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Treat You Like A Criminal
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MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- I can honestly say that I go to CVS very frequently to print photos of my little girl and our activities that we do during the week. I like the fact that you can go in the store print your pictures in a fast and private matter. Now, on June 5th my five year old daughter and I had gone to the daddy daughter dance and took a photo of the two of us at the dance, and so I asked the photographers asst how many photos will I be receiving they replied just one but you can make as many copies that you want when you get the photo. I said great!

So about a week prior to today I finally received the pic of us two and could not wait to copy it and send it to family and friends. So I go in the store on June 19th after 5pm to make copies of some pics so I can send them off to my family. So I asked for some assistance from a young male employee about increasing the size of a pic that was no bigger than a half dollar, then some manager came over and just interrupted what the employee was showing me, which I thought was extremely rude, to show me what the young man was showing me in the first place.

So we get the picture done and I pull out the daddy daughter dance pic to make a copy of it. So I start going through the steps to make copies and here comes the manager again, starts pressing buttons and lifts up the scanner lid and says "you can't copy this", so I tried to explain it to her that the photo place said it was alright to make a copy of the photo. So she rudely interrupted me and explained it to me like I was a three year old about why I can't copy that photo. OK I get already, no problem, it will not happen again, my mistake.

Now I go in there today about an hour ago with my daughter to develop more pictures. And guess who's working, the same manager. So I go to the Kodak photo printer to make copies of our day to send off to our family and I hear "you need help with that", "no thank you" I said and non discretely I hear the mngr call the cashier over to her and let her know to check my pics b/c I tried developing a pic that they (CVS) are not allowed to do. So I shake my head (like are you for real), so I get my pics developed and put them in my envelope and went to the counter. I let a lady go in front of me, I'm in no rush.

So the mngr opens up a register just to take my purchase herself, and believe me it was not b/c there was a line there was only two of us in line. So I hand her my receipts and she asks me for my envelope to see what was in there, I said "the five pics that I took." "Well, I have to check, its my job." Never in my life have I have seen her or anybody check any envelope ever at that CVS.

I know why, she knows why, and I have never felt so demoralized and made to feel like a common thief that had to have my things searched every time I go in to that particular CVS. What she did was wrong and demeaning to me and I would not be surprised if it does not happen often to other shoppers. So I will be looking into this kind of situation to make sure some action will be taken.

CVS Customers
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NEW YORK -- My complaint is about all of you customers complaining here. I have read as many reviews as I could stand at the moment, but please. I know all CVS stores are not perfect, but please don't base your opinion of CVS and its employees as a whole on one bad experience you've had at a single CVS store. Believe me though, you customers can be just as bad to use as (and other customers in our stores) as our employees can be to you. Let's make a list of all the things I can remember people complaining about...

First Case: The DAY after a power outage caused us to close our store at 10 AM because our heat wasn't working, ALMOST EVERY CUSTOMER complained that we didn't have our sales signs up and that they had no idea what the prices were and where sales items are. After being extremely polite to EACH AND EVERY ONE, explaining the situation to each of them, and letting them know we were trying our hardest to fix the problem, most of them told us we should do our jobs better. Excuuuse me?

Second Case: Customers who talk on their cellphones while being rung out. What the hell are you thinking? We are human beings and deserve your respect. Our jobs require us to talk to you in order to see if you have a CVS card, or if you are going to attempt to pay for gift cards with a check (which you cannot do), or if you would like a bag. So if you are on your phone and we interrupt you to ask that sort of useful question, DO NOT yell at us. It is our job.

And when we don't, and you get charged full price for a sale item because you couldn't take the time to get your card for us after we've asked you multiple times, too bad. If you bring your receipt right back in and GET IN LINE, we will be happy to fix it for you. Don't expect just because you were in the store and rung out first that you can skip ahead of all the other customers so we can fix the mistake.

Three: If we ask you if you want a bag, or if you want a larger bag for larger purchases, don't answer with "Oh, if you have one!" If we didn't have the freakin' bags, we wouldn't have asked you if you wanted one! What are we going to do, ask you if you want one, and when you say yes go "Oh sorry, we don't have any!" Four: If we ask you for ID when you buy cigarettes or medicine, humor us. We're supposed to ask anyone who looks under 27 years old. If we ask and you don't have it, we can't sell the product to you. It's that simple. There is no way around it, so don't try to get us to let you buy it anyway.

