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Insurance Scam
Posted by EZcarRentalDisgusted on 09/11/2007
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- SCAM ARTISTS: EZ Rent a Car aka USA Car rentals. We hired a car from EZ Rent a Car/USA Car rental (same people which change names to suit weather). We declined the top-up insurance and had to prove by supplying copies that we had full/top tier car insurance, which we had and consequently supplied our State Farm paperwork. They took copies. We paid in cash for entire rental but then next month our credit card bill arrived with a deduction for $102 insurance. On calling them we were told it was an error and would be refunded. We waited a month. No refund. Called them again and were told that we had signed for the insurance. We asked for proof of such a signature as it was not on our copies and we knew that such a signed copy did not exist. The young lady was quite rude and angrily stated that she would now have to go through archived records but said that they would find it and send it.

Of course it never arrived and now they ignore us and have not replied to emails. We complained to our credit card company but they said that we had signed the rental agreement. Yes we did but we did not request, want or sign for extra insurance. Apparently however EZ car/USA car rental can, once they have a signature, deduct whatever they want even though it is unauthorized and you cannot actually hire a car without giving a credit card. Our credit card company was disgusted as well and after 4 months, hours of time, frustration, upset and dozens of letters the bank themselves refunded us $50. We are still down $52. This was a scam.

There should be a class action law suit against them. No other business could get away with this appalling method of illegally taking customers money. STAY AWAY FROM EZ Rent a Car and USA Car rental unless you want to pay double for your car.

What a great way to increase profits. Just steal it! SCAM ARTISTS. I am writing to the BBB and warning everyone.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-11:
Good information.
I voted this review 'Very Helpful'.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-11:
Won't be renting from these people. Thanks for the info.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-11:
Agree with OP that it is the fault of the rental company.

You should call your CC company and inform them that the charge was a mistake and you want to dispute the charge. The CC will need copy of your rental contract as evidence. It is not class-action, but your CC company has more leverage to get this resolved.
Posted by EricLove on 2008-04-19:

I got the rental car with an Empty fuel tank. So I went to the gas station and filled the tank to full. When I returned the car the tank was more than half. I asked them if I could get a refund. They told me "You should have returned the car empty tank" and because I was 1hr late, they charged me "another full day rental as well as GPS rental". I told them well, I going to use the car another day since you are charging me for it and I'm paying for it. They told me "Sorry, you're account is closed". You'll have to rent again. This was at the Miami Location. Embassy Suites. I've not checked my credit card yet. I hope everything is ok. Customer Service for this company is among the worse. Other companies at least try to help.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-04:
I got the problem with same location the EricLove been though.

First trip they charged me with a flat tired fee $45, and they did not tell me at the time I checked in the car, and they sent me a separated bill to my credit card $45.
Couple year later. I did not remember and return to the same location Embassy Suite Miami Airport Florida this time they send also sent me a separated bill $50 the dated that I was not in Miami. This time I refused to the credit card to pay for the unknow itemized. Let the credit card handler. I hope EricLove will return my email that I was sent to him early. EZ car rental at Embassy Suite Miami Florida is a scam company. Anyone is a lawyer please help.
Posted by Wayne on 2012-03-01:
Yup, Miami Airport E-Z insurance scam
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Worst car rental company
Posted by BebeBmore on 04/17/2010
TAMPA, FL -- I will NEVER rent a car from EZ Rent a Car again and I will strongly urge everyone I know not to use the company. The office is dirty, the staff are rude and unprofessional and 24 hours after returning my rental I still have not received my $200 deposit. When I called the office to inquire regarding my deposit, I was told that it would be returned within 24 hours. After waiting 24 hours and having still not received my deposit, I called back and I was told that it could take over 5 business days for my deposit to be returned (which I was not informed of prior to renting the car).

When I returned the car, I waited over 30 minutes in line. I watched the Sale Representative spend 15 minutes reviewing paper work with one couple and after everything was signed they were told that the only vehicle they could have was a van and that there were no cars and that they would have to wait an underdetermined amount of time for a car (it was unclear why they were not told this from the very beginning). Another couple waiting in line was so disgusted that they got back on the shuttle to the airport to go to another rental company. Everyone at the counter had a dispute. To make matters even worse, there were staff hanging around doing nothing - they did not help a single customer despite the long line.

