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Rating: 1/51

NOLANVILLE, TEXAS -- I been in DirecTV for a while. I had to suspend my account for couple of months because I waiting of my new home that's being build. Finally the end on February this year I move in. At that time I'm still going through all my stuffs from storage so I couldn't find my equipment yet, but I called DirecTV and I explain everything on the phone that I'm still in the process of moving.

I couldn't find my equipment yet what is my option to get my service activated again, the representative told me that she can upgrade equipment to a new to Genie for only $99 because it was on sale right now. The price used to be $299 and whenever I found my old equipment just return the old ones. So that deal is done.

I have my appointment set up. The technician come over to my appointment and install. Everything is installed and running, and then last month I got my first bill and they took $196 and some cents so I called them back because I look at my bill I got charge twice of the $99 and I was told that the other $99 is for having a wireless receiver but I was explaining to the guy on the phone that I was not aware of another $99 going to be charge in my account and I don't mind paying the first $99 because I was aware of that but the second one. No.

So they transfer me to the moving department and I was told again and again that because of the wireless receiver and I told this person again that, "I know you have a reason of everything but my point is I was not told for the 2nd $99". So she finally told me that this issue got escalated. That the manager will call me back to fix the issues, but no one called me.

And then two weeks ago I called them again because I decide to add international channel on my account and I told them that I don't want the dish install in my roof because my house is new so please put a note on the account to bring a pole because the last time the technician come no pole, and then they did put the note on there, then I was told that they are going to waive the installation for the whole inconvenience and I only had to pay $19 and some cents for handling fees. So I paid $19 on the phone.

That day the technician come to install my international channel and I was told that it's going to cost me a $75 plus tax to have the dish to be install in the pole. Now again for the 2nd times I was not aware of this extra charge again so I told the technician that I'm going to call the customer service and the technician told me that he is going back later on today to finish the job.

After talking to the customer service about the issues, I was on the phone again with another representative. Lucky enough that the representative is very patient of me. He did try to help me possible to fix the problem. I was giving the same reason that he couldn't waive the $75 or neither the 2nd $99 because it was already completed but he can give me $10 discount monthly for 12 months and then I said ok fine, but I told him that he still take my $99 upfront and the money that I don't have right now.

So I ask him to make sure that the technician will come back today because I'm off today and guess my appointment got reschedule to Saturday because the technician already have another job to do for today. So I'm very frustrated because they don't tell you everything upfront so you know and make a decision right then if you get the service or not. 90% of DirecTV representative doesn't tell everything upfront and take more money from you in the long run. Very bad experience. Not happy with this company.

All ** Liars
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Rating: 1/51

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- Okay so the funny, insane situation with my ordeal is, I have yet to even have a piece of DirecTV/AT&T equipment installed but yet I already have a major issue?? WOW!!! So I order DirecTV this past week, scheduled installation for (yesterday) Saturday, received NUMEROUS emails, as well as text messages from order day til install day, "confirmations", "order summary", " install date/time" and so on! Ok great. HAHAHA yea NO!!! So install date arrives, receive a text at 7:00 AM stating my "installation tech" is due to arrive between 12-4pm, as scheduled. Received 4/5 texts throughout the day "reminding" me of this.

LMFAO because in turn DIRECTV SHOULD HAVE BEEN "REMINDING" THE TECH OF THIS SET APPOINTMENT!! Because Guess what?!?! 4:00... 4:15... 4:45... NO ONE! So I reply (during another text) with 'HELP' as they instruct you to if the customer has an issue. So I get some chick, blah blah, oh we are sorry, BLAH BLAH, let me check on the tech, BLAH BLAH!!! She states AND I QUOTE "Well Ms. Kelly, are you still certain you would like to reschedule this installation today because I just received news FROM THE TECH, he is minutes from your doorstep?!?" "MINUTES'' she says.

So I decide just to keep the appointment because he's obviously down the street, right?! HAHAHA. Well. I take it now that her "minutes" has a very different definition as everyone else's! Here I sit, 1 HOUR LATER, STILL NO ONE. WHY?!? To say the very least, these people are RIDICULOUS! So I once again, contact AT&T or whomever, this time, now some dude is telling me that my install had somehow been CANCELLED. Whoa whoa. Wait. Cancelled?!! WHAT?!? "What the hell happened to this "tech" being "MINUTES FROM MY DOOR"? Why the hell was I receiving texts ALL DAY?

