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Nightmare flight with Delta ..... Xmas 2009
By -

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday and all the best to you for 2010. Unfortunately my wife and I had our worst flight experience with Delta airlines on our recent holiday trip to Barbados. We purchased a flight online on June 12th 2009 for our trip to Barbados with Delta confirmation # **. The first leg of the flight was flight #1297 departing JFK, New York for Atlanta at 6:00am. We were then supposed to connect with Delta flight # 659 departing Atlanta for Barbados at 9:40am.

We arrived at the Delta counter at JFK around 3:45am and after checking in our luggage with our customer service agent we were told to proceed through TSA security and to the Delta gate where our seats would be assigned. Upon arrival at the Delta gate we were then told that the flight had in fact been severely overbooked and that were no longer any assigned seats.

After about a frustrating hour and a half of limited communication from the Delta service manager at the gate a large group of about thirty passengers including my wife and I were all informed that we would not be seated on flight #1297 from JFK to Atlanta. For us this was very frustrating as we had bought our tickets six months in advance and had tried unsuccessfully to confirm our seats over the last few months with your customer service agents. We had been told that our seats would be assigned at check-in at the JFK airport on Dec 23rd.

Close to 7:00am on Dec 23rd we were finally told by one of your customer service agents at the JFK counter that we would be refunded for the portion of our flight down to Barbados as our delay to Barbados was greater than the acceptable time frame stipulated by airline rules. We would however be on our own to find an alternative carrier to Barbados. We were also told that our flight back up from Barbados would however remain intact with Delta. This was a most startling proposal as it was two days before Christmas and we were basically left to find a flight down to Barbados which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

After several frantic calls to numerous of your competitor airlines we were able to miraculously find the last two seats on a JetBlue flight #871 down to Barbados leaving that same morning at 8:30am. The two last minute JetBlue flight basically cost the same as the one-way ticket refund that we received from Delta for the cancellation of our seats to Barbados.

We informed your Delta customer service agent at the JFK gate that we would be taking the 8:30am JetBlue flight. He informed us that Delta would still take our checked-in luggage down to Barbados on their flight # 1297 as that flight was taking off. We were told by your customer service agent that we would be able to collect our luggage upon our arrival in Barbados on the JetBlue flight that was scheduled to arrive later that same day.

We arrived in Barbados later that same day on JetBlue. Unfortunately our luggage didn't arrive on the Delta flight as promised from earlier that morning. When we asked the Delta agent in Barbados about our luggage they informed us that we had to talk to JetBlue about our missing luggage even though Delta indicated they would deliver our luggage to Barbados. Of course the JetBlue agent could not understand the rational why they would be responsible for luggage we never checked in with their airline and which Delta had indicated was on a flight connecting out of JFK, New York through Atlanta to Barbados.

At this point we were now stuck in Barbados with no luggage and limited effective assistance from the local Delta customer service representative. Later on that night (December 23rd) I sent Delta Online Support an email message indicating that our four pieces of luggage had been lost. I got an email response that same night indicating that we could expect a response in three to four days!!!

The next morning December 24th I called Delta's 800-number and I was told that our bags were left in Atlanta and that they would be forwarded down to Barbados via Puerto Rico around 11:30pm on an American Airlines flight. I called later that same day to confirm our luggage had made the flight going through Puerto Rico and I was told by ** one of your customer service agents that our luggage was now being sent back to JFK, New York instead as Delta had no evidence that we had indeed arrived in Barbados. I explained to ** that I was indeed ** and that I was currently stranded in Barbados without any clothing and toiletries.

** indicated we would now receive our luggage upon our return to New York from vacation in Barbados. In addition she also indicated that we would not get any reimbursement to purchase emergency clothing nor toiletries while stranded in Barbados. I think our call with ** was recorded so you can verify this exasperating conversation with your customer service agent who obviously didn't grasp the concept of customer service.

On Dec 24th we spent about $450 on emergency clothing and toiletries as the local Barbadians had explained to us that the island celebrates Boxing Day on Dec 26th. Most stores in Barbados would therefore be closed for an extended weekend from the Thursday (Christmas Day) until the following Monday!!!

On Friday December 26th we finally got a surprise call from Delta that our luggage had arrived in Barbados. At that point we had not only spent several hundred dollars on emergency clothing and toiletries but we had also incurred a large international telephone call bill trying in vain to resolve and track our luggage with your customer service agents back in the USA.

The trip got worst on our way back. There was there a one hour departure delay on our connecting Delta flight #488 out of Port-of-Spain in Trinidad to JFK, New York on Jan 2nd. In addition when our luggage arrived at JFK, New York two pieces of our luggage were badly damaged. On December 3rd I filed two damaged luggage claims # ** and # **. Upon filing these two claims I was told I now have to find a FedEx office to ship the damaged luggage back to your facility in Carrollton in Texas. This is just another inconvenience for us relating to this already horrible trip experience with your airline.

