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CVS Pharmacy Coupon Denied!!
Posted by Anet1125 on 04/27/2007
I live in Florida and have to buy a lot of prescriptions every month. I have been using the CVS coupons for a gift card on the 1st fill of every prescription for over the last six months. When you fill a new prescription you get a CVS gift card for 30.00. I then use these coupons in the store to buy other products. I buy these coupons off of Ebay and trade with other coupon collectors. On the coupon it says One coupon per person per visit on new prescriptions. I do not use a gift card on the 2 refills of the prescription. Now they are telling me I have been using too many coupons and could not use them any more. I was told to call the store manager. I did and after leaving several messagtes she finally called back. She explained that the coupons were for new customers not existing customers. I spend a lot of money in this store besides the prescriptions but that did not count. I understood from her I could take my business elsewhere. (This is the short version of the call.) But instead of that I called their corporate office. I did not feel like I was doing anything wrong and was a valuable customer to them so I was going to give them another chance. The customer service rep I spoke to said he had never heard of that before and would have someone higher up call me. Today the district manager called me and once again stated the coupons are for new customers even though the coupon does not say that. This was a long conversation. I told him I was not going to let this issue drop. He finally agreed that I could continue using the coupons but only because I persisted not because they are wrong! I have solved my problem but feel there are many other consumers not being able too!! Has anyone else had this problem??? Please respond!

