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Dish Network Fraud
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO -- After cancelling my account with Comcast, I decided to look into Dish after I was mailed an ad stating that I would get free HD for life, a Hopper, and free installation. PERFECT! All for about half of what Comcast cost. I called the number on the ad and specified what channel I wanted and had the representative repeat that I was indeed going to get that channel with the package I ordered, free HD for life, and a Hopper. I paid the deposit and verBally agreed to a contract over the phone.

The AD also stated that we would get same day installation. I was then transferred to the installation scheduling department who told me that they do NOT offer same day installation and that they can not control all the ads that go out. What?! OK, I let that one go. When the installer came to my house, I told him that I did not want the dish on my house but instead on a tripod to which he agreed. I stayed outside to work on the yard until he told me the installation was finished. I came inside to about 30 feet of cables running through my house. After expressing my frustration he then slid the cables under the wall to "hide" the cables.

I didn't care, at least he tried. He then turned on the box. I instantly noticed I did not have any HD service. He told me that his work order was for the basic package that did not include HD service or the channel I specifically requested or the Hopper and that he could not do anything about it so I would have to call. Fine. I called Dish and that was when they showed their true colors.

Dish informed me that in order to get HD for life I would have to pay an additional deposit and that their records show that I never requested HD or the channel I wanted. I told them that I honestly did not care about the Hopper as long as I got HD and the channel I signed up for in the first place. I was called a liar and told that I would have to talk to the executive resolution team. I talked to a woman who told me that she would pull the phone conversation and give me a call within 24 to 48 hours to resolve the issue. I waited 4 weeks and still no phone call.

I called Dish once again and they said that the phone call still hadn't been pulled and that the woman I talked to was too busy with other customers to help me anytime soon and that it would be additional 4 weeks. I voiced my frustration and was told I would get a call in 24 hours. Surprise, no call and the woman I talked to was never available to talk to me. I waited one more week and called again, the representative told me that there was nothing they could do and that the call still hadn't been pulled. I let them know that if they did not give me the deal I was promised based on DISH'S OWN AD that I would cancel. I was threatened that if I did that I would have to pay even more money to break my contract. After threatening legal action all of a sudden I was allowed out of my contract with no further fees. The cancellation was explained to me...

I was told I would receive a box in 3-5 days with a prepaid UPS label to return the equipment and all I had to do was follow the instructions inside the box. I had 30 days to return the equipment. 3 weeks later, the box finally came. I boxed up the equipment and got it to UPS ASAP. Because of Thanksgiving, it got to DISH one day past their 30 day policy. They then deducted a ridiculous charge that I was never informed of right out of my checking account. I called Dish again and was told that it was my fault for not getting the equipment to them on time. I explained that the box was not delivered to me in a timely fashion and if they go to and look up the box they will see that. I was told by the representative, "That isn't my job ma'am." (I am a sir, and I had to correct her 5 times and she still called me ma'am.)

I told her that they overdrew my account and I needed to have a refund issued ASAP. I was told that a refund would take up to a month but if I held they would transfer me to a resolution team. Instead, I was hung up on. Called again and explained to a different representative, I was hung up on again. Called yet again and finally go through to a supervisor who told me that I was entitled to refund but they can not do a refund instantly that it does take up to a month. I disputed and informed them that they have no issue taking money out, why does it need to take so long to return? She said that she didn't know. After being on the phone with DISH for 5 hours, I finally got a refund that was guaranteed to be returned in 2 business days....

I waited 2 business days, still no refund to my account. I called yet again and was told that they did issue the refund but it was my bank that hadn't accepted it. Called my bank, there was no record of a refund. Called DISH who then stated that there was no refund coming as there was no information on my account. WHAT?! After going through the process yet again and waiting 3 business days (while racking up overdraft charges at my bank for almost a week) I got my refund. DISH did not offer to cover my overdraft fees but they did tell me that I am responsible for shipping charges from their prepaid UPS label that can be anywhere from 16-40 dollars depending "on the day" as it changes daily. UGH!

I asked about the actual dish and tripod that is still on my property. I was told to keep it and take it to The Dump. I asked them to pick it up, they informed me that it would be a $50 charge for one of their technicians to pick up anything. WHATEVER!

Do NOT ever deal with DISH. They entice you with great offers but then once you have a contract they lie, cheat, and steal until they can no longer get anymore out of you.

Never once did I get an apology, a kind word, or compensation for any of my negative experiences. Keep in mind, this is a condensed review based on months of negative issues with DISH.
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User Replies:
BeckiB@DISH Network on 12/02/2012:
I am sorry that this happened to you and I would be happy to look into this further for you. Please send me an email at Thank you!

Becki Barned
DISH Internet Response Team
Deborah on 12/31/2012:
I'm so glad I read this.... I was thinking of switching to Dish Network think I should stay with the horribly Time Warner that I have no need to change for more grief
ok4now on 01/06/2013:
You have proven me wrong. After suffering abuse, lies and horrible customer service from Comcast I thought they were the worst. Dish Network has taken this to a new level. I hope your most excellent post informs many readers not to make this mistake. I now have FIOS and have had no problems.
waa on 01/12/2013:
Thank you, your comment is very helpful , I had plan to switch on Dish. Their manner is very shameful. This make me to hesitate for now
fedupliz on 01/24/2013:
First thing first NEVER ever allow any company to access your checking account. Use a credit card so you can have them handle any overpayments and refunds. Learned this the hard way. Company crooked employees think they have right to take whatever they please.
Rich on 01/24/2013:
When you send your equipment back after changing service, BE SURE you keep the delivery confirmation number. DISH charged me 200 for a converter box they said they didn't get. I told them I had proof of delivery and would take it up with the credit card company and it was soon removed from my credit account. Previous poster is right, use your credit card (for all things) so you have some leverage in these fights.
Southern Gentleman on 01/24/2013:
Thank you for your informative post. Several years ago I had Tru-Vista cable and was very dissatisfied with their frequent "outages" along with numerous other problems, including almost constant price increases. I decided to drop them and have Dish Network installed. Because I had heard some bad things about them I decided to turn down their offer of free installation and did not sign a contract for a specific term. Almost immediately it became apparent that Dish had lied to me about the channels available in the plan that I had selected. I was also disappointed to find that a high percentage of the channels were music or shopping channels. After only about 60 days I canceled Dish Network and signed on with AT&T U-Verse. Although there are still some problems, overall U-Verse is better than any of the TV services I had used before. I guess I was lucky that I chose to pay for the Dish Network installation because that saved me from having to sign a contract that may have been almost impossible to cancel.
Really? on 01/24/2013:
The agents on the phone will lie to you, or deceive you just to get your business. I had an agent with another provider tell me that they improved their system so you don't lose signal or quality in a rain storm, but I knew that was a lie... Get names, times and dates, and start recording your conversations. Make sure you check with state laws concerning recording phone conversations...
cable hater on 01/25/2013:
Time Warner also lies and misrepresents the same way.
JAMES Jefferson on 01/25/2013:
I really was thinking of trying one of thoes adds
1gary on 01/25/2013:
Years ago we had Dish TV. Not bad people to deal with at the time but the problem we had was with snow and ice in the dish receiver.

I believe AT&T owns Dish Network and as AT&T expand coverage with their U-Verse high speed cable service Dish will suffer and perhaps be sold off. Based on what I read and heard from other folks who at one time had Dish service, I'd surely not recommend it to anyone.
djlonghofer on 02/03/2013:
Take note. Dish Network was just named the second most hated company in the US. Why in the world would you do business with a company like Dish?
Kt4candle on 03/14/2013:
I moved to Ky a few months ago and called around for cable/ dish service. With dish offer $19.95 they lead me to believe that I would have many choices of channels. Got all setup looked for my channels and there it was. I was very happy until 4 days later. I went to watch my show. And low and behold it was not there. I looked to see if channel number had changed
as they do sometime and of it had not changed. What happened? I called dish to ask why it's gone. I was then informed it's not in my package what I was watching a preview on that channel and it expired at the end of the month. I then asked how do I get the channels I want. I was rudely informed I would need to get a bigger package by the end of this call I went from 19.95 to 49.99 then to 65.99 then I got my first bill for over 90.00 and I called to ask what was up with this. There were charges for changing my package and other things. I pitched a royal bitch about it. By end of called I was told for the next 6 months I would only pay 49.99 well guess what that never happened my bill keeps coming for over 65.00. I called today because myJoey is not working in my bedroom and they have you go through the process all I got from this rep was would you like to buy this or that from them. And she slides in the cost it will take me to get my broken Joey replaced. My ears were smoking and I told her what I thought and she then pitched their Internet service. I told her your dish services is so bad
Caligal on 04/23/2013:
Haven't had any experience with Dish but I can tell you horror stories about DirectTV. They have the worse customer service I've ever had. It is almost the same as Christophers. I had autopay for years and really never thought about the bill since I also had paperless billing (wrong wrong on both). My credit/debit card expired and I just never thought about Direct (my fault) one day no service. I called and they all but called me a dead beat for not paying (btw I've been a customer for 9yrs.) I explained that I never got anything from them and they said, not their problem. I paid all that was owed, put my new card on file and thought I was done. Less than 2 weeks later I do get a message that my service will be turned off if I don't pay my late payments, what late payments I paid them already and have my receipt. I called they left me on hold for 30 min. they said I underpaid by 22.00. I told them I paid what was on the online bill. He told me either pay or if it's too expensive reduces my package. Darn I decided to talk to a manager (waste of time) 25min on hold and he finally came on and said that since my card had been rejected 2 times then they had cut me off of my specials! Wow what a company. I need to get away from this company but where to go?
jaqz on 04/30/2013:
Very useful feedback, as I was contemplating switching off 1 vendor and replace it with Dish. Lure of cheaper package is not worth all the troubles (and they are fairly recent) which I have read in this post so-far. Thank you for the information!!!
Terra on 05/16/2013:
I am SO glad I read this. We were considering Dish and now, there is NO WAY we will even CALL them. I hate businesses that LIE to get you hooked and then you get nothing like you were promised. I will just keep my antenna, lol.
Brian on 05/24/2013:
We moved out of state and had to buy another home. I had to cancel my Dish service because we did not have an address yet in our new location, we were still looking to buy a home. Dish told us to send back our hopper and other equipment. After we moved I called Dish and was told that I would have to buy a new Hopper and other equipment at full price if I wanted service. Or I had the choice to wait 90 days to start a new contract but they would have to charge me a 280 dollar cancellation fee for the old contract. Today they charged my credit card without my permission for 280 dollars and we still don't have Dish service. What a joke they are. Never again will I trust Dish Network and NEVER again will they have my business. They are CROOKS of the highest degree, nothing more than thieves. DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT, BETTER YET DO NOT USE DISH NETWORK.
Phil on 06/03/2013:
Whew, I was contemplating getting rid of TERRIBLE Charter Cable which I thought was THE WORST COMPANY IN HISTORY. After reading this I may just stay with these unbelievalbe JERKS. Thanks for posting.
wendy on 06/03/2013:
Thank you for the info. I go by based on great deals and customer service to find a local provider. Sorry about your experience, I feel bad u had to go through that and I don't work for the company. Hope u found a good provider.
Jimmy on 06/13/2013:
All I can say is wow! Thank god for google, I was seriously considering DISH. I've had no problems with Comcast except my bill is too high, need a change ! Fios is not available in my area yet ! I will stay with Comcast until fios is available !!
ZZ on 06/16/2013:
We had Dish for 2 years, this is my opinion of what I learned.
1. Tape your conversations if your state laws allow it as Dish probably doesn't.
2. If you decide to cancel, send a certified, return receipt letter at 90 days before. They change the method and way to cancel sometimes.
3 .Pick a credit card that you can put a merchant block on as they take their money in whatever manner they decide and you can't turn off the card on their site.
4. Expect the monthly bill to go up every once in a while so check it regularly.

