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Worst Company Ever!!!
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Rating: 1/51

Called about middle of September to get Comwave internet. At no time was it explained to me that I was signing up for a 3 year contract and that if I cancelled after 30 days there would be a cancellation fee. Paid them $100 deposit on the modem. They tried to sell me home phone but I said no. They said it's free. I said, "No it isn't because you just told me I would have to pay another $100 on the phone device." Took 2 weeks for install.

No install tech came inside to check the connection, never even knocked on the door to let me know he was in my backyard. Found out later it was a Shaw tech as Comwave uses Shaw's infrastructure in my area. Modem didn't show up till 2 days later. Modem came with wi-fi turned off as default!!!

What ISP in their right mind would send out a modem without wi-fi turned on already!!! Considering many people only use wireless connections now. And considering I was told I would just have to connect it to the cable line and plug it in and it would be ready to go. Then had to reset the modem about once a week because the wi-fi would go dead. Oh well, I had a router that would do that once in a while. When my first bill came I discovered there were also undisclosed 'access' fees which made my bill higher than the quoted amount but not too much so decided to give them a chance.

They came out with TV service. Thought I would give that a try. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Once again it was not made clear to me that there would be a cancellation fee after 30 days. For the first week the guide did not work. The DVR never did work properly (it saves to a cloud, not to the device). Their so called 'back-in-time' feature does not work properly. Could not fast forward as I could not see what I was fast forwarding. Using 30 sec skip button worked sometimes.

Every time I tried to use either feature it would often randomly restart the program or just go back to live TV in the middle of the recorded program. Programs I tried to set up a future record for would be replaced with some unknown program. Tried to delete programs that were recorded - did not work, programs showed up in the list again.

Manually deleted every program one by one until there were only a couple of programs left. Then tried to use delete all and instead all of the programs I had deleted showed up again! Yes, I did try calling tech support. Guess what!?!?! No 24 hr support - and it closes at 6pm EST on Sat and Sun!!! That's 4 pm for me in Alberta! Waited till next day.

Finally go through to tech support (25 min wait for anyone to answer). Was told the guide was a known issue that they were working on (took them a week to fix it). When I explained the issues with the DVR and back-in-time features was told sorry I can't help you with that I will have to refer your problem to 'higher support', whatever that means. Was told they would have to call me back. I asked him if he could please transfer me right then as a call back was not good for me as I am very busy. He said no. They never did get it fixed.

After 3 weeks I had enough. This service was not worth what I was being charged. Got Telus PureFibre service instead. Wow! 250 Mbps - amazing fast compared to Comwave's supposed 60 Mbps (I was told when I first called in that was the maximum speed available in my area).

Then the nightmare phone call started. Called Comwave to cancel all services. Had to wait on hold for 20 minutes before anyone answered. Told the guy I wanted to cancel my account. He asked why. I told him their service was terrible and they did not provide the promised service on the cable.

Told him not to bother trying to sell me a better deal, I was done and I wanted to cancel. He said, "Ok, I understand but just so you know, there will be a $400 cancellation fee." I said, "Wait a minute, how much!?!?!?" He said, "It is $200 per service on a 3 year contract." I said, "Hold on I was never told that." He said, "Well to cancel and if you are disputing the fees I have to transfer you to a supervisor."

I was put on hold again, this time I waited half an hour before a so called supervisor answered. Repeated my reasons for cancelling. She said, "Well that's not fair, you haven't given us a fair chance." I said, I was not interested in anymore deals. The internet service was terrible, the cable service was worse, and their lack of 24 hr support sealed the deal. And having to just spend 50 minutes on hold did nothing to change my mind. I just wanted to cancel. She said, "Well you are inside 30 days on the cable but we will have to charge you $200 for the internet cancellation."

I told her that I was never told of the cost of cancellation after 30 days before today. She said, "Yes you were, it is noted on your file." I repeated that I was never told the cost of cancellation after 39 days. I also told her I use to work in an industry that also 'noted' customer files and was well aware that employees can pretty much put in whatever they like in those notes to cover their own butts.

