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Won't Exchange Vera Bradley Products
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- Our daughter received a Vera Bradley mini-hipster as a gift and wanted to exchange it for the same item in another pattern. The initial Dillard's sales person was very helpful, but the department manager got involved and refused to exchange it. We don't know where it was purchased originally, but Vera Bradley customer service told us that any Vera Bradley retailer or Vera Bradley store would exchange the item.

We have since gone to an smaller, very customer service oriented Vera Bradley retailer, The Ivy Cottage in Coppell, Texas, where the sale personnel were very helpful and cheerfully exchanged the item. Given my experience with Dillard's on this situation involving a small item, Dillard's has lost a good customer for future purchases of any products in their stores, but The Ivy Cottage as gained grateful customer.
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yoke on 04/19/2013:
Why did the manager refuse to exchange it? Without a receipt they are not obligated to exchange anything. The OP admitted they did not know where the item was purchased, so I don't think Dillards did anything wrong.
Colette Cremieux on 04/28/2013:
Any item returned to Dillard's MUST have the yellow "POP label" sticker on it. The sticker is applied to the price tag when the item is purchased and has a bar code that is reflected on the paper receipt. If an item does not have the POP label then it is assumed it was not purchased at Dillard's.
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- I got a shirt for my Birthday 3 days ago and it was too big. Went to Dillards since the shirt had the tags. I was thinking that they will exchange and I could also shop and apply for the card etc. Three people in the Men's Dept and nobody was able to either help me? All I was asking was for an even exchange. I was told "sorry but we can't exchange with no receipt"? Are you kidding me?

I just told them, it was a Birthday gift. You will think that they will find a way to help me but No. They could have easily exchanged it and even verify that my Birthday was a couple days ago with my Drivers License. I was not even asking for a refund Was I? They lost a potential Customer without even becoming their Customer.
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Anonymous on 03/17/2013:
Why did they refuse to exchange it? Unless its changed, you either have to have a receipt OR the proof of purchase sticker they place on the tag at the time of purchase. If you had neither, unfortunately you did not meet their return requirements. It might have been an even exchange but if you can't prove the shirt was bought at Dillards, they are under no obligation to help you,
trmn8r on 03/17/2013:
A lot of stores today have a policy that you must have a receipt. That's just the way it is. You tried to use a logical argument with the license thing, but a policy is a policy
Obsfucation on 03/18/2013:
This is how we are all paying the cost of the shoplifters. It isn't just this store, it's becoming prevalent everywhere.
The only defense we have is to request a gift receipt for every purchase. When I wrap a gift, the gift receipt is right on the top of the item.
Colette Cremieux on 04/28/2013:
Any item returned to Dillard's MUST have the yellow "POP label" sticker that is applied to the price tag when the item is purchased or it is assumed it was not purchased at Dillard's. The POP label has a bar code that is also on the receipt in a number format.
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Bad Customer Services
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I bought a item at Cincinnati Kenwood Dillards two weeks ago. The sale associate told me that I can return it within the 30 days at any Dillards store if I am not satisfy with the item.

I went to Cincinnati Eastgate Dillards on Saturday to return it. The duty manager-Karen told me that Eastgate Dillards can not return it, because they don't sell this product. She told me I have to return it at Kenwood Dillards where I originally purchased the item. I called the duty manager at Kenwood Dillards in front of Karen and told Kenwood that Eastgate can not return fro me. Kenwood Dillards said, according to the retun policy, I should be able to return it at Eastgate. The duty manager Karen was very rude and had no concern for customer service. In the end, I had to drove one hour to the Kenwood Dillards to returned.

The manager at Kenwood was very nice and apologize for the inconvenience for me to drove the long distance. Both Dillards stores, have the same policy, but one provided good customer services, the other one provide bad customer services. Compare with Kenwood Dillards, Macys, and Nordstrom stores, the Eastgate is the worst store of them. I would like to drive one hour to shop at kenwood town center rather than drive two minutes to shop at Eastgate Dillards in the future.
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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- Dillard's treats customers poorly. I left the store very upset. Tried to exchange a bathrobe outside of return policy date. Item too itchy for me. Instead of satisfying my request they allowed me to walk away upset. I am a Dillard's card holder and long time Dillard's customer. But no more. No respect for dissatisfied customers only their own pocket. This is a bad sign and could indicate the company could be having serious financial problems. This type of customer service causes it.
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User Replies:
SteveWiginowski on 01/31/2013:
Your request was to forget about the policy. What is the point of having the policy if you're not going to enforce it? I think it would have been excellent customer service if they allowed for a return, but it's not terrible customer service when they enforce their policy.
bcd on 01/31/2013:
It is reasonable for them to deny a return outside of the return time frame.

