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Luggage was Demolished
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- We took a trip to Cancun. We flew from Louisville to Cincy then to Cancun no problem.. on the flights back we flew Cancun to Atlanta and Atlanta to Louisville. At Atlanta (there were six of us on this trip-3 couples) everyone checked their bags at customs no problem. One of the girls that I was with had to tell the people who checked our bags to put her luggage on the belt 3 times!! When he finally did he laughed and heaved her bag 2 feet in the air!

Once we got to Louisville we waited and waited for her bag to come through and it never did- we heard a man say that all the bags that were coming were already here... It was about 1130 and night and she was furious! We went to the desk and she didn't even have to tell them her name - they KNEW who she was because they had already checked the name of the luggage they had with them... when they said her name they brought her a piece of luggage that RESEMBLED hers but was completely demolished... I mean- metal reinforcements sticking out of the luggage, clothes hanging out, flip flops missing, pockets completely dangling from the bag.

The only thing that kept her bag together was a Rainbow strap to help her identify her bag on the belt. She bought a Chi straightener for like $100... crushed... mangled... She bought 2 new bikinis from Victoria's Secret (you KNOW how much they were...) her fave had the strap completely removed from the part that goes over the breast and the underwire was showing... I mean... the luggage was half the size as it was when she checked it in... We have pictures... tons of them.

All Delta could say was, "Sorry... you can list 8 things that were in the bag and we'll have your money to you within 7-8 day." They did bring her a Swiss Army piece of luggage which was pretty nice... but she had nearly $1200 worth of work clothes, jewelry and shoes in there... It's only been a couple of days so we don't know how its going to turn out... Louisville Airport kept saying they received the luggage like that - they didn't do it, that's how it came to them. The luggage literally looked like it had been run over and dragged down the runway. BUT BEWARE!!! THIS COULD HAVE BEEN YOU!!!

Animals get better treatment
By -

On 3/13/10, during the recent windstorms, my family and I flew from Nassau to LaGuardia, NY and were to connect to Detroit on Delta airlines. The plane was delayed before take-off for 20 minutes to take on extra fuel the pilot indicated. Little did the unwary passengers know the airport was closed in New York and the pilot wanted to be ready to circle the airport for some time. This fact was only revealed to the passengers mid-flight. We were told there were high winds in New York and the airport was only intermittently open for short periods of time.

The pilot informed us that it was unlikely we would be able to land in New York and suggested we may be re-routed to Pittsburgh. Nothing else was relayed to the passengers until we had circled LaGuardia for almost two hours. At this point the pilot told the passengers that we were not going to land in New York, as the airport was still closed and now low on fuel we had to be re-routed immediately to another airport. The airport we were sent to was Harrisburg, PA (apparently a charming town - I had plenty of time to read their tourist literature while there).

Unknown to any of the passengers until we were on the ground, the Harrisburg airport was only equipped to accept commuter jets and not a jet of our size. We waited on the tarmac for approx. one and a half hours while we were told someone was coming in from home to determine how to unload the aircraft. We finally disembarked about 9:30pm, approximately 8 hours since our departure. Most of the passengers had not eaten since breakfast and were starving and no special effort was made by the airline to feed us.

There were no open restaurants in the Harrisburg airport. We were told that we were going to overnight in Harrisburg and try to get to LaGuardia the next day. We were told that no one could unload our bags and they would stay in the belly of the aircraft overnight. Delta made arrangements for all of the passengers to stay at a nearby Best Western. I informed to flight crew and the ticketing agent I waited in line about an hour to see that both my wife and I had medicine in our luggage that we needed.

We were told that retrieving our luggage was impossible and we were repeatedly chastised by Delta personnel that we should have packed our medicine in our carry on luggage, implying that the problem was due to our poor foresight and not their fault. The fact of the matter was that we had medicine at home and assumed that if our luggage were lost we would be O. K. Little did we imagine that we would be mishandled not our luggage.

