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Cheated Missionaries out of skymiles credits
Posted by on
After reading the other complaints about Deltas disregard for upholding their side of the "skymiles" deal, I'm not encouraged about a positive conclusion to my own episode with Delta.

My family of four are part of a missionary team that travels to Zambia, Africa each July to take medical and spiritual aid into the bush villages of the Southern Province of Zambia. Our team consists of about 150 people and we book with Delta each year BECAUSE they offered the skymile program. The tickets for our family of four total approximately $10,000 EACH year. We have flown with Delta on this mission for four years now, and should have almost 80,000 skymiles each (which is what is needed for an award ticket THIS year) ... however, we have only been credited about 35,000 skymiles. Seeing that the cost of the tickets and the additional expenses of the mission each year total $15,000, and we are FAR from "well-off", .. the "5th year" break of getting to use the award tickets is VERY important. I have gone around and around with the reps I can finally get ahold of by phone, but as seems to be the general consensus,...I get the "sorry can't help you" speel. And I've had pretty much NO success at getting emails answered. Below I've included the most recent email I sent on their "constomer service" section of the skymile page of their website.... I have not heard a reply (surprise!)

I've also noticed that they seem more than happy to pass out credits like candy to anyone who wants to open a credit card account, ... yet those of us who have paid $40,000 to fly with them are apparently "unworthy" of receiving what they promised.

Is there not SOME kind of LAW or something that would require they fulfill their promises? Perhaps we should look into that.

I must also say that now that I've read the other complaints on this site, I'm afraid that if somehow I miraculously get past this first hurdle and get them to credit us what they owe us, ... getting to REDEEM our miles might be the next wall to climb over.

Why do we let companies get away with this kind of thing? If anyone has any ideas, or has had any success in dealing with Delta, ... I'd be happy to hear any suggestions.

Below is the email I sent to Delta last week.

I am glad to see that this year I have received all my skymile credits. However, my family and I have made the exact same trip to Africa for the past four summers in July. The first being in '02, and yet, despite several attempts to clear this up, ... we have not received the correct amount of mile credits. We travel on a mission trip with over 100 other missionaries each July, and sadly (for your company) part of the "pre-mission" training now includes the information that we will most likely have to "fight" delta to give us our miles... you seem to be quite adequate at keeping record of whether we've PAID for our ticket in order to board, ... but not at all adequate at keeping track of holding to your offer of "sky mile bonus" for flying with you instead of getting thereby British Airways.

In one (of several)conversations when I have called to discuss this matter, when discussing that we were credited our miles going OVER the first year, ...but not COMING BACK, and then credited the miles going over for the second year, ... my comment was that if we went back over the second year, we OBVIOUSLY came back here the first year. But I was told that without our boarding passes, you couldn't be certain we got on your plane. Well believe me, ... we didn't SWIM. (not to mention that whether we were IN our seats or not, ... the seats were PAID for!!! and what kind of sense would it make for us to PAY for a ticket on your plane ...(just so we could get skymiles in order to earn a "free" ticket), ... but then go BUY another ticket to actually FLY HOME on ANOTHER airline?!!!! You KNOW we were on that plane!!!

I was also told that we had a very limited time in which we had to provide the boarding passes as proof, or you did not have to honor your offer. Since there is not a "chart" where we can see how many miles we are to receive, ... the first year upon receiving our statements, ... each of us had an equal amount of miles, ... we assumed you to be competent and trustworthy, so we assumed it was the proper amount. It was only after attending the next years training sessions and discovering that many team members were having to "jump through hoops" in order to receive their correct amount of credits, that we discovered we had been slighted ... however, we then no longer had the boarding passes, and your "if we can get away without crediting you for 6 months without you noticing, ... we don't have to give them to you" policy was all I was able to get from the people on the phone.

I really am not trying to be tacky, but it just seems that "taking care of the customer" just doesn't exist anymore.

