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Worst Customer Service Ever.
By -

It all started when I had to move from Phoenix, Arizona to Windsor, California. I took my Cricket phone with me and all was well. I decided to make my monthly payment 5 days in advance on October 9th. I paid a total of 53.86 for my services which would be billed from October 14 to November 14th. Now on October 10th the phone broke. I had insurance on it and went through the proper channels to get a replacement phone, which cost me 50.00. I received the phone on October 14th. Unfortunately because of my move I was unable to activate my phone and was told I would need to go to a Cricket store to do so.

The nearest store is 150 miles away and I am unable to get there. So I told them to disconnect the services then and I wanted a refund on the 53.86 for services since I was unable to use them. I was told everything would be fine I would receive my money in 2-3 weeks. I then called their insurance company, The Signal, and got them to issue me a refund for the 50.00 deductible, and I had to send both phones back. I just received the refund from The Signal today, November 7th. I called Cricket to check on the status of my refund from THEM since I had not received it yet. I was told there were no notes stating that, and that the services were still active.

I spoke with a supervisor. She told me she would get right on it, it would take 7-10 days for it to be issued and that I needed to go and fax her my bank account info showing the payment was taken out. I did so and called back 2 hours later. I spoke to a different representative, and explained my situation and asked if my fax had been received. She told me this was the wrong department. I asked for a number to reach the correct department and she said she didn't have it. I then asked for a supervisor and she told me to call back in 30 mins. I was explaining to her how ridiculous that was since you never get the same place two times and she HUNG UP on me.

I then called back and spoke to another supervisor, a female. She was very rude and unhelpful and told me that she couldn't assure me I would even receive a refund. This was the first I have heard of anything like that, and I was trying to ask WHY that would EVER be. She couldn't tell me why and told me there would be an investigation. I told her I wanted to make sure my Fax was received since it is personal information. She told me she was unable to verify this and to call the Main Cricket store located in California. I called and spoke to a female. She told me I was misinformed and she couldn't help me at all.

I had to call Cricket's 800 number, AGAIN, and ask for a supervisor. When I got someone on the line, I didn't get her name unfortunately, but in the middle of me explaining my concern I hear her exclaim "Oh, my lip balm!!" She was not paying any attention to me so I promptly asked for a supervisor.

I talked to a male and explained my issues. He pretty much told me the same thing that there would be an investigation and someone would call me. I advised him I do not trust their company to call me back and that I would call back in a week. I was told it would take up to 2 weeks JUST TO FIND OUT IF I AM APPROVED FOR MY MONEY!!! I wasn't even able to use the service I didn't even have a phone. I am being put through this frustration for an error on their part, and I seriously feel like I was not helped, or treated properly.

Read this before you switch to Cricket
By -

I have the Huawei Ascend 3G Touch Screen and I regret the day I paid $189.99 x 2 for these phones and made the switch to this company. Two months after I bought the phones they start giving them away for free if you switch to Cricket service. My husband sees my struggle with this phone and the service he never even activated his phone. The reception is bad wherever I go, to work in VA or home in MD. I have to go outside to get a good signal, by good I mean 3 bars, inside if I do get 1 or 2 bars the call goes through but it will drop several times, I get so frustrated by the time I do get through I don't want to talk anymore.

I cannot hear on this phone - it has the worst volume I have ever seen on a cellular phone. If you don't have an earpiece phone has to be on speaker to have a conversation and that is bad, it is like using a walkie-talkie (you put it to your ear to listen then to your mouth to talk). I can use my phone in my car on speaker at MAX volume and the person in the passenger seat next to me cannot clearly hear what is being said, very poor quality product. The speaker does however do OK when used on the web or with some music apps, when it is very quiet but if there is any noise where you are it's no good.

I cannot speak to customer service representative if my service is off, I mean 1 day late and you are off. The only option I have is to make a payment. Even if I make a partial payment they call this a bridge payment, you still can not reach tech support or cust service. Can you say "Rip Off"? I've had this service for 5 or 6 months now and I hardly ever use it, I am so frustrated with the horrible service.

Cricket Has The Worst Customer Service Ever!
By -

I am writing concerning the HORRIFIC customer service I have received from your Cricket Wireless. I have been a Cricket customer for several years and am extremely disappointed in what I have recently experienced. First, I have tried to update my address on the phone with their representatives on three separate occasions. I also tried to update my address on their website on five separate occasions and after a period of approximately 1 ½ years I was finally successful. That's actually OK. I can accept that.

