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Poor Service and Useless Customer Service!
Posted by Bensikler on 05/30/2012
NEPEAN -- DHL left me a note saying that they couldn't deliver the package and that tomorrow they will try again. Since that package was important for me and I needed asap, I decided to take the day off to wait for the package. They were supposed to deliver it in the morning. Around 3:30pm there was still nothing. I call the CSR and they check and then they tell me that my package was not out that day; I ask them to call the Nepean center and ask them to deliver it (since they only close at 6pm). They told me that they have no way of contacting them. Wow! they cannot even contact their own branch in Nepean (Ontario); what an organization!!!

And to think communication is key in this line of business...they told that they even cannot give me the Nepean phone number (Wow again!)and they gave me the address, hoping that I would go and pick up my package (what the point then of paying for delivery???). I went to the Nepean location and gave them sh-t; so they went looking for the package that was supposed to be in the warehouse. Guess what? they didn't find it!!! I told them that I was leaving and they better have it delivered tomorrow before 8:30am. Well see... I already sent an official complaint to DHL but I don't think they care anyways...

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DHL is an EXCELLENT Delivery Courier
Posted by Christmas on 12/22/2008
NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK -- Everyone here is making all these bad reviews about DHL and how horrible they are and how they should be out of business, to start DHL is owned by the LARGEST courier company in the world and will never go out of business, in the Forbes 500 list they are 4th on the list!

Every company has its down falls, but in Canada alone DHL will Pick up and Deliver over 100,000 packages a day!

Most of the reasons that the people on this website are complaining about is because they don't listen, I work for DHL in Customer Service and witness customers everyday hearing what they want to hear not the facts, If you live in an APT and there is no Buzz code than it is a BAD ADD! If you can't get in without it what makes you think our drivers can???

DHL is an excellent company, not only to work for but as well to ship with! 95% of packages are delivered correctly, no company is perfect, but the facts that people are posting on this site are false, and half the time when someone posts the scans up I can see immediately what the problem is and know immediately that they either didn't call in or they didn't listen, calling into a customer service line and losing your @#$% and yelling and screaming doesn't do any good, not only do they not want to help you but it makes YOU look like FOOL!

On a closing note I highly recommend DHL! For those of you that hate DHL get over it, were not going anywhere!!!!

A little known fact both Purlolator and UPS use DHL as there International Courier, so really when you ship with them its DHL doing all the work.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-12-22:
How is this a complaint?

In all fairness most delivery complaints (UPS, FedEx, DHL) seem to be regional problems. In my particular location UPS does an excellent job but FedEx leaves stuff in the driveway and can be picked by anyone passing by. As such, I will not order anything from a company that ships via FedEx.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-22:
Uh, in case you haven't heard, the US ain't gonna have to fool with them anymore for domestic shipments:
"November 10, 2008
Dear Valued Customer,
The Board of Management of Deutsche Post World Net (DPWN), led by CEO Frank Appel, today delivered a series of announcements to the capital markets including the news that DHL Express will discontinue its U.S. Domestic and Ground products January 30, 2009 to focus on its core strength: international express shipping."
Posted by Angelic_0125 on 2008-12-22:
jktshff1 - Um... doesn't mean DHL is not delivering in the USA!!!! its domestic shipping within the USA, you'll still see DHL trucks!!!! get your info right before you start copying and pasting!
Posted by Christmas on 2008-12-22:
So cutting and pasting is supposed to show us what, DHL will still do deliveries in the US, they will still do Pick Ups in the US, all they did was close down one office! DPWN is not going to shut down any DHL in any country, DHL will never be eliminated so if you dont like them, get over it!