Once we arrived at the ticket agent's desk we were told that there were no flights to Detroit, our final destination, they were all over booked. If we went back to New York there were no flights and if we tried to fly direct from Harrisburg there were no flights. They refused to take the time to see if we could be re-routed through another city like Cincinnati or Atlanta. I understand that by this time it was late and the ticket agent was probably tired and there were many other passengers to help, however, I was shocked when her response to our plight was to say, "here's the 800 #, try to find a flight by calling the number."

I felt as though the airline had dropped us in a strange city with little prospect of getting home, no luggage, no medicine, and no food and essentially abandoned us with nothing more than a phone number. The story didn't end there. We went to the Best Western where the kitchen staff was trying to close and luckily we and several of the other passengers were able to order pizza delivery, some, but definitely not all of the passengers were able to get food from the hotel restaurant. I repeatedly called the 800# only to get a busy signal.

Finally after midnight I got through and waited for another 30 minutes for someone to answer the phone. They told me there were two seats on a 7:30am flight and another two seats on a 4:30pm flight. I explained that we were traveling with our daughter and her college friend and we were uncomfortable with splitting up, to which the person on the other end of the line responded, "that's what we have take it or leave it, if you don't take it someone else will and you'll have no flight." We reluctantly made the reservation. It was now about 1:00am and the night we switched to daylight savings, so were going to lose an additional hour.

So at 5:30 am with virtually no sleep, we all went back to the airport. A ticket agent did look for our bags but was unable to find them and I appreciate at least one person working for Delta who seemed to care for our predicament. We sent our daughter and roommate to Detroit. We tried unsuccessfully to go standby and waited in the airport another 9 hours for the next flight. Since we don't live in Detroit but had driven to the airport our daughter and friend had to wait in Detroit for us to get there 9 hours after them, sleeping on benches in the airport until we arrived.

In summary, we left Nassau to fly to an airport that was closed. No one but the flight crew knew this. Second we circled the airport in New York with a "land at LaGuardia at all costs attitude," until we ran out of fuel and had to be re-directed to an airport that could not accommodate us. All of this could have easily been avoided. We could have been told that the airport on New York was likely closed prior to our departure. When the plane arrived in New York and the airport was closed Delta could have immediately re-routed us to a suitable airport rather than circling until we ran low on fuel. Certainly, they could have cared more about our welfare during the ordeal.

Unfortunately, no significant effort was made by Delta to ensure that we were fed. No significant effort was made by Delta to help us get to our ultimate destination. "Do the best you can" and "take it or leave it" was their attitude. No significant effort was made until morning to get our medicine. I am a practicing physician in Michigan and if any of my colleagues or I made "seat of the pants" decisions about our patients welfare that in retrospect were as poorly made we wouldn't be in practice very long.

I am amazed that airlines, which must deal with this sort of problem on a regular basis apparently have very few guiding principles and policies to help them, instead it is just the luck of the draw where you go and how you're treated. Hopefully the airlines can learn something from our experience. The airlines seem to think that if they get you to your destination in one piece, no matter how long that takes they did their job. In medicine if we say to patients at the end of a procedure, you're procedure was done and you're alive, that is rarely adequate consolation to them. People want to be and deserve to be treated with dignity.

Seat Assignment Woes
By -

Delta is unable to assure me that we will be sitting with our children on our flight. Despite booking our flights 6 months ago and repeatedly trying to obtain seat assignments both by phone and online, Delta has stated repeatedly that they do not guarantee that we will be seated beside our children. I have been able to obtain seat assignments for the 3 other legs of our journey, however this leg will be assigned at the airport. This would be acceptable, but Delta told me that all the other passengers got their seat assignments when they booked their tickets as I should have done.

No matter how many times I've told them that seat assignment has never been possible, they still claim that my lack of seat assignment on this flight is my fault because I must have done it wrong. What is very irritating is that my worry and concern expressed to Delta was met with rudeness from all but one of the agents I spoke to at Delta. The supervisor was the worst, she yelled loudly at me constantly on the phone telling me to be quiet, stop talking while she told me for the umpteenth time that my lack of seat assignment was my fault.