When we need a laugh, we read DISH NETWORK COMPLAINTS on Google and roll in the floor laughing.
Priscilla on 06/23/2013:
Thanks for the info. I going to change but not to Dish. I now have Fios and had it for years.Fios is running a special bundle for around $90.00 a month. My bundle ran out to get a bundle not as good as what their special is my bill is around $220.00 a month. I have no HD boxes. Jimmy don't change to Fios unless you have a big bank account. They sucker you in with their specials and take you broke. My box broke so they sent me a new one and now they are charging me more money because they had to replace the old one. I buy my remotes on eBay because it is such a hassel to get one replaced. Their customer service stinks. If anyone knows of a reasonabe trustworthy company please let us know.
gino on 07/05/2013:
Lanny on 07/08/2013:
Note: All comments are reviewed by a moderator before being published. Please be sure to read our guidelines before commenting. Really? Wow I wonder what the people posted who didn't get their comments on here? Grumpy customer service people unable to help you!
Chelsey on 07/08/2013:
I looked for a few hours for a number to call and complain about a HORRIBLE sales rep. I am building a house and am shopping around for a provider. My mom suggested dish for their tv and Internet bc I am having a hard time finding providers where I am building. I called. I was treated like a moron and got one word answers on questions like "after you reach the data limits per plan what happens?" And he says shortly "your speed" how is that even an answer? I called my mom to tell her how unhelpful they are. They are the worst. I have worked in the service industry for years and I would never treat others the way he did. Buyers beware, I should have looked up the reviews first.
Lyman Oliver on 07/25/2013:
Thanks for sharing I was in the check out section of their website getting ready to press proceed. Something told me to check the reviews first. Thank God I did because I have been through so much with the other company that I don't want to deal with the hassle. I'll get by with NetFlix.
Debra on 07/26/2013:
Thanks for the info. I just moved back a rural area that only has Direct TV and Dish as satellite providers. I am going to go with Direct TV after reading the horror stories.
ralph on 07/26/2013:
I called Dish today to get a quote on service. The representative said he could not give me a quote without a social security number which I refused to provide -- certainly not required for any quote in my book. So, he relented and said that if I had good credit, for minimum service for 3 tvs and internet it would be $85/month. The low end internet maximum speed is 5mbps and medium is 10mbps. I asked what the guaranteed speed actually was -- from Dish standpoint zero mbps would meet their obligation under any contract. If I pay more than the 5mbps rate I expect higher speed than 5mbps but that is not the math they use. The prices they advertise are not the prices you pay, the service you pay for does not obligate them to provide it, and you can not cancel the contract. Are they kidding? Where is the consumer protection agency when we need them?
karen on 07/27/2013:
After reading all these comments, I'm laughing my fannyoff. Dish has been awesome. No problems relocating or upupgrading. I really think these people are trying to defraud this compamy!!!!
Emma on 08/04/2013:
For Ms. Debra,
Do not go with Direct TV!!! I'm here looking for something better than Direct TV. They make you happy for first 12 months, but then second part of your agreement, goes up double in price... Customer service bellow zero, even the people in charge, if you ask to speak with Mgr, don't care about your issues or concerns... All you hear is "I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do...bla, bla"... Simply horrible. I'm about to break the contract and pay fees just to get over with them. And yet, every month new charges, always go up for 2-3 dollars. Just wanted to save you from stress. Good luck!
.. on 08/07/2013:
I had a very adverse problem with them and referred them to my states atty general fraud division as well as the us atty general. I also file complaint with BBB and the FCC. Guess what? I got a reply from all of them and Dish immediately went into suck up mode w/ a touch of back handed trying to get me to say while they recorded that It was my fault. I declined to further discuss with them and let the atty general handle it. Got my service
donatello on 08/15/2013:
Thanks for all the informative comments! I'm fed up with Comcast's poor service, slow internet, insulting and lying customer service people, and the bill that mysteriously goes up and up. But it sounds like all the providers operate the same way! They have us at their mercy and they know it.
felisa on 08/18/2013:
I wish I would have read all of this before getting involved with those criminals. I would not recommended them to my worst enemy. I am being screwed over and I've had the service only 6days. Any help to get out of this maddens without paying over 660.00 total would help so much.
erik on 08/22/2013:
Checked Direct TV Ratings and the same thing. Guess I'll just get the HDTV antennae. When I stop to think what we pay a year for the trash on TV to begin with, I get more incensed. I come from back in the day
of the Carol Burnett Show, etc. when there were no bleeps and your kids could be in the room watching it with you-----decent, fun, entertaining TV.
Rita on 08/26/2013:
Had Dish Network a few years ago and it wasn't too bad. Changed to Direct TV and was happy until price went up. Was going back to Dish, but not now, rather pay a little higher price. Thanks everyone.
Amy on 08/27/2013:
Dish Network has been voted the number one worst company to work for two years in a row! You can check this out on MSN. If you have complaints, the email of the CEO is
singh on 08/28/2013:
Thanks for the alert. I was planing at and t and help me make my decision.
Al on 08/29/2013:
Thanks very much for the low down on Dish and Direct. We were considering dumping the terrible, arrogant Comcast crew and going with Dish.
After reading all these negative comments on Dish and Direct we're forced to stay with the devil we know I guess.
amyhoover3676 on 09/04/2013:
I gave the wrong email address. Joe Clayton is the CEO and his email address is If you are unhappy with your service, you should contact him.
Margaret on 09/06/2013:
I too was going to switch to Dish for the bundle pak (internet, TV and phone) because Cox is so expensive. I spoke to a guy at Dish and he was trying to sell me more than what the brochures I received via USPS. I told him I was an avid sports fan and he told me they had NFL Red Zone which is exclusive to Dish because they own it. I found out they do not and is offered by Cox and other companies. I also found out they use Century Link for the internet, which I have heard horror stories about them too. I finally called Cox and told them I was unhappy with what I pay. They happily negotiated with me for being a loyal customer and reduced my cost by 20% for a year. This will give me enough time to really do my homework and research with all cable/satellite companies. I'm glad I read your review and others! Scary stuff!
coachv on 09/22/2013:
we switched to Dish Network internet and it has been totally worthless. we bought the mid-range service because the rep told us it would allow us to download anything we wanted (videos) at fast speed. after installation, which required a second dish on our roof (we have dish for tv-another nightmare), the installer made us sign up for a 2 year contract. no mention of a contract was made by the phone rep. when I hesitated, the installer said he could go back on the roof and take everything down. over a barrel, I relented.

that's when things got worse. internet service was fine for a week. after that nothing would download. no videos, no matter how small. even eBay and yahoo mail took 5-10 minutes to load a simple page. we called tech support and were told we had reached our data cap for the month. what!?! we were never told of a data cap when we spoke to the phone rep. what is this, 1993?

also, the phone rep told us the modem was free but they are charging $10 a month. when I called I was told there is no such thing as free modem. so we pay $60 for a week of internet.

tried to cancel but was told cancellation would cost $300. also want me to go up on roof and get dish to send it back. really?

dish forces you to agree with direct withdrawal from your bank account for bill payment, otherwise the bill is double.

tv service is just as bad. force you to take protection plan for their equipment when you sign up. after 4 months it's $10 per month unless you cancel. could not cancel on their website so I called. after much arguing, was told my bill would now go from $65 per month to $174 per month! btw, if their equipment malfunctions they charge you $95 to come out and fix it! don't know how these crooks can stay in business. I'm going to my bank this week to see if I have to close my account to stop these crooks from stealing more of my money.

Bill on 09/24/2013:
I got the same treatment from Dish. I had an online conversation at to what I would be charged and for the next 3 months was charged $10.00 more and told them that I didn't want the service. After blocking them from charging my credit card, they used a different merchant # and charged me $440.00 that I am still disputing. If you cancel with them and have allowed them to charge your credit card monthly, cancel that card and open a new account. This company isn't worthy of operating in the United States, they are absolutely unethical.
Rg on 09/30/2013:
Ty so much you all wrote great reviews and kept me from making a mistake in switching !!!!
Debbie on 10/07/2013:
Just reading these comments as I am sitting on the phone waiting for a "supervisor" to return to me after putting me on hold. I wish I had done some research before I signed on with this company. We have a second home in a location without cable. Once we signed on with Dish, the gentleman came out to the house and installed the dish and equipment- so helpful. Before he leaves he says, "just call us if you need anything." What a joke this company is! The service was never good at our house. We kept getting different messages and would call customer service each time we were at the house to try to fix it. Very frustrating considering that we are paying close to $70 a month for TV service only, and barely able to watch the TV. After about 9 months of this poor service I was told that Dish TV doesn't really work at a second home, some story about the box needing to be on to receive the updates. So I decide to try to get a service person to come out, they tell me they don't have service people come out until we first try to replace the box. So I drive 3 hours to get the old box. they send the new one to my home and I return the old one. I call to see if I can get an appointment and they tell me to try to hook it up myself first. Then the next day I get an email saying my service has been disconnected. I call, they apologize and say they cannot understand why they would happen as they have no record of a request for cancellation. They tell me they will turn it on but I need to pay the months bill, even though not due for a week. I give them my credit card number because my old card had been compromised and they had the old card's number ( even though I had called a few weeks before and updated my payment info.) Then I ask to speak to a supervisor, I would like an appointment to have my box hooked up and service checked, after wasting so much time on the phone. So they agree and we set up an appointment for two weeks out. Fast forward to today, I decide to call and see when the service guy is coming, I have cleared my calendar to drive 3 hours up to the house. When I call in the message says that my service has been disconnected. I call the customer service number- they are so sorry blah blah blah, then I ask to speak to the supervisor- he is so sorry blah blah blah. He says that they have no record of me having the receiver. I explain that I have the new one, the old one was returned 3weeks ago. He said I should have activated the new receiver. I tell him I don't know what he is talking about, but I've paid good money for terrible service for one year. I want the service reconnected and the service person there tomorrow early afternoon. He puts me on hold to "check something", and that was 50 minutes ago! I've been waiting and reading these reviews- unbelievable! I have never had such horrible service! Not Verizon, Comcast,Pepco, you name it. I'm waiting it out because I dare the supervisor to come back and try to explain such customer service! The CEO should be fired,
kristi on 10/22/2013:
Been with dish almost 2 years and for the last year I have had to call them at least twice a month for something mostly being over charged and I never get a polite represenative and have been hung up on several times so since this channel black out crap started I called and of they don't try to compensate u for losing some of the ur channels but just really tired of messing with this company so I placed and order with direct tv and they will be out tomorrow to hook it up and I'm gona drop my package with dish down to the minimum and drop to 1 tv and pay the bare minimum to them until my contract is up in December its pretty sad that people have to go through crap like this because a company doesn't care enough about their customers to try to make things right and fair with them..mi mean if it wasn't for the customers their business would sink so why not treat them good and try ur best to keep ur my opinion Dish Network will not be operating in 2 years because they r already losing more customers than they can afford to..its sad but I guess its life..goodluck everyone
Barbara on 12/06/2013:
Dish Network has the most unethical policies and practices! I implore people not to use them. Once they get a hold of your debit card or bank account, they will TAKE money from your account. I called my bank about it and they told me this is an almost daily complaint they hear about Dish Network. Dish Network requires a 2 year contract and after 1 year I had to move. They said I could put my programming into "pause mode", and pay a monthly fee for the remaining year, which I did. When year 2 was up, I called to return the equipment and cancel as directed by them. Shockingly, they reneged stating my contract had been paused too! Thus, I paid a year of fees for nothing PLUS an early termination fee! I requested to go back "on pause" during the same call and pay the monthly pause fee (for the rest of my life?) and they said they'd have to charge me a $12.00 reconnection fee plus $29./month since I was no longer eligible for "pause mode". A prerequisite for being a representative there must be "zombie robot Nazi style" Lots of apologies and lots of repeated narratives. I can't imagine working for such an evil corporation. I'd rather starve.
Stacey on 01/18/2014:
Thanks so much everyone for the honest reviews on Dish. I have been shopping around since Comcast is robbing all of us blind, but after reading numerous negative accounts of dealing with both Dish and Direct TV, I am sticking with the cable criminals for now. Maybe I'll call and get cost reduced as I have been a loyal customer for almost 15 years now.
John Michaels on 03/28/2014:
Yeah, believe me. I went through the same thing, so I feel your pain! I got my Dish TV service through a site called Satellite TV Depot ( ) because I thought they were offering the best price with a limited time offer. Once I got the service I had to call in a few times and it was really hard to get connected to anyone who could help me or knew what I was talking about it! Dish, get your act together!
Keith Canale on 03/29/2014:
I too got screwed by dish. At least they let you out of your contract. For anybody considering service with dish....please save yourself much aggravation and possibly being ripped of. Whatever you do, do not allow them to do an autopay. We had dish and moved asking for our service to be transferred. The installer was unable to get line of sight at our new residence. The tech called customer care and reported this. Customer care was very rude and arrogant. The tech stated that we would probably be let out of our contract, but she refused. I informed her I wasn't going to pay for a service I'm not getting at which time she stated, "Mr Canale I don't care what you do. We will just charge the credit card on record". I will pay their early termination fee (over 700.00 due to having a bundled service), but on my terms and with a money order. As for their shipping boxes so that I may send their crap back costs another 17.00. 4 years with DirectTV and I never had a problem. I was stupid for switching.They really don't care and have reps with attitude. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB,, and my friends who have Facebook have also agreed to help me carry the message about their company. Please pass the word.

