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I Do Not Recommend DirecTV
Posted by Mka2710 on 11/26/2012
STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA -- I do not recommend DirecTV. DirecTV "gave" us an NFL package for a few months without consent. The scam is it comes with an auto renewal. We never used it because we didn't even know we had it. DirecTV then added the NFL package to our plan without our consent and started charging us $33 extra every month. They also charge $6 per month for every TV you have set up. Our bill went up to $197 a month! When I noticed it, I called to cancel the NFL pkg. I didn't ask for a refund for the past charges, I just asked to cancel the $33 pkg from that day forward. They said I couldn't cancel because I was bound by contract. They said I should have called within days of the first charge. How could I be bound by contract when I never authorized the extra package in the first place? I wish I could switch to Dish Network but I can't without paying a hefty cancellation fine. I did an online search and DirecTV has a ton of negative reviews and complaints about unauthorized charges. Now I have to check my DirecTV bill line by line for unauthorized charges every single month in case they try and do this again.

A DirecTV call center employee anonymously posted on a blog that every customer needs to read ALL of the fine print on their DirecTV contract. The employee stated it is the customer's fault since it is perfectly legal to add packages to a customer's bill. I had Dish Network for over 10 years and they never added anything without our consent. I will switch back to Dish as soon as our DirecTV contract ends in 6 months.

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Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-11-26:
If you are absolutely sure that no one in your household ordered the package, (check with your kids), then don't accept this answer. Tell them you didn't order it, don't want it, and remove it.
Posted by Larence on 2012-12-08:
After 50 years in TV brocasting, I have to very much agree that DirectTV is one of the worst companies I have ever experienced!
Posted by bzzoff on 2012-12-08:
Direct T.V. or just "DAVE" is one ROTTEN POS! Several years ago (Before Hurricane Katrina) I ordered Dave. BIG MISTAKE!

They mismanage your account. They will deposit your pmts. in other accounts and claim you never paid them. They will mislead you on Purpose. I fought with them for months over a $34.54 pmt that my bank finally found the problem. They deposited my funds in an account 5 numbers down from mine and weren't smart to catch that so I say they did that on purpose. I even faxed the cancelled check to them.

They keep sending "Come On BACK...we want you BACCCK!" No Philgram, I don't think so.

So now we just use an OPEN AIR antenna and enjoy Netflix. Simple!
Posted by fedupliz on 2012-12-08:
Go to consumer affairs and file a complaint online. If they are governed by the FCC file a complaint there too.
Posted by Al Jacquez on 2012-12-10:
Just call dish network and have them pay for what ever you owe directv they be more that happy to pay for it to have you back.
Posted by mathwonk on 2012-12-19:
a dish network bill collector fraudulently added my social security number to another customers overdue account claimed it was mine and harassed me by phone for over 5 years, threatening to harm my credit. i have never been their customer. i finally reported them to governors office of consumer affairs. liars and thieves.
Posted by johnbrown on 2012-12-20:
I to had direct tv and made the mistake of adding their bill to my home phone bill things really went to hell in a hand basket after that.
Posted by Sassy2 on 2012-12-31:
bzzoff...they did the same thing to me only I paid them with money orders and they tried to make me pay twice.I mailed them front and backs of the money orders and even faxed it to them twice and they still said they did not get it. I ket internet stopped all cable and landline service I have an indoor antenna and roku and I save over $100 per month and I LOVE IT!!
Posted by Hunter LeAnn on 2013-08-03:
Directv adds the nflst as a courtesy for being a directv customer you get it the first year free in the disclosures if you Read them it says that you have to cancel it before the next season starts or it will auto renew. They also send notifications notifying you that it would auto renew.. It's not a scam. You can cancel within like 2 weeks into the season when u are charged on the bill for it u still can cancel it because they charge you a month before the season starts So if you don't want it u have time to cancel and refund it . Now u wanna talk about cancellation fees dish has cancellation fees for the service for the HD has charges for just changing your programming and canceling certain programming... Directv is most certainly better than dish.
Posted by Hunter LeAnn on 2013-08-03:
Directv adds the nflst as a courtesy for being a directv customer you get it the first year free in the disclosures if you Read them it says that you have to cancel it before the next season starts or it will auto renew. They also send notifications notifying you that it would auto renew.. It's not a scam. You can cancel within like 2 weeks into the season when u are charged on the bill for it u still can cancel it because they charge you a month before the season starts So if you don't want it u have time to cancel and refund it . Now u wanna talk about cancellation fees dish has cancellation fees for the service for the HD has charges for just changing your programming and canceling certain programming... Directv is most certainly better than dish.
Posted by Jan GM on 2013-08-09:
They lie. I have never been so bamboozled in my life. Horrid company. Don't walk away from a sign up -- RUN!
Posted by Grisselle on 2013-08-11:
When they installed my Direct TV they told me that I was going to have access to you Tube, Pandora, that my caller ID was going to work in all tv's that I was going to have access to see everything that I have record in the main box in every TV and none of that has being working since day one. I called the company several times and nothing has being done because they said that I need to have someone to come to my house and I will have to pay this employee to come to my house and do the service. I'm glad my contract is over next month, I can't wait because I will change the company right away because the service in this company is the worse and we are paying so much money for a service that is not provide. I will also contact consumer protection because I have proves that I been paying with no service. they really provide the worse service.
Posted by pissed customer of dtv on 2013-08-17:
i have read alot of ad reviews on direct tv sorry to say they are all true because they happened to me in 6 years being a loyal customer they cancelled my service before the bill was due to be paid then charged another 200 dollars after they cancelled my service so my bill went from 98 dollars to 300 plus in a month now they want the recievers or i get another 300 tacked on to my already outragous bill they may have me in another 2 year contract but they wont see any of the money except 98 dollars which i owe i called and cancelled my service after 6 years with them come to find out i got another 2 year contract even after cancelling with them before the contract date was up i know some are happy with dtv but i will be happy with air stations and hulu netflix at least your not gagged and bound by a contract that benefits dtv not you the customer all we are to them is money in their pocket for 2 years then they move on to the next unsuspecting person and drain them dry for 2 years they are blood sucking leeches take till you have no more to give thats the thanks you will get with dtv for your years of loyalty. i urge anyone that want to get directtv to read the fine print believe non of their lies meaning if you are promised something believe the opposite because it means what seems to good to be true it always is i hope noone has to go through what i have with dtv never again will i be conned and lied to for ay type of service i take what people say now with a grain of salt good luck to anyone that gets dtv they are liars and con artist
Posted by keith on 2013-09-06:
i feel your pain.I've been down that rocky road!
Posted by joeschmo on 2013-09-24:
Same thing happened to me.I didnt notice the charges because i had auto bill pay.Then i noticed the past two months charges for NFL ticket.They said it was automatic renewal,i never asked or signed up for it.Come to find out i had paid for it all last season because it was free for first year and they renewed it.I tried to get my money back,no way.This is bad business.
Posted by Nancy on 2013-09-26:
I love Directv but would never recommend it to anyone. Your bill will never be the same and they will tack on charges anytime they want. I had to call 4 times to get rid of the NFL package. I have forbidden them to add anything without my permission. When we moved I asked them to install the broadband equipment so I could access on demand, etc. They said they couldnt do thst and I would have to buy the wireless connection kit ($80). I didnt understand this because we had in the previous place we lived. The last time the technician was here he put one of the broadband things on without even asking. I guess it depends on who u get. But im fed up with Directv.
Posted by william on 2013-10-13:
I like direct tv but every time when something is recording the tv Is freezing up and have to resat it every tine I do it it still shows the freeze screen or when I want to watch something it pauses than I have to resat it over and over it is really festureating and a waste of time and plus it dosnt record evry thing I set it up to so people whoever wants something not freezing than get something else than direct tv.
Posted by Stevie Adams Bledsoe on 2014-04-03:
Well I'm very disappointed with Direct TV..I'm hoping after filing my dispute they prove to be an ethical company and practice good business ethics..but at this point I feel they are really treating people wrong..I was LIED to by several of their sales people thus far..here is my story and you tell me if this is right..A friend wanted to order direct TV..but didn't have a credit card..the sales rep assured me that my credit card would only be charged A ONE TIME FEE..AND that I would never be charged anything considering the account was in my friends name and I didn't receive the service..so I agreed to let them charge a ONE TIME deposit on my card and my friend gave me the money for doing so. Several months later I get a phone call saying that I owe for this bill..now keep in mind I DO NOT HAVE DIRECT TV N THE ACCOUNT IS NOT EVEN IN MY NAME!! I call direct TV n inform them that I dont have their service n the bill was not my responsibility to pay..THE SUPERVISOR ASSURED ME THAT MY NAME N CREDIT CARD INFO WOULD BE REMOVED FROM THIS PERSONS ACCT. AND NOT TO WORRY..I WOULD NEVER BE CHARGED FOR THAT ACCOUNT THAT WASNT MINE. A couple months later I get a call from my bank. They stopped my debit card because direct TV had wiped out my checking acct. I called immediately and asked why I had been lied to and why was I charged for another persons acct!!..I dont know about you..but when I open a account with a business..other people do not pay the bill!! I'm held responsible for the bill...When I talked to the the supervisor they admitted that their salesperson should get fired for not telling me that they have right to use my debit information attached to the account but that this would be made right..but keep in mind a supervisor promised me my information was taken off his acct. Or I would have canceled that card. Do even there supervisors lie. I dont have or never have had service with direct TV..my name is not on the account..but yet $712.86 cents was taken from my bank account with NO AUTHORIZATION AND NO PERMISSIION.TO ME THATS THEFT!! I AM A DISABLED AMERICAN ON A FIXED INCOME AND NOW I HAVE NO MONEY TO EVEN BUY FOOD OR PAY BILLS BECAUSE I WAS CHARGED FOR SOMEONE ELSES BILL. NOW HOW IS THIS RIGHT OR GOOD BUSINESS? I WOULD HAVE NEVER HAD LET MY CARD BE USED IF THEY HADNT LIED TO ME AND SAID..ONE TIME FEE..AND THEN LIED AGAIN AND SAID MY INFO HAD BEEN REMOVED FROM THE ACCT. IF I DO NOT RECEIVE A REFUND I WILL CALL THE BBB AND ATTORNY GENERAL.AND IVE ALL READY SPOKE WITH MY LAWYER AND THEY WOULD LOVE TO SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE THEY HAVE DONE THIS TO AND GO AFTER THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOTHING MORE THAN COMMON THIEVES..I HOPE THEY DO WHATS RIGHT..GUESS WE WILL SEE..
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Poor Customer Service, New Genie Doesn't Work Right
Posted by Jdudiak on 12/07/2012
WANTAGE, NEW JERSEY -- I have to start off by saying this: To anyone who is thinking about signing up for DirecTV, think long and hard before you do and do your research. Since our installation on 11/17/12 we have had nothing but problems and instead of DirecTV making them better they have made them worse as each day goes by.

