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Did not receive help with troubleshooting and bad customer service
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Rating: 1/51

EVERETT, WASHINGTON -- I called Dish customer service about two days ago because my search options for my DVR was not working correctly. I couldn't browse through categories of movies to record at a later time as I have so many times before in the last year. Keep in mind this is a service that has never required internet service. I was told by the first Rep that it was because I needed internet service to operate. I said that wasn't true. I've had to call in 3 times before with this same issue and the first time they sent a tech out and he fixed it right away.

The second time it was a different tech and he could not fix it. Instead he thought maybe it was a box problem so he switched it out. I lost all the movies I ever recorded in a year and it still didn't work. I was quite upset. But, within a week it miraculously started working again. All these things I kept updating Dish about so they knew about this problem which seemed to happen every time they cancelled my cable due to a payment not being received. I would pay the bill, the service was turned back on and lo and behold I couldn't use my browsing options again.

Anyway she asked if I would like to speak to her supervisor. I said "if that's all you can help me with then yes." He got on the phone and keep calling me sir, I am a woman! He basically said the same thing that it's because it needed internet service. After I explained to him that I've been operating this option for over a year without internet he laughed as if I were a moron.

I begged him to send out a tech, that I would pay the 10 dollars if they would send one because obviously we we're not on the same page. He only answered with "we are on the same page" and "a tech could not fix something that needed internet to work." I asked him if he thought I was stupid not to know when something needed internet to work? I know for a fact that when it requires internet, it says this option requires internet! I am technically inclined! Plus I've had this service for over a year. I know what needs internet and what doesn't.

I couldn't talk to him anymore. I was about to start yelling so I handed the phone to my husband to talk to him. He told the supervisor the same thing I did and that he wasn't listening to me at all. The guy then tells my husband that I am a problematic customer and that I am irrational and frantic. My husband hangs up on him. Now the only reason another person would tell a customer that is to get them upset. I still got no help and my cable still isn't working right. I am paying full price for a service that I can't even operate and there is nothing I can do about it cause I am stuck in their contract for another year.

Oh and I'm a frantic problematic customer so I can't receive any help or respect. I feel like crying. As soon as my contract is up I am canceling this nightmare once and for all. My advice is to seek satellite cable from a different company. I've heard many negative issues with Dish and I have had Xfinity, Directv and now Dish and the only company I've had any problems with is Dish. No way will I ever refer a friend to them. Bad product and bad customer service.

Being Charged for 2 Years When I Had to Move Out of Residence!
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO -- On March 26, 2016, I moved into an apartment that was misrepresented to me as a nonsmoking unit. I noticed a slightly stale smell during the walk-through, but attributed it to the unit being closed up for a few months. It was not evident it was smoke, and I had no reason to assume it was, due to the unit being advertised as a nonsmoking unit. The smell was nothing. It thought wouldn't go away with some airing out. However, the smell persisted, and after a mere three days of living there, my towels, clothes, and even hair were starting to smell of it.

Upon my mentioning the smell to the maintenance man when he came to hook up the washer and dryer, he admitted that the previous tenant had indeed been smoking in the apartment. I cannot tolerate cigarette smoke, so I contacted the landlord and made arrangements to leave the property. I promptly cancelled all utilities, none of whom gave me any trouble whatsoever except for Dish Network, and moved out of the property on April 10, 2016.

I was recommended Dish Network as a cable provider when I started electric service with West Penn Power and they transferred me to First Energy. The woman I spoke to who scheduled me for installation never mentioned a contract, length of service agreement, or any kind of termination fee. She only mentioned the low price per month of roughly $32.

March 26, 2016 was also the day a representative from Dish Network came to the unit to install the satellite dish and hook everything up. Again, he never mentioned a contract, length of service agreement, or early termination fee. Once he was finished, he explained to me how to work everything and had me sign a few lines on an iPad, much like someone signs for a package. He scrolled through the iPad for me, simply showing me where to sign. He said I was signing acknowledging that he HOOKED UP MY SERVICE and EXPLAINED TO ME HOW TO WORK IT.