FYI i set it as complaint so you complainers would see it when you were too busy looking up the bad stuff to see the good things!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-22:
Did not say they weren't. Ya think I was going to take the time to type all that? If you would take the time to read my first sentence, I made that quite clear, or maybe I should have said, to make it simple..
For shipments made within the US and not overseas (which, by the way the average US citizen couldn't care about)the US ain't gonna have to fool with them.
There, is that better?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-22:
Did not say they were bad and have nothing against them, just providing information. I really don't care about them one way or the other.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-22:
By the way, Christmas, you should change this to a compliment rather than a complaint.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-22:
That's better.
Posted by Christmas on 2008-12-22:
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-22:
Then change it back to a complaint..I really don't care.
It's southern code language..ya either have to be from here or a d;;n yankee to understand it.
So you will understand.
yankee...someone from the north that comes and visits and goes home.
d;;n yankee...someone from the north that comes and stays.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-22:

You gotta be kidding me.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-22:
Big kid words like SENTANCE? Your attitude is exactly the reason that DHL has such a bad rep, and is failing in the U.S.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-22:
**Nodding in agreement with Ken**

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-22:
Nodding head in agreement with Chuck, Miss M, jkt, and ken.

Christmas, you posted this as a complaint with DHL as the company you are complaining against, but you are complimenting them within the text of your complaint. That does not make much sense. It should be marked as a compliment to the company if that is how you feel. Not a hard concept to grasp if you use common sense. Oops, those two words are not allowed.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-22:
John, he's change it from complaint to compliment and back to complaint.
Posted by Administrator on 2008-12-22:
We updated it originally since we thought it was a mistake. Then we realized the author's intent and undid our change.

Sorry for the confusion!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-22:
thanks for letting us know.
ya need to put an "edited by" in there somewhere when ya do that.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-12-22:
Actually it seems to be neither and fits the "Informative" choice IMO.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-22:
I was thinking the same thing Slim.
Posted by Christmas on 2008-12-22:
I posted it as a complaint never as a compliment and for the 8th time it was for a reason, so that in the midst of all the actual complaints there would be a compliment, i can put it at whatever i choose and if you dont like it you can move the F#%& on and comment on someone else's 3 Cents!
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-12-22:
Hmmm,a not-so Merry Christmas
Posted by old fart on 2008-12-22:
I don't believe I've ever seen a complainer complaining about complainers... veery interesting!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-22:
Christmas is a csr?

Posted by Angelic_0125 on 2008-12-22:
ok jktshff1 - im from the south (Florida, and lived in Atlanta) i've never heard of that broken english, please dont insult the southerners with that, before people actually think we talk like that. But anyways the topic is not your grammer it's DHL, and lets face it, DHL is not going anywhere. They are the largest courier company globally. They revenue more than FedEX and UPS COMBINED! if DHL was ever to go down, FedEx and UPS would crumble first. DHL is owned by D.P (Deustche Post) it's their Parent Company, I highly doubt a german postal service will ever go under.
Posted by Christmas on 2008-12-22:
I am not complaining about anything but idiocy of some people! all i did was post what i thought of the company i work for!
And yes Christmas is a CSR!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-22:
No, no, southern as in TX, TN, AR, MS, LA.
It's casual talk between friends.
You never watch Jeff Foxworthy?
Florida is Hispanic and retired rich people opps, left out the Seminoles.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-22:
You forgot Alabama.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-12-22:
Angelic, did they teach English and sentence structure where you went to school? What is your relationship to Christmas? It's strange you two show up at the same time with the sole purpose of seeing how many members you could irritate.
Posted by Angelic_0125 on 2008-12-22:
Florida is a state made of different cultures, blacks, hispanics, asians, whites... I really dont know what you're getting at with that statement. Must be the stupidest thing I've seen yet. I said I was from the south.. please look at a map of the USA and locate Florida.. I'll give you a hint... ITS IN THE SOUTHERN REGION!! (by the way I didn't see anything about Atlanta.. what do you have to say about that.. Atlanta is Black??? completely ridiculous)
Posted by Christmas on 2008-12-22:
"Angelic, did the teach English and sentence structure where you went to school"
tntchuck100 - did they teach you english and sentence structure?
The fact that you people come on here and decide to contradict what we've said is not our problem, if you wish to come on here and ramble on and on and make your self irate, that is not my fault!
like i have said, if you dont like move the F&*^ ON!