Very angry and disappointed
Keith Canale
Freedom NH on 04/01/2014:
My wife and I had Dish for many years, and in 2009 she died. I had to cancel Dish, just too expensive. So I had no tv whatsoever. I live on the side of a mountain and don't even receive 'free' tv(airwaves).

Well never owning a computer, I bought one, discovered Ebay, and bought a used older dvr (50 bucks $5.00 shipping) , I connected it and viola had free channels and at least once a month hbo etc, trials Shepherds Chapel.

Then one day a message was on the screen saying 'smart card not activated', so I called, found out they do a pre-pay month to month and I stung at the $32.99 a month but had my own receiver so I went for it.....LO 8 days later a bill for $7.00 because I have recording capabilities. They knew of my equipment they were able to trace it, so how come no-one told me about this fee? The bill didn't say what the $7.00 was for, I had to call, I'M Furious let me tell you
Fiona on 07/14/2014:
My husband and I have had Comcast for about 8 years but I noticed that bill had been changing so much, not consistent every month, so when my husband got sick I was trying to find something that would give me the guarantee that I would be paying the same price. I checked Direct TV and DishTV and looked at the channel line ups and prices. All of Direct's packages had sports and I didn't want that so I checked on Dish and the 3rd level had the premium sports channels so I opted for the next one down.
I got a deal for 98$ a mth after taxes with 6 months of premium movie channels free. But I would have to call before the end of July to cancel or I would be charged about 55$ a month extra for all of the movie channels. Another perk was if I did direct debit/Autopay I would save money off my bill, when I signed up it cost me like 50$ for half of the month.
I did a verbal contract over the phone and they sent me confirmation in an email.
Everything was fine after the first 2-3 days but then everything started going wrong...I called customer service and complained about the skipping out of service, it was happening so much over the next week that I was on the phone with them so much they agreed to send out another technician to check satellite placement.
All this time I was telling them I am sorry I signed up for this service, it is horrible and I want it out of my house. They said that if they technician found something wrong that they weren't able to fix they would happily remove all of the equipment and get would waive the early termination fee. If we still wanted it out and there wasn't a problem we would have to pay the fee, he cost that was left on the contract, I had not knowingly or deceitfully on their part signed up for a 2 year contract, found out when the technician came to install everything, he installed the stuff yen asked me to sign if I agreed! Stupid moron, it took 2 hrs for him to install.
Needless to say! I have been trying since I got it in to get rid of it! they don't have a 30 day buyers remorse like other companies...I talked to comcast when I went to bring my boxes back and they were shocked and apologized that they could offer to buy back my contract from them.
After reading all of these reviews I am very scared of what they will do to us should we try any further actions...I am tempted to cancel my bank card for fear that they will get into my account.
An article that my husband found stated that they were involved a suit with 46 states' attorney generals and the BBB. They shelled out over 6$ million in restitution!
I am so ready to switch back to Comcast and find solutions to the things that raised my costs.
E.Embree on 08/27/2014:
Thank you so much for telling your story. I thought I my local provider (Mediacom) was bad, and I was on the verge of switching to Dish. I'll probably go back to DirecTV. They're all horrible.
M.A.. on 09/12/2014:
Thanks for the warning!

Over the years we've had Time Warner (marginally less awful than Dish, if this sorry tale is any indication!), Comcast (marginally less awful than TW, we found), and now RCN, which, despite its equally poor reputation has been remarkable efficient and courteous, only once running late for an appointment, but then called to let us know and re-routed another technician so we wouldn't have to be 'stuck there waiting' -- very impressive.

But I'm betting that each company its good managers and bad managers in any given region, so maybe we just got lucky and Christopher real unlucky, since I know a couple that have had very few problems with 'Dish' aside from the notorious but inevitable weather issues.
Joan on 11/12/2014:
Had 3 TV's connected - two DVR and one without. The one without has never worked. The DVR forces me to watch the channel that is being recorded. The remote randomly quits working - batteries have been changed but that's not the problem. On one occasion when the remote stopped - some sort of game started downloading. I called to inform DISH that I hadn't ordered anything. The entire system is so cumbersome I just wanted it gone. I can get it gone for $380.00 . I asked to have the 3rd TV that does not receive a signal removed from the account but that's not happening either. So now I am paying for a service that sucks and is hardly reliable along with a connection that never worked to begin with. Heaven help me but the day this contract expires I am contacting Direct TV. Can't believe there's a service out there that is actually better than Direct. Then there's the whole "charge for movie channels I never wanted". Don't get me started - I'm sitting here wishing to be two years older just to get rid of this mess.
Bal on 11/27/2014:
im one of the customer of dish net.the service was soo bad.when I connect they say we wil provide high speed of Internet but they provide only 1.5 Mbps of Internet.i call and ask them about the speed of Internet they say 1.5 Mbps oils the high speed of Internet.they also say monthly payment was only $39 dollar but they charge me $147.68 dollar I told a about that also they say it's come from Internet and long distance charge.they say TV service also free but they charge me $22 dollars. Last time.i call them becoZ I don't like Dish Net I told them to disconnect the Internet they say we have to pay $400.50 dollar for determination fee I don't know that.i have before used century link its was good but when the Dish Net Internet service was soo bad .i don't like Dish Net becoz they told one thing and did another
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Coax Cable Fire
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LITTLETON, FLORIDA -- On April 7, 2014 my son went by my home only to discover that the back side of my house was on FIRE... He quickly started ripping off siding and put the fire out with a water hose, now here is the bad part, usually he DOES NOT come by early, and my BLIND mother-in-law is home alone. Thank God he came by early or it could have been a terrible situation. I called Dish called Dish @ 5:55pm after approx 89 minutes, in 5 calls to "customer service" to get someone out to the house to check the wiring, the best they could do was have someone out the next afternoon. I was not happy with this, was scared my house might burn down. The next day 4/8 I contacted another Dish contractor and they had a tech come out and inspect, he stated in his written report "cable shorted out causing the siding / mulch to catch fire". He did make sure the cable/receiver was disconnected. Charged $75.00 for house call. Later that afternoon a Area Business Manager came out, took pictures, spoke with my husband, never heard from him again.

On 4/10 the company that installed the system several years ago came by, same thing, took pictures. Received a letter from them on 4/18 stating that "An assessment has been completed, however, we were not able to determine that the issue was related to installation. Based on this, please be advised we have denied the claim." I called the company a total of 3 times to request a copy of their assessment, still have not received.
Got a letter from Dish dated May 23, stating "Our Engineering dept has performed a through investigation of this allegation and determined that the damage was not a result of any malfunction of your receiver or other Dish Network equipment. As a result, no reimbursement or payment will be made to you."

I spoke with the Corporate Field Resolutions Dept, and told them that the receiver was NOT was caught on fire, but to no avail. He stated that once the equipment was installed it became mine and my responsibility. I can claim with my homeowners insurance and if they feel they can pursue Dish. First of all I did not want to claim with my insurance, it was DISH FAULT. They also stated that the damage was probably caused by "animal activity", so I responded with why aren't the coax placed in a protective (PVC) pipe? Again not their responsibility. As you can see from the pictures the damage was not extensive, but, still there was damage that needs to be repaired. So I will contact my insurance co and see.

Again Dish Network has the WORST customer service I have ever encountered. If you have Dish PLEASE check your coax lines, if you live in the country (like I do), you might want to "critter proof" your lines because Dish will NOT HELP YOU IN ANY WAY....
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Top Ten List: Why Dish Network SUCKS
Posted by on
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- DishNetwork (abbreviated DN from now on) does NOT give a damn about pleasing their customers. And why should they, their product is garbage too. Like Letterman's Top Ten List, here is my Top Ten List of why I think DN SUCKS.

10.) EVERY TIME it storms, service goes out. Does DN care? No.

9.) When we upgraded to HD, they left the old receiver at our house so they could keep charging us a "Leased Receiver Fee" ($5.00)

8.) No local channels in HD (as stated in other reviews) and not that many other channels in HD either. Also, HD honestly doesn't look as good as other services I've seen. And yes, we're using an HDMI cable.

7.) One of our "new" receivers was broken and DN wanted to charge us $15 dollars in shipping fees to send it back. It took some serious yelling to get them to pay for it.

6.) When we initially upgraded to HD "for free" they threw in a $50 receiver installation fee "by accident". It took 2 phone calls (lasting about 1.5 hours),

4 different associates (including one manager) to get them to take it off.

5.) When I asked the manager why the previous associate didn't see another associates notes in our account, the manager said "Oh, sometimes managers can see notes that no one else can see." WHAT'S THE POINT OF THE FREAKING NOTES THEN?

4.) When we upgraded to HD, I had to call them to activate the HD channels. The guy who installed it didn't even bother to check if it worked. Oh and he used composite cables on our HDTV despite the HDMI cable we laid out in front of his face.

3.) Been a customer more than 4 years now, and we had to start a contract when we upgraded to HD. Now if we cancel, we'll have to pay a $240 cancellation fee.

2.) Shameless DN ads constantly playing on every single channel.

And, drum roll please ....
The number 1 reason why DN SUCKS: When I expressed my intent to cancel their service immediately, they didn't object at all. It was the only time in the conversation they confidently knew how to proceed.

We only subscribe to DN because my parents only watch one international channel they offer. If you are looking for a customer-friendly, reliable, high-quality cable TV service, just look at the majority of reviews on this site and

DO NOT GET DISH NETWORK. I repeat and implore everyone reading this, DO NOT GET DISH NETWORK.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/28/2008:
Thank you friend you might have just settled a rival on this website which is better cable or Satellite. (VH)
lobo65 on 01/29/2008:
Man, your installer was a moron if he didn't know any better than to use composite cables. I've been happy with Direc TV, but I know a lot of people here are not, based on some of the reviews.
Anonymous on 01/29/2008:
Wally excellent point and "Best Answer"!

