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I Do Not Recommend DirecTV
Posted by Mka2710 on 11/26/2012
STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA -- I do not recommend DirecTV. DirecTV "gave" us an NFL package for a few months without consent. The scam is it comes with an auto renewal. We never used it because we didn't even know we had it. DirecTV then added the NFL package to our plan without our consent and started charging us $33 extra every month. They also charge $6 per month for every TV you have set up. Our bill went up to $197 a month! When I noticed it, I called to cancel the NFL pkg. I didn't ask for a refund for the past charges, I just asked to cancel the $33 pkg from that day forward. They said I couldn't cancel because I was bound by contract. They said I should have called within days of the first charge. How could I be bound by contract when I never authorized the extra package in the first place? I wish I could switch to Dish Network but I can't without paying a hefty cancellation fine. I did an online search and DirecTV has a ton of negative reviews and complaints about unauthorized charges. Now I have to check my DirecTV bill line by line for unauthorized charges every single month in case they try and do this again.

A DirecTV call center employee anonymously posted on a blog that every customer needs to read ALL of the fine print on their DirecTV contract. The employee stated it is the customer's fault since it is perfectly legal to add packages to a customer's bill. I had Dish Network for over 10 years and they never added anything without our consent. I will switch back to Dish as soon as our DirecTV contract ends in 6 months.

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Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-11-26:
If you are absolutely sure that no one in your household ordered the package, (check with your kids), then don't accept this answer. Tell them you didn't order it, don't want it, and remove it.
Posted by Larence on 2012-12-08:
After 50 years in TV brocasting, I have to very much agree that DirectTV is one of the worst companies I have ever experienced!
Posted by bzzoff on 2012-12-08:
Direct T.V. or just "DAVE" is one ROTTEN POS! Several years ago (Before Hurricane Katrina) I ordered Dave. BIG MISTAKE!

They mismanage your account. They will deposit your pmts. in other accounts and claim you never paid them. They will mislead you on Purpose. I fought with them for months over a $34.54 pmt that my bank finally found the problem. They deposited my funds in an account 5 numbers down from mine and weren't smart to catch that so I say they did that on purpose. I even faxed the cancelled check to them.

They keep sending "Come On BACK...we want you BACCCK!" No Philgram, I don't think so.

So now we just use an OPEN AIR antenna and enjoy Netflix. Simple!
Posted by fedupliz on 2012-12-08:
Go to consumer affairs and file a complaint online. If they are governed by the FCC file a complaint there too.
Posted by Al Jacquez on 2012-12-10:
Just call dish network and have them pay for what ever you owe directv they be more that happy to pay for it to have you back.
Posted by mathwonk on 2012-12-19:
a dish network bill collector fraudulently added my social security number to another customers overdue account claimed it was mine and harassed me by phone for over 5 years, threatening to harm my credit. i have never been their customer. i finally reported them to governors office of consumer affairs. liars and thieves.
Posted by johnbrown on 2012-12-20:
I to had direct tv and made the mistake of adding their bill to my home phone bill things really went to hell in a hand basket after that.
Posted by Sassy2 on 2012-12-31:
bzzoff...they did the same thing to me only I paid them with money orders and they tried to make me pay twice.I mailed them front and backs of the money orders and even faxed it to them twice and they still said they did not get it. I ket internet stopped all cable and landline service I have an indoor antenna and roku and I save over $100 per month and I LOVE IT!!
Posted by Hunter LeAnn on 2013-08-03:
Directv adds the nflst as a courtesy for being a directv customer you get it the first year free in the disclosures if you Read them it says that you have to cancel it before the next season starts or it will auto renew. They also send notifications notifying you that it would auto renew.. It's not a scam. You can cancel within like 2 weeks into the season when u are charged on the bill for it u still can cancel it because they charge you a month before the season starts So if you don't want it u have time to cancel and refund it . Now u wanna talk about cancellation fees dish has cancellation fees for the service for the HD has charges for just changing your programming and canceling certain programming... Directv is most certainly better than dish.
Posted by Hunter LeAnn on 2013-08-03:
Directv adds the nflst as a courtesy for being a directv customer you get it the first year free in the disclosures if you Read them it says that you have to cancel it before the next season starts or it will auto renew. They also send notifications notifying you that it would auto renew.. It's not a scam. You can cancel within like 2 weeks into the season when u are charged on the bill for it u still can cancel it because they charge you a month before the season starts So if you don't want it u have time to cancel and refund it . Now u wanna talk about cancellation fees dish has cancellation fees for the service for the HD has charges for just changing your programming and canceling certain programming... Directv is most certainly better than dish.
Posted by Jan GM on 2013-08-09:
They lie. I have never been so bamboozled in my life. Horrid company. Don't walk away from a sign up -- RUN!
Posted by Grisselle on 2013-08-11:
When they installed my Direct TV they told me that I was going to have access to you Tube, Pandora, that my caller ID was going to work in all tv's that I was going to have access to see everything that I have record in the main box in every TV and none of that has being working since day one. I called the company several times and nothing has being done because they said that I need to have someone to come to my house and I will have to pay this employee to come to my house and do the service. I'm glad my contract is over next month, I can't wait because I will change the company right away because the service in this company is the worse and we are paying so much money for a service that is not provide. I will also contact consumer protection because I have proves that I been paying with no service. they really provide the worse service.
Posted by pissed customer of dtv on 2013-08-17:
i have read alot of ad reviews on direct tv sorry to say they are all true because they happened to me in 6 years being a loyal customer they cancelled my service before the bill was due to be paid then charged another 200 dollars after they cancelled my service so my bill went from 98 dollars to 300 plus in a month now they want the recievers or i get another 300 tacked on to my already outragous bill they may have me in another 2 year contract but they wont see any of the money except 98 dollars which i owe i called and cancelled my service after 6 years with them come to find out i got another 2 year contract even after cancelling with them before the contract date was up i know some are happy with dtv but i will be happy with air stations and hulu netflix at least your not gagged and bound by a contract that benefits dtv not you the customer all we are to them is money in their pocket for 2 years then they move on to the next unsuspecting person and drain them dry for 2 years they are blood sucking leeches take till you have no more to give thats the thanks you will get with dtv for your years of loyalty. i urge anyone that want to get directtv to read the fine print believe non of their lies meaning if you are promised something believe the opposite because it means what seems to good to be true it always is i hope noone has to go through what i have with dtv never again will i be conned and lied to for ay type of service i take what people say now with a grain of salt good luck to anyone that gets dtv they are liars and con artist
Posted by keith on 2013-09-06:
i feel your pain.I've been down that rocky road!
Posted by joeschmo on 2013-09-24:
Same thing happened to me.I didnt notice the charges because i had auto bill pay.Then i noticed the past two months charges for NFL ticket.They said it was automatic renewal,i never asked or signed up for it.Come to find out i had paid for it all last season because it was free for first year and they renewed it.I tried to get my money back,no way.This is bad business.
Posted by Nancy on 2013-09-26:
I love Directv but would never recommend it to anyone. Your bill will never be the same and they will tack on charges anytime they want. I had to call 4 times to get rid of the NFL package. I have forbidden them to add anything without my permission. When we moved I asked them to install the broadband equipment so I could access on demand, etc. They said they couldnt do thst and I would have to buy the wireless connection kit ($80). I didnt understand this because we had in the previous place we lived. The last time the technician was here he put one of the broadband things on without even asking. I guess it depends on who u get. But im fed up with Directv.
Posted by william on 2013-10-13:
I like direct tv but every time when something is recording the tv Is freezing up and have to resat it every tine I do it it still shows the freeze screen or when I want to watch something it pauses than I have to resat it over and over it is really festureating and a waste of time and plus it dosnt record evry thing I set it up to so people whoever wants something not freezing than get something else than direct tv.
Posted by Stevie Adams Bledsoe on 2014-04-03:
Well I'm very disappointed with Direct TV..I'm hoping after filing my dispute they prove to be an ethical company and practice good business ethics..but at this point I feel they are really treating people wrong..I was LIED to by several of their sales people thus far..here is my story and you tell me if this is right..A friend wanted to order direct TV..but didn't have a credit card..the sales rep assured me that my credit card would only be charged A ONE TIME FEE..AND that I would never be charged anything considering the account was in my friends name and I didn't receive the service..so I agreed to let them charge a ONE TIME deposit on my card and my friend gave me the money for doing so. Several months later I get a phone call saying that I owe for this bill..now keep in mind I DO NOT HAVE DIRECT TV N THE ACCOUNT IS NOT EVEN IN MY NAME!! I call direct TV n inform them that I dont have their service n the bill was not my responsibility to pay..THE SUPERVISOR ASSURED ME THAT MY NAME N CREDIT CARD INFO WOULD BE REMOVED FROM THIS PERSONS ACCT. AND NOT TO WORRY..I WOULD NEVER BE CHARGED FOR THAT ACCOUNT THAT WASNT MINE. A couple months later I get a call from my bank. They stopped my debit card because direct TV had wiped out my checking acct. I called immediately and asked why I had been lied to and why was I charged for another persons acct!!..I dont know about you..but when I open a account with a business..other people do not pay the bill!! I'm held responsible for the bill...When I talked to the the supervisor they admitted that their salesperson should get fired for not telling me that they have right to use my debit information attached to the account but that this would be made right..but keep in mind a supervisor promised me my information was taken off his acct. Or I would have canceled that card. Do even there supervisors lie. I dont have or never have had service with direct TV..my name is not on the account..but yet $712.86 cents was taken from my bank account with NO AUTHORIZATION AND NO PERMISSIION.TO ME THATS THEFT!! I AM A DISABLED AMERICAN ON A FIXED INCOME AND NOW I HAVE NO MONEY TO EVEN BUY FOOD OR PAY BILLS BECAUSE I WAS CHARGED FOR SOMEONE ELSES BILL. NOW HOW IS THIS RIGHT OR GOOD BUSINESS? I WOULD HAVE NEVER HAD LET MY CARD BE USED IF THEY HADNT LIED TO ME AND SAID..ONE TIME FEE..AND THEN LIED AGAIN AND SAID MY INFO HAD BEEN REMOVED FROM THE ACCT. IF I DO NOT RECEIVE A REFUND I WILL CALL THE BBB AND ATTORNY GENERAL.AND IVE ALL READY SPOKE WITH MY LAWYER AND THEY WOULD LOVE TO SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE THEY HAVE DONE THIS TO AND GO AFTER THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOTHING MORE THAN COMMON THIEVES..I HOPE THEY DO WHATS RIGHT..GUESS WE WILL SEE..
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Poor Customer Service, New Genie Doesn't Work Right
Posted by Jdudiak on 12/07/2012
WANTAGE, NEW JERSEY -- I have to start off by saying this: To anyone who is thinking about signing up for DirecTV, think long and hard before you do and do your research. Since our installation on 11/17/12 we have had nothing but problems and instead of DirecTV making them better they have made them worse as each day goes by.

