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Super Slow Data
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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I switched my family of 5 to the "new" Cricket Wireless when they offered $100 per line bill credit to T-Mobile customers. Awesome right? Not so much. As soon as my first "free" month of service came around data speeds dropped to 2G or less on all our lines! Be aware that Cricket customers are limited to a max of 8 Mbps on the Art network at best. I'm now getting less than 1 Mbps. Customer Service plays dumb (or are clueless to the corporate practice). Will soon switch to another provider.

New Service Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

COMMERCE CITY, COLORADO -- I went to store to get help. I want to be able to make and receive calls when I'm at home. Since the new switch my service only at home goes to roaming. I HAVE A SAMSUNG GALAXY I bought brand new plus numerous other phones from Cricket and note they are telling me I need to buy another one. It's not right!

No Connection
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Rating: 2/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- When "mycricket" became a "NEW Cricket" (did AT&T bought it? I am not sure), I lost wi-fi connection, emails come in bulk once a week, text messages and MSNs reach their receivers in 3 weeks sometimes. It was such a great company, who needed to make the changes? I am looking for another provider now. Any suggestions?

Troubleshooting Line
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Incompetent 611 help. First time I called for help for United States cell phone service the person obviously had English as their second language and I would not speak to someone who asked me if I have "pay go" service instead of pay as you go service. That person should be fired.

Apparently Cricket has no supervisors to get on the phone to resolve a problem if the first person you speak to is incompetent despite the fact that you can hear a roomful of people speaking in the background. It is not possible for any company not to have someone in charge of training and hiring and firing and giving customer satisfaction. They will quickly find out people will switch companies.

Today I spoke with ** who wastes my time with extra words instead of resolving my problem as quick possible. I was on hold to speak to her. I wish she would serve as many customers as quickly and effectively as possible. I have been having problems with my voice mail service. I asked her how long their system allowed to record a voicemail. When she did not know the answer instantly I asked her how many different voice mail plans did Cricket have. She said "only one."

She claimed that messages had an unlimited time amount to be recorded. I then asked her as to why they were deleting messages I had not heard especially since they have unlimited amounts of message capability. She put me on hold and apparently then tried to acquire competency in her job. She corrected her original statement and said a message could be a minute or 30 seconds. I hope I get ** fired for being incompetent. I believe nothing she says. I asked to speak to a supervisor and explained that she had better get a message to a supervisor within three work days who calls me back and stops having unheard voice messages deleted in my system.

I only get like five messages a week and if I talk to the person without hearing the message I just leave messages sit in there. Sometimes the messages contain unheard content because they delete them. I only want service that allows me to hear my voice mail messages without ever deleting them unless I do or I will find another provider. Companies who do not listen to their customers needs will find themselves with no customers at all.

Problems With Cricket Phones And Customer Service People
By -

MONROEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to Cricket on 8-25-07 to purchase a phone for my 13 year old son for emergency purposes. We decided to purchase a refurbished phone with a 90 day warranty. My son came home from school 2 days after the phone was purchased and said the phone quit working. I then took the phone to cricket. They charged me $10 to replace the phone and gave me the same phone, I then asked if anything is wrong with the phone because I did not want to bring it back again. They stated no it was a fluke.

Not even two weeks later, I went back to Cricket. The display of the phone was unreadable, they blamed me for the problem said I must have gotten the phone wet and would do nothing for me. I have a phone that was not even a month old, that they will not replace and will not fix. I have tried everything and can't get anywhere. I wasted money on a phone for my son's safety and had it for one month. I cannot afford to keep purchasing phones that are garbage.

Before this began, my husband and I both bought Cricket phones. During the same time as my son's problem with his phone, my husband said his phone was not holding a charge. The phones we had purchased were not refurbished. They suggested I go buy a new battery at the battery store across the parking lot.

I explained that the phone should be under a warranty and had insurance. They stated that because I was late on paying a bill, which keep in mind Cricket is pay as you go service, they cancelled the insurance and the warranty without my knowledge even though my first couple bills I paid for the insurance $4.99 extra a month. They would do nothing for me in this instance either. I then had yet another problem where I had paid for the bill already and could not use the phone.

