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No Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- We were seated first, all the other tables but 3 were empty, then a woman with 2 kids came, the waitress went to her first. Excuse me, so we got up I asked to see the manager. I told her what happened, she said "Could I invite you back in", I said no you can not. I said You go back and tell your waitress you lost 2 customers. She said she would, but I doubt that very much. The manager was young girl. Didn't seem to care. Very disgusted with Cracker Barrel!!!!!!!!!!! This is the second time we stopped at this one Cracker Barrel, and they were rude to us...
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FoDaddy19 on 05/08/2013:
It's possible that you were seated in a different waitress's area. There's usually more than one on duty, and the waitress that waited on the other customers wasn't the one assigned to your table.
Suzy on 05/08/2013:
If that were true the manager should have known this, made sure of where the customer was sitting and explained that a different waitress was assigned to that table. Also if the customer had a different waitress where was the waitress? If she were helping another table in her area it would have been readily apparent. The OP only mentioned seeing the one waitress. I think the manager at Cracker Barrel dropped the ball on this one.
FoDaddy19 on 05/08/2013:
I'm not saying there wasn't a mistake made, it's likely that someone dropped the ball, It could've easily been the waitress. Or if there was another waitress, she may have been in the kitchen or take a smoke break or whatever. In which case the manager should've taken the OP's order.

However the OP didn't seem to want to listen to what the manager had to say, and we don't know how much time, if any, elapsed between the other table being served first and the OP getting up and leaving. The details of encounter weren't shared.

I've been to many Cracker Barrels in the south and mid-Atlantic as well as the one in my town, and only once have I had a bad experience and that was the fault of another patron, not anything the restaurant had control over. Usually the customer service is really good for this tier of restaurant, the food isn't spectacular but, the service and price are areas where Cracker Barrel usually excels. I don't work for them or anything and never have, but as far as my experiences go with the chain, you really can't do much better for the price.
trmn8r on 05/08/2013:
Cracker Barrel's seating/service model was horrible when I stopped patronizing the chain 4 years ago. I had several experiences like yours at multiple locations. Complaining did no good. It is one of the main reasons I stopped going there.

If servers are going to walk by my table for 15 minutes, look my party in the eyes, and not tell the responsible person that they have customers waiting to be served with menus on the table, the model is broken. Just my opinion.
CrazyRedHead on 05/09/2013:
Neither me or my family will ever go to a Cracker Barrel. The last and only time we went my kids and I felt really uncomfortable in there. My kids are mixed (black and white) and when we were in there we were stared at by staff and customers like we were half naked and dirty. It wasn't just me that felt that way but my kids also told me. It was kind of obvious that the people in there were staring at us, and it's not like it unusual to see mixed kids, we live by Ft Campbell where it is normal to see mixed couples and kids. I tried not to notice and act like everything was alright and my kids were all acting good, but when my little one asks me why is everyone staring at us is my cue to leave. We had been there about 10 to 15 minutes and didn't even order yet, needless to say, we got up and left.
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Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
MCALLEN, TEXAS -- We are a church choir group of 15 who has been going to Cracker Barrel every other Saturday for the past 4 years. By the time we get to the restaurant we are hungry. For the past 4 years, whoever was the manager, would come to greet us, and would make sure we would get our grilled biscuits as we decided what each one was going to order.

On February 11, 2012, we asked the server, as she was taking drink order, if she could put in the order of grilled biscuits; she said she would when she would take in the order of drinks we were having. Afterwards, she came to pick up the meal orders and again I asked if she had put in the order for the biscuits because we were very hungry and she responded that she would do it after she would take in the meal orders. I again asked her that we wanted the biscuits first before the meal, and she responded that she would do it after she would place the meal orders. When we refused to give our meal orders, she got the manager for the evening. We explained to the manager that we had been coming for at least four years and we had always gotten the buiscuits right away. The manager said he was aware that we were loyal customer but that they had a new rule that buiscuit order would be placed after the meal orders had been done. I told the manager we would not order until the buiscuit order had been placed.

We did get the biscuits but not enought for the group. The manager made a statement with the short order of biscuits that it was going to be his way. I want to know why we have to wait till the orders are taken. Every time we go we give them business of about $150 to $200. It's not like we're going to eat the biscuits and run off.

We would like an apology from the manager, and to be treated respectfully like we had been by all the other managers.

I would like a respond from the president of the company as to what is going to be done about this. We like the food from Cracker Barrek and then doing some shopping at the store.

Thank you,
Gracie Garza
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clutzycook on 03/03/2012:
OK, shorting you biscuits just because you asked for them out of order is a little passive-aggressive and uncalled for, but a new rule is a new rule, and refusing to give your meal order until you get your biscuits isn't going to help it any. Since you all eat there so often, perhaps you could all have a general idea of what you want to order before you get there. That way the waitress could take your drink and your meal orders at the same time, reducing the amount of time that you will be biscuit-less.
FoDaddy19 on 03/03/2012:
They informed you that their policy regarding the biscuits had changed. That's not rude, that's just giving you an explanation of why you're not getting the biscuits you were expecting.

"I told the manager we would not order until the biscuit order had been placed"

It sounds like you were making a stink about it. Obviously when you start dictating to the manager, chances are he's not going to want to put up with it.

"We did get the biscuits but not enought for the group. The manager made a statement with the short order of biscuits that it was going to be his way. "

Or possibly they didn't have enough time to make enough biscuits for 15 people on short notice, and still get them out before your actual order.

" I want to know why we have to wait till the orders are taken"

Because it's the new policy apparently. The manager may not have even had say in the matter.

"We would like an apology from the manager, and to be treated respectfully like we had been by all the other managers."

I don't think he owes you an apology. He informed you that policy changed. That doesn't constitute rudeness in my book unless he was a jerk about it. Seeing how he acknowledged you as long term customers, that doesn't appear to be the case.
shay69 on 04/28/2012:
as an employee, its not that the comp. thinks u will take off after the biscuits its the fact that they have a million rules one of which is take an order within 3 minz. they have implemented all sorts of new rules to try to get your food out within 13 minz of being sat but in some cases like yours it backfires and the guest is left feeling like they didn't get the service they deserved, keep your reciets take name of manager and contact our home office
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Major Crack in the Barrel/ Someone call the UNION
Posted by on
I have worked at CB for over a year. I find all the prior complaints that I have read on this site to be accurate of what I have found working at CB. I feel they promote employees to scrutinize other employees. (The only thing that comes to mind is the saying "Divide and conquear") I find these kind of people are promoted at Cracker Barrel. Managers are very rude with employees to the point of I can't tell you how many waitresses I have found crying in the breakroom. I feel that CB is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen. . I SAY UNIONIZE
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Alain on 10/12/2010:
Check with your states employment commission or labor department to see what their definitions of employee abuse are and report the abuse if your employer is in violation of the laws or guidelines.
Anonymous on 10/12/2010:
Does CB have an HR department that you can request to meet with? Do they have employee handbooks that cover items like breaks? The best thing you can do is document everything, including what steps you have taken to address the issues. Good luck and follow Alain's advice.
boycottingCB on 06/10/2011:
It won't do any good to complain to corporate...they treat everyone like crap and they just don't care. I think this company should be very ashamed, especially because they try to portray themselves as a down-home, wholesome company.....yeah right!! Then treat people better and recognize when you have good employees willing to work. I only went there for the employees not the food!
hagfan on 12/22/2011:
worst company I ever worked for nough said
Bowman #568 on 12/25/2011:
I work at store 568 in Waynesboro, Virginia. I have worked for the Barrel for over 3 years. I get 2 weeks paid vacation, I have 401 k, I have insurance which it may not be the best, but it is insurance. The insurance is a little pricy for Par 1 through Par 3 but drops a lot when you make par 4. You get 20% off food and retail and 35 % when you make par 4. Make real good money and have a great management team, some of the best managers I have ever worked for. Chris, John, Tom, Walter, and Melissa you guys are awesome.
anon 195 on 03/09/2013:
I have worked for tbis company for 10 years and have found the divide and conquer techinque to be unbenifitting to the teamwork philosophy. And furthermore, when you complain to corporate it is recorded and management hear who says what and will discipline with either days cut or poor sections. I am in a no win situation, I love having a job, great coworkers, insIurance and 401 K. , I am treated like a government mule and fully expect the shooting when they are done with me. Which will be soon as I cannot no longer work the 7.45 hr shift with no breaks whatsoever.
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Sweat shop in disguise
Posted by on
I am basically a new employee (server) at Cracker Barrel in North Carolina. When I first hired in the trainer was very helpful and nice making it a good transition coming out of early retirement. I do need to work as I was recently divorced and had to surrender half of my pension. Back to the subject, the managers make it so nice for you when you first get on the floor, but after you are on board for a month, the real Cracker Barrel comes out of the walls. Besides me working my area of 4 tables and when its busy that's walking, refills, serving, busing tables, making your silverware quota and running food out to other tables. One extremely busy day, I got a drink of water and I heard my name being screamed out to me about running food out to tables. They do not talk to you they holler at you like you are some kind of lowlife lethario. I do not think or even recall when I was allowed to drink or eat a little break. I thought it was the law when you work over a certain period of time that you are allowed breaks. Well, not at this Cracker Barrel you do, and if you do your job is at stake. I actually am a nervous mess when I work as I feel that I am doing something wrong all the time day in and day out. Managers never praise you for a good job, they always look for fault and will be glad to notify you of it, believe me. I really need the job, but its a shame that business with food service is like Walmart in all means.
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User Replies:
FlShopper on 07/16/2010:
This sounds like a lousy working environment. Start looking for something else asap.
rowehun on 07/16/2010:
this country is not going forward in treating workers fairly, they are going back and way back at that, its a shame,, greed and big money at the workers expense..
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
What were you expecting a country club atmosphere?
Surely you have dined at these types of places and witnessed how hectic it can be for a server, waitress or whatever.
That is the nature of the beast and you are just not cut out for that type of work.