It was not explained or made obvious at all that this was a contract, which I fully believe was intentional. As he was holding the iPad and doing the scrolling, I had no reason to take it from him and do it myself – or assume that very conveniently and deceptively hidden in the corner of the screen was an outrageous early termination fee. As stated above, he scrolled through, only stopping where I needed to sign, and stated that I was signing acknowledging he hooked up my service and explained how to work the remote/TV.

I cancelled service with Dish Network on April 8, 2016, and got nowhere when speaking to a representative. After asking for a supervisor, whose name might have been Julie but I can't be certain, I got the same robotic, rehearsed monologue. Customer service was frustrating, to say the least. No one had any understanding or sympathy, or even deviated from their monotone script.

I explained my situation tirelessly, just as it is explained above, enforcing that I hadn't even used the service during my short stay at this apartment, and that my lease was only to be for a year, so there's no way I would have signed up for a two-year agreement. Nobody listened and they proceeded to charge my account the full amount. After this phone call, I did some research and stumbled upon the horrific reviews of this company. I am utterly shocked they are still in business.

On May 11, 2016, I called Visa/Bank of America to dispute this charge on my card, and I believe I spoke to a girl named Sarah from Maryland or Virginia. After explaining the story above, she removed the charge and I received a letter in the mail notifying me of the credit to my account. Then I found out Dish Network is disputing my complaint and trying to make me pay, and Visa has basically washed their hands of it. (So guess who will be changing card providers? Hello, MasterCard.)

My main dispute is the outrageous early termination fee. My main complaint is that I should not have to pay for a service I AM NOT GETTING AND WILL NEVER GET. I did not buy something and then refuse to pay for it. I am expected to pay for two years of a service I am not getting, through no fault of my own. I did not just decide I didn't want Dish Network or didn't like my new apartment. I was deceived about the apartment's condition and had to move out.

This was an unfortunate situation all the way around, and a financial burden for me already, with the cost of moving twice in two weeks, money that I paid in rent, etc. Dish Network has shown no human compassion, understanding, or appeasement to try to keep me as a future customer. All they have done is give me a massive headache and more problems to deal with.

Everyone avoid these liars, scammers, crooks, and thieves like the plague. If I wanted to waste $534.37 I'd just light it on fire. They deliberately deceive good people who work 2 jobs and 50+ hours a week (me) for their hard earned money. Everyone, warn everyone you know. If enough people hear and heed the warning, maybe these con artists will finally be out of business and actually working for a living like the rest of us.

Dish Has Thieves Working for Them
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Rating: 1/51

BULLARD, TEXAS -- I had a new Dish system put in and their technician stole my $400 wedding set out of my room that was in my jewelry box my husband bought me while overseas and then signed my name to a contract that I never got or seen but he signed it for me. I made a police report and some theft department I am supposed to deal with never calls me back and calls me a liar when I know I just took it off before he showed up to do some yard work and put it in my jewelry box. The president of Dish says despite of the fact I am not the one who signed it they will not be disputing the signature and the don't dispute signatures. I attached the picture of my ring that he stole to this.

Hard to Cancel - Even if You've Passed Away!
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- When my 80-year-old father passed away 4/16/15, I promptly called places he did business with to let them know. DISH was by far the most unsympathetic, most frustrating place I've ever dealt with. When I told them my dad had passed away and I needed to cancel his service and return the equipment (trying to do the right thing here!), the service person tried to sell me a BETTER package. I told her no one would be living at the residence and explained again my father had passed away. She continued to try to offer me more months, better pricing, etc. I finally screamed at her, "WHAT PART OF DEAD DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?"

I demanded to be dispatched to someone who could speak and understand English. The next person also tried to talk me into keeping the service. But after 30 minutes of arguing, they finally agreed to send me a box so that I could dismantle the equipment and ship it back. Wouldn't you think they'd send someone out to do this for you? Especially when you've had a death in the family and already dealing with so many things? Oh no. It is the customer's responsibility to send back the equipment. When the box finally arrived, we promptly packed up the DISH equipment and returned it. I kept up with the tracking to make double sure it returned to DISH.

