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Great Customer Service/Products and Prices!
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- In my 47 years I have never fallen across a company that truly will bend over backwards and go to major lengths to assist their customers. Where else can you find a family-owned company that consistently provides the most current technology, local customer service and 24/7 tech support? Here is a company with integrity that will not stoop to the level of AT&T by taking specific pot shots at their competitors!

That in and of itself speaks volumes! I don't get it?? Cox has been in the cable business since 1960. AT&T....less than a year. First they took over DISH Network and now it appears they will be kicking them to the curb so they can do their own cable; which is laughable considering they are CLUELESS as to what they are doing. Cox's prices are actually less expensive overall. They INVENTED the BUNDLE which has been ripped off by everyone and their mother.

People balk at prices without doing ANY research! Just inquire with DISH, DirecTV or AT&T what kind of contract you have to have. Cox......NO CONTRACTS! Or check with the above-mentioned how much they charge for HBO or any other premium channel. At least 20-30 percent more than Cox!! And if like me, you bundle your services, they do give a substantial discount. Have you called AT&T's customer service lately? Inept, uncaring, and useless!

There will always be people that feel the need to complain month after month after month about prices and bills, etc. These are the people who do not know the meaning of the word accountable. The ones that don't take the time to read their bills or ask the appropriate questions when purchasing services. The ones who blame Cox that their service is interrupted because their bill is 4 months past due and they say "I never got a bill" or "Nobody told me". PAHLEESEEE! I know for a fact that if a person needs some help paying their bill and they call, Cox is not judgmental, will set up payment arrangements and assist as much as humanly possible.

The only catch....if you're the customer, you NEED TO CALL! I'm sure no one is thinking "Oh 4 months passed by, my cable, internet and phone is free because I didn't get a bill". LOL. Did you know on their website you can view up to 18 months of your billing? Sure they're not perfect and mistakes are made. But I can tell you from personal experience, they will NOT let anyone fall through the cracks. They have an acronym (FOAV) Focus on Added Value and they mean it! For over 5 years they have won JD Powers Customer Service Awards and get this, for the last 4 years they beat out AT&T, winning JD Powers best phone service awards!!

For those who have legitimate issues (as some of us do with any company) they will work with you until its resolved. For the rest of you who whine, complain, threaten to go elsewhere, don't take responsibility for your bills and just want to badmouth someone, take a good look in the mirror because wherever you go, you will blame the next company and the next until no one will have you. I have never done this before on a website but in a world where people have no problem complaining, I wanted to say something nice for a change. I only wish they had cell phone service so I could get rid of the WORST company I've ever dealt with (Sprint).

Thanks Cox for being a local trusted provider, for going the extra mile for your customers, for contributing so much to the community and our kids (Cox Kids Foundation), caring about San Diego teachers and continuing to provide the most current great entertainment!

Digital Phone Service Complaint
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- Signed up for a bundle with Cox to do Internet, TV and Phone. TV is just so-so, the internet service is great, but I'm dropping them ALL because of the horrid service on the telephone service! When I signed up I told the representative I wanted just basic phone service with no long distance, no added features, only the ability to make local calls. They SAID that's what they had set up for me. My first bill comes in with long distance charges, so I called them. The CSR said that they would put a block on all long distance, all operated assist calls, and all collect calls. They did issue a credit for the calls billed.

My next bill comes in and again, charges for long distance and collect calls (that none of us accepted!) Called them again, was told that they would ensure the block was working and again got a credit for the long distance calls. Next bill: $500 dollars in long distance and collect calls! Called them again, the customer service representative said she's going to contact tech support and find out why the block isn't working and that she would transfer me to billing to get the calls credited. The billing CSR replied with "we don't block calls and we don't credit for them."

I called corporate headquarters in Atlanta. Once again they promised that they'll get the block working, they also promised that the calls would be credited. They also said that the CSR who told me that they can't block calls, and don't credit for them was in error, but she also explained something else that I was not aware of: the way their system is set up, if you have an answering machine and it picks up, you WILL be charged for the collect calls placed to your number!

