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Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KY -- I switched from U-verse to DirecTV in May 2016 and it has been a disaster! I am so frustrated and upset by what I assume is lack of communication between these two merged companies. I have had billing issues each month since I switched and it has been a circus, spending hours upon hours on the phone with company representatives that have no answers. First, I was told if I didn't like the service I could cancel, no problem (this comes into play later).

Then, the billing issues began. I was to be credited due to the overlap in U-verse/DirecTV service, and was assured all was well. My service was disconnected the first month due to lack of payment because they didn't properly notate my account and I was being charged for both cable services. Lovely! I spent hours HOURS on the phone trying to fix this issue. Finally, I spoke with a young man who took care of the issue, assured me all was well, did not charge a reinstatement fee of $50 (of course not!) and emailed me so I would have proper documentation of this fiasco.

One month later... I paid my bill on time at the beginning of September in full. Two weeks later I turn on my TV and I am not getting any service. I believe it is a technical issue and follow the prompts on the screen. That doesn't work so I call the technical support number to find out my service has been disconnected due to lack to payment AGAIN! And that there is a $400 early cancellation fee because I am on a 2 year contract! What?!

The woman tells me AT&T communicated that my account was past due and needed to be cancelled, but they took money out of my account Sept 2nd for the amount owed in full. This women then tells me I can just sign up with her directly and only owe $6. Um NO!!

I then call AT&T but they aren't available after business hours. I call DirecTV back and because I am so disgruntled they patch me through to an AT&T representative that is now magically available. The very first thing I say to her is tell me the date of the last payment received and for what amount. She confirms what I already knew. I proceed to tell her that I have no service because DirecTV was told to disconnect me because I hadn't paid.

After a looong time on the phone, she tells me my service was cancelled because of a past due home phone account... That when DirecTV installed my equipment it must have linked me with a past tenant and this home phone account is 60 days past due, but she can't tell me the amount that is delinquent. Interesting!! So I have paid my bill on time and you have cancelled me for a past due amount on a phone home (that I don't have!) but you can't tell me the amount due. This makes absolutely no sense - none whatsoever.

I have called in numerous times with billing and technical issues for the crap service and instead of apologizing and making it right, I am told some bizarre story about a mysterious ghost phone line that is somehow tied to my TV service. I hate that I switched to DirecTV. I can't stand the runaround and games in talking to these people.
No one admits fault. There is no true customer service. They try to squeeze more money out any way they can. BUT bank statements and documentation don't lie. You can't do this to people. We pay for a service. Deliver that service!

It's sad to me that I have spent so much time dealing with this issue and I can't stand that my hard earned money is being paid to this kind of company that clearly does not care about their customers. The cable cuts out if the wind blows the wrong way, the billing is a nightmare, and no one has any answers. They just transfer you around until they realize, ok, this one isn't going away. So, just tell her the TV was cut off because of a nonexistent phone line...that's past due from a previous tenant that is somehow linked to her name and account. Sure, that makes sense. They lie in the store when you sign up and then you're in a maze from hell.

The billing issues are absolutely beyond belief. I'm disgusted. The woman I spoke with was kind. I felt I should at least say that. I fear that I will pay my bill on time next month and somehow, some way something will go wrong and I will be on this terrible ride again. An entire evening away from my family trying to make sure these people aren't going to charge me undue fees, cancel services I've paid for, and round and round I'll go. Exhausted, frustrated, unfortunate AT&T customer.

Complete Waste of Money
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Rating: 1/51

PROSPER, TEXAS -- I don't know if the DirecTV that I am dealing with is from Carrollton or Allen TX (I live in Prosper) but it is ABSOLUTELY A COMPLETE WASTE OF $150 a month!! This is by far the worst service I have ever had. I've had the service for two months and since day one, it has not worked, AT ALL!! EVERY channel pixelates, every channel freezes. I have not been able to watch TV for two consecutive days in two months.

I've called time after time and the issue is only fixed temporarily for a few hours. As soon as I turn the box off it does the same thing. The techs on the phone are worthless and can never figure out the issue. I took off of work, a tech came to my house and said "I don't know why I'm here?" I told him the service isn't working and he says "someone else will have to come back another time" and LEFT.

