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Ebay's New Policy Unfair to Sellers
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Sellers on Ebay should be aware of their new "Buyer Protection" policy. Some buyers are using it to scam the sellers. I sold a coin on Ebay. Buyer said wrong coin was sent, but not true. Ebay took the money out of my PayPal account and paid the buyer back. Now buyer has both my coin and her money back. I couldn't believe it. I tried to contact Ebay about it and I just got a message saying the case is closed, and nothing else can be done. I'm upset and the coin was only $25. What if it had been a really expensive coin and I would be out a large sum of money? I'm sure many more buyers will figure out that they can have the money and the merchandise with the "Buyer Protection Policy".
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 02/06/2010:
There has always been buyer fraud on eBay. They don't care about the sellers, we're just "noise" to them.
bunnyhead on 02/07/2010:
Ebay is very unfair to sellers. I have been selling on Ebay for many years and it has gotten worse throughout the years.
Did you respond to the case while it was open? If not, they would just award the money and close the case.
The worst part is that you won't even be able to leave the buyer negative feedback. I was cited by Ebay last month because I had a buyer who never paid and I left bad feedback under the "positive" choice because that was the ONLY choice!! So basically, the buyer can be a complete deadbeat and you can't let other sellers know about it.
dlweld on 02/24/2010:
eBay is seriously broken - I used to use it a lot - sold over 2000 items. I wouldn't dream of using it now for any purchase (or sale) of an expensive item. Too many risks all round. When eBay fiddled with transaction reviews (feedback) - that really wrecked it - plus eBay doesn't police their userids - could be anybody, as anyone can have multiple userids - eBay's not really useable. If you haven't been zapped yet - you will be.
rickster123 on 11/23/2011:
Ebay policy is 100 percent for the buyer. I sold a cell phone and the buyer had it for 2 weeks. The buyer left positive feedback and stated phone was working. More than two weeks later she files a claim not as described with eBay. Ebay gives her her money back and gives me a broken phone that the buyer broke. Then Ebay says this was the fair thing to do. They don't know the meaning of fair.
Ebay needs competition on 06/15/2013:
Why hasn't anyone started another website identical to Ebay's? So long as Ebay is the only game in town, they can call all of the shots. Like you say, they really don't care about the Sellers, because they've already got the Sellers on the line (because they're already hooked). So they're banking on the buyers to keep bringing in the money. Pretty soon they will figure out a way to also charge the buyer for items that they've won. It's called greed. I used to sell on Ebay, but not now, not with them calling the shots over my credit. They now require the seller to have a credit card account. If the buyer scams you and asks for a refund, just like the person above says, they get to keep the item they won and also get their money back (via your credit card). If the item is a high dollar item, then the high dollar amount comes from the credit card that you were forced to have on file with Ebay, before you could sell anything.

What I'm looking for is a huge class-action lawsuit coming in the future against Ebay. It's my opinion that they're setting themselves up for one as I write. They're very dumb for having been in this business since 1998. Their policies and practices geared only to benefit the buyer is going to backfire.

They're going to fall just as Rome did.

Buh-bye Ebay!!
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