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EBay-screwing millions daily!
Posted on
I've been buying & selling on eBay since 1999. It has gone from bad to worse over the years and now, I've finally had enough! I have reported several policy violations in the last few weeks and evidently, no one is home at Ebay, because nothing has been done! I found several vintage dresses being sold by the same seller that I would like to bid on. The starting bid is. 99 cents however I am unable to bid becayse the seller is charging $44-$60 ECONOMY shipping for EACH dress. This is a violation of eBay's excessive shipping policy. It is quite obvious that this seller is trying to get out of paying a final value fee to Ebay, which is another violation. (A final value fee is a % of the final selling price that the seller must pay to Ebay.) I have reported this seller 3 times because I really would like several of her dresses, however I will not pay $45-$60 to ship a dress that in reality, only costs $10 maximum for PRIORITY shipping. I also reported a seller charging $90 to ship a pair of designer jeans I want to bid on! The starting bid is. 01 cente and the seller's description clearly states "Yes shipping is $90. I put the cost of the jeans as the shipping cost to avoid paying eBay a final value fee. So opening bid is $99.01". And again, eBay has refused to remove the seller's listing!
But this....this is takes the take! I sold a pair of designer jeans on eBay a few weeks ago. I took detailed photo's of the jeans. I edited them (cropped, rotated, etc) and uploaded them to a third party image host. I listed the jeans and wrote out an accurate, detailed description. And then a week later, I am browsing for jeans by the same designer and I find a listing for an identical pair of jeans as the pair I recently sold and the seller has STOLEN MY PICTURES AND COPY & PASTED MY ENTIRE ITEM DESCRIPTION, DOWN TO THE FONT SIZES AND COLORS. I do some research and much to my happiness, eBay actually forbids sellers to use stolen and stock photos and encourages sellers to report other sellers who have stolen their photos! So I reported the listing and again, eBay does nothing! Really Ebay? Really? What are you doing with the hundreds of millions of dollars in profit you make every year? Because you sure as heck aren't using it to the benefit of your sellers!
And one last thing. Last week, eBay announced changes to the structure of their seller fee's. Its worded in such a way that at first glace, it looks like hell has frozen over and they have lowered their fee's! But in reality, they've raised their fee's. They have lowered insertion fee's but raised final value fee's (final value fee's are where they make all their money, so go figure!). Final value fee's used to be based on the items selling price (an outrageous minimum 10% ) only. Well guess what sellers, your shipping & handling fee is now part of the final value fee. So once again we all get screwed! I am one of the last honest people out there who only charges the actual shipping cost, no handling fee, no additional "padding" make up for eBay's fees, and now I am going to be forced to pad my shipping fee which means the buyer pays more, which is unfair. Or I continue to charge the actual cost of shipping and see my profits reduced. Which is not fair. Its LOSE LOSE SITUATION ALL AROUND!
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User Replies:
azRider on 03/26/2011:
for you pictures use a watermark across the photo so any Photoshop looks obvious.

for people selling items for .01 and shipping of $90, don't bid.

its up to you how to recover sales costs. I include it the cost of the items price. you may choose to do it different.

eBay is not what it was, with that said I stopped using eBay as a prime place to sell about 2 years ago. I'd look for a different venue to sell from if I was you, there are other options.
trmn8r on 03/26/2011:
You say you are a long time user of Ebay. So am I, but you have me beat by about one year.

I am familiar with everything you are complaining about. I see evidence 50% of the time I browse Ebay of stolen pictures. Steal a picture, then put a disclaimer "stock photo" on it. I avoid such users. Same thing with outlandish shipping. That person shouldn't last long with the detailed seller's ratings, ASSUMING someone actually buys their items. I wouldn't. You have to ask yourself if $45.99 is what you want to pay, that's all. And with this seller you obviously aren't going to be combining items to reduce shipping. You get Ebay to force them to decrease the shipping, and the items won't be .99 anymore. It's a game. A seller doesn't have to offer combined shipping anyway. As far as enforcing rules - you'll find that is sporadic at Ebay.

The fee structure game - Ebay does this periodically. That's marketing. Ebay has become very expensive to use as a seller, compared with the past.
Anonymous on 03/27/2011:
Have fun selling your items elsewhere. I recommend Craigslist. When I see outrageous shipping charges, I just don't buy. I'll just continue to buy from EBay. Mostly because its a lot tougher for sellers to rip me off.
Anonymous on 03/27/2011:
I guess I will have to start writing my eBay ID on my pictures from now on. I also just realized that the seller that stole my photo's is the person who bought the jeans from me! She stole my pictures, copied my entire listing and is now selling the jeans for twice as much as she paid for the jeans in the first place! I don't care that she's trying to sell them for double what she paid me, but it really pisses me off that she has stolen my entire listing!!!!! She has obviously done this before because instead of linking to the pictures on my photobucket account, she downloaded them and uploaded them to imageshack! I really wish she would of linked to my pictures because I would of replaced them with something really vulgar! I don't sell on eBay that much anymore but I buy things all the time. I mostly sell designer jeans and I list them on eBay as a last resort (I am a member of a forum dedicated to premium denim and list my stuff in the forum's "mall" which is 100% FREE and when my stuff doesn't sell there after a week or so, then I list on eBay). I wouldn't mind eBay's outrageous fee's so much if they would just consistently enforce the rules and take listing violations more seriously! It is really disheartening when I report 3 listing violations and have all 3 ignored!
cosmopolitian10648 on 07/22/2011:
You should complain and report Ebay to the BBB. that will make them look bad!
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Ebay Fee Direct Pay Returned Item 15.00
Posted by on
Below is a copy of a (live chat) that I had with an Ebay agent, when a 1.25 seller fee was charged to my Ebay account. The Ebay account then (automatically) tried to charge a credit card at the Ebay site (not PayPal) which was at the time set to (none) by myself.