Here is my story:

DirecTV was installed with the new promotion of the Genie + 4 additional clients at no charge, minus a couple of trees we had to cut down. Sounds good, free installation right? Two days later the installer had to come back to hook our Internet up to the Genie and to address the white screen we were sporadically getting on the bedroom TV, ok minor issue at this point we just installed it right? Well since then, we get the white screen in the bedroom still and also occasionally get messages on the TV saying we are not authorized on that client (umm ok? our account is active for 4 clients). Call DirecTV every time we have an issued and all they do is tell you to re set the box every time. Finally the issues became so frequent we called and said we can't take the Genie anymore we want a tech out here and have them swap for the Home DVR set up. They said we could however there is known issues with the Genie's and that they were trying to fix remotely and asked us to give them a week.

Well, we gave them the benefit of the doubt yet again, a week+ went by and the problem got so bad that now we can't get TV because our access card isn't working properly all of a sudden. After 4 hours of troubleshooting and going in circles with no resolution they finally decided a tech needs to come out. Then we were told that a tech couldn't make it for 5 days, now this is after we wanted to schedule a tech a week before but didn't because they said the problem would be fixed by now. Now there is a huge wait b/c they screwed up and we have to pay big time for it. So, I asked for a Supervisor. Well the Supervisor was down right nasty, had an awful tone then proceeds to tell me if we swap out it will cost us $500. $500!!!??? Why I ask? Apparently it is in the contract that once your receiver becomes active, anytime you want to "upgrade" there is a charge per client and receiver in the house.

Now, after calling DirecTV over a dozen times in a 3 week time period reporting serious issues with our receiver, don't you think theres something wrong with the receiver, and after all the frustration if a new customer has had such a horrible experience you would swap their equipment to what they want to keep their business???? No no no not with DirecTV! All said and done today, we have no TV right now, waiting for them to come out b/c if we cancel we will also be charged out the wazoooo. DirecTV is the biggest scam of a company I have ever known. There were a lot of other details I left out too from other times we called them to troubleshoot, I could write a 100 page book about my only 3 week experience with them so far. What the saddest part of this is to me is that they are a large company and have so many customers but can't even give just satisfactory customer service. Never ever dealt with customer service like this and I've dealt with some doosies.....
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Posted by BA on 2013-01-30:
Try to update the firmware on the Genie. The software update they were referring to is available now. This should fix the problems with the clients. If you need help doing this, call customer service they can talk you through the process.
Posted by Kerry on 2013-07-21:
I have had the Genie replaced, constant white screen on clients in all rooms. Had to have another cord for our Sharp TV since they have proprietary hookups for AV output on clients. There was another hour on the phone and 8 bucks extra because they don't give you those either. Genie keeps deleting recorded shows that I want to watch. UHHHGGGG!! Think I will go back to antenna TV. It's free and no hassles!! New Direct sucks!!
Posted by Gerry on 2013-08-02:
no problems whatsoever, got a new dish installed because I could not get premium sonic tap channels off satellite 119, but they fixed that up nice. Have had DirecTV for 20 years. It doesn't matter what system you have, there is always a story like the one above, it's the painful reality of widespread hi tech.
Posted by Pat on 2013-10-06:
Direct TV is a horrible company. I moved to another state, I'm on a fixed income I could not have Direct TV at my new location. Direct TV charged me the full cancellation fee with not even one incentive to help. I would never have your service again if I relocate to an area that I can have a dish.
Posted by wally the beerman on 2013-10-09:
I live in Minnesota and my wireless clients always drop WiFi connection a manager from Directsat USA named alex examined my setup and said it sucks to be you and left.

