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Worst Never Again!
By -

OK... I had bought the cosplay authentic outfit for my son (shipped from overseas from China) because he like to wear the anime clothes in public sometime (not the crazy ones, some can be wore as regular clothes, ex. Naruto jacket, anime fans know what I'm taking about).

Well they were to deliver it. I checked online and it was with the carrier. Was home all day, checked computer it said they tried and no one was home. Called the 1888 to return. They said oh they tried and no one was home. I told them I was home all day and they didn't even leave a slip. I even told them to ring the buzzer for 2g and the intercom works. They said the next day they would ship it. Again the next day the same thing happened... no slip, no ringing of the buzzer, marked they tried no one home. I even called them about 3 times to see if they had the right address.. they did.

(FYI - I live in a building and my uncle works for the US post office and he tells me because I live in a building in Jamaica N.Y. they will get nervous and will not deliver and scan the person not home. I don't live even in a bad neighborhood, but it is mostly minorities but still....) Third time they didn't even send it with the carrier next day because I tracked it online. So it called and switched the address to my uncle's job. This made me go online and look at reviews... I was shocked of the service others have got.... bad bad bad. I did get my package but I had to go through too much.

UPS.. no problem. US postal... no problems. They deliver to my building ALL THE TIME (if I'm not home for delivery they leave a slip). I was close to have to find a way to get to the airport to pick it up because the carriers I think judged, lied and didn't want to do their jobs.

DHL Allow Their Package to Be Stolen
By -

I ordered my Google Nexus phone on 29 January 2010. I wanted to get the phone before this special date I have. So eagerly I followed the tracking order on DHL. The tracking website for mine is **. As you can see the order was going alright till the last day 5th February 2010. Singapore is a small country so I estimate the package should arrive 1-2 days after it reach Singapore. But after 2 days the package has not arrived. So with advice from my friend I called DHL to inquire about my package. I was told by the operator that there is a problem with the delivery.

On further probing the operator told me that they tried to deliver the package to me but they are unable to reach me. Thinking that they could have my address wrong I double check with him the mailing address. It was correct. The operator assured me that the package should arrive in a day or two.

Being a bit impatient on the second day after waiting till evening, the package still have not arrive and I called DHL again. This time I was told by another operator that there is a problem with my package. I continued to pester for the problem and this time round the operator told me that there is missing content from my package. However when I ask what was missing the operator told me she do not know. But she gave me a number to call which she said was the investigating person of my case.

So the next day I called this person, **. He told me that when the delivery man pick up the package he notice the package to be tampered with and on further inspection and checking the phone was found to be missing and only the phone charger was left behind. On hearing this I asked if this could be a theft case. He said he cannot comment but the phone could have just dropped out (of a closed box?).They are still investigating the case.

The next morning I receive a call from him and he told me they are unable to locate the phone and decide to end the case by refunding back to the shipper. I asked if they plan to just let the matter end like this? He replied "yes". I demanded from him that I want an explanation from them and I will not let the matter rest like this. Then he told me they are actually still investigating (seems like a lie to me). He told me this matter is brought over to a security officer, **.

So I called this security officer and he told me on the 1st instance the package reach Singapore they already found it to be tampered. (This means the 1st time I called the operator was lying to me.) He said this is a one off incident which I highly doubt so given the number of cases I seen online here. He continued to explain to me that DHL being a large company they handle thousands of packages every day, about 40-50k. Hence it is alright for them to lose a package or two. Or in other word is a common thing.

Furthermore, phones are a luxury item that are very tempting to be stolen by couriers (seems like a very good job with bonus.) Finally he assured me that they will refund to the shipper in 7 days and I will make my counter claim there. I am still waiting for a reply here.

Morale of the story: I learn here is DHL hires liars and thief to work for them. If you really want a good job can consider joining DHL as you can take what you like as your bonus and benefit.

DHL Worse Service Ever - I WAS HOME but they didn't deliver
By -

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- UPDATE: Monday Dec 22, 2008 - the package arrived and the first thing the woman did wasn't to check the apartment buildings in front of her and as such if I WAS NOT looking out my door at the time - I would have missed her. So my opinion of the company goes from Negative to Neutral, however I am leaving this as a negative experience.

So here I am home, waiting for my package - watching TV in the front room with the door open a bit and with the cable box - when suddenly I hear my small dog bark and I run outside excited hoping I'd get my package. So I see a UPS man delivering a big box to my next door neighbors. We live an apartment and UPS and FedEx doesn't give us any trouble...

After I see him set the package on top of something, he leaves and I look and over the wooden fence see the brown UPS van and so he leaves out the main gate - not locked by the way and no way to. :) It's just a tall black fence with steel bar one can easily open and well going on with the situation.

