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Direct Buy Warranty is a SCAM
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METUCHEN, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a exteded warranty for my R350 Mercedes for $1,959 dollars. Their elite bumper to bumper. My transmission was giving off a code that indicates the valve body needs to be replaced. Direct Buy auto warranties says it is not covered. Here is the actual verbiage from the contract. "All internally lubricated parts including: torque convertor, vacuum modulator, internal linkage, and transmission mounts. The valve body in question is definitely lubricated.

My wife took the car into Mercedes and it took over an hour to get a response from Direct Buy and then we were told we would have to schedule another time to have a Direct Buy representative look at the car and have to start all over.

We waited to hear back but didn’t so I had to call them and they said they would not cover anything inside the transmission and now they were not going to have someone look at it...they were just going to deny it because the part is quite expensive they tried to claim this was existing. Then they wanted maintenance receipts when Mercedes clearly states that you do not need to service the Transmission until 39K and our car was only at 30K. Then they said we were trying to get something fixed that was a previous condition......every trick in the book becaus the fix was about the same price as what I had paid for the warranty.

They ran us around, wouldn't let me talk to the boss, made us tell the same story to 8 different people. This is clearly illegal, I even contacted them and asked for coverage on another one of my cars to see if I would get the same lies I received from the first sales person.....and again specificaly asked if all lubricated parts were covered inside the transmission…..they stated yes and my wife, kids and answering machine recorded it.

This is totally unbelievable….....all they have to do is deny it and force you into arbitration where “of course” they have a 1500 dollar limitation…and make you fight them in New if you have a trany or engine problem, it will never be fixed!!…...and if you wait the 30 days you loose 20% of what you paid….even if you try to work it out, the representatives are extremely rude and mean and keep passing you around to different people.

I wish there was someway to let more people know how fraudulent this company is so they do not have to be exposed to this type of abuse.

Everyone....please read the trail of emails tied to Direct Buy Warraties....they are all the same....someone needs to stop these people.
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Scam....Make Sure You Have Had a 120pt Inspection Before Purchasing This Warranty
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INDIANA -- I recently purchased a used 2003 Ford Explorer and due to it being used and me not knowing the history of the car I felt it would be wise to purchase an extended warranty to cover myself in case there were problems. The suv drives nicely however on night without any indication or even slightest signs, it just stopped on me. After I could not get it restarted I had it towed to the dealership and contacted Direct Buy Warranty to advise and to initiate a claim.

Well lo and behold once the vehicle was diagnosed, I was informed that the claim was denied. The cause of the mechanical breakdown was not a covered problem but in addition to that at the time the car was being diagnosed, the dealership became aware of another problem with the vehicle and it was too denied. The reason for the denial was basically that it was a pre-existing problem.

I challenged the Representative by asking how would I know about pre-existing problem when it's a recently purchased used vehicle and told him that in fact was the reason why I purchased the warranty because the vehicle is used and I don't know the history of it. At that point, the Representative told me that I should have had a 120pt inspection. Needless to say nothing went smooth about the conversation after that because as I explained to him that while they were selling me pipe dreams about how fantastic their company was, they never mentioned that I should have an inspection prior to purchasing the plan even though we talked extensively about it being a used car that I recently purchased. He then goes on to tell me that no that is not something that they tell their which my response is well why are you telling me now after I've purchased your plan and filed a claim that was denied.

This company is so bogus until its unbelievable. They also insinuated that I bought a car with mechanical problems then purchased a plan from them because my breakdown occurred 6wk after purchasing their plan.

My question and concern with this company is why would you sell extended warranties for used vehicles if claims are going to be denied claiming they are pre-existing? I thought that was the whole concept behind selling used car warranties was to protect the consumer from having to pay expensive car repairs in the event of a mechanical breakdown. Now I understand that if the item broken is not a covered item but to have a covered item and then to be denied saying it's pre-existing well that is all the proof I need that this company is fraudulent and not worthy of business with.

They keep you on the line selling all these great points when they are trying to coax you into choosing their company but once you're in they don't honor claim.