I apologize for the length of this letter but I think you can sense we are highly annoyed with this extremely poor level of service that we received from Delta. I did a quick scan of the internet tonight to determine whether they were any online websites we could also post a copy of this letter on so that we could expose a wider swath of your current and potential customers to our recent trip experience. We found the following websites: **.

Upon browsing these websites it appears this poor level of customer service has also been experienced by several other customers of your airline. I'll spend some time over the upcoming weekend to make sure I post this letter on these online websites and with the relevant identifying personal information redacted.

Delta has been a disappointing service provider for this recent trip. You are very aware that word of mouth is vital to companies such as yours operating in an industry that is very competitive. My wife and I will also make sure that we share this Delta flight experience with as many friends, family and colleagues that we come across over the upcoming months.

At this point we are merely asking for some compensation to recoup the money we spent on emergency clothing and toiletries in Barbados and to recover the cost of the lengthy international telephone calls we made to Delta's customer service bureau in the USA from Barbados as we tracked our missing luggage. I think you'll agree that some reimbursement would be a small gesture of goodwill as your airline almost ruined our fond memories of Barbados. If you have any additional questions I can be reached at **.

Cancelled flight due to missing staff/Awful customer service
By -

I'm writing due to a terrible experience I had with Delta flying from JFK to Buffalo. I had a 10pm flight on a Sunday night. The flight kept being delayed until about 12 or 12:15am, each time Delta announcing it due to a reason such as the incoming flight was waiting for traffic so that it could pull up. Then they had to unboard that flight, etc.

At about 12:15am they canceled the flight due a missing flight attendant. They didn't realize they were missing someone two hours ago when we were supposed to leave? While I do understand things happen, I don't understand why there was no one there as backup or why the flight wasn't cancelled sooner rather than delayed for two hours only to cancel it anyway. If it had been cancelled sooner, there was a flight to Rochester I would have tried to go on earlier that night.

Once the flight was cancelled and we were told to go to the counter to rebook a flight, I was told by the person assisting me that the soonest direct flight wasn't until two days later, and the soonest flight at all would not get me in until 3pm the next day. This was not even an option for me because Monday was my first day of Dental school in Buffalo, which started at 8:30am.

He told me that Jetblue did have a flight to Buffalo that would get in at 8am, but if I wanted I could take what Delta had until I knew if the seat with Jetblue was available. He told me that all I would have to do to be refunded was call Delta and I would be reimbursed for my ticket if I chose to fly with Jetblue instead.

I ended up booking the morning flight with Jetblue even though it costed me close to $200 so I could get to school on time. I went to my first day of class on less than two hours of sleep since Delta cancelled the flight so late and then the hotel they set me up in for the night (which didn't even have hot water) took over an hour to get to by the shuttle system. I had to be back to the airport around 4am told fly home. When I called Delta to cancel and confirm that I would be reimbursed, the woman I spoke with said no. I did not have time to speak with her at the time, so I called back a couple of days later to inquire as to how to get reimbursed.

I was told that they could not reimburse me by phone because the airport issued me a paper ticket rather than an e-ticket so I would have to go to the airport to reimbursed. I asked to speak with a supervisor and when I was finally put on the phone with her, she told me the same thing, saying I could either mail my tickets in or bring them to the airport to be reimbursed. She seemed to think that going in was the better option and I did too, being I didn't trust Delta to get my refund to me.

A few days later, I drove a half-hour to the Buffalo-Niagara Airport with my ticket as instructed to request my refund. When I approached the person at the ticket booth for Delta, he looked completely confused about how to issue me a refund and called Delta for support. After waiting for about 45 minutes with the person at the desk, he finally tells me that he can't issue me a refund there and would have to mail my ticket to Atlanta for the request. He said if I didn't hear anything about my refund in two weeks to give Delta a call. There was some sort of conflict because I had bought the ticket over Expedia and flown United Airlines to JFK, so I only needed to be reimbursed for the return portion of the flight.

However, the supervisor I had spoken with was completely aware of that situation and if that was in issue with me not being reimbursed at the airport, she should have never told me to waste my time going there! I don't understand why there is such a lack of communication that I would have a supervisor direct me to go to the airport and waste two hours of my time, only for nothing to be resolved.

In addition, the service I received from the Delta representative at the airport was completely unprofessional. While he was on hold with someone trying to figure out how to reimburse me, and wanted to speak with one of his coworkers about an unrelated manner and asked me to hold the phone for him so he could go in the back. This is no way to act with a customer.

A few days later, I called Delta to complain about everything I've gone through and was told I had to email Delta and attach a copy of my Jetblue ticket. When I went to the website to do so, I saw there was nowhere I could attach anything so I called back. A different representative then told me I could not put on an attachment despite the previous representative telling me to do so, and that she thought I was wasting my time because she said she doubted Delta would reimburse me. She offered me a $100 voucher towards a future flight. I took it for the time being but they can have it back. I do not want a voucher for Delta because I never plan to fly Delta again!

