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Dillard's Sucks!
Posted by Myadv101 on 04/06/2014
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Considering to work for Dillard's? I urge you to do your due diligence and find out the truth about working for Dillard's, make your own informed decision.

It is a very hostile environment with a revolving door. This company operates solely on sales and opening credit apps that is it. There is no customer service. Its all about sell sell sell. Managers are phony and have their special associates. You will hear all the time how they are a team, like family and how they help each other out. Yeah right, team my ass. I am an Ex Employee of Dillard's as of 2014. The starting pay was $10/per hour which is what entices most people to apply. Training sucks. They basically teach you how to ring someone up and then throw you out on the floor. Once you graduate you are then assigned an area whether it be home, juniors, etc. and your hourly rate went up to $11/per hour.

Every week your are responsible for markdowns and moving that merchandise to a sale rack. Then new merchandise comes in and you are responsible for putting it out or I should say cramming it on a 4 way or hook etc. because it has to be put out. You are required to make your Daily SPH quota. This can be very tough specially during the weekdays when the store is dead. They want you to sell full price items and you are required to open 1 credit app. per every 40 hours you work. Making over your daily SPH does not carry over to the next day, but not making your SPH sure does. They set you up for failure. The more sales you make the higher your SPH goes. Returns count against you period. Based on the area that I worked in there were 9 of us total. There would be 3 or more of us on the sales floor on any given day.

The sales associates will steal other associates sales in order to make their quotas right up to literally pushing you out of the way. I saw it happen with my own eyes...no joke. If you do not meet your SPH goals they will terminate you and replace you. In my case after they terminated me they had the nerve to ask if I wanted to complete my shift...smh really?! If you make it through it and they terminate you, you can collect unemployment.

My advice find somewhere else to work you will be glad you did and much happier in the end.

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Manager Obnoxious/pushy to Buy Something. Im Not Trying Be Mean!
Posted by Kmichele.peterson on 03/26/2014
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I am assuming this lady is a manager because she was very obnoxious, loud, way over bearing, PUSHY, and very annoying. Her description was a white female, big fully figured, kinda of tall, long brown straight hair down her back, approx. 21-30 in age, bright red lip stick, dark thick black liquid eye liner on top, and was working during the day. Soon as me and my children walked in the Michael kors handbag area, I looked down to look at a price tag on 1 handbag and she yelled while walking fast towards me, "oh that's a great bag, I love that bag, I'll take it off the rack so you can try it on. All while grabbing the bag I was looking at trying to take it off the rack, and talking very loud, and acting like a desperate pest. I said no thank you I am just looking.

She then said OK, well I'm going to unhook it so you can try it on. I said no, cause I'm just looking thank you. Then she preceded to follow me to each hand bag, and I told her ma'am I'm just looking today thank you. So then I went and picked up one of the green Michael kors bags, I had my back turned towards the purse, and as soon as I when to reach for it, here comes her loud, obnoxious, annoying, rude, not listening, trying to make a sells ass comes from behind me and snatches the handbags out of my hand and try to hurry real quick and unlock it. I was like no thank you I am just looking around today with my children and I am not buying anything today. So then she looked pissed, walked away then few minutes later I told her I think I found a colorful purse I like in fossil, which is all I usually carry, and she looked at me and turned her head and kept walking. I guess what kind f commission can she make on a $79.00 handbag versus a $398 handbag. Well I just ignored it cause I was with my kids so then I found a brahim handbag liked and I handed it to another girl to ring me up like 15 -30 minutes later, and she runs out from no where like a wilderbeast and snatches the handbag out of her hand and starts to rung it up. I told her no thank you, I do not want it because she would get the commission and the way she treated me I wasn't buying nothing from her.

Then when I was leaving I was watching her and she went and snatched some else out of another Co workers hand like they were a dummy and the Co workers wasn't saying nothing, that's what makes me think she was a manager, cause she was walking all over customers and employees. And then 2 more sets of customers was looking and she started acting like that with them. And they was looking at her like she was crazy and I was just staring like I can not believe this. Trust me...this is so much far worse than what I am making it. If I had a video camera I would have recorded her and she would be on the TV show called ridiculous. Hardly no one be in there when I go and the people who are in there don't want to buy nothing cause she's too rowdy and nerve racking. If they do buy something it is because thy felt obligated against their free will to look and not buy. She must be desperate for commission. I don't want to go back in there because she harasses you. They all try to sell you something I understand that but she goes past her means and personal space to try and make a sell which actually makes a customer not want to buy something and uncomfortable to come back. I know she acts like that all the time cause I was in there along time ago and she was doing the same thing. But this was it or me.