Five: Just because someone up in the front of the store is not wearing the white lab jacket doesn't mean they know nothing about photo. Most CVS employees (at least at my store) know enough to do the basics for digital orders, and EVERYONE knows how to put a photo order in the system and run the film. Six: If you see us all the time at CVS working, but we have no personal relationship at all, DO NOT ask us questions when we are in off hours. At lunch, go ahead, because we will be in uniform. But if it is our day off, LEAVE US ALONE! We don't make you take your work home with you, don't make us take ours.

Seven: If we answer the phone, guess what? WE'RE OPEN! Eight: If we tell you we are open till midnight, don't say "Oh, that must suck!" because guess what, it does, and we don't need you to remind us. Nine: If you knock something off the shelves, but the freakin' thing back. You are right there, our shelves are low enough so anyone can reach, so just put it back.

Ten: If we are helping another customer, don't interrupt. Wait until we have finished helping that customer, or go find another employee... at least two are scheduled at a time! Eleven: DON'T toss money at us. This seems to be mainly older men, but for God's sake, we are people! Handing us the money will get you out faster than tossing it at the counter so it bounces, or throwing it at us. Do we throw your change at you? (not at MY store we don't)

Twelve: Unless we are in danger of physical harm, don't touch us! Some people are uncomfortable with that, and also we might take it as a form of physical harassment. So just don't do it OK? Just pretend we are all contagious and you don't want to get sick...'mkay?

Thirteen: If we tell you that beyond the shadow of a doubt an item is not there, don't make us look for it unless you ask how we know. Most times a customer has just asked us and they had us call every store in the area to see if anyone was carrying it still (case in point: The Ove-Glove)

Fourteen: If you need help finding an item, ask an employee that is not busy helping someone else. One thing that annoys me to no end is seeing a customer wander the store for an hour, going through every aisle 4 times before asking. That makes us (OK, me at least) feel as if there is some reason you don't want to talk to me, and its a big confidence drainer.

Fifteen: If you come in to CVS a lot, get to know the cashiers! We generally get along with people, and tend to be a bit more helpful to friendly people who get to know us. Believe it or not, WE LIKE YOU! So talk to us, OK? We (at my store) try our best to help you all. So if you would, keep these things in mind next time you go into ANY store, not just CVS. Thanks guys, hope to see you in my store soon!

Things Customers Should and Should Not Do (Front Store Tips, Not Instructions!)
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I am currently an employee at my local CVS, working in the photolab, as a cashier, stocking, backroom. It's only a part time job, as I am still attending high school, and only use the job as a means of saving for college. (Hopefully Lehigh or RPI!) Even though I only work 2 days a week (the weekends), I've experienced every kind of customer out there; ranging from delightful to dreadful. Whichever customer I receive, I still treat them with respect, tolerance, etc. I greet everyone with a smile, help when I can. These are just some basic tips to help your experience, as well as the people who work at CVS.

Things Customers Should Do To Help: (We are not slaves and should do everything for you, but we certainly will help you.)

-Please form a line in the register you are going to pay at. Please don't form one massive line, and go to whatever cashier is available. You think it speeds things up, but it actually slows everything down. You don't form one line at a grocery store, so why at CVS?

-Please have your CVS card ready. Especially while waiting in a line, if you are not doing anything, just get your card out. It makes the transaction easier and faster. Majority of the time, customers spend 2 minutes scrambling for their card. Take the time while you are waiting to avoid this problem.

-Please double check your sale items. Read the print, it is there. Do not assume, just as you wish people working at CVS to not assume things. Take the extra second to make sure it is the one on sale. It reduces the hassle of holding up a line, while the cashier attempts to find the supposed sale sign, and price. While it is our duty to make it easier for you to shop, MISTAKES HAPPEN. Always double check your items.

-Please greet the cashier/pharmacist with a smile if they greet you with one. It instantly makes the transaction feel much better. A smile makes a difference. Just as customers do not want to see grumpy faces and attitudes, neither do we.

-Please ask for help when you need it. Do not assume someone will magically walk up to you and help. We try our best to help with everyone, and we are very busy sometimes. If you ask us politely, with patience and kindness, someone will help you. Also understand that we may not be able to help right away all the time. And, if the cashier does not respond, do not yell, but simply speak it louder. It is sometimes hard to hear customers.