Dashh you can email Charles Ergen, CEO and Chairman of the Board for EchoStar Communications, the company that owns Dish Network. He can be reached at: You should send him a copy of your post or a link to it. (VH info and post)
James Bond on 08/09/2011:
Do not get Obama-balled by Dishnetwork!! My friend bought into the 2 year contract scam of Dishnetwork and has to pay a $100 dollar moving fee to get the sucky pathetic crap service located to a new house. She tried to suspend it for 6 months but the screw ball dictator service reps said that can only be done after your first 2 year contract. My advice to Dishnetwork is to relocate to China and screw the economic booming Chinese.
Tekla75 on 06/26/2012:
They are billing me in CA for a service in OH and when I reported the fraud TWICE they "did not receive the fax"!! Mind you I sent the fraud form, a police report and proof that its NOT me. And CS just says "its not my department"
sis :) on 10/22/2012:
thanks so much for the huge FYI!!! I am sooo tired of being a victim of tv providers. we have researched and most links agree, DISH stinks. WHY aren't there guidelines/boundaries for an industry so out of control? we are looking for a dependable...a real joke when describing DISH apparently...small package for an elderly friend. the hideous high price of the most basic cable package seems to be our only option. at least she won't have to climb on the roof every time a breeze blows through. of course, paying her cable bill each month could quite possibly blow her over. disgusted but happy to avoid a big DISH blunder. that is a positive. :)
junieb on 10/26/2012:
Sadly, cable is not much better,they do not have a contract but their bill goes extremely high and they will not negotiate with the customer on lowering the bill.My bill jumped to $166 per month and there are not that many HD channels.I have 1 DVR and 1 regular box and 1 mini box.
Dish Sucks on 11/04/2012:
They are the worst company/ service provider I have ever dealt within my life! They lie, add hidden charges and services you have never requested. Made promises with confirmation numbers that never happen. Remove channels without notice and charge same amount of money. I am seriously disgusted by them Not to mention they outsource American jobs to Pakistan...Dish is run by corporate scumbags! I'm paying $210 to remove their service and they won't send me the boxes to return receivers...where they will try and charge me a $100 late fee. I've spent hours on the phone pleading with them. Why cannot I physically return them to an office!!! WORST COMPANY EVER.
very disappointed on 11/15/2012:
Loyal customer of dish for more than six years. Had receiver (actually an LNB) issue with our hardware. This is the equipment that is on dish's side of the d-mark line, so it is their responsibility. We were told that a $95 dollar maintenance fee would not be added to our account because we had been good customers for so long. We were not charged for the new LNB which was as it should have been.

Needless to say, we did get charged for the $95 fee and have been told repeatedly for the last three months that it had been taken care of, meaning removed and AT and T had been compensated. [If you have a bundled account with AT and T, get rid of it ASAP. AT and T has notified us that our entire phone and internet service will be disconnected for non-payment of this past due charge.]
We finally have given up and have canceled Dish Network and have paid the contested charge. Dish Network is completely dishonest=they lie. Don't EVER sign up for Dish Network.
Rick on 01/04/2013:
Don't even let the Dish Rep (and I use that term lightly) on your ROOF got Dish before hurricane Ike in ConroeTX went on vacation to get away from IKE came back everyone elses dish/direct TV dish was intact mine blown down dish comes out one week later different installer reattaches dish antenna but make 4-6 new roof and when he leaves tells my wife oh yeah the last installer did a crappy job I had to drill new holes you've got some holes that need to be repaired on your roof!!!! Well he was right on that
Giselle on 01/15/2013:
I ordered new service with dish yesterday. I pd $153 to get it installed on two tv's. the conformation e-mail said they were giving me a receiver without hd! On that same email- it said if you picked the 250 ch package, (or the two below that) had paperless billing, auto pay, and signed the 24 month agreement you would receive FREE HD FOR LIFE! This is a total scam! After it not sitting right with me , I called back and asked them about this and they wanted to charge me $200. More dollars for the HD receiver! They put me in touch with there account specialist after several calls about this being false advertising. The specialist said he would waive the 200. Fee and I was so happy. After hanging up I thought I would call back and have a conformation email sent to me saying that. I called right back and the guy said he didn't have that in the notes and put me in touch with another specialist! At this point I was furious ! That specialist said the same thing and said she would have to charge me $116. More dollars ! I asked who the other specialist was and if she could get a hold of him - she said no it was impossible! To make a long story short- I made 2 more calls and they said they could get it down to $67. I was furious at this point- shaking- pissed off mad! I probably could have paid that $67 more dollars and been OK . But I decided that wasn't the point. I was blatantly lied to to get me into the two year contract! I did not want to go into a contract for two years based on false advertising and customer specialists to lie to there customers and cause a lot of grief right off the bat! I called them ( hopefully for the last time) this morning to cancel my install. They are supposed to refund my $153. In one to three days! I can only pray they keep there word on that. Thank god I never signed any contract!!!!!! To all of you out there - be real careful with these free gimmicks - it's a bunch of crap!!! After reading all the posts on here , I'm glad I canceled my service!!!!!!!!!
ray on 01/23/2013:
I have dish down here in Mexico.They suck big time down here, too.I thought it was just different biz ethics,but when I read some of these posts,I think they are the same.Here,to cancel is almost impossible.If you stop paying for reasons not yours, your name goes to the credit bureau.The good thing is that it takes the sane time and effort to clear your name from the bureau as it does to cancel dish service legally.I pick the former.
Wayneo on 03/16/2013:
Dish network customer service is non existent.
Hayde on 03/19/2013:
EVERYONE, make sure to complain to the BBB, the FTC, and your Attorney General. For the latter, once they receive so many complaints they open investigation, and DISH has been sued at least 3 times by MO AT. Let's show the world how DISH really treats it customers.
This link below is all the crap our amazing Attorney General has had to deal with regarding DISH. and output=xml_no_dtd and client=ago and num=10 and proxystylesheet=ago and q=dish and btnG=Search and ie=UTF-8 and ulang=en and ip= and access=p and sort=date:D:L:d1 and entqr=0 and entqrm=0 and oe=UTF-8 and ud=1 and start=0
me on 04/26/2013:
I will never use Dish Network. They fired an employee for legal pot use in Co. OFF THE JOB. This guy is in a wheelchair from an accident. Heartless.
Paula D on 05/13/2013:
I had dish service and after we moved they were pissed that my husband moved the dish successfully so they could not charge us 100$ and then our box went out took them over 30 days to send someone out who broke all my pictures because he did not know what he was doing and then the box went out again and they would not send anyone to fix it for 30 days again my contract would be up by then so when I said I don't want the service anymore they hung up on me and continued to do so til I turned them into the BBB they finally cancelled the service we went with Time Warner and have never been happier . no contract great service 30$ a month .if you want all that fancy stuff get internet and cheap cable and get any program you want I pay less than 85$ a month for cable and internet .DISH SUCKS !!!
Mike on 05/20/2013:
3 mo. of service. Nothing works. First the remotes won't work. Then constantly losing signal. One cloud in the sky and you aren't watching TV. 4 so called techs in 3 mo. SAVE YOUR MONEY. DISH SUCKS!!!
dave (dissatisfied customer) Mather on 05/28/2013:
DISH service is poor at best. Every time the service goes out is like when the wind blows and their only questions are do you have anything obstructing the DISH? It is mounted on my roof ina 10 year old sub with no trees around my house. Now the DVR isn't even working when the service signal is loss. Satellite, especially DISH is terrible.
jack on 07/16/2013:
I have the same experience
they rip their customers off
and because my parent need to watch the Chinese channel, or else I'll not waste money with them.
Walter on 07/17/2013:
Dish suc@s.

Their customer service is the worst. I mean they are extremely rude. When I called for assistance, a female representative answered the phone. This female a@@ begins to bark commands in the phone. I mean she was yelling as if I was a John trying to skip on paying her for a poor service she so lazily provided. Sorry about the John comment. I truly do not seek out those services. I finally had enough from her. Thus, I told her "Just stop talking and let me speak to your supervisor!" She was not expecting my comment. I guess she has truly become accustomed to treating her/Dish customers like a weak husband/wife/little brother - you get the point. With my earth shaking comment, she was shock. And, for a brief moment (whatever is time measurement is less than a micro-second) she was afraid and civil. Of course, I was placed on hold until my next birthday. Her supervisor was really no better. If Dish representatives (some of them) are so upset with their disposition in life - making a little over minimum wage. Do not take it out on customers because your life is what you envisioned. Instead, use that negative energy and get off their jacka@@ and go to school or somewhere to better themselves. Most important = try Christ and prayer.

Readers heed my warning. Do not subscribe to Dish!!!! You will be sorry. Although my contract is not up, I dropped them like a hot potato. I am not worried about my credit. I can take care of that. I do not know about your reader, but I refuse to pay for an attitude. If I desire a confrontation, I will go to football game or boxing match.

Dishless Out!!!

PS: Comcast is horrible as well!
Cannon on 07/31/2013:
First of all Dish does not go out every time it storms. I had dish for 3 yrs. in Denver and it only went out twice during a snow storm for like 1/2 an hour. Second of all Dish offers channels on 1080p whereas cable and Direct can only offer 1080i. The rest of your frustrations are completely valid. Dish underpays their employees and views all their customers as nothing more than a $. They will make YOU sign a contract, but then change the rules of the agreement whenever it suits them. Direct might cost a bit more, but the service is a world apart.
person on 08/08/2013:
I have had dish for three years and my service has only went out once due to a blizzard. I have the hopper and 2 joeys.The DVR is amazing. Way better than the one I was using with COX. My dish bill is way cheaper as well. Not sure what you people are talking about.
Dish on 08/11/2013:
Steve on 08/24/2013:
I have had Dish for nearly 15 years and not once have I had any troubles. Had a receiver go bad once, but they sent a replacement pronto at no charge
respect1953 on 08/24/2013:
from bad to worse...internet out for month, service is way to expensive for what used to be normal use of service. In order to surf, you tube and watch Netflix it costs 100. Programming is old, less HD, we pay over 200 for bad services. That is a lot of money and they want more.
brian coker on 08/28/2013:
Dish is a ripoff. I answered an add for dish $19.99 month but they said their cheapest package was $37.88. Then I got on autopsy with a prepaid credit card. Took advantage of the refer a friend program. Which was supposed to give me $50 off my bill. Then they sent me a bill for $140.00 said I didn't pay last month. And that they are charging me for channels I clearly stated I do not want. I'm done with dish. I'm going to break my contract.
amyhoover3676 on 09/04/2013:
Joe Clayton is the CEO of Dish Network. His email address is If you are dissatisfied with your service, you should let him know!
Matt on 09/13/2013:
Why DN sucks? Everything above AND – (1) I had a receiver replaced when it stopped working. It was an older HD they didn't even carry anymore. Got a replacement (not and upgrade) and they tried to slam me with a 2yr commitment? I called them and they removed the commitment. However, when I asked for a copy of commitment status/ contract obligation, in writing, they flat out refused. All they would tell me is I had “0” time obligation left and they could only give me an over the phone conformation. No email receipt is authorized? Hmm? Your contract obligation is conveniently missing from your posted on-line account also…creepy. (2) Two days later they drop KBS World from their Korean channel package. No warning or friendly courtesy letter (by contract they can do that), but still. Oh, but they still advertise KBS in the DN Korean “tiger” package. Even though they don’t carry it nor have a disclaimer of it being dropped - Classic Bait and Switch and also very unethical. Apparently, all the business ethics classes following the ENRON fallout were missed by DN Corporate? Yeah, F* and % You Too! DN Corporate!

Took my "0" commitment time remaining and walked away as of today.
Jon on 09/18/2013:
A whole lot of you need to learn to read the things you're agreeing to.

No equipment upgrade or charged for an upgrade? Did you have a protection plan? I know DirecTV requires you to have a 'protection' plan to ensure NO COST replacements of bad equipment OR upgrades to HD.

Service goes out in storms? Might be worse with Dish than with DirecTV, but I saw the same complaints about Direct before we got it and we have it go out... occasionally.

Maybe its worse - or maybe the same type of over-dramatic person that claimed direct's goes out 'all of the time' is here as well?

Left old receiver and kept charging you? DirecTV installers do not, at least in my area, take old equipment either - I am required to return it myself, DirecTV will, however - UPON REQUEST, provide me with a box as I have returned two of them and it worked that way both times.