I think its quite possible for there to be more than one DHL Employee on this site!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-22:
After reading all this mess I think in the future I'll avoid DHL altogether. Who needs the stress?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-22:
Yup. DHL is stressing me out.
Posted by Christmas on 2008-12-22:
Are we to be upset?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-22:
sorry crabby, I did and GA also, my bad.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-22:
All this ruckus over a DHL compliment posted as a complaint? Crazy
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-22:
Yeah JC, but we have a Christmas csr in the bunch. Feliz Navidad!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-22:
LOL...its funny...some people need a life for Christmas
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-22:
I'd like a csr for Christmas!
Posted by Elmie on 2009-02-10:
Well, Christmas, if you are so sure of DHL's customer service and you think we're all wrong then tell me what can I do about this situation: my 2 business days delively Ukraine-New York went to Germany then to UK, then to Germany again and when I called them I got a response that it's because of bad weather conditions!!! Because of the weather conditions what - it's impossible to find NEW YORK on the map?? And weather conditns where - in UK???
Posted by kskikski on 2009-07-24:
Lol.. this Niagara Falls person.. so which DHL location do you work for? Lol.. all us people are wrong then? About all the numerous complaints? hahaha. Well, I did not lie, my complaint is legitimate and this leads me to believe that the rest of the complaints here are legitimate.. yours however is out of the ordinary, yours sounds more like an advertisement for the company. We are not fooled though because we have actually been customers and will tell the truth about our bad experiences with this terrible wannabe courier company.
Posted by skeezx on 2009-08-08:
Christmas i work for the dhl company also and i think you must be out of your mind sticking up for this loser outfit...either that or drunk or...gosh who knows...slow or something...hope my spelling and sentence structure is ok with you ....dhl sucks in every aspect..from no service to stupid lazy staff...to all who read this..stay away from dhl shipping or you will regret it...trust me..they bought a whole bunch of companies that were decent to work for and provided pretty good service..ie: airborne and loomis...and destroyed them...very sad
Posted by dyogi on 2010-01-28:
i accidentally treaded into this conversational-battle over DHL during my attempt to find out how i can lodge a complaint to the company about their services - without a doubt, there's no place for complaints, i wonder what the Gerries have to say about customer satisfaction...

i've been expecting a package from HK, which was picked up this Monday; Tues was Aussie's national day and ofcos they DON'T work. so Wed was more likely to receive it... ah but no, no news. Then came Thurs afternoon i was too fed up, called them to track & was told it'd arrive on Fri morning between 8am - 12nn. Okay, Fri morning gone, called again and was told to wait for another 5 hours.... according to their system, it shld've been delivered on Thurs, but somehow there's this flight delay, yadi yadi yadi...

Now it's close to 5pm, Fri, no sign of delivery as yet. Isn't that crap?? DHL? The frigging largest courier? so frigging what? only losers will protect crappy company like DHL. what's worse? i think it's those loser-DHL-staff who contribute to such appalling service level, and still be so proud of the company. Only a loser company doesn't care to hear out their customers' dissatisfaction about their services. maybe there are too many upset customers so they simply cancel the complain-channel just to save their troubles or responding or IMPROVING!!!

Not only will i tell myself and my friends & colleagues NOT to use DHL, i will continue to find ways to voice out their disappointing & unreliable services - maybe their shareholders should really consider getting rid of those useless staff who only care to praise the company over the internet instead of doing their job properly......
Posted by bible232 on 2011-12-07:
I totally disagree with the main post saying DHL is an excellent company. I have used their services five times and each time the package was sent at least 3 days late. They don't care if you have to take leave from work or anything else, they'll simply answer that you can pick up your goods from a warehouse... but then why use a courier ?
Posted by Chris on 2013-08-23:
DHL SUCKS! 3 times they failed to deliver the goods and then they offered that I should pick up the goods from them and that is scam I paid for delivery not for collection ehhh!
Posted by gwenpavana on 2013-12-06:
DHL IS A NIGHTMARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by The Bigger they are The Harder they fall on 2014-01-07:
My experience with DHL wasn't by choice. The online companies that I order from hand picked them, and for that reason I won't be doing business with those companies anymore. DHL has to be by far one of the worst courier businesses that I've come across in my experience in a while. After receiving my tracking info I know to expect major delays when I see the name DHL!!
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They never delivered package at my apartment
Posted by Racharla on 11/06/2007
DENVER, COLORADO -- I was waiting for a package from my employer. I live in Denver. My employer told me he did next day delivery. I waited two days and took tracking number from employer. Surprisingly they delivered that package to my leasing office and they did not put up a slip on my door. That is really ridiculous. When i called customer representative she said that is how they do it. I am really pissed off. I told her my wife was at home and nobody knocked her door for delivery. She said some drivers deliver package to leasing office directly. I asked her how am I suppose to know that i got a package and it is with leasing office. She said you need to track it only.