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Posted by Demonoid Phenomenon on 2007-04-27:
You BUY coupons?
Am I the only one who thinks that this sounds kind of, well, bass-ackwards?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-27:
Yeah, something's not adding up here.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-04-27:
How many coupons have you used? It sounds as though you are abusing their coupon system.
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-04-27:
You are are abusing the system. What makes it right for you to be allowed to use coupons when nobody else is? It is people like you that makes it hard for the rest of us to save money. Because you get to use coupons they will give out less coupons in the end. They keep track of your coupon use through their club card. Most coupons have your membership numbered printed on it and if that number does not match your card number they will not let you use the coupon. So how are you using the coupons? Bye the way I tried to use my ATM card at CVS as a credit instead of debit and they would not let it go through as a credit. I still had to put in my pen# and that means it went through as a debit.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-04-28:
Those gift cards are to entice new customers into the store, not keep the ones that are already there.
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-04-28:
She sure does spend a lot of money in the stores besides prescriptions, she buy's $30 worth of free gift card stuff every month!
Posted by romac on 2007-04-29:
CVS coupons can not be used for tabacco , beer & wine , and perscriptions . Read the coupon details before you complain and most coupons must be linked to your CVS card , which must be scanned to become valid . Was is it that the people who cheat the system complain when their scam does not work .
Posted by Anet1125 on 2007-04-30:
I do not understand. The coupons I use for the $30 gift card does not say anywhere on it that it is for new customers nor does it say 1 per family. In response to the posting by "grandma005" I would like to know why nobody else is allowed to use this many coupons? Why cant you use multiple coupons? Where is the restriction on the coupon that says you cant? How can I be abusing the system when I am following the restrictions on the coupon to the letter? These coupons are not linked to any card number. They are inserts in newspapers or mailed out to different parts of the country at different times. As for buying them on Ebay - I can pay $5 for a coupon on Ebay that is good for a $30 gift card. What is not smart about that? With that gift card I can then buy other grocery items that I need. In addition to the gift cards I spend in CVS I average approx $300 to $500 per month that I spend on the prescriptions and groceries I buy there. I have been an avid coupon shopper for many years and have shaved a hefty amount off of my grocery budget in doing this. Regardless of the difference of opinion here I do appreciate the respones to my posting. Thank you!
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-04-30:
A few months back I used the CVS coupon in their sale paper to fill a script. It said it was only good for new or transferred prescriptions. I took that to mean that if I were already a CVS pharmacy customer they wouldn't let me use it (I wasn't and was able to use it. However, now I wonder from this post if it only means it has to be a new prescription/new medication and not one you fill monthly, etc. Hmmmm
Posted by dfields on 2007-05-01:
i agree rhondam. seems as though CVS will have to include additional wording on there coupons, so as not to confuse customers. the poster does make a VALID point!
Posted by voiceoff on 2007-05-03:
Hats off to you for trying to cut your costs in a legal manner. So many people do not bother sending in rebates or clipping coupons but complain they are always short money. Stores have incentives for filling a prescription never filled before, because they know you will then continue refilling there.
Sometimes the very fact that you have a silly $30 coupon causes you to be in the store and buy $300 you would never have even bought in the first place if you were not cashing in the $30.00.
The store is at an advantage when a customer comes in. The manager is penny wise, pound foolish. Nothing is as FREE as we think. I even wonder if that is why they make you wait an hour for the prescription... so you can browse around and buy other stuff.
Posted by Shwae on 2007-05-08:
Anet, you need to stop trying to scam companies, it makes it worse for all of us, i have worked for the company for many years and it clearly states on any of the pharm 25-30 dollar coupons that they are for new customers to the pharmacy or customers transferring prescriptions from another pharmacy to cvs that have not previously been cvs customers, you know how comcast gives you the promo deal once? well that is exactly what CVS is doing. Plus, don't listen to the ppl on the phones at corporate, they are all yes men, they don't have to follow policy, the dm put it perfectly, you are wrong, and he wanted you to stop your nagging and thus is accepting the coupons, end of story.
Posted by Anet1125 on 2007-05-10:
Shwae - the coupons I have clearly state "$30gift card with any new or transferred prescription - limit one gift card per customer per visit" It does not state anywhere on the coupon that the coupon is for new customers. I have two different types of coupons and they both have the same wording. You might want to read the coupon when you see one again instead of accusing me of "scamming companies." I am following the coupon to the letter!
Posted by JasonJD on 2007-05-28:
You are abusing the coupon system the same way people abuse OTC drugs. Just because they are legal to use, doesn't mean your using it right, there's a level of honor system which you have taken advantage of, I guess in a world driven by money, you've done good; but for those of us who value something more and know that for every coupon you take up through this system, you are denying an elderly customer the chance to use this who has to choose between having dinner or medicine, well then maybe its not so praiseworthy.
Posted by SLER 07 on 2007-05-31:
How many "NEW" RXs can one person get over a 6 month period? It seems to me if you are needing to buy coupons on EBay b/c you have so many RXs to get filled and you have the extra time to call the manager and corporate to complain, you should be spending that time exercising or reading articles about how to be healthier so you wouldnt need as many RXs.
Posted by Cvs*Corporate on 2007-05-31:
Look First of all Shwae Nailed it on the nose.YOU are a coupon ABUSER. Corporate just hears the complaint say "YES" to everything, and send you off to the District Manager.Trust me I KNOW.99% Of the time the District manager will tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear.In this matter you are WRONG.They are to attract new customers"only".You are an ABUSER.And thanks to you I will let my counter parts know about the coupon abuse on E-bay.(By the way it is a Misdomeanor to BUY coupons.So Thank you. That you might want to read.)
Posted by yourmom on 2007-05-31:
It's rather pathetic that you have the time and energy to purchase coupons on Ebay, and then have the audacity to call and complain when your coupon abuse is no longer tolerated. I don't think you'll find the sympathy you're looking for here.
Posted by chow on 2007-06-08:
If the coupon doesnot state clearly it can only be used by new customer,then i believe you are right, Anet. If the district manager tell you otherwise, it amounted to defraud customer. If they do not want customers to use more than certain number of coupon,then they should let the consumer know about it in their adv., or should tell long term customers during their shopping trips, stop wasting your time to shop for prescription in that store, Anet
Posted by Cris1234 on 2007-09-14:
I work at CVS,I'm an assistant manager and people definitely try and scam us every day! They print out so many of these coupons and try to keep bringing them in..They are ONLY for new customers w/ transferred prescriptions..and on all other coupons..They state only ONE per customer..not 10.People end up getting tons of free stuff..I mean like $80.00 worth of stuff for $1.00. We are now having to stop accepting some of them b/c of this.
Posted by EFields on 2007-10-28:
I also think you're wasting time fishing for sympathy. Those coupons are not meant to be used several times by the same customer. Its one per customer PERIOD. Not one per customer per month. You are not entitle to a proverbial "free lunch." Get over yourself. And trading coupons over the internet sounds sort of shady to me.
Posted by ftk on 2007-12-04:
I agree. There is no policies to govern this "Marketing Drive" at all. Some CVS honor these coupons all the times with no exception even for existing refill... One CVS pharmacy in Plano, Texas (at Midway and Parker rd) is the worst. The technicians and Pharmacists just make up their rules depending upn the day of the week and their mood. Don't go to that pharmacy to use these coupons !!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-07:
CVS offers many coupons that can be combined in the same transaction. I have seen people pay cents on couple hundred $ purchases and there is nothing dishonest about it. Some people just take advantage of every single offer. The corporate manager who created these coupon promotions didn't expect that some witty consumers take them by their word and now they are trying to weasel out of it.
Posted by based_upon_principle on 2008-04-21:
I do not understand all the attacking comments that feel this user is "scamming" CVS. CVS as a company is making a lot of money from this customer, even if they use a coupon for every single prescription. CVS charges insurance (and non-insured cash-paying consumers) more than Walgreens and their other competitors for the same prescription drugs. I actually review all my insurance charges and see the difference in charges between the pharmacy providers. CVS aggressively markets to their customers with the prescription coupons and Extra Bucks promotions. The verbiage on the coupons does NOT SAY new customers only. It only says one coupon per customer per visit. If CVS corporate wishes to enforce a "one coupon per customer for life" policy, then the wording needs to be changed on the coupons. Otherwise, they are setting themselves up for a lawsuit. With prescription prices being as expensive as they are, there is nothing wrong with trying to save an extra $25 per to use on everyday items. CVS customer service, stores, and managers are alienating their loyal customers and their corporate office is not communicating a clear policy on the coupons. Customers should not be expected to abide by an unwritten policy and should not be condemned for taking advantage of money-saving promotions. It's the same as buying multiple Sunday newspapers in order to get a bunch of $1.00 off coupons for those Pampers diapers and wipes when those rare coupons are published. Would you expect your grocery store to refuse to accept coupons if you are purchasing the products they are advertising?
Posted by scamerssuck on 2008-05-21:
i see this crap every day at my store, the coupon is designed to bring in new customers, not to have people abuse the system. im sick of seeing worthless coupon baggers get there stuff for free because they want cvs to pay for it. get a new hobby
Posted by cheeeech on 2008-06-01:
The specifications of that certain coupon can be found in the circular, which is obvious that you didn't look at, being you buy coupons off of the internet. Any "CVS" specific coupons (extra bucks, or ones that come off the bottom of your receipt) are directly linked to a CVS card, which is registered under an actual person. You are abusing the system and just causing more trouble for yourself and for the environment in which you shop.
Posted by couponuser on 2008-06-27:
i don't think anet is abusing the system. The coupon should clearly state "for new customers only" not "for new prescriptions"... These big companies make tons of money with or without giving patients the incentive. People try to save money here and there and i don't see a problem if they use the coupons. Sometimes people that work for these companies think that it's their money that they are losing. Sometimes power trip. They think highly of themselves that they are too good to use coupons..
Posted by desertkat on 2008-07-01:
The coupons are used to drum up additional business with NEW patients, it is NOT intended to be used again and again by existing patients. That would defeat its purpose. Additionally, people who switch back and forth from pharmacy to pharmacy just to get this coupon really bug me---everybody is looking for something for nothing...I guess they don't realize that beyond that big corporation....its all a trickle down...to the poor employees who are trying to make it in this world just like you...
Posted by desertkat on 2008-07-01:
I forgot to add...purchasing coupons is a form of coupon fraud, which is a federal offense...the company should of reported it...since they have you on file for your prescriptions....I work for a pharmacy (not this particular one..) and am AMAZED at what great lengths people will do...and they never realize how embarassing they are...ahhh...makes great dinner conversations though ;)
Posted by the relativist on 2008-07-09:
I say, smoke ‘em while you got ‘em.
Technically right? Ethically right? Socially acceptable? Realistic... Let’s see...
For starters, as far as CVS is concerned, you are nothing more than a statistical blip on a very large radar screen.
My first blush method of deciding if something is ethical is: WOULD YOU BE ASHAMED IF THE PEOPLE YOU RESPECT MOST KNEW ABOUT IT? But.. (sorry, need background before the kicker.)
I was a 10-year customer of a local pharmacy and had never transferred a prescription in my life until the behemoth CVS came to town 2 years ago and blew away competition right and left with a machine-gun spray of readily available coupons. The strategy was so successful that my pharmacy folded and a CVS went up in its place. Since most of the staff I knew stayed on, I kept my scripts there, using the occasional coupon that crossed my way and for which I qualified. Last fall CVS started pumping out sets of 4 coupons at a time in my locale going so far as to stack the coupons at the door.
A smiling pasty manager would stand by the entrance and explain that you could use 4 coupons at a time for the next couple of months.
The plot thickens. Bit by bit other pharmacy counters around town began taking down their “We accept all competitors’ coupons” signs. No surprise when shortly thereafter the wording on the ubiquitous CVS coupons changed to only accept TRANSFERRED Rxs only.
CVS is a big business and a smart business. They have plenty of employees at corporate who are able to read and comprehend the English language. They also have legal counsel and marketing gurus. I repeat: They also have legal counsel and marketing gurus. THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. They are baiting thousands of customers away from the competition with a loss-leader policy. Their end game is to gain market share. It is working.
I’m too tired to explain all the gory details, but suffice it to say I am glad to now be an ex-customer of CVS.
On the legality of coupon “sale” – almost all sellers on ebay remember to include the disclaimer that they are not selling the coupons per se, rather the time to collect, assemble, list and ship them. Perfectly legal. Remember the part about CVS having legal counsel? Ebay’s a** would be grass if it didn’t weed out illegal transactions!
Posted by sjp on 2008-07-29:
i used a competitors coupon this weekend at cvs. they have a large sign on the street and in the store that says they take all competitors coupons. my coupon was for a $30 gift card with a transferred script. my dr had changed the dosage for my son's medicine and gave me a new script. i explained this to the tech and asked if i needed to take it to my pharmacy and have them change it in their computer and have it transferred over. the tech assured me that i could use the paper script. she double checked with the pharmacist he said the same. when i returned a different tech gave me the coupon back and told me it wasn't a cvs coupon. i told her that i was using a competitor coupon. she couldn't take it because she didn't know how to ring up a rite aid coupon! the other two techs, and the pharmacist didn't know how either. the assistant manager was called back- she didn't know either. they called the general manager and he didn't know either. they finally decided that there was no way i could use it. i called customer service on monday to complain. they decided that it was because it wasn't a transfer rx! this was never an issue while i was in the store. the only issue was that although they are suppose to take competitor coupons noone knows how! which to me means they have been refusing them to date or someone would know how to ring one up! i feel that cvs is using deceitful advertisement to get business. i told them to return it to stock so i can get it filled at walgreens. i will never get another rx filled at cvs again. i haven't decided if i will shop retail there or not. I get a lot of cheap and free stuff there but right now i am very upset with their business practices! i feel that the area supervisor is using the fact that it was a new script to cover up the issue of the lack of training his staff has regarding accepting competitor coupons. i filed a complaint with the better business bureau though i doubt that cvs will care their corporate score is a D. You don't get a D by providing good customer service!
Posted by notperfectcc on 2008-08-14:
I remember seeing the ads on the newspaper with clear writing "NEW OR TRANSFERRING PATIENTS"
Just because you buy coupons online doesn't mean you are not subject to the rules
Posted by DoTellMeMore on 2008-10-07:
I am new here and I just have to say I think everybody has a valid point. For those that think Anet is abusing the use of the CVS coupons I think as long as she does not photo copy the coupons then more power to her.

