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Bernoulli Watch Scam
Posted by Jimbohoty on 11/08/2007
I was looking for a cheap watch on EBay and came across a watch that wa worth $2500 MSRP and the auction was closing in ten minutes with the current bid at £100. I quickly placed a higher bid and won a Bernoulli watch. After I had won I e-mailed the seller and asked a few questions such as 'Where is the watch made?' 'Why is it so cheap?'. I never received reply.

I then knew something was wrong and delved into the murky waters of the Bernoulli watch. It turns out that someone buys nice looking but very badly made cheap watches and puts the Bernoulli badge on them. Then they set up a website that advertises the watch at the huge MSRP of $2500 so that you think it is the real thing.

They then sell the watches on any auction website they can as nobody governs the products. This is why no proper online store will sell them.

What you will buy is a $5 watch made in China. I Have made a complaint to the relevant bodies to stop this scam from hurting more people in the pocket. Do not buy this under any circumstances.

The brands Tavan, Luis Bolle, Rousseau, Balmer, Duboule and Deporte are all exactly the same thing.

These people are crooks.

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Posted by bho55 on 2007-11-08:
Then you learned your lesson. Never buy anything on EBAY, without reading the full description and doing research about the seller.
Posted by Suusan B. on 2007-11-08:
The time to find out the answer to the question "why is it so cheap?" is before you place a bid. Live and learn.
Posted by bargod on 2007-11-08:
If a deal is "too good to be true" then it more than likely is.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-08:
Agree with everyone and Bargod your right on.
Posted by One-Eyed Willie on 2007-11-08:
You should never rush into anything on eBay, especially if you think you are getting a huge steal. I pretty much equate to a shopping trip in Tijuana, buyer beware.
Sorry, hope the watch fools other people when you wear it before the plating wears off.
Posted by MRM on 2007-11-08:
I have bought alot of goods from the internet, but I have never bought anything from Ebay due to their bad reputation.
Posted by Suusan B. on 2007-11-08:
I've bought lots of stuff from eBay and in five years have only had one not-so-great experience. The trick is to know the right questions to ask, check the seller's feedback and be familiar with what you're buying.
Posted by killerklown on 2007-11-08:
No, the trick is not to be a fool.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-08:
If you let eBay and Bernoulli know the seller is selling knock off's they will get shut down by eBay. Bernoulli will also turn their dog's loose trying to track them down. Problem is most of these knock off sellers are overseas in places like China.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2007-11-08:
Ebay is fine, its the sellers you need to watch for. If you got ripped off, you didnt do your homework on the seller or the item. Bottom line.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-08:
What LegalCollector said.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-07:
If you use a US credit card, it is quite easy (at least for me) to get the charge removed. I have been a buyer & seller on eBay since Feb 2003 with minimal problems. Did you check the seller feedback?
Posted by jimbohoty on 2008-12-23:
I just didnt pay for the item and obviosly the seller didnt complain because he knew he was selling knock off goods.
Posted by RonnyL. on 2009-04-01:
Hi everybody....

I must say, this report is confusing. Especially for someone like myself who owns a timepiece from almost every brand you have mentioned. You won an auction and then asked questions about what you won....? Why would anyone even do that? Why didn't you ask the seller questions about the items origin first?
My Oyster Perpetual Rolex has been spending a lot more time in it's box since coming across these brands. Workmanship, functionality, and value are beyond substantial for what I paid (about $150-$300. The msrp appears to be BS, but you can't find a timepiece close to the value for this money on any "legitimate online" store.
Thanks for trying to look out for people, but it appears that you never got the watch, because you didn't pay for it.
So why should anyone agree with this article? Should people not buy brands like "Coach" which is made in China? Are you trying to say that China does not have a high quality control standards for luxury items and that they only produce $5 trinkets?
I personally believe this report by "jimbohoty" is ignorant. Not simply because winning an auction just to spite a seller because he is convinced that it is a scam, but because the author has never even come in contact with the product they are reviewing!!!


Oh, and don't bid on these watches ... I want to win the auctions for less!!! ;-) Ron L.
Posted by chirs on 2009-10-08:
I just recently bought a Bernoulli watch on ebay and couldn't be more pleased with the purchase. For one, it is a beautiful timepiece. I had been looking for a nice watch for a long time and when I saw this particular one I had to have it. It was everything I was looking for.
Posted by Bernie on 2011-07-13:
Here it is 07-13-2011, I purchased a Bernoulli watch back in May 2008 for a gift for my son's college graduation. As a Medical Student he needs to have a watch that portrays a professional appearance.The watch came beautiful packaged, working, and to this date 3 yrs later is working fine, I hope the rest of you have as good an experience.I only paid $ 68.00 and it is worth every penny.
Posted by robnet707 on 2011-09-27:
I now have 2 Bernoulli's that I baught on Ebay and can tell you that i love them.Both came with tags,papers and bernoulli box.They keep great time and with the working mechanisms and detail on mine that these are NOT $5 knockoffs.They would be pretty expensive to knock off with all the intincacies involved in,at least my watches.I dont see how knocking off a watch you can buy on Ebay for $50-$60+ is very worthwhile?? Do your due diligence BEFORE you buy and enjoy not buying a CASIO for the same $$$...my 3 cents!!
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-09-27:
I have seen fake Rolexes at flea markets for $25. With these expensive-brand watch knockoffs, they would take a cheap Chinese quartz movement and slap the name of an expensive watch on it, even to the point of making a case that looks like the real thing. But real Rolexes are mechanical...I don't think Rolex, nor any of the other pricey watch brands, makes a battery operated watch. If that knockoff watch runs off a battery, it's most likely fake.
Posted by KipNoxzema on 2013-10-29:
Ronny is right. Why knock the seller when you're dissatisfied with the maker? Bernoulli is a known mushroom watch brand
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Unfounded Suspension Of My Account AGAIN!
Posted by Sdewyea on 09/14/2003
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Ebay has reinstated my account only to suspend it once more over the same issue it was suspended for before it was reinstated all in less than a week! Again I have lost bids on items as they cancelled all bids I had placed on auctions. My son had his account suspended by Ebay and because I am his mother, mine too has been suspended TWICE in less than a week! He does not live here, he does not have access to my account. He has a total separate residence and phone number than mine. He has used my phone number when he first registered with Ebay. I contacted Ebay after some of his sellers had called my home and Ebay made him give the proper contact info. Ebay even sent me an email last week stating his contact info was correct and that he had used his own phone number and not mine again. The only association we have is that we are related. I have 577 positives for feedback with only one negative. One person contacted me by email after Ebay cancelled my bid on her item. She said she was dumbfounded as to why the suspension. She checked my feedback and saw only honesty and integrity there. Yes, It has taken two years to establish my reputation as a member of Ebay. Ebay is destroying it in less than a week. I have sent email after email trying to establish my innocence of the charge of "association" with my son's suspended account. My husband believes it is time for BBB or government intervention. I was hoping to avoid it. Somehow this has to be settled so that I am reinstated and stay that way. Guilt by association through family relationship should not be a reason for suspension.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-15:
I would stop worrying about your ebay account and invest the time into your son's problems.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-26:
samething Happend to me!!!THREE TIMES!!!
this last time, I had over $133,000.00 that I lost! THEY WILL PAY!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-25:
My suggestion is to create a group of investors that are willing to offer some stiff competion to eBay. I am offering this suggestion on several posts here and hope something transpires. I am sure that with the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of several people that we could accomplish this. Please keep this in mind.
Posted by dpedroso on 2005-03-31:
I was suspened recently due to a violation from my brothers account. His account is registered and used at a completely different location then mine. This is unfair and I will prosecuting a public class action towards this matter. I have set up a web site to collect info about similar cases to help fullfill the class action. Please go to www.fightebay.com and add your case so we can fight this matter and resolve it together. Everyone should have the right to a fair procedure of suspension and everyone should get a chance to respond before their suspension. Lets stop this "guilty until proven innocent" method once and for all.
Posted by david on 2014-04-05:
welcome to my world... I was a 13 year seller, 100% feedback.. 7 consecutive years of being a power seller.. I had 1268 items listed... came home from work to find all my items removed, and my business destroyed because they advised I listed a fake sons of anarchy t-shirt... which by the way I got at goodwill.. im no t-shirt expert, I wouldn't know a fake if it bit me... I buy collections at yard sales and flea markets and goodwill... 13 years of building this business.. I talked to 5 different people,,, they simply don't care... they have become too big to give a damn about a guy selling t-shirts... with that said... and having over 2000 items to list... I opened a store at www.webstore.com it's not nearly the traffic, but i'm hoping down the road it will... my ebay fees were around 300 dollars each month with my store fee... my seller name on webstore is baltimoredave. check it out, and let me know what you think... dave
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Everyday is Hanukkah at Ebay!
Posted by on 12/19/2003
Ebay celebrates Hanukkah everyday, and for the rest of you, Merry Christmas!
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Stay Away from EBAY
Posted by Nanomarket on 06/27/2006
BEWARE OF EBAY CRIMINAL, MATTHEW BECCUE OF BATAVI -- I started selling on EBAY in 2002, but until recently I was reluctant to buy anything that cost more than $100.00. Although EBAY’s “Trust and Safety” staff supposedly oversee the transactions, I often wondered whether EBAY would help victims recover money that they lost to dishonest sellers. It was so easy for me to sell on EBAY; I figured that criminals could too. As EBAY’s popularity and prosperity grew, I came to believe that it would be bad for business if EBAY let its web site become a venue for criminal activity. If a crime occurred, I thought that EBAY would chase the criminal and compensate the victim, but when I became a victim, I learned otherwise.

On March 22, 2006 I paid Matthew Beccue of Batavia New York $3,850.00 for a Nikon D2X camera. Beccue had been an EBAY member since 1997 and was credited with 140 transactions and 99.3% positive feedback. After EBAY notified me that I had won the auction and after receiving the EBAY invoice, I sent Beccue my check, but he never sent me the camera. When I turned to EBAY for help, it diverted me to an ineffective dispute process that did nothing for me or against Beccue.

Away from the flashy ads and promotions, an obscure page on EBAY’s web site tells buyers how they can file a dispute against sellers (and vice versa). For thirty days, buyers and sellers must try to settle their differences without EBAY’s intervention. During that time I notified EBAY that the seller had cashed my check, but would not send me the camera or respond to my emails, but EBAY seemed oblivious to the possibility that a felony had occurred on their web site. Until the thirty days had lapsed - giving Beccue enough time to cover his tracks - EBAY would only repeat: contact the seller and try to work things out.

EBAY further exasperates victims by refusing to speak to them. All correspondence must be by e-mail. Only a few “power sellers” (EBAY’s money-makers) have the privilege to speak directly to EBAY. I expect that EBAY does not talk to buyers because they are ripped off so frequently that EBAY cannot give them any level of personal attention. In a feeble attempt to provide a personal touch, EBAY offers “Live Help” – a chat room where you can exchange messages with an EBAY staff. I chatted with Chad who typed so swiftly and composed his English so perfectly that I suspect he lives in India. Once I saw that Chad was giving me the same canned responses that I had received by e-mail, I interrupted him and asked, “Will EBAY do anything for me or should I call the police?” After some hesitation, Chad typed, “Call the police”.

I now hope that the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center will recover my money and punish Matthew Beccue. But even if he goes to jail, Beccue could return to EBAY under another name and bank account and resume stealing. I say this because EBAY does not screen sellers or reveal much about them. Moreover, EBAY does not go after sellers who steal, but they will file a law suit against a buyer who submits a fraudulent claim for the $175.00 (maximum) compensation that EBAY offers. In my case the $175.00, is not much more than the $80.00 that EBAY made on my transaction.

When I finally convinced EBAY that my claim was legitimate, it promised to pay me its token compensation. EBAY then changed its mind. I was notified (by e-mail, of course) that because I did not close the dispute, EBAY would not compensate me or penalize the seller. The e-mail included a link to the EBAY web site where I was instructed to open the dispute (again). I replied that enduring EBAY’s dispute process for another three months was not worth the $175.00. A few days later EBAY sent me an apology and the $175.00, but they never mentioned Matthew Beccue. Curious about his fate, I sent EBAY the following message:

Yesterday, June 22, 2006, I received from EBAY the $175.00 reimbursement for the $3850.00 that was stolen from me during an EBAY auction on March 22, 2006. This token compensation along with EBAY’s impersonal and ineffective dispute process clearly reflects an indifference towards crime on its web site. For my sake as well as those who shop on EBAY, please tell me what happened to Matthew Beccue - the criminal who stole my money. Did you try to find him? Will you prosecute him? Have you banned him from EBAY, and if so how will you keep him from returning?”

EBAY never responded, so I posted my story on their community discussion board where it attracted comments from sellers who have a financial interest in EBAY’s success. Most of them agreed that crime is so rampant on EBAY that it cannot chase the criminals or compensate their victims. A buyer’s best defense is to use a credit card and hope that the bank who issued the card provides the protection that EBAY lacks.

Others criticized me for not thoroughly reading EBAY’s user agreement which states in part,

“We [EBAY] have no control over and do not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of items advertised, the truth or accuracy of listings, the ability of sellers to sell items, the ability of buyers to pay for items, or that a buyer or seller will actually complete a transaction.”

In retrospect, I should have thoroughly read this lengthy agreement before joining EBAY, and all shoppers should read it again before making a purchase. Far more compelling than this article, the user agreement makes the case to Stay Away from EBAY.

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-06-27:
Thank goodness you finally realized that you should have read and understood what you were doing beforehand. You do realize that for just a few dollars you could have used their escrow service and avoided this whole mess? People come here complaining about EBay's "lack of screening" yet won't spend a few bucks for a guarantee.
Posted by Brenda Leah on 2006-06-27:
You know the guy's name, you know where he lives (you sent a check right?) so file a small claims case. Also, keep every communication you have (I'm sure you already are).
Posted by rah332 on 2006-06-27:
i have been scammed by a couple of seller on ebay. I will never again send any $$ via ck or mo.. just via paypal/credit card. The credit card company will refund the $$ if there is no product rec'd or if it is not as described. That is the only backing you have unless you go thru the escrow service.
My last scammer was a seller that was selling bogus Starbuck coupons. They were lazer prints. Not real and on top of that they were poor quality. I paid via paypal and disputed the transaction. Paypal settled with me. Refunded my $$ minus $25 for their paperwork. At least I got something. The nerve of the seller, he tried to dispute the refund knowingly what he was selling!! Since your transaction was done via mail, you will have to file a complaint via us postmaster.. good luck . but don't expect anything.
Posted by subby39 on 2006-06-27:
I'm so sorry this scumbag thief stole your money! He should be prosecuted and thrown in jail! Did you contact the local police in his city? I also sell and buy on eBay since 2000, and have been burned twice. One seller decided to keep the money and not send the goods,(I was out $80) so the local police in her city (New York) were contacted, went to her house, surprised the heck out of her and threatened to jail her if she didn't return the money. All of us were immediately reimbursed through Paypal. Another seller sold "rare" videos and raked in thousands of dollars. I lost $100 but I initiated a chargeback thru my bank and was reimbursed. The seller was eventually caught and prosecuted. I wish you luck on getting your money back!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-27:
I refuse to read or answer any ebay complaints without the seller's User ID.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-06-27:
The 30 day wait that Ebay has you go through is their policy whether it is for $5.00 or $5,000.00...Frustrating as it is, they stick by that...I had a dispute once paid with credit card,I have to report it WITHIN 30 to the credit card, yet had to WAIT 30 days for Ebay's help. Credit card company wanted to know what steps I took with Ebay, told them only emails to seller...that's all I was able to do, nothing through Ebay because I had to wait 30 days...The credit card gave me an extension on my dispute...but I think Ebay should change their policy once a person is unable to get a response from the seller after about 3 emails or phone calls.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-28:
Number One, you say "I say this because EBAY does not screen sellers or reveal much about them." you want to warn the internet community but you fail to post the seller's id! Who are they selling under, this can't be corroborated by psychics. Ebay buyer's know nothing about the seller until after the transaction is completed. You need to go to your local police department and talk to them.
Good luck
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-28:
EBAY is rife with fraud and dishonesty. How much could you possibly save that would make anyone want to risk their money by using this scam outfit?
Posted by nanomarket on 2006-06-28:
Mrs Manischewitz and others,

The seller who ripped me off has the EBAY ID snm200143wm, but I believe he is now operating under another name. In regard to the police, I contacted state and local police in my and seller's hometown, and neither would even accept my complaint. Both told me to file a complaint Internet Crime Complaint Center,which I did nearly three months ago but they have not responded. Recently I learned that very few victims of internet crime get any help from the police.

Thank you for advice and conern,

Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-28:
nanomarket pardon my abrasiveness. First off, this seller (snm200143wm) was selling the Nikon D2X Camera with a privacy feature, so bidders could not see who is bidding against other bidders - not a good thing. I did a http://www.zabasearch.com, on this Matthew Beccue of New York and he is using 5 Addresses in BATAVIA, NY. The fact that the Batavia, NY police department is failing to do anything means he either got family working there, a friend, or is paying them off. So! This is a classic eBay rip-off case, I would contact the Clark Howard Consumer Action Team, number one, because the more rip-off cases, such as yours, are broadcast over the internet and nationally syndicated radio the more eBay will get the message in stopping these bandits. Clark would take interest, because eBay is allowing this crook to continue on eBay. The link is http://clarkhoward.com/inside/ask_team_clark.html
(just copy and past into your browser URL locator) somebody will get in touch with you.
In the meantime have you talked live anybody at eBay? Here are two numbers you should try 1-800-322-9266 and 1-888-749-3229. Don’t give up your fight!
Sincerely, I'm sorry you were ripped off. This Matthew Beccue will eventually be caught and brought to justice. Finally, I would also log into your my3cents account (see last top box pulldown My Account/Profile) and edit your message TITLE (located in the edit review feature at the bottom) edit your title so it reads something to the effect.

Beware Ebay Rippof: Matthew Beccue of New York (Nikon D2X Camera EBAY SCAM).

I wish you well and hope you keep my3cents posted on your results.

Good luck!
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Selling stuff on EBay
Posted by Berlandson on 01/19/2006
CLANCY, MONTANTA -- I have been a long time subscriber to EBay. I have over 200 positive feedbacks with NO negatives. I actually am over 40, and remember a time when customer service actually meant something.

I sold an item to a fellow from Hong Kong. I get this email from PayPal that he paid up so I was going to ship. However, it looked rather unusual and not the normal PayPal reply. I logged onto my PayPal acct to see if the funds were there, and I was correct, this guy sent me a fraudulent email that he had paid. I submitted the issue with the email and documentation to EBay and PayPal security. I figured, that was that. The perpetrator would be banished and I would not have any more hassles.

A month later, I am surfing around EBay for a purchase, and there he is! The fraud guy is still on EBay, and PayPal. I emailed the various people again, and asked "what's the deal" does he have to rip off more than one guy in order to get banned? Their response was that they could not comment on it, as it was still under review and investigation. What a crock! I provided them with absolute proof. What else is there to investigate? So, if you sell stuff on eBay, make sure you get paid, or don't ship it!
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Posted by fazie on 2006-01-19:
thanks for sharing, i am starting to sell on ebay and will look out for this sort of thing.
Posted by miketech on 2006-01-19:
Wow, I suppose that's an obvious scam but I have never heard it till now. The net and some of it's users are getting scary. For whatever reason Ebay bans some people quickly and others not at all. Thanks for the tip in case I ever sell anymore on Ebay.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-20:
Yes, good advice. I have been ebaying for several years myself, with a 100% positive feedback. A friend of mine told me yesterday that he got burned by Paypal. He said that the person he sold a laptop to claimed that it never arrived and paypal ruled in his favor. Fortunately for my friend, his bank had already withdrawn the paypal funds. So, as you say, DO NOT SHIP until you have been paid for sure.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-20:
ebay sounds like AOL. They allow people to stay members when they should be banned. I guess it's all about the mighty dollar. You should change your ebay password often. Mine has been stolen several times and fraudulent emails sent out in my name.
Posted by crewboy on 2006-01-24:
You can't blame ebay for any of this. Let me suggest that you do the following to make your selling experiences safe:

Do not accept any other method of payment except Paypal. Also, inform all pospective bidders that payment must be received within 3 days of the end of the auction or you will relist the item.

Leave negative feedback on anyone who does not follow through with their contract to purchase an item they have won.

Make it known in the listing that you reserve the right to cancel any bids, and then do so if someone bids whom you feel has too much negative feedback.

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DUMP EBAY--We Can Do Better!
Posted by Revolution-now on 03/19/2005
MAINE -- Hello Everyone, Before writing this, I read thru many complaints about eBay. Most center on unjustified suspensions, high fees, fraud and the company's non-responsiveness to member problems. I share all of these concerns. Yes, I, a six-year veteran like many of you, was suspended without warning a few weeks ago. My auctions were suddenly wiped off the screen. My store disappeared. No one from eBay called or emailed to ask my side first. Just a brief, cold email on a Friday morning. Zapped! After negotiating and proving my innocence, I was reinstated. But it was an embarrassing and costly incident, for which eBay refused to make compensation. Meg Whitman will not part with one dime of her $7.9 Billion in assets, to make up for her company's mistakes. Why am I not surprised. I think we all know the score. EBay has become so huge, such a monopoly, that they don't care about their members.

We are expendable. Just take a look at the company's 2004 numbers:

--Members totaled 135.5 million, up 43% over 2003's 94.9 million
--Gross revenues totaled $3.27 Billion, a 51% increase over 2003's $2.17 Billion
--Net income was $778 million, up 76% over 2003.
--Listings totaled 1.4 Billion, 45% more than 2003's 971 million.

PayPal, eBay's pet acquisition, also did well, with more than $18 Billion in revenues, up 55% over 2003. Accounts reached 63.8 million, a 58% jump over 2003's 40.3 million.

What does it add up to?
$3.4 Billion in cash and investments, and $7.9 Billion in assets at the end of 2004. Right out of your pockets, into Meg's and her cronies.

What is eBay doing with your hard-earned money?

They've been shopping too.
This year they picked up rent.com, an apartment listing website, for $415 million. They also acquired Marketplaat.com, a Netherlands classifieds site, for $291 million. And more.

People, I don't know about you, but I think it's time WE GOT IT TOGETHER.

Now, it's true that eBay has provided a good living for many people. It started out that way, anyway. Back in 1998 when I joined, I could list a painting in the Featured section for $22 or so. Now that same painting will cost me $35 to list, then with final value and PayPal fees, more like $75. In just 7 short years, fees have roughly tripled. It's not fun anymore. And it's becoming a losing proposition, financially.

Some of you have said that eBay is headed for a fall. Their arrogance, their non-caring attitudes toward members, their high fees, their refusal to help defrauded members--all breed resentment & anger. Clearly, a better way is needed. Yet we go on, day after day, under eBay's thumb, feeling powerless to do anything.

Some other websites are trying to grab eBay's business. But they're all profit-driven. They might start out like eBay, with low promotional fees. But just wait. Even if they do get a foothold, those fees will climb again.

In other words, we all like the auction format. It IS fun, and there's money to be made. But why must we be slaves to eBay and other sites' profit motives? What I propose is a simple idea: A Cooperative Auction Website. Non-profit. Just a place, like a town hall, where we buy and sell. I have a name picked out too but can't say it here. Please email me & I'll tell you more.

Here's the concept: Members pay $100 to join. (This will help with start-up costs). For that, they get the first 100 listings free and 10% off their monthly bill. If we do make a profit, after expenses, at the end of the year, it gets divided equally among the members. Non-members can use the site too, and listing fees will be greatly reduced, for everyone, with no final value fees. In other words, we can have the same kind of auctions eBay offers, but it will be OUR site. Hopefully, the revenues will keep it going. All we need to do is break even. It's just a venue, set up for us to do our trading, and keep more of our own earnings. If there's a profit at the end of the year, great. We'll all share. Or we can put it back into the venture, to make improvements. We'll vote on it, the way it should be. No CEOs, no sharegolder pressure. It will be OURS.

Now, I'm just a working stiff like most of you so frankly, I can't afford the start-up costs for this alone. If you're interested, email me at cmgardner@gwi.net and let's talk. If we can raise enough money to do this, we owe it to ourselves. I don't know about you, but I can't stand being under anybody's thumb. It gags me every time I have to pay eBay's ridiculously high fees, and watch their profits go up and up, year after year. THAT'S YOUR MONEY and mine. Aren't you sick and tired of making eBay rich? JOIN US. WE CAN DO IT. FOR MORE INFORMATION, email: cmgardner@gwi.net
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Posted by canookie on 2005-03-20:
I agree so much so that I too posted a blog.

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Kicked Out and Blown Away!
Posted by RoseRockCanyon on 07/12/2005
I was a new seller and had just started posting some shoes that I purchased in bulk and was making a multitude of money, in less than 2 months I had attained 133 feedback, than.....

On Sunday July, 10, 2005, I hear my email click four times, I had auctions coming down so I thought cool I sold more shoes, but low and behold what awaits me is not those lovely item purchased emails it was EBAY USER SUSPENDED, than another ALL LISTINGS REMOVED and yet one more in duplicate because of its importance ALL WINNING AUCTIONS CANCELLED. My heart fell, my stomach churned and I opened my lovely email. It stated I was associated with a suspended user therefore my account was cancelled, it stated I did not have to be the user, just an acquaintance. So I start thinking who the heck, but than I noticed, you are associated with the following suspended accounts, and there is nothing there. So I immediately email Safeharbour and ask what happened, still no response.

Than I start getting all these Paypal refund request, they all state that they want there money back cause Ebay sent them a notice saying I was suspended. These are not USA buyers they are internationals who has had their items shipped surface which can take up to 14 weeks, but Paypal which is owned by Ebay will let me know in 10 days if they will recoup the money from my account or not. Even though I have custom numbers they only show they were shipped not the progress.

Others emailed me and completed the transaction and some did not, I had over 800.00$ out in sales and pretty close to 250.00 on listed items and they suspended me, what did I do? who is this mysterious suspended user?

After reading so many of the postings online I now know it is frugal to try and get back on Ebay, I was selected to be one of their quota I guess, What really makes me mad is they can just say you did it, and not explain the specifics! Now I don't know about anyone else, but when someone makes an accusation I think they should back it up! I mean isn't this America where we are innocent until proven guilty? I must have slept thru the trial!

Sellers be careful, cause if you become to big to fast Ebay is gonna come knocking, and that happy little Walmart face isn't gonna be on the other side when you open the door!

Rosie Rock
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Posted by maxmarsjewels on 2005-07-27:
I am very sorry for your loss with Ebay. I was abig fish with Ebay selling high quality Gemstones and jewelry. All my items had 100%+ feedback and my items had guarantees as well. I could not believe all they have done to me. I was accused of "shill bidding" and on one day I had all of my 29 listings were taken down and this wa son a 10 cent listing fee day. I believe that Ebay thought if they did this I would stil go back and relist. I have started a website called Greedbay www.freewebs.com/greedbay/ I am so sick of Ebay part of my story is on there. I still have more to write. I respond to all posts and I am hoping enough people who have been screwed by Ebay will write. I will ask each and everyones permssions to use their story and I plan to go to every major newspaper and news station in the country. Along with finding an attorney who is willing to take on this vile Ebay monster. PLease visit my site:) we all need to band together.
Posted by number 11 on 2006-08-16:
Wow! Rosie I understand how you feel and the way you explain it I felt the exact same way. The worst part of it all there isn't anything you can do about it.
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EBay Customer Supports is Dead... is Dead... is Dead... is De...
Posted by Winblad on 12/27/2009
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Let's face it, customer support either makes or breaks your public perception, and can also break the bank if not managed properly. Apparently, eBay has taken to "scanning" e-mails and spewing forth "canned" and pre-scripted responses based on the category eBay's Boolean search algorithms places your complaint. While this may work for many, the response I received had NOTHING to do with my problem or providing a solution of any sort.

The bottom line, it was blatantly obvious that no human had ever take the few moments it would have taken to actually READ my e-mail. Then, one could see how off-base the "canned" response was. Therefore, do business with eBay at your own risk and peril. I thought they cared about the customers who use their service. Well, I was wrong. It's all about the almighty buck, and consumer be damned. If people who complain stop using eBay, then maybe eBay might get less complaints? Now there's a solid company mindset that eBay could honestly rally behind, and it shows!

Don't expect anything to come from complaining to eBay. That bit about eBay being "committed to making your eBay experiences pleasant and fulfilling" is a bunch of lies to lull an upset customer into actually believe their lies. They're too big to care about your problems any more. Hell, they cannot even take the time to read the e-mail complaint. How committed is that?!?

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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-12-27:
so what exactly did your email say? and what exactly did the canned response say? not enough details.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-27:
hell we can't even tell if that's a seller or a buyer complaining...
Posted by bunnyhead on 2009-12-27:
I sell on Ebay and several other auction sites. Ebay works well as long as there are no problems with the transaction. As soon as an item or payment is not received, good luck getting any help. It costs A LOT more to sell an item on Ebay than it does on other sites. Therefoe, I find that sellers pass those fees onto their buyers.
Try Ebid.com or OnlineAuctions.com instead.
Posted by Nikilives on 2010-12-06:
This company is a complete joke. Someone Please...use your morals and beat Ebays butt!
Posted by Nikilives on 2010-12-07:
Hi. I just had to apologize for my earlier post. I would like to clarify. Although, I do not agree with certain business practices; it doesn't mean that you can belittle them or what they do. Honestly, I do not like hidden fees-but lets's face it that most companies operate this way. Ebay is a good company, but it isn't perfect. I just pray that they listen to those that got them to where they are; making the changes that need be. I will continue to use Ebay, but will also look at better deals somewhere else until I see the improvements I expect from a good company. All in all Ebay tries its best, though I would suggest hiring more workers. For goodness SAKE, it says they gross like 65 billion a year. They make this much money and can't afford a nice receptionist or two..???
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File A Class Action Law Suit Against eBay
Posted by Brooks on 10/30/2004
Everyone, please sign on to filing a class action
lawsuit against eBay for any and all types of
abuses of handling your account. They will be
classified in multiple charges or suits.
File your complaint on: www.BigClassAction.com
When hundreds to thousand come forward and sign
on and then the media kicks in with the stories,
we can hurt them enough to make them change.
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Posted by OIC on 2004-10-30:
Speak for yourself punk, I have never had a problem with ebay. People like you abuse ebay policies and you deserve to get kicked off for your own ignorance. Your ignorance also takes money out of the pockets of honest ebayers such as myself. Ebay is nothing more than a newspaper that will list your ad for a fee.
Posted by dickvondyke on 2004-10-31:
Hi there! Something must have had happened bad with your ebay experience. However, as pointed earlier, eBay is just a venue where sellers and buyers come. U sort of can't sue eBay cuz u have agreed to there USER AGREEMENT (though no one reads it?!)...

Relax, join the masses of the eBay bandwagon...get back on eBay... ;)
Posted by Loretta Jamison/author on 2004-11-01:
We switched to MonkeyBid but now that seems to be having problems. Could someone tell me what is going on? Just wondering about it and no nasty responses. This is a legitimate question.
Posted by nikatnite on 2004-11-10:
I am wondering why people are so hostile to these complaints. They don't seem very educated either.
Posted by linuxwannabee on 2008-09-30:
I cannot comment about someone else's ebay experience. But here's mine:

I'm a seller - which means I'm the one who pays. Buyers don't pay for ebay, sellers do. That in itself is fair enough. My question would be:

1. Are ebay offering value for money - in respect of the service they offer?

2. Do they value their seller community as much as the buyers?

I would argue ebay are no longer offering value for money for sellers. This is because ebay is now a buyer's market - there's so much stuff on their, unless you're offering something truly original, you'll struggle to sell it for the price that you want. Fact is, you'll struggle to sell it at any price!

Yet ebay go on extracting the same fees. More recently they have put the shop and fixed price auction fees up. If you don't have a shop, a buy it now listing costs twice as much - by way of incentive of having a shop. The fees for a basic shop went from £6 a month to £16 - that's a massive leap. The cost of listing your item went up - unless you are a powerseller. The final value fee has gone up.

Ebay are bringing in paypal only - already happening in some countries, on the way I suspect to ebay.co.uk

Coincidently, ebay own paypal. Most of my sales are paypal, as little as 1 or 2% are cheques or postal orders. But ebay want it all.

I am a modest volume seller, and ebay's new policies and fee structure is basically saying 'we don't care about you. You may have 6 years of yourself invested in your ebay business, but we don't care about that. This is what we want to do, and we're going to do it. We don't care what impact that might have on your business, your income.'

Ebay care about buyers - look at their recent changes to feedback. Buyers can leave sellers negative feedback, but sellers can't do the same for customers who don't pay. This has predictably led to more unpaid items for me - because customers have impunity.

Does anyone know who regulates ebay - do they even have a regulator? Who keeps them in check, ensures they have the balance right with regard the interests of both buyers and sellers?

They are behaving exactly as you would expect any big business to act who have a monopoly. Unless people leave ebay in their droves, they will have little incentive to change.

They call it 'my ebay' when you log in to your account. But it isn't. It's their's. They call the tune, and we dance. Least until we get weary.

Dave B - Linuxwannabee
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-09-30:
this whole thing about ebay is kinda silly.
have a yard sale every saturday
Posted by kiki20 on 2009-01-06:
Oic the only reason why you'd make such a comment is because of the simple fact "you never had any problems with Ebay"I'm sure you'd be singing a whole different tune If you did,and God forbid if you did!How about the buyers who lose money out of their pockets just for the simple fact that eBay's"privacy policies"are all messed up.Say if a scam artist's account is suspended.....in just a few months the same person can sign up under a different account and still scam buyers..and because the 45 day mark is expired even after filing a dispute on eBay.. whether if you come to an agreement or not with the seller the claim will be closed with in the allotted time since the file was made......then eBay will claim not to have it on their records and either way protect the scam artist....If they can do this to an innocent buyer what makes you think they won't do"their dirty work"to a seller......?By the way..calling someone a "punk"just because you have a difficult time communicating your objections is not a good look.(wink)
Posted by msb on 2011-12-10:
I have been selling and buying on e-bay for many years and just recently stopped...anyone who has anything postive about e-bay is working for e-bay.This site is a joke and a bottomless money pit.To make a comment calling someone a punk is no doubt a insider with e-bay.We will see who the punk is at the end of a law suit...many many flaws in e-bay and it is in e-bays favor.One problem e-bay was having was excessive shipping charges with some sellers,e-bay said they were trying to handle the problem and found a way to handle it...they now charge sellers a percent of shipping charges even if you don't ship through e-bay,every seller gets an additional shipping fee...this surely is not legal...YOU CANNOT CHARGE FOR A SERVICE NOT RENDERED AND E-BAY HAS MADE MILLIONS DOING THIS.They wasn't trying to handle the problem they wanted a piece of the pie.MANY MANY PROBLEMS,I don't see e-bay being on very long,they are acting illegally in many many ways...it is time to stand up and put these people where they belong,IN COURT.EVERY NASTY COMMENT MADE TO PEOPLE SHARING THEIR STORY IS AN E-BAY INSIDER AND THAT WILL BE SHOWED IN COURT AND proved in court.So please continue doing so e-bay,you will go down based off your own actions.
Posted by Seller on 2012-12-05:
Finally a place to complaint eBay! I run my business at no profit because my boss (eBay) and paypal take away 16% out of my revenue. Even the shipping fee eBay also takes a chunk of it.
eBay also encourage buyers take advantage of sellers for whatever claims are all sellers fault. Can you believe buyer can get a file a complaint of non received right after I have told buyer I have sent item (3days). Full refund will award to buyer within 48 hours because in fact, buyer has not received because my shipping is international because is from oversea.
Seller will carry a opened claim case for lower DSR. After refunded to buyer, he will receive item and seller will have no say. YOU GUYS THINKING OF SELLING ON EBAY FOR LIVING, think twice if you need to quit your current job to sell on ebay. This is not like 10 years ago. There is no money selling on eBay. Don't be a fool to invest in goods to sell on ebay.
Posted by Sean Haigh on 2013-03-12:
I have been looking into the negative effects of Performing Arts for 14 years this includes television and media adverts. It honestly does appear that everything that is not allowed to be advertized everywhere else is been advertized on eBay, what is eBay if it is not a television screen or a newspaper, of course it is a television screen or a newspaper with the adverts put on it that no decent media related business will dare go near in case of been sued, eBay has a positive correlation with it's sellers and if eBay
Posted by Sean Haigh on 2013-03-12:
eBay is allowing sellers to list for sale all the media related garbage that no other media related company will dare go near in fear of been sued. When it's banned on the television or in the papers it finds a way of ending up been sold on eBay. eBay has a positive corelation with it's sellers. The negative media "garbage" still has the same negative effect on peoples minds "especially young children, drug addicts, alcoholics, and the mentally ill because everybody is seeing it, it models, informs, instructs, directs, teaches and influences new ways of learning new styles of aggressive behaviour, you do not have to influence everyone in order to influence someone and when influenced in a negative way negative things can and do sometimes happen.
Posted by Sean Haigh on 2013-03-12:
What happens to the seller when eBay stop them from selling? but allows them to keep buying, they get in debt then eBay abuses them further by getting rid of them so the person becomes depressed, frustrated and angry because of eBay abusing that person, eBay do not wish to teach where the person has gone wrong and allow that person to make amends all that eBay wants to do is abuse and hurt sometimes financially, the person they stop from selling on eBay. That is very wrong because the person they do it to has got money tied up in eBay purchases they might not be able to do anything with elsewhere.
Posted by desperate on 2013-03-24:
BEWARE BUYERS: Ebay Protection plan is not worth the paper it is written on it. Works for item $5-$20 but when seller did not send me the item I paid for $874 for new furniture Ebay kept on closing my resolution case, I appealled, got closed again and then....ebay told me: buyers have only the right to submit 2 cases per item. Where it this written? No where, seems Ebay makes up the rules and policy as they go. I did not get my refund! Cannot pay my mortgage now.
Posted by MT on 2013-05-16:
I am certainly going to do this. Ebay is the most unfair business. I don't even want to start. I am totally disappointed I am calling Amazon to see how I can sell there. Ebay is completely absurd.
Posted by Darren Almli on 2013-06-10:
i was after 248 positive seller ratings suspended for a policy violation-selling a supposed bootleg cd-one that i bought on ebay.to my surprise 3 other were actively listed,and currently still are.then-2 days after i was reinstated-permantly banned as a buyer-seller.supposedly for same violation-both times tried to re-sell purchases i made on ebay! result-permanant suspension.what a crock of S**T! you can buy it but not sell it? for god sake you can buy porn on ebay! this site is descrimitive! have a poer seller rating selling 10,000 pics of nude women, or dvd's of the same?no problem! just pay our %.sell a bootleg cd-that they allowed you to list? that they can see in your ebay purchase history-banned forever.
Posted by Pamela La Londe on 2013-10-09:
My account with EBAY of which I had since 2008 was indefinitely suspended and all the work I had put into my site was deleted without me being able to save it to a file because I was notified after their deleting all of my auctions, some of which had active bidding. They told me on the phone that I could no longer sell on EBAY but I could still buy. They told me that my seller performance was below standard. It was the first time in five years. What had occurred is that I had switched two labels by accident on two buyers and I had sent out an item that I had cleaned with leather cleaner and the customer stated that it smelled. According to EBAY policy it is written that if a customer has a complaint that they are to contact the seller before filing a case in the Resolution center. None of the three people had contacted me and filed a case directly without me knowing it. The problem was solved with the switched labels and the one customer came back and purchased more from me. I had received great feedback from these two tranactions. EBAY starte4d holding my money after these tree things occurred in August so I callde my state attorney general of which they complied and released my money. They then put stipulations on me as to needing to sell more than twenty items before the next evaluation. In their email to me , they had admitted that my seller performance was a lot "better" according to their standards but still made the decision to obliterate my account without notifying me so I could not back up all of my files
Posted by Marie Smith on 2013-11-08:
SELLERS BEWARE!!!! eBay allows buyers to leave whatever feedback they want - even if you prove it to be fraudulent, yet sellers are not allowed to leave negative feedback for buyers. As a result, we are ripped off, harassed and abused in feedback and messages if we don't meet the buyers demands IMMEDIATELY. Not all buyers are like that, but unfortunately, an inordinately LARGE number of eBay buyers are. Why wouldn't they be? eBay protects them with its absurd policy of ONLY allowing sellers to leave POSITIVE feedback for buyers. Buyers line eBay's pockets, and I have closed my account.
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Useless Customer Service...Untrue Accusations Against Me
Posted by Barnold on 09/07/2007
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I have been buying and selling on ebay since 1999. Over the past three days they have cancelled all of my new listings, accusing me of spamming and not giving accurate descriptions of my items. I have never spammed, nor have I ever misrepresented my items, and I never would. In essence, they are falsely accusing me of something I never did and I resent being treated like a liar and criminal. I have attempted three times to resolve this issue and have my listings reinstated with absolutely no success. I spend countless hours im'ing some totally useless customer service employee who keeps going around and around in circles without ever solving my problem. I even had the same experience with what they call a supervisor. Ebay does not provide it's customers with a toll free customer service number like most companies do. They prefer to keep our money for their share holders and clearly do not care about their customers, who without, they would not be here.

My last resort is to write to the company headquarters, addressing my mail to the top executives and all the other non caring employees I can find. This has and continues to be a very frustrating experience, but is indicative when, a company like ebay, does not provide much in the way of customer service.
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Posted by MRM on 2007-09-07:
As a common courtesy to your fellow readers, PLEASE LOWER THE CAPS, so that your readers can read your complaint easily and writing in captial letters is considered shouting. If you dont know, now you know!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-08:
If eBay/PayPay has taken money from you try what others are doing now:

1. File a complaint with the San Jose P.D.

2. File a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

eBay Inc., 2145 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

A large number of people are trying to take the stealing eBay does out of the civil area and get it moved to the criminal side. Good luck to you.
Posted by kloned on 2007-10-31:
File your case at Better Business Bureau like I did.
1 complaint is not enough but if we join,the power of multiplication is strong.Good luck to you too!

Posted by jj on 2013-06-22:
I have had the same issue. They have done nothing but lie. I catch them in a lie and called them out on it and they place me on hold. Im most def going to the BBB as well as filing a complaint with the Attourney Generals Office on the accusations they have made. I am done with this business and will also inform my fellow businesses who work with me of the things this company is doing. I am a established business owner and have worked hard my whole life. Funny i have arrested people for things less than what they done. They are horrible, maybe someone will start another site but be friendly to the customers who make them as well as have business morals and not lie! Extremly dissappointed
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