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Here is the situation...

I'm a former employee from CVS pharmacy for the past 6 yrs now... I work in the pharmacy as a technician and this had been my first and only JOB ever, so I been a technician since I was 19 yrs old. I was just reading couple reviews of how CVS has very poor and unexperience employee who are always very rude and it really bothers me, because I'm a CVS employee and I know I'm not that kind of person, and where I work, we don't run that kind of business because is NOT tolerated. I believe that many people don't even know what CVS stand for, Consumer, Value, Service and each day I go into work I have to give out there 100 percent of me to make sure I stand by that matter, and not only because I work there, but because I always place my self in the consumer position. what if it was me this sick? how good I would like to be treated. Yea some days are tougher than others but is matter of patience and value. Sometimes I believe customers don't understand pretty much the effort that us as employee work on a daily basis to give them the best service they can experience... Since I started working as a pharmacy technician my perspective of people had totally change, and not in a good matter. I still can remember how naive I used to be before working there, I was very much a people pleaser and always willing to go the extra mile to help anyone, but not anymore at least not the people who don't deserve it. Is very sad to have memories of customer who you had help for always yelling at your face, or threatening you with a gun, better yet even making racism coments not even to you but to your co-workers, just because most of the time customer they either forgot the name of their medication and expect us to know it all, or because they forgot to bring in their new insurance and still expect us to know it all. I believe that most of our customer are NOT aware that we are just a PHARMACY, that even going that extra mile to help them, something situations are just out of out hands. And yelling at us, Cursing us out, or even threatening you to do any harm, aint going to change the matter of the fact. I know that us as employee we need to have that Patience and that Courage and Education to deal with all the odds of as a pharmacy technician, but it's very unpleasant and very imature that even when we are doing our JOB or Helping them out, we should still get threated like trash. I believe that under my working uniform their a person, who also, get sick, who also deal with life situations, who also have feeling and emotions like any other person. And sometimes we can also lose our patience over the ignorance of well rounded people(as they call them self) whenever they feel the need to offend us.

As my self, I had learn that theirs only much you can do for people, and as long I know that I been doing my JOB fully completed and pleasant people can turn around and said whar they want because again I can't live at anyones expectations. I have a JOB to do daily, and I proudly say that I do it every day. with open hear and luv to give to everyone
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Anonymous on 10/25/2009:
OP, some people you just can't be nice to. They will push you to your limits. Just do what you can, but at some point you got to say enough is enough.

I do NOT allow ANYONE at Walmart to talk stupid to me. Not customer, co worker or manager. I do not disrespect anyone and they will not disrespect me. I will tell a customer quick to check the language and attitude or go to another register.

Be nice, but don't be a door mat or a punching bag.
beanbagbritches on 10/25/2009:
Just keep being a friendly pharmacy tech and you will make someone's day. I doubt these reviews are about you. :)
Kittyclaw on 10/25/2009:
I've been to a few CVS's here where I live but never used the Pharmacy but as far as I've seen the employees have been really nice and helpful.

But, you can't please everyone and there's just those customers who can't be pleased....ever...And no they don't understand what employees jobs are but then again they go in with the attitude of it's their job to do this for me etc....

But, all you can really do is keep up your excellent service and like Bean said these reviews aren't about you just about the bad experience and employees that they have experienced.

Unfortunately the bad employees out their do make it hard for the good ones to show through.
Eloise on 10/25/2009:
I really love the people at our CVS. They go out of their way to help my family! I always try to let them know how much we appreciate their efforts!
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Treat You Like A Criminal
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MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- I can honestly say that I go to CVS very frequently to print photos of my little girl and our activities that we do during the week. I like the fact that you can go in the store print your pictures in a fast and private matter. Now, on June 5th my five year old daughter and I had gone to the daddy daughter dance and took a photo of the two of us at the dance, and so I asked the photographers asst how many photos will I be receiving they replied just one but you can make as many copies that you want when you get the photo. I said great!

So about a week prior to today I finally received the pic of us two and could not wait to copy it and send it to family and friends. So I go in the store on June 19th after 5pm to make copies of some pics so I can send them off to my family. So I asked for some assistance from a young male employee about increasing the size of a pic that was no bigger than a half dollar, then some manager came over and just interrupted what the employee was showing me, which I thought was extremely rude, to show me what the young man was showing me in the first place.

So we get the picture done and I pull out the daddy daughter dance pic to make a copy of it. So I start going through the steps to make copies and here comes the manager again, starts pressing buttons and lifts up the scanner lid and says "you can't copy this", so I tried to explain it to her that the photo place said it was alright to make a copy of the photo. So she rudely interrupted me and explained it to me like I was a three year old about why I can't copy that photo. OK I get already, no problem, it will not happen again, my mistake.

