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Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KY -- I switched from U-verse to DirecTV in May 2016 and it has been a disaster! I am so frustrated and upset by what I assume is lack of communication between these two merged companies. I have had billing issues each month since I switched and it has been a circus, spending hours upon hours on the phone with company representatives that have no answers. First, I was told if I didn't like the service I could cancel, no problem (this comes into play later).

Then, the billing issues began. I was to be credited due to the overlap in U-verse/DirecTV service, and was assured all was well. My service was disconnected the first month due to lack of payment because they didn't properly notate my account and I was being charged for both cable services. Lovely! I spent hours HOURS on the phone trying to fix this issue. Finally, I spoke with a young man who took care of the issue, assured me all was well, did not charge a reinstatement fee of $50 (of course not!) and emailed me so I would have proper documentation of this fiasco.

One month later... I paid my bill on time at the beginning of September in full. Two weeks later I turn on my TV and I am not getting any service. I believe it is a technical issue and follow the prompts on the screen. That doesn't work so I call the technical support number to find out my service has been disconnected due to lack to payment AGAIN! And that there is a $400 early cancellation fee because I am on a 2 year contract! What?!

The woman tells me AT&T communicated that my account was past due and needed to be cancelled, but they took money out of my account Sept 2nd for the amount owed in full. This women then tells me I can just sign up with her directly and only owe $6. Um NO!!

I then call AT&T but they aren't available after business hours. I call DirecTV back and because I am so disgruntled they patch me through to an AT&T representative that is now magically available. The very first thing I say to her is tell me the date of the last payment received and for what amount. She confirms what I already knew. I proceed to tell her that I have no service because DirecTV was told to disconnect me because I hadn't paid.

After a looong time on the phone, she tells me my service was cancelled because of a past due home phone account... That when DirecTV installed my equipment it must have linked me with a past tenant and this home phone account is 60 days past due, but she can't tell me the amount that is delinquent. Interesting!! So I have paid my bill on time and you have cancelled me for a past due amount on a phone home (that I don't have!) but you can't tell me the amount due. This makes absolutely no sense - none whatsoever.

I have called in numerous times with billing and technical issues for the crap service and instead of apologizing and making it right, I am told some bizarre story about a mysterious ghost phone line that is somehow tied to my TV service. I hate that I switched to DirecTV. I can't stand the runaround and games in talking to these people.
No one admits fault. There is no true customer service. They try to squeeze more money out any way they can. BUT bank statements and documentation don't lie. You can't do this to people. We pay for a service. Deliver that service!

It's sad to me that I have spent so much time dealing with this issue and I can't stand that my hard earned money is being paid to this kind of company that clearly does not care about their customers. The cable cuts out if the wind blows the wrong way, the billing is a nightmare, and no one has any answers. They just transfer you around until they realize, ok, this one isn't going away. So, just tell her the TV was cut off because of a nonexistent phone line...that's past due from a previous tenant that is somehow linked to her name and account. Sure, that makes sense. They lie in the store when you sign up and then you're in a maze from hell.

The billing issues are absolutely beyond belief. I'm disgusted. The woman I spoke with was kind. I felt I should at least say that. I fear that I will pay my bill on time next month and somehow, some way something will go wrong and I will be on this terrible ride again. An entire evening away from my family trying to make sure these people aren't going to charge me undue fees, cancel services I've paid for, and round and round I'll go. Exhausted, frustrated, unfortunate AT&T customer.

Complete Waste of Money
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Rating: 1/51

PROSPER, TEXAS -- I don't know if the DirecTV that I am dealing with is from Carrollton or Allen TX (I live in Prosper) but it is ABSOLUTELY A COMPLETE WASTE OF $150 a month!! This is by far the worst service I have ever had. I've had the service for two months and since day one, it has not worked, AT ALL!! EVERY channel pixelates, every channel freezes. I have not been able to watch TV for two consecutive days in two months.

I've called time after time and the issue is only fixed temporarily for a few hours. As soon as I turn the box off it does the same thing. The techs on the phone are worthless and can never figure out the issue. I took off of work, a tech came to my house and said "I don't know why I'm here?" I told him the service isn't working and he says "someone else will have to come back another time" and LEFT.