Good luck with your new life and employment.
jktshff1 on 07/16/2010:
+10 lakisha
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
I disagree and would say -10 Lakisha. I don't think the OP was expecting a country club atmosphere at all. It is the law that ALL hourly employees are given breaks at certain intervals. Sure, working in a restaurant can be hectic and one might not always get their break at the exact time they are supposed to, but it is up to management to understand and staff accordingly for how business trends in their location to avoid scenarios like the above as much as possible.

To the OP, if it were me, I'd have a sit down with the manager of the place and calmly explain what is going on. Labor laws are quite clear, and it doesn't sound like this CB is taking them very seriously.
biomajor on 07/16/2010:
My daughter is a server at Steak and Shake and she gets a 10 minute break after 4 hours. It's not the law, it's a gift from her employer. Breaks are not mandated by the federal laws, and all State laws differ, but here in TN, they don't have to give breaks to adults.

I looked up North Carolina, and there is no mandatory break time, no matter how long you work.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
There are times that you may have to work through your break. I know I have numerous times. If the OP isn't getting the proper amount of break time they should request it to the manager although I would think that there are down times when they do take one.
I think we all know our rights regarding the labor laws and a little hard work never hurt anyone. Sweatshop my eye.

Thank you BIO it is the same deal if you work in a perishable goods type of job.
No wonder all the factories are gone.
biomajor on 07/16/2010:
I work in a school. I work from 7:30 (my first bus comes) to 4:00 (last bus leaves) and I don't get any breaks at all. I eat my lunch with my students. I cut up their food, wipe their faces, and noses, and occasionally clean up vomit (reflux and gerd are some of my kids' favorite medical issues) during lunch.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
I stand corrected, biomajor..thanks for looking that up. If I were the OP I'd be looking for a new employer that cares enough for its employees to give them the "gift" of a break.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Bio you have it much tougher than anyone here.
biomajor on 07/16/2010:
I love my job (No, really, I do LOL) I love my students!! Their smiles warm my heart. I hate summer break, but luckily I've run into a couple of them out and about. My kids are fabulous!!!
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
I would never allow any employer to yell at me or treat me with disrespect. It's not something I would do. Back in college when I delivered pizza's I had a manager yell at me. I quit right then and there during a heavy rush. He was all like hey man don't quit I'm sorry and I said screw you. I bumped into the guy a few months later at a party. I made it so uncomfortable for him that he left. What a wuss.

My point is don't take crap from anybody. If an employer doesn't treat you right then quit right then and there. Heck, you were looking for a job when you found that one.

Good review.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Sometimes it's called having THICK SKIN. No one likes getting yelled but it happens.
I had a boss yell at me and I promptly told him to not ever yell at me again. He didn't fire me. See my point?
bargod on 07/16/2010:
At no time is it acceptable for an employer to yell at an employee, nuff said.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
No one said that it is acceptable. If it does happen you address it at that time correct?
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
That's the problem Kisha. Most people just accept it same as they do poor customer service, $39 OD fees and bad sex.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Question: Would you consider it rude if the server brought you the check when you still have 4 of 5 slices of pizza left and a drink?
bargod on 07/16/2010:
Absolutely that would be rude.
let me see? on 07/16/2010:
Again I repeat the there NO FEDERAL laws regarding lunch or breaks. Each state has their own law. NC has no law, If they want you to work 12 hours with no break they can. I can't tell you the times I have heard "its the law I have a break", don't take my word, look it up on line.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Bargod: I thought so too. That friggin jerk
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
I wouldn't be offended if they brought my check with 4-5 slices left. Heck, I wouldn't even be offended if they gave it to me when they brought the food out the first time. Why should I? They're simply billing me for the goods I received. Now, if they ask me to leave before I'm ready, then that's a different story.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Kisha, was the pizza worth the trouble?
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
I took it as a hint to hurry up. The place was getting busy and we had a nice corner booth.
Places that give you the ticket right away are classless or get walked out on frequently.
I am used to asking for my check or being asked. If want to pay right away I could have gone to some dump like Little Ceasars pizza.

Dryad it was awful. I may do a rant on it here when time allows.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Was the Pizza good at least?
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Kisha, that's how I would take it, too.
biomajor on 07/16/2010:
Kisha, that's how I'd take it too. I'd also not go back! Although, you can't pay me to go to Little Caesar's LOL They were giving pizzas away here not long ago for their anniversary and my children, who eat anything wouldn't even go for free.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Smart kids!!!
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Kisha> I too have had a boss yell at me before. I politely told him that I will bust my ass for him 100% each and every day. No questions asked. But I REFUSE to be yelled at. Just ask me nicely to do it, and I'll do it. I told him I will give him the same respect in return. SEVERAL years later, and it's never happened again. Ever. Sorry Stew, very, very, very poor advice. Never quit a situation. Take control of the problem and correct it. Running away from your problems doesn't solve anything.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Amen Justice.
Ytropious on 07/16/2010:
That's funny Stew, you say "My point is don't take crap from anybody.", but you frequently side with customers whenever a cashier or server or whoever gets an attitude with someone. I'm a cashier and I follow your advice, I don't take crap from anyone, including my customers.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
It is a two way street huh?
Ytropious on 07/16/2010:
Basically, apparently it's OK to take crap as a cashier, but not as a customer? Everyone needs to treat everyone with respect and get over themselves.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Ytrop, I side with the customer because the customer is always right ERGO in those cases I'm advising the CUSTOMER not to take the EMPLOYEE'S crap.

If nothing else I am very consistent in my views.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
You are consistent although your views are flawed.