Four year customer but still slapped with a cancellation fee? Probably because the contract you agreed to considered that upgrade a contract-renewal, which you failed to read - much like many cell phone provides consider plan-changes as contract renewals.

Blah - this is probably 20% bad service and 80% consumer ignorance.
robert on 10/07/2013:
If they were the only company left id use a coat hanger .now I love my Comcast never ever again dish customer service sucks
Jim on 10/08/2013:
I have had Dish TV for several years and my experience has been quite good. I upgraded to the Hopper, which is a very nice DVR, and I have an external hard drive connected to it to store movies, etc.

Yes, if we have a severe storm come by, the TV signal is lost while it is overhead, but that is generally only a minute or two, and the TV is back working again. The picture from the satellite is superior to any cable I have had in the past, and my experience with customer service on the few occasions I have called has been prompt and courteous. When I had an issue connecting the Hopper to my internet connection, Dish customer service spent about half hour working with me to get it working properly.

I have also had Direct TV, and I had no problem with them either. The quality appears to be the same as Dish, but at least at the time I relocated, Dish was slightly less expensive for what I wanted.

If I could just find a truly high speed internet service in my neighborhood, I would be all set. But given the pathetic service I have experienced with Charter, I will never go through that one again.
Maria Crossen on 12/06/2013:
I have had enough and am going to sue them in small claims court for the balance of my contract amount or an immediate termination. I'm thinking any judge in the world is going to side with me.

These are the facts:

-I entered into an agreement on April 22, 2013 with the company to provide service that included television, music and the ability to record shows so that I could skip through commercials as desired. They have advertised this feature repeatedly for more than year.

-The problems I have had existed from the start and have continued to this day. I have been told different stories by everyone to whom I have spoken in their attempt to explain the faulty service I have received. None of them proved to be true with the exception that "there are known issues with the software".

-I have missed work waiting for technicians to come to my home. I have wasted innumerable hours on the phone with technicians trying to resolve the problems only to discover that all of these problems have existed since they first put the Hopper on the market and they knew about them. They knew about them but failed to disclose them to me before I signed the two year agreement.

The issues in existence currently and for which they owe me the sum of $1,703.84 or a termination of our contract are as follows:

1. The Skip Forward 30 seconds function does not work consistently and instead will skip backwards various time increments sometimes even to the beginning of the show. Other times it skips forward several minutes at a time or all the way to the end of the show or movie.
2. The record function will record a movie or show but when attempting to access the movie at a later time, will not show information about the movie such as who is in it or when it was made and sometimes it won't even show what the movie is about.
3. If you record a movie on a subscription channel and the subscription runs out, the movie is no longer available for viewing even though it was recorded while the subscription was being paid for. I was told that these movies would be available for viewing after the subscription expired.
4. The fast forward function will forward all the way to the end of the show or movie in one second even though you have it in the slowest fast forward setting.
5. Events that have been scheduled to record will not record for no apparent reason
6. There is only a limited amount of activity with the Hopper allowed such as setting up recording requests before the whole system shuts down and has to reboot. This happens even when the number of record requests is fewer than 5 or 6.
My advice to all of you is to sue them. Our government won't police these people but if everyone just takes the time to file a lawsuit against them, they will stop this stuff.
The cost is as little s $50 and you will feel so much better!
Calvin on 12/31/2013:
Someone posted that dish has better equipment then directv. Dish's touted Hopper dvr can record 3 channels at once and during prime time you can choose 2 channels to record and your 4 local channels are recorded.
Directv's whole home dvr can record 5 channels anytime and of any channel.
I have directv and I do like it. The programming I have and the 3 dvr's and 5 TV's even my cable company can't beat their price. It's not that it's cheap but my cable company doesn't have dvr's that communicate with each other like directv's whole home dvr system.
wally on 01/28/2014:
Dish network got me,,,,$19.95 to over $100, in a heartbeat,,,,200 channels in a second, none worth a dammmn. Dish sucks, would I recommend,,aint got a chance.
Susie on 01/31/2014:
They have owed me a 50.00 gift card for over 6 months but suspended my service for 17.00 dollars.. Do not get dish I'm going back with Suddenlink. Dish will promise you gift cards on top of gift cards but there so broke they never produce them.. Also get some American workers not foreign they say we not know what you talkin bout
. Funny thing is they know what you talkin bout when your wanting new service... Dish sucks . Com
Rafael on 03/20/2014:
You guys have no idea what your talking about. Dish is way cheaper than Direct. I have Dish and I have no complains about it. Yes they charge for receivers if you are a 1-3 star customer. If you pay in time and have awesome credit they give you the upgrade free and if you don't then that sucks for you! Your problem for not paying in time! I have awesome programming and they have amazing customer service! I love dish!! And I recommend it to everyone out there!
khalil on 03/21/2014:
Now we don't have aports time Ohio, no high school bball or cleveland indians baseball. I'm disconneting
mel on 03/24/2014:
Well, at the apartment complex where I live, HOA decided to go with resort internet which is dish internet and TV programming, the worst from day one, TV signal is always out, internet is very very slow, problem is that they won't let people get comcast back. I know COMCAST its a bit expensive but they are very reliable and internet is super fast. COMCAST over dish crap? Believe me I'm trying to play a you tube song and it's been 37 minutes and the song has been interrupted over and over again. as for tv programming, we got used to COMPLETE SIGNAL LOSS check your wires or CALL THIS NUMBER I call such number and a dude fro Philippines without a clue answers my call....
john doe on 03/24/2014:
Dish didn't protest your cancellation order because the rep knows what the company is like --voted the "most hated company in America" and they have to have a conscious at some point.....they took your orde to cancel--as my guess--as an "up yours Charlie" moment
glenda proctor on 04/26/2014:
it rains--the service is temporarily out: it thunders--the service is temporarily
out--today it was doing neither--guess what--the service is temporarily out.
the message said they were aware, do not call. After 6 hours of temporary, I called, only to be told they had just become aware of the issue, and that it was being fixed asap, that only 19 people had called in. GREAT SERVICE
Tony m on 10/09/2014:
I went to cancel my dish TV account after 11months and 9 days. I was told I would have pay a $260.00 cancellation fee as I had signed up for a two commitment. I do not recall agreeing to two years. I do recall agreeing to one year. I was put through to the "Office of the President", where some mouthpiece said there was no recourse as I had a "contract" and there was nothing he could do about it. I have nothing in writing regarding a two year commitment. I have nothing in writing regarding any time specified commitment. I will never us a satellite tv service again. I lose the TV during foul weather events. I only watch 5-6 channels. I also asked to speak with the President. He doesn't take phone calls. We'll, who pays his salary. Dish is conniving, dishonest and I do not recommend their service.
Frank on 10/13/2014:
Monessen, PA. After moving over to DISH from the high priced cable bundler COMCAST and noticing that a small coffee shop less than a block away has DISH internet, I decided to give DISH a call. The question that I have is that how can a building less than a block away have DISH internet and I can't, so read on.

I have to say that it was and has been a big disppointment because after being a DISH customer for over a year now every time I call about obtaining internet the representative says that "we are not accepting new internet customers at this time or that internet service is not available in your area at this time, please call back every day as we are expanding our network." Seriously?

Can'y wait for this explanation, if it's available.
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Installer Put Holes in My Roof Causing a Leak
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I am originally from Ohio and moved to the deep south (SEC country) 24 years ago. When the BTN (Big Ten Network) took over a lot of the football games, I was unable to see them and decided to get Dish since they advertised carrying it. When I called I had asked about BTN and several times made comment that BTN was the only reason I was ordering Dish. After I signed up for a 2 year contract and it was installed, I was unable to find BTN. I called them and asked and they said that if I wanted to receive it, I would have to upgrade to a higher package and then buy a special sports package. So, I went from $49.99 per month to $89.99 per month just to get the one channel I wanted to start with. (Bait and Switch). I told them to come get it, that I don't want it. They told me I would owe them some ungodly number like $485.00 if I break the contract.

Once I started getting the bills I noticed an extra $14.00 per month on the bill. They said that was for service contract in case THEIR equipment goes bad, I will not have to pay full price for them to come and fix THEIR equipment. Again they hung that contract over my head threatening me with $485.00 if I cancelled.

So... Several years of this went by and I started having issues where it would come up "Complete Signal Loss" all the time even without a cloud in the sky. They sent out a guy to fix it and he ended up having to replace the cable from the Dish on the roof to where it connects in. He said the cable rubbed a hole in it causing the issue. After he left, the connection was working again, but I noticed that he screwed down the cable to my roof... Through the Shingles into my roof all the way down. I am still trying to get them to fix the leaking roof after that issue.

Six months went by and it started having the same issue. They sent out a guy, he looked at it from the ground and said "sorry we don't repair anything on roofs anymore. I said "but you guys installed it there, I didn't". He said that he would have to leave that one up there and install a new one on the side of my house mounted to the new vinyl siding. Well, that's not going to happen so I cancelled my Dish network and had Mediacom install cable. Now I am saving a ton of money, it doesn't stop working when it rains and they even took down the old dish for me and trashed it.

I will NEVER get Dish again!
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Posted by on
LITTLETON, COLORADO -- I ordered Dish Network service to be installed yesterday, Aug 14th, 2010 in my home. After spending over 4 hours installing everything I realized that I couldn't record shows on my DVR downstairs and watch them in my bedroom so the installer said I could get another DVR for upstairs, and it's usually a $100 upgrade fee. When he called they told him that I would have to pay $200 since I had signed the contract already. I guess I was stupid for signing it before the work was done but I had no reason to think the company was as dirty as they come. I tried explaining to the agent on the phone that the service was still being installed and the installer was still here but she wouldn't budge and said I would have to pay $200 for the other DVR. I decided to not get it. After the installation, the installer couldn't get the receivers activated so he called the company back and was told they were having a nationwide activation problem and it would be resolved within 2 hours. I almost wanted to cancel right then but after all the work the installer put into it I decided to wait the 2 hours. It's now Sunday the 15th, 17 hours after the install and my dish service still isn't working. I called them back to complain and they said they would send another tech out to get it working and for my troubles give me the DVR I wanted for free. I felt like that was a good trade off so I said OK. However, the installer they scheduled to come out gave me a call to find out what the problem was and I told him it wasn't working so they were sending him out to give me a free DVR and to get the service working. He told me that his work order only showed that he was to come out and get the service working and said nothing about the DVR. I realized I had been lied to by the dish CS agent so I decided enough was enough and that I just wanted their equipment out of my home. To make matters worse, I had allowed them to drill a hole in the side of my home to install the service and after the installer assured me it would look professional, the inside hole was hideous and very large, although it was covered up with a plate. When I called the company back to cancel I was handed off to some guy named Eric from their executive decisions dept. and I told him the story but he must not have an education because he has no clue about contract law. He said I would be charged a cancellation fee because I hadn't given them an opportunity to fix the problem. I told him that I had been lied too twice now and as a new customer this was not what I expected from a company. I told him that dish was acting in bad faith and I would not be charged a cancellation fee because I never had the service...they never got it to work. My TV is still blank. Furthermore, I told him that they were acting in bad faith by allowing their installers to continue their work knowing full well the service wouldn't work due to their network problems. He just reiterated again that I could cancel but I would be charged a cancellation fee. I told him that I would sue and Win in a court against his company but that didn't register with him so I ended the call and took measures with my bank to prevent them from charging me more money for a service I haven't even used for one second. Dish is an incredibly inept company and I will never recommend them to anyone.
Company Response 01/05/2011:
Hello, my name Tommy Faust with DISH Network. I'm sorry to hear the trouble you've had with that install. If you're still experiencing the problem I would be glad to look into it and help you further. Just email me at if you still need any assistance.
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 08/15/2010:
Your explanation of the contract to Eric is of course how it should be. However, don't be surprised when they do charge you the cancellation fee because of the disclaimers in the contract. If you don't pay it, they will sent it to collections and ruin your credit.
Helpful on 08/15/2010:
Be careful about what your suggesting. I can appreciate why you feel the way you do, but they may very well have you in a contract that you're required to fulfill.