A few months later, they started billing my deceased father for $13.01. I had to call and go through another thirty-minute hassle arguing about a bill we did not owe. DISH turned it over to collections after promising they'd write off the $13.01. Now I'm dealing with collections over a stinking $13.01 WE DO NOT OWE. I'd think TWICE about engaging services with this company. I'm hearing more and more horror stories from other people who've experienced the same thing when they try to cancel out of DISH. It doesn't matter if you're moving, if you die, if you're financially strapped, DISH DOES NOT CARE OR SYMPATHIZE WITH ANYONE.

Total Incompetence
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Rating: 1/51

GRAY COURT, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Reception is always bad when it rains or the wind blows but could be somewhat expected from any satellite. Remotes have to be replaced frequently. Always a hassle with rude people and have to fight to get a replacement. I was finally told by one of their reps (not in CS) that they got a bad batch from China and all the volume buttons go bad. I kept running overtime on my computer usage so I found another company with unlimited data to provide service. I cancelled Dish. They said they would send me a box to return the equipment and that it must be returned in 30 days or I would be billed.

I had to call 4 times. On each call, I told the representative to note on my file that I am not getting the return box and will not accept equipment charges if they can't get the box to me. The last time they sent UPS to pick it up but still had not sent the box with return labeling. Now UPS has closed me out for pick up and I'll have to make an 18 mile trip to their store. When I cancelled the internet service, I said, "Loud and clear and do you understand, cancel only the internet." They agreed and quoted me the new price for TV and included the penalty for cancelling internet before the contract ended.

This was being billed on my credit card. When I got my statement, I saw the new charges on one day and the next day they billed the old charges for a double payment. I called the credit card company and disputed and they took the incorrect charge off. Today when I got home, my TV service was turned off for non-payment.

I called again to say their bill was paid. She checked and said I was correct... that it had been paid. Can you believe the idiot said, "Just a moment while I check your reconnection charges." That's when I lost it. Every single call I've ever made to these people leaves me screaming and demanding a supervisor who can never be found. If you want to keep your sanity, NEVER HOOK UP DISH. Totally incompetent!!!

Illegal RIP OFF!!!
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Rating: 1/51

DAVIS, CALIFORNIA -- Switched to Dish after their representatives convinced me they had Nick Jr. in Spanish. Called them back on installation day when found out they don't have it, to cancel the contract, but they wanted to charge me the cancellation fee I didn't have. This is THE ONLY channel we needed - we don't watch TV otherwise. Instead, they pressured us into signing up for premium channels "free of charge" because of the stated problem. Despite we never watched those premium channels and I called to make sure they cancelled subscription past the "free" months, they still charged me for those months. I got reimbursed the fees but not taxes.

Have been overcharged multiple times, called them multiple times. Paid them faithfully for a year for nothing - as we didn't need their service in the first place! Then we moved to a subsidized place where they don't allow dish antennas to be installed. Tried to cancel again, but was told they can't care less whether we can or can't get services. They tricked us into signing the 2-year contract and they were determined to milk as much out as they could.

I wanted to go to court, but both me and my husband were out of work and studying so no time and no money to bring them to court. Instead, I called to "pause" the account (mind, we now didn't even have the equipment installed to provide services!). They said it was free but later I found out they've been charging us 5 dollars per month and taking it out of the credit we had on the account - about another $90.00!

Finally, after 9 months, and our financial situation not getting better. I called to cancel as the account was "unfreezed". Now I've collected not only the $200 in cancellation fees, but also 150 in service fees for the month! Mind you, the pause "expired" only 10 days before I called, but we were already charged for the whole month!! When I asked the representative if he could waive that fee, he refused, and now we owe them over $250 not counting how much we've already paid over the year we had the equipment connected! And when we did have it, the service was spotty and crappy and disconnected each time it rained.

Takeaway point - never use DISH!! Unrecommend to friends. They use low promotion fees and lies to lure people in, then they jerk up their prices 5 times high, and have no respect for customers' rights! Additionally, any phone company would cancel the contract if no reception is in the area you move to, but these guys have the clause that if you aren't allowed to have the service or don't have good reception you still pay the full price of the service they cannot provide! 0 stars!!!

