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CVS Pharmacy Coupon Denied!!
Posted by Anet1125 on 04/27/2007
I live in Florida and have to buy a lot of prescriptions every month. I have been using the CVS coupons for a gift card on the 1st fill of every prescription for over the last six months. When you fill a new prescription you get a CVS gift card for 30.00. I then use these coupons in the store to buy other products. I buy these coupons off of Ebay and trade with other coupon collectors. On the coupon it says One coupon per person per visit on new prescriptions. I do not use a gift card on the 2 refills of the prescription. Now they are telling me I have been using too many coupons and could not use them any more. I was told to call the store manager. I did and after leaving several messagtes she finally called back. She explained that the coupons were for new customers not existing customers. I spend a lot of money in this store besides the prescriptions but that did not count. I understood from her I could take my business elsewhere. (This is the short version of the call.) But instead of that I called their corporate office. I did not feel like I was doing anything wrong and was a valuable customer to them so I was going to give them another chance. The customer service rep I spoke to said he had never heard of that before and would have someone higher up call me. Today the district manager called me and once again stated the coupons are for new customers even though the coupon does not say that. This was a long conversation. I told him I was not going to let this issue drop. He finally agreed that I could continue using the coupons but only because I persisted not because they are wrong! I have solved my problem but feel there are many other consumers not being able too!! Has anyone else had this problem??? Please respond!