Read the contract carefully. My guess is that they have certain agreements within the contract covering this very scenario. That being the case, they can turn the contract over to collections and go after you that way, ultimately damaging you credit. If they do have contingencies to cover this scenario, work with them to rectify the problem and not cause yourself more problems within the future.
Skye on 08/15/2010:
Good advice Helpful.

OP, I understand all of your frustrations. It sounds like one big headache, but they will charge you the cancellation fee, even though you feel like they should not. Read all your documentation. You do not want to end up in collections for non-payment of the cancellation fee.
Helpful on 08/15/2010:
Thanks so much Skye. I sure do appreciate it.
Dumb on 08/15/2010:
How about that. I just had a similar situation with Direct Tv but cancelled out before any papers were signed. Lucky me. In my case the system the installer was going to put in place wasn't the one I discussed with the sales person and would have cost me another $200.00 on top of the $100.00 already paid. I almost went for the additional charge to get the system I wanted but was pissed because of the hassle so I just cancelled the whole thing.

Now that I have had time to think about it I am going to start over but this time I will ask them to mail me the contract first so I can spend a few days to read it over carefully and consult an attorney to make sure I understand the contract fully. The attorney fees will most likely add another $600 on top the the installation casts but at least I should have an reasonable idea of what's what.

So far I have a pretty good idea of what's what after having dealt with the cancellation of Dish network after the initial contract expired. I especially like the part where the consumer is responsible to remove the down-link converter from the dish and box it and the rest of the equipment to ship it back to the company. You will have to make arrangements with the shipper to get it shipped but at least you won't have to pay shipping costs. Be careful not to injure yourself because you will not be covered by work mans comp even though you are technically working for the company at this point. That's probably another contract I failed to read.

Furthermore return these items in a timely manner as they will send you a bill for the equipment and if you resist working for them ,like I did, they will soon send the amount to collections.

Boy it sure is a hassle just for TV programming but at least it will be a quite peaceful 2 year period waiting for the contract to expire as long as you pay your way.
Dumb on 08/15/2010:
It just occurred to me that there is a 30 grace period on most contracts signed for consumer purchases. Not real sure about this but you could do google research..
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Problems From Day One And Still 2 Years After Cancelling - Scam Artists!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS -- DO NOT SIGN UP WITH DISH AND DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION!! If there was an option to give 0 stars I would have, but unfortunately 1 was the lowest rating possible... Please at least read about my experience with them before you decide to call them.

I signed a contract with Dish Network in early 2010. I called and asked for an HD/DVR box and picked the package I wanted that had all my channels of interest. They also told me that if I ever moved, they would move me anywhere for free. This was important because I knew I would be moving within the next year.

The installation tech came out and set everything up for me. When he finished, I asked him to show me how to work it and realized they had given me the wrong box... it was HD but didn't have the DVR which was the more important of the two to me. He told me to just call them and they would send someone to switch out the equipment and it wouldn't be a big deal. WRONG! I immediately called and turns out that whoever set up my account set it up wrong in their system but told me that I was getting was I had asked for. They wouldn't fix this problem and told me that since it was already set up they couldn't just switch it out because when you sign up with them you are purchasing the box, not leasing it, and they do not reclaim the boxes they only reclaim the satellite.... once it's set up and the tech leaves, it's yours and they cannot change it.

Because of this, if I wanted a different box I would have to pay full price to purchase the correct box (that I initially asked for and was told I was getting) which would run me about $500. They also gave me the option to find a store that purchased and resold used boxes and said I could probably switch mine out at one of these locations for a decent price. The nearest one I found was over 50 miles away... no thanks. I argued with them about this over the next week and they wouldn't let me cancel or switch my equipment even though THEY had screwed up and just kept telling me I would have to either pay the full price for the box, or buy out of my contract (basically pay for two years of service). I finally gave up, bought a Tivo, and just decided to ride it out until my contract was up and then I would just cancel and go somewhere else.

During this two year contract with them, I continuously ran into more issues with them. One month, my bill randomly increased. When I asked them about this, they said my plan had been upgraded. I didn't ask for that, so how could they just change my plan and charge me more?? It took a lot of arguing with them to get them to fix the problem and I could tell that they really didn't want to. This happened more than one time during my contract with them and they were very reluctant to fix the problem each time and always tried to convince me that I was wrong... As if I wasn't already frustrated enough with them, this just made me feel like they were just trying to find ways to scam me out of money hoping that I wouldn't notice, or hoping that I wouldn't want to deal with it and would just give in to their BS.

Later, as I stated earlier, I ended up moving and called to have my service address and equipment moved... supposed to be free right? Nope, they told me it would be something like $300 for a moving fee and I was only moving 1 hr away!!! Are you kidding me?! They wouldn't budge on this one... so at this point I was just ready to be done with them.

Finally,my contract ended (sometime in early 2012) and as soon as it did I called to cancel my service with them so I could go somewhere else. Happiest day of my life to finally get away from them and be done with them... or so I thought. I canceled with them, threw out my box (since they told me I owned it), and signed up with another provider which has been MUCH better. About a week later, I got an empty box in the mail from Dish saying I need to return my equipment. What? So I called and asked about it and they told me a different story.... all equipment, including the boxes, are leased and they do reuse them and it all has to be returned when service is discontinued. I told them what I had been told during my initial issue with them and all they told me was "Sorry, you were told wrong. If you don't have it, you'll have to pay for it." At this point I was tired and mad and just wanted to be completely done with these people so I just paid for the unreturned equipment and was told that this took care of everything and I had no remaining balances on my account and my service had been canceled. Finally... some relief... right? Nope!

In November or December 2013, I received a voicemail from Dish saying that my service would be disrupted and I would be charged a late fee if I did not pay on my account by a certain date. I called back and apparently my account had been reactivated WITHOUT my consent!!!! They did not want to fix the problem and I probably spent about an hour on the phone with them talking with person after person and arguing with them over whether or not I had reactivated my account!!!! They didn't even have the correct address for where the service was active (it was my old address where the account had initially been set up). Finally, they decided there had to have been some sort of fraud and they told me they would cancel everything and drop all fees and fix the issue... THEN as soon as that was done, they tried to tell me that I needed to return my equipment from a year ago that I had already paid for!!!! It took more arguing with more people and departments to finally get that settled and for them to find in their system that it HAD been taken care of and paid for. They told me again that they would remove all of this from my account, take care of everything, and that I did not owe anything. They also said they would put a block on my account so that it could not be reactivated again and I would not be contacted anymore.

Here we are two or three months later (February 2014) and I just got another voicemail from them asking me to return my equipment. Again, I called (with very little patience at this point) and asked why I was receiving these calls when this had already been taken care of... TWICE! Again, they were VERY reluctant to fix the problem and just kept trying to convince me to return the equipment.... even though I told them several times that I did not have the equipment and had already paid for it years ago. Once they finally got the message that I did not have the equipment, they argued with me about paying for it... and I had to explain to them over and over that I already had paid for it TWO YEARS AGO!! I got put on hold over and over and then they tried to tell me they would send a request to their "investigation department" and this department would contact me within 24 hrs. I told them I wasn't getting off the phone until it was fixed because I didn't trust them and was tired of dealing with the same issue over and over... finally another hour long phone call later they told me they would put me on a do not call list, but didn't say anything about the account being all settled. I asked if they removed the charges from my account so that this wouldn't be an issue again... they just said "uh... yea..." I don't believe them.

I'm sure I'll get another call or notification from them about some other BS charge in the future. I'm trying to figure out how to get completely removed from their system. I'm so tired of dealing with them and this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever encountered with any type of service provider! Whatever is going on over there cannot be legal and after my experience with them I'm convinced they are scam artists who will try to manipulate you into giving them money for things that you either already have, or things you never agreed to or consented to in the first place.
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User Replies:
CrazyRedHead on 02/25/2014:
Me and my husband has been going through this with Directv. They told me to throw away the box that since it has been discontinued. A couple of months later we get a empty box and it took about two hours to get the rep to understand that we no longer have it. I still don't think she quite understood that, and she spoke clear English.
Cwazychicken on 02/26/2014:
Stay away from dish. Its horrible. My ex friend got it and it ruined our friendship a little bit when I moved out....I warned her not to get it, but these companies are shady, I just deal with cable, which honestly I like better.
CrazyRedHead on 02/27/2014:
There is only one cable company in this area and it's Mediacom. I don't like them at all. They have this entire city on lockdown, There is no other cable company in this area and the only satellite company is either Directv or Dish, and I refuse to have any contact with them.
Satellite Fan on 02/28/2014:
If you do not like the cable company in your area. That's OK. If you do not want a contract for the alternative companies, that's cool too. But by no means are they doing anything wrong. It is your prerogative. They are offering a competitive service and making the option available based on their terms of how that service will be rendered. If you disagree, don't sign up, but do not complain about it. This is to the previous poster. Whom only has media com in there area
Randy on 09/03/2014:
We signed up on the buddy system that was $24.99 the first year and $44.99 the second year. We confirmed the price 3 times with the phone salesman including a recap at the end of the call. Our bill is taken directly out of the bank and has never been the agreed amount. We have written documents from Dish that our understanding of the charges was correct, yet after numerous calls and e-chat complaints, where the employee said the problem would be corrected it never has been. Dish has stolen hundreds of dollars from our account over the 2 year contract. DO NOT GO DISH! Listen to others as this is no B.S.
Molly Larson on 09/13/2014:
I thought I had heard everything until today we have tried to cancel my Mother's Dish account since she passed away in August. Have spoken to numerous customer service reps over the last several weeks. Talked to 4 today alone. Bottom line is it doesn't matter if you die or not. They still are going to charge you the early cancellation fee!!! What a Joke. I'd go without TV before I ever used Dish again!!!
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DISH NETWORK Racketeering Scam
Posted by on
9601 SOUTH MERIDIAN BLVD -- Dish Network Corporation
9601 South Meridian Blvd
Englewood, CO 80112

Dish Network Corporation defrauded my Senior Citizen Father, in an Organized Scam using deceptive trade practices. I’m trying my best as a son to protect my father from the Dish Network Scam by helping him in complaints and dealings from him being a further victim of Dish Network Scam and related issues.

In July, August of 2010 through misleading Marketing ads and deception, Dish Network and Authorized Dealers targeted my Retired Senior Citizen Father, in good standing within our community and a longtime Time Warner cable customer for their Promotion of $24.99 / month for Americas Top 120 channels (for 12 months) and the remaining 12 months the price being locked in at $39.99,(Copy of Ad available) in joining them by signing under Undue influence a contract AFTER the Dish system WAS INSTALLED and pressure inserted towards my father in signing. Complaint was made on that day to the authorized dealer retailer of Dish Network and Dish Network .The original verbal agreement was done on August 19th 2010 the day before with the for the promotion with payment made. The contract was backdated by pressure from the Dish Authorized installer since my senior citizen father was misled in signing the local authorized Dish Retailers workorder copy also which signed under undue influence which pressured himin signing the other copy. No signed copy was also given on the day and received from Dish later in the mail after complaint. (transcripts /documentation/other evidence available only for criminal proceedings and court order). Dish Network Corporation was fully aware of this act which was the backbone to their future criminal activity against my father.

On January 5th, 2011 As a new customer, under this promotion, contacted Dish Network for advice as their client and new customer if there was any option that he could freeze account by holding it while we were on vacation( a Hindu Pilgrimage in India), and resuming it when we got back. Dish Network advised on Dish Pause as the best option, stating that it would only cost us $5.00 monthly charge for Dish Pause duration. The account would remain active and resume back when we returned. (Transcripts available). (NOTE: dish Network did not advise, that it would forfeit our $24.99 rate and our lock in rate for the remaining 24 months of resumed service). They knowingly omitted this key piece of information.