When the machine couldn't charge a CC at Ebay, it defaulted, then charged me 15.00 - as if I had written a bad check.

Keep in mind I do have a Paypal account with a CC on file, and that I have been using it for over a year. And, I have been paying all seller fees with that account, my account was/is in good standing up to this 1.25 charge point.

The error in Ebay's system, is that it should not charge you a 15.00 fee, before sending you an email, and letting you know: ( You have no CC on file at Ebay - you are in danger of being charged 15.00 ) something like that and maybe two days to change a setting? And or pay the 1.25 using my Paypal account?

Anyway, below is a copy of the complete chat.

Oddel De.
Hello, thank you for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Help! My name is Oddel D. How may I assist you today?

Hi - I received this: Direct Pay Returned Item (May-19)
Reason: Account not found
And was charged 15.00

Oddel De.
Let me check that for you. May I have your name please?

My account at Paypal has a valid CC - and - I have a credit in the account

Oddel De.
Thank you, John. Basically, you were charged with returned payment fee, correct?

Yes - I think that is the definition

Oddel De.
Let me check. While checking on this, do you have other concerns you might want me to look into?

no that's the only thing - everything else is great

Oddel De.
There was an automatic billing payment on May 15, 2011. Since there was no automatic payment method on file. The system tried to process it through your direct debit and it was not successful.

Right - my account is not verified

But my account at Paypal has a valid CC - and - I have a credit in the account

Oddel De.
There was no automatic payment method for seller fees at that time.

by Ebay?
is this new?

Oddel De.

I guess what I'm not understanding is that - I have 1,600 available credt on my CC in Paypal - yet a simple payment of 1.25 did not go through?

Oddel De.
It was not charged on your PayPal account. It was charged on your direct debit.

I have no direct debit card
I've never had one

Oddel De.
The $15 return service fee was charged to your account because your bank declined to pay your seller fee. This could be because the bank account number you gave us was incorrect or outdated, or the account was unable to accept the charge.

Oddel De.
The last four of your direct debit on file was 7815.

That's what I thought - until I went to Paypal and verified my account is active and the CC on file is in good standing. As well I have a credit on file at Paypal. My concern is where did this Debit card attempt come from?
No the last 4 digits are and have always been 5529

Oddel De.
At that time the 5529 was not on the account. You may check your Payment method for Seller fees is set up to none.

if its set up to none - then there should be no attempt at getting an automatic payment?
5529 is set up at Paypal and has been for well over a year or more

Oddel De.
The system will process the payment automatically to your direct debit if you will remove your credit card on file.

Direct debit? - I don't have a direct debit account - only Paypal

Oddel De.
The 7815 that was stored on our system.

is there an expire date on the one stored on the CC in your system?
Are there any payments to eBay from me, in the recent months?

Oddel De.
There's an expiration date stored for your credti card on file.
This was the recent paymetn.

And that expiration date is for which CC?

Oddel De.
for 5529 expired until 2013.

5529 has 1,600 in credit - and is the CC on file at Paypal
this was confirmed before I chatted you

Oddel De.
When the system processed your payment, your 5529 was not on file. You may have removed it. So our system automatically process the payment through your direct debit on file.

If the system is automatically charging an account that is not there. Is the system in error?
This 5529 CC has been on file with Paypal for at least a year - all of my fees to eBay have been paid through the papal account

Oddel De.
No. the system is set up to automatically process it to make sure that your seller fees. It your account is past due, it may lead to account suspension or termination of your account.
It's not on file. You may cehck your Account tab under Payment for Seller fees, it was set up to None.

Was my account past due?
I will be happy to pay the 1.25 through my Paypal account.

Oddel De.
Not yet. you may need to pay it until last day of May.
You would need to set up your automatic payment method on file.

Is the automatic payment method a requirement in order to Sell and Buy on Ebay?

Oddel De.

Regarding the 'Automatic payment' Would this account be described as a 'Verified' account?

Oddel De.
If you will use your PayPal account, It needs to be verified by PayPal.
This is for security purposes.

And this type of Paypal account you are referring to - do you mean a 'Verified' account?

Oddel De.
Yes. however your PayPal account is not yet verified.

Yes - This I know - they and Ebay want direct access to my Bank account.
Since the system attempted to bill me through an account that wasn't there. I feel that the system is in error. I would like the 15.00 payment charge removed from my account.

Oddel De.
This fee is described in the Direct Pay Agreement when you add your checking account information to file, or submit a one-time payment.
This fee is non-refundable.

I have not done either of these ever: checking account information to file, or one-time payment.

Oddel De.
You put the direct debit information on 05/19/2006 on file.

I have no direct debit cards.
Since the system attempted to bill me through an account that wasn't there. I feel that the system is in error. I would like the 15.00 payment charge removed from my account.

Oddel De.
It's a bank account.

Since the system attempted to bill me through an account that wasn't there. I feel that the system is in error. I would like the 15.00 payment charge removed from my account.

