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Are You Kidding Me!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Shepwood on 04/25/2012
SOMEWHERE, PENNSYLVANIA -- These are the most tasteless pieces of crap on the market today. It is hard to believe that the manufacturer and Food Lion both find these worth selling, and at a comparatively high price. They are really bread cakes maybe flavored with steamed lobster juice. This seem to me to be the seafood equivalent to "Pink Slime". Absolutely AWEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean eat your socks first AWEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-04-25:
I found a review online that appears to be by someone who knows what they are talking about:

The picture of the box looks appetizing, and it has all the right words - Made in America, Never Frozen.

I saw these at Shop Rite for $6.50, which does not seem pricy for 4 3oz cakes. Actually that seems cheap for crab cakes - you can easily spend $15 for two quality crab cakes.

That review is horrendous, in line with your observations. Evidently these are KRAB cakes, and to be avoided at all costs. VERY helpful review. Thanks for warning us.
Posted by brendayardimci394 on 2013-02-27:
Moved From Other Review: Dockside crabcakes were so salty, they were inedible! Tasted no crabs whatsoever, more like salty breadcrumbs, nothing else. Really horrible for 7 dollars! Yuck.
Posted by somewhere tennessee on 2013-08-02:
I bought the lobster cakes. Yuk, Yuk, I threw the rest of the box of cakes away after tasting. What a disappointment, I never will buy this product again, or any of the other cakes they have, that's for sure. The lobster cakes tasted like iodine, plus after checking the label they have high corn syrup, a real no, no for people trying to watch what they eat. How do these companies get away selling this garbage to the public.
Posted by Sabema on 2014-03-31:
They are the worst!! Don't let the pic fool yah
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