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EBay - Poor Customer Relations
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
USA -- Ebay looks out for BUYERS and has "Buyer Protection" but nothing for Sellers. I have been a member of Ebay for 14 years, sold more than 550 items, have a 99.2% approval rating, and all ratings for customer service are 4 1/2 stars out of 5, and I was suspended from selling. Ebay can suspend you for any reason they deem without cause or for a cause they deem important. They still want me to buy but they are not letting me sell on Ebay ever again. Try Amazon Marketplace, they seem to be more customer service oriented. Good Luck
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frak on 06/22/2012:
This seems so odd to me. Why would eBay stop you from selling when you've sold hundreds of items and have a great reputation/feedback? Seems like you would be the very kind of person they want - someone who makes money for them without a lot of fuss.

What reason did they give you for the suspension? If none, then eBay is nuts. If something, then maybe you both just have different perspectives on the issue?
trmn8r on 06/22/2012:
What is missing from your complaint is the most important part - why did Ebay suspend you?

I can't come up with a reason to sell elsewhere if you don't show that you were unjustly suspended.
madconsumer on 06/22/2012:
eBay sucks for sure. they have done this to many other sellers.

very helpful review!!
trmn8r on 06/22/2012:
Ebay's suspension of sellers PROTECTS buyers, madconsumer. We don't even know WHY the OP was suspended. I'd love to agree it doesn't matter, but it does. I'm fairly certain it wasn't random.
madconsumer on 06/22/2012:
trmn8r it does not matter to me why this poster was suspended from eBay. all that matters to me, and my opinion, is, eBay does not want to KEEP sellers.
trmn8r on 06/22/2012:
That's kind of weird, madconsumer. There are multiple ways a seller can mistreat buyers that warrant suspension, as well as beig suspended for non-payment of fees. It is not the case that all sellers are angels and play fairly. I'm not the biggest fan of Ebay, but to criticize them on this issue I'd need to have the reason the OP was suspended.
KevinTX on 06/22/2012:
I'm sure their policies are clearly listed on their site for all to see. That's what they're there for, policy is policy, and yes, yes it does matter. They would NOT blindly suspend someone without good reason I'm sure.
Churro on 06/22/2012:
Madconsumer nailed this one. People can play apologist for eBay all they want but the only opinion that matters here is the OP's.

Ebay sucks. What more needs to be said.
DebtorBasher on 06/22/2012:
Drop Ebay and start selling on Webstore.com.
There are NO seller fees and I've had great success as a seller AND buyer...check them out.
madconsumer on 06/22/2012:
madconsumer on 06/22/2012:
+1000 Churro!
BigAl on 06/22/2012:
Without stating the reason the OP was banned makes this review worthless. If you already hate e-bay you might like this review as some have stated. This still makes it worthless because these people already formed their opinion about e-bay. Someone who has not formed an opinion on e-bay (such as myself) cannot deduce whether or not this OPs ban from e-bay is a good or bad move by the company. So the haters keep on hating and the uninformed stay uninformed. I have to agree with trmn8r.
Alsobanned on 07/20/2013:
Ebay banned me 500 miles away from my father who had an issue with legit items. He bought some items overseas that were copy righted materials. I was selling 'Similar products" 500 miles away. They suspended him perm....My selling perm... My wife, 2 of my friends who had accessed their accounted from my wifi a couple times completely. I tried to go sell on Amazon.com and they shut my account down the day I opened it. I never even got a bad review, top rated Silver Seller with 10 yrs of selling all kinds of items under my belt. Just from RELATIONSHIP to my father, I am now blacklisted from online selling. I'd like to sell on webstore.com or something else, but I fear I will just be banned again since you still really have to use Paypal, which is an eBay company... So soon as they share the info... Will I be banned from there as well? I feel it was unjust. They said "We don't have proof you did anything, but since your dad admitted his products were illegally obtained, it's just safer to ban all." Yet, I had a 3000 listings that varied from DVD/Blu-Rays to Collectible toys and other vintage collectibles. Really was/is BS...
Moe on 08/27/2014:
EBay: So many sellers misrepresent their products and send items that are inferior, damaged, counterfeit or used. I have been on Ebay for over 14 years...wasted so much time and money! Their return process is ridiculously long and drawn out. As a seller your buyers are allowed to punch you with unfounded negative feedback that remains on your feedback profile for a full year and basically manipulate you into getting pretty much whatever they want. Have way cut back my use of Ebay...don't trust the quality at all any more! And if you have a good product to sell...hundreds of other people will steal your ideas and under sell you! I'm definitely looking to other sites more and more. Ebay capitalizes on both sellers as they charge for listing, take a cut of what you sell then charge fees for using Paypal which is an EBay company. You pay 3 different ways by the time you've sold something...plus shipping, lost items never delivered, plus long long processes to resolve issues...not worth the aggravation, time or expense!
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2 Way or 4 Way They GET You
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PRESTONSBURG, KENTUCKY -- I am on disability and was trying to make it. I sold items over $600.00 in a month and a half, yet there is a low amount I my account, the rest went for items listed. Then I sold a item worth $170.00. Now it is on hold because buyer said she did not get it. I gave information that showed I mailed it. Don't sell out of the USA, you get ripped off.