Mind you, I'm paying $150 a month for this junk. A very nice guy by the name of Joel has been out to my place on numerous occasions and it still doesn't work. The Internet is a whole other issue. I'm getting download speeds of 3 when I'm paying for their highest speeds - whatever that may be I have no idea because none of this crap works. I've been told that a manager will call me, he still hasn't called and I've only been waiting for his call for a month. $150??? Download speeds of 3??? I cannot rewind, I can't record. I will be cancelling this next week and will never deal with DirecTV again.

DIRECTV 2-Year Contract and Bundle With AT&T - Not Good.
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Rating: 1/51

BEREA OHIO -- OK, I wanted AT&T U-verse. They did not have it in my area so AT&T said they would bundle with DIRECTV. I got a quote and signed up. Worst mistake ever. The quote they gave me was $30 a month less than what they are charging me. They say it's because the options that I have even though nothing has changed from when I called them and told them from what I wanted. They will not let me out of contract and the only way to get bill to that price is to get less options such as only have one TV with their service, which is not an option for me. I have one in the living room and one in the bedroom and that is it.

Both companies keep pointing the finger at each other for the extra costs. I will never suggest AT&T or DIRECTV to anyone ever and will continue to write a review every day until my contract is up. Sometimes these companies need to know when to give up. I will go back to WOW cable. They're a little more expensive but well worth it. I wrote this review a year ago (2015) now and since then feel the same and have an update now.

So to start 2016 my second year with DIRECTV and AT&T bundle. Still like their options but when my discounts were done with they tried telling me I was paying $194.00 a month for basic internet phone and TV. Not one of my packages was better than the basic 10mb internet, 200 min and month of phone and choice TV package. What a scam. I called and it took several calls and about 2 months to get it figured out. Now right after I get it done and am paying $131.00 a month (Had to drop my phone to get it down so much) they sent out a flier for what I had, 2-year price protection and contract for $89.99 a month.

So I called and asked if I signed up for a new 2-year contract if I could get my phone back and get this new rate? Guess what they said... "This is for new customers only!" WHAT?! So they basically said "We do not want to be loyal with customers and that it's not worth it to accommodate you." Thanks but no thanks DIRECTV and AT&T bundle but you guys are horrible to your customers and I will never recommend you to anyone I know. Not even my enemies. I am now searching for a new provider.

Product, Installation, Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BURLESON, TEXAS -- I was cancelling U-verse because of poor service and got talked into DIRECTV with the promise that I could cancel if I was not satisfied. It started with the installation. I was told it would take 2 hours to install. It ended up taking 5 guys, 10 hours to install because none of them knew what they were doing. They were all very nice but told me they had not been trained on the equipment that I was getting and did not know how it worked. After 10 hours they were all very ready to go home and they left wall plates off, a tangle of wires in my living room that you could launch an Apollo Rocket with and a system that does not work well at all.

Next is the product. I have never seen so much unwanted and unsolicited advertising in my life. I would bet at least half the channels that you get are pitching something. I bet there are 300 channels trying to sell you movies, pots and pans, vacuum cleaners or something. They have obviously pimped themselves out to any and everyone that would give them money. Also, the channels are so disorganized and difficult to use it makes no sense at all. Now when I called them with all of my issues and disappointments they told me that no matter how much I complained they would not let me out of the deal like I had been promised to get me to sign up.

Don't do it. Go to a different product. I will make no pitch for anyone else but it can't get any worse than DIRECTV. I hate it, my wife hates it and even the kids hate it. They are corporate thugs that will tell you anything to sell it to you and will not honor their promises because they know you have no recourse but to pay. Good luck. I hope you have better luck than me. Thanks.

Do Not Follow Verbal Instructions on Equipment Return - Make Them Send in Writing
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Rating: 1/51

OOLTEWAH, TENNESSEE -- We had DirecTV for 8 years and paid our large monthly bill consistently on time (NFL Sunday Ticket, 7 receivers, DVRs, etc., our monthly bill was $200+). Early this year we were relocating to another city and I called to discontinue service.

