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Unauthorized Use of Debit Card
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Rating: 1/51

I usually buy the pre-paid cards for my wireless internet service, but could not find any at Walmart in October 2013. I called the company to try to put it on my bank card, (as I had a few times before), but there were not sufficient funds there. I went to the bank, cleared the negative, went to Homeland and reloaded a Visa card specifically to used to turn my service back on. After I made the payment online, I could not get into my account, as my password would not work.

I called the company.. I buy the 45 dollar monthly service. Speaking with a young lady, she said they had a plan that if I should use all megabytes before the month was up, I could pay a dollar at a time from my funds available. When I logged into my account, I saw a five dollar credit. I had only approved the forty-five. As I kept checking my account on the Visa card, I noticed they had not yet taken their money out. Attempting to make a purchase at the store, the sale was not approved. I called the Visa company and was told, since I had not used the pre-pay card in over a year, they put a block on it. The block was removed within a couple of hours.

I tried to call Cricket to see if the block was the reason they had not removed their money, or if it takes several days to receive their money. Well, from that day on, I could not get anyone on the phone. It would say no one was available to take my call. I kept calling using everything on their menu, to no avail. On the 3rd of October, I called my bank to see how much was there after my SSI check was deposited. I had a 76 dollar and change in the negative. They said Cricket had taken the money from my bank. I explained that I gave them my Visa reload card information to use. Apparently they ran into the block and took it upon themselves to just take it from my bank.

I had gone to the bank on the 15th to make sure October 3 would come to my account with no negatives.. I made many attempts to call Cricket with no response other than no one there to assist me, or they could not make the call complete and hung up. I used a number they had to buy something and finally talked to a real human.

The man looked at my account and said I authorized the payment on my bank card. I did not. I explained to him I had used the Visa prepaid. He asked if the overcharge of five dollars was the only complaint I had. I asked to speak to someone higher than him and waited on the phone a long time before someone answered. I explained all the happenings to her and she also said I approved it. I told her I had proof.

If they continue lying, I would be more than happy to let a representative come here and view my hard drive. Their attitude was nasty and I explained to the bank what happened. I was able to get money for rent, groceries, and medicine, but my next check would have to be used to cover the huge overdraft. I was excited about my October 3rd check because there would be not overdraft to pay.

Cricket messed that up and now refuses to put my money back in the account. Since it was a SSI check, I will notify them and also offer to let them see my hard drive. I hope they will investigate. The lady from Cricket said they would do no refunds, but she would remove my bank card number so this would not happen again. I asked her not to remove it until my bank and SSI looked into the matter, but they quickly removed it anyway. To me it sounds as if they indeed know they used the card.

Never Received 3rd Month Free as Promised - SCAM
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- We went in this store at the end of this past March to sign up for 3 lines of service. We chose to leave Verizon due to the affordable monthly costs. Upon signing up we were promised the 3rd month would be free. This was their big promotion. After spending $700 on phones, cases, the month of service the third month came. When we called customer service close to our due date they said the store had to apply the credit. Then we call the store and they said no customer service has to.

A few days later we call customer service again they said we were not eligible for the 3rd month free. They stated that we were not put on the correct plan to qualify. Ok we were the customer and it was not our fault that the person offering us this promo was not aware of Crickets terms. They told us that they were never informed by corporate that they had to put new customers on a certain rate plan to be eligible. Then I was told that 4 other customers got scammed by this as well.

Calling customer service is a joke. You're talking to someone in a foreign country who has such a strong accent you can't even understand a word they are saying. After countless attempts by the store manager and another employee on chat with a supervisor it was still denied. They told me "sorry we tried". So I gave up and just paid over $100 for the month I was initially promised would be FREE!

I will continue to stay with Cricket for only 2 reasons- Better reception & lower monthly bill. Just stop making offers and promises you won't be able to keep to your customers. I know the manager and the employee did make a good effort to try to resolve this but at the same time I am out over $100 not getting this promotion I was promised. Not a good way to do business. Beware of these offers that sound too good to be true. One mistake during the sign up process can cost you!

Troubleshooting Line
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Incompetent 611 help. First time I called for help for United States cell phone service the person obviously had English as their second language and I would not speak to someone who asked me if I have "pay go" service instead of pay as you go service. That person should be fired.

Apparently Cricket has no supervisors to get on the phone to resolve a problem if the first person you speak to is incompetent despite the fact that you can hear a roomful of people speaking in the background. It is not possible for any company not to have someone in charge of training and hiring and firing and giving customer satisfaction. They will quickly find out people will switch companies.