Oddel De.
This fee is non-refundable.

Then my Ebay account will be terminated. No fee will be sent to Ebay.

Oddel De.
I would suggest to pay the current fee first then contact us for possible reversal on it once your payment clears.

This chat of course will be posted to all Ebay fee review sites for examination. Since my account is/was in good standing, and the fee in question was over 1.25 - I do find this quite strange that a machine and the policy it enforces would have any sway over a live human.

Oddel De.
I'm sure that you were aware of your seller fees. If you will remove your automatic payment method on file, you would need to replace it with a valid payment method.

"a valid payment method.' which means a direct connect to my bank account.

Oddel De.
If it is not a valid payment method, it would be returned again. Please put a payment method on file. It is currently set up to none. Then you can pay for the fees and contact us again for a possible reversal.

And if you look closely at my seller fees, they have been paid for. The 1.25 - that turned into 20.00 - all coming from Ebay, is what has changed my relationship with Ebay.

Oddel De.
I understand that you wanted it credited, I already give you the process on how to ask for it.

How do I contact you again for a possible reversal?
What would I possibly discuss with another representative, that I haven't already discussed with you?

Oddel De.
The same process on how you contacted us and look for a Billing Support Agent.
Once your payment cleared, you may just ask for the credit.

Thank you Oddel De.

Chat Session Ended, Goodbye. (5010)

So -I believe the system is set up in this way to default, and charge you (acting like a bad check)

The solution; to save time on both sides of the counter, the system could easily; send you a warning email, and give you a couple of days to pay the 1.25 fee (before it defaults)

Also, regarding verified accounts: Bank fraud has two sides. If Ebay is hacked and your account numbers obtained, the thief can clean out your savings. Leaving you to battle with second party Ebay to get your savings back.

When you have a CC on file with Paypal, there are stop gaps in place, such as passwords that must be entered to get to your CC account.

And.. even if the CC has been gotten too, you have an excellent chance of disputing the charges.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/21/2011:
Good review, I totally agree that this $15 fee should be removed. However, just out of curiosity, why didn't you pay the fee BEFORE this happened? I receive an e-mail and a message in my eBay inbox when I get a new invoice. I also get reminders as the due date approaches.

I am wondering eBay hasn't changed their policy as far as seller fee's go. A few months ago, I was forced to enroll in autopay through PayPal after my seller account went past due for the 2nd time. (miscommunication between my husband and myself--my seller account is also his buying account, its his original account from 10 years ago, so he gets all the e-mails and notifications. He hold me the invoice was due and we both wrongly assumed the other person was going to take care of it). eBay never tried to charge whatever account/card my husband has on file, they just sent a few past due notices and then blocked me from selling until I enrolled in autopay, which I should have done a long time ago!
momsey on 05/21/2011:
I didn't read the whole chat, but my eBay seller fees are always paid through my eBay account, not my
Paypal account. I also get an invoice before they attempt to collect the fee. So I don't see what eBay did wrong.
Mrs.Cole on 05/21/2011:
Did you ever find out where the 7815 debit information came from?
Anonymous on 05/21/2011:
I take back what I said, eBay did nothing wrong here. Now that I think about it, when you sign up for eBay, you have to give them a credit/debit card # right? Its been so long that I don't remember. But even if you don't, eBay won't let you sell anything without a checking account number! So eBay has a checking account # that was provided by the OP, either when he signed up for eBay or when he became a seller.

Momsey, I used to pay my seller fee's through myebay until, like I said, they made me sign up for autopay which is handed through PayPal. I don't mind it all, makes it easier for me because I don't always know when my fees are due since everything goes to my hubbys email!
trmn8r on 05/21/2011:
I'm not going to read the whole chat - it's too long.

I don't understand what the issue is. My memory is you have to have a valid credit card on file so that when your invoice is billed, it will clear. There isn't supposed to be any intervention by the user (paying the bill manually). That's my memory, maybe I'm wrong.
Fufu487 on 05/22/2011:
I read it as there was previously a CC on file. And that CC was removed from file and replaced with a PayPal account, which the same CC was registered to. Paypal needs to be verified with a password each time a transaction happens, doesn't it? So it wouldn't be a direct payment method, as eBay requires. OP, can you further explain?
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Seller Beware
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
This was was my first (and probably last) experience with Ebay. There were just so many problems that it's really not worth all of the time and effort. All I wanted was to sell my iPod in the medium that I was least likely to have to deal with scammers. And I thought maybe that was eBay because they boast of the "hassle-free" process and you actually have very limited interaction with the buyer. But I was wrong.

So I list my item. A few days later, I get an email from someone trying to negotiate my price. So we negotiate, come to an agreement and I change my price. This person immediately buys my item. Three minutes later, I get an email saying they can't pay and they ask me to cancel my order. What the heck? We just spent 15 minutes negotiating the price. So I select the "report buyer" option. I wait. I hear nothing, so I send eBay an email. I wait. I hear nothing, so I relist the item.

Second buyer buys the item. I wait a few days then send a polite email about how I'd be happy to ship the item just as soon as they pay for it. Nothing. By this point it's been a few weeks since I first started trying to sell my item. I open an "unpaid item case." I still haven't hear anything from Ebay. So I call them. (Which by the way, they make tricky for you.)