When she finished yelling at me, I got a chance to speak. After 3 words, she jumped right in and started yelling again. I asked her if I could finish my sentence, but she yelled at me and said she knew what I was going to say. It became pointless to continue with her. I confirmed with Expedia that I wasn't crazy regarding the seat assignments and it not being "my fault", which it wasn't.

They called Delta for me and contrary to what the Supervisor had told me, everyone on the flight was getting their seat assignments at the airport. Had I been told this during the first of about 5 phone aggravating calls to Delta, then I would have accepted that as reasonable, however to be told all the seats were assigned and I might not be sitting with my children was ridiculous!!

I swore I'd never fly Delta again 2 years ago after we sat onboard while they shook the plane back and forth on the runway to get the fuel gauge to read right, then have the flight was cancelled, told to go to a hotel for 4 hours at 2 a.m., my parents standing in Orlando reading the monitor that said we had arrived there, but actually we were still in Atlanta. We asked the gate agent if we could have a blanket and she told me to "go get that old coat over in the corner." Her co-worker was visibly annoyed at his boss on the phone and then he threw the phone across the desk when he was told he had to announce that the flight was cancelled.

Myself and my 2 young children slept in an empty airport.. no airport train running, heat turned off (freezing), no luggage and just a janitor with a vacuum for company. When we did finally get the $450.00 flight vouchers, the conditions of their use made it virtually impossible to use them.... and who would want to anyway.

Delta Is Dishonest & Does Not Care About Its Customers
By -

On Saturday February 27th- my partner and I were scheduled for an overnight flight on Delta Airlines #DL1768 from Kona, Hawaii to LAX leaving 9:30P Saturday, February 27th with arrival 5AM Sunday, February 28th. Our final destination was Minneapolis, Minnesota- with a 6:40AM connecting flight at LAX. Because of an airline error in fueling our aircraft - we had a 3 hour delay in leaving -thus missing our connecting flight. This error entailed Delta Airlines putting too much fuel in the aircraft- which according to them- affected our weight standards for lift off in Kona International.

In addition to this error in fueling in Kona by Delta Airlines- we were rerouted to Honolulu International for additional fuel (for some reason we could lift off just fine from Honolulu International but not Kona International Airport). During the 3 hours we were on this aircraft- Delta's crew and captain were unresponsive to our questions and concerns regarding connecting flights and they were quite frankly- dismissive of our concerns regarding our schedules when we asked about them. There was never an announcement on connecting gates or any care put into our connecting itineraries from the captain of the aircraft.

At approximately 12:15AM on Sunday - while sitting on the tarmac in Honolulu- my partner called Delta Airlines to move us from that 6:40AM flight to the 8AM flight leaving from LAX to Minneapolis International- as it looked like we would be able to make that time schedule with the current delay. We had a confirmed seating confirmation number on this flight- according to the Delta helpline representative we spoke to.

When we finally arrived at LAX at 7:40 Sunday morning – a Delta agent was not there to open the doors for our incoming flight- and no prior arrangements were made for passengers with connecting flights! Thus- we ended up sitting at the gate for another 10 minutes which was precious time - in making our 8AM Minneapolis connection in LAX.

After getting off the flight DL1768 - we arrived at the gate for our Minneapolis flight at 7:51AM- only to find that Delta Airlines had given our confirmed seats away to other standby passengers! The Delta gate agent tried to get us seated (and remove the standby passengers that had taken our confirmed seats) but was told the flight was leaving by her supervisor and that they would do nothing for us. Delta Airlines in LAX knew of our plane's delay from Kona - and made no effort to hold the plane bound for Minneapolis for its passengers that had that connecting flight!

After the 8AM flight for Minneapolis left the gate- the gate agent told the group of us (there were about 50 people trying to find a way to the Twin Cities) that she would help us. However after 10 minutes she was summoned to another gate and we were informed that we needed to go to the Delta Help Desk in LAX to get rerouted to other flights.

After waiting in line for 45 minutes- we were placed on a flight plan connecting through Salt Lake to Minneapolis and were given confirmed seating assignments but with no seat numbers attached to them for either of the legs of those flights. When we arrived at the LAX gate for our Salt Lake flight at 11:50AM- we were told that there were no seats available and that the flight was over-booked by 16 people. There would be no provision made for us due to Delta's delay in our Kona flight- even though we had ‘confirmed' seating assignments. The gate agent told us tersely that she would call our name if seats were to become available.