I informed her that I was cancelling everything. She then became very rude, and tried to rush me off the phone. Now I have to send back the modem and cable box at my own expense!! I had another ISP a few years back and when I cancelled with them (because of a move to an area they did not serve) they sent me a prepaid package to return the modem in. Not so with Comwave. This has definitely been the worst company I have ever dealt with.

I used a prepaid credit card to pay for them so they will not get any more money from me. Although, I won't get my deposit back. I got the impression I wasn't getting that without a fight anyway. I honestly pity anyone who has all 3 of their services and tries to cancel with them after 30 days. That would be a $600 cancellation fee!!! How are they allowed to do this!?!?!

To anyone considering Comwave - DO NOT USE THEM! They are not that much cheaper, they are extremely difficult to deal with, and they do not provide the advertised services. There are hidden fees and they do not even ask you if you want a contract or month-to-month package. The CRTC should revoke their license.

Commercial Fraud Plus Sign Up Fees
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Rating: 1/51

WINDSOR, ONTARIO CANADA -- OK, after 6 months of service, I'm finally posting my review... At first when I saw the commercial on Canadian TV high speed internet and home phone with all features free for 6 months then $49.95 +15% (ON) tax (figured tax would be added) = $59.4425 = (rounded up) $59.45 would start after the 6 Month period, so I figured this is a great deal as it costs $100.00 + for Cogeco, Bell, and what not, I called and signed up, got charged $200.00 + $85 plus dollars upfront, before I got the equipment I was charged another $11.00.

2 days before equipment came tech came in (Tech on time = Good) then about 3 days after I got charged again $27.00 for some fee and 911, had to pay $27.00 on this 6 month free account until 6 months were up (got suspended every time I got charged and not knowing it till I try to get on the internet) extensions were ok but still it was suppose to be FREE for 6 months.

After the charges and suspensions I decided to cancel, got told that I could cancel because of a 3 year contract which nobody said anything about when I first signed up, then I was told that I was paying for the features which was to be a package deal with internet, basic was free with internet, so I asked to give me the basic, got told no because of the contract, so being pissed off I said fine.

Once the 6 months were up they tried to charge my prepaid credit card $55.20 then got suspended because they didn't get the money, I got it fixed and check my email and there was no invoice in which I didn't know 6 months were up and payment was due till 1 day after talking to them about the suspension.

Now I'm going to be charged for basic phone and internet $77.00+ which is $ 17.00 + over the Commercial price of High speed internet and Home phone with all features free for 6 months then $49.95 +15% (ON) tax = $59.4425 = (rounded up) $59.45, found out for high speed internet I had a choice of 75 Mbps or 25 Mbps, not knowing I chose 25 Mbps as I'm the only one using the services here in my home (my cell, tablet, desktop).

When I got the equipment I changed the password to my own as "password" is not a good password to have, internet kept buffering constantly while trying to watch a movie online, so I figured somehow people are getting on my wifi so I tried to check and couldn't sign into the modem, tried calling to have this fixed yesterday (Nov/15/2017) and was put on hold waiting for tech to answer for 2 hours and no answer so I gave up.

I called back today (Nov/16/20017) and had to wait again almost an hour, finally a tech support answered and got things fixed, other than the waits times Tech was very courteous and told me how to fix it myself as he would have been cut off while I'm resting the modem to factory login and password due to not having a landline from Bell or what not, I did what he said and called me back within the 5 min that he said. That is the only time that I didn't get pissed off LOL. I was giving bad reviews every time I had to do a survey on the people I talked to but will be giving a very good review for the tech I talked to...

I don't mind recommending Comwave to family and friends but will be letting them know what I went through and I want to be there if they do decide to join up with Comwave so they don't get screwed like me, but once this # year unwanted contract is done and I get my $200.00 back I will be checking around for cheaper and better without false information and pricing...

