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Bad customer service at a CVS Photo center
Posted by Hnkwgl on 01/21/2006
IRVING, TEXAS -- CVS Store info:
Store #: 5260
IRVING, TX 75038

Today (1/21/2006), I went to the CVS store to get my Passport size photographs. The employee (Anthony) took my picture, but I was not satisfied with it at fitst, and I asked him to take another picture. He refused to do that saying that he didn't have time (I wouldn't think it'd take more than 2min). I tried to get to Store Manager, but I was told he/she was not available. I complained about this to two of Assistant Managers, they didn't even try to apologize for the incident.

This was my worst customer service experience in my life. Why is CVS running its business, if it can't provide 2min to a customer? This clearly shows CVS's bad customer service.

I'll never visit CVS store again and I suggest other customers to do the same.


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Posted by tander on 2006-01-21:
I got our passport pictures at the DMV, they took care of all of it for us, go there next time!
Posted by RVRBOATKNG on 2006-01-21:
Most Asst.Managers are regular employees with a small raise in pay and a set of keys. Sounds like you got some crummy service. Hope you enjoy your trip though.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-22:
RVR, sounds like you're in the know.............to a lesser degree.
Posted by RVRBOATKNG on 2006-01-22:
PWP:Actually when I was a youngster, that was pretty much the case. The biggest deal was a set of keys.Woo-hoo. Ahhh, the good ol days.
Posted by Elbarto on 2006-05-17:
At the CVS I work for all of our photo techs will take as many shots as needed until they get one that the customer likes and that will meet passport requirements. RVR is right, most shift supervisors are just regular employees with keys, I'm not sure about actaull assistant managers though, my store doesnt have one because we're "not big enough," or something like that.
Posted by JasonJD on 2006-05-26:
Most good techs will take 2 or three shots as a matter of course. Your situation is NOT typical of CVS Photo-Labs, I hope you'll try CVS again in the future.

As for junior management, Theres 1 Store Manager and 1 Assistant Manager who are typically professionals. There are also Shift Supervisors (A and B) they often range in professtionalism from esentially associates with keys to people who consider themselves professionals. When upset about a CVS photo issue, always ask when the Photo-Lab Supervisor will be on, that will both shape up the techs, and also gives you a person you can talk to about your issue if your still upset.
Posted by JSB18 on 2007-05-22:
Its funny how you can just base the whole Store just because of a few bad employees. Every company has them not just this place.
Posted by NintendoSonic on 2007-06-15:
I am the photolab supervisor at my store, and I always take as many pictures as the customers wants. I even have them watch me on the Digital Kiosks to make sure they get what they want. If that employee didnt want to give that extra 30 seconds to take another picture, they shouldnt be in the photo lab, let alone retail and customer service.
Posted by LuckyStarz on 2007-07-29:
At my store we take Several pictures, and If for any reason I cant get it right or theres a problem[the picture comes out dark, blurry etc] I will ask the customer if they could please stand behind the screen for me again while i take a photo that will meet the requirements. Also if the customer absolutely does not like the photograph after I've finished I will let them refuse it [meaning they dont have to pay] you shouldn't have to pay 8 bucks just to get some jerk who doesnt know what theyre doing. Sorry you had to go thru this.
Posted by Cawagula on 2008-03-02:
I know this is an old thread, but man this guy can't even spell. I work for CVS, and I am a lab supervisor, you can not base all of CVS off of one employee. To whoever said that assistant managers have a "small raise and set of keys" assistant managers get, at my store, a $30,000 - $40,000 a year raise, that's not small in my eyes.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-09:
When I took my passport picture, I did it at he Post Office inside the Postmasters office. He asked where I worked and I told him CVS which set him off on a rant about how he has to refuse a LOT of photos from CVS because they are not to par with the standards they look for in passport pics.

So really, take them at the source, not from some teenaged overworked rude clerk. It will alleviate your frustration, the passport issuers frustrations, the overworked rude clerks frustrations and the only person unhappy will be CVS corporate who in their in-store PA propaganda, sound almost gleeful there is a new law requiring passports. Almost sounding to me as if they lobbied for it personally to increase their profits. Problem solved!
Posted by Jonathan on 2013-10-04:
I'm not saying this is what happened to you, but in my experience I get a lot of customers that are too picky with their passport picture. The post office is right down the road from the store I work at, so we do a lot of passport pictures. I'd say 99% of the ones we take are accepted without any problems. But we have the occasional customer that thinks we're taking their glamor shots and make us waste a half hour taking several pictures of them. One customer in particular got mad because my cashier had a long line for ten minutes and people were getting angry in line. I already printed off three separate pictures for the customer and he was being beyond picky about them. All three were more than acceptable, but he still wasn't happy. Finally I just had to say, "I'm sorry, but I have to go take care of these customers in line, if you go get in line you can go ahead and pay for your pictures." He ended up storming out and demanding the store manager's name and number. Apparently he didn't think I had anything else to do after a half hour of helping him and thought the other customers in line didn't matter.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Sasnigiel on 04/13/2014
WEST COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Horrible customer service. I stopped in to pick up my pictures, nobody was on duty up front. There was a rude little man on what looked like his private phone, speaking very rudely to someone. He saw me but ignored me. I walked back and forth and said, "is there anyone here to help someone up front". He cut me a nasty look and turned his back to me. He finished arguing with the person on the phone and claimed he did not see me. I said, "no, you did...the private call was occupying you". He claimed it was another store and he was the manager. Rude man.

