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not informed of contract
Posted by Sunnygirl on 12/27/2005
CITRUS SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- The sales people who want to make sure they make a sale may not always tell a prospective customer that they will be signing an 18 month contract with not only Dish Network but the satelite company who installed the dish too. If a customer would want to opt out of the service provided by Dish Network, there will be a huge penalty charge along with one from the company (which is separate from Dishnetwork) who installed... they will charge their own penalty charge as well. The people at Dish Network will say they do not know how much that charge will be but Dish charges $240 dollars.
Also the salespeople will give you a total your bill will be once your 'special' deal' will be up. I asked the sales person if there would be any surprises...any hidden charges. I was assured the amount he quoted would be THE amount charged each month. NOT TRUE! After the three months special was up, the total I was given was billed one time, after that it went up almost 25 dollars more! I called Dish Network only to be treated very rudely..I was told to get rid of some of my movie stations!!! WHAT?! The same ones that I was told would be part of my package??!! What a farce!! How do they get away with this??!!

SO! Beware of Dish Network salespeople, they will tell you just about anything they think you want to hear in order to make that sale!! How many people, including myself, would want to sign up with an 18 month committment to a satelite TV company?! Not me and I am sure many would feel the same way. How Dish Network gets away with it I will never know!! When you sign papers the day your dish is installed, those papers are actually the contract which binds you legally for eighteen months!! I had no idea of that when I signed..I was not told of the binding contract at the time of the sale by phone AND was not told of the penalty once signed if I would ever want to cancel my service with Dishnetwork before the contract was up.Also I was not told of any of that when the installer came to the home. I had no idea when I signed that paper I was legally bound to Dish Network for 18 months!!

Needless to say I will NEVER have anything to do with Dish Network again. Would you believe that the individual I spoke with at Dish had the nerve to say if I would ever want to sign up with Dish Network again I had to pay a 25 dollar charge to do so?!!! Outrageous along with what a joke! I would NEVER be that dumb again. That company should themselves be penalized for such an outrageous thing to do to people. I feel sorry for those people who are on a limited income and would have problems (of which I did) and would want to get rid of such poor viewing service. All it takes is rain or a cloud to move and you lose contact therefore something you are viewing is gone for however long!! I was assured by the salesmen that Dishnetwork had improved their service..HA! RIGHT! If I had only been told about the contract that would run for 18 months, if I had only been told of penalty charges, I would never have gotten the service in the first place!! So I guess I will have a nasty surprise in my mail soon from the satellite service along with now owing 240 dollars to Dish Network! YIKES!


Signed, DUPED

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Posted by Slimjim on 2005-12-27:
When a dish goes out from rain, it's out 5 minutes. When rain takes cable out, it's done for a day.
Posted by patient on 2006-01-05:
You think you have it bad as a customer my husband works for a company that has Dish Networks contract to install service for their customers. But they are considered in house technicians instead of contractors. That compnay can't even get their payroll right.They mess up on my husbands pay check all the time. And they act like they didn't know about it. I have to correct them almost every pay period. They work their techs mostly 10-12 hours a day and sometimes 7 days a week without gving them the option to not work on the 7th day( which is illegal) I've never been with Dish Network and based upon their corrupted business practices I NEVER WILL. Everything is a contract these days. And its true alot of companys are getting away with not telling the truth to attract customers. There should be something that we can do. Someone that could take action. Faster.
Posted by MajicWalrus on 2006-01-14:
Posted by beanbagbritches on 2006-05-11:
Never believe what a sweet-talking salesperson says. NEVER. Always read the fine print. Always be skeptical of the salesperson's agenda (commission). You have to watch your own back, he or she will not do that for you. Consider it a lesson learned.
Posted by cabldawg on 2006-10-18:
There are sale people who will stretch things to try to make the sale, or even leave out information such as the terms of the contract.

Bottom line: READ WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING! You have stated numerous times that you did not know that it was an 18 month contract or that there would be early terminsation fees. Did you not read it? There wouldn't be any fees if it wasn't in the contract. If it's not in the contract, then you can argue about the fees. If you can't understand the contract, I would suggest having your lawyer review it prior to signing so that you may be better educated.
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Poor Customer Service and Total Rip Off
Posted by on 04/09/2003
BREA, CALIFORNIA -- Do not do business with Dish Network, they provide poor customer service and try to punish consumers who terminate their service.

