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Parcel Not Delivered But State They Have Delivered It
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Rating: 1/51

6500 SILVER DART DR MALTON, ON +1 855-345-7447 -- I ordered something from Neiman Marcus through border free shipping. After a few days of waiting for the parcel, I decided to track my parcel. To my surprise, it said the parcel had been shipped and signed for 2 days ago. I was shocked because I have not received my parcel and nor did I sign for any package. When I asked for proof of signature, it read NSR (no signature req). I decided to send in a complaint to DHL and also to Neiman Marcus. Neiman Marcus is following it's due procedure and are inquiring with border free to find out what happened.

DHL called me and basically told me tough luck and to call Neiman Marcus to reimbursement me! I spoke with Neiman Marcus who were very patient and caring through the entire process. I will also contact Borderfree to complain about this company and ask them to review DHL's history with customers and to re-evaluate their contract with a dishonest company.

Great Service, Delivery Ahead of Time!
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Rating: 5/51

SINGAPORE -- I have shipped and imported parcel for About 5 years. Whenever any online site ship or have an option via DHL, it makes me want to buy from them just because DHL in my country is always ahead of time. I can call their customer service and select my precise delivery time slot as well, even selecting the delivery on a Sunday or any holiday itself!!

I even called the customer service agent around midnight and was surprised he came to the phone, after I complimented him he told me that they are 24 hrs hotline!? No courier or delivery company in my country Singapore, provide such service, I should think so. I can't vouch for other location but here, DHL is world class. Order on Friday in most country out of Asia and I get it on Monday morning. Sometimes they deliver on Sunday if arrive ahead of time. Thanks for your service DHL!

Package Delivery - DHL Global Mail Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- DHL Global Mail is absolutely the worst service I have ever seen. I ordered a DVD off of Amazon and the seller I bought from shipped it, and another order both by DHL Global Mail. Once both orders arrived in Salt Lake City where I live, they held one of them for 3 days and the other order was held for a Week. WTF? They gave no reason, they refused to answer any emails, and there is no number to call. I will absolutely never buy from any company, Seller on eBay, or seller on Amazon that uses DHL Global Mail. I will drive my car off a cliff before ever doing so.

DHL Lost My Box in Santo Domingo, D.R.
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Rating: 1/51

20904, MARYLAND -- I received a tracking number showing package was scanned and sent to Connecticut from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. DHL in both Santo Domingo and Connecticut are both stating that they can't find the box. It cannot disappear in thin air. What's really bad is the research department. They claim they can't look at security tapes or videos unless the office in Santo Domingo has a history of lost boxes or security issues. So really they don't value you as an individual and will not go the extra mile to find your package.

IT HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE, they lose items that were so important to my business and family. THEY HAVE BEEN HORRIBLE AND HAS SHIFT THE BLAME FROM ONE OFFICE TO ANOTHER. I will never use them again. Not to mention I will twitter feed this to 200,000 followers. Do not use them for the holidays, you are warned.

DHL is one of the most inefficient delivery services I have ever come across.
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Rating: 1/51

FORT MCMURRAY -- If possible, do not choose this service. Without notice, they randomly put a $16 charge in my package. When I ordered from flatironexperts, I had already paid for the shipping. Because of the extra fee they put on my package they are unable to just leave it at my doorstep. Since like regular people I work mon-fri, I am unable to meet the delivery person at the door to pay for it myself. I phoned in to Loomis express which works for DHL (Loomis express is the company that gets the shipments from DHL. I think and delivers it door to door) about this fee and they said I am not able to pay for it online. Just on the phone. OH THE PHONE.

Contacting DHL on the phone. I home around 5 pm from work and I called this 18553457447 at 5:30 pm (the business hours are something - 6:00 pm), should be OK right? NOPE. It was an automated voice message saying it was closed. I have sneak into the bathroom tomorrow at work to call them again. Words cannot describe my frustration at this point. It should not be this difficult. This is the first complaint I have ever written so it shows how terrible the service really is.