Very Unreliable Customer Service and Internet Service
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Rating: 2/51

TORONTO -- I started service with Comwave in October 2014. I signed up because their internet service was cheaper than Rogers and they had unlimited internet which I needed for my roommate. I got into a 3 year contract which was fine, and I paid an extra $75 to have their router. They would pay me the $75 back once I have returned the router to them. Over the first 2 years, my internet was slow and the router and modem would have to be rebooted every few days. I would call, and then the problem would be fixed for a while.

Fast forward to November 2016, I moved to a house in a nearby town, and was going to move my services. When I proceeded to move my services, they said would cost me $100 plus tax just to move my services. I was so irate to find out that it would cost me that much just to move my services. I asked for a supervisor, and the wait takes a long time to just talk to a supervisor. By the way, what another reviewer says, the supervisor is only just another customer service representative with higher seniority. The supervisor said that it was that fee, and that you have to pay it to move it. So, I said fine.

Then, fast forward to February 2017, I called to up my service so that my wife's kids could have faster speed, and the customer service said, "Oh, it is $50 plus tax" just to change my package. I was very angry, and asked them. "Why do you always have these hidden fees that you never tell your customers about?" They finally gave me a discount to help me with the cost. Even with the increase in the speed of the internet, we were still having to reset the modem and the router almost every day so that certain devices could get on. My stepson couldn't even get on his tablet.

Fast forward to July 2017, I called to ask how much it would cost to cancel my services, they said it is $20 a month plus tax for any remainder of your contract. I said, "Great thanks," and so I proceeded to set up my services with Fido because they have better internet and higher speeds for a lower cost than what Comwave was offering. I set up my service with Fido, and the internet works great. No trouble with internet at all.

I decided to keep Fido, and I called around August 1, 2017 to cancel my services so that I won't get charged for the services on August 10, 2017. I got talking to the customer service representative (finally after having to wait a good 30 minutes on hold), and asked him how much it would cost to cancel. He said, $200 plus tax. I was so livid, and I asked to speak with a supervisor right away. He said, "I am sorry sir, but it will cost you $200 plus tax to cancel." I said, "Please I need to talk to the supervisor." He said, "Okay, but just so you know it is $200 plus tax."

I finally got talking to the supervisor, and I explained to her that the last representative just told me it is $200 to cancel, and that when I called in, the representative had told me it was $20 plus tax per month of my contract was left. I asked her to "please always make sure your reps know the correct charges, or you will have more irate customers like me." She apologized.

I had explained to her that I was cancelling because I found a better deal with Fido. She then tried to offer me a better package just for $79 plus tax and all those fees for 100mbs download speed. I said, "Well let me talk to my wife, and we will call you back and let you know." I told her also that we also had problems with the equipment because we have to keep resetting it. She said, "You send that one back, and we will give you a another whole new router/modem combination." I told her, "Let me think about, and I will let you know." She put the notes in my file.

After speaking with my wife, she and I agreed to cancel with Comwave because we trying to save money, and we are very happy with Fido with a speed of 75mbs download speed. Up to this point, I haven't had to even reboot my modem/router combination.

On August 7, 2017, I called back, and asked them to cancel. I had to wait on hold for a good 20 -30 minutes to talk to a representative The representative said, "I can't cancel your services, but the supervisor can cancel your services." I said, "Okay," and they transferred me over to a supervisor. I waited on hold for at least another 20 minutes on hold.

I got talking to the supervisor, and I said I am done with Comwave, and I no longer want their services as I am with Fido now. The supervisor proceeded to offer me the other package the last supervisor had offered me. I said no, I am not interested any further, and that I am done with Comwave. The supervisor then proceeded to ask me how much I was paying with Fido. I said I am not interested. He said, "How much are you paying with Fido, and we can see if we can save you." I told him I am done with Comwave, and to cancel my services with Comwave.