Dillard's is doing quite well financially. Their stock value has almost doubled in the past year and has more than quadrupled in the past five years.
pat.h00851 on 01/31/2013:
I don't really care if they're doing well finanncially. You're comment is another example of disregard for a customers dissatisfaction. Yes, they were following store policy which is case in point. And yes it would have been excellent customer service to help me in my issue. especially considering I'm a card holder in good standing. any other disregards?
andbran on 01/31/2013:
I have been a card holder for Dillards for many years. I do agree with their policies. you had
30 days to return the bathrobe if not satisfied. in my opinion you had plenty of time to decide if it was to itchy or not. they did nothing wrong. if you decide not to go there again it is not their loss
Anonymous on 02/27/2013:
Seriously what do people expect if you try to return something past the allotted return frame? I work for Dillard's and you being a card holder actually have 90 days to return if that is not plenty of time I do not know what to tell you.If they did not return the item that tells me you must have kept it past the 90 days...
tkids on 03/24/2013:
I don't agree with you all. Where is the customer is right!! She wasn't abusing the policy and is a card holder. I went there today with a $10 return that was 31 days. Store manager wouldn't give me a store credit. I would have spent more than the $10 on another item. Tags and everything were still on the item. I won't shop at that Gainesville store anymore. I spent over $200 that day in the mall. If Dillard's went out of business it would be OK with me!!!!!!
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Worst online shopping experience ever
Posted by on
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I bought a dress for my daughter's prom. The girl wears size 12, and we bought that size. The dress that arrived was marked as size 12, but was in fact two or more sizes smaller! We called the customer support and they agreed to send a replacement and not charge 8.99 for the returned shipment because the size was misleading.
The replacement dress arrived quickly - it was size 16... but still too small! I called and asked them how to return the order... They said they only can make this exception once per customer, and would charge me for the returned shipping. We ended up with no dress and overall shipping charge of $18! The account representative spent an hour arguing with me on the phone. When I asked her if they are interested in customer satisfaction, they said "no". This is the first time in my whole life that I heard such thing.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/12/2011:
Reason #289,451 why I NEVER purchase anything online. Too many variables that could lead something to go wrong.
Anonymous on 06/12/2011:
Due to the lack of industry standards in sizing, you should check the return policy of the retailer before purchasing items online or in-store. Chances are the sizes will not fit perfectly. It is advisable to take personal size measurements and to have them handy when ordering.
Anonymous on 06/12/2011:
Sizing for different designers can really vary, so shopping online for a dress can be difficult unless you are familiar with that particular designer.