Nothing but Lies
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My package was in DHL care from 3:20 pm Feb 17 and made it from Florida to Edmonton Alberta Canada in about 27 hours. This was great as I was charged $104 to have it right away. The problem was as it was at the airport in Edmonton at noon and immediately cleared customs, then it stated clearance delay, so I phoned customer service to see if it would be delivered to the drop off in Edmonton later in the day. I was told no, that it would not move until the following Tues as today is Fri and they don't work weekends and Monday is a holiday.

This package was to be delivered to my doorstep in 2 days, so not wanting to wait an extra 3-4 days for delivery, I phoned customer service to have it held at the airport so I could pick it up. They said, "We emailed the request to them and they haven't got back to me." So I tried to phone the Edmonton drop off site to see if it was picked up so I could pick it up there. I got the phone # from their web site and called it about 40 times and this was Fri afternoon about 2:30 pm and they are open till 5:00 pm. No answer to all calls.

Checked the web tracking at 6:30 said package was in Edmonton at drop off at 6:15. Checked the web tracking 2 hours later and they changed the time from 6:15 to 9:38 yet it was only 8:30. I think this was done to cover up. So anyway, I phoned customer service at the 1800 number on Monday Family Day holiday, no answer; the drop off in Edmonton no answer, so I tried live chat and lo and behold I was told indeed they are open at the drop off even though it was a holiday. So, away I went to pick up my parcel driving 20 minutes from out of town, store closed.

Will be trying to pick up my parcel Tues morning hoping it's there. Purchased this from Simple Wifi in Florida and was to be shipped by UPS. They changed carriers after purchase and can't believe what has happened to me (so they say) I was charged $104 for UPS and they are now refunding some of the cost of shipping, somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 - $40. I would have rather paid the full amount and had it on time. Never again will I purchase from any vendor who uses DHL.

Its the people working there who just don't care at all about delivering on time because the company is not set up to do so. I guess this is what they call bait and switch or a red herring, on DHL and Simple Wifi. Certainly thinking of reporting both companies to the Better Business Bureau, and in the future check the B.B.B. first but, this doesn't work when companies like Simple Wifi advertise UPS as their international carrier then switch after you purchase from them. Dirty companies don't deserve customers and we all have to alert each other of what they are doing. Nothing but lies from both companies listed, stay away from both please.

Worst Possible Service In Shipping - Ever
By -

Surely my experience with DHL must merit some sort of award – if you have the patience read on... MONDAY:
Parcel containing 200 watches on van 08.45 for delivery to me. At this stage please bear in mind that I live less than half a mile from the main delivery depot.18.00 – No sign of parcel being delivered – contact DHL told that it could be on its way up to 18.30; 20.00 contact DHL about non delivery – told driver had called and left a card at 19.36 – very odd as I was in my driveway washing my car between 18.00 and 20.00 and there were five people in the house all looking out for this delivery. DHL tells me that they will arrange for next day delivery – I accept.

TUESDAY: 08.45 parcel marked out for delivery yet again; 1800 – No delivery – contact DHL told that driver couldn't find address – same driver that left the card yesterday!!

WEDNESDAY: Nothing on tracking about delivery so I contact DHL and I'm told the parcel is in the delivery depot – I ask them to confirm this and when they do I tell them I will be there at 11.00 to collect – Guess what I get to the depot only be told that the parcel is not there but on the same van with the same driver as before. Apparently it has been on his van all the time. I ask them to contact the driver to tell him I have a hospital appointment and could he please leave the parcel next door with my neighbor – no problem and many apologies; 19.00 still no parcel – contacts DHL – tracking says still out for delivery!!

THURSDAY: 09.00 - Yet again the tracking still says out for delivery; 19.00 – no parcel – contact DHL – asked to confirm my address for the fifth time and yes that was the address they had – which incidentally is an estate in the city built in 1934 and everyone knows it especially dozens of other couriers from whom I have deliveries on a regular basis (funnily enough one of them is DHL) Apparently the driver had gained access to the address but no one would sign for the parcel!!!