I notified Dish Network that I was cancelling my service. They refused to come and get their dish off the roof or take their receivers back, I have three. They said they would send boxes to ship them back to Denver with a 15 day limit or be charged $600.00. They kept trying to get me to buy the equipment, no mention of, "gee lady climb up on your roof and pull the cap off the satellite dish also" was ever made. I had to call 3 times to get the boxes, when they came it was 9 days later and they only sent 2 boxes and only 1 shipping label. Then if this wasn't bad enough, they sent directions on how to climb on top of a roof to pull the cap off the satellite dish. I live in a 2 story townhome and this is not possible for me. I spoke with very stupid supervisors who all said, "well, you signed a contract to return the equipment". Return, yes, climb on top of a two story roof because they refuse to come get the dish no. I would never do business with this company again. They are angry because I won't buy the equipment and this is just another way to punish a consumer for changing to cable.

Their techicians are trained for this type of service, I am not, they are putting my safety at risk due to poor customer service. Never, Never, Never due business with them. And as for the last service person I spoke with a so-called supervisor by the name of Brandon Poggi of Texas, you ought to lose your job.

First thing I did was contact my homeowners manager and suggest they not allow
Dish Network here anymore, if any homeowner wants it then they need to attach it on the patio and not on the roof. We already have cable hook ups anyway.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-06-09:
You signed the contract, if you didn't read or understand it, too bad for you. They can ultimately sue you for the cost of the equipment so it's cheaper to hire some handyman to take it down than pay for it later. I've never had a problem with Dish but I read and understand every contract I sign. How is it their problem that you didn't understand what you signed?
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-16:
It's funny how many people don't read the contract they sign, then come on the internet and complain about the terms. I've read my contract, it says that YOU are responsible for returning the equipment. It doesn't say THEY are responsible for picking up your equipment after you decide to stop providing them with revenue.
Posted by fullofgrace on 2004-05-12:
Good going on contacting the Homeowners Assoc...I've had trouble with themjust a couple of nights ago, and will be making many complaints to whoever i can about this company.
Posted by glennakim on 2006-01-28:
I wonder what their response would be if you fell off the roof and seriously injured yourself trying to get their equipment down. This company is expecting people to take down equipment that was installed by professionals with ladders designed to reach several stories. Maybe after they get sued enough times from people injuring themselves, they will change this policy.
Posted by PayItForward on 2006-02-07:
Thank you for posting comments about Dish Network. I will NOT be buying their services!
Posted by tuomoks on 2009-05-11:
After reading this and other I'm a little confused? My contract also says that I have to return the part of dish(es), the switch and receivers but doesn't say that I have to climb to the roof, etc OR that I even have the rights to demount their gear that is owned by Dish and was installed by them? So - can I rip them down by pulling the cables and if they break, so what, I'm not a trained for that kind of job AND in no place promised to hire or pay for that service? Let's see, have to call them - ONCE!
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Dish Network Is Using Deceptive Tactics To Lure Customers Into 2 Year Contracts
Posted by Sonalvv on 01/18/2010
LITTLETON, COLORADO -- I was contacted for a free DVR upgrade, that would also grant me a $10 reduction in my bill over 3 months.

Nowhere was it expressed that this meant that I would be enlisted into a 2 year contract under threat of a $300 penalty if I were to cancel it.

I had no previous contract with Dish, just a month to month agreement, and was actively looking into a better, more competitive AT&T solution. I am now deprived of my consumer freedom of choice of service for 2 years. (This was not an installation, just a simple DVR unit upgrade).

Many calls to Dish Network resulted in concerned representatives expressing apologies, but not able to void the contract, even when I had called within 24 hrs of the upgrade for the first complaint.

The upgrade was useless since the installer didn't want to take the time to install the DVR on the only Digital TV.

My consumer rights have been taken away as I am reluctantly locked in a 2 years contract with a $300 cancellation penalty.

You can read similar stories on many web sites. This is a widespread campaign of deception and abuse by Dish Network. This anti-competitive and anti-consumer behavior will continue until stricter rules on oversight of Cable/TV providers are passed.
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Posted by Starlord on 2010-01-19:
I agree with the OP wholeheartedly. I have posted how Dish scammed me into leaving DirecTV, then lied about renting the equipment and purchasing the service. In actuality, when I decided to go back to DirecT, then the equipment was not rented, but once installed, it was mine. This meant that the 'purchase price' for the equipment never termminated at a set price. Dish Network people lie like a wet rug.
Posted by bcd on 2010-01-19:
No signature=No contract
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-01-19:
not always.

