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Promises - but Lies
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Rating: 1/51

CHINA -- On 11/15 - I bought a flashlight and from the company Gome688 on eBay. I bought 2 batteries to fit this flashlight and a charger. The advertisement was written very evasively - but assured everyone that all would work together.
Well the flashlight arrived from company 1 from China - perfect. The Gome688 batteries arrived - and they were small - did not fit the device and the charger fit the inappropriate batteries.

After 6 emails - I was assured all would be resolved. Well finally they did mail 1 battery - needs 2 - and nothing else besides insane emails - asking over and over the same silly questions. It is apparent being in China - there is no recourse - even to get your money back on eBay - you forfeit 1/3 of the cost of your expense for a restocking charge - wait 6 weeks - and if you're lucky you shall get something that resembles what you ordered originally.

Folks - avoid this firm at all costs - in fact eBay unless you deal with a reputable company in the USA that has viable credentials - is like taking your money and setting it on fire. Remember in China your $5-$10 is what about 2 months worth of salary - so you just got taken - and they laugh all the way to the bank. In closing - avoid eBay - avoid Gome668 in China otherwise you shall be sorry. Unhappy - Disappointed - taken for my money customer. Merry Christmas China - the Year of the Thief.

Final Value Fee on Shipping
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- As a seller on eBay I wanted to be fair and honest to my buyers. I only charged actually shipping or less, I didn't want to rip off my buyers. I feel if you are charging actual shipping charges and printing the shipping label through eBay they should not charge you a final value fee on shipping. When you only charge actual shipping charges you lose money because of eBay's fees. With all the fees you pay eBay and PayPal it isn't worth using the site. In some cases I'm sure it costs you to sell. Beware of fees!

Ebay, 1st Timers Do Not Use Them, Nightmare to Deal With.
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Rating: 2/51

INTERNET, CALIFORNIA -- I was lucky enough to get a PS4 at launch but decided to resale it on eBay for extra Xmas money. Listed it on eBay with a buy it now price, a reasonable price and lower than everyone on eBay. But perhaps that's where I went wrong. I got the attention of others trying to sell their PS4 for a higher price. They made dummy accounts that would buy it now and not pay to get rid of my listing.

After a few days of no payment, I relist... Another dummy bidder bought it but did not pay. Keep in mind, this takes a few days each time you relist, a lot of emails trying to communicate with the bidder. Why is it so easy to make a dummy accounts and bid out your competition??? Why are there no safeguards against this?

Now comes the kicker. eBay sends an invoice even though nobody paid. Invoice was over 150 bucks. The stupid thing is eBay knows the bidders did not pay, they know those were dummy accounts to bid out their competition, yet they still charge you the selling fees as if you sold multiple items. Worst yet, you cannot give negative feedback to those dummy accounts so they can do that as much as they want.

So as soon I saw the invoice, I called customer service. Waited 45 minutes to talk to someone, then was told I needed to follow their process to get rid of their selling fees. Took about 30 minutes to walk me through the process. If you are new to eBay like I am, the process is not very intuitive and is hidden and you will need to talk to someone. I was assured everything was taken care of and I would not be billed by eBay. At this point, no harm was done because the invoice did not automatically take the $$$ out of my bank account.

A few weeks later, eBay charges me 70 dollars.!?!? This time they took it out of my bank account!!! I call eBay, wait 45 mins... I found out I missed 1 button click on my last call and that I did not receive full credit even though I was promised the issue would be taken care of and I would not be charged.

So, I had to be walked through the process to find the hidden grayed out button, clicked it and the lady on the phone said it will take 2 weeks to refund my money. 2 weeks... are you kidding me? At this point I'm mad. I demanded to speak to supervisor to see if I can get my money back sooner because I thought I took care of everything a few weeks prior on my 1st call.

The supervisor was no help, said it was my fault and that because I missed the button press there was nothing they could do. I'm sorry I don't know eBay's processes to get a refund when someone doesn't pay. So after venting for a few minutes, that got us nowhere... I hung up.

The whole process to get a refund is flawed unless you've gone through the process a few times. 2nd, eBay allows dummy accounts to bid your auctions out and then 3rd charges you for the selling fees even though eBay knows you did not get paid by the bidder. It's a scammer's dream, the whole system can be abused worse than a scammer on Craigslist. You would be crazy to want to pay for that level of service. Giving it 2 stars only because they are refunding my money... even though it will take 2 weeks to get it.