FRIDAY: 09.00 - Tracking says out for delivery; By this time if I had any hair I would have been pulling it out. I leave a large sign on my door saying I had to go to a funeral and would the driver please leave with next door neighbor. Gets home to find a card say parcel delivered to neighbor at 16.28. Great I had just missed him by fifteen minutes – knocks on neighbors door – no parcel has been left – this is fifteen minutes after it was supposed to have been left. I immediately check the tracking – yes it was delivered and signed by the neighbor at 16.28 but twenty minutes later according to the tracking it has been returned to the depot undelivered.

Checked with neighbor an elderly lady who incidentally has been taking my parcels in for over twenty five years – she says she has not signed anything. 1800 – contact DHL – tell them the driver did not leave any parcel next door – I am told he must have because it had been signed – I ask to see the signature I am told I have to make a claim – I ask why the tracking has it as being delivered and also being returned to depot as undelivered – told to make a claim – in fact the insinuation was that my neighbor must have it – my inclination is more towards the package having gone astray due to its attractive contents!!!

Worst Never Again!
By -

OK... I had bought the cosplay authentic outfit for my son (shipped from overseas from China) because he like to wear the anime clothes in public sometime (not the crazy ones, some can be wore as regular clothes, ex. Naruto jacket, anime fans know what I'm taking about).

Well they were to deliver it. I checked online and it was with the carrier. Was home all day, checked computer it said they tried and no one was home. Called the 1888 to return. They said oh they tried and no one was home. I told them I was home all day and they didn't even leave a slip. I even told them to ring the buzzer for 2g and the intercom works. They said the next day they would ship it. Again the next day the same thing happened... no slip, no ringing of the buzzer, marked they tried no one home. I even called them about 3 times to see if they had the right address.. they did.

(FYI - I live in a building and my uncle works for the US post office and he tells me because I live in a building in Jamaica N.Y. they will get nervous and will not deliver and scan the person not home. I don't live even in a bad neighborhood, but it is mostly minorities but still....) Third time they didn't even send it with the carrier next day because I tracked it online. So it called and switched the address to my uncle's job. This made me go online and look at reviews... I was shocked of the service others have got.... bad bad bad. I did get my package but I had to go through too much.

UPS.. no problem. US postal... no problems. They deliver to my building ALL THE TIME (if I'm not home for delivery they leave a slip). I was close to have to find a way to get to the airport to pick it up because the carriers I think judged, lied and didn't want to do their jobs.

Always a Problem
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CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- I order a lot of merchandise over the internet and have had a few companies ship to me via DHL. I must say that out of the last 5 deliveries, there have been problems with all 5. For example, I paid for Saturday delivery on one package and sure enough, the tracking showed out for delivery on that Saturday. Well, I stayed around all day, waiting for DHL. They never showed at all. Suddenly, the tracking updated to show "delivery attempt, not home" thing. Funny part was that the time it said they attempted delivery, I was practically staring at my driveway... no yellow truck ever showed.

At 400 pm, I called the 800 number and they said the truck was already back at the station and to call Monday. Finally got my Saturday delivery on Monday, and the driver told me that the girl who was driving on Saturday didn't know the area? So she just lied about attempting delivery and went home?

Next incident involved an overnight delivery by 300 pm deal. Well, it got to be 400 pm and no driver. Called the infamous 800 number and they said that the driver would be there within 45 minutes. At 900 pm, I called back and asked where the driver was that should have been thereby 445 pm. They contacted the driver and had him call me directly. He was lost and literally was driving around about 4 miles from my house and was about to go back to the station.

So, I ended up meeting him three miles up the road for my package at about 930 pm. The driver even had a partner riding with him and neither one could figure out where they were. The real funny part was that when the tracking finally updated to show that it had been delivered, it showed that they had delivered to me at 230 pm! Unreal.