The Tampa EZ Rent a Car office is so dirty and unprofessional, I find it extremely difficult to believe that this is a national company.
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Confirmed Price Not Honored
Posted by Jmegge1 on 01/21/2005
FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I'm writing with a complaint about the price quote that was not honored by E-Z Rent-a-Car with their corporate office located at 1777 McCoy Road, Orlando, Florida 32809, Phone# (407)888-0509 , and I hope someone will take this seriously.

I recently rented a compact car from E-Z Rent-a-Car. On July 30, 2003 I used Orbitz to help locate rental companies with the best rates in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida to rent a car. Orbitz recommended list had E-Z Rent-A-Car (E-Z) for $95.75 a month (28 days) and $18.86 for each additional day not including any normal additional fees and taxes. We were requesting to rent a car for 35 days. My wife and I agreed to take that offer and got a confirmation through Obitz via E-Z. Before leaving for our trip to Florida I again got confirmation by phoning E-Z on the price and the 35 days for renting a car. When my family arrived from Seattle to Ft.Lauderdale on September 2, 2003 to pick up the car and presented them with our confirmation printed on the Orbitz Trip Detail document the office manager Arlyn Oliquino refused to honor the committed price which added up to $227.77 ($95.75 for 28 days plus $18.86 x 7 extra days= $132.02) not including fee & taxes. I even had her call their corporate office who told her to honor it because it was a promotional rate listed on Orbitz but she still refused. She said we had to pay $101.63 a week plus the $132.02 for the extra seven days ($18.86 x 7) which totaled $538.54. I tried to negotiate this difference but the manager would not listen.

At that point after an hour and a half my family and I were frustrated and upset and decided to go to Thrifty/Dollar to rent our car which cost $601.53 not including fees & taxes. One reason it was so much more was because it was a last minute deal. When we got home from Florida in October we began e-mailing and writing Orbitz and E-Z. We received numerous letter back between November 18, 2003 through September, 2004. Some of them included E-Z apologizing for their company not honoring their reservation rate and offered two free days use of a rental car but I wrote back and said this was not a fair nor acceptable resolution to this matter. I got a second letter from E-Z with a check for $192.74 to pay the difference between what E-Z was going to charge me at the Ft.Lauderdale office and my confirmed promotional rate. I wrote back again and stated we appreciated the partial reimbursement but there was still $181.02 difference that we had to pay out of our pockets. To be fair we did not want to cash the check until the full amount was reimbursed. The check has since expired. Do you know how furious I am?

Here's what I'd like to see happen: In order to make this right we need to receive $373.76 This would be the difference we had to pay for the base rate at Thrifty/Dollar $601.53 minus the original confirmed price from EZ $227.77 which equals $373.77. We have also written the Better Business Bureau but they wrote back stating that E-Z did not offer to make any adjustments. We are not asking anymore than what's fair. We could certainly use "My3cents.com" support. Thank you. .

Jon Egge

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Posted by tander on 2005-01-21:
You should of cashed the check, they'll probaly never issue you another one.
Posted by ConnieCit on 2006-01-01:
If you have any complaints against a business in Florida you can file a complaint online at http://www.800helpfla.com/complnt.html
by phone 1-800-435-7352.
This is a quote from thier site:

"The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services functions as the state's clearinghouse for consumer complaints. We assist consumers with information, protection and complaints, regardless of whether we regulate that particular industry." I hope this helps because I know a lot of families come to Florida to enjoy themselves and not to be taken advantage of. Take care and God Bless.

Connie Cit (Aka Concerned Citizen)

Posted by Strwy2Hvn on 2013-08-06:
Did you ever get any resolution other than a check that has since expired?
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E-Z Rent-A-Car fraudulent damage claims
Posted by Millie0 on 08/12/2010
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- On June 26, 2010 I rented a gold Sonata (with almost 29,000 miles on it) for 3 days from E-Z Rent-A-Car, 5124 Cypress Street, Tampa, Fl 33607. When I started driving the car it was somewhat noisy and I thought it had a flat tire or a hole in the muffler. I stopped at an empty parking lot near the entrance to the freeway to check the tires and they seemed to have plenty of air. The closer I got to Dade City, Fl the louder the car became. I knew it was not the motor because it did not make a noise when the car was just idling. When I got to my destination, I immediately called E-Z Rent-A-Car to let them know the car had some type of mechanical defect. I explained to Kevin what was going on and he told me to bring the car back as Sonata’s were known to be noisy cars and they’d give me a different car. I explained that I had plans for Saturday evening that did not include driving the vehicle, but I would return the car Sunday AM.