Here is my story:

DirecTV was installed with the new promotion of the Genie + 4 additional clients at no charge, minus a couple of trees we had to cut down. Sounds good, free installation right? Two days later the installer had to come back to hook our Internet up to the Genie and to address the white screen we were sporadically getting on the bedroom TV, ok minor issue at this point we just installed it right? Well since then, we get the white screen in the bedroom still and also occasionally get messages on the TV saying we are not authorized on that client (umm ok? our account is active for 4 clients). Call DirecTV every time we have an issued and all they do is tell you to re set the box every time. Finally the issues became so frequent we called and said we can't take the Genie anymore we want a tech out here and have them swap for the Home DVR set up. They said we could however there is known issues with the Genie's and that they were trying to fix remotely and asked us to give them a week.

Well, we gave them the benefit of the doubt yet again, a week+ went by and the problem got so bad that now we can't get TV because our access card isn't working properly all of a sudden. After 4 hours of troubleshooting and going in circles with no resolution they finally decided a tech needs to come out. Then we were told that a tech couldn't make it for 5 days, now this is after we wanted to schedule a tech a week before but didn't because they said the problem would be fixed by now. Now there is a huge wait b/c they screwed up and we have to pay big time for it. So, I asked for a Supervisor. Well the Supervisor was down right nasty, had an awful tone then proceeds to tell me if we swap out it will cost us $500. $500!!!??? Why I ask? Apparently it is in the contract that once your receiver becomes active, anytime you want to "upgrade" there is a charge per client and receiver in the house.

Now, after calling DirecTV over a dozen times in a 3 week time period reporting serious issues with our receiver, don't you think theres something wrong with the receiver, and after all the frustration if a new customer has had such a horrible experience you would swap their equipment to what they want to keep their business???? No no no not with DirecTV! All said and done today, we have no TV right now, waiting for them to come out b/c if we cancel we will also be charged out the wazoooo. DirecTV is the biggest scam of a company I have ever known. There were a lot of other details I left out too from other times we called them to troubleshoot, I could write a 100 page book about my only 3 week experience with them so far. What the saddest part of this is to me is that they are a large company and have so many customers but can't even give just satisfactory customer service. Never ever dealt with customer service like this and I've dealt with some doosies.....
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Posted by BA on 2013-01-30:
Try to update the firmware on the Genie. The software update they were referring to is available now. This should fix the problems with the clients. If you need help doing this, call customer service they can talk you through the process.
Posted by Kerry on 2013-07-21:
I have had the Genie replaced, constant white screen on clients in all rooms. Had to have another cord for our Sharp TV since they have proprietary hookups for AV output on clients. There was another hour on the phone and 8 bucks extra because they don't give you those either. Genie keeps deleting recorded shows that I want to watch. UHHHGGGG!! Think I will go back to antenna TV. It's free and no hassles!! New Direct sucks!!
Posted by Gerry on 2013-08-02:
no problems whatsoever, got a new dish installed because I could not get premium sonic tap channels off satellite 119, but they fixed that up nice. Have had DirecTV for 20 years. It doesn't matter what system you have, there is always a story like the one above, it's the painful reality of widespread hi tech.
Posted by Pat on 2013-10-06:
Direct TV is a horrible company. I moved to another state, I'm on a fixed income I could not have Direct TV at my new location. Direct TV charged me the full cancellation fee with not even one incentive to help. I would never have your service again if I relocate to an area that I can have a dish.
Posted by wally the beerman on 2013-10-09:
I live in Minnesota and my wireless clients always drop WiFi connection a manager from Directsat USA named alex examined my setup and said it sucks to be you and left.

Posted by Woody1291 on 2013-11-03:
Well I have had so many problems with Direct TV that I would hate to list them all. You are so right they have the absolutely the worst customer service if you can even call it that. I have an additional receiver in my camper which I was told I could turn on and off so as not to be charged when not camping. What a nightmare the last time they turned all of my TVs and were very good at saying they were sorry. Usually if a company makes a mistake they attempt to not do it again.
I have been lied to so many times I would have problems remembering them and then listing them here.
My advice to anyone thinking of using Direct TV had better talk to someone who has had it and not someone who is trying to get the credit on their bill for having you sign up. I would never recommend them to anyone but some folks will do anything for a few bucks.
Posted by Misty123 on 2013-11-23:
You what the kicker is that most of the people that get others to sign up do not get any kind of incentive after all. DTV just scams them.
Posted by Rowdy on 2014-01-06:
Wait till you need service on equipment they own but you pay to rent. My DVR freezes up all the time. They want $80 to replace the dvr. They said I could have avoided this charge had I spent $20 a month on their insurance plan. Avoid Direct tv like the plague.
Posted by Jamie on 2014-01-14:
pay way more than ever sign up for. salsmen for Direct TV, after signing up are not really Direct TV salemen and they can tell you whatever they want and Direct TV claims they cannot do anything about it. I have been lied to from their CS so many times that i really have no idea what the truth is about this company. To me the contract workers, Salemen, instalers ( which was a extream mess to the point I called the sub- company myself and went a few round to a simple fix that should have been done the first time ) is the biggest problem, but Direct TV does nothing at all about it. I also have a condo that I rent and the renter went with Direct TV. after a year of the service and a reason for me to have to visit the condo I noticed that the dish itself was mounted on the roof of the unit beside mine. i not looking forward to deal with that cause i'm sure it will be my fault in the long run
Posted by Misty123 on 2014-01-18:
DirectTV does not remove any of their dishes from the roofs of homes.Suddenly they become your property.You will have to pay someone to do this and get someone that knows what they are doing or your roof will leak
Posted by valerie reynolds on 2014-02-16:
had to pay $80 during installation to have post put in for the dish, had to pay $25 for Direct to send the router to connect to my computer to get the On Demand programing and install it ourselves, since the original installer didn't have the router for some reason ( he was supposed to install the whole system) and wouldn't come back without charging a fortune. To get the channels we want, we are paying for about 50 channels we don't want. They used to let you cherry pick channels when they were starting out,according to one friend who had them back then, but guess they decided that was too much work. I also said I wouldn't pay for their latest substitution of Weathernation for the Weather Channel, and was told the money would just keep mounting up on my bill. I didn't order it, and it wasn't part of my package, and I'll be damned if I pay for whatever garbage they decide to put in place of a channel I wanted.
Posted by B on 2014-02-19:
I concur with just about every complaint here. I was lied to when signing up and by the installer. There is nothing about DirecTV that I would recommend to anyone
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Lied to Me About No Contract
Posted by Km2red on 07/12/2013
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I normally don't do this, but Direct TV has pushed me over the edge.
I have been a Direct TV customer since 2009. When I moved to my new house, they informed me that I needed a new receiver - which I had to pay for - because they would not give their long time customer the same "deal" as brand new clients.
Back in December of last year, my receiver ceased working (yes...the one I paid for). When I called Direct TV to replace it, they wanted to charge me for the new receiver AND pay the shipping. I was appalled.