Next incident involved another Saturday delivery (never pay for these). Since my last bad Sat. experience, I figured I would get the jump on them that day. I called first thing that morning and asked for an ETA for delivery. Well, they actually called me from the local hub a few minutes later and I was able to talk to the driver before she left the hub. I even offered to meet her in town to make sure I got delivery and to help her out. Otherwise, I prob. would have never seen the package until Monday.

Okay, she agreed to meet me at 1100 am about 15 minutes from my house. Okay... I went for it and was sitting in that parking lot at exactly 1100 am. I waited for 30 minutes... no show. I drove back home and got a message on my answering machine that said "sorry, company policy won't let customers meet drivers up the road for delivery." So, I had one person telling me one thing and another person telling me another. I finally got a call from the driver and ended up meeting them up the road AGAIN because they were lost.

I could go on, but I'm actually tired of complaining. I understand that everyone has a job and mistakes can happen, but DHL has been so consistently screwy that GOOD service with them is actually an exception to the rule. I wish to the Good Lord that shippers would QUIT using DHL or they will definitely lose me as a customer. I run a business and exclusively ship USPS Priority mail and that service has been 100 percent better than DHL overnight.

However, I will leave one positive note at the end. There is ONE lady DHL driver that I have gotten to know that has always been prompt in delivering my packages. Too bad that she doesn't work every time I have a package coming as she is the ONLY driver that done a super job. Wonder what the interview process is like for drivers? Some of them really are out there.

DHL Allow Their Package to Be Stolen
By -

I ordered my Google Nexus phone on 29 January 2010. I wanted to get the phone before this special date I have. So eagerly I followed the tracking order on DHL. The tracking website for mine is **. As you can see the order was going alright till the last day 5th February 2010. Singapore is a small country so I estimate the package should arrive 1-2 days after it reach Singapore. But after 2 days the package has not arrived. So with advice from my friend I called DHL to inquire about my package. I was told by the operator that there is a problem with the delivery.

On further probing the operator told me that they tried to deliver the package to me but they are unable to reach me. Thinking that they could have my address wrong I double check with him the mailing address. It was correct. The operator assured me that the package should arrive in a day or two.

Being a bit impatient on the second day after waiting till evening, the package still have not arrive and I called DHL again. This time I was told by another operator that there is a problem with my package. I continued to pester for the problem and this time round the operator told me that there is missing content from my package. However when I ask what was missing the operator told me she do not know. But she gave me a number to call which she said was the investigating person of my case.

So the next day I called this person, **. He told me that when the delivery man pick up the package he notice the package to be tampered with and on further inspection and checking the phone was found to be missing and only the phone charger was left behind. On hearing this I asked if this could be a theft case. He said he cannot comment but the phone could have just dropped out (of a closed box?).They are still investigating the case.

The next morning I receive a call from him and he told me they are unable to locate the phone and decide to end the case by refunding back to the shipper. I asked if they plan to just let the matter end like this? He replied "yes". I demanded from him that I want an explanation from them and I will not let the matter rest like this. Then he told me they are actually still investigating (seems like a lie to me). He told me this matter is brought over to a security officer, **.

So I called this security officer and he told me on the 1st instance the package reach Singapore they already found it to be tampered. (This means the 1st time I called the operator was lying to me.) He said this is a one off incident which I highly doubt so given the number of cases I seen online here. He continued to explain to me that DHL being a large company they handle thousands of packages every day, about 40-50k. Hence it is alright for them to lose a package or two. Or in other word is a common thing.

Furthermore, phones are a luxury item that are very tempting to be stolen by couriers (seems like a very good job with bonus.) Finally he assured me that they will refund to the shipper in 7 days and I will make my counter claim there. I am still waiting for a reply here.

Morale of the story: I learn here is DHL hires liars and thief to work for them. If you really want a good job can consider joining DHL as you can take what you like as your bonus and benefit.

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