Now I go in there today about an hour ago with my daughter to develop more pictures. And guess whos working, the same manager. So I go to the Kodak photo printer to make copies of our day to send off to our family and I hear "you need help with that", no thank you I said and non discretely I hear the mngr call the cashier over to her and let her know to check my pics b/c I tried developing a pic that they (CVS) are not allowed to do. So I shake my head (like are you for real),so I get my pics developed and put them in my envelope and went to the counter, I let a lady go in front of me, I'm in no rush. So the mngr oopens up a register just to take my purchasse herself, and believe me it was not b/c there was a line there was only two of us in line. So I hand her my receipts and she asks me for my envelope to see what was in there, I said the five pics that I took." Well, I have to check, its my job.", Never in my life have I have seen her or anybody check any envelope ever at that CVS. I know why, she knows why, and I have never felt so demoralized and made to feel like a common thief that had to have my things searched every time I go in to that particular CVS. What she did was wrong and demeaning to me and I would not be surprised if it does not happen often to other shoppers. So I will be looking into this kind of situation to make sure some action will be taken.
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Anonymous on 06/20/2009:
I know it can be annoying, but they have a right to check. they can get sued if you print copy written material.
Soaring Consumer on 06/20/2009:
Policy is policy but that behavior is completely unacceptable.
BokiBean on 06/20/2009:
I would take my business elsewhere, and let CVS corporate know exactly why...
redjersey on 06/21/2009:
Letting CVS Corporate know about your experience will not accomplish anything, as it is supposed to be a strict policy not to let customers make copies of copywritten material. Our CVS copier has a large red and white sticker on it which lists which materials cannot be copied (school photos, etc), but that is ignored on a regular basis by customers. Copying copywritten material is not legal and this rule is not limited to CVS. They did not make up this rule, the Feds did. Every CVS should have a form that you may take with you to the photographer for them to sign off on, and then you may LEGALLY print as many pics as you like. As to the manager's behavior, well, CVS managers pretty much just suck anyway.
jktshff1 on 06/21/2009:
You need to get a digital camera and printer/scanner so you don't have this problem.
lennyg on 06/22/2009:
once again, my problem is not the copying issue, it is that if I'm going to get checked than you better check everyone, because you cannot single out one person. heck if you're going to do your job at least do it to the fullest, so if I go in there and I will, and if the person in front of me and behind me does not get checked there will be issues brought to CVS corp about how their employees didn't quite grasp the discrimination section in the training manuals.
Anonymous on 06/22/2009:
Exactly what was wrong with the picture that caused the manager to go nuts? It seems like she was blatantly acting like you had an inappropriate picture of your child. I would be demanding answers too.
GodEmperorJ on 06/22/2009:
When I worked at CVS, I made sure to check everyone, even if another associate printed it and I was just ringing it out, sorry for the inconvenience but its not worth my job when CVS gets fined $15,000. Ultimitely its not a legal violation until you check out and CVS accepts money for someone else's intellectual property. That manager was covering his rear, I'd bet a store in the district had recently gotten fined. And if you put up a stink and then return later, yes they will spread the word to watch out, to many people think if they come back later, they can get an employee either too busy or too lazy to check.
bizmail on 07/12/2009:
What part of the manager's warning you do not understand? Why people like you keep you month shut at any government agency in a situation like this? it is because it can get you butt in jail....isn't it?. Doing this at a private company will probably land you free stuff. Get a J.O.B.....what do you wan't? someone at CVS to kiss your sorry rear? No is No...don't try to take everyone on a guilt trip here. The issue is you are doing illegal stuff, so you were told the first time, but still you went back and did it anyway....are you stupid, or just trying to make some fast cash..?
Anonymous on 07/12/2009:
WTH@ bizmail
lennyg on 07/12/2009:
o.k,bizmail. have two jobs, and is a single parent, never ever stolen anything in my life. believe me when I say it is never about cash. oh, and by the way, I got them developed down the street at another c.v.s store. you see the picture didn't have the studio markings on it just my name to reference where it is going to and the photo companies name just to state where it came from just incase I wanted to use their company for any the photographer assured the woman at c.v.s that yes I can copy and enlarge the photograph at no risk to her company. if the other manager just would have listened to the consumer, none of this would even have been mentioned.
bizmail on 07/14/2009:
I am a regular CVS customer. I hate to see how customers treat retail employees, like crap!!! The first thing an unhappy customer does is call corporate on these guys with the intent to harm. See, you don't mess with people who serve your food....if you know what I mean. You have been tagged, period. Corparte is more concerned about the potential lawsuits that could come from those employees because of harassing customers. You can complain all you want, they will only get a slap on the wrist. We live in a great nation, with a lot of competition. If you don't't like it there then got to Walgreens, Rite Aid or the dollar store. Why continue your quest to harm?
nice person on 08/14/2009:
lennya I can kind of understand where you coming from. the manager at ur store blew a simple problem out of proportion. they should have kindly explained we cannot copy that here because it is a professional picture. that's how I explain it. they are trying to follow policy but again it just got escalated more than what it shouldve been
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Ignorance is no excuse for being a malicious, bitter, and cruel human being
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LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS -- First of all, let me clarify one thing: The vast majority of the customers I help and serve every day are wonderful, tolerant people with common decency. So to those of you who are considerate when things that are our of our control go wrong, please disregard this review.

As a full-time employee at a CVS, I don't find anything in my job that would constitute as being labeled "stressful." I find myself lucky with the fact that I can attend college courses, retain an active relationship with my fiancée, and work 30+ hours a week at a job that doesn't make me want to rip my hair out. As such, I make sure to take pride in everything I do during my shift, and to treat every customer with patience and respect.

