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How does it feel to be ripped off by an Ebay seller then to find such is supported by Ebay's brain dead policies???.
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How does it feel to be ripped off by an Ebay seller then to find such is supported by Ebay's brain dead policies???.

MY story is about one of the monoliths of on line business being Ebay you know that little company that is now operating in 30 countries. This little tale is indeed a warning to others that use them and what type of response one can expect when problems arise. Mine is over the attempted purchase of a car on Ebay Motors. In December I won an auction for a car in New York with what turned out to be a thief by the name of Anthony Dinova. I made a $300 deposit to secure the deal, then set up an Escrow, sent the funds off to California to secure the deal. Booked a truck and paid $700 in shipping costs to get the car to Fort Lauderdale and that is where it hit the fan.

He admitted to the trucking company that the car would not start which of course in his listing, e-mails and phone call with me he neglected to mention that small issue. Well not surprisingly the company refused to accept a car that does not start on its own. He gets back to me saying that he can't ship the car due to this so I say well you have to fix it because you did not disclose that simple but very critical issue in your contract. Instead he simply refuses to ship rather than fix the problem and subsequent to that date has refused to respond to every message sent to him. I even relented so as to not loose all the time I had invested in this deal, to offer to pay for the repairs, not something I should have to do but it appeared to be the lesser of the two evils and to that offer I got what, DEAD SILENCE!

Well if you have any familiarity with Ebay you will be aware that their site is loaded with all the statements of buyer protection hence I think that it should be no problem to get this deposit refunded that the little thief had stolen from me. It was bad enough that by this time I have a good 40 hours invested in this project now I have a jerk that thinks he should get paid $300 for being a liar. Well I submitted all the documents to Ebay as requested only for them, this week, to refuse my claim.

To say the least I was quite shocked since I have a mountain of evidence contracts, documents, payments etc that show I have fulfilled my end of the contract in spades. So guess why Ebay told me I was out of luck. I was refused because......... get this .........because I do not live in the mighty United States of America. So what this completely brain dead policy says is this, "it is perfectly okay that we harbour thieves as long as they only steal from foreigners!" Now of course you have to dig dam deep to find this policy it is hardly something that one would discover under normal investigation especially since I thought I was dealing with a company of some repute rather than a corporate whore. FYI I have used Ebay for over six years with sixty five transactions and 100% rating and this is the response I get for being a long term customer that has fed thousands of dollars through his account at Ebay.

The final communication from them said "we are sorry you are frustrated" to which I replied, if you clowns had a capacity to understand the English language you might realize I am not frustrated at all what I am is furious that I found out the company that is supposed to be protecting me as a good member has policies that harbour thieves with impunity. I am utterly amazed at this policy coming from a company that operates in 30 countries you would not think that they would need to have the concept of Globalization explained to them and how all customers should receive equal levels of service and protection regardless to where they happen to reside. What this does say is that if you don't live in the U. S then you are indeed a second class customer and we couldn't care less if one of our good Gringo thieves gives you a screwing over. I have long observed that many sellers on Ebay give the impression that all the dishonest people reside outside of the USA that everyone within the borders is an honest Joe. Needless to say I find the concept more than a little bit ridiculous and if you reside outside the USA I am certain you have experienced this as well.

Well the final summary is rather simple for me I have found out the hard was that Ebay has in fact zero integrity and most certainly protection that is suspect at best and in general is not to be trusted any further than you can throw them. This little event has indeed raised facts that I was not aware of over these many years of use. Needless to say the damage is huge and quite un-repairable now that I know the real score.

As I told them you can screw me out of $300 but that is nothing compare to what I will cost them as I move my business to other online companies that don't have the corporate morals of a whore. To me this is a black and white issue no gray area here. If your policies support thieves and people with zero integrity that break their contracts then you are just as bad in fact worse
since Ebay is in fact providing the facility for such crooked members to operate in. When they support members in such activities as this there is no question in my mind that this Anthony Dinova has and will continue to screw others through this medium certainly not something I expected or will tolerate in those that I feed. It still utterly amazes me how such a large global corporation can be so completely clueless when it comes up with such offensive policies that fly in the face of what any honest ethical organization should represent.