I requested that they immediately start processing my cancellations of this policy. I don't need to $1900 for a warranty that isn't worthy the paper it's written on.

Buyers Beware. My recommendation to anyone considering buying a warranty from this company is to make sure you have your used vehicle inspected prior to making this purchase because they do not honor claims.
Beware Of This Company
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METUCHEN, NEW JERSEY -- Direct Buy Warranty's lack of professionalism and complete disregard for the customer means CUSTOMER BEWARE.

They took my money, wouldn't honor the claim because it was substantial and then used all the loop holes they could fabricate to keep from paying me.

My transmission had a bad valve body so I contacted Mercedes, their technical staff, and pulled their Technical Specifications and all are in agreement that the transmission is a sealed unit and does not need to be serviced prior to 39k miles......and still they wanted service records and would not fix it. General fluid levels were always kept only had 26k when we bought it.....beautiful car.

From the first day the claim was submitted it is not "how can we help you" ..... it's all about "how can they get out of having to pay for a legitimate claim".......from day one the lies and deceit kept coming.

Here is a list :

1. Told my wife and Mercedes that they would be sending one of their Tech's to look at the vehicle.....never heard back from them and I was forced to call them back.

2. Initially was verbally accused of buying a damaged vehicle and trying to get it repaired at their expense.....this happened repeatedly.

3. I was then told that they do not cover the Valve Body and my claim was denied.

4. Contacted a lawyer and validated the verbiage in their contract implied "all internally lubricated parts" and that the valve body was definitely a lubricated part. This is when they changed their story and now they wanted service records? More lies.

5. At this point they changed their story again and requested service records? I explained that this transmission only requires that you check the fluid level......there is no service required until 39K miles....the car was only at 30k. I even got Mercedes on the phone, but they refused to talk to them. More lies....especially whey they say this was the #1 reason......not true....they kept making stuff up regardless of how I tried to answer their request.

So....picture this....every time I had to call them I received the same run around....someone would ask what was wrong...then they would ask for my service contract #...then they would ask what the problem was.....this would go on for ten minutes.....I would have to ask to talk with a supervisor and they would transfer me to a voice mail and I would not hear back from them again.....NOT ONCE did they call me back.

6. This company is a joke.....once I finally did get hold of someone that supposedly was legitimate, all he did is belittle me...F. Watson (probably not even his real name)....who said he would contact Mercedes and get me on the phone to have a joint conversation about an alternative you think I heard back????? Hell no.....I am angry that this type of a fraudulent business is allowed to operate in the United States.

Stay as far away from this company as possible...and let other people know the same.

They are all nice up front...but the minute you have a problem you are screwed.

Major Rip Off---Consumers Beware!!!
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5072 WILLIAM PENN HIGHWAY, PENNSYLVANIA -- My husband and I got dooped into joining Direct Buy about 1 year ago. They kiss your butt during those orientations, offering you drinks and making you a bunch of promises. Once you shell out the joiners fee (which is absolutely ridiculous, in retrospect), all of the help and hospitality goes right out the window. We can barely get help when we make the drive out to the center...heaven forbid we ask for someone to return a phone call!

We live about 2 hours away from our local Direct Buy, but were promised it would be worth our drive. HAHAHAHAHA! We were also promised there was no shipping on goods, unless we decided to have them shipped to our home. HAHAHAHA! They failed to mention that the manufacturer, not Direct Buy, will charge you "frieght" on all weighted items if they choose...I. e- we ordered a $300 bed from Ashley Furniture...we paid almost $600 by the time they added freight...AAAANNND we had to drive 2 hours into the dregs of PIttsburgh to pick it at some crummy warehouse on a deserted, creepy street. I ordered a table at the end of April which is still not in and it is now mid June. Best part is, once the item comes in you only have 2 days to pick it up or they start charging you a storage fee.