I talked to three people there, even a supervisor. None of them could see the original report I filed. They finally tell me that they DID in fact receive my email, they just haven't gotten around to it yet. It would have been nice if they had told me, oh by the way, it takes three weeks for us to respond. But they don't. They say that they'll get to it as soon as they can. Which if you go to most sites, that's 24-48 hours, maybe up to a week if the service isn't as good. But 3 weeks? THAT'S what they mean by "as soon as they can." Seriously, give us some context. It felt like I was sending information into an abyss.

Additionally, as I am new to Ebay, I didn't realize that you could only leave positive feedback (which is stupid because it doesn't give the full story). So I tried to leave feedback on the first buyer's profile with a warning to other buyers. Ebay offers to remove my comments, but stands firm on the fact that they WILL NOT remove the RATING. Which means now, that buyer has a rating that he or she did not earn. Does eBay care? No. (And at this point, I was talking to a supervisor.)

I even told eBay that I probably wouldn't be using them anymore, and their response was "we're sorry to hear that." As in, my business is not important enough for them to care. Thanks Ebay, I'll take my business else where.

Bottom line: do NOT use Ebay. They have the worst customer service for sellers and they don't really care enough about your business to make any effort to retain it.
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User Replies:
ok4now on 11/11/2012:
A well written post. I can understand your frustration with Ebay and why you no longer want to be a seller. Their customer service treated you horribly, shame on them! I stopped selling on their site for many of the same reasons you listed. They seem to favor the power sellers and treat the little guy with contempt. What they fail to realize is its the many little guy sellers that keep them in business. If enough sellers walk maybe they'll get the message.
madconsumer on 11/11/2012:
very helpful review, and voted as such!
DebtorBasher on 11/11/2012:
It is against Ebay's TOS for buyers to contact sellers and offer to buy outside of Ebay, which is what this first person done and that's when he should have been reported. Ebay can not do much to help the seller if they sell and advertised item outside of Ebay. (Of course they don't do much to help the seller who sells through Ebay anymore, either).

My advice as I have given to so many other unhappy Ebayers is to drop Ebay and sell on Webstore.com. You are not charged any seller fees at all. However, you won't be protected if you are contacted by someone, as you were, and sell off the site, but I think you have learned from that now. Anyway, check out Webstore.com and forget about Ebay, I think you will be much happier with them. Good luck!!!
trmn8r on 11/12/2012:
I started by buying several items on Ebay, learning how the system works, and then turned to selling.

I've never "negotiated" my price with anyone, and wouldn't. That right there started your transition to having contact with buyers that is unusual. Then evidently you found out you were dealing with a non-serious buyer who welched on paying. Having to deal with all this as a newcomer to Ebay is bound to be a shock, and no, Ebay isn't the friendliest site to deal with.

I'll continue to use Ebay, because I know its quirks and pitfalls to avoid. I can see how someone having this as their first experience would go away with a bad taste in their mouth.
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Don't Trust Ebay - Sellers Face Financial Loss
Posted by on

If you are an Ebay member, or thinking of joining Ebay, think again and consider whether you would trust Ebay after experiencing this.

I am in the process of closing my Ebay account and the associated Paypal Account because I do not trust Ebay. Recently a member of my family was approached through Ebay by a US citizen who wished to purchase a collector's item after it had failed to sell normally on Ebay. Strangely this man had been a member of Ebay for almost 4 years and had never made a sale nor a purchase on Ebay in that long period of time. The item was sold to him through Ebay/Paypal for $200 and it cost $25 to post it to him registered mail from Australia. He immediately upon receipt was quite pleased with the item and gave positive feedback to Ebay, and emails outside of Ebay direct to my relative, saying how happy he was with the item.

He later did an about turn and decided he did not want the item and falsely claimed it was destroyed and not properly described on Ebay. Despite his false claims and a "No Return" policy clearly placed on the item at the time of sale on Ebay, Ebay found in favour of the purchaser who had no prior credibility with Ebay. My family member had 100% feedback on some 40 sales and purchases.

Ebay's "no return policy" on listings is not binding, it is not merely a joke, it is false advertising. Ebay cannot be trusted. The rationale for Ebay's decision in favour of the purchaser, was that the only fair way out was for everyone to start again at the beginning which means refunding the purchaser $200 plus $25 postage. However Ebay did not refund the $25 international registered postage. Ebay did not refund 7.25% of the selling price they charged to sell the item, some $14.50. Ebay did not refund the listing price of $3-00 to advertise the item, so all up my family member is out of pocket $43-00 Australian, plus Paypal fees, not to mention packaging and running around. Ebay greed does not equate to fairness. Ebay claim it is fair for a seller to lose large amounts of money based on their twisted unclear rationale.

To Add insult to injury Ebay sent the purchaser an email in which they said, "To avoid having similar situations like this in the future, we strongly recommend you to purchase items on “ Top Rated” and “Power Sellers”. As additional option, if you haven't left a feedback to the seller for this transaction, we strongly recommend you to do so because this may prompt them to take necessary actions on your concern; also to let other buyers know about your experience so they can make informed decisions. "

So it is official Ebay policy to inform purchasers only to purchase from "Top Rated" and "Power sellers", so what is the point of normal everyday people advertising items for sale on Ebay? Despite this man's lack of credibility with Ebay they have invited him to complain about someone with 100% feedback. Is that what the Ebay brains trust considers to be fair?