I called the refunds department 2 weeks after I went in to the airport to find out the status of my refund. A rude woman told me it takes 7-10 business days to receive it. Apparently she couldn't count because it had been 11 business days. I figured I'd give it a couple more days though just in case. I called back a week later and there was nothing known about my refund still. Basically they lost my refund request. She told me I shouldn't have brought it to the airport because they have so much traffic going through there and it's more likely to be lost. Well if I hadn't been instructed by a supervisor to do so I wouldn't have!

Since then, I've been told to fax in my refund receipts I got from the airport. I also called because I didn't want someone telling me again that it was lost. They have told me it will be another 7-10 business days before I am refunded. This is just absurd. They're pretty much holding my money hostage that isn't even theirs because they never provided the service they were supposed to have provided. It should not take this much time and effort to get refunded!

Because of this cancellation, I wasted a lot of time and money trying to resolve the situation. The only compensation I received for this inconvenience was a night at a hotel that didn't even have hot water, and a voucher for a meal that I couldn't use because I flew out of the Jetblue terminal. In order to get home by the time I needed to be there, I had to pay $185 out of pocket to fly Jetblue as well an extra day of parking at the Buffalo airport. Then there were also the hours on the phone and at the terminal.

As a student in a doctoral program, time is very precious to me right now, and I don't have time to waste. After all the hassle they've put me through, I'm trying to get back both my refund as well as reimbursement for my ticket with Jetblue and extra day of parking. I wrote an email to Delta five days ago and still have not gotten a response, as well as filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I will NEVER fly Delta again. They take your money and put you through hell trying to get it back.

Worse Customer Service Ever!
By -

BUFFALO, NEW YORK -- On 12/25/08 I was given a buddy pass by a friend to go to Buffalo, NY and surprise my ten year old son for Christmas, who is currently living with his father. Getting there was not bad at all. I arrived a little late, but everything was fine. Now I have traveled with Delta airline plenty of times and preferred Delta over the rest. This was the first and last time flying with a buddy pass.

Now I am aware of the procedure when using a buddy pass. If the flight is full, you would have to wait on the next. Fine, no problem! My flight to come home was a deal breaker. I understood during the Holiday season that it was possible that I would not be able to make it home in a timely manner.

As I set and waited for the first flight at four in the morning from Buffalo NY to Atlanta GA, I watched as the ticket guy ** got into a heated argument with an older guy. Not sure what was said but you could see that the words back and forth were not friendly. After a while I decided to go up to the counter and ask ** if he had an idea if I would be able to make this flight or not. He replied " You will know if I call your name!" Not once looking up at me. I thought that was rude but hey it was the holidays and everything was hectic. So I went back to my seat and waited.

After everyone had boarded the plane ** gave me a seat 7a and closed the door. Now the plane was due to take off at 6:30am. He handed me my seat at 6:27am. I walked down the ramp and was seated in 8f because someone was already sitting in 7a, and the stewardess advised me to sit anywhere a seat was available.

After five minutes of being seated a stewardess came back and asked who was supposed to be seated in 7a. I told her that I was. She asked if I had a "Rep pass?" Not knowing what that was I told her that I didn't know. She turned around and walked away...6:35am now! Next thing you know ** is walking down the aisle. He stopped and looked at me and said "You need to get up right now!"

I said "Why you just gave me this seat"? He said very nasty "It doesn't matter you need to get up and get off the plane now!" Now everyone on the plane is looking at me like I was some kind of terrorist. I was really embarrassed. Without another word I got up and exited the plane. I walked threw the tunnel and waited at the counter.

A couple of seconds later ** exited the tunnel. Not knowing exactly what had just happened I questioned him. I said "What happened why was I kicked off and you gave me that seat?" He stated in a disrespectful tone "Go and sit down and I will be with you later!" I said "You don't have to be nasty you gave me that seat!" He stated "First of all that wasn't your seat, that seat belonged to a paying customer!" Again everyone seated waiting for the next flight was listening to what was going on.

I said "I understand that but you acted as if I forced myself onto the plane, when you are the one who gave me a seat, I just want to know what going on!" He said really loud "You never had a seat that was the other ladies seat. She is a paying customer and you are basically trying to fly for free, so you don't have a seat!" I said "It doesn't matter if I'm a paying customer or not you don't have to speak to me that way." He then said " If you're going to sit there and argue with me you won't be flying at all!" At that point I decided not to continue going back and forth with him. It was either that or to go to jail in Buffalo and be stuck there for a while.