On June 27, 2010 Sunday AM, I returned the car to E-Z Rent-A-Car. The car was checked and I explained to the young man what the problem was. When the young man checked the Sonata, there was absolutely no visible damage to the car. In fact, the young man told me to talk to the manager when I returned the new rental (an Electra) and I would get a discount for the inconvenience of having to return the Sonata and switch out the cars.

On Tuesday, June 29, 2010, as planned I returned the Electra. I was not aware that there was any problem regarding the Sonata rental. Several days later I checked my cell phone which had not been working well and found a message from Darrell the manager of E-Z Rent-A-Car. After returning from vacation I called E-Z Rent-A-Car to explain that I definitely had done nothing to damage the Sonata. When I returned the Sonata, it was in the exact same condition as when I picked it up. I did nothing to damage any part of that car.

Darrell told me the matter had been turned over to Risk Management Services as there was now damage to the front wheel. I was under the assumption I was being accused of causing mechanical problems and I told him what ever was wrong with the car was the result of previous renters. He told me they would be checking with the previous renters but all they would do is to research the problem was to ask a survey question as to whether the previous renters had experienced any problems.

There were no damages noted when I returned it and the young man who checked the car in did not note any damages when he checked the car prior to exchanging it for another rental car. The policy at E-Z Rent-A-Car is that they will not give you a second rental car if you damage the first. I was given the second car rental because there was no obvious defect noted when I turned in the Sonata. Any mechanical defect that the car had was present when I rented it. E-Z Rent-A-Car is now billing me for $1,200 damages to the car. This damage claim against me is a fraud and a scam perpetuated by E-Z Rent-A-Car, Tampa, Florida!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-12:
I would dispute any charge, and you may want to talk to a lawyer about it
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-08-12:
Dispute this, it seems like they're trying to get out of repairing their car at their own expense.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-12:
Millie, assuming the events are the same as what you've accounted here, you're clearly in the right. Google the Fair Debt Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collections Act. These federal laws protect you from such bogus claims. In short, if they've billed you for these damages, you want to put your dispute of these damages in writing. You want to make the letter simple and to the point, referencing the Collections Act within the letter. This form of letter has become known as a "Drop Dead Letter" and you can find samples of them by searching Google for the same.

Ultimately, you want to send the letter back certified. If reported to any credit bureau, they must report it as a DISPUTED amount. Further, they are then either allowed to file against you in court, assuming they believe they can prove you did said damage, or they must drop it, ceasing to contact you further.

Let us know what happens and thanks for posting.
Posted by SaMoore on 2010-08-12:
Fantastic advice Helpful. +10
Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-12:
I always try. Thanks so much.
Posted by katelyn on 2012-04-11:
can i send this directly to the risk/claims department of ez rent a car before they hand it over to a collections agency? wow i dont want this to mess with my credit, they also came up with some bogus damage that wasnt reported when i returned the car.
Posted by Rita Griffith on 2013-08-13:
I too have just been scammed by EZ car rental. They said we caused damage we did not cause. We were given the supervisors name and number and was told to wait till Monday to contact her. We called and left several messages that were never returned. Then we receive a bill for $850. I have now left more unreturned phone and email messages. Let me know if you have had any success with your letter. Good luck
Posted by Greg on 2013-09-24:
I too just received a bill for over $800 for damage they say I did to a vehicle. There is no one to walk around the car with you, no paperwork and on one at the garage exit to let know if there is any prior damage. What a scam!
Posted by Lana on 2013-10-21:
We just received a bill for $2001 claiming we had damaged a Nissan Cube - my husband did the walk-around and circled many dings/scratches, etc., and 2 weeks after we return from vacation, they send us bill of repairs from their risk management firm. we have alerted our car insurance and our credit card company. i have also filed a claim with Better Business Bureau. They are clearly running a scam and why Orlando International Airport does not kick them out of there, I can't understand. There are way too many stories similar to ours.
Posted by Maria on 2014-02-05:
I am sad to say I am now dealing with EZ car rental's scam - they are claiming over $500 in damages I did not do. I would love to know what happened with others who fought back. I am so angry and disgusted.
Posted by DESIREE on 2014-03-18:
We also just got a letter from EZ Car rental saying we owe over 700.00 for damages we didn't do the letter came a little over a month after our rental. I would also love to know how others went about their dispute I am going to write the Better Business Bureau as well.
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Don't Rent From E Z Rent A Car
Posted by IndyShopaholic on 07/06/2010
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- We accidentally got off on a toll road in Orlando, Florida and didn't realize it, we got off before even came upon a toll booth. All we would need to do is pay. 75 cents but E Z Rent A Car never gave us a chance to take care of it. They have a sentence in their contract that says "renter must pay all tolls at time of occurrence" and they charged us a $50 processing fee. It's a scam... a way for them to make money. The man on the phone from Florida's SunPass was very nice, the man on the phone at SLEE ZEE Rent a Car was a jerk.
I will NEVER rent from them again and will make sure no one I know rents from them.
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Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-07-06:
I think most of the rental companies charge a fee for toll violations/parking tickets, with fee amounts varying by company. I advise, the next time (regardless of what company you use) to read what you are signing.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-06:
i'm wondering how it's possible to get off a toll road before paying toll