I asked her what if I don't know if somebody sending me anything. She had no answer and she said this is company policy....this is absolutely ridiculous.
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Posted by PLM1973 on 2007-11-06:
I would never use DHL. And here's why: I live in a secured complex of privately own condos. Thus, no leasing office. Since the property is secured, you can't get in without a "fob". I came home a few weeks ago to find, stuck to the outside of the main entrance for the entire building, a DHL slip. It basically said "You have a package." There was no name, address, or anything else on the slip except a tracking number. However, the condo complex has about 120 units. Unless you were expecting a package and had the tracking number, how would you know this package was for you? Seemed rather lazy and inefficient.
Posted by WhineX on 2007-11-06:
The driver should have tried your apartment first. But, I imagine they leave things at the leasing office to keep from having packages stolen from in front of people's doors. Around where I live, theft is a problem.
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DHL Lied.
Posted by Fairplay on 10/13/2005
CALIFORNIA -- DHL is a new company from Germany trying to conquer the North American courier business. They settled in the U.S. (largest market over Canada and Mexico). I found out too late that they don't even have trucks in Canada. They sub-contract the last leg of the delivery to independents. How would you like to count on Bob or Joe Blow with a sticker on the side of their car to deliver your business transactions/Estate Will/Visa documents/or vacation/air tickets.

My experiences are as follow:
DHL scanned my package in California on Wed. Oct.5th, 2005. Purchased and paid them for 2 day delivery service to Vancouver, BC, Canada. It’s supposed to arrive by Friday Oct.7th.

Guess what they did after that? Instead of putting it on the next airplane heading north. They shipped it east to their sorting facility in Ohio where they shelved my package for TWO DAYS in their warehouse. As I understand it, they waited to fill an airplane before they would ship the package. In other words, DHL charged me Courier Speed Service and took the cheap/slow route by sending it on a "scheduled" flight. They took my money for premium service and swapped for economy behind the scenes. They deceive the public.

I know this because I called them to find out why it was late. They blamed their DHL Canadian branch and gave me a number to call for myself. Well, the Canadian branch looked into their system and said that the package was flown out on Saturday (3 days later) and arrived only on Tuesday morning at 11am for customs inspection. It's Thursday, Oct.13th now and my package has not arrived.

I called many times to DHL U.S. office as they procured the order. I called last Thursday and they said it won't be on time and promised Tuesday. Then Tuesday Oct.11th they promised Wed. Then on Wed. they promise Thursday. It's been a week and the package has NOT arrived. Regular US Post would have been faster than this.

Each time I called, DHL would agree to have a manager call me back the next day. No one did. Then I call back, they promise someone will call me in 24 to 48 hours. No one has. They made a serious mistake; and then they sweep the problems under the carpet hoping to by time. Well I gave them time and the package is still NOT delivered. Service paid for but not performed. They also blame other braches of their company and make you call all over the place. I got fed up and said they make the calls, hunt the package down, and call me back/or I'll wait on hold. They won't. They made the error, but you have to call around to fix the problem yourself.

Now they are blaming Canada Customs for inspecting the package because it's international. This is as stupid as them blaming each other. Read on...you are going to love this. They said that the delay is Canada Customs fault. Haahhh! If they knew the package has to go through customs, why pretend to provide a 2 day courier service. They lied. Right at the beginning, they should just tell the customer it will take longer. It's the honest thing to do. Then I asked them if they have any experience with international shipping. They said they do it every day. And that they even have overnight delivery between the U.S. and Canada. We'll they can't. How could they ever pull off an overnight delivery when they stored packages for TWO DAYS in their warehouse way across the continent?