Posted by Woody1291 on 2013-11-03:
Well I have had so many problems with Direct TV that I would hate to list them all. You are so right they have the absolutely the worst customer service if you can even call it that. I have an additional receiver in my camper which I was told I could turn on and off so as not to be charged when not camping. What a nightmare the last time they turned all of my TVs and were very good at saying they were sorry. Usually if a company makes a mistake they attempt to not do it again.
I have been lied to so many times I would have problems remembering them and then listing them here.
My advice to anyone thinking of using Direct TV had better talk to someone who has had it and not someone who is trying to get the credit on their bill for having you sign up. I would never recommend them to anyone but some folks will do anything for a few bucks.
Posted by Misty123 on 2013-11-23:
You what the kicker is that most of the people that get others to sign up do not get any kind of incentive after all. DTV just scams them.
Posted by Rowdy on 2014-01-06:
Wait till you need service on equipment they own but you pay to rent. My DVR freezes up all the time. They want $80 to replace the dvr. They said I could have avoided this charge had I spent $20 a month on their insurance plan. Avoid Direct tv like the plague.
Posted by Jamie on 2014-01-14:
pay way more than ever sign up for. salsmen for Direct TV, after signing up are not really Direct TV salemen and they can tell you whatever they want and Direct TV claims they cannot do anything about it. I have been lied to from their CS so many times that i really have no idea what the truth is about this company. To me the contract workers, Salemen, instalers ( which was a extream mess to the point I called the sub- company myself and went a few round to a simple fix that should have been done the first time ) is the biggest problem, but Direct TV does nothing at all about it. I also have a condo that I rent and the renter went with Direct TV. after a year of the service and a reason for me to have to visit the condo I noticed that the dish itself was mounted on the roof of the unit beside mine. i not looking forward to deal with that cause i'm sure it will be my fault in the long run
Posted by Misty123 on 2014-01-18:
DirectTV does not remove any of their dishes from the roofs of homes.Suddenly they become your property.You will have to pay someone to do this and get someone that knows what they are doing or your roof will leak
Posted by valerie reynolds on 2014-02-16:
had to pay $80 during installation to have post put in for the dish, had to pay $25 for Direct to send the router to connect to my computer to get the On Demand programing and install it ourselves, since the original installer didn't have the router for some reason ( he was supposed to install the whole system) and wouldn't come back without charging a fortune. To get the channels we want, we are paying for about 50 channels we don't want. They used to let you cherry pick channels when they were starting out,according to one friend who had them back then, but guess they decided that was too much work. I also said I wouldn't pay for their latest substitution of Weathernation for the Weather Channel, and was told the money would just keep mounting up on my bill. I didn't order it, and it wasn't part of my package, and I'll be damned if I pay for whatever garbage they decide to put in place of a channel I wanted.
Posted by B on 2014-02-19:
I concur with just about every complaint here. I was lied to when signing up and by the installer. There is nothing about DirecTV that I would recommend to anyone
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Deceptive Business Practices
Posted by Fleurie on 01/11/2008
CALIFORNIA -- I am appalled by Direct TV's sneaky business practices. Yet another VERY dissatisfied customer review...

My first negative interaction with them was about 6 months ago when I had a $250 charge on my account for NFL Sunday Night Ticket. [I hate football...never watch it]. So I assumed that it was just a mistake. I called them and the rep said that when I signed up a year prior, there was a promotion going on that allowed me to get NFL Sunday Night Ticket for free. I never watched it but apparently had it for free for a year. So instead of ASKING me if I wanted to renew it, they just renewed it for me. Not only did they renew the subscription, they charged me IN ADVANCE for the subscription that would take me through the 6 months (or however long football season lasts). So I asked them to please cancel it. They had the nerve to say that I could not cancel it!!! It had only been "active" for a few days of the 6 month period.

I asked to speak to a manager and the rep told me that I shouldn't bother because the manager would tell me the same thing (excellent customer service skills, don't you think?). I called back the following day and before talking to the rep I asked for her employee id number and name because I planned to track all of my interactions with their company. That got her attention. I asked to speak with a manager immediately and was sent to one immediately. I explained the situation to the manager and after putting me on hold for a while, she came back and said that they would give me a credit for the amount they had charged. So that issue was resolved, but not without a spending a lot of time and aggravation. I just kept thinking about all of those people who have probably been screwed in the same way and just didn't fight it.

My second issue with DirecTV occurred several months ago when my DVR stopped working. I called DirecTV and they were very nice and sent me a box for my old machine and a new machine...no problems. The new product worked well and I have been enjoying it for a few months now.

So now, several months later, I am moving and I need to cancel my service. I've been with Direct TV for over a year and a half and never signed a new contract, so I figured my original 1 year contract was now month-to-month.

I should have known better. APPARENTLY, when I sent them the BROKEN machine (it just stopped working) and accepted the new machine, I was somehow supposed to know (through telepathy?) that I was implicitly entering into a new service agreement commitment and that the "clock" on my contract would start over. The representative NEVER explained this to me, and thereby denied me of my right to make an informed decision. I consider this to be blatant deception -- practices likely to deceive customers or clients.

When I spoke to the representative about cancelling my service I expressed my dissatisfaction to him (even though I know it's not his fault and he can't do anything about it), and asked him how I could have avoided having my contract date start over when their machine broke. He said that if I had insured my DVR, then my contract would not have started over. Yet another fact that was never explained to me.

So now they are telling me that I have to pay $250 in order to cancel my service. I said I wanted to dispute the charge and the rep. told me that he would "escalate" the complaint and someone will call me within 7 days. I also plan to submit a written complaint.

How do they get away with this? Why aren't there any laws that force companies to explain hidden charges and options to their customers? Fortunately, I am capable of paying $250 if I have to but what about individuals and families who can't?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-11:
First of all, I've had sunday ticket for years with DirecTV, and I've NEVER heard of any "free trial." If you or someone else clicked "order" anytime during the summer - consider that an order and you have to cancel it before the first game of regular season - if you don't you can't back out. Secondly in the matter of the DVR, I agree that you were wronged by the implied contract. I pay a monthly warranty fee of 5.00 on my DVR/dish etc. If I have any problem, they send a tech out pronto to repair or replace at no further expense to me. Lastly, in regards to trying to quit them because of your move. It's stated pretty clearly in your contract (that nobody reads) that moving won't let you out. Can you not set up the service at your new location? I empathize with your situation and hope you get satisfaction. Satellite is still the only and best way to get totally digital HD signal - no matter the headache.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-01-11:
I can't understand why they must have such deceptive ploys. EVERYONE has television and the only competition is cable. Plenty of marketshare to not jerk around customers in regards to disclosure. That's just the thing that will get people thinking cable is the way to go.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-11:
Slim, Best Answer. Just checked and DirecTV is getting about a complaint a day on M3C's. DirecTV has a 95% unsatisfactory rating with M3C's members. They must be doing something wrong? Fleurie Good post and info, one thing is for sure, NEVER believe anything DirecTV says over the phone. Get it in writing.
Posted by dave54 on 2008-01-16:
The better buieness breau has 13,855 unresolved complaints agianst directv and it is on the rise. if you have complainyts file with your states attorney generals office, the better buieness breau, and the federal trade commisision.
Posted by Big Al2674 on 2008-01-17:
I have had Directv for more than five years now and have not had any problems with customer service. I'm an extremely satisfied customer and I've always been treated well by the CSRs. Like Pirate, never heard of NFL ticket being part of a free trial. I have the MLB package and they do automatically renew it every March. In fact, most of my subscriptions for entertainment, e.g. MLB audio and Sirius radio, are renewed automatically, it seems its become standard practice these days. So, unfortunately, we the consumers have to take much more responsibility of accounts. That's life today.

You can always review your account, statements, etc. on-line at their website.
Posted by dave54 on 2008-01-17:
To: Big Al2674 There is more involved than just accounts try breach of contract, What about the FTC class action action lawsuit. damages caused by incompentent directv installers. this is just for starters. You are just lucky.
Posted by coffeeman on 2008-01-19:
I'm sorry to say that this complaint can be typical of credit card companies book sellers etc.

You just have to be skeptical read the fine print and ask questions until you are reasonably satisfied there are no surprises.
Posted by wazzsup on 2008-02-10:
Priceless! They called me offering the same promo, I told them that I detested football, and the rep proceeded to pitch "yeah, but DirecTV is the only service offering this package." Like I'm going to jump all over it because it's so special regardless of whether or not I watch sports.
They are such moronic SOBs!
Posted by Direct TV sucks on 2008-04-20:
Direct TV is pushing the NFL ticket onto their customers because they paid an outrageous amount of money to keep Dishnetwork from having the package. Now they want their customers to pay for their shady business practice.