For those of you who don't know (or who are not aware), you RENT your equipment from Direct TV. So, their piece of equipment that I RENT broke, and they wanted me to pay for a new one. Imagine that you rent a house or an apartment, and the dishwasher or washing machine breaks. Are you expected to PAY for a new one? Of course not. You are already paying them a (exorbitant) fee each month. Maintaining THEIR equipment is THEIR responsibility.

I called Charter and set up for a technician to come out the next day. I then called Direct TV back and told them to cancel my service. My contract had long since expired with them. The "service representative" on the phone gave me several discounts on my monthly bill and beat out Charters price AND waived the fee on the new receiver. I asked (SPECIFICALLY ASKED) if I was going to have to sign a new contract. He answered "NO". I stayed with Direct TV.

I have decided that I no longer am getting a benefit from my satellite service. We are not a heavy TV watching household, and services like Netflix and Hulu do just fine at a far less expensive price. I called today to Cancel my Direct TV service and guess what? Oh yes. I'm being charged a cancellation fee. Talking to a supervisor did no good. I was also (rudely) reminded that if I failed to return my RENTED equipment in time, I would be responsible for that also.
In this day and age where our devices are offering us more and more options for viewing and obtaining information, you would think that Companies like Direct TV would do what they can to retain as many customers as possible. They've lost me. And, I hope that any of you reading this will take pause before signing up with them.

Direct TV, your days are numbered. And I will smile smugly as technology advances, and you are left behind. An old expensive relic with way too many commercials.
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Posted by Ro on 2013-07-18:
I had a very similar experience here in Jersey.
Posted by Misty123 on 2013-07-23:
DirectTV is greedy and is after the money at any cost. they do not care about their customers and you cannot believe a word they say to you. they lie!
Posted by bzzoff on 2013-07-29:
Look...I would rather KISS a Rattlesnake than do business with them.

I also was with them a few years. When I got married, I kept it for 'Her'. They misplaced (OR maybe they did it on purpose?) a payment. For months we fought. I spent ten hours on the phone, going to the bank to get copies...and finally the bank found it in another account 5 numbers off mine.

By then things were growing "SHORT" with us over this. They kept cutting service off. They gave us a $75.00 "GIFT" and then nickle and "DIMED" that to ZERO.

We quit. They begged. Haven't been with them in 7-8 years. Haven't FORGOTTEN EITHER.

DISH isn't much better.
Posted by Really? on 2013-07-29:
If they wont put it in writing, consider it false.
Posted by Misty123 on 2013-07-29:
I have not been a customer for years myself and I have not forgotten what they tried to do. they were trying to charge close to $1000 on my credit card.. I did get my money back but I was one of the few lucky ones...I now try and help others that I see are having problems with DTV. I'll never never do business with them again EVER!
Posted by talwrite on 2013-07-29:
i used to be a directv customer, but we watch antenna tv now, since we rarely watch tv these days. well written complaint. be careful whenever you change or make upgrades to an existing account with satellite or cell phone providers. you are essentially renewing your contract when you do.
Posted by Maggie on 2013-07-29:
"Really?" beat me to it. Had a somewhat similar experience with DISH a while back. When the bill had jumped up $5.00, I wasn't terribly upset but then it jumped up another $10 a couple of months later so I called to complain. They said I had signed a contract that would allow increases in the monthly bill at their discretion, no set price per say. Told them that a.) I'm not that stupid that I would ever sign such a contract and b.) The only thing in my 'dishnetwork' file was the service agreement I signed when the contraption was installed so told them to . . . show me this 'contract'. Prove it to me.
End result was that they couldn't find the contract they claimed I had signed so all cancellation fees were 'waived'.
When I took the equipment to UPS (dish did pay for the return) the clerk told me hang on to the shipping receipt for at least a year as dish and diectv were notorious for claiming they had never received the return and caused all sorts of trouble for the client and for UPS.
Bottom line (sorry for the venting) tell them to produce this contract.
Almost 2 years later I still keep the paperwork.
And happily using Hulu.
Posted by JaeFae on 2013-07-29:
Have you ever sent any these complaints to the Better Business Bureau and if so, was there resolution? The BBB has never ever let me down on any complaint I've filed.
Posted by Zuke on 2013-07-30:
My 5 year old DVR started failing last month. I called DirecTV and gave them the symptoms. The tech had me do a few procedures (reset, reboot, etc) and after it was determined the DVR needed to be replaced, they sent me a refurbished on of the same model. The tech told me that because it was an equipment failure, I just had to pay $19.99 shipping and handling to get the replacement. They shouldn't have charged you for the cost of a new receiver.
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Early Termination Fee
Posted by Ittizliz on 01/13/2013
ELMHURST, ILLINOIS -- I am a disabled widow on social security disability. I took out a package a year ago. I fully intended to stay a customer. The picture is great the customer service is helpful and pleasant. I have become unable to stay in my home, which I did not plan. I was an excellent customer and intended to continue to be excellent. It has become necessary to move in with my son and his family. They already have a service in place and do not want a dish attached to their house. Therefore, since I cannot forward my service to a new place I have to pay a early termination fee of $220.00. This a lot of money for me. I have tried to get them to see how unfair this practice to people who have no control over their circumstances to pay this fee. It is not like I am being a jerk or trying to cheat them or be sneaky and ditch them.

But now I must say I am so disappointed to be treated this way that I say be very careful if you die before your 2 years are up your family will probably have to pay $220.00 because you cannot forward your service to heaven.

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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-01-13:
I can understand your situation and how you feel about this. However, they are only going by their policy and they are treating your situation the same way they would for any other customer who cancels their service (before the contract date) and moves.
If a customer passes away before their contract date, they will simply ask for a copy of the death certificate and the family will not be responsible for any fees. Yes, I know you were being sarcastic when you said that...but, they can not enforce their policy on a case by case basis...that will only cause them lawsuits by people claiming discrimination..."They did it for that customer, but not for me".

It's just one of those situations...and it happens to a lot of people. It's not to be taken personal, it's just business. Good luck to you.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-01-13:
The reason they charge an early termination fee is because it cost them money to install their product. If you do not have service for the specified time they lose money. It is better than being charged several hundred dollars to install the dish and equipment.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-13:
My compliments to both DB and BA on their comments.

I'm sorry that your circumstances have changed and can understand your frustration over having no control of staying in your own home. As BigAl has stated, though, the alternative is to charge you up front for initial installation of the equipment. Instead of doing this, they produce an agreement that, by purchasing their signal for a specific length of time, they'll cover the initial expenses. Their intent is not to fault you but simply to cover their initial costs.

