--MBA from back when they were valuable--Oregon has impoverished me to the point that these types of money issues are really stressful. What really infuriates me is that I had Roadrunner on the East Coast and then in San Diego for several decades and never had a single problem. Really. When I moved here the rep told me Comcast was the Northwestern branch of Roadrunner, or I would have explored other options. I've not opted out yet due to the amount of work it will take to change over all of my info, and I'm hoping to move in the very near future. I was just on with them again today for billing, and then later for a complete loss of service. I don't think I've ever gone more than two weeks over the past six yrs without at least one service or overbilling issue. And, as much as I hate them, I have never heard anyone else say they like this company in this area.

After the last few aggravations, I've just purchased a new smartphone and plan to wean my way off them asap, even if I have to go cold turkey on my fav's, and Dexter's just starting the new season, sigh...

They did drop my bill down again this time without taking the usual six hours and got the service back okay this time, although it still made me too late to go to the vet's for really impt meds for my dog. Two weeks ago it was a truly miserable 11 hours of different reps, when the one who knew what was going on was able to resolve it in minutes, the whole thing so typical for them. The two weeks before that they were partying in Costa Rica and would hang up the phone rather than help :) (I do like chatting with them in Spanish a veces in CR, as they're patient with my Spanglish, but not that last time, grrr...)

Sorry for going on like this. Being pretty much socially isolated here, I'm getting pretty pent up, and it's just hard to take how often CC jerks you around. I'm going to see what recommendations other posters here have on breaking free, although no way will I risk that link above, which looks way suspicious.

Did I mention that somehow--the CC service guy said this wasn't his problem--the drivers for the modems I need for internet connectivity have been wiped from my computer, completely disappeared while I was working on online---the timing rather suspiciously close to when I told CC what I think of the company....
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I just had Xfinity home triple play plus home security installed in my home. Instulation was FREE and it states that on my contract. This was in November. however its now FEB and I am still having problems getting my bill correct. I have a written contract saying 'zero' installation changes for triple play and home security....They keep billing my hundreds of dollors for installation. I have FAXED the Contract, talk to the Busniss office. Talk to the guy that installed it (who says it was free installation and he will work to get it fixed). AND They have called me to tell me I am being cut off due to bill overdue which is all the installation changes. They told me today that I have to call the guy that installed it to have him fix my BILL HELLO!!!!!I have a contract....don't you think Comcast would call the guy that installed it and fix my bill....THEY Told me to do it.....What is up with customer service!!!!!
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User Replies:

madconsumer on 2013-02-07:
was the contract via xfinity, or the service tech's company?
ok4now on 2013-02-08:
You should have got FIOS.
mandm048 on 2013-09-19:
This is appalling! This has got to be the worst communication company since 'Ameritech'. May I suggest you contact the, Office of the Attorney
General, in your state and ask for 'consumer complaints'.
I've had enough of Comcast.
Take it to the legal system.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
POWHATAN, VIRGINIA -- Since you are the only service I can get, I have to stay with you. My complaint is with you channel programs. I see so many of the same commercials that are the same, one right after the other.

You must be making a killing off of the companies. I know you are making a killing off of us, the customers. Your choice of the programs and movie channels are the worst I have ever seen. We same movies over and over again. I only wish I could the satellite companies, if I could I would drop your TV service right now.
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User Replies:

Bill on 2012-12-26:
I'm with you. The offerings are terrible. Some stations only run one type of show over and over.
One station runs NCIS nonstop.
If I could find a way to get just the local stations, a couple news stations and a few cable stations like AMC and FX I'd drop them in a heartbeat.

To add injury to insult Comcast raises all their prices each January.

There has to be a better way.
jonthethird on 2012-12-26:
Please understand the providers, Comcast, Dish Network, DirecTv, only carry the programming offered by the provider. They do not create the programs, do not schedule the programs, do nothing except retransmit it to the subscriber. If you have a complaint, take it to the specific channel. Note, DirecTv does have some self programming channels, I am sure the other companies have one or two on their lineups
ok4now on 2012-12-26:
As a former "Comcast Hostage" I feel your pain. Like you they were the only game in town. I put up with their poor service & programming, horrible customer service and tech service.