Dishnetwork beats Direct TV on price and equipment technology. Direct is only maintaning their satellite TV dominance by keeping Dishnetwork away from some of the more popular packages like NFL sunday ticket or Major League extra inning.

I had Comcast, Direct TV and Dishnetwork. I hate Direct TV more than any other company.
Posted by Forna on 2008-04-20:
DirecTV is very deceptive on the phone. I referred a friend one time (just for the $50) and the friend called their regular number. The cust svc rep NEVER at any time told my friend to call another number which we found out later you have to do. She also didn't tell my friend that I would NOT be getting the $50 fee for this referrel. I emailed DTV to inquire about this and they emailed back stating they were sorry but my friend should have called the number for the referral. They didn't even offer anything in place of the $50.00 which was the only reason I would refer a FRIEND to DTV. No way every again. They suck big time!!!!
Posted by Forna on 2008-04-20:
You can all rest assured that DTV is dishonest and the managers do NOT want to take sup calls. I know because I worked there. They are liars and deceptive in their practices. They talk bad about their customers constantly. I had a cust svc rep get mad at me when I called in and set a password on my account without my knowledge. Of course, guess what, I couldn't get back into my account. I am with the complaint that from now on I will get the name and badge # of all I talk to but this only makes them take NOTICE....not make good on all complaints even if they are very legit. It's all about the money people. DTV does not care about any of us. I know from an inside view.
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Horrible company!!!
Posted by Jayner014 on 11/21/2007
I have been a DirecTV customer for the past 2 years. I decided to cancel my service on November 10th due to financial issues. When I spoke with the representative and requested to cancel, at no time did she mention that I entered into a new 2 year agreement when we upgraded to the DVR in April 2007. I found this out later when this resulted in charges of $187.00 for an early cancellation fee. When I realized this I called back on November 13th and spoke with a resolution specialist to see about getting the charges reversed. She said she would have to send the request to account management and I would be notified by mail if the charges would be reversed. She then asked me if I would like to reactivate my account and just suspend it for 6 months and she would be able to reverse the charges. I told her I didn't know if we would be able to continue service in 6 months and I would have to talk to my husband. My husband and I finally agreed that we would reactivate then suspend the account so I called back on November 19th and spoke to another representative. He said that I could still reactivate then suspend my account and reverse the charges. Upon looking at my account he told me that the balance due had been charged to the credit card I had on file. That would be my debit card. At no time did any of the representatives notify or tell me this was going to happen and this resulted in $108.00 in overdraft charges on my bank account because they took money that wasn't there. I then told the representative that I wanted my money back and he said that if I reactivated and then suspended my account the money would be credited to my credit card within 72 hours. This did not happen so I called back today which is November 21st to see what was going on. The representative told me that I received incorrect information and I would not be receiving a credit. This made me very angry and I argued for sometime with her about getting my money back and asked to speak with someone who could help me. She never transferred me. She said she would escalate the issue to account management and I would be notified by phone within 7-10 business days. the customer service representatives failed miserably at handling this situation and if the first one I spoke to would have told me I would be charged an early termination fee if I canceled instead of suspending my account none of this would have happened. I cant express my anger and disappointment enough. I don't think DirecTV cares about their customers at all and this is a horrible way to do business. Maybe this is where they get the money for their $50 refer a friend program!!! I would not recommend DirecTV to my worst enemy!

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-11-21:
Three things to be learned from this experience:

1. NEVER give your bank account information to any company. Especially satellite and cell phone companies. Use only a credit card.

2. NEVER rely on what a CSR tells you on the phone. If you don't have it in writing it does not exist.

3. Be aware of what is in a contract you agree to.
Posted by jayner014 on 2007-11-21:
I thought I was aware of what was in the contract. I thought I had fulfilled my customer agreement. I never recieved a new contract and customer service never told me i was obligating myself to a new 2 year agreement when I upgraded my service so I assument the old one was still in place. As far as what the csr says on the phone, lesson learned.
Posted by WFM on 2007-11-22:
DirecTV is awful, I agree. I was never told about the contract either. Worse, I made a service call two months after I got the receiver that it wasn't working. They replaced it.

Later, I saw they charged me 232.00 for the replacement receiver! Stick with cable, folks
Posted by dave54 on 2007-12-20:
directv does not care about its coustmers the better buieness breau has 13,244 complaints agianst directv.
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Billing Dispute
Posted by Belovedmom on 06/06/2007
I cancelled my service with Direct TV last week because I got married and moved in with my husband and today I found an unauthorized charge on my bank account, I don't even have direct pay with this company nor was I under a contract although they claim I was because they sent me a replacement for a faulty DVR which they say automatically extended my contract without my knowledge. They closed my complaint without contacting me and then they wrote on my account that I knew about the extension which was completely false. They then charged me an early cancellation fee and took the money out of my bank account without my knowledge or authorization.

I believe this should be a criminal offense for them to take money out of my account without my authorization.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-06:
How did they get your bank information? Did you talk to your bank about reversing the charge?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-07:
Same questions as KenPopcorn?

What's up Ken?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-07:
Something is missing here. Someone had to provide the bank info?
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-06-07:
She may not have direct pay but you can pay your bill thru the DirectTV website so maybe they got it that way...sounds shady though
Posted by Ponie on 2007-06-07:
rhondam, you brought up something I've wondered about for some time. If a one-time payment is made thru a creditor's website, do they have the authority to access your account at a later date? I've always been leery of using this method for just that reason. I use online banking instead.

But I digress--back to the original complaint. Was there anything in the original contract that would automatically renew it if new equipment was sent, whether faulty or not? When I needed a new phone, which was supplied for a very nominal fee, even though I was out of my contract by then, it renewed for two more years. This didn't concern me because I had no intention of switching carriers. Your original contract may have had this same wording. I'd reread it to be certain.
Posted by belovedmom on 2007-06-07:
I think they required that info when I fist signed up with direct tv but I have also made a few payments over the phone with my card. The bank said that anyone can use your info if they have it on file. I filled out a dispute form this morning. He said that the chances were good for me getting my money back. He said that the only time he has experienced Visa not giving the money back was when the company proved that they sold the merchandise to the consumer. He said my case was different because there was a dispute about a service and they took the money out of my account without my knowledge or authorization. I filed complaints with the FCC, BBB, Consumer affairs and I am sending a complaint to the Attorney General of my state today! I forwarded the emails from the BBB and Consumer affairs to Direct Tv and I got their attention. They are supposed to contact me within two days. I will keep you posted.
Posted by belovedmom on 2007-06-13:
Just wanted to update you, Visa put the money back into my account after I filed a dispute form at my banking institution. Bottom Line: They just can't take the money out of your account without your authorization!
Posted by celestial_ann on 2007-07-25:
hey, they told me i had to make a two hundred dollar deposit but then charged my card an extra 74 dollars which overdrafted my bank account. now they say they won't fix the problem. if anyone else out there has had similar issues, please post and let me know. i want to take legal action at this point because this company has caused nearly 200 dollars in overdraft for me and it's ridiculous. i know i can't be the only one they have pulled this on.
Posted by DirecTV Victim on 2008-03-09:
The have billed my AMEX after I withdrew their authorization for autopay. AMEX refunded only one month and a partial second. I have appealed the AMEX decision, requested a full refund, and asked them to stop all future DirecTV charges. I question whether any governmental agency oversees how these companies handle "consumer funds".
Posted by nutindoin on 2008-08-05:
In my opinion, I think that Directv is the biggest ripoff ever, I signed up with them in January, for ther basic tv $29.99 "special" yeah right, I never got a bill for this amount($29.95) it was always $89.00 or $129.00 or $65.00 or some other outrageous amount,when I contacted their customer service dept they reassured me that the "next" month would be a correct bill,it never happened. finally I cancelled because I was tired of paying these higher fees, they deducted an early cancellation fee, and two months extra of programming which I never recieved, plus, evey time I called to get a return kit., they would leave me on hold for ten minutes or the line would go dead after a few minutes, and I would have to go through the whole thing over again, only to be put on hold once again or lose the connection again,I am so frustrated I am seriously considering filing a small claims suit against this company.
Posted by Spaceguy on 2010-04-19:
I agree!! I just was hit by a 300.00 cancellation fee... Interesting thing is, I had NO contract. Here is the brief of this...