My whole Saturday is wasted, my 7 year son's Saturday has been wasted and all you can say is "I'm sorry, there was a error on the "Dispatch end"!!! Wow lol!!! He continues on with, "Oh ma'am, I am so sorry, I myself, will fix this for you right now!", then I am literally transferred to 5 DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS SINCE THEN. But get this. Just to be transferred BACK to the original "tech dept", that I was originally speaking with, all to only reschedule the install appointment!! Now mind you I had originally suggested to do so earlier, at 4:30 pm!

So this is how they "fixed" this major issue. Oh yea and when this was all said and UNDONE it's freaking 6:45 PM. Yea, these are the brain surgeons we have to deal with nowadays about cable tv! Cable television. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! So needless to say, after this **, PREVENTABLE, ridiculous, idiotic ordeal with this disgusting company.

I will (once again) spend today, looking over DTV/AT&T COMPETITORS offers/deals, I'm sure I'll find something even better, with enough common sense to actually follow GPS directions and show up at a customers home to install service, on the date as well as the time of the confirmed, scheduled appointment. Oh and btw, my memory hasn't been the sharpest lately so hopefully I remember to contact DTV about my change of service provider!!! I honestly will inform DTV though, I could never be so inconsiderate nor insulting as this company, employees included!!

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Rating: 2/51

CALIFORNIA -- I dropped off 3 receivers at UPS (as instructions by DirecTV) on Jan. 29th. They gave me a receipt with a reference number, not tracking number. They said they put all 3 receivers in the same box and would add to it until the end of the week. They would send it out even if it was not full. I waited two weeks and heard nothing from DirecTV so I called them as I had a refund of $95.00 owed to me. After 30 minutes on the phone, they said they did not receive my equipment. I waited an additional week and called back, 30 minutes on the phone with them asking me to come back to DirecTV.

They eventually transferred me to billing. I was told that my equipment WAS returned and my refund would go out within 21 to 30 days. I asked for an email confirmation for my return. They said I would receive that within 24 hours. I waited another week with NO EMAIL and called again. Another 30 minutes on the phone trying to talk me into coming back, then transferred to billing and was told they have only received ONE of my receivers and I would have to pay $90.00 for the two "unreturned" receivers.

I asked for a Manager who actually knew LESS than the representative I was speaking to. I was told my issue would be "Escalated" and I would receive a callback. I received a callback but was not near my phone when it came through. They left a voicemail with a number to call and a PIN number to use. I called within 10 minutes and when I tried to use the PIN, it said it was expired or incorrect. I called back again and spent another 30 minutes going through the same CRAP as always. They said it would be "Escalated" again. I never received any email or anything. I DID however receive an email/bill from them saying I owed $90.00 for Unreturned equipment.

The bottom line is I've called in so many times that I'm not even sure how many times it's been. The last time I called in was Friday, March 9, 2018 and after 45 minutes of transfers, etc. I DEMANDED that they get this taken care of. I told them that they received my receivers but have somehow misplaced two of them. I said something of the following: "You have misplaced the receivers and it is NOT MY FAULT, I DO NOT WANT to be "Escalated" again. I want my refund or I will file a complaint with the FCC."

She FINALLY said she would take care of it after saying she would "escalate my issue" at least 3 times. She told me that she would enter a credit for the equipment and I would receive an email confirmation within 48 hours saying as such. My refund would take up to 30 more days. I said the 30 days was fine as long I receive the email confirmation, confirming that this was all handled as I DO NOT WANT TO CALL BACK AGAIN.

Well, time's up and I have not received an email confirmation or anything else from DIRECTV. I believe they just want you to keep calling back so they can try to talk you into coming back to them. I was a customer for over 5 or 6 years and referred them many friends. I only left because my bill went up to around $100.00 for the basic package. I called at 3 different times to see if they had any package to offer me that was a better deal. They always said, "No, they are only for new customers." This was until of course I actually canceled my account and signed up for DISH.

If they do not return my money I will file a complaint everywhere. Sorry this is so long. I needed this much space to release some of my anger with this company. Every time I call I feel like my head is going to EXPLODE... Thanks for listening...