The customer is right as long as they are profitable. Those that make scenes and hold up the line are not profitable.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Kisha, The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
They get taken to jail, get their food spat on and are escorted out of the place too.
jktshff1 on 07/16/2010:
I had one boss years ago that I respected enough to take a cussin from him.
When he retired and his assistant took over, he tried the same thing. I explained only 3 people could talk to me like that, my mom, dad and his former boss. We got along quite well after that.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
I was trained at a young age at my very first job (Taco Bell) that the customer is "ALWAYS" right. Even if they're wrong, you let them think they're right. At all costs.

Well, as life goes on and I've experienced the world a little for myself, I've changed my opinion slightly. I worked as a service tech for many years. I was a front line service tech, in that I interacted directly with the customer. However, there were some very unruly customer/clients from time to time. I always bit my tongue the best I could. (Don't forget J4A...make them think they're right) Well, one particular gentleman went out of his way to personally berate my company and me. Calling us every name in the book. I politely picked up my tools and equipment, and said, "Goodbye". The owner of my company (multi-million dollar company) called and said while they appreciated his business over the years, they weren't going to stand by and allow someone to berate an employee of theirs in that matter. Especially one that was Employee of The Year the previous year. He went on to say that while he valued the money the customer spent with us over the years, they didn't want it anymore. I was allowed to listen via speaker phone. Them having my back was the greatest feeling in the world. Long story short...THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
J4A, Sam Walton said the Customer Is Always Right. No offense but I giving Sam the nod on this one. The man seemed to know what he was talking about.
biomajor on 07/16/2010:
Stew, the slogan pre-dates Walmart's empire :)
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Bio, True and I didn't say Sam came up with expression he merely believed it and acted accordingly. It's a good saying that's stood the test of time.
FlShopper on 07/16/2010:
The customer is always right. Except when he's wrong.
spiderman2 on 07/16/2010:
NOrth Carolina law does not require a break for an adult:

"A rest break (generally 10 or 15 minutes) and a meal break (usually 30 minutes or more) are not required by law for anyone who is 16 years of age or older. A 30 minute break after 5 hours is required for youths who are 14 or 15 years of age."
bargod on 07/16/2010:
Sam Walton also said "if we don't take care of the customer, someone else will'
A very good motto in my books.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Him taking care of the customers meant using leverage against vendors towards his competitors, purchasing in bulk so to undercut the mom and pop businesses thus putting them out of business and taking advantage of NAFTA as others did as well.
bargod on 07/16/2010:
It sure worked though,lol.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
Sure did.
Ytropious on 07/16/2010:
"The squeaky wheel gets the grease." The squeaky wheel can only squeak so long before it gets replaced.
Anonymous on 07/16/2010:
PepperElf on 07/16/2010:
well I'm going to give you the same advice I just gave someone else, though in your case, since you're coming out of early retirement it may actually work better for you, since you very likely have an established resume or previous work history.

Keep the job for now, because even a crappy job is still a paycheck. But start job hunting asap.

You may even want to consider a temp agency - as I personally found out, some of them do job placement for full time jobs. And if you have a good resume built up, you may get lucky.

Especially since you probably have good experience. There's no reason why you should have to run around in an entry-level job if you have qualifications that can be used elsewhere.

Good luck.
jktshff1 on 07/16/2010:
I always tell my customers what I can do, not what I can't. It's worked for 40 yrs.
Starlord on 07/17/2010:
Welcome to the wonderful world of food service. What you have is bad management. I have eaten in Cracker Barrels across the US, and I have never observed this type of management. Don't try to tar the whole chain with the brush of one store. It sounds to me as if you are not suited to food service. As far as breaks, Arizona requires a half-hour lunch and two 15 minute breaks per eight hour shift. When I worked in a county jail, the closest I got to that was eating a bologna snadwich with one hand while prionting an inmate or arrestee with the other. I knew that when I went into the detention division and accepted it as part of the job.
let me see? on 07/20/2010:
Starlord, Arizona has no break/lunch law. They can make you work as long as they want. 12 hours no break or lunch. Check the Internet. Some companies allow breaks etc but are not REQUIRED by law.
Ann on 06/28/2011:
Your experience really helped me. I so had the same situation. The first 30 days was supportive. Then, boom, the atmosphere completely changed. I did great with 4 tables, even during the rush. My tips always were above 20%. But, I did make a mistake that upset the customers. It happens. Next thing I know, I'm given 7 tables during rush. No way could I handle it. And then, my hours were cut to practically a notice that says: Go away. So much for the nice words about how I'm bound to make mistakes, don't get upset, it happens!

What was really odd? Nobody in management had the courage to just discuss it with me.

I got online, read from others, and felt a lot better. This isn't the type of place I think would be best for me, anyway. I read too many suggestons from others that their system is a large part of the problem for servers, and I can do as well or better in a less frenzied restaurant. I believe it. My service declined when I had to run food for others and couldn't tend to my own section. It just doesn't work.

I really appreciated hearing how the tone changed after 30 days. I was shocked, personally. I've never been talked to in that way in my life, and I've been through a divorce with a mad ex-husband! lol

Life is way, way too short for their blame game stuff.
hagfan on 12/22/2011:
I know what you mean I was there about a year,I sat down to eat a hamburger 3 min.& 2 bite's I was told to go back to work but our friends from south of the border ;legal or NOT ; can take all the breaks they want at the gastonia n c store
notafan on 04/19/2012:
I work at one in Oklahoma. They operate the same way. However they do succeed in hiding their behaviors in front of the customers. Most of the time. I have witnessed an employee being stopped at the front of the store on a Sunday around 1, people coming in and out of the door while two managers confronted the poor girl and spoke very loudly and harshly to her until she was in tears. That's just one example, too. I have many.

I don't allow anyone to treat me that way and I won't treat anyone else that way. People who say it's part of the job are part of the problem because they are either the perp or the brainwashed victim....Any company with half a brain should treat their employees with respect instead of creating a master/slave environment. People do still respond to being respected, therefore they will be very loyal and give their best in return. I don't live in a dream world. I do realize some people will take advantage but those are the ones that should get the boot... and that's my 3 pennies.
Tootough on 07/21/2014:
I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! I thought it was just the Cracker Barrel that I work at, but obviously they all run their stores like a sweat shop, and the " corporation" allows it. We do not get offered breaks either in The Ky store and constantly feel as though we are basic slaves. It's really sad that there is so much " falseness" behind this company
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Lack of respect for employees
Posted by on
JOPLIN, MISSOURI -- Not only are all of those things true but their respect for their employes is nonexistent. About a year ago someone had the wise idea of giving the managers a bonus for making "goal hours" meaning that if they make so much in sales for an hour they get a bigger bonus. Sounds innocent enough, right? But the manager at the store in Joplin, MO, the general manager has taken this to an extreme. He now gives servers, who make $3.73 an hour two table sections on the weekends, when we should be making our money for the week. Keep in mind some of these people have worked there for over ten years and can handle more, and did before the goal hour bonus took effect. Now we are not making enough money to pay our bills or even fill up our gas tanks on a weekend night, while his check is growing, and CB managers would certainly make enough to pay the bills witout the bonus at all. I encourage all who, even if you like Cracker Barrel, to skip the one in Joplin, MO. THere is one in Springfiled, MO, just 60 miles away, or one in Tulsa, just 100 miles. Some regard has to be shown to these people as the manager has said that it's an employers market and he can do what he wants. I just think everyone should know how this company treats people.

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User Replies:
ejack053824 on 03/24/2010:
Very interesting. I will make note of this.
Anonymous on 03/24/2010:
Sounds like you're in a tough spot - time to start looking for something else, apparently these guys are only out for themselves.
Ytropious on 03/25/2010:
If you ask me, insentivising the managers is a stupid idea, you should be insentivising the people who are demanded to do the work and earn the money for the company, the employees!
RestaurantGuy on 03/25/2010:
While I believe you need to take care of your employees you also need to take care of your guests. Most restaurants (except maybe IHOP or dennys) give the servers 2-3 table sections. The reason for this is so they can take care of the guest. If you have 6 tables you cannot give the guest good service. I give my servers 3 tables only at a time. Take care of your guests and they will return and your servers will make even more money. Give the guest bad service and they will not return
mdcook on 03/25/2010:
My first reaction to your complaint would be this...why in the world would you tell people to not come there to eat if you are complaining that you are not making money. My second reaction, as a ten year employee of this company, (server five years, cook five years) would be do understand that managers have a job to do and have people who hold them accountable, correct? Then maybe you can understand that managers earning bonuses for various reasons is part of the result of their people managing skills, which is what they are hired for. It is a different job with different expectations. Get over it. And by the way, earning bonuses for goal hours is nothing new. This is not to say that there aren't bad apples out there. I've seen my share of slimy managers over the years and eventually they get the boot.