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Posted by Demonoid Phenomenon on 2007-04-27:
You BUY coupons?
Am I the only one who thinks that this sounds kind of, well, bass-ackwards?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-27:
Yeah, something's not adding up here.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-04-27:
How many coupons have you used? It sounds as though you are abusing their coupon system.
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-04-27:
You are are abusing the system. What makes it right for you to be allowed to use coupons when nobody else is? It is people like you that makes it hard for the rest of us to save money. Because you get to use coupons they will give out less coupons in the end. They keep track of your coupon use through their club card. Most coupons have your membership numbered printed on it and if that number does not match your card number they will not let you use the coupon. So how are you using the coupons? Bye the way I tried to use my ATM card at CVS as a credit instead of debit and they would not let it go through as a credit. I still had to put in my pen# and that means it went through as a debit.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-04-28:
Those gift cards are to entice new customers into the store, not keep the ones that are already there.
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-04-28:
She sure does spend a lot of money in the stores besides prescriptions, she buy's $30 worth of free gift card stuff every month!
Posted by romac on 2007-04-29:
CVS coupons can not be used for tabacco , beer & wine , and perscriptions . Read the coupon details before you complain and most coupons must be linked to your CVS card , which must be scanned to become valid . Was is it that the people who cheat the system complain when their scam does not work .
Posted by Anet1125 on 2007-04-30:
I do not understand. The coupons I use for the $30 gift card does not say anywhere on it that it is for new customers nor does it say 1 per family. In response to the posting by "grandma005" I would like to know why nobody else is allowed to use this many coupons? Why cant you use multiple coupons? Where is the restriction on the coupon that says you cant? How can I be abusing the system when I am following the restrictions on the coupon to the letter? These coupons are not linked to any card number. They are inserts in newspapers or mailed out to different parts of the country at different times. As for buying them on Ebay - I can pay $5 for a coupon on Ebay that is good for a $30 gift card. What is not smart about that? With that gift card I can then buy other grocery items that I need. In addition to the gift cards I spend in CVS I average approx $300 to $500 per month that I spend on the prescriptions and groceries I buy there. I have been an avid coupon shopper for many years and have shaved a hefty amount off of my grocery budget in doing this. Regardless of the difference of opinion here I do appreciate the respones to my posting. Thank you!
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-04-30:
A few months back I used the CVS coupon in their sale paper to fill a script. It said it was only good for new or transferred prescriptions. I took that to mean that if I were already a CVS pharmacy customer they wouldn't let me use it (I wasn't and was able to use it. However, now I wonder from this post if it only means it has to be a new prescription/new medication and not one you fill monthly, etc. Hmmmm
Posted by dfields on 2007-05-01:
i agree rhondam. seems as though CVS will have to include additional wording on there coupons, so as not to confuse customers. the poster does make a VALID point!
Posted by voiceoff on 2007-05-03:
Hats off to you for trying to cut your costs in a legal manner. So many people do not bother sending in rebates or clipping coupons but complain they are always short money. Stores have incentives for filling a prescription never filled before, because they know you will then continue refilling there.
Sometimes the very fact that you have a silly $30 coupon causes you to be in the store and buy $300 you would never have even bought in the first place if you were not cashing in the $30.00.
The store is at an advantage when a customer comes in. The manager is penny wise, pound foolish. Nothing is as FREE as we think. I even wonder if that is why they make you wait an hour for the prescription... so you can browse around and buy other stuff.
Posted by Shwae on 2007-05-08:
Anet, you need to stop trying to scam companies, it makes it worse for all of us, i have worked for the company for many years and it clearly states on any of the pharm 25-30 dollar coupons that they are for new customers to the pharmacy or customers transferring prescriptions from another pharmacy to cvs that have not previously been cvs customers, you know how comcast gives you the promo deal once? well that is exactly what CVS is doing. Plus, don't listen to the ppl on the phones at corporate, they are all yes men, they don't have to follow policy, the dm put it perfectly, you are wrong, and he wanted you to stop your nagging and thus is accepting the coupons, end of story.
Posted by Anet1125 on 2007-05-10:
Shwae - the coupons I have clearly state "$30gift card with any new or transferred prescription - limit one gift card per customer per visit" It does not state anywhere on the coupon that the coupon is for new customers. I have two different types of coupons and they both have the same wording. You might want to read the coupon when you see one again instead of accusing me of "scamming companies." I am following the coupon to the letter!
Posted by JasonJD on 2007-05-28:
You are abusing the coupon system the same way people abuse OTC drugs. Just because they are legal to use, doesn't mean your using it right, there's a level of honor system which you have taken advantage of, I guess in a world driven by money, you've done good; but for those of us who value something more and know that for every coupon you take up through this system, you are denying an elderly customer the chance to use this who has to choose between having dinner or medicine, well then maybe its not so praiseworthy.
Posted by SLER 07 on 2007-05-31:
How many "NEW" RXs can one person get over a 6 month period? It seems to me if you are needing to buy coupons on EBay b/c you have so many RXs to get filled and you have the extra time to call the manager and corporate to complain, you should be spending that time exercising or reading articles about how to be healthier so you wouldnt need as many RXs.
Posted by Cvs*Corporate on 2007-05-31:
Look First of all Shwae Nailed it on the nose.YOU are a coupon ABUSER. Corporate just hears the complaint say "YES" to everything, and send you off to the District Manager.Trust me I KNOW.99% Of the time the District manager will tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear.In this matter you are WRONG.They are to attract new customers"only".You are an ABUSER.And thanks to you I will let my counter parts know about the coupon abuse on E-bay.(By the way it is a Misdomeanor to BUY coupons.So Thank you. That you might want to read.)
Posted by yourmom on 2007-05-31:
It's rather pathetic that you have the time and energy to purchase coupons on Ebay, and then have the audacity to call and complain when your coupon abuse is no longer tolerated. I don't think you'll find the sympathy you're looking for here.
Posted by chow on 2007-06-08:
If the coupon doesnot state clearly it can only be used by new customer,then i believe you are right, Anet. If the district manager tell you otherwise, it amounted to defraud customer. If they do not want customers to use more than certain number of coupon,then they should let the consumer know about it in their adv., or should tell long term customers during their shopping trips, stop wasting your time to shop for prescription in that store, Anet
Posted by Cris1234 on 2007-09-14:
I work at CVS,I'm an assistant manager and people definitely try and scam us every day! They print out so many of these coupons and try to keep bringing them in..They are ONLY for new customers w/ transferred prescriptions..and on all other coupons..They state only ONE per customer..not 10.People end up getting tons of free stuff..I mean like $80.00 worth of stuff for $1.00. We are now having to stop accepting some of them b/c of this.
Posted by EFields on 2007-10-28:
I also think you're wasting time fishing for sympathy. Those coupons are not meant to be used several times by the same customer. Its one per customer PERIOD. Not one per customer per month. You are not entitle to a proverbial "free lunch." Get over yourself. And trading coupons over the internet sounds sort of shady to me.
Posted by ftk on 2007-12-04:
I agree. There is no policies to govern this "Marketing Drive" at all. Some CVS honor these coupons all the times with no exception even for existing refill... One CVS pharmacy in Plano, Texas (at Midway and Parker rd) is the worst. The technicians and Pharmacists just make up their rules depending upn the day of the week and their mood. Don't go to that pharmacy to use these coupons !!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-07:
CVS offers many coupons that can be combined in the same transaction. I have seen people pay cents on couple hundred $ purchases and there is nothing dishonest about it. Some people just take advantage of every single offer. The corporate manager who created these coupon promotions didn't expect that some witty consumers take them by their word and now they are trying to weasel out of it.
Posted by based_upon_principle on 2008-04-21:
I do not understand all the attacking comments that feel this user is "scamming" CVS. CVS as a company is making a lot of money from this customer, even if they use a coupon for every single prescription. CVS charges insurance (and non-insured cash-paying consumers) more than Walgreens and their other competitors for the same prescription drugs. I actually review all my insurance charges and see the difference in charges between the pharmacy providers. CVS aggressively markets to their customers with the prescription coupons and Extra Bucks promotions. The verbiage on the coupons does NOT SAY new customers only. It only says one coupon per customer per visit. If CVS corporate wishes to enforce a "one coupon per customer for life" policy, then the wording needs to be changed on the coupons. Otherwise, they are setting themselves up for a lawsuit. With prescription prices being as expensive as they are, there is nothing wrong with trying to save an extra $25 per to use on everyday items. CVS customer service, stores, and managers are alienating their loyal customers and their corporate office is not communicating a clear policy on the coupons. Customers should not be expected to abide by an unwritten policy and should not be condemned for taking advantage of money-saving promotions. It's the same as buying multiple Sunday newspapers in order to get a bunch of $1.00 off coupons for those Pampers diapers and wipes when those rare coupons are published. Would you expect your grocery store to refuse to accept coupons if you are purchasing the products they are advertising?
Posted by scamerssuck on 2008-05-21:
i see this crap every day at my store, the coupon is designed to bring in new customers, not to have people abuse the system. im sick of seeing worthless coupon baggers get there stuff for free because they want cvs to pay for it. get a new hobby
Posted by cheeeech on 2008-06-01:
The specifications of that certain coupon can be found in the circular, which is obvious that you didn't look at, being you buy coupons off of the internet. Any "CVS" specific coupons (extra bucks, or ones that come off the bottom of your receipt) are directly linked to a CVS card, which is registered under an actual person. You are abusing the system and just causing more trouble for yourself and for the environment in which you shop.
Posted by couponuser on 2008-06-27:
i don't think anet is abusing the system. The coupon should clearly state "for new customers only" not "for new prescriptions"... These big companies make tons of money with or without giving patients the incentive. People try to save money here and there and i don't see a problem if they use the coupons. Sometimes people that work for these companies think that it's their money that they are losing. Sometimes power trip. They think highly of themselves that they are too good to use coupons..
Posted by desertkat on 2008-07-01:
The coupons are used to drum up additional business with NEW patients, it is NOT intended to be used again and again by existing patients. That would defeat its purpose. Additionally, people who switch back and forth from pharmacy to pharmacy just to get this coupon really bug me---everybody is looking for something for nothing...I guess they don't realize that beyond that big corporation....its all a trickle down...to the poor employees who are trying to make it in this world just like you...
Posted by desertkat on 2008-07-01:
I forgot to add...purchasing coupons is a form of coupon fraud, which is a federal offense...the company should of reported it...since they have you on file for your prescriptions....I work for a pharmacy (not this particular one..) and am AMAZED at what great lengths people will do...and they never realize how embarassing they are...ahhh...makes great dinner conversations though ;)
Posted by the relativist on 2008-07-09:
I say, smoke ‘em while you got ‘em.
Technically right? Ethically right? Socially acceptable? Realistic... Let’s see...
For starters, as far as CVS is concerned, you are nothing more than a statistical blip on a very large radar screen.
My first blush method of deciding if something is ethical is: WOULD YOU BE ASHAMED IF THE PEOPLE YOU RESPECT MOST KNEW ABOUT IT? But.. (sorry, need background before the kicker.)
I was a 10-year customer of a local pharmacy and had never transferred a prescription in my life until the behemoth CVS came to town 2 years ago and blew away competition right and left with a machine-gun spray of readily available coupons. The strategy was so successful that my pharmacy folded and a CVS went up in its place. Since most of the staff I knew stayed on, I kept my scripts there, using the occasional coupon that crossed my way and for which I qualified. Last fall CVS started pumping out sets of 4 coupons at a time in my locale going so far as to stack the coupons at the door.
A smiling pasty manager would stand by the entrance and explain that you could use 4 coupons at a time for the next couple of months.
The plot thickens. Bit by bit other pharmacy counters around town began taking down their “We accept all competitors’ coupons” signs. No surprise when shortly thereafter the wording on the ubiquitous CVS coupons changed to only accept TRANSFERRED Rxs only.
CVS is a big business and a smart business. They have plenty of employees at corporate who are able to read and comprehend the English language. They also have legal counsel and marketing gurus. I repeat: They also have legal counsel and marketing gurus. THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. They are baiting thousands of customers away from the competition with a loss-leader policy. Their end game is to gain market share. It is working.
I’m too tired to explain all the gory details, but suffice it to say I am glad to now be an ex-customer of CVS.
On the legality of coupon “sale” – almost all sellers on ebay remember to include the disclaimer that they are not selling the coupons per se, rather the time to collect, assemble, list and ship them. Perfectly legal. Remember the part about CVS having legal counsel? Ebay’s a** would be grass if it didn’t weed out illegal transactions!
Posted by sjp on 2008-07-29:
i used a competitors coupon this weekend at cvs. they have a large sign on the street and in the store that says they take all competitors coupons. my coupon was for a $30 gift card with a transferred script. my dr had changed the dosage for my son's medicine and gave me a new script. i explained this to the tech and asked if i needed to take it to my pharmacy and have them change it in their computer and have it transferred over. the tech assured me that i could use the paper script. she double checked with the pharmacist he said the same. when i returned a different tech gave me the coupon back and told me it wasn't a cvs coupon. i told her that i was using a competitor coupon. she couldn't take it because she didn't know how to ring up a rite aid coupon! the other two techs, and the pharmacist didn't know how either. the assistant manager was called back- she didn't know either. they called the general manager and he didn't know either. they finally decided that there was no way i could use it. i called customer service on monday to complain. they decided that it was because it wasn't a transfer rx! this was never an issue while i was in the store. the only issue was that although they are suppose to take competitor coupons noone knows how! which to me means they have been refusing them to date or someone would know how to ring one up! i feel that cvs is using deceitful advertisement to get business. i told them to return it to stock so i can get it filled at walgreens. i will never get another rx filled at cvs again. i haven't decided if i will shop retail there or not. I get a lot of cheap and free stuff there but right now i am very upset with their business practices! i feel that the area supervisor is using the fact that it was a new script to cover up the issue of the lack of training his staff has regarding accepting competitor coupons. i filed a complaint with the better business bureau though i doubt that cvs will care their corporate score is a D. You don't get a D by providing good customer service!
Posted by notperfectcc on 2008-08-14:
I remember seeing the ads on the newspaper with clear writing "NEW OR TRANSFERRING PATIENTS"
Just because you buy coupons online doesn't mean you are not subject to the rules
Posted by DoTellMeMore on 2008-10-07:
I am new here and I just have to say I think everybody has a valid point. For those that think Anet is abusing the use of the CVS coupons I think as long as she does not photo copy the coupons then more power to her.