No Ebay this is not fair at all. So you keep your customer with no sales or purchases happy. However you have lost my family member and myself, both active members and other relatives, associates and friends who are alarmed to learn how distrustful Ebay is to active customers who mistakenly thought they had built up credibility with Ebay. I have read other similar reviews on this site where Ebay as a matter of policy protects buyers at the expense of sellers. I agree fully with this view our family have experienced it first hand.

Disgusted Ebay User

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
Ebay totally sucks when it comes to fairness with sellers. I don't understand how they can give you positive feedback, and then go ahead and say they don't want it any more. Absolutely ridiculous. Ebay is a money pit. They take take take. They couldn't care less. As if it isn't enough with all the exorbitant fees sellers have to pay, Ebay will even go ahead and side with the scam artists, and double screw you!
Anonymous on 02/07/2011:
If you don't like it then use the newspaper classified. Better yet, use Craigslist. Once you weed out the nut jobs, spam, scammers, etc., let us know how that goes.

I buy some crap on EBay. The sellers used to be able to screw us buyers with impunity. I'm glad EBay is backing the buyers now. Otherwise I would be buying junk elsewhere. Part of retail is dealing with scammers, thiefs, and liars. eBay is no different. You never said what the product was. It could have fallen apart right after the feedback was written. Just because you posted no refunds, it does not override Ebay's policy. As car as other issues, I'm sure you can find it on your members agreement.
Ytropious on 02/07/2011:
I didn't think it was physically possible to open a dispute after buyer leaves feedback...
ColoradoFan on 02/25/2012:
Ebay states You won't get charged if your items don't sell... well, they DID, and I wasn't expecting them to go to my account and charged $7.75! I had no funds at the time, but they kept going back to my bank even though there were funds in PayPal! This $7.75 fee which I shouldn't have incurred, cost me 3 X $35.00 in NSF fees! When I complained, the clerk didn't have any idea what I was complaining about! She kept reciting, "let me walk you through...". I was so infuriated I said "don't walk me through anything, since YOU don't even understand your own rules! Quite a NIGHTMARE! No thanks on selling anything through Ebay! Bad News!
Schererville on 12/28/2013:
"Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-07:
If you don't like it then use the newspaper classified. Better yet, use Craigslist. Once you weed out the nut jobs, spam, scammers, etc., let us know how that goes.

I buy some crap on EBay. The sellers used to be able to screw us buyers with impunity. I'm glad EBay is backing the buyers now. Otherwise I would be buying junk elsewhere. Part of retail is dealing with scammers, thiefs, and liars. eBay is no different. You never said what the product was. It could have fallen apart right after the feedback was written. Just because you posted no refunds, it does not override Ebay's policy. As car as other issues, I'm sure you can find it on your members agreement."

eBay is far from the retail market of which you so arrogantly speak, the sellers are not insured for loss and "a part of dealing with scammers, thief's, and liars" is raising prices for everyone else in every market. And on Craigs list if you list "as is" or "no returns accepted" it is upheld in a court of law. And if you're buying "junk" and "crap"on eBay maybe you would be better suited to Craigs List they have a boat load of overpriced Junk/Crap.
eBay is not Walmart (a multi billion dollar corporation) where you can buy an outfit, shoes, jewelry on Friday wear it to the club and then return it for a full refund or store credit for next weekend on Tuesday or Wednesday (or for that matter two months later), eBay is a huge clearing house for misc. merchandise made up of thousands of individual (uninsured)sellers some of it may be from Walmart after being returned on Tuesday or Wednesday one too many times but still new with tags and selling for 1/3 less than Walmarts clearance prices as they were purchased at a buyout price in large lots.
eBay has a lot more responsible sellers than buyers and that is going to hurt them in the long run causing class action suits therefor causing them to raise prices for sellers (because the CEO isn't going to say wow we screwed up I have to take a cut in pay) and causing you to have to pay more for your "Junk" and "Crap" But hey this is typical consumer idiocracy. The billionaires at the top of the food chain don't take pay cuts (they already have a lifestyle of which they have become accustomed)They pass the losses on to me and I have no choice but to pass them on to you. But good luck with your life choices.
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Good sellers - Bad buyers
Posted on
Rating: 2/51
There is no protection for sellers. Sellers are expected to give possitive feedback and you hear buyers online constantly saying well why not I paid quick why not give me quick possitive feedback quick. Little do they know what its like to be a seller. There have been so many buyers who receive their item and knowingly open a false " item not as described cases" and receive their money back in only minutes. They do not have to prove it was not as described. Lets say for example a buyer buys a ring and they flat out lie and say it wasn't gold like described it doesn't matter and they will be not only refunded their money in minutes but get to keep you item and show no proof that they will return it. ITS CALLED FREEBAY! To top it all off even though you lose your money and your item you are still charged your listing fee and final value fee and have already left positive feedback for a bad seller. For a seller the deal isn't done until the buyer receives AND is happy with the item and if not happy has good communication for a return and refund. There is nothing but liars and thieves on eBay and eBay allows it to happen to the people who pay them. I'm not saying buyers should have no protection and there are bad sellers out their but my review is about good sellers and bad buyers. This has never happened to me but eBay buyers know the loop holes and more and more thieves are joining eBay so I will no longer be a seller for ebays profit when I know if my time is up and I get a freEbay buyer they won't have my back. Thank you
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 02/06/2013:
"There is nothing but liars and thieves on eBay..." As a user since 2000, I do not agree with this statement at all.