Servers getting two tables sucks when there is no business, and good managers should recognize this and cut the floor, but when it is busy, a two table section taken care of by an attentive, friendly and helpful individual can earn money. I know because I've done it. My guess is that your bad attitude is getting in the way of your ability to earn money. Sorry, but people pick up on that sort of thing.
jane doe on 07/23/2011:
my husband works for Cracker Barrel and he comes home 3 sheets to something
LuigiMan on 10/04/2011:
This is for the initial post. The manager at your crackerbarrel is not he one who is making those changes with the section/tables. It is corporate and for the last few years customers have complained that they do not receive enough attention and to help this situation corporate has instituted that every server, regardless of how good they are, will have two to three table sections on weekends/busy shifts. I have worked at Cracker barrel for five years now. Started in the dishroom and moved up to host, grill cook, backup cook, and prep cook, server, and now shift leader. On a Friday night when its the busiest I get two to three tables regardless of the fact that I have the highest volume of sales and productivity. I take this opppurtunity to give these few tables incredible service. I make an average of 25 to 30 an hour.... so if you are complaining that you don't have enough tables then perfect what you have.
marvin on 03/22/2013:
I have been a server for many years and with CB for eight years. three tables on the weekend are fine. I can work them and make money. sometimes you can make money with two tables but good luck to you when one of your two tables sits there for two hours or gets pushed together with another servers for only a party of five. it is very frustrating.
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Eat at your own risk-Cracker Barrel in Florida City
Posted by on
FLORIDA CITY, FLORIDA -- In 17 years of working in hospitality/restaurant industries, I have never experienced such filth and lack of sanitary protocol as I do at the Cracker Barrel in Florida City. As an employee, I cannot drink from their cups without lining it with a plastic baggy. All of the staffers implemented this practice once they witnessed myself doing this. The cups sit in racks slightly above the tile floors that are constantly wet with spillage. All the spillage from the floors are then splashed back onto the cups whenever anyone passes by. There is also something wrong with their dish washing apparatus. Four out of five dishes/cups are covered in dried eggs and gravy because the apparatus isn't being maintained and can't clean properly. Some servers don't have time and have to use the dirty dishes, others just don't care that the dishes are dirty and use them anyway. Also, I have witnessed the Florida City Cracker Barrel keep up to 20 full trash cans inside the building next to the dry storage area and break room where the employees eat their meals. Only when there is enough time and too many full trash cans will the cooks take the garbage that's fermenting from inside the building to the dumpsters outside.
Eat at own risk!
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User Replies:
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/25/2009:
Have you contacted your local health department? If not you should do so at once. Since you witnessed the unsanitary conditions and lack of proper cleaning of the dishes, it's your responsibility to bring it to the health depts attention.
Frenchie on 09/25/2009:
Once again I do not believe this poster. If it was valid all he/she had to do was call the health inspectors or an anonymous call or note to corporate. The poster has an agenda.
For me I like Cracker Barrell and have eaten in them several times, always clean, good food, fair price and excellent help!
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/25/2009:
My son works at a Cracker Barrel in NC. It's always clean and the food is excellent. My point is if this is a true complaint the OP has an obligation to report these violations or he/she is just as guilty as the location.
Skye on 09/25/2009:
I've never been to a Cracker Barrel. I don't even think we have any here, in the wild west.
Eloise on 09/25/2009:
3 words. Disgruntled Former Employee
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
I *love* The Cracker Barrel! Anytime I want some good home cooked food, and I don't want to have to cook, I just go there. It's sooooooooo delish. And their little gift store... they have candy there you can only find there. I like to sit outside on their rocking chairs and play huge checkers.
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
take the initiative and clean those cups before serving to's not that hard to do
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
As everybody knows I don't see color. I've always assumed I'm white because I always get such excellent service at the Cracker Barrel.
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
The name Cracker Barrel says it all.
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
Skye, there's actually 4 of them in Colorado.
Colorado Springs, Loveland, Northglenn, and Pueblo.
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
I find it appalling that you personally experienced these conditions and just watched them go on. It's one thing to work for a place where you are ignorant of such matters, it's another to work there and watch this happen, all the while making your own workarounds. You are just as liable as the manager/owners.
furnman on 09/25/2009:
My wife and I travel for work and are gone for long periods of time. We find Cracker Barrel offers the comfort foods that we miss from home. We have eaten at Cracker Barrel for years and in many different states. We find the quality and service very consistent. The 1 bad experience we had was in York Pa. It appeared our server was very new and was a bit over whelmed with the Sunday eveing rush. We spoke with the manager when paying and he comped us 1 of the meals. We felt we were treated fairly.

This does sound like a disgruntled "fired" ex-employee.
jktshff1 on 09/25/2009:
I tried CB in a couple of places, but never liked it.
Nohandle on 09/25/2009:
How long have you worked at this particular Cracker Barrel evaluater? The reason I ask is with 17 years of experience I would think you could obtain a job at any restaurant. I've only been in Cracker Barrel a time or two and that was at breakfast. The food was good enough but the wait was a bit long. I never observed any unsanitary conditions but I didn't go to the kitchen to have a look.
evaluater on 09/25/2009:
The Cracker Barrel has a private company inspect them. They were there my first week and were sited on many many things.
evaluater on 09/25/2009:
I'm not an EX employee. I'm getting the word out and letting the public know. I've made several complaints to corporate, the unit itself, and many other places. I'm not the only employee who complains. Lots do including management. New managers last at most 6 weeks before they've had it.
evaluater on 09/25/2009:
Staffers do not have time to clean the cups nor do they care. Ask for a to-go cup instead.
evaluater on 09/25/2009:
Next time you eat at Cracker Barrel, walk up to the computer behind the waitress and "accidentally" poke your head into the open door. You will see spillage all over the floors. Peek in a little more, you will see where the cups are.
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
Evaluater... why do you assume because one CB is like that, all of them are?
evaluater on 09/25/2009:
Because this particular one is only 2 years old.
Skye on 09/25/2009:
Why thank you bkk. We'll have to check them out. I think my husband has enjoyed a meal at them before. I'll have to ask him.

Skye on 09/25/2009:
I deserve a meal out. I have 4, yes 4 beautiful babies under the age of 3 today.

I wanted a drink later, until I posted that photo of that woman who had been drinking too much for to long!
Skye on 09/25/2009:
And they are finally napping..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
That's your reasoning? Because that particular one is only 2 years old? Whatever credibility you just had gone right out the window.
Well, evaluater, the ones I've been to have been around for longer. Just because one is bad doesn't make them all bad.
evaluater on 09/25/2009:
nohandle, I just started there. You're right, I can get a job at any restaurant. I just happened to land this one. I'm trying to get pics with my iPhone of the filth but if you get caught playing with your phone they send you home. It's a very strange job, not one I'm used to. I'm going to stay for now, complain my butt off about the sanitary conditions, and let the public know how bad this unit is. maybe something will be done about it. I think I'm doing the right thing. I'm not a disgruntled employee by any stretch. I don't need to work actually. :)
Skye on 09/25/2009:
Evaluater, then why not just quit if you don't need to work? Or are you working undercover for the health department?
evaluater on 09/25/2009:
Then you need to look in the BOH bearakitten because until you've seen it... What you think of my credibility might be your health at risk. All CB's follow the same guidelines and protocols. They are ALL the same. All CB's are consistent.
jktshff1 on 09/25/2009:
I am with Skye, while appreciating the information, why don't you quit?
evaluater on 09/25/2009:
LOL, I'm not under cover Skye. I happen to enjoy working. It's very different compared to places I've worked. I've never worked with a staff of 150 and they are amusing characters. One's that last more than a week that is. It's fun, it just dirty. Very dirty. That's all. :)
Skye on 09/25/2009:
Evaluater, I just looked up their menu. Their low carb choices sound delicious.