After contacting my fiance to let him know what had just happened as I cried my eyes out from the embarrassment, he advise me to get the guys name and his supervisors name and number. I walked over and asked him for his name he refused to give me his last name and told me his supervisors name was **. He advised me that ** was downstairs back out at the counter pass security. Without another word I walked downstairs and met **.

** was very busy with a line that you wouldn't believe. I waited or him to get a quick moment. While I waited I heard ** calling back up stairs to ** and was very upset with him for sending customers back to him to reschedule their missed flights. I watched as they argued back and forth. Soon ** got the opportunity to talk to me. I explained the situation to him. I was informed that ** had made a mistake.

Once a paying customer seat was giving away to a standby the paying customer had missed their flight and needed to rescheduled. So those customers he let on the plane after me was not supposed to board the plane. The fact that I was flying with a buddy pass was no ones business. He violated the confidentiality policy of Delta Airlines by shouting out this information. What was really odd was ** response. He said that that's the way ** was and that he gets complaints a lot about his customer service skills.

Now if that is the case, why is ** still employed with Delta? I think that ** should be fired and should not work in customer service anywhere. I was given another stand by ticket and was sent back up to where ** was. As I approached a seat and I heard ** telling another ticket person about our argument and how he started to tell me off. I think again that his actions were completely unprofessional and I will see to it that he never does this to a customer again. Paying or not! No one deserved to be treated like this.

After spending a total of 15 hours in the airport on 12/30/2008 after the last plane left without me. I called my girlfriend to pick me up and I went back to her house, got on-line and bought a one way ticket home to Texas. Of course I didn't purchase the ticket threw Delta. I flew Air Tran, and they have just gained a new customer. I see why they were voted #1 in customer service. They were very pleasant!

By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Don't think it can happen to you? A colleague in the same office as me happened to select Delta Airlines for a similar trip and the exact same thing happened to her. Consider yourself warned!

We recently had a very frustrating and disappointing experience with your airline that we feel should addressed by your management team and compensation should be issued for the inconvenience caused by Delta Airlines and your employees.

On January 19, 2006, we made travel arrangements for a dream vacation to Italy from San Diego (Delta Airlines Record Locator: **). We were traveling to Rome to run in a marathon and also enjoy vacation time in Rome, Florence and Venice. We planned early and even made are reservations two months in advance. As you can imagine this is a costly and long flight and an important element to this trip was being able to obtain appropriate seats for this type of travel. We selected our seat assignments when we purchased the tickets and everything appeared to process correctly.

A few weeks before the trip we decided to re-verify the details of our travel plans to ensure there would be no unnecessary surprises during our trip. The only issue we found was with your airline. When I looked at the Delta website I noticed we no longer had seat assignments. I immediately called your customer service department and was told not to worry that it is your policy to not assign seats on international flights. I found this questionable since we also did not have seat assignments for the domestic segment of our trip.

In addition, we had also purchased tickets for four additional people traveling with our group from another city and they were assigned seats on each segment of the trip. When I questioned your representative I was told that they could not help me since it was company policy and that we would need to arrive early at the airport to obtain our seats. I called a few days before the trip to verify this again and was told a very similar story.

We arrived at the airport well in advance of our flight'™s scheduled departure but discovered that your agent in San Diego could only help with our seat assignments for the San Diego to Atlanta flight. It appeared that your customer service agent had provided misinformation and as a result the only seats available were the extremely uncomfortable middle seats and we could not even sit together. Although we had not started the trip off pleasantly there was still hope because we would arrive in Atlanta early for our flight to Rome and we would have plenty of time to take care of obtaining appropriate seating for the international segment of the trip.

When we arrived in Atlanta we were directed to one of your customer service stations and after waiting in a long line for about 20 minutes we were referred to the customer service station in the international terminal. Once there we waited in an even longer line only to be told (with tremendous attitude) that they did not handle this type of request and that we needed to quickly go to the gate because they had already started assigning seats.

Naturally we rushed to the gate only to find that no agent was there yet so we waited and waited. Since we were under the impression that Delta's policy was to not issue seat assignments on international flights in advance we were not concerned since there was only one other person in front of us. You can imagine our surprise and dismay when the agent started processing the seat requests and we were told the only seats left were the uncomfortable middle seats.

This was unacceptable to us. If we had made the travel arrangements at the last minute we would gladly had taken what was available. We planned this trip with your airlines well in advance and at the time of purchase we were assigned appropriate seats for this type of travel. We even followed the seating assignment process as directed by your Delta Airline employees.

We requested to speak to a manager at the gate and we were told there was no manager available to talk to us and besides there was nothing that could be done. We were then handed a Delta Airlines survey and told if we had something to say we needed to fill it out and mail it in to the service department. If we could have found just one employee in San Diego or Atlanta that cared enough about us and our situation to simply listen to our story we would not be writing this letter today. Honestly, there was not one Delta employee that day that showed any empathy or concern towards our travel plight.

