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Trying to Be Fair.
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Rating: 2/51

TORONTO, ALASKA -- I don't have any photos so I guess "that let's this review out"? Have not read/heard many good things about this company. To be fair though much (not all) of consumer feedback can be found on various sites. How credible can that be? Seems like the only person that is raving about this service is the retired NHL player. Yes, I know his name: please read the Review Guidelines. He may know something that others don't?

Here is my factual story (again, read the Review Guidelines). The company says that it is based in Toronto and I don't dispute that (is on the website as such) but all of the people that I was talking to allegedly working for COMWAVE were working in El Salvador, Central America (2 hour difference).

Now just under a month ago, after trying to decide how to save some money on a few bills/talking to a few people about the company, I called COMWAVE (yes this is in capitals, see Review Guidelines) but so is the company name on its advertising). Three or four phone calls later (one of which the supervisor was going to be there at a certain time so that I would be able to confirm certain details with her, therefore not having to explain everything all over again to any operator that answers), I was given a proposed installation date.

Oh yes, that supervisor that said she would be there at a certain time, was not. Understandably, that is only a minor issue but if a supervisor says something, then it should be done. Does the time that I took off to ensure that I would be available at the agreed upon hour not count for anything. My time is precious to me.

The installation went fine but when I called to confirm everything, there were issues. The instructions on the boxes that were sent by the company said "to call the company while the installer was still there". As in the real world, those instructions are often changed/suggested to be overlooked in order to speed things up. That is what happened this time. Not a problem. A phone call to COMWAVES' Tech Dept. solved that "hiccup" easily enough. However, then I learned that my existing phone # was not put on the original order as being kept. That # had been in the family for over 50 years so that was a non-issue, which turned out to be the case.

Next, on that same phone call (getting better on solving all the problems on one phone call), I was informed that I would be paying more than originally quoted (understandable due to keeping my original # , which should have been done though in the first place). However, also hear this: that amount was almost double the advertised monthly amount or better put, double the price that is intended to draw people to the ad in the first place. Yes, don't forget to read the small print. Most of this stuff is covered there. Now everything was supposed to be good and it was, for the first week.

After the second week I received my old original number. Up until that time I was given a temporary #. When calling a number, the connection was bad but that did not happen often (though more than once). One night about midnight, E.S.T. the phone was not able to be used. Kept getting a "phone is not registered message" or something similar. That lasted for about 2.5 hours. Voicemail was also not put on the original order, yes something that should have been done and was asked for by me. To be fair though, it was not "caught" by me when the Customer Svc. reviewed my initial order.

A possible problem could very well be a language issue (ever try to call a bank after hours to get something done. Can you say, India)? So now to the present day. In researching the pros and cons after the fact (isn't hindsight grand), I have heard/read about too many possible/questionable and problematic issues that others have encountered, not just my own and not only from the internet.

I will be cancelling my order today (23 Nov 15, which is 1 day before the 30 day trial period ends) and will be interested in finding out if some of the rumours about your company are in fact true or not. There should be a refund or such, put into my bank account to the tune of $200 ($50. refundable home phone device, $75. refundable internet device or modem and the $75. refundable security payment).

If that amount is refunded to me then that will give COMWAVE a seemingly much needed boost/positive feedback from a cancelling, yet satisfied customer. By that amount not being put in/credited to my bank account or something similar, that too will speak volumes about your company. Trusting your action in this matter, a for now somewhat skeptical customer.

Very Bad
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered Internet service with this company in may 2015. They scheduled to send technician one day before they sent me text message and changed my appointment without my consent. After technician didn't show up, even with new changed schedule and worse part they have already charged my first bill without confirming that I got service or not. Every time I call after 15 min representative asked me to keep waiting till they find what happened and they hang up the phone. I have spoken to several supervisors. I was so frustrated, I have spent over $200 and no service, no money and waste lot of time.

I called and cancelled my service. Now, I have to fight for my refund after one and half months. On June 9th and June 10th received two refunds - one $84 for activation fee and second $49.94 for first bill. Still I didn't get the $75 for my modem which they have received already. Their customer representative confirmed and also with tracking number, I have confirmed. About a month ago, I called again to know about my $75. Representative told me "It's applied today and you will receive within 48 hours," which I never received. Today, I called them they told me they already issued the $84 that they pay for activation was for modem!!! Whaattt???