Nohandle on 09/25/2009:
Evaluater, I have an employee who in her prior job ate out frequently with those in her department. Their favorite just happened to be a Chinese Restaurant. Her husband worked for a freight company and he did was was called "city deliveries" an expression I had never heard before. He made a delivery one day at the back door, looked around at the kitchen and told his wife she better not ever eat there again when he observed the filth.

Find employment elsewhere and contact the health department if it's that nasty.
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
But, to say they're ALL like that...
I worked for Jo Ann Fabrics for 3 years. The store was always organized (or at least as much a retail store could be), clean, everyone helpful. But, going to the one downtown... stuff was always in disarray, the staff was rude. So, I can say, for a fact, that not all stores are the same. With that in mind, not all CB's are the same. Just because the one you work at is filthy, doesn't mean all the other ones are too.
evaluater on 09/25/2009:
BTW, the only thing that's "Home" cooked at Cracker Barrel are eggs, pancakes, and breakfast meats. Hate to break it to you but the hash brown casserole comes in a box. The box of dehydrated potatoes, onion, and an orange colored spice packet is dumped into a hotel pan, re-hydrated with water, and put in a warmer for 45 minutes. The gravy, the soups, the dumplings, everything comes from a bag or can directly from the CB factory.
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
Yes, evaluator, I was just using "home cooked" as an example of how I think it tastes.
evaluater on 09/25/2009:
Look in BOH next time is all I'm saying. Maybe your units are cleanER. Doubtful though. They all implement the same guidelines.
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
Or I just won't look in the BOH... I want to continue to live in the delusion that TEXAS CB's are great.
And all I'm saying is have an open mind about other CB's. Just because it's like that in Florida, doesn't mean it's like that in other states.
evaluater on 09/25/2009:
Delusion is right!
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
trp2hevn on 09/25/2009:
And I don't believe all Florida ones are like that either. It sounds like a management issue.
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
Don't waste your breath (or typing fingers) trp... evaluater believes just because the CB, that's been open for 2 years, is dirty dirty... that means all of them are like that, all over the U.S.
trp2hevn on 09/25/2009:
bearkat, well I guess I'll join you in your delusions.
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
Sheesh, evaluater, if you want to work at CB, why are you trying to put them out of business? First you complain about the filth. Then you say they are ALL that filthy. Then you say CB knows about the filth because you've reported it, yet they do nothing about it. Then you diss the food. I find you even more appalling now than before.
Eloise on 09/25/2009:
Are the delusions located in a lovely tropical island? If so I'm so in!
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
And we're waited on hand and foot, Eloise.
trp2hevn on 09/25/2009:
And there's plenty of booze! But don't worry... we won't end up looking like Skye's warning poster.
Eloise on 09/25/2009:
BKK, Massages??
BUCOOK on 09/25/2009:
I've worked at Cracker Barrel, as a Back Up Cook, Grill, Dish, and I can tell you pretty much anything you want to know, good and bad, about the one I've worked at. Evauluator, you're lying, about the food coming from, "the factory" guy! True, there are a lot of canned goods, and the food is pretty much "put together" and really not all that good, fresh, I at least defend the place, as far as needing to set this straight that the Hashbrown Caserole DOES NOT come out of a BOX. I made that crap every shift, so please spare me/us you'r lie.
Ytropious on 09/25/2009:
Guys, maybe I'm just speed reading but I can't find where the OP said all CBs are like this, just the one they work at. It sounds like a valid complaint/suggestion. If you're ever in Florida just don't eat at that location, lol
BUCOOK on 09/25/2009:
I've worked at Cracker Barrel, as a Back Up Cook, Grill, Dish, and I can tell you pretty much anything you want to know, good and bad, about the one I've worked at. Evauluator, you're lying, about the food coming from, "the factory" guy! True, there are a lot of canned goods, and the food is pretty much "put together" and really not all that good, fresh, I at least defend the place, as far as needing to set this straight that the Hashbrown Caserole DOES NOT come out of a BOX. I made that crap every shift, so please spare me/us you'r lie.
BUCOOK on 09/25/2009:
IT IS true about the trash cans piling up near the back door, and close to the break room area. It's never been a problem, but it's kind of gross. In the interest of time, they don't do "Trash Runs" every 5 Mins, so GET OVER IT! As far as the drinking glasses/mugs/cups, being "to close" to the floor, and being vunerable to "Splashing" from dirty water?!?! Dude, I've worked in Dish a number of times as well, and I've NEVER seen a problem with this. That is a WEAK CLAIM my friend. Listen, I'm NOT A BIG FAN of the Cracker Barrel, and this is mostly due to working there, and seeing how the managers run this romperoom. They EMPLOYEE very SUB PAR managers. THEY SUCK, pretty much. The company policy's are stupid as well. The "PAR" system, and different job codes and pay rates, are just another way to keep us from growing and being able to make the money we DESERVE to be making. Meanwhile, the managers are walking around acting like the jerkoffs they usually are known for, and worried about "food cost" and the "goal hour" PAY US WHAT WE ARE WORTH!
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
Ytr.... the OP says this... "Next time you eat at Cracker Barrel, walk up to the computer behind the waitress and "accidentally" poke your head into the open door. You will see spillage all over the floors. Peek in a little more, you will see where the cups are."

And then I asked why the OP thinks all CB's are like that just based on of working at one. And the OP kept wanting me to check the BOH (whatever the f that is). And then said, "They are ALL the same. All CB's are consistent"

Meaning, the OP thinks because the one he/she works at is dirty dirty, all of them are.
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
And yes, Eloise... in the island of delusion-world... there ARE massages.
Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
This place sounds pretty gross to me. I have had only one experience with DB. We were on a cross-country trip a couple of years ago and stopped at a CB because we were starving. The food was so unlike anything I'd ever eaten--lots of fat involved--I would not intentionally go to another one.