your signature does not have to be a physical one in order to have it on a contract

when i ordered my internet connection i did a digital signature over the phone.
Posted by Square_Hedge on 2010-02-02:
Contact the FCC. (file a complaint online)
Posted by Cornelius on 2010-02-02:
Check out this class action suit against AT&T. I have AT&T as a cell phone service provider and am happy with them but I had a similar experience with CenturyTel which merged with another company recently to become CenturyLink. They could not provide me the service we agree upon so I dropped them. CenturyTel made all kinds of 'ruin your credit' threats but that was 3 years ago and I haven't received a ding on my credit. My scenario that I relayed to them was if I hired a contractor to re-roof my house and they only did half of it, I would not pay the contractor for any of it because that wasn't the agreement. Now yours is different but check out the ETF (Early Termination Fees) class action lawsuit at this URL. http://www.nj.com/business/index.ssf/2010/01/att_settles_class_action_suit.html I hope it helps :)
Posted by Cornelius on 2010-02-02:
Also, check the price of a brand new DVR that is exactly same in case they tell you that the DVR that you have is a new one and they can't return it. I'm sure you can find it on bestbuy.com or some other website by just google-ing it and check out the prices of the used ones too! That way you have the facts and prices in case they want to argue. Write down the dates and timecode that you have contacted them and the number of times you have talked with them on the subject. I am disgusted with how pushy these companies are and how they approach you about a product and then do a Benedict Arnold when you are not happy with their product or the additional fees attached to it! Maybe ask them if they heard of the most recent Class Action Suit against AT&T and the ETF if it gets down to the nitty gritty :) Good luck and let me know how it turns out.
Posted by Cornelius on 2010-02-02:
Google AT&T class action suit on early termination fees for several articles. Here's another article on the same AT&T class action suit on early termination fees. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100127/ap_on_hi_te/us_tec_techbit_at_t_wireless_fees
Posted by Southern Gentleman on 2010-02-02:
I think we have enough regulation already. We can all be better consumers if we READ contracts before we sign them. It appears that you did not do that.
Posted by Backlash2 on 2010-05-10:
Sounds like Dish is taking lessons from DirectTV! or Visa/Versa The early cancellation fee and the 2 yr contrace are trademarks of DTV.
Posted by jbg74 on 2012-01-24:
Dish and DirectTV have both lost a potential constomer for life. I have had nothing but the run around with them. I only wish i would have come here prior to calling them.
Posted by Lianne on 2012-08-02:
I too had these problems with them, now they have debited $200.00 from my bank accounmt out of the blue and there is nothing I can do about it other than file a dispute. they said that I agreed to this "clause" when I signed up with dish, but NEVER was I told I would be charged money from my account that I did not approve. I got up this morning and they had tken this money out of my account without my knowledge, it's been over a month since I terminated my service with them. They also gave me one week to return the equipment to them but it took 16 days to get the boxes delivered now they want another $150.00 for not having the equipment back to them 'In an timely manner'! I terminated my service with this comany because each time I spoke to them regarding my account they would quote me a monthly charge (which was different EVERYTIME I callled) and then when I got my bill it was much higher than it was supposed to be, customer service is as joke, you get trasnferred four or five times with each person telling you something different and nothing ever gets resolved. Save your money and your sanity AVOID DISH NETWORK LICK THE PLAGUE!!!!!!
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Loss of Programming
Posted by Reviewreport on 06/23/2006
I live in California. DISH Network uses Satellite 119 and 110 for programing. For all of us who have DISH Network TV we now know why we have lost half our programing. DISH has cut expenses by not using Satellite 119 during the day or evening. It kinda comes-in after midnight. Of course maybe a million subscribers lost half the programing they pay for. DISH is trying to squeeze more on to Satellite 110 which resulted in wavy over-lapping channels. Guess who has to pay a DISH contractor to come-out and reset the dish signal?
YOU, the subscriber must pay $99. or if you have insurance, $29. to have your DISH reset because DISH Network is saving cost by not using Satellite 119.

AND, for many, you will have to have another DISH antenna placed by the other one to get your local channels and you get to pay for the extra DISH also. Monthly programing fees DISH is cheaper than Direct TV but the poor service and additional cost make DISH Network far more expensive than Direct TV. I have eight more months to complete the 18 month contract I foolishly signed. I have heard how hard it is to cancel and get credit for returned equipment. I'll find out in 8 months.