I have been a customer for 11 years. Last year, I was thinking about switching to dish, but, directv talked me into HDTV. Had the first one installed, and it lasted 1 week. Sent it back, and they sent me another. That one lasted 1 day. Called again, they sent me another one. That one lasted about a week, and then died. Called again, talked with the level III tech, and he wanted to try one more time. This one lasted a bit longer, but, less than a month. I called, and talked to retentions. Explained that I wanted to return this one, and just go back to the original configuration. Since I owned all of my receivers, they told me that there would no longer be a contract, since I have no new equipment. Thought it was over... Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. Rate had doubled on the package I had (Total Choice Plus)...Wanted to cancel, so I did. The retentions dept. told me that since I had no contract, and all of my equipment was owned, there were no other charges. Today, I found that they charged my bank account 313.00!! I called, and was told that I did not fulfill my commitment. When asked what they meant, they told me that whenever you activate a new receiver, it automatically re-commits the account. I explained that I never had the equipment for longer than a month, and, that I was told that the contract was null and void, per their representative.... I was told that this is not true!!! So, I am going to file with an attorney, the BBB, and the FCC! Not only did I not agree to a new commitment, but, they took money from my account with authorization...They are crooks!! Do not ever do business with them!!
Posted by PAW on 2012-05-10:
Same here. Directv robbed me of all of my money, bounced my mortgage check, left me almost 300 in the red, and I am unemployed. They cost me almost 200 in fees too. I did not authorize the charge, but they said when you sign up, you authorize them to steal any money they want from you when you leave them. Someone needs to do something to stop them.
Posted by Hector on 2013-04-13:
We should all find a lawyer who would be willing to take on this monster. I cancelled with them and cleaned up all of my balance in case I wanted to come back to them in the future, all of the sudden I get a bill for $14 and when I call them, they claim it was for a ppv movie ordered 2 years back which it was never charged. This situation ended up in collection even that I spoke with them for so many times and I was promised something was to be done. PLEASE LET'S ALL AT ONCE FILE WITH FTC ADN BBB. I think this would make them think.
Posted by sami on 2013-06-11:
I called Directv to cancel my service they kept it on a month, I did not pay them because I told them to cancel my service they took the month that I asked for them to stop out of my credit card without my authorization, I was told by my credit card company Capital One there is nothing they can do
Posted by MK on 2013-07-09:
They added all premium channels to my basic service without consent and I cannot make them remove it. I signed up for their promo package "24.99" special with 12 month guarantee only to be receiving $90.00 bills for things I do not want, never requested, and now unable to cancel. This is a shady group. I agree filing a class action suit seems in order!
Posted by Diane on 2013-08-19:
Direct TV has a problem, guess they need the money so they just charge whatever they think they can get away with. I have a problem with them charging me for movies I never ordered from 2009. They also charged for a contract I never agreed too. Class action suit sounds good.
Posted by Bill on 2013-10-08:
File a claim in Small claims court and not only ask for the original damages but ask for Punative damages. Get all your ducks in a row to show Fraud, Failure to disclose. And bank fraud if you truly did not authorise them to go into your Account. Your Bank by law has to tell you how they Authorized this. Most States Small claims can be as much as $10,000.00.just remember just because they say its so does not mean its true
Posted by Roseanne Miller on 2014-01-02:
I just submitted a complaint, but didn't include the account number on the account: It is 36544833 under Floyd Miller. I also will make a payment on Jan. 15th over the phone for that amount.
Posted by Cathy Lantz on 2014-01-17:
I am going through the same thing. I terminated their service after 3 months because they were charging me more than I was quoted, charged me an extra $10.00 because I would not do automatic bill pay, I had to have a service man her 3 times and was also walked through resetting the box twice by a telephone technician. Plus if it was windy or rainy the signal was awful. They debited 623.00 from my debit card that I originally used for the 1st months service and never used again. When I filed a dispute it was denied. According to Direct TV's contract any form of payment you use with them can be used to if you terminate early. I tried discussing this with Direct TV and they told me they would refund my money if went back to using their service. I refused andI also pointed out that even at $20.00 per month for their early termination fee they had still overcharged me over $200.00. They told me part of that was for non-return of equipment. When I told them it had been returned and I had the tracking number to prove it the agent hesitated and said they would be refunding me $130.00. I still have not received a dime.
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Lied to Me About No Contract
Posted by Km2red on 07/12/2013
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I normally don't do this, but Direct TV has pushed me over the edge.
I have been a Direct TV customer since 2009. When I moved to my new house, they informed me that I needed a new receiver - which I had to pay for - because they would not give their long time customer the same "deal" as brand new clients.
Back in December of last year, my receiver ceased working (yes...the one I paid for). When I called Direct TV to replace it, they wanted to charge me for the new receiver AND pay the shipping. I was appalled.

For those of you who don't know (or who are not aware), you RENT your equipment from Direct TV. So, their piece of equipment that I RENT broke, and they wanted me to pay for a new one. Imagine that you rent a house or an apartment, and the dishwasher or washing machine breaks. Are you expected to PAY for a new one? Of course not. You are already paying them a (exorbitant) fee each month. Maintaining THEIR equipment is THEIR responsibility.

I called Charter and set up for a technician to come out the next day. I then called Direct TV back and told them to cancel my service. My contract had long since expired with them. The "service representative" on the phone gave me several discounts on my monthly bill and beat out Charters price AND waived the fee on the new receiver. I asked (SPECIFICALLY ASKED) if I was going to have to sign a new contract. He answered "NO". I stayed with Direct TV.

I have decided that I no longer am getting a benefit from my satellite service. We are not a heavy TV watching household, and services like Netflix and Hulu do just fine at a far less expensive price. I called today to Cancel my Direct TV service and guess what? Oh yes. I'm being charged a cancellation fee. Talking to a supervisor did no good. I was also (rudely) reminded that if I failed to return my RENTED equipment in time, I would be responsible for that also.
In this day and age where our devices are offering us more and more options for viewing and obtaining information, you would think that Companies like Direct TV would do what they can to retain as many customers as possible. They've lost me. And, I hope that any of you reading this will take pause before signing up with them.

Direct TV, your days are numbered. And I will smile smugly as technology advances, and you are left behind. An old expensive relic with way too many commercials.
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Posted by Ro on 2013-07-18:
I had a very similar experience here in Jersey.
Posted by Misty123 on 2013-07-23:
DirectTV is greedy and is after the money at any cost. they do not care about their customers and you cannot believe a word they say to you. they lie!
Posted by bzzoff on 2013-07-29:
Look...I would rather KISS a Rattlesnake than do business with them.

I also was with them a few years. When I got married, I kept it for 'Her'. They misplaced (OR maybe they did it on purpose?) a payment. For months we fought. I spent ten hours on the phone, going to the bank to get copies...and finally the bank found it in another account 5 numbers off mine.

By then things were growing "SHORT" with us over this. They kept cutting service off. They gave us a $75.00 "GIFT" and then nickle and "DIMED" that to ZERO.

We quit. They begged. Haven't been with them in 7-8 years. Haven't FORGOTTEN EITHER.