Without looking it up, I have to guess this place originated in the mid-west. We laughed when the vegetable sides included "macaroni and cheese". I have to say, though, in all fairness, that the place was packed with locals--large extended families included. It must be a regional thing.
DebtorBasher on 09/25/2009:
KIA, I'm sorry that I don't remember that one experience we had ... *Snickering*
Ytropious on 09/25/2009:
OK bkk that clears it up, thanks. Not just restaurant wise but anywhere, just because the service is bad at one location doesn't mean it's a universal problem. BOH means back of the kitchen.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/25/2009:
KIA, this is a southern style restaurant which I believe is headquartered out of Lebanon TN. The specialize in southern cooking which includes mac and cheese as a side dish...also fried okra, hashbrown casserole just to name a's not for folks who enjoy healthy eating nor someone who needs to stay away from fat and carbs. It's a comfort food restaurant.
jktshff1 on 09/26/2009:
BUCOOK, thanks for chiming in an clearing some of that up.
RestaurantGuy on 09/26/2009:
While I have never worked for CB (or eaten there) I can comment a little about how a restaurant is run. Trash runs are not only done once or twice a night due to time it is also in the interest of security. To run the trash you have to open the back door which means you open your employees up to risk of theft
RestaurantGuy on 09/26/2009:
Also the company you refer to as doing an independent inspection is called eco-sure. They are a sub company of ecolab. They are designed to be 100 times stricter in there inspections than your local health department. The reson for this is if you can pass there inspection you will pass the health inspection
RestaurantGuy on 09/26/2009:
As for the cups being low to the ground. Federal health codes state that they must be 6 inches off the ground. That is why you see them on the rolling dollies. So before you trash a company please get your facts straight. Now the rest about the food I will defer to BUCOOK as I do not know anything about there food. And yes every restaurant is worried about food cost and labor cost. They are two of the biggest money items you can control as an owner/manager
Starlord on 09/26/2009:
I am not buying the 'private inspection' company. We used to eat at the CB in Casa Grande, AZ before we moved and were always impressed with the whole operation. I hate to break it to you, but ion Pinmal County,AZ, the County Health Department is the ONLY agency authorized to inspect restaurants. If they wish to waste money hiring someone else, it is still the Health Dept that inspects, cites (proper spelling) and posts the restaurants rating. Channel 5, KPHO, in Phoenix goes out with the Health Dept in Maricopa County and on Thursday nights has their Dirty Dining report, where they show what places were cited for. The also have their Dean's List, of stores with perfect scores. If you are so concerned about the conditions call the Health Department anonymously and report them. If you do not, you are part of the problem, not the soultion. By the way, I worked in food service many times in Indiana, New Mexico,and Arizona. My wife and I had a hot dog stand in Pinal county and were featured one day on Good Morning, Arizona on channel 3, KTVK. I know how health inspectors work.
RestaurantGuy on 09/26/2009:
Starlord. The 'Private inspection' company is actually real. They are designed to help you pass your health inspection. You pay them money and they will do an inspection of your restaurant. It is not the same as a real inspection by the health department. It is designed to show you what you have to fix to pass the real one
Anonymous on 09/26/2009:
ms, I realize that it is a southern style comfort food place. Definitely not my cup of tea, but it was packed, with a waiting line out the door. I wasn't questioning the mac and cheese (a great comfort food), just that it was listed as a "vegetable" side. You just have to see the irony in that!
BUCOOK on 09/26/2009:
OK, I practically lived in a Cracker Barrel, It's easy to see some of the BS that people write about it. And, it's just as easy to see the TRUTH is some of the things that people write about it. As far as the food? Cracker Barrel HAS a good product, for the most part. I'm not "Crazy" about (yes, a TON OF FAT CALORIES) Margerine used to excess, in many of the recipes. Examples, Cornbread. Hashbrown Casserole, (btw, NOT from a box, or dehydrated potatoes! Trust me, I made the stuff from scratch every night, and many many pans of it, so don't believe those who say the food comes from "a Factory" since nothing could be further from the truth. Now, IT IS true, that many items come "ready to make" from someplace. Like the Cola Cola Cake. From what I've seen, it comes in a bag, and it's pretty cut and dry. But SO WHAT!?! It's still baked right then and there. The frosting comes in a bag as well. And both taste incredible. Cracker Barrel is "what it is" and people know that. How hard it is to screw up an egg? How hard is it to screw up a piece of Bacon? (and CB's bacon is the best on the market!) Yeah, some things really kind of suck. But not because they are a bad product! I don't think ANYTHING they put out on the floor is nasty or bad, or I wouldn't have worked there! Point is, maybe chicken and dumplins is not for everyone. But to say that it's gross, or even, bad for you, is merely subjective, and just a matter of opionion. I don't eat to much of the food because there are a lot of FAT calories. But to say that many NEVER like to eat things like this would be foolish. Just not, all the time.
Anonymous on 09/27/2009:
bucook, my opinion is that it's gross and I rarely, if ever, indulge in these foods. But, apparently, not everyone agrees and that's okay with me. I agree with you--everything in moderation. If more people actually followed this rule, we wouldn't have the obesity problem we have in the US. It's a sad fact. I do wonder about the calorie counts of the CB food. I'll have to look that one up.
Anonymous on 09/27/2009:
I guess I just don't understand why, if employees see this sort of thing, they don't just file a complaint with the board of health then look for another job.
aparentofanemployee on 05/10/2012:
The serving trays watresses use are so boiling hot, it makes blisters on the hands. Waitresses at a Cracker Barrel in Texas told my daughter, our hands just go numb. Employees are not allowed to use a napkin, glove or other protective gear while carrying the food on the tray. Blisters? Come on!
JB on 07/11/2012:
To whoever wrote that all Cracker Barrels are the same: Yes, we are one company with one set of standards and policies, etc. That doesn't mean every manager/employee in every store is going to work up to that standard. I worked for Cracker Barrel at store level in every position for almost 20 years. The dumplins, biscuits cornbread, hashbrown casserole, all that is made from scratch. I made it daily, I know. Cracker Barrels are normally very high volume restaurants and trash runs are done as time permits. I've done as many as 6 to 7 trash runs a day. Of course this depends on many factors. I never saw any bugs of any kind. Is is challenging to keep a busy restaurant spotless all day, yes it is. But the stores I worked at, everyone was either cooking or cleaning constantly.
server on 07/19/2012:
I have worked for Cracker Barrel for 8 years. The glasses are dirty, the managers are ******, most of the guest know how to work the system to get free food. I have to check my sliverware before I roll it because the dishroom don't care. The glasses always feel gritty because they don't change the water in the washer like they are supposed to. The glasses are near the floor, so the person who wrote this isn't lying. I always rinse my glass before I give it to a guest. Managers, I just try to stay away from them. People who work the system, complain about the food instead of your server unless your server was just aweful. Why get someone into get your food for free?
server on 07/19/2012:
and the person that said the trays are hot and will cause blisters isn't lying either. We are not allowed to where any protecting from this because that it isn't part of our uniform code.
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Cracker Barrel- The WalMart of the Food Service Industry!
Posted by on
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I have been a long-time customer of Cracker Barrel, & had the idea that they were a good, home-sweet-home restaurant. Well it hit me like a ton of bricks when I heard what some of my friends who are current employees had to say about the esablishment.

The managers constantly screw up schedule requests- one girl told them early on that she had to pick up her child at a certain time, so she had to be off by then. They agreed to this. When her shift came around, they held her longer than they agreed to. She satyed as long as she could, but finally had to clock out and leave (of course). She was terminated immediately.
A cashier was robbed by a scamming customer that played a word game with the cashier, and walked away with $50! The problem- they took that money right out of the cashier's paycheck, and told him they wouldn't go after the criminal because it would cost $65.

These employees dedicated hundreds of hours to the company, but they just go and treat him like money bags to pull from.

Even The Golden Corral treats its employees better than Cracker Barrel! This place is HELL to work at- just ask an employee. PLEASE don't patornize this sell-out, money-hungry, corrupted HELL HOLE!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/15/2009:
But the food is good?
BokiBean on 08/15/2009:
You want people to quit patronizing an eatery because some of your freinds told you some stories about working there?

