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Rude Woman Employee at Self Checkout
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Yesterday I have never been treated so rude by an employee. She went to the extreme and said I was using extra cards to print a $1.00 coupon from the CVS website and then started picking up each of my products and said, "Did you pay for it?" Yes I did! And then accused me of stealing a $1.00 bag of popcorn that I sat down to the side and decided not to buy then she put it in my cart after I said I didn't want it. Then said, "You have a bag of popcorn you didn't pay for."

She was also staring at me hunched up right behind me I couldn't move... Complete Rude Nastiness who needs to be fired ASAP. Nasty CVS Woman, you have a major issue and are a complete Brown Noser!!! Get a life and I hope you will be fired. Never shop at that Cvs across from Farmers Market again.

Learn to Treat Your Customers Better
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Rating: 1/51

BAYSIDE, NEW YORK -- There was a display of detergent at the end of one of the aisles. Above the display was a large sign "buy one get one free." However, there was no price. I inquired as to the amount and was told it was not coming up with the 2nd one free. I asked for the store manager and returned to wait at the display.

Along comes a young man who proceeds to pull the sign down and tear it up. He then informs me the sign should not have been there as it was for next week. He then said too bad as he was the store manager (looked like a 15-year-old). Do you believe the attitude??? I called the main customer relations number and am still waiting for a callback!!! What has happened to good old customer service???

Lack of Kindness and Customer Service Skills
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Rating: 2/51

BLUE SPRINGS, MISSOURI -- 3201 Highway 7 South. Blue Springs, MO 640154 - WORST group of ladies working there EVER! A bunch of bitter HAGS! Especially the 2 blondes to be exact. I think the old blonde lady manager trains everyone how to be a you-know-what to all the customers that use coupons.

The other old blonde lady (the one whose hair represents she still thinks she's living' in the 80's) thinks it's OK to correct my child because my child pushed the Zantac lever on the shelf. WHOOPDIE-DOO lady!! Excuse me... MY CHILD, I'll do the correcting IF I think it's necessary! In this case, it wasn't necessary, and it's your job to re-front the shelf if items get moved, so get off your high horse, mind your own biz, keep your comments to my child to YOURSELF, and re-front the shelf! You are getting paid to do that for cryin' out loud!

So basically, I get treated like crap every time I'm at the register and it's because I use coupons. Seriously. Coupons that your store mails in and gets paid for. Coupons that affect your paycheck IN NO WAY AT ALL. So do your job, ring me up with kindness and a smile, and go cry about it when your shift is over and you go home!! In the meantime, I'll continue to shop there with my pile of coupons, laugh every time at your silly anger towards my coupon use, and ignore your bitter hateful attitudes!

Don't Go!! or Should I Say Don't Go Before Lunch
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Rating: 1/51

SAGINAW, TEXAS -- Feb 14, 2014, woke up not feeling well. Decided to go to the Minute Clinic in 1301 N SAGINAW BLVD Saginaw, TX. Looked up their hours on the website said they go to lunch from 1:00 to 3:00. So I decided to go early. I signed in at 11:30. I sat for 30 minutes before I was told from the NURSE that she could not see me because she would be going to lunch. She was matter of fact about it and did not apologize for my inconvenience. I should have known better.

I went straight to Care Now, which I should have done from the beginning. My expectation was to be help out with my illness not helped out of the building. There must be a better way. If she was not going to able to see me, she should have cut off the sign in sheet and I would have been on my way a half hour earlier and not unhappy.

MinuteClinic-Fast Service and No Appointment Needed
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Rating: 5/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- I recently came down with a bad head cold and upper respiratory infection. Couldn't stop coughing and had flu like symptoms. My regular doctor gets me in pretty quick but I still need an appointment. No guarantee that I will be seen the same day. Decided to give the CVS MinuteClinic a try. This is not available at every CVS but there was one close to me. Check-in was easy. Just fill out your info on a computer screen and you're next in line. Within 5 minutes I was seen by a very competent nurse practitioner who checked all of my vitals. She was able to bring up my complete medical history and forward the exam to my regular doctor.

I was given a script for prescription cough medicine and a decongestant. The pharmacy had it ready in 10 minutes. CVS charges $89.00 for the visit. My copay was $15.00 and the scripts were free with my insurance. Conclusion: If you don't have a serious problem and want to be seen and treated fast seriously consider MinuteClinic. I was given the same high level of service that my doctor provides. With no appointment I was in and out in under 30 minutes with two prescriptions. CVS provided exceptional service.