EBay-screwing millions daily!

I've been buying & selling on eBay since 1999. It has gone from bad to worse over the years and now, I've finally had enough! I have reported several policy violations in the last few weeks and evidently, no one is home at Ebay, because nothing has been done! I found several vintage dresses being sold by the same seller that I would like to bid on. The starting bid is .99 cents however I am unable to bid because the seller is charging $44-$60 ECONOMY shipping for EACH dress. This is a violation of eBay's excessive shipping policy.

It is quite obvious that this seller is trying to get out of paying a final value fee to Ebay, which is another violation. (A final value fee is a % of the final selling price that the seller must pay to Ebay.) I have reported this seller 3 times because I really would like several of her dresses, however I will not pay $45-$60 to ship a dress that in reality, only costs $10 maximum for PRIORITY shipping.

I also reported a seller charging $90 to ship a pair of designer jeans I want to bid on! The starting bid is .01 cents and the seller's description clearly states "Yes shipping is $90. I put the cost of the jeans as the shipping cost to avoid paying eBay a final value fee. So opening bid is $99.01". And again, eBay has refused to remove the seller's listing!

But this... this is takes the take! I sold a pair of designer jeans on eBay a few weeks ago. I took detailed photos of the jeans. I edited them (cropped, rotated, etc) and uploaded them to a third party image host. I listed the jeans and wrote out an accurate, detailed description. And then a week later, I am browsing for jeans by the same designer and I find a listing for an identical pair of jeans as the pair I recently sold and the seller has STOLEN MY PICTURES AND COPY & PASTED MY ENTIRE ITEM DESCRIPTION, DOWN TO THE FONT SIZES AND COLORS.

I do some research and much to my happiness, eBay actually forbids sellers to use stolen and stock photos and encourages sellers to report other sellers who have stolen their photos! So I reported the listing and again, eBay does nothing! Really Ebay? Really? What are you doing with the hundreds of millions of dollars in profit you make every year? Because you sure as heck aren't using it to the benefit of your sellers!

And one last thing. Last week, eBay announced changes to the structure of their seller fees. Its worded in such a way that at first glance, it looks like hell has frozen over and they have lowered their fees! But in reality, they've raised their fees. They have lowered insertion fees but raised final value fees (final value fees are where they make all their money, so go figure!). Final value fees used to be based on the items selling price (an outrageous minimum 10%) only. Well guess what sellers? Your shipping & handling fee is now part of the final value fee. So once again we all get screwed!

I am one of the last honest people out there who only charges the actual shipping cost, no handling fee, no additional "padding" make up for eBay's fees, and now I am going to be forced to pad my shipping fee which means the buyer pays more, which is unfair. Or I continue to charge the actual cost of shipping and see my profits reduced. Which is not fair. Its LOSE LOSE SITUATION ALL AROUND!

Beware: Ebay Takes Fees From Seller When Buyer Doesn't Pay
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I sold an item on eBay auction. The buyer didn't pay me but asked me to cancel the transaction because she didn't read the item description carefully. It's annoying but understandable. I re-listed the item on eBay for auction - the second buyer didn't pay AND didn't contact me. All emails from me were ignored. This buyer had a (3) next to his name at the time.

The buyers have their money however, eBay TOOK money from my account for their fees even though the buyer didn't pay me. I am left feeling cheated by eBay and their methods of collecting money from the seller WHEN NO MONEY WAS RECEIVED FROM THE BUYER. Seems to me, when someone bids on an item, the money should Be immediately taken from their account and given to the seller before eBay takes their fees. What's up eBay?

The customer service people instructed me to complete 6 steps to open an unpaid item case. After 4-7 days I am supposed to manually close the account and eBay will supposedly reimburse me. Guess how much of my personal time this nonsense has taken?

The customer service people talk in circles. No one will tell me how many times a buyer can make "fraudulent" purchase before being suspended. No one will send me a copy of the notice sent to the buyer requesting my payment (maybe because eBay never contacted the buyer?). The second buyer received 3 additional feedback scores in the past week AFTER not paying me or even returning my emails requesting payment. How is this person permitted to continue to buy and sell without settling an unpaid item case?? He now has a (6) next to his name all while ignoring my request for payment or at least an explanation.