Come on...
PepperElf on 08/15/2009:
how did the customer trick the worker out of money
and why do you think the worker shouldn't pay for losing the money?
Anonymous on 08/15/2009:
I base a complaint I post on personal experience. Your experiences with Cracker Barrel were okay. If your friends have differing views and are treated badly they should contact their local labor board.
Eloise on 08/15/2009:
So this is third hand or fourth hand news?
SilverWngs71 on 08/16/2009:
NH! Getting the complaint "2nd Hand" is not helpful to me.
jktshff1 on 08/16/2009:
I tried CB a couple of times, both were different locations. Both times were bad. The second time the mgr gave me a coupon for a meal there. I gave it to someone else. Won't go back.
Anonymous on 08/16/2009:
Sorry, but this is all hearsay to me. I have to take it with a grain of salt.
Joyce crowton on 07/29/2013:
Don't work at Cracker Barrel I spent 2 wks working there. Lastnite being my last. Its HELL kitchen Managers are terrible. Its the WORST restaurant I have ever worked for. Good~bye
CB employee on 08/08/2013:
I am a server at CB I have been there for almost 2 yrs. The only reason I am still employed there is because the people I work with are some of the greatest people I know and my managers are awesome. The thing with the hours is like most days I work from 5-8 at night schedule time, being that I have been there almost 2 yrs I know never to make any plans because even though my time scheduled out is 8 I have never left before 9 at night. Some nights I'm there until after close because they didn't schedule enough people or whatever. It really sucks to never be able to make plans when I work because I never know when I'll be off. I have thought about calling home office many times but honestly what good would it do me? They will just replace me with someone that doesn't care to do it. I hear that they have one of the highest turnover rates and it probably is because of unfair practices, but if you don't like it find another job where you will be happy I know people say its a lot easier to serve at places other than cb idk because this is my first serving job, but just last week I applied at applebees as a server because I asked my manager if I could switch to day shift so I could study at night for school and he told me " there is no way in hell you are getting off night shift we have too many people on day shift" I am almost positive they can't tell you know when you are requesting to change your availability for school. Either way I am looking for other employment because I have finally reached the end of my rope.
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Cracker Barrel - Not for the Non-Smoker and Certainly NOT Customer-Service Friendly
Posted by on
GAS CITY, INDIANA -- I recently went to Cracker Barrel, for the first time, and had a most unfortunate experience that I must share. Additionally, because of my experience I will certainly recommend against having any of my friends, family, or patients go to for the first time or return to the restaurant.

I am a physician currently in a general surgery residency and have a very high sensitivity to cigarette smoke; additionally, I just do not care to be around it for the obvious reasons (health, smell, etc.).

I went to the Gas City, Indiana location and asked to be seated as far away from smoking as possible. After waiting fifteen (15) minutes, I was seated - not an abnormally long or unacceptable wait, in my opinion.

There was no smoke in the room when I was seated; however, things would take a turn for the worse very quickly. I found out very soon that I was seated right next to the smoking section. If there were doors or it were "closed off" completely then I would have been fine; however, such was not the case. I asked to be moved and was informed that I would likely have to wait 20 minutes or longer. Keep in mind that this is after I had already received my food - this is when the inconsiderate people that MUST smoke in a restaurant started doing such.

I immediately left the restaurant, as my appetite to eat there was lost, and went to another well-established restaurant.

After sending an e-mail to the corporate office suggesting that if someone says "as far away from smoking as possible" literally means "far away," I received a very snide e-mail in return. It stated, essentially, that it would be quite a pain for them (Cracker Barrel) to create a completely different area for smokers (i.e. doors). Additionally, I was told that Cracker Barrel abides by state and local laws that prevent smoking in certain localities and states in restaurants.

My questions are:

1. Why would Cracker Barrel, in light of scientific findings, allow non-smokers to be contaminated by smokers?

2. Risk a class-action lawsuit by employees that are non-smokers. Just wait and see, this will happen. Just as you cannot ask a person to go into a confined space without a respirator or OSHA will be in your behind, it will happen that restaurants that actively encourage smokers to come will suffer the consequences legally - just wait. Think of the poor lady that is a waitress that must cope with that for twenty to thirty years!

3. WHY was I just not moved to a section not as close to the smoking section? I had no issue eating at a restaurant where smokers were, regardless of how I feel about them. My issue was simply to be as far away as possible - such did not happen.

4. Why was I not encouraged to return to the restaurant? Is it because they feel they could not possibly be of assistance to non-smokers and having that section is just a ploy? I paid $14.00+ for a meal that I could not eat!

I can assure you that all of my patients will be informed about this situation. Additionally, I know 50+ physicians personally (all non-smokers), I can assure you that they will inform their patients as well! This means that a minimum (BARE minimum) of 5,000 patients will here this complaint but more likely three times more than that will hear about this!

Thanks for the great customer service Cracker Barrel!


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lobo65 on 03/13/2006:
I'm with you. Nothing ruins a meal like the smell of those disgusting cancer sticks. I also try to sit as far away from the smoking section as possible.
Pharma_Rep on 03/13/2006:
Thank you - I knew I wasn't alone on this one! I'm starting a grassroots campaign to discourage smokers from frequenting Cracker Barrel. Perhaps a billboard on the interstate near one of their signs will help!
Anonymous on 03/13/2006:
Why would you choose to be seated at a place that allows smoking? If non-smokers would simply quit doing business with any establishment that allows smoking then we would see an end to the smoking section. I love the Waffle House but I don't go because of all the smoke. If I did choose to go there then I really shouldn't complain, should I?
ejack053824 on 03/13/2006:
Doc I wouldn't have gone there in the first place if I knew there was a smoking section.
miketech on 03/13/2006:
tander on 03/14/2006:
I don't smoke, but I believe in smokers rights, don't think they should be locked in a room to eat, just to appease others, but I also don't like the smell either when I eat makes me want to puke.
miketech on 03/14/2006:
Sorry I didn't really mean Nazi. I smoke and am not proud of it but without my smokes I get so irritated. I live in Tennessee and they won a lawsuit against the tobacco companies. Did include in that lawsuit anyway to get off smokes? Nope they just added it into the general fund. I'm still absolutely addicted and that's that. I have been addicted to about everything at one time or another and cigarettes are the most addictive substance on earth. I'm hooked with no hope for redemption. Sorry.
Anonymous on 03/14/2006:
Smoking is not a sign of a character flaw, but rather a human weakness. That being said, I still believe it's a nasty filthy habit and that it should be banned from all public establishments.
Anonymous on 03/14/2006:
Part of eating out in public, is being out in public. There are things I don't' like when I eat out but I put up with them because I don't own any public area. I love Cracker Barrel, if a person is that sensitive to smoke perhaps should (as others suggested) find a totally nonsmoking restaurant.
I don't smoke either but I am tired of the constant carping on smokers, put a tax and public ban on other harmful things (like beer, twinkies, fried chicken, kids the run around and scream in restaurants) once in a while and give the smokers a break.
yoke on 03/14/2006:
Being a non smoker I used to resent having to sit in a restaurant and eat while the smokers filled my breathing area with their dirty habit. I am glad the CT has banned smoking in restaurants. It is nice to enjoy a meal without smoke. But for the screaming kids, get them out of there. If it is a family restaurant I can tolarate it for a period, but when we go out to a nice restaurant ($25+ meals) and pay for a babysitter to watch my kids I resent having screaming kids running around.
tgtman on 03/14/2006:
As a doctor, you act like those who smoke are just doing it for the pleasure of it. Come on, doc. You've had years of schooling, you should know the power of addiction. I'm a non-smoker myself, and that seating would have bothered me too, but you should not have been mad at the smokers themself - they have the right to eat, too. If other people's lifestyles bother you so much, why do you do business with the general public?
Ponie on 03/14/2006:
'I just do not care to be around it for the obvious reasons (health, smell, etc.).' Health? Can you say Dana Reeve? Smell? Maybe I don't like the smell of your aftershave or cologne. Also your deodorant, or lack thereof. I kind of think you're full of yourself. Why was it necessary to mention that you're a 'physician,' or whatever? Do you think that entitles you to special privileges? I don't like smoke billowing around when I'm eating either, but your snootiness comes through loud and clear in this letter.
Anonymous on 03/14/2006:
Smoking is dirty, stinky and most of all deathly unhealthful. When I'm out at a restaurant, paying good money for a meal, I don't think I should be "taxed" by breathing the filthy second hand smoke of an inconsiderate patron. Do the right thing and go outside.
tgtman on 03/14/2006:
Once again, I'm a non-smoker, but for you to say smokers should go outside is very one-sided. I'm sure smokers would argue, if you do not want to be around the smoke, then stay outside. You think you are entitled to a smoke-free restaurant, smokers think they are entitled to smoke in restaurants. Both sides have a point, so, to get everything your way, STAY AT HOME!
tgtman on 03/14/2006:
Besides, anymore there are plenty of smoke-free restaurants where non-smokers can eat their meal. Eat at one of these. You are not obligated to eat at such-and-such restaurant if you do not agree with the seating or smoking policy. Just go somewhere else, you picky people!
tgtman on 03/14/2006:
"I WANT to go to this restaurant, and I WANT to sit over there, and I DON'T WANT to sit there because I DON'T WANT to breathe other people's smoke" Well, let's just give everybody everything they want. That will solve the world's problems. Way to go, doctor! I think you might have something going here :)
Anonymous on 03/14/2006:
My point is, my presence brings no stink, or pollutants to the establishment. Therefore, I believe everyone else should be as courteous. If they are allowed to smoke, why can't I just fart all over the place? What's the difference?
tgtman on 03/14/2006:
Are you saying people don't fart outside of their home? The average person does 14 times per day, and usually discreetly. People don't go around doing it all day out loud becaue of the social attachment to it. But, believe me, it happens you just don't realize it all the time.
ejack053824 on 03/14/2006:
I fart about 25 times a day. Basher would never fart because she is afraid of dirtying up her thong. Furthermore on farts.....BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
dsmith68 on 03/14/2006:
It does not take a brain surgeon to work out where the smoking area is and how close to it you are being seated. Also, our op could have had the meal to go and just not returned to the place. What are 5000 people being informed about? That some people sometimes smoke in some food places?
Slimjim on 03/14/2006:
"my presence brings no stink"?? Pirate, are you out here fibbing on the reviews again? You even made Ejack commence operation "blast away". He didn't want to hurt your feelings, but that wasn't exactly to mask anyone's smoking.
Anonymous on 03/15/2006:
Whatever slim, being as this isn't a shaking washer complaint, I don't see why you feel the need to comment here. That is - unless you're stalking me (again.) And the answer is still no, I won't go out with you, I don't swing that way.
bmakowski46 on 03/15/2006:
I am a smoker, and I agree with you. I have been smoking for years, but I don't like it around when I'm eating, or when I'm around non smokers (which is unfortunately quite often.) I don't' think you should be allowed to smoke in restuarants. Almost everyone goes to restuarants, and there is no reason why you can't wait an hour to have a cigarette. The only exception I would make would be for a bar, since it is not the typical dining atmosphere (and even "non smokers" have the occasional cigarette when drinking)
Pharma_Rep on 03/15/2006:
The fact of the matter is that the restaurant has no smoke prior to smokers lighting up - that is indisputable. Additionally, it's indisputable that if a person is around ANY type of "smoke," freely exposed to it day after day, that it has a carcinogenic effect on said person.