However, there ARE times when things go wrong, or the customer I'm currently servicing will become irritated with my service. I admit, I've made errors, and a small handful of customers have been angry due to a fault on my behalf. Again, to those of you who have the right to complain, do so, and disregard this review.

The point I'm bringing myself to, anyway, is that after reading some complaints on this site about CVS and its employees, I've been disgusted to the point of anger.

To those of you who scoff at the fact of waiting for 10 minutes to receive your prescription, take this into note: CVS/Pharmacy is now the largest provider of prescriptions in the country. Due to that fact, our company policy is under complete dedication to organizing, helping, and perfecting its service. However, with over thousands of prescriptions being filled per week, it does take time for the pharmacists (who ARE human, may I remind you) to catch up. Any mistakes on their end are due to human error. It's not a perfect system. We understand your frustration, but please don't expect us to run like clockwork- we're not soulless robots.

As for the front-end cashiers and impact employees, we're still doing our best as well.
One particular complaint reads: "I was at another CVS and stopped by to get an item, when I was paying with my debit card I decided to get some cash back to avoid making another stop at the bank. so on the KIOSK I selected the option for "cash back" I entered "other" and typed in $40. Well I guess the limit is $35 so I got error on the KIOSK. but before I could reselect a different dollar amount the cashier hit a button on the register and completed my transaction without me even finishing my selection on the KIOSK. Her reasoning was since I selected $40 and I can only withdraw $35 the transaction automatically cancels the cash back request and processes the transaction as credit.

I told that I didn't even finish on the KIOSK and she processed my transaction. Guess what her response was, "the KIOSK has nothing to do with this (pointing at her register)." can you believe that....

Then to top it off the cashier was like, "you can buy a stick of gum and request cash again." I told her I wasn't interested in a stick of gum and walked out of reason to get upset over incompetent cashiers."

I'm sorry to inform you, but, it's true. The KIOSKs are automated, and if they detect an error (such as a cashback request $5 over the pre-programmed limit), it will automatically process your transaction. Sadly, the employee has no say in this, and once the transaction is complete, it's a long process to return the items you've purchased. Instead, the alternative of buying a $.79 pack of gum to get your $35 cashback is a very professional suggestion on her behalf. Please don't bash the entire company for your own incompetence.

Anyway, I've made this rant longer than I intended, so to wrap things up, I'll say one last thing. To all of you who find customer service at CVS in particular to be horrid to the point where you'd wish death upon its employees, please consider this: We're all human. Errors are errors, whether they be in, or out of our control. In the even that it was our fault, please have common decency and confront us with a civil attitude- we'll do the same for you. If the error was beyond our control, please recognize that fact, and stop while you're ahead.

Thank you.
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User Replies:
maribel1986 on 04/27/2008:
well said :)
Anonymous on 04/27/2008:
I agree. We are all human and we should do our best to treat others as we want to be treated.
heaven17 on 04/27/2008:
This general reasoning could be applied to a lot of complaints I see. There seems to be a disturbing trend of 'One strike and you're out' attitude toward businesses these days.
Good review!
Ponie on 04/27/2008:
Good review and much luck to you with your studies.
darkshadow1227 on 06/29/2008:
Well said. I work at a CVS as well, and we are all human. Mistakes do happen, and sometimes things are just beyond our control. It is the responsibility of both parties to make transactions and store environment flow better.
Dire on 07/20/2008:
Nice little rant there, I work for CVS too, I wish there was a way to inform people faster than reading on the internet..
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They say the customer is always right... But I beg to differ
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NOT SAYING BECAUSE A CUSTOMER WILL PROBABLY REPORT, NEW YORK -- I am a Pharmacy Tech at a 24-hour CVS store in New York (not to mention it's probably one of the busiest pharmacies I have ever encountered hah).

Many of the customers I help are very kind, considerate, and reasonable people. However, a large amount of them are complete idiots. I've been reading complaints from this forum for only about 20 minutes and I'm disgusted. While some of these complaints are understandable, I doubt that most of them are 100% true.

Let me start off by saying that, we're all customers, including me. Never in my life have I taken the time out to complain about "bad" service I received at a store. Never in my life have I ever complained about my prescription taking more than 10 minutes (GASP!) or a 20 minute wait on a line. People have to realize that they're not the only customers there.

Like I've mentioned, I work at an extremely busy pharmacy. One of my shifts is during the busiest time of day (rush hour)and this is right after I come home from long day at college. The second I hit the register (NOT AT ALL THE TIME BUT IN A GENERAL SENSE) customers are whining that the line is too long and saying "that they don't want to wait" or that we're "taking too long"...meanwhile there's about 15 people waiting at drop-off and a large number of people waiting/picking up. It's very easy for you people to sit there and moan and groan but when you're behind the counter it's very frustrating. We really do try our best to satisfy everyone but we're human beings. We can only do a certain amount of things in a certain amount of time. We're not your slaves and we're not robots. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Customers also complain about insurance all the time. I've been told to my face..."you people and your prescription prices are ridiculous!!!" and "why do you people always mess up my insurance" and "WHY IS THIS IS SO EXPENSIVE, YOU GUYS ALWAYS DO THIS!!!" Just to let you, the insurance problems are usually never our fault, sometimes there might be a typo here or there but most of the time it's the insurance companies or your laziness. Stop having such a hard time blaming things on yourself.