The four of us, my family, are part of a mission that is dedicated and working 365 days a year to help provide medical and spiritual aid to the people of Zambia. It is at considerable personal financial sacrifice that we do this. None of us are wealthy ... my family makes less than $xx,000 a year and are paying for college as well. It costs us $15,000 each year to be a part of this mission...$10,000 of which is in tickets with your airline. Your skymile offer is why our director books the flights through you instead of British Airways. Our team books around 150 flights to Africa and back each year. The skymiles are important in order to give us a "break" on the cost of the trip, ONCE every FIVE years.

I DO so wish I could get someone to look into this matter and "do the right thing" and credit us what is rightly due us. Please contact me to allow me to further discuss this situation and give you my family members’ skymile numbers.

I am not asking for anything more than what YOU offered, and what you rightly owe us. Please contact me soon.

shelli starkey
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bidexpress on 08/16/2006:
I would suggest contacting the Delta's corpotate office in Atlanta and asking to speak to the CEO. You will never speak to the CEO, but you will speak to someone at the executive customer service team. These people are little more competent than the overseas (frequently from India) people you are dealing with at the Skymiles customer service. Good luck.
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Skymiles Rip-off
Posted by on
This is a copy of the last (of many) emails I have sent to Delta with still NO reasonable resolution:

My frustration with the discrepancy between what you promote your skymiles program to be, and how you manage to "fine print" your way out of actually having to follow through with those promises, is beyond description.

My family travels on mission to Zambia, Africa each summer.
(along with 120 other team members) The first five years, we flew with you, Delta. Each trip was SUPPOSED to accrue nearly 20,000 miles for each of the four of us. However, after almost two years of fighting for them, we never received all the credits we were due. THEN, of course, there was never a seat (not even one), available for us to redeem our miles for the next trip. I managed to be able to use miles for a portion of one of my trips, after having to PAY to transfer some of my sons miles (whose ticket I of course had paid for) into my account. The next year, same situation ... no seats available. This year, SAME situation ... no seats, OH, unless of course we wanted to use TWICE as many miles. Fine...we'll move our daughters miles into my husbands account, pay the DOUBLE miles and at least get ONE award ticket as a result of the $40,000 worth of tickets we had purchased from you in the last four years. But GUESS WHAT!

"Delta is so sorry to inform us that due to inactivity, Kaydee's miles expired two weeks prior to our transfer request." (and I shouldn't have to make mention of the fact that the reason there was no activity was that we were never able to USE them) In response to my request to restore the miles that we had SO UNEQUIVOCALLY earned, Delta replied "Your feedback is important to us and we incorporate customers' views and opinions as we make decisions. While we would like to offer special consideration in cases such as yours, we are unable to honor the many similar requests that we receive from others in equally deserving situations. We follow a consistent policy to ensure that Delta is fair to everyone who travels with us. Accordingly, we must respectfully decline your request. I realize this is a disappointment, and trust you will understand our position. We hope you will continue to make Delta your airline of choice."