I had to use my cell phone to call your customer service center and speak to a manager over the phone (which was about a 30 minute call so I can't even imagine how much that will cost). He did take the time to listen to my issue and was at least honest enough to admit there was a processing error in our travel record that caused the original seat assignments to fail. It was something about a plane type change and our seat assignments should have been worked manually but no employee got to the work so it never happened (I'€™m sure you have notes in your customer records and you can verify all of the details in this letter).

As a result, the plane was over sold and we fell into a bucket where we could not be assigned a seat because the seat assignments are cut-off at a certain occupancy level and the remaining seats are used by the agents for some type of flexibility during check-in. Again, I would assume this makes sense to Delta Airlines since I was told that was your policy by one of your managers.

I can assure you this was not from lack of planning on our part and I am now pretty sure it is definitely NOT your policy to NOT issue seat assignments on international flights. Your employees directly lied to us about your policy instead of addressing the actual issue. This error was a result of poor processes and lack of employee ownership within Delta Airlines and one where we, the customers, should not have been penalized.

We paid you money well in advance to handle our reservations as agreed when the tickets were purchased. Moreover, we had a contract with Delta Airlines. You had an obligation to reserve and hold our seats, even if there was a process failure on the part of Delta Airlines. You failed to deliver on your end of the agreement.

Therefore, as compensation for an extremely frustrating experience, we would like you to provide us with two international tickets to any location we choose to be used in the next year. Nothing can compensate us for turning our once in a lifetime dream vacation into a vacation nightmare, but we want to ensure that you think seriously about your commitments to customers. Treating them badly, directly lying to them and poor internal processes will only bring you bad publicity and loss of business.

I realize you are probably heading towards closing the doors forever but customer service is the basic for any business and it is a critical element to remaining in business. I used to fly Delta Airlines at least twice a month from Dallas to Atlanta for years in the mid 90'™s. I honestly thought there was not a better airline out there anywhere. What happened?

Lack of seats available for Frequent Flyer milers
By -

HAWAII -- I want to share two letters that I wrote to the CEO of Delta Airlines. The first is dated March 7, 2006:

"I have been a loyal patron of Delta Airlines for many years. And, for many years I have either paid full fare or upgraded, when told it was available, into business or first class. I say this to indicate that I have no objection to paying the premium necessary for the extra comfort afforded by the higher class. At the same time, I do expect to be treated fairly when I inquire, from a Delta Skymiles agent, as to availability of upgradeable seats. The purpose of this letter is to bring a situation where it is apparent that such treatment was not forthcoming.

"Here are the facts. In January [2006] I called Delta Skymiles to arrange for reservation to attend a conference in Greece in July. At that time, my Skymiles account had over 100,000 unused miles. My request was for either a business class ticket using my miles or an upgradeable fare, which would be upgraded using my miles. I was told that no such seats were available and that if I wanted to travel business class I would have to pay full fare. Believing that to be the case, I went on-line and booked a ticket (for $4500.) on January 17th. Because of my fondness and loyalty to Delta I did not elect to book the ticket on a competing carrier.

"Just recently, I discovered that a colleague of mine....was able to just two or three weeks ago to book and upgrade to attend the same conference. This is very disturbing and I dislike, as a loyal customer of Delta, to that seats suddenly, several months later, become available when I was told in January that such was not the case. It almost makes me wonder if my loyalty to Delta is not reciprocated by the airline. I hope this is not the case.

"I hope you will take this letter seriously. I have flown Delta for close to four decades and maintained my positive feelings through the airline's good and non-so-good times. I sincerely want those feelings to remain as they are, but such treatment as outlined above does make me wonder."

The next letter, dated April 21st, tells what happened next.

"Close to two months ago I wrote the letter referenced above. I will not rehearse the complaint in the letter except to say that I was very disappointed in the response. Several weeks later at 6 AM I received a call from some lady in your Customer Relations Department. Aside from the fact that she [could not seem to grasp time zone differences] I was appalled that all she could do was to read me the regulations after she admitted that didn't have a copy of the letter in front of her. So, first I had to repeat the details of the letter before we could move on. Her call was a waste of my time as well as hers. I was fully aware of the regulations (I can read, thank you). My point which I tried to make to her was that merely reading the regulations was no way to build customer loyalty particularly in a highly competitive industry. It is rude and disrespectful to the customer. I tried very hard to get her to understand that surely it would not be a difficult thing to put customer who a)have asked for an upgradable ticket and b) paid the higher fare when such seat was not available on a waiting list for when such a seat becomes available. These customers should have their needs meet before others who book later. After all, you do this when putting people on a standby list and it is a matter of first come, first served. She seemed oblivious to my point. There is no reason that people wanting to use their frequent flyer miles to have to depend on an accident of timing.