Overall, my experience at CVS has been enjoyable because I've learned new things and met new people. But I have to say that I've come home miserable because of the treatment and abuse that I get from some of you people. I've had things thrown at me. Customers snicker about me while they wait (A WHOLE 15 MINUTES... BOOOHOOOO) for their prescriptions. One bitter woman (who probably lives alone with her ten cats) complained about me because I wasn't waiting for her at the pick-up counter, reason being I was doing production. It's not like she was sitting there for 5 minutes. When I'm counting pills in the back, the minute I see a customer online, I stop what I'm doing to assist them. That's exactly what I did but it wasn't good enough for her. She then tells me that my name tag isn't showing enough and that I'm unprofessional. She tells me that she goes by first impressions (because her opinion of me is real accurate).

I'm sick and tired of being belittled and ridiculed by customers. They take things too far, it's unfair. I work my ass off day in and day out and the last thing I need is some stranger yelling at me like I'm a child or a criminal.

I just wanted to make a point here. This doesn't apply to every single customer. And yes, sometimes there are reasons to complain. But I do think that most customers should pull there heads out of the ass and stop with the whole "the customer is always right blah blah blah" because the truth of the matter is..."the customer is always an ignorant prick!"

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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 03/15/2008:
Having worked in a pharmacy for a couple of years while I was in school, I can somewhat understand your frustration, but I still recall what I was told by one of the first pharmacists I worked with. He reminded me that the folks we were dealing with didn't want to be there - getting a script filled isn't something people look forward to doing.

Often they are sick and just want to go home - perhaps they just got some bad news from the doctor and they are getting the first bottle of what is going to be a lifetime of maintenance drugs - maybe they are getting this script filled for a loved one at home that's too sick to get out or maybe that loved one is in the final stages of a terminal disease.

Believe it or not, things will go better if you screw on a smile and do your best for them. If you are busy, let them know that when you take their script - if it's going to be an hour, be honest. They might be upset at first, but it's better than then allow them to stand there and stew for an hour getting angrier and angrier.

Suggest they go home or do some other shopping and offer to call their cell phone when their meds are ready. Imagine how you would like to be treated. Remember, you could be the high point of their day or just another person piling on the crap. Best of luck to you!
Aerocave on 03/15/2008:
That's just the way it is today...I hear what you are saying, but really what it comes down to is you have 2 choices:
1) Deal with least your profession is basically recesion-proof (and based on of pharmacist friends of mine, I would think you are making a pretty good living)

2) Go work in a factory or some other job that does not deal with the public.

Dealing with customers in today's climate is tough...some people are impatient, do not want to pay for anything, are always in a rush, do not hold themselves accountable, etc...but I disagree with your statement "the customer is always an ignorant prick."
Nohandle on 03/15/2008:
Good points Hugh, and I've experienced in recent years the lack of the old fashioned common courtesy employee vs consumer across the board no matter the business. Admittedly, having a prescription filled is a necessity and buying a new dress isn't, the attitude displayed seems to be the same. Everyone is in a big rush and expect preferential treatment. I do business with a locally owned pharmacy, the prices seem to be on the same level with the chains, and personally I don't expect any pharmacist to be in a BIG rush to fill my script. All I want is for it to be accurate.
*Brenda* on 03/15/2008:
If you hate your job you should quit instead of coming on here blasting customers and making yourself look VERY unprofessional.
dimplepie on 03/15/2008:
AnonymousPharmacyTech- The comment about the woman that lived alone with her 10 cats, LOL! I know a woman like that, and she's about just as crazy sounding as the woman you described. I really do hate the type of people who whine b/c they have to wait 2 minutes for something, seems like those are the types that can never be satisfied. keep positive, and remember not everyone is crazy, but there are the traditional handful out there :)
Anonymous on 03/15/2008:
I work in retail and I understand your frustration, everyone has good comments and they all do make a point, however I think Hugh has it right. Brenda, blasting customers on this site can make APH look unproffessional (I agree completly, but it is better here than to the customer.) APH, try Hugh's advice, having been in retail over 10 years, I can tell you it will help a lot. If it doesn't help you, then Brenda is right and it may be best for you to look for a job with less public contact. Good luck=)
*Brenda* on 03/15/2008:
Hurricane, IMO it's just as bad to blast them on here if not WORSE. I'm sure some people on here are CVS customers. She represents CVS and posting on a public site with a rant like this is a big no no!
jenjenn on 03/15/2008:
I agree with Brenda. I do sympathize with the poster, however, blasting insurance companies because problems, "are usually never our fault" is uncalled for. I hate to break it to ya sweetheart, but I work for an insurance company & call pharmacies several times a day for errors. Sometimes it's the insured's fault, but sometimes it's the pharmacy's fault. Correction - a LOT of times it's the pharmacy's fault, and we usually get an attitude when we ask for it to be corrected.
Anonymous on 03/15/2008:
Brenda, when I think about it a little more you are right. The poster could have "ranted" omitting the company name. Bye the way APH, there is a web dedicated to complaining about your job as way to get off of your chest. It is It even has funny videos; it's a great stress reliever. However, like Brenda said, to remain professional, it is best to omit the company name.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 03/17/2008:
APT--I empathize with your frustrations...when you work with the public you will always encounter people that can't be pleased regardless. However, your last statement was totally uncalled for and possibly provides insight into the type of person you are and how you deal with the public. Your review lost a lot of credibility with me due to that statement.
Anonymous on 03/17/2008:
MS - that's exactly what I was thinking. I was actually feeling for the poster right until the last line. It totally changed my perspective of the entire post. I truly hope I never run into her at the pharmacy.