After a very heated conversation, in which excuse after excuse was made as to our delay in Kona by Delta Airlines, we strong armed our seat assignments. In this instance, we felt Delta Airlines at their LAX help desk was willfully dishonest to us in telling us this Salt Lake flight was available- in essence to get us out from in front of them. After arriving in Salt Lake at 2PM that Sunday- we knew we would have the same situation as our Minneapolis flight and would need to fight for seats on that flight.

This time we went over to the help desk and strongly requested seat assignments 2 hours prior to the gate opening for the 5PM flight- going over the gate agent's head for that Minneapolis bound flight. After a conversation of explaining ourselves and trying to charm the customer service person into granting us seats- we received our ticketed seat assignments. Numbered tickets in hand- we arrived at the gate and found others- many over the age of 75- with ‘confirmed' seating but with no seats available on the flight! The flight to Minneapolis was overbooked by 22 people!

Again- in this instance-Delta was dishonest to these other individuals at LAX and booked them on flights that they knew were oversold! I feel that this is in direct violation of FAA regulations regarding the selling of tickets- and the contractual obligations to paying passengers. When it was all said and done- we arrived at our home destination 9.5 hours after what was scheduled- spending close to a total of 24 hours traveling. While at help desks and gates in LAX and Salt Lake- Delta's story to its staff was that due to the Tsunami in Hawaii- that there was no available fuel in Kona which in effect caused our delay.

The Tsunami ‘all clear' was called at 1:30PM Hawaii time Saturday, February 27th by the Hawaii Department of Emergency Management- our flight that Sunday was at 9:30PM. In addition to that- the only airport with cancelled flights that day was Hilo International on the other side of the island. We arrived at Kona International airport at 7PM and noticed our Delta plane was on the tarmac ready for boarding.

If fuel was indeed an issue in Kona- why didn't Delta Airlines taxi the flight to Honolulu to fill the aircraft in that time before take-off? The flights are less than hour each way from Kona & Honolulu. If a ‘full tank take-off' was never possible from Kona- then this is outright fraud by Delta Airlines in selling tickets to passengers who expected a direct flight from Kona to LAX. We know from other United Airlines passengers that they took off with a full tank of fuel in Kona directly to LA with no incident- one half hour before our flight.

In summary- we were offered no compensation whatsoever due to Delta's mishandling of the Kona leg of our flight plan. At numerous gates we saw other ticketed passengers offered up to $600 in cash to give up seats on the flights that were severely oversold. We missed our connections due to Delta Airlines' errors and we were offered nothing but Tsunami, fuel and ‘communication error ‘excuses from various Delta Airlines employees.

One of the Delta Airline attendants on our Minneapolis bound flight even told a senior couple with little flying experience that if they traveled all the time for business- that this was to be expected and that delays happen periodically –insinuating that we all were inexperienced simpleton travelers. I have family members that travel extensively for business- they nor I - are willing to accept poor service and a lack of accountability by Delta Airlines. That senior couple from Willmar, MN was also told to fly another airline by a Delta Flight attendant on our Minneapolis flight home if they did not like the delays and service they received from Delta.

All of us in the Twin Cities certainly would fly another airline- if there was an ample choice of carriers and destinations out of Twin Cities International Airport! This was a Delta Airlines Vacation package made through a travel agent- my partner and I are seeking a refund of our airfare for that leg of our trip from Delta Vacations due to breach of contract.

Delayed Baggage
By -

After reading many of the reviews, this one pales in comparison but I felt compelled to write it due to the continued lack of customer care/service that has been provided by this airline and to show that no matter what the situation is, this airline has not been successful with the handling of baggage.

My wife and I are into our 4th day of what was supposed to be our vacation, but due to the airlines not having delivered her bag, we have had to alter our plans. We flew into our destination city on a Saturday (it's now Tuesday) and my wife has not received her bag. We were first advised at the destination airport that her bag would be on the next flight in and they would contact her.