And this was around 2:30 - 3 pm PST time and so I finally come to check on the status as I get a feeling to do so and then noticed my internet connection which is dialup cut off, I re-dial in and go to the DHL site and lo and behold: "12/19/2008 2:53 pm Consignee premises closed. Will attempt again next business day."

Odd. No one from DHL came at all and remember at around this SAME TIME a UPS man delivered a package just fine to my next door neighbors at around that time frame so I know they could have came and my dog would have barked just as he did with the UPS driver...

I called and got "We will re-deliver on Monday" message from a representative - ugh! :( And she said she could get out a delivery notice to the driver as others I read about have said and so I said "okay" and she asks me to hold on and then comes back after a couple of minutes and says I'd get a call and so while logged off the net - I wait about an hour and no call...

Hmm so I re-logged on to check my email the status again and complain here... And also did I mention there were people and at least a dozen outside in the front parking lot of our apartment building? ugh! :(

That was my first time using DHL. Palm was sending me a replacement unit to send back my ol' one which is messed up and I chose advanced exchange.

So far I have no respect for DHL and I now think it is a global policy to do what they did... And so in doing this they have broke a 2 day shipping contract with for not delivery the item to me within 2-3 days and especially holding intentionally onto a package for another 3 days or so unless I don't get it Monday...

Independent Contractor Gateway
By -

SEDALIA, MISSOURI -- On 12-5-08 I was expecting a package from DHL Express out of Kansas City, MO. My regular delivery driver called me and told me that she did not have a package for me. She asked what zip code it originated from and I told her. She told me she would make some phone calls and get back with me. A short while later, I spoke with her again and she told me that one of the other drivers had by mistake put it on his delivery route truck and the package was still in Kansas City, two hours away. This was very upsetting as this package contained payroll checks.

This delivery driver told me in a conversation that she would be willing to meet me halfway later in the day to get the package to me. After discussing the situation with the owner of my company we decided to file a complaint with DHL, through their 800 number. I also had the contact name and number of the individual in the Kansas City location, so I therefore called him. He became very angry and screamed "I know what you ** want, I'll bring you your ** check!" With that he hung up on me.

I therefore contacted the 800 number again and lodged another complaint. A short while later a DHL representative by the name of ** called me back, I explained to him what had occurred and he was very apologetic. He told me that ** was on his way down with the package/payroll.

At 2:36 [snip] arrived at my office. He threw the envelope down on my desk and proceeded to scream that the regular delivery driver was going to meet me later that day to get the package to me. I told him that we pay DHL to provide a service and they fail miserably at it. He then proceeded to scream more calling me a liar and other things. He slammed my office door shut and stomped off down the hallway. By this time other businesses in my office building had come out of their office to see what all the screaming was about. Everyone was rather flabbergasted at the unprofessionalism and actions of **.

I again spoke with ** from DHL and later in the day a ** (who is the actual employer of ** from Gateway in Omaha Nebraska) called me. Gateway is a contractor for DHL Express. ** told me that he had discussed the first incident regarding the profanities on the phone with ** and he had known nothing about the incident that took place in my office when ** delivered the package. He too apologized and said that he thinks that [snip] is stressed out due to DHL folding and everyone losing their jobs. He said that if they were not losing their jobs in a few weeks, then he would terminate him for this but because of the status of DHL, he would not be doing so.

This however is NO excuse for ** behavior. ** is the driver SUPERVISOR. What an example he leads for the others. I have seen this individual in person twice now. I was stunned when I first found out that he was a supervisor as he was very dirty and unkempt looking.

I know that there have been drivers, namely an individual by the name of ** who worked in the Warrensburg, MO area until last Friday, when he was let go early, ** in the past has been suspended because of throwing packages while at the depot. This was not in the presence of a customer as ** was. I would like ** to be reprimanded and made to apologize to me and the people in my office building who heard his tirade.

Former DHL Employee
By -

I worked for DHL about 7 months and I lived in flesh and blood the customer's experiences. I think most of the customer force in US should create a union against this DHL's false publicity for their services. The people at the call center are engaged to certain "stupid" privacy policies. For example, they have all the station's information, like names, phones, emails, etc, however DHL does not authorize those persons to provide any kind of staff's contact to the customer. I guess this information should be provided to him because he's the one paying for the service.

There were critical cases I tried to resolve but what I received was "coaching" from my supervisor asking me to stop fighting with my own "colleagues". I was there, in my desk, with my PC and my headset thinking: If I continue pushing these people to follow the company's procedures in order to provide an excellent customer experience they will end my work contract here, they'll consider me problematic.