Lack of Disclosure
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Sure, it sounds like a good idea. Switch to Cox Digital Telephone and save tons of money on your phone bills each month. They don't tell you even 1/3 of the story during the sales pitch. I ended up having to buy all the services I needed one by one, and at the end of the day, I saved only about $20 per month. If you take into account the time and aggravation of dealing with their deceptive sales pitches, I actually lost money. I agreed to switch to Cox after months of calls. I told the sales representative that I currently had 3-way calling, call forwarding, voice mail; the whole works for $52-ish per month. He told me that Cox could give me excellent service for $12 ish per month.

I agreed, the installation guy arrived, installed the phone, and left me materials on how to set up voice mail, call forwarding, etc. I tried and couldn't do it. I called Cox for help--turns out, all I received for $12 per month is a phone line. No voice mail, no call waiting, no 3-way calling, even though Cox gave me instructions on how to set up all of these services. To upgrade cost $20 per month. Still less than my former provider, so I agreed. Then I tried to make a long-distance call, with no luck. I called Cox again. Turns out that to have a phone line that will permit long distance calls, at $.5 per minute, costs another $1.99 per month.

Still less, so I agreed and the call was disconnected twice during the call. The time I have spent messing with this isn't worth the $275 I would save by switching or the aggravation of dealing with Cox on this. I would have purchased the whole package right up front if the salesperson had offered it to me. I asked Cox if there was something in writing where I could see what I was getting for the cost. The customer service representative said, "Yes, your bill." So, only after you purchase the service can you actually find out, in writing, what is included. Absolutely ridiculous, and, in my opinion, deceptive. DON'T BUY THIS.

ZPDI false charges on my Cox telephone bill
By -

PHOENX, ARIZONA -- My Oct. 2007 Cox Communications telephone bill listed ZPDI toll charges. $50+ dollars total. The number I was supposed to have called was a LOCAL number for me. I called ZPDI (Google them for many ripoff reports) and they told me they had NO record of my number or the called number. I then called Cox and they said there was nothing they could do as the charges came from ZPDI and I should contact them.

I called ZPDI again and they said it was a problem with Cox and not them. I called Cox again and told them since I spent $160 a month with them (ISP, TV, Telephone) they should reverse the ZPDI charges. They refused to do so and told me I needed to contact ZPDI to straighten it out and HAD to pay the full amount of my bill. I asked to speak to a supervisor and got nowhere. I then asked to speak to the supervisor of the supervisor and told him I was a good customer and Cox should reverse the charges.

This last person said they would issue a "form" to ZPDI and ask about the charges. I asked why Cox didn't just do that in the first place and save me hours of aggravation; he didn't answer me. He said Cox would not reverse the ZPDI charges but since my bill wasn't due for three weeks, the problem should be corrected before I paid.

I called Cox two days before my bill was due and they said they had received word that there was some kind of computer glitch and hundreds of people receive false ZPDI charges so I would receive a reversal of the $50+ false telephone toll charges. I assumed the matter was closed so paid my normal amount of $160. Several days later I receive a call from Cox telling me I was late and to immediately pay the balance.

I asked what happened to the ZPDI charges and they said it might take a couple of months for a credit to show up on my bill. If I didn't pay the false charges then my telephone service would be cutoff. I paid so now we will see if the credit shows up in the next two months. Cox says they are "Your friend in the digital age." What a joke!!!

Don't Buy Cox Digital Phone Service
By -

Just wanted to inform as many people as possible as to some of the problems that Cox Communication does not disclose to you when selling you digital phone service. (1) Originally I paid to have one digital phone line installed and paid additional monies for this service "distinct ring/tone fax"...a service they continued to charge me for although I informed them I did not work and it never did. Their answer was to blame HP for its distinct ring software etc...the typical pass the buck once you are on the hook for the service.

(2) Since I could not receive faxes, I was forced to pay for what I thought was a dedicated second line and also pay to install a second RJ11 outlet, despite paying for a second line. Cox Communication really only ran it off one line (I am not a computer expert but I assume it must be to save bandwidth and be lazy about running a true second line) even though the modem is set up for a second line 3.

Unfortunately I value safety and I wanted to have home security installed and now found out that Cox Communication will just run it all to the modem through one line although the modem can handle 1/2 or 2 lines separate. When I complained that had Cox Communication run the second line as the modem is also set up to do, I was met with nothing but resistance. I told that nothing was wrong with their service, and I would likely have to pay for a service tech to come out. Read this!!!