Well, there you have it,...if you read that response closely and take note of what it infers, you'll hear from Delta themselves, that Delta's "consistent policy" is to 'fine print' their way out of having to actually make good on the promise they held out to customers who "deserve" what they were promised. As for my understanding your position, ... I'm afraid I understand it all too well. (along with those 'MANY other customers' who have not received what they deserved from Delta either) And as for Delta continuing to be my airline of choice...what do you think?!
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Anonymous on 03/26/2008:
Skymiles, RIGHT!, I have had the same experience with the Skimiles thing and I have given up on it. I just use them so once in a while they up grade me to first class that's about all they are worth it for. Good review thanks
Bad Service Buster on 06/01/2008:
That was an automated response that you got. I got the exact same response for a different complaint. They didn't bother to read your letter. Their solution to complaints is to ignore them while "appearing" to actually have considered your complaint. Phonys.
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Delta Skymiles Deceptive Practices
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Airline passengers should know that when you book a flight with DELTA AIRLINES through a travel agent or third party such as a cruise line, that DELTA SKYMILES may not give you the mileage that you actually travel. You are only guaranteed full mileage if you book directly through Delta. On a recent flight from Tampa to Detroit which is actually over 900 miles, I was given credit for 246 miles. On a flight from Atlanta to Tampa which is actually over 400 miles, I was given credit for 102 miles. On a flight from Detroit to Amsterdam I was given credit for 985 miles yet on the return flight from Amsterdam to Atlanta I was given credit for 4,401 miles. I don't know if other airlines are involved with this deceptive practice or if this is another way for DELTA to take advantage of their passengers. The above information has been verified by a DELTA SKYMILES representative on 12/13/2013. If you have a choice, try another airline.
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Loyalty Program - NOT!
Posted by on
I am a Platinum Medallion of Delta Airlines. Have been for several years. I used to think loyalty was a two-way street. But, according to Delta, it's pay them and maybe you will be rewarded. I booked a flight, paid flight, not free, nearly three months ago from HNL to EWR. I had received as a "reward" four system-wide upgrade certificates. Under NWA, those of us living in Hawaii used to get Hawaii resident certificates because free upgrades didn't happen for us unless we were going somewhere within the 48 states(you get no loyalty if you get treated like every other smuck just because you live in a state that's over an ocean). Anyway, when I called to try to redeem a certificate, I was told I could on the inbound flight, but the outbound didn't have availability. I could waitlisted however. OK, I'll take the waitlist. So I used one certificate. After that, I had to take a trip to Japan which used up two more certificates, leaving one left for the just in case I might get lucky. Well, I checked certificate status and found I had used them all. When I called, I got told by Skymiles that the remaining certificate had been pulled for the waitlist, which if cleared would show up on the reservation. OK, I'll buy that. Day of the flight, I get called to the desk. Good news - my waitlist had cleared. Bad news - no available certificate. Trying to get Skymiles involved was a useless endeavour as they didn't have the staff to do any quick research. So the plane doors were closing, and I had to get on the flight. Well, since my waitlist had cleared, they gave away my seat, a window seat. So to give me an equivalent seat, they pulled a non-rev in a window seat. Guess where the non-rev moved to? First class. This is loyalty? I don't think so. My wish...Delta goes bankrupt again...only this time not to recover. Loser airlines, like Delta, need to go airline heaven, and make way for upstarts.
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Skye on 12/27/2010:
I understand your frustrations, but wishing they'd go bankrupt again, and NOT recover, would put a lot of people out of work, all because you are disgusted with their loyalty program.

Why not wish for something good, like a decent working loyalty program.
PepperElf on 12/27/2010:
why not?
cos sometimes people want others to suffer because they're angry. and anything less than that isn't good enough.
Skye on 12/27/2010:
So true pepper.
tnchuck100 on 12/27/2010:
loyalty loy·al·ty [loi-uhl-tee] - an old, outdated term that at some point in the past meant the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations. Last known credible corporate use: circa 1960
Anonymous on 12/27/2010:
Are you saying I am obsolete?
PepperElf on 12/28/2010:
Yep! Pretty soon you'll be replaced by ript2011, the new year's model...

MRM on 12/28/2010:
"Ript2010" represents the year when she became a member. Ript, you are awesome, giving great advice on this site! HOORAH!
Anonymous on 12/28/2010:
Lol! You guys!
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Loss of frequent flyer miles
Posted by on
When Delta announced their merger with Northwest Airlines, they announced they would link the SkyMiles and World Perks accounts. I waited for them to send me the information on how to do this, and received it on May 13. It said that I could link my accounts and delay the expiration of my 47,810 miles. When I went online to do this, I was informed that my miles had expired on April 30, and that had I linked the accounts sooner, they wouldn't have expired. I wrote to Delta and explained that they had waited until my miles expired to tell me that I could extend expiration by linking my accounts, and that had they informed me earlier, I would have linked the accounts earlier. I got an email back from Honey Daniels at Delta's Medallion Desk telling me that my expiration date would be extended and that I should check my account in the next 7 - 10 days. When the miles weren't restored, I contacted Delta by email again, and was informed that to restore my miles, I would need to pay $50 plus tax. I sent a total of 4 emails to Delta, and each time asked for someone to either restore my miles, or call me to get the matter resolved. I got two emails telling me to pay $50, and a third from Karen Aven at the Online support Desk saying my miles would be restored. Finally, I called Delta and after spending 35 minutes on the phone, was told my only option was to pay the $50.