Hugh - I really appreciated your comment. That is so true. Getting a prescription filled is likely just one of the series of events in a bad day, for sad reasons. Compassion would go a long way here. I voted yours Best answer.
Cvs*Corporate on 03/19/2008:
HI, this post is for Brenda.
Nowhere on this thread was there ever a mention of not liking her job. If she is expressing her self,she has the right to do so,Remember we are in America!As for you BRenda, you have just let everyone on here know that you are the kind of "pricks" she is talking about.
jktshff1 on 03/19/2008:
Hello, this post is for Cvs*Corporate.
And a very well thought out, business like response from CVS Corporate, just what everyone on here would expect from reading the negative posts here about CVS
Remember, in America! everyone is entitled to their opinion without being slammed for it.
Take your "prick" somewhere else.
Cvs*Corporate on 03/19/2008:
you guys need to stop getting your panties all ruffled up!
I hate CVS! That's why coming out here and doing this is so much mun! I want you guys to hate them more!!!!
MSCANTBEWRONG on 03/19/2008:
Tsk...Tsk...I'm going to report you to MRS CVS! :) just kidding!
Anonymous on 03/19/2008:
Anonymous--Your post did start out well--explaining your position and such--but it digressed in the last paragraph to a rant. It is too bad because I can understand your frustration (some customers are rude)--you just need to learn how to vent more successfully so people don't attack you as they have here.

You sound totally stressed out and should probably look into another location--somewhere where people are more laid back. Some people are pretty worked up in some parts of NY (my son lives there) so you either have to get used to it or move.
JasonJD on 03/19/2008:
I can say from experience that many insurance issues are customer issues, like using an old card with an old number, not realizing their employer's benefits package rules or not understanding medicare/medicaid rules. In most of these cases it is because no effort was applied to understand these, I do not blame the insurance companies or processors, its the customers that must take some personal responsibility. Like-wise, there needs to be reasonable expectations for time, if you want a staff member to check on your insurance, that takes time, fill your script ACCURATELY, that takes time, have your prescription reviewed for quality, takes time.

I sympathize with anyone who is sick or has gotten bad news about their health or a loved one's, but you also cannot take it out on everyone else either, especially not the people who are trying to help you.

Lastly, Aerocave, I don't know if your RPh friend told you that Pharmacy Techs make a lot, or if they meant Pharmacists, I can tell you right now that Techs DO NOT make a decent amount of money, usually somewhere between 8 and 15 dollars an hour depending on training and experience, not anywhere near Pharmacists that make over 100 grand a year.
Cvs*Corporate on 03/19/2008:
Please don't she still works for them...
Rosse on 03/19/2008:
You sound like you should change your field. Stay the heck away from customer service then. As much bull customers have to deal with everywhere, I mean everywhere... that it comes to a point where customers get angry,impatient, frustrated and more whether they know they are right or not. You sound like the type that don't acknowledge a customer in front of you, that you would keep counting pills until you are already and then get mad that they think you are ignoring them.
forcomplaintsonly on 03/21/2008:
I go to Riteaid, and there is a Pharmicist there, that acts like he is mad at the world. Oh and don't ask him any questions or he will bite your head off. The only reason we continue to go to this one is that it is the closest and not out of the way.
kyke on 04/09/2008:
Lol at the 10 cats I feel for u there. Working as a tech I can understand some of the problems the poster has. We do about 3200 scripts a week and most regulars understand the volume we do but it's the new customers that don't know but I always tell them that there is no obligation to wait in the store if the wait is long. Also I do agree with the insurance thing. Customers do complain a lot about their co-pays but there's nothing a pharmacy can really do about it. We just bill the insurance and they give us a response with the price. Most of the time if it's not covered it's up to the PRESCRIBER, not the pharmacy, to fix that in reality.
But you got to chill girl. I mean calling the customers ignorant pricks is over the line. I can't deny that yes some customers act like that, but you can't let it bother u. I mean for real :)
sjp on 07/28/2008:
I have waited at CVS every time I went to get a prescription filled. I didn't wait 15 or 20 minutes either. I have waited an hour most times. more than two quite a few. I don't wait in store for my prescriptions to be filled unless I have a sick child. Have you ever waited in a store with a sick child? It's a nightmare. I live in a small town. The CVS may get busy, but if they have a really long wait, they should have more staff working. I didn't complain to the staff or the store. I just decided to change pharmacies. best decission I ever made. if a clerk wants his customers to understand his side, he should try to understand theirs too. I imagine the wait seems shorter to someone that is very busy working. An hour can fly by while I'm busy working. put me in a store with a sick child and every minute creeps by and I keep checking my watch, so I know how long I've been waiting.
JasonJD on 08/10/2008:

I have worked at or filled in at several locations and have never had a customer wait more than 30 minutes at the most, and even that is an exception, unless they're were issues outside of the pharmacy's control, such as insurance issues, or issues with the script's legability etc that had to be followed up on. If you had to wait like that and there were no such issues, you should have spoken to the District Pharmacy Manager, customers that do not bring issues like this to management's attention make it that more difficult for us to improve. I hope you will share your experience with the district management or corporate customer relations and give CVS a chance again in the future.
Sharks11 on 09/30/2008:
Customers take the whole "customer is always right" thing to their heads. Sorry, but your own stupidity doesn't mean you are right.
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Miserable staff, always unprofessional
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK -- Today I walked into the nearest CVS just to buy a couple things, when I first walked on the line I noticed the older gentleman in front of me having a hard time hearing the miserable looking cashier (who couldn't make any attempt of speaking louder for the customer to hear) being kind as could be while the cashier wouldn't even look up at him. I then noticed an even linger line of people trying to pick up their photos with a lady trying to get someone's attention for some assistance.

When I eventually got to the front of the line the cashier finally decided to walk over and assist the lady. Why he couldn't get anyone else to come help her? I'm not sure. But when he walked back over to me only to ring up everything I had for being way over the price they should have been (being that many of the items were supposed to be on sale, which I stated only to get a reply that the "sales ended" whatever that's supposed to mean) I then just paid him and grabbed the change without looking, my girlfriend then walked in to the bathroom real quick, while she was I'm their I just straightened out the change I had received in my wallet when I noticed I had only gotten $12 back instead of the $22 I was supposed to receive. While doing this I noticed what appeared to be a customer with some food stained on his shirt staring at me from down the aisle with an angry expression on his face.

I then walked back on line to try to solve the situation with my change, at first the original cashier was hesitant as I expected and then asked for the 12 in my hand back, but then the same guy from the aisle walked up to him asking what he was doing, the original cashier then told him the situation, (still mumbling by the way) and asked him if he should give me the right amount of change the angry manager I now presumed then stated and I quote "No don't give him s%#%" right in front of me. Then grabbed the money and receipts from the day and walked into the office. About 8 minutes later he walked back out with my 12 in hand saying that it was the appropriate amount of money and handed it to me, as I went to show him my receipt he interrupted me raising his voice stating that I was incorrect now that I was over the 12 dollars and just mainly mad about the everything I had just witnessed told him off and walked out.

This was the most unprofessional display of management I have ever witnessed and will never go back to a CVS again. Terrible in all aspects and just disgraceful.
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Experience at Checkout Today
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WAIANAE, HAWAII -- About an hour ago, my son-in-law stood in line to purchase items along with a coupon to redeem a free 12 ounce CVS brand of body wash with a coupon he received through a publication on the internet. He presented the coupon to the cashier who immediately stated, "If it doesn't scan, I'm not taking it". It didn't scan. She then said flat out, "I'm not taking it because it's not scanning!"

Another cashier noticed what was occurring and came over to assist. She pointed out to the frustrated cashier that the directions were printed on the coupon in the event it didn't scan.... Which was something to the effect of "Go to Sales, then UPC, then type in the Bar Code".

While the other cashier was assisting her, she stated out loud in front of my son-in-law who was standing right in front of her there at the check out register, "Why are people using these coupons to get CVS brand soaps?... because I like to use the kind that actually work and not this generic brand". Lets not forget the fact that there were other customers standing in line who heard her comments.

OK, now after working several (7) years in retail prior to my current career in education, this is clearly not a good representation of what CVS wants from its employees nor the kind of experience they want for their customers.

Since CVS took over Longs Drugs in my community, I've shopped there countless times and have enjoyed all aspects. This cashier (Lulu), has always displayed professionalism and has always been helpful which leads me to think that perhaps she was having a bad day. Nonetheless, it is still inexcusable to display this kind of behavior.

My son-in-law was embarrasssed and uncomfortable. What makes this even more unacceptable is that these CVS coupons are being redeemed to collect items needed for young adults in a program who are trying to get their lives back on track. Care packages are being made to help support their hygiene needs as they work their way back into the work force and society. This kind of experience could really kill someones drive.....

We are very concerned with this type of service and it's really a turn off. I would like this matter to be addressed and I would like to request that negative comments about CVS products be banned from conversations by your employees because it's simply not true and it's not necessary.

