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BOISE, IDAHO -- BOISE BROADWAY STORE MANAGER SUCKS New YEARS EVE 2010. I bought a new phone New Year's eve. The manager at the Broadway store in Boise told me the camera was excellent - he being a photographer. The store was closed Jan 1, 2011 and I took it back the next day. He wouldn't accept it. I told him the camera doesn't even have a flash so he misrepresented it by saying it was excellent. He said "they don't make them with a flash". I quickly opened my previous Cricket phone and showed him the flash. His reply was "so yours is old". Then he looked at it and said "sorry you're over the time limit. I can't take it back". "What time limit?" I said.

He replied "didn't you read your receipt?" I then told him that he never said I had a thirty minute limit. We disputed that point. Then I told him the phone wasn't working in the first place as I tried the number I called about 20 times and it never went through. He didn't even look at the call record to verify that I was trying to get the broken phone to work. He called the number and said "it's working for me". But it wasn't working at the time and that's why there are 20 calls of hang-ups. What is wrong with this Manager from the Broadway Ave store in Boise. Hello? Is commission more important than replacing or refunding someone?

Cricket I'm not telling you to fire him - I'm just saying he made 3 mistakes (some people say 3 strikes and you're OUT). One, he didn't believe me that the phone wasn't working when the call records show it, as a customer of over 5 years "wake up" Manager. Two, he lied about the camera. Three he sent me on a wild goose chase to other Cricket stores who in return told me his store was a franchise and they were not able to take the phone back.

So I'm stuck with a phone that didn't work, but now they claim does, which I don't believe them and why should I. A useless phone to me because it has no flash and I intended to use it to take my pictures indoors at night. Anybody want a phone CRICKET CAOTR II for 30 dollars, call me **. And thank the Cricket Ripoff Customer Service.

Worst Customer Service for a Phone/Broadband Company
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Talked to West for sign-up. Talking to a sales representative always seems to go easy wherever you go to. When I got the email confirmation for the FedEx tracking # for the A600 Modem, my mom's apartment number was not there. I asked the account to be under my name, because 1. I did not have all of my mom's information 2. I want to deal with all the hassle if there was any. Called FedEx and they said "call Cricket." Cricket told they can't do anything for me. I talked a sales person, a Customer Service person named ** and a manager so he claims to be.

** could not help me find the order number. I told her that I had two emails that I was looking at. She wanted to hang up on me, and said to call back when I had it. That's when I lost it. I read her the who email and found it on my own. She should be able to tell me exactly where to find the order number. She can't do this on her own. I called back after ** said she will escalate my call to her manager. I gave her the wrong digit for call back number. Spoke with a guy and he did not say he was not the manager, until much later after the conversation, which really made even more mad.

The manager said that the account was under my mom. There was a reason why I called in for my mom. They do not take notes on calls and I believe there are no individual queues for each of the customer service there. My mom never called in there once but she is on the account. Manager's solution is if she does not get the modem it will be ship back to them and she can have a refund in 30 days.

They refuse to reship the item if my mom does not receive it. If she does not get it, then I have to put up my mom to call them to get a refund. She yelled at Clear Services before she called me for help. Unfortunately Cricket does not have the right type of people that will have the patience to put up with my mom and her accent, from what I experience. She said that Clear Service did not understand her. I hope she she will get her modem without the apt. number. It would save her some anguish and anger.

Do Not Get A Cricket Phone!
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Please beware of Cricket Wireless. I specify Wireless because that is all I have experience with. I was in need of a new (cheap) phone. I researched Cricket (even chatted with a representative online). I read all the fine print available and figured the reason it's so cheap was because of poor coverage. As long as it covered me I was fine with that. I ordered a cricket phone online in December. It came promptly. The plan I got said it was "UNlimited" Talk, Text, Long distance....

Well after the phone had shipped I got the confirmation email from Cricket for my plan. It had more fine print that was unavailable to me before. It stated that I had a long distance number?!?! And that the free long distance was only to landlines?!?!?! That makes no sense! It made the phone useless. I called to cancel the phone (which took me about 2 hours) and I said I would decline the delivery. A customer representative told me to accept the phone delivery and then to call a # she gave me. I agreed and waited for the phone. When it came I called the # and it was the activation #...WHAT!!

So after many more hours trying to get through to the right person, I finally got instructions on how to send it back, yet I was told I was responsible for the shipping cost even though it was their employee that gave me the wrong information. I was told to write "end user web return" all over the box. I did so, and they did refund the cost of the phone. I guess I got lucky with that. I did not give up! If you are waiting for a refund...keep calling, talk to a manager, get names of everyone you speak to and numbers if applicable. Good luck to those who choose to go with Cricket after reading this!

Worst Company Ever
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Rating: 1/51

ANYWHERE IN USA, ARKANSAS -- Our company had several phones lines with Cricket. We cancelled EVERYONE. I personally will never have Cricket service and neither will the company I work for. Their services are TERRIBLE!!! They don't want to take a credit card payment, good luck getting a representative on the phone, and don't expect to get a bill in the mail. I hope this company goes down like the Titanic!!!

There is nothing good about this company. Absolutely terrible, worst I have ever dealt with!!! We now have all of our cell phones with another carrier. They don't even deserve one star... horrible horrible service. They need 0 (zero) because that is what Cricket wireless is a big fat ZERO!!! And that is how much money they get from us now. We were customers for well over 10 years!!