Hostage to a Price Creeping Contract. Compressed HD!
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Rating: 2/51

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- Well... about two years ago my wife and I bought a HD Smart TV right? So I thought I needed DirecTV to switch out my box to a HD unit. I guess I did if I intended on watching HD with DirecTV's equipment through their system. So after I got into a two year contract, I quickly learned that HD is broadcast from a station originally in HD and if you simply have a TV that can receive HD then you can receive the signal in HD. All HD does with DirecTV is pass through them compressed like a middleman. But there's also a whole lot of stuff going on here that soon didn't jive with me!

First of all, any movie you find you wish to watch on DirecTV is loaded jam packed with commercials. I realize this is normal but man it's a lot for the price! We're talking loads of em too! Except every now and then DirecTV will show certain movies maybe on a weekend only without commercials. Much of the channels as well are marketing or TV shows that I absolutely have no interest in whatsoever... so at the end of the day my wife and I really only watch two channels on a regular basis then maybe a movie or show that 90% of the time is spent watching commercials through half of it.

The price creeping bill every month per contract... here's the contract... penalties for wanting to cancel and leave. That was also my fault, I take responsibility for agreeing to it, but not anymore. Never again. I would rather quit TV than submit to that again. The price would creep up through the duration of the contract from approximately $70.00 dollars to $120.00 at the end of my term. That's approximately $1200.00 to 1400.00 a year just for TV! Did I also mention that the signal in HD through DirecTV is compressed and not as clear as if I am receiving the signal myself on my own antenna?

So at the end of my contract I notified DirecTV and informed them I wanted to cancel my contract. They were polite and wanted to offer a package that might be of interest. My problem has never been customer service with them, I just don't like the product let alone its conditions of confinement. Respectfully speaking there were no packages of interest for me. Then he went from $120.00 bucks down to 70 then to 50ish then to 34 bucks right over the phone for 12 months! "12 Months"! Big deal! Oh yeah... sure another contract that has a growing price I told them.

30 minutes later a female from DirecTV notified me via phone to inquire if I was treated right and she wanted to go over all this again... It was kind of funny as she kept stating to me "Ok what I'm hearing is..." So I had to inform her politely that what she wasn't hearing is "I'm not signing back up". So I closed my account with them, took their remote and HD box to my nearest UPS outlet and saved that transaction record. Ya know they're too lazy to come and pick up their equipment and I get the feeling they want to charge you for it too so be careful.

They originally informed me that a empty box would ship out to me via UPS and I was to ship free within that box. By 4 days I called them back twice and finally someone informed me to take the equipment to my nearest UPS outlet. Yeah!, Let that one go as I wait like I was told and I will be charged for their equipment! You have to watch them closely now! Since then I put up a cool Extreme 80, 8 bay HD standard 180 degree TV antenna about 7 feet up on my roof bolted simply to a pipe with my own R6 coax and F plugs!

I receive just over a 100 channels. The HD quality is actually a bit sharper. For example, channel 24 will have about 5 different channel 24's. One is in HD and the others are playing different programs through the same station so I have learned a little bit about stations. Personally, I find this more rewarding and a bit fun. My antenna cost me a $100.00. I'm currently in the process of possibly getting me a directional antenna with a rotor and search more areas and scan with an amp as well.

My amp even has a filter in it that gets rid of the signal problems that I also had with DirecTV. Now for a bit more I added another program I signed up for just $13.99 a month and I have loads of movies in HD that are 100% commercial free!

So after I pay for whatever equipment I want to own, I end up with better quality HD TV and regular classic TV for FREE, then I only pay $13.99 a month for loads of movies we can watch anytime at will. Isn't that nicer than a creeping contract loaded extra movie fees added with loads of commercials? I'll tell ya what man, I couldn't have gotten away from that Direct AT&T garbage fast enough! The day I cannot do it like this anymore, is the day I don't need TV anymore altogether.

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Rating: 1/51

I sent equipment to DirecTV which I thought was AT&T, since I always paid AT&T. I thought they were the same company and affiliation all DirecTV correspondence has the same logo as AT&T. When I cancelled my account they said I was to place the equipment in the box they provided. I placed all equipment into that box which went DirecTV. I have paid over $600 in cancellation fees.