He kept on trying to ask me, and I interrupted him and said, "If you continue, I will hang up, and call the BBB, and make a complaint." He kept on going like he didn't hear me. I kept telling him that if he does not stop now, I will hang up, and call the BBB. I had to tell him 4 times before he finally clued in, and said, "Okay we will cancel. You just need to listen to me sir, and we can cancel the services." He had gotten me so upset when I told him that I was done with Comwave, and I just want to cancel my services. Even after I got him to listen to me when I said I wanted to cancel, he still asked me how much I was paying with Fido. I ignored him.

We finally got everything cancelled. He told me that I need to send everything back if I want to get my $75 back for the router that Comwave promised me at the beginning of the contract. I have now sent everything back to Comwave, and according to Canada Post's tracking they have received my package this morning in its original packaging and even the original box they sent the equipment in.

I am now expecting around $35 back from them ($75-$40 plus tax for the remaining 2 months on my contract with them). So Comwave, please be aware of this, I am watching my credit card online account to make sure you put the money back on my credit card as your representative promised you will do. I am expecting around $35 on my credit card.

Technical Support
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Rating: 5/51

TORONTO, ON -- ** OMAR EXT. Today, my internet connection and my home phone line was installed by one of your field technician. After he left, I tried connecting to the internet and realized I am having troubles and difficulties with my laptop to connect. My mistake I let the field technician to leave without trying if all are connecting via WiFi. (Also, I was thinking I am buying my home phone machine on Monday, I didn't bothered to do the testing with the internet WiFi. All I asked is the WiFi ID and WiFi Key which is attached according to the package on the bottom of the router).

So I did what I can to be able to connect, I rebooted my laptop, turned off the router, etc. I getting frustrated then I checked my notes where I wrote down the COMWAVE Customer Care hotline number (1-877-474-6638). Honestly, I am hesitant to call because normally with previous experience with other technical support (with the competitors), they are either rude or just not willing to help at all.

But I really need to be connected online to check my emails and to do other stuff over the internet. I dialed the 1-877 number. Omar got my call and he is so warm and pleasant to accommodate my issue and most important thing he said I am the boss and he there to help me with any technical issues I am experiencing.

Ok I will say we were over the phone for like an hour just to figure out what went wrong. But Omar gave his above and beyond customer service and knowledge about the problem and solution to make. He assures me that things will be alright and he never gave up finding the answer and solution with my internet issue on WIFI connection. Omar made my Christmas Eve a day to remember that COMWAVE will be a good service with my new internet and home phone line. I am a new customer and I am happy and will say satisfied with the service. I just hope you guys will never change and will always say "Yes, we can help you" to all of us your customers.

I would like to tell Omar's superiors he deserved not just an acknowledgement to the team or department but a well deserved nomination and award to his job well done service today and to all his work to your company. Merry Christmas and Happy 2017.

Company Response 01/03/2017:

Hi E. Thank you for letting us know what a great job Omar did. We will be sure to let him know! Have a great day
– The Comwave Team

Awful and Regret
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Rating: 1/51

TORONTO -- I respect to all customers of Comwave internet and phone system. But my experience was horrible. I never tell anybody to use this service. Firstly, I talked to sales department on first day of August 2017. I clearly told him is the service will activate when I run my system and he told me yes. But after registration and at the end of month when I got my bill I found it was not true.

Secondly, I talked to tech supports for two times. The staff were nice and they did whatever the could but the problem was I spent two hours and half for each call to get the job done just in one week that I installed my system exactly just 15 days after my registration.

Thirdly, there is a system on their website which I saw them when they did my tech support remotely that can enable or disable the wifi internet of mine. Each time after 3 days the system of my wifi was shut down and I talked to them for more than the 2 hours to correct my wifi internet.

Fourthly, I wrote them at the end of month that I do not want the system. But they told me you have to call for cancellation Monday to Friday, so I lost my money because I just used my system just for one week not a month. And I wrote them at the end of the week and they responded to me on Friday and they always says, "Your satisfaction guaranteed." I do not know where is the satisfaction take into place when I used this system for just for one week.

