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How things work in retail.....
By -

So many of you wishy washy people make me laugh when I read all these complaints. Let me help you understand how things work in retail. I used to work for the call center at one of America's biggest retailers (who will remain nameless) when I was in college, so I've heard every single complaint in the book a hundred times over. Trust me, there is NOTHING I haven't heard already.

First off, if you think your opinion counts for anything, THINK AGAIN. I was an 18 year old kid when I had the call center job and if memory serves me I made $12.50/hour. So when all the company's "valued" customers called "Corporate", you weren't talking to anyone with any influence in the company. You were talking to a young 18 year old boy who couldn't care less about you and your family and whether or not you ever came back to shop with us ever again.

Me and all my call center friends listened to the same complaints day after day, then we would apologize profusely, maybe send you a gift card if you were nice, and after we hung up we rolled our eyes and took the next call. We listened how long the lines were, how the cashier was rude to you, how the restrooms were filthy, how the prices were outrageous, why our return policy sucked, how nobody said hi to you when you walked in the door, how nobody told you to have a nice day, how there wasn't enough handicap parking, how your car got dented in the parking lot by a shopping cart and how you were going to take your business to my competitor.

It really was so repetitive that we became desensitised to it after some time. I can remember days when I wasn't in a people mood and I would just let you stay on hold for ten minutes even though I wasn't talking to anyone else, just because it would irritate you more. Of course, this job had an insane turnover ratio because most people can only tolerate being screamed at for so long, but I was able to stick with it because the money was pretty good for a college kid who needed to pass the time in between the weekends.

So in the end guys and girls, complaining may make you feel better, but it really doesn't accomplish much else. Any retail corporation (and any corporation in general) gets thousands of complaints each week from its clientele and very little changes ever take place. At the end of the day, if you don't like the way the establishment does business, don't give them yours. And please be advised that I was NEVER a disgruntled employee and I have no grudges against anyone then or now. I was just pointing out reality.

By -

MAMARONECK, NEW YORK -- I've been a CVS customer for years!... I am well educated and finishing up a medical program. I was approached by a friend asking me if I would be able to work for CVS, because this specific store was short handed. I agreed, and I worked for CVS for over a year. Before I applied for the job, I actually took a course in pharmacy and even got certified as a technician. All of this while I went to school also.

First of all let me say that I feel for the customers of CVS. I know that the technicians and other employees could be rude. I've seen it with my own eyes. I have never once given a customer an attitude. I always went out of my way to always help everyone that I could. I worked for this company for over a year and I never received any sort of complaint on my behalf.

But working for this company was a nightmare. Management was horrible, they didn't even know how to do their jobs right. The store manager spent more time socializing with his employees then actually doing his job. Half the people that work in that store are illegal and working under false or stolen identities and social security numbers.

When I brought up some of these issues with the district manager and corporate, they gave me an attitude and was very rude to me. A few months later the same district manager came to my store and asked to talk to me. He told me that he no longer has a position for me to work in a pharmacy in our district, but has a position for me to work in another store as a cashier. I walked out right then and there and quit.

What I don't understand is that he told me that I wasn't qualified to work in the pharmacy when I'm nationally certified and more educated then anyone else in that store, yet people who don't even know how to read a script or use a computer are still employed there!

I rather be homeless and starving then work again for such a corrupt company like this. My family, friends and myself will never ever shop at CVS again! CVS doesn't care about their customers, all they care about is the money. Next time any of you decide to fill a prescription or even buy toothpaste from a CVS remember this, they don't see you as a human being they see you as a $$$$.

Wrongful Termination of Employees
By -

WOONSOCKET, RHODE ISLAND -- My friend has been a very recent victim of CVS Caremark's wrongful termination of employees. He was accused of stealing "many things" and the "Loss Prevention Department" of CVS Caremark had sufficient "evidence" to prove that. They even made him sign some agreement to confess of his guilt. My friend had tried to ask whether or not he can be given a day or two to consult with an attorney first before he signs/confesses to anything, and they simply said NO. My friend is young and was so scared and under great pressure when he signed this document.

He has honestly not stolen anything but a piece of candy that he was NOT aware of a price tag ON it. Sometimes CVS offers free candies to customers during holidays, and he had just thought it's one of those. Then a guy from the "Loss Prevention Department" of CVS Caremark spoke to him many, many weeks after and suspended him the same day they talked (AFTER his shift was over). Sources say he's basically fired.