To date, she has not received one call and/or email from the airline as to where her bag is. Instead, I have spent the last 4 days on the phone trying to obtain some USEFUL information. Yesterday I was able to verify (and this was only due to the extra effort of two Delta employees) that my wife's bag was located in the departure city. I was advised that a rush delivery would be placed on it and it would be sent out on the next available flight. Since then, there have been more than one flight and her bag still remains in the departure city.

The customer care/service has for the most part been a contradiction of terms as this airline has provided very little if any at all. The personnel who you speak with at the baggage center are for the most part not understanding/compassionate to customers' issues/concerns. To add to that, you (the customer) are not able to contact the baggage centers at airports directly makes things that much more frustrating. They have been quick to issue to customary "I'm sorry" line, but have never asked if there was anything they could do due to the situation we are in or an offer of any compensation.

I have been advised that my wife could purchase clothes and she would be compensated. When asked how much she would be allotted, I've heard form "what's reasonable" to "$50". And to receive that information, I had to ask them. An employee at the baggage center advised me that sometimes the bags are not scanned, although this is a violation of airline policy. That was reassuring to hear.

All I have been attempting to do is receive an answer as to when my wife's bag will be delivered since its location has been confirmed. There have been no responses to my emails, no returned phone calls (as advised would be by the airline) and no follow-up information provided online.

All of this is a continuation of how this airline has been terrible with not only the handling and/or delivery of baggage, attempts to locate and deliver the baggage when located, but with the providing of information to customers about their bags. They are consistent with the collection of baggage fees and ensure that any and all fees are in fact collected prior to taking your bag, but what can happen from then on only Lord knows.

By -

My wife and I -- world travelers visiting families of three kids around the world -- have gone through considerable physical challenges and anguish last week -- never experienced earlier. We are wondering if we could expect a response that would reinstate our trust in your airline. We travel so often that I joke with friends my wife does her laundry at airport rest rooms. Before drying it on the baggage carousels.

We were due to shuttle from BWI to JFK, Feb. 9, to catch an evening flight to Budapest, Hungary. All went fine at first. We were due to fly out in between two snow storms. When I checked about my routine vegetarian meal (replacing special sea-food option) I was even queried regarding my dairy or non-dairy preference. How nice! Then all hell broke loose.

**, to whom we talked, told us the BWI was closed due to (yet non-existent snow storm. Because a plane had just took off and the storm was not due before well after we were in JFK.) The snow storm was used as an excuse. Apparently because Delta did not have a plane ready to take out scheduled passengers. Or used them to shuttle passengers from further west, according to our private information.

** suggested to book us on an Air-France flight to Charles de Galle in Paris and then proceed to Budapest. We were in a hurry to begin a four-day vacation in Hungary's capital, paid for by our daughter -- a concert pianist. Trying to reach the Dulles airport, given the cost and the time for taking a likely 3 hour trip through mushy snow (piled by a previous storm), was time-wise, financially and mentally not acceptable to these two senior citizens.. Especially the prospect of lugging heavy bags across treacherous snow puddles.

So we figured out a way to reach New York by alternative ways. ** confirmed our original take-off plan from JFK. When asked about compensation for the paid for but unused Baltimore-JFK airfares, he suggested we reach JFK not later than 4 P.M. Feb.9 and contact the check-in Delta manager. "How much would that be?" I asked. "We need to count our pennies." "I can't tell you exactly," he said, "but they will work that out there." (Was he trying just to send us down the river?) "Okay, fine, thank you!" I said.

My wife and I did reach JFK Delta well before 4 P.M. after changing several road vehicles (four to be exact). Lumbering around our hefty bags in and out (hardly a piece of cake for this 77-year old guy). However, once I mentioned to the manageress what ** had suggested -- the response was brief and curt. Delta NEVER compensates passengers for weather-caused cancellations. I was told. And dismissed.. -- Company policy -- she added.