Can you believe it and when ask check my history "How much you charged me and how much did you pay me?" Do the simple math. The representative said I have to send my bank statement... Come-on. You guys look at account... And he said he will transfer to supervisor and it's been 36 min I am still waiting for supervisor... It's just happened now (July 20th 2015 Monday 3:25 pm).. This company they want just your money... Just stay away with this company... Stay away.

Worst Company Ever! Full Of Liars
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Rating: 1/51

MISSISSAUGA -- They (Comwave) told us over the phone that they would offer us 50mbps for $50 a month. This offer was accepted by us and the deal was settled after repeating many agreements over the phone to ensure everything was correct and understood. Later on we realized the connection was horrible and called back asking what the situation is.

They said we don't have 50mbps, they gave us 6mbps. We argued that when we signed up the representative offered us 50mbps and that it was on the recording. They said in order for them to listen to the tape we had to pay $30. We told them we are not paying for them to listen to a tape. After a long wait and talking to many different people, they said they will listen to the tape free of charge and check if the deal we said was agreed on was in fact 50mpbs for $50/month. We were told it would take time for them to listen to the tape and that we would get a call back the next day.

The next day they called back saying that 50mbps for $50 a month was in matter of fact said on the recording so they are going to raise the speed to 50mbps and it would take effect the morning of July 17, 2015. We checked our speed and it was nowhere close to 50mbps. We called back asking why we still don't have the speed promised. They changed their story saying that because of "accents" it was misunderstood and the agreement was on 15mbps. So at the end we didn't get our 50mpbs.

We ended up having 6mpbs entered in their system but yet we were paying $50 for a plan that's $40 (6mbps Unlimited for $40) and the agreement over the phone was "mistaken" because 50 and 15 sound alike. So 15 and 50 were said, but 6 was entered paying $50 for a $40 service. Comwave is the WORST provider. They are full of lies and deceive you, and the story they tell you changes with every different representative you speak with.

Do Not Go With Comewave
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Rating: 1/51

SASKATOON -- I thought I would switch from local telephone company to Comwave to save money. I signed up, I would always have static on the line. People would try calling me and get a busy signal even when I was not using the phone. My phone would ring and I would say hello, and there would be delay, so I would have to wait 10 seconds sometimes before I could hear someone on the other end.

At times the phone would ring and I would answer and I would not hear anyone on the other end and end up missing that phone call. Sometimes I would go dial out and there would be no dial tone, and a voice recording would say the phone is not registered. People ask me if I have moved cause they are unable to get a hold of me. I tried to resolve the problem with technical support and the problem would not be resolved. They even sent me a letter to take to my internet provider because they started to blame my internet provider for the problem.

My internet provider is very reputable it's called SaskTel, and they had no clue what this letter from Comwave meant. I tried to cancel and they said they were going to bill me $290 for early cancellation. I do not believe that it was early cancellation because I have the initial bills to prove it. So after me getting quite angry they agreed to drop it to $65.00.

They automatically withdraw from your credit card, I have told them that I do not want to take from my credit card, they refused to listen. I told my credit card company to not allow them to take from my credit card, they said that they can't do anything to help me. I canceled my credit card and the credit card company told me that they would still allow Comwave to withdraw from my credit card and that they couldn't interfere. I am back with my local phone provider SaskTel and am getting quality, reliable phone line and the customer service I deserve

You Get What You Pay For
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Rating: 4/51

I've been a Comwave customer since 2009. Back when Comwave started there was almost no competition in the Canadian Market, today there are many options. I switched recently to one of the lower priced options and it was a disaster. I know a fair bit about VoIP and I can tell you that you get what you pay for. It was clear that the provider I was on was running some sort of freeware phone system as the quality was horrible. Never again.

I do recommend Comwave and just locked into another contract with them for 3 years. They gave me 6 months free in exchange for the contract. Comwave's main advantage is that they have been in the game longer than the others that they have been able to establish solid, fairly reliable service. Everybody is going to experience occasional issues, so it is important not to flip out over it, but instead take everything in stride. While there are many other providers who can undercut Comwave's prices, be aware that with many of them (maybe most of them?) that you may also "get what you pay for" with less-than-stellar phone service.

One good thing that can be said for Comwave is that they are consistent in every area - both good and bad. As for me personally, I've only had two issues with my service in the last five years, both of them related to the Comwave device breaking down. I have had one good experience (a device shipped to me overnight -- call went in at 10PM on a Tuesday and device arrived at 4PM on a Wednesday) and a not so good experience (took 5 days to get me a replacement device from Fri-Tues). Overall I do not have any issues with their customer service, on the few occasions I spoke with them they have been helpful and courteous.

