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How To Get Cricket To Hear Your Complaint
Posted by Phikappaphi on 04/03/2009
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Ever been completely SCREWED by Cricket? Do you call and call but can't get a live person on the phone who knows what they are doing and does what they say they will do? Ever get looped around their automated system and can't get a supervisor or the manager's name?

Well I have done the research for you!!!!

I just got off of the phone with their parent company and here is what you need to solve your problem:

Leap Wireless 1-858-882-6000. Keep trying if you get voicemail. Don't leave a message. Someone will eventually answer if you keep calling. It is a toll free number. Tell them you want to escalate a complaint against Cricket. The person answering will ask you how you got the number. Cricket's own website advises that Leap is their parent company. I Googled Leap and got the number.

Ask for the Escalations Department and tell them your problem. If you want to send something in writing, the Escalations Department fax number is 1-720-374-9125.

Cricket's Legal Department number is: 1-858-882-9301. The address of the Legal Department is: 10307 Pacific Center Court, San Diego, CA 92121

Go get 'em!!!!
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Posted by helen stephenson on 2012-05-29:
I was sent a text from cricket informing me that I could text "Pay..and xxxx".(last four didgits of last credit card used). I did that! Checked my account (by phone, and 611. I was good to go until 3. days later when they turned my p hone off!
Posted by maria on 2014-01-11:
Terrible experience with your manager at Bissonet. And 59 South. I get at the store. At the4 and I left at the7 pm request several times times to talk to the manager always hidden in the back. Finally he show up and askme to leave. He was resting all the the time in his. Supposes to pick up my new phone that never happen ! I been your customer seven years and I never experience such a. Horrible experience and such abusive manager WE DESERVE A BETTER SERVICE WITH MANAGER LIKE HIM NOBODY LIKES TO BE YOUR CUSTOMER. YOU NEED TO HELP I EVENT TO PICK UP MY PRE PHONE AND LEAVE MY PHONE IN AUTOMATIC PAYMENT IN THREE HOURS THEY WERE NOT CAPABLE TO DO IT THAT'S WHY I A.sk TO TALK TO THE MANAGER's His behavior was inacceptable and abusive manager My phone number 832 8915810 HoustonTexas
Posted by Dawn on 2014-02-21:
I bought the phone in the summer Android $149.00 it lasted 4 months then I started having problems, texts sit in Que, bad signals and people complain of static, kept freezin up and wouldn't let me answer incoming calls, screen would go black. Just got another one heard they discontinued it but replaced it with a new one. 2 days!!! I will not charge dead. Can't call anyone because it don't work can't chat cause they don't respond, No email address to contact them. Bullshit. POC I'm changing the service DON'T GO TO CRICKET
Posted by teresa on 2014-03-24:
I Called to find out why for the first time in 8 year someone was calling to get a paymet over the phone when I have autoPay.Felt it was a scam but the dumb girl at cricket didn't understand my concerns.I just hope there customers don't get scanned out there money by those random phone calls

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Contacting Cricket
Posted by Rgeneprice on 10/18/2010
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Anyone looking to file a complaint or sue Cricket for what they have done to you, here is the address of the parent company:
Leap Wireless International, Inc.
Cricket Communications, LLC
5887 Copley Drive
San Diego, California 92111

Tel: 1-858-882-6000
and here are the thieves that run the show:

S. Douglas (Doug) Hutcheson President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
Walter Z. Berger Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Albin "Al" MOschner Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Glenn Umetsu Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer
Robert Irving, Jr. Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Leonard Stephens Senior Vice President, Human Resources
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-10-18:
OK, thanks for the information.