Dish Network Killed My Puppy
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Rating: 1/51

JASPER, ALABAMA -- Dish network killed my puppy. I HAD a full blood, red nose, 8-week old pit bull puppy. He was a sweetie. Hs best buddy was a 7-month-old German Shepard mix and a 10-week old kitten. He stayed indoors most of the time but we went outside to play and for him to use the bathroom. Now he's gone because of a grossly negligent Dish Network tech/driver.

I live in the last house on a dead end drive, surrounded by woods on 3 sides, and I have no trespassing signs posted around my property. One sign is posted about 50 ft before you get to my driveway where it can be seen BEFORE coming onto my property.

On this dead end there are 3 driveways before mine. The house closest to my no trespassing sign is empty, so people can turn around in that driveway in order to not trespass on my property. I'm explaining the location so you understand why this shouldn't have happened.

Monday afternoon, I took my puppy out to do his business. I went inside and within a few minutes I heard a vehicle so I looked out my window and saw a Dish Network van pull into my drive, back out then he ran over/hit/killed my puppy then sped off.

I do not have any Dish services, not Dish Network or any other provider and I don't want any Dish services. Due to these facts that I have no Dish services, I have no trespassing signs at my property lines and I live at the end of a dead end drive surrounded by woods, Dish Network had no business on my property.

My puppy wasn't killed because I was irresponsible and let him run the neighborhood. He was killed on his own/my property by the Dish Network van and its driver (who had no business there) and it happened so quick that there was nothing I could do but watch.

After I gained my composure (from checking my pup hoping he was ok just to confirm he wasn't), I called Dish Network and I filed a police report. Once I finally reached a person to speak to at Dish Network and explained what happened the person transferred me back to automated services. This actually happened a few times before a man transferred me to a lady in the complaint department.

The lady wasn't very helpful. She took down my information, basically told me there was nothing Dish could do, then told me I'd be contacted later. After hanging up with her, I proceeded to email Dish Network's corporate office and their representing attorney to tell them.

The following day a man named Luke called me concerning my email. He took my information and told me another company services my area. Regardless of the service area, I SAW IT ALL with my own eyes and it was definitely a Dish Network van, which I told Luke. He told me he would give the info to his superiors and contact me later. Before disconnecting, Luke gave me his direct phone number.

It has been 5 days since the killing of my puppy, 4 since speaking to Luke and as of yet I've not been contacted again. I've seen a few complaints online about Dish Networks reckless technician/drivers. It's a sad world where our pets can't go outside in their own yard without being killed. Hopefully Dish Network addresses this situation before a child is run over by one of their technicians/drivers. Have not been offered any sort of compensation.

Verify EVERYTHING They Tell You!
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Rating: 1/51

ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO -- I recently decided to get cable/satellite television, and internet. It seemed it would be best to get the services “bundled”, to keep everything together with one company. In speaking with several companies, I had decided it would probably be best to go with one particular company. However, upon speaking with a GoDISH sales agent, I was led to believe that DISH was partnered with AT&T U-verse. His sales pitch was that I would be getting DISH AND AT&T internet. Only after I signed the contract did I learn that DISH was NOT partnered with AT&T. Not only that, but I can't even get AT&T at my residence.

Since my decision was based on the fact that I would be getting AT&T through their partnership, I felt I had been deceived. When I realized that I had been duped, I called DISH (June 3, 2016) and complained, stating that I was led to believe that they were partnered with AT&T, and I had made my decision on that basis. Since that was not the truth, the contract should not be binding. I spoke with Hector, who said he would review the transcript (recording).

Hector called back on June 16, 2016, and reported that he had listened to the recording, and the sales agent didn't indicate that it was a “bundled” service; that DISH and AT&T were individual companies. He didn't explain why the agent was touting AT&T as being a partner. Because the agent did nothing wrong, the contract stood “as is”. And I would have to pay the penalty fees if I were to break it. There was no discussion of my being misled, or that it had been agreed to under false pretenses.