i mean when I drive on I90 it's pretty much impossible to leave the toll sections without going through a toll booth. not without going "off road" and possibly through a fence.

must be an odd road if you can exit without paying, yet still end up having to pay?
Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-07-06:
Pepper, they have lanes that strictly use electronic transponsers (E-Pass) and it's possible the OP might have gone through one of those lanes. However, the signs for such lanes are more than huge. People that do not have a transponder need to use the cash lanes.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-06:
ahh good point.

we have those too, but i usually do cash. but yeah, if you go through one of those without paying you pretty much are going to find yourself owing the fees & possibly fines. And it won't be the rental company's fault.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-07-06:
They're in business to make money, so what do you expect? It seems like every company is out to scam you (legally). Good luck.
Posted by IndyShopaholic on 2010-07-07:
I don't mind paying a fee if they want to charge one... but $50 is excessive when all the state of Florida wants is .75 cents.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-07:
wrong. all florida wanted was 75 cents - at the toll booth.

when you skip toll, the fee jumps up dramatically - $25 + toll.

the rental agency gets the bill, and passes that bill along to you along with a rental violation fee. The way to get out of that is to notify the rental agency of the toll violation before they get the bill, and pay it off yourself first.

none of this is sleezy.
it's part of your rental agreement.
Posted by Ben There on 2010-07-07:
That is what I was thinking PepperElf.

The car rental company gets a bill from the toll agency for $25.75. I think the extra $25 is a reasonable processing fee to cover the resources of paying the bill, invoicing the renter, plus a bit of a deterrent to keep this from becoming a habit with drivers.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-07-07:
I don't think the State of FL tacks on any extra amount. A relative of mine got a toll violation notice (dead battery in transponder) and it was just for the amount of the toll that had not been paid. And yes they had to send a check for 75 cents. On some of the toll roads, the cash lanes are completely separate and they are well marked. It looks like you are taking an exit but it is just that the cash lanes are away from the E-Pass lanes since the E-Pass lanes are at highway speed (meaning you don't have to slow down). If the OP had noticed that they didn't pay a toll, the key is to pay it before a notice gets sent to the rental agency.
Posted by IndyShopaholic on 2010-07-08:
PepperElf... I called SunPass in Florida, they told me all they want is the .75 cents. If you don't pay it by the date they specify then they tack on an extra fee. And I agree... $25 bucks would be ok. But $50?
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-08:
Read your rental agreement. <----

The time to pay the 75 cents was at the TOLL BOOTH.

Sure I know you're probably thinking "why can't i just pay florida now?" ... because you're not the owner of the car. The car owner is the one who received the bill and the one you now have to deal with in order to get the fee paid.

technically florida cannot cut any deals with you now, since they've already billed the car owner for the skipped toll

simply put, it's too late and yu have no legal legs to stand on for this.