Should I be allowed to go into a restaurant smelling like pig feces - to the point of offending others - and be allowed to eat next to someone who does not? No - the smokers would be complaining, as am I, about the issue.

If the smoke does not bother smokers, then just close them off with doors in the smoking area? I mean, if it's not that bad and doesn't irritate smokers then they should be fine sitting in a bar-like atmosphere.

It is addictive, of course, but there are consequences for all of our actions. Whether it be a drug addict facing the long-term effects of his habit or an alcoholic with a liver that is essentially mush - however, non-smokers are having the air intentionally dirtied by smokers.

I disputed the charge, of the meal, with Visa and to my delight they reversed the charge. If smokers wish to smoke at Cracker Barrel, fine, but seat me as far away from them as possible - is that so hard to ask?

Smokers - if you know that your behavior dirties the air in a restaurant and that CHILDREN, who have no choice in where they eat, are there - then why would you do it? It's the same as parents that smoke with the windows rolled up in the car - selfishness!
Anonymous on 03/16/2006:
Hi Doc: I smoked for 36 years and tried every thing you and the drug pushers come up with. Not one of these things (SCAMS) worked but they cost me a lot of money. Finally I had a hart attack, 90% blockage. The doctor told me it was not the smoking but if I didn't quit I would die. I got it and have not smoked for 2 years. But I don't go jogging along the hiway either and I don't want to become a supporter for thoughts who make money off other peoples addictions. In other words lawyers, doctors, drug companies and the damn government who were the biggest supporters of the tobacco companies after they found out smoking was bad.
I don’t like the smell or the way it made me feel either. But most of all I don’t want to be a hypocrite.
Anonymous on 03/16/2006:
So PharmaRep you ate the food and the disputed the charge later - seems to me if it was that bad you shouldn't have eaten their food. Because you see eating the food and then not paying is STEALING - a crime (unlike smoking.)
tgtman on 03/16/2006:
Pharma Rep: Your comments make it clear that you are either 1) young and naive, or 2) stupid. You act like smoking is a choice. Years of research continue to prove that nicotine is a HIGHLY ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE. If you could just easily 'kick the habit' please tell us how. Personally, I am a non-smoker, but I have people in my family who smoke. Sure, it was their decision to pick it up and smoke, but who didn't succumb to peer pressure one way or another as a teen? We cannot banish the smokers from this world just because you don't like it. If *YOU* have a hard time dealing with it, STAY HOME! Nobody ever tied you to a rope and dragged you to the restaurant that allows smoking. Make wise choices on where to eat before you sit down and take advantage of a company.

Calling your credit card for a dispute is only valid for purchases of $50 or more. You spent $50 at Cracker Barrel? I hope you have a big family and it wasn't all just for you! :)
CrazyRedHead on 03/16/2006:
I am currently a non-smoker. I quit about 5 years ago cold turkey. I hated the way that I smelled after smoking so, one day I just tore up the pack and flushed them. I haven't touched one since and if I did, I would become very sick.
DebtorBasher on 03/18/2006:
When something affects the health of people around them, then it is a public issue...If an establishment is enclosed, there should be no smoking in it at all...if it is outdoors, then that's a different story if you are not forced to sit directly in the line of the smoking. Smoker will argue it is their right to smoke or not, that would be true if it only affected the smoker, but with so much damage done to health of non-smokers by the smoker, then the non-smoker has to have rights too. I may not fully understand the addiction of smoking because I am not a smoker and I never was...but why do smokers have the need to smoke when they eat? If they need a smoke after they are finished eating, they should leave the restaurant when they are finished eating, give the table up to other customers who are waiting to be seated and smoke outside. If they can't control themself for the short time they are in public then they need to go somewhere for help...sometimes when I am in a place where there are smokers, I gag at the smell of my hair and my clothes are ruined with smoke smell...where are my rights?????
DebtorBasher on 03/18/2006:
Reminds me of a bumper sticker I seen: "Isn't a smoking area in a restaurant like a peeing area in a swimming pool"...LOL
tgtman on 03/18/2006:
So, should we banish children from restaurants who cry and scream? It is bothersome to others, but is it enough to forbid babies and infants from coming in at all? Your comments make it seem that since babies crying affects everyone, then they shouldn't be allowed at all.
DebtorBasher on 03/24/2006:
No, dummy...we are talking about health issues here...
DebtorBasher on 03/24/2006:
jan trueblood on 04/16/2006:
I don`t like or enjoy screaming & crying kids when I go out to eat. so lock them up in a room and let the SMOKERS OUT !!!!!
imjustasteph on 05/04/2007:
What are you want to bet the smokers who think they have the right to impose their smoke on you are the same people who think a nursing mother should be shut in a bathroom stall to feed her infant?

I for one am quite thankful for new, tighter smoking laws....if only people were forbidden to smoke around their kids!

I'm speaking as a sufferer of allergies and breathing troubles, after growing up with a mother who smoked while pregnant, smoked in the car with the windows up, smoked in the closed up house....
JJ on 01/02/2014:
I have requested "non-smoking" section, only to be taken to the table next to the smoking section and next to the doorway opening. The restaurant was not even busy. I declined the table and told them that table would still subject me to smoke which is a real issue for my breathing. Those that want to make ugly comments about intollerance of smokers--if you had breathing issues, you might understand. Smoking should be banned in public places, we should not be locked in our homes so others can do as they please and destroy the air quality.
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Soaring Consumer on 09/10/2014:
I suggest contacting the EEOC.
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