-Please keep an eye on your transaction. If a sale price does not appear, you can at least catch it, and the cashier will know which item you are talking about. It is hard for us to figure out what you're trying to say when the transaction is 30 items in.

What customers should not do:
-Please do not throw your keys to the cashier and assume they will find your card for you. It makes us feel inferior, and it is somewhat rude. Just politely ask the cashier if they could look for it.

-Please do not throw your full shopping baskets at us. We will gladly take out the items for you, but if you can help take it out, do not simply leave it on the counter while you simply stand there.

-Please do not run to the photolab, while they are working on photos, and ask the question, "Can you take this here?" 2 things wrong with that. You are not above any other customer; you have to wait in line just like everyone else. Also, we will call out and help when we can. We will call the next customer, but do not come to us if we are busy. We are photo, not cashiers.

-Please do not yell at us if your coupons do not scan, or if items ring up wrong. Everything goes through the computer system. It is not our choice to make your 10 coupons on one item invalid, or to make your $6.79 item $6.99.

-Please do not tap the counter, cough obnoxiously, or jiggle the keys, when a cashier does not see or hear you. It makes you seem impatient, and it is not polite at all. Just say, "Hello there! May I check out?" Or something along those lines. Sometimes, we honestly are focused on work that we do not hear a customer.

-Please do not throw your change on the counter, and expect us to count your money out. It is YOUR money. You are responsible for counting your own change.

Well, that's all I can really put together at this point. It is basically the general stuff that always goes wrong at any CVS. Sometimes people are so kind, and they just receive a bad cashier, and I'm sorry for those people. But if you are rude to a cashier, it will just turn the transaction bad. Say everything with a smile if possible. These are small and simple things that make such a big difference. I too am a customer. I understand how people working at places like supermarkets, shops, etc., feel. I always say to the cashiers, "Hello! How are you doing?" with a big smile, and I always say "Have a great day/night." It makes them feel better, and requires almost no effort on my part.

Basically, treat people the way you wish to be treated. I'm sure you don't like people shoving things in your face, giving you an attitude, and expecting you to do their work for them. Well, neither do we. We are all humans here, so can we all just act like one?

*Edit* To people who think I'm giving instructions, believe me, that's the last thing I want to do! Of course it doesn't take instructions to follow to shop anywhere. I don't want to discourage anyone from shopping anywhere, whether it be CVS or any other retail store. All I'm trying to get out there, is that, we, being the associates and the customers, as a whole, need to treat each other on a human being level, rather than this whole retail attitude. Yes, I know my job depends on customers like you, but in no way shape or form does that allow for me to be treated poorly, and vice versa.

I couldn't care less what happens to the corporation. I'm not an advocate for CVS, and just because I work there doesn't mean I'll defend its name, or anything like that. If I could, I would change everything about it. But at the end of the day, when a customer decides to throw their things at me and give me a hard time, to only walk out and throw a fit in front of everyone when I've tried my hardest, it hurts me, a human, the most; not CVS, the corporation. My simple saying: Drop this retail attitude. Let's treat each other on a person to person level; how people should be treated. Sorry to those who are mistreated as a customer, or a worker.

1/30/09. I understand some people have some bad days as well. In fact, I was once checking out this woman. I greeted her, scanned her card that she threw at me. Adjusted her sale price items after she had yelled at me. They weren't big things to me, although she seemed to throw quite an attitude. At the end of the transaction, I could see her day wasn't going so well. I said to her as I always say with every customer, "Have a nice day!" She walked away in a puff.

A minute later, she came back, and apologized for being so mean, telling me she had just been having a bad day, and that she was merely venting. She thanked me for being so sincere! Glad I brightened her day a bit. It just goes to show where kindness will lead to. :)

Ignorance Is No Excuse for Being a Malicious, Bitter, and Cruel Human Being
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LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS -- First of all, let me clarify one thing: The vast majority of the customers I help and serve every day are wonderful, tolerant people with common decency. So to those of you who are considerate when things that are of our control go wrong, please disregard this review.

As a full-time employee at a CVS, I don't find anything in my job that would constitute as being labeled "stressful". I find myself lucky with the fact that I can attend college courses, retain an active relationship with my fiancee, and work 30+ hours a week at a job that doesn't make me want to rip my hair out. As such, I make sure to take pride in everything I do during my shift, and to treat every customer with patience and respect.