I must admit I would never BUY a coupon from the internet, but if I had more than 1 coupon I would and have used them. I am a big coupon fan so I buy more than 1 Sunday paper when I know there is a coupon in there that would benifit me to have more than one of.

I would also like to thank CVS for their coupons and Extra Reward Bucks because I have been able to send so many needed items to the men and woman in Iraq, without these coupons and extra reward bucks I would not have been able to send as much as I have. So again Thank you CVS!
Posted by bonitadita on 2008-10-30:
Its always been for new customers
Posted by HA! on 2008-12-20:
well, so many of you are right. Selling and purchasing coupons is a crime, punishable by law. You are very lucky, sir, that they did not turn you over and have you arrested. Coupon fraud is beginning to be a severe problem with retailers, especially with the economic situation in the US. Loss prevention methods have been stepped up to increase restrictions on coupons that are "incorrectly" used.
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Refusal to stock OTC codeine cough syrup
Posted by Cbright on 12/24/2003
FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA -- My local CVS refuses to stock and sell over-the-counter codeine cough syrup. US and Virginia regulations permit the sale of a codeine-based cough formulation, but CVS won't sell it - apparently because they don't want to be bothered with the regulatory paperwork. If they have a license to dispense medications, I believe they have a ethical obligation to provide their customers with legally available medications.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-24:
I hear your pain; the street value must be astronomical.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-24:
Nope, sorry, I can't agree. For one thing, your CVS is a business, and in a democratic, free market society, they are entitled to not stock any darn thing they decide. They probably don't carry OTC codeine syrup because a):, the amount of codeine permitted is almost useless, and b):, all it takes in 99.9% of cases is a call to your physician, who will normally be very happy to call a 'scrip in for the real thing, (i.e. phenegran with enough codeine to be useful as a suppressant), which costs on a par or less than otc Robitussin, for instance. If you want it for recreational purposes, well, no sympathy. Sayyy... your initials aren't R.L. are they?
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-26:
I am a pharmacist. Certain OTC medicines we dont carry due to crack whor-es stealing it and using it to make poor quality meth. Like sudafed. Sorry to ruin your mind altering trip. Sniff glue instead.
Posted by dan.deboer on 2003-12-29:
I am with bil2064. They have no obligation to stock anything they choose not to, especially a product with a temptation for misuse. Go find yourself another drug store if it means that much to you.
Posted by Greenday4537 on 2004-07-28:
I'm right with the 2 people before me. Can't disagree with that. Also, maybe they didn't make money off of it. Why sell something that you lose money on?
Posted by BuzzKiller on 2004-12-14:
Why don't you just go back to sniffing glue or paint thinner ya freakin' druggie
Posted by nsx9red on 2005-12-17:
Codeine is a controlled substance. Codeine is also one of the number one drugs abused by children and teenagers. Would you would your child drinking liquid codeine? They are already dying off of DXM (commonly used in Coricidin and other cough suppressants every day. Consider the facts around this medication.
Posted by 13YEARSINRETAIL on 2009-07-24:
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CVS lost my prescription
Posted by Davidoff on 12/15/2010
TORRINGTON, CONNECTICUT -- I dropped off my prescription immediately after my Dr gave it to me, as I always do at the CVS pharmacy...The pharmacy assistant said he tried, but my insurance won't fill it for about a week, as my Dr gave it to me a few days early, so a week later I called & asked if its ready.
Now they say there is NO record of it anywhere whatsoever...& that all I can do now is see if my Dr will call it in for me.
My Dr was quite angry with me & said that this has never happened before & someone must have actually STOLEN it... but he'll do it for me just this one time, as if I am somehow at fault.
He said regardless of who lost it, it IS MY responsibility...So, CVS then also says that NO ONE ever even tried to run this through my insurance last week, so their employee actually lied about trying to "run it through" my insurance, then told me its a controlled substance & that he can't give me back the prescription...just come back he said, and now its missing.
After over three years with my Dr & using CVS for a pharmacy, I've NEVER ONCE lost anything or given them any excuses or dishonesty whatsoever. So now I look like I'm being dishonest &/or trying to get it filled early or get a 2nd prescription. CVS employees were VERY RUDE & Inconsiderate towards my Mother & I. They've shown ZERO interest in investigating my missing prescription for a controlled substance.
To prove I'm not at fault AT ALL & also to actually help FIND this missing prescription I went to the Police immediately, but they said that CVS needs to investigate & find foul play or that a theft has truly occurred before they can even get involved at all...So how can I even Trust CVS ever again?
-They have now totally ruined my relationship with my Dr by making me seem at fault.
They've jeopardized my integrity, my flawless reputation, & ruined the years of Trust I've built between myself & my Dr & have offered ZERO interest, concern or suggestions otherwise about this situation that their employee caused.-They never even said one word, apologized or took this seriously AT ALL, as if I am dirt beneath their feet.
-I assumed they'd be very interested & concerned that they lost a controlled substance prescription & that their employee Totally Lied about trying to fill it & now it has disappeared...as they can easily verify by video surveillance that I did in fact drop it off & see the day-& minute, that it entered the hands of their employee, yet they've shown ZERO concern whatsoever & act as if I'm just a dishonest customer, when in fact this is entirely their fault.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-15:
Did your doctor tell you he gave it to you a few days early, or is that what the pharmacy told you?

Because, I'm sure my doctor would let me know something like that, and I would hang on the prescription, or, at least follow up with him to make sure that's what he meant.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-12-15:
Based on the information you have given here it would seem highly likely this was a CVS employee theft. Was this controlled substance one that would have been easily sold on the street? If it was the theft angle moves way up on the probability scale.

I would definitely NEVER trust that pharmacy again. It is sad that there is virtually no way to prove you gave them the prescription.

Next time you turn in a prescription such as this make 'em sign for it!
Posted by Mrs. V on 2010-12-15:
Request the video from the pharmacy for that day and time.

And get a new Doctor. I would NEVER trust a Doctor that treated me in that way.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-15:
I would fire both of them. You shouldn't be caught in the middle of this. What happened at CVS is bad enough, but I would be very upset if my doctor treated me that way.
Posted by madconsumer on 2010-12-15:
we can only guess what happened. we do not have the other sides of this.

my doctor has always 'called' in my prescriptions. in the last 10 years, i have only been given 1 paper script. this could all be cleared up if the doctor called the pharmacy.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-12-15:
I take few drugs but have found it's best to make certain a script can be refilled at that time. I won't drop one off period until I'm certain it goes through my insurance. Mine might not be a controlled substance as such but I still have to have a script to get the meds.

If this ever happens to you at any pharmacy and you are told it will be a week before you are eligible to pick it up, PLEASE take the script on back home. Incompetence, employee theft, general unconcern tells me to go elsewhere in the future. As far as the doctor goes, I will leave that up to speculation.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-15:
You dropped off a prescription, a week later it's missing, no prescription was filled, no insurance claim filed, nothing...and for some reason you felt the police needed to be called? Could this just be a simple case of someone lost the script since it sat there for over a week? Your review doesn't say that CVS claims to be missing inventory, so I guess I just don't understand this, what am I missing?
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-15:
Just, the whole thing does sound suspicious. The prescription was for a controlled substance and there was no record of the employee running it through insurance. Why would the employee say it wasn't approved if he didn't check with insurance first? He kept the prescription and then it just disappeared.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-15:
Call me crazy, Venice but it just sounds like the script went missing. There's no record of the insurance being billed, no script was filled in the OP's name, so the only inconvenience I see here is on the Dr who needs to call in and verify the OP didn't fill it and order a new script. I would be annoyed too, if I was the Dr, considering it's a controlled substance, they're basically having to take the OP's word for it that they didn't fill it somewhere else and are now blaming CVS for the loss. I don't get why the police needed to be involved, or how the OP's reputation has been tarnished. If CVS is missing inventory, than that means they have an employee problem and need to perform an internal investigation, and that doesn't have anything to do with the OP at all.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-15:
I wouldn't have gone to the police either, but I think the OP feels like he's being accused of wrongdoing. If there was no record of contact with insurance, then why did the employee say the prescription couldn't be filled for a week and not give the prescription back? I think that's suspicious.
Posted by danny54 on 2010-12-15:
First, is the way the dr. treated the OP typical for the way he/she (the dr.) treats patients? Typically, I don't speak with the dr. if I need a script filled. It's all handled through the nurse.