Today I spoke with ** who wastes my time with extra words instead of resolving my problem as quick possible. I was on hold to speak to her. I wish she would serve as many customers as quickly and effectively as possible. I have been having problems with my voice mail service. I asked her how long their system allowed to record a voicemail. When she did not know the answer instantly I asked her how many different voice mail plans did Cricket have. She said "only one."

She claimed that messages had an unlimited time amount to be recorded. I then asked her as to why they were deleting messages I had not heard especially since they have unlimited amounts of message capability. She put me on hold and apparently then tried to acquire competency in her job. She corrected her original statement and said a message could be a minute or 30 seconds. I hope I get ** fired for being incompetent. I believe nothing she says. I asked to speak to a supervisor and explained that she had better get a message to a supervisor within three work days who calls me back and stops having unheard voice messages deleted in my system.

I only get like five messages a week and if I talk to the person without hearing the message I just leave messages sit in there. Sometimes the messages contain unheard content because they delete them. I only want service that allows me to hear my voice mail messages without ever deleting them unless I do or I will find another provider. Companies who do not listen to their customers needs will find themselves with no customers at all.

Nokia Lumia 1320 (The Phablet)
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Rating: 1/51

I went to Cricket store in June of 2014 and picked up the phablet and new windows phone. Well the first phone I was given the screen went black in 3 days. That phone was replaced at the store level because it was in 3 days. I was given a second phone everything was fine till 3 weeks later now the phone won't charge at all.

Now this is where the ALL THE FUN BEGINS remember I got the phone through a credit program called YBUY which allows you to make payments on whatever phone you want to purchase. If you pay your phone off within 3 months you don't get any additional charges and no tax will be charged to your checking account. Well this phone has a orange back that can be taken off to make a long story short NOKIA won't replace my because the plastic case on the back is cracked. I even asked them just to replace my phone and I would keep the cracked back on the phone. But I was told no because they consider this as damage even though I have a year's warranty on the phone.

CRICKET INSURANCE WANTS ME TO PAY THEM $130.00 for the deductible of my phone which is non-refundable even if the reason for the phone not working has nothing to do with me. Wait for and the phone may not be a new phone lol whenever you call cricket's customer service either the supervisor is in a meeting or they don't have one. I haven't even had this phone 6 months boy I sure love this customer service I'm getting and I've been paying my bills on time for what NOW I DON'T HAVE A PHONE AND I'M SHORT $279.00 DOLLARS. SO I'M BLOGGING EVERYWHERE ABOUT CRICKET AND YBUY AND NOKIA.

Took $600.00 By Phone In Less Than 5 Minutes But To Refund May Take 30 Days!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased an iPhone 4S after calling Cricket Cellular. Asked a lot of questions for almost 30 minutes. Such as: How is the service in my area? Can I keep my old phone number? Can my contact information be transferred over to the new phone? What is the return policy if not completely satisfied? I was told these answers:

  1. Service in my area was excellent.
  2. Yes you can keep your number just take the new phone and the current phone to Cricket store nearby and have them transfer it and activate the new phone.
  3. Return policy is you need to return it in original condition within 30 days for a full refund no problem.

Then paid over $600.00 by credit card on the phone. The transaction took less than 2 minutes for them to take my money and send me an email to confirm. Even looked on my email before the salesperson hung up. Received the phone, took it to the dealership where I was told that my phone had already been activated! I called the 800 Cricket line and was told that my information could not be ported over and I had to keep the new phone number.

Also none of my contacts were able to be transferred and worse yet the service was not available in my home!!! I had to stand at the window in order to get 1 bar of service and it still kept cutting in and out!! I called the 800 number again and said I want a full refund. Keep in mind this was all done over three hour time frame after being disconnected and lied to and hung up on over that three hours. I was finally given a return address.

Was then informed that I would receive my refund within 30 days. It took them 2 minutes to take my money and at least 30 days to give it back!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Of course they never tell you that when you purchase. Asked for a corporate store near me and they tell you there isn't one. Ask for a mgr and they say unavailable.

I have already sent the product back by UPS with a tracking number. They have informed me they received it and still have not returned my money. I am now going to the corporate office in Charlotte NC that doesn't exist! I will picket and complain until someone listens if it stops one person from buying so be it!! I am also going to write a letter to the attorney general and get a lot of signatures for this company to be investigated!!!!

Horrible ! Don't Waste Your Time Or Money!!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Ordered phone with friendly, easy to understand sales reps on the telephone. They were more than willing to sell me phone and service. My credit card was charged $81.88. Was promised a full, 100% refund if I was not happy with the telephone or service provided I returned the telephone within 30 days of purchase. Phone was delivered promptly as promised. Everything went down there from there.