Best of luck to you.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2013-01-13:
Good responses. While I agree they were within their rights, I believe some common sense and compassion would be in line. Provided proof of the problem could be verified, an exception could be made.
Posted by madconsumer on 2013-01-13:
when i had directv, they would extend the contract at any time, and when i discovered their MO, i ceased to make contact with them. once my contract was over, and verified by directv, i cancelled my service. but guess what? i was charge a termination fee. when calling directv, they had a different answer depending on whom i spoke with. fortunately, every directv csr told me i had no contract, and it was over.

very helpful review, and voted as such!!
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-13:
What you are hoping for, and I don't believe you are entitled to, is an exception to the early termination fee policy. Your reason is life events make it necessary to terminate service.

I am sorry to hear about your situation, but I believe that you owe that ETF as agreed when you subscribed.
Posted by Fred Smith on 2013-07-11:
Direct tv sucks they will lie to you and cheat you
Posted by Kelsi on 2013-09-21:
Was told i wouldn't be charged the 45 since I was returning their equipment, also offered a tracking number, which they wouldn't take and the very same day the took the money out of my account without my authorization-I call this theft. Never do direct tv.

Posted by Tami on 2014-01-23:
I wish I'd known about how DirecTv rips off their customers before I'd signed with them. I've been using DirecTv for over five years and have been an excellent customer. Even though I don't use any premium channels, my bill just kept getting higher and higher and higher.

Recently, we had to move for my husband's job. The apartment complex we moved into does not allow satellites. I had to go with cable. This morning, a $300 early cancellation fee was deducted from checking account. Early cancellation fee? Really? After five years? I thought my contract was only for 24 months. I guess they graciously renew it for you after the contract ends. Too bad they don't bother letting you know that.

Sad thing is, this move is only temporary. I'll be going back home and back to satellite in a couple of years. Good thing there's Dish Network.
Posted by ashlee pieris on 2014-03-26:
I switched to Direct TV in January of 2014 after being an Optimum Online customer for more than ten years. I have had some issues with Optimum but nothing like what I have been going through with Direct Tv - in short a nightmare.

First, Direct TV's policy of sucking customers for a two year contract is pathetic. We don't even get a trial period to experience what we are getting into and secondly Direct TV promises are all lies.

When I initially called them to sign up, I questioned if their service is comparable to that of triple play (TV, internet and phone) service I had then with Optimum for $105 per month. Direct TV assured that theirs were better than that of Optimum. The basic TV package I got from Direct TV for $48 per month was nowhere near the Optimum service. I then had to pay $84 to go to the next level but still Direct Tv service was not par with that of Optimum.

I then asked Direct TV if I could get out of the contract but they told me the same. Pay $20 per month for the remaining months, ie-$440. Direct TV is a rip off, be aware.
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TV is down due to snow storm
Posted by Chazman723 on 12/28/2011
LYNDHURST, OHIO -- To Whom it may Concern:

Please be prepared to find angry ire in my writing, because of the miserable experience I have experienced in the last 18 hours, and will continue until the snow and ice thaw, which could take all week.

To begin, my name is Charles A. Mancuso and I am a brand new customer with Direct TV in Cleveland, Ohio...Suburb, Lyndhurst, Ohio.

I have resided in California for 33 years, and now have moved to my home in Cleveland, in order to take care of my mother, who is 96 years old.

I am a first time user of Direct TV and I have enjoyed it up until now.

I have been using cable with Cox Communications for many years in California and I was somewhat satisfied. I wanted to try Direct TV because they have the capability of getting all of the NFL football games.


We had our first notable snow storm on Tuesday, December 27th. At 4:00 PM, EST, my Direct TV when down with no signal. As of now, which is Wednesday, December, 28 @ 10:00 AM, I still have no signal.


I am not upset that the snow covered the dish and there is no signal, but I am angry the way they have been responding to the solution, or should I say, they are not offering solutions, but only reading a canned answer to the problem.

I have spoken to five technical support people on the phone, who have been very nice and professional, however, they have very unacceptable solutions to fix the problem. This has taken about two total hours of my phone time.


I. I tried the easiest suggestions
a. I unplugged the outlet for 15 seconds...Result...Negative
b. I re-set the red button on the receiver five times. Negative
c. I removed the memory card and replaced it five times...Negative

II. Outside Dish Solutions. Here is where I cannot not believe their
response to the problem.
a. Knock the snow off with a broom. The dish is on the roof, 15 feet
high, not to mention five inches of snow. I am 65 years old,
disabled, afraid of heights and don't have a ladder.
b. Throw a snowball at the dish to knock off the snow. Are they
kidding me? I have a once broken shoulder and can't even thow a
snowball, if I wanted to. UNACCEPTABLE
c. Put saline solution in a squirt shooting toy gun and spray it on
the snow to remove it. UNBELIEVABLE.
d. Ask a neighbor, to risk his or her life. RIDICULOUS.
The bottom line is: THEY HAVE NO ANSWER.
e. I have sold teflon and silicone for thirty + years. If they
had coated adequately with teflon, then this problem would have
not occurred. Poor manufacturing procedures.


I will not be able to watch my TV until the snow and ice thaw. Until then, I will be sitting here taking care of my 96 year old mother, without any mental relief. Canned answers are not acceptable.


They are not allowed to make a service call to knock off the snow. They would have all the means to do it, with the crazy ideas they gave me.
I have paid for the protection plan.
I suggested they move the dish to a lower location. Two problems.
a. The reception will be less than adequate.
b. I would have to pay for re-installation. This is only adding salt to
my perverbial football wounds.


I cannot believe Direct TV did not plan for this fiasco. I am sure they have a lot of dishes in the Midwest and east coast that will encounter this problem.

At this time, all I have to argue is to be reimbursed financially for the down days. That has somewhat been acknowledged, however, I believe a lot more should be done, beyond that for my Ill-Will and frustration.

They have me coming and going. I signed a two year contract and I can't even cancel my Direct TV to go back to cable. Cable never had a problem of correcting their issues.

If I am fortunate enough to have someone read this complaint and is a decision maker or at least an influencer, hopefully some resolve will occur...WHEN...WHO KNOWS. PLEASE ADVISE.


Charles A. Mancuso

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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-28:
If this wasn't a true story, it would be hilarious. They actually told you to toss a snowball at the dish?

I hope you come back and let us know what the response is, if any.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-28:
Very well written complaint. I hope that you find a solution soon
Posted by Old Timer on 2011-12-28:
Another tough day for satellite companies around here today. Charles, please do return and advise how the fools at DirecTV resolve your issues. You might want to remove your name and email from your post. A lot of loons on the web.
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-12-28:
This one gets my helpful vote for the entertainment factor alone. Good grief, who thinks up these responses to problems from customers? I'm surprised they didn't instruct you to climb on the roof with a blower to remove the snow quickly. Perhaps a hair dryer would be better.
Posted by Slimjim on 2011-12-28:
OT, the poster is looking for a response so it wouldn't make a lot of sense to remove such info. I doubt much risk is inherited by giving out ones AOL address.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2011-12-28:
I've heard so many people complain about problems with Dish. Since 'freezing' up is a major problem with so many, why can't they come up with some kind of a defroster for their dish? You know, like the window defroster in cars?

Am I gonna have to go to Dish and tell them how to take care of business?

I hope they deduct something from your bill for you, since you can't use their service.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-28:
When I lived with my bf we had Dish and we would lose the signal during monsoon storms
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2011-12-28:
Not snowstorms YaYa?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-28:
It never snowed at that house.
Posted by Slimjim on 2011-12-28:
That's the weird thing, does this really happen a lot? I've never experienced it nor heard it happens. I would guess it could happen and have no idea what I would say as advice if I'm DTV. As a customer though, this is impossible to ignore as an inconvenience. I'm betting the reason the signal is gone is not because the snow is on the dish, but maybe the weight of the snow moved the dish a tad. It doesn't take much to be out of alignment.
Best thing the OP can do is hire someone to go up and take a look.
Posted by azspots on 2011-12-28:
Spray it with a hose.....
Posted by Old Timer on 2011-12-28:
Have to strongly disagree with you Slim. It's never a good idea to blindly post your email, name and city on the Internet. WWW rule #1.

If (and that’s a BIG if) DirecTV ever wanted to contact him, they could leave a responding comment or send him an IM. DirecTV's past history of less than stellar customer service would say they are not out looking on consumer gripe sites for fires to put out.

That is unless of course this site has one of those now infamous "DirecTV Internet Reporters" at $10.00 a month. Then the game changes and all common sense rules fly out the window.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-28:
I am not surprised by this complaint or the company's proposed solutions.