Mind you, I'm paying $150 a month for this junk. A very nice guy by the name of Joel has been out to my place on numerous occasions and it still doesn't work. The Internet is a whole other issue. I'm getting download speeds of 3 when I'm paying for their highest speeds - whatever that may be I have no idea because none of this crap works. I've been told that a manager will call me, he still hasn't called and I've only been waiting for his call for a month. $150??? Download speeds of 3??? I cannot rewind, I can't record. I will be cancelling this next week and will never deal with DirecTV again.

Product, Installation, Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BURLESON, TEXAS -- I was cancelling U-verse because of poor service and got talked into DIRECTV with the promise that I could cancel if I was not satisfied. It started with the installation. I was told it would take 2 hours to install. It ended up taking 5 guys, 10 hours to install because none of them knew what they were doing. They were all very nice but told me they had not been trained on the equipment that I was getting and did not know how it worked. After 10 hours they were all very ready to go home and they left wall plates off, a tangle of wires in my living room that you could launch an Apollo Rocket with and a system that does not work well at all.

Next is the product. I have never seen so much unwanted and unsolicited advertising in my life. I would bet at least half the channels that you get are pitching something. I bet there are 300 channels trying to sell you movies, pots and pans, vacuum cleaners or something. They have obviously pimped themselves out to any and everyone that would give them money. Also, the channels are so disorganized and difficult to use it makes no sense at all. Now when I called them with all of my issues and disappointments they told me that no matter how much I complained they would not let me out of the deal like I had been promised to get me to sign up.

Don't do it. Go to a different product. I will make no pitch for anyone else but it can't get any worse than DIRECTV. I hate it, my wife hates it and even the kids hate it. They are corporate thugs that will tell you anything to sell it to you and will not honor their promises because they know you have no recourse but to pay. Good luck. I hope you have better luck than me. Thanks.

Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Experienced.
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Rating: 2/51

BRANSON, MISSOURI -- Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever received! First of all, there seemed to be an issue with my bill every month. Each month I had to call customer service about one thing or another and there was always something else under all of the red tape and fine print. The real issue here though is how these issues were handled. Each person I spoke with was not only unhelpful but rude and condescending. I'm starting to think the company mantra is "There's nothing I can do" because that's the only thing I've ever heard from them. This is only after they blame the customer for everything they can get away with.

Even the supervisors argue and one of them (Latoya) got loud with me! For example, when my auto bill pay was taken out early (which caused an overdraft in my bank account), I asked politely why it was early and what we could do about it. The response I got was "Well why did you make it that day?" and "I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do." The next month, my bill was 3 times what it usually is and I was given the same lines.

Very upset (crying at this point), I asked to speak with the supervisor. The supervisor, Latoya, seemed understanding at first but it wasn't long before she too adopted the DirecTV mantra of "There's nothing I can do" and denying any sort of responsibility and showing zero concern for losing me as a customer.

They get you because their contracts are for 2 years and in order to cancel, you have to pay a lump sum of $20 a month from now until your ending date. So they get your money no matter what. Once they've got you, they couldn't care less about you or your issues. They are total con artists. Needless to say, I am currently saving up to cancel my service with them. I will never go through DirecTV again, nor will I ever recommend them to anyone that doesn't wish to be treated like garbage.

Very Poor Customer Service and They Lie About Services They Promise to Provide.
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Rating: 1/51

GREENWOOD VALLEY, COLORADO -- I had been very happy with my service before today. My old Genie finally has so many problems that I was going to order the new model of Genie (About a year ago I had purchased their Premier Plan for an additional approx. $20 a month at which time if I had a problem with my current equipment I would get the new latest and greatest equipment that they had available). Well I called today for the upgrade to the new model Genie to replace my defective one, which 2 customer service reps said I had the right for an upgrade in my contract, and was told that they would send a tech out to try and fix my old one or give me a remanufactured one of the same model.

I had the same problem with Dish when my DVR went out after 6 years and they kept sending me "Remanufactured machines that were as bad or worse than the ones I had sent back to them". After 3 times of non-working DVRs from Dish I changed to DTV and got their newest and best equipment that has worked great for the best part of the last 6 years. Now that I want the upgrade that I was promised when they added the additional $20 fee for the Premier Service Package, they are not going to live up to the promise they made.