These morons last attempt was to minimize the problem. I agreed with them that inside the package is not a million dollar real estate deal. But it does have my plane tickets and Visa for my holiday travel. Well, the tickets for flights and hotel are dated/expired now. Just think of how many holidays you get a year. They screwed my holiday, my vacation, and f**ked my October. Every body else did their part to organize my vacation: the hotels, airlines, travel agent, government Visa office, work schedules. DHL ruined it by falsely claiming they can do a service that they know they can NOT and charged the customer a premium but switched to economy.
They better own up to the damages they caused.

My travel agent said he'll NEVER use DHL. If you want happy customers and stay in business, AVOID DHL at all costs.

I will NEVER buy from these liars called DHL.
These amateurs will never rise to compete with the big two American Couriers.
Freakin' FedEx wannabes.

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Posted by bill on 2005-10-13:
DHL should try to conquer the French courier business first. France has always been easy for Germany to conquer.
Posted by microchips on 2005-10-14:
I don't even consider DHL as a proper courier company. I have lost my parcel with DHL CANADA and these crooks never appeared again.they made fake claims of delivery . From last couple of months DHL Canada no body even comes on phone line.

Just avoid These crooks by all means.
Posted by norrina on 2005-10-26:
Our business does a fair amount of overnight and second day shipments, and I won't use DSL for any of them, I have heard too many horror stories (some of them from an ex-boyfriend who worked for them during the time we were dating).

Shipments that have been made TO our office have not once been on time, the delays ranging anywhere from hours (promised morning delivery but actual time being near closing) to days.
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Worst shipper ever
Posted by Skane777 on 12/20/2004
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I am now waiting on a package that was supposed to have been (2-day guaranteed) delivered on 12/16. It is now 12/20 evening and DHL cannot tell me where my package is. Their online tracking system shows no updates since 12/17. I called them at least 2x a day since 12/16 trying to get a truthful status on ETA but I just get excuses and promises my shipment will be delivered "tomorrow" (since 12/16). I opened a service failure request today.

This late, yet-to-be delivered shipment has caused an impact to the business I work for; a very large and established international IT services company.

This is the last time I will ever use DHL. DHL is unorganized, has an ineffective electronic online tracking infrastructure, and lack resources to timely and effectively respond to shipping issues such as mine. I will do whatever I can to inform my organization and suppliers of DHL's failure to deliver as promised.
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You can tell a lot about a company by how they treat their employees
Posted by Thatbaddestb_6959 on 12/29/2011
CARSON, CALIFORNIA -- I worked for DHL briefly, not a place to work permanently because they contract out so even after a year of working there you still will be paid 8 dollars an hour. Manager are very unprofessional which is they contract out so they can't be sued. During the time I was employed... I saw a lot that made me say to myself I will never buy anything from Amazon again or from any companies associated with DHL. It's not so much the employees it's the staff that have set up the way in which the employee sort the mail. Definitely don't ship anything fragile ... I saw so many packages smashed and crushed. The employee are told to sort faster and faster when this happens mistakes are made (reason your packages are late) and why packages are damaged. I don't know how they have lasted this long....poor everything.
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Worst Possible Service In Shipping - Ever
Posted by Broomhouse on 11/26/2010
Surely my experience with DHL must merit some sort of award – if you have the patience read on...

Parcel containing 200 watches on van 08.45 for delivery to me. At this stage please bear in mind that I live less than half a mile from the main delivery depot
18.00 – No sign of parcel being delivered – contact DHL told that it could be on its way up to 18.30.
20.00 contact DHL about non delivery – told driver had called an left a card at 19.36 – very odd as I was in my driveway washing my car between 18.00 and 20.00 and there were five people in the house all looking out for this delivery.
DHL tells me that they will arrange for next day delivery – I accept

08.45 parcel marked out for delivery yet again
1800 – No delivery – contact DHL told that driver couldn’t find address – same driver that left the card yesterday!!

