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Never Sell On eBay
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Rating: 1/51

I've been an eBay buyer for 10 years. I've sold 2 items recently and lost approximately $150 because of terrible policy, terrible customer service, and ridiculous fees. I sold brand new computer memory and stated no returns. Buyer did not ensure compatibility, requested a refund stating it was defective, and I could not decline this even though all indications point to incompatibility not defect.

I called customer service to explicitly told me there was nothing I can do besides issue the refund then dispute it. After issuing the refund, receiving the RAM, testing it, and even continuing to use it (right now as we speak), I called customer service to dispute it and because I'm not a commercial account and, still, because the buyer SAID it was defective and because I initiated a refund (as I was instructed) that I can't do anything about it.

Total Losses: Paid $159.99 for the item. Sold it for $82. Paid $7.99 to ship the item and another $2.75 to have it returned. $18.74 in eBay Fees (that's 22.5% of the sale price). Now the product is opened and tampered with and it can't be sold as new. I've spent 3 hours on the phone with eBay or arguing with the buyer. eBay now values this product at $40 opened for a grand total of $149.47... and I just wanted to sell an item I wasn't going to use at a discount to get a few bucks. Now I'm OUT $150. I couldn't be more disgusted with their policies or their "too bad" attitude.

eBay Doesn't Support It's Sellers!
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- eBay has sold out! It doesn't support its bill paying sellers anymore... they now are burning its sellers for the scammers and fraud buyers taking advantage of its "Buyers protection" program. I have been selling and paying eBay since 1998 and have now been burned 3 times this year by scammers. I will now look for another sellers platform that supports its sellers who pay the bills for them...

EBay-screwing millions daily!

I've been buying & selling on eBay since 1999. It has gone from bad to worse over the years and now, I've finally had enough! I have reported several policy violations in the last few weeks and evidently, no one is home at Ebay, because nothing has been done! I found several vintage dresses being sold by the same seller that I would like to bid on. The starting bid is .99 cents however I am unable to bid because the seller is charging $44-$60 ECONOMY shipping for EACH dress. This is a violation of eBay's excessive shipping policy.

It is quite obvious that this seller is trying to get out of paying a final value fee to Ebay, which is another violation. (A final value fee is a % of the final selling price that the seller must pay to Ebay.) I have reported this seller 3 times because I really would like several of her dresses, however I will not pay $45-$60 to ship a dress that in reality, only costs $10 maximum for PRIORITY shipping.

I also reported a seller charging $90 to ship a pair of designer jeans I want to bid on! The starting bid is .01 cents and the seller's description clearly states "Yes shipping is $90. I put the cost of the jeans as the shipping cost to avoid paying eBay a final value fee. So opening bid is $99.01". And again, eBay has refused to remove the seller's listing!

But this... this is takes the take! I sold a pair of designer jeans on eBay a few weeks ago. I took detailed photos of the jeans. I edited them (cropped, rotated, etc) and uploaded them to a third party image host. I listed the jeans and wrote out an accurate, detailed description. And then a week later, I am browsing for jeans by the same designer and I find a listing for an identical pair of jeans as the pair I recently sold and the seller has STOLEN MY PICTURES AND COPY & PASTED MY ENTIRE ITEM DESCRIPTION, DOWN TO THE FONT SIZES AND COLORS.

I do some research and much to my happiness, eBay actually forbids sellers to use stolen and stock photos and encourages sellers to report other sellers who have stolen their photos! So I reported the listing and again, eBay does nothing! Really Ebay? Really? What are you doing with the hundreds of millions of dollars in profit you make every year? Because you sure as heck aren't using it to the benefit of your sellers!

And one last thing. Last week, eBay announced changes to the structure of their seller fees. Its worded in such a way that at first glance, it looks like hell has frozen over and they have lowered their fees! But in reality, they've raised their fees. They have lowered insertion fees but raised final value fees (final value fees are where they make all their money, so go figure!). Final value fees used to be based on the items selling price (an outrageous minimum 10%) only. Well guess what sellers? Your shipping & handling fee is now part of the final value fee. So once again we all get screwed!