After talking to a customer service representative and her supervisor, I was told they just couldn't guarantee that I would get the new one, would probably get the remanufactured one like Dish had done to me. I was told that they could not order me a new one and that I would have to accept what they sent.

I know that is BS, as my brother, who had the same machine that I have just called them and asked for the new model Genie and they sent out a tech and the new machine for installation. He did not pay for the Premier program either. You will probably get good service until you have a problem, but don't expect anyone at their call center to give a damn about your problem or even try to come up with a solution to keep an existing customer.

Terrible, Very Rude Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTH BOSTON VA -- I ordered DirecTV and it's been a horrible experience so far - it's been less than a month. First, I ordered DVR, two rooms on Oct 31. I was sent one box, no DVR. I paid extra shipping the day I ordered it for the extra box. Nov 5 was setup to install, and that's when install tech realized that the "bedroom 2" box was missing. No biggie. He had to come back a few days later. Then the tech realized that it was not a DVR box, so he had to come back again.

After this time the bedroom 1 worked correctly, but bedroom 2 not at all. The tech came back out today, and all is running correctly. I was told over the phone that if I would upgrade my package that I would not be charged from day one since the entire time something was missing or not working, so I agreed. I called today after the tech fixed issue, and was told "I can give you $25 off once." That's a huge difference between not being charged if I would upgrade my package.

Overall, the install tech was great, and at least it's working (but it's going in and out due to clouds??? Not rain, just clouds). I'm extremely annoyed being lied to about upgrading my package to cover their screw up and still having to pay. My advice, if you can get cable, get it. I'm still shocked. After all of these years satellite companies are still the lowest scum companies out there. Will this ever change? Do they even need to if it's the customer's only option?? I am assuming that's the way they look at it. I have several recorded conversations I am tempted to put on YouTube of their customer service, basically saying "you can fuss all you want but we have you for two years".

HORRIBLE customer service!!
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Rating: 1/51

On or about February 2015 I contacted DirecTV to cancel my service. I had to relocate & the new complex I was moving into did not allow satellite dishes. If they did, I would have definitely continued my new service with them. I was a DirecTV customer for more than 15 years & spent at least $4000/year with them. I was informed that I was going to be charged a cancellation fee of more than $450. I was very taken aback by this. I pleaded my case about being a loyal customer & the fact that the new complex would not allow satellite dishes. Their response was quoting me some FCC law that states that complexes are not allowed restrict satellite dishes.

I spoke with the President of the Association & he had no intent of changing the bylaws. No matter what I stated to DirecTV they did not want to hear a thing. The representative did promise me that he would send my request to the "back office" & they would inform me of their final decision. I never heard back from them & received no more bills so I assumed that it was resolved.

Fast forward to October, 2015 when I decided to purchase a vehicle. The dealer runs my credit report & discovers that a credit collection agency states that I owe them money for DirecTV. Once again, I called DirecTV to plead my case & inform them of my dissatisfaction. They couldn't care less. In addition, they informed the collection agency to not accept a settlement on my account. Either pay in full or the derogatory mark stays on my credit. By the way, I emailed the President of DirecTV to inform him of my situation & received an email stating the same things that all his other employees did. If I ran my company this way I'd be out of business!!

My advice is to use any other cable/satellite provider in your area. I still cannot believe after spending more than $60,000 with them in 15 years that they could care less about my satisfaction. I will NEVER use them again no matter where I live!!!

DirecTV Customer service sucks
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Rating: 1/51

SPRING, TEXAS -- We have been a customer of DirecTV for years. We moved from one house to another and scheduled the move with DirecTV in advance and they said they would be out Sept 30th to install the equipment in our new house. Well that day came and the tech never showed up in his time slot. Followed up with the useless online tech/appointment tracker to find that he logged that he was at our house. Hmmm.. That's funny because so are we and there's no tech in the house.

We called DirecTV and of course they act like they operate as different business between departments and have to get back to us. They call back and say he is on his way. Still no show. Called them again. This time his truck broke down but will be there shortly. Still a no show. Called again, "Oh, he was sent to the wrong address. We will have some come out in the morning." Furious because we know they are lying!!