I have been put on hold for several minutes at several different times, spoken to several different people, hung up on several times, asked for supervisors who have hung up on me, lied to, told I would receive emails which I have not and phone calls from the equipment Dept. at AT&T which I have not yet received.

Today, I tried to call DirecTV for the 5th time and a recording came on that said systems are down after I punched in my account number and they cannot help me and callback another time. I then called AT&T again and spoke to Felicia at the Acquisitions Team Dept. who stated the same thing and that I can only receive automated emails not emails from them stating what was communicated to me and a copy of the emails to the Equipment Dept. She said she was doing something different according to the notes in her computer.

I told her everyone I have spoked to including the supervisors has done this. So what does she see in the computer. She stated just like everyone else at AT&T for the past 6 month that she would send an escalation up to the Equipment Dept. stating what happened and they will call me back in 1-3 days. There is no phone number for that dept. and she cannot even contact them by phone to check to see if DirecTV sent them the equipment back.

I have not been able to resolve this issue since October and I have spent so much time with AT&T and DirecTV. I feel this is a racket to extort money from consumers. I have paid everything sent the equipment back in the box they provided to DirecTV who installed all the equipment in my house.

Now, this one part is AT&T property and they cannot talk to each other now and find the equipment for AT&T. DirecTV said they weigh the boxes and if it is heavy they open it because this happens frequently either the wrong equipment goes to AT&T or DirecTV. The consumer pays tremendously with time, taking it to UPS, cancellation fees and now sending $174.55 to collections without telling specifically why and thinking I paid all my cancellation fees and sent all the equipment back as instructed in their boxes with return address to UPS.

There should be a class action suit against DirecTV and AT&T. People not putting correct notes in the computer and supervisors hanging up on consumers. They do not care because I am no longer a customer. So, they collect $174.00 even though the equipment is returned. They can the equipment and extra $174 because people do not want their credit ruined.

I do not want my credit ruined, however, it is not fair for me to pay more money when they have the equipment. You would think once they receive their merchandise they would take it out of the box and check it to make sure it is not damaged and enter what was returned into the customer account and disperse the equipment to the correct entities.

Here are all the escalation numbers I was given. I can also scan all my notes from every conversation and send all the correspondence which is only bills and the payments received. I also had them on speaker and tape recorded everything like they claim, so I can use it in court.

Absolutely a Nightmare From the Beginning
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Rating: 1/51

SHAWNEE, OKLAHOMA -- I decided to get a bundle through AT&T in order to get unlimited data at my home. Since we have a houseful of tech we were constantly going over our allotment each month. I was paying separately for phone and internet so decided it would pay me to bundle to get a better rate with a TV service and unlimited data.

First mistake was ordering online. Since I had pre-existing service it threw a monkey wrench into their system when the tech came out to put in the phone and internet. This got all screwed up because he cancelled the original order and told me to call and just have the service transferred to the new bundle. Okay, did that, but the bill on my account is still screwed up. (One problem at a time!)

Next, the DirecTV tech showed up and put in a wireless system for four rooms. On Demand has never worked correctly, we can't rewind and the system crashes about five times a day and we have to reset it. This has continued for the last two weeks. One tech came out and changed the connections. The same tech then came back a second time and changed out the router and checked the dish. It has still not been corrected. I tried resetting it... Again... And it came up after rebooting and stayed on for about 30 seconds and then froze again.

This will be the fifth time in two weeks their people have been out here to fix the issue with the service since we had it put in. So, after yet another call to the "management", they are sending out a person that supposedly has special powers to fix the issue. I was told they are going to replace the main box. I cannot see what else the issue could possibly be. If it isn't fixed this time I am going to tell them to take it out completely. And I am NOT going to pay an early termination fee since they failed to provide the service adequately.

I will never recommend this company to anyone. If they manage to fix it this time, I will keep the service, but under duress. If they still don't fix it, they are outta here. I didn't really want the TV service anyway, just got it for the bundle and unlimited data. If this is the level of service and equipment, they can keep it.

Misleading and Incorrect Information
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Rating: 1/51

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- On October 30 we had a schedule installation from AT&T and DirecTV to install at the house. The person on the phone had informed us that we could get 25 Mbps at our house that the lines had been updated since the install 2 years ago.