DISH isn't much better.
Posted by Really? on 2013-07-29:
If they wont put it in writing, consider it false.
Posted by Misty123 on 2013-07-29:
I have not been a customer for years myself and I have not forgotten what they tried to do. they were trying to charge close to $1000 on my credit card.. I did get my money back but I was one of the few lucky ones...I now try and help others that I see are having problems with DTV. I'll never never do business with them again EVER!
Posted by talwrite on 2013-07-29:
i used to be a directv customer, but we watch antenna tv now, since we rarely watch tv these days. well written complaint. be careful whenever you change or make upgrades to an existing account with satellite or cell phone providers. you are essentially renewing your contract when you do.
Posted by Maggie on 2013-07-29:
"Really?" beat me to it. Had a somewhat similar experience with DISH a while back. When the bill had jumped up $5.00, I wasn't terribly upset but then it jumped up another $10 a couple of months later so I called to complain. They said I had signed a contract that would allow increases in the monthly bill at their discretion, no set price per say. Told them that a.) I'm not that stupid that I would ever sign such a contract and b.) The only thing in my 'dishnetwork' file was the service agreement I signed when the contraption was installed so told them to . . . show me this 'contract'. Prove it to me.
End result was that they couldn't find the contract they claimed I had signed so all cancellation fees were 'waived'.
When I took the equipment to UPS (dish did pay for the return) the clerk told me hang on to the shipping receipt for at least a year as dish and diectv were notorious for claiming they had never received the return and caused all sorts of trouble for the client and for UPS.
Bottom line (sorry for the venting) tell them to produce this contract.
Almost 2 years later I still keep the paperwork.
And happily using Hulu.
Posted by JaeFae on 2013-07-29:
Have you ever sent any these complaints to the Better Business Bureau and if so, was there resolution? The BBB has never ever let me down on any complaint I've filed.
Posted by Zuke on 2013-07-30:
My 5 year old DVR started failing last month. I called DirecTV and gave them the symptoms. The tech had me do a few procedures (reset, reboot, etc) and after it was determined the DVR needed to be replaced, they sent me a refurbished on of the same model. The tech told me that because it was an equipment failure, I just had to pay $19.99 shipping and handling to get the replacement. They shouldn't have charged you for the cost of a new receiver.
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Horrible Customer Service, Fraud
Posted by Abandoned61 on 12/27/2009
This is the email I sent to HZBitew@DirecTV.com who is apparently the head for dispute resolution. Still awaiting a reply

I have been given your email address by a low level manager of yours regarding a major issue I have become aware of. I have been a DirecTV customer for the last 10 months, all of which unfortunately have been not very pleasant.

First off I would like to inform you that I am a Certified C-10 Electrical contractor and low voltage specialist in San Diego, CA. I have owned my own business for the last 7 years and up until today have recommended your service to several hundred clients over the years, my recommendations for your services will cease today!

I called this morning to inquire about package changes and got drastically thrown of course when the first customer service employee I spoke with informed me that I am in a contract till Feb. of 2011!!! When I originally signed up for DirecTV service in Feb of this year I signed and agreed to a 1 year contract with many benefits and new customer bonuses. I was happy and looking forward to my DirecTV service being activated in the next couple days. The tech showed up on my house on that Saturday and I had everything ready for him, he needed not run any new wires, there was no need to install or align a new 5 lnb dish as one was already on the house, all he had to do was make 1 phone call. I opened the box and installed the DVR as I have a very elaborate and very tidy equipment rack. The tech was in and out of my house in less than 30 minutes! I then received a bill for my first months service that in no way shape or form was indicative of the service that was originally set up for me. After several hours of phone calls, several hours of waiting on hold, and after speaking with no less than 10 representatives of DirecTV, 8 of whom claimed to have a “managerial” title, I finally came to find out that when my paperwork was processed I was put back in the system as an “existing customer”???? Ok; I used to have DirecTV service, over three years ago and in a different city, at a different address, under a different phone number, and under totally different contractual terms all of which were fully obligated and paid in full and terminated when I left that residence. So since I was “reinstated” by your company as an existing customer all of the discounts that were afforded to me as a new customer were revoked without any knowledge or consent. My package was set not at the level I had signed up for but at my previous, as in three years ago previous, package level which happened to be about $100 a month more than I had signed up for. This debate went on for about 2 weeks before I finally received a phone call from a “Dispute Resolutions Manager” who clearly saw what had been taking place agreed that it was totally wrong, credited my account for all wrong doing and the made sure I was given all the rebates and bonuses I was promised by DirecTV in the first place.

Since that date I have been very dissatisfied with DirecTV as a whole, why would a company so big that has to thrive on customer service and satisfaction so blatantly disrespect and misdirect their customers?

So I called this morning to inquire about making changes to my package as I am really planning on bumping my package down to the lowest level possible for the last 2 months to complete my contractual obligation and terminate my service with DirecTV. I was then informed that I am under contract with you guys until Feb. of 2011! I was absolutely confused and told by April employee number 100421021 that this was told to me by someone, she had no idea who, and that I never signed anything but I verbally agreed!? Do you guys encourage your employees to lie? To mislead? This is known as fraud in the consumer world. I was then passed onto a manage by my request, the next person on the phone identified herself as a manager but refused to give her name or employee number, once again, if there isn’t anything strange going on why do your employee’s refuse to identify themselves to customers? She then notified me that yes, I originally signed a 1 year agreement and that agreement was then extended another year when I added a new box in mid November.

A brief history on this HR21-100 that is now causing problems. Like I mentioned previously I am a contractor I sell and install very high end home automation systems most of which I recommend DirecTV as the service of choice, and only cause of picture quality, the customer service at this company is some of the worst I have ever experienced. I purchased this box along with 25 other HR21-100’s from Amerisat in San Diego, CA an authorized retailer, distributor and installation company for ATT, DirecTV, and Dish Network. These boxes were all purchased out right, not leased! When I installed 1 of these 25 boxes at my personal residence and called in November to have it activated, your company has somehow automatically assumed possession of this box and I have now been told that I am leasing this box from your company! Please, please explain how this works~! And because I “leased” a box from you, which is not the case at all I own this box, it is mine, my contract unbeknownst to me was automatically extended 1 year without any knowledge of my own and without my consent, once again fraud and misrepresentation. Had I been notified that by adding a box to my system that I would have to endure another year with this company I would have never done it and would happily remove said box if that was the case.

At this point the representative I was speaking with was clearly outside of their comfort/ knowledge realm and I asked that they transfer me to their supervisor. Once again I was greeted by someone who was happy to identify herself as a “customer service resolution supervisor” but once again she refused to provide her name or employee number and insisted several times that the topics at hand were solely about me and my account and she needn’t be associated with the current dispute, she advised me that if I had an issue that she would not listen to me and that all disputes need to be submitted in writing and may take up to 2 months before anyone even acknowledges my dispute! Please tell me this is not true. Why in the world would an employee have the title just mentioned only to refuse to do anything. Well I asked her that same question and was hung up on! No yelling, no cussing, no abusive language, just me asking with pleases, thank you, yes ma’am, and no ma’am and I was hung up on! I really hope that whomever I ended my phone call with it is notified in my account notes, because hanging up on a customer who is speaking very respectfully very calmly, and very professionally, and this should be very easy to hear because all of your phone calls are recorded, this person should be met with staunch discipline as this is a direct reflection upon DirecTV and all of its employees!

So now Sirs/Madams I am requesting your immediate attention to this matter. I will be posting this email and any responses directly on my website, and on no less than 10 consumer websites so that all may see how DirecTV handles its customers. My goal until this is dispute is resolved is to spread the word to as many people as possible, which will be in the thousands I assure you, to make sure that consumers are aware of the horrible business practices, unbelievably disrespectful customer service and mismanagement of your company and its customers. I also assure you that any positive response out of this will be met with equally positive distribution of information.