Second, has the OP lodged a complaint with the district pharmacy manager for CVS? In the CVS I do 90% of my script business with, the district pharmacy manager's picture and contact info are posted by the front door.

IMHO, if the script was not available for another week, I would have gone back and gotten the written script back to hold onto for the week. Sure, it may be a hassle, but given what's happened in this situation, one that might be worth it.
Posted by Disaster Worker on 2010-12-16:
If a script is lost, it is a matter for the DEA. They are the issuing agency for prescriptions by doctors.
Posted by SkyeBlue28 on 2010-12-22:
As a former CVS employee, they have the ability to review the tapes. The store I worked in had AN AWESOME camera system. The playback was very clear. It wouldn't take that long to go back to the day and time frame you were there and watch the employee you dealt with. I would pursue the complaint with corporate and really quick. Write a letter certified/return receipt. Look up any applicable law and throw them in. Sound professional and knowledgeable. Put some fear into the corporate employees. They can force the store level employees to do their job. Be relentless and don't give up. Your reputation is worth it.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-22:
I like your comment, SkyeBlue28. I hope the OP takes your advice.
Posted by bruce2954 on 2011-03-01:
I don't understand why the doctor gave you the prescription early, especially a controlled substance. If it was a drug that could be sold on the street, the doctor should've faxed it in to avoid this kind of problem. A written script can be stolen and used at another pharmacy and nothing would be missing from inventory.
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Bad Return Policy
Posted by Ritu on 05/15/2009
DAYTON, OHIO -- My doctor prescribed me Clomid tablets and I buyed 5tablets($19.99) on 05.12.09 evening, in the meantime I discussed with my doctor and decided not to take Clonid. I went to the pharmacy on 05.14.09 to return the medicines they thoroughly denied to return it although the medicine was unwrapped and was in the same condition(as they provide attching it with precription)they had given me. They said me that once the drugs goes out of the store we can't take it back.

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Posted by Principissa on 2009-05-15:
They can't take it back. It's the law. Sorry, but you are simply out of luck. If this was just general merchandise I would agree with you, but you cannot return prescription only drugs or any drugs for that matter that you got from the pharmacy.
Posted by BEJ on 2009-05-15:
You cannot return medications at all.
Posted by memoryx57 on 2009-05-15:
Good Lord, I wouldn't want to get medicine that's already been out of the store and returned!! Some things you just don't do and that's definately one of them...That ranks right up there with getting food served to you that's already been sent to another table and returned..
Posted by Suusan B. on 2009-05-15:
This is not a bad return policy - - it's the law.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
When I worked retail we did take medication back and refunded the money, and then we took the loss and destroyed the medication so it would not be re-sold. (YES! We really did destroy the medication; it was NEVER re-sold.) That was back in the old days and a lot of things have changed since then.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-15:
Although $4 a tab is a hefty price, fertility drugs never came cheap! Although a different product, when Viagara was first produced wasn't it $10 a tab? I've never heard of a pharmacy accepting a return of unused medication.
True, John. Now we have a bunch of alphabet agencies 'protecting' us from ourselves.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
Yep Ponie! Viagra back when it first came out was about $10 a tablet. It varied slightly depending on the doseage the drug being written for. Many times the patients would walk away without getting it filled, mainly because of the price and most insurances consider it a plan exclusion.

My suggestion to anyone going to the pharmacy to fill a prescription is do not fill the script until you are sure that you and your doctor are in agreement that it is medically necessary and that you (or the doc) will not change your mind. If the prescription is for a drug that you have never had before, get the least amount filled on the first trip. That way if you have an adverse reaction you will not be out the money and you will not have a large supply on hand that you have to destroy.
Posted by moneybags on 2009-05-15:
It's called FEDERAL LAW! They cannot take back any prescription meds that leave; period. Would you want to take meds that had been in someone else's possession? GROSS!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
Returned Tylenol was what started these laws, I believe.

Being able to replace Viagra with a laxative would be a funny little gag, I think.
Posted by moronsick on 2009-05-15:
bej, ponie,c2o, etc. where have you been? very soon i am going to post a thread about the morons that run cvs- be watching-i would value your opions. if you are out there this goes for you too doc j
Posted by moronsick on 2009-05-31:
if you are taking clomid, the price of this prescription shouldn't upset you. 20 years of the cost of taking care of a child should.-i buyed?
Posted by 13YEARSINRETAIL on 2009-06-03:
Posted by volgirl20 on 2009-06-10:
Pharmacies can not and absolutely should not take back medication once it has left their store. You should have decided if you wanted it or not before you paid for it and left. Buyer's regret is not an acceptable excuse to expect to be able to return it. And just wanted to let you know that the past tense of buy is bought, not buyed. Just a little lesson on the English language FYI.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-06-10:
would you want someone elses returned meds?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-22:
It is illegal to resell used medication. If it has left the store it is no longer a clean product. Are you really that dense? Would YOU want your pharmacist giving medication that someone had taken home with them and returned?
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-06-22:
oy i can imagine what would happen if they did resell it too... they'd end up reselling something only to find it had been tampered with...

and then the lawsuits would follow.