One of my good friends who is a supervisor at a CVS photo lab told me that this isn't the first time she's heard someone get fired over such a minimal matter. CVS apparently is trying to cut budget and is singling out innocent employees to terminate. If it was someone else on my friend's shift that day, then he/she would've been the victim. I am very positive that employees of the corporation or any retail stores, for that matter, had one way or another "stolen" something. And to single out my friend to terminate is just completely immoral.

CVS does this because they're big and they know they can get away with it. Oh, so the numbers of this specific store isn't doing too well? Okay, we'll just pick and choose a few people to fire so we can balance out the financials. It's just disgusting and sickening. As I've mentioned earlier, this is NOT the first time it's happened. CVS has had a record of bad reputation especially in my friend's district.

Please Do Not Generalize
By -

ARIZONA -- I work in a CVS/pharmacy in AZ and I do consider my pharmacy staff wonderful :) I have never once heard one of my fellow employees be rude to a customer. The complaints that I have heard about on this website confuse me! I can't even imagine some of the things that claim to happen actually happening. Not taking a coupon because it's not in color? That's not right, any other CVS would have taken the coupon. Not taking manufacturer coupons? They are accepted at my store, so please do not make generalizations.

If you do not see someone waiting in line ahead of you, it does not mean that we did not just get 5 prescriptions dropped off before you walked in. It does not mean we did not just get 3 prescriptions dropped off through the drive through. It does not mean that customers are not calling in. Please, we will get to you when we can, as fast as we can.

If you drop off a prescription on a Friday at 5pm or later but there is a problem with the prescription or you need a prior auth. Please do not yell at us when we tell you the soonest we can get it for you is the upcoming Monday- and that is if your doctor even gets back to us that Monday. It is the weekend and doctor's offices close. We cannot hunt your doctor down at their house and make them verify.

Please do not talk on your phone when you come to the counter. This has been such a problem at our pharmacy that we had to put up signs. Obviously, people are illiterate, still. I consider this very rude and can make the process of getting your prescription filled much longer than necessary.

If you see me assisting another customer and the other 2 pharmacy technicians are on the phone with a customer or at the drop off counter, please wait your turn. Do not interrupt me while I am in the middle of a conversation. If I ask you to please wait and tell you I will be with you as soon as I can, do not yell at me. Do not throw money at me. - rude.

Some prescriptions take less time to fill than others. If you have 5 prescriptions to fill and the person behind you in line has 1 and they get theirs first, what did you expect? If you have something we need to mix and another is something we need to count, the counting one comes out first. It's easier and faster to fill. Think of it as a restaurant. If you order a steak and the table next to you orders a salad, whose do you think will be first?

Overall, customers can be very polite and pleasant. Those who are this way make our job enjoyable. Sadly, there are customers who do not truly understand how the pharmacy and doctors cooperate or how the pharmacy and insurances operate. I think overall it is a basic misunderstanding. So please, before you yell at us, give us a chance to explain or ask questions first. And please do not generalize! There really are some of us out there who do our best to make the customer happy! :D Thanks.

Unprofessional Manager And Staff
By -

WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- I was traveling 4 1/2 hours away from home when my pet became ill. I phoned my vet and was told what to get to help her and fast. I put her into her CARRY CASE and ran into the CVS to get the medication. Upon entering the store I was searching for the medication I needed to get into her right away. I did not leave her in the car because I did not want her to get worse when I left her. She would never have gotten out of her case as she was strapped in and I was not going in to browse as I said I was on a mission to help her.

Well you would have thought grown adults would know how to act and not behave so childish and unprofessional. Two staff members were staring at me and literally ran to the back of the store to get the manager, who came out complaining loudly that all she wanted to do was eat her lunch. She came up to me and told me that she had her own dogs and was trying to shove her phone in my face to see a picture of her dogs and that I would have to leave. Staff members surrounded me and were smirking and laughing.

I felt like I was being closed in. No one asked if I needed help. They made a scene in front of customers. Not one person saw fit to see if they could help me. They treated the situation like children who couldn't wait to get someone in trouble for going against a rule and couldn't wait for me to be treated like a misbehaving child. Shame on all of them to not see if they could help. They were so interested and pleased with themselves in getting someone in trouble. I am so disappointed in their childish behavior. You would have thought I did some evil thing to them the way they were filled with joy over "catching" me.

Whatever happened to helping your neighbor? I no longer can spend any of my hard earned money at this CVS store in Winchester, VA. I hope that others will spend their money elsewhere. I am sure that people in other locations in Winchester are caring enough to help their fellow neighbor. Oh, by the way if the manager was such a caring dog lover as she was bellowing out to me then she would have tried to see if she could help a dog in distress.