So we scheduled the appointment on Monday October 30 and installer came out and informed us that nothing had been changed that we could still only get 3 Mbps but was going to put in a request to have a line extended one pole coming from the north side of our street to give us what they promised us and they couldn't install DirecTV until they knew we would have AT&T with the service. The technician left with the promise that he would do so on the order.

So we called in Tuesday to see if it had been approved. The AT&T representative had claimed that it had been approved that they was installing the line on Tuesday October 31 and would be out to install all services on November 1st. At that time I had taken another day off for them to install.

When the technician got here Wednesday they had informed me that there hadn't been a line ran nor an order put in for a line to be pulled that he had no idea what we was talking about and put me in touch with his regional manager to see if they could resolve the problem but until then he had to cancel the order and we need to contact DirecTV to have them install their service individually.

So on Wednesday November 1 we contacted DirecTV to schedule install. They informed us the earliest date would be November 6th between 12pm and 4pm so I proceeded to take off another day today November 6th for them to come and install at 4pm. On November 6th we noticed that no contact by phone or email. We had called them to ask what happened. They informed us that they was down to 2 technician and would have to reschedule for another day after I have done taken off for 3 days already.

False Promises. Deliberate Lies.
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Rating: 1/51

ROVK SPRING, GEORGIA -- We switched back to DirecTV the 1st of May this year. We received an advertisement that promised a $200 gift card just for switching back. When I called to inquire I was told by the salesperson that I would receive the NHL Center Ice package for free the first year. I questioned him extensively on this because it seemed a little too good to be true. I never even brought the subject up. He looked at my prior account from a couple of years ago or so and noticed I had it and just offered it right out the gate. "No charge for the first year" he said. That turned out to be a lie.

He also read the channels we would be getting in the package and many of them were not there when we actually got hooked up. When we called to complain about these two lies we were told we could add the packages for more money. But of course that defeated the purpose of switching in the first place, which was to save some money each month. I spoke with a supervisor and begged the individual to check the transcript of the call has all calls are recorded and do something about the person who's making these obvious false promises.

I'm still waiting on the call back about that one. I was also told that in order to get my $200 gift card I would have to call back somewhere around six weeks into my contract to check on the status. When I did that this evening The Selective Amnesia kicked in. Nobody knows anything about a $200 gift card that was promised to me. But of course it was prominent on the advertisement that they sent to lure me back. Just another bait-and-switch operation.

I wonder why the justice department hasn't looked into this lousy company already. They are jerking people around with one lie after another and getting away with it apparently. So my advice to anyone considering DirecTV is forget about it. Unless of course you like being bent over.

Customer Service and Billing
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Rating: 2/51

WEST HILS -- Worst customer service EVER. The actual TV quality is good, DVR is OK and remote is difficult to navigate. On Demand selection marginal at best. Beware of your billing!!! They will wait 3 months to bill you correctly, you will have to call THEM to ask for your bill so you can pay, then you will be charged late fees because they didn't sent you a bill. Then you will pay your bill only to receive a higher bill the following month. Because they are "combining" their services.

Also, you get 3 months free movie channels but if you wait 3 months to cancel them you will be charged for one month and have to wait for a credit. Or you cancel them at 2.5 months therefore not getting the full 3 months free. Also, beware of where they place the Satellite Dish. Good luck people.

Just a Bad Company
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Rating: 1/51

MISSOULA, MONTANTA -- The bill is always wrong, they never transfer to the right dept (ever), they don't communicate (tell you it's taken care of but then don't follow through), the technicians are late or don't show up, and every single person who has worked there from the town I live in has hated it. Super high turnover with staff.

This co is what should be used in business classes of everything you can do wrong with employees and with customers. I own a business. I have for two decades and I can't believe this co hasn't tried to change their approach after so many years of complete failure to change how they work with people. Unhappy staff = I don't care about this job = bad customer service? Who knows what the cause is but stories from this place are always negative and have never changed.

I hope management reads this stuff and chooses to restructure it. Cable is becoming obsolete and I'd hate to see any business fail but I can't see them continuing on like this indefinitely. Especially if other companies begin offering service or people decide to drop cable altogether. What a strange company overall.

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