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Posted by Stephanie_21 on 2006-07-06:
This is not true I must say. I believe you may have a faulty LNBF, of your Line of sight may be blocked. Either way, Dish Network for a fact, does not do that to their customers. If they were cutting expences, the first thing to go are the Employee's. I know for a fact, that they are not doing that because I do work for them. Please, do not start rumors about this company. Rumores are childish in a way. I love my job to death, and if anything like cutting expences happen, I do not want to lose my job.
Posted by myangels7 on 2006-07-10:
Thanks for sharing that. I had no idea that could happen. Even though that hasn't happened to me I have had my own cross to bear with Dish. It wasn't a pretty sight either.
Posted by zook9 on 2006-10-18:
I also live in California and I am currently experiencing signal loss problems with DISH Network. I have had the same system in use for over 2 years, with no complaints. On 10/9/06, a system software upgrade was downloaded to my receiver, and now all the ESPN family of channels comes and goes from a loss of signal. I never know when or if ESPN or ESPN2 will be available, but all 174 other channels are just fine. The signal loss is attributed to satellite #119, Transponder 4. When I go to the dish set-up menu, I get a full green signal at 85% strength for that transponder. After 3 calls and over 2 hours on the phone last week, DISH sent me a new receiver, which I hooked up over the weekend. The same problem continued with the brand new receiver. They claim the only way they can address it is to send a "technician" (i.e. meth addict casing my home for future reference), at my expense. They refuse to admit that their programming software is at fault. Not once has anyone asked how they could compensate me for my time and aggravation dealing with a problem that they obviously created.

I've already told them that they will not be receiving another penny from me until the problem is corrected. We'll see how long it takes for them to shut off the service.
Posted by pz573 on 2006-12-17:
I have been using Dish network for almost a year. Recently I started realizing that we have been experiencing losing signals of channels.
Then I finally decided to call up Dish Network to
tell them the problem.
After talking to the agent who received my call, the agent told me that he was going to charge me $25 for the technical support call. I told him this was not fair because I was losing my channels and I had to pay for asking for support in addition to my own time. I asked to talk to his supervisor and waited for a while, his supervisor was on the phone.
I explained to him this situation. He said there was no $25 charge. It was a misunderstanding. Then he said, if you want to have the problem fixed, he had to send in a technician and would charge me $99. But since I had insurance, then I had to pay $29. I said no. Its's not fair either. I still lose more channels but I wait until the contract expires.
No more Dish Network.
If anyone would like to short any stock, this is one you should select. I am going to short it.
Posted by tony84 on 2007-06-04:
Missing transponders and time of day sensitive performance was traced to LNB temperature sensitivity on my DISH . Take off the covers and feel if its hot, or unplug the LNB for a while to cool it , then reconnect.
Posted by missbiss on 2007-08-06:
I just got off the phone with Dish Network tech support about this same problem. I live in Vermont and am having the exact trouble. 119 is so hit or miss. First they got rid of about ten channels and right after that we started having 'ERROR' messages with satellite 119 - especially at night. He said for $29 I can have a technician out to check my receiver. What is going on? This is just ridiculous.
Posted by Dish tech on 2011-07-08:
If you are having tech issues with your equipment, u can always call us up to help u with ur concern. you can also chat with our tech supports online. www.dishnetwork.com
I just would like to clear the issue that DN is switching the satellites 119 to 110 at night, if that happens, u will not get the channels at all.
Posted by Terri V. on 2013-08-11:
We switched from a commercial acct to a residential account about 2 months ago. It is constantly restarting. Just tonight it froze and restarted 3 times within an hour. We are avid sport fans and football is starting soon. It has shutdown twice in the ninth inning of a baseball game. Extremely mad. We pay good money (too much) for TV service. I expect it to work all the time, not just sometimes. I am not a happy camper.
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Returning Equipment
Posted by Jcochron1 on 01/18/2006
FRESNO -- So like everyone else, it really sucked when I had to pay some guy to take down there equipment, I was pregnant and had two children, and a husband in iraq. But I was so sick of having problems with the company, I agreed. Well then I had ups come pick up their equipment and paid for the pickup out of my own money. Big deal right? Then about a month after I returned the equipment (it was sent with in the 15 day period)i received a letter from dish network stating that I still owed them for the equipment. I called and the lady told me to disregard the letter, that they had received the equipment and it was fine. Then a couple months passes and a collection agency called and told me I owed dish net work money for the equipment. I immediately called them and again was told it was going to be cleared and taking care of. I was also told that I would not receive no more phone calls from the collection agency. I received one again today and called the supervisor again and told him what had happened. The collection agency was still after me for money for the equipment that I turned in. Supervisor say it will be taken care of again. Its funny how this company can not get things fixed, and you have to call numerous times. They send people to collections for things you turned in on time, and turned them in exactly how they wanted you to. This company is horrible at customer service, and treats people like dirt.

