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Ebay buyer protection is nonexistent
By -

I bid on and won a Gucci tote purse early in December as a Christmas present for a relative. I paid for the item almost immediately and assumed it would arrive within the 9 days the shipping info stated. After 9 days I still had not received the item, so I contacted the seller to inquire about shipping info. I asked for a tracking number. It took DAYS before the seller responded, and when he did, he told me he'd shipped the item on December 9th, the day I paid for the purse. He did not provide tracking info.

After another 2 or 3 days, I still had not received the purse, so I wrote to the seller again. He still did not provide tracking info. By the time I did receive the item, I discovered that it hadn't been mailed until December 17th!!! The seller blatantly lied to me. It was too late to send the purse to my relative in time for Christmas.

I asked the seller to refund my money and I sent him the item the very day I received it. He said he would not refund my money, so I contacted Ebay. Ebay found in favor of the seller. Their justification for their decision was that the item was described accurately. That was never the issue!

Frankly, I never believed Ebay would rule in my favor. I've heard too many complaints about them, that their buyer protection is nonexistent. I will never deal with them again and felt that I should add my complaint to this list to warn others of the dangers of dealing with them.

Ebay supports theft by con-artists via inept 'Buyer Protection Services'
By -

Ebay forced me to "refund" a non-paying buyer. I had them remove the false negative comment from my account on the grounds he never paid for it. Buyer demanded product free of charge. When I withheld shipment, he filed eBay Buyer Protection. Despite removing the negative feedback because of non-payment, they found in his favor and refunded him the money he never paid. They tried to debit my bank for it (I blocked it). My eBay account is now frozen due to 'non-payment' of eBay fees.

Ebay Buyer Protection = aiding and abetting fraud. Inexcusable wait times. Zero follow up. Promised to reverse the decision within 72 hours following complaint. Nearly 2 months later & no action. I am getting collection notices. Worst e-commerce experience of my 15-year-long career. 3 years ago eBay published me in their magazine among the top 5 retailers in my category. Now they call me a deadbeat, sending me notices about my 'below standard performance'.

After waiting 16 minutes on LiveChat I was disconnected without a response from a customer service representative. Other times the wait is over a half hour to reach someone who tells you to e-mail them instead. Zero response to e-mail communication. My eBay store is failing because of eBay's bungling, terrible policies, and horrendous customer service. I am losing $2k a month because of Ebay.

Ebay's New Policy Unfair to Sellers
By -

Sellers on Ebay should be aware of their new "Buyer Protection" policy. Some buyers are using it to scam the sellers. I sold a coin on Ebay. Buyer said wrong coin was sent, but not true. Ebay took the money out of my PayPal account and paid the buyer back. Now buyer has both my coin and her money back. I couldn't believe it. I tried to contact Ebay about it and I just got a message saying the case is closed, and nothing else can be done. I'm upset and the coin was only $25. What if it had been a really expensive coin and I would be out a large sum of money? I'm sure many more buyers will figure out that they can have the money and the merchandise with the "Buyer Protection Policy".

Close To A Scam
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Rating: 1/51

From a buyers point of view, eBay is as close to a scam as you can get without going to prison. If there is a problem you may get it resolved fifty percent of the time. The remaining fifty percent you are simply out of luck, i.e., they will stall and misdirect to the point of exhaustion. You simply give up - eBay wins - keep my money. You say a new product is repacked, gray market, missing parts, used or worse; eBay says it's not - you're toast.

Can't argue with them unless you are willing to give up days upon days of your life and in the end you lose. Bought a pro video camera body. It came. Ten minutes later I found its serial number on the hot-sheet. Too long a story to go into however, the police have the camera, I'm out the money...

Beware Ebay Sellers Cheat Buyers
By -

Hello. Order # **. Paid on Jul-25-11 via PayPal. I have not receive my cosmetic. But Ebay wrong decision. I contact seller ID: ** but this seller not response me. I loss money $72.2. I'm buyer but can't contact seller. Why? Seller is unhonnest. But Ebay help seller not help buyer which not receive goods.

I am unhappy with Ebay protect buyer. Ebay check is incorrect and wrong decisions. I have not receive goods but Ebay leave seller favor. I have evidence which I have not receive this item. This item be seized by custom and they be returned to seller already. So I still not receive them and I contact to seller everyday but seller not response me. I'm stress with this order. Have Paypal protection buyer? Have Ebay protection buyer? No, nobody help me. I can't this seller **.

Tracking **: I not get my goods from this tracking but I get 1 paper which this is paper about goods be seized by custom. I hope to get justice by Ebay and Paypal again. Now I can't contact seller. Seller not answer me. It's bad order. Please Ebay contact this seller about return goods and refund my money. I'll post this story about unhonnest seller ID: ** in webboard. For beware other buyer. Ebay is tool for Seller cheat buyer. Thanks.

You are screwed if you use Ebay buyer protection
By -

We have been a member of Ebay for 13 years and have 100% feedback on over 3000 transactions. Today we received an email that they may suspend us or no longer allow us to use eBay because we have used their resolution center for items we have purchased that we never received or were substantially as not described. This is an out and out fraudulent misrepresentation by eBay of their consumer protection policy where they advertise that you are covered 100% for the cost of the item plus shipping.

Furthermore they told us that if we make a complaint when the buyer does not refund our total out of pocket expenses, that we can be penalized. Ebay has a long drawn out process of investigating complaints. All 11 complaints we have filed have been decided in our favor, or the seller finally contacted us to resolve the issue AFTER Ebay contacted them about out complaint. If you get shafted on Ebay and make a complaint, Ebay notifies you they will shaft you back.

Rotten eBay customer service
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Bought a camera on eBay auction, the seller kept saying "I forgot to send it" and then cut off communication. eBay wouldn't allow me to open a complaint for a week, then said I have to wait another week before "escalating" it for a refund... The seller has taken off with my money!

eBay customer service puts you in a loop and won't give you a phone number. I finally got hold of Paypal customer service who reluctantly gave me eBay customer service number. 408-376-7400 eBay customer service. The guy on the other end, Kevin, was no help - he kept saying, "we have policies... you have to wait to request a refund (even though I would be out of internet area on the date they said I could finally do so). As a result, I'll be cheated out of the camera or the money (your choice). eBay is not the place to do business. I certainly won't anymore.

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