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Credit Card Customer Service
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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- This is a letter that I mailed to Dillard's expressing my concerns with a recent experience over the phone: "I called your customer service line today August 31, 2007, to discuss two late fees that were charged to my account after I had paid my balance in FULL on July 26. I called to nicely dispute charges and ask for those charges to be removed promptly from my credit card. The first customer service rep was nice and tried to help the best she could. She transferred me to a manager who was immediately rude and very insincere. It's hard to remain calm and be a kind person when the person on the other line is immediately on the defense.

I paid $93.97 on July 26 to pay off my account like the responsible human being that I am. The manager stated that each of my bills is due the 22nd of each month. That is false. The date changes by a day or two with each statement. I was 3 days late on my payment. I have been a good customer with Dillard's credit for many years. I receive my bills from Dillard's online through my e-mail. If you all would not have been having ‘technical difficulties', I would have received a notice shortly after I paid my bill on the 26th of July that a late fee had been charged. I never received one and just recently received an e-mail informing me of the ‘technical difficulties'.

At that time I would have called, tried to make arrangements or pay the debt. When I received my bill on August 31, I logged into my account and immediately noticed that I was charged for two months of late fees totaling $36.00. I would really appreciate that this be cleared up. In the meantime I have closed my credit card account with your company and plan to no longer shop at your stores. I also plan to e-mail and express to all my friends and family what horrible service I received. It is customer service such as yours that gives big business a bad name and reputation.

Ripped Off by the Dillard's Credit Card Free Interest Promotion!!
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TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Went to Dillard's in Tulsa, OK. Purchased furniture due to a one year free interest Dillard's GE Credit Card. We have excellent credit. Score is high as can get. Got a letter from Dillard's GE credit card second month saying payment was late. No problems like that with any other credit card since mailed the payment off 10 days before date due. Then in two more months got a bill from GE saying they never got that months payment. Charged late fees and 28% interest charges. Never late on any other credit cards. Never had a payment sent off that they didn't get. This is a scam to charge late fees and high interest charges.

If you use Dillard's GE credit card then you best go to the closest Dillard's store to make your payments. We went ahead and had to take funds out of our saving account to pay off the furniture, because GE said once your late then they charge high interest rates until the balance is paid off. We paid it off at Muskogee, OK Dillard's.

Don't Order From Dillard's
By -

MAILORDER -- I placed an order with Dillard's and because I needed the shoes before Christmas, I paid extra for expedited shipping. I was told there would be no problem, that the shoes were in stock and would ship immediately. I received an email that the order was in process.

I checked the status the next day, and my order was still "in-process". I had to dig to find out that "in-process" meant that Dillard's did NOT have the shoes in stock. My supposedly expedited order was nothing more than a back order. I've made several attempts to contact them about this matter, but no one seems to be able to help. I will NEVER order from them again.

Store Manager
By -

1600 CANTRELL ROAD, ARKANSAS -- I have recently visited the Oak Court store and to my surprise the Store Manager Mr. ** is no longer the store manager. I have been shopping at Dillard's since 1998. I have worked for Dillard's under Mr. **. He is a visionary and motivator. He is a hands-on manager. I have been to other Dillard's; have yet to meet or been greeted by the store managers. Mr. ** spread joy throughout Dillard's.

The key to a profitable store is a great leader. A great leader do not mind walking around the store and greeting the customers. A great leader will get dirty if needed and no job is too small. I have seen all of these distinguishing characteristics in Mr. **. Mr. ** was a GREAT ASSET to Dillard's Oak Court.

Totally Ignored by Sales Associate

ARIZONA -- Normally I don't step foot in Dillard's. I don't see the point in spending $100 on a pair of jeans when I can spend a quarter of that at Kohl's. I don't care about brand names when it comes to clothes and shoes. However, there is one thing that I will spend money on and that's purses. Especially Coach purses.

I went to Dillard's today to look at their selection of Coach purses. I've had my current Coach purse for almost three years and would like to get something new. Their Coach purses are all displayed in glass cases. The sales associate was helping someone so I stood back and waited.

As I was waiting, another woman came up and stood next to me. When the associate was done with her customer, she asked the woman who arrived after me if she needed help. I said "excuse me but I was here first." The associate completely ignored me and continued to help the other woman. I repeated myself a little louder and again was ignored.

I noticed the other woman was wearing expensive clothes and had her hair and makeup done. I am wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops. I don't dress up unless I am at work or going out to a club or I'm going on a date. I don't want to jump to the assumption that I was ignored because of the way I was dressed, but I can't help but feel that's the reason the associate didn't help me. I left Dillard's and went to Macy's where a very helpful associate was happy to help me look at a few Coach purses. That's the last time I go near Dillard's.