Our worst experience, however, is our countertops. We were told at the orientation that countertops take 2 weeks to come in. They even made a big stink about making sure our cabinets were ready for those counters because they will be installed in 2 weeks and they won't wait for us. We placed our order for Silestone counters on 04/10/10. It is not 06/17/10 and I still have not heard ANYTHING about the counters. I keep calling the center and never get a returned phone call. You have to pay for all of your goods up front, so we shelled out almost 4,000 and can't even get a returned phone call?????!!!!! We also ordered a butcher block top for our island on the same day we ordered the silestone. That was finally installed on 06/15/10, However, when the guy from the manufacturer came to measure for installation (he did a great job, you can tell he wasn't a Direct Buy employee), he brought to our attention that Direct Buy charged us for a much larger top than we needed. I called to ask about it and they said once the purchase was complete they would see about trying to get us a refund on a credit card. We paid with a freaking check, but we can get a credit refund??? REally????? I called and left a message this morning threatening legal action, so we will see where that gets us. We are building a house and Direct Buy has us way behind schedule.

To sum it up, Direct Buy employees are liars, frauds and cheats. You pay waaaay to much to join this this group (almost 6 grand) and you get stress and headaches in return. This is, by far, the worst experience that I as a consumer have had. They suck!! Don't buy into their schemes!!
Direct Buy In Anaheim Hills High Pressure Sales
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ANAHEIM HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- I went to see a Direct Buy open house. It was presented that way. I got a call everyday from the company to go to the open house. I finally went after 2 weeks of daily calling from them. I was there for two hours. Big sales presentation to buy their membership. Then they have you talk to a sales person- in my case it was Deron Lane. They explain their membership. I kept telling Deron Lane, I could not afford it. He just did not want to take no for an answer. Then finally I had to be firm and after being asked again, if I wanted to purchase the membership, I had to say no. In their invitation to their warehouse it is explained that you have access to it for one month. When I stated I wanted to look around Deron Lane said all he had was a floor model. I said I just wanted to look. He did not let me and told me to have a nice day. Basically kicking me out of their warehouse. I was really upset, because, first of all I was led to believe this was an "open house", we are given an opportunity to look around. I was never so wrong. After their presentation of about 2 hours. If you say no, your are just kicked out. I will never go to Direct Buy and tell everyone I know not to go. Deron Lane should get some manners in customer service.
Direct Buy Scam
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A scam can be defined as an attempt to intentionally mislead another person with the goal of financial gain.

This company changes its name frequently because of a poor consumer record. It was formerly known as UCCTotalHome & UCC and is now Direct Buy to hide the previous poor consumer record.

There are many online reports on both companies regarding their poor consumer record. Look up 'direct buy scam' on any search engine.

Since you are reading this you probably don't know much about how a company like this does business.

A company with a dubious product or service for sale (like this one) will attempt to use coercive persuasion to make you buy. This may be a 'fear of loss' technique (you will not be able to tour the showroom and check prices again for 7 years if you don't sign-up today) or 'power close' techniques to 'intimidate' you into buying. Remember, they have nothing to lose ... they will not see you again if you don't buy 'today' so they are liable to try anything that might 'close the sale' with your personality type.

Time share is sold this way and some health club memberships because so many people drop out and don't use their memberships. They are really just selling 'time' to use their facility ... they have virtually no additional expenses when you join.

The contract, which no attorney would ever let you sign, is so one sided that it is patently fraudulent, in my opinion. But since you cannot take it home to review it ... most people who do join based on hype and inaccurate claims, find themselves holding a document that gives them virtually nothing for their money.

They are selling the equivalent of a SAMS CLUB or Costco membership for thousands!

Personally, I can find better deals than SAMS or Costco normally on the internet (that deliver to my home, not a warehouse) so DirectBuy selling for thousands is a total RipOff!

You are paying for a 'buying club' that gives almost no service, has prices that can be beat by almost any discount retailer. They hide behind a clever contract that gives you no rights to contest anything.

They are only in business because of gullible people that they can intimidate.

Beware, they employ a large in house complaint response team to counter 'real' actual consumer complaints published in various blogs.

AVOID! If it were a good, decent company they would be happy to let you try it for a month for free and then pay monthly.