Now, what is the complaint??
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-10-18:
Yea, what's the problem?
Posted by Skye on 2010-10-18:
The op probably meant this as an informative, if you had a complaint. I think.
Posted by nwb on 2012-01-19:
No one answers this phone no. for Cricket problems with bill paid but cut off service anyway. Can't talk to anyone.
Posted by missyblue on 2013-06-13:
I called the Leap phone number and got someone after the second ring, he transferred me to the escalations dept, no wait time at all, this was on a tues afternoon. Her name was julie larson, very helpful, saw that I'd been calling about the same issue every day for a week, it took 24 hours, but she resolved the problem and apologized for the runaround I was given. My services were disconnected a day after I paid the bill and when I dialed 611 from my phone to see what was going on, they told me that cricket didn't cover the area I lived in, even though I just bought the new phone in my city less than three weeks ago. The account specialists were morons. I asked for a refund for the bill I just paid and they said Cricket is a non-refundable company. This was the absolute WORST customer service experience EVER. I just so happened to google reviews on cricket so that I could post a complaint about them stealing my money the disconnecting my services when I came across this info for their parent company..so it was very helpful.
Posted by kat on 2013-10-24:
This is a nightmare I'm definitely going to write a complaint to the company on poor customer service and the supposedly immediate tech support hasn't called me in two days. I had to call back every time to try to get someone from overseas to help me with my phone that keeps getting a digital Roaming signal on my phone that wont let me call out, text, and get no internet and best of all no signal . The same day i was having the problem i called from my other phone and the person from tech support had me go to mobile networks to see if i had data roaming checked on which i didn't, and had me turn my phone off and back on take the battery out and nothing! Then she gave me a fix it number told me someone would call me the next day at 3 never happened. I call back and tech support from overseas again said i have to give them another 24 hours to call me back i said thats awful i have no use for my phone and i should be credited for the days i dont have use of the service im paying for. She said i need to call billing and i was so frustrated. So i call billing they said they cant credit me until my problem is fixed and he would send my fix it ticket for immediate assistance , than he transferred me to tech support yet again where this overseas guy said he would help me , but then didnt know what to do then said he would get my phone number and put a note to have someone call me back in a few hours and guess what!? NO call back and im stuck with no service and yet again No Help and the Tech Support is a bunch of crap and im livid i think i need to switch to another phone carrier who can actually help me and not transfer my call overseas where those people have no idea what they are doing it sucks!
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Problems With Cricket Phones And Customer Service People
Posted by Whiskers on 11/04/2007
MONROEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to cricket on 8-25-07 to purchase a phone for my 13 year old son for emergency purposes. We decided to purchase a refurbished phone with a 90 day warranty. My son came home from school 2 days after the phone was purchased and said the phone quit working, I then took the phone to cricket, they charged me $10. to replace the phone and gave me the same phone, I then asked if anything is wrong with the phone because I did not want to bring it back again. They stated no it was a fluke. Not even two weeks later, I went back to cricket the display of the phone was unreadable, they blamed me for the problem said I must have gotten the phone wet and would do nothing for me. I have a phone that was not even a month old, that they will not replace and will not fix. I have tried everything and can't get anywhere. I wasted money on a phone for my sons safety and had it for one month. I cannot afford to keep purchasing phones that are garbage. Before this began, my husband and I both bought cricket phones, during the same time as my sons problem with his phone, my husband said his phone was not holding a charge, the phones we had purchased were not refurbished. They suggested I go buy a new battery at the battery store across the parking lot.

I explained that the phone should be under a warranty and had insurance, they stated that because I was late on paying a bill, which keep in mind cricket is pay as you go service, they cancelled the insurance and the warranty without my knowledge even though my first couple bills I paid for the insurance $4.99 extra a month. They would do nothing for me in this instance either. I then had yet another problem where I had paid for the bill already and could not use the phone, since it was not working properly I asked to have my money refunded and turn the phone off since it is pointless to keep a broken phone on, they stated I can buy a new phone which I refuse to do or put my phone on vacation status until I can find someone who has a used phone I can purchase and use that on this account.