My daughter had booked us in Budapest, February 10-14 in a modest hotel. Extra travel expenses involved in shuttling ourselves between Baltimore and JFK badly decimated our funds prepared for a relatively decent enjoyment of our first visit there. (Of course we shall never mention this incident to our kind and caring daughter, **)

Who had previously remarked, off-handedly, that she was compensated with $400.00 by the United, for similar inconveniences. Involving extra efforts to make it possible for her to perform major concerts in a series which started in Chicago and continued with the Carnegie Hall full house concert with the Chicago Symphony orchestra on the last day of January. She was playing during celebrations honoring THE major French composer and conductor. For his 85th birthday.

And not only that. The UNITED put her in the business class as a way of apology. Spreading the image of a passenger-caring company. HUH! Now, of course, she is an extremely successful and attractive pianist performing around the world. I have spent 36 years as a chief of bureau of a major American wire agency. All I can do is share my experience with peer travelers. Practicing now whatever scribing skills remain in my pen. Get a few laughs.

On a lighter note, I do hope the recession comes to an end soon. So I can revert to my special, sea-food diet. As we were served dinner aboard -- there was no special meal for me. "Did you talk to **?" an air Hostess challenged me over my complaint. "**? By Golly! And who might ** be, please?" "She works in the opposite alley up there!" "Oh! Is that so?" So I should go chase her there? Usually stewardesses come with a sheet to check my seat and serve me upfront. But on all other airlines. Somehow I was loath to confront the stern-looking **. Golly. Whoever. Because I already had a kind of a beef with her.

"GET BACK TO YOUR SEAT! Never bothering to get up," the strict lady had instructed me. There were no air turbulence. Not out of the plane so seat belts were no mandatory except as a recommendation. I had ventured across the aisle of the semi-empty cabin to the left windows. To bid my customary farewell to the receding lights of Halifax, Labrador. The fishing villages in Nova Scotia. An old sentimental fool, you may call me. This could always be my final time.

The second time she bawled me out, from afar, seeing me approaching her, was when I sought to protest unsolicited but continuous blaring on the PA. The noise being what some young people claim was music. But much too loud. She told me I had to wait this out. After the tape runs its course.

"Why, is that the choice of the automatic pilot?" I tried to lighten the atmosphere. She never smiled and ordered me back. Still she decided other passengers were due an apology. I settled for pasta. Not bad, to be honest. Though not on my recommended dietary regime. The moral is clear: I shall now need to think twice before booking tickets. We never stay more than two months at a time. Because we do need to keep traveling helping out with our five grandkids. Our three children dutifully paying our fares. There you go. You like my story. The amusing part? Instructional? I am considering sharing it and/or publishing it? Get a few laughs.

Luggage Gymnastics
By -

This is not to complain about the less than sincere service in flight (though one stewardess was genuinely excellent), or the terrible organisation at Louisville departures counters (1 girl working flat out to service 6 counters, result 15 min check in), or the late take offs with no explanation, or the outdated film viewing facilities I've experienced on 3 of my four flights Europe-US. What annoys me this time is that my luggage was lost going to the US, and was returned to me... 22 days later, ten days after my return.

After repeated contacts, no one answering telephones, no success trying online to find my luggage through the online tracking system, extensive correspondence. Finally I was informed after nine days that my luggage had been found. I requested they do not send it to the US as I was flying back the next day. Guess... Yes, they sent it to the US, then asked me if I knew where it was!!!

Then for another week they could not find the luggage with the by now usual unsuccessful mails and tracking system. At this point I filed a claim for lost luggage with all the necessary details. On the claim for it states that receipts to back up any claim are needed only for items costing more than 250 USD. Two days later my luggage miraculously again resurfaced and was being sent to me. Everything arrived intact and fine, but then I requested compensation for some of the items I bought (just 330 USD, suitcase, underwear, jeans, fleece, t-shirts, socks and a few other items to keep me going 10 days).

At this point the process became very complex and receipts were requested for every purchase, even though for lost luggage claims not needed. I did point out I was not claiming for all items purchased, only for those I would not have normally purchased, and did not leave in the US for my next trip, and that they must know by the list that it is very reasonable for the time period I was covering. But no, no discussion, no offer, nothing helpful or reasonable at all, just NO.