If this email and dispute is outside your allowed level of conflict resolution please see to it that this email is passed on to those who have the proper authority.

Your immediate attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

My Compnay is:
CE Pro top 100
CEDIA Certified Designer and installer
CEDIA Board Member
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-27:
"She then notified me that yes, I originally signed a 1 year agreement and that agreement was then extended another year when I added a new box in mid November."

Any changes to your service extends the contract, even if you just upgrade a cell phone. I agree its sneaky, but it is in the contract that you signed. Even if you purchased the box, you called them to activate it and that changed your service. Good Luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-27:
I R confused! And NO, I havent had any Wild Turkey yet today.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-27:
You signed up as a new customer and got a special rate for NEW customers. They in turn learned that you were not a new customer. You were a previous customer. You lost all the discounts you got as a new customer.

Nothing hard to understand here. It does not matter that you had a different address or phone number or lived in a different city then. You already had been a customer, therefore you can never be a new customer again.
Posted by Backlash2 on 2009-12-28:
If you are still a customer and DirectTV has your bank account or credit card on file,you would be wise to cancel these accounts before you cancel your service or Direct TV will help themselves to whatever they can get from your accounts.Good Luck!
Posted by LCDLBA on 2010-01-02:
I have never had anything but GREAT customer service with DirecTV. In fact in hard times, they have even given me a free month service so not to lose us! I have ZERO complaints about them! Been with them 6 years and will be will them for good. :)
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-01-02:
i solved all tv issues by choosing to not own one =)

the last time i went to buy a tv, i got to the store and realized i really didn't want one anyway.
i came home with a pretty lamp instead
Posted by Disgusted in NJ on 2012-03-20:
My big mistake was upgrading to HD/DVR I received a 2 page bill which I am unable to decipher and neither can their customer service reps.
I ask for a simple bill 3 days ago- I am still waiting, instead I get a credit for $3.19 for protection insurance that was added without my knowledge the purpose I have no clear understanding.
I am still waiting for a CS call back to explain my bill.
Posted by SRAgee on 2012-06-23:
@LadyScot, that is only how Direct TV operates when THEY want to. My roommate got Direct TV service in February 2012. After several months of incorrect bills and hours of phones calls to customer service, he decided to cancel the service. A month later, Direct TV helped themselves to money in MY bank account as I had been allowing the use of my card to pay his bills. When he contacted Direct TV customer service on the day of the charge, he was told that they would refund the charge to my bank account but ONLY IF he would reinstate his service. And was told that he could get even better discounts because he would be a NEW CUSTOMER. So, after being cancelled only a month, he would have been a new customer, same address, same phone number. So how is it that this person was getting service again after 3 years and not even at the same address but NOT be considered a new customer??? I filed a complaint with the BBB and am waiting for a resolution through them. But, my advice to ANYONE thinking about getting service through Direct TV....DON'T DO IT!!!!! My roommate actually got a deal with a competitor for $65 per month and that included TV and internet for 2 years. Direct TV can't touch that. They have the worst customer service and most unethical business practices of any company I have ever dealt with in my life. Fortunatly, this ordeal has been the reason that many of the people that I know that HAD Direct TV cancelled their service...making sure any CC information was delete so as not to have their bank account raped by Direct TV.
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Ever Try to Cancel your Service?
Posted by MrsO on 09/12/2006
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I bought new internet, phone and cable TV service. So I had to call Direct TV and cancel my old service. After spelunking through a zillion phone menu prompts, I finally was transferred to somebody that wanted my last experience with their company to be some weird dramatic argument.

Ma'am, what was the problem with the service that made you want to switch?

(The real answer is that I want cable internet and I can't get high speed internet of any kind from Direct TV or Qwest where I live. It was easier to just get a package from Comcast.)

But the other real answer is NONEYA!! I'm switching because I'm a consumer and I have the right to chose whatever I want.
I didn't say this though. I just explained there was no problem, just cancel my account, please. Then the guy started an argument with me!! Big sigh from him, lots of attitude about how I'm leaving- as if I were abandoning my children or something. Can you believe this: he tried to guilt me about how much his company spends to keep me. WTF??

I hung up.

Why the drama? I don't get it. Why try to pick a fight with your customer? They're not breaking up with you. They get my money, and that is all- not my emotional investment. Why do I have to get a big hassle, after being a steady customer for 2 years?

I called back.
After the menu prompts I got a live person that would be happy to help me with my cancellation after a few questions... And again I was confronted with the doorway to the argument question:
Ma'am, what was the problem with the service that made you want to switch?
This time the question came from a nice sounding lady. I imagined her in her boiler-room phone bank. I heard the background murmer of dozens of other call center reps trying to coax their caller into staying on for another few months. I could almost see her surrounded by scripts of rebuttals for anything that I could say. There's the "Moving to Comcast" rebuttal, the "Too Expensive" rebuttal, the "Lack of Features" rebuttal. Tons of scripts designed to keep you on the phone for much longer than you want to be. Designed to pick a fight.

It's just every shade of wrong, man.

There's no problem with my service, I told her.

Then why are you canceling your service? Asked the nice lady.

In my most chipper voice- I'm moving to BRAZIL!!!

My girlfriend spat out a convulsive snicker from the other room. I immediately felt a laugh bubbling up and desperately stifled back into character.

Oh lucky YOU- said the nice lady. But quick to be the salesman- she wanted to know if this could just be temporary.

Nope- Giving up my citizenship and everything!! I answered merrily.

My girlfriend made a kind of snort noise.

The cancellation went smoothly from there. She was happy to assist, and made sure that I wouldn't receive any future bills that could really screw up my credit and any citizenship inquiries that were made on me in my upcoming transplant. So my last experience with this company was dealing with someone that was happy for me, and willing to treat me well after the 2 years that I was their customer.

Whatta concept.

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-09-13:
You can't blame a company for trying to retain a good customer. We see too many reports here of poor customer service from the dish TV providers that it's good to see that they were willing to try to fix any problems you might have had. Too bad you have to be willing to drop their service to really get their attention.
Posted by MrsO on 2006-09-14:
They were willing to argue with me over any problems I may have had, not fix.
Posted by lcars on 2006-09-30:
Great, I'm cancelling Sunday after years of service with DirecTV because they change channels so we end up having to pay more. Service was okay, but the cost of 4 receivers for 4 TVs don't compare to dish network's 2 receivers for 4 TVs.
Posted by oregonsand on 2007-04-11:

Read my reviews at http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=20969



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Un Warranted Contract Agreement
Posted by Micbadera on 09/03/2007
EMERALD HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- After ten years of being a loyal customer this is how it ends.
IT goes as follows:

September 2ND 2007

POB 65500

RE ACCOUNT # xxxxxxxxx


I am writing to inform you of my cancellation request, as of September 11Th, the end of the billing cycle.

I was told by a customer service rep that my equipment is leased. This equipment is not leased due to the fact that I did not buy it from Direct TV. I bought it second-hand from a private party. When it was time to replace my existing

equipment, your customer service NEVER informed me that replacing my old machine with a new one would automatically sign me up for a two year contract.

Your rep then tried to sell me your new Direct TV system.

I explicitly told the rep that I did not want your new equipment because I was not happy with your company's new DVR and wanted to keep TiVo, FOR WHICH I PAID A LIFE TIME FEE, and I was not interested in signing a contract.

I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years and I, frankly, am tired of your deceptive business practices.

You offered the HD 250 TiVo receiver ,advertising that it would be the future format of your company. A few months later your company decided to go in another direction, and the receiver was already obsolete.