In the early days, buyers were at the mercy of fraudulent sellers, and the trick was to read all the feedback you could, and read between the lines, and ask questions of sellers, and then make more best guess based on all this information. And still you could get burned - I bought an expensive heavy vintage piece that was advertised "like new, you will not be disappointed" from a seller with 150+ feedbacks and 100% rating. The item had a good sized nick in it, that had been filed in an attempt to hide it. He told me via email to go ahead and give him a negative feedback, he didn't care and he would not give me a modest refund.

Ebay has tried to make it safer for buyers, and several changes they have made are consistent with that goal. I agree that the pendulum appears to have swung a bit too far, but the inherent problem with Ebay or any other online transaction is that the item/seller and buyer are physically separated. Another problem with Ebay is it is very popular, so it attracts all kinds of people looking to do something fraudulently.

I just bought something a few days ago, and the shipping method said "USPS Priority", and I specified my PO Box as the address to use. I get an email two days later saying "UPS wouldn't send to a PO Box, so I used USPS." See, that is one small example of the problem in not dealing in person - you are dealing with unknown entities, to a large extent.
DebtorBasher on 02/06/2013:
I would advise you to drop Ebay and sell on Webstore.com. Their format is basically the same as Ebay, so it isn't something you have to 'learn' your way around...BUT, they are much more seller friendly and they don't charge any fees for selling because they get paid by advertisers.
DebtorBasher on 02/06/2013:
8er,8er, my 8er...couldn't that 100% rating be the result of them not allowing negative feedback to be given? I admit I haven't used Ebay for quite a while now, but I believe I've read somewhere on here, that Ebay only allowed positive feedback...???
Anonymous on 02/07/2013:
Ebay does allow negative feedback. But only buyers can leave it. Sellers can only leave positive feedback. The only safeguards sellers can take against bad buyers, since they can't use their feedback to make a proper judgment, are to block anyone who bids & doesn't pay or who files a frivolous claim, and by adjusting their preferences to block buyers with 2 or more non-paying bidder strikes and buyers without a PayPal account.
Bud Ready on 09/09/2013:
kylecartertx50 paid for an item and then evidently remorsed on the sale. He gave an invalid shipping address ( an empty intersection ) to eBay causing the item to be returned as non-deliverable. He then requested a refund on the premise of untimely delivery. When I asked for a valid shipping address, he refused and opened a dispute.

His feedback shows that after I shipped the item he then purchased a similar item that was more costly but perhaps more to his liking. Had he been honest from the start about remorsing on the purchase I would have refunded his purchase, but instead he chose to give both me and eBay several different cock-and-bull stories which are nonsensical, inconsistent with each other and with the facts.

This guy needs to grow up and to grow a pair, until then I would advise avoiding him.
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EBay too big to for small sellers
Posted by on
We have had an Ebay account for over 8 years, during this time we went from selling one item to selling hundreds per week. At present our feedback is 99,2 percent. When Ebay changed to free shipping, we complained because as you know, Ebay now charges fees on the shipping we collect to ship products to our customers. For the year prior to this our company sold thousands of items per month on Ebay in the office supply category - selling at prices 40 percent below our competitors.

In April of 20111 Ebay mysteriously closed our Ebay store and took all of our listings off Ebay,. The email we received stated that our account was temporarily restricted from selling, but we could buy. When we called an spoke to them on the phone we were told that other people selling in the office supplly category had higher performance ratings than we did and that our account was suspended from selling until our performance imnproved,. Of course our question was, if we cannot sell how could our performance ratio change. I was told that over time negative ratings would drop off and we would become eligible again,. Well now four months later, we call Ebay and we are told that we are indefinetly restricted from selling on Ebay due to poor performance over a two month period. Yet our feedback rating is over 99 percent for an 8 year period and our dsr s are all above average.

In my opinion, Ebay has gotton so big that they want to merge out the small mom and pop businesses and people that made Ebay what it is today. Ebay wants only million dollar sellers on their site. They have forgotten the important people who made Ebay what it is today, common folk. Indeed we have found other venues to sell our products online, yet it irks me that Ebay has become so big that they can not dictate who sells and what they sell and how they sell it.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 08/04/2011:
What is "Poor performance over a two year period"? How many transactions are we speaking about? Are there issues with a specific item you've been selling? Are you not being responsive to your customers?

eBay, IMHO, is right for controlling selling issues, as they do not want bad sellers to reflect badly on the entire eBay community. I'd be interested to know more specifics about these problem transactions, however.
MissLeopard83 on 08/05/2011:
eBay has slowly and steadily become an unfriendly place for sellers. I never liked the fact that they changed the rule for sellers leaving feedback for buyers so you cannot leave negative feedback anymore. How do you know when a customer is bad? They are idiots! Now that final value fees have gone up this month, I'm very reluctant to sell anything on there. I also don't like that PayPal (owned by eBay) charges you a fee for a customer paying by PayPal if you have a premier account.
Venice09 on 08/05/2011:
I'm not too familiar with eBay, but from what I've read, this sounds like a valid complaint. If you had such a high rating on eBay, I'm sure you'll do just fine wherever you sell your products.