Very poor attitude for an airline that forced me to spend much of my time and money trying to trace my luggage, to buy clothes for ten days, return to Europe and still be told they did not know where my things were! I hasten to add, not the first time my luggage has been lost by Delta, and had it arrived while I was in the US no issues, but arriving after my return, getting lost twice, being asked by them if I know where my luggage is... I'm sorry, but that is very poor and a poor advert for Delta. I certainly will, from now on, rather pay more and fly a better airline.

I'm not even going to get into how well you are NOT looked after when missing your connection even though it was a Delta issue... But that was last year... Adding to catalog of a dissatisfied customer. The moral is... Don't fly Delta (3 out of 4 experiences negative now), and if your luggage goes astray, prepare like a Defense Lawyer, as just the claim form is worthy of one.

Barbra at XNA
By -

BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS -- While waiting for my flight 5552 at XNA, Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, I overheard a Delta representative making a comment about my pets traveling on the plane while she was on the phone. In order to resolve the situation I went up and asked if there was a problem with my reservation with my pets going on the flight. She informed me they were not on my reservation. I explained to her what might have happened and she called who I think was her supervisor, Barbra.

I re-explained that my itinerary was changed several times over the past 3 months before my flight and that that might have been the reason the pets were not on my reservation. She proceeded to call another Delta Representative about how many pets were allowed to fly on board. I then showed her the printed form of the Delta Pet On-Board Regulations. It clearly states 4 Pets are allowed to fly in the main cabin, there were 2 pets already for that flight and my two dogs of the same size, species, breed and weight are part of the exception where they fly in one kennel as one pet. There was more than enough room to fit them in the 4 pets per flight.

I then told her that I had been flying through XNA for 5 years that the kennel I was using was the correct size and that 4 pets were allowed. She said and I am quoting "Oh, don't get mean with me." She then asked the other representative to make a note on my account about the way I was acting. I did not act in a hostile way and I was not angry at her. I removed myself from the situation after that and had my mother resolve the issue. To reaffirm my claim I called a Delta Supervisor myself and asked how many pets and she reconfirmed that it was 4 pets and my Pet Reservation might have been lost because of the several flight changes.

By the time I was done talking with the Delta Supervisor on the phone, Barbra had called a TSA agent to "monitor my activity." I know it was for this purpose because as I was boarding my plane the TSA agent told my dad to "Try and keep her (me) out of trouble." I did nothing to merit this kind of disrespect. It was not my fault my reservation had been lost or that Barbra did not know the guidelines for pets in cabin. In the end the pets were able to fly and we did pay for them like we were supposed to.

But after removing myself from the situation, I am very concerned with the fact that Barbra overexercised her power of authority and called a TSA agent and reported me. At the moment she started threatening me I was really concerned, I felt like I was being treated like a terrorist. That by merely stating I had been flying through there and I know my kennel fits on the plane. She escalated the situation so much even after I left the hostile environment she had created.

In this charge climate when anything you do is immediately flagged and documented at an airport I was certainly worried what might happen to me and my future travel. She clearly abused her authority to intimidate me. If you could hear in the phone call I made to the supervisor I was in a state of panic.

After the way Barbra treated me and disrespected my rights not only as an individual and human being but as a citizen, I will no longer be flying through XNA. I know it won't be an economic impact to Delta or XNA, but I refuse to fly through there ever again and I will fly through a private airport in Branson, MO. Please know that the only reason I am no longer flying from XNA is because of Barbra.

Customer Service non-existent
By -

During the second week of November, my family and I flew DELTA on a non-stop flight from Hartford CT to Orlando FA. This was a nightmare trip from the start. Our flight was originally scheduled to leave at 3 pm. We got the airport at 1:45 pm to check in. The agent behind the desk check our bags and then informed us that the flight was delayed until 6 P.M. (Just to clarify, all flight delays were not DELTA's fault as this was the day the FAA computers decided to take a nap). After 3 more delays, we finally boarded our flight at 9:30 pm.