The problem is easy to understand - snow and ice formed on an exposed satellite dish, interfering with reception. There are satellite dish heaters available, which the end user could buy and install or pay to install.

The satellite company can't afford to go around clearing off its customers' dishes, and IMO that isn't their responsibility. The only solutions are to try to knock the offending buildup off, or melt it off - they offered some possible methods.

I hope the temperature rises soon and that buildup goes away - taking care of a loved one is stressful and it would be nice to kick back and watch tv. Good luck.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-12-28:
Ultimately it is the customer's responsibility to make sure their dish is clean and has a clear view for the satellite. I would think the best solution would be to move the satellite dish to a different location but, of course, that would mean the customer would have the responsibility to have it done.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2011-12-28:
Contact a local service, not DirecTV, and have a dish heater installed. Such as:
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-12-28:
Well Charles, welcome to the midwest. We get snowstorms and yes, they interfere with the satellite signal. What my fellow posters have suggested (clear the snow off the dish, install a dish heater, etc) will help with the snow at least. But be prepared. Come about March or April when the thunderstorms kick in, there's nothing in the world that can be done to help you there. You'll just have to kick back and read a book.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-12-28:
We do have a small tv hooked up in my office that is not hooked up to cable or satellite for instances when the others are out.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2011-12-28:
The solutions proposed by DirectTV are pretty comical. But DirectTV cannot control the weather. And it's not DirectTV's fault that the OP is unable to clear the dish himself. There are caveats that come with dish-based services and this is an example of one. I'm sure there have been scenarios like snow on the dish before, but apparently other dish users have managed to handle the situation themselves. I think the OP is going to have to ask a neighbor or friend for help, and when the weather clears up, possibly fit the dish with a heater or apply a coating to it to prevent the problem from happening again.

Posted by jonthethird on 2011-12-29:
There are dish heaters available which kick in when snow or ice begins to form. If you live in a snow prone area, it would seem prudent to have one installed.
Posted by Diane on 2012-01-10:
Welcome to the world of satellite TV. I had it for years, and every time it would snow, or ice, or even under heavy cloud cover, the signal would be lost. You just learn to live with it. I had cable before but had just as many problems with it. I now have local service only, and subscribe to Netflix. MOney saved, problem fixed.
Posted by jesse on 2012-01-10:
I feel your aggravation.I've been with them for 6 years.I'll say that you made a mistake putting that thing on the roof.I'm aware it needs clear views and all that but still,the roof is the last place to mount the dish becasue of what you're going thru right now!!Mine is on the side of my garage and when it snows and it starts acting up,I just go out and wipe the snow off the dish and it's fine.MOVE THE DISH TO WHERE YOU CAN REACH IT and you'll be fine!
Posted by jesse on 2012-01-10:
...and by the way,I like DIRECTTV much more then regular cable which also went out when I had that for various reasons so no system is foolproof.
Posted by Jason on 2012-01-10:
Have them change the mount so the distance from the dish to the roof is greater
Posted by mommadukes on 2012-01-10:
we had the system in Maine and had a teflon cover for the dish so the snow would fall off. before that my boys would throw snowballs at it to no avail couldn't reach. lol
Posted by 1gary on 2012-01-10:
There are companies who make " boots " to cover the dish. I can't remember the name of the BigBox store we got ours at [ Home Depot or Lowes ] but you can search on-line and they installed ours and it works fine. I might also add that if you have cable service you can get all the sports teams you're interested in viewing - actually more than Direct TV offers - but ya gotta pay to view.
Posted by woodinVIRGINIA on 2013-12-07:
Hot Shot heaters, Ice Zappers or cover dish with dish cover. [The cover is the cheapest option will work 75 percent of the time ] The heaters vary in cost from 100- 155 plus low voltage electricity and a transformer circuit. Apply heaters to back of the dish INSIDE at temp above 50 degrees for best results.
Posted by sue on 2013-12-23:
I have had same problems with direct tv. Goes out frequently. Last time was cause they were doing some work. Took a week before fixed. Out again now from snow on dish, at least that is my diagnosis. Problem is they put the dish up and did not ask me about location. So, on the roof of 2 story building. I too am of age and can not get up there. I recommend cable. Wish i could get out of my contract. Have tired of the scripted responses which do not help.
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Worst Customer Experience - My Letter to DirecTV
Posted by Erlim50 on 01/24/2014
WOODBRIDGE, NEW JERSEY -- To Whom it may concern,

I wanted to make you aware that you have lost a long time customer and I will gladly express my experience to all my family and friends (verbally and through social media) on our dissatisfaction with DirecTV’s customer service.

We’ve lived in our complex for over 5 years. When we had our DirecTV service moved over to this apartment - the installer/technician had to install the Dish on our upstairs neighbor’s balcony. This was never an issue. We have had several service calls in that time and never had a technician tell us that they could not do any work because of where the dish was installed – not until today.

According to the technician who came by today (to replace a RECEIVER) - no work could be done, per company policy, because the dish is on my neighbor’s balcony. The same balcony you guys installed it on. Let me repeat that, he could not change the RECEIVER (inside MY property) because of where the DISH was installed (by a DirecTV tech/installer). He also stated that he would have to cancel the service call. Sorry we inconvenienced your tech. - after all, we had nothing better to do on a Monday afternoon. The technician then called his supervisor who said nothing could be done and then called dispatch to cancel the service call.

Here’s the fun part, we pay more than $150/month for service (includes prem. Channels and Protection Plan - Let me repeat that PROTECTION PLAN). Let’s do the Math – 5 years as a customer (60 MONTHS) @ $150/month = $9000 roughly, to date (it’s actually more than that since I’ve been a customer over 5 years and rounded down the monthly payment, but to make it easy, we’ll work with $9000).

I have paid you $9000 for the convenience to watch TV (in-between customer service calls and technician visits). However, I do want to thank you for finally opening my eyes and wallet and realizing I can find another service provider for less than what I pay you. It is my fault that I have dealt with this type of “service” for this long and you got me for over $9000. Now, your corporate people can high five each other.
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Posted by Shaun on 2014-01-28:
If you're not happy with their service, you're right to find a better solution.

What did your neighbor have to say about all of this?
Posted by Jesuslovesme.sw on 2014-02-21:
I really do not understand why this company is still in business...

So my wife and I were on speakerphone with the sales rep. with DirecTV and the "gentleman" on the other end quoted us prices that we were genuinely excited about. We scheduled a so-called technician to come and install the package for us this morning. First of all, he showed up at 7:45 AM before I had even left for work in a raggedy little S-10 pickup with no logos or anything showing affiliation with DirecTV. I imagine all the dents and dings on his truck came from unsatisfied customers throwing rocks and junk at him as they ran him off their property. The nasty S.O.B. made my wife extremely uncomfortable the whole time he was there. While installing in my bedroom with my wife "supervising" the job, he at one point started rubbing his hands along her back and winking at her! I told her she should have kicked him out on the spot... Also, this Jackwagon ran the cable in my living room wall along the trim of my wall and up and around the frame of my front door. It looks like crap! He waited until after he was finished to inform us of what he had done, trying to instruct my wife on how the remote worked, when he said, "Don't push this button, It is for high-definition programming." What the heck!!! That was part of the package we purchased.

That was not the only thing the salesman lied to us about...
We were told the installation would be free... Except they charged us @ $21.00 to do it!
We were told that a HD-DVR was included in our package... Nope! Lied to us again!

I am now under the impression that these "salesmen" are actually telemarketers that will say whatever they can to get you to bite, so they can get an extra $ spiffed their way.

When my wife called Customer Service to convey our displeasure over the whole situation, she had to go through several folks just so she could actually understand them due to their accent. When she finally had a supervisor on the phone, she got passed from one to another. All we requested is that they stick to what they had originally quoted us. We know they "record all phone conversations for customer SATISFACTION, and training purposes..." So we told them to pull the phone records with our exchange with their "salesman" so they could verify the validity of our claim. Guess what, that information was not available according to one of the supervisors, yet another subsequent supervisor said it must have been deleted from their system because she could not find it! They can't even communicate with each other to keep their LIES straight.