If you had called the rental company about it BEFORE they had received the bill it would be a different story but you waited until you got a bill from the rental company.
Posted by IndyShopaholic on 2010-07-08:
You know Pepper Elf if we'd known it was a frickin' Toll Road and we had driven past a booth we'd have been more than happy to pay. And I would have been happy to pay at the time of the offense BUT WE DIDN"T KNOW. You obviously didn't read the post... we got off on the road not knowing it was a toll road and then got off on the first exit. We never passed a toll booth... and we never knew we'd even done it until we get a picture of the car and ticket mailed from the rental car agency. That ticket had on it that we had until July 15th to pay the .75 cents. The car rental agency didn't mail that to us until this week and this happened the last week of May. I agree I'd much rather pay .75 cents than have to deal with this crap and comments from jerks like you but we were never given the option and we didn't know it happened. This IS a scam. Why should they make $49 off of a .75 cent mistake. I just think $50 is extreme!
If you can't read... don't respond.
Posted by Alain on 2010-07-08:
I still can't figure out how they got the picture if you didn't pass through a toll booth.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-07-08:
+10 Pepper
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-08:
I can't figure it out either, Alain. This doesn't make sense to me.
Posted by momsey on 2010-07-08:
Yes, the OP should have paid at the booth. They were in unfamiliar surroundings and seemed to be off course and therefore probably didn't see exactly what they should do.

And yeah, when you skip a toll, the toll authority sends you (or the owner of the car) a violation notice. There's always an extra fee tacked on ($25 here). However, usually it's possible to avoid the fee just by paying the toll. I think the car rental place is charging an excessive fee. But that's the breaks, I suppose.
Posted by IndyShopaholic on 2010-07-08:
How many times can I say it... there was NO toll booth. We did not drive thru a toll booth, around a toll booth or past a toll booth. That is what is so frustrating about it. We got off on this highway, realized it was the wrong exit and got off on the first exit. It was in Orlando off of I-4, the first exit east of the Premium Outlet Mall, which was where we were trying to go. The only way we figured out whas had happened was look at the time and date on the picture that looks like it was taken as we exited this highway.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-08:
Next stop.. The Twilight Zone.

I wish I understood this, but I can't say that I do. How are you supposed to pay a toll if there is no toll booth? And where was the camera?

I realize that you were in unfamiliar territory, so you're probably just as confused.
Posted by bitten once on 2010-07-08:
Just don't visit states with tolls and trolls,I don't or if you have to get a map with alternate routes without tolls.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-07-08:
It probably was Florida's Turnpike, which is extremely confusing. I once ran a toll there going to Disney, and got a picture of my car in the mail with a 50 cent bill. The toll lanes are almost like exits there, and the main road is designed so people with electronic meter boxes in their car, can blow through and it just adds the toll fee to their credit card. Of course, if you don't live there or use the road much, you won't have such a devise.
Bottom line though, repeat offenders get charged penalties (per my ticket) so I'm wondering what the fee is to a rental company who probably have infractions sent to them all the time due to their renters.
In a nutshell, you got them a ticket and they certainly can justify putting a surcharge on top of the fine for it.
My opinion is Florida needs to put up a lot better signage on their Turnpike and any other roads with this design.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-08:
"You obviously didn't read the post" - I read it. You are assuming that reading your post means we will agree.

Not knowing it was a toll road does not make rental agreements go away.

"How many times can I say it... there was NO toll booth."
Considering that you DID NOT say this before, I would say "more than zero"

And yes... I am curious as to how they got the rental plates if there was no booth to drive through.
When you called the SunPass folks did they explain that one?
Posted by IndyShopaholic on 2010-07-09:
Pepper Elf it was in the first sentence of the original post: "We accidentally got off on a toll road in Orlando, Florida and didn't realize it, we got off before even came upon a toll booth." So yes, I did say it.
I think they took the picture at the exit... there is a bridge in the background and that is next to the exit where we got off.
I don't know if they have roads that are meant to only be driven by those who buy a SunPass, as SlimJim said, maybe with electronic meters.
Like I said, don't mind paying a fee because it does say it in the contract. I just think it's sleezy to charge $50 when the fine is only .75 cents. It's clear that E-Z loves this... it's a $49 dollar profit for no service.
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E-Z Rent-A-Car: The Worst Experience Ever
Posted by Roadwarrior81 on 10/01/2007
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I recently rented a car from e-z rent-a-car in LAX because it was cheaper than all the other rental car companies. I had the worst experience and will never rent from them again. The cars were absolutely disgusting. It seemed as if they hadn't given them a wash in years! The steering wheel was sticky, there was dirt everywhere on the interior and exterior of the car, the license plate was taped to the windshield, stains all over the seats, and the list goes on. I made them bring me 3 different cars and all of them were filthy. I asked if they could wash the car for me and they said their carwash was 30 minutes away and that it would take an hour or more to wash the car and bring it back. I had no choice to take a car because I had an important meeting to attend but it made me cringe every time I had to get in the car.