Since it was not working properly I asked to have my money refunded and turn the phone off since it is pointless to keep a broken phone on, they stated I can buy a new phone which I refuse to do or put my phone on vacation status until I can find someone who has a used phone I can purchase and use that on this account. Am infuriated and can do nothing to resolve these problems. My suggestion if you want unlimited calling and think Cricket is the way to go, think again!

Took $600.00 By Phone In Less Than 5 Minutes But To Refund May Take 30 Days!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased an iPhone 4S after calling Cricket Cellular. Asked a lot of questions for almost 30 minutes. Such as: How is the service in my area? Can I keep my old phone number? Can my contact information be transferred over to the new phone? What is the return policy if not completely satisfied? I was told these answers:

  1. Service in my area was excellent.
  2. Yes you can keep your number just take the new phone and the current phone to Cricket store nearby and have them transfer it and activate the new phone.
  3. Return policy is you need to return it in original condition within 30 days for a full refund no problem.

Then paid over $600.00 by credit card on the phone. The transaction took less than 2 minutes for them to take my money and send me an email to confirm. Even looked on my email before the salesperson hung up. Received the phone, took it to the dealership where I was told that my phone had already been activated! I called the 800 Cricket line and was told that my information could not be ported over and I had to keep the new phone number.

Also none of my contacts were able to be transferred and worse yet the service was not available in my home!!! I had to stand at the window in order to get 1 bar of service and it still kept cutting in and out!! I called the 800 number again and said I want a full refund. Keep in mind this was all done over three hour time frame after being disconnected and lied to and hung up on over that three hours. I was finally given a return address.

Was then informed that I would receive my refund within 30 days. It took them 2 minutes to take my money and at least 30 days to give it back!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Of course they never tell you that when you purchase. Asked for a corporate store near me and they tell you there isn't one. Ask for a mgr and they say unavailable.

I have already sent the product back by UPS with a tracking number. They have informed me they received it and still have not returned my money. I am now going to the corporate office in Charlotte NC that doesn't exist! I will picket and complain until someone listens if it stops one person from buying so be it!! I am also going to write a letter to the attorney general and get a lot of signatures for this company to be investigated!!!!

Horrible ! Don't Waste Your Time Or Money!!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Ordered phone with friendly, easy to understand sales reps on the telephone. They were more than willing to sell me phone and service. My credit card was charged $81.88. Was promised a full, 100% refund if I was not happy with the telephone or service provided I returned the telephone within 30 days of purchase. Phone was delivered promptly as promised. Everything went down there from there.

Construction of actual phone was exceedingly poor and battery did not fit properly. Spent hours, literally, hours trying to get the phone to work with various Cricket tech supporters attempting to just get the phone to call out.
Quality of phone reception and outgoing calls was awful and I would have had clearer reception with two tomato soup cans and a string.

Returned phone within two weeks of purchase paying for cost of shipping. After two weeks of no refund, was informed by company that it would take 30 days to get full refund to my credit card. Because I was able to provide them with postal tracking number, they were able to confirm phone had arrived back in their office.

Was only refunded $44.00. Was told by supervisor that because I had used the telephone they could not refund my total of $81.88. Well, duh!!!! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the fact that if one purchases a phone, they are going to use the phone. Having talked with a supervisor, she said she was 'escalating' my issue to 'upper management' to resolve my complaint. She said several times that she could not promise I would get my full refund.
Seriously, this company, equipment and personnel is not worth the time and effort a consumer must take to get 'cheap' cell phone service. Buyer beware! Don't patronize their unethical and shady business.

Cricket Has No Customer Service
By -

HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- My boyfriend and I both bought Cricket cell phones and we have had nothing but problems since. You cannot get a live person to talk to and if you do you either have trouble understanding them or they have trouble understanding you. We were supposed to be set up on Automatic Pay monthly but for some reason they just can't it to go through. I get text messages from them threatening to cut my phone off. I have sent them two e-mails but have yet to get a response.

My boyfriend just got his phone April 6th and had it set up Automatic Pay but of course they didn't do it and they cut his phone off. We tried calling 611 and got the recording to which I continued saying I want to speak to a live person and got the recording so confused they finally transferred me to a live person. She had a very thick accent and was hard to understand but when she finally did get what we were calling for she said we owed for April and May.