Construction of actual phone was exceedingly poor and battery did not fit properly. Spent hours, literally, hours trying to get the phone to work with various Cricket tech supporters attempting to just get the phone to call out.
Quality of phone reception and outgoing calls was awful and I would have had clearer reception with two tomato soup cans and a string.

Returned phone within two weeks of purchase paying for cost of shipping. After two weeks of no refund, was informed by company that it would take 30 days to get full refund to my credit card. Because I was able to provide them with postal tracking number, they were able to confirm phone had arrived back in their office.

Was only refunded $44.00. Was told by supervisor that because I had used the telephone they could not refund my total of $81.88. Well, duh!!!! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the fact that if one purchases a phone, they are going to use the phone. Having talked with a supervisor, she said she was 'escalating' my issue to 'upper management' to resolve my complaint. She said several times that she could not promise I would get my full refund.
Seriously, this company, equipment and personnel is not worth the time and effort a consumer must take to get 'cheap' cell phone service. Buyer beware! Don't patronize their unethical and shady business.

Worst Company Ever
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Rating: 1/51

ANYWHERE IN USA, ARKANSAS -- Our company had several phones lines with Cricket. We cancelled EVERYONE. I personally will never have Cricket service and neither will the company I work for. Their services are TERRIBLE!!! They don't want to take a credit card payment, good luck getting a representative on the phone, and don't expect to get a bill in the mail. I hope this company goes down like the Titanic!!!

There is nothing good about this company. Absolutely terrible, worst I have ever dealt with!!! We now have all of our cell phones with another carrier. They don't even deserve one star... horrible horrible service. They need 0 (zero) because that is what Cricket wireless is a big fat ZERO!!! And that is how much money they get from us now. We were customers for well over 10 years!!

Cricket wireless sucks
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Rating: 1/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Back in January of this year I went to a Cricket store and brought to phones one for me and one for him and let me tell you they were not cheap. In April my son's phone broke and would not charge so I had insurance so he was able to get a new phone and everything was fine I thought. One month later mine broke and I called in and they told me I had no insurance on my line so I said "OK I'll wait." So far that's two phones and remember I just bought these phones in January of 2012.

So this month November the phone I got my son in April is now also broken and I'm really ticked off. That's three phones that don't work and I have not had the phones a year yet. I have decided to call the Bibb on them because they are selling defective phones and want to give us the consumers a hard time if we want replacement phones and it's a little ridiculous and I'm pissed. They are selling people defective phones and I think it's time they have to come up with some money for me or give me a free phone.

As soon as I find a new company I will be leaving this company because they are a rip off. But if you do not pay your bill on time they sure do cut it off and want a payment. I hate calling in because I cannot understand half of what the person on the other end of the line.. They suck and they are a rip off.

Inferior Quality and Inferior Service
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- On June 7, 2012 we purchased a cell phone at a Cricket store. Two weeks later the phone stops working. We take the phone back within the 30 days warranty. Instead of doing straight exchange they charged us for the increase price on the same model, a restocking fee, an activation fee, and warranty. We disagreed with the manager to no avail. She was rude and told us "There is nothing I can do, this is cricket's policy."

We were quite upset, the discussion got heated. She started yelling "you are not respecting me and I'm going to call the police." The reason she threatened us isn't disrespect it's because she didn't like it when we told her, "This store should not be called Cricket, it should be called Crooked and you should have ski mask over your head, because you're the ring leader!" Every company that we have ever done business with makes good on their warranties without charge. Be careful if you deal with Cricket they have an inferior product and poor customer services.

Extremely rude and unhelpful clerk for Cricket wireless
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Rating: 1/51

LAKESIDE, CALIFORNIA -- I wanted to file a complaint about the store clerk (not the owner) who was working at the Cricket Mobilewire Inc, store in Lakeside, CA. This incident happened on Sunday afternoon on March 11, 2012. He was beyond rude!!! After overhearing what the clerk said and how he treated this poor woman who left in tears - I of course decided to not take my business there!

I overheard her asking for help, and he rudely snapped at her "YOU COME BACK EVERYDAY ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS!!!" She replied that she hadn't been in there for several weeks. She then added that some people have problems that do not show up on the outside... to which he replied "WELL YOU BETTER FIX YOUR PROBLEMS!!" She replied that she couldn't fix her problems. She tried to ask him about helping her with a phone she purchased, to which he replied "My job isn't to help, it's to sell phones!!"

He also rudely told her "I can kick you out of here and you can never come back again!!" I was so appalled at his "customer service" treatment of this older handicapped woman, that I could not let this rude worker get by with this type of behavior! Shame on him. He has no right working with the public, not treating a disabled senior citizen that way.

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