and im suspecting that's what happened already and why there's a law against it now
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-22:
Pepper, think Tylenol & cyanide.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-06-22:

some jerk's gotta ruin it for everyone else

actually... i think i remember that one... wasn't that the issue that lead companies to start implementing tamper seals
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-23:
Pepper, yes that is what caused the tamper proof seals.
Posted by GodEmperorJ on 2009-06-30:
Thats correct, a Pharmacy, with an RPh's authorization, can take back a RX only for a serious issue, and the pills cannot be re-dispensed, so thats a major loss to the company in question. When I worked for CVS it was done only for a pharmacy error.
Posted by Chris on 2011-12-21:
Today, I returned an unopened 10 MG prescription without my receipt that I BOUGHT 3 days ago and got a full refund. The reason I brought them back is because my Dr gave me a new 20 MG prescription yesterday of the same meds.
Posted by MP on 2013-11-18:
What the Federal law actually states (except in rare instances of state law ie: Iowa which prohibits it outright) is that a pharmacy cannot dispense any medication not received through the normal course of commerce with FDA approved sources. That doesn't preclude a pharmacy from making a refund out of customer courtesy, and DISPOSING of the returned meds.
Just as when a drug chain store has a return policy for beauty products. Of course they dont attempt to resell half a bottle of skin moisturizer, but they will certainly refund a customers purchase price for a product that was unsatisfactory, and discard the balance.
This is not an unreasonable expectation to have from pharmaceutical companies. They take in scores of billions per year. All drugs do not work for all people. They should be willing to refund the cost of unused prescriptions which prove to be ineffective for the patient. The cost to produce a single tablet is often pennies, if not tenths of a penny. The impact of a return/refund policy would be insignificant to the pharmaceutical industry. Its one of the few industries left without a return policy--and it should evolve to develop one.
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Common Courtesy
Posted by Flameddreams on 06/08/2012
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I would just like to make a request that if your a customer picking up or dropping off a prescription if you could be kind enough to put your phone down for a couple of minutes while the person in the pharmacy is trying to help you. You never know if they might need to communicate something important to you, but because your only half listening you did not process the information fully. The same could be asked for any place you may venture into. Its just common courtesy.
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Posted by I love my son on 2012-06-08:
I agree its so rude to be talking on your cell phone while trying to deal with a cashier..the cashier should be allowed to ignore them till they hang up..
Posted by yoke on 2012-06-08:
It is so rude when customers do that. What is even worse is when the customer is on the phone the entire time and the cashier will give the total amount due and the customer gets irate that the cashier interupted the phone call. Had it happen the other day at Big Y. The customer in front of me told the cashier that she was on an important call and to wait until she was done.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-08:
When most people are on their phones, everything else is a lower priority.

Cell phones are a powerful tool, but the way they are used they are a scourge on society.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-06-08:
Great posting. My wife's store has a sign by checkout to stay off the phone. If you are talking and someone is behind you, they wait on them first. PO some folks, yea, but make more happy.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-06-08:
If it is a cellphone, I agree with the OP. If the store phone was being used,it may have been a doctor calling in a prescription or a customer calling the store. As a customer calling the store, were I on the line before you came to the counter providing service to me should take priority.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-06-08:
Sorry I misread the original post. It appears it was a customer on the phone : (

Posted by RayneDon on 2012-06-08:
This is not something I'd be apt to get worked up over. A minor annoyance in a world fraught with major concerns. Posting a no cell phone policy in public places should suffice, though people still use their cells in areas where signs prohibiting use are clearly posted.
Posted by Comfortably_Numb on 2012-06-08:
it befuddles me to no end how people managed to cope before they had cell phones glued to the side of their heads 24/7. how many have died in car accidents where a cell phone was in use? unfortunately common courtesy & common sense have long since gone by the wayside.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-08:
The Transportation Secretary had a news conference this morning just after I read this review. He pointed out that at any moment, 660,000 people are driving and texting or talking on a cell phone. He also pointed out that injuries and deaths from distracted drivers are way up in the past 10 years.

Then they switched to a local reporter, who concentrated on texting. This bugs me no end - for political reasons, nobody wants to tackle the elephant in the room. Handheld phone use if any kind is too distracting. It isn't just texting.
Posted by raven2010 on 2012-06-08:
20 years ago, some idiot used my car as brakes because he was reading a newspaper while driving and somehow didnt notice the traffic had stopped.

He totaled my brand new car and I still have back problems. He never hit his brakes---he hit my car at 50 MPH and pushed me into the semi in front of me.

Cell phones, newspapers, and other devices are not the problem. IDIOTS who lack common sense are the problem.
Posted by Churro on 2012-06-08:
AMEN Raven2010. Well said.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-06-08:
What gets me is that during a thunder storm in Florida during rush hour on the interstate highway, there will be people talking of cell phones and texting. What could possibly be more dangerous?

I was in a grocery store and this young guy (25) was using his cell phone with the speaker on. I told him he should turn that down because it was annoying. He challenged me saying he paid for the phone, I said it was rude to have it blaring out like that. He acted like he would like to have done something (hit me, etc), but I am 60 and there really was nothing he could do. What a jerk.
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CVS Caremark Pharmacy #1295 in Honolulu, HI is incompetent and abusive to customers
Posted by MarineSpouseandMominHawaii on 11/14/2009
HONOLULU, HAWAII -- CVS Caremark Pharmacy, their prescription mail out “service” and their supposed customer care “service” subjects innocent customers to abusive and, I propose, unlawful behavior that repeatedly puts the health of their customers at great risk. My belief is that if a pharmacy makes a mistake, that it could be the result of an accident or an unintentional oversight. Yet, when dangerous mistakes and poor judgment routinely put the health of customers/patients in great danger, then this is intentional and requires an immediate and drastic reaction to prevent the health and well-being of other customers/patients from being put in jeopardy. I believe the intolerable practices that CVS Caremark Pharmacy has subjected me and my family to should be grounds for immediate withholding of their license to conduct business in the state of Hawaii until such a time that they have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that no other innocent customers will suffer needlessly or have their health and well-being deteriorate as a direct result of their unjustifiable practices. Below are specific examples of the "customer care" I have received by CVS Caremark Pharmacy:

1. Demanding that a customer personally pay for prescriptions that are covered and paid for by their insurance provider and have been paid by such insurance every month for the past 2 years
2. Refusal to talk with or listen to a customer regarding a routine prescription that the pharmacy has not filled on time and such a delay causes the customer to not be able to take her routine, daily, prescribed medications that must never be abruptly stopped (even the pharmacy’s own prescription print outs directs the patient to NOT abruptly stop taking the medication)
3. Refusal to fill a prescription on the grounds that they think the customer’s insurance no longer covers the medication, despite that the customer has vast documentation and her own insurance providers’ confirmation via phone that proves the medication is covered.
4. Not allowing a customer to transfer a prescription to another pharmacy when they have refused to fill the prescription on the grounds that they do not believe it will be covered by insurance
5. Refusal to provide advances of routine, daily, prescribed medications to customers, forcing the customer to abruptly stop taking their routine, daily medications for over 7 days, because the pharmacy’s original fill of the prescription they shipped out a week earlier was lost by the postal service (confirmation of lost package provided by both online tracking and postal service supervisors).
6. Refusal to reprocess a prescription that they incorrectly processed the first time, thereby preventing the customer from receiving their routine, daily medications for an indefinite period of time, as they so choose.
7. Unjustifiable accounting practices that direct pharmacists to withhold medications from customers who have a balance of $30.00 or more on their account, despite the fact that the bill was just sent out by their own billing department, the bill is not even due yet, the customer has not even received the bill, the customer has a 2 year track record of paying their bill on time, if not early and their awareness that the customer should never go a day without this medication and, if she does, her medical condition will become unstable and deteriorate!

The incompetence of their pharmacy techs, their starved for money accounting practices and their inability to apply good and appropriate judgment in the administration of my routine prescriptions and treatment plan during the past year have cost me my health, my relationships with friends, my peace of mind, my ability to care for my family and a great deal of time that I should’ve been focusing on my family when they needed me most, instead of being unnecessarily sick and unable to function. I can make this claim against this pharmacy with absolute confidence because of all the documentation (both theirs and mine), witnesses to their detrimental actions and my past comparative experiences with other competent pharmacies during the past decade while working with my physicians to manage a chronic and serious health condition.

Their overall blatant disregard for the well-being of their customers along with their morally corrupt administration of my prescriptions within the past year has caused me enormous hardship, unnecessary and immense physical suffering resulting in the deterioration of my overall health and well-being, and, need I mention, overwhelming mental anguish. Further, the pain and suffering their intentional and abusive practices have inflicted on me, the sole caregiver of our two, young children stationed far from other family during my husband’s frequent and lengthy wartime deployments, has substantially diminished my ability to be an attentive, focused and nurturing mother to my children when they needed me most! Even my husband was caused to worry about me and my ability to manage our children and home during his wartime deployments, when he had his own life-threatening and immediate issues to contend with.

I share this with you so that you do not have to endure the same suffering that our family has.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-15:
I do my best to see the side of the consumer, but this is way too much. A lot of this could have been avoided if you changed pharmacies after you realized the service you were receiving was suffering. It would have taken one, maybe TWO incidents at the most before I would have had my prescriptions transferred elsewhere. If you allowed this to go on for over a year, then you have to take a certain amount of responsibility. It is absolutely inconvenient to change pharmacies but it is sometimes necessary. Give up the idea of legal action (you have no case), change pharmacies (there is more than one retail pharmacy in Hawaii, and more than one mail service pharmacy in the US), and move on.
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RX Prices at CVS Pharmacy
Posted by Sumnermom on 05/26/2009
WEATHERFORD, TEXAS -- After I went to my Dr. today, I went to CVS to have my Rx filled. It was generic Ultram 100 tabs. I was shocked wen the cashier told me it was $50,99. The last time I had it filled at Walmart, it was a little over $6.00. Talk about price gouging!! When it is time to refill this medication, I will transfer it to Walmart with no guilt at all.

Talk about price gouging. I will not set foot in that store again.
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Posted by Skye on 2009-05-26:
Sounds like you were getting Tramadol at Walmart, generic for Ultram, which is way less costly.

Did you get name brand, from CVS??????

Posted by goduke on 2009-05-26:
Sounds like you were paying completely out of pocket, the full cash price. You can get 180 tramadol (the generic of Ultram) for $10 at CVS with the Health Savings Pass.
Posted by yoke on 2009-05-26:
Why didn't you tell the cashier that you did not want them and ask for the script back so you could go to walmart to get it filled for $6.00?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-26:
always, always, always ask for generic with this sort of script. ALWAYS! And for Pete's sake, why in the world did you pay when they told you the price?
Posted by Suusan B. on 2009-05-26:
Before accusing CVS (or any other pharmacy) of price gouging you need to gather the facts. CVS has a plan called Health Savings Pass that costs $10 per year and if you would have had this plan your prescription would have been $9.99. Walmart, on the other hand, doesn't have a "club" you have to join. My question, like other posters, is why did you pay almost $51.00 when you knew you could get the same thing at Walmart for $6.00? I'm sorry but you have to accept some of the responsibility in this situation. As a consumer you have choices and it is unfair to complain about CVS because you expected their price to be the same as Walmart.
Posted by moronsick on 2009-05-29:
the concept is called generics-or you have an insurance card entered at walmart that you don't have at cvs. insuranse information doesn't magically pop into every chain's computer system. you actually have to show your card or new card.also,just for fun, call 3 or 4 auto parts chains and ask the price of say a carbeurator. i'll bet there are huge differences [snip]
Posted by sumnermom on 2009-05-29:
Having been a nurse for 27 years, of course I asked for the generic medicine, but the names are so familiar to me and I use them interchangably. I appreciate your comments, even the hateful sarcastic ones, but if this is the kind of help this web site offers, do not conact me again. This sight will be blocked from my computer from now on, since snarky is all that you have to offer.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-29:
so what was it you wanted us to offer?
Posted by moronsick on 2009-06-03:
who is doing the sensorship on this thing-you're not going to burn books later are you?
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-03:
moron, this site is moderated.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-06-03:
and... i have to ask... if you've been a nurse for over 27 years, you're telling me the places you worked didn't have any kind of medical insurance for medicine?

I have relatives who retired from a pharmaceutical company. the health coverage plan lets them get *brand name* medications for the same price as the generics. (and if they're made by that company, they're free).