However, there ARE times when things go wrong, or the customer I'm currently servicing will become irritated with my service. I admit, I've made errors, and a small handful of customers have been angry due to a fault on my behalf. Again, to those of you who have the right to complain, do so, and disregard this review. The point I'm bringing myself to, anyway, is that after reading some complaints on this site about CVS and its employees, I've been disgusted to the point of anger.

To those of you who scoff at the fact of waiting for 10 minutes to receive your prescription, take this into note: CVS/Pharmacy is now the largest provider of prescriptions in the country. Due to that fact, our company policy is under complete dedication to organizing, helping, and perfecting its service. However, with over thousands of prescriptions being filled per week, it does take time for the pharmacists (who ARE human, may I remind you) to catch up. Any mistakes on their end are due to human error. It's not a perfect system. We understand your frustration, but please don't expect us to run like clockwork-we're not soulless robots.

As for the front-end cashiers and impact employees, we're still doing our best as well. One particular complaint reads: "I was at another CVS and stopped by to get an item, when I was paying with my debit card I decided to get some cash back to avoid making another stop at the bank. So on the KIOSK I selected the option for 'cash back' I entered 'other' and typed in $40. Well I guess the limit is $35 so I got error on the KIOSK. But before I could reselect a different dollar amount the cashier hit a button on the register and completed my transaction without me even finishing my selection on the KIOSK.

Her reasoning was since I selected $40 and I can only withdraw $35, the transaction automatically cancels the cash back request and processes the transaction as credit. I told that I didn't even finish on the KIOSK and she processed my transaction. Guess what her response was, 'the KIOSK has nothing to do with this (pointing at her register).' can you believe that... Then to top it off the cashier was like, 'you can buy a stick of gum and request cash again.' I told her I wasn't interested in a stick of gum and walked out of there... no reason to get upset over incompetent cashiers."

I'm sorry to inform you, but, it's true. The KIOSKs are automated, and if they detect an error (such as a cash back request $5 over the pre-programmed limit), it will automatically process your transaction. Sadly, the employee has no say in this, and once the transaction is complete, it's a long process to return the items you've purchased. Instead, the alternative of buying a $.79 pack of gum to get your $35 cash back is a very professional suggestion on her behalf. Please don't bash the entire company for your own incompetence.

Anyway, I've made this rant longer than I intended, so to wrap things up, I'll say one last thing. To all of you who find customer service at CVS in particular to be horrid to the point where you'd wish death upon its employees, please consider this: We're all human. Errors are errors, whether they be in, or out of our control. In the event that it was our fault, please have common decency and confront us with a civil attitude-we'll do the same for you. If the error was beyond our control, please recognize that fact, and stop while you're ahead. Thank you.

Cashier Lacked Manners.
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Rating: 2/51

ENDICOTT ST, DANVERS, MA, MASSACHUSETTS -- I am writing to express how offended I was by the behavior of an employee at the CVS store on Endicott Street in Danvers, MA. During a hot dog day of August, I went to this store in order to make a return. A supervisor assisted me with the return issue (no receipt, so only get back half the price that is the products present on sale price - OK - fair enough.) The supervisor left while I mulled over whether to return my purchase or to keep it. I opted to keep it.

I was also returning another product so I went over to the one and only other cashier who was open. She performed the store credit. No big deal I figured. I had a lot on my mind other than CVS and just wished to make a quick transaction and leave. I had laid my purse and a nearly empty bottle of cola ( I had been sipping it in my car and had carried it into the store with me), on the counter.

When the transaction was completed, I picked up my belongings off the counter and started to leave but was snidely, rudely, disrespectfully, sarcastically and insinuatingly asked by this cashier, "DID you pick that up from HERE!?" referring to my nearly empty bottle of cola.

I said to her that IF I had picked it up from the store, I would have have certainly let her know and paid for it. Then she proceeded to shrug, "Well I don't know, SOME people come in here and open our bottles and start drinking". I informed her that she was out of line, inappropriate and making assumptions and judgments and extrapolating other people's behaviors to me. She then proceeded to loudly proclaim without any real remorse or concern,"I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

The point is this: Behavior of this sort is a systemic problem with the CVS stores in this area and is not appreciated. We don't live in the days of different water fountains. CVS ought to train its employees so that they never forget this.