That money was taken out of my account and put in her's, after Ebay/Pay-Pal had been told at customs that my item was there, still on hold.

I retained a lawyer with some friends of mine that had been through the same thing. Right now, our group has grown to 143 people, we are taking our downloads and tracking numbers, and printed where it shows. We will not be cheated anymore, I lost items, but no more! I want justice, we are also going to squeaky wheel.Com, also to the B.B.B.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 05/03/2012:
I highly recommend using Webstore.com instead of Ebay! I was with Ebay for a number of years, but left when they made all the changes that I don't agree with and their fees are way out of hand!

I left and started selling on Webstore.com. It is set up like Ebay, but they have NO seller fees! They are paid through advertisers, so everything you sell, the money is yours! I love it! I'm so happy I found them.

They also have different options for payments...yes, PayPal is one of those options, but being that they are connected with Ebay, many people are choosing the other options.

Check them out and give them a try.
Anonymous on 05/03/2012:
The only way to win an Item Not Received case is to provide a valid tracking number which shows the item was delivered to the BUYER. It doesn't matter if customs has it. The point is, the buyer has not received the item she paid for. It doesn't matter where it is or why it's being held or who is holding it.It has to be in the buyers possession. This why selling to international buyers is so risky. Unless your buyer is willing to pay an arm & a leg for international express mail, it can take up to several months for international packages to reach the buyer.
DebtorBasher on 05/03/2012:
I've read many cases where someone from overseas will buy an item...pay for it...and once the seller tells them it was shipped, they stop the payment. The item is already inroute to the buyer, so the buyer gets the item AND their money back. Once I heard about that, I quit selling outside the USA...Even Canada is a big pain in the butt and I won't sell to Canada either.
trmn8r on 05/04/2012:
Ebay has certain policies in place to protect both the buyer and seller. They have changed over the years to try to cut down more and more on fraud. The honest trading partners pay the price.

There is a ton going on in your short complaint - broken item, nothing was done, payment held up, lawsuit, BBB, but no details to further assess any of them. For example, was the doll covered by buyer protection? What was the reply when a complaint was made?

What is the basis for a possible lawsuit?
Susiegrogan1 on 05/20/2012:
The better B.B.B is investagating ,when I call about the doll that is broken I was told to check and try to work it out with the seller,which I did and was told the doll must have gotten broken there for she is not lieable,I have my phone bill where I had to do the calling to the usps,and China people rep,after a month of holding my money from the doll she finley got the doll,I got my money,but was told I owe 74.06 for fees,and no the doll that was broken was not cover for procetion,and B.B.B CONTACT EBay and PayPal,and I am not doing a lawsuit but small claims court there are over 120 people that will be there to show how the charges are when you list,then sell,then PayPal gets a their amunt,I also contact Frankfort,and squeety wheel.com ,listen I am not stating anything that no one knows I am no the only one that feels they have been rip off,and yes they are being investagate,thanks Debtor Basher ,and thank you all.I have receive a email from both PayPal and eBay stating they are looking into what went wrong,and I must take some blame after te first time ,but better late than never,I have not got time to dell on eBay and PayPal my sons father is in stage 4 cancer so as I look back the only reason I complain was because when someone is doing wrong you don,t set still and let them tak from someone else,
EBAY IS BS!! on 11/04/2012:
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Ebay and Me
Posted by on
I sold a solid 14k pendant and gold chain on e bay for 172.00 the buyer, I think had a change of mind and tole e bay it was not as pictured. I had 11 pics, all perfect to show the beauty of this item. Anyway, e bay does NOT PROTECT THE BUYERS AT ALL, AND NO RETURNS MEANS NOTHING TO EBAY, WHY HAVE THAT OPTION? E BAY WILL ALWAYS FIND IN FAVOR OF THE BUYER, SO BUYERS BE HAPPY, YOU CAN SCREW US AND E BAY WILL BACK YOU UP. SO SELLERS, DON'T EVEN BOTHER TO TRY TO FIGHT IT, JUST GIVE BACK THE MONEY REGARDLESS OF WHY/ THE BUYER WILL ALWAYS WIN.




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User Replies:
Kurizumaru on 03/30/2011:
You might want to look at Bonanza.com from what I can tell it's the same kind of deal as e-bay, but you might have better luck with the support there.
Inat on 03/30/2011:
did you get the gold chain back at least? the new scam seems to be for buyers to buy high end items, claim they didn't receive it, get a refund from eBay and then never return the item to the seller
Anonymous on 03/30/2011:
OP, its difficult for a seller to win a case like this. Most of the time eBay sides with the buyer. The only way to win a case like this is included detailed photographs in the list and an extremely detailed item description.