Finally, they told me, "your early cancellation fee is 200$," but they fined me 228$. They put my son in an emergency situation at my home with no phone connection because they disconnected my old number without my consent and they did not warn me that we wanted to change your phone number. 3 years contract is too much and many people may have fined with their system. So I recommend go to other company with better system instead of wasting your money and time with these guys.

Amazing Tech Support Employee Jerry
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Rating: 5/51

TORONTO, ONTARIO -- I usually hate calling into tech support, it's a long wait, I'm always put on hold for a long time and usually the issue is not resolve (even though I am told it should be fine now). Although I waited for about 7 minutes until I was connected to someone from tech support, I was greeted by Comwave tech employee ** Jerry. He was able to quickly assess my situation by asked questions to better understand the situation.

Although some of the answers to his questions are obvious (is your internet cable connected to your modem, is your internet/wifi currently working), he did not skip any steps or make any assumptions in order to fully understand the situation/problem I was having. He ensured that everything like the numbers on my modem and numbers on the power cord to my modem were correct and matched his information that he had. He directed me to do certain things like press the reset button or unplug cables, and even visit a website on my phone and computer ( to check for internet speed.

Everything that he told me to do he gave me an explanation as to why I am doing it. Everything he did on his end, he told me what he was doing and why. Every time he put me on hold to speak to a higher up technician, he would come back every 2 minutes to let me know he did not forget about me. He was very kind, respectful and patient. He rectified the situation as best as he can (made the wifi connection stronger in my apartment), without promising it'll work FOR SURE. He informed me he did all he could do with the package that I had, and informed me of other upgrade options IF it does not work to the way I want it to be.

He did not try and sell me something I did not need, he also went to the extent of taking the time to explain what I currently have and what the upgrade options will give me. For someone who is not too tech savvy, he took his time with me and explained as much as he could. NO TIE DOMI NEEDED TO SELL COMWAVE. PUT JERRY'S FACE ON THE BILLBOARDS AND BUSES. Or just have Jerry train new hires so they can learn from his people/communication skills and his knowledge on how to assess situations. JERRY ** for Comwave Ambassador, Make COMWAVE Great Again.

New Services
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Rating: 3/51

ONTARIO -- In Feb.17 I switched from Shaw to Comwave. I wanted the same old phone number and they said no problem. Upon receiving the modem I read the instructions and when my phone wasn't giving me a dial tone I called for the first advice. By the 3rd call months later still no dial tone. I then contacted the customer service representative Tracy and complained. I was by then frustrated and said just how ridiculous this was. I tried again sometime in June and once more no phone service. Then 3 weeks ago I called and a Carlos found the problem or half the problem. It seems that they couldn't use my old phone # as I had had it disconnected before their service started.

I had a - surprise - a new #. No one advised me of this at all. Then he gives me the # and we do some checking and still not working. He was due to call me at a certain time as that would be when he'd be able to reach me and instead, calls me in his time zone and not mine as I specified 3 hrs. earlier which made it 6:00 a.m. I was sleeping. Then had to go for the day. He did try again but I couldn't respond. This week I gave it one last try and this Edwin was the smartest of all as he made me redo certain things and he reset the modem for the internet, moved the phone line into the direct port and had to register the phone under the new #.

So for 7 mos. now I've been charged for a phone line that could have been easily dealt with from the get go. How ridiculous is this? I spoke to Tracy and she is now arranging for me to receive a 7 month refund. Unbelievable. I specifically believe that the recording about listening in for training purposes is not really in use as the many complaints directly to the tech. reps. must be heard and our suggestions as well.

These ineffectual people before Carlos and him as well ought to be retrained to use their minds to go deeper into the core of what might be wrong just like the wonderful Edwin. He listened and cared. So did Carlos but Edwin wins the best tech. representative for the whole year as far as I'm concerned. Not everyone learns at the same pace that is for sure but come on. Just skimming the surface is inadequate and creates frustrations that absolutely unacceptable.