On March 11th, 2011 Contacted Dish Network for resuming services and shockingly find out that previous promotion was forfeited due to Disk Pause and the terms of the promotion had been changed. His monthly bill now was almost doubled from 24.99 now to 44.99 for Americas top 120 package.
We Protested to Dish Network why they did not disclosed to us on January 5th. They were apologetic but the situation was not resolved. They did not resume my original service due to the situation not being resolved. (Transcripts available)

On March 12th, 2011 Again Contacted Dish Network in verifying and stating his original pricing before service is resumed, the issue was resolved and his original service was resumed at that original promotional pricing of America top 120 package that he had before. (Transcript available).

On April 6th, 2011 After checking the bill and noticing that prices were doubled and overcharged. They have removed 24.99 monthly price ($15.00 remaining monthly credits from the $39.99 per month) and started charging $44.99 per monthly charge, plus advanced monthly charge for the same amount which is locked in for the remaining term of the 24 months of the promotional months without the promotional pricing that he had signed up for. He Contacted Dish Network. They stated that his original agreed upon promotional price was forfeited. Again complained and protested. (Transcripts available) related to the current dispute of overcharged billing and what the current bill should be. Also advised them that the future automatic withdrawals if not corrected with the promotional pricing that was agreed upon will also be overcharged and be in dispute every month.

On April 9th, 2011 Sent a letter of Complaint to Dish Network, and their Corporate Officers via email system. (email transcript available)
On April 9th 2011 Received short email back from Dish Network stating that the complaint has been addressed however Dish did not give any proper explanation in their deceptive trade practices against senior citizen consumer in wrongfully charging. (Email transcripts available)

Since then till now, Dish Network is continuing to violate my Senior Citizen Father and enslave him with a bogus contract of August 20th with their wrongful practices while stealing from his Account. Complaints were made to the FTC, BBB, and Attorney Generals as well as the Credit Card Company. Dish Network, Corporate Policymakers/ employees seem to operate with Immunity from any serious federal / state criminal Prosecution. My Senior Citizen father's Rights were violated; He is a victim and is continuing to suffer in health and welfare due to Dish Networks Scam. He is a responsible consumer we have done everything reasonable to resolve the dispute. The Corporation has received only "slap" on the wrist from previous federal and state litigation and settlement. I pray for sincere stronger punitive action that results in criminal conviction for the policymakers at the highest corporate level in the Dish Network organization in this fraudulent racket. Also since this is a public corporation, and behalf of Investors and the public I hope the SEC also takes action for them violating their public status. I hope also the Department of Justice Civil Rights unit takes action to investigate my father’s civil rights being violated. I also hope the FCC takes action for the Dish Networks proxy Internet Sites use deception against consumers including complaints. I expect the Government using all tools necessary including the Rico Act under organized crime to prosecute the Corporate Executive Officers / employees in criminal prosecution. I hope also Consumer/Government Advocacy Organizations/ Pro-Bono Legal Councilors to defend and protect Senior Citizen / Minority Consumers from predator corporations such as Dish Network from any fraudulent and deceptive trade practices from their current, past and future actions. This is organized Crime perpetrated by Dish Network Corporation / their associates and their policy directed by their corporate officers. The company is getting away with wrongdoings against my father and many other consumers.
BTW: DISH NETWORK EMPLOYEES : I Wish for more Dish employee whistleblowers to become STATE AND FEDERAL WITNESSES in Criminal Prosecution cases against the Dish Network and Corporate Policymakers who commit fraud against the American Public.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 05/28/2011:
My only comment, as a senior citizen, is that being a senior is NOT a disability. Unless one is of diminished mental capacity due to alzheimer's or another condition, being a senior should not afford special consideration in situations such as this. Yes most of us are on fixed incomes, but are also cognizant of the fact we have to limit our expenditures. My children and grandchildren come to ME for advice on situations - as they respect the experience that comes with age. I would be insulted were they to treat me as if I were a child with no decision making capabilities.

If the party in this complaint is of diminished capacity, perhaps it would be wise to have a family member handle financial affairs.
sabletaz on 05/28/2011:
I agree with you leet60.
TheRealTruthTeller on 05/28/2011:
I'm in agreement here
Sarah Rhapsodos on 05/28/2011:
Ponie on 05/28/2011:
Fourthted. When will we get Chapter 2 of the novel?
TheRealTruthTeller on 05/29/2011:
Fifthed-if there ever is such a word
Ponie on 05/29/2011:
TRTT, sounds good to me! :)
PepperElf on 06/06/2011:
sixth ... leet +++++
LavaRock on 06/07/2011:
TommyF@DISHNetwork on 07/12/2011:
dfwgujunews, as I have said previously on another site, I know it's frustrating what happened when your father went through with that Dish Pause.

The Dish Pause promotion removes any applicable credits to the account, though you mentioned they did honor the previous promotion price. While the price should be back to normal, on 2/1/2011 we did have a price increase of $5. Price increases affect all companies and are decided by equipment, services, and how much programmers charge for their stations; other companies price's increased by an average of $4 to $8.

If you could have your father contact me at, or you if you're an authorized user on his account, send me an email and I can definitely see what I can due to assist.
Ponie on 07/13/2011:
Seems as though the person who posted this rant wanted to do just that--rant. Don't doubt if we did a search, we'd find it posted on other forums also.
bal monger on 11/27/2014:
Dish Net Internet service was soo bad becoz they say one think and did another.i have also have Dish Net Internet that guy say we will provide high speed of Internet but they provide only 1.5 Mbps of Internet. I call them n say the speed of net was soo low n only 1.5 Mbps they say it's was high n I told to cancel they told me I have to pay :
400.50 dollar n also they charge me 146.68 dollar at frist he say only 39 dollar but they charge me 146.68 dollar. I told why it's come that they say net n distance charge. Internet service was soo bad what is suggest to my friend is that don't used Dish Net service becoz they say one thing n did another
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Return Equipment Scam
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I too have been a victim of Dish Network Equipment Return Baloney. I canceled my service in March of 2013 and the first fellow I spoke with was pretty pleasant. I was told that since I had been a loyal customer in good standing for so long that he would wave the $17 shipping fee to return "their" equipment. He also stated that I was due a refund and that would be processed when they had "their" equipment back. I asked which receivers they wanted and he gave me the number of one, I asked about the other 3 boxes and was told that I had been with the company long enough that the receivers were under the program that after two years, you owned them. I didn't think that was the case for the DVR receiver so I stored them in my basement . In about 5 days I got a box dropped on my front porch, inside was a list of the receiver to be returned, I packed it and dropped the package at a UPS store . In about a month, to my surprise, I received a bill for Dish Network Service.

I made a phone call to customer service, the guy on the other end said that it was a mistake and that he would correct the problem. I also informed him that I had received notice that they had received there equipment and I wanted to know where my return was. The fellow told me that returns were not automatically issued but he would put in a request for me and I should receive it in short order. Fast forward about 3 weeks and in site of about 4 days I received a refund check and another bill for service. About this time I'm thinking that something is pretty fishy, I log into our account and find it still shows a balance and they still have my credit card number and my bank account number, where we paid our bill. I call customer service to find out why my bank account number and credit card number is still in their system, and vehemently tell them they are no longer authorized to have access to my bank account or credit card and I want them removed from their system. I am shocked when the lady tells me it will take 10 days to make that happen, as it only took about 2 seconds for them to have access in the first place. I got off the phone with her, called my bank froze them out of my account and changed the number on my credit card account. Now that I'm protected financially, I call back about the false charges, I finally get to a supervisor and after she researches my account she says I have not returned their equipment and that's why I'm getting billed, I tell her that I have not had dish service since March, I have a notice where I have returned the equipment that they requested and they have sent me a refund check for service. This doesn't seem to faze the lady.

In a few seconds she tells me that I still have a DVR receiver that is theirs, I tell her that if they would have asked for it the last time they sent me a box they would already have it. The lady says she will send me a box to return it but I will be charged $17 dollars to return it. I inform her that I will be glad to drop her equipment at the nearest dish facility, but as far as me paying to return "their" equipment, that is not going to happen, click. In about 5 days I find two boxes on my porch to ship one DVR receiver back, I pack the receiver in one box, an in a effort not to confuse them by not returning two boxes I put a note in the other and ship them both. Fast forward till today I'm still getting bills saying they won't restore my service until I pay the $18.42 to ship "their" equipment back. I am starting to get phone calls from someone I can't hardly understand about my delinquent account, to which I reply I am not paying it. I guess I will put a note in my credit history at the three reporting agency's, and spend my spare time telling everyone that will listen what kind of company Dish Network turned out to be in my case.

I'm not angry with the people at customer service they are just doing what they are paid to do. But somewhere up the corporate ladder there is someone that put the policy of making you miserable If you chose to drop their service. A word to the wise, be sure before you sign up for any service with leased equipment that you know what their policy is on returning their stuff.
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CheriT @ DISH Network on 08/25/2013:
Hi, my name is Cheri Torres and I work on the Social Media Team at DISH. I can definitely understand how upsetting this is for you and I would like to help. Can you please send me your account information in an email to I look forward to assisting you. Thank you!

Cheri Torres
Social Media Representative
Charles McLaughlin on 09/08/2013:
I too had the same experience with dish where they tried to bill my credit card for over $200, I will NEVER do business with dish again and as the saying goes Buyer Beware Dish is a RIPOFF company!
Duane Hadley on 09/08/2013:
Hope you learned a lesson about these scum bag vendors, Once you give them your visa account number your screwed. When I cancel something I make damn sure I record the transaction. It took me lesson # 2 to wise up, they will do it every time!!
Neil on 09/08/2013:
The comments were most informative. I was going to switch from Comcast to Dish
Clayton on 09/08/2013:
It's been over 2 years since my experience with dish. I simply didn't argue with them and told them that I would no longer recognize ANYTHING they sent me by ANY means. This was immediately after I canceled Dish service and they sent be a box to return THEIR equipment. THEY PAID THE FREIGHT. They hate it when you know your rights.
Carl on 09/09/2013:
Go with DirecTV, that are 1,000 times better than Dish Network!!!
Robert Wilson on 09/09/2013:
The problem with DN is that the right hand don't know-------------------------.
Barb on 09/24/2013:
We switched from Cox to Dish in Jan this year - the worst decision we've made. We are convinced that they are told to say anything to shut you up. When we called every few days for 3 weeks telling them our service kept cutting off, they would not send a service man to our house. Kept telling us to "reset" the TV set which we did. Finally a supervisor, a man who said he was the "last resort" for us and was the one who dealt with "difficult customers", sent a service man to our house. He immediately said he had brought a new box because from the symptoms we had, he knew immediately we had a bad box.
He told us that Dish customer service reps laugh at the customers and are told to get rid of them - just tell them anything.
We hate dealing with Dish. I will pay by bill monthly by check from now on - not automatic withdrawal either. They are not to be trusted.
As soon as possible we will switch back to Cox. They spoke English and did not lie. They have added charges to our bill.
Shane Douglas on 08/11/2014:
I have never had dish network and never will.These people who have been scammed have changed my mind about any satellite TV. I'll stick with cable. thank you.
mark on 09/13/2014:
When I had Dish installed promotion was after one year I owned the equipment. After 10 years of price increases i had enough and canceled. Had to return everything or they were going to charge me for it, even the dish on the roof. Have outside amplified antenna now and can get 26 HD channels. Streaming Netflix and Youtube, will never ever go back to Dish!!
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Discontinue Services and You Get Stalked
Posted by on
As long as you a customer you are OK. If you want to discontinue Dish services, Heaven help you. They will harass and threaten you to no end. I am not sure why they have taken this course of action. I have kept my bill paid ahead at all times, yet due to financial problems needed to cut back.

I just discontinued my service with them & they have been horrid. I have been getting hang up calls from then and threatening calls from them about their equipment which I will ship once I get the boxes they are supposed to send me. I have had to document so much it's not even funny.