The only options we were given were:
A) Accept their superficial apology, and keep the service as is...
B) Accept their superficial apology, and pay double what we were quoted to get what we originally wanted. (Which by the way, meant waiting 3-4 days for them to come back out to do the job correctly)
C) Deny their superficial apology, tell them to stick to their word or they can stick it _______(fill in the blank)

We chose "C"... Told them to turn their guy right back around and pick up their crap, and not to touch one penny in our bank account! "That's not how it works." is the response we got. "We will send you some boxes, and you can mail our products back to us, then you will get a full refund in about 30 days, minus the $21.00 installation fee..."


If you are considering DirecTV, I implore you to reconsider... There are many other providers out competing with this Hackjob TV service. I've noticed the others quotes are a bit higher, but at least they will have the ethics or good morality to keep their word, understand the importance of customer service, and wont send some pervert to you house trying to eyeball your wife!

Also, in comparison to my other complaints, this one is minor
Posted by Steve on 2014-02-24:
The last I heard DirectTV has lost lawsuits in 39 states for unethical business practices.
Posted by PalmettoGent on 2014-02-24:
Your experience with DirectTv does not surprise me at all. I tried them about 10 years ago and was so unhappy with the service that I dumped them after 3 months and installed AT and T U-Verse. Fortunately I had paid for the DirectTV installation and had not signed a contract, so I could get rid of them without waiting the year or two of a contract.
Posted by bzzoff on 2014-02-25:
Can't believe more haven't gone elsewhere. Unbelievable!

Prior to 2005, my new Wife and I had D.T.V. I paid back then by check, of course. They claimed for over 5-7 months that I DID NOT MAKE THAT PAYMENT.

They cut us off more than once. I spent more than 5-6 hours on the Phone. I spent "ROAD" time getting copies, faxing the Check (Both Sides), etc.

They still claimed they didn't get the $$. Then in desperation, one more time I called the Bank. "SHE" asked me what our account # was. I told her. Then she stated, "Look on the cancelled side of the check and repeat the Account # on the Deposit. I Did. Then she stated it was FIVE (5) numbers ""OFF"" my account #!

Then I called them again. They had NOTHING to say. Within two weeks they "CUT" me off again. That was the last STRAW. I really told them to Jam "IT" up their A??!

Next day I get a call from a chick wanting to get me "BACK". I really went off on her. I've NEVER SEEN a more polite and "CONTROLLED" person like her after what I said to her. I have to admit she was Like Secret Deodorant....Calm, Cool, Collected and DRY~! I told her to call back the next day @ 18:00 Hrs. She did and I told her NO~!

Since, I keep getting mail. "PLEASE COME BACK TO US!" Not me!
Posted by KaShiDC on 2014-02-28:
Direct TV is definitely the worst. I had their service for nearly 7 years before they decided to turn it off despite the fact my account was paid in full. Why you might ask? I did not have my TV connected to a phone line. This was news to me since the only phone jack in my house was in the kitchen, I would have had to run a cord through my kitchen and across my living room. It took months and Direct TV never could understand that I had never had the TV connected to a phone line and I never would. You could not pay me to use their service again.
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For all you DirecTV customers who LOVE to blame us Technicians, here's the real deal
Posted by DirectvSubContractor on 01/12/2011
PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been a Sub Contractor for DirecTV for 2 years now and every once in a while I surf these sites to see what everyone is whining and over-exaggerating about. While you people are bashing the installers for the work they do, or because they arrived late, or it took to long, or they didn't have the proper equipment.. It's NOT the techs fault! Everyday I'm given 4 to 6 huge installs that equate to over 12 hours of work, according to DirecTV time. Which means its more like 15 hours because things go wrong during ALMOST every install because DirecTV's receivers are GARBAGE. I leave my home in the morning at 630 and do not get home till after 7pm almost everyday of the week. I am FORCED to work 6 days a week, sometimes 7 days a week and can't do a damn thing about it because I'll be "fired" if I don't. They call us Sub Contractors but they treat us like employees when it benefits them. The labor board does nothing about it because we are considered Sub contractors. I can't turn down work like a contractor should be able to do because I'll be "fired". If there is 3 feet of snow on the ground I have to work on 2 to 3 story ladders. Rain, lightening, snow, sleet, the don't care. If a customer calls and complains about me being late or they don't like something I did I LOSE ALMOST ALL THE MONEY I MADE ON THAT INSTALL. Yup, DirecTV takes the money back out of my next check! No matter what the reason is! When we are late it's because DirecTV gives us way to much work, yet they take our money because of it. They force us to lie to customers about phone line hook ups. They make us tell the customers who have a house phone that we have to hook each receiver up to the phone line so it can download what ever software updates it needs when really its because they want the customer to be able to order movies so they can make more revenue.. The receivers download their software through the satellite, not the phone line. And, on top of all of this, the contracting companies steal money out of our paychecks every week for made up charges and for equipment rentals. they force us to rent a little handheld computer for $80 a month to activate receivers when we can do the same thing with a cell phone or over the phone.

Anyway, I can go on and on and on about the shady practices of DirecTV, DirectSat USA and all of their little shady contracting companies. So next time you guys and gals want to bash your DirecTV sub contractor think about who's really at fault..

And for those of you who are going to say, "Why don't you get a different job?" are you hiring? Didn't think so!

Your friendly neighborhood DirecTV Sub-Contractor
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-12:
But it's ok to bash the hand that feeds you.
Posted by DirectvSubContractor on 2011-01-12:
I'm not bashing anyone, I'm simply stating the truth..
Posted by whocares91 on 2011-01-12:
That stinks and sounds typical of a big company.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-12:
Sounds like you need to find another calling.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-12:
You should really find a different job.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2011-01-12:
I must say each and every contact I have had with installers or any of the technical people have been helpful, friendly and efficient.

I wish I could say the same for their customer service. Such is not the case. With an occasional rare exception it is always a frustrating challenge to accomplish anything. It generally takes 3 to 5 calls and/or emails to sort through the lies and get solid confirmation on what you want done.
Posted by idontthinkso on 2011-01-12:
Being a professional in the Security field, I feel your pain. Especially since you jumped into the Lion's den here. As a consumer, my experiences with subcontractors has been wildly varied. Experienced professionals like yourself can get burned out, or just start playing the game and slapping in whatever they can in the time they have.

The corporations know the stress they put on their subcontractors, that is WHY they use subcontractors. Paid employees would walk out if treated with the overwork, and penny pinching schemes that they pull on subs.

The turnover rate on competent employees is usually high. Even when a contractor starts attracting good employees, another company will come by in six months and undercut the contract. Screw service, they are $100 a job cheaper! You get what you pay for... Until the new subs get fired, or YOUR bosses buckle under and accept an even lower pay rate. Vicious cycle, which usually ends with you having a 16 hour day, dealing with a customer that has had 3 idiots screw up their hose before YOU get there... And you'd better fix it NOW!!

I feel your pain man...

But all we consumers want is what we were promised. A ball park time of installation, and for the damn thing to W-O-R-K!!! Can you really blame us, for getting grumpy while holding the wrong end of the stick?? None of us are involved in the corporate nonsense that caused this... we just want a phone-call when you are gonna be late. We want wires actually run INSIDE walls, instead of across floors or (yes it happened to me) across the front steps!

None of the winners I have dealt with over the years have even TRIED to explain being hours late, or that they simply screwed up or that they don't KNOW why the box doesn't work...

When the installer is professional, respectful and informative... I can forgive a LOT. When they point to the "EVIL COMPANY" shrug their shoulders and do a CRAPPY JOB... I raise hell. I call supervisors. I threaten to sue.