They could care less about you, their out for your money. Customers need more rights the companies have all the rights and even get away with illegal
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Posted by miketech on 2006-01-19:
Wow sounds terrible. I thought Dish Network had taken to leaving the equipment in hopes you would change your mind or someone else would use it. Guess I was wrong. I hope you get it worked out. I would think you should get a letter or fax from Dish Network explaining that it was a mistake so your credit doesn't get hosed over this. I'm sure if Debtorbasher replies to this post he can give you some good tips.
Posted by glennakim on 2006-01-28:
Have you tried the BBB? I finally got my situation with Dish Network resolved by filing a comlaint with them. Good Luck!
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Terrible Customer Service, Bait and Switch
Posted by Stephaniebriskey on 01/04/2013
We switched to Dish from another satellite company because of their unethical practices after being a decade long customer. Less than a year after installation, our receiver stopped working. No amount of resetting would restart the equipment. Found while speaking with the representative that we were not receiving HD for life as offered during our signup, as well, which was rectified by a customer retention representative Since I wasn't 100% happy with the current equipment we had, the customer retention representative offered to upgrade us to a new receiver (remember, the old was was DOA so needed to be replaced regardless) for no charge in exchange for extending our contract for 2 years, which we agreed to.

Installation was great, accepted 2 year extension. A month and a half later (which is now), we were charged a fee for the receiver, and discovered that we were billed for a protection plan that I never requested or agreed to add.

Called and spoke with three different agents, including a manager. All three claim that there were no "notes" put in our account about upgrading our equipment, and without these "notes" there is no way they can refund the fee. In addition, there is a fee for canceling the protection plan that I was never informed of. A protection plan that the customer is expected to pay to cover equipment that doesn't even belong to them. If they didn't charge me the protection plan, they would also charge a fee for the tech to come out to replace their equipment that didn't even make it a year that was sitting in a protected piece of furniture.

Also, because I did agree to the extension of our contract, and they made no notes about their offer, we will be charged early termination fees if we cancel our service. So Dish has created a method for breaking their contract with their customers, all while ensuring the customer can basically to ensure Dish provides their promised service.

I was, until today, extremely happy and satisfied with Dish. Now I am a disgusted, dissatisfied and certainly no longer loyal to Dish.
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Posted by CheriT @ DISH Network on 2013-01-06:
HI, my name is Cheri and I work on the Social Media Team at DISH. I would like to apologize for the issues that you have experienced with our service. I would be happy to review your account and see what I can do to help! Can you please PM me or email me direct at Cheri.Torres@Dish.com with your account number or phone number on the account? I look forward to assisting you! Thanks!

Cheri Torres
Social Media Representative
Posted by Phil on 2013-01-29:
Me too. 8 year Dish customer, decided to go back under contract for upgrades, on both the internet and TV. I was told that I could keep my dish e-mail address. Right after the upgrade was complete My E-mail account at Dishmail.net was suspended, yet my I phone was still logged in and worked just fine which makes sence (it is G-mail)

When I called the Dish broadband call/assist center I was told that I was told "wrong" and that instead of my dishmail.net address -I would be required to use a dish.com address.

This is a great inconvienance since I have a business account amd multiple E mail accounts with dishmail.net.

I am now reconsidering the changes to my TV service and upgrades that I had planned to do since what has happened to me so far is a classic bait and switch -all the way.

After complaining to the broadband tesh support person I was told my account could be reactivated for 24 hours, then I was told for 48 hours, when I asked to speak to a senior person at Echo-Star my account with dishmail.net was then extended for 7 days.

What seems to be is consistant here is that there is a clear an absence of rules to follow in this case since the so called "rule" prohibiting my maintaining my long held and valued dishmail account account seems to be a moving target.

I then asked to be connected to a more senior Echostar person, and I was told I would be. I was placed on hold for 10 seconds and disconnected.

I am considering a BBB complaint, and legal action in small claims court here in Ohio.