Since my service ended less than a week ago I have gotten over 1/2 a dozen calls from them. 2 with no person at other end, one was a sales representative who hung up after identifying himself, one was another sales manager, and just today I got another call; a recording threatening to charge me if they did not receive their equipment. I am beginning to feel like I am being stalked. I see their number come up on my caller id and I don't know whether to run or answer.

Be careful of trying to end services with Dish Network. Below is my story that started on June 11, and I'm not really sure it has ended yet.

On June 11, 2011 I called Dish to cancel my account at the end of my billing cycle. I gave them two reasons; High Cost and outsourcing of their customer service department to countries outside of the United States.(Have you ever tried to talk to a customer service representative from another country. 75% do not actually understand English, even though they might speak it decently ).

They gave me no alternative to the high cost except to return the DVR and save $5 a month by not using their DVR plan.

Between the 11th and 27th I did receive two calls that hung up on me and a couple of survey calls. On the 27th a manager called inquiring why I was leaving, yet did not offer any type of solution.

I woke up on the 28th at 5:30 am to find they had disconnected me, even though I was paid up through the 28th. Between the 28th and the 1st I received three more calls that hung up on me. The one on the 1st identified himself as Alex from the sales department and was trying to get me back as a customer. I not only told Alex but another Customer service Representative that I did not wish to receive anymore sales calls from them. Yet after Alex I received another sales call who hung up right after give his name and company.

After receiving an email on the 1st demanding I immediately send back their equipment I I promptly called their Customer service representative to inform her I had not received the boxes yet. She told me no sweat that I had 30 from the date of disconnect. I documented the call to the best of my ability.

On July 3, I got awoken to yet another call from Dish. It was a pre-recorded message tell me that if I did not return their equipment immediately they were going to charge any account of mine they had access to . Realizing that I could document their online chat easier I used that and documented.

Again I informed that agent that I had not received the boxes. At first he asked me to turn on my TV so they could trouble shoot the problem. I again repeated that I had disconnected my services. I was again told I had 30 days. This I again documented.
As I told a friend I feel as if I am being stalked by this company. I have been and am doing my best to end this in a friendly manner in case I might like to use their services again in the future. Right now I see no reason to ever use their services again. This has been a very horrid experience so far and actually a bit scary.
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trmn8r on 07/03/2011:
It sounds like a nasty combination of sales tactics and "anticipatory" bill collection.

After reading the reviews on Dish, I would never use their services. Good luck, and make sure to track those packages when returned.

If you don't receive those boxes soon, I would be prepared to supply your own, and call them to find out how and where to send them.
madconsumer on 07/03/2011:
great review.

very helpful!!
Anonymous on 07/03/2011:
awesome review
kinthenorthwest on 07/04/2011:
Not sure if you all got it from my post.
But if you have to talk to Dish, do with online chat.
That way you have a way to back up everything.
You can print the chat and have it emailed to you.
Very good way to not end up playing but they said.
This way you have it in print.
TommyF@DISHNetwork on 07/05/2011:
kinthenorthwest, I have responded to the message you sent me! Hope to hear back from you soon.
Augustus2099 on 08/03/2011:
My sister She tried to get dish And I told Her No way After she went on this site she has since stopped trying to get Dish. I thank these reviews I know that what Dish is doing is against the Law and you can contact the BBB and settle this.
kinthenorthwest on 08/15/2011:
Since my mess with Dish I now do not use satellite or cable to get my tv service.
with a cheap antenna, a good Blu ray Dvd player, a steamer device I get what I used at Dish for $20 a month.
initial Investment was about $200....

Its been almost 2 months now and I cannot believe that I paid what I did for TV service that I get for practically free now..
ClassACtionnow on 02/25/2013:
Since there are so many in agreement as to this socalled company being nothing but crooks, why not a class/Action Suit . There Must be some worthwhile Lawyer out here who will work for a fair price to represent so many that have obviously been Bilked .
ClassActionYes on 05/29/2013:
I've been with Dish for nine years, and have decided to cancel. They have gone out of their way to make it difficult. I had to beg them to send me a return box, and then I find out that I'm expected to disconnect equpment from the dish itself, which is not a simple task. Oh, and the dish is "yours to keep" according to the Dish rep. Gee, thanks!

How does one start a class action anyway?
beverlyinvirginia on 06/15/2013:
I have cable internet, get all my TV and Movies and Sports that I need. New release movies like Hansel and Gretel, Snitch, @ Youtube has TV and movies and some sports. And the networks offer programs like Leno, etc
Rallen on 08/04/2013:
Give Dish the boot and they become devious. The loyalty department couldn't care less. And Dish says they have negotiated a price to get the boxes back to them by UPS, but I discovered they make a profit on each box also. If Dish has your credit or check card on file they will go into your account and create havoc. Don't walk away from Dish-Run!
Tom on 11/16/2013:
If they have your credit card number, contact the cc company and have the cc number changed. I have had to do that in the past.
shepherdkisses on 02/28/2014:
Call the credit card company and have your number changed. Have your phone number changed too, or do what I do and give them the old house phone number. The class action suit should be against all of the Attorney Generals in each state that have let Dish off with a slap on the wrist. THEY are not doing their job which is supposed to be protecting us, the consumer, from companies like Di@k Dish.
michael on 08/15/2014:
DirecTV is soooo much better!! Dish has high prices so does direct but for the same high prices I'd go with direct cause they give more channels for the buck!! Plus signing up you get free Sunday ticket which dish doesn't have then next football season its $330 with 6 payments @ $36 when ur with dish they don't have that so your forced to go to the bars to watch your games and my bar tab can be $40-$80 a Sunday to watch the games times that bar tab by a month times the football season it can add up big time so its worth paying the $330 for directv Sunday ticket!! Then dish looses channels like crazy cause they can never come to an agreement with there disputes direct goes through them disputes also when loosing channels but they seem to reach agreement and get the channels back directv is a solid company
Linda on 09/22/2014:
I am in the process of sueing Dish. EVERY review that is printed here I HAVE experienced AND MORE!!!
They say my bill is OVER $1500.00 and I.v only had service with them for 5 mo.'s. PD. ALL bills on time, returned ALL equip. when I moved and found out I could NOT rec. sat. service where I moved and that's WHEN the DISH STORM HIT. I can ONLY have cable, which I got. OH well! We'll see what the judge has to say about all of these comments I have PRINTED TO TAKE WITH ME!!! Thanks for the help, all!!
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Dish Network Illegal Billing Practices and Lies
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO -- Dish Network Charged my credit card and than charged my checking account.
When I confronted them they admitted but refused to refund. I have had 2 individuals tell me they have submitted a refund but it is only a lie. They will tell you it takes 3-5 days but I have waited almost 12 days and still no refund. You will get several technicians claiming to help but their real purpose is only to stall.

Do not use their Auto pay service. Do not give them your checking/debit account info. Do not give them your credit card info. Even better, do not enter into any contract with them.

Dish network will charge you as much as they can get away with until you cut off their revenue sources.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 12/01/2012:
sadly, they have done this to thousands of other users. as you said, best to avoid them entirely.
msnye on 12/01/2012:
Next time you call them them a deadline to get that refund or you'll be filing a criminal complaint for fraud, theft, and conspiracy to commit fraud/theft. And then do so with your local DA. Get a writ of mandemus if necessary.
Mike.H_DISH on 12/06/2012:
Hi Kystorm, my name is Mike Houston a Social Media Representative at DISH. I understand you’re upset with DISH right now about the charges to your account and I am more than happy to help you today. If there has been an over charge to the account, we will process it and refund it to the payment method that it was taken from. If that method (credit card or checking account) has changed, we will mail it out to the customer. I am happy to check the status if the refund for you would you please e-mail me at: for further assistance?
gelafontaine on 12/15/2012:
As you have done here, broadcast your experience so that more people...and potential DISH customer's purchasing decisions may be influenced by your report...and let DISH know you are doing so. DISH must be confronted with loss of business for them to come around to your way of thinking.
LeoM on 12/31/2012:
Sounds to me, for US customers, there's grounds for a class action suit. Might motivate DISH to treat their customers a little better. :D
Storm on 01/02/2013:
If ever the customers do engage in to a class action lawsuit ... I am in there. Sorry Michael Houston but I have washed my hands of Dish and the 4 technicians before you that claim to be able to help also. $40 bucks is a cheap loss to take now rather than a higher one later.
Your breach of contract is my gain according to my States Attorney General Office..
Perhaps we will see each other in litigation one day?
simplyjeff on 01/24/2013:
It would help if you made sure that everything is in writing. Have them email the contract to begin with and every time you communicate should be by email. Send a copy of the email every day until they respond. If it still doesn't work you'll have written evidence if you decide to go to court.
Inez on 06/10/2013:
I had Dish back in 12/2011 when I moved from GA to MI. I allowed the service to laps in Oct of 2012 and returned my equipment and was charged a $150.00 early termination fee. I received a bill on April 2013 for $19.99 for service which I do not have with a late fee, so I called and the lady said she could waive the late fee and welcome me back and my new rate would be $14.22 plus tax with no contract and no early termination fee. I told her that I really did not need or want the Dish since I now have a full WiFi TV. after a while of talking I finally agreed to come back for a couple of months if the would bring out the equipment the next day and get it all hooked up at no charge to me. No one came. I received a call on 6/10/13 that I had a past due bill of $14.22 and if I did not pay today would get a late fee, I called. I spoke to a woman who told me that I was still under contrtact from 2011. She finally transferred me to a "manager" who told me that yes I was still under contract from 2011 since the early termination fee that I had paid back on 11/5/12 of $150.00 had been reveresed in their system and was being applied to my account since 11/5/12 at a rate of $14.99 for 3 months and $19.99 for 3 months, although I have no equipment nor did I know that this had been done. I was told that I am still under contract until 2014, although I have already paid my early termination fee, and that if I want to end my contract I have to pay my early termination fee of $150.00 again. I am all for a class action lawsuit.
DISH NETWORK FRAUD on 06/23/2013:
I signed up with a third party authorized Dish Network reseller a year ago.I was told I was able to cancel at any time.

My contract was on a month to month basis:. First of all I never really looked at my bills now that I really need to cut back on my expenses, I started looking at ways I can cut back and save so I started to take a look back at all my bills and my cable caught my eye and I started to see that I was paying more than I should have'. I was actually already paying close to $70 a month!. Well, what I sighed up for apparently wasn't what I received after all and now that my Cable has gone up to $70/.00 a month I called to cancel it and I was told I signed a 24 month contract and if I wanted to cancel it I will have to pay $270:.00 as an early cancellation fee..

I never signed a contract/.

The only thing I signed was the installers PHONE that he told me to sign stating he installed my cable and it was working properly..FRAUD is all I can say about DISH network. I think We need to seriously think about a class action lawsuit. This can no longer go on.
Margaret on 09/06/2013:
After reading so many Dish reviews, why does it take a bad review to be written that a Dish representative decides they want to look into a persons complaint and help them out? Why didn't they help out when the customer initially contacted Dish? I have yet to read a good review.
Alma Torres on 06/02/2014:
I had signed up for DN in February of this year which included internet services. I was paying $80 for the internet itself and it was constantly "offline." I was on auto pay and the third month they tried processing a payment, which was my fault. I went and deposited money that same day including the overdraft fee. I called and had it withdrawn. That same day they put the payment thru again even though the had been paid and once again I was charged an overdraft fee. I called and their customer service rep assured me that I would be reimbursed in three days. Upon checking my account on the third day they again attempted another withdraw again giving me another overdraft fee. By this time I was furious. How can they attempt this if they've already been paid. I contacted them and took it of autopay and just to be safe as they laughed at me about not paying them anymore I am doing a stop payment with my bank even though it is going to cost me. I am contacting the DA's consumer protection division, Better Business Bureau and Attorney General here in Colorado. Please save yourself a headache and do not ever sign up for their services as their practices are not about keeping their customers happy much less keeping them.
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