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Incompetent Service
Posted by Willgwitt on 11/02/2013
LATHAM, NEW YORK -- I have worn glasses since I was a small child (several decades), and never had problems with any prescription. My current employer uses Davis Vision as part of their insurance package. On 8/1/13 I had an eye exam but was not happy with the choice of available frames so I ordered a pair of frames elsewhere, and then returned to my optician who sent the frames to Davis. I was told they would be available in two or three weeks.

A month later I went back asking about progress. The next day, the optician called to say that Davis had mailed the glasses to the wrong address, and they could not be traced. The optician agreed to reorder the frames from where I purchased them, and Davis was to make a new pair of lenses. Three weeks went by and the optician called day before yesterday to say that the glasses had arrived, and Davis had not made the lenses correctly. I did attempt to cancel the glasses yesterday, but was told that any refund would have to come from Davis, not the optician, and that it was probably "too late" for a refund because Davis had already charged my insurance company. It is now 11/2/13, exactly three months since my exam, and I still do not have a pair of glasses. Meanwhile, I am out several hundreds of dollars for glasses that I have yet to see.

The optician told me that they prefer not to use Davis, but have no choice if Davis is specified by the insurance provider. The optician said that Davis quality is consistently poor. For example, bifocals or graduated lenses arrive with the graduation on the top of the lenses. Lenses are frequently reversed with the right eye lens having the left eye prescription, and vice versa.

I will never use Davis Vision in the future. I would prefer to pay a bit extra out of pocket to have good quality eyeglasses delivered in a reasonable amount of time. I have complained to my employer and asked them to drop Davis as part of their insurance package. Why should I pay extra for insurance coverage that is worse than no insurance at all?
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by Pcalleja on 08/15/2013
Megan was rude on the phone and after being very short with me when I said thank you she just hung up on me without saying anything. Very rude.
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Bait and Switch
Posted by JennyL27 on 04/01/2013
LATHAM, NEW YORK -- Me: Why did you deny benefits?

Davis It's an out of network provider

Me: But, I called them because they're listed on your website as a provider. I called them and they confirmed they are a provider.

Insurance: Ma'am, we sell thousands upon thousands of different policies. Nearly every one is different. No provider can tell you they'll be reimbursed unless they submit a claim and it gets paid.

Me: Seriously? You can list providers and fail to inform consumers that they don't actually participate in the network????

Insurance: We had a meeting about that in our strategy group. We knew it would confuse customers, but our CEO decided to do it anyway.

I guess I need to go buy stock in this insurance company because their profit margin has to rock the world at the rate they rip off customers!
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Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-04-02:
If they really say that they work with thsi provider on their site, you need to get a screenshot then make a call to the insurance commissioner in your state.
Posted by DV Customer Service on 2013-06-23:
I am very sorry that you experienced this. However, ever policy is different. The employer elect who the providers for the specific policy may be. That is why we recommend that you contact us or view your vision benefits online. We can provide you with provider information that is accurate for your policy.

Sometimes members call around asking Dr offices if they "accept" DV. They are told "yes" and go. However, some Dr's may be approved on a certain policy and others may not. It all depends on who your group is, if they are a strict group and who they are allowing to service their members.

Davis Vision does not select your benefits or providers. We only administer the policy.

Most individuals have no idea how insurance works. But you have a dedicated customer service team that will take teh time to lead you in the right direction. All you need to do is call us.

Posted by kim hemmingway on 2013-12-27:
My husband company recently chose Davis Vision as their eye care provider for their employees. From what I am seeing they're a complete waste of time. Not only that their providers are not local. What an insult to their employees. I guess the big bosses are pocketing the money along with the crooks and incompetent people at Davis Vision.
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So Slow They Are Going Backwards
Posted by Janeyardly on 02/06/2013
LATHAM, NEW YORK -- Submitted a reimbursement form weeks ago. Called to check on status of claim. They have no record if it and recommended calling back next week...they cannot even tell me the typical turn around time because it "depends on the number of claims". Seriously? How can a company not be sufficiently staffed to cover periods of high demand? Will definitely let my employer know this is an unsatisfactory option for vision coverage.
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2013-02-06:
I too made the mistake of signing up with Davis Vision; my first experience was them sending a pair of glasses without the lenses. It took them over a month to own up to the mistake and get the correct pair of glasses shipped.