Lets be aware that what I was doing was not weird or unusual. It is not exactly uncommon for someone from outside the US to go looking for cars there, this one was a collectors item hence the most available selection of such units is in the US. BUT ALL FOREIGN BUYERS MUST BE AWARE THEY ARE JUST LEMMINGS BEING LEAD TO THE SLAUGHTER IN THE EYES OF THE BRILLIANT POLICY MAKERS BEHIND THE GOD - EBAY!
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Ytropious on 02/05/2010:
I bought my car from a seller on eBay BUT we went and checked the car out first and we bought it from him outside of the auction. Why would you ever buy a car technically sight unseen? Ebay can only protect you so much from yourself.
bcd on 02/06/2010:
This review is 80% crying and 20% content.
suenos on 02/06/2010:
Oh dumb idea well dumb idea or not does that give Ebay an excuse to duck their so called protection for no valid reason? Also just to clarify if you are looking for a collectors car as this was a 93 RX7 A)I won't find it at the local dealer B) that local dealer is not very local to Costa Rica! C) thousand of cars are sold every day at auctions all over the country without problems D) if it is such a dumb idea why are their thousands of cars listed on Ebay for sale? Note I used an Escrow service which would have allowed my agent to inspect the car prior to payment however difficult if the thief won't ship it in the first place! Understand this, this was a scam to steal the deposit not sell a car and it is supported by eBay! That is what has me so pissed! Not the $300 but eBay's cooperation in the scam!
Ytropious on 02/06/2010:
I don't know how eBay in costa rica works, but as a seller just trust me in saying they almost always side with the buyer even if the seller was right. They aren't siding with you for a reason.
bcd on 02/06/2010:
Did you use a payment method that meets the requirements of eBay’s Buyer Protection Plan?
suenos on 02/07/2010:
Yes I used PayPal. The reason they gave is as I stated "because you do not in the USA" and yes that is written in their policy if you dig down far enough to find it. However my point is what kind of brain dead policy is this in the first place? Just because something is in policy does that make it right or fair to good customers. My side of this deal was squeaky clean aside from having 100% rating on 65 reported transactions I did everything by the book with the documents to back it up, fully funded Escrow Account at escrow.com, shipping paid in full to DAS auto shippers etc. That is also what leads to the level of my fury when a company that had my trust betrays such with a policy that screams out you are a second class buyer because you are not an American (I am Canadian by the way) and by such policy supports a blatant thief. Where does eBay in it corporate wisdom think this will get them? I set out to do an honest clean deal with a seller and for that I received nothing but abuse from both him and worse from eBay. In my little pea brain I just cannot imagine what members like this due to add to the community other than the great likelihood of more abuse. IMHO people like this should be thrown out of eBay like yesterdays garbage what can they possibly contribute to the community at large. If the readers do not catagorize this as abuse then we obviously speak very different languages and have very different standards.
dlweld on 02/24/2010:
eBay is seriously broken - I used to use it a lot - sold over 2000 items. I wouldn't dream of using it now for any purchase (or sale) of an expensive item. Too many risks all round, once eBay fiddled with transaction reviews - that really wrecked it - plus eBay doesn't police their userids - could be anybody, as anyone can have multiple userids - eBay's not really useable. If you haven't been zapped yet - you will be.
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Ebay Does Not Protect Sellers!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Ebay does not protect their sellers. I have been working with them for years and held high standing. They have overcharged me for listing fees adding up to over $200.00 (for 5 listings). I tried to speak with them about and was told nothing could be done (very rudely). I also like to add if you are buying with Ebay, I think you are very well protected. Even if you are in the wrong Ebay will support you 100%. I will not longer be doing any business with Ebay because I will not support such a sideways company, but I would suggest to anyone buy with eBay DO NOT SELL!
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 08/06/2013:
They protect nothing except their profit margin. Buyers and sellers are screwed alike.
azRider on 08/06/2013:
I've been both a buyer and seller. its bad either way. I try to avoid eBay now, I use Amazon for most things I can sell for others I use Craigslist.
DebtorBasher on 08/06/2013:
Drop Ebay and check out Webstore.Com. It's format is pretty much the same as Ebay, but they are by far much better to deal with. Also, there are NO buyer or seller fees! I've had great success with them as both buyer and seller and I highly recommend them to all those who have been unhappy with Ebay...and that's a lot of people!
DebtorBasher on 08/06/2013:
I don't even buy from Ebay anymore either...the prices are sky high since the sellers have to up their prices to make up for all the fees Ebay charges...and they charge way too much for shipping to try to make up for the fees as well. Ebay is a loss / lose situation, it's not what it started out to be. They got greedy.
trmn8r on 08/07/2013:
You didn't provide details on what the dispute over the fees was, so it is impossible to evaluate your suggestion to not sell using Ebay. I sold something a month ago on Ebay, and it was a flawless transaction.

I will say that if you have used Ebay for several years, Ebay has tilted more towards protecting buyers. This is due to disreputable sellers ripping off buyers in the old days. But I can't tell what specifically caused your problem.
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EBay Motors Feedback System a Farce
Posted by on
I bought a car from Pro Auto Group, a Fort Worth-based dealership, through EBay Motors. The car was “certified” to be free of mechanical defect. Within HOURS of leaving the dealership with the car, the clutch/transmission failed and the car had to be towed to a repair shop. In short, despite attempts at mediation and direct negotiations, Pro Auto Group refused to do a thing to repair the car or take it back for a refund. Their position was that the damage was due to “driver abuse” despite the fact that I had the car for less than 6 hours and the needed repairs were due, clearly, to long term, pre-existing damage.

The situation is compounded by the fact that Pro Auto Group has been committing this fraud against dozens of unsuspecting buyers under the cover of “100% Positive Feedback” on EBay Motors. A sham based partially on backend payoffs and coercion resulting in “mutually withdrawn” negative feedback. I even found one individual who bought a “certified” vehicle that was claimed to have never have been in a wreck - and he subsequently found it had been in a head on collision. He also found that the service records provided for the vehicle were falsified! Another lady I talked to bought a car from Pro Auto Group with fraudulent odometer mileage.