I am also amazed that this cashier was in her tone, demeanor and general attitude able to address me in this blaming, superior attitude, with a sense of impunity - an attitude that points to a CVS system wide support of such behavior. Insulting any member of our community, in my case a mature individual with the implication of thievery is beyond reprehensible.

Then to add insult to injury the store manager, a female on responding to my complaint sided with this cashier, and made little of the utter disrespect and rudeness meted out to me, citing "This is one of our best cashiers." As if, that makes any difference to a customer; why should I care if this woman is a good cashier or not? I am only concerned with behavior directed at me, personally. This store manager also implied that it was perfectly fine for this cashier to ask me the question, since, "people do open bottles and drink from them."

This fallacious observation was offered to me, instead of the recognition that asking such a question with such a disparaging attitude is far from good customer service; it's indeed BAD customer service. I went into this store (I normally do not shop here) to make a simple return, instead left the store upset and wasted hours of my time wondering, "what the heck" was that all about.

Sure, employees of CVS are not "slaves" but neither are customers. Whatever happened to civility and manners and "the customer is always right?" Whatever happened to CVS employees addressing customers by their last names? Wouldn't it have been nicer if this cashier had asked me the question in a trusting sort of manner, with the right tone of voice, without racist undertones? A simple, "Ms. X, would you like me to ring that up for you?" instead of " DID you PICK that up from HERE? Manners count.

CVS stole my money!
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KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS -- To make a long story short I paid cash for a prescription that needed an authorization and before I even handed the pharmacist the script I wanted to make sure I would get all my money back (minus a $75 copay) when the authorization went through and she said "Oh yes, that won't be any problem at all as long as you keep all of your receipts". (cost of the medication was $603.24) About 2 - 2 1/2 weeks later I called CVS and they said they finally got the authorization so I was able to come back in and get my money back. I go there with ALL the receipts that I needed and out of all that money I got $103!

CVS said I would have to get the rest of the money back from my insurance company. Insurance company said they paid CVS their FULL amount for the prescription so I needed to go back in and get my money back from CVS. Went back and forth with insurance and CVS. This happened on FEB 11th, it's now almost June. Still no money refunded back from CVS. CVS tells them that they refunded me ALL of my money. That is a lie!! I have proof. And I have my own opinions on why that was said but I have no proof on that so I will not say it. Insurance representative apologized up and down and said she gets this quite a lot and she suggested to contact CVS Corporate.

Sad thing is that the Pharmacy Mngr. at that time (which she was just promoted 2 days before all of this happened) is NOW the Supervisor over the local CVS Pharmacy mngrs. in my town! She is the person at corporate that you have to bring your case to and she decides whether or not to spit in your face and call you a liar or give you ALL of your money that you should have coming to you! I will never go back to CVS! If there is anyone out there that had a similar problem that could give me any useful suggestions on getting this matter resolved it would be greatly appreciated...... Thanks.

Please Do Not Generalize
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ARIZONA -- I work in a CVS/pharmacy in AZ and I do consider my pharmacy staff wonderful :) I have never once heard one of my fellow employees be rude to a customer. The complaints that I have heard about on this website confuse me! I can't even imagine some of the things that claim to happen actually happening. Not taking a coupon because it's not in color? That's not right, any other CVS would have taken the coupon. Not taking manufacturer coupons? They are accepted at my store, so please do not make generalizations.

If you do not see someone waiting in line ahead of you, it does not mean that we did not just get 5 prescriptions dropped off before you walked in. It does not mean we did not just get 3 prescriptions dropped off through the drive through. It does not mean that customers are not calling in. Please, we will get to you when we can, as fast as we can.

If you drop off a prescription on a Friday at 5pm or later but there is a problem with the prescription or you need a prior auth. Please do not yell at us when we tell you the soonest we can get it for you is the upcoming Monday- and that is if your doctor even gets back to us that Monday. It is the weekend and doctor's offices close. We cannot hunt your doctor down at their house and make them verify.

Please do not talk on your phone when you come to the counter. This has been such a problem at our pharmacy that we had to put up signs. Obviously, people are illiterate, still. I consider this very rude and can make the process of getting your prescription filled much longer than necessary.