I recommend VSP; I made the switch as soon as I could do so and have had ZERO problems since.
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Davis Vision - Horribly Snail's Slow Paced Service
Posted by Pilot727 on 11/16/2012
LATHAM, NEW YORK -- Going through my eye care provider to get new replacement lenses, what a pain. They don't even know the correct co-pays of Davis Vision and then Davis (the insurance co.), they're even worse. Three to four weeks waiting to get my new uncomplicated prescription progressive lenses? Come on. This is just ridiculously poor service. If it wasn't offered through my employer and the savings I receive, I'd have nothing to do with these morons.

I've emailed Davis' customer services, bantering back and forth with their non-sense e-mails, saying I have to phone them about the co-pay situation and slow service on the new lenses. With all this energy expended, and they're spending in engaging with e-mail requests and
their answering, you'd think that they'd just do their jobs to
begin with?! Wouldn't you?

Go figure with these idiots.
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Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-11-16:
I wonder what these 'morons' and 'idiots' think about you. I think I get a sense of why they might not be knocking themselves out to help you.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-11-16:
insurance companies often make the insured out to be the problem, when in fact it is the insurance company. insurance is a racket, and many find they are bigger than the all mighty himself.

very helpful review, and voted as such!
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-17:
How does the fact that you received slow service, in your opinion reflect that their employees are "idiots" or "morons"?

You say that you use them because of the cost, but do you really want "idiots" or "morons" preparing your eyeglasses?
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Poor quality
Posted by Ajhall556 on 09/20/2012
I am going into 6 weeks of trying to get a pair of eyeglasses. The first time they sent them to the Dr office, they had bad lens, the second time the lab sent them to the Dr office, the prescription was wrong. This is the third time the Dr has ordered these glasses. The lab told the Dr that they would call me and work out something. No communication at all from the lab. This is totally unexceptable!! I have asked for a refund so I can use another lab, even offering to pay out of pocket but Davis Vision will not give refunds. So my money is tied up with a company that has very poor quality and no communication. I am now trying to get my employer involved.
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Skip if You Can!
Posted by Npcosta on 07/20/2012
Awful, rude workers who can't be bothered to help you. Constant wait although 10 workers are visibly doing nothing. I have to go because of my insurance, if not I would totally avoid this place.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-07-20:
10 workers in your sight doesn't mean they are all trained for the same position. If I went to the hospital, I wouldn't want someone from the billing department to perform surgery on me, just because they work there.
Posted by fast327 on 2012-07-20:
Only if Obamacare is allowed to mature will people in the billing department be allowed in the operating room.
Posted by MRM on 2012-07-21:
While the staff may work in different depts, they should have gotten somebody to help the customer.
Posted by bruce p on 2013-12-14:
You most certainly do NOT have to go to Davis for eyeglasses. I'm sure a local optical shop will provide superior service without the selling pressure OR price games. I own a local optical store for 32 years and do NOT participate in Davis Vision Plans. I'm cheaper, quicker and certainly more courteous.
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Looking For My Glasses If I Could Only See
Posted by Junniemendelowski on 05/05/2012
NEW KENSINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to the Allegheny Ophthalmology in Natrona Heights, Pa, I received my glasses in about 8 days, the frames had nicks all over them. The optical dept returned them to the lab with Davis Vision to be replaced and I have been waiting 3 weeks still no glasses. They only had to replace the frames not make new lenses. I can not get any assistance with this. I am told the Dr offices has no control over this. The lab is picked by Davis Vision and they won't give any information on what's going on with my glasses. I didn't get glasses for a fashion statement I bought them so I can see correctly. I need to know who or what I can do next.