I must admit I would never BUY a coupon from the internet, but if I had more than 1 coupon I would and have used them. I am a big coupon fan so I buy more than 1 Sunday paper when I know there is a coupon in there that would benifit me to have more than one of.

I would also like to thank CVS for their coupons and Extra Reward Bucks because I have been able to send so many needed items to the men and woman in Iraq, without these coupons and extra reward bucks I would not have been able to send as much as I have. So again Thank you CVS!
Posted by bonitadita on 2008-10-30:
Its always been for new customers
Posted by HA! on 2008-12-20:
well, so many of you are right. Selling and purchasing coupons is a crime, punishable by law. You are very lucky, sir, that they did not turn you over and have you arrested. Coupon fraud is beginning to be a severe problem with retailers, especially with the economic situation in the US. Loss prevention methods have been stepped up to increase restrictions on coupons that are "incorrectly" used.
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Refusal to stock OTC codeine cough syrup
Posted by Cbright on 12/24/2003
FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA -- My local CVS refuses to stock and sell over-the-counter codeine cough syrup. US and Virginia regulations permit the sale of a codeine-based cough formulation, but CVS won't sell it - apparently because they don't want to be bothered with the regulatory paperwork. If they have a license to dispense medications, I believe they have a ethical obligation to provide their customers with legally available medications.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-24:
I hear your pain; the street value must be astronomical.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-24:
Nope, sorry, I can't agree. For one thing, your CVS is a business, and in a democratic, free market society, they are entitled to not stock any darn thing they decide. They probably don't carry OTC codeine syrup because a):, the amount of codeine permitted is almost useless, and b):, all it takes in 99.9% of cases is a call to your physician, who will normally be very happy to call a 'scrip in for the real thing, (i.e. phenegran with enough codeine to be useful as a suppressant), which costs on a par or less than otc Robitussin, for instance. If you want it for recreational purposes, well, no sympathy. Sayyy... your initials aren't R.L. are they?
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-26:
I am a pharmacist. Certain OTC medicines we dont carry due to crack whor-es stealing it and using it to make poor quality meth. Like sudafed. Sorry to ruin your mind altering trip. Sniff glue instead.
Posted by dan.deboer on 2003-12-29:
I am with bil2064. They have no obligation to stock anything they choose not to, especially a product with a temptation for misuse. Go find yourself another drug store if it means that much to you.
Posted by Greenday4537 on 2004-07-28:
I'm right with the 2 people before me. Can't disagree with that. Also, maybe they didn't make money off of it. Why sell something that you lose money on?
Posted by BuzzKiller on 2004-12-14:
Why don't you just go back to sniffing glue or paint thinner ya freakin' druggie
Posted by nsx9red on 2005-12-17:
Codeine is a controlled substance. Codeine is also one of the number one drugs abused by children and teenagers. Would you would your child drinking liquid codeine? They are already dying off of DXM (commonly used in Coricidin and other cough suppressants every day. Consider the facts around this medication.
Posted by 13YEARSINRETAIL on 2009-07-24:
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CVS Are You Nuts
Posted by Midav02 on 03/28/2014
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I had went to CVS Pharmacy which is located at 10901 Bustleton Ave in Northeast Philadelphia. I wanted to find out the price on a prescription drug. I had told the lady behind the counter that I don't have insurance and was wondering how much the drug is. She had put the prescription in the computer and gave me the price, of whopping $181.00. I asked her are you giving me the price for generic or name brand, she said generic. I took back my prescription and went to another pharmacy which is an independently owned and was quoted the price of the same generic drug of $15.00 (Fifteen dollars). I understand that CVS is a bigger store with more employees but 12x the price for the same item..... If I could select a 0 rating for this store, that is what I would give them.
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Posted by Rudy on 2014-04-01:
That's why you shop around?
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I Dropped Off My Rx Last Week &Now They Have No Record of Me Dropping Off My Rx
Posted by Tarbor2 on 02/20/2014
STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- I dropped my Rx off at CVS on Victory Blvd in Staten Island. .they claim it wasn't dropped off and they are clueless of what happened..Also they sent me on a goose chase for Three Meds that had been filled prior claimed I filled it on Forest Ave CVS (How crazy they are the three Meds were present at that time but they lied ) Now a Controlled Medication is MIA I Wonder if they are On Drugs themselves..I will Never do business again with them!! Oh they had also had me listed under CVS insurance¿¿I asked if they were Crazy..I am Going to file a complaint with the State of NY so the internal affairs need to investigate CVS!

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Pharmacy=Terrible customer service
Posted by Hrwvegas on 01/19/2014
NORTH LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Two days after my Dr calling a prescript, I went to pick it up, STILL had not been filled. So an hour later I tried again to pick it up.
They said they had called me and left a voice mail (which was not true) for my insurance information. I even verified they had my correct phone number, they did.
So they stated it would be another hour to verify my insurance info. 3 trips is beyond acceptable.
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Pharmacist Lies About Reason for Not Filling Prescription
Posted by Kmmasters1992 on 11/13/2013
FT MYERS, FLORIDA -- Now living part time in Florida, I brought my three prescriptions written by my doctor in Ohio for pain meds. I drove up to a CVS pharmacy ( the only one on the beach) and the same one that filled the exact scripts in April. I was curtly told by the only pharmacist employed there that "It was against the law to fill out-of-state physician scripts for schedule 2 meds. I was shocked, and very worried. This was a Friday evening, and I was told that my only recourse was to fed- ex the scripts back to my state for somebody to fill there or see a local doc. Now, come on, what Dr in his right mind would write a script for narcotics giving it to a stranger on demand? And on a Friday afternoon? So I tore down to the post office and overnighted 2 of the three month scripts back home for a hefty $20 something. Found out the post office was going to be closed the following Monday, so chances were that I'd be out of meds for days.

I thought this pharmacist was very rude and condescending, particularly dismissive of my situation....not caring that I really had no options to get the meds in a timely manner.
I began to doubt his credibility and so called a Walgreens store in the area and was easily able to get the scripts filled (fortunately because I have three months worth already written, I was able to use another set).

I called the Florida Board of Pharmacy...they said there is no law like that....I called CVS...they are also not aware of any law like that...So I called the pharmacist back and asked if perhaps he was mistaken because of what I had learned. He became incensed that I had even asked and yelled at me," You are not getting those prescriptions filled here. It is against the law!". The law is in effect as of Oct 11 2013.". Once again a horrible encounter with this guy. When I went back to pick up the prescription he did think was ok to fill, I brought someone with me to witness this pharmacist's bizarre behavior..... I asked if I could speak privately off to the side with him so as to avoid public scrutiny, but he refused several times pointing to the very unprivate consultation area for all to hear.

Again, I very politely asked about why I couldn't get the meds at this CVS, and once again he became enraged that I would challenge him.. It didn't even occur to him that he could be wrong! He was arrogant and totally unprofessional. It was only then that I told him I was a doctor myself, and wanted to know more about why he was claiming something that was obviously not supported by either CVS corporate or his own pharmacy board! Leaving the counter, I said to my friend that I wish I had a camera to show how badly this guy was acting and he overheard me and spit back," I will call the police if you have a camera cause you're not allowed to have one in the store".

Oh my God! Tell me I'm not on planet earth! Then maybe I would be ok with all of this. I called CVS for help, and their only response was, "Don't expect any response or call-back from us... Your concern will be forwarded to a leadership team". THANKS FOR CARING CVS!
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Posted by yoke on 2013-11-14:
CVS could have contacted your doctor and had him fax over another script, my mom has had to do this several times while in FL. Why would you have gone back to get the script filled if you already had it filled at Walgreen's?
Posted by RG Clark on 2013-11-14:
It sounds like the CVS pharmacist relocated from a nearby Walgreen pharmacy in Texas! Remember: the pharmacist out ranks anyone, even the doctor or the President as to whether or not a script will be filled. I, too, am a chronic pain patient and know all the rules and regs about Schedule II meds and intra-state filling, etc. CVS was wrong
Posted by Tezrien on 2013-11-15:
Florida is famous in the south for pill mills. There is quite possibly a pill mill operation near this pharmacy and the CVS or pharmacist himself has been warned by law enforcement about filling RX's for those kinds of drugs. Your RX, being out of state would likely seem suspicious in a case like this. You should contact the local PD and ask about this. If so it would explain a lot.
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Friendly Employees
Posted by Delaniesmom2011 on 07/12/2013
Everytime I come into the Pharmacy I am greeted by Miranda. Very friendly young lady, and always has a inviting smile on her face that makes me feel appreciated as a customer. Very helpful.
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Took 1 Hour to Fill a Prescription Not the First Time!
Posted by Lsurfjr8 on 05/30/2013
Pharmacy told me prescription to be filled will take 30 min. so I waited in parking lot. After 30 pharmacy said they are just working on it come back between 30-40 minutes. I was furious.

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CVS Pharmacist on Cypress Parkway in Poinciana FL Lies and Does Not Want to Be Bothered With My Prescription
Posted by A3 on 04/23/2013
POINCIANA, FLORIDA -- I  stopped by the CVS pharmacy on Cypress Parkway in Poinciana FL in front of the Lowe's Home Improvement on the way home from the dentist after having my wisdom tooth pulled because I was in a lot of pain and just wanted to get my prescription filled and go to bed for the rest of the day. The pharmacist lied and said they were out of this medicine and I would have to wait two weeks so I had to go home and suffer in pain.

Later that day I had my 78 year old mother call the pharmacy who spends about 500.00 per month on her prescriptions at this same CVS and she was told to bring down her prescription and they would fill it for her in 5 minutes or so. I find this behavior unbelievable and unconscionable and I believe the pharmacist should be fired for seeing me in pain, lying and not filling my legitimate prescription.

I am going to have my mother and her friends in SoliVita take their business to another pharmacy and I am going to post this complaint on the SoliVita website and pin copies on all the bulletin boards.
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Posted by Anna Molly on 2013-04-23:
Did you get your prescription filled somewhere else? Were you and your mom prescribed the same medication?

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Posted by Noreen.connelly on 03/05/2013
WILTON MANORS @26TH, FLORIDA -- I wanted to compliment your pharmacist Lynette and her entire team at your CVS store in Wilton Manors, Florida. She and her team are knowledgeable, courteous and very caring. For example, Lynette was able to accurately diagnose my condition, then determine the correct medication and coordinate my prescription with my physician. Even at peak hours and long lines they promote a great team atmosphere and take time to quickly service you and always with a smile. This CVS is by far the best pharmacy I have ever frequented. CVS always reminds me of when my medication is due to be refilled and the team careingly always ask me how I am feeling. The pharmacist Joe who transferred to the Ft. Meyers location was also an amazing pharmacy manager promoting a "family environment" and he will be missed.

I am confident when CVS reviews their "Great Employees" Lynette will be recognized, rewarded and compensated for her amazing contributions to the Wilton Manors and surrounding residents. Lynette truly makes a difference.
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