I understand that merging two airlines and two frequent flier programs is difficult, but Delta shouldn't hold me responsible for not linking my accounts before they gave me the information on how to do it. They also should stand behind the word of two of their employees who agreed to restore my miles.
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Anonymous on 07/03/2009:
If those were my miles and I didn't want to lose them I would have paid the $50. It sounds like you were told several times, "pay $50 and keep your miles" not "pay or don't pay and we'll still give you the miles back."
Ben There on 07/05/2009:
Your miles expiring had nothing to do with the merger. The day your miles expire is set far in advance and is on your miles homepage every time you log in.
Anonymous on 07/05/2009:
I agree that they should have gone ahead and reinstated your miles as they promised, but, really, $50 is a small price to pay for a flight. Ben has a point too. I always notice my expiration date when I log in to any airline's mileage plan. You'll just have to bite the bullet on this one. I don't know about this mileage plan, but I just booked a flight from PDX to BOS for $10 using 25,000 miles. Can't beat it even if I had paid $50.
Anonymous on 07/05/2009:
When are you coming to Boston, KIA?
Anonymous on 07/05/2009:
Not until mid-October, Ken. Should be nice weather then, but, hey, it will be cool at least. Love that city!
DigitalCommando on 07/05/2009:
Anybody remember that song "Please come to Boston in the springtime" by Dave Loggins?
Anonymous on 07/05/2009:
I do. There have been a couple of songs about Boston. Augustana's comes to mind too.
DigitalCommando on 07/05/2009:
That song was just a little too heavy metal for my tastes, lol.
DebtorBasher on 07/05/2009:
I know, "Please come to Boston in the springtime" by John Denver.
Anonymous on 07/05/2009:
Yeah, DC, LOL. Way too heavy for that time period. I think at the time I heard it, I probably did think it was a little tame.
DigitalCommando on 07/05/2009:
Yeah DB, that's the one I was actually thinking of but when I googoo'd it it came up with whatever that other guys name is.
DigitalCommando on 07/05/2009:
Not as tame as Afternoon Delight, thank god.
Anonymous on 07/05/2009:
I think Kenny Loggins made the original one, DC. Afternoon Delight--what a joke of a song! Talk about bubblegum, lol.
Alain on 07/05/2009:
Played 'Please come to Boston in the springtime' by Dave Loggins as a DJ in '78 or '79.
Anonymous on 07/05/2009:
I mean Dave Loggins. Oops! He wrote it.
Alain on 07/05/2009:
Kenny Loggins, Dave Messina...I forget.
DebtorBasher on 07/05/2009:
Hey...I like Afternoon Delight...kind of goes along with "Midnight At The Oasis". I love singing that song...want to hear me?
DigitalCommando on 07/05/2009:
Loggins and Messina, Cheech and Chong, who cares we know that somebody that was amping on candy canes wrote it.
Anonymous on 07/05/2009:
LOL, DC. I vote for Cheech and Chong! The guy definitely had a little too much of something!
Alain on 07/05/2009:
Loggins and Messina were amping on candy canes. Cheech and Chong were scarfing them down due to munchies. I do miss the ol' farm...
DigitalCommando on 07/05/2009:
Wasn't Midnight at the Oasis about bestiality?
"Midnight at the oasis, bring your camel to bed...."
Anonymous on 07/05/2009:
LOL, Alain. Good one!

DC, now that has me thinking. Never liked that song either--too tame--until you brought up that part!
DigitalCommando on 07/05/2009:
Db, does your camel have one hump or two?
Alain on 07/05/2009:
Dromendary, Bachtrain...can't remember which is the one humper and which is the two humper.
DebtorBasher on 07/05/2009:
DC, that's DB with a capital "D" and a capital "B"...'s, "SEND your camel to bed"...NOT "Bring your camel to bed".
Anonymous on 07/05/2009:
Either way, it sounds like a camel is going to bed with someone, LOL.
DebtorBasher on 07/05/2009:
Not with me...maybe they meant Camel Cigs?
Anonymous on 07/05/2009:
I'll come back when you get to the camel toes.
DebtorBasher on 07/05/2009:
Mention 'hump' and there's C2O!
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Skymiles bait and switch
Posted by on
CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- There is a severe problem with Deltas online reservations. The follwing is a letter which I wrote to Delta:

I was going to book a flight, then use Skymiles to upgrade to first class. After spending quite some time on the web site, I found I had to call for an upgrade, which was not at all apparent...I just couldn't find a way to upgrade on the website. After calling I learned that not only may I not upgrade this particular flight on the website, but I can't upgrade on the phone either as I have the incorrect fare type. But even if I had the correct fare, this flight has no available seats left to upgrade. There is no where on your website where this information can be found prior to booking your flight.

