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DHL's Lousy International Service
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DHL claims on its advertisements to provide an international solution to shipping problems. This is very far from true and at least here in Kuwait where I work they provide the very worst service anyone can imagine. I have had to go to the lengths of informing all conpanies who we do business with to never send anything through DHL.

First, it seems that DHL uses a local agent to clear shipments. This local agent makes more money depending on the additional items they accomplish in the clearing process. The first time I noticed this was when a company from the UK sent me some advertising documents and a videotape of their services through DHL. Since DHL "cleared" it through customs, I had to pay KD 3 (approx $10) for customs duty, but what was worse was their various "clearing" administrative activities cost me over KD 10 ($34). FEDEX regularly brings in similar envelopes with no customs or clearing charges.

The latest testament to the incompetence of DHL, I was sent a shipment of specialized industrial grease through them. I pleaded with the sender to use anything other than DHL to no avail, even though another vendor in the same city in the USA shipped a similar package through UPS on the same day. The UPS shipment arrived a week ago while the DHL shipment of the same type of items is still stuck in customs. Although the shipment originated through DHL, they called me asking for the original shipping documents, certificate of origin and packing list so they could clear it through Customs. Now, how am I supposed to have these original documents when DHL did the shipment? Maybe they thought the documents were sent through FEDEX so naturally they would have arrived early?

There were several frustrating things with this shipment. First, it arrived in Kuwait on the morning of the 26th of May (the weekend here in Kuwait) even though DHL failed to call us until the 29th three dusiness days later. WE have been trying to accompdate their requests for documents, but now two additional days later they are requesting an environmental shipping statement so they can continue the clearing process.

The reason for using such international courier services is to ensure time sensitive shipments arrive quickly, not to provide additional irritation and delays. It is clear that at least for Kuwait, this is not the case with DHL. I suggest to any company who has to ship anything to Kuwait to use UPS, FEDEX, or even parcel post before they consider using DHL.
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User Replies:
Doc J on 05/31/2006:
I have always used Fed Ex for international. I had wondered, specifically, about DHL. Thank you for your informative post. It influenced me to stay with Fed Ex.
SMat on 05/31/2006:
I agree with you. I now advise all shippers to send by FEDEX or UPS. I understand DHL was formerly also notoriously bad in Saudi Arabia but has cleaned up their act there.
Timboss on 06/02/2006:
I used DHL exclusively while I was in Saudi for outgoing mail and incoming packages/documents. Occasionally the U.S. customs would hold my package for a day or two to inspect it but incoming to Saudi was quite fast. Also, in these countries, as people learn when they are there, is it depends on who owns the local agency (a business man/woman or a member of the Royal family) as to how business is done.
SMat on 06/03/2006:
Now the 3rd of June and still not arrived. There is good news, however, in that I managed to get a duplicate set of the documents that DHL says they didn't receive from the company that made the shipment to me. I insisted the replacement documents be sent by FedEx and we turned them over to customs today. DHL promises to deliver the shipment tomorrow (thanks to the documents delivered through FedEx).
SMat on 06/16/2006:
As an update, I finally received the package over a week late. Even then it was only due to the paperwork that I asked the sending company to forward to me by FedEx.

There was 23 KD ($90) due in customs duty and KD 42 ($174) in "processing and paperwork" which went to DHL and their local clearing company.

As a sidenote, because of the delay I had an identical shipment sent through FedEx which was cleared from customs before the DHL shipment was. I was charges KD 22 in customs duty and KD 12 in processing fees. Interesting difference.
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Speedy Delivery
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Bought something from America to be sent to Britain, originally said it would take a week to get there, this was fine, followed the tracker and found it at the door within three days, including clearing customs. Very speedy.
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User Replies:
Alain on 09/03/2010:
It's always nice to have something delivered on time or ahead of time as opposed to late.
Skye on 09/03/2010:
Yea! Nice review, and as Alain says, delivery on time if fine, but ahead of schedule is even better, especially when customs is involved.
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International package 4th time always " OUT FOR DELIVERY" BUT NOT DELIVERED !!!
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DHL is the worst of the worst among the worst!!! BEWARE NO MORE SENDING OR RECEIVING PACKAGE VIA DHL!! Got this package almost a week now, always "OUT FOR DELIVERY but their delivery van DID NOT COME!!", this is 4th attempt to deliver if indeed someone is delivering it or just A LIE ON THEIR ONLINE TRACKING!! THIS COMPANY SHOULD STOP OPERATIONS. KING OF WORST OF MAIL SERVICE!


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Anonymous on 09/29/2009:
Since you know it is in the hub, and has been out for delivery, have you called with the tracking number to check on it? I doubt DHL has your phone number. They made need directions or any other kind of reasons. If it is international package, it could be stuck in customs. Call and ask.
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DHL has HORRIBLE Service
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It is hard to imagine a company worse than DHL. Granted lots of companies are terrible, but let me tell you what happened when I tried to send a package to China. They lost it. Then they blamed me saying it was mislabeled. Was the address wrong? No. Did they lose it in China? No. They lost it in the Ohio sorting facility. A ten pound package. And they blamed me.

Then when I called them they told me a different thing each time I talked to someone. They told me it was in California, Ohio, or had disappeared. More than a month later they called me to tell me they found. I told them I wanted it returned to sender since I was no longer in China. They said no problem. I called three times to confirm. And then it went to China.

NEVER EVER USE DHL! What a poorly run company.
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International delivery
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NORTH FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- I am about to loose my mind. I was expecting a package with two plane tickets (non-refundable, cost about $2,500.00) from Russia. It never came! When I called DHL international I was told that my package was DELIVERED to SOMEBODY and sighed for... 3 days a DIFFERENT CITY!!!!! The address, which customer service representative provided regarding that delivery, DOES NOT EVEN EXIST!!!!

Although my receipt has a correct address, I guess it does not matter... What is going on with this company? Do they even care?

Well I will find out tomorrow...

What a nightmare...
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