Please look into the matter and for the record, I will continue to shop there because it is one of my favorite stores in my community. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


***Also know that my rating in this experience only reflect this particular incident. Other than that, I really like this store! :}
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Mail-order= Declining Health
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Received my prescription today and it was not my diabetic medication that I needed. Contacted the insurance and mail-order company and was told that it will be be 1-2 weeks later till I receive my correct medication. After a few days, my sugar shot through the roof!! Called the company again and asked them what to do but they pretty much said "too bad, nothing else we can do here." Recommended that I go to a local pharmacy and get a prescription filled and they will authorize a 1 month emergency supply. So I took my empty bottle to Kroger and the poor technician staff had to call ExpressScript to get it authorized,. In the process, she had to wait on the phone for 10-15 minutes just to talk to someone; this is only to be put on hold again'.

By now, there was a line people behind me because it took so much time to get in touch with the mail-order company.. Pharmacist talks to me and assures me that he will try to call again later to get the medicine transferred for me and that he has to worry about his "regular customers" at this time!. I took his word for it and 4 hours later I receive a call from a Kroger pharmacy staff saying they successfully transferred my prescription:.

This was a relief to me but I did feel bad that pharmacy staff had to spend so much time correcting a mistake that Medco-ExpressScript was responsible for and will be bill minimumly for it|. Meanwhile, the Shady PBM's mail-order will continue to get my business because it is "required"|. What happened to choice and freedom these days when it comes to prescriptions? I do not like give a company that passes their mistakes off to someone else my business
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 05/30/2012:
Find you a local pharmacy that can take care of your needs. I highly recommend The Medicine Shoppe. The one I use is wonderful.
Mrs. V on 05/30/2012:
jkt, some Medcos only allow mail order :(
jktshff1 on 05/30/2012:
I did no know that. I would raise cain with them.
Logics on 05/31/2012:
Yes, ESRX requires you to use mail order on all maintenance medications after your third refill at a local pharmacy. Not that ESRX and Medco merged, you should expect to see a lot more of that: The loss of free choice.
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Over Charge for Medication by Mail Order
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I am a senior and have a caremark copay insurance. I have been using metformin 1000 mg for past 1 yr and half through mail order from CVS which charged me $20 for 180 tabs of three months' supply. Recently I got a one month supply of 60 tabs at local CVS in Foster City, CA, because of running out of the medication. It turned out the cost of this one month supply was only $2.72. I made a complaint to CVS customer service by phone and e-mail, but did not received a satisfactory answer. The answer they provided was that the plan calculated for three months' supply cost more whether I like it or not and suggest to order from local CVS from now on. I really can not accept this answer. It is not logic of buying more costing much much more and feel I was cheated for past 1 1/2 yrs.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 05/05/2012:
Yes, you were ripped off by mail order. No, they don't care.

I, too, use metformin. I have also found it is considerably less expensive to buy it across the counter on my own than to let insurance handle it.

The "system" is designed to make it as difficult as possible to determine the most cost effective approach to these things.
CR on 01/29/2013:
I just talked to CVS caremark ... they charged my 90 days supply of prescription drug for $110 for 2 quarters. When I called them today, they told me this quarter is down to $50. Prior to switching over to CVS caremark, I was paying $50 for the 90 days supply and I have been using this prescription drugs for over 5 years! What kind of lie is that from them. They don't even admit their mistake a refund me the overcharge. Do you know where I can file a complaint?
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Scarred For Life !
Posted by on
MICHIGAN -- So I went in CVS before closing yesterday to grab diaper wipes for my daughter, while I was walking around looking at nail polish and a few other things I seen the lights start going off, not all of them just a few, so I rush up to the register and announce that I was there, no answer....

So they alarm starts going off and the phone is ringing (alarm company) I'm running around the store trying to holler for anyone to answer me, and guess what to my surprise they locked me in the store, no one there but myself, alarm going, I cried I thought omg the cops are going to think I'm robbing this place.

So I got out, called the police reported what happened then go back in the store this morning to file a report, and what does the manager who locked me in have to say " oh was that you? My bad hun my bad" I will never shop there again!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/25/2011:
You said that the phone was ringing, and it was the alarm company.

Did they ask you if you were the one who was robbing the store?

This is a unexpected reason not to shop near closing time.
madconsumer on 06/25/2011:
this has happened to many people. I am sure it is scary, but not a reason to avoid a store. I think it would be pretty funny to have that happen.

how were you able to get out of the store? did the police arrive in a short time to investigate the alarm?
Vinnie11 on 06/25/2011:
That must have been scary! I would think they'd check the store more thoroughly before closing. Why were you "browsing" at closing? If you go to a store that close to quitting time, grab your necessities and get out of there. Those employees have worked a full shift and want to get home to their families, sometimes so much so that it warps their common sense apparently. I'd seriously consider reporting it to corporate if I were you. You didn't even get a decent apology.
Ben There on 06/25/2011:
Sounds horrible and funny at the same time. There is always the emergency exit - and its the stores responsibility to check the store before locking it. At least they have plenty of snacks, drinks and things to read... Much better than getting locked in a hardware store.
DebtorBasher on 06/25/2011:
My Much Older Brother and nieces were locked in a store at the Mall one time. They were looking at something in the back of the store when they heard the security gate at the front enterence close. It wasn't closing time, it was in the middle of the day. About 15 minutes later the woman came back and noticed my Brother and nieces were locked in there. She apologized and told him it was a slow day and she had not realized anyone was in the store, being the only one there, she locked up to go on a break. LOL!.
Venice09 on 06/25/2011:
I wouldn't mind getting locked in a small store, but not a big department store. That would be too scary, especially if the mannequins started calling me Marsha.

Does anyone know if there is a Twilight Zone marathon this 4th of July?
trmn8r on 06/25/2011:
You're our go-to person for that information Venice.
madconsumer on 06/25/2011:
what did that comment have to dow ith this review?
Nohandle on 06/25/2011:
I have an acquaintance who was locked in a Sears store once at midday. Alarms went off everywhere and every door was automatically locked shut. It seems there was a small child reported missing/lost and all it took was alerting the first salesclerk in sight. That business was locked down immediately. The child had wandered off and was found safe and sound.

Some stores will lock their doors near closing to prevent new customers from coming in. I expect that was a bit of a learning experience for you. Apparently those folks were ready to go home. How long did it take for the lights to begin flashing for you to rush up to the counter? Just curious in the event I find myself in that same situation.
lovemyson on 06/25/2011:
I have worked in many retail places and its actually kind of easy to miss someone still shopping...However I'm wondering if the store makes pages that they are closing? I have made many pages where I work walked store and then someone come up to checkout and all registers have been closed for the night. Customers need to also pay more attention to store hours and store pages.
Anonymous on 06/25/2011:
Isn't CVS open 24 hours?
trmn8r on 06/25/2011:
I don't believe they all are. The ones I used to shop at were not. This one sounds like it is in a mall, and the stores in all the malls I have ever been in shut down.
clutzycook on 06/25/2011:
Not all of them are. The one around the corner from my house is not. The one down the street from my work isn't either (see my post regarding that, LOL). But there is one a few miles away that is open 24 hrs. It's just like Walgreens. There may be 6 stores in a relatively small area, but only one or two at the most will be open 24hrs.
bob93 on 06/26/2011:
I assumed you answered the phone since you said it was the alarm company. What did they say? I hope you are not scarred for life, think of it as an interesting experience.
CrazyRedHead on 06/26/2011:
If the phones were ringing and it was the alarm company, why didn't you just tell them you were locked in the store? I'm sure they would have alerted the police and they would have come out. I'm sure the police would have understood, they've probably heard and seen it all.
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"Sale Items"
Posted by on
GARLAND, TEXAS -- The Bumble Bee Tuna on sale for $ .77, which was labeled SOLID WHITE ALBACORE, which is a great deal, until you open the product, and it's smooshed up bad looking tuna, nothing SOLID in that can.

I called my local CVS to talk to one of the mgrs, and explain the problem, he had no response, I'm sorry, I haven't had a complaint, I didn't know, he does offer to bring the cans up there and he would re-imburse me. I said that's not what I want, I want the 'SOLID WHITE ALBACORE', that was advertised, and unfortunately, falsely done so.
He said, well, I could contact Corporate and that would take a while, and I don't even know if they will do anything about it.

I stated, "Yes, I wold like you to bring it this up with Corporate, and see if they can make it right". His reply, well, you bring up the product and then I'll do that.

I have been going to this CVS for over 16 (sixteen) years, and know most employees by name. This particular mgr has never had a 'customer service' bone in his body, since I've shopped there. He has been rude to me, and actually said some very hurtful things to me, and then came back with a remark, "What's the matter, can't you take a joke?'

It was a personal remark, and I was deeply hurt by it. I haven't shopped there much, since the incident, several years ago, however, since it is within walking distance, and I still get several scripts filled there on a regular basis.

I expect more from a store. I am sure BUMBLE BEE had their part in it, by providing false product advertised, however the bottom line ends with CVS, who their vendors are, and their relationships should be so solid, that even when an unfortunate mistake like this occurs, they issue a statement in the next 'AD', explaining the error, and apologize for it.

It would be nice for them to do something about this.
This has not been my first bad encounter w/management at this location. I called the Regional Mgr to make a complaint about service I received from their pharmacy. I was thankful that it did not take long for this employee to no longer be working there.

Management was angry with me, and some didn't mind saying so.

I must say, there are two other very good managers there, who have gone above and beyond to satisfy my needs, and accommodate me. as a good customer service individual should. They do need more air time for their good, h/o, I cannot type anymore.

thank you,

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User Replies:
azRider on 05/26/2011:
your beef ( or fish?) is not with CVS. they are just a re-seller. its with Bumble Bee! look on the can, does it have a address? a number? if so write them or call them. Bumble Bee sells their products to CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, etc. its not the stores issue, its the maker of the product. honestly, people, read the can!
yoke on 05/26/2011:
This issue is with BumbleeBee and not CVS.
Alain on 05/26/2011:
Bumble Bee Foods LLC, 9655 Granite Ridge Dr., Ste. 100, San Diego, CA 92123--858-715-4000.
prince-caesar on 05/26/2011:
Definitely Bumblebee complaint. Not CVS.
F. Sandford on 05/26/2011:
Sounds like it was a misprint in the Ad - you can't hold the local store mgr. at fault for this. Likely the ad was for tuna, and not the premium Albacore but was printed incorrectly. Save yourself (and others) some heartache, take the remainder of your product back with your receipt and get a refund.
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