Someone could have offered to get the items for me while I waited at the door. Instead they took precious time from my pet getting the assistance that she needed. This situation was handled in the most unprofessional and childish manner. I feel that all of these employees should be replaced with caring individuals.

The way the economy is at this time there is no reason why these employees should remain employed. Someone who actually has compassion for people should be hired. Stop the injustice now and help spread compassion instead. What kind of people take such enjoyment in someone else's time of need. Sick, disturbed people. I can only hope that if you (The employees of CVS) need assistance you will not run into people who are exactly just like yourselves.

By -

MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- I've been terminated and I am crushed. I feel I have been lied to and treated unfairly. I want employees of CVS to know that no ones job is secure. I worked for CVS for 8 years. I loved my job and was very good at it. While I was on vacation I got arrested and went to jail. It was nothing to do with my job. I was not convicted of anything. When I returned back to work and almost a week had past, I was asked to the office to talk with human resources about my arrest. I told them what happened. They then handed me a form to fill out and put in writing what happened. I went out to my car to sit and do as they ask. I called my attorney to let him know about this and he told me he would like to look over the form before I gave it to them. I went back inside and ask my manager and HR if I could return it to them the next day because my attorney wanted to look it over. They were totally OK with this. So the next day I came to work and gave it to my manager.

After working for 2 hours I was asked to come to the office. HR was waiting to see me. That's when he told me I was being put on suspension until this matter was over. I was shocked and so upset. He was very nice and assured me that after the herring I could return back to work and continue where I was in my position, same hours and rate of pay. I had just gotten a nice raise. He said this was normal procedure and he had to go by the rules. I got my things and left. 4 months later things were finally over and I was so ready to return to work. I went to my home store and everyone was so glad I was coming back. Even my manager. He said he had to wait to get the OK from District manager and he would call me. A week passed so I called. He said he still hasn't heard anything. So I called him about 2 weeks later and he says he has no hours. At this point I told him I'm willing to work at any store even if it was a different one everyday. I was broke and it was 2 weeks before Christmas. I was told it would be Jan.1 to check back then.

Finally, Jan.15 I got someone to return my call. I was told that HR decided I was terminated. Reason: I did not fill out that form explaining what happened the day I was asked. Some excuse. Then why didn't they tell me that in the start. They lead me to believe for several weeks I still had a job. I was not convicted of anything. I have never been in trouble with the law. I have a clean record. I am so confused, embarrassed, and broke. After the death of my husband 8 years ago I chose then Eckerds now CVS to be my future. I put 100% into my job. I loved it and felt so blessed to have a job I enjoyed. Now I'm mad. I want everyone to know at CVS they really do not give a crap about you. Trust me. Protect yourself. Document incidents and have them initialed. So now I am looking for a job. However, I do believe in karma! What goes around comes around, twice as hard. I thank God I had my mom for financel support. So you in corporate that lied and mislead me. You know who I am! One day you will feel the hurt and embarrasement that I still feel. Think of me. OK?

Bad Service
By -

THE COLONY, TEXAS -- I had a really bad experience at the CVS store on January 15 2009 at around 2 pm. This pharmacy store is located at 6749 Main st. The Colony, TX 75056. The store number is 6982.My mum and I always go to the nearby pharmacy store to shop for daily toiletries. However, after today's experience I would not want to go to a CVS pharmacy store ever again. My mum and I were buying some cotton balls and facial cleanser pads. I was holding on to two boxes of facial cleanser pads. One box was orange color and the other box was blue color. My mum suggested just getting one orange box of the facial cleanser so I put the other blue box away on a random shelf in the store. After my mum paid for everything, we walked out and left the store. However, at the front of CVS store stood three cops.

They grabbed my mum and my hand and didn't let us leave the store. They said that the manager of that CVS store called the cops and said he saw us putting a blue box in our own bag. In order not to embarrass us which the cops said, we were brought to the back of the store. I wanted to show to the cops where I put the blue box, but the cops just wanted us to wait as they did the investigation in the store. The cops apologized to us about the inconvenience caused as they just wanted to do their job. After a while, they could not find that blue box anywhere and could not find it in our bags or pockets, the cops said that there were no evidence or proof of stealing. The cops talked to the manager and said that the manager of the store did not like us being there, and the manager wanted the cops to file a criminal trespass warning against us. Which means if we go back to that store again, that manager will call the cops again and arrest us. The manager claimed that the store is his private property.