They gave you free shipping once. Honestly, if it was me I wouldn't expect that twice. Do you have any local shops that specialize in gowns?
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Totally Ignored by Sales Associate
Posted on
ARIZONA -- Normally I don't step foot in Dillard's. I don't see the point in spending $100 on a pair of jeans when I can spend a quarter of that at Kohl's. I don't care about brand names when it comes to clothes and shoes. However, there is one thing that I will spend money on and that's purses. Especially Coach purses.
I went to Dillard's today to look at their selection of Coach purses. I've had my current Coach purse for almost three years and would like to get something new.
Their Coach purses are all displayed in glass cases. The sales associate was helping someone so I stood back and waited. As I was waiting, another woman came up and stood next to me. When the associate was done with her customer, she asked the woman who arrived after me if she needed help. I said "excuse me but I was here first." The associate completely ignored me and continued to help the other woman. I repeated myself a little louder and again was ignored.
I noticed the other woman was wearing expensive clothes and had her hair and makeup done. I am wearing jeans, a t shirt, and flip flops. I don't dress up unless I am at work or going out to a club or I'm going on a date.
I don't want to jump to the assumption that I was ignored because of the way I was dressed, but I can't help but feel that's the reason the associate didn't help me.
I left Dillard's and went to Macy's where a very helpful associate was happy to help me look at a few Coach purses. That's the last time I go near Dillard's.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/11/2010:
I agree little, Dillard's is overpriced and the employees always seem to look down on people who don't dress like they make six figures.
Anonymous on 09/11/2010:
When I sold jewelry, there was a man who came in a lot dressed in paint splattered clothes with dirty fingernails. He would spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on jewelry. Turns out he owns his own painting business and makes good money. But you wouldn't be able to tell that just by looking at him. The way a person is dressed has nothing to do with how rich or poor they are.
MRM on 09/11/2010:
It is unfortunate that people judge its book by its cover.
MRM on 09/11/2010:
Since you will not be returning to Dillards, where else will you buy your bag? What's wrong with Burlington Coat Factory?
Anonymous on 09/11/2010:
I'm going to buy it at Macy's next week when I get paid. It's my birthday present to myself
MRM on 09/11/2010:
And also it is a shame that the woman beside you did not speak up that you were there first.
Anonymous on 09/11/2010:
The other woman ignored me too. If the situation was reversed, I would have pointed out to the associate that someone else was there before me.
Venice09 on 09/11/2010:
I don't think it's an assumption. You're probably right. My husband and I are very casual dressers, especially my husband, if you know what I mean. (Hint: hobo.) One of our first apartments was a dump but was located in a ritzy suburb of Manhattan. Whenever we would shop for expensive things like a car or furniture we were never taken seriously until it became known where we lived. There was always an instant attitude change from the salesperson.

You are right, MRM. The other woman should have said something. When I am mistaken for the next person, I always say there was someone ahead of me.
Anonymous on 09/11/2010:
I was carrying my Coach purse on my shoulder. The associate could have at least noticed that and thought to herself "oh this woman must like Coach."
jktshff1 on 09/11/2010:
Me and Mrs JKT just picked up some bargains at Dullards....mens shorts 7.99 womens tops 4.99 good deals. Ya have to go there on a semi regular basis to watch for the bargains.
Anonymous on 09/12/2010:
I hope the fancy-looking woman decided not to buy anything. Not only is she out your commission, but the fancy looking ladys too
PepperElf on 09/12/2010:
indeed... how someone dresses does not always indicate how much money they have to spend.

good example - Moby. when he's not dressed up for something important he dresses like he's homeless.

I'd suggest contacting the store to let them know what happened and that you'll be buying your purses elsewhere from now on.
Anonymous on 09/12/2010:
Same here Prince. I hope the other woman didn't buy anything. Pepper, I knew I should have gone to Macy's in the first place. I usually buy things like that there anyway
Anonymous on 09/12/2010:
I agree with Pep about letting the store manager know about your experience.
Anonymous on 09/12/2010:
One of my friends worked in this same Dillard's a few years ago. She hated it cause she said the other associates were stuck up. She wasn't kidding
Anonymous on 09/12/2010:
Hey Peps, can I borrow your army of were-giraffes for a day? Maybe they can set the associate straight
DebtorBasher on 09/12/2010:
I've had that happen to me ... and I said, 'Excuse me, am I invisible today?" and I walk right up to the counter with or without the other customer and proceed to place my items on the checkout counter. It works every time.
DebtorBasher on 09/12/2010:
Oh, I just realized this is YaYa' review. In that case, the only advice I can offer is for you to step up on a stepstool the next time so the cashier will see you over the counter :)

*Running out the door*
PepperElf on 09/12/2010:
*WereGiraffe army swarms around little_yaya and storms into Dillards to teach the woman manners*

kickball to follow.

Lifemates on 10/05/2010:
The associate probably thought she had a biter sale coming here way from the wealthy woman. You should probably avoid going to that store again.
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Hustled as if I were buying a used car
Posted by on
ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA -- Needing a new suit after some years, I chose Dillard's because of a previous good experience some years ago. This time the salesman smelled of tobacco smoke, ignored my input as to style/color, offered me one suit, which was very nice, and avoided any attempt as to where on the racks my size would be. In the fitting room he made the appropriate markings for alterations and left, telling me to meet him at the checkout counter. Alterations would take at least a week.

After the financial transaction was complete, I told him I was looking for accessories to match the suit, and he told me to go to the shirt department and he would meet me there. A saleswoman said that Dillard's was offering a free dress shirt with every suit purchase, but she had another customer to take care of. My original salesman was already waiting on another customer at the time. After waiting some 20 minutes alone, we left.