I have always retained good credit. I pay what I owe. And when there is a difference of opinion, I am willing to try to find a solution (which I tried to do). But when I feel I have been scammed, and talk doesn't work, I see no alternative but to dispute the issue loudly and long. What occurred, should be interpreted as “bait and switch” tactics, which is illegal.

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Rating: 1/51

I've been an unhappy Dish customer for 9 years. Every few months I get a bill saying I owe more than our last agreement. I would then call them and go through same old song and dance... they would say the promotion, which I was told was good for a year, had ended. Even though that agreement was made only a few months earlier. I like a dummy not wanting to hassle with the alternative would agree to the few dollars increase and on we went... till last month and another increased bill arrived.

So this time, I canceled my service and Dish as agreed shut off my service and sent me their confirming cancellation email, with a sweet footnote saying they hoped I'd reconsider and come back. I called them and asked if they had reconsidered their price increase to my bill and they said NO. I replied... "I'm done."

The supervisor representative then said, "Do you want me to cancel your account?" I replied... "It's already canceled." He said, "No, it isn't you 'just' reactivated it. And if you cancel now, you will have to pay an early termination fee." I said, "I'm not going to continue playing your games. My service is off and I have your cancellation email that you sent to me two days earlier... we're done. Goodbye!"

Dish then reactivated my service; with fewer channels I might add and sent me a bill. Needless to say at this point I can't believe what has and is happening. I think Dish Corporate can't know this is how their customers are treated. So I called Dish corporate offices in Englewood, Colorado. Phone# 303-723-1000 ext. **... I left six (6) detailed 'short version' messages for Kathy Schneider, Sr. VP Customer Service asking her to call me and to date NO ONE has returned my call. So in closing... STAY AWAY FROM DISH!!! Life is too short to have this kind of BAD energy in your life.

Satelitte Internet Issues, Reception Problems, and Slow!
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Rating: 1/51

SOMERVILLE, ALABAMA -- My family decided to switch to Dish after being loyal DirecTV customers, because we had recently acquired an HD TV at the time and Dish was offering free HD channels. Also, at the time we had a maddeningly slow phone-internet service that was pretty much a pure pain in the butt, so we bought DishNet too. Our internet speed is 65Mbps, but only if we did not use up our 30GB data limit each month.

Now, let me further explain the internet problems. The 30GB of data is split in half -- 15GB from 6am-2am, and the other half from 2am-6am. Therefore, if we went over that 15GB limit on one side, you would have a 1Mbps speed until the other 15GB switched over. Also, because the service is a SATELLITE service, whenever it rained a little hard or it was particularly windy, it wouldn't connect. Not a big deal, right?

Now I'm going to go into the DVR service issues we had. After a couple of years, my mother (who uses the service the most) noticed that the receiver was being slow and/or freezing. Therefore, not recording the shows we wanted if they were on at the time (because this seemed to happen most often whenever we were watching something that we WANTED to see) and requiring a reset for the problem to be fixed. It would also happen if we were trying to switch from one recording show to another (because we could only record 2 shows at a time, and if we were recording 2 at a time, we could only watch one or the other) and therefore ruining the recording.

As time went on, this problem grew worse until it was pretty much a daily issue, and it finally drove my parents batty enough that they were driven to switch back to DirecTV (because Dish's service also was knocked out during a strong wind or storms, a problem we'd never had with DirecTV) and not only are we receiving a better service (recording 5 shows at once instead of 2, a larger DVR memory, DVR in all rooms instead of one, etc.) we are also paying less.

The only bad thing is that we can't leave DishNet because DirecTV's counterpart is far more expensive than what we are paying now. But since we've switched to DirecTV, our DishNet service has been slower and doesn't seem to reach the 65Mbps we had before, even though we're still paying for it (the fastest I've checked it to be is 19Mbps [I check the speed with my Android phone]).

I've never had so much grief with a satellite service before. And yes, we have replaced our receiver when the recording issues started, and guess what? THEY DIDN'T GO AWAY. Don't get Dish. Even if you have to pay more for DirecTV service, I'd rather save myself the headache dealing with Dish causes.

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