I have to.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-13:
Posted by azRider on 2011-01-13:
truly you need to find a new job. Clearly your stressed, over worked and under paid. if you have that many installs I'm guessing you work in a town with a good size. keep your job, but start looking around. save up 6 months worth savings, then start looking and get a less stressful job. maybe cleaning foreclosed homes..
Posted by Sassy2 on 2011-02-03:
Our Attorney Generals should do something about this money grubbing company! It is simply beyond belief what DTV can get away with!
Posted by doximom1 on 2011-02-06:
I have always had techs who were professional and actually CALL when they are on the way. It's the 800-DIRECTV reps who are often terrible! Very rarely does my problem get addressed correctly on the first call.
Posted by Joe Average on 2011-07-25:
Sub-contractor, all the grief non of the benefits. Sadly this is not only a DirecTV issue.Just another way big business screws the working class.
Posted by Joe on 2013-07-21:
I feel you brother I worked in sat installs, security, and audio video installs You do all the work they get all the MONEY I worked 15 hr days and had many problems with the company as a sub and employee I was great a the job so they wanted to keep me so I had it a little better than some think about this start your own buisness doing installs for surround sound and tv etc.
Posted by John on 2014-02-13:
I am a subcontractor of a subcontractor for DirecTV, most people are. DirecTV does not have many or any direct sub-installers. It is just like what the OP said. I am a sub when it comes time to get paid and an employee when it comes for freedom. I am required to work the warehouse for free one day a week. Its illegal but if I complain, no more jobs. If a customer calls in because something is wrong more than one week I get charged. I have been charged $55 for a job I only got paid $40 for and that was because a tree limb fell on their dish. This is every week, they take almost 25% of my pay in charge backs. For the first 7 days they will send the original installer out. If I get called out to fix another installer's job I don't get paid and he gets charged for my work and vise-versa. I am in Alabama but work for Wave Communications and services 7020 Tiant Way Elk Grove, CA 95758. Look them up on Google maps, it is just a house. They don't even have an Alabama business license they have an office in a mini-warehouse. If I ever get hurt working on your home you will get sued because they don't have workers comp on me.
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Horrible Customer Service, Fraud
Posted by Abandoned61 on 12/27/2009
This is the email I sent to HZBitew@DirecTV.com who is apparently the head for dispute resolution. Still awaiting a reply

I have been given your email address by a low level manager of yours regarding a major issue I have become aware of. I have been a DirecTV customer for the last 10 months, all of which unfortunately have been not very pleasant.

First off I would like to inform you that I am a Certified C-10 Electrical contractor and low voltage specialist in San Diego, CA. I have owned my own business for the last 7 years and up until today have recommended your service to several hundred clients over the years, my recommendations for your services will cease today!

I called this morning to inquire about package changes and got drastically thrown of course when the first customer service employee I spoke with informed me that I am in a contract till Feb. of 2011!!! When I originally signed up for DirecTV service in Feb of this year I signed and agreed to a 1 year contract with many benefits and new customer bonuses. I was happy and looking forward to my DirecTV service being activated in the next couple days. The tech showed up on my house on that Saturday and I had everything ready for him, he needed not run any new wires, there was no need to install or align a new 5 lnb dish as one was already on the house, all he had to do was make 1 phone call. I opened the box and installed the DVR as I have a very elaborate and very tidy equipment rack. The tech was in and out of my house in less than 30 minutes! I then received a bill for my first months service that in no way shape or form was indicative of the service that was originally set up for me. After several hours of phone calls, several hours of waiting on hold, and after speaking with no less than 10 representatives of DirecTV, 8 of whom claimed to have a “managerial” title, I finally came to find out that when my paperwork was processed I was put back in the system as an “existing customer”???? Ok; I used to have DirecTV service, over three years ago and in a different city, at a different address, under a different phone number, and under totally different contractual terms all of which were fully obligated and paid in full and terminated when I left that residence. So since I was “reinstated” by your company as an existing customer all of the discounts that were afforded to me as a new customer were revoked without any knowledge or consent. My package was set not at the level I had signed up for but at my previous, as in three years ago previous, package level which happened to be about $100 a month more than I had signed up for. This debate went on for about 2 weeks before I finally received a phone call from a “Dispute Resolutions Manager” who clearly saw what had been taking place agreed that it was totally wrong, credited my account for all wrong doing and the made sure I was given all the rebates and bonuses I was promised by DirecTV in the first place.

Since that date I have been very dissatisfied with DirecTV as a whole, why would a company so big that has to thrive on customer service and satisfaction so blatantly disrespect and misdirect their customers?

So I called this morning to inquire about making changes to my package as I am really planning on bumping my package down to the lowest level possible for the last 2 months to complete my contractual obligation and terminate my service with DirecTV. I was then informed that I am under contract with you guys until Feb. of 2011! I was absolutely confused and told by April employee number 100421021 that this was told to me by someone, she had no idea who, and that I never signed anything but I verbally agreed!? Do you guys encourage your employees to lie? To mislead? This is known as fraud in the consumer world. I was then passed onto a manage by my request, the next person on the phone identified herself as a manager but refused to give her name or employee number, once again, if there isn’t anything strange going on why do your employee’s refuse to identify themselves to customers? She then notified me that yes, I originally signed a 1 year agreement and that agreement was then extended another year when I added a new box in mid November.

A brief history on this HR21-100 that is now causing problems. Like I mentioned previously I am a contractor I sell and install very high end home automation systems most of which I recommend DirecTV as the service of choice, and only cause of picture quality, the customer service at this company is some of the worst I have ever experienced. I purchased this box along with 25 other HR21-100’s from Amerisat in San Diego, CA an authorized retailer, distributor and installation company for ATT, DirecTV, and Dish Network. These boxes were all purchased out right, not leased! When I installed 1 of these 25 boxes at my personal residence and called in November to have it activated, your company has somehow automatically assumed possession of this box and I have now been told that I am leasing this box from your company! Please, please explain how this works~! And because I “leased” a box from you, which is not the case at all I own this box, it is mine, my contract unbeknownst to me was automatically extended 1 year without any knowledge of my own and without my consent, once again fraud and misrepresentation. Had I been notified that by adding a box to my system that I would have to endure another year with this company I would have never done it and would happily remove said box if that was the case.

At this point the representative I was speaking with was clearly outside of their comfort/ knowledge realm and I asked that they transfer me to their supervisor. Once again I was greeted by someone who was happy to identify herself as a “customer service resolution supervisor” but once again she refused to provide her name or employee number and insisted several times that the topics at hand were solely about me and my account and she needn’t be associated with the current dispute, she advised me that if I had an issue that she would not listen to me and that all disputes need to be submitted in writing and may take up to 2 months before anyone even acknowledges my dispute! Please tell me this is not true. Why in the world would an employee have the title just mentioned only to refuse to do anything. Well I asked her that same question and was hung up on! No yelling, no cussing, no abusive language, just me asking with pleases, thank you, yes ma’am, and no ma’am and I was hung up on! I really hope that whomever I ended my phone call with it is notified in my account notes, because hanging up on a customer who is speaking very respectfully very calmly, and very professionally, and this should be very easy to hear because all of your phone calls are recorded, this person should be met with staunch discipline as this is a direct reflection upon DirecTV and all of its employees!

So now Sirs/Madams I am requesting your immediate attention to this matter. I will be posting this email and any responses directly on my website, and on no less than 10 consumer websites so that all may see how DirecTV handles its customers. My goal until this is dispute is resolved is to spread the word to as many people as possible, which will be in the thousands I assure you, to make sure that consumers are aware of the horrible business practices, unbelievably disrespectful customer service and mismanagement of your company and its customers. I also assure you that any positive response out of this will be met with equally positive distribution of information.

If this email and dispute is outside your allowed level of conflict resolution please see to it that this email is passed on to those who have the proper authority.

Your immediate attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

My Compnay is:
CE Pro top 100
CEDIA Certified Designer and installer
CEDIA Board Member

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-27:
"She then notified me that yes, I originally signed a 1 year agreement and that agreement was then extended another year when I added a new box in mid November."

Any changes to your service extends the contract, even if you just upgrade a cell phone. I agree its sneaky, but it is in the contract that you signed. Even if you purchased the box, you called them to activate it and that changed your service. Good Luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-27:
I R confused! And NO, I havent had any Wild Turkey yet today.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-27:
You signed up as a new customer and got a special rate for NEW customers. They in turn learned that you were not a new customer. You were a previous customer. You lost all the discounts you got as a new customer.