If you see me assisting another customer and the other 2 pharmacy technicians are on the phone with a customer or at the drop off counter, please wait your turn. Do not interrupt me while I am in the middle of a conversation. If I ask you to please wait and tell you I will be with you as soon as I can, do not yell at me. Do not throw money at me. - rude.

Some prescriptions take less time to fill than others. If you have 5 prescriptions to fill and the person behind you in line has 1 and they get theirs first, what did you expect? If you have something we need to mix and another is something we need to count, the counting one comes out first. It's easier and faster to fill. Think of it as a restaurant. If you order a steak and the table next to you orders a salad, whose do you think will be first?

Overall, customers can be very polite and pleasant. Those who are this way make our job enjoyable. Sadly, there are customers who do not truly understand how the pharmacy and doctors cooperate or how the pharmacy and insurances operate. I think overall it is a basic misunderstanding. So please, before you yell at us, give us a chance to explain or ask questions first. And please do not generalize! There really are some of us out there who do our best to make the customer happy! :D Thanks.

Unprofessional Manager And Staff
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WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- I was traveling 4 1/2 hours away from home when my pet became ill. I phoned my vet and was told what to get to help her and fast. I put her into her CARRY CASE and ran into the CVS to get the medication. Upon entering the store I was searching for the medication I needed to get into her right away. I did not leave her in the car because I did not want her to get worse when I left her. She would never have gotten out of her case as she was strapped in and I was not going in to browse as I said I was on a mission to help her.

Well you would have thought grown adults would know how to act and not behave so childish and unprofessional. Two staff members were staring at me and literally ran to the back of the store to get the manager, who came out complaining loudly that all she wanted to do was eat her lunch. She came up to me and told me that she had her own dogs and was trying to shove her phone in my face to see a picture of her dogs and that I would have to leave. Staff members surrounded me and were smirking and laughing.

I felt like I was being closed in. No one asked if I needed help. They made a scene in front of customers. Not one person saw fit to see if they could help me. They treated the situation like children who couldn't wait to get someone in trouble for going against a rule and couldn't wait for me to be treated like a misbehaving child. Shame on all of them to not see if they could help. They were so interested and pleased with themselves in getting someone in trouble. I am so disappointed in their childish behavior. You would have thought I did some evil thing to them the way they were filled with joy over "catching" me.

Whatever happened to helping your neighbor? I no longer can spend any of my hard earned money at this CVS store in Winchester, VA. I hope that others will spend their money elsewhere. I am sure that people in other locations in Winchester are caring enough to help their fellow neighbor. Oh, by the way if the manager was such a caring dog lover as she was bellowing out to me then she would have tried to see if she could help a dog in distress.

Someone could have offered to get the items for me while I waited at the door. Instead they took precious time from my pet getting the assistance that she needed. This situation was handled in the most unprofessional and childish manner. I feel that all of these employees should be replaced with caring individuals.

The way the economy is at this time there is no reason why these employees should remain employed. Someone who actually has compassion for people should be hired. Stop the injustice now and help spread compassion instead. What kind of people take such enjoyment in someone else's time of need. Sick, disturbed people. I can only hope that if you (The employees of CVS) need assistance you will not run into people who are exactly just like yourselves.

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MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- I've been terminated and I am crushed. I feel I have been lied to and treated unfairly. I want employees of CVS to know that no one's job is secure. I worked for CVS for 8 years. I loved my job and was very good at it. While I was on vacation, I got arrested and went to jail. It was nothing to do with my job. I was not convicted of anything. When I returned back to work and almost a week had past, I was asked to the office to talk with human resources about my arrest.

I told them what happened. They then handed me a form to fill out and put in writing what happened. I went out to my car to sit and do as they ask. I called my attorney to let him know about this and he told me he would like to look over the form before I gave it to them.

I went back inside and ask my manager and HR if I could return it to them the next day because my attorney wanted to look it over. They were totally OK with this. So the next day I came to work and gave it to my manager.

After working for 2 hours I was asked to come to the office. HR was waiting to see me. That's when he told me I was being put on suspension until this matter was over. I was shocked and so upset. He was very nice and assured me that after the hearing I could return back to work and continue where I was in my position, same hours and rate of pay. I had just gotten a nice raise. He said this was normal procedure and he had to go by the rules.

I got my things and left. 4 months later, things were finally over and I was so ready to return to work. I went to my home store and everyone was so glad I was coming back. Even my manager. He said he had to wait to get the OK from District manager and he would call me.