He could not find my pictures. Finally, he found them sitting in the machine, but would not give me the internet quoted price. He did not know how to look this up. Then an equally unhelpful older man came and also said I must pay full price. He did not know how to access my account. CVS emails me specials and I ordered the photos online. Then the local store will not honor the deal. I had been standing there now almost 15 to 20 minutes for what should have been a quick transaction. They said it would take time to figure out what coupon they would let me have. I had to leave my pictures. I had family waiting in the car and an appointment to get to. These people are rude and incompetent! (Emmanuel Church Street Store)
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Nice Workers, Bad Quality
Posted by Janna.vangelderen on 10/09/2013
This was my first time ordering a picture from CVS. They got it printed off on time and the people were all very friendly. However, when I opened the picture envelope, there were black lines and dotes on the picture!!! I am very disappointed, especially since it was for a friend's birthday. I will try to take it back later, but it won't be in time for her birthday. :(
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Worst Customer Service at Photo Centre
Posted by Ndutakims12 on 07/03/2013
INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have always taken my passport photo at CVS. I went in to take one today at 7:30 pm and I had the worst experience ever. The photo first taken and printed was the worst I have ever seen. I made me look like I had a beard. The two lady staff members who attended to me appeared to be bothered that I wanted another picture taken. It was after the fourth attempt that I was satisfied. I hate to say this but I don't want to experience that again so I don't think I will be using the Indiana PA CVS store on 2501 Warren Road, ever again.

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Customer Service? Not in this Store!
Posted by Knapp65046 on 12/16/2011
MONTCLAIRE, VIRGINIA -- On December 15th, I went into CVS in Montclaire, Virginia to scan a picture and make multiple copies. With my cart, I began my wait in line behind one yung male teenager and his mother. He had begun to make books on the machine. It was the only working machine available. After a few minutes his mother left the store. For nearly 2 hours, I stood with single picture in hand, waiting for the machine. Meanwhile, he talked on his cell phone which had slowed his progress. I asked him if he had more books to do, and he told me that he was working on his last one. Unfortunately, he was not only oblivious to the needs of anyone but himself, but he was dishonest. He continued to make several more books. I had spoken to the manager after having waited the first hour. After that, neither the manager or the photo clerk came near the machine or me. After 2 hours, I spoke again with the manager, who said, "He's a paying customer. I can't take his cell phone away." I hadn't asked him to take it away. I had asked that he at least ask the child to put it away while he was using the photo machine. He refused. I told him that I had never had worse customer service in entire life. I left my entire cart of merchandise, including video camera, and walked out of the store. Today I will be spreading the word to friends, neighbors and to those at my job. A penny's worth of customer service would have saved the store hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in sales. I only wish that the parent of the young customer had taught him common courtesy. Allowing a woman to stand for two hours with a single picture in hand while using the only machine available, and while using the cell phone which delayed completion of his multiple projects, was unkind and extremely rude. Perhaps the store shouldn't allow unsupervised minors to remain for long periods of time. As there were very few customers in the store, it was obvious that the child was no longer accompanied by an adult.

P.S. I went right to Target, where my entire transaction was finished in less than 8 minutes. I was treated with respect there, and the customer service was excellent. The manager of CVS should try shopping at Target. Customer Service abounds there.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2011-12-16:
Why did you wait 2 hours to say something? After about 15 minutes, I would have left and gone elsewhere. Yes, the customer was inconsiderate, but it's not the job of the employees to be the manners police.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-16:
I don't really see how you can blame CVS for this. There wasn't much the manager could have done except maybe ask the other person to let you use the machine. But I can understand why he might not have wanted to get involved.

As soon as I saw what was happening, I would have either paid for my items and gone somewhere else to print the photo or asked the other person if he would mind taking a break while I used the machine. He might not have even realized that you had only one thing. If he was indeed a teenager, they can sometimes be oblivious to their surroundings.
Posted by JayByJay on 2011-12-16:
You learned an amazing thing today. Or at least you should have.