This is not a reputably way to service eye care. If this lab can't do their job it's Highmark and Davis Vision responsibility to partner with someone who will. I am sorry I picked these frames. For an additional fee I could have picked someone else. I also think it's the Dr's office optical dept to post a disclaimer letting patients know they have many complaints and no customer service if you pick these frames approved by Davis Vision. The optical dept. let me know this after I kept calling them. Very disappointed on how this is handled and will post complaints everywhere I can, Facebook, Twitter and places like this. Everyone else should too and maybe we can force these Companies to do whats right or do us all a favor and get out of bad business.
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Horrible Experience
Posted by Marie15 on 06/15/2010
LITTLE NECK, NEW YORK -- I couldn't believe what Horrible service I received there !!!! I am livid and was in shock at there Customer Services Skills I spoke with a tall dark skinned women whom was rude and acted like I wasn't there.
I didn't say anything for a while then reminded her again what I was there for I have no idea where this person went she left the front came back I was still waiting then finally realized I was there like I just walked in the place for the first time. "Have you been helped" OMG I was horrified that this incompetent person has a job.
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-06-15:

They actually made me glasses with no lenses, they even passed their quality control inspection....

Took 4 weeks to get my glasses, never again!
Posted by beyondsick on 2010-10-04:
Quality control is a joke. After the first three times of the lenses coming in flawed they said to have a manager follow the process through. Manager signed off on the glasses and they were flawed the forth time. Now we are going on the sixth time and were told by my husbands benefit representative at the union that we have to let them make them as many times as necessary to get them right. How many times will that be? Maybe until the year is up and he can start again with his next pair of lenses.
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Davis Vision does not honor their guarantee of satisfaction
Posted by Dand1001 on 12/18/2009
LATHAM, NEW YORK -- I have had the displeasure of having Davis Vision as the provider under my group health insurance for the last 5 years (approximately). Originally, they made the eyeglasses within tolerance according to my optometrist's prescription, but since 2007 they have not been grinding the lenses correctly. Most recently they have what they call the PD (which is the distance in mm between the center of the nose to the point where you SEE through the glasses (usually the center of your pupil). Well, in this case the doctor ordered 31/33 and they produced lenses 34/34. And now they refuse to redo them because I didn't bring them back to the optometrist fast enough. By the way, their online "satisfaction guarantee" doesn't have any time limitations nor does it mean THEIR satisfaction. In this case the time was 8 months. For those 8 months I got by by moving the nose supports to the side a little bit. The vision was not perfect, but at least it was useable. Then when I came for THIS YEAR's exam, I discovered that they never provided me with a pair of glasses that were cut to specs. And now they are being chincy about fixing the problem. I would not recommend these people to anyone.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-18:
pardon me for saying so, but regardless there not being a time limit, any reasonable human would assume that 8 months is too dang long. If you can wear them that long, then you can keep wearing them until your next renewal.

You should have said something way before now.
Posted by dand1001 on 2009-12-19:
Point is, a warranty is a WARRANTY, and if they were NEVER MADE RIGHT, I am entitled to receive a pair that I paid for made to specs! They never made the correct prescription and they were paid to do so. And if they want the luxury of printing a "Complete Satisfaction Warranty" then they have to stand behind it or remove it from their marketing!
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-12-19:
You waited 8 months to complain? Even places with great customer service don't help customers who wait that long.
Posted by dand1001 on 2009-12-20:
You're missing the entire point, they were NOT MADE to specs, and I didn't invite your opinion. You have a right to your view and I have a right to express mine.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-20:
it is surprising to wait that long to complain however

and if they haven't been grinding lenses properly since 2007 why would you even consider going back? that'd be almost 3 years of improper lens-making by now...
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