This review is helpful. There are probably other people in the same boat who will commiserate with you.
Anonymous on 08/05/2011:
eBay didn't switch to free shipping. They simply encouraged seller's to offer free shipping under the promise that their items were more likely to sell if they offered free shipping, as opposed to charging for shipping. Seller's have always been allowed to charge shipping. Also, you fail to mention how many claims were filed against you. You may have 99.2% positivefeedback but eBay only allows a certain number of claims before you are penalized. Also as someone else pointed out, you have 99.2% positive feedback out of how many transactions? If your a high volume seller, you could easily have 100 negatives and 1200 positives in the last year. You have .8% of less than stellar feedback and depending on how much you sell, that .8% is either a little or a lot.
Old Timer on 08/05/2011:
eBay has lost it. To make up for lower sales they just raise the seller rates. They pick on sellers, often without giving valid reasons why.

I have not been on eBay in years and never plan ongoing back. To many other better options now. We sell most of our old data center hardware the same day we list it on Craigslist. You do have to watch the scammers on CL though.
Anonymous on 08/05/2011:
Agreed OT. What is sad is that eBay started with the "mom and pop" business philosophy and slowly became like the typical corporations. Last I heard only buyers could post pos/neg feedback.

I'm glad to hear that eBay/feebay finally has some competition with other sites like CList mentioned above. Good luck
Anonymous on 08/05/2011:
I read an article that Ebay is actually planning to weed out the smaller sellers over the next few years, and become similar to Amazon. No idea if it is true, but from their actions it may seem that way.

Venice09 on 08/05/2011:
This review seems to confirm what you read, Nicole.
rctryon1-bge1022 on 12/31/2011:
I am so sad and sick after eBay suspended all our account as well, I cried all night because they restricted my account for no reason then told me now I am suspended indifinitely, and hung up on me, no explanation...how rude! how sad that after they got so big they just step on the small sellers,...they steal all my money on my account too..plus charge my debit account for something I did not use.....
John S. on 08/12/2013:
former eBay seller for over 13 years.

There is not enough time or space to tell my horror story.
I started out selling on eBay when it was fun and got my whole family in on it. We built up our business to over a million gross in about two years. A few years back my younger brother accidentally shifted an excel row down one slot before uploading a price update. We had to issue a large number of refunds which greatly affected our DSRs. We spent hundreds of hours calling eBay and trying to explain to them what had happened. We told our story over and over again begging for help and received a different story from a new uninformed CSR each time. Since that day our entire family and anyone with a similar last name has been banned from selling on the site. Our primary source of income was flushed down the toilet with absolutely zero recourse.

I have a close friend that tried starting a new seller account last week and she told me that they now have a mandatory 5 item per category limit for anyone starting a new account. eBay clearly favors the established sellers and makes it extremely challenging for anyone trying to start from scratch. There is no room for error and learning as you go from your mistakes, so before you spend hundreds of thousands of hours setting up a business with them, know that there are hundreds of thousands of mom and pops with the same story as ours. SELLERS BEWARE!
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Yes you can win where so many lose (for Sellers only)
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I have all the time in the world as an accident put me in bed so I have looked at how and why on Ebay.

EBay runs on listings, if one take a look you will see thousands and thousands of listing don’t sell and that’s why Ebay offers so many promotions like $.99 specials to generate more .

Buyers are their main profit and that’s what keeps their other part in operation Paypal and the reason they try to lock the buyers and sellers to it, they are one of the same company.

Now you have the reason why buyers are always correct even when they lie as Ebay can't loose any if they go against a buyer that buyer could well stop buying. So at the risk of assisting with a con, they take that risk .

Ebay knows there are far too many bad sellers out there that deliberately cheat the system, its impossible to stop or eradicate. the problem areas are sellers not having that they say they have, sellers selling the same item more than once. Sellers not describing the item correctly and deliberately misleading the buyers. Sellers bidding on their own item to get the selling auction up to a higher level, doing their own question and answer, and the list goes no and on. There is no level playing field on Ebay as their own laws make it that way, they generate dishonesty
Australia Ebay is different from USA as I found out selling to their customers. After looking at their agreement term and talking to a legal person this was the results… IN Australia they have a Government law as protection to the public in sales by either a registered business or corporate company. It covers , “not as described, not fit the use as sold, faulty, and a couple of other conditions”.

This does not cover any sales between private people selling an item or ANYONE in an auction. What they are doing in their agreement is taking this laws and misusing it as they classify everyone under these terms.

This give their buyers conditions that allows them to dishonest, as my experience has been they try to get FREE items using these conditions, I have been stung more that once. Australia is the only country that I have continual problems with and it cost me every time, I have lost so many disputes and finally have to give credits for stock without getting back the items to stay on line.
History tells the story if you read every complaint against Ebay worldwide it’s a huge problem to every seller to stay on line in EBay or terminated .
It only takes three disgruntled buyers and one is history, it’s a no Win as Ebay makes one look like a criminal to everyone and your customers respect in now history as well.
Operate two account at a time , that way you generate a spread of customer good feedback, not for Ebay but your self. Alternate the sales build them. together, if one goes down you have the other, then start a fresh account
Every item must be loaded by 25% to cover the free ones you will get, don’t argue past offering via Paypal for the buyer to return it first then a credit and keep your fingers crossed you will get it.
We in USA don’t have a problem with sending a tracking number or freight tracking,, DO this every time
But cover your cost if you can't add insurance and load that ,
UK and Australia sellers have a distinct disadvantage as it cost huge more for a tracking on light items so I suggest you make the load 30% on the items to cover the loss. As it will be the excuse “I did not Receive the item”
The other reason for the 25% is Paypal international exchange rate it almost criminal on how they try and make you believe the rate is real. they are playing with your money
Now one other must to keep Ebay from looking to hard have separate Paypal accounts keeping different email address and log on to Ebay as well
Finally it real important that you have a great looking page, be as descriptive as you can and be honest with it, don’t under play this as it will get you a lot more sales and a lot more respect .
Do not describe what you don’t have ,, use real photo’s not someone else’s use color back drops on the pages, made it stand out against anyone else’s. Remember you’re not in competition with any one your there to sell your product and stuff the opposition,
Here is a Real secret why I sell more than anyone on the same lines . I don’t sell low priced even if they do ….Buyers are a funny lot some will buy a low cost item but the majority will take the higher price, so the load on your item will not reduce sales ,
Now you know how to sell within Ebay and stay away for being terminated and still retain your respect and profits. Go for it. enjoy