Was instructed that our equipment (receivers and remotes) was old but if I wanted to re-sign in my new city, they would give me new equipment and reduce my monthly bill significantly for the same level of service. I declined and was instructed to remove the access cards from the receivers and to return them in the recovery kit to be sent to me. I was further instructed to take the remotes and receivers to a recycling place (earth911 or He also advised that because I had paid that month's bill that I would receive a prorated refund.

As he indicated, I received a recovery kit for the access cards and followed the instructions provided by DirecTV and returned the access cards. I moved and subsequently received at my new address a statement indicating I had a credit balance of $152, so I was expecting a refund check. A few days after that I received a recovery kit for 2 receivers??? Then I received a revised statement that indicated I now owed $143! They had charged my account $292 for non-return of receivers.

I phoned and spoke to 4 different people. All had to transfer me to someone else and ultimately I was told I had to put my dispute in writing. I did so. A few days later I received an email (that I could not reply to) that said they tried to call me (no one had called and I had no voice message) and I needed to call them. I did so at the number provided in their email and spoke to 3 people, and all of them tried to convince me to re-sign with DirecTV. One even spoke to her supervisor and said if I re-signed with DirecTV that they would reverse all the charges because I had been such a loyal and well-paying customer. I got nowhere.

I sent an addendum to my written dispute hoping it would get to the right person. Yesterday I received a revised statement that they charged my credit card 143. I find their behavior of a GOOD customer (their own definition) reprehensible. So they never intended to refund my credit balance and then to add insult to injury, charged my credit card even more. My question is, if I was a loyal customer with a premium package for over 8 years and I always paid my bill on time, at what point did they determine I was unable to follow instructions? Their very own instructions? SMH!

Nightmarish Customer Service! Avoid Like the Plague!
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Rating: 1/51

RHINEBECK, NEW YORK -- I scheduled an installation in person for a week out and received a reminder call days before as well as the day of for the 12-4 appointment. 1 o'clock, nobody. 2 o'clock, an automated call saying no worries, they were on their way. 3 o'clock, nobody. 4 o'clock, nobody and I called the company to see what was going on.

4 o'clock -- Rep # 1: Very nice and accommodating, but had to place to me on hold for over a half hour to try and figure out the discrepancy between her computer stating someone was en route to my house currently, as well as it saying I had been rescheduled for an appointment three days away. Returning with no answers, she stated she had called my local office and that a local supervisor would be in contact with me shortly.

After 30 minutes and no calls... 5 o'clock -- Rep # 2: After explaining my situation and asking for a supervisor, this short and abrupt representative put me on hold, only to return and state my local office was closed and that she had spoken to her supervisor, and that I had a scheduled appointment for three days away. She was promptly hung up on.

5:15 -- Rep # 3: A very pleasant man answered and stated his supervisor was in a meeting, so he made over a half hour of efforts to call my local branch (which he confirmed was open until 6, despite the previous rep), while finishing by stating a local supervisor will return my call in 30 minutes to an hour, to my protests of "I've already been through this."

45 minutes later, with no returned call... 6:30 -- Rep # 4: A pleasant woman answered the phone and handed me over to her supervisor after some brief questions. Supervisor: "We're sorry, but somebody is on their way," to which I responded, "Your local offices closed at 6."

I was then told that I had an appointment scheduled three days out and that I would receive compensation for my troubles. When asked how much compensation I would receive for almost 7 hours of waiting, confusion, and incompetence on their part, he replied, "One hundred dollars is the highest I can go." One hundred dollars barely covers the satellite pole installation, with $20 left over towards my first month's bill!!! What a slap in the face!!! Avoid this disreputable, dishonest, cluster of a company like the plague!!!