When returning to pick up my suit, no employees were found in the Men's department. After looking around for 5 minutes or so, an employee arrived, reeking of cigarette smoke. He found my altered suit, but did not offer for me to try it on there, to see if it fit appropriately. At the cashier's counter he began to cover it with plastic, but I held him off. The suit jacket was wrinkled with the chalk lines still on the jacket. He went to press it up and returned some 10 minutes later, and gave me the suit, not even thanking me.

When I tried it on the next day, I found the sleeves about an inch too long. Nothing to do but wear the suit at the conference in which I was scheduled to speak. Nobody ever got to notice me cuff-links because The suit jacket cuffs reached the thumb of each hand.

I have yet to return to Dillard's to rectify this issue only because I'm waiting for my Rx of Valium to arrive. I DREAD returning, but not only will I never return to Dillard's after my problem is taken care of, but I promise to share this experience with everyone I get a chance to speak with regarding my experience. I have never been so poorly treated in of 50 years of buying clothing.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
What was the purpose of people noticing your cuff-links?
Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
Why feel the need to mention they all smelled like cigarette smoke? Does that make them lose credibility?
Ytropious on 02/22/2010:
Yea I felt the same way. Sure it's gross when someone comes inside from smoking and it just reeks but it doesn't make them a bad salesperson.
jktshff1 on 02/22/2010:
Sorry, but you need to get over your phobia about the smell of smoke.
It has no bearing on the subject, could be body odor, too much cologne, perfume, speech impediment, bad breath, feet stink, etc.
Inat on 02/22/2010:
wait. just b/c he didn't offer for you to try it on doesn't mean you couldn't try it on. I want to see a pic of these cufflinks who sole purpose was to impress your audience
Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
I don't like smelling smokers. Disgusting habit. When I encounter a smoker all I see is a weak person committing slow suicide. I don't want to do business with them. I want to do an intervention.
old fart on 02/22/2010:
Stew... keep a tin of SNUS handy to offer them..
PepperElf on 02/22/2010:
eh. personally I'm a non smoker but I figure... hey if someone wants to smoke, it's their body right?

bunnyhead on 02/22/2010:
Well, a salesperson who smells bad probably does lose credibility. Whether it be from cigarettes or body odor, it is unprofessional.
Venice09 on 02/22/2010:
"I want to do an intervention." I love that line!

I am really put off by the smell of smoke and would avoid a salesperson with a smell that bothered me, which includes overpowering perfume/cologne. I think it's professional for a salesperson to be appealing in appearance and smell.

I think the OP in this case got poor service regardless of the smell. The salesman didn't seem very interested in customer service or customer satisfaction.
Anonymous on 10/28/2010:
Cincinnati, I think calling them "low class" is a little harsh.
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Last time at a Dillard's, EVER
Posted by on
GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- Dillard’s Investor’s Relations by email, Saturday, 07.11.2009
Regarding: 7800 W Arrowhead Towne Center
Glendale, AZ 85308 623-979-1128

Today, Saturday, 07.11.09, I experienced extremely poor resolution for a transaction that resulted in lost revenue and consumer confidence for Dillard's.

At your Arrowhead Mall, Glendale, AZ location, I attempted to purchase a set of Oneida flatware, regularly priced $149, with 33% off, sale price around $99. I had great service with Monica. She escorted me to the register, asked me to slide my credit card, it didn't take, and so she asked me for it and slid it at the register itself. Then, the final sale price presented for me to sign on the electronic data capture screen was a whopping $164. I declined to sign and asked that the transaction be voided. She said she couldn't do that. She called over a young man, who didn't introduce himself and had no name tag. He explained I would have to sign for the wrong price. I declined to do that. I asked him to please void it. He said he couldn't. He called someone who apparently told him to tell me they would give me a store credit for the difference of the incorrect price and what I was supposed to pay at the sale price. Again, I declined to do that. Why would anyone sign their name to a charge they do not want to accept??

This young man was arrogant, with no apologies, unlike Monica, who was very sorry for the whole thing. I left, not signing...AND with an authorization on my card which the young would not lift for me with a simple phone call to American Express authorizations. I now have to wait 30 days for it to drop.