Most importantly...I would gladly opt to discontinue my service with Cox Communications. But I was also informed that I would not be able "port" or keep either my phone number or my fax number if I switch to analog phone service. So if you are running a home business or would like to keep your number, I would suggest getting phone service elsewhere or you will be trapped like me!!!!

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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Cox Communications keeps raising its prices every month. I called them & removed a service to save a couple of dollars. When I checked my bill a couple of months later they had raised the fee on phone to make up for what I had reduced. I called again & they agreed to drop the price for a few months, when the regular price was reinstated, they just upped the price by quite a bit more again to make up for what little I had saved. They are so unfair and unwilling to work with you. I have been with them for 19 years, I think my only alternative now is to switch.

No Unpaid Solution for Harassing Calls with Cox Phone
By -

Somehow a couple of criminals obtained my phone number; one of them is identifiable as a scammer on Google by searching his phone number (yes, they were dumb enough to give their numbers to me). One caller - this one from Los Angeles - claimed to be from Publishers Clearing House, informing me that I had won over $700,000. The other caller - Washington, DC - stated that I "had been trying to claim" an award for $700,000 and he wanted to help me receive it. Apparently $700,000 is the minimum that you win these days.

I reported this duo to the FCC, but they kept calling; I understand that the FCC can take up to a month to handle any reported issues. I called Cox and asked them to block these two numbers, and was informed that I could do that for a fee of somewhat over $3/month. I asked the Cox representative which other unlawful nuisances I had the privilege of stopping for a fee. Cox then stated that I could pay for the number block for a month, and then drop it; however, if the Feds still hadn't acted, the calls would resume. I was further told that this was all that Cox could do for me.

A third caller contacted me, and he hung up after I told him that I was reporting all such calls to the Federal Government. Hopefully that approach will work, because Cox won't help you at all with nuisance or harassing calls unless you open up your wallet. Pros: excellent cable and phone service quality. Cons: don't ever become a victim; Cox will make you a poorer one; hidden fees a specialty!

Quoted prices different from actual bill
By -

Upon requesting a bundled package with Cox, we were quoted a price per month. However, once the products had been installed, our bill was higher than what was quoted. When I called about the higher charges, I was told that what we had originally received a quote on, was no longer available. When I questioned a recent ad that I had seen with a bundled package for a lower price, I was told that if I got that it would take away my discounts and so it goes....with the price being still higher than we had quoted.

Cox and all communication companies should be held to stricter policies regarding their quoted prices and be made to provide a written quote. I did mention that I would be making a complaint to a state commission in the hopes of getting this unfair practice changed.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

QUEEN CREEK, ARIZONA -- How is it Cox can spend millions on advertising and cannot even add new service with any level of confidence? After my first attempt to add new service failed (the technician did not meet our "appointment window"), customer service contacted me to try to make amends. Second try...customer service stated I needed to redo the phone switch over request. I called to do so, and was told I did not need to redo the phone request. Two days later, another email I do need to re-complete the request... and am told at that time, my 3rd or 4th contact that the phone cannot be switched over on Saturday anyway. Told them to cancel the order.

How is it Cox can become a monopoly? Even going to the FCC website to complain about their monopoly is not effective, they direct you back to Cox's franchising authority (whoever that is). The only alternative in my area is DirecTV - costly and you need a ton of additional equipment. There must be a lot of money going between Cox and the politicians to keep this one up... whatever happened to Cable America... good service, reasonable price? Oh yea, Cox bought them, too bad.

Fraudulent phone charges
By -

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- A Cox employee used my phone line to call Mexico. The calls to Mexico were never itemized on my phone bill (i.e:. never showed up on my bill) but the costs were included in the total amount owed. I only discovered the fraudulent calls after I received an extremely high bill and called Cox to question it. Calling Cox is a nightmare in itself. Their phone tree / menu takes forever to navigate and the Cox employees I spoke with were rude, unsympathetic, and incompetent. When I asked them to fax proof of the charges to me, I was told I'd be charged $5 for the fax.

This saga has gone on for months. I filed a police report and complaints with the BBB and the VA state Consumer Affairs. These efforts were futile. After I refused to pay these fraudulent charges, Cox turned my account over for collection and trashed my credit rating. I took them to Small Claims Court on 4/27/07 (Fairfax County, case # **) and the judge ruled that I owed Cox nothing. She also ordered them to pay me the amount in dispute plus interest plus court costs. To-date, Cox has refused to comply with the judge's orders.

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