Second, on March 26, 2011 I went online to order their new Huawei Ascend phone and upgrade my service. The website told me it could not process the transaction which I found very strange because I pay my bill with the same credit card online every month. And, although I was informed that the transaction could not be processed, they charged my account the $152.44 with no order confirmation! I was able to talk to their customer service and my bank and have the charge removed. I then went back online to order the phone again, and again, the transaction was not processed however, my account was once again charged! This occurred three times!

I spent numerous hours on the phone with their customer service department as well as with my bank. Finally, after 12 days of frustration I drove to a Cricket store to purchase the phone and upgrade my service. I had to pay MORE than I would have online because I was not able to get the online discount!

After seven days of new service, my phone was disconnected because of an error on their end stating that I owe $21.00 which is impossible considering I signed up for and paid for the phone and new service directly at the store. I drove back to the store for a 2nd time to have the issue resolved. Two days later my phone quit working once again, so once again I drove to the store, (31 miles one way) to have the latest issue resolved.

In summary, I have spent more than five hours on the phone trying to resolve these issues, 186 miles worth of gas for the three specific visits to the store and my time in order to resolve these numerous issues that were all caused by the incompetence of their company only to discover that I am not able to be compensated in any way. This is unacceptable. Is this how their company values its customers? I have NEVER been so disappointed with the service I have received from any company in my entire life! In addition, no one ever even bothered to contact me and offer me some sort of retribution.

Cricket Wireless Lies!
By -

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I went to the Cricket store in Brown Deer, WI on 8/24/10. ** a sales representative helped me and told me that I could get Unlimited Roaming added to the plan for $5.00 more and with where I live (West Bend, WI), I would need Unlimited Roaming because when I'm at home it's roaming. I paid for the phone ($139.99) and my first month's service payment of $37.47. On 9/8/10 my phone would not allow me to make or receive calls, saying I ran out of roaming minutes!

I called the 1-800 number for Cricket and they told me there's no such thing as unlimited roaming, you're give only 30 minutes of roaming for $5.00 which is not what I was told when I bought the phone by ** the sales representative. I tried calling the Brown Deer store on 9/8/10 and left a detailed message. I called again 10:30 am on 9/9/10 and got voicemail. Again I left another detailed message and never heard anything back. So I drove 35 minutes to the Brown Deer store to return my phone. Their return policy said you have 30 days to return merchandise and I have had my phone for less than 30 days.

I got to the store and they told me they could not refund me any money because I had talked on my phone for more than 30 minutes! They told me it was Cricket's policy and there was no way they could give me a full or even a part of a refund! I don't even know why I got this phone, oh wait because I thought I was going to be getting Unlimited roaming but am not and now I'm stuck with a $139.99 phone I can't even use and Cricket won't take back!!!!

Cricket Has The Worst Customer Service in the world!!!!!!!
By -

Do NOT!!!!!! DO NOT get a Cricket cell phone or plan. This is fact: I have paid my bill online through the "My Account" on the Cricket website, and not only did they turn my phone off but claims to not have received my payment, when they must have forgotten that if you pay online there is an automatic confirmation number sent to you right after you pay online, and one sent to your e-mail saying thank you for your payment. Like a receipt basically. I told them that I have that e-mail as my proof and they say this: "You might have paid a false website, Oh we don't control the e-mails that goes out, Did you pay before 6pm est time?"

I was able to counter all of these questions in the e-mailing back and forth between Cricket support and myself. Eventually they finally said "Well call 1-800-Cricket and/or *611 for customer service and they will be able to help you with this inconvenience". Okay right call customer service no problem... calling... calling... calling... Oh wait a minute! When your phone has recently or if your phone is about to be disconnected you can't reach a customer service agent. No matter if it's 1-800-Cricket or *611 from your cell phone, it do not matter. You can NOT reach an agent, and they know that.

So I knew when they told me to call customer service they were just trying to shut me up and just pay this month's bill and next all at one time. If you take notice, you will see your bill being high every month if you just make monthly payments, it's because they charge you the next month bill in advance. I hate Cricket. I really do.

Can you get a plan that has unlimited everything including web for about 55$ a month? Yes you can, but is it worth all the trouble when one becomes inconvenienced by Cricket and their constant mistake making unprofessional system failures? I don't know. Maybe try Boost mobile. Times are hard but I only have Cricket because it's the only plan that I could afford at the time. Cricket should be embarrassed by the way their customer service treat people.