In my case, the dealer posted negative feedback referring to me as “a terrorist” and claiming that my 15 year old daughter had burned out the clutch – a car that I had had for less than 6 hours! It was almost laughable if it hadn’t been such a disturbing fabrication! Even more disturbing is that EBay Motors not only failed to act, they were directly complicate in this ongoing farce. In less than 24 hours after I posted negative feedback, Pro Auto Group was able to get EBay to suspend my account and have my feedback deleted! There was no hearing. No arbitration process. No inquiry whatsoever. EBay arbitrarily and summarily backed Pro Auto Group because of their leverage as a power seller.

UPDATE!! Since I posted this review, my story was broadcast on a Consumer Watch Report on the local ABC affiliate. It features an independent and expert mechanic verifying the damage was pre-existing and confirms the deceitful tactics of Pro Auto Group and EBay Motors. You can read the accout and view the report on the KVUE site - http://www.kvue.com/aboutkvue/consumer/stories/050806kvueinternetcarsales-cb.20fe5015.html.

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User Replies:
wary-consumer on 04/30/2006:
Everything eBay does is to make money- not to do what's right. Of course they are going to stick up for the high dollar seller because he 'brings home the bacon to them' in the form of big final value fees of the item the buyers purchase. For an auto, that's a huge chunk of change for just leting the seller post it on their website! As I've stated before eBay does not care if its fraudulent or not, just so they get their cut- than if it is fraud they try and let it go for as long as they can to let more unsuspecting buyers spend money on their site and collect their portion of the transaction.
As for the feeback system, it too is a way eBay makes money, through the mediation process.
I think you probably violated eBay rules and got your account suspended, maybe by physically theatening the seller (If I got ripped of that bad I would be that mad too)
eBayonet on 05/01/2006:
Sounds like eBay are not just protecting future sales with their Powerseller, they are getting rid of you before you can make a Safe Harbor claim.

I have a similar experience involving vanishing feedback and a Powerseller. I bought a rare $30 12" collector's record with picture sleeve, the seller didn't fix up the self-assembly record mailer correctly and left double-sided tape exposed inside, which stuck to the record sleeve in transit, tearing the surface off and significantly reducing collector value.

Seller wouldn't refund, automatically blamed the carrier (there was no damage to the outside of the packaging at all), and, after I'd left my first ever negative which was simply gave the facts. An abusive follow-up was posted on his own record. I saw this but figured he'd managed to warn buyers off more than anything I could say in 80 characters, so didn't complain.

A few days later the entire feedback vanished and when I asked eBay why they said it was because "someone" had reported the foul-mouthed abuse aimed at me and they could not legally edit it out, they had to remove it all. When I checked his feedback a fortnight later a new negative was there mentioning damage on another record due to double-side tape left exposed, and no refund. If that buyer had been able to see my feedback he might have saved himself the money.
Anonymous on 05/02/2006:
ebayonet post the sellers user name.
To the original poster and everbody else go to
and find his radio show in your area. Lodge a complaint with his show and get the word out why be subjected to shady service? Clark Howard would investigate Ebay motors for sure.
Anonymous on 05/02/2006:
Here ya go, forewarns about ebaymotors

Stevo2000 on 08/11/2006:
I left a negative feedback for a power seller the other day, after I tried to return defective ink cartridges on his 100% satisfaction garauntee, lost out on $30. The next day I was locked out of Ebay and received warning letters from Ebay for submitting negative feedbacks.
The feedback was. DOA, No Response, Return UPS Shipment Refused, Out $30, Bad Seller.

It was all true and well documented but I was never asked.

I've been a member since 2001 with over 200 transactions and 100% ratings.

Ebay will not respond to any of my emails or complaints. I was able to go through a verification process to get back in and found that Ebay had removed the negative feedback.
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Ebay Motors scam
Posted by on
We were recently scammed by E-bay Motors and lost the last of our savings. Even though we received various e-mails from E-bay and partner companies "GUARANTEEING" our purchase, they will now not back their word and it seems our money has just disappeared into thin air.
For those of you who feel the need to criticize..save your breath. We felt safe in our purchase because of the information we received. Not everyone is a computer expert and knows how to double-check, triple-check, etc. on activities on here. Especially on E-bay where time is of the essence. Instead of criticizing, tell me how to get our money back.
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User Replies:
sanford31031 on 08/09/2004:
What exactly happened? I can help you! I too have been taken, and I got every penny back, let me know.
scambuster on 03/21/2006:
I am sorry for your loss. There are many clever scams on e-bay that even experienced users fall for. BUT you were not scammed by e-bay. The e-mails you received were all fake. If you receive an e-mail that appeaers to be from e-bay you need to right click on the message, click on FORWARD, then type in spoof@ebay.com Do NOT click on ANYTHING in the e-mail. Some are so clever they even have fake "Report" buttons or false links like spoofemail@ebay.com Send an e-mail to that last link and you will get an e-mail claiming that the seller is "Recommended" by e-bay. The best way to keep up with the current scams is to go read the e-bay motors discussion board.
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