I design web sites... this seems like a major flaw and I feel I was scammed by Delta. At least I believe there is a bait and switch going on. You inherently encourage customers to join Skymiles and to use them for free travel or upgrades. Only after calling I found that only fares booked in Y B or M can be upgraded to first class (Europe fares). It seems like such an easy thing to say on your site. Just a quick note that would say these fares are not available for first or business class upgrades. I also believe Delta's intent is to allow people to book fares on your web site. No travel services or travel providers to remunerate. Great idea, but very flawed in this case.

After calling to find the fares were not available, I asked where this was located on the web site. The agent said that was not his job (it's really bad when people pass the buck like that) and he would connect me to someone who works with the website. I was transferred and talked to a representative of Delta, Rod Taylor, who works on your web site. After much deliberation and even him agreeing with me, he finally said "as flawed as you think our web site is... it is what it is". I really don't think this is the answer anyone was looking for. He offered to upgrade my flights to the fare that would allow the first class upgrade for $2100 (gee thanks), but then Mr Taylor found out there were no seats available on these flights for an upgrade. Upgrading now seemed like a really dumb idea to me.

I have been a loyal Delta flyer for a number of years. Sometimes using Skymiles but also buying tickets. Now that Air Tran has moved into Charleston, I will be considering flying with them in the future. My goal was just to upgrade to first class on my Europe trip, not part the Red Sea. I was willing to even pay for the Skymiles, if needed. Delta needs to inform people better as they are booking flights. It really seems like such a simple concept, yet after talking with Mr Taylor, Delta still doesn't get it!

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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 05/30/2007:
If you go to the Delta website and click the "Skymiles" tab you will find all their rules and regulations. I don't believe any of the major airlines will allow you to upgrade on the lowest priced fares. And do give AirTran a try, they do run a good little airline with a much easier to understand FF program.
Anonymous on 05/30/2007:
Hugh Hyman, it is a bad idea to post your phone number on the Internet. It could remain there for years.
rhondam718732 on 05/30/2007:
Hugh, kudos to you! I have found several websites over the years that are lacking in common sense and only a few tewaks or a statement would fix the problems. Someone somewhere is getting paid decent dollars to manage these websites but they certainly haven't tried using them to see if they are user-friendly and make sense. And a separate but related pet peeve...have you ever called a utiity company, credit card, etc and had to punch in your account # and info only to have the live rep ask you for it all again??? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
familytravel on 06/01/2007:
As a Sky Miles member, I've never had difficulty booking and upgrade, at least when I've called them. Sorry for the bad experience!
businesstraveller on 06/11/2007:
I think familytravel works for Delta, he defends Delta in every posting and sounds just like their e-mail response people :). I'd bet good money on this
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Delta's Skymiles Program Is A Total Ripoff
Posted by on
First of all, they advertise a "free" flight in the U.S. for 25,000 miles, but GOOD LUCK on finding anything, even though you are very flexible, plan WAY ahead, and want to use your miles during a slow travel period. Now I've belonged to their program for many, many years, and have seen all the changes, so (Ben) please forget the fountain-of-knowledge advice. The whole program is a "bait and switch" routine now. And if you are lucky enough to find anything, be prepared to use the MOST miles to get the WORST flights with the MOST legs at the WORST possible times. Now I know all about the bad economy, etc., etc., but Delta should not be allowed to get away with this phony "bait and switch" routine.