Customer Service
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BONITA SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- As an employee of CVS I found that customer service to me as a customer was the pits. I treated customers the way I would like to be treated. I treated employees as I would like to be treated. I was treated like garbage by employees, management, and I never received High quality customer service service. I got the little bit they felt like giving. If I had an issue with a product or a cashier ringing me up wrong, I was treated like a liar. When I should have been given the same customer service as a customer would.

Do you accuse customers of stealing every time they do a refund? Do you ignore the customer standing in front of you and pretend they don't exist? Did I treat every employee like they were stealing even though they never seem to buy anything? I shopped at CVS because the discount I received as an employee was really good on a lot of things. I was lucky to get an employee to ring me up. Too busy! I hated shopping there. There was always an error. I ate most of them.

After throwing away a lot of money, I started asking for the error to be fixed. Guess what? Accusations fly then. I as an employee didn't even want to shop there. But my pay didn't make up for the cost of living. I was learning to use coupons. I never did do anything in particular wrong on purpose. But I'm not employed there now. And I do believe all of the employees there are doing things that are wrong. It is hard to keep doing the right thing these days. Sometimes I don't even know myself what it is. When you're working with people overworked underpaid and overstressed and words just keep coming out.

Customers have issues every day. Customers have the same complaints I do. Sometimes I would give a refund the best way I knew how. Later I would learn a new way. No one is trained the same way. Every situation is different. It is impossible to constantly think accurately quickly about every possible solution to every situation.

It is a fast paced environment. I was lucky to get to go to the bathroom before I had to go so bad I couldn't stand it any longer. How many of you are good at thinking clearly quickly accurately all the time when all you can think of is I'm hungry or I got a pee. IN humane treatment of employees. I had 4 managers in a year. None of them were that great. All of them had huge weaknesses.

Did anyone ever talk to me? How many of them talked about me behind my back? Do you think that ever corrected any problem? Do you think yelling at an employee in front of customers is appropriate and helpful? Do you think customers should be able to yell and cuss at you? There are so many wrongs in this workplace I'm not sure what is right anymore. Unfair treatment is all I can say at this moment. It is a sad thing. It is wrong. CVS corporate is not exonerated. The littlest person gets hit the hardest and it usually starts at the top and trickles down.

Does CVS Corporate Offices know and more they CARE...
By -

MORGAN HILL -- Does Corporate know that the required online and phone tests taken be new hires are completed with a manager sitting beside them giving them the answers and rushing them through, not even allow them to READ the training questions? (believe me, I asked "shouldn't I be reading this at least".. "no time" was their answer.) Does Corporate know that new hires are allowed to be trained on the register by other associates and shift managers that are known, only by Store Management, to be misusing coupons and giving false store policies?

Does Corporate know that their new hires, are told to do store "pushes" incorrectly and expected to push 1000 products so fast, and not one of these products ever come off the back shelf and reach the floor? Weeks of this, when no pushes were pushing off the back shelves, then are told to "push" the loads that have just arrived. Doesn't this cause false losses in merchandise? I've witnessed how it causes shelves to go empty, customer to be told items are out of stock (when they're sitting in tubs or shelves in the back), and customers getting upset when the come in for sale items that we don't have (but actually do, in the back, but you're the only one in the store and can't go look for it?)

Does Corporate care when I say that I've been asked by SM to stay off the clock to work and I have yet to be paid for it? Or that management set up an appointment for me to go to another city for my official Pharmacy Training and I made the appointment to find out the teacher was on vacation in Rome; which is understandable but I was never paid for my time and mileage, always being told to "remind" my manager another time.

Does Corporate know that at this store the tags are so bad that everything is priced wrong and that customers are getting upset because of the frequency of it? Why question so many voids and price adjustments and yet put off fixing them because of the hours being cut so much. Does Corporate know that breaks and lunches aren't being given? How can one employee take their 15 minute break when left to close the store with only one other associate who happens to have been hired a day or two before and has no knowledge of register operations?

Does Corporate know their new hires are reprimanded when providing TOO much customer care? Well, I was approached right after helping the customer and the sad thing about this is, that the manager's voice was raised so much that the customer overheard! Because she was halfway down the aisle apparently coming back to me to ask something when this happened and by the time I saw her, she just kindly smiled and turned back to make her way back towards the register. Is this really how CVS Pharmacy wants things run?

How is the CVS reputation entrusted to those that train associates in this way and run store operations in such disregard to the effects of "cutting corners" per lack of time. I can go on and on with everything I went through in the last 4 months of training at CVS Pharmacy. I greatly enjoyed helping our customers and seeing the difference my hard work and dedication to detail was making on the sales floor. I even found time to sneak some of the items I "pushed" onto the sales floor without being reprimanded for using time on that instead of what I was told to do. I found time to do both things and did them well.