To Iant, the only way a buyer can get a refund for an item not received case is if the seller shipped WITHOUT delivery confirmation. Unfortunately many buyers these day are well of aware of the fact that delivery confirmation is required and that eBay will ALWAYS side with the buyer and issue a refund if the seller cannot provide a valid tracking number. Its a shame that people are that dishonest but as a seller, you should always cover your ***! Delivery confirmation is FREE if you print your postage from PayPal and its only like $1.50 if you go through USPS so I have no sympathy for sellers who ship w/o it and then cry when eBay sides with the buyer!
Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
I'm getting fed up with Ebay. I just sold roughly 80 DVDs on Ebay, no negatives, but for whatever reason, I keep getting a low seller performance and threats of suspending my service. I totally don't get it. Its like Ebay purposely likes to screw over their customers.
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EBay Will Not Accept Legal Documentation of Domestic Violence, Restraining Orders and Protective Orders to Reinstate Account Sabot
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CALIFORNIA -- I sent the letter included below to eBay in December 2012 with no acknowledgment.
I have several emails from eBay and spoke with them as recently as Saturday June 1, 2013- on which date I was told if I paid an outstanding balance of $8.95 my account would be reinstated in 24 hours. I paid it immediately and my account remained suspended.

I called again on June 3, 2013 and was told if I enrolled a credit card as an eBay fees backup payment method, then my account would be reinstated immediately. It was not and is not.

I called again on June 4, 2013 and was informed that because I had a number of unpaid item cases that I was banned for life on eBay. I asked to speak with someone to appeal that decision based on the fact that I was in a very abusive relationship with a man determined to do everything he could to hurt me emotionally, physically, financially and socially. He had access to all of my passwords, my computer, ipod, phone and phone records, banking, credit cards and he set forth to discredit me and succeeded. Every single bank, credit card company, family member, health care worker has worked with me to restore my credibility and fix the damage done except eBay- the one I depend on to earn a living.

They will not allow me to appeal with documentation of the severe abuse he subjected me to and blame me for the damage he did and will not reconsider any legal, physician's statement, letters of support from domestic violence advocates, proof of me changing all my accounts, phone number and because he could access that account on my computer, they have let him do the worst damage imaginable- I have suffered terrible economic losses and uncertainty over being banned from selling on eBay without any consideration for reasons that has ever been fully articulated-
I can no longer support myself at all and have had no luck finding work. I am on the verge of becoming homeless and have no way to pay for my room I rent, phone, medicine, bus pass and buy my cat food.

My parents are deceased and my siblings cannot or will not help- I have exhausted all help my friends can offer. I can't believe that a company of this size and importance doesn't have any policies regarding victims of domestic violence - of course I cannot be the only person to discover selling on eBay as a way to support oneself and get out- problem is he installed software on my computer and abused all my personal information- he even sent private pictures to my family and friends - can anyone help me with this?

How can a company be so capricious and dishonest and outright ruin someone's life when by their own admission my compliance with their rules and policies was always high and my feedback 100% positive? Can someone PLEASE help me?

You don't know me. I am not anyone notable. I have been absent from the world at large for years only having just begun to re-emerge after escaping an abusive relationship that continues to threaten to swallow me alive leaving no trace of my existence. I have no money, no list of distinguished accomplishments. My parents are deceased and having grown up in dysfunction, I have no other family, no relatives to whom I can turn to for help.

Like most battered women, I have no friends -developing any type of friendship was prohibited by my abuser. After 2 hospitalizations and having nearly succeeded in ending my own life to escape the intolerable conditions in which I was intimidated and coerced to exist- I knew I had to escape which meant I had to have some means with which to support myself - Extricating oneself from domestic violence is near impossible without help -I am afraid to seek regular employment because my abuser Is determined to destroy me because I left.

I was able to escape by opening a clandestine eBay account and selling clothing and boxed family heirlooms on eBay... I left in March and have encountered numerous difficulties and sabotage by my former partner - by the grace of God, through eBay, I was able to break free from my abuser and manage to keep a roof over my head and get my basic needs met- and I do mean just barely!- but I am alive, I exist and I am visible again which is worth more than anyone apart from those who share my experience can ever imagine!

Today, every hope I dared to have again, my ability to support myself and my freedom - actually my survival were all shattered today when eBay suspended my account because I couldn't always pay for items- which I regret and would gladly forfeit any privilege to buy on eBay if I could just keep my seller account which to me, quite literally is life or death.

I have called repeatedly today- been told to stop crying and calm down as calls were lost during transfers, being left on 20 to 30 minute holds only to be told someone would call me back but I had to change my number last week due to harassment from my ex and no one seems to understand when I beg them to update my number so someone CAN call me back nor will anyone explain WHY they did this without telling me that this was about to happen- HOW did this come about? WHY no mention of this. I spoke to them earlier this week. I was led to believe everything was okay and I was not about to be suspended - and why they feel I had too many "not as described issues" when None have counted against me and there were 3 ever opened...but no one will speak to me and explain what happened or why I wasn't instructed that this was imminent- they restricted my buying privilege for 7 days, reinstated it yesterday and then suspended my account indefinitely today and tell me if I try to open another account they'll suspend it too...I am desperate for information- for an opportunity to right where I have erred and have more guidance - some concrete rules to follow and clear proscribed consequences not things that hit you out of the blue-

I am so desperate, I am begging for your help- I know from reading your story that you are on a committee and clearly someone eBay values and is proud to be affiliated with- I have nowhere to turn and no place else to go. If I can't have my seller account restored right away- I will be homeless in 2 weeks - or forced to return to my ex where I cannot even fathom the punishing hell he will subject me to for having left- neither option is livable - that account is literally my life.

I never have to be allowed to buy anything on eBay ever again- just someone please, anyone- help me at least have a chance to talk to someone or be granted only selling privileges - or some forgiveness - and FAST! I cannot make rent come January 1 without the account restored- not asking anyone for any money, any support other than to believe in me, honor the fact that while imperfect, I am doing my best to pull myself up and out of darkness ...
Seller account: getexperiencedresale97229
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User Replies:
Old Timer on 06/04/2013:
Dump eBay. They are yesterdays news. eBay has become nothing nice for anyone anymore. There are much better auction sites. Even Craigslist will help you more than eBay ever could. If you do decide to venture out to Craigslist and a few others, be very cautious and follow their rules and suggestions so no one takes advantage of you once again.

Wishing you all the best!
BigAl on 06/04/2013:
You need to seek help from a local shelter for battered women. The sooner you get your name on their list the better.There are other online sites that do the same thing as e-bay.Good luck.
madconsumer on 06/05/2013:
not sure why eBay should address the personal issues. this is more for the local police.
shutupb4uruinit on 06/05/2013:
I have received help to get out of my situation- but I can't support myself as I sell items on eBay for income- my abuser had tracking info on my computer and sabotaged not only my EBay but bank accounts , credit cards, got every number I've ever called from phone bills- EVERY bank, credit card company and phone company has worked with me to fix damage he did- EBAY will not lift my suspension, blamed me for "allowing" my abuser access to my account and will not accept the extensive documention supporting my claims - that is why it is an EBAY issue - they purport to support ending violence against women but clearly have aided my abuser in destroying my only means of support
Trisha on 07/16/2013:
I am SO sorry that you are going through this sweetie, but please know that you are not alone!! I can understand you perfectly because I am being abused myself! And I am dealing with him with Gods help, the only reason I haven't left him yet is because of my children. But a shelter for battered woman is a great place, they help you get welfare and lawyers and give you a place to stay. So PLEASE consider it, don't let eBay be your last option!!! I wish I could do more to help, but I am in the same situation as you, so I feel your pain sister!! Please don't be scared and trust God. I will pray for the both of us! With God, nothing is impossible!!! Love, xoxo
Bob on 09/01/2013:
as the purported "abuser" of the woman making the complaint, I have some items to add:
1. I have NEVER had access to any of her passwords on email, eBay, or other accounts. The one account I did have access to at one point was her phone acct., I had access because I was paying the bill. Later, the password was changed and I just paid without knowing it. The accuser accepted over $30,000 from me over 2 years. I bought her computer, printers, iPods, new Phone, paid her rent, bought her a $700 watch for Christmas(she bought it off eBay, I reimbursed her).
I will say that we have been over 2000 miles apart from most of the 2 years we knew each other. She lives in OR, I live far away. We slept together over a dozen nights(spread from March 2011--September 2012), but were intimate less than 1/2 of those.
There are no legal issues between us.... no DV orders, no restraining orders. There is no basis for anything legal to be done.
NO pictures were ever sent to her family or anyone else.

As for her "intolerable" living conditions.... she picked every place to live, I just paid the rent for most of the time, paid her phone bill, paid for vet visits for her cat, and other sundry items. Having spent less than 2 weeks within 2000 miles of each other, I had NO influence on whom she saw or was friends with. My only action as per her eBay account was to look at items she had on sale and that was under her direction to make it look as if persons were interested in the item.

DebtorBasher on 09/01/2013:
Whatever happened with Ebay, leave it behind you and move forward and use Webstore.Com instead. I think you will be as happy as I am with them. Once I found them, I never looked back at Ebay. And...there are no seller fees!
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Ebay's Customer Support Is Beyond Terrible
Posted by on
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I am a seller on Ebay and have been for years now and I am really fed up with the customer support that Ebay has to offer. It is completely terrible. The worst I've experienced in my life and that's saying a lot since I really have had some terrible service.

Since I have been a member for so long, you'd think they would treat me better since I am more prone to giving them negative feedback if treated wrongly. What makes matters even worse is that I am also an extreme buyer, so I know both sides of the story and buyers are treated slightly better but not by much. The overall support is just terrible.

Firstly as a seller, eBay provides absolutely no security and buyers usually abuse their feedback. But personally I had my account put on restriction because I was, "selling too many items." they they proceeded to ask for proof of merchandise. If you have a regular account, not a company account, how can you provide proof of merchandise? They are basically slandering their own motto where it states that they are the place where you can sell old items and earn a little extra money. Who keeps receipts for items you bought for family members or your children years ago? What if it were a gift? It's simply impossible for home sellers to provide "proof of merchandise", period.

Not only were they harassing me by putting my account on restriction but for over two months I called in every day to resolve whatever issue they had with me. Countless times would they tell me they would call me back or send me an email to address my concerns and I NEVER received a response. They always told me that the department I was trying to get a hold of had no phone support and they didn't know their email address for me to contact them. Sounds hard to believe that they don't know how to get a hold of one of their own departments, don't you think? Two and a half months later I called back in and spoke with a phone representative and they FINALLY slightly lifted the restriction. Instead of the previous items I was allowed to list (as many as I want), I was allowed to list 5 items. 5 items couldn't even pay for gas money. As a seller since 2007, you'd think they would treat me with a little more respect then only giving me 5 items.

When I threatened them that I would cancel my account completely, only then did I receive a response and after leaving a long detailed message the only part they responded with was, "We do this to all our sellers." Does that make sense to you? We are bringing in all this money for them and they are treating us like s***. If it weren't for us then they wouldn't be as successful as they are now.

I felt I needed to voice my opinion because I understand that there are people who cheat eBay and do them wrong, but for me to be a member for that long and to have excellent feedback, there's got to be something wrong with the eBay company.
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User Replies:
Alain on 11/08/2011:
There are increasing complaints from both buyers and sellers about Ebay's lack of customer service and refusal to provide proper customer assistance. Perhaps your best response would be to find and use a competitor since Ebay apparently is no longer worried about customer retention.
msirah on 12/06/2011:
I agree after trying to talk to customer service today about the final value shipping fee, I will probably stop selling on eBay. I have been a member for at least 6-7 years but I don't often sell so I didn't know about it until this month when it came up on my invoice. calling to get clarification got me nowhere but insulted, yelled at and hung up on. really!?! one person I spoke to was so condescending and rude, it was unbelievable. this fee is unfair but eBay is greedy and thinks we're stupid. I've had no problems with buying and have even had 2 cases in dispute that were solved quickly and fairly and I got my money back. so my lesson is to stick to buying and to try to find another venue to sell.
cindierealtor on 02/24/2013:
Called their "customer support" center because the website is so bad that I couldn't simply change my e-mail address. Couldn't understand the "off shore" person that answered the phone. Ridiculous. I hung up and will NEVER do business with E-Bay again. Whoever is running this company should be fired!!!!
walt on 06/29/2013:
I have the same issues as a seller of more than 12 years and 100% feedback rating, I get shafted by eBay
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Ebay destroyed my store and selling!!
Posted by on
I sold items on Ebay for over a year. I had 100% positive feedback until the end of March. Where do I begain with this. Ebay will black mark any seller if you receive neutral or negative feedback or if a buyer opens a case. Buyers know if they open a case it 100% guarantees they get their money back for any reason. This includes them destroying items or sending back empty boxes Ebay kisses their ass. The first bad review was a woman who bought a epad tablet from me. Two days after purchase I am sending out her order after I just dropped it at the Post office she gives me a negative feedback saying "worst experience ever". I never got one email from her. Ebay regardless counts it against me! I sold about 50 tablets in 2 weeks. Ebay never put any restrictions or selling limits on me due to being a long time member before they started that. I go on and my account was suspended! They said because my sell gross was 10,000.! WTF! I had to submit paper work about all my electronics. I had no sales due to this no money for 2 weeks till they approved me to sell.

They gave me 5,000 a month gross this is not profit! I had 2 buyers open not described cases (very common lie with buyers) I got black marked for that. They lie saying items not working bs. Items came back fine they just wanted their money back. They should just send it back asking for a refund. I then start selling again. I had a buyer receive a tablet and send me a email cursing at me. I told him to return it if he did not like it. He opened a case after I told him to return it. It came back DESTROYED the buyer took the tablet apart. I called eBay and had video and picture proof. They still gave him his money back! I then have another guy mad because he destroyed his tablet trying to program it. I told him I don't refund customer damage. He thinks its because there fake! He really knew nothing about android programs. He writes a review saying Fake tablet! He calls Ebay saying his Microsoft 98 certification makes him an Android expert. Yeah whatever idiot! He wrote all my buyers who left reviews! I then get 3 more cases buyer admitting his harassment and lies. Ebay sides with him regardless of all my proof vs HIS MOUTH!! I have facts and documents from manufacturers. They send eBay messages encouraging buyers to file claims due to what he said as well! I talked to Ebay appeals and other departments they tell me buyers are allowed to do what they want! This buyer destroyed my company and so did Ebay! No proof just mouth!!

My Paypal that Ebay owns is negative and I can't pay it! I am sick of this I need a lawyer!!
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User Replies:
ChuhBaca on 05/03/2011:
When eBay first started, it was a great idea; People selling unique or unwanted items in an auction. You could pick up some hard-to-find items, or common items at a great price! I think there are still deals to be had on eBay, but mostly it's merchants with high reserves, starting bids, and buy-it-now prices. In general, I have found that there are better deals to be had elsewhere.
Slimjim on 05/03/2011:
Ebay would scare me if I made my living there. They are so unpredictable and rigid, you hear stories like this regularly.
Anonymous on 05/03/2011:
Ebay has become a breeding ground for theifs. You are right. Ebay cares less aout sellers and will do anything for a buyer. Good review.
Anonymous on 05/03/2011:
I know slim. its like one day they love you...its hard believe their practices, and one negative from one buyer out of thousands makes them suspend your account and money. It IS scary!
Inat on 05/03/2011:
as everyone else has said, eBay has become a scammers paradise at the expense of the sellers. given you volume of sales, seems you wou be better off finding another outlet
LETY on 06/30/2011:
Vik on 09/03/2013:
I have been on eBay 14 years as a seller and I am scared to grow my business any more because eBay is not reliable. Better keep eBay as a side option / channel sales and open your own website.
jerry on 06/07/2014:
Ebay is about to go down if it keeps up its ways.There is no protection for it's sellers and bends over backwards for buyers and the buyers know this and abuse it.I been a seller for 14 years and until just the last few years had no complaints but now the way ebay treats its sellers I'm going to stop using them because its costing more because of there policy changes.But they have forgotton something if us sellers don't sell on their site they are out of business because their buyers won't count.I've actually been doing better giving my items to an auction house to sell at 10% .And don't forget the us postal service is in bed with ebay.Don't waste your money on insurance because they won't pay in most cases no matter how much proof you have.What go's around comes around ebay.
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Ebay, 1st Timers Do Not Use Them, Nightmare to Deal With.
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
INTERNET, CALIFORNIA -- I was lucky enough to get a PS4 at launch but decided to resale it on eBay for extra xmas money. Listed it on eBay with a buy it now price, a reasonable price and lower than everyone on Ebay.

But perhaps that's where I went wrong. I got the attention of others trying to sell their PS4 for a higher price. They made dummy accounts that would buy it now and not pay to get rid of my listing. After a few days of no payment, I relist... Another dummy bidder bought it but did not pay. Keep in mind, this takes a few days each time you relist, a lot of emails trying to communicate with the bidder. Why is it so easy to make a dummy accounts and bid out your competition???? Why are their no safeguards against this?

Now comes the kicker. Ebay sends an invoice even though nobody paid. Invoice was over 150 bucks. The stupid thing is eBay knows the bidders did not pay, they know those were dummy accounts to bid out their competition, yet they still charge you the selling fees as if you sold multiple items. Worst yet, you cannot give negative feedback to those dummy accounts so they can do that as much as they want.

So as soon I saw the invoice, I called customer service. Waited 45 minutes to talk to someone, then was told I needed to follow their process to get rid of their selling fees. Took about 30 minutes to walk me through the process. If you are new to eBay like I am, the process is not very intuitive and is hidden and you will need to talk to someone. I was assured everything was taken care of and I would not be billed by Ebay. At this point, no harm was done because the invoice did not automatically take the $$$ out of my bank account.

A few weeks later, eBay charges me 70 dollars.!?!? This time they took it out of my bank account!!! I call Ebay, wait 45 mins... I found out I missed 1 button click on my last call and that I did not receive full credit even though I was promised the issue would be taken care of and I would not be charged.

So, I had to be walked through the process to find the hidden grayed out button, clicked it and the lady on the phone said it will take 2 weeks to refund my money. 2 weeks... are you kidding me? At this point I'm mad. I demanded to speak to supervisor to see if I can get my money back sooner because I thought I took care of everything a few weeks prior on my 1st call.

The supervisor was no help, said it was my fault and that because I missed the button press there was nothing they could do. I'm sorry I don't know ebays processes to get a refund when someone doesn't pay. So after venting for a few minutes, that got us nowhere... I hung up.

The whole process to get a refund is flawed unless you've gone through the process a few times. 2nd, Ebay allows dummy accounts to bid your auctions out and then 3rd charges you for the selling fees even though eBay knows you did not get paid by the bidder. It's a scammers dream, the whole system can be abused worse than a scammer on Craigslist.

You would be crazy to want to pay for that level of service. Giving it 2 stars only because they are refunding my money... even though it will take 2 weeks to get it.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 01/05/2014:
As I tell everyone...Walk away from Ebay and check out Webstore.com. There are NO seller fees at all! I've had great success selling and buying on Webstore with no issues.
Cwazychicken on 01/05/2014:
It would not shock me in the least if eBay created these accounts to make a profit by not selling the item.......They are evil like that. I never did eBay and I never will. I do PayPal though but only for certain things, I do not use it to shop unless its for an online game where no physical address is required.
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EBay Is Open Door For Smuggling
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Rating: 1/51
CALIFORNIA -- I bid a cell phone on eBay from a seller " lorigilbert01 ( no longer listing as seller from what I heard from eBay they terminate this seller ) , cell phone description is "brand new, unlocked ( means you can use any sim card worldwide ) I paid $481, no description where it's coming from, where it was manufactured. But instead all I know is I am making my transaction from an American resident and was affirmed by eBay that this seller is a u. S. Resident.

Date of transactions are as follows: bidding ended 3-27-13, I paid it right away cause I want to get it fast to excitement, waiting period is till 4-5-13. I was constantly checking online the status of shipment cause my waiting period is over.

My expectation from eBay at least email me since its a computerized technology of selling stuff they would monitor this seller and ask the seller why is it not yet being mailed for shipment since they already collected the fees for this transaction, I presumed they never care cause I did not received any email from them or from the seller, so at this instance I decided to ask the seller about this fully paid transaction. The seller wrote a reply telling me its " out of stock ", to cut short I have a bitter communication with this seller.

I send a communication that I am going to sue him/her in the court of Washington state for "breach of contract on a fully paid item" and he/she will be coming to my state to attend the hearing and will pay all the legal fees but I stated a demand that I should receive the item on or before 4-10-13 otherwise he or she have to face the legal consequence.

Comes 4-10-13 I got the package shipment, to my excitement I opened the package and install my existing sim card from my iPhone and boom it works seamlessly.
But comes 1st week of July 2013 this Nokia lumia acting up differently showing sluggish, slow, goes to different windows, goes on a blank dark screen. I search on internet how to reset this cell phone at Nokia.Com / support page, so it did work for a little bit amount of time then it started acting up again differently. This time I called USA Nokia and tried to get a warranty support from them. First Nokia asked me to give them the "imei no." Come to find out Nokia USA said they will not cover this for warranty cause it was made in " Vietnam " .

I tried calling back Nokia on different occasions expecting some changes about giving warranty but unfortunately "negative".
Now I started investigating on the packaging of shipment I came to find out it came from Hong Kong and manufactured in Vietnam those are two different countries I explained this to eBay but help still to no avail, eBay only wants their monies of listing fees.

So consumers out there beware of Nokia product they don't give international warranty tho it was affirmed that it is their product.
On this 3rd week of July I called eBay trying how to resolve the issue. EBay representative can't help me, so I went to a different venue and its the credit card company Citibank, this credit card company is really very helpful when it comes to product dissatisfaction. What my credit card did is they called pay pal and we are on a group conversation over the phone and pay pal said they will try to resolved this issue within 30 days and send me by email reference case number.
Presently, I'm waiting what's going to come up.
Recap is eBay is not worth keeping in buying stuff and its a wide door open for smuggling since seller was able to shipped this item in USA avoiding to pay import tax.
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Old Timer on 07/30/2013:
Your issues will continue to get dragged out until eBay and PayPal's responsibility period has expired. They will pass you back and forth for months. Reason? eBay and PayPal are the same company. The seller is long gone with your money, eBay and PayPal do not want to take the hit.
FoDaddy19 on 07/30/2013:
It's not "smuggling" unless the goods are illegal. It's not illegal to import a cell phone from outside the country. And yes there are different warranties for different products sold in different countries.

You are taking risk every time your buy or sell something on Ebay. Caveat emptor.
Weedwhacked on 07/30/2013:
Are you really worried about import taxes being paid?

You are probably out of luck for another reason as well. If the seller is found (which I seriously doubt), he or she listed the item as "brand-new and unlocked" which it was. However, there are brand-new, unlocked counterfeit phones out there which would not be covered by warranty.
KID21 OF WASHINGTON on 07/31/2013:
Weedwhacked, as I had mentioned the celfon was affirmed and identified by Nokia as THEIRS but bcoz it was made in Vietnam they don't cover the Warranty. PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU PUT IN ANY COMMENT. ABOUT THE TARIFF, DON'T LOOK AT THE PICTURE AS IF ITS ONLY HAPPENING TO ONE OR TEN PERSON. YOU SHUD LOOK AT THE PICTURE AS A WHOLE NOT ONLY ON A CERTAIN SPOT WHERE YOU SEE A TINY STAIN.
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E-Bay Punishes Buyers
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Rating: 1/51
I have in the last few months purchased on EBay hundreds of items and returned about 10% of them. All returns, without exception, were due to items being not as described, and with only two exceptions, I had to pay return shipping for these misrepresented items. I asked questions ahead of time to confirm what I would expect to receive, but still received items that were warped and broken, wool sweaters that had moth holes or were rendered completely unusable from improper laundering, among other misrepresentations.

I really did not mind paying to return items that were misrepresented. I chalked it up to the fact that everyone is human, and sellers overlook things sometimes. I also realize that to buy on eBay is to assume some risk of this nature.

My reward for this? My account has been suspended because of too many returns outside seller's return policies. A review of sellers I purchased from showed me a true and interesting fact. Nearly all the returns I had to make because items were misrepresented were purchased from sellers with no-return policies. I found only one item returned to a seller who allowed returns.

Stupid me, thinking I was allowed to protect my own interests while shopping on Ebay.
One of my "bad" returns was due to my cancelling a purchase from a buyer with a no-return policy who was bidding on her own auctions to raise the price. A review of bids on her recent completed auctions showed a zero-feedback bidder for the last three months had 100% of their bids with this seller, along with 26 bid retractions. I reported this seller to Ebay twice, and yet this seller has not been suspended, and to make it worse, she is listed as a top-rated seller.

E-bay touts their buyer protection, but in reality, the buyer is the one who is punished, unless the buyer doesn't mind keeping things that were not as described and absorbing the loss.

Casual, occasional buying might work on E-Bay, but if someone wants to make a majority of their purchases on E-Bay, it is not possible unless they are willing to accept financial loss for items that are misrepresented.

Overall, less-than-careful and/or dishonest sellers are undermining the entire Ebay experience. Most sellers are excellent; I've found some of my best and most interesting clothing and collectibles there. It is a shame. I will miss Ebay; to lose the ability to make purchases and sell items I no longer want is a big disappointment. What a strange way to treat a good customer (since 2002, 1100+ feedback, 100% positive as both a buyer and a seller).
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CUontheFlipSide on 11/26/2012:
Ever notices that of the many complaints about eay, half of them are about how badly they treat the sellers, and the other half about how badly they treat the buyers. When will it click that eBay doesn't treat ANYONE well?
trmn8r on 11/27/2012:
I've been buyimg on Ebay for 12 years, and only had one item not as advertised.

It doesn't surprise me that with Ebay's new Buyer Protection Policy that there is an issue with a high incidence of returns.
Linda on 12/02/2012:
The same thing happened to me
Jenny on 02/06/2013:
Same thing just happened to me! And they also rescinded my Buyer Protection, with no warning and no recourse. I'm dumbfounded.
land Cope on 03/06/2013:
Same here! I thought I was the only one.
It's terrible...and doesn't make any sense why they would do that. I think it's because they are lazy and greedy.
Sue Ann on 08/17/2013:
I had the same thing just happen to me. I was raising my score buying stuff, and was just beginning to sell, then I was suspended. That doesn't count the $1000's lost on cases never opened. When my account is reopened they say I can never open a case again. I have always been honest on eBay! I opened cases on about 1% of transactions. I have spent thousands there, now this!! They are very unfair.
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Poor customer service and investigation
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Rating: 1/51
I have been an Ebay member for a couple of months mostly as a buyer. One day I decided to be a seller and listed an item for sale (my first item) and the next day I received a very cryptic email send to me by Ebay simply saying "Your listings were ended for the following reason:

* Account Suspension"

All I did was to list a Dr Dre Solo headphone (genuine article, with receipt to prove). So I contacted them via email asking for a detailed reason. They replied the next day with another cryptic explanation:

"We reviewed your account and found that there are many security issues about your account. Therefore, your account will remain suspended for security concerns, which include: account taken over by a third party; false/missing/mismatching account information and previous or current involvement in high risk selling."

So I asked them to explain further because I found it puzzling as I was the only owner and have been prompt in my payments as a buyer, my Paypal account and credit card was verified by Ebay and all I did was to sell a headphone. All they did was to send me the same email as above, this time with an additional statement:

"Although future mails from you might be read, we will not reply."

To add further to my issues, just 2 days before I listed my item for sale, I had purchase a handphone case and paid promptly for it via Paypal. On the same day that Ebay sent the account suspension notice, they also send a separate email to say that the item I had bid for was cancelled.

So I ask them via email, what they are going to do to help me since I had already paid for it or how am I going to get my money back? So far no response, probably because of their last statement that "all future emails will be read but will not reply".

The experience as a first time seller has certainly not been positive at all for me.
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trmn8r on 11/13/2012:
Ebay isn't big on explaining their actions in a verbose manner. I've been a member for 12 years, and bought and sold a bunch of stuff. Never had an issue with Ebay itself.

This "third party" reference sounds like they felt someone else was using your account. Hard to say. Once Ebay makes a decision, you are pretty much at their mercy. I wouldn't call your experience typical though, for people starting out with selling.

As far as getting your money back, can you file a dispute with PayPal?
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