So, having shopped Dillard's for years in Texas...and just a few times now that I live in AZ...I can assure you, I won't enter this location EVER again.

I urge you to educate your personnel on how to void a charge transaction, lift authorizations AND most importantly, remember the quality of the customer experience directly impacts YOUR bottom line and your employee's jobs.

An apology from the rude young man would be appropriate; however, it is unlikely that will happen.

With regrets for shopping with you today,

Cc: Dillard’s Arrowhead Store
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/11/2009:
Don't all stores have the total price on the register for you to see? Did the sales associate tell you the total of the price BEFORE the credit card was swiped? You authorized your credit card to be run. They have no obligation to void your credit card and I think they were generous in offering a store credit for the difference.
Anonymous on 07/11/2009:
You should have noticed the price at the register before your credit card was swiped. Never, in all my years shopping, have I handed over a credit card without knowing what price I was paying. That said, they should have voided the transaction at your request, or refunded you the purchase price.
BokiBean on 07/11/2009:

tinydancer89 on 07/11/2009:
why didn't you just sign for it, then turn around and return the item? that would have saved a great deal of trouble...
Mario The Great on 07/12/2009:
You know. If it's anything like the Sears registers, when you get to the Signature screen, it will NOT let you out, regardless of what you are doing. You have to sign for it and then do a void or refund. At Sears, every keystroke is recorded for loss prevention purposes and I really think that this is the same or similar system. If you turn off the machine, it still records the transaction and then you need a supervisors password to reboot the machine. I can only guess if they had explained it to you, it would have been easier to accept.
ct22 on 07/12/2009:
The sales clerk told me to swipe my card...which I attempted to do, then she asked me for my card and she swiped it at the register itself. Then, the capture screen for signature popped up with the wrong price, now I had the option of signing "OK" or clear...it wouldn't clear and I was not going to sign, agreeing to the wrong price. Why would I accept the charge and then agree to a "store credit?" That's not fair...expecting me to spend more of my money there...voids are done ALL the time, it's common practice. In fact, it costs the store more to run a charge and then a credit, each transaction costs the merchant a percentage to process. The procedure and policy of Dillard's is not customer oriented...and most importantly, the attitude of the young man was unacceptable. Thanks, for your opinions.
BokiBean on 07/12/2009:
Agreed, ct22. Why take a store credit..it was their mistake.
tinydancer89 on 07/14/2009:
voids are not always allowed by non managers. any voids done are looked at closely by loss prevention. I am surprised they didn't have you just sign, then return the item, and rebuy it. that at least would have saved a great deal of hassle.
lili1018 on 09/26/2009:
At that point, they probably couldn't have done anything except for have you sign for it, and exchange, crediting the amount to your Amex. The computer probably didn't allow anything else. That would have been the case at the store I used to work at. After the card is slid, it has to be signed for. the computer doesn't just let you out of the transaction, or void, after the card has been slid.
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Dillard's Return Policy is a Joke!
Posted by on
ALBANY, GEORGIA -- I bought a Ralph Lauren poncho at the Dillard's in Albany, Georgia. I took it on a trip to Portland, Oregon, where it rained, rained, and rained. During my second day of the trip I wore the poncho to the Rose Parade, when it rained steadily for the better part of the parade. I was drenched through the poncho and soaked to the skin. I took the poncho, the original hang tags, and the original receipt to the Dillard's where I made my original purchase. This happened within 30 days of my purchase date, per the return policy. The associate refused to accept the return because she said the merchandise had been worn. I asked to have a manager called. When the manager on duty arrived, he also refused to accept the return. He claimed that the poncho was sold as a fashion item, and that it carried no label that marked it as waterproof. "Why," I asked, "would anyone who lives in South Georgia buy a poncho as a fashion item?!?" The manager had no reply to this other than to restate his original claim that the item had to be marked as waterproof. This experience has left a bitter taste in my mouth where all things Dillards are concerned. I no longer shop there. I get angry every time I see one of their stores--or even a logo. I would urge others to avoid them like the plague because they are focused only on selling merchandise (read: making money), not providing customer service, and certainly not honoring the terms of their written return policy when an item is defective.
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User Replies:
TGT101 on 05/23/2009:
Contact Ralph Lauren and see if there is anything that they can do for you.
BokiBean on 05/23/2009:
I would never expect a poncho to be waterproof unless it stated that it was on the label.
Opasgurl on 01/16/2010:
The exact same thing happened to me in Dallas, TX. I was accused of wearing a business suit that I purchased a day and a half earlier because it was wrinkled. The tags were still attached to the suit. The store manager at one point said she would give me a store credit then later said she changed her mind. So unprofessional. I was treated like a thief.
After calling the regional office several times to request a call...I have given up. It's been 4 days and no phone call. Dillards customer service is pathetic and I will never shop there again. I will be sure to spread the word!!!
abbie on 07/30/2011:
I returned a shirt that I purchased 3 days ago and requested to exchange it for same shirt, biger size. The clerk told me she could not return it because it appeared to be worn. It was not worn, all the tags were still on and I had the receipt. I said t was not worn, what do you mean it appears worn. She said it smelled like it had been worn! I was so insulted. First I felt like a thief, then I felt like I was dirty. If it smelled, it smelled that way when I bought it. She finally did exchange the shirt for the size I wanted but only after I was embarrassed and humiliated. WHO IS TRAINING THESE CLERKS???? Will NEVER shop there again.
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5 Years Down The Drain
Posted by on
After working for Dillard's for 5 YEARS I was told to "resign". Our store is dying, so all sales are slipping. In the past two months four other employees were pushed out. I was told two weeks ago that I could either be fired or "resign" by the end of the month because my sales were slipping. So, I gave my notice for Aug. 2nd--the last day of my review period. I was told I had to give it for the 1st, or else (I found out later) that if I stayed until my last (failed) review day, that the store and my boss get in trouble for employees failed reviews. So they had to make it look like I left on my own in order to save THEIR ass! They have some nerve!