I am one of the last honest people out there who only charges the actual shipping cost, no handling fee, no additional "padding" make up for eBay's fees, and now I am going to be forced to pad my shipping fee which means the buyer pays more, which is unfair. Or I continue to charge the actual cost of shipping and see my profits reduced. Which is not fair. Its LOSE LOSE SITUATION ALL AROUND!

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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I've been selling on eBay since 1997 - I have 100% feedback. I am receiving emails from eBay saying I am going to lose my store and have my already high fees increase another 4% - this is because I have had 2.3% of my items out of stock. I just was able to talk to the most unhelpful, hands-tied representative that told me that I will lose my store if this doesn't stop... Lose my store?!! The nerve. I have sold close to 3 million dollars since 2000 (I sold as golf teacher from 1997 to July of 2000) and this is how they thank me, with emails saying I'm below standard and I need to do a better job. I have a 100% rating!!!

Ebay used to be fun in the early days. I actually had an account manager I could speak to. Now I receive generic "threatening" emails. Did I mention I have 100% feedback? Wow. Good stuff Ebay. If I treated my customers like you treat me I'd be out of business. Between eBay and Paypal I pay 13%, now it looks like 17% - unreal. I cannot convey how maddening all of this is and how frustrated they have made me.

I asked them to start over with me, explaining I at least deserve that for all of the years I have sold and money I have brought them. No thank you, no we appreciate you, no "You know, let's give this seller a new start." Nope, nada, nothing. I'm deciding this weekend if I cancel my account.

EBay Favors Buyers Over Sellers
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Rating: 1/51

I sold an item through eBay and my buyer claimed there were pieces missing even though I had photographic proof otherwise. EBay told me that their money back guarantee gave me no rights as a seller and that if I pursued I would regret it. Not only did I had to return the payment, I had to pay eBay a fee, a PayPal fee, and pay for shipping the item back to me. I am horribly disappointed in how sellers are not protected. I will never sell through eBay again and would advise others not to do so either. At least I know that if I ever want to buy something through eBay and not pay, all I have to do is say that it has missing pieces and I'll get it for free!

Promises - but Lies
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Rating: 1/51

CHINA -- On 11/15 - I bought a flashlight and from the company Gome688 on eBay. I bought 2 batteries to fit this flashlight and a charger. The advertisement was written very evasively - but assured everyone that all would work together.
Well the flashlight arrived from company 1 from China - perfect. The Gome688 batteries arrived - and they were small - did not fit the device and the charger fit the inappropriate batteries.

After 6 emails - I was assured all would be resolved. Well finally they did mail 1 battery - needs 2 - and nothing else besides insane emails - asking over and over the same silly questions. It is apparent being in China - there is no recourse - even to get your money back on eBay - you forfeit 1/3 of the cost of your expense for a restocking charge - wait 6 weeks - and if you're lucky you shall get something that resembles what you ordered originally.

Folks - avoid this firm at all costs - in fact eBay unless you deal with a reputable company in the USA that has viable credentials - is like taking your money and setting it on fire. Remember in China your $5-$10 is what about 2 months worth of salary - so you just got taken - and they laugh all the way to the bank. In closing - avoid eBay - avoid Gome668 in China otherwise you shall be sorry. Unhappy - Disappointed - taken for my money customer. Merry Christmas China - the Year of the Thief.

Ebay, 1st Timers Do Not Use Them, Nightmare to Deal With.
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Rating: 2/51

INTERNET, CALIFORNIA -- I was lucky enough to get a PS4 at launch but decided to resale it on eBay for extra Xmas money. Listed it on eBay with a buy it now price, a reasonable price and lower than everyone on eBay. But perhaps that's where I went wrong. I got the attention of others trying to sell their PS4 for a higher price. They made dummy accounts that would buy it now and not pay to get rid of my listing.

After a few days of no payment, I relist... Another dummy bidder bought it but did not pay. Keep in mind, this takes a few days each time you relist, a lot of emails trying to communicate with the bidder. Why is it so easy to make a dummy accounts and bid out your competition??? Why are there no safeguards against this?

Now comes the kicker. eBay sends an invoice even though nobody paid. Invoice was over 150 bucks. The stupid thing is eBay knows the bidders did not pay, they know those were dummy accounts to bid out their competition, yet they still charge you the selling fees as if you sold multiple items. Worst yet, you cannot give negative feedback to those dummy accounts so they can do that as much as they want.

So as soon I saw the invoice, I called customer service. Waited 45 minutes to talk to someone, then was told I needed to follow their process to get rid of their selling fees. Took about 30 minutes to walk me through the process. If you are new to eBay like I am, the process is not very intuitive and is hidden and you will need to talk to someone. I was assured everything was taken care of and I would not be billed by eBay. At this point, no harm was done because the invoice did not automatically take the $$$ out of my bank account.

A few weeks later, eBay charges me 70 dollars.!?!? This time they took it out of my bank account!!! I call eBay, wait 45 mins... I found out I missed 1 button click on my last call and that I did not receive full credit even though I was promised the issue would be taken care of and I would not be charged.

So, I had to be walked through the process to find the hidden grayed out button, clicked it and the lady on the phone said it will take 2 weeks to refund my money. 2 weeks... are you kidding me? At this point I'm mad. I demanded to speak to supervisor to see if I can get my money back sooner because I thought I took care of everything a few weeks prior on my 1st call.

The supervisor was no help, said it was my fault and that because I missed the button press there was nothing they could do. I'm sorry I don't know eBay's processes to get a refund when someone doesn't pay. So after venting for a few minutes, that got us nowhere... I hung up.

The whole process to get a refund is flawed unless you've gone through the process a few times. 2nd, eBay allows dummy accounts to bid your auctions out and then 3rd charges you for the selling fees even though eBay knows you did not get paid by the bidder. It's a scammer's dream, the whole system can be abused worse than a scammer on Craigslist. You would be crazy to want to pay for that level of service. Giving it 2 stars only because they are refunding my money... even though it will take 2 weeks to get it.

Seller Beware
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Rating: 1/51

This was was my first (and probably last) experience with Ebay. There were just so many problems that it's really not worth all of the time and effort. All I wanted was to sell my iPod in the medium that I was least likely to have to deal with scammers. And I thought maybe that was eBay because they boast of the "hassle-free" process and you actually have very limited interaction with the buyer. But I was wrong.

So I list my item. A few days later, I get an email from someone trying to negotiate my price. So we negotiate, come to an agreement and I change my price. This person immediately buys my item. Three minutes later, I get an email saying they can't pay and they ask me to cancel my order. What the heck? We just spent 15 minutes negotiating the price. So I select the "report buyer" option. I wait. I hear nothing, so I send eBay an email. I wait. I hear nothing, so I re-list the item.

Second buyer buys the item. I wait a few days then send a polite email about how I'd be happy to ship the item just as soon as they pay for it. Nothing. By this point it's been a few weeks since I first started trying to sell my item. I open an "unpaid item case." I still haven't hear anything from Ebay. So I call them. (Which by the way, they make tricky for you.)

I talked to three people there, even a supervisor. None of them could see the original report I filed. They finally tell me that they DID in fact receive my email - they just haven't gotten around to it yet. It would have been nice if they had told me, "oh by the way, it takes three weeks for us to respond." But they don't. They say that they'll get to it as soon as they can. Which if you go to most sites, that's 24-48 hours, maybe up to a week if the service isn't as good. But 3 weeks? THAT'S what they mean by "as soon as they can." Seriously, give us some context. It felt like I was sending information into an abyss.

Additionally, as I am new to Ebay, I didn't realize that you could only leave positive feedback (which is stupid because it doesn't give the full story). So I tried to leave feedback on the first buyer's profile with a warning to other buyers. Ebay offers to remove my comments, but stands firm on the fact that they WILL NOT remove the RATING. Which means now, that buyer has a rating that he or she did not earn. Does eBay care? No. (And at this point, I was talking to a supervisor.)