When I am fortunate to use up my miles in this worthless program, I'm sticking with American and Southwest, where I can actually use my miles.
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User Replies:
wyatt1881 on 08/19/2009:
Oh, and I forgot. Delta's website is soooo slooowwwwww, it is obviously designed to drive you insane.
Anonymous on 08/19/2009:
It's free! Do you want a morning flight on Saturday for spring break with an early afternoon return? Oh I almost forgot the exit row aisle seats for both legs.
wyatt1881 on 08/19/2009:
Yeah, it's "free' after you've spent YEARS accumulating the points on your AMEX card. No, I don't do spring break with you teenyboppers.
JR in Orlando on 08/19/2009:
Two weeks ago, I found a flight from Orlando to Venice, Italy for 60,000 miles. I find their available flights IF I have enough flexibility. P.S. This is not a "bait and switch" scheme. Delta offers flights to you. The fact they are not the ones you want, does not make it a bait and switch.
Anonymous on 08/19/2009:
I'm not Ben - damn bad Ben! (kidding my friend) but this is the answer for airmile programs - you'll find AA's the exact same.
The miles aren't yours, never were. In order for miles to be yours there has to be a contract of adhesion - Delta received no consideration. But wait, I flew them that's consideration...doesn't count, as the airfare is the same whether you participate in Skymiles or not. If there is "bait and switch" you are claiming fraud, which legally is quite serious. So do you have a case? Sure, if you can prove fraud and their value, that value of course you'll report to the IRS who WILL want to know....
on average <3% systemwide is available for "comp'd" fares. Few high demand O&D (orig & destin) are going to be offered....that would be poor business practice on any airlines part. Mid week (Tue-Thur) Hub airports and off season (say after Sept 1) increase your chances. Almost no one travels to say HNL (Hawaii) or the like ever on miles. You can usually Orig. armpit states ie ND, SD, ID, MI, OH, IN) year round and inbound a very desirable city.

wyatt1881 on 08/19/2009:
Well, of course it isn't "bait and switch" in a legal sense. But in my opinion the advertising is clearly deceptive. And I have had very poor luck with Delta, regardless of my flexibility, as was mentioned in the post. This has not been my experience with other airlines. By the way VF-213, I was in VF-24 (Crusader pilot).
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No Warning of Miles Expiration
Posted by on
I have been a Member of Delta SkyMiles (Frequent Flyers) Program for 20+ years. I have accumulated 99,435 miles.

I recently found out all my miles apparently "expired" as of 12/31/08 without notice. My wife and I were saving these miles for a 40th anniversary trip next year.

The last time my miles were about to expire, Delta sent me a notice and asked me to buy a magazine to keep the miles from expiring. I bought the magazine. This time I received no notice of any kind. I would have bought another magazine or applied for a Delta credit card if I had known the choices. We are senior citizens now and find it hard to keep up with everything. Illness has prevented us from travelling as much as we used to.

When I contacted Delta customer service, they said there was nothing they could do and sent me a form letter response. I have also written the Illinois Attorney General and they sent a letter to Delta explaining this is "Failure to Warn". Again, a form letter response. I have now contacted the Better Business Bureau, several TV and radio station's consumer protection advocates, and my Congressmen to investigate Delta's policies.

If Delta has changed their past warning policy, they should let us know. A precedent has been set. What would happen if banks did not warn about expiring certificates of deposit?

Delta will say that they sent warnings which is absolutely untrue. Specifically,

* NO postcard were ever received
warning of expiration
* NO e-mail warnings of expiration
were ever sent/received
* NO mileage reminder statements were
ever mailed to me. Yes, their
policy is on their website, but
this in not enough

Delta can not continue to scam and defraud the public!

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/08/2009:
On Delta's website it does state that your miles will not expire as long as there is activity on it at least once every two years.
Anonymous on 04/09/2009:
No offense but comparing a CD to a perk of an airline is not a fair comparison. The CD is money, the miles are a perk offered by the airline, subject to change or cancellation at any time.

No offense intended but DL won't miss you a whole lot. You say 20+ years and you have only 99k miles. Depending how many the + is, that is really only about 1 to 2 trips a years and I would suspect some of the miles were earned through purchases that didn't even involve DL.