I will be contatacting Ms. Torres to try to resolve the matter first.
Posted by kackiecnm on 2013-05-09:
Me too! If "misery loves company," read my review/complaint to be dated today (not yet posted) --- I am outraged and my multiple "issues" are still not resolved after repeating them over and over in multiple phone calls --- as with you, "history/notes" that I specifically asked to be entered into my "account file" have mysteriously disappeared. Aside from warning others, we need to report them to FTC, FCC and file complaints with area BBB, and your state's DCF

Interest how our experiences parallel, including the only good thing where the on site installer/techs but
everything else was like "falling down the rabbit hole" to find fraud, incompetence etc.! I am planning on also filing a claim in my local SMC and in the complaint add that I am a ripped off "senior" ---statute State and Fed under "elder abuse" that should shake them up. Plus I will subpena copies of my phone records to illustrate how many calls I had to "customer service" --- and oxymoron with MORON underlined!
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Dish Network illegal actions
Posted by Dishnetwork is horrible on 03/06/2006
LITTLETON, COLORADO -- This company is first off horrible with customer service, then they are very deceptive when you try to cancel and lastly they charge you incorrect charges so they may place your account in collections! I am here to offer some assistance to those whom have been treated unjustly as I have. Here is what you need to do! document time/date/ and everyone you talk to along with their responses!

1) call their custmer service and attempt to resolute!
2) call their legal department and inform of a lawsuit!
303-723-1000 (ask for legal department
3) Go to the courthouse and pick up a small claims lawsuit form. VERY, VERY, VERY easy.
a) Fill it out for the amount they state you owe unjustly (you can only fill it out for monetary damages)
b) Look up your Secretary of State webpage and get the registered agent for your state.
c)Put under reason: Unfair business practices and a short description of how they unlawfully charged you!(really brief)
d) you can then either notarize and mail or drop this form off
e) This usaully costs about forty dollars but after you get your default judgement it will be reimbrused by the Dish Network!
4) After you file this lawsuit dish network's registered agent will most likely not show up in which case you will easily file for a default of judgement in which case teh court will then assist you in getting your judgement from the company.
If by some miracle they show up just ask for a continuance or
plead your case. They usually don't show up because it costs them much more to go to litigation then just to settle.
5) If they do not remove your deragatory remark after teh dispute then you may sue them for an additional 1,000 for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
PS: You may also file complaints with the following:

I hope this helps and remember you owe it to your neighbor to ensure all large business follow the law.
(I am not a lawyer but I have personally followed these steps and recommend them to everyone whom has also had issues with this company.)
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Posted by Dirtydave on 2006-04-08:
Please contact me on a possible Class Action Law Suit against Dish Network.
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Horrible service and lied to multiple times by supervisors.
Posted by B.cole444 on 11/26/2012
FAIR OAKS CA, CALIFORNIA -- I went with Dish Network and at first it was ok. My bill was around 91.00 out the door price. That came with 250 channels but no premium channels. Long story short one of my DVR's goes out and I call to get someone to come out to fix it. First off it takes them 4 days to come out. I wanted to upgrade my receiver to the VIP 922 and replace the old DVR's. so before doing so I asked the supervisor I spoke with multiple times would this affect my bill??? He told me they would wave the 17.00 per receiver for the next year.
So for the past 3 months they have been charging me close to 130.00. I have made many calls to sit on hold and get transferred to supervisors who can't speak English and run me around in circles.

Finally I had it and cancelled service with them the other day. I will be getting a bill from them that they can settle up with my attorney.

My two cents is I would look to direct TV if you have it. They seem to be much better in all services.

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Posted by CheriT @ DISH Network on 2012-11-27:
We are very sorry for the issue that you have experienced with our service. If there is anything that we can review for you please feel free to PM me with your account information and more details on the issue. Thank you.

Cheri Torres
Social Media Representative
Posted by Nathan on 2013-01-03:
I cannot comment on your experience with Dish but I will say that TV, Phone, and internet providers seem to all be the same as cell phone companies. They all at times have horrible problems and at other times may actually do some good things. The biggest problem is the contracts because as soon as it is signed, the company seems to exhibit the belief that the customer no longer really matters
Posted by sandy on 2013-06-06:
Disconeccted dish:paid the final payment. Then a month later I get a e-mail they are debiting my checking for $60 for a movie and a fight I did'nt order,(the fight was 9 months ago) and also shipping, to ship to ship their boxes back..(They had shipped extra boxes too me and I was politely shipping them back to them!)When I called and asked for a supervisor....ha.ha....you can never speak to a supervisor,,,,they are never available to come to the phone.....
One time asking for a supervisor they hung on me 3 times,,,,thats why I am no longer with dish!

Posted by Kevin on 2013-06-27:
I promise that Direct is no better and have been getting the same treatment as you are with Dish. Lots of people that (I don't know, I will have to transfer you.) Then you get cut off magically, time and again in the same day. No, Direct TV, is no better in service or billing.
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Discontinue Services and You Get Stalked
Posted by Kinthenorthwest on 07/03/2011
As long as you a customer you are ok. If you want to discontinue Dish services, Heaven help you. They will harass and threaten you to no end. I am not sure why they have taken this course of action. I have kept my bill paid ahead at all times, yet due to financial problems needed to cut back.