Sometimes, the customer is wrong.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-16:
The problem isn't CVS, the problem is the selfish customer who was using the machine. CVS can't kick him off the machine.

If they had a right to tell him to stop using his cell phone, that same right could be used by all stores to prevent their customers from using cell phones in any manner.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-16:
The manager was right: the teen was a paying customer. It would be bad customer service to kick him off the machine
Posted by Skye on 2011-12-16:
Is CVS the only place you can use?

Seriously, the teenage boy was a paying customer, and asking the manager to tell him to NOT use his cell phone while he was making his book, was something the manager has no authority to do.

Sorry you had such a poor experience, and sorry CVS only had one working machine, but first come, first served. An adult would have probably allowed you to do your one photo, but you know teens. That's why they are teenagers, and we can't fault them for being young.

We all were teenagers once. Some are considerate, some are oblivious.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-12-16:
The problem was between you and the other customer. You could have asked the other customer to let you use the machine while you only had the one picture.

If the employee said something to the other customer, maybe they would have lost hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in future sales. It's a lose-lose situation then. Good for you for going elsewhere.

I often get annoyed at other customers at stores when I feel they are taking much longer than they should. Telling an employee to do something about a customer taking a long time to do something is rude though. Imagine if you were using the machine to do something that required a long time of usage, and an employee said that you have to hurry up or let someone else use the machine, how would you feel? I'd feel embarrassed and/or angry.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-16:
Good point Steve. If the situation was reversed, I bet the OP wouldn't want to be told to let someone else use the machine
Posted by CowboyFan on 2011-12-16:
This sounds like: I want it, when I want it. What occurred is called waiting your turn. Either wait or leave.

The other person may not have been able to allow the op to cut in. At *** where I do photos, you run a credit card to start. If I were to stop to allow someone else to use the machine, I would have to run the credit card again to start back up. The teenage boy's mother was there originally, perhaps to swipe her card. When she left, the teenage boy may have had no ability to swipe the credit card again, which means if he stopped for anything, he could no longer use the machine.

Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-16:
Good point, CowboyFan. I, too, was thinking there might have been a reason he couldn't stop. I just didn't know what it was. That makes sense though.
Posted by Not a consumer review on 2011-12-20:
This is a review about another PAYING customer.
This isn't a consumer review.

The parts about the employees.... that's just because you can't punish other customers for annoying you.
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Online photo service
Posted by Susanfox.charleston33 on 11/12/2011
NATIONAL -- I spent almost 2 hours creating a photo book for my Grandmother's Birthday only to be told when arriving to pick it up that the photo machine at the CVS store I chose was broken. No problem, there are 2 other CVS stores in my city. Then I couldn't change my store location online because the web site kept coming back with an error message. As it turns out, there was only ONE store in my town that had the correct kind of printer for the photo album -- WHAT!?! Are you kidding! and then the online support person told me there was also only one store in a town close by with the right kind of printer when that town has 12 CVS stores. REALLY, ONLY ONE OUT OF 12! So I asked the online support to go ahead and cancel my order. I will not give my money to a company that can't provide the information upfront that there are limited availability and now I've wasted 3 hours and have nothing.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2011-11-12:
If you have the original photo's and stuff available on your PC can you re-send your work to Costco Photo Online or someone else? Or is it something that all the work is in the set-up? Never did an online photo album. I just send the pics in to get developed and go pick them up. I did do some mouse pads once, that went OK, pretty quick as I remember.
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Worst Photo Processing Experience Ever...
Posted by JAIME _YANKEVICH91 on 10/23/2011
ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I was just married. I took my photos, that were on a Cd, with the copy release in the last box, at the end of my pictures... It states that I own the copy of the pictures, with the release date...

The Photo guy who always gives me a hard time and always rude to all the customers so he can have his smoke break every 10 mins, stated I need a signature stating that I own them...

WTHeck in Las Vegas people don't do business like in Erie, Pa, Cvs you need to can AKIO AT THE CVS LOCATED AT PINE AVE AND EAST 38TH... hE HAS NO BUSINESS WORKING IN CUSTOMER SERVICE....
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Posted by The_Jeecheroo on 2011-10-23:
Go to Wal-Mart.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-10-23:
Or Snapfish.com. This HP-owned site will process pictures that you download from your CD, then mail to your house. Very quick service.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-10-23:
Try Snapfish for free. (Of course, the code can only be used by one person, so whoever uses it first, should be kind enough to mention it here, so others don't waste their time.)

