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Auto ship scam
Posted by Badboyzjo on 10/10/2007
Teach me not to read the fine print. I ordered product free trail for a two week period. After thought I read their terms and conditions, trail period auto-ship kicks in. I cancelled the product 10/9, and received an email notifying me that I am cancelled for any further shipments. Finished done, 10/10 colon 700 is submitted and auto payment for double there monthly charge for for almost 80.00 dollars.

As of this writing no response for returning my money.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
Very sorry to report you have been had by one of the current Internet scams. You did agree to the autoship, it was buried deep inside the terms and agreements as you found out. A large number of people report the only way to get out of the monthly charge or debit mess is to close the account or card they have of yours. There is no known way to cancel the auto ships. One poster did report that she sent the first autoship order back certified and her bank took it as proof and got her money back then she closed that account. Many times they take your money for the autoship and never ship anything. They will beat you on a dispute as they will provide a copy of the agreement you agreed to. So, in order to beat these crooks you have to return the free trial and any autoship's by certified delivery, send them a cancelation letter and block them from your account or close your account.

These guys are real bottom feeders.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
Alley, are you sure? I thought it was more than that. LOL
Posted by Suusan B. on 2007-10-10:
When are people going to learn that nothing is truly free and to read the terms and conditions of agreements BEFORE agreeing to them in one form or another (signature or via on-line site)?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
How can i teach you not to read ?
Posted by drumbri on 2009-01-07:
I was also ripped off by these ripoff artists.
I signed up for a free trial bottle, never got it but they started charging me anyway. The product must be bogus or they wouldnt do this.
Posted by drumbri on 2009-01-07:
I was also ripped off by these ripoff artists.
I signed up for a free trial bottle, never got it but they started charging me anyway. The product must be bogus or they wouldnt do this.
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Trial Offer Then We Use Your Credit Card For More Cash
Posted by Jupiterssun on 01/10/2009
15 day trial, well I have tried many times to contact them to cancel and I can't. Now they have charged my credit card for 88 bucks. I am so sick and tired of these cons try this and then try to cancel before we charge you more. I want to be notified any time I am about to be charged I never give permission to just charge even if I don't cancel it is illegal to just take money out of a account I did not authorize them to use my credit card twice period.

I am not satisfied I want my money back And we all need to get together and file a lawsuit.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-01-10:
If you had read the term and conditions you would have seen that you actually DID authorize them to charge you.

However, dispute the charge with your credit card company. If you can provide documentation to your credit card company showing your attempt to cancel they will reverse the charge. Don't delay. You only have 60 days from the date of the statement where it first appeared.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-10:
Excellent points Chuck. Jupiterssun, you may have to cancel or re-issue your charge/debit card. These guys will keep hitting it anytime they want. Piece of advice, never give your credit or checking info to any of these scam trail web sites. They do have buried deep in their terms that you agree to a monthly auto ship. And it is next to impossible to cancel it or stop it or return the product.

Often they will hit your card and never even ship anything.
Posted by jupiterssun on 2009-01-28:
Yea i know But it still ercks me they are nothing but scammers. fifteen days to cancel, To short to know if it even works,They will refund the trial offer but not the monthly order. I already cancelled my card and i denied the shippment that they sent I also paid 38 dollars stop mayment that didnt work so i lost 118 bucks But i learned my lesson. There nothing but scammers
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Ripped Off By Colon 700 And Mad
Posted by Ripped off and mad on 01/05/2009
EDMONDS, WASHINGTON -- I signed up for a trail offer with Colon 700 and received an envelope with the product no shipping info included, no one telling me that I signed up for a monthly shipment for $89.31 A month if not canceled in 14 days. The product caused massive cramps and I had no intention of ordering it. But to my shock I received a package for $89.31 Telling me of the monthly shipment. So buried in the terms somewhere is this info. When I called to cancel and find out how to get my money back and return there product I was told that they just cancel accounts and there is no number to find out how to return products and get your money back.

This company is underhanded, so please don't be the next victim of their scam.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-05:
Ripped off and mad, you did agree to the terms and conditions as well as the auto ships. It was buried very deep in the terms you agreed to during the purchase process. They are very clever crooks and have been at this a very long time ripping people off.

It is next to impossible to return the product or stop the shipments. Best advice is to close the account you used to pay for the trial. They will bleed as much as they can off the account until you close it or get a new number issued.

These guys are real bottom feeders and will steal from you as long as they can. Best of luck to you!
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Colon 700
Posted by Fireisland on 02/10/2008
I want this company to stop sending people these without permission.. I never received the samples that they say I received and never asked for these bottles they want me to pay 34.99 Each.. Not going to happen... Will be returning these and hope this company will not bother me again.. Thanks pat

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-10:
How did they get your info and credit card number? They put you on the auto ship program also? How did all this happen if you never gave them any info? Last we checked the Colonex700 web site was gone, is this a new complaint or from awhile back?
Posted by ejack053824 on 2008-02-10:
So Colonex gave you their version of a Colonoscopy I see.
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