I was told that they "tried really hard to keep me", but company SPH policy wouldn't allow it. Don't EVER work for that company---they will throw you aside in a heartbeat....no matter HOW long you've been there.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/06/2008:
Dillards gets a lot of complaints on here. Sorry to hear about your experience, hopefully you get a job with a reputable company in the very near future. good luck!
BobJohn on 08/06/2008:
Do you get unemployment insurance if you 'quit' rather than are fired?
Anonymous on 08/06/2008:
If they had laid you off or fired you then you probably could qualify for unemployment benefits. But since you quit they won't pay a dime. BTW a number of grocery stores are closing up due to the economy.
Anonymous on 08/06/2008:
It depends. The OP can file for UI and more than likely Dillards will deny it, then the OP will have the option to dispute it, at which time a hearing is set to hear both sides and the Administrative Hearing Officer makes the final decision. Disputes can be drug out for a long time though b/c the employer can also dispute if they don't like the outcome of the hearing.
Anonymous on 08/06/2008:
UC will not be paid to someone who resigned. You have to be either laid off, fired, or on disability (without disability coverage).

Dillards sucks. I'm never shopping there if I can possibly avoid it. Their prices are ludicrous.
Anonymous on 08/06/2008:
That's American retail these days. For most retailers, an employee is nothing more than a liability on the payroll.
lolalee on 06/08/2009:
If you were terminated, you would not be allowed to receive compensation for unused benefit time, which I'm sure was a considerable amount after 5 years. You probably could not have received unemployeement in either case, but at least you could get your benefit pay.
DebtorBasher on 06/08/2009:
That's true, if you voluntarly leave a place of employment, you will not be eligible for unemployment benefits. I've seen many times where we would hire collectors, then once they started working, decided the job was not for them and they wanted to leave. But, they knew if they left they would not get any Unemployment benefits...so, what did they do? They did everything they can to get themself fired.
Anonymous on 06/08/2009:
I have personally seen cases where an individual left on their own accord, then filed a dispute with unemployment, and won because they claimed conditions were intolerable. I suspect it varies a lot from state to state.
Ponie on 06/08/2009:
Depends on the state in which you live whether you can draw unemployment compensation after you quit a job. These are state, not federal, benefits. In our state if you've completed the qualifying period of employment, after a designated waiting period (was six weeks--don't know if that's been extended) you can receive benefits. If you quit before the qualifying period, you can draw against your previous employer if you hadn't applied before.
The insurance premiums are paid completely by the employer so I'm in disagreement with those who feel entitlement and say they 'paid' for it. But in this case it's five years of employment down the drain.
I suggest the poster look into this.
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