Dillard's Return Policy Is a Joke!
By -

ALBANY, GEORGIA -- I bought a Ralph Lauren poncho at the Dillard's in Albany, Georgia. I took it on a trip to Portland, Oregon, where it rained, rained, and rained. During my second day of the trip I wore the poncho to the Rose Parade, when it rained steadily for the better part of the parade. I was drenched through the poncho and soaked to the skin. I took the poncho, the original hang tags, and the original receipt to the Dillard's where I made my original purchase. This happened within 30 days of my purchase date, per the return policy. The associate refused to accept the return because she said the merchandise had been worn.

I asked to have a manager called. When the manager on duty arrived, he also refused to accept the return. He claimed that the poncho was sold as a fashion item, and that it carried no label that marked it as waterproof. "Why?" I asked, "Would anyone who lives in South Georgia buy a poncho as a fashion item?!?" The manager had no reply to this other than to restate his original claim that the item had to be marked as waterproof. This experience has left a bitter taste in my mouth where all things Dillard's are concerned.

I no longer shop there. I get angry every time I see one of their stores -- or even a logo. I would urge others to avoid them like the plague because they are focused only on selling merchandise (read: making money), not providing customer service, and certainly not honoring the terms of their written return policy when an item is defective.

5 Years Down The Drain
By -

After working for Dillard's for 5 YEARS I was told to "resign". Our store is dying, so all sales are slipping. In the past two months four other employees were pushed out. I was told two weeks ago that I could either be fired or "resign" by the end of the month because my sales were slipping. So, I gave my notice for Aug. 2nd -- the last day of my review period. I was told I had to give it for the 1st, or else (I found out later) that if I stayed until my last (failed) review day, that the store and my boss get in trouble for employees failed reviews.

So they had to make it look like I left on my own in order to save THEIR ass! They have some nerve! I was told that they "tried really hard to keep me", but company SPH policy wouldn't allow it. Don't EVER work for that company. They will throw you aside in a heartbeat no matter HOW long you've been there.

Clothing Return
By -

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- My mom bought a dress for my daughter from Dillards that is two hours from where we live. My daughter found a dress she liked better - not from Dillards. My mom used her debit card to purchase. I contacted the store and I explained how far we live and my daughter found another dress and wanted to put that money toward the other dress. He stated they would have to credit back to the card or give store credit. I advised him my mom is away I don't have her card and we were not satisfied with the dress. He would still not comply.

I will not shop at Dillards ever again. They have inconvenienced me, my mom and my daughter. Now I will have to get the card from my mom, take it back to credit her card 2 hrs away. I will have to do it that way because I do not want a store credit, I will not spend money there again. Do not use Debit at Dillards if it is a gift the receiver will get taken...

Credit Card Balance
By -

MCDONOUGH, GEORGIA -- I opened my account on 1-18-2008 with Dillard's with a credit limit of $400. I charged $199 at a local store on 2-1-2008. I paid the balance off on 2-7-2008. On 2-11-08 the payment posted; however, my available credit only reflected $200. I called Dillard's to see why. I was told that the other $200 was on hold until 2-29-2008 because my payment history is new. I was appalled at this. Why give me a $400 limit then when I pay the charges off you do not give me the entire credit back. That makes no sense! I feel they are doing this to charge me the credit protection fee. I will close this account! BEWARE OF DILLARD'S!!!

Credit Card Service
By -

GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have had my Dillard's card now for 2 months. About a month ago I called to ask if I had any type of payment due on my account (I never received a statement and still to this day never have). At that time the lady I spoke with told me that there had been a statement mailed to me and that my payment was 2 days late. After explaining to her that I never received anything in the mail she walked me through setting up an online account so I would have the information at all times.

I made the payment and she told me that she was noting my account so that if my next statement had a late fee from this I could call back and have it taken care of. Well sure enough my next statement had more than one fee charged to it and put me over my credit limit so now I had over the limit fees also. I called today to discuss the charges and the supervisor I spoke with was very rude and said that she would not remove any charges and there was no evidence that what I was saying was true.

She had to name of the lady I talked to the time before and would not ask her about it or tell me her name. I asked why I would have been told that the charges could be removed if they couldn't and all she would say is "there is nothing that I can do, I will not remove any of the charges." I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN! Not only will I not charge anything, I will never shop at Dillard's again period.

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