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Freaky, Crowded Disneyland
By -

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- Sunday, May 3rd. I took my 3 sons and another young boy to Disneyland for a surprise. First of all it cost half of a fortune to get in the park! Secondly it was a long walk and 30 minutes to get to the ticket booth. The place was PACKED and there was only ONE TICKET booth open. I would have turned around and gone home if it weren't for the little faces looking up at me with pleading eyes... So ONE MORE HOUR AND $500 later, we were finally in the "happiest place on earth".

It was AWFUL! Maybe it was a special occasion, I don't know, but it was packed and a whole bunch of really freaky people were walking around with ripped up black outfits, pale skin and freaky make-up to look like vampires I think. Some of them were mean and one was saying nasty stuff to one of my sons. They basically took over the park.

THIS IS WHY WE DON'T GO TO MAGIC MOUNTAIN! Some of the "vamps" guys were wearing girly vamp clothes and another guy was in a very, very tiny mini skirt. We seen one with a casket on his back. What's even weirder is the day was so hot, I thought I was going to pass-out in one of the 90 minute waiting lines to get on a ride. We could barely walk through the crowd. We had to hold hands to keep from getting separated.

At the end of the day we were able to ride 3 RIDES! My youngest boy had a migraine brought on by stress and heat. He was spooked in a line when some crazy vamp was wearing contacts to make her eyeballs look like a cat. He started to think that real dead people were around us. Disneyland is not the place it was when I was a kid. I was online today looking for a way to write them.

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Rating: 1/51

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- We have been to Disneyland before and this trip was so disappointing. The security is a joke and everyday they are changing the policy. Magic Morning is a bust. Disneyland forgets to tell you that half the park is closed, so what's the point of going early? Walt Disney is turning in his grave. Every ride is dirty and outdated. Come on Disney you guys are raping us for 60 billion a year. Get it together!

Mary Poppins! I Means Shes Not Even Her But Thought She Is All That And Rude
By -

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- Well I'm here now and Mary just did a show. We waited patiently till the show ended to get her autograph. As my daughter and I went to get it she was not only rude and avoiding us but she kept walking even after I said excuse me. The gentleman with her was very nice as my daughter got upset. He said just walk with us and I'll get it for you. Still even after we were with them she not once turned around to greet my 8 year old. I mean did she really think she was Mary Poppins????? That was just a great disappointment for my daughter's first time in Disneyland.

Disneyland Disappointment
By -

Family of 10 visited the theme park on the 15th of May to celebrate our son's 5th birthday! Travel time was 5 hours, hotel cost 750.00 and park tickets over 800.00 not to mention the food cost inside was too high for the crap taste and service! Disneyland is not the happiest place on earth, how could it be! 7 of the 10 rides we went on broke down in the middle of the attraction. :( We actually saw Mickey in Toon Town where he waited in a crowded movie trailer for an overpriced picture you could take with him, if you hurried!!! No characters were around the park, as advertised on every commercial!

Disneyland false advertises, charges way too much for everything and has a staff of very grumpy, lazy people to run their broken down rides! Thank you Disneyland for the miserable day and for of course no parade and no fireworks because the wind blew for 5 minutes and scared you off!!! Never again. Disneyland stinks!!!!!

Reentry of disney with stamp
By -

My granddaughter who is 12 years old was initially denied reentry to Disneyland. She had been stamped earlier in the day, but the woman at the gate after letting myself in denied her entry and started drilling her about what time we had previously entered and when I tried to speak she shushed me and told me to let her answer. She was extremely rude and didn't even have a light to check if her stamp was still visible. She finally called someone in charge to the gate and after more questioning they let her in.

This left us both extremely upset and I told the person I thought that all that questioning was ridiculous being that we had purchased the 4 day Hopper tickets and they shouldn't need to do that because people pay a lot of money for their tickets.

Rude and disrespectful Disney Employees
By -

I went to Disney with my family to celebrate my grandbaby's 1st year on May 12 As we arived we saw two characters available for pictures. Since both lines were long I stood on one and my son and daughter in-law on the other with the baby. Their line finish first and came over to me;I was still wating on line. As I was telling my son who was carrying the baby to hurry, this employee came out of nowhere and told me I was no longer on line and when I asked him why, he did not give an answer and just keept bringing others in front of us. I felt like punching him on the face. Disney should give a serious training to employees who make people have a bad taste about Disney. I'm the recreational HR Manager for my company and I purchase tickets on consignmnt. I will no longer purchase Disney tickets for my employees any more Disney can thank this rude employee. Disapointed Esmy.

No Fireworks--Dangerously Crowded
By -

WTF No Fireworks!!! I was at Disneyland with my grand kids and daughters and we were waiting for the fireworks and parade to start. It never happened even though it was listed on their web site, park events schedule, and several staff members told us where to sit and what time it started. I had been to Disneyland several times before, but it had been 15 years since my last visit. My question to Disney execs is what happened to the park? It is now monstrous in size and dangerously crowded. My granddaughter was almost trampled by people getting on and off rides. We were almost hit by cars speeding out of the parking garage after the park closed.

I will say the food was delicious and the service at the dining areas was exemplary. The ride operators were mostly very kind and we did get to meet many Disney characters. The lines were as expected, but the fast passes reduced waiting times by quite a bit.

I probably will not go back because it was extremely expensive and my kids are too old for Disney now.

Busted Fake Wheel Chair User!!
By -

Excellent Job Disney Security!!! Went to Disneyland (Anaheim) yesterday and I actually saw Disneyland Security walk-out (kick-out) a family for using the Fake Wheelchair trick to get on rides. The busted guests were not happy because they were informed (in front of a dozen other guests within earshot) that their entire families tickets were voided for the day! It was awesome!!! In Fantasyland, we (and several other families) watched as Disney Security "tailed" the family from one ride to another as the family (who all were obviously perfectly healthy) took turns "acting" as the person with the disability to get on the rides via handicap express loading. Keep up the good work Disney Security!!!

Disneyland Could Care Less About The Complaints On This Or Any Site
By -

It is plain that Disney couldn't care less about its customers. This is evident in that they sell over 300 to 500 thousand annual passports. The park only holds 70 thousand people. This means that no matter when you and your family go, all be it you will need to file for BK afterward, the park is guaranteed to be PACKED!!

Further, the greedy share holders and Board of trustees know that we are in a deep depression and still they charge twice as much as any other park out there. It is time to teach them a lesson and STOP going to their theme parks!

We'll Never Go Again!
By -

We brought our 3 children to Disneyland Dec of 2008, the staff were so very rude, there was at least a 90 minute wait for each ride. The one thing I found interesting is the rides are pretty much the very same ones they had when I was there at age 12, that's over 20 years! The streets were so crowded we could barely walk. At one point our youngest son got separated from us and we had to go to the lost child spot and wait over 20 minutes just to make a report! (it felt like hours)We got to the park at about 8am, but the stores and stuff didn't even open until 11:00am (the things they don't tell you on the website) they also said they were having parades threw out the day but the only one we saw was in the evening and we couldn't get close enough to even make out what was happening. I do remember one staff actually yelling at one of my children because they tried to get a closer look at the parade and the guy yelled "I've already told you not to stand there!"

The biggest disappointment of it all was the fact the not once did we see one of the Disney characters! The entire day, and not one. We finally left the park at 9pm and swore we would never go back.

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