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 04/03/2011:
All you have to do is not allow buyers from Australia, if that is causing you grief. I have sold items to several people in Europe and Asia -not a one to Australia.

I had trouble figuring out exactly what your complaint is. Did you find all this information while you were home sick, or did you find it out through experience?
Ytropious on 04/04/2011:
The one time I sold to Australia I was sent some sort of Aussie cashier check. I deposited it to my bank account and all was fine. Then after I sent the item the money was taken from my account for no reason. Maybe the check was bad? Who knows. Point is, the buyer got a free item.
Kurizumaru on 04/04/2011:
I keep telling people to use Bonanza instead.
Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
I'm really starting to think what other sellers are thinking, that eBay only wants power sellers to use their site. This "seller performance" that they require you to have and average of 4.9 stars out of 5 or better, is just ridiculous. The only way you may be able to keep a 4.9 out of 5 is if you are a power seller and get hundreds of profile feedbacks a week. For lower sellers who sell things every once in a while, you will have buyers who may not give you 5 stars every time, so even ONE 4 out of 5 rating will hurt you and cause Ebay to send you threats of suspension. You can have 100% positive seller feedback rating, and eBay will STILL continue to harass you with these ridiculous "alerts" they call them. I'm getting seriously disgusted with eBay. I am always quick to send my merchandise, and communicate fully with my buyers. My buyers think I'm great, but apparently Ebay does not. But they sure have their hand out to take 10% of my money! Bunch of jerks.
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Ebay Supports Fraudulent Sellers - Proven Fraud Still Open For Business
Posted by on
My complaint is small compared to others I have read, but using them, and losing with them adds up. The complaints all add up and show the criminal and unethical tactics used by Ebay. Their purpose is clear, they do not have integrity, they are after the almighty dollar, over and above fairness to buyers (and as I study to sellers as well), so I just feel everyone should expose them with your problem, so others learn and stop supporting these crimes. So here is my complaint.

After bidding on and winning a supposed "Professional" gemological refractometer from Airflow142000, dongliang liu, aka, Robert liu, PO box 13492 Torrance, CA 90503, described as NEW, NEVER BEEN USED, includes 2 year warranty, and then receiving something else other than what was pictured altogether, an old, broken down, loose battery compartment, all around non-functioning refractometer without the 2 year warranty. I requested my money back. The seller said no shipping charges would be refunded on his sales page. (Against Ebay policy) Realizing this and the audacity of this fraudulent sale/auction, I filed a complaint with Ebay, and later followed up and sent Ebay a copy of my shipping/request for all costs emailed to seller Airflow14200.

My Email to Seller

----"The Item was shipped from Postnet today - shipped via USPS Priority with tracking number 9101969010386700077275, The shipping costs were $9.76. Ebay doesn't allow me to send you a copy of the receipt. Please let me know how I can get a copy of it to you. I am asking that all shipping, to and from you, be returned to me as well. When the wrong item is sent or an item is not as described inducing higher bids, it is wrong and unfair to charge the buyer/customer any fees. That would make the buyer/customer a victim. Please return all my costs relating to this faulty sale."----

I received no response to this email from the seller, and upon receipt of tracking delivery information by Ebay, Ebay sent me the following email.

From Ebay:

----"Thanks for shipping your item back to the seller. According to tracking information, the item you returned has been delivered.

Refund information:

The seller will send you a full refund of $79.95 by Nov 18, 2010. The refund includes the purchase price plus original shipping. When you receive your refund, please close this case in the Resolution Center.

You can view the details of this case in the Resolution Center."----

EBAY DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE MY EMAIL OR DISCUSSION REGARDING MY LOSS IN RETURN SHIPPING AND REQUEST FOR THE RETURN OF MY SHIPPING COST LOSS, AND LACKS CONCERN OF ANY KIND FOR THIS TYPE OF FRAUD AND LOSS TO CUSTOMERS ON THEIR AUCTION SITE.... and why would they? If Ebay loses the criminal seller, how are they going to make their percentage of any of their criminal sales? There was no reprimand for these fraudulent actions and sale. This seller, Airflow142000, has not had interrupted service on Ebay of any kind or length, or, any other reprimand for this SO VERY CLEAR FRAUD! He is free to turn around and try to sell the returned garbage to someone else now.

EBAY is just as big of a criminal as the fraudulent sellers they support when they do not ensure their buyers safety and refuse to properly handle fraudulent sellers. How fair is it to fraudulently lead someone into believing they are buying a product by falsifying information to induