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E-Z Rent A Car
2003 McCoy Road Suite A
Orlando, FL 32809
407-674-1006 (ph)
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Fraudulent Damage Charges
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Rating: 1/51

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- Fraudulent damage charges. Scam artists I rented a car at ERW (Newark Airport 408-416 Carnegie Ave Newark, NJ 07114, US) and returned it March 4th 2014. My credit card bill came and I noticed a $300 charge in addition to the $189.85 rental cost. I called the E-Z rental car (AKA Drivo) office and the person stated that the rim on the vehicle was SO damaged that the car was not completely not drivable and the entire rim had to be replaced. This is absolutely not true. We drove the car into the lot and there was no problem.

After doing some research on the internet I see this is common practice with E-Z (Drivo) rent a car in Newark. The person sent me some picture of a damaged rim that was so close up that it one cannot even see if it is the same car. I am quite sure it was not my rental car as there was no damage to the car when I returned it. How annoying that I am having to waste my time dealing with this bogus claim. I have submitted a complaint and claim with my credit card company for this charge as well.

Shame on you in this day and age thinking you can get away with ripping people off like this. I work for an airline and travel a lot and believe me I will never rent with E-Z rental again and will certainly spread the word about what a scam artist operation you are running. Thanks a lot for a horrible rental experience.

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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Scam. I wish I had read the reviews before we rented. My mother filled out online rental info and no credit card was required. When we got there my brother (45 years old) wanted to be listed as the sole driver and we were told there would be a fee for a second driver. I explained that she was not the driver and that there would only be one. They said that since she had made the reservations she had to be listed as a driver-- anyone else must be second. I asked about changing the name on the reservations and was told we would have to call and make a reservation.

Long story short, I asked to speak to the manager and was told it was their policy. When I said I would call he laughed and said "good luck." I asked if he could check for a new reservation and he said it would be $110/day. When we made one less than 24 hrs before it was $25! I have my doubts that he even looked it up. Never rent here. It is not at all worth the discount.

E-Z Rent a Car is a SCAM!
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- DON'T DO IT!! This company is a SCAM!! I rented a mini-van from Orbitz.com for 3 days. EZ Rent a Car described the mini-van as being able to hold 7 passengers & 4 large suitcases. Check in was a hassle and took about 30 minutes. When they finally brought the car around it was a SMALL mini-van that wouldn't even fit 2 small suitcases in the trunk. I was livid but did a quick walk around inspection of the car alone and there was no visible nicks or dents. We drove from Tampa to Clearwater Beach and parked the car at the hotel for our entire trip.

Three days later we went to return the car... He told me to stay inside while he went out and performed an inspection of the car. He then called me out to point out a small nick on the side of the car. I was livid explaining to him there was no way we caused this as we only drove it 40 miles and certainly didn't get into an accident and it was left in a secure parking lot! They took me into the office to look up information about the last person who rented the car. The manager was "in the back" and "unavailable". They couldn't find any paper work but assured me that everything would be OK. I refused to sign the paper stating any damage was done to the vehicle in my presence.

We had a plane to catch and I took their word for it. Three weeks later I get a letter in the mail for $2,400 worth of damage! The estimate of damage they charged me for is for a new front and back bumper and side panel! Including $540 for "loss of use" while the car was being repaired. After doing some research online about this company I have confirmed that I have been scammed. I plan on doing whatever it takes to fight this company! Looking back I wish I would have paid a little extra to rent from a brand name company. There is a reason their prices are so cheap it is a SCAM! Stay away.

Don't Rent From E-Z Rent A Car
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- We accidentally got off on a toll road in Orlando, Florida and didn't realize it, we got off before even came upon a toll booth. All we would need to do is pay 75 cents but E-Z Rent A Car never gave us a chance to take care of it. They have a sentence in their contract that says "renter must pay all tolls at time of occurrence" and they charged us a $50 processing fee. It's a scam... a way for them to make money. The man on the phone from Florida's SunPass was very nice. The man on the phone at SLEE ZEE Rent a Car was a jerk. I will NEVER rent from them again and will make sure no one I know rents from them.

Worst car rental company
By -

TAMPA, FL -- I will NEVER rent a car from E-Z Rent a Car again and I will strongly urge everyone I know not to use the company. The office is dirty. The staff are rude and unprofessional and 24 hours after returning my rental I still have not received my $200 deposit. When I called the office to inquire regarding my deposit, I was told that it would be returned within 24 hours. After waiting 24 hours and having still not received my deposit, I called back and I was told that it could take over 5 business days for my deposit to be returned (which I was not informed of prior to renting the car).

When I returned the car, I waited over 30 minutes in line. I watched the Sale Representative spend 15 minutes reviewing paper work with one couple and after everything was signed they were told that the only vehicle they could have was a van and that there were no cars and that they would have to wait an underdetermined amount of time for a car (it was unclear why they were not told this from the very beginning). Another couple waiting in line was so disgusted that they got back on the shuttle to the airport to go to another rental company. Everyone at the counter had a dispute.

To make matters even worse, there were staff hanging around doing nothing. They did not help a single customer despite the long line. The Tampa E-Z Rent a Car office is so dirty and unprofessional. I find it extremely difficult to believe that this is a national company.

E-Z Rent-a-Car at Denver Airport - poor customer service and capricious policies
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- I've rented from this company at this location several times now and have had very mixed experiences. The later ones have been worse and for this fact alone as well as the unpredictability factor--not something today's air traveler really needs or wants--I would not recommend using this company at this location.

First, definitely ask a Hertz or Enterprise bus driver where the E-Z shuttle is when you walk out with your bags (they seem to hate answering this already). On one side of the terminal the shuttle is at the front of the shuttle line. On the other it's at the very back. On neither side is their name included on the directory board and if you pick the wrong direction and start walking you may end up adding half a mile on foot to your trip, with all your bags in tow, like I did the first few times I rented from them.

At their service desk study the faces of the desk personnel and try to pick someone who is not mean-spirited or seems to have a chip on their shoulder. Several of their people are just mean. If you are someone who prefers not to use credit cards and prefers debit or check cards, be prepared to face some heckling and hassling. One week there was no problem although I was given a great deal of random attitude from the desk guy I talked to, to the point that I would've walked out and headed for the next company on the row had my wife not intervened to soothe my frayed nerves.

The following week, the company had apparently changed their policies to require faxed proof of insurance from my own car insurance or that I pay their exorbitant daily insurance rates (much higher than their rental rates). The desk person was actually competent if somewhat incalcitrant and unfriendly. The fact that the company arbitrarily changed its policies from week to week without even notifying regular customers seems at least capricious, if not downright unfriendly.

I want predictability when I travel because I need all my focus and concentration to deal with the circumstances of the day. In a car rental company I also look for convenience and speed. E-Z has none of this and for this reason I will not be likely to use them in the future. And if you're thinking the price will make it worthwhile think again. Actually the rates plus all the other crap they add on (particularly if they force you to use their insurance) turn out to be as much as or more than everyone else. The added inconvenience of attitude from desk personnel and fluctuating policies that are unfavorable towards debit card users is what breaks the camels back for me.

Bottom line: Do as you wish but be wary if, unlike me, you plan to rent from these guys anytime soon.

Worst Car rental company Beware!!! Do not use!!!!
By -

I made a reservation from your site. I called E-Z rent A car and their Canada affiliate (TransCanada) few times before I even left for Canada to confirm. Everyone said my reservation is confirmed and rental is booked. Once arriving in Canada had to wait 45 min for pick up with 2 little kids in rain and cold. Once receiving at the counter they said they had no mini van... They have one tiny little Hyundai. Rest of my party had to spend 60$ for cabs.

When I tried to return the car on one was the counter, after calling the location and getting transferred to a cell phone, person tells me to leave the keys at front desk at Sherton.. No shuttle to the airport.. Also they charged mandatory 8.95 liability. What kind of business practice is this?? I want some answers.. I am hitting every website and using internet to spread the service quality E-Z rent a car and TransCanada offer..

E-Z Rent a Car is not E-Z
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I too have had several bad experiences with this company. It is not a creditable organization. Their rates were reasonable or though I thought, but their business practices borders on fraud no less... My experience was with both Atlanta and Dallas operation. They have hidden charges. I have turned them over to my state's attorney general hotline for investigation and I would, first warn you not to rent from this terrible company and second, if you do, just turn them over to your states' attorney general for operating a sham business with shameful business practices. We don't have to stand for this type of treatment in the financial mess this country face today.

Insurance Scam
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- SCAM ARTISTS: E-Z Rent a Car aka USA Car rentals. We hired a car from E-Z Rent a Car/USA Car rental (same people which change names to suit weather). We declined the top-up insurance and had to prove by supplying copies that we had full/top tier car insurance, which we had and consequently supplied our State Farm paperwork. They took copies. We paid in cash for entire rental but then next month our credit card bill arrived with a deduction for $102 insurance. On calling them we were told it was an error and would be refunded. We waited a month. No refund.

Called them again and were told that we had signed for the insurance. We asked for proof of such a signature as it was not on our copies and we knew that such a signed copy did not exist. The young lady was quite rude and angrily stated that she would now have to go through archived records but said that they would find it and send it.

Of course it never arrived and now they ignore us and have not replied to emails. We complained to our credit card company but they said that we had signed the rental agreement. Yes we did but we did not request, want or sign for extra insurance. Apparently however EZ car/USA car rental can, once they have a signature, deduct whatever they want even though it is unauthorized and you cannot actually hire a car without giving a credit card. Our credit card company was disgusted as well and after 4 months, hours of time, frustration, upset and dozens of letters the bank themselves refunded us $50. We are still down $52. This was a scam.

There should be a class action lawsuit against them. No other business could get away with this appalling method of illegally taking customers money. STAY AWAY FROM EZ Rent a Car and USA Car rental unless you want to pay double for your car. What a great way to increase profits. Just steal it! SCAM ARTISTS. I am writing to the BBB and warning everyone.

Confirmed Price Not Honored
By -

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I'm writing with a complaint about the price quote that was not honored by E-Z Rent-a-Car with their corporate office located at 1777 McCoy Road, Orlando, Florida 32809, Phone# (407)888-0509, and I hope someone will take this seriously.

I recently rented a compact car from E-Z Rent-a-Car. On July 30, 2003 I used Orbitz to help locate rental companies with the best rates in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida to rent a car. Orbitz recommended list had E-Z Rent-A-Car (E-Z) for $95.75 a month (28 days) and $18.86 for each additional day not including any normal additional fees and taxes. We were requesting to rent a car for 35 days. My wife and I agreed to take that offer and got a confirmation through Orbitz via E-Z. Before leaving for our trip to Florida I again got confirmation by phoning E-Z on the price and the 35 days for renting a car.

When my family arrived from Seattle to Ft.Lauderdale on September 2, 2003 to pick up the car and presented them with our confirmation printed on the Orbitz Trip Detail document the office manager ** refused to honor the committed price which added up to $227.77 ($95.75 for 28 days plus $18.86 x 7 extra days= $132.02) not including fee & taxes. I even had her call their corporate office who told her to honor it because it was a promotional rate listed on Orbitz but she still refused. She said we had to pay $101.63 a week plus the $132.02 for the extra seven days ($18.86 x 7) which totaled $538.54. I tried to negotiate this difference but the manager would not listen.

At that point after an hour and a half my family and I were frustrated and upset and decided to go to Thrifty/Dollar to rent our car which cost $601.53 not including fees & taxes. One reason it was so much more was because it was a last minute deal. When we got home from Florida in October we began e-mailing and writing Orbitz and E-Z. We received numerous letter back between November 18, 2003 through September, 2004. Some of them included E-Z apologizing for their company not honoring their reservation rate and offered two free days use of a rental car but I wrote back and said this was not a fair nor acceptable resolution to this matter.

I got a second letter from E-Z with a check for $192.74 to pay the difference between what E-Z was going to charge me at the Ft.Lauderdale office and my confirmed promotional rate. I wrote back again and stated we appreciated the partial reimbursement but there was still $181.02 difference that we had to pay out of our pockets. To be fair we did not want to cash the check until the full amount was reimbursed. The check has since expired. Do you know how furious I am?

Here's what I'd like to see happen: In order to make this right we need to receive $373.76. This would be the difference we had to pay for the base rate at Thrifty/Dollar $601.53 minus the original confirmed price from EZ $227.77 which equals $373.77. We have also written the Better Business Bureau but they wrote back stating that E-Z did not offer to make any adjustments. We are not asking anymore than what's fair. We could certainly use "My3cents.com" support. Thank you..

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