And I'd put $ on it that's why hardly nobody's in there shopping or LOOKING because of her and I'd put $ on it that she does every body like this. I love Dillard's but I will bypass Michael kors and go to fragrances and watches where the nice black lady works or to shoes where the nice older gentlemen work. Now there's a little gay guy that works in there and a few blondes, their sweethearts and approach you in a pleasant way and ask you...would you like to try that handbag on? And if I say no, they say OK, well its a very nice bag in our new collection and if you would like to look at it my name is so in so. Then they get off your ass...after doing their job. Now thy make me want to buy something. But that other lady needs to work at a prison or go to the army or something. Oh, I bet that's why those sweet nonpushy but helpful like ole' ladies down at Coach stay on that end only.
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My Christmas Order Was Placed Dec. 9th, It Arrived Dec 30th
Posted by AVAHOWELL on 02/05/2014
I placed an order online December 9, 2012 . I kept calling after Dec 13th Thu Dec 24th telling them I wanted my order by Christmas . Was told "sure you will get it" never did get until Dec 30th, 21 days to send 3-shirts, 3-t-shirts & 3-pks of underwear.
They have awful customer service,
hope they go broke!!
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Dillards Listed a Lemongrass Cookie Jar on Their Web Site on Sunday for $22. Now Canceling Orders Because They Made a Mistake
Posted by Billbonniecov on 01/21/2014
INTERNET SITE, OHIO -- I went on Dillards web site Sunday morning because the Fiestaware group that I belong to said they were having a great sale at the stores 50% off the cookie jars. Their store is 2 hours from my house so I was hoping that they would be on sale on line. They had the Lemongrass cookie jar marked $22 so I ordered one thinking it was a great deal. Now they are saying it was all a mistake and that they were canceling the orders that they no longer had the cookie jars at all. I think they should have delivered on the orders because they left the mistake on the web site for more than 24 hours even after they were made aware that it was there.

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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-01-21:
Companies make pricing mistakes all the time, I can think of at least three occasions in the past two years, that I've found a killer deal on various items, and ordered the items on line only to get an email a few hours later saying that there had been a pricing error and the order was canceled. Usually there's a disclaimer on every site mentioning something to the effect they aren't responsible for pricing errors, which is a cop out IMHO.

For what it's worth, much of the time a company's brick and mortar stores and their web stores are considered separate entities and don't always have the same prices.
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Posted by Alexia1345 on 01/03/2014
ALTAMONTE/OVIEDO, FLORIDA -- I ordered a pair of Gianni Ninni shoes on Dec.23 to wear in a new years party. On Dec 29 I received an email saying that my order was canceled. I understand that things happens and there is a possibility that don't have my size etc, but why they have to wait to the last minute to tell me that they don't have my size??? Why the ordered the shoes if they knew my shoe size was not available?
I am really disappointed with Dillard online system. I couldn't find any shoes that could go with my dress. When I told the sells person that I wanted my money back in my credit card she told me that the order was never processed.
If you don't want have a bitter experience with Dillards online order, don't buy only buy at Macys the online system are great I have ordered only with out any problem
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Horrible Customer Service, Will Not Be Back Again
Posted by Maybelbeltran on 12/25/2013
Worst customer service I have ever received from any store. I was waiting there for someone to help me, but the associates were too busy speaking to one another, eating at the counters, and playing on their phones. I also did not receive any greetings or a service with a smile, nor was I offered any help. Will not be back again. Very disappointed that management does nothing about this.
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Damaged Return Handbag Denied
Posted by Claudiaanderson50 on 11/26/2013
MALL OF LOUISIANA, BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- I purchased a Brahmin Handbag on 10/26/13, 6 days later I tried to return it because the zipper had a defect in it. I had my receipt and tag and I was told no they couldn't take it because it was used. I have always bought my name brand handbags from Dillards and have been a cardholder since 1989 (24 yrs.) but after this experience I don't plan to use my card again. I see customers return items being worn etc. all the time. I was told to send the handbag back myself.
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Falsely Accused of Shoplifting, Yet Not Arrested Only Being Slandered.
Posted by Arnold1129 on 08/12/2013
ALBANY, GEORGIA -- I have spent thousands of dollars in this store for me & my family. I have been accused of shop lifting. Every time I am shopping in the store, the camera watchers, a couple of women in the office tell the cashiers to watch me.. I know of this because I'm told these employees are gossiping about me & slandering my good name/reputation with all of the other store employees. Each time I come into to shop. I asked this worker how did you find out about me & this situation & they said I'm watched & we speak about keeping an eye on you & they claim I have taken stuff! I was seen digging in my purse outside in my vehicle, looking suspicious one day after I left the store. We'll if that's the case, why did I not get arrested. nor stopped by anyone? Why am I allowed to shop there? I only know about this situation from this one person, not from the Dillards Security people or workers who are so concerned the last 4 times I have been in lately. I guess anyone & everyone whom walks into Dillard's in Albany GA is automatically guilty. But they won't call the cops if they think you've stolen something, you'll just get publicly slandered by their employees & without proof be labeled A THIEF. BY these Dillard's employees making accusations, it's spreading negatively around town. Just recently I was shopping for school clothes & other items, I wished I could return all the items I BOUGHT. I no longer wish to spend my money at Dillard's & they better keep their mouths shut unless they'd like a slander lawsuit!

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Posted by Susan on 2013-08-12:
You have zero basis for legal action as what you're describing is hearsay with no proof.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-08-12:
If I were in this situation:

"I only know of this situation from from one person..."

The absolute simplest solution is to ignore this one person. The problem then melts away - there is no problem.

If you aren't guilty of a crime, there is no need to feel guilty of a crime. You just hold your head high and walk out. Then the people gossiping will have a problem - how can it be that this person who is such a thief hasn't been caught doing anything wrong? Then they will have to ask themselves - "were we wrong?"
Posted by arnold1129 on 2013-08-13:
Dear Susan, my Real intention is not to enter into any legal action. Yet to end any negative gossip towards me or any other paying customer each time we enter the store to shop with a similar situation. You think I want to go in and shop after I know this?? I have already been labeled a thief, this is what is being spread around to many employees as well as around town. yet not one time have I been stopped, telephoned, picked up by the police. Nothing by Dillards since being in the store numerous times in the last couple months. If you have anything to charge me with, do so. But their management team instead chooses to allow a "thief" to walk in and apparently take anything I choose then allow me to leave. Never stopping me, checking my bags, etc yet calls the cashier's on the floor to watch me each time I'm in that's the thief pretty much.. Anyone can agree its embarrassing.
Posted by arnold1129 on 2013-08-13:
Thank You trmn8r. Your right. I don't really want to go back in there tho. Knowing all eyes are on me and they all believing I'm a bad person. I'll prob just spend my money else where.
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Won't Exchange Vera Bradley Products
Posted by Timothyecheek on 04/18/2013
LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- Our daughter received a Vera Bradley mini-hipster as a gift and wanted to exchange it for the same item in another pattern. The initial Dillard's sales person was very helpful, but the department manager got involved and refused to exchange it. We don't know where it was purchased originally, but Vera Bradley customer service told us that any Vera Bradley retailer or Vera Bradley store would exchange the item.

We have since gone to an smaller, very customer service oriented Vera Bradley retailer, The Ivy Cottage in Coppell, Texas, where the sale personnel were very helpful and cheerfully exchanged the item. Given my experience with Dillard's on this situation involving a small item, Dillard's has lost a good customer for future purchases of any products in their stores, but The Ivy Cottage as gained grateful customer.
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Posted by yoke on 2013-04-19:
Why did the manager refuse to exchange it? Without a receipt they are not obligated to exchange anything. The OP admitted they did not know where the item was purchased, so I don't think Dillards did anything wrong.
Posted by Colette Cremieux on 2013-04-28:
Any item returned to Dillard's MUST have the yellow "POP label" sticker on it. The sticker is applied to the price tag when the item is purchased and has a bar code that is reflected on the paper receipt. If an item does not have the POP label then it is assumed it was not purchased at Dillard's.
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by Texrican on 03/17/2013
LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- I got a shirt for my Birthday 3 days ago and it was too big. Went to Dillards since the shirt had the tags. I was thinking that they will exchange and I could also shop and apply for the card etc. Three people in the Men's Dept and nobody was able to either help me? All I was asking was for an even exchange. I was told "sorry but we can't exchange with no receipt"? Are you kidding me?

I just told them, it was a Birthday gift. You will think that they will find a way to help me but No. They could have easily exchanged it and even verify that my Birthday was a couple days ago with my Drivers Licence. I was not even asking for a refund Was I? They lost a potential Customer without even becoming their Customer.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2013-03-17:
Why did they refuse to exchange it? Unless its changed, you either have to have a receipt OR the proof of purchase sticker they place on the tag at the time of purchase. If you had neither, unfortunately you did not meet their return requirements. It might of been an even exchange but if you can't prove the shirt was bought at Dillards, they are under no obligation to help you,
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-03-17:
A lot of stores today have a policy that you must have a receipt. That's just the way it is. You tried to use a logical argument with the license thing, but a policy is a policy
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-03-18:
This is how we are all paying the cost of the shoplifters. It isn't just this store, it's becoming prevalent everywhere.
The only defense we have is to request a gift receipt for every purchase. When I wrap a gift, the gift receipt is right on the top of the item.
Posted by Colette Cremieux on 2013-04-28:
Any item returned to Dillard's MUST have the yellow "POP label" sticker that is applied to the price tag when the item is purchased or it is assumed it was not purchased at Dillard's. The POP label has a bar code that is also on the receipt in a number format.
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