Here is the pictures I personally took:

dirty rental car 1 dirty rental car 2 dirty rental car 3
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Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2007-10-01:
Eeeew. That's worse than my car
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Don't Ever Rent A Car From This Company
Posted by MIHEHOYOS on 07/12/2011
On Monday March 21st I rented a car from a small location at 7975 San Fernando road. Sun Valley, ca, 91352. Their phone number is (818) 767-8816. The rate was $36/day and I had a 200 mile a day deal. I rented the car for 3 days.

I was scheduled to go to San Francisco from Monday 3/21 through Tuesday 3/22, it was a short trip so I had a tight schedule to complete all my tasks on very little time. On the Morning of Tuesday March 22 I was on my way to my first scheduled stop and on the way the car started to make a very loud and frightening grinding sound. I started to become alarmed but was trying to remain calm as the sound kept coming and going, after 10 minutes of this my concerns became greater and greater as the car continued to make the sound and it increasingly got worse very quickly. I stopped and immediately called EZ rental hoping for assistance as my whole trip would be a waste if I did not resolve the problem in a timely manner. I was told by the man on the phone that the noise was pre-existing and to continue driving the car. I got back in the car hoping that what he had said was true and I could continue my trip uninterrupted but as I started driving the car again the noise had become severely worse and consistent with no break and the car began to jerk to the right, we had planned many things for that day and there was a 4 month old baby in the car and at that point I knew that it was unsafe to continue driving under those conditions. I had no choice but to turn around and drive all the way back to our hotel to plan other arrangements. I was told by EZ rental to take the car to Firestone, I called Firestone and they were booked for the next 3 days and referred me to another mechanic, I took the car there and and after a brief inspection they told me that the car was not safe to drive due to a damaged wheel barrel, I called EZ rental again and the employee said that he refused to pay for repairs and insisted that we drive the unsafe car back to Los Angeles. I refused to endanger myself and my passengers especially since I was warned by a mechanic not to attempt to drive the car and took the car to Firestone for repair, Gilbert store Manager of Firestone contacted EZ rental and the agreement was that we would leave the car there for repair and pick up. I had to cancel my trip and purchase 2 train tickets back to Los Angeles for a 7 hour detour and a very unpleasant experience all together. My trip was ruined, I spent much more money than I had planned, the car ended up taking over any time I could have used to complete my scheduled plans, your company was very unhelpful in assisting me with alternatives and basically left me stranded to figure out how I would return home. The car was used for 1 day and the rest of the trip was running around trying to figure out how to resolve this disaster.

I expect a full refund on the car rental expenses and to be reimbursed for the alternative train tickets that I was forced to purchase in order to get back home. I believe this is the least your company can do for me after endangering me and my passengers, ruining a very long anticipated trip and leaving me stranded miles away from home.

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Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-07-12:
Good review. Let us know if they pay for the train tickets (I will be very surprised).
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-12:
I believe you mean a "wheel bearing".

The fact that they knew this was a preexisting condition is unacceptable. As your title suggests, they in fact gave you a broken car.

While I doubt they will, they should refund all your expenses. Refusing to pay to an available shop, and forcing you to use one with a 3-day wait time so you could continue is just plain stupid. Stupid+stupid = really really stupid.

Great review - based on this story I would never use this company.
Posted by tom jays on 2013-09-22:
This is not a company that cares about the customer,. AT ALL!!!!!
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Worst Car rental company Beware!!! Do not use!!!!
Posted by Sonup on 10/13/2009
I made a reservation from your site (wez0065809) . I called EZ rentA car and their Canada affiliate (transcanada) few times before I even left for Canada to confirm. Everyone said my reservation is confirmed and rental is booked. Once ariving in Canada had to wait 45min for pick up with 2 little kids in rain and cold. Once receving at the counter they said they had no mini van... They have one tiny little hyndai. Rest of my party had to spend 60$ for cabs. When I tried to return the car on one was the counter, after calling the location and getting transferred to a cell phone. Person tells me to leave the keys at front desk at sherton.. No shuttle to the airport.. Also they charged maditory 8.95 libility. What kind of buisness practice is this?? I want some answers.. I am hitting every website and using internet to spread the service quality EZ rent a car and trans Canada offer..
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Posted by goduke on 2009-10-13:
Why is it that companies and products with EZ in the title never are?
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-10-13:
You are right goduke. That's why I am always leary about buying from a company with these words in its name: cheap, quick, fast, or similar adjectives because they never appear to be.
Posted by v_john_chambers on 2013-10-09:
Warning! Not only did it take us over an hour to get there from the airport, we found $90 worth of charges to our card long after we paid for the rental. Don't get scammed like we did..
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E-Z Rent a Car is not E-Z
Posted by 7Sweets on 01/31/2009
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I too have had several bad experiences with this company. It is not a creditable organization. Their rates were reasonable or though I thought, but their business practices borders on fraud no less...my experience was with both Atlanta and Dallas operation. They have hidden charges. I have turned them over to my state's attorney general hotline for investigation and I would, first warn you not to rent from this terrible company and second, if you do, just turn them over to your states' attorney general for operating a sham business with shameful business practices.