Nothing hard to understand here. It does not matter that you had a different address or phone number or lived in a different city then. You already had been a customer, therefore you can never be a new customer again.
Posted by Backlash2 on 2009-12-28:
If you are still a customer and DirectTV has your bank account or credit card on file,you would be wise to cancel these accounts before you cancel your service or Direct TV will help themselves to whatever they can get from your accounts.Good Luck!
Posted by LCDLBA on 2010-01-02:
I have never had anything but GREAT customer service with DirecTV. In fact in hard times, they have even given me a free month service so not to lose us! I have ZERO complaints about them! Been with them 6 years and will be will them for good. :)
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-01-02:
i solved all tv issues by choosing to not own one =)

the last time i went to buy a tv, i got to the store and realized i really didn't want one anyway.
i came home with a pretty lamp instead
Posted by Disgusted in NJ on 2012-03-20:
My big mistake was upgrading to HD/DVR I received a 2 page bill which I am unable to decipher and neither can their customer service reps.
I ask for a simple bill 3 days ago- I am still waiting, instead I get a credit for $3.19 for protection insurance that was added without my knowledge the purpose I have no clear understanding.
I am still waiting for a CS call back to explain my bill.
Posted by SRAgee on 2012-06-23:
@LadyScot, that is only how Direct TV operates when THEY want to. My roommate got Direct TV service in February 2012. After several months of incorrect bills and hours of phones calls to customer service, he decided to cancel the service. A month later, Direct TV helped themselves to money in MY bank account as I had been allowing the use of my card to pay his bills. When he contacted Direct TV customer service on the day of the charge, he was told that they would refund the charge to my bank account but ONLY IF he would reinstate his service. And was told that he could get even better discounts because he would be a NEW CUSTOMER. So, after being cancelled only a month, he would have been a new customer, same address, same phone number. So how is it that this person was getting service again after 3 years and not even at the same address but NOT be considered a new customer??? I filed a complaint with the BBB and am waiting for a resolution through them. But, my advice to ANYONE thinking about getting service through Direct TV....DON'T DO IT!!!!! My roommate actually got a deal with a competitor for $65 per month and that included TV and internet for 2 years. Direct TV can't touch that. They have the worst customer service and most unethical business practices of any company I have ever dealt with in my life. Fortunatly, this ordeal has been the reason that many of the people that I know that HAD Direct TV cancelled their service...making sure any CC information was delete so as not to have their bank account raped by Direct TV.
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Hidden Charges
Posted by Certifier49 on 12/19/2012
DENVER, COLORADO -- I know that this is just one of the many complaints that you must receive on a regular basis concerning DIRECTV and the way that they deceive their paying customers but I hope that with this complaint added to what must be a very large pile of complaints might do some good and help shed light some of their questionable practices.

I need to start out by saying that I have been a loyal customer of DIRECTV since 2007 and I have never been late with a payment or had to make a partial payment.

I have my DIRECTV service provided through Century link in Denver CO. as part of a bundle.
When I contacted Century link the company that I have had my phone service with for over 40 years and have always paid my bill in full within 24 hours of receiving Century link stated that they could not help me concerning they issues with DIRECTV service even though I make the payment to Century link.

When I contacted DIRECTV and asked why my bill with them was as large as it was ($87.99) they told me that I was on a older plan for my service and that I could change to a newer plan that would give me a better package at a lower cost.

I inquired about the various plans and was sent the information that included the different plans that they had and the price for each plan.

I chose the Choice Extra Package listed on DIRECTVs website and is shown to be $68.99 a month.

The Choice Extra Package cost $68.99 and $5.99 for their protection plan in case there is an equipment failure, which totals $74.99.

I contacted DIRECTV by phone on 6 occasions, talked to six different reps., and asked what the final price per month would be for the Choice Extra Package.

On all contacts that were recorded and can be confirmed by the recordings, I was told that the price for the package would be $74.99 per month.

I made sure that asked all six of the Reps. if the $74.99 total per month was the full price per month and as the recordings can verify the answer was always the same.
The monthly total would not exceed $74.99 per month.

On Sunday Dec. 16, I received an order conformation showing the $68.99 Choice Extra Package and contacted DIRECTV to ask them why the $5.99 for the protection plan did not show on the conformation.

After speaking to four Reps, I was told that the $68.99 was only part of my monthly charges and the correct cost per month will be $97.97.

I was never told that there were any hidden or additional costs just the total of $74.98 per month.

On Sunday Dec. 16th I found out that DIRECTV was included a lot of hidden charges for their service.

The charges including the hidden are listed here

Choice Extra Package $68.99
Protection Plan $5.99
DIRECTV Extra Pack $4.99
HD Charge $10.00
DVR Charge $8.00
Total For new Program Plan $97.97
The hidden Charge is $22.99 per month.
While $22.99 does not seem like a large amount when you multiply it 1by 12 is is now 266.28 per year.

With the creative way that DIRECTV is charging their customers, the amount that they are getting from their customers through their hidden charges and the number of times they are doing this creative pricing the number of hidden charges becomes very large and can represent a great deal of money.

It probably would be a great idea if some federal agency that can do something to stop this kind of underhanded billing practice look at this and do what they can to stop the customer abuse.

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Posted by Amy on 2012-12-20:
The price you were quoted was for the channel package itself and the protection plan. The other charges were for things not included in the package you chose. You wanted to know total price of the complete service they would be providing you but worded as the question was, they gave you total price of the package you chose without including extra services. It would have been nice if they mentioned that when you inquired about total cost but it sounds like their was misunderstanding on both sides, you either didn't realize the other services were separate charges from the plan you chose or you didn't think to ask. Perhaps asking about the total cost of the bill they will send you for all the services they provide you would have been more helpful.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2012-12-20:
The complaint give no indication that the OP had HD or DVR already. My take is they added that without approval. The fact that the OP was desiring a lower cost should have put DirecTV on notice that an increase in the bill would absolutely be deceptive on their part.

What is not mentioned in the post is DirecTV restarted a two year contract. I'll bet the OP hasn't realized that yet.

You must be EXTREMELY vigilant when dealing with any subscription based service company. Be it DISH, DirecTV or a cell phone company. They ALL will not disclose everything you should know. Their game is to maximize revenue at any cost to you.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-20:
I don't think I'd agree that these are hidden charges. Per your letter, "...and asked what the final price per month would be for the Choice Extra Package...I was told that the price for the package would be $74.99 per month". The point being that you've asked for the price of a package and was quoted a price for the same. If you had asked for the DVR, HD and Extra Pack, you would have received a different answer.

To me, this is much like going into a restaurant and asking how much it is for the 8 oz. sirloin stake. Once told it is $9.99, I reply fine and make my order but also get a drink, appetizer and desert. Then I complain when the check comes and it's more than the expect $9.99.
Posted by Mark george on 2013-11-17:
The government will get right on this.....just as soon as they get his healthcare problem squared away.
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Unauthorized deduction from my bank account
Posted by Francinehodge6 on 11/15/2012
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I am FURIOUS..!! Direct TV took an unauthorized amount of 182.76 from our bank account. UNAUTHORIZED!!!! Please - anyone out there who reads this, please pass this on to your friends. We were totally dissatisfied w/their service, were strapped for funds, etc. and decided to cancel our service. We requested to have packaging for the boxes to be returned - we sent the cable boxes back to them; and lo and behold, I went into my bank statement as I do all the time, and a debit was made to my account. I WAS FURIOUS. I want to my bank - reported it, it was too late to retrieve the funds, so I am now in the process of filing a claim with my bank. I will update you on what happened, but when I contacted Direct TV, it was NO SATISFACTION- I hear a different response from every individual I call.... I faxed them some information last evening, but I know I won't get anywhere with them. They had also attempted to withdraw 304.00 from my account (thank goodness I had insufficient funds, and another time w/i the same day, 243.00) - PLEASE BE CAREFUL and PLEASE do not give Direct TV your debit/checking account information AT NO TIME!!!!!!!!!! They are shysters!!!
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Posted by steveepb on 2012-12-09:
Same thing happened with me when I cancelled my account within 24 hours of starting service due to lack of "promised" channels. Short story, small claims court. Look at the terms of service agreement on their website and see if there is a loophole you can use. There was for me and it still took me taking them to court to get all that money refunded. Took over a year for me to get my 800 back but I got it.
Posted by sharonb on 2013-11-05:
They did the same thing basically to me. I tried to make a pmt with automated system and it said I owed to months and did I want to pay that. I said NO and the next thing I know they took $177.00 out of my
acct! When I hung up and immediately called them back they said they reviewed the call and that I said yes to the pmt, WHICH I DID NOT! Never got my money back. Changed bank accts and then cancelled service so they couldn't get any more money. Made me feel better that they couldn't get the early termination fee. They screwed me and I screwed them! This is the worst company EVER!!
Would not ever recommend anyone to use them.
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