I just discontinued my service with them & they have been horrid. I have been getting hang up calls from then and threatening calls from them about their equipment which I will ship once I get the boxes they are supposed to send me. I have had to document so much it's not even funny.

Since my service ended less than a week ago I have gotten over 1/2 a dozen calls from them. 2 with no person at other end, one was a sales representative who hung up after identifying himself, one was another sales manager, and just today I got another call; a recording threatening to charge me if they did not receive their equipment. I am beginning to feel like I am being stalked. I see their number come up on my caller id and I don't know whether to run or answer.

Be careful of trying to end services with Dish Network. Below is my story that started on June 11, and I'm not really sure it has ended yet.

On June 11, 2011 I called Dish to cancel my account at the end of my billing cycle. I gave them two reasons; High Cost and outsourcing of their customer service department to countries outside of the United States.(Have you ever tried to talk to a customer service representative from another country. 75% do not actually understand English, even though they might speak it decently ).

They gave me no alternative to the high cost except to return the DVR and save $5 a month by not using their DVR plan.

Between the 11th and 27th I did receive two calls that hung up on me and a couple of survey calls. On the 27th a manager called inquiring why I was leaving, yet did not offer any type of solution.

I woke up on the 28th at 5:30 am to find they had disconnected me, even though I was paid up through the 28th. Between the 28th and the 1st I received three more calls that hung up on me. The one on the 1st identified himself as Alex from the sales department and was trying to get me back as a customer. I not only told Alex but another Customer service Representative that I did not wish to receive anymore sales calls from them. Yet after Alex I received another sales call who hung up right after give his name and company.

After receiving an email on the 1st demanding I immediately send back their equipment I I promptly called their Customer service representative to inform her I had not received the boxes yet. She told me no sweat that I had 30 from the date of disconnect. I documented the call to the best of my ability.

On July 3, I got awoken to yet another call from Dish. It was a pre-recorded message tell me that if I did not return their equipment immediately they were going to charge any account of mine they had access to . Realizing that I could document their online chat easier I used that and documented.

Again I informed that agent that I had not received the boxes. At first he asked me to turn on my TV so they could trouble shoot the problem. I again repeated that I had disconnected my services. I was again told I had 30 days. This I again documented.
As I told a friend I feel as if I am being stalked by this company. I have been and am doing my best to end this in a friendly manner in case I might like to use their services again in the future. Right now I see no reason to ever use their services again. This has been a very horrid experience so far and actually a bit scary.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-03:
It sounds like a nasty combination of sales tactics and "anticipatory" bill collection.

After reading the reviews on Dish, I would never use their services. Good luck, and make sure to track those packages when returned.

If you don't receive those boxes soon, I would be prepared to supply your own, and call them to find out how and where to send them.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-07-03:
great review.

very helpful!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-03:
awesome review
Posted by kinthenorthwest on 2011-07-04:
Not sure if you all got it from my post.
But if you have to talk to Dish, do with online chat.
That way you have a way to back up everything.
You can print the chat and have it emailed to you.
Very good way to not end up playing but they said.
This way you have it in print.
Posted by TommyF@DISHNetwork on 2011-07-05:
kinthenorthwest, I have responded to the message you sent me! Hope to hear back from you soon.
Posted by Augustus2099 on 2011-08-03:
My sister She tried to get dish And I told Her No way After she went on this site she has since stopped trying to get Dish. I thank these reviews I know that what Dish is doing is against the Law and you can contact the BBB and settle this.
Posted by kinthenorthwest on 2011-08-15:
Since my mess with Dish I now do not use satelite or cable to get my tv service.
with a cheap antenna, a good Blu ray Dvd player, a steamer device I get what I used at Dish for $20 a month.
initial Investment was about $200....

Its been almost 2 months now and I cant believe that I paid what I did for TV service that I get for practically free now..
Posted by ClassACtionnow on 2013-02-25:
Since there are so many in agreement as to this socalled company being nothing but crooks, why not a class/Action Suit . There Must be some worthwhile Lawyer out here who will work for a fair price to represent so many that have obviously been Bilked .
Posted by ClassActionYes on 2013-05-29:
I've been with Dish for nine years, and have decided to cancel. They have gone out of their way to make it difficult. I had to beg them to send me a return box, and then I find out that i'm expected to disconnect equpment from the dish itself, which is not a simple task. Oh, and the dish is "yours to keep" according to the Dish rep. Gee, thanks!