Next morning a nice guy with no type of authority calls and apologizes and says he will credit us $50 and find out how to resolve this. The findings were to reschedule the appt for the next earliest appt on Oct 7th. A week later!!! Due to the NFL Sunday ticket we had no choice but to wait like idiots. We barked up every tree and even cancelled the service and they did not even care.

I bring this up now because I scheduled another appt with them for a different matter. They said they will be out between 8-12. At noon we looked at the tracker and guess what??? The tech logged he is on location. Got to watch those techs. They are very sneaky. They are in your house and you don't even know it. LOL!!

Want to know the REAL DEAL about DIRECTV?
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Rating: 1/51

ARIZONA -- As the title states this is to inform people about how DIRECTV REALLY is. This is going to be long and a bit redundant however it must be that way in order to correctly tell the story. I recently moved to Lake Havasu City AZ from California. The plan was to RENT a house while I was actively looking for one to BUY. I moved into my rental house at the end of 2014. The house had already had DIRECTV prior to me moving in - nicely installed dish on the roof etc. We went a couple of months just watching Netflix and DVDs but around Christmas we decided to get DIRECTV.

I called Direct and explained my situation (rental house but looking for a house to buy) and asked the salesperson "what happens when I find the house I want to buy here in the next few months?" The answer and I quote: "no problem at all sir, we here at DIRECTV want to make your move as painless as possible. Simply take your receivers and remotes to your new house and leave the dish on the rental house. We will come set up everything and get you going again free of charge with a 2 year agreement." "Great!!!!" so I thought!!

When I found the house that I was to buy I did EXACTLY what I was told and took the receivers and remote with me to the new address. I then called Direct to have them come set it up. DIRECTV then told me it was going to be $214.00 to move my service!!! I explained calmly what I had been told when purchasing my contract... Direct's response "Sorry sir there is nothing I can do." I then talked to a manager - same result!! I HAD BEEN BOLD FACE LIED TO AT THE SALES STAGE OF MY DIRECTV EXPERIENCE!! Liars!!!

Who in their right mind would sign a 2-year agreement knowing that they would have to pay hundreds of dollars when they bought a house 6 months later???!!! NOBODY... LIARS!! Anyhow I reluctantly paid to have them "move my service." IT GETS BETTER and are reading this, my phone number is **.

DIRECTV 2-Year Contract and Bundle With AT&T - Not Good.
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Rating: 1/51

BEREA OHIO -- OK, I wanted AT&T U-verse. They did not have it in my area so AT&T said they would bundle with DIRECTV. I got a quote and signed up. Worst mistake ever. The quote they gave me was $30 a month less than what they are charging me. They say it's because the options that I have even though nothing has changed from when I called them and told them from what I wanted. They will not let me out of contract and the only way to get bill to that price is to get less options such as only have one TV with their service, which is not an option for me. I have one in the living room and one in the bedroom and that is it.

Both companies keep pointing the finger at each other for the extra costs. I will never suggest AT&T or DIRECTV to anyone ever and will continue to write a review every day until my contract is up. Sometimes these companies need to know when to give up. I will go back to WOW cable. They're a little more expensive but well worth it. I wrote this review a year ago (2015) now and since then feel the same and have an update now.

So to start 2016 my second year with DIRECTV and AT&T bundle. Still like their options but when my discounts were done with they tried telling me I was paying $194.00 a month for basic internet phone and TV. Not one of my packages was better than the basic 10mb internet, 200 min and month of phone and choice TV package. What a scam. I called and it took several calls and about 2 months to get it figured out. Now right after I get it done and am paying $131.00 a month (Had to drop my phone to get it down so much) they sent out a flier for what I had, 2-year price protection and contract for $89.99 a month.

So I called and asked if I signed up for a new 2-year contract if I could get my phone back and get this new rate? Guess what they said... "This is for new customers only!" WHAT?! So they basically said "We do not want to be loyal with customers and that it's not worth it to accommodate you." Thanks but no thanks DIRECTV and AT&T bundle but you guys are horrible to your customers and I will never recommend you to anyone I know. Not even my enemies. I am now searching for a new provider.

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