"I am a social/industrial psychologist and one thing I know is how to treat customers when you want repeat business. The way this comment was handled would not have passed mustere even among the most naive business student. Delta Airlines can do better."

I don't expect much of an answer--but thought I would share it with those of you who have had similar experiences.

Delta's Criminal behavior. My 15 Years Old Daughter in Potential Danger.
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Rating: 1/51

Delta's criminal behavior. My 15 year old daughter (minor flying by her self) in potential danger. I bought non stop flight tickets for my daughter, paid more, to make sure she will have no extra trouble. Her trip was stressful enough: Dallas to NY JFK; NY JFK to Moscow Russia, then on the way back Moscow to NY JFK; NY JFK to Dallas. My daughter very bright person, she had flown before, so I decide to let her navigate between her gates and flights by her self.

On the way to Russia her flight from Dallas was late, so she missed her connection and Delta had rescheduled her for another flight that leaves 3 hours later and runs by Russian Airline. So my daughter had to run from her gate she arrived from Dallas to the gate of her original flight to Russia and Delta representatives closed door right in front of her face, stating she is 2 min. late. Then they sent her to her previous gate, to change her flight, then she had to stay in line to change her ticket, so Delta booked her on Aeroflot (Russian airline) flight.

By the time they gave her new flight information, she had only 1 hour to run to new gate and get checked in. That was her trip to Russia. I thought it was bad, but I was wrong!!! On the way back, Delta canceled her connection flight to Dallas and re-booked her on flight with 2 connections (NY, Wash, Atlanta, Dallas) and they changed date for next evening. My daughter outside of the security (because she had to clear custom) with all her luggage, even bag that was checked in in JFK Airport by her self for another 26 hours, after flying form Russia (flight 10 hours).

I made 7 calls to Delta, had to wait for at list 25 minutes. Delta told me they booked my daughter to American Airline, they gave me confirmation number and also they said: Tell your daughter to go to AA and give them confirmation code. When my daughter with all those bags got there AA representative told her, Delta never booked her on this flight and now they don't have available seats. My daughter was running around asking for help, but Delta representatives at the airport, was ignoring her, when I asked her to give them her cell phone, so I can explain the situation, they refused to talk to me.

It took me 7 hours to try to get her on any flight to Dallas, but it wasn't successful. Finely they got her on flight to JFK to LA to Dallas ha-ha-ha!!!! But it made me feel little better, at list she is not on a street in strange town. Now she is on the way to LA and her flight is running late, so I am worry she is not going to make her connection to Dallas, but at list her baggage checked in and hopefully it will make easier to run between gates in LA.

It would be funny story, if it wouldn't be so sad. Why did I pay more for non stop flight from NY to Dallas? Why no one is responsible for this situation? Why my daughter have to spend night on a street in NY or fly all over the country to get home? Delta you are bunch of criminals!!!

Are You Kidding Me!!!!
By -

My husband is an rather high employee with the federal government. They said they will give us VOUCHERS for our next flight with them. DO THEY THINK WE ARE NUTS! Out of... 5 planes Justin was to take, ONE was tooo late that he missed the connecting flight and had to wait until the next day (three hours... delayed to be exact NOT due to weather). The next day his flight to Atlanta was on time, then in Atlanta the next flight was delayed for an hour and half. Again NOT TO WEATHER, putting him home EVEN LATER! Then today they called and delayed the flight an hour and a half to leave.

We get to the airport on time to find out they changed it back to its regular time... and it was boarding when he got there and they would not let him on. He even played the voice mail for them. They informed us that is not their problem even though he did not have any bags to check. Then we had to pay over 400.00 for another ticket... and he got DELAYED over an hour n Memphis... AGAIN not due to weather. Just not got to Savanna where his classmate, BLESS HIM, picked him up at the air port for the hour drive back to their hotels... (which is where his original ticket was meant to land) so he did not have to rent a car. They have to be up at 5am! GO DELTA!

All the delays were due to MAINTENANCE ISSUES... I want to fly in a safe plane but... if you have that many issues... maybe you should be inspected and have a better customer service program. My husband is a Supervisory Special Agent... he knows many others. Thanks to this weekend... none of them will be approving flights through Delta for Employees anymore... that is... more than you can imagine in employees. Fantastic how people stand together. My kids, my 8 and 4 months, had not seen their daddy in 6 weeks. Do you know how much a baby changes in 6 weeks?

I had to tell my son that even though Daddy bought the tickets weeks before, that he could not make it home Friday night. I had to sit here while my son BUSTED into tears wanting to know why daddy did not come home and if it was because of him. We had to rearrange our entire weekend. It was beyond an horrible experience. To know so many others were effected. Some trying to get to their homes that had been hit by F4 tornadoes to see if anything was left.

We spent good HARD earned money to see each other for just a few days. Delta ruined it and expected 175.00 in voucher to be used with their company to cover it. A 27.00 food voucher only redeemable in the Atlanta airport, and the voucher to cover the taxi... enough... I think not.