Again, no offense but they have no obligation to warn you about expiring miles as its posted on their website they expire after 2 years of inactivity.
jimworcs on 04/09/2009:
Well, it depends how you view miles. I consider them to be an incentive to buy. If the incentive had no been offered, the purchase may never have been made. Under this scenario, miles are not a "perk", but part of the package which was purchased. This doesn't change the fundamentals of the terms and conditions of the offer in this case.. that the miles expire after two years of inactivity, but it certainly changes the perception of what the miles represent. Delta are being underhand in allowing them to expire with no warning, but that is what Delta does. Posting things on websites is insufficient..not everyone has internet access.
Anonymous on 04/09/2009:
Welcome mention not everyone has internet access but the OP said himself that previously DL had mailed him something saying his miles were about to expire. He obviously read it so he understood they expire after a certain amount of time of inactivity. 2nd time around, he should have done what he mentioned, bought a magazine or whatever but instead focused on blaming DL for his error.
oldskoul on 04/16/2009:

THE airlines care about this. Delta is being predatory on their passengers and it should be recorded on the record that they are doing so.

It is EASY to file a complaint, If we get enough complaints at the DOT maybe DELTA will stop their unfair practices.

Also looking into legal action against DELTA.

Use this link to file your complaint, very easy web-form:

FIGHT! when you are treated unfairly and most of all do not FLY DELTA anymore.
dcdude on 05/11/2009:
I am exactly in the same boat. I also have one more exhibit to add. Until Dec 2008, I have all the statements (I opted for paperless all email statements) and it said Expiration: Dec 2009. And for 3 months they didn't send me any statements and suddenly on April 25th they send me a statement which said all of my miles will expire on April 30th, 2009. Sadly I opened the email on May 5th. Now I plan to open a website as well as ready to volunteer some time and effort to file a small claims court claim. I need help from like minded people. Delta sucks beyond words.
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SkySaver Fares Non-Existent
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Beware about Delta's lure of SkySaver fares. I tried to book a flight from Dallas to Managua on May 14th, only to find that there are NO available SkySaver seats available on Delta for the rest of the year.

The company did offer to book me on a Continental flight, but if I wanted to fly Continental, I could do that without going through Delta. Besides, the schedule on Continental is very inconvenient to what we are trying to do.

This promise of SkySaver fares amounts to false advertising on their part, because those fares are just a mirage. If you are considering getting a SkyMiles card, take into account that in most cases you will need to use 70,000 miles to get a single ticket for travel outside of the country (50,000 miles for domestic flight).
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Hugh_Jorgen on 05/15/2007:
Nothing new here - it's pretty common with all the airlines to set aside a VERY small number of tickets for popular destinations. At least they were willing to get you tickets on Continental. Some friends of mine have been trying for the past two years to get to Hawaii on their Delta FF miles with no luck.
familytravel on 05/15/2007:
Do you know for sure that Delta services Managua? Sometimes if the city you are requesting isn't served by that airline they will offer you a flight on a partner airline. At least they offered you an alternative airline--it's not Delta's fault if Continental's flight times don't appeal to you.
mypoolguy on 05/15/2007:
That is a dumb question. Obviously they fly to Managua or I would not be trying to fly them to Managua. The point is that they do not have a SINGLE skysaver ticket available to this destination for the rest of the year.

Does anyone else see a problem with that? I have made a point to rack up miles on my American Express Skymiles card so I can fly Delta, not someone else, and now I am left out in the cold.