When the cops escorted us out of the store, I showed the cops where I put that blue box and the cop showed to the manager. To this point, the manager have not apologized to us for his false accusing. I was really unsatisfied about the warning they gave us and about the conduct of that manager. In addition, when I asked the manager if he can show me the store's video tape, he did not want to show it to me but insisted that he saw us stealing on the video camera. I believe I am the customer and I do not have the right to be accused of stealing when I did not do that and there were no evidence showing that I stole that box of facial cleanser. I really feel I am being harassed and discriminated by that manager.

Having this kind of character defamation by this CVS manager really disappointed my view towards the store. I thought CVS believe in Customer, value and service, but I had a terrible experience shopping there. This is my first time having to deal with the cops and also falsely accused of stealing and also my very first time being treated like a criminal. I felt that this case is really unfair and I am not settle with this case. I do not really mind about not going back to the store again but I really do not like the treatment by that manager. As a customer, I have never ever in my life having to be searched by the cops of something I did not do. My mum felt really violated as the cops had to search his purse. I wish this manager would be dismissed from his job. Even if he is the manager, he should not falsely accuse people of stealing when they did not do that. This is also not how to run a business. The manager is misusing his powers. People come back to the store because they enjoy the customer service being provided. Hence, it really changed my mind about shopping at CVS again. The manager not only wasted our time but also ruined my mood for the whole day. My mum's emotions were really hurt as she has never met this kind of situation her entire life.

My mum wants to file a lawsuit against this CVS store manager but we do not want to make this case any bigger. I do not know the name of this manager as he refused to tell me his name. But he is this Hispanic manager with a stocky build. I hope there's actions done against this store manager.

Ignorance is no excuse for being a malicious, bitter, and cruel human being
By -

LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS -- First of all, let me clarify one thing: The vast majority of the customers I help and serve every day are wonderful, tolerant people with common decency. So to those of you who are considerate when things that are our of our control go wrong, please disregard this review.

As a full-time employee at a CVS, I don't find anything in my job that would constitute as being labeled "stressful." I find myself lucky with the fact that I can attend college courses, retain an active relationship with my fiancée, and work 30+ hours a week at a job that doesn't make me want to rip my hair out. As such, I make sure to take pride in everything I do during my shift, and to treat every customer with patience and respect.

However, there ARE times when things go wrong, or the customer I'm currently servicing will become irritated with my service. I admit, I've made errors, and a small handful of customers have been angry due to a fault on my behalf. Again, to those of you who have the right to complain, do so, and disregard this review.

The point I'm bringing myself to, anyway, is that after reading some complaints on this site about CVS and its employees, I've been disgusted to the point of anger.

To those of you who scoff at the fact of waiting for 10 minutes to receive your prescription, take this into note: CVS/Pharmacy is now the largest provider of prescriptions in the country. Due to that fact, our company policy is under complete dedication to organizing, helping, and perfecting its service. However, with over thousands of prescriptions being filled per week, it does take time for the pharmacists (who ARE human, may I remind you) to catch up. Any mistakes on their end are due to human error. It's not a perfect system. We understand your frustration, but please don't expect us to run like clockwork- we're not soulless robots.

As for the front-end cashiers and impact employees, we're still doing our best as well.
One particular complaint reads: "I was at another CVS and stopped by to get an item, when I was paying with my debit card I decided to get some cash back to avoid making another stop at the bank. so on the KIOSK I selected the option for "cash back" I entered "other" and typed in $40. Well I guess the limit is $35 so I got error on the KIOSK. but before I could reselect a different dollar amount the cashier hit a button on the register and completed my transaction without me even finishing my selection on the KIOSK. Her reasoning was since I selected $40 and I can only withdraw $35 the transaction automatically cancels the cash back request and processes the transaction as credit.

I told that I didn't even finish on the KIOSK and she processed my transaction. Guess what her response was, "the KIOSK has nothing to do with this (pointing at her register)." can you believe that....

Then to top it off the cashier was like, "you can buy a stick of gum and request cash again." I told her I wasn't interested in a stick of gum and walked out of reason to get upset over incompetent cashiers."

I'm sorry to inform you, but, it's true. The KIOSKs are automated, and if they detect an error (such as a cashback request $5 over the pre-programmed limit), it will automatically process your transaction. Sadly, the employee has no say in this, and once the transaction is complete, it's a long process to return the items you've purchased. Instead, the alternative of buying a $.79 pack of gum to get your $35 cashback is a very professional suggestion on her behalf. Please don't bash the entire company for your own incompetence.

Anyway, I've made this rant longer than I intended, so to wrap things up, I'll say one last thing. To all of you who find customer service at CVS in particular to be horrid to the point where you'd wish death upon its employees, please consider this: We're all human. Errors are errors, whether they be in, or out of our control. In the even that it was our fault, please have common decency and confront us with a civil attitude- we'll do the same for you. If the error was beyond our control, please recognize that fact, and stop while you're ahead.