Technical support has always been rock-solid, quick and efficient, no issues for a geek like me. The price is higher than other but as I said you get what you pay for. The lowest price is not always the best option. Any geek will tell you it is better to stick with a network and service that has been around for a while and has worked out all the bugs!

Perfect, No Problems at All!
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Rating: 5/51

TORONTO -- After reading many reviews, even before I transferred my number, which completes your commitment, I took the risk and completed the process to become a Comwave Client. Despite the negative reviews/comments, I may be one of minority who really appreciates the service and money saved being a Comwave client. I changed after leaving Bell & Rogers. I used Comwave years ago, for long distance only. I had Bell for all my other phone requirements. They charged me 6.97 and after 5 years my long distance went up to 7.33. Both these rates included taxes; No complaints!

When I switched to Rogers I decided to put everything into one bundle, thus leaving Comwave. After three months with Rogers, I could not take the inconsistency with fluctuating rates and the poor customer service. I switched to Comwave. The process to do so was painless. The rate is perfect for my needs. The profile page showing the details of usage etc., is set up beautifully, easy to access and use. The wait time for customer service has NEVER been longer than 5 minutes.

The customer representatives are on board with quoting the rates that were quoted to me from the beginning (believe me, I tested them on this) and I was able to speak with and email the same woman who contacted me to advise me of when the set up would take place etc. Granted, the day of set up did not take place, as they were overwhelmed with the volume of new customers. However, they more than made up for their mistake with a Saturday morning appointment; giving a window of time and I had someone at my door at 8:00 in the morning, leaving my day completely open. The technician was at my home for less than half an hour.

Even after reading the reviews, which are not in favor of Comwave, I still decided, that with all the 5 years of my long distance service, they deserved more than what I was reading about them; I took the plunge and I continue to be satisfied. THANK YOU COMWAVE and I truly hope this review speaks volumes about your company and more people join the Comwave Team!!!

Number Transfer Fee and Consolation Fee
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Rating: 2/51

TORONTO -- I have been with Comwave since 2009. My 3 years agreement finish in Sep/2013. On July/2015 I called them to cancel my account because they start charging me high amount on May and June. When I ask them why, they said "It is currency exchange from USD to Canadian dollar." I discovered today they charge my MC $44.99 on Jul/6th and $107 on Jul/20th. When I called them and ask them "Why the last charge?" They said "This is for cancellation Fee and number transfer Fee." They said this number is theirs, while it is mine. I transfer it from Bell without any Fee.

I did transfer my home # and my Cell # many times within 15 years. No other company charge me like this, never. They shocked me with this charge. I decide to tell my friend what happened with me with Comwave. I will never think with this company anymore. Be careful. Don't start before you know the end.

I Hate Comwave
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Rating: 1/51

I hate Comwave. They duped me into a three year contract and it cost me over $200 to get out of a VOIP contract. Please get the word out there NOT to do business with Comwave. They use deceptive tactics to lock you into a ridiculously long contract for a "free" service that they charge over $20/month and then have the audacity to charge you an arm and a leg to let you out of the contract. ** them. I HATE COMWAVE and will make sure that I post over 200 negative comments about them. One for every dollar they took from me. Don't get COMWAVE. Their service sucks and so do their contracts.

$1440 Stolen by Comwave
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Rating: 1/51

TORONTO -- This company has been charging my credit card for internet for two years now and I have spent hours on the phone calling them, asking them why I have no internet. These are the reasons I have been given so far:

1) If you want to get a speed of 6mbps, you should pay for a higher speed.
2) If you want to get connectivity, you shouldn't have more than 3 devices connected to the internet at a given time. 3) If you pay for 6mbps, it's normal to get 0.54mbps.

When asked to get compensated for months of not having internet, the astonishing response was: "We cannot compensate you until the issue has been resolved". This is the epitome of a poor business strategy founded on poor customer service and broken promises. Don't waste your time, money, and peace of mind on Comwave.

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Rating: 3/51

TORONTO -- I got an account with Comwave to make long distance calls. For a few months I got the feeling I was charge at a different rate but failed to check my bill until now. Comwave charge the rate that I was told but they add a USD exchange rate to the long distance total. Comwave says they apply an exchange rate because they deal with the telephone carriers in USD. I don't see how this is my problem as a consumer. This is a Canadian company, I reside in Canada and the rate is in Canadian dollars. I cancelled my account because I found their practice unethical and lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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