Nothing on tracking about delivery so I contact DHL and I’m told the parcel is in the delivery depot – I ask them to confirm this and when they do I tell them I will be there at 11.00 to collect – Guess what I get to the depot only be told that the parcel is not there but on the same van with the same driver as before apparently it has been on his van all the time. I ask them to contact the driver to tell him I have a hospital appointment and could he please leave the parcel next door with my neighbour – no problem and many apologies.
19.00 still no parcel – contacts DHL – tracking says still out for delivery!!

09.00 - Yet again the tracking still says out for delivery
19.00 – no parcel – contact DHL – asked to confirm my address for the fifth time and yes that was the address they had – which incidentally is an estate in the city built in 1934 and everyone knows it especially dozens of other couriers from whom I have deliveries on a regular basis (funnily enough one of them is DHL) Apparently the driver had gained access to the address but no one would sign for the parcel!!!!

09.00 - Tracking says out for delivery

By this time if I had any hair I would have been pulling it out. I leave a large sign on my door saying I had to go to a funeral and would the driver please leave with next door neighbour. Gets home to find a card say parcel delivered to neighbour at 16.28. Great I had just missed him by fifteen minutes – knocks on neighbour’s door – no parcel has been left – this is fifteen minutes after it was supposed to have been left. I immediately check the tracking – yes it was delivered and signed by the neighbour at 16.28 but twenty minutes later according to the tracking it has been returned to the depot undelivered. Checked with neighbour an elderly lady who incidentally has been taking my parcels in for over twenty five years – she says she has not signed anything.
1800 – contact DHL – tell them the driver did not leave any parcel next door – I am told he must have because it had been signed – I ask to see the signature I am told I have to make a claim – I ask why the tracking has it as being delivered and also being returned to depot as undelivered – told to make a claim – in fact the insinuation was that my neighbour must have it – my inclination is more towards the package having gone astray due to its attractive contents !!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-26:
IT sounds to me this entire time they knew the package had a problem and just delayed it as long as possible. What a bunch of asses.
Posted by Skye on 2010-11-26:
OP, I hope you received your package by now.
Posted by Ben9000012 on 2010-12-14:
Their service is a pain in the a**, NOT recomented at all. Bad customer serice and bad attitude. even worse, they have the worst delivery service I've ever encountered on. Will be boycotting all the DHL service. Online merchants out there should really know their shipping carrier will provide a quality service and leave their customer with a good impression.
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DHL gave my package to the wrong person!
Posted by EnderBeta on 02/26/2007
GREENBELT, MARYLAND -- I had to ship my Dell Laptop in for repairs and Dell mailed it back over night via DHL. Except one week later I do not have my laptop. I have received no notice no thing the entire time and DHL has not responded to any of my messages and will not answer the phone.

Now I find out tonight on their web site that they let some random preson sign for it and now I'm hosed. Thanks a lot DHL .... deadbeats. My laptop was given to somebody else, because I couldn't be at my place at 8am through 3pm because of work. Not once did DHL bother to swing by after 5PM .... you know when people don't have to work.

Utter and total crap ..... now I have to go through a long drawn out legal battle. Why couldn't Dell have used UPS .... ground would have been fine at least UPS actually shows up to do their job.

--- Update ---

After I talked with DHL and presented my pending course of action my repaired Dell Laptop mysteriously reappeared after showing up on DHL's site as "Delivered" yesterday. Of course I had to go all the way out to Rockville Maryland from Greenbelt to pick the package up myself because they couldn’t bother to drop it off after 5PM because “they don’t work late hours”. When I received the package I noticed the seal on the box that Dell applied was broken and the packing inside was tampered with. I highly suspect one of their employees tried to pocket my machine.

Note to Dell, I will pay more money for you not to use DHL in the future!