I am infuriated and can do nothing to resolve these problems. My suggestion if you want unlimited calling and think cricket is the way to go, think again!
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Posted by killerklown on 2007-11-04:
Stop getting your phones wet.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-04:
What Killer said!
Posted by whiskers on 2007-11-04:
The phone didn't get wet! The point is the phone was refurbished and sold as is. I do not believe we did anything to the phone, we purchased it that way.
Posted by killerklown on 2007-11-04:
Well, if it's sold "as is", you bought it "as is" and really have no complaint.
Posted by Skye on 2007-11-04:
Did they replace the first phone with the same phone?? That's how I read this complaint.

You say you have a warranty, well then go back until you get a phone that works.

I don't know why you just didn't purchase a new phone to begin with with. This refurbished business is going to get costly.

The cheap always comes out expensive.
Posted by whiskers on 2007-11-04:
They did give us a diferent phone the second same type of phone though. The warranty we no longer have on any of the phones even though we bought two out of the three new. I really don't understand their reason for that.
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Cricket wireless sucks
Posted by Pammie bear on 11/24/2012
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Back in January of this year I went to a Cricket store and brought to phones one for me and one for him and let me tell you they were not cheap. In April my sons phone broke and would not charge so I had insurance so he was able to get a new phone and everything was fine I thought. One month later mine broke and I called in and they told me I had no insurance on my line so I said ok I'll wait. So far that's two phones and remember I just bought these phones in January of 2012. So this month November the phone I got my son in April is now also broken and I'm really ticked off that's three phones that don't work and I have not had the phones a year yet. I have decided to call the Bibb on them because they are selling defective phones and wanna give us the consumers a hard time if we want replacement phones and its a little ridiculous and I'm pissed. they r selling people defective phones and I think it's time they have to come up with some money for me or give me a free phone as soon as I find a new company I will be leaving this company because they r a rip off. But if you do not pay your bill on time they sure do cut it off and want a payment. I hate calling in because I can not understand half of what the person on the other end of the line..They suck and they r a rip off
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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-11-25:
Interesting review Pammie.

I've got to tell you though, you've missed quite a few points.

To begin with, the phones are not produced by Cricket. They are produced by other manufacturers for Cricket service. You don't specify whether the phones you're having problems with are the same or not.

Secondly, consider that with most providers you are required to sign an agreement for a term of service. Two years seems to be standard. Consider how frustrated you might be if you were being told you were required to still pay for a service you couldn't use because the phone(s) were not functioning?

Yes. They will cut the service when a bill is not paid on time. Is there a reason they shouldn't? With all respect, is it possible that your late payments are causing your credit to drop, not giving you the ability to utilize other services?
Posted by ok4now on 2012-11-25:
I'm a Cricket customer and can understand your complaint. To be competitive Cricket offers some cheap phones that are not reliable. This keeps the price low and you are not under contract. Other carriers supplement the phone cost with a 2 year contract and much higher monthly fees to pay for it.