Cricket wireless sucks
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Rating: 1/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Back in January of this year I went to a Cricket store and brought to phones one for me and one for him and let me tell you they were not cheap. In April my son's phone broke and would not charge so I had insurance so he was able to get a new phone and everything was fine I thought. One month later mine broke and I called in and they told me I had no insurance on my line so I said "OK I'll wait." So far that's two phones and remember I just bought these phones in January of 2012.

So this month November the phone I got my son in April is now also broken and I'm really ticked off. That's three phones that don't work and I have not had the phones a year yet. I have decided to call the Bibb on them because they are selling defective phones and want to give us the consumers a hard time if we want replacement phones and it's a little ridiculous and I'm pissed. They are selling people defective phones and I think it's time they have to come up with some money for me or give me a free phone.

As soon as I find a new company I will be leaving this company because they are a rip off. But if you do not pay your bill on time they sure do cut it off and want a payment. I hate calling in because I cannot understand half of what the person on the other end of the line.. They suck and they are a rip off.

Inferior Quality and Inferior Service
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- On June 7, 2012 we purchased a cell phone at a Cricket store. Two weeks later the phone stops working. We take the phone back within the 30 days warranty. Instead of doing straight exchange they charged us for the increase price on the same model, a restocking fee, an activation fee, and warranty. We disagreed with the manager to no avail. She was rude and told us "There is nothing I can do, this is cricket's policy."

We were quite upset, the discussion got heated. She started yelling "you are not respecting me and I'm going to call the police." The reason she threatened us isn't disrespect it's because she didn't like it when we told her, "This store should not be called Cricket, it should be called Crooked and you should have ski mask over your head, because you're the ring leader!" Every company that we have ever done business with makes good on their warranties without charge. Be careful if you deal with Cricket they have an inferior product and poor customer services.

Extremely rude and unhelpful clerk for Cricket wireless
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Rating: 1/51

LAKESIDE, CALIFORNIA -- I wanted to file a complaint about the store clerk (not the owner) who was working at the Cricket Mobilewire Inc, store in Lakeside, CA. This incident happened on Sunday afternoon on March 11, 2012. He was beyond rude!!! After overhearing what the clerk said and how he treated this poor woman who left in tears - I of course decided to not take my business there!

I overheard her asking for help, and he rudely snapped at her "YOU COME BACK EVERYDAY ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS!!!" She replied that she hadn't been in there for several weeks. She then added that some people have problems that do not show up on the outside... to which he replied "WELL YOU BETTER FIX YOUR PROBLEMS!!" She replied that she couldn't fix her problems. She tried to ask him about helping her with a phone she purchased, to which he replied "My job isn't to help, it's to sell phones!!"

He also rudely told her "I can kick you out of here and you can never come back again!!" I was so appalled at his "customer service" treatment of this older handicapped woman, that I could not let this rude worker get by with this type of behavior! Shame on him. He has no right working with the public, not treating a disabled senior citizen that way.

Cricket Rips Off Customers Paying Online
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There are several ways to pay your monthly bill. If you choose online, there is no fee. For payment at store, there is a $3.00 fee. I've been successfully paying online for six months. This month, when I submit credit card info, a window pops up and asks if I want to pay my bill. I click yes, the pop-up goes away, and I am back to the screen where I need to click on submit.

Went to Cricket store to complain and they told me company is changing software and there is a problem. Told me I could pay in store. Refused. Asked for mailing address. Got and was told that check need to be mailed 10 business days before due date or it wouldn't be posted. Too late for this. There is a $15 reinstatement fee if they cut you off. They told me I could pay for three months and get a month free. Since $120 is not in my budget, I declined. Overall, the person who "helped" me was not customer-service oriented. Instead, he defended the company and minimized my complaint. Three dollars times thousands of customers is a tidy little sum, isn't it?

Horrible Service & Rude Staff
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I've been a Cricket customer for about two years. When my phone went out I needed a replacement, and the Cricket staff could not perform a simple duty. I called their 800 number and kept getting other 800 numbers to call to. The phone staff was not helpful and was more interested in trying to sell me add ons for my plan. I was told that I needed to purchase the phone through the internet, which I had already tried to do. The internet system would not let me do so, and would tell me to call another set of 800 numbers. After the fifth or so call I decided to go to the store where I encountered rude workers.

The store had about 7 workers and yet for only 4 people waiting, I had to wait about 1 hour. When I explained my issue to the Cricket representative he was uninterested, and tried to sell me the same phone that I wanted from the internet at triple the price, plus an activation fee. I asked him why the big gap in prices, and he mentioned that the ''internet'' prices were for new customers. This was a lie since I had already been told by four phone reps that I could buy a phone at the internet price. The stores seem to be dealer operated, and they are only interested in selling you more phones or services.

To make this short, the Cricket customer service, if you would call it that, is not integrated so you have to call many different people and departments for what should be a simple thing. Their actual stores are less helpful in the sense that they do not want to bother with existing customers.

Contacting Cricket
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Anyone looking to file a complaint or sue Cricket for what they have done to you, here is the address of the parent company:
Leap Wireless International, Inc.
Cricket Communications, LLC
5887 Copley Drive
San Diego, California 92111

Tel: 1-858-882-6000 and here are the thieves that run the show:

S. Douglas (Doug) Hutcheson President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
Walter Z. Berger Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Albin "Al" MOschner Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Glenn Umetsu Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer
Robert Irving, Jr. Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Leonard Stephens Senior Vice President, Human Resources

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