DirecTV Is a Scandalous Service. Crooks and Liars.
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Rating: 1/51

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I thought that DirecTV would be a good time watching documentaries, movies and being able to record the shows that would come on at times that I wouldn't be home or when I am watching something else at the same time. They get you into a two year contract that has around 120 channels which started out at $49. That gets a "free" installation, DVR with 120 channels of which around 75 channels are 24/7 INFOMERCIAL CHANNELS dedicated to selling everything under the sun. Channels such as QVC, HBUY. Now they are profiting from not only me but from the infomercial companies.

Commercials used to be the only way the TV companies could make any money at all but now they are able to charge all subscribers with their equipment and have rates for the different plans. Now they also have their pay-per-view service where you are charged for watching a movie as well as subscribing to watch your favorite sports teams entire season for a mere $200-$300. Now this "industry" is ripping EVERYONE that were unfortunately caught up in their "monstrous scam". The plan I chose for economic reasons was $49. You would think that since you are in a contract the rate would be the same for two years but no, after the first year it jumped to around $78.

I called to ask how and why it changed and received a question "Have you not reviewed your billing statement? Well if you had you would have seen that we reminded you that your introductory rate had ended after the first year." Now this came out of both the customer service representative and her manager. I also want to mention that there was one 1 specific channel that I would like to add - The American Heroes Channel previously called the Military Channel. I was informed that I had to get the most expensive package and the rate would be at $150 dollars a month. That didn't include internet services or phone services just 250 channels.

Now there is one more issue. I woke up at 4 am this morning. I turned on the TV to find the only thing to watch was infomercials, the local channels, History Channel, National Geographic Channel. Just about every single station was a infomercial, not commercials - INFOMERCIALS. Just this week the courts found that the cable companies and Charter TV have been overcharging customers and have to pay everyone back. It is very apparent that the satellite companies have been overcharging customers too. I estimate it should be in the billions. I AM PAST READY FOR MY REFUND.

Absolutely Awful, Do Not Use
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Rating: 1/51

PALMETTO, FLORIDA -- I've been with DirecTV for a year and a half. I am disabled after a bout with cancer and massive chemo and radiation. I fell behind on my bill and contacted customer support to stall my account until I could get caught up. I was two months behind. I apparently was still being charged even though I had no service. I promised to send a payment in June 3 which I did and was told by the representative it would be no problem, just that I'd have to pay a $40 reconnect fee when I paid up which I had no problem with.

Two weeks later they wiped out my bank account and charged me over $500 receiver fee, contract term fee and remaining balance. I am disabled, I get a check once a month. I explained this all to the representative beforehand and was assured it was not a problem before they wiped out my account. It seems using a debit card to pay gives them permission to use that card to withdraw unapproved payments. When I contacted them all I got was a runaround... I guess it was more important to corporate to get everything they could out of me right then than keep me as a customer.

I had full intent of paying my bill. Sorry DirecTV that CANCER got in the way and put me a lil behind. Apparently the word of your representatives don't count. I will be going hungry the next two weeks til I get another check. Thanks DirecTV and AT&T. I was a loyal customer but you will never get another dime from me and I will do my best to make sure everyone knows not to do business with you!

Horrible Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- We had normal reception one evening. The next morning, no TV. My wife - when we FINALLY got a real live person on the line - was subjected to an hour and a half of trying this, trying that - all the time on the phone. She asked for someone to come out and fix the problem (obviously it was not our problem, the TV just stopped working). He said he had to go through the entire check list before he could send someone. Finally he had us up and running. The point is that it was not our fault - it was theirs. But we had to pay in hours of disruption and telephone time. Not cool. We will change when our contract expires. Horrible company!

$200 VISA reward
StarStarStarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 3/51

This turned out to be a deceptive reward that DIRECTV offered us upon signing up for their service for a 2-year contract. As far as DIRECTV service goes, we like it, but when I tried to go online to get the reward, after having DIRECTV installed in my home, as they had directed me to do, their message said we were ineligible.

So, I called them and explained the situation. The representative said I was ineligible. "Why then did DIRECTV tell me we'd get the reward upon signing up," I asked. No concrete answer. I told the representative this was a dishonest practice and to write it in my account notes that I would be telling anyone interested of my experience with DIRECTV. So there you have it, for what it's worth!

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