I even told eBay that I probably wouldn't be using them anymore, and their response was "we're sorry to hear that." As in, my business is not important enough for them to care. Thanks Ebay. I'll take my business elsewhere. Bottom line: do NOT use Ebay. They have the worst customer service for sellers and they don't really care enough about your business to make any effort to retain it.

Don't Trust Ebay - Sellers Face Financial Loss
By -

DON'T TRUST EBAY. If you are an Ebay member, or thinking of joining Ebay, think again and consider whether you would trust Ebay after experiencing this. I am in the process of closing my Ebay account and the associated Paypal Account because I do not trust Ebay. Recently a member of my family was approached through Ebay by a US citizen who wished to purchase a collector's item after it had failed to sell normally on Ebay.

Strangely this man had been a member of Ebay for almost 4 years and had never made a sale nor a purchase on Ebay in that long period of time. The item was sold to him through Ebay/Paypal for $200 and it cost $25 to post it to him registered mail from Australia. He immediately upon receipt was quite pleased with the item and gave positive feedback to Ebay, and emails outside of Ebay direct to my relative, saying how happy he was with the item.

He later did an about turn and decided he did not want the item and falsely claimed it was destroyed and not properly described on Ebay. Despite his false claims and a "No Return" policy clearly placed on the item at the time of sale on Ebay, Ebay found in favour of the purchaser who had no prior credibility with Ebay. My family member had 100% feedback on some 40 sales and purchases.

Ebay's "no return policy" on listings is not binding. It is not merely a joke. It is false advertising. Ebay cannot be trusted. The rationale for Ebay's decision in favour of the purchaser was that the only fair way out was for everyone to start again at the beginning which means refunding the purchaser $200 plus $25 postage. However Ebay did not refund the $25 international registered postage. Ebay did not refund 7.25% of the selling price they charged to sell the item, some $14.50. Ebay did not refund the listing price of $3.00 to advertise the item.

So all up my family member is out of pocket $43.00 Australian, plus Paypal fees, not to mention packaging and running around. Ebay greed does not equate to fairness. Ebay claim it is fair for a seller to lose large amounts of money based on their twisted unclear rationale.

To Add insult to injury, Ebay sent the purchaser an email in which they said, "To avoid having similar situations like this in the future, we strongly recommend you to purchase items on “ Top Rated” and “PowerSellers”. As additional option, if you haven't left a feedback to the seller for this transaction, we strongly recommend you to do so because this may prompt them to take necessary actions on your concern; also to let other buyers know about your experience so they can make informed decisions."

So it is official Ebay policy to inform purchasers only to purchase from "Top Rated" and "PowerSellers". So what is the point of normal everyday people advertising items for sale on Ebay? Despite this man's lack of credibility with Ebay they have invited him to complain about someone with 100% feedback. Is that what the Ebay brains trust considers to be fair?

No Ebay this is not fair at all. So you keep your customer with no sales or purchases happy. However you have lost my family member and myself, both active members and other relatives, associates and friends who are alarmed to learn how distrustful Ebay is to active customers who mistakenly thought they had built up credibility with Ebay. I have read other similar reviews on this site where Ebay as a matter of policy protects buyers at the expense of sellers. I agree fully with this view our family have experienced it first hand.

EBay - Poor Customer Relations
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Rating: 1/51

USA -- eBay looks out for BUYERS and has "Buyer Protection" but nothing for Sellers. I have been a member of eBay for 14 years, sold more than 550 items, have a 99.2% approval rating, and all ratings for customer service are 4 1/2 stars out of 5, and I was suspended from selling. eBay can suspend you for any reason they deem without cause or for a cause they deem important. They still want me to buy but they are not letting me sell on eBay ever again. Try Amazon Marketplace, they seem to be more customer service oriented. Good Luck.

Company Response 07/15/2015:

Even after following the advice of one of their associates on ebay, I still received 1 negative feedback. After a lengthy explanation as to why I was uncomfortable shipping my product to the customer, whom I was really mistrusting due to his behavior on the messaging system, I was told to just refund his money and then call back if he left negative feedback. When I called to request that it be removed, as I was told by the associate that it would not be a problem they then refused to help me.

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