Terrible Vegas Vacation
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- My fiance and I were on a flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas on May 13, 2011. I purchased a headset from the flight attendant for what I thought would be $2.00 but actually turned out to be $372.00.This was the beginning of a terrible vacation. Due to the overcharge, I was unable to rent a car, pay for my hotel, and basically enjoy all the perks of Las Vegas because my money/checking account was tied up due to Delta's error. Because of this, Bank of America had to freeze my account and I was unable to access cash because my debit card was frozen and I could not withdraw it from a branch because it was Saturday and the banks were closed!

When I first spoke with Delta, I was told I would receive 2 call backs, one from the 1-800 number and one from the counter at the Las Vegas airport. That did not happen. When I called back Sunday, I spoke with Brent of Tampa. He told me there would be nothing they can do until I provide them with the document number to trace the charge. Well, because the charge came in over the weekend, it was pending until the beginning of the week when it posted so I was unable to provide the number because there was no number yet associated with the charge.

By Monday morning I was livid! I spoke with the rudest person from your Salt Lake City office, Paul, and was told there was nothing Delta can do. I would need to contact my bank and they will handle the refund. That was it. I instantly came to the conclusion that I will NEVER fly Delta again. I took my flight back to Atlanta and Tuesday morning, I called your corporate number and spoke with Edith. She was very apologetic and helpful but still I am unsatisfied. She issued me case number: #** and a $125 credit for another flight. Wednesday morning, I check my account and nothing has happened.

I call back your corporate customer service line to check the status of my case and the woman I speak with says I have yet to issue proof of the charge. I tell her I emailed it in yesterday and would she like me to fax it in. I ask for her fax number and ask her to please have Edith, the woman I was speaking on Tuesday, give me a call back once she received it. She says sure and begins to end the call. I quickly stop her so she can confirm my telephone number and believe it or not, she has the WRONG telephone number. She reads out 4047152600. I want to scream. That is Delta's corporate office's telephone number not my telephone number.

She says "Oops, my bad. Can I have you number please?" This is completely unacceptable. My vacation was ruined! I could not enjoy anything because I had no access to cash! I had to take public transportation because my card was declined for my rental car reservation. My RESERVED birthday dinner for my fiance and friends was unable to happen because I had no funds. And all I get as an apology is a $125 credit? No! That is not right.

I spent over $600 for our tickets to Las Vegas with Delta and because one of your flight attendants was careless and charged me $370 over the price of a $2 headset which in turn locked up my banking account, I am supposed to just accept this and move on. My big birthday bash for my fiance was RUINED!

I am utterly and completely dissatisfied with what happened and believe that Delta needs to rectify this situation immediately. And a $125 travel credit is an insult. Not to mention as of this time, 5/18/2011 at 10:33 am EST, I have yet to be refunded for the overcharge of the headset! The lack of professionalism from you first line customer service is beyond me and some definite retraining is needed.

Rude and Unhelpful flight supervisor and Delta tickets politics.
By -

I was flying from Norfolk to Atlanta on Feb 6. I had such an unfortunate experience that I want to share. As I am not from Virginia, I don't know the city much. I went to Newport News instead of Norfolk and the Delta customer there told me to go to Norfolk. I rushed to Norfolk and I got 170 dollar speeding ticket with court fees. I then hurried to the airport. I left the check in baggage with my friend and told him to send it later as I did not want to miss the flight. I immediately got the boarding pass and ran and ran to the gate. The passengers were still checking in the flight but the front gate was closed.

Flight supervisor was called and she said she can't help with this flight. I explained my situation to the other Delta employee and she called the supervisor again. I told them that it's the last flight and if I miss this, I can't make to Little Rock tonight. The same flight supervisor said that she would talk to me soon but didn't not listen to what I said. I am a physician and had 13 sick patients to see in the morning which I didn't wanted to miss. I was here for a job interview and had to rush back the next morning. As the flight departed (which was by the way not for 15 min while I was standing outside looking for it to go), the supervisor came.

I told my story and how important it was for me to reach little rock. She said she would help and while she was booking next flight, she realized that it was the last flight. She immediately booked my next flight and she asked me to rush at Atlanta airport and try to catch my connecting flight. The layover time was 6 min and Atlanta being the busiest airport, I don't know how did she even say that? Why would she even give me false help and wrong suggestions when it was not possible. I told her that when Delta flights get delayed many times, we customers don't say anything. We realize that it happens and we try to be as cooperative as we can.

She had no empathy to me and refused to give me her name. After this episode, I called my friend who suggested that there was actually US airways which was flying at 7:45 pm and would reach Little Rock at night. I suggested that she can try talking to US airways which she again refused. She suggested that if wanted I can book flight with them now. (well I am 28 yrs old and I can think that much.) She could have helped me in at least 10 different ways but I saw no empathy, help or even at least listening to the customer.