Cricket PayGo Service And InComm Fastcard A Scam! Beware!
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I started Cricket PayGo service on Dec 31, 2008. I paid in store to add minutes to my phone. The plan I chose was $1 a day for unlimited phone calls only to be charged on days the phone was in use. I used the phone for two days. The phone was turned off for about a week and when I tried to use it again it was disconnected.

I called Cricket from a different phone and was told that the phone was disconnected and they did not have information on what days the phone was charged for. "Oh well," I thought. I was not in the mood to argue so I asked them to reactivate the phone and apply minutes that I purchased at Wal-Mart from a Cricket PayGo card that is powered by Fastcard a registered trademark of InComm. I checked my balance at 10:30 pm to assure my $15 was added to my account. It was there, yeah! WRONG!

The next day I tried to check the balance on my phone and got the dreaded busy signal that is heard when a phone is disconnected. I dialed my Cricket PayGo telephone number from a different phone and sure enough it was cancelled. I called Cricket and after being hung up on 3 times was informed that "research" would have to be done on my account because they did not show that I added minutes to the phone. Cricket claims they can not track InComm refill cards. They said I must call the 800 number on the back of the refill card. I attempted this to no avail because you can not reach customer service just an automated machine.

So here I sit with a refill card and confirmation number that Cricket PayGo claims that they have no record of. Basically the whole setup is a scam. If you want cheap phone service just get the basic plan from Cricket. I have never had trouble with the regular Cricket's customer service, but PayGo is out of the question. It is a rip off and not worth the time and frustration. Just wanted to give a heads up to everyone. BEWARE!!!

Cricket Customer Service is FRUSTRATING!
By -

ARVADA, COLORADO -- I have happily been with Cricket since 2005 and have never had to deal with customer service before yesterday, 5/19/08. I was late in paying my bill and called the *611 number to pay up. I received a confirmation number after payment and was told my phone would be activated in approximately 30 mins. After waiting a couple of hours, I called the *611 number only to hit a voice automated system telling me I could not proceed to any other options unless I paid my bill! I needed to simply SPEAK to a live person to see why after paying my bill my phone was not turned back on. I tried 7 different numbers all which would not lead me to a live person.

I went on the website to find contact info, or an email address and found nothing. On 5/20/08, more than 24 hours after paying my bill, my phone was still not activated. In desperation, I call the web sales number to get a live body and was told they could not help me and that they had received my specific complaint a lot at their office. I then call the rebate number, got a live person who also said they could not help me, different system, blah, blah, blah. I asked to speak to a supervisor who told me she could not help, had no other additional numbers for me to try to "sorry, we hear this a lot."

Finally I called a number I found when I googled "Cricket customer service rep" and got a gentleman who gave me the number that finally worked!!! It is 1.866.384.4425. When I spoke to the live body and gave her my confirmation number she could not see why my phone was not reactivated yet, but turned my phone on manually, lectured me about paying my bill on time, and then asked if I would be interested in upgrading my service, newer phone, etc. INCREDIBLE! I know being without a phone for two days is not the end of the world, but what is wrong with Cricket's customer service?

The web is full of complaints that had I seen before I bought my Cricket phone, could have swayed my decision to not go with them. I shudder to think of the headaches I could have if I had re-occurring problems with my phone. I have had one problem in 3 years. Anyway, buyer beware!

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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I will never - I mean never get a phone with this company again!!! I just bought a phone August 29th. Nokia Lumia 1320 that was sold to me with ** water damage because my phone had not been near water!!!! Period!!! They cut my phone off 1 day before it was due, that's 1 problem!!! When I bought this phone I was advised my bill will be due on the same day every month and will be cut off the day after the due date if not paid. I was told by customer service that Cricket runs on a 30-day cycle so, it won't be the same due date every month since not every month has 30 days.

When I asked for insurance I was told that I didn't need it because my phone was under warranty! I took my phone back to the store and they told me it has water damage, but I can send it off and it will be replaced/fixed. I sent my phone off after receiving the shipping stamp to ship back. It was received on October 06. They determined water damage again on 10/7. I have spoken to people in the store and via chat on the Cricket website where I was told that my phone would be replaced.