What happens to those sellers who don't notice eBay TOOK fees from their accounts even though the buyer never paid? Seems like a great way for eBay to take money from people. If you're not paying attention they take money from you and the only way to get it back is to go through multiple steps. Does this seem right to anyone? Suggestion to eBay: Hire and train qualified customer service people to treat your buyers and sellers with respect and not act like ROBOTS who read from a script. Refrain from taking your fees from your sellers UNTIL the buyer pays your sellers AND offer concessions to your sellers when your buyers act like fools.

Ebay Seller Account Restricted After 15 yrs., 250K in Stock, What Do I Do???
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I have built a business selling surplus on eBay over the past 12 years, and now have 3 warehouses and 250K of stock in specialized machinery. I returned from vacation yesterday and found an email from eBay saying that all 400+ of my listings had been cancelled and that I was prohibited from selling on eBay indefinitely??? NO rhyme or reason given.

Foolishly, I called their Customer No-service, waited on hold for 10 minutes and some oriental person who could have cared less finally came on and told me that one of my seller requirements (???) was 135 instead of 100 (of what, I do not know and she could not tell me). I asked what I had to do to be reinstated and she mumbled around about seller requirements for 5 minutes until I finally asked (again) if she could tell me 'how to be reinstated'. She had to transfer me for that...

I waited on hold another 25 minutes and another oriental answered and began to tell me that I had been restricted indefinitely, until I told her that I had been through all that and just needed to know what had to be done for reinstatement. She said that it was indefinite and that I could not ever sell on eBay again. I asked "never again, never in the future?" and she said yes, never. They both could speak what I would judge to be 50% English.

So I'm sitting here with all this inventory that is only marketable nationwide (no one within 50 miles would even know what 90% of it is). Three warehouses full and overnight I'm out of business. This after I have been with them over 15 yrs., spending $1,000-1,500 per month in fees with them, not counting the PayPal, and shipping ripoffs, for the past few years. At this point I am so numb that I can't even tell my family. eBay does not even have people on the phone who can talk intelligently about THEIR business, and they DO NOT CARE!

eBay Canceled my Selling Privileges for No Reason
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Rating: 1/51

I received an e-mail after selling shirts for 1 month. I sold 4 shirts out of the 10 they allowed me to post. So then I placed 4 new ones online the next month. The e-mail stated they suspended my account for no reason. I was on the phone for over an hour and talked to 3 different people and none of them could give me a good reason. I talked to a Mike which was a customer service supervisor. This guy was as clueless as can be. He wanted to talk and not listen at all. Nor did he give me any reasons why. I will NEVER use eBay again. I will do anything in my power to give bad publicity to all that will listen about eBay. Just a crap company.

Big Fat Liar
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I tried to sell my iPhone 6 plus online. Everything is going smoothly until it shipped my phone with next day mail. As soon as I upload my tracking number, I found out that the buyer is not valid. She claimed she did not authorized the buying. So, I tried to stop the shipment and called police. Nothing is working. I lost almost $1000. I hope the story end there.

However, eBay send me a bill ask me to pay the listing fee. So, after I have try to tell them I have been fraud, they still trying to charge me. I had called them again to show all the proof. I do not care if they still do not understand what I said. I am done with EBay forever. Do not bother to communicate with them. They do not care! All they want is listing fee. How are they going to stay in business if they do not take care the seller, and do not know how to manager? Try Amazon. That is what I did, much better!

Beware Of "Item Doesn't Fit Description" Scam
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Rating: 1/51

I sold a holster to a guy. I am new to eBay and I am already unhappy with the long wait it takes to receive your funds. Anyway, this guy lied. He said he tried to message me twice and said the item was "not as described." Even if you say no refund, PayPal will go against you. A person can buy an item, say it doesn't match description, file a refund dispute, switch the good item with a bad one, ship it back, PayPal will refund them, it will be your word against theirs, you will lose, and be out of money and/or item. You can lose out on a lot of money, just stay away. Try Amazon.

Ebay and Tax
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Rating: 5/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I was kicked off eBay just like everyone else. Reason, poor standards. I did everything just like they wanted but, you know how that goes. Now the government wants to tax the internet and eBay wants me to sign up and help fight this. I wonder what the other 15,000 people that have been kicked off feel about this? Ebay isn't going to get any help. I wonder if any of the other 15,000 people are going to sign up. I also wonder if anyone has figured out how much eBay is making of the hundreds of sales they are holding back money for 3-20 days and collecting interest. Sorry eBay but no help from ED. I have a garage loaded with merchandise and when I sell it that will be it.

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