I bought the HTC phone from Cricket for $230.00. A great Android smart phone with a fast processor and all the bells & whistles. It has worked flawlessly and I have no complaints. Yes I had to pay for the phone but I came out ahead. For $50 bucks a month compared to Verizon or AT&T costing $90 bucks or more for the same service I'm saving money. Do the math and even with the cost of the phone I'm saving money. Plus No Contract!
Posted by Vinnie11 on 2012-11-25:
I say try Boost if they're in your area. They have some very solid and reliable phones in their lineup and they run on Sprint's network. They also have "shrinkage" where your payment decreases $5 every six months if you pay on time. A $50/month bill will potentially drop to $35/month over an 18-month period. They were lousy when they ran on the old Nextel network but since they've switched to Sprint's CDMA network, they are every bit as reliable as what you would get with Sprint. When my contract ends, that's where I will be going for sure!
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-11-27:
That's interesting to hear Vinnie. I'd be interested in hearing your review of the service once you are on it.
Posted by johnyy on 2013-08-08:
I hate them they suck they try to give people the run around all the time I never get a signal ,dropped calls,repeat sent txt messedge I can't wait to switch caryers cricket service total garbage i hate them !!!!!!!!
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Payment Due Every Month
Posted by Hamiltonpamela on 03/03/2014
When purchased Cricket phone was told by general manager my payments would be $22.47 plus tax, etc. Am on disability. Payments are now over $56.00 a month.
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Posted by ok4now on 2014-03-05:
Yes the phone payment is $22.47 a month. Are you adding in the additional air time to connect to the Cricket network so you can use it?
Posted by clutzycook on 2014-03-05:
Have you looked into what the extra charges are? Tax on cell service is crazy, but it doesn't amount to over $30, usually.
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Can't Get a New Phone
Posted by Nursebetty77422 on 02/11/2014
LAKE JACKSON, TEXAS -- Bought my granddaughter a new zte warp phone in November, early Xmas gift. Got it at Cricket, activated for 1 month and didn't renew. She doesn't care about talking, she likes to text and play games and take pictures. Been having trouble with the phone blinking and freezing and won't turn on. Took it back to Cricket and she said since the air time wasn't active the warranty was canceled. So too bad for me. I don't recall anyone saying if it wasn't active then there would be no warranty.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2014-02-14:
Shouldn't the manufacturer's warranty be good still?
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I Have Lost My Phone and Wanted to Report It.
Posted by Chadb.hales on 10/22/2013
PROVO, UTAH -- After waiting 15 minutes to report my Cricket HTC Desire phone had been lost. I was told that there is nothing they could do for me. I was treated by the person who was helping me that I was wasting his time. I was told to by a new phone or leave the store. The young man helping me could care less about my problem. I held my temper and walked out. I am on a family plan with three phones. I won't be much longer.
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Unauthorized Use of Debit Card
Posted by Gsharon710 on 10/11/2013
I usually buy the pre-paid cards for my wireless internet service, but could not find any at Walmart in October 2013. I called the company to try and put it on my bank card,(as I had a few times before), but there were not sufficient funds there. I went to the bank, cleared the negative, went to Homeland and reloaded a Visa card specifically to use to turn my service back on. After I made the payment online, I could not get into my account, as my password would not work. I called the company.. I buy the 45 dollar monthly service. Speaking with a young lady, she said they had a plan that if I should use all megabytes before the month was up, I could pay a dollar at a time from my funds available. When I logged in to my account, I saw a five dollar credit. I had only approved the forty-five.
As I kept checking my account on the Visa card, I noticed they had not yet taken their money out. Attempting to make a purchase at the store, the sale was not approved. I called the Visa company and was told, since I had not used the pre-pay card in over a year, they put a block on it. The block was removed with in a couple of hours. I tried to call Cricket to see if the block was the reason they had not removed their money, or if it takes several days to receive their money. Well, from that day on, I could not get anyone on the phone. It would say no one was available to take my call. I kept calling using everything on their menu, to no avail.

On the 3rd of October, I called my bank to see how much was there after my SSI check was deposited. I had a 76 dollar and change in the negative. They said Cricket had taken the money from my bank. I explained that I gave them my Visa reload card information to use. Apparently they ran into the block and took it upon themselves to just take it from my bank. I had gone to the bank on the 15th to make sure October 3 would come to my account with no negatives.. I made many attempts to call Cricket with no response other than no one there to assist me, or they could not make the call compete and hung up. I used a number they had to buy something and finally talked to a real human. The man looked at my account and said I authorized the payment on my bank card. I did not. I explained to him I had used the Visa prepaid. He asked it the overcharge of five dollars was the only complaint I had. I asked to speak to someone higher than him and waited on the phone a long time before someone answered. I explained all the happenings to her and she also said I approved it. I told her I had proof.

If they continue lying, I would be more than happy to let a representative come here and view my hard drive. Their attitude was nasty and I explained to the bank what happened. I was able to get money for rent, groceries, and medicine, but my next check would have to be used to cover the huge overdraft. I was excited about my October 3rd check because there would be not over draft to pay.