When I asked what if I lose the connecting flight, she suggested that the next flight be booked tomorrow morning but I have to make my own night arrangements. I was heart broken and felt immensely sad, helpless( for myself and my patients). Here is the worst part. My flight reached Atlanta actually 30 min early and the flight attendant in the flight was very helpful and she tried her best to help me out. She even let me to get out of the flight first and suggested me to tell the Delta service agent that my connecting flight is 30 min away and that I have made it to the airport and will be coming soon. I did so and the agent told me not to worry.

Now when I went there to board this flight and I was 15 min early, this gate was CLOSED TOO and it was 15 min early. And I asked what was the problem for which the supervisor there said he will talk soon. I was accompanied by 3 more customers there and when I asked their story, they said they were given the wrong gate. (You can verify this if you want to by looking into the customers who got canceled that flight). Now while the flight had not still left, I asked the supervisor why would he not let us board the flight? He said he can't do it and we have to stay overnight and carry the next morning flight.

When I repeatedly asked him what's the problem now, HE SAID THAT OUR SEATS ARE ALREADY SOLD AND ACTUALLY THERE ARE NO SEATS AVAILABLE. How ridiculous and unprofessional is that? He also read me the report saying that it was already explained to me at Norfolk and the issue is resolved. The supervisor probably knew that I would complain and she possibly did everything she can to protect herself and did everything she can to protect herself and defensive. He did give me a free overnight stay but I am so not satisfied with Delta.

I sincerely ask for little more better service from Delta and please take this as a feedback. I would please ask for the supervisor's reply to at least realize what I went through and how could the situation been handled better. She was arrogant, impatient and extremely unhelpful and rude. Not to mention, she immediately ran away from the scene in 5 min. I am telling my horror story to all my friends and will try to post this in all the forums and internet just to make customers realize that we as a customers should not keep quiet if we find any faults from the flight side. It probably has created lot of mistrust which is such an unfortunate event.

Delta ticketing agents frighteningly incompetent and rude
By -

Here's my experience with just trying BOOK a frigging flight with this brain dead airline. I was using points from a credit card that had to be transferred over to my Delta frequent flier account so my family and me could fly on my miles. I called a month ahead of time to do so. The first nimrod I got was overseas with a thick accent and a fake American name. After numerous attempts to make myself understood he told me I would need 80,000 miles total to qualify for seats. Made the reservation and called my Credit card company and they immediately transferred the miles over. Simple yes? Wrong. The genius in Delhi, Calcutta or whatever third world backwater was wrong.

It was 80,000 miles PER SEAT. Luckily, I called Delta just before I lost my seats and found this out. The next agent I spoke to Jason was a rocket scientist in OHIO. He reassured me that he would extend the deadline on my reservation for two more days until the additional miles came in. Jumpy now, I called the next day, a day BEFORE the new deadline, and got Jenny in the US who told me that my reservation had been canceled because it was past the deadline. Smoke coming out of my ears I said, "Your agent assured me that he would extend the deadline and you're telling me now that my reservation GONE? I called a MONTH in advance for these flights.

These times and dates are non-negotiable. We have to be in Atlanta on a certain day for a certain event. "Well let me see what I can do for you, click, click, click, okay I found your itinerary and I've re-booked those flights. You can go on and see them there." She promises to send me an email confirming this. Problem solved, right? WRONG! I never get an email confirming this conversation. Not trusting anything this pathetic excuse for a company tells me, I check my reservation on their website and, sure enough, Jenny screwed up my return flight booking it A MONTH LATER than my original one.

Head... about... to... explode, I call Delta and get Carol who sounds like a dude. Either that or she's smoked so much that she's got a voice that could strip paint. I make my frustration and displeasure with Delta plain to Carol who is - how should I put it - an unsympathetic witch with the listening skills of Glenn Beck. She starts stonewalling, tells me I'm being unreasonable and that it's not a big deal. "NOT A BIG DEAL?" "I've had to make four, count ‘em; four phone calls to make a simple fight reservation and each time YOU GUYS have nearly screwed me. How is that not a big deal?"

Finally, I get my return flight sorted out with yet another reservation, and ask her to send me an email confirming this. She refuses, telling me they don't send emails unless the ticket is paid for. I point out that the first guy in outsourced hell already sent me one and Jenny said she would (Although she never did). Carol still refuses and then has the nerve to tell me I'm acting unreasonable. So, I make her stay on the line while I go their website to confirm she did what she said. She had. After promises to stay in touch, we say our tearful goodbyes.

As of now, I'm holding a reservation on the dates I want but Delta has not processed the miles my credit card company has transferred over. I still may lose this reservation and again, bear in mind, this is me planning a trip A MONTH in advance. Does it really have to this hard?

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