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Posted by Sparticus on 2007-02-27:
I had UPS deliver our wedding favors (the day we were leaving to get married!) to the wrong house! Their system had apparently dropped one number from our address number, so the delivery guy GUESSED at the last number... Well he guessed wrong. I knew it was scheduled to arrive that day since I was tracking it (and we were leaving shortly) so I ended up chasing him down as he drove by the house... He confirmed he had just dropped it off at another house... If hadn't seen him drive by... we'd never have gotten our package. Sometimes I think these delivery folks just wanna get there route done... regardless of where the packages go.
Posted by Timboss on 2007-02-27:
DHL must know where they delivered your computer. Can't they get it back? Can't you contact the person? I am assuming it is some where near you. If DHL fails to act I would get the police involved - someone cannot simply accept a computer from DHL and say "Thanks", especially when your name is the package!
Posted by EnderBeta on 2007-02-28:
Sparticus, I know no company is perfect but I have years of good experiences with UPS. This was my first experience with DHL. You know what they say about first impressions.

Timboss, the signature was a scribbled mess clearly meant to be illegible. I did contact the police today and I made a trip to the court house near me to look up DHL's contact info for filing a law suit. One call to that number got me in contact with one of their lawyers. After a brief conversation he agreed to contact a higher up in DHL for me. That executive contacted me after contacting the branch and reported that DHL found the laptop.

I respect DHL for helping me resolve this so quickly but they need to screen their employees better.
Posted by Abukar on 2013-07-18:
my package is on way NOW to a wrong address I contacted DHL and they said we resolve it. I dont Know. I cant believe them after reading this.
I am in the Lighting business based on the sunshine coast and majority of my stocks are imported and brought to my door step by selected Courier Companies who give good service. But the worst cultprit is DHL.
A shipment has been consignment to me on October 1 2013. It arrived after Custom clearance and the DHL depot in Brisbane around October 8.2013.
It was then handed to a third party for delvery to my address. and until today which is Octoer 17 2013, there is no sign of my very important freight. After some in quiries and after lodging a very stringent and almost abusive complaint, a DHL rep called me to say they did not know where my parcel had ended up. She said investigations are underway to locate it.
Today,October 17, 2013, I received a call from Malaysia, from where I suppose my parcel was sent..again I received an apology from DHL rep regarding their HOPELESS service telling me they were still trying to locate the missing parcel. earlier I had questioned the DHL rep, as to why they had to pass my freight to a third party for delvery when DHL trucks and courier vans are often sen driving around in my Sunshine Coast area.
It would have been easier and faster for me to drive an hour and a bit to their Brisbane,Australia depot and pick the shipment.
TYhis is not the first incident I had encountered with this HOPELESS and INCOMPETENT company.
Once a few months ago they travelled for more than an hour to deliver another consignment to me and despite insrtucting them to leave the freight at the reception, the driver failed to follow the instruction and returned to base with my freight..only to come back again the next day ..drving for more than an hour..wasting extra fuel..but this time he did leave the shipment with the reception.
My response to the whole saga: DHL is absolte unreliable, hopeless and inconsistent in their dealings. SHAME ON THEM.
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Disastrous Customer Service
Posted by Trb0626 on 04/08/2014
DHL international is a joke of a company that unfortunately delivers for Amazon. Online delivery requests are disregarded (lost? eaten by leprechauns? hard to know), phone agents deliver conflicting, and I'm not sure if my package will ever arrive. My recommendation is to send angry email after angry email after angry email to Amazon to let them know to ditch these guys to spare us all.
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Parcel Not Delivered But State They Have Delivered It
Posted by Abbeykang on 03/28/2014
6500 SILVER DART DR MALTON, ON +1 855-345-7447 -- I ordered something from Neiman Marcus through border free shipping. After a few days of waiting for the parcel I decided to track my parcel. TO my surprise it said the parcel had been shipped and signed for 2 days ago. I was shocked because I have not received my parcel and nor did I sign for any package. When I asked for proof of signature it read NSR (no signature req). I decided to send in a complaint to DHL and also to Neiman Marcus. Neiman Marcus is following it's due procedure and are inquiring with border free to find out what happened. DHL called me and basically told me tough luck and to call Neiman Marcus to reimbursement me! I spoke with Neiman Marcus who were very patient and caring through the entire process. I will also contact Borderfree to complain about this company and ask them to review DHL's history with customers and to re-evaluate their contract with a dishonest company.
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