No Internet
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Rating: 4/51

CANADA -- I have 2 iPads. The internet connection to one of the iPads was suddenly not there anymore. There is no signal icon. Message received is: "Cannot connect because the server stopped responding..." My password entry attempts to reconnect to my WiFi all come back: "Unable to join network." I phone Comwave and after a few minutes wait, I talk to customer service representative Hector. My phone starts beeping within minutes after that and then the battery dies before I can get the needed assistance.

Seven hours later, phone battery recharged, I phone Comwave again. After a wait of OVER an HOUR I talk to technical support representative Jose # **. Jose has a very pleasant voice. He sounds like a nice, competent technical call center rep, someone I don't really want to get to feeling like yelling at for having to wait for so long. (Don't you guys have a callback option anymore?) So I don't mind telling him my problem.

After entering my PW for Jose and receiving the same "Unable..." message, and after giving Jose my PIN, Jose gives me the correct PW. The correct PW immediately reminds me of the handy-dandy personal PW I had made, some time ago it seems now, to replace the cumbersome number-letter-number-jumble of a PW that comwave gave me when I opened the Account and which I'd written down right underneath the original Comwave jumble PW.

I guess I was just so darn used to using the jumble PW all of those other times! My eyes have gotten bad too, and it can be hard to see my own fine print amongst all those other important details for all these technical goods and services sometimes. In the end this was a very brief call, I thought, and one that certainly didn't warrant the extremely long wait time I had endured to get here. Thanks very much for your patience, Jose.

Early Cancellation Fee
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Rating: 1/51

TORONTO -- May 23, 2017: I contacted Comwave and advise them I wished to change from my present Internet service provider to them. May 23: I requested my phone number be ported. May 31: Rogers cable service was to check, make sure I had the necessary cable. Rogers cable was a no-show. June 1: called Comwave customer service to advise of the Rogers no-show on the 31st.

The service representative showed me that Rogers cable man had been here. I said Rogers cable had neither phoned or knocked on the door. Service representative and for me that is not necessary. I said in my case it was. My backyard is inaccessible to gate is locked and I have to unlock it for Rogers to gain entry to my yard. Therefore he was not here. Service representative insisted he was. There was no point in going on with this debate. Service representative insisted that we begin installation of the modem. Instructed me to open the box which I received a week earlier, remove the modem and the black cable.

I informed him that there was no black cable. He suggested I remove the cable off my TV. I said my TV hasn't had that type of cable for 20 years. But if it did have that type of cable, or if the black cable had been in the box, it would have been to no avail, as there was no wall receptacle to plug the cable into because I have no cable coming to my residence (which Rogers cable should've noticed when they were supposedly here May 31). Seeing the way things are going, I thought I don't want to go down this road. I told the customer representative to cancel the whole deal.

June 1: Modem return via Canada Post. June 3: Rogers cable shows up at the door in the afternoon (in all the one that was here May 31) to check the cable. I told him that would not be necessary as I had cancelled the whole thing. June 23: I received statement showing the charge of $285.24 early cancellation fee. The service was never installed or activated. I feel a charge of $285.24 is excessive. I called Comwave customer service and explained everything to them. They informed me there was nothing they could do.

Taking Money Out of a Closed Account and Not Returning My Deposit
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Rating: 1/51

TORONTO -- This company lies through their teeth. They have took money out of my account that was already closed. I've waiting for a very long time to get my money returned and now being told it will be 10-20 days for it to be back in my account. Really 20 ** days? Who the hell says that? This supervisor talks tough over the phone and won't let me have a word in, so now I've been on hold again for 40 minutes just so I can get his information and hopefully talk to someone that's not an idiot.

I'll be talking to a lawyer this week about them stealing money out of my account. I hope this company falls apart. I also will be contacting the president of Comwave to let him know how bad his employee are treating their customers.

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