We don't have to stand for this type of treatment in the financial mess this country face today.
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Posted by Ben There on 2009-01-31:
What type of hidden charges do they have?
Posted by 7Sweets on 2009-02-01:
For one thing, their contract is not specific to the charges they employ, i.e. their contract reads that if you do not return on the contract date that you will be charged another days rent. This is not unusual...however, what really happened was they charged me for another day when I did not return on the hour designated. My check out time was 12 noon, and because of work and traffice getting back to the airport in Dallas, I did not bring the car back until after 4pm on the contract date specified. I am use to being charged an additional hourly rate for a late return, but I was charged an entire day with an entire day of insurance and that was not what the contract stipulated. I was told by the young person receiving the car that I did not have to go to the ticket counter, again this has been my experience with other car rentals so I did not think anything odd. It became real apparent that this company will not return your deposit and charge your card without your full knowledge of the charges when I received my bank statement. They do not want you to question their business practices by checking out with them at the time of return. Renter beware is all I can say. Once your credit card is charged that deposit, you will not get it refunded and charges are withdrawn with the hope that you as a consumer will not review your credit card or bank statement. How many times has this unscuperlous company have charged Americans and or other visitors to this country unfairly. Just rent and beware!
Posted by Ben There on 2009-02-01:
Charging an extra day after being one hour late with the rental is standard policy with most companies - on the contract it reads something like "14.99 ex hr/49.99 ex day"...

As I have said before, people want to be able to return rental cars really late with little or no penalty, but get really upset if there are no cars ready at check in. The only way car rental companies can ensure that cars are ready for new customers is to threaten heavy penalties to people who return cars late.
Posted by 7Sweets on 2009-02-01:
This is fine as long as your contract states this...there's did not. I am not usually late and expect to pay the penalty...but all of this is spelled out in the policy. Sorry, you might accept this business practice, but I do not....the contract must spell out the terms so the public will be aware of what they are signing on the bottom line for...you might want to pay these hidden charges but I do not. It is aweful funny that rental car companies like Hertz do not practice this policy in such a way. You can accept mediocre, but I will not aver rent from this company again and I travel every week. I have experience better than you do and know when a business is shafting me. Enough press for this tragic unfortunate company, it will not last...... Toulo!
Posted by Ponie on 2009-02-01:
Toulo? What language is that and what does it mean? You '...turned them over to...' your State Attorney General's office? About six months from now some clerk in that department may send out a form letter which will be tossed into File #13 when received. I'm sure the penalties were spelled out in the contract--you just failed to read it completely. Your experience means nothing if you ass/u/me.
Posted by Starlord on 2009-02-01:
Ponie, maybe he was trying to say toodle-oo.
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EZ Rent-A-Car BEWARE!!!
Posted by Kkuff on 03/26/2014
FT. LAUDERDALE AIRPORT, FLORIDA -- I rented a car from EZ Rent-A-Car in Ft Lauderdale and, at first, it was an awesome experience. Then, 3 months after the trip, I received a bill for $4500+ worth of damage to the vehicle I rented. When I informed the person that emailed me the bill that I had 5 witnesses to refute the company's claim against me, she told me, "They're not witnesses because they were with you." REALLY? Look up the definition of "witness" in the dictionary!!! But I digress!

The pictures they sent along with the claim were taken 16 days AFTER I returned the vehicle.

It took weeks of going back and forth and escalating it to management, along with submitting written statements based on the advice of an attorney, until they relieved me of the claim.

Apparently, this isn't the only time this has happened with this company, as well as other rental car companies.
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