I was proud when I started being referred to work at other store locations where the managers and associates seemed to be upholding the CVS Pharmacy's reputation in customer service and care. Everything was organized and employees knew policy and operations procedures and everyone cared and worked together AS IT SHOULD BE. It felt so much easier to give great customer care. At the other stores I never had to take what one person says things were done and go to another higher up and verify that it is the correct way....

I was badly advised in two incidences and I went straight to higher management the next day to verify what I thought couldn't be correct and I was right. I did everything I could, asked every question I could, to learn all I could. Yet at my home store, my dedication, honesty, hard work, and trust in fellow employees and the way they run the store did nothing but get me fired. I was never given a reason why and was refused copies of the papers that I was forced to answer in the way I was told. In tears I signed their papers, in shock and broken hearted at such accusations of theft, they showed no proof.

I have never stolen anything in my life and offered to pay for the two mistakes I had made when told the wrong protocol my the thieving associates...yet it did me no good. My experience with Loss prevention was the most degrading and demoralizing experience in my life. Yet, then is when I finally was told that the actions of those others employees were finally being addressed yet that I was going down with them. I brought everything to the Manager's attention right in the beginning of my employment and yet it came to bite me in the rear.

My Store Manager did nothing for me or the other "good" managers who were the ones I came to and asked if what I was being told was correct, in which it wasn't and they then told me what was correct... I just can't stop wondering if Corporate knows the truth about everything that's been happening at this store because the bad associates that this all revolves around have been there for years so how can new hires be allowed to be trained, advised, and overseen by associates known to be continuously doing inappropriate things! One bad apple should not be able to rot the whole beautiful tree.

The question is now, does Corporate CARE about their employees or their customers enough to take the CORRECT necessary steps to fix this? I'm no longer an employee but I was and I refuse to take the fall for anyone's inability to run a store correctly and arm its new hires with the correct training. I feel that these false accusations are to quickly, and easily, cover up the results of bad store operations by management. Making me really question the validity in the accusations of everyone involved. The customers are suffering as well as those good employees working so hard for a company that will eventually abandon them one way or another.

I hope and pray my words don't fall on deaf ears and things are addressed quickly. After much research I'm finding that my experience isn't the first and if continuously ignored, won't be the last. I know after this, I'm a changed person and won't ever be trusting the good in every situation; now I'm looking out for the bad and making sure standing up against it won't make me a target again. God Bless and good luck to CVS, you'll need it.

By -

I work for CVS, and everyone who has a complaint can shove it. Honestly, don't get in my line and look for your CVS card for 20 minutes. Don't be rude and leave your receipt on my counter. Put your cart/basket back where you found it. Don't yell at me because you're too stupid to read sale signs, for example if your Arizona tea is 3 for 2 dollars and your total is 2.01 ...shut up it's a penny. If there is a line don't give me an attitude while I'm trying to help you.

LEARN HOW TO READ. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE ONE HOUR PHOTO SERVICE AND THE IN SECONDS. Learn our hours, you wouldn't go to the bank when they are about to close now would you? The customer is always wrong. I am not an expert on the products we sell, and if we don't sell what you're looking for no it's not my job to know where they do sell it. If you have to wait at the register for 15 seconds calm down, I do have other things to do besides help your ungrateful **. Don't call and ask when we close, listen to the options on the phone. Learn the pharmacy hours.

No we can't accept expired coupons..duh? Don't ask how I am so that when I said "fine how are you?" then you can go off and complain about your life because guess what? I don't care. DO NOT COME IN WITH MULTIPLE CVS CARDS AND A PILE OF COUPONS, YOU'RE REALLY ANNOYING AND BEING RIPPED OFF BY EXTRA BUCKS. Newsflash: you can pay for your milk back in the pharmacy with your scripts! "I can get this cheaper at so and so" well good then go there, get out of my store. Don't ask if I work here because as you can see my shirt says CVS/pharmacy. NO we don't have a public bathroom, so don't ask.

WE DO NOT SELL BREAD, go to the gas station across the street. My register is not a place to leave all your items as you shop for more. If you notice a price isn't right say something before I give you your receipt and have to do a refund. Before you ask me where the cards are look around and you'll see a HUGE hallmark sign!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't complain that you never save anything with your CVS card, well first of all you need to buy the sale items second.. you don't have to come here or you can throw away your card. I hate that CVS will give anything to their customers to keep them happy. You as the customer are always wrong!

If a customer is nice and polite I have no problem helping them, but the ones who act like this need serious help and don't understand what it's like to work with people like them on a daily basis. So everyone who has a complaint about CVS consider if you had anything to do with the service you received.

By -

Here is the situation... I'm a former employee from CVS pharmacy for the past 6 yrs now... I work in the pharmacy as a technician and this had been my first and only JOB ever, so I been a technician since I was 19 yrs old. I was just reading couple reviews of how CVS has very poor and unexperienced employee who are always very rude and it really bothers me, because I'm a CVS employee and I know I'm not that kind of person, and where I work, we don't run that kind of business because is NOT tolerated.

I believe that many people don't even know what CVS stand for, Consumer, Value, Service and each day I go into work I have to give out there 100 percent of me to make sure I stand by that matter, and not only because I work there, but because I always place myself in the consumer position. What if it was me this sick? How good I would like to be treated. Yea some days are tougher than others but is matter of patience and value. Sometimes I believe customers don't understand pretty much the effort that us as employee work on a daily basis to give them the best service they can experience...

Since I started working as a pharmacy technician my perspective of people had totally change, and not in a good matter. I still can remember how naive I used to be before working there, I was very much a people pleaser and always willing to go the extra mile to help anyone, but not anymore at least not the people who don't deserve it.

It's very sad to have memories of customer who you had help for always yelling at your face, or threatening you with a gun, better yet even making racism comments not even to you but to your co-workers, just because most of the time customer they either forgot the name of their medication and expect us to know it all, or because they forgot to bring in their new insurance and still expect us to know it all. I believe that most of our customer are NOT aware that we are just a PHARMACY, that even going that extra mile to help them, something situations are just out of out hands.

And yelling at us, cursing us out, or even threatening you to do any harm, ain't going to change the matter of the fact. I know that us as employee we need to have that Patience and that Courage and Education to deal with all the odds of as a pharmacy technician, but it's very unpleasant and very immature that even when we are doing our JOB or Helping them out, we should still get treated like trash.

I believe that under my working uniform there's a person, who also, get sick, who also deal with life situations, who also have feeling and emotions like any other person. And sometimes we can also lose our patience over the ignorance of well rounded people (as they call them self) whenever they feel the need to offend us.

As myself, I had learn that there's only much you can do for people, and as long I know that I been doing my JOB fully completed and pleasant people can turn around and said what they want because again I can't live at anyone's expectations. I have a JOB to do daily, and I proudly say that I do it everyday. With open heart and love to give to everyone.

Treat You Like A Criminal
By -

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- I can honestly say that I go to CVS very frequently to print photos of my little girl and our activities that we do during the week. I like the fact that you can go in the store print your pictures in a fast and private matter. Now, on June 5th my five year old daughter and I had gone to the daddy daughter dance and took a photo of the two of us at the dance, and so I asked the photographers asst how many photos will I be receiving they replied just one but you can make as many copies that you want when you get the photo. I said great!

So about a week prior to today I finally received the pic of us two and could not wait to copy it and send it to family and friends. So I go in the store on June 19th after 5pm to make copies of some pics so I can send them off to my family. So I asked for some assistance from a young male employee about increasing the size of a pic that was no bigger than a half dollar, then some manager came over and just interrupted what the employee was showing me, which I thought was extremely rude, to show me what the young man was showing me in the first place.

So we get the picture done and I pull out the daddy daughter dance pic to make a copy of it. So I start going through the steps to make copies and here comes the manager again, starts pressing buttons and lifts up the scanner lid and says "you can't copy this", so I tried to explain it to her that the photo place said it was alright to make a copy of the photo. So she rudely interrupted me and explained it to me like I was a three year old about why I can't copy that photo. OK I get already, no problem, it will not happen again, my mistake.

Now I go in there today about an hour ago with my daughter to develop more pictures. And guess who's working, the same manager. So I go to the Kodak photo printer to make copies of our day to send off to our family and I hear "you need help with that", "no thank you" I said and non discretely I hear the mngr call the cashier over to her and let her know to check my pics b/c I tried developing a pic that they (CVS) are not allowed to do. So I shake my head (like are you for real), so I get my pics developed and put them in my envelope and went to the counter. I let a lady go in front of me, I'm in no rush.

So the mngr opens up a register just to take my purchase herself, and believe me it was not b/c there was a line there was only two of us in line. So I hand her my receipts and she asks me for my envelope to see what was in there, I said "the five pics that I took." "Well, I have to check, its my job." Never in my life have I have seen her or anybody check any envelope ever at that CVS.

I know why, she knows why, and I have never felt so demoralized and made to feel like a common thief that had to have my things searched every time I go in to that particular CVS. What she did was wrong and demeaning to me and I would not be surprised if it does not happen often to other shoppers. So I will be looking into this kind of situation to make sure some action will be taken.

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