Here is a code/instructions for 20 free 4x6 prints from Snapfish. I won it through the McDonald's Monopoly game, but I won't use it:

20 Snapfish® 4x6 Print Bundles, pending verification. If you are a minor, your parent/legal guardian must complete the redemption process on your behalf. To redeem your prize, follow these instructions:

• New Snapfish customers:
First time Snapfish customers are required to register at Snapfish before redeeming your prize. Registration is free. Click on the link below, then the "new to snapfish get started" button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your Snapfish registration.

• Existing Snapfish customers:
Existing Snapfish customers need to click on the link below, then the "get started" button, then the "already a Snapfish member – login" button, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Snapfish Redemption Code:

Redeem my CODE now:

(Note: I merely copy/pasted the instructions I was sent by the game. Beyond the above instructions, I can be of no assistance with this at all.)
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Won't be using CVS photo again
Posted by RosalieV on 01/07/2011
FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have used CVS photo for prints quite a few times, always by ordering online. I can get over the fact that the online process is extremely slow. I can get over the fact that I have to crop every single picture since they're all distorted for whatever reason. I can even get over the fact that they're pricier than surrounding photo labs. I chose CVS for the convenience. This Christmas, my first Christmas with my husband, I ordered a single card in which I specifically called a week before Christmas to see if it would be done in time. I was told yes... I have been to CVS three times (after receiving the confirmation e-mail saying that it had shipped) and each time no one could find the card for my husband. Needless to say, my husband went card-less on Christmas when I was hoping he could open the card I had put so much thought into. I just called CVS again, it's January 7, and still no card. I was told they can "see it" in the computer and could put the order through again, but I declined. I didn't receive an apology, but they were plenty apathetic enough for me to decide that I won't ever be using this service again. If you want quality photos and service, I suggest taking your business elsewhere.

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Posted by karleebarlee on 2011-01-07:
I hope you didn't have to pay for this, or you got your money back if you did!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-07:
Rosalie, have you ever checked out Shutterfly.com? I have used them, Walgreens and Snapfish and I just love Shutterfly. I have ordered photo jewelry, keychains, mugs, photo books and greeting cards, as well as regular prints, and have yet to be disappointed. Their prices are good.
Posted by bruce2954 on 2011-03-01:
I had a photo enlarged at CVS and my 8X10 had white borders on the top and bottom which looked terrible so I cut them off and it was short in the frame, so it was really a 7X10.
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3-4 days for 1 hour Photos
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 11/18/2010
INDIAN TRAIL, NORTH CAROLINA -- I needed photos printed out so I went online to CVS's website. I uploaded all of my photos and printed out my confirmation that they would be ready at 3:41pm for pickup. I drove the 10 minutes up the street to CVS and was greeted at the photo counter by a CVS worker. I gave him my last name and he could not find my pictures. He then asked me if I wanted to pick them up here or have them shipped to me. I explained that I had done it online for pickup in the store at 3:41. He then explained to me that they were downloaded to a off site company in Atlanta and that I could pick them up in 3-4 days when they are shipped to the store via UPS. I asked if there was any way for him to download the pictures to his computer as he could see the order in his computer. He then explained that the only thing I could do is go back home and re-download the pictures and try again. So I drive the 10 minutes back home to grab the USB card and drive back to the store. Upon arriving there is no one in the photo area so I proceeded to use the kiosk. I insert the USB card and the kiosk cannot find it. I tried it a second time with the exact same luck it still couldn't see the USB card. Thoroughly frustrated at this time I leave CVS and drive 10 minutes down the street to Walgreen's. (That review to follow) As I sat down at the computer when I got home I went to CVS'S website but the only way for me to contact them is by phone or snail mail. No email address offered. I am not going to waste my time on hold for 10 minutes to talk to someone or waste a stamp writing a letter. I am however going to choose to do all of my printing at Walgreen's from now on.
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Posted by blazedpixie on 2011-08-13:
This usually happens when people order online orders, and accidentally select the "ship to store in days" option.
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Good worker doing a very good job
Posted by PNgal on 09/20/2010
HUMBLE, TEXAS -- At the CVS store on Atascosita, Humble, TX, I received exemplary service from the lady there, whose name was Anita Stanley, I believe. I had already stood in two lines to get various county and state documents as I prepared to renew my US passport with my new married name. When I went to CVS, the machine was already full, printing out many photos. Ms. Stanley left her other work to bypass the program and allow my photos to be made and printed. She even fixed them to be brighter, because the Passport Service preferred them that way, she said. I was prepared to wait a long time or even have to come back later in the day, but she went the extra mile and got me done within 15 minutes. I appreciate her expertise and her willingness to help a tired lady in her quest.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-09-21:
Very well written review. Nice to know there are those who still go above and beyond their duties to help a customer.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-09-21:
How nice of you to acknowledge Anita. She sounds like a person who enjoys her job.
Posted by babybear62005 on 2010-10-24:
Glad to see compliments on here and not just complaints.
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