I got a ticket with American for this flight and have stopped using my American Express card. Someday maybe I can use the miles for a ticket unless they just stop offering these fares altogether (which would not surprise me).
familytravel on 05/15/2007:
There is no need for you to get rude. I checked with Delta, and even when I entered in random dates far in advance, there were no flights to Managua. This was a simple search, not for a Skysaver ticket. AND....would you have been MORE happy if Delta wouldn't have offered a Continental flight at all and offered nothing? It was due to your plans that the flight offered was not convenient to your needs. I think think flight schedules to Managua are the issue here.
snowflake1164 on 05/28/2007:
I also had the same prob with my delta amex. I was never able to get the award tix for the dates I wanted. I switched to Hilton Amex. I never have a problem getting a room at Conrad, Hilton, Emb. Suites, Doubletree, for any dates- free.
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Delta treats skymiles members like garbage
Posted by on
We used our skymiles on 1/4/07 to fly from NY to SF without incident. The problems came the next night when we were supposed to fly from SF to Honolulu. Although the weather was fine in SF and Hawaii, Delta postponed the flight first two hours, and then five hours. We heard two stories: the plane was going from Orlando to Atlanta, then Atlanta to SF then to Honolulu. (1) There was bad weather in ATlanta. But when we checked our laptop there were flights going out of Atlanta.
(2) They were short a plane and pulled our flight.
Since we had no place to stay that night, we spend it in SF airport. Although we were supposed to be spending our first night in Hawaii, instead we spent part of it in the airport in Sf and part of it flying. We had to cancel our hotel reservation for the night. In addition, Delta told us they could have flown us out earlier with a partner airline, but because the skymiles had no money value, they couldn't do that. Because a lot of passengers were irate about the canceled flight, they offered an upgrade at $200 a ticket. When we asked about it, they said that their skymiles tickets didn't even have money value to them (Delta) so we couldn't upgrade. When we got to Hawaii at 3:30am, the airport wasn't even open yet. Because we were supposed to be leaving Oahu to go to the Big Island, we had to change our inter island flight. Delta was supposed to transfer our luggage to Hawaiian Airlines. They didn't, so when we got to Hawaii we had no luggage and no clothes. When we called Delta they said they don't transfer luggage in the middle of the night. They also said it was Hawaiian Airlines' responsibility to get the luggage. Hawaiian Airlines said it was Delta's responsibility to transfer the luggage (as they said they would when they took it) IT took another day and endless phone calls to get our luggage, wasting yet a second day of our vacation. It is impossible to get Delta on the phone, plan at least 20-30 minutes of busy signals, waiting and hope they don't hang up/disconnect you. Because of the problems we had with them, we did not use or skymiles tickets to fly home. DON'T FLY DELTA AIRLINES.
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Nohandle on 01/20/2007:
ebk, did you initially use your skymiles for free flights to Hawaii and back? If so, I'm impressed. About the only thing I've personally found the skymiles good for was upgrading from coach to first class.

The restrictions on the sykmiles have gotten so if a person wants a free flight, which the sykmiles were intended for initially, he is indeed fortunate. Yes, you should have been treated with a little respect having flown enough to earn skymiles, but face it..Delta (or any other airline) wants you to use them. I've gotten so I laugh to myself when it's announced on the speaker how many skymiles you have earned for that particular flight.

It's a shame your vacation started on this note but thanks for the warning to others as to what they might expect as a skymile member.
Anonymous on 01/20/2007:
I agree with Nohandle and about all I accept it coach to first class. When I try to use mine it's like that commercial and all I here is NO, NO, then "what’s in your wallet"?
Anonymous on 01/20/2007:
Clearly, you were wronged, but I think it's partially your fault too.
ebwrite on 01/20/2007:
This is ebk again - for some reason the site won't let me log on- I am curious why Pirate with Parrot feels it is partially our fault-
ebwrite on 01/20/2007:
also, forgot to say in response to nohandle that we did initially use the skymiles for free flights to Hawaii and back- didn't even know u could use skymiles for an upgrade on a paid ticket- I just think they shouldn't push/advertise skymiles as a benefit and a 'club' membership when they really mean that u are travelling way below coach status why u travel on Delta miles
familytravel on 01/20/2007:
Wow, you must have saved up a lot of skymiles! I usually just use them as upgrades for first class or a premium seat. Your trip sounds like a nightmare. I too have been having problems when I need to talk to Delta on the phone, I get a busy signal a lot. Every airline is going to mess up with something at one point or another. We had a ton of WorldPerks miles with Northwest and when we took a trip with them we had an awful experience too.
maribel1986 on 01/23/2007:
I understand your frustration, but if you were traveling on a mileage ticket, no other airline WOULD have accepted it. I am sure if they could have sent you through another airline they would have.
ebwrite on 01/23/2007:
All I'm saying is it wasn't much of a thank you after flying thousands of miles with Delta (Australia)- and why act like it is a privilege to be a member of skymiles when it is really a downgrade!
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