Cricket messed that up and now refuses to put my money back in the account. Since it was a SSI check, I will notify them and also offer to let them see my hard drive. I hope they will investigate. The lady from Cricket said they would do no refunds, but she would remove my bank card number so this would not happen again. I asked her not to remove it until my bank and SSI looked into the matter, but they quickly removed it anyway. To me it sounds as if they indeed know they used the card.
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Took $600.00 By Phone In Less Than 5 Minutes But To Refund May Take 30 Days!!!!
Posted by Reynolds265 on 08/05/2013
GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased an iPhone 4S after calling Cricket Cellular. Asked a lot of questions for almost 30 minutes. Such as How is the service in my area? Can I keep my old phone number? Can my contact information be transferred over to the new phone? What is the return policy if not completely satisfied? I was told these answers:

1. Service in my area was excellent.
2. Yes you can keep your number just take the new phone and the current phone to. Cricket store nearby and have them transfer it and activate the new phone.
3. Return policy is you need to return it in original condition within 30 days for a full refund no problem.

Then paid over $600.00 by credit card on the phone. The transaction took less than 2 minutes for them to take my money and send me an email to confirm. Even looked on my email before the sales person hung up. Received the phone took it to the dealership where I was told that my phone had already been activated! I called the 800 Cricket line and was told that my information could not be ported over and I had to keep the new phone number. Also none of my contacts were able to be transferred and worse yet the service was not available in my home!!! I had to stand at the window in order to get 1 bar of service and it still kept cutting in and out!! I called the 800 number again and said I want a full refund. Keep in mind this was all done over three hour time frame after being disconnected and lied to and hung up on over that three hours. I was finally given a return address.

Was then informed that I would receive my refund within 30 days. It took them 2 minutes to take my money and at least 30 days to give it back!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Of course they never tell you that when you purchase. Asked for a corporate store near me and they tell you there isn't one. Ask for a mgr and they say unavailable. I have already sent the product back by UPS with a tracking number. They have informed me they received it and still have not returned my money. I am now going to the corporate office in Charlotte NC that doesn't exist! I will picket and complain until someone listens if it stops one person from buying so be it!! I am also going to write a letter to the attorney general and get a lot of signatures for this company to be investigated!!!!
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-08-06:
They're going to earn 30 days worth of interest on that $600. Of course they're not going to tell you this upfront.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-08-07:
If you paid by credit card you can file a dispute with the credit card company.
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Deceptive Sales Practices
Posted by Constantinelopes on 08/05/2013
USA, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased a Galaxy S4 for my son. He wanted an iPhone 5 but the sales representative got him on the phone and explained to us that the S4 was cheaper and a better phone. He stated there were 2 rebates, 1 for $100 and 1 for $55. We would pay $600 up front, mail in the rebates, and pay only $445.00 total for the phone. He would also give us FREE phone insurance saving an additional $10.00 per month. Obviously there must have been some sales incentives to push the S4.

After phone activation, I didn't see any insurance listed for no-charge, so I called. Sure enough - sorry, you don't have insurance and Sales reps can't give it free. That will be $10.00 per month extra if you want it. Also - be wary, I found out there is a $200 deductible any time you use the insurance. I passed.

Next, they denied my $100 rebate and gave me the $55 rebate. They said only 1 per MEID number. Sorry for the mix up. That is easy to say after they have your money. I'm trying to at least get the $100 rebate instead of the $55. One thing about rebates - Companies count on people not redeeming them and submitted claims being denied.

I am so angry with them, I will file complaints with as many consumer organizations as possible. If I can save anyone from buying into their deceptive practices, I will be happy.

As soon as I get this rebate, I am switching to another carrier as quickly as possible.
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Posted by PassingBy on 2013-08-05:
You failed to actually see and read the rebate/insurance forms before the purchase. A salesperson can tell you anything to make a sale. Without anything in writing or a witness you really have no case at all.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-08-05:
I am surprised a parent would actually admit to spending that much money on mobile phones for children.
Posted by Connie on 2013-08-05:
Not young children - college age. I'm sure your surprised........
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