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You are screwed if you use Ebay buyer protection
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We have been a member of Ebay for 13 years and have 100% feedback on over 3000 transactions. Today we received an email that they may suspend us or no longer allow us to use eBay because we have used their resolution center for items we have purchased that we never received or were substantially as not described. This is an out and out fraudulent misrepresentation by eBay of their consumer protection policy where they advertise that you are covered 100% for the cost of the item plus shipping.

Furthermore they told us that if we make a complaint when the buyer does not refund our total out of pocket expenses, that we can be penalized. Ebay has a long drawn out process of investigating complaints. All 11 complaints we have filed have been decided in our favor, or the seller finally contacted us to resolve the issue AFTER Ebay contacted them about out complaint. If you get shafted on Ebay and make a complaint, Ebay notifies you they will shaft you back.

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