I want you to understand the call center staff is not monitored for quality purposes; I never received feedback and the service I was providing by phone become from myself like: listen all the questions, comments, suggestions, from the customer and redirect it to the person in charge, I sent more than 50 emails with this information I never received a reply back from the person who was handling those issues in order to expedite a satisfactory answer.

I also learned this company is not willing to hire new employees to respond appropriately to the actual demand. 50 persons for 3000 daily undeliverable tickets. No salary increase, no additional benefits like medical coverage, insurance plan, etc. Sometimes I asked myself if that was an India's remote call center.

I did my best inside the organization but the chains are unbreakable. There is a specific case with certain company in AZ, God, I remember that one, DHL charged the duties in the shipper and receiver account. The customer said “I cannot believe this, I spoke with your Billing Department 4 month ago and no refund is reported in my monthly statements.” I said, "well, I don't handle your Billing records. I don't even have access to it, however I'm going to contact a supervisor over there for this."

Big mistake! When I ended the email requesting information about this I asked my supervisor for an email. This was her answer: “we don't handle that, just refer the customer to the toll free number, somebody else will take care of this.” What should you do in my shoes? I wanted to help but the person one step higher did not. I read almost all reviews and that's only a part of the cake. When you open an account with DHL, my friend, be aware to keep some days by month to handle the billing issues.

You have to bands working in DHL: customer's side, DHL's side. I choose the 1st one, I continued fighting with all DHL's staff around the world, emailing the station's managers telling that their courier are lying, asking them to take actions to avoid further customer's deceptions, transferring the customers directly with them and all the information available in my system, etc.

Until one day my working life becomes uncomfortable. I received daily poor observations from my supervisor and her boss asking me to explain why I'm changing my working style. They questioned me in every way and they even doubted about my notes for each case, “it seems you are delaying the packages on purpose,” big words from poor minds.

A few weeks ago a truly loved supervisor ended her contract to go to the Philippines. Bad news for me, I was alone in the daily fighting, so, I received a work offer from a bigger company and now I'm here, out of DHL and with all the possible improvements just in my mind. Sadly they see themselves as N 1 but it's not truth. The key success for a delivery company was forgotten: "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and quickly actions to complete every delivery even before the estimated date."

Of course, I don't use DHL service and the carrier company is the main aspect I check before shopping my stuff. However I guess every problem has a solution. As a former employee, as a customer my suggestions: For you- UPS/FedEx are customer focused. They fail too but you'll notice a faster resolution for your inquiry. For DHL- your employee could be your future customer, daily details are most important than annual results. Further questions? Email me!

A Fair 3 Cents Review!
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- Obviously there's a whole heck of a lot of people here that complain about the services that this company has rendered (or not) to them. I'm here to present my view on things, as a fair-minded, happy-go-lucky guy. I've done well over 2 thousand shipments of products with all manner of shipping companies: everything from UPS to the USPS. I'm sure that when you read some of the horror stories the people here have written you will be slightly frightened of using DHL in the future. Let me set the record straight.

Most service-related reviews are bad reviews. People who have a good or great experience think little of it and move on about their day. On the other hand people who have had issues occur are first to jump to the guns. As a result you only often hear the bad side of a company. DHL may commit mistakes, I've had it happen to me. But so does FedEx and UPS, and all manner of shipping companies. The bigger they are, the better the odds you will have a bad experience. It's a reverse curve of relation.

You'd imagine things would be better with a wealthier company, but reality is that logistics has little to do with money and lots to do with people. The more hands (or robots!) touch a product from the start of the delivery chain to the end of it the more likely something is going to happen.

There's literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, if not MILLIONS of units of shipment, with different delivery services, of all sizes and shapes being sorted by systems that were ultimately engineered and implemented by humans. The system states things should work, always. Reality is the system is as human as the people who made it.

I have received (on average) about 75% of my deliveries from DHL earlier than expected. That is to say before the Estimated Delivery Time. I've had a few opportunities to deal with the local depot to arrange pickups for things I suddenly realized I needed earlier than expected. I don't know if it is just my local branch (Denver Colorado) but I've received nothing but the utmost respect and quality of service from each and every one of the service members I've interacted with over the last 5 years.

Several times my package would not have been entered into the system and the service assistant put me on hold and by golly they'd find it. That's a feat of Customer Service that warrants an accolade from me. I can't imagine how many times I've called a store to ask them if they have something in just to have them put me on hold for 10 seconds and tell me they have nothing of the sort (that is until I show up 10 minutes later and find it myself)!