How does one start a class action anyway?
Posted by beverlyinvirginia on 2013-06-15:
I have cable internet, get all my TV and Movies and Sports that I need. New release movies like Hansel and Gretel, Snitch, @ blue-hq.com Youtube has TV and movies and some sports. And the networks offer programs like Leno, etc
Posted by Rallen on 2013-08-04:
Give Dish the boot and they become devious. The loyalty department could care less. And Dish says they have negotiated a price to get the boxes back to them by UPS, but I discovered they make a profit on each box also. If Dish has your credit or check card on file they will go into your account and create havoc. Don't walk away from Dish-Run!
Posted by Tom on 2013-11-16:
If they have your credit card number, contact the cc company and have the cc number changed. I have had to do that in the past.
Posted by shepherdkisses on 2014-02-28:
Call the credit card company and have your number changed. Have your phone number changed too, or do what I do and give them the old house phone number. The class action suit should be against all of the Attorney Generals in each state that have let Dish off with a slap on the wrist. THEY are not doing their job which is supposed to be protecting us, the consumer, from companies like Di@k Dish.
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The truth about Dishnet after 13 yrs exp...
Posted by Dishnetthetruth on 03/09/2010
ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Ok here is how it works the truth about Dishnet...they do not care about your service..And why?? I have done work for dish since they started..they are now using all remanufactured equipment for new customers.. so when we have what we call a new connect you get get used junk from the start..there's is always a catch to everything they do..And now have just had a price increase but yet the advertisement were the cheapest..Well thats a lie..Why the price increase cause they owe TV over 300 million for patient lawsuit on their DVRs..I have seen dish reshedule a service call.. for 5 stars customers because of shortage in equipment just so they could go do the new connect and lev the exsisting customer with no service..why so they could go get that 24 month agreement from the new customer..and so me as a tech knew n order not 2 have to sign another 24 month agreement I paid cash for a regular 322 receiver 150 bucks. and this month they had a price increase as of February 1 2010. and want 2 charge me 14 bucks a month to watch TV for something I bought..Bogus billing look people I can put your sat in when I'm asleep but hell I can't understand or read their billing..i called dish and was very nice and have been hung up on 3 times..i have of course their tech number for fast service for customers well thats a joke also 43 minutes I waited for help remember this is their tech line so we as techs can get thru fast to help our customers what a joke..here's..The real problem dish screws all their contractors so when and if you get a tech your lucky if you get 1 that knows what they are doing at all..We as techs old school techs take pride in our work...BUT DISH TIES OUR HANDS..So a lot of the time we can not even help the customer.. so you get resheduled again..A service call pays us 25 bucks now wow boy..SO REALLY WHAT U THE CONSUMER GETS..Is a company that don't care and a tech that don't care so how you figure your going to get good service..most unorganized company I have ever seen..This used to not be but over the years this has just got worse..Ur pay sucks if you get paid cause if they can get out of giving you your 25 bucks they will that 25 used to be 70..Dish also has third party retailers selling their service I have drove 60 miles to do 2 installs and when I got to the door the customer wanted to know where their new TV was..Needless to say I drove 120 miles roundtrip for nothing.. whats dish do I called them they laughed and said sorry..So I'm out of my gas and 2 jobs cause both were promised 2 TV's..Tell you what for all thinking of getting sat it's great if done right the first time..call dish see how long it takes to get a human..1 that speaks English at that.. then call direct and you will see what real service is they speak engish too..It is sad dish has went so poorly on their services..AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE DON'T.. GIVE THEM UR CREDIT CARD NUMBER OR BANK INFO IF U DO.. U WILL SEE SOON WHY I SAY THIS..If you want sat TV go get it from a local retailer who does the install and does care about there customers...And dish can not get good techs cause us who have been around from the start know better..Ur first question to the tech as a consumer should be so how long you been doing this..I have seen customers that looked scared to death until I told them I have done sats for almost 14 yrs..im not mad at dish.. I think it's sad for the consumer cause they have no idea what they are getting into read the fine print folks..Just thought it would be nice for people to know this b4 they get hung in a 24 month agreement..with a company like this..People need to know why their service sucks and how it really works.. THE TRUTH..we the people just need to raise cane to the fcc and put a stop to this madness...
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Posted by outragedintennessee on 2010-06-16:
Wow. They do suck! I cancelled my contract and just paid it out what I owed because I hate their lies so bad.
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