I moved to the suburbs and now have Verizon FIOS. What a huge improvement. Yes you will read negative reviews about them but they are far superior to Comcast. Here's my one complaint. They time the commercials on almost every channel. When a commercial comes on the channel that you are watching and you change channels you will only find another commercial. Using the remote flip through 20 channels and it's all commercials. After a while this is like mental torture. I now use the mute button and wait it out. I refuse to listen to it and wait until the program resumes. I also boycott any of the products that they are wasting my time with. This works for me and they waste their advertising dollars.
GATEKEEPERSBOSS on 2012-12-26:
Anyone who controls and runs the FCC is to blame.
I blame them for shoving crap down the throats of the American people, laughing at us and getting away with it.
They have been getting away with things for years because no one thinks about them.
What we need are REAL AMERICANS who can wathch them and keep us update on My 3cents.
Obsfucation on 2012-12-26:
It's ironic, yesterday my neighbor was commenting on how much better the offerings were on Comcast before we switched to FIOS. Be careful what you wish for.
wjk898 on 2012-12-26:
Dish? You think you're going to get different stuff? You won't get anything different on a dish that you already get on a cable. It's the networks that make out, now that they got everybody mesmerized into mindlessly paying hard earned money for useless rerun-a-hundred-times junk - not to mention informercials. I've collected a huge library of ty shows and movies, etc, from the money I saved by not paying anything for television recepton. I rerun my stuff maybe once in 18 months. You have to be braindead to watch TV these days...such moronic junk - cable, dish...it's all the same.
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Unprofessional payment service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Comcast shut off our work Internet on the weekend of August 18TH, 2012 or August 19TH, 2012. We did fail to make the payment. Because, when we were paying bills, we ran out of checks and had to wait a little longer than expected to get new ones ordered. We called Comcast on the morning of August 20TH, 2012 when we found out that they shut off the Internet and we made the payment by credit card. They told us that the card was good (that there was enough funds) and that they would connect the Internet. On the morning of August 23RD, 2012 the phone was not working but the Internet was. I just thought - well, maybe the wires just came loose or unplugged; so, I tried the wires and they were not loose or unplugged. Later, we found out that the Internet was not working either and that it was disconnected. We called Comcast about the problem. They said - well, the payment was not good, because the bank rejected the payment. After a while of arguing with them, we used a second credit card and the Internet has been working fine since. Of course, I do fully understand that we should have paid them, it just got hectic with the checks. What I do not understand about Comcast, is; why wait 3 days later, disconnect the service and not call anyone, until we called and tell us that the credit card was rejected? I would think that it would have showed up in the system on August 20TH if by the latest August 21ST, not 3 days later on August 23RD. In a situation like that, and since they would want their money; I would think that they should have at least called to let us know - the credit was rejected. Do you have another way that you want to make a payment? I just think that, they could have handled that a little differently than they did.
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User Replies:

unhappy999 on 2012-08-30:
Do you know you can pay over the phone directly from your checking account? Paper checks are going the way of the dinosaur.
Anonymous on 2012-08-30:
You can pay your bill online via the comcast website at anytime, with or without a check. The fact that you ran out of checks is irrelevant and not Comcast's problen.
Slimjim on 2012-08-30:
It's funny but we are really unhappy with AT&T, and Comcast is the logical successor if we choose to switch. What I'm trying to discern, so I know what we may be getting into, is just how late were you? If you are saying that you only missed one payment and it wasn't by much as you were waiting on checks, I would definitely say that I wouldn't go near Comcast after all. Anybody can miss a payment by accident, especially a business with all the accounts payable/receivable to keep track a month. Now if you are saying you haven't paid in over two months or more, then I get why service went down.
madconsumer on 2012-08-30:
I pay my comcast bills via the website. comcast.com, sign in with the account holder email address. payments post immediately, and reflect online in about 24 hours.
Nancy2007 on 2012-08-30:
samanthasmom - 'The fact that you ran out of checks is irrelevant and not Comcast's problen.' - Yes, I know, I stated that at the end of the post...
Slimjim - It was just that one bill for the month.
Anonymous on 2012-08-30:
I am a long time Comcast customer (cable, internet, landline) and they don't shut your internet off after one month. They send the first shut-off notice when your account goes 2 months past due. I know this because it has happened to me twice. Both times, the Comcast website failed to process my debit card payment (glitch on their end) and I didn't check my bank account to make sure the charge went through. This was in March of 2011 and coincidently, March of 2012. I was a few days late paying bills and as soon as the account went 2 months over due, I got the shut-off notice.
Nancy2007 on 2012-08-31:
samanthasmom - They shut ours off basically at the end of the month. I was never blaming Comcast for not getting paid, I admitted, it was completely my fault. The reason I added the sentence about the checks, was the reason the payment was late. I was making the complaint about how the situation got handled.
If the payment never went through on the 20TH like they said, they should have never turned on the service... But, they did and we thought everything was fine, then they shut it back off 3 days later and that is when we found out the payment was rejected. I would think that their credit card / debit card payment system is the same as every other one I know of, and it tells you at the time you run a card that it is declined.
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