In conclusion: I ask you to keep your own counsel. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but their experience is hardly ever universally true. Shipping and Delivery is a complicated and incredibly difficult industry. The standards are often set too high, sometimes by the companies own ambitious executive and marketing teams. Remember that when it comes right down to it having one package out of ten thousand get lost or delivered late is not so unreasonable. There's the doorbell! And my new 360 game is one day ahead of schedule!

Unacceptable Delivery Problems
By -

MEFORD, OREGON -- Attempting to get a package delivered by DHL has been an extremely frustrating experience. I have had many problems in the past with DHL, but after this latest delivery disaster, I will only order a product from a company if they are willing to send the package out with a delivery company other than DHL.

A summary of the latest events: I had a delivery attempt notice from DHL left on my front door. On Monday, August 11, I called DHL to arrange a delivery date for my package. I told the representative that I would be available Wednesday, August 13 to sign for the package and asked that I receive delivery on that date. I added that I would NOT be at home on any other day that week. I was told that my package would be scheduled for delivery on Wed, Aug 13.

On Tues, Aug 12, I came home from work to find a delivery attempt notice from DHL on my door. They were not supposed to have come that day. I called DHL customer "service" and told them what had happened and asked if my package was still scheduled to be delivered tomorrow (Wednesday) as originally promised. I was told that my package would be delivered Wednesday. This is the second time I was told I would receive delivery on Wednesday, Aug 13.

I waited at home (all day) Wednesday for my package. It never came. I finally called DHL and asked if my package was coming that day as I had been promised (twice). I was told by the representative that my package had never been scheduled for delivery on that day. I told the representative that I had been told both Monday (when I originally scheduled delivery) and Tuesday that I was scheduled for delivery on Wednesday.

I was then told that requests are only requests, they may or may not be honored. I had never been told this on Monday or Tuesday. I had been told that my package would be delivered, not that it "might" be delivered. How is it possible to schedule delivery with DHL when they will promise a delivery date, then not deliver, then tell the customer that they sometimes will just ignore the requested (and promised to the customer) delivery date?

I then asked for re-delivery on a date when I would actually be home to sign for it. I was told that they would not attempt delivery again. I then contacted the sender, Nordstrom. According to Nordstrom's tracking information from DHL, my package had been listed as delivered on Tuesday. This was a lie on the part of DHL! I told Nordstrom that this was most definitely NOT true and that I have proof in the form of an "attempted delivery" notice on the date that DHL claims they delivered it.

Nordstrom called DHL and DHL then offered to deliver the package on Thursday, August 14. I would not be at home that day, so I refused this delivery offer (this was the only date DHL would offer for delivery, not a date when I would be at home to sign for it). By this time, I had had enough with DHL. I discussed the problem with Nordstrom and with their (very helpful) representative, we decided the best thing to do would be to have the package sent back "return to sender" and Nordstrom would then send the package back to me with a different delivery company.

DHL was told to send the package back to Nordstrom on Wed afternoon. I thought this was the end of the problem but when I returned home from work on Thursday, I found a DHL attempted delivery notice. This package was now supposed to be in the process of returning to Nordstrom. I had refused DHL's offer of delivery on this date, I told them that I would not be at home and delivery would be impossible.

For reasons I do not understand, they decided to refuse the order to return the package to sender and decided to attempt to deliver again. I contacted Nordstrom and told them about the problem. According to Nordstrom's records, the package should have been sent back to them. Nordstrom contacted DHL to make certain DHL sent the package back to them. I called DHL on Thursday to file a complaint concerning DHL's unacceptable "service". I was told by a representative that I would receive a call from DHL on Friday concerning this matter. Did this happen? Of course not. I am very frustrated with DHL!

Awful Reliability
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Rating: 1/51

RESTON VA -- Awful reliability. I didn't mind the service was a free 3-7 business day shipment. It meant I would at least get it in a week. But I don't know how a mailing service ships something 5 States over your state and mails it to some random city, twice. Then when they move it to some facility just 1 hour from your house it somehow ends up 2 States away. Really this is just negligence. Whatever system they use to check where a package is going is completely unreliable and they clearly don't pay their employees enough to care.

Slowest Ever
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Rating: 1/51

Order was sent from New Jersey to Phoenix. Was received in Phoenix on 9.22.16 and is still sitting in their distribution center for who knows what reason.

Slow as Turtle
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Rating: 1/51

Shipped from New York 20 Sep, expected to arrive 4 Oct, 2 whole weeks! The slowest among any courier service including the cheapest USPS. Tracking number is useless as it does not work. Probably they transport by foot! Suggest you tell your shippers to avoid DHL.

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