Now I called today, mind you I have yet to receive my ** phone! They told me that my phone will not be fixed or replaced but will be sent back! You have to be ** kidding me!!!! I'm getting punked!!!! I have to be!!! They have had my phone for 12 business days. Why haven't I received it back again? I spent $375 on my phone and I can't get a new one or get it fixed! Pure scammed!!! I will never recommend anyone to this company!!!!! All that I've heard are lies!!!! Complete ** scam! Not to mention, they carved my sim card with a razor blade in order to fit into my loner phone.

A Cricket Wireless Christmas!
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- A Cricket Wireless Christmas! On the ninth day before Christmas Cricket wireless sold to me: A brand new cell phone and plan. On the eighth day before Christmas Cricket wireless sold to me: Promises they could not keep and A brand new cell phone and plan.

On the seventh day before Christmas Cricket wireless sold to me: Unending frustration and anxiety, Promises they could not keep and A brand new cell phone and plan. On the sixth day before Christmas
Crick wireless sold to me: The belief they were truthful, Unending frustration and anxiety, Promises they could not keep and A brand new cell phone and plan.

On the fifth day before Christmas Cricket wireless sold to me: A bucket full of excuses, The belief they were truthful, Unending frustration and anxiety, Promises they could not keep and A brand new cell phone and plan. On the fourth day before Christmas Cricket wireless sold to me: Escalation to the next department, A bucket full of excuses, The belief they were truthful, Unending frustration and anxiety, Promises they could not keep and, A brand new cell phone and plan.

On the third day before Christmas Cricket wireless sold to me: Anger I am ashamed of, Escalation to the next department, A bucket full of excuses, The belief they were truthful, Unending frustration and anxiety, Promises they could not keep an A brand new cell phone and plan.

On the second day before Christmas, Cricket wireless sold to me: No resolution and no local customer support, Anger I am ashamed of, Escalation to the next department, A bucket full of excuses, The belief they were truthful, Unending frustration and anxiety, Promises they could not keep and A brand new cell phone and plan.

On the first day before Christmas, Cricket wireless after threats to write the FCC, Grudgingly fixed my service, Cared less if the problem got fixed, Cared nothing about me as a customer, Sent me a message when my next bill was due, Never followed up on my complaints, Refused to give me the number to the presidents office, Were rude - arrogant - secretive And Not once wished me a Merry Christmas! Corporate office in San Diego.

Worst Customer Service EVER!
By -

So buyers beware. The commercials that all show Whirlpool to be the experts in customer service are a ruse. The long warranty on their products is useless unless you live within driving distance to their repair center. I will ban Whirlpool forever. Also, shame on Lowe's for not advising or notifying consumers about the conditions of the warranty and associating themselves with such a cheap product.

Okay, for the record, I was a very happy Cricket customer until a month and a half ago when I went to upgrade my phone. Even though the phone I had purchased in Las Vegas worked very well in San Francisco, the company could not activate my new phone because I was not in Las Vegas anymore. They even went so far as to say that I needed to fly back down to Vegas just so the phone would activate. Right. My answer was to return the phone for a full refund, then enlist another carrier who could actually meet my growing needs.

So I packed up the phone, sent it back to Cricket via UPS, and waited for my debit card to be credited the $120.44 the phone had cost me. Over a month later, I'm still waiting. Cricket's return policy says that refunds can take up to 30 days from the time the return is received by them. I even gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited a few extra days. When I called the Customer Service line, it quickly became clear that they had no intention of returning my money.

First, they tried to tell me that they had not received the return. Then I gave them the UPS information, showing that the phone had been received by them on 10/27/10. Seconds later, the call was disconnected on their end. So, I tried again. This time, I was told that there was no supervisor available to speak with me, and that the best the representative could do was file an internal investigation report to see what had happened. Clearly, Cricket is well-versed in the arts of frustration and stall tactics.

When nothing happened in the promised 24 hours, I called back. Again, I was hung up on. Again, no supervisor was available to speak with me. Again, I was put on hold for over 5 minutes. Again, there were no answers and only frustration. The people to whom I was speaking could not grant the refund, nor could they connect me to the department that authorized refunds. I was left with the impression that I will never see my money again unless I go to my bank and complain about the transaction.

Bottom line? DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CRICKET. Convenience and coverage are not worth the hassle you will face when something goes wrong--and it WILL go wrong. It's really sad that Cricket devalues its customers so much. They could have been a great company, and a viable challenge to Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, et al. But they decided, instead, to be another failure that didn't understand the fundamental necessity of effective customer service.

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