The DELTA reps in Hartford were very considerate and brought out free drinks for everyone as well as giving us meal vouchers and $100 dollar vouchers for each person travelling. So, while it was inconvenient to wait, not too unpleasant. Now, this is where DELTA takes the blame. We finally get into Orlando at 12:30 am and our bags don't make it. Now we checked in ahead of time and then the flight was delayed almost 7 hours, how did our bags not make the flight?

When I mentioned to the Customer Service Agent that I have only flown DELTA twice in the last 10 years and both times they have lost my baggage, she stated "Well, don't fly us anymore". I then complained to Delta and got another $50 dollar voucher to cover the bags. Now, our vacation is over and we are returning, we get to the gate and I go to pink tag our stroller. The stroller gets pink tagged and we get on the flight. When we get into CT, I go the door and wait for the stroller and it never shows up.

The Captain of the plane even went down to the baggage hold to look for me but it never showed up. When I went to make the claim, I asked the customer service representative if they had a loaner stroller as my daughter was asleep and heavy. She told me "No, we don't give out loaners". I thought it was odd but just wanted to get home, so I didn't argue. I had to go back to the airport the next day to pick up my oldest daughter who was coming to visit and since I had time to kill, went back to the DELTA customer service representative and asked if they had located my stroller yet. This lady looked it up and said it was sent to Ohio.

Now I pink tagged the stroller at the gate. How it ended up on a plane to Ohio is beyond me. She then asked if I wanted a loaner stroller. I told her that yesterday that I was told DELTA didn't do loaners anymore. She told me the agent flat out lied to me. I received my stroller the next day and lodged another complaint to DELTA, which was never answered. For the most part, DELTA reps were very helpful but the two ladies who handled the baggage claims were rude and very unprofessional. I am willing to give DELTA once last chance but I will be bringing a spare set of clothes in my carry on just in case.

"Although we are all Delta I can't help you with a Northwest ticket"
By -

I am 5 year Platinum flier who was forced into the Delta merger of hell. At the beginning of the year I was a little excited of the merger which meant more straight flights until the flying actually began... I have a lot of experiences so I will speak on my very last experience. I was traveling Dec 28 leaving BWI going to DTW in the afternoon. I used a previously purchased ticket (I purchased the ticket on Dec 27 on to purchase the Dec 28th ticket (also operated by NWA).

I phoned the Elite line to exchange the ticket (the elite line was the best thing since sliced bread when NWA was in order. Since they changed it completely to Delta this month it is absolutely horrible.). For me traveling so much you can imagine I exchange tickets quite a bit and I know the rules very well. After 10 minutes on hold (I have never been on hold more than a minute when NWA was in order) I got an agent, I explained I needed to exchange the ticket for another travel date... She pulled the ticket up, she entered the new flight itinerary into the previously purchased ticket and she informed me that I would have to pay a 150.00 change fee.

I informed her that it is within the 24 hours so it's part of the customer first so there shouldn't be any change fee at all. She then told me "That must be a Northwest thing. We don't have that same policy." At this I went into question mode. I then asked her "The ticket is a Northwest ticket correct?" She answered "yes." I then asked her "Can I speak with a Northwest agent that can help me?" She answered "I am the Northwest agent, Northwest and Delta are merged." I asked her to just cancel anything has done to the previous ticket and ended the call. I eventually gave up on calling back to the elite line and just went straight to the airport.

One luxury of traveling a great deal is you start to see the same agents in the airport. I luckily know 2 of the Northwest agents at the airport. I explain what I wanted to do to the Northwest agent at the airport and within 3 minutes my ticket was issued with no change fee and I was walking towards the gate with the ticket in hand. I have this issue a lot where Delta agent's not familiar with NWA tickets, policies and system. Although I am a patient traveler and I do believe honey is better than salt...I find myself very frustrated by the answers I receive from these agents.

As I stated earlier I have a lot of experiences and this is probably one of the lightest complaints compared to the others I have. Next year Continental Airlines will receive my business as I am not seeing anything positive with the merger between Delta and NWA. They have really down played the customer service not only overall but also to those heavy travelers such as myself. Happy Traveling.

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