This time you railroaded me into a what you call "an agreement" without my knowledge or consent. I wonder how many of your customers are in my position.....

You have no proof of either a written or verbal agreement between us.

If company policy was not to inform customers of the consequence of change, that would be considered fraud by the FCC, and I am sure that they would want to look into this matter.

I am demanding that my account be closed at the end of this cycle and no more charges will be accrued, including early cancellation charges.

Respectfully Yours


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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-09-03:
They have done this to thousands. Including me. PLEASE come back and post the response, if any, you get from them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-03:
ComCrap pulls the same routine when an Internet account is canceled. They charge for the unreturned modem because their system shows the modem was leased. Many customers bought the modem outright. But ComCrap wants proof of ownership. How many actually save the receipt for a modem purchased years ago?
Posted by Ponie on 2007-09-03:
PassingBy, if a Comcast customer purchases the modem, there is no lease fee on their billing. If someone gets billed for it and pays it without question--their own fault for not having it corrected. The billing statements are very clearly itemized. As far as keeping the receipt for a modem purchased years ago, that's the main reason for hanging on to it.

I keep a file for any utility/retailer with which I have questioned a transaction. These are never discarded. My credit card receipts are inserted in the statement which covers them. Each January I shred the statements and bills paid for the fourth previous year. It doesn't take up too much room in the one file drawer devoted to these transactions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-04:
Ponie, You are quite correct but only if the customer looks at the bills carefully. However, ComCrap has also been known for trying to recover the modem even if it never appeared on the bills. That's happened to two people I know. ComCraps excuse was "Must have been a billing oversight, but the system shows the modem was leased".
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-09-04:
Send this reply to them: "Thank you for contacting my home. I'm sorry. My system does not show a lease. There is nothing I can do. Have a nice day."
Posted by justashley on 2007-09-19:
I was told today they do not have to tell you that there is an automatic renewal of your leased equipment because it is in the service agreement. Ha!
Posted by scarletbegonia on 2007-09-19:
even if you "buy" equipment from a retailer or a third party and pay an amount for it, it is still leased equipment. directv does not distribute "owned" equipment. you pay an upfront charge for the equipment and then it is still leased. same thing as buying a car. as with anything, read your customer agreement and make sure you understand it. i'm quite sure if you go to the fcc about this, they will simply tell you it is in the contract and there s nothing illegal or fraudulent about it.
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Do not let them have access to your credit card or bank accounts.
Posted by Silver13 on 08/08/2007
PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA -- I had DirecTV for years and had a TIVO box with it. I called to have my box fixed as it had frozen up. I have paid the 6.95 per month since the service began a few years ago. They sent out someone to check the box and he did not even look at it. He had walked in the door with a new
box. He told me that they were no longer using TIVO boxes and replaced it with a new DVR box.

I was not told that by replacing my box would tie me to a two year contract. I called them twice with complaints on the box because it did
not work properly. They only told me that it was new software and it would get better. Finally after three months of bad service I canceled
my service and went with a different company.

Six days after my cancellation they took, without my permission, $263.00 out of my checking account. I called them and was informed that it was
a cancellation fee for ending my contract early. I went through the whole story and told them they did not have my permission to take anything out of my account. They said they would put it through to someone else and review it.

I just talked to them and they are not going to refund the fees.

First, I was not told that I was being tied to a two year contract.
Second, The product they replaced was inferior and did not work correctly.
Third, They did NOT have my permission to take anything out of my account.
Fourth, I had just payed my month fees to them, in advance.

They mislead me and lied to me and then illegally stole money that was not theirs. That money was for my electric bill, which is still unpaid. I live on a fixed income and cannot afford to make up the difference. BEWARE of DirecTV, they will lie to you and take your money
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-08:
Actually when you signed up for service you did give them access to your account and permission to withdraw funds. Remember you giving them your debit card number? They've been taking the monthly charges directly out of your account since day one. Maybe I am wrong here because if you have been sending them a check or money order then they have indeed withdrawn funds without your permission. Why subscribers use a debit card for recurring monthly charges is a mystery. Always use only a credit card.
Posted by Silver13 on 2007-08-09:
I did not use my debit card, I used my credit card. They took the money out of my checking account which I used once months ago. I always checked the box that said No automatic withdrawal. I have the copies to prove that. Also when I signed up I gave the a check to start the account with. They were never given permission to automatically withdraw payments. I paid monthly and had to go up on line to do it.

Besides, I never received the notice that states they have automatic assess to my account. They also did NOT tell me that I would be tied to a new contract when I tried to get my box fixed. They lied, omitted, and deceived me.
Posted by ruralindiana on 2007-08-17:
I am disputing charges for this very same situation. They charged my account without my consent also.
It has been a nightmare.
It seems that they are very good with their pat answers, "I'm sorry, the technician should have informed you. There is nothing we can do."
It has been a nightmare.
Posted by Kage on 2007-08-23:
Taken from the customer agreement section 5e:

By giving us your credit or debit card account information, you authorize us to apply this method of payment, in accordance with applicable law, to satisfy any and all amounts due upon cancellation.
Posted by Silver13 on 2007-08-24:
That'a all well and fine IF you receive written notice. I did not receive anything, not when I first signed up through a third party, and not anytime after that. There is also a check box when payment is made that states ONLY this transaction. So which is right, there supposed written statement or the actual transaction button . Some one needs to retrain there technicians to properly inform the consumer, or is that there plan, don't inform the consumer then nail them later.
Posted by joe on 2013-02-28:
Im thinking about cancelling my service, and they warned me about the cancellation fee, I will talk to my bank and ask to block Direct TV from gaining access to my account, from now on...
I was miss lead and lied to, their response was "we can make changes with out your consent or approbal""' Iam a very upset costumer...
Posted by sld on 2013-05-14:
I just went to the bank $15 so DTV would have no access to them. Didn't get bill for 2 months kept making payments and suddenly I owe $135. Filed complaint w/bbb n wrote attorney general n FCC about fraud. They were sued n lost for the exact same behavior in 2007. Yet their back to the same old BS. Complain, complain...
Posted by Emma on 2013-07-16:
I signed up while in Walmart 2 days ago. Had an appt scheduled for them to come out friday to install. I just cancelled my appointment based on these reviews. Of course, they asked me why. 1) I dont like contracts, and dont have one with Charter. 2) all these 'savings' are for only the first 12 months, although less than what i pay w charter, I have no clue how much they will skyrocket after. 3) I dont like automatic transactions debited (another discount which the sales guy told me he has to set it up with that and i could term at some point after i sign up, but failed to tell me I lose the $10 discount also when I do) --All the stories on here are situations that have ran thru my mind since i signed up...and am glad I read all this. I'll just keep Charter. The benefits of Directv just don't outweigh the risk I feel I am taking.
Posted by Rick on 2013-07-31:
Silver13, first thing, at the end, you said you not notified that you had a 2 year contract, yet you also said towards the beginning that the guy told you that they no longer use tivo, but they was replacing your tivo with something else, that would tie you into them with a 2 year contract. Secondly, READ the fine print, all contracts whether directtv, cellphone, etc, says if you cancel early, there is a fee. You are lucky that it was only $263.

Also, not saying they don't have it, but have never seen a box to mark if you don't want auto withdraw, there is usually a box that you check if you want auto withdraw.
Posted by Misty123 on 2013-09-21:
By your using your checking account even though it was months ago DTV keeps the information on file for future use such as this. You need to talk to someone at your bank and ask them what if anything you can do they may let you dispute the charges..Good Luck
Posted by Roseanne Miller on 2014-01-02:
The amount of $243.09 was taken out of our checking account, and we did not authorize the transaction. We would like that amount put back into our Bank Account will be overdrawn on the checks that have been sent out by me.(Mortgage etc.)
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