I just find it surprising that someone who had a career in the medical profession doesn't have that kind of coverage
Posted by moronsick on 2009-06-03:
moderated is one thing,sensorship is quite another. let's get our books together, what do say?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-03:
There's that word snarky again. Must be some new Internet slang thats come along. It's kinda cool and i'm thinking snarky may fit into my cyber life quite well.

snarky adj. Slang, -ier , -iest . Rudely sarcastic or disrespectful, snide. Irritable or short-tempered, irascible.
Posted by moronsick on 2009-06-03:
sb, did you see something that i didn't? snarky-adj.Slang, country of origion please. can you use it in a sentence please? snarky, dorky word that no one has ever heard of. S N A R K Y
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-03:
^^^ sumnermom's comment ^^^

My new word might be used to tell an OP why post your review if you're just going to be "snarky" about it like sumnermom did.

Adjective - Any language that contains quips or comments containing sarcastic or satirical witticisms intended as blunt irony. Usually delivered in a manner that is somewhat abrupt and out of context and intended to stun and amuse.

Origin: Snark="snide remark".

Evelyn always called attention to the proverbial pink elephant in the room with her snarky comments.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-03:
Personally, I think some posters should just look for allhailmyreview.com.
Posted by moronsick on 2009-06-03:
i'll take snarky for 100,alex
Posted by moronsick on 2009-06-03:
sb, did it take you 2 weeks to find the definition? i'm so glad you got to show it to" all the lonely people,thinkin that life had let them down. don't give up until you drink from the silver cup,nah,nah,nah
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-03:
See Moronsick that was a "snarky" comment. You're the very first time I got to use it, thanks!
Posted by moronsick on 2009-06-03:
give me your tired,your hungry,your huddled masses yearning to be SNARKY
Posted by moronsick on 2009-06-03:
signing off-say goodnight snarky.goodnight snarky
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-03:
There used to be a little pizza joint in Monterey right off of Cannery Row called Snarky's...Huge slices
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-03:
Well Moron, we both learned a new word today. Use it wisely as it carries a powerful punch!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-03:
Nite snarky!
Posted by moronsick on 2009-06-03:
just one more comment: i think we wound up totally ignoring ms. snarky sumnermom(is this another new word?-i don't know what it means). oh yeah thats what i was shooting for
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-06-03:
I think "snark" is usually used as slang in the UK. Or at least I see it in a lot of fanfics.

For example... "Professor Snape is snarky."

It's not a word I usually use myself, though.

so what was the topic again?

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Overcharging For Prescription Medicine
Posted by Color on 04/10/2009
NORCROSS, GEORGIA -- My son picked up a prescription for Mupirocin ointment at the local CVS pharmacy today. CVS charged us $44.59, which seemed very high to me.

So I searched the Internet for the exact same medicine--(it is a generic version, same size, same everything) via Google. Amazon.com sells Mupirocin with a published LIST price of $31.02 with Amazon's selling price was $28.20. CVS is selling the prescription drug at $13.57 over list price! Wow, what margins CVS must be making ... its an additional 30.4% ABOVE LIST PRICE.

No wonder CVS is losing market share to Walgreen's, Costco, and Walmart. I certainly don't like being overcharged. I won't go back to CVS for anything again.

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Posted by ejack053824 on 2009-04-10:
Thats why you call around and get prices first before buying. If some mad cow quotes me a price that I think is way too much...I'm calling elsewhere. It's that simple.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-10:
Did you check the price with other local pharmacies? Checking online retailers is not a proper way to compare prices. Did you bother to see who really is providing the Mupirocin at Amazon? KCK Medical. Supposedly located in California but actually shipping from Toronto. Now you know what it's cheaper. It may not be completely legal to buy prescription drugs from Canada, but there's no way to know where it was manufactured. According to US law only the original US manufacturer is permitted to re-import drugs to the US. For the sake of argument I have no complaints against KCK Medical. Seems they have a good track record when it comes to customer satisfaction.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-10:
Add shipping.
Posted by color on 2009-04-11:
Amazon is posting a list price, I have to assume it is the mfrs suggested list price. I am complaining about the markup beyond mfrs list price. Let's not cloud the issue with what or who supplies the products.
I am not addressing the profit margin that CVS is actually making on pharmacy drugs. With CVS's buying power I bet they buy at similar levels to Amazon, COSTCO, WALMART or any of the other big retailers. The days of huge profits on prescription drugs is gone. The sooner they realize it the sooner they will stop alienating their regular retail customers.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-11:
I hate CVS because they are popping up here like warts on a witch. They are just everywhere!
Posted by Jinny on 2013-07-22:
Just picked up a prescription at CVS for cipro 250mg 20 tablets- 33.00. checked Walmart $4.00 for 28.
When I called to complain the pharmacist hung up on me!!
Yes I did call in a complaint to the company.
They're not even polite.
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Ignored by Chatty Pharmacy Staff
Posted by Ajarnbangkapi on 04/17/2014
SUWANEE GA -- One bad apple spoils the pot - I went in to pick up a prescription that was ready, and was second in line. Instead of business, the girl at the counter was having a chat with the lady in front of me (the second employee in the pharmacy was on the phone the entire time). When they finished their chat, the employee left the counter vacant as I came to the front of the queue and went to the elevated area to do something in her computer, continuing her chat with the customer?/friend! in front of me. When she finally returned to the window, she asked me to step aside because the other lady had been first. It would have taken 2 minutes (if she walked slow) to get my prescription, but she wasn't interested. Totally ignored for close to 10 minute all in. CVS Suwanee, Ga. Note the guy in the store front seemed much nicer/efficient, just the pharmacy.
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CVS Are You Nuts
Posted by Midav02 on 03/28/2014
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I had went to CVS Pharmacy which is located at 10901 Bustleton Ave in Northeast Philadelphia. I wanted to find out the price on a prescription drug. I had told the lady behind the counter that I don't have insurance and was wondering how much the drug is. She had put the prescription in the computer and gave me the price, of whopping $181.00. I asked her are you giving me the price for generic or name brand, she said generic. I took back my prescription and went to another pharmacy which is an independently owned and was quoted the price of the same generic drug of $15.00 (Fifteen dollars). I understand that CVS is a bigger store with more employees but 12x the price for the same item..... If I could select a 0 rating for this store, that is what I would give them.
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Posted by Rudy on 2014-04-01:
That's why you shop around?
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