A week passed so I called. He said he still hasn't heard anything. So I called him about 2 weeks later and he says he has no hours. At this point I told him I'm willing to work at any store even if it was a different one everyday. I was broke and it was 2 weeks before Christmas. I was told it would be Jan. 1 to check back then.

Finally, Jan. 15 I got someone to return my call. I was told that HR decided I was terminated. Reason: I did not fill out that form explaining what happened the day I was asked. Some excuse. Then why didn't they tell me that in the start. They lead me to believe for several weeks I still had a job. I was not convicted of anything. I have never been in trouble with the law. I have a clean record. I am so confused, embarrassed, and broke.

After the death of my husband 8 years ago, I chose then Eckerds now CVS to be my future. I put 100% into my job. I loved it and felt so blessed to have a job I enjoyed. Now I'm mad. I want everyone to know at CVS they really do not give a crap about you. Trust me. Protect yourself. Document incidents and have them initialed.

So now I am looking for a job. However, I do believe in karma! What goes around comes around, twice as hard. I thank God I had my mom for financial support. So you in corporate that lied and mislead me, you know who I am! One day you will feel the hurt and embarrassment that I still feel. Think of me. OK?

Bad Service
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THE COLONY, TEXAS -- I had a really bad experience at the CVS store on January 15, 2009 at around 2 pm. This pharmacy store is located at 6749 Main St., The Colony, TX 75056. The store number is 6982. My mum and I always go to the nearby pharmacy store to shop for daily toiletries. However, after today's experience I would not want to go to a CVS pharmacy store ever again.

My mum and I were buying some cotton balls and facial cleanser pads. I was holding on to two boxes of facial cleanser pads. One box was orange color and the other box was blue color.

My mum suggested just getting one orange box of the facial cleanser so I put the other blue box away on a random shelf in the store. After my mum paid for everything, we walked out and left the store. However, at the front of CVS store stood three cops.

They grabbed my mum and my hand and didn't let us leave the store. They said that the manager of that CVS store called the cops and said he saw us putting a blue box in our own bag. In order not to embarrass us which the cops said, we were brought to the back of the store.

I wanted to show to the cops where I put the blue box, but the cops just wanted us to wait as they did the investigation in the store. The cops apologized to us about the inconvenience caused as they just wanted to do their job. After a while, they could not find that blue box anywhere and could not find it in our bags or pockets. The cops said that there were no evidence or proof of stealing.

The cops talked to the manager and said that the manager of the store did not like us being there, and the manager wanted the cops to file a criminal trespass warning against us. Which means if we go back to that store again, that manager will call the cops again and arrest us. The manager claimed that the store is his private property.

When the cops escorted us out of the store, I showed the cops where I put that blue box and the cop showed to the manager. To this point, the manager have not apologized to us for his false accusing. I was really unsatisfied about the warning they gave us and about the conduct of that manager.

In addition, when I asked the manager if he can show me the store's videotape, he did not want to show it to me but insisted that he saw us stealing on the video camera. I believe I am the customer and I do not have the right to be accused of stealing when I did not do that and there were no evidence showing that I stole that box of facial cleanser.

I really feel I am being harassed and discriminated by that manager. Having this kind of character defamation by this CVS manager really disappointed my view towards the store. I thought CVS believe in customer, value and service, but I had a terrible experience shopping there.

This is my first time having to deal with the cops and also falsely accused of stealing and also my very first time being treated like a criminal. I felt that this case is really unfair and I am not settle with this case. I do not really mind about not going back to the store again but I really do not like the treatment by that manager.

As a customer, I have never ever in my life having to be searched by the cops of something I did not do. My mum felt really violated as the cops had to search his purse. I wish this manager would be dismissed from his job. Even if he is the manager, he should not falsely accuse people of stealing when they did not do that. This is also not how to run a business. The manager is misusing his powers.

People come back to the store because they enjoy the customer service being provided. Hence, it really changed my mind about shopping at CVS again. The manager not only wasted our time but also ruined my mood for the whole day. My mum's emotions were really hurt as she has never met this kind of situation her entire life.

My mum wants to file a lawsuit against this CVS store manager but we do not want to make this case any bigger. I do not know the name of this manager as he refused to tell me his name. But he is this Hispanic manager with a stocky build. I hope there's actions done against this store manager.

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