But if they did that no one would pay their price.

Consumer Review
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Rating: 1/51
EDISON, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Platinum warranty in February 2012. I thought. WOW! This is a great deal. I just had an issue with a transmission fluid leak so I took my car to BMW. They told me the transmission gasket seal and pan had to be replaced. He said it definitely should be covered and he never has had an extended warranty company not cover this. Well, to my dismay Direct Buy Warrant wouldn't cover it because of a service bulletin. I asked my service representative what a service bulletin is and he said all it is a bulletin put out that explains how to fix something if there's a problem, not that there's a recall because the part is defective. Totally different issue. My car is a 2003 BMW 7 series and my representative said there is a service bulletin on various parts of the car including parts in the transmission and engine. So I know if anything major went wrong with either those two the would not cover it because of the service bulletin. They are frauds and I would never ever recommend anyone do business with them. My representative told me to check into Fidelity because he's never had an issue with them. I did and even though they are more expensive I went ahead and purchased their warranty. Hopefully I will have a better experience. If not, I will post again. thanks for reading my rant. DBW are frauds and they are mean and short on the phone.
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Avoid Direct Buy
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ST LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I worked at Direct Buy for about 3 months. Let me tell you how unethical the place is. When I got hired I was told by the owner that I would make 10.00 an hour PLUS 100 dollars for every member I signed up. Signing up three a week would get you to 35,000 a year. That sounded great to me.

Right after I started, the owner told me that I had to get a minimum of three in the week before I would get any bonus. Then after a month he told us that they didn't want the sales people to get three one week and none the next so they made us get 6 in the pay period before we made any bonus. Then a short time later he said that we aren't getting the higher priced memberships so if the membership is 3000 or less and you bonus those memberships will get you only 50 instead of 100. It was obvious that this was nothing more than an hourly job.

It is possible to make the company close to 500,000 in profit and receive only 20,000 in pay. That is less than 5%. If a company is going to shaft their employees this bad what do you think they would do to their members?
Giant Rip Off
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CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- We were very foolish to swallow Direct Buy's fast talking presentation of
how much money we could save on hundreds of products. We had/have plans for major appliance purchases, as well as other items.

The "joining" fee was $5000.00, and now we have received a membership "renewal" notice of $150.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine our anger.
Of course, the fine print of the contract included this little item, as they must cover their behinds.

Every month, when we make a payment toward the joining fee, we are so sorry we make the decision to join this company. Think long and hard before you agree to hear their fast talking presentation, and then rushed to join THAT DAY. No time to think about it. Join that day, or go away and don't come back. We consider ourselves to be informed, careful consumers. However, this contract was stupid.
Complaint - Against Direct Buy
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SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- I went into their office June 21st 2010 to see what their business was all about. I only talked to one person who used pressure tactics to convince me that I could get flooring carpeting and furniture much cheaper with them than anywhere. I believed them but kept asking questions because I just wasn't sure about it. I wanted to wait but he said I needed to sign that very night. I wrote a check that night for $2,990 on the way back to my home in Nixa I was feeling sick because I had a feeling I'd been taken. I found out later from people that their materials was inferior and I found out I could get excellent quality furniture, flooring, faux wood blinds and windows cheaper than what they had to offer. I went in later by the time I found out the truth they said I wouldn't be getting refund becaus too much time had lapsed. I called them several times and they still refused. I'm an 80 year old retired teacher who taught in Worth County for several years and am living on my pension. I have no money left in the bank. I just paid my Federal taxes today $845 and it wiped out my bank account. I won't get my pension check until the last day of the month April 2011.I need that $3,000 desperately.

My daughter is on disability and can't afford to pay for all of her medication and Doctors bills. Her husband is suffering from congestive heart failure and I've been helping him with his meds and doctors bills He was in the hospital for a week about a month and he's unable to do any work. Is there any way I can get the money.

I can't afford to pay a lawyer. I'm at the mercy of this swindling company. The name of the guy whose part owner of this Company is [snip].

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