After several minutes of explaining that that was impossible because we just purchased the phone in April she was gone for another several minutes and came back and said we were right, took the payment over the phone and restored service. We were charged an additional $5.00 (in addition to the monthly charge) to do it over the phone.
When my boyfriend received his phone there was a little crack in the face of his phone so we took it to our local Cricket office and was told it was something we did and the girl was very short and rude. Needless to say, they will not replace it.

Word of mouth is the best and worst advertising for any company and you'd better believe I'll tell everyone I know about the lack of customer service at Cricket. We will get new phones at some point (they cost too much to leave right now) but if we continue to have these problems monthly, we'll eat the cost of the phones and go with a company that provides good customer service.

By -

BOISE, IDAHO -- BOISE BROADWAY STORE MANAGER SUCKS New YEARS EVE 2010. I bought a new phone New Year's eve. The manager at the Broadway store in Boise told me the camera was excellent - he being a photographer. The store was closed Jan 1, 2011 and I took it back the next day. He wouldn't accept it. I told him the camera doesn't even have a flash so he misrepresented it by saying it was excellent. He said "they don't make them with a flash". I quickly opened my previous Cricket phone and showed him the flash. His reply was "so yours is old". Then he looked at it and said "sorry you're over the time limit. I can't take it back". "What time limit?" I said.

He replied "didn't you read your receipt?" I then told him that he never said I had a thirty minute limit. We disputed that point. Then I told him the phone wasn't working in the first place as I tried the number I called about 20 times and it never went through. He didn't even look at the call record to verify that I was trying to get the broken phone to work. He called the number and said "it's working for me". But it wasn't working at the time and that's why there are 20 calls of hang-ups. What is wrong with this Manager from the Broadway Ave store in Boise. Hello? Is commission more important than replacing or refunding someone?

Cricket I'm not telling you to fire him - I'm just saying he made 3 mistakes (some people say 3 strikes and you're OUT). One, he didn't believe me that the phone wasn't working when the call records show it, as a customer of over 5 years "wake up" Manager. Two, he lied about the camera. Three he sent me on a wild goose chase to other Cricket stores who in return told me his store was a franchise and they were not able to take the phone back.

So I'm stuck with a phone that didn't work, but now they claim does, which I don't believe them and why should I. A useless phone to me because it has no flash and I intended to use it to take my pictures indoors at night. Anybody want a phone CRICKET CAOTR II for 30 dollars, call me **. And thank the Cricket Ripoff Customer Service.

Worst Customer Service for a Phone/Broadband Company
By -

Talked to West for sign-up. Talking to a sales representative always seems to go easy wherever you go to. When I got the email confirmation for the FedEx tracking # for the A600 Modem, my mom's apartment number was not there. I asked the account to be under my name, because 1. I did not have all of my mom's information 2. I want to deal with all the hassle if there was any. Called FedEx and they said "call Cricket." Cricket told they can't do anything for me. I talked a sales person, a Customer Service person named ** and a manager so he claims to be.

** could not help me find the order number. I told her that I had two emails that I was looking at. She wanted to hang up on me, and said to call back when I had it. That's when I lost it. I read her the who email and found it on my own. She should be able to tell me exactly where to find the order number. She can't do this on her own. I called back after ** said she will escalate my call to her manager. I gave her the wrong digit for call back number. Spoke with a guy and he did not say he was not the manager, until much later after the conversation, which really made even more mad.

The manager said that the account was under my mom. There was a reason why I called in for my mom. They do not take notes on calls and I believe there are no individual queues for each of the customer service there. My mom never called in there once but she is on the account. Manager's solution is if she does not get the modem it will be ship back to them and she can have a refund in 30 days.

They refuse to reship the item if my mom does not receive it. If she does not get it, then I have to put up my mom to call them to get a refund. She yelled at Clear Services before she called me for help. Unfortunately Cricket does not have the right type of people that will have the patience to put up with my mom and her accent, from what I experience. She said that Clear Service did not understand her. I hope she she will get her modem without the apt. number. It would save her some anguish and anger.

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