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Things Customers Should and Should Not Do (Front Store Tips, Not Instructions!)
Posted by on
I am currently an employee at my local CVS, working in the photolab, as a cashier, stocking, backroom. It's only a part time job, as I am still attending high school, and only use the job as a means of saving for college. (Hopefully Lehigh or RPI!) Even though I only work 2 days a week (the weekends), I've experienced every kind of customer out there; ranging from delightful to dreadful. Whichever customer I receive, I still treat them with respect, tolerance, etc. I greet everyone with a smile, help when I can. These are just some basic tips to help your experience, as well as the people who work at CVS.

Things Customers Should Do To Help: (We are not slaves and should do everything for you, but we certainly will help you.)

-Please form a line in the register you are going to pay at. Please don't form one massive line, and go to whatever cashier is available. You think it speeds things up, but it actually slows everything down. You don't form one line at a grocery store, so why at CVS?

-Please have your CVS card ready. Especially while waiting in a line, if you are not doing anything, just get your card out. It makes the transaction easier and faster. Majority of the time, customers spend 2 minutes scrambling for their card. Take the time while you are waiting to avoid this problem.

-Please double check your sale items. Read the print, it is there. Do not assume, just as you wish people working at CVS to not assume things. Take the extra second to make sure it is the one on sale. It reduces the hassle of holding up a line, while the cashier attempts to find the supposed sale sign, and price. While it is our duty to make it easier for you to shop, MISTAKES HAPPEN. Always double check your items.

-Please greet the cashier/pharmacist with a smile if they greet you with one. It instantly makes the transaction feel much better. A smile makes a difference. Just as customers do not want to see grumpy faces and attitudes, neither do we.

-Please ask for help when you need it. Do not assume someone will magically walk up to you and help. We try our best to help with everyone, and we are very busy sometimes. If you ask us politely, with patience and kindness, someone will help you. Also understand that we may not be able to help right away all the time. And, if the cashier does not respond, do not yell, but simply speak it louder. It is sometimes hard to hear customers.

-Please keep an eye on your transaction. If a sale price does not appear, you can at least catch it, and the cashier will know which item you are talking about. It is hard for us to figure out what you're trying to say when the transaction is 30 items in.

What customers should not do:

-Please do not throw your keys to the cashier and assume they will find your card for you. It makes us feel inferior, and it is somewhat rude. Just politely ask the cashier if they could look for it.

-Please do not throw your full shopping baskets at us. We will gladly take out the items for you, but if you can help take it out, do not simply leave it on the counter while you simply stand there.

-Please do not run to the photolab, while they are working on photos, and ask the question, "Can you take this here?" 2 things wrong with that. You are not above any other customer; you have to wait in line just like everyone else. Also, we will call out and help when we can. We will call the next customer, but do not come to us if we are busy. We are photo, not cashiers.

-Please do not yell at us if your coupons do not scan, or if items ring up wrong. Everything goes through the computer system. It is not our choice to make your 10 coupons on one item invalid, or to make your $6.79 item $6.99.

-Please do not tap the counter, cough obnoxiously, or jiggle the keys, when a cashier does not see or hear you. It makes you seem impatient, and it is not polite at all. Just say, "Hello there! May I check out?" Or something along those lines. Sometimes, we honestly are focused on work that we do not hear a customer.

-Please do not throw your change on the counter, and expect us to count your money out. It is YOUR money. You are responsible for counting your own change.

Well, that's all I can really put together at this point. It is basically the general stuff that always goes wrong at any CVS. Sometimes people are so kind, and they just receive a bad cashier, and I'm sorry for those people. But if you are rude to a cashier, it will just turn the transaction bad. Say everything with a smile if possible. These are small and simple things that make such a big difference. I too am a customer. I understand how people working at places like super markets, shops, etc., feel. I always say to the cashiers, "Hello! How are you doing?" with a big smile, and I always say "Have a great day/night." It makes them feel better, and requires almost no effort on my part.

Basically, treat people the way you wish to be treated. I'm sure you don't like people shoving things in your face, giving you an attitude, and expecting you to do their work for them. Well, neither do we. We are all humans here, so can we all just act like one?

*Edit* To people who think I'm giving instructions, believe me, that's the last thing I want to do! Of course it doesn't take instructions to follow to shop anywhere. I don't want to discourage anyone from shopping anywhere, whether it be CVS or any other retail store. All I'm trying to get out there, is that, we, being the associates and the customers, as a whole, need to treat each other on a human being level, rather than this whole retail attitude. Yes, I know my job depends on customers like you, but in no way shape or form does that allow for me to be treated poorly, and vice versa. I couldn't care less what happens to the corporation. I'm not an advocate for CVS, and just because I work there doesn't mean I'll defend its name, or anything like that. If I could, I would change everything about it. But at the end of the day, when a customer decides to throw their things at me and give me a hard time, to only walk out and throw a fit in front of everyone when I've tried my hardest, it hurts me, a human, the most; not CVS, the corporation.

My simple saying: Drop this retail attitude. Let's treat each other on a person to person level; how people should be treated. Sorry to those who are mistreated as a customer, or a worker.

I understand some people have some bad days as well. In fact, I was once checking out this woman. I greeted her, scanned her card that she threw at me. Adjusted her sale price items after she had yelled at me. They weren't big things to me, although she seemed to throw quite an attitude. At the end of the transaction, I could see her day wasn't going so well. I said to her as I always say with every customer, "Have a nice day!" She walked away in a puff. A minute later, she came back, and apologized for being so mean, telling me she had just been having a bad day, and that she was merely venting. She thanked me for being so sincere! Glad I brightened her day a bit. It just goes to show where kindness will lead to. :)
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/30/2008:
Thank you for a great post. Most customers are decent people. It's those few who feel the world is their servant and the other few who have a chip on their shoulder that make it difficult.
yoke on 06/30/2008:
Great post.
BobJohn on 06/30/2008:
Well written.
Anonymous on 06/30/2008:
Thanks for a well-written and appropriate post. I know the poster is probably not one of the many cashiers who simply dumps a customer's change into the customer's hand without counting it back. VH
Anonymous on 06/30/2008:
Great post! The only thing I do not agree with is lining up for the cashiers. The CVS by my house has all of the cashiers lined up at one counter. Although it is not posted they get really huffy and snap at the customers to form one line only if you walk up to a cashier who looks available. While customers should treat employees with respect, if the cashiers are not in separate checkstands, then post how you want us to line up, or simply ask us nicely.
Anonymous on 06/30/2008:
Great post dude. I work as an undertaker (so my clients don't give me nonsense), so my hat goes off to people who deal with the living. I'd agree most customers are good people, but you get a few bad ones that stick in your mind. Some of them just believe the rules shouldn't apply to them because they think they're better than everyone else. Don't worry about them fella, those are the ones who get cremated because nobody wants to come see them anyway.
darkshadow1227 on 06/30/2008:
To John, I completely see what you're saying. At the CVS I work at, there is not much room for one long line. However, once a long line starts, other people have to follow this long line, because if they walk up to a register, they are cutting the people in that one long line. All I say is, the people who are waiting first, just fill into a register! I've seen so many people stare at lightbulbs while they were waiting in the middle of isle 7, because of one long line!
Ponie on 06/30/2008:
Great post! If you continue with this attitude, you'll do well in life. To the customers who think the world revolves around them: Ya gets what ya gives.
cherpep on 07/01/2008:
Good post. I have a suggestion for cashiers:

Please do not have a long conversation with a customer while there are others waiting in line. All I want to do is pay for the batteries, but the only cashier available is busy chatting away with the customer in front of me. I'm in a hurry, the concert is about to start, but I have to stand here and listen to the cashier discuss the headache she had yesterday and how she can't get her kitchen floor to be shiny. Please be considerate of those waiting.
voiceoff on 07/08/2008:
Banks do have one long line and it goes faster per studies conducted
Cobbler on 07/08/2008:
I've never been to the CVS store near here. If it takes instructions to be a customer there, I don't think I'll be going there any time soon.
PKVol on 07/08/2008:
I appreciate the comments, but one think the writer seems to be forgetting is that the customer is the reason he / she has a job. It used to be called 'Customer Service', but the writer seems to be pushing for 'Cashier Service'. All things being equal, I'll shop at the place that makes me feel welcome and appreciative of my spending my hard-earned money at that establishment.
Anonymous on 07/08/2008:
Very well thought out and written post from a high school student - we could all learn a thing or two from you, darkhorse, I didn't really learn "customer" manners until I began working on the "customer service" side and experienced first hand how downright rude customers can be.
Azurehvns on 07/08/2008:
I agree w/the last two posts. I do agree w/being courteous, respectful, etc... but, I'm not going to follow a bunch of rules/expectations to shop somewhere. I've had my fill with; cashiers having a conversation w/another employee & barely akcnowledging you, if at all, other than to take your money, of course - taking a phone call in the midst of checking out my items and stopping to assist them (Hello! I just drove all the way over here, spent my time gathering items, and now I have to wait while you assist them?) - with a store employee walking around or talking w/another employee and when I ask for help am told you're on break (yeah? well go the breakroom if you don't want to be interrupted) - with it not being anyone's fault the register doesn't ring up my sale price, even at the stores (CVS & Walgreens) where I know this happens more often than not, it's a pain in the ass to have to be diligent and moniter the cashier when I'm trying to take items out of my basket so you can keep ringing them up in order to be quicker and not hold up the line, then hold up the line if/when there is a mistake OR catch it afterwards and have to STAND IN LINE again and then wait for Mangagement. You KNOW there's problems w/your register system, if Management can't get it corrected, then perhaps you should be better acquainted with your sales items. There's stores that are ya know, even down to checking their sales ads theirselves to make sure you get that sale & giving you the coupon price if you don't have one. And, also, there are stores that look out for Customers that may need assistance (like looking lost or staring down an aisle) or that need to check out. I prefer the old meaning of Customer Service, not the seemingly new meaning where the Customer Serves himself...
TL-Houston on 07/09/2008:
I started out in the retail industry in the late 1980s but moved on to the business world. Things in retail are definitely different than when I worked in it. When I was a cashier and customer service associate, I felt happy to help people. Now it's a real treat when a salesperson goes out of their way to help. There isn't much customer service out there. Returns and exchanges are becoming increasingly difficult and bothersome. Other customers can sometimes be rude (like the photo example in the writeup). Whether we're talking about CVS or any store, it would be nice if people -- both shoppers and associates -- could start respecting each other a little more.
Ponie on 07/09/2008:
TL, probably when you were in retail, the customers were not the type like the many complainers we have now. You know the kind--I want what I want when I want it. Also, the world revolves around me, etc. You very often hear 'if it weren't for me coming into the store, you wouldn't have a job.' Well, it works in reverse, too. If it weren't for the employees, we'd be in the dark ages where there wouldn't be very many stores at which to buy. It's really a two-way steeet.
TL-Houston on 07/10/2008:
(My 2nd comment on this) The suggestions for shopping at CVS are helpful and well-written. I applaud the writer for working there to work towards their goals. I thought about this again and still have trouble with the 1st suggestion about forming lines in front of the cashier. The CVS stores we've been in are set up with cashiers behind a single long counter. This resembles the setup found in post offices and bank lobbies. And we all know what happens when you DON'T wait for the next available teller or next available postal cashier. CVS should redesign their counter/cashier stations if they intend for us to form lines by registers, as suggested.

Ponie - I realize that. But do we all realize how much easier we have it as consumers and workers than what was in the dark ages? or settlement days? It's like the more 'civilized' we get, the less 'civil' we act.
darkshadow1227 on 07/14/2008:
Just would like to say thank you for everyone who has posted a comment, even to those who are unhappy with the service. I'm glad that everything that has been posted has been well written, and appropriate for the review. I'm sorry for everyone out there who has had a bad cashier. If you had me as one, you would be one happy customer :) . Let's hope that everyone can change and understand where we are all coming from, as a customer and a worker.
b@nkerdude on 07/15/2008:
I work in banking and I must say that this was very well written for a high school student. Although some may disagree with some or all of the statements made, you have to admit, it was presented well. I agree with most people that it is our job as the employee to provide customer service and begin the transaction on a "good foot". I can also see your side of view. I deal with customers who walk up to a teller window and immediately being treating them with disrespect and acting like the teller caused the problem..this makes it hard for the teller to respond is the most pleasant of tones. This said, I always teach my staff to respond with respect and courtesy, and to be mindful of what it is like to have something go wrong when YOU are the customer. The majority of people we deal with are wonderful, but I can admit there is the occasional customer who treats you so badly you want to hide when they walk in the door. And admittedly, sometimes I am in line at a store and I get aggravated at the customer in front of me for not doing some of the mentioned things (checking your coupons, being ready, etc). Oh well, it will never be a perfect world. Just keep your head up. :-)
JasonJD on 08/10/2008:
I don't understand why anyone would criticize the OP, the article is presented very politely and the suggestions are reasonable, there have been a few employee rants on this site but this isn't one of them.

All of the items listed are good advice not just for the cashier but for the customer, after all, I've seen other customers flip out when a customer cuts the line by going over to photo, it is rude, just like if another register opens, its the next person in line, not whoever runs fastest.

This poster is just reminding customers that the staff are human too, if it is a problem for people to treat the staff with some respect, and not be rude to the staff AND OTHER CUSTOMERS than that speaks volumes about society today. I know I don't walk into anyone's work, retail or otherwise and act rudely, and I admonish friends and family who behave like that.

My only disagreement is about separate lines, we prefer one line at the primary cashier, and will take the next customer in line one at a time from that line (either at photo when available or the backup cashiers)
Sharks11 on 09/30/2008:
To the people responding getting huffy puffy about these being "instructions" to shop at CVS. If you would read the title of the article, these are TIPS not instructions. He is giving great tips for how to make a customers experience at CVS the best possible. You are still entitled to be your ignorant and selfish selves as you please.
twolynns on 12/15/2008:
As a retail cashier I see everything that goes on including how the "busy photo lab" tends to not be busy until a cashier line is forming. No, I don't work at CVS but I shop there often enough to have seen that a few times.

Never believe it is beneath you to count a customer's change. Where's the harm in that? Some people are on medications that result in shaking. Maybe customers don't want to go crawling after their change and just feel it is safer to hand it to you. Would it really hurt you to help them out?

Like most others, our local CVS stores (lots of them in this area) all encourage the one line. If a register opens we all know the next person in the line will go to him/her and there is no rush from someone at the back of the line to be first. That is why most cashiers who have just opened say "I will take the next in line!". It's common courtesy.

What about the older people who can't write a check? Do you have a problem with that? You didn't mention it so I am led to believe that hasn't happened to you yet. Do it with a smile when it does. Sometimes they just don't know how and to save themselves the embarrassment of admitting that they will slap the checkbook on the counter without saying a word. I have never seen a cashier who would look at the checkbook blankly and not get the hint that this person needed some help.

You work 16 hours a week. I work 40 hours a week. We see the same things but I also see the high school kids who just want to come in but not have to earn that paycheck. I know you are not one of them but I also know you work with a few of them. That gets frustrating as hell for those of us trying to make an honest living as a cashier. Countless times I've gotten dirty looks from the high school kids when I've actually had to ask one of them to work by opening a line. The customers couldn't care less what Annie is wearing to the party or who Joanie is currently kissing. A smile is crucial on a cashier but don't expect one in return if you had to be told to open your line while a customer waited for you to have your little social hour. That doesn't happen.

In other words, overlook the little nuisances' from customers and co-workers. Don't be demanding and treat them like a child because they didn't get their card out or asked you to count their change. Look at it like this...people are just different. Do what they want with a smile and wave as they go out the door. I like the little quirks myself. Most customers think it's funny when they have to stop me from signing their check. I always catch myself but I just laugh when they see me going for that line. It just goes to show, they are paying attention.
darkshadow1227 on 01/29/2009:
Twolynns, I totally understand what you mean by the "busy photolab!" I work in the photolab, and let me tell you, I don't pretend to be busy. I am considered a main cashier even though I work photo. Though I do chuckle when I see that happen at some other CVS's.

As far as counting customer's change, if they are old or I can tell they're having problems, of course I would help them! Those aren't the customer's I am talking about. I am not ignorant to the needs of those who are incapable of counting the correct change, let's say the older folks or those who do not understand English so well. In fact, I help them out even more, because I think of what my parents went through! As far as writing a check goes, I have not experienced that myself. Though I would be happy to write one for anyone who seems incapable of doing so!

I too get annoyed at many of my co-workers who seem so unhelpful to some of our customers. Many say I'm mature for my age, perhaps because I was brought up to be very respectful and hardworking. I'm not quite sure. But you're right about many high schooler's not working hard for their earnings. I believe we are just on a different mindset, whether I work 16 hours or 40 hours. A job is a job to me, not matter how little or large the hours I work. I believe a job should be treated the same regardless of the hours of work put in. It should serve as no excuse or leverage in any circumstance.

Overall, when I speak of not getting the card out, or counting change, I do not mean for it to be applied towards those clearly incapable of doing so, such as the older folks as mentioned. However, if you are simply standing there, and you're clearly capable, I find it hard to not expect for the card to be out and change counted. I have no problem doing either for any person as along as they are kind to me. Throwing keys and change at me can get very frustrating.

Overall, like I said, I'll always be just as helpful to rude customers as I am to any other customer. Life happens, I suppose!
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Does CVS Corporate Offices know and more they CARE...
Posted by on
MORGAN HILL -- Does Coporate know that the required online and phone tests taken be new hires are completed with a manager sitting beside them giving them the answers and rushing them through, not even allow them to READ the training questions?(believe me, I asked"shouldn't I be reading this at least".."no time" was their answer) Does Corporate know that new hires are allowed to be trained on the register by other associates and shift managers that are known, only by Store Management, to be misusing coupons and giving false store policies? Does Corporate know that their new hires, are told to do store "pushes" incorrectly and expected to push 1000 products so fast, and not one of these products ever come off the back shelf and reach the floor? Weeks of this, when no pushes were pushing off the back shelves, then are told to "push" the loads that have just arrived. Doesn't this cause false losses in merchandise? I've witnessed how it causes shelves to go empty, customer to be told items are out of stock(when there sitting in tubs or shelves in the back), and customers getting upset when the come in for sale items that we don't have (but actually do, in the back, but your the only one in the store and can't go look for it?) Does Corporate care when I say that I've been asked by SM to stay off the clock to work and I have yet to be paid for it? Or that management set up an appointment for me to go to another city for my official Pharmacy Training and I made the appointment to find out the teacher was on vacation in Rome; which is understandable but I was never paid for my time and miliage, always being told to "remind" my manager another time. Does Corporate know that at this store the tags are so bad that everything is priced wrong and that customers are getting upset because of the frequency of it. Why question so many voids and price adjustments and yet put off fixing them because of the hours being cut so much. Does Corporate know that breaks and lunches aren't being given? How can one employee take their 15 minute break when left to close the store with only one other associate who happens to have been hired a day or two before and has no knowledge of register operations? Does Corporate know their new hires are reprimanded when providing TOO much customer care? Well, I was approached right after helping the customer and the sad thing about this is, that the managers voice was raised so much that the customer overheard! Because she was halfway down the aisle apparently coming back to me to ask something when this happened and by the time I saw her, she juse kindly smiled and turned back to make her way back towards the register. Is this really how CVS Pharmacy wants things run? How is the CVS reputation entrusted to those that train associates in this way and run store operations in such disregard to the effects of "cutting corners" per lack of time. I can go on and on with everything I went through in the last 4 months of training at CVS Pharmacy. I greatly enjoyed helping our customers and seeing the difference my hard work and dedication to detail was making on the sales floor. I even found time to sneak some of the items I "pushed" onto the sales floor without being reprimanded for using time on that instead of what I was told to do. I found time to do both things and did them well. I was proud when I started being referred to work at other store locations where the managers and associates seemed to be upholding the CVS Pharmacys reputation in customer service and care. Everything was organized and employees knew policy and operations procedures and everyone cared and worked together AS IT SHOULD BE. It felt so much easier to give great customer care. At the other stores I never had to take what one person says things were done and go to another higher up and verify that it is the correct way....I was badly advised in two incidences and I went straight to higher management the next day to verify what I thought couldn't be correct and I was right. I did everything I could, asked every question I could, to learn all I could. Yet at my home store, my dedication, honesty, hard work, and trust in fellow employees and the way they run the store did nothing but get me fired. I was never given a reason why and was refused copies of the papers that I was forced to answer in the way I was told. In tears I signed their papers, in shock and broken hearted at such accusations of theft, they showed no proof. I have never stolen anything in my life and offered to pay for the two mistakes I had made when told the wrong protical my the theiving associates...yet it did me no good. My experience with Loss prevention was the most degrading and demoralizing experience in my life. Yet, then is when I finally was told that the actions of those others employees were finally being addressed yet that I was going down with them. I brought everything to the Managers attention right in the beginning of my employment and yet it came to bite me in the rear, my Store Manager did nothing for me or the other "good" managers who were the ones I came to and asked if what I was being told was correct, in which it wasn't and they then told me what was correct... I just can't stop wondering if Corporate knows the truth about everything that's been happening at this store because the bad associates that this all revolves around have been there for years so how can new hires be allowed to be trained, advised, and overseen by associates known to be continuously doing inappropriate things! One bad apple should not be able to rot the whole beautiful tree. The question is now, does Corporate CARE about their employees or their customers enough to take the CORRECT necessary steps to fix this? I'm no longer an employee but I was and I refuse to take the fall for anyone's inability to run a store correctly and arm its new hires with the correct training. I feel that these false accusations are to quickly, and easily, cover up the results of bad store operations by management. Making me really question the validity in the accusations of everyone involved. The customers are suffering as well as those good employees working so hard for a company that will eventually abandon them one way or another. I hope and pray my words don't fall on deaf ears and things are addressed quickly. After much research I'm finding that my experience isn't the first and if continuously ignored, won't be the last. I know after this, I'm a changed person and won't ever be trusting the good in every situation; now I'm looking out for the bad and making sure standing up against it won't make me a target again. God Bless and good luck to CVS, you'll need it.
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User Replies:
Upsetandletdown on 10/16/2010:
I was falsely accused of theft as well and am seeking legal aid so as to not let it happen to anyone else. My advice to all employees is not to use coupons at all, because even using them correctly won't help you when loss provention wants to find something, they will-even if there is nothing to find...I assure you they will. And $2 of wrongly used coupons will turn into $1,000 on THEFT and embezzlement charges!
jktshff1 on 10/16/2010:
Is that what this is all about?
Anonymous on 10/16/2010:
Jktshff1, that's what it looks like.
cvshater on 10/17/2010:
SkyeBlue28 on 12/22/2010:
Oh my! It sounds like your store is/was HORRIBLE!!! I worked for a CVS and I wasn't really trained. I listened to a cd and answered some questions. I also did some practice on a register and then began working. I worked the overnight shift and it was rough. Our shift manager worked us like we were in the military. Shelves had to be faced PERFECTLY. Breaks HAD to be taken at all times. Even if it meant customers would have to wait longer and would possibly leave. All corporate policies were followed to a "T".

I hated it. Generally, our customers were happy. It was just the employees that wanted to poke their eyeballs out.

Having a job in this economy is awesome, but never sacrifice your personal morals/standards for any company. CVS sucks for employees, but I am sure there are locations that treat their employees a little better.
leofighter on 12/29/2010:
“Does Corporate know that the required online and phone tests taken be new hires are completed with a manager…” (well first off you worked for the company how long? Second yes the dumb company knows that, and guess what they don’t care that is why you were fired because they wanted to cut payroll.)

“Does Corporate know that new hires are allowed to be trained on the register by other associates and shift managers that are known, only by Store Management…”(Again yes they know also how the heck are they supposed to learn how to use the register by punching in imaginary buttons in the air? Also did it ever occur to you that the manager knew that they were sealing but they have to find proof to fire them??)

“I've witnessed how it causes shelves to go empty, customer to be told items are out of stock(when there sitting in tubs or shelves in the back), and customers getting upset when the come in for sale items that we don't have…” (OK let me get this straight you knew the items were in the back but yet as an employee you did not help stock them?? So who is to blame for that??)

“Does Corporate care when I say that I've been asked by SM to stay off the clock to work and I have yet to be paid for it?” (SO first off here why did you not report it the company only has half a dozen posters saying whom to call if there is a problem? Second did it ever occur to you that the company has these posters to avoid state and federal fines when the whistle blower act is used?? Especially in the Sate of CA!)

“Does Corporate know that breaks and lunches aren't being given? How can one employee take their 15 minute break when left to close the store with only one other associate who happens to have been hired a day or two before and has no knowledge of register operations?...” (Oops you just gave your self away you are well were considered a shift supervisor of the company and store. It is your responsibility of part of the management team to look at the schedule for such an oversight and yes, if you had taken the time to learn in general about living working in CA you would have know of proper legal requirements of working. When it comes to general law and not company policy it is your job/legal requirement as a citizen of the state and country USA to know and understand the laws of any state you visit and or live. Also just FYI in the company manual/handbook you signed and is on record with the company all former Longs Drugs stores are entitled to a 10 not 15 minuet break. Again here you fall in the loop hole of you were a manager a that is paid hourly and are entitled to a break you could have locked the doors for your break. The company and DM and all the kings horses and men would not be able to write you up or take action against your legal entitlement to your break. However because you did not think as a manager or shift supervisor you waived your rights to your break.)

“I greatly enjoyed helping our customers and seeing the difference my hard work and dedication to detail…” (Please I have seen the store as a shift how the heck can you say you did hard work and paid attention to detail, really this has to be some kind of joke?)
“....I was badly advised in two incidences and I went straight to higher management the next day…” (Please you went to Dina number 1, stupid district manager! She is so bad that she couldn't care less what you saw and or heard she does not give a dam trust me.)

“My experience with Loss prevention was the most degrading and demoralizing” (You failed to mention that it was a new loss prevention manager that busted you. Also Lisa is not a former longs employee like Randy that somehow managed to disappear off the face of the earth like the company reports say. Lisa is a damn good LP supervisor and if she smells something fishy she hunts it down.)

“I just can't stop wondering if Corporate knows the truth about everything that's been happening at this store because the bad associates that this all revolves around have been there for years so how can new hires…” Yet again please cooperate knows they don’t give a damn. Your manager tried to do the best possible that she could do for you.)

“…s Corporate CARE about their employees or their customers enough to take the CORRECT necessary steps to fix this?” (Yes they don’t care as long as there pockets are full. They bought out longs a good company to its employees and customers in most cases and want to get rid of all them and higher half brains at minimum wage. DID YOU KNOW THAT NEW ASST. MANAGERS make only $16.95 or less??? They don’t care about you and your good inflated longs salary.)

“God Bless and good luck to CVS, you'll need it.” (What the hell is this you want to compliment or wish good upon the company that kicked you in the ass! Please join me and a lot of Californians and say you know what CVS Caremark bight my ass and get the hell out of our state! Wish gods blessings on all those who don’t have a job and who are working unhappily for such crappie cooperation’s as CVS Caremark! )
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CVS Customers
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- My complaint is about all of you customers complaining here. I have read as many reviews as I could stand at the moment, but please. I know all CVS stores are not perfect, but please don't base your opinion of CVS and its employees as a whole on one bad experience you've had at a single CVS store.

Believe me though, you customers can be just as bad to use as (and other customers in our stores) as our employees can be to you.

Let's make a list of all the tings I can remember people complaining about...

First Case:
The DAY after a power outage caused us to close our store at 10AM because our heat wasn't working, ALMOST EVERY CUSTOMER complained that we didn't have our sales signs up and that they had no idea what the prices were and where sales items are. After being extremely polite to EACH AND EVERY ONE, explaining the situation to each of them, and letting them know we were trying our hardest to fix the problem, most of them told us we should do our jobs better. Excuuuse me?

Second Case: Customers who talk on their cellphones while being rung out. What the hell are you thinking? We are human beings and deserve your respect. Our jobs require us to talk to you in order to see if you have a CVS card, or if you are going to attempt to pay for gift cards with a check (which you cannot do), or if you would like a bag. So if you are on your phone and we interrupt you to ask that sort of useful question, DO NOT yell at us. It is our job. And when we don't, and you get charged full price for a sale item because you couldn't take the time to get your card for us after we've asked you multiple times, too bad. If you bring your receipt right back in and GET IN LINE, we will be happy to fix it for you. Don't expect just because you were in the store and rung out first that you can skip ahead of all the other customers so we can fix the mistake.

If we ask you if you want a bag, or if you want a larger bag for larger purchases, don't answer with "Oh, if you have one!" If we didn't have the freakin' bags, we wouldn't have asked you if you wanted one! What are we going to do, ask you if you want one, and when you say yes go "Oh sorry, we don't have any!"

If we ask you for ID when you buy cigarettes or medicine, humor us. We're supposed to ask anyone who looks under 27 years old. If we ask and you don't have it, we can't sell the product to you. It's that simple. There is no way around it, so don't try to get us to let you buy it anyway.

Just because someone up in the front of the store is not wearing the white lab jacket doesn't mean they know nothing about photo. Most CVS employees (at least at my store) know enough to do the basics for digital orders, and EVERYONE knows how to put a photo order in the system and run the film.

If you see us all the time at CVS working, but we have no personal relationship at all, DO NOT ask us questions when we are in off hours. At lunch, go ahead, because we will be in uniform. But if it is our day off, LEAVE US ALONE! We don't make you take your work home with you, don't make us take ours.

If we answer the phone, guess what? WE'RE OPEN!

If we tell you we are open till midnight, don't say "Oh, that must suck!" because guess what, it does, and we don't need you to remind us.

If you knock something off the shelves, but the freakin' thing back. You are right there, our shelves are low enough so anyone can reach, so just put it back.

If we are helping another customer, don't interrupt. Wait until we have finished helping that customer, or go find another least two are scheduled at a time!

DON'T toss money at us. This seems to be mainly older men, but for god's sake, we are people! Handing us the money will get you out faster than tossing it at the counter so it bounces, or throwing it at us. Do we throw your change at you? (not at MY store we don't)

Unless we are in danger of physical harm, don't touch us! Some people are uncomfortable with that, and also we might take it as a form of physical harassment. So just don't do it OK? Just pretend we are all contagious and you don't want to get sick...'mkay?

If we tell you that beyond the shadow of a doubt an item is not there, don't make us look for it unless you ask how we know. Most times a customer has just asked us and they had us call every store in the area to see if anyone was carrying it still (case in point: The Ove-Glove)

If you need help finding an item, ask an employee that is not busy helping someone else. One thing that annoys me to no end is seeing a customer wander the store for an hour, going through every aisle 4 times before asking. That makes us (OK, me at least) feel as if there is some reason you don't want to talk to me, and its a big confidence drainer.

If you come in to CVS a lot, get to know the cashiers! We generally get along with people, and tend to be a bit more helpful to friendly people who get to know us. Believe it or not, WE LIKE YOU! So talk to us, OK?

We (at my store) try our best to help you all.
So if you would, keep these things in mind next time you go into ANY store, not just CVS.
Thanks guys, hope to see you in my store soon!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/26/2008:
To put it mildly I do not care for your post. While I am totally against customers taking advantage of good intentioned employees of a retail business, it is your job and if you do not care for the way customers treat you find a different line of work.

My first issue with your post is number fourteen: If you see a customer wandering down an aisle four times it is not their job to find someone to help them. It is your job, that you are paid to due to ask that customer if they need assistance. IF you are busy, find that customer when you are done helping the first customer.

My next issue is with eleven and twelve: You don't want to be touched..fine. Maybe we don't want to touch you. If we place the money on the counter or in your hand without touching you we are not tossing it at you.

My next issue is number seven: Guess what! If you answer the phone no you are not always open. Most retail businesses have an alarm company and if you don't set the alarm at the designated time the alarm company calls and asks you to confirm the safety of the employees and to ask for your alarm code. OR do you let the phone ring and have the alarm company send out the police to check on the store.

Next is number five: If your lab photo techs are identified wearing a white lab coat then maybe if you are not wearing one you should offer information to the customer so they know your knowledge about the photo processing process..or wear the lab coat! Problem solved!

Next is number three: You are asking customers if they want a bag so CVS can spare the cost if a customer does not want one. If you don't want to hear our answer, put my item in a bag and save yourself the trouble of asking.

I worked in retail for a very long time. Customers are the lifeline of the business. Granted there are some real jerks but the complaints you have posted here are part of the every day realities of retail. If you do not like it, get out and move on.
Anonymous on 12/26/2008:
LMAO @ #8! and a few others...

Thanks for the post. It was entertaining!

I'd like to come in and talk. Maybe we could talk about a chance of me touching you. lol!
Anonymous on 12/26/2008:
LOL! No fondling the employees C20! Stop it!
Anonymous on 12/26/2008:
It's CVS for C2O! Trolling for take out! lmao!
Anonymous on 12/26/2008:
Hey most CVS's have drive through windows! That will put take out trolling to an all new level! :) haaaaaaahahahaha
Anonymous on 12/26/2008:
Yeah, but it's too hard to touch at the drive through. lol!
Anonymous on 12/26/2008:
Well, C2O? Are you an older man? If so you can pull a number eleven and throw money at her and see if it bounces. LOL!
Anonymous on 12/26/2008:
LOL! I don't know what her definition of 'older' is, but I bet I'm old enough.
I've thrown money at women before!! lmao!
Anonymous on 12/26/2008:
Yah but you got a lap dance in return. Oh wait! That could be a business generating marketing tool for CVS. If they can put Starbucks in Target, I can put a Hooters in CVS. WOOHOO!
jktshff1 on 12/26/2008:
I don't think I want to join the CVS Country Club...too many rules.
madconsumer on 12/26/2008:
great review. you make very valid points!!

very helpful.
Starlord on 12/26/2008:
We used to go to CVS when we lived in Arizona, butnow, in Washington, the closest CVS is 200 miles from us, we have Rite-Aid here. I can identify with the post, as I have seen every one of the items mentioned at one time or another. I miss our CVS in Casa Grande, they had a good staff.
Principissa on 12/26/2008:
Do you also whip us when we step out of our single file lines?

Sounds like you need to find a new job. Good gracious I'd hate to be a customer where you work. Too many rules.
Anonymous on 12/26/2008:
Right on, Princi! I've found after being in retail for what seemed like 100 years, if you are nice to the customer even if they are in a pissy mood to start, they will turn it around. Keep in mind many of these customers are ill and do not feel well or they have ill children. They may have no one to go to the pharmacy for them so they have no choice but to go. All they want is someone to show a little compassion and kindness. Maybe if the OP practiced this little bit of good nature instead of walking around with a chip on their shoulder, his/her customers would have responded the same way.
yoke on 12/27/2008:
Alley, I agree with you to an extent. The CVS near us has so much crap in the aisle's that it is impossible to get down an aisle without knocking something off the center things. At first I will pick up things, but after a while I give up. It is like playing dodge ball with the cart and not missing something in the aisle.
mtm6042 on 03/06/2009:
OMG I love this post as a CVS employee every thing this person mentioned is a big problem especially when people complain about how dirty the store is when they themselves mess it up. On top of this these are not rules its just proper, polite, manners.
Anonymous on 09/07/2009:
Cvs, did you read the TOS before posting that garbage? I think not.
Anonymous on 09/07/2009:
LOL Ms. M. People like that are not worth worrying about. If Cvs is an employee of the store it explains why he/she gets the treatment they get from the customers.

Cvs cannot come up with constructive comments about my objections to the initial complaint which means that what I have said struck a nerve and they know what I have posted is true. My point has been made and has validity.
BokiBean on 09/07/2009:
Actually John, it brought my attention TO your post, which was just fantastic. I had missed it before, so CVS' bark served a good purpose. ;)
Anonymous on 09/07/2009:
tnchuck100 on 09/07/2009:
If you will notice this CVS character joined almost a year ago. Has posted nothing until today. And is resurrecting old posts. I think this person has probably been drinking and thinks he/she is texting on a cell phone.
Anonymous on 09/07/2009:
I only drunk text Ms. M. (she understands my quirks). Funny thing is I don't have her cell number. >:-)
Anonymous on 09/07/2009:
John, I'm psychic, so I still got them.

So now I want to know if you got my replies.
Anonymous on 09/07/2009:
Yes! We're connected! I got them. You give pretty good advice if I understood it when I am drunk. :)
Anonymous on 09/07/2009:
Well I was drunk when I sent them, so if you think it was good advice that's awesome!
Anonymous on 09/07/2009:
Do two drunk people = a sober? :)
Anonymous on 09/07/2009:
Works for me.
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This is why it may take longer than 2 seconds to get in and out
Posted by on
I don't work in pharmacy, but I see many complaints about the pharmacy and first off just want to say that every store is different. Some stores are busier than others. This was posted by someone in a group of mine...

..."Why does it take so long to fill a prescription?"

You come to the counter. I am on the phone with a some dude who wants the phone number to the grocery store next door. After I instruct him on the virtues of 411, you tell me your doctor was to phone in your prescription to me. Your doctor hasn't, and you're unwilling to wait until he does. Being in a generous mood, I call your doctors office and am put on hold for 5 minutes, then informed that your prescription was phoned in to my competitor on the other side of town. Phoning the competitor, I am immediately put on hold for 5 minutes before speaking to a clerk, who puts me back on hold to wait for the pharmacist. Your prescription is then transferred to me, and now I have to get the 2
phone calls that have been put on hold while this was being done. Now I return to the counter to ask if we've ever filled prescriptions for you before. For some reason, you think that "for you" means "for your cousin" and you answer my question with a "yes", whereupon I go the computer and see you are not on file.

The phone rings.

You have left to do something very important, such as browse through the monster truck magazines, and do not hear the three PA announcements requesting that you return to the pharmacy. You return eventually, expecting to pick up the finished prescription.....

The phone rings.

......only to find out that I need to ask your address, phone number, date of birth, if you have any allergies and insurance coverage. You tell me you're allergic to codeine. Since the prescription is for Vicodin I ask you what exactly codeine did to you when you took it.

You say it made your stomach hurt and I roll my eyes and write down "no known allergies" You tell me......

The phone rings. have insurance and spend the next 5 minutes looking for your card. You give up and expect me to be able to file your claim anyway.
I call my competitor and am immediately put on hold. Upon reaching a human, I ask them what insurance they have on file for you. I get the
information and file your claim, which is rejected because you changed jobs 6 months ago.
A jerk barges his way to the counter to ask
where the bread is.

The phone rings.

I inform you that the insurance the other pharmacy has on file for you
isn't working. You produce a card in under 10 seconds that you seemed
to be unable to find before. What you were really doing was hoping
your old insurance would still work because it had a lower copay. Your
new card prominently displays the logo of Nebraska Blue Cross, and
although Nebraska Blue cross does in fact handle millions of
prescription claims every day, for the group you belong to, the claim
should go to a company called Caremark, whose logo is nowhere on the

The phone rings.

A lady comes to the counter wanting to know why the cherry flavored
antacid works better than the lemon cream flavored antacid. What
probably happened is that she had a milder case of heartburn when she
took the cherry flavored brand, as they both use the exact same
ingredient in the same strength. She will not be satisfied though
until I confirm her belief that the cherry flavored brand is the
superior product. I file your claim with Caremark, who rejects it
because you had a 30 day supply of Vicodin filled 15 days ago at
another pharmacy. You swear to me on your mother's'....

The phone rings. that you did not have a Vicodin prescription filled
recently. I call Caremark and am immediately placed on hold. The most
beautiful woman on the planet walks buy and notices not a thing. She
has never talked to a pharmacist and never will. Upon reaching a human
at Caremark, I am informed that the Vicodin prescription was indeed
filled at another of my competitors. When I tell you this, you say you
got hydrocodone there, not Vicodin. Another little part of me dies.

The phone rings.

It turns out that a few days after your doctor wrote your last
prescription, he told you to take it more frequently, meaning that
what Caremark thought was a 30-day supply is indeed a 15 day supply
with the new instructions. I call your doctor's office to confirm this
and am immediately placed on hold. I call Caremark to get an override
and am immediately placed on hold. My laser printer has a paper jam.
It's time for my tech to go to lunch. Caremark issues the override and
your claim goes though. Your insurance saves you 85 cents off the
regular price of the prescription.

The phone rings.

At the cash register you sign....

The phone rings.

......the acknowledgement that you received a copy of my HIPPA policy
and that I offered the required OBRA counseling for new prescriptions.
You remark that you're glad that your last pharmacist told you you
shouldn't take over the counter Tylenol along with the Vicodin, and
that the acetaminophen you're taking instead seems to be working
pretty well. I break the news to you that Tylenol is simply a brand
name for acetaminophen and you don't believe me. You fumble around for
2 minutes looking for your checkbook and spend another 2 minutes
making out a check for four dollars and sixty seven cents. You ask why
the tablets look different than those you got at the other pharmacy. I
explain that they are from a different manufacturer. Tomorrow you'll
be back to tell me they don't work as well.

Now imagine this wasn't you at all, but the person who dropped off
their prescription three people ahead of you, and you'll start to have
an idea why.....your prescription takes so long to fill.
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User Replies:
moneybags on 01/11/2008:
Excellent Post.
Anonymous on 01/11/2008:
I don't doubt you for one second, Babybear62005.
Anonymous on 01/12/2008:
I LOVE this post! I worked in the pharmacy for 12 years and this post is absolutely true! I am in the pharmacy biz still, but I am thankful I am no longer on the retail side!
jktshff1 on 01/12/2008:
This was great.
Principissa on 01/12/2008:
Amen sister! Just another example of self entitled customers who think that you are a mind reader. I was behind someone like that yesterday while I was picking up a refill. The lady was flipping out because her doctor hadn't called it into the pharmacy, the poor clerk looked like she was going to cry!
GothicSmurf on 01/12/2008:
Excellent post!
yoke on 01/12/2008:
Great Post!
old fart on 01/12/2008:
Funny stuff and absolutely true...
DebtorBasher on 01/12/2008:
Great Post...I always call ahead for a refill...they tell me it will be ready in 30 minutes...I go to pick them up in 60, just to be sure. If it is a new prescription...I drop it off, ask about how long it will be ready and go look around the store while I wait. I have any insurance cards in hand with ID when I go to the counter. OR if a doctor is supposed to call a prescription in, I will call ahead of time to find out they did call it in and when it would be ready before I go there...Yes, I'm the person on the phone, but I'm NOT asking for the store hours of the fruit market three blocks away...LOL...great post!
sarahnkrystal on 01/12/2008:
Great post (VH)
Ponie on 01/12/2008:
Although I'm not too fond of the other departments at CVS, I've always received prompt service from their pharmacies. Except when this past Wednesday X-rays revealed three fractured ribs--I wanted my Tylenol 3 NOW! :)

Good post.
jktshff1 on 01/12/2008:
need more than tylenol!!!
Anonymous on 01/12/2008:
Great, great post. We use the online or phone order system. If there is a problem you know right then.
jktshff1 on 01/12/2008:
meant than......
Anonymous on 01/12/2008:
Good post
horrible_sanity on 01/15/2008:
very helpful and entertaining post I try never to assume how a job I've never done works I try to be as understanding as possible when I drop of a prescription I ask how long I come back when they say its almost always ready if not in like 3 minuets. I think this post could be turned into a bit I don't doubt for a second this is how it goes but still the phone rings is just classic. I apreciate the hard work you and other pharmacists put forth. and I always try and ask the doctor giving me the rx anyquestions I have so I don't have to bother you with silly questions. and what kind of person doesent know how to read ingrediants I mean come on tylonal says what it is right on it some people are stupid. in conclusion I feel your pain and I'm sorry you have to deal with idiots
ELH on 02/08/2008:
I know what you are going through, I work for CVS for a short time, not only in the pharmacy, but also in the photo lab! That's nothing, try having a questionably educated pharmacist working there, who literally takes his dear old sweet Jesus time! He seemed so incompetent, he didn't know what he was doing and he waouldn't get stuff done, just sorta hang out, spaced out, what ever. And we were BUSY I thought I was going to cry, I'm trying to catch up on unfiled prescriptions, at least 60, teaching new hires how to use a register and unjam the photo equipment, and all of the fumbling, questioning, and screaming was directed at me, because our pharmacist is out frolicking through the daises!!!! I exaggerated a little, but it was quite an unbearable time, especially in the photo lab, because few others knew how to use the equipment. I would always come into work with a large stack of film and orders waiting for me, and I had to finish all the work in 4-5 hours, and wait on A LOT of customers! The fun times of working at CVS for less than the minimum wage!
KoolHandStu on 02/09/2008:
My wife was ready to be discharged from the hospital following surgery, however, I had to fill a prescription for pain medication before I took her home. CVS Pharmacy in Olean, New York, took my insurance information, verified it and filled the prescription in about 5 minutes. Oh yes, the person taking my prescription order had a phone call as well during the process. Way to go CVS in Olean, you evidently are the very best. A sincere thankful atta boy!
PleasedAsPunch on 02/16/2008:
...Which is exactly why the government thinks we need them so badly "because we (the 'general public') don't make the correct choices for ourselves"... and unfortunately this seemingly true situation (and I have seen almost the same senario, verbatim) proves them absolutely right. It's sad that some people think they can manipulate the "system" and get away with it as often as they do, eh? People are the most amusing, infuriating and mystifying creatures on the planet. Humans make the world go 'round, right?
babybear62005 on 02/17/2008:
I so completely agreee with you pleasedaspunch. I say that all the time "people are amusing...but not in a good way". youve just got to sit there sometimes and shake your head and laugh at it sometimes. its amazing the stupidity that comes from a lot of people
JasonJD on 02/21/2008:
"Great Post...I always call ahead for a refill...they tell me it will be ready in 30 minutes...I go to pick them up in 60, just to be sure. If it is a new prescription...I drop it off, ask about how long it will be ready and go look around the store while I wait. I have any insurance cards in hand with ID when I go to the counter. OR if a doctor is supposed to call a prescription in, I will call ahead of time to find out they did call it in and when it would be ready before I go there...Yes, I'm the person on the phone, but I'm NOT asking for the store hours of the fruit market three blocks away...LOL...great post! "

Oh my god, you take personal responsibility for YOUR medication, what a concept! If only more customers did that.
meder on 02/22/2008:
Loved the post. How true it is. I have my scripts filled at the Randalls in Pearland,Tx. fantastic pharmacists...but even I know if they say 30 minutes, give them an hour, because some the phone rings constantly and they have to fight with insurance companies,medicare, drs. office. And plus they are making sure it nots interracting with any other drugs I may be taking.
rwong410 on 05/21/2008:
Most accurate pharmacy post I've read so far!
Anonymous on 05/22/2008:
The most outstanding post I've read in a long time!
JasonJD on 08/10/2008:
Completely accurate portrayal of a retail pharmacy
CPhT on 08/22/2008:
The sad thing about this post is that it is all true! Now I want the people that say we are rude to read this
Sharks11 on 09/30/2008:
right on!
Evelyn.A on 01/05/2009:
You know, it makes you wonder...

The phone rings.

...what kind of people exist in this world that...

The phone rings.

...You would need to make such a post as this. Now I know what my co-workers...

The phone rings.

...behind the pharmacy have to go through. :/ Great post!
Linda on 07/26/2013:
CVS or Walgreens or any other pharmacies are NOT fast food restaurants like McDonalds. Give the pharmacists a break and come prepared. Be patient. They are filling your scripts......medicines that are important to your health.
Tiger B. on 08/01/2013:
Get Real! I have a very busy job, therefore I respect people's time. I always have my doctor call in a prescription an hour before I need to pick it up. Numerous times CVS Pharmacists have dropped the ball! And they always have an attitude about it. Considering the average pharmacist was making $113,000 in 2011, you would think they have a little more compassion for the "sick" working man/woman anxious to get back to work. I understand pharmacists deal with many people on a daily basis. Congratulations, so does 70% of the working world! When a doctor calls in a Rx in plenty of time, your work is done! Fill it and move on to the next one!
Re on 09/29/2013:
I, too work at a retail giant and this is EXACTLY what we go through on a daily basis x 500...sadly enough there are so many people that don't understand what we go through..and yes..pharmacist do make ALL that money but reality is..this is NOT a pharmacist usually dealing with the's usually the technician that makes $10/hr if they're lucky..and are the ones written up by their superior if a customer complaint is received..they expect technicians to do multiple work stations..answer phone calls..ring customers up..all in 20 second windows with NO man power..TOTAL B.S.!!!!!
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CVS stole my money!
Posted by on
KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS -- To make a long story short I paid cash for a prescription that needed an authorization and before I even handed the pharmacist the script I wanted to make sure I would get all my money back (minus a $75 copay) when the authorization went through and she said "Oh yes, that won't be any problem at all as long as you keep all of your receipts". (cost of the medication was $603.24) About 2 - 2 1/2 weeks later I called CVS and they said they finally got the authorization so I was able to come back in and get my money back. I go there with ALL the receipts that I needed and out of all that money I got $103! CVS said I would have to get the rest of the money back from my insurance company. Insurance company said they paid CVS their FULL amount for the prescription so I needed to go back in and get my money back from CVS. Went back and forth with insurance and CVS. This happened on FEB 11th, it's now almost June. Still no money refunded back from CVS. CVS tells them that they refunded me ALL of my money. That is a lie!! I have proof. And I have my own opinions on why that was said but I have no proof on that so I will not say it. Insurance representative apologized up and down and said she gets this quite a lot and she suggested to contact CVS Corporate. Sad thing is that the Pharmacy Mngr. at that time (which she was just promoted 2 days before all of this happened) is NOW the Supervisor over the local CVS Pharmacy mngrs. in my town! She is the person at corporate that you have to bring your case to and she decides whether or not to spit in your face and call you a liar or give you ALL of your money that you should have coming to you! I will never go back to CVS! If there is anyone out there that had a similar problem that could give me any useful suggestions on getting this matter resolved it would be greatly appreciated...... Thanks
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User Replies:
goduke on 05/28/2010:
The Area Pharmacy Supv is not the corporate person who handles it. Customer Relations and Third Party Billing handle it. Call CVS at 800-SHOP-CVS. Use option 3 on the menu.
goduke on 05/28/2010:
Oh, and you actually can get the difference back from your insurance company by filing a paper claim, if you decide you'd rather go that route.
yoke on 05/28/2010:
What did your EOB say as to the amount that the insurance company paid CVS? Have you tried filing a claim with your insurance company to get the refund?
skelly39 on 05/28/2010:
Why didn't CVS just bill your insurance company in the first place and have you pay the copay when you came in to pick it up when it was authorized? I'm just wondering why they made you pay up front if they knew you had insurance and billed it.
goduke on 05/28/2010:
I think, skelly, that the issue was that when the OP went to purchase it the first time, the prior authorization wasn't available at the OP's insurance company, so that when CVS tried to adjudicate the claim, it rejected and required the OP to pay cash. Most retail pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, etc.) have no idea what the plan structure is, and can only see the pricing under the plan once it adjudicates. They don't know for a fact that a prior auth is going to be approved until the time at which it is in the claims system at the insurance company.
skelly39 on 05/28/2010:
Oh. Duh. I guess I shouldn't make assumptions that the OP was going to pick up the meds 2.5 weeks later...geez. I get it now. Thanks, goduke. You're better than a cup of coffee!
Anonymous on 05/28/2010:
Why isn't your insurance company helping you out with this? If they paid CVS in full, they should be able to provide documentation showing the refund needs to come from CVS. And...don't you also get a statement from your insurance company showing exactly what was covered?
This seems to me like it's more of a complaint against your insurance company than CVS.
momsey on 05/28/2010:
I had a similar issue with Walgreens. However, my amount wasn't as large and I never followed up on it. Still annoys me, though! I got the same runaround as the OP.
goduke on 05/28/2010:
To the defense of the Walgreens and CVS store staffs, they can only see what the system tells them about the insurance plan. They can't see the insurance plan. When the reverse the claim and then reprocess it, they are told how much the insured should be paying and how much the refund is. If there's something wrong with the way the claim is adjudicating, it's almost always on the end of the insurance company.

For the insurance to then say "we paid CVS/Walgreens/Bob's Drugstore so you have to deal with them" is pretty bogus, as insurance companies can easily reverse the claim that was paid out and simply adjust it on the next check cut.

Sounds like neither party in this case is taking ownership of the issue, as they both could probably fix it. I'd still call Customer Relations.
CVSucks on 06/01/2010:
Thank you guys for your helpful advice and your opinions but CVS told my insurance company that I had been paid back every cent minus the copay which is NOT true. At that time CVS gave me a fraction of the money and told me I had to get the rest from my insurance company which the insurance company had already paid CVS. The insurance company could refund the money to me BUT like I said CVS told them I had already been paid. My biggest thing is that I don't know how I can go about showing them proof that I haven't been paid when the pharmacy's comp is showing that I was. I'm going to submit a claim to my union rep at work and call the number that goduke posted. Thanks again guys
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Cashier Lacked Manners.
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
ENDICOTT ST, DANVERS, MA, MASSACHUSETTS -- I am writing to express how offended I was by the behavior of an employee at the CVS store on Endicott Street in Danvers, MA.

During a hot dog day of August, I went to this store in order to make a return.

A supervisor assisted me with the return issue (no receipt, so only get back half the price that is the products present on sale price - OK - fair enough.) The supervisor left while I mulled over whether to return my purchase or to keep it. I opted to keep it.

I was also returning another product so I went over to the one and only other cashier who was open. She performed the store credit. No big deal I figured. I had a lot on my mind other than CVS and just wished to make a quick transaction and leave. I had laid my purse and a nearly empty bottle of cola ( I had been sipping it in my car and had carried it into the store with me), on the counter. When the transaction was completed, I picked up my belongings off the counter and started to leave but was snidely, rudely, disrespectfully, sarcastically and insinuatingly asked by this cashier, " DID you pick that up from HERE!?" referring to my nearly empty bottle of cola. I said to her that IF I had picked it up from the store, I would have have certainly let her know and paid for it. Then she proceeded to shrug, " Well I don't know, SOME people come in here and open our bottles and start drinking". I informed her that she was out of line, inappropriate and making assumptions and judgments and extrapolating other people's behaviors to me. She then proceeded to loudly proclaim without any real remorse or concern ,"I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

The point is this:

Behavior of this sort is a systemic problem with the CVS stores in this area and is not appreciated . We don't live in the days of different water fountains. CVS ought to train its employees so that they never forget this.

I am also amazed that this cashier was in her tone, demeanor and general attitude able to address me in this blaming, superior attitude, with a sense of impunity - an attitude that points to a CVS system wide support of such behavior.

Insulting any member of our community, in my case a mature individual with the implication of thievery is beyond reprehensible.

Then to add insult to injury the store manager, a female on responding to my complaint sided with this cashier, and made little of the utter disrespect and rudeness meted out to me, citing " This is one of our best cashiers." As if, that makes any difference to a customer; why should I care if this woman is a good cashier or not? I am only concerned with behavior directed at me, personally. This store manager also implied that it was perfectly fine for this cashier to ask me the question, since, "people do open bottles and drink from them." This fallacious observation was offered to me, instead of the recognition that asking such a question with such a disparaging attitude is far from good customer service; its indeed BAD customer service.

I went into this store (I normally do not shop here) to make a simple return, instead left the store upset and wasted hours of my time wondering, "what the heck" was that all about.

Sure, employees of CVS are not "slaves" but neither are customers. What ever happened to civility and manners and "the customer is always right?" What ever happened to CVS employees addressing customers by their last names?

Wouldn't it have been nicer if this cashier had asked me the question in a trusting sort of manner, with the right tone of voice, without racist undertones? A simple, "Ms. X, would you like me to ring that up for you?" instead of " DID you PICK that up from HERE?

Manners count.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 08/25/2013:
I see it all the time no matter what store I am in. people get things off the shelves, open and consume the items while continuing to shop. this could have been handled better by everyone involved.
Nohandle on 08/25/2013:
Yes, this could have been handled better on both ends. The lady was rude to you but the next time you find yourself in a store simply ask if you can bring in your drink. I've never been refused yet and there has never been a misunderstanding. Mine has always been a bottled water from home and many places don't have a water cooler anymore.
yoke on 08/25/2013:
There is an older cashier at the CVS by me who makes rude remarks to my 21 year old son. She calls him a hoodlund. He is far from one, but because he has a tatoo she thinks he is. We spend a lot of money in that store and I do not appreciate the rude remarks. A few weeks ago when I was sick my son walked to the store to get me my medication. He spent $85 on the medication at the pharmacy. On the way out he decided to get a water and got into line to pay for it. The cashier made her usual comment to him. He admits he got a little loud and asked her to please stop calling him that. The manager overheard him and asked what the problem was. He told him and the manager told the cashier this is your last warning. I guess he is not her only person she makes rude comments to. I called and spoke to the manager, one to make sure my son was not to rude and was informed he was not and two to let the manager know if it happens again we will take our business elsewhere. We spend a lot of money on meds there each month. So far she has not said a word to him.
FoDaddy19 on 08/25/2013:
I think a simple " No, I brought this soda in with me" would've sufficed.
RV on 08/25/2013:
" No, I brought this soda in with me" would've sufficed.

Yes,I agree that it would have, however, and only if her comment had been just simply that, It was not. It carried racist undertones, eye expression, and utter disrespect for a person who could be her grandmother. Unless you have continually experienced this sort of attitude, you cannot know. This racist attitude was clear and apparent because just moments earlier she had been cooing over the many "coupons" and "discounts" printing out on a long receipt for another woman (of the "other" race), while chatting amicably with her as she, the customer went back and forth from the register to the isles to shop. The contrast in the cashier's attitude and behavior towards the two customers was apparent and undeniably biased.

Yet, over and above my personal experience, consumers in general need to retort when retail personnel are rude. How dare they? Who gives them the right to point a finger at an innocent customer? Why don't their superiors train them effectively?

But, then again, something so simple as not offending people points to a lack of manners and consideration for the feelings of others.
RV on 08/25/2013:
If stores don't want customers to carry bags or medical supplies (I carry allergy medications, oxygen, bottled water in my bag at all times and use them - does this mean I need to ask the store manager or cashiers if its OK for me to bring my medications into the store with me, as I might be using them - many of them being those that the store carries?)

they (the store) should have signs posted at the entrance and elsewhere.

Spare everyone the BS.
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Committing Fraud & Getting Away With It!!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GILBERT, ARIZONA -- On 10/4/12 I went to my nearest Minute Clinic in Gilbert, Az and I paid my $10 convinience care Co-pay.

I just received a bill for $15 from Minute Clinic on 11/04/12 stating that my insurance stated I owe a $25 co-pay not a $10 copay.

Well my insurance card shows that convinience care co-pays are $10, on 10/4/12 before I went to the Minute Clinic I called my insurance company and was told that my co-pay would be $10 and when I got to the Minute Clinic the NP confirmed that my co-pay is $10 for conviniece care and that is what I paid.

When I called my insurance this morning (11/05/12)I was told that CVS had incorrectly coded their claim as an office visit not as a convinience care visit and that is what triggered the $25 co-pay instead of the $10 convinience co-pay. I was told I needed to contact Minute Clinic and ask them to re-bill using the correct code.

I called Minute Clinic customer service and got to Melissa. I explained to her the situation and Melissa was very rude and very unprofessional telling me that they bill as office visits not as convinence visits and she didn't care how that affected my co-pay and that I could have my insurance call them if they wanted to and hung up. I cannot believe at the rudeness of their employee and at the deceptive business practice of CVS/Minute Clinic.

I then re-called my insurance company and they called Minute Clinic and to try to sort this put and Minute Clinic told her they would "look into it".

If you know that different codes trigger different co-pays then obviously Minute Clinic/CVS are out to deceive it's patients and fraud insurance companies into paying more if you they knowingly upcode a visit as an office visit to get paid more.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 11/05/2012:
medical billing is often mis-coded. there was no fraud committed.
Bingo Little. on 11/05/2012:
Yes, billing accidents do happen. But so does fraud. I'd bet most people just pay it so they don't have to deal with the nastiness.
CowboyFan on 11/06/2012:
Sounds like a good review to show the need to ask exactly what one is purchasing when one goes to any health care provider. Unless the insurance company cars specifically lists Minute Clinic as a "convenience care center" then it seems reasonable for Minute Clinic to charge it as a office visit depending on what was done.
certifiedbillercoder on 11/28/2012:
Unfortunately this wasn't a billing accident. I am a certified biller and coder and know exactly what happened.

When they billed they billed under code 11 which of an Office location (which is used for doctor offices) when they should have billed under code 17 for a walk in retail clinic, which is what CVS and Walgreen locations are.

Unfortunately this is fraud as the reviewer said they are upcoding their bill as these codes to trigger different payment fees.

I called Minute Clinic and my my suspision was confirmed. Their practice is to bill as service code location 11 and not 17 and they said it's up to the insurance to catch it and reclassify it.

But we all know that doctors and insurances work together and like in this incident it is the poor consumer that takes the hit. Doctors and insurances don't care who they screw as long as they are getting paid.
Jeannie on 07/19/2013:
Hmmm.. I've gone before with no problems just last week brought two kids and received bill 40 each kid when my copay is 20 each kid.. I WAS going to pay it- now ill look into it and "beware"
Cruzerooni on 10/26/2013:
Very rude providers. Only interested in crunching numbers. You get the same antibiotic for any illness, whether you really need it or not, and you're not told that some pharmacies will provide the same antibiotic for free ( they want you to fill them at the CVS, of course).
Kat Concern on 12/31/2013:
So I received a notice from minute clinic's collection agency that I owed minute clinic the cost of my vaccination. I have proof that my insurance paid for the vaccination and when I called minute clinic they informed me that they never received payment. I contact my insurance company that said they sent payment and sent me a copy of the claims detail. This is fraudulent billing practices. As a Note most minute clinics are run by Nurse Practitioners and NOT physicians! Physicians don't even have to be onsite per the new government law (they have to be within 100 miles of NP) so the claim, "Doctors and insurances don't care who they screw as long as they are getting paid." is in correct it is the Nurse Practitioners who are doing it.
Beentakentoo on 03/12/2014:
I was billed 25.00 co pay , I paid it over the phone , then next mo got a transmittal collection bill saying minute clinic gave them my information saying I didn't pay! And I did ! I have my information to prove it ! I called was on hold for 1 hr , same time used the house phone called and was still put on hold ! Not sure what they get out of screwing with people's insurance and the co pay billing !! But taken people's money
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How I Love Those Coupon People....
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Rating: 1/51
So I'm in line at my local CVS about to pay for my Mountain Dew. As luck would have it, I get behind a member of my second least desirable class of consumer....The Coupon Queen (my least desirable is the thief).

Anyway, onto the story. Woman (call her Queen C) walks up to the counter with 52 sticks (yes...52) of some deodorant that was on sale for $1.99. Well it turns out Queen C also had 26 replicates of a manufacturer's coupon to buy one, get one free. The coupons carried a max value of $3.99. So the cashier finishes ringing and charges the customer 50 some dollars, which sounded about right since she was actually paying for only 26 of the sticks of deodorant at $1.99 apiece. Well this didn't sit right with Queen C who felt that since the coupon carried a max value of $3.99, that should have been the amount credited to her, which would have made the entire purchase free. The cashier (who was super polite), explains that since the items were being sold at $1.99 each, that each coupon could only be worth the retail price of the item and thus she still had to buy the first 26 sticks in order to get the second 26 sticks free. So after several minutes of useless arguing and holding up the line, Queen asks to speak to the manager. Much to my chagrin, the manager decides to give Queen the max value of all her coupons, and 52 sticks of deodorant at no charge to her.

Now I realize coupons are a part of the retail game and keeping customers happy is obviously the goal. But retailers really, really need to take a stand and come up with ways to put limits on what these people can do. This lady didn't spend a penny in that store, and now all the good customers who want to take advantage of that sale won't be able to because one customer wanted to be greedy and abuse the manufacturer. Anyone else out there wish all coupons that exist on Earth would be invalidated?
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User Replies:
ktisnumeroUNO on 02/02/2012:
I'M TOTALLY WITH YOU!! I thought I was the only one out there that was totally disgusted with extreme couponing. Saving money is great and sometimes people need to save that money to get by. But when people walk into an establishment with then intent to wipe out a product and spend nothing for it, that irks me in a very special way. And being that I work for a retailer that utilizes a ton of their own coupons, I've seen first hand how people get if they have to follow restrictions.
Venice09 on 02/02/2012:
The cashier was right, and the manager was wrong. I'm shocked that he or she gave in so easily. Stores have the right to enforce their own coupon policies even if that means losing a customer. Some customers, such as coupon abusers, are not worth keeping.

It's important to know that not all coupon users are queens. Extreme couponers ruin it for the average coupon user.
GenuineNerd on 02/02/2012:
Couponing, while it saves people lots of money, especially in this economy, can get to be aggravating if someone hands a cashier a whole purse full of coupons, holding up the line while the cashier rings up each one. And if the customer complains to the cashier that the discount did not show up on that $2 off coupon for "Brand X Widgets". In extreme cases, I have read stories about people who go into a supermarket and buy over $200 worth of groceries for under $20, thanks to sales, coupons, and double coupons. Several years back, tried offering discounts on groceries. I went online and picked out several items to buy at a certain price. I printed the voucher and presented it to the cashier at a supermarket I frequent-I ended up holding the line up for almost 1/2 hour while the cashier and the manager tried to figure out how the Priceline grocery discounts worked. Priceline also offered discounts on gasoline briefly, via pre-purchasing fuel at a certain price per gallon, and putting it on a Priceline-issued Voyager fleet card. However, grocery and gasoline discounts caused a lot of losses for Priceline (as well as a lot of aggravation for customers trying to take advantage of the programs), so Priceline discontinued grocery and gasoline discounts several months later.
Anna Molly on 02/02/2012:
The cashier was not right. The customer is always right. This is what customer service is all about. I am not exactly sure how CVS operates, but if the "coupon queen" customer complained to corporate, chances are good that the store is "fined". In the end, all customers are worth keeping.
Venice09 on 02/02/2012:
"The cashier (who was super polite), explains that since the items were being sold at $1.99 each, that each coupon could only be worth the retail price of the item and thus she still had to buy the first 26 sticks in order to get the second 26 sticks free."

That information is correct. That's how it works.

If stores give in to all the customer demands, we're going to find ourselves with fewer and fewer shopping choices as businesses start closing their doors. Consumers aren't the only ones hurting. Businesses are struggling, too. I believe the customer in this review is not worth keeping. It hurts everyone.
Nohandle on 02/02/2012:
And some wonder why when they go in a store for an advertised special the shelves are bare? Who on earth has use for 52 sticks of deodorant? Perhaps they enjoy donating to a local group. I wonder if they in turn request a donation slip at retail price for their personal tax purposes?

I've always tried to be considerate of others, especially those in line behind me. Many who enjoy using coupons to the absolute extreme are not regular shoppers at the establishment. Saying *no* won't damage the business at all. Obviously the reason being the customer is there for one reason only. Getting something for nothing or near nothing.

At some time all of this will stop. Enjoy yourselves while you can even though you have no consideration for anyone else.
Anonymous on 02/02/2012:
There's no reason to complain about the savvy consumer who knows how to capitalize by using coupons. If there is a problem with the coupon process in this case, it lies with the store, not the consumer.

People are always complaining about the naive consumer who walks into all kinds of issues because they don't pay attention to policies or balance their checkbooks or save their receipts or research a product/company first.

Now people are complaining about the consumer who pays attention to what they are buying and working the process to save every single penny they can get - and making sure they get it.

I guess what it all boils down to is people complain about anyone who slows them down, regardless.
Venice09 on 02/02/2012:
"Many who enjoy using coupons to the absolute extreme are not regular shoppers at the establishment. Saying *no* won't damage the business at all."

That has been my observation, too. I have never seen an extreme couponer in any of the stores in my area. I think they go from store to store or wherever they think they can get away with it. They are not usually a regular customer.
Jody on 02/02/2012:
Really? who needs 26 sticks of deodorant? that's ridiculous. Extreme couponing is just another word for hoarding and it seems wasteful.

The cashier WAS right and was going by the rules stated on the coupon,as far as I'm concerned the manager was spineless and should have backed up the cashier, not only did he go against the rules on the coupon but he made the cashier look like a fool for following company policy. I just hope the cashier does not get in trouble for what the manager did, but having been in retail it's likely the poor cashier will get blamed and the manager will keep ignoring company policy.
ontario_girl on 02/02/2012:
I watched an episode of the show "Extreme Couponing" or whatever it's called. A teenage boy was featured for his second time on the show. He proudly displayed his "stock" which included food, toiletries and feminine hygiene products. "I'm not sure about those ones," he said, pointing to the latter. "It says they have wings and I don't know what that is but they were free so who cares?"
This got my back up in a huge way. First off, extreme couponing is exactly like a form of hoarding. Yes, we would all love to walk out of the store with $1000 worth of merchandise and only have paid $40 for it but when you're carting out 150 boxes of pasta and 900 tubes of toothpaste, aren't you just wasting money to begin with? And what happens when someone who doesn't carry around a load of coupons (namely me) enters the store to buy a tube of toothpaste and is out of luck because someone happened to come by with 900 coupons for free toothpaste, which they will never use but wanted desperately because they were free?!
Yeah, just a little annoyed at that.
Anonymous on 02/02/2012:
A lot of "extreme couponers" get all that stuff to support food pantries, send to troops, etc.

At the end of the day, though, the store allows it to happen - they set the rules - so don't blame the people playing by those rules.
trmn8r on 02/02/2012:
"Anyone else out there wish all coupons that exist on Earth would be invalidated?"

I think this is a bit extreme, but if I got stuck behind someone with multiple sticks, I might change my mind.
Anonymous on 02/02/2012:
What if someone bought 50 tubes of toothpaste and paid cash for them (using no coupons)? Does that make a difference?

I know I hunt around for a checkout line that has people who don't have too much stuff in their carts. But I certainly don't care at all how they pay for their stuff.
yoke on 02/02/2012:
I am surprised that CVS does not have a limit as to how many sale items one can buy at a time. Now CVS will now have to give out rainchecks to all those who came into the store to buy the item.
Casetby on 02/02/2012:
What state was this? Didn't she have to pay tax? Here you use a coupon you have to pay tax even if it is free item.
Dynamo011 on 02/02/2012:
Well sir, it bothers me because people that do that impact other shoppers. How many of that store's good customers are going to walk out of the store empty handed because one person felt the need to be excessively greedy?

LUVPUG on 02/02/2012:
I agree with most of the other posters...the minimum wage cashier was CORRECT..the overpaid manager was WRONG. The coupon stated UP TO $3.99. Without seeing the actual coupon, I'm sure there is a statement such as "The value of the coupon cannot exceed the price of the item". The customer is not always right when attempting to commit fraud.
raven2010 on 02/02/2012:
A lot of extreme couponers focus on personal care items.

They then donate then items to womens shelters, homeless shelters, churches etc.

I don't have an issue with it.
Venice09 on 02/02/2012:
Raven, even if the intentions are good, it's still fraud. And it's not fair to other customers who might have made a special trip to the store for the sale items. And then the store loses money by giving out rain checks. That's why stores impose limits.

Aside from that, it's hard to believe CVS had 52 sticks of the same deodorant on the shelf. I have never seen that many of the same item in any store. I also don't understand why the amount of the sale item wasn't limited, which is within the store's rights. If she insisted on buying 52 items using coupons stating ""The value of the coupon cannot exceed the price of the item", then she should have been charged full retail price. Corporate should fine this store for going against store policy and coupon requirements.
GenuineNerd on 02/03/2012:
I have seen flea market vendors selling grocery, cleaning, drug, and health/beauty items as well, often for much less than what the stores sell the same items for. I could buy a stick of deodorant for $2 at a flea market, while that same stick would sell for $3.49 at CVS, for example. I wonder if it's extreme couponers buying such items, only to profit from them by reselling them at the flea market. (I had heard that some flea market grocery/drug items were shoplifted as well.) While other flea market grocery and drug items have expired or near-expired sell-by dates.

As for CVS carrying 52 sticks of a certain brand of deodorant, perhaps the deodorant came in several different scents, and they probably carried a dozen or so of each scent, thus allowing the purchaser to get 52 of them.
Anna Molly on 02/03/2012:
GenuineNerd, interesting take. You aren't the only one who suspects the flea market angle.

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Customer Service
Posted by on
BONITA SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- As a employee of CVS I found that customer service to me as a customer was the pits. I treated customers the way I would like to be treated. I treated employees as I would like to be treated. I was treated like garbage by employees, management, and I never received High quality customer service service. I got the little bit they felt like giving. If I had an issue with a product or a cashier ringing me up wrong, I was treated like a liar. When I should have been given the same customer service as a customer would.
Do you accuse customers of stealing every time they do a refund? Do you ignore the customer standing in front of you and pretend they don't exist? Did I treat every employee like they were stealing even though they never seem to buy anything?
I shopped at CVS because the discount I received as a employee was really good on a lot of things. I was lucky to get a employee to ring me up. Too busy! I hated shopping there. There was always a error. I ate most of them. After throwing away a lot of money, I started asking for the error to be fixed. Guess what? Accusations fly then. I. as a employee didn't even want to shop there. But my pay didn't make up for the cost of living. I was learning to use coupons. I never did do anything in particuliar wrong on purpose. But I'm not employeed there now. And I do believe all of the employees there are doing things that are wrong. It is hard to keep doing the right thing these days.
Sometimes I don't even know myself what it is. When your working with people over worked underpaid and over stressed and words just keep coming out. Customers have issues every day. Customers have the same complaints I do. Sometimes I would give a refund the best way I knew how. Later I would learn a new way. No one is trained the same way. Every situation is different. It is impossible to constantly think accurately quickly about every possible solution to every situation.

It is a fast paced environment. I was lucky to get to go to the bathroom before I had to go so bad I couldn't stand it any longer. How many of you are good at thinking clearly quickly accurately all the time when all you can think of is I'm hungry or I got a pee. IN humane treatement of employees. I had 4 managers in a year. None of them were that great. All of them had huge weaknesses. Did anyone ever talk to me? How many of them talked about me behind my back? Do you think that ever corrected any problem? Do you think yelling at a employee in front of customers is appropriate and helpful? Do you think customers should be able to yell and cuss at you? There are so many wrongs in this workplace I'm not sure what is right anymore. Unfair treatment is all I can say at this moment. It is a sad thing. It is wrong. CVS corporate is not exonerated. The littlest person gets hit the hardest and it usually starts at the top and tricles down.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 01/10/2012:
Honey, change the scene to a hospital and you just described the first five years of my career. Especially the lack of bathroom and lunch breaks.
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Posted by on
I work for CVS, and everyone who has a complaint can shove it. Honestly, don't get in my line and look for your CVS card for 20 minutes. Don't be rude and leave your receipt on my counter. Put your cart/basket back where you found it. Don't yell at me because your too stupid to read sale signs, for example if your Arizona tea is 3 for 2 dollars and your total is 2.01 ...shut up its a penny. if there is a line don't give me an attitude while I'm trying to help you. LEARN HOW TO READ. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE ONE HOUR PHOTO SERVICE AND THE IN SECONDS. learn our hours, you wouldn't go to the bank when they are about to close now would you? the customer is always wrong. I am not an expert on the products we sell, and if we don't sell what your looking for no its not my job to know where they do sell it. If you have to wait at the register for 15 seconds calm down, I do have other things to do besides help your un-grateful ass. Don't call and ask when we close, listen to the options on the phone. Learn the pharmacy hours. No we can't accept expired coupons..duh? Don't ask how I am so that when I said fine how are you then you can go off and complain about your life because guess what? I don't care. DO NOT COME IN WITH MULTIPLE CVS CARDS AND A PILE OF COUPONS, YOUR REALLY ANNOYING AND BEING RIPPED OFF BY EXTRA BUCKS. newsflash: you can pay for your milk back in the pharmacy with your scripts! "I can get this cheaper at so and so" well good then go there, get out of my store. Don't ask if I work here because as you can see my shirt says CVS/pharmacy. NO we don't have a public bathroom, so don't ask. WE DO NOT SELL BREAD, go to the gas station across the street. My register is not a place to leave all your items as you shop for more. If you notice a price isn't right say something before I give you your receipt and have to do a refund. Before you ask me where the cards are look around and youll see a HUGE halmark sign!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't compain that you never save anything with your CVS card, well first of all you need to buy the sale items don't have to come here or you can throw away your card. I hate that CVS will give anything to their customers to keep them happy. You as the customer are always wrong!

If a customer is nice and polite I have no problem helping them, but the ones who act like this need serious help and don't understand what its like to work with people like them on a daily basis. So everyone who has a complaint about CVS consider if you had anything to do with the service you received.
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User Replies:
OMG.its.Courtney on 05/23/2010:
I think you're forgetting that you have a job to do. your job is to help the customer with their questions and concerns. same goes for you...if you don't like your JOB or the people that you're paid to help...then go somewhere else. and you shouldn't be so ages you =]
Venice09 on 05/23/2010:
It sounds like your job is really getting to you and you need a break. I realize some of the things you mentioned can be annoying, but you seem to be having a problem with everything. Maybe it's time to think about finding a non-retail job because what you described is a normal scenario in the world of retail. I don't think the customers will be changing any time soon, so there's little hope of it getting any better.
jktshff1 on 05/23/2010:
A day in the life of a CVS csr.
PepperElf on 05/23/2010:
normally I really give the employee the benefit of the doubt in "informative" letters like this

but the level of venom here is a bit strong

I don't mind reading about a crappy customer - hell I have as my only link on my profile here

but that's the difference I think. in those stories, the employee says specifically what the customer did wrong, or how they acted etc.

there's an important difference between a story like that and... lashing out at everyone.

in the first, it's a story that gains sympathy while making people laugh
in the second it alienates *everyone* - including those whom you wish support from.
tnchuck100 on 05/23/2010:
Your condemnation of all customers is about as valid as me saying all retail clerks are bad. You need to take some time off and get some perspective on life. Those customers, the good ones and the bad ones, are the source of your paycheck.

Maybe a career change is in order.
clutzycook on 05/23/2010:
I'm not saying that you're 100% wrong, but with as much frustration and venom I feel coming from your post, I think it's time to change jobs. Maybe to one where you don't have to deal with the general public.
Anonymous on 05/23/2010:
madconsumer on 05/23/2010:
great review, and very imformative!!
MRM on 05/23/2010:
tnchuck100 on 05/23/2010:
MRM on 05/23/2010:
Hot A@@ Mess!
tnchuck100 on 05/23/2010:
Yup. I'd say so.
Ytropious on 05/23/2010:
I don't think the OP is saying all customers are bad, in retail there's always some that are idiots, I think the OP is blasting them ie the people who don't read signs etc. If you read the signs then the OP has no beef with you. We've all been there, it happens.
PepperElf on 05/23/2010:
ytrop - very true

my issue is that the amount of venom used in writing this is so strong that it comes off as arrogant

there is perhaps something to be said for doing things in moderation.
Especially when telling those customers that "your too stupid" [sic]

Anonymous on 05/23/2010:
"The customer is always wrong!"

"Don't yell at me because your too stupid to read sale signs, for example if your Arizona tea is 3 for 2 dollars and your total is 2.01 ...shut up its a penny." ....So, even though the sign says 3 for $2, the customer is still wrong cuz it's just a penny...and, they are still stupid?

Yea...I guess your logic makes the land of nuts.
Anonymous on 05/23/2010:
I wish there was a location included with this review, so I'd know to avoid shopping there.
raven2010 on 05/23/2010: Yeah, just wow.
Anonymous on 05/23/2010:
Kittenz, just like we have a choice in where we want to shop, you have a choice in where you want to work. CVS and the customers they serve do not appear to be a good fit for you. I hope you find a career path that will allow you to enjoy the work you do.
Anonymous on 05/23/2010:
I'm surprised I read this review past the first sentence.
Starlord on 05/23/2010:
I have a friend who is a cashier at a WalMart in WVa, and she characterizes most of her custo0mers as 'hicks whittled from sticks.' They have to ask when a customer uses a WalMart card if they want it reloaded. One guy looked it all over, turning it every which way and asked (shifts into Larry the Cable Guy,) "where the hell do ya put the shells?" Maybe kittenz has some legit comments.
mrnmrsweibel on 05/23/2010:
I work at McDonald's and I feel the OP has some good points and has some very bad points. I will go out of my way to be nice and helpful if I can but it is annoying when people ask certain questions. For instance, if you come inside and I am the cashier and you ask me how much a number one cost without even glancing at the big huge menu board above my head, yah that is kind of annoying. However I do not mind at all if you at least look like you are making an attempt to look for it, or if it is one of the small hidden prices on the board. It also bothers me that some people act like just because they are the customer we should die trying to help them and that is just a little to far. As I said, I will try to be as helpful as possible but please don't treat me like you rule my world just because you chose to come into McDonald's. And, there are times when the customer is just not right. We once had someone get very very irate because he ordered a sandwich and insisted it was not made the way it always had been which was just not the case. We offered to make it the way he wanted it but he kept demanding we tell him why it changed when it honestly hadn't in the ten years or so I have worked for McDonald's. We told him it could have been made different if he went to a different state or something but again he insisted he only frequented local McDonald's.
I also worked at Kmart for a little while quite awhile ago as a cashier. Our bathrooms were located way in the back of the store and one my way there one time I got stopped by five different customers asking for help. I tried to help them as much as I could but being a cashier I didn't really have an answer. They hadn't even taught me to use the intercom to call for help. One of the people were very rude because I couldn't help her even though I did try to the best of my ability. By time I got to the bathroom and got back up front I got yelled at for taking to long.
Long story short, customers please try to be a little more understanding, just a little bit will go a long way from everyones point of view. OP if you really feel the way you say it is time for you to move onto a new job! Working with customers is hard work and at some point it wares you thin. I think your as thin as you can get.
raven2010 on 05/23/2010:
LMAO Starlord!!!
Venice09 on 05/23/2010:
Nice response, mrnmrsweibel. I always respect people who do jobs that I could never do, such as retail, fast food, etc. It takes a lot of patience to deal with the public, and not everyone is cut out for it. That's why I try to meet the ones who do those jobs half way.

I wonder how long the OP is working at CVS. She seems to be at a point where everything is getting to her. Maybe she can't find anything else, and this is her only choice. I hope writing this review helped her let off a little steam. And maybe some people reading this will have a better understanding of what it's like from her side of the counter. Sometimes people just don't realize it.
mrnmrsweibel on 05/23/2010:
Thank you Venice. That was my point was we as emplyees do need to be polite and respectful but customers also need to be the same way. There are so many people that seem to think working in these situations are just cake jobs when in reality it is very hard. We have a very high turn over rate because people just waltz in thinking "oh its mcdonald's how hard can it be". It doesn't take long for most to realize it actually is hard work. Heck even my own father tells me to get a real job. I however like what I do and most of the time enjoy my job. I'm also in it for the flexibility aspect because my husband is gone a lot and someone needs to be home to take care of our son.
I think the OP has definitely out wore her boiling point and I hope she can move on and find something that makes her happy!
Ytropious on 05/23/2010:
I actually had a customer basically demand I tell him happy birthday a few days ago. The dude was 44. WTF! lol. Retail certainly aint for everyone but in all honesty those of us working through college don't have much of a choice. We need a job that is flexible enough to work and go to school at the same time. I know that's my situation at least.
Anonymous on 05/23/2010:
Manners, man. It all comes down to what our society is rapidly losing-the idea of manners. I show them, I get them. I asked someone the other day where the garden hoses were, and I was standing right in front of them-all I had to do was turn around. The guy kind of chuckled when I said, "If that would have been a snake, I would have been in trouble." Humor. He might have considered it a stupid question, but he didn't treat me like an idiot because I was nice.
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