Thank you.

They say the customer is always right... But I beg to differ
By -

NOT SAYING BECAUSE A CUSTOMER WILL PROBABLY REPORT, NEW YORK -- I am a Pharmacy Tech at a 24-hour CVS store in New York (not to mention it's probably one of the busiest pharmacies I have ever encountered hah).

Many of the customers I help are very kind, considerate, and reasonable people. However, a large amount of them are complete idiots. I've been reading complaints from this forum for only about 20 minutes and I'm disgusted. While some of these complaints are understandable, I doubt that most of them are 100% true.

Let me start off by saying that, we're all customers, including me. Never in my life have I taken the time out to complain about "bad" service I received at a store. Never in my life have I ever complained about my prescription taking more than 10 minutes (GASP!) or a 20 minute wait on a line. People have to realize that they're not the only customers there.

Like I've mentioned, I work at an extremely busy pharmacy. One of my shifts is during the busiest time of day (rush hour)and this is right after I come home from long day at college. The second I hit the register (NOT AT ALL THE TIME BUT IN A GENERAL SENSE) customers are whining that the line is too long and saying "that they don't want to wait" or that we're "taking too long"...meanwhile there's about 15 people waiting at drop-off and a large number of people waiting/picking up. It's very easy for you people to sit there and moan and groan but when you're behind the counter it's very frustrating. We really do try our best to satisfy everyone but we're human beings. We can only do a certain amount of things in a certain amount of time. We're not your slaves and we're not robots. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Customers also complain about insurance all the time. I've been told to my face..."you people and your prescription prices are ridiculous!!!" and "why do you people always mess up my insurance" and "WHY IS THIS IS SO EXPENSIVE, YOU GUYS ALWAYS DO THIS!!!" Just to let you, the insurance problems are usually never our fault, sometimes there might be a typo here or there but most of the time it's the insurance companies or your laziness. Stop having such a hard time blaming things on yourself.

Overall, my experience at CVS has been enjoyable because I've learned new things and met new people. But I have to say that I've come home miserable because of the treatment and abuse that I get from some of you people. I've had things thrown at me. Customers snicker about me while they wait (A WHOLE 15 MINUTES... BOOOHOOOO) for their prescriptions. One bitter woman (who probably lives alone with her ten cats) complained about me because I wasn't waiting for her at the pick-up counter, reason being I was doing production. It's not like she was sitting there for 5 minutes. When I'm counting pills in the back, the minute I see a customer online, I stop what I'm doing to assist them. That's exactly what I did but it wasn't good enough for her. She then tells me that my name tag isn't showing enough and that I'm unprofessional. She tells me that she goes by first impressions (because her opinion of me is real accurate).

I'm sick and tired of being belittled and ridiculed by customers. They take things too far, it's unfair. I work my ass off day in and day out and the last thing I need is some stranger yelling at me like I'm a child or a criminal.

I just wanted to make a point here. This doesn't apply to every single customer. And yes, sometimes there are reasons to complain. But I do think that most customers should pull there heads out of the ass and stop with the whole "the customer is always right blah blah blah" because the truth of the matter is..."the customer is always an ignorant prick!"

Lack of Kindness and Customer Service Skills
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Rating: 2/51

BLUE SPRINGS, MISSOURI -- 3201 Highway 7 South. Blue Springs, MO 640154 - WORST group of ladies working there EVER! A bunch of bitter HAGS! Especially the 2 blondes to be exact. I think the old blonde lady manager trains everyone how to be a you-know-what to all the customers that use coupons.

The other old blonde lady (the one whose hair represents she still thinks she's living' in the 80's) thinks it's OK to correct my child because my child pushed the Zantac lever on the shelf. WHOOPDIE-DOO lady!! Excuse me... MY CHILD, I'll do the correcting IF I think it's necessary! In this case, it wasn't necessary, and it's your job to re-front the shelf if items get moved, so get off your high horse, mind your own biz, keep your comments to my child to YOURSELF, and re-front the shelf! You are getting paid to do that for cryin' out loud!

So basically, I get treated like crap every time I'm at the register and it's because I use coupons. Seriously. Coupons that your store mails in and gets paid for. Coupons that affect your paycheck IN NO WAY AT ALL. So do your job, ring me up with kindness and a smile, and go cry about it when your shift is over and you go home!! In the meantime, I'll continue to shop there with my pile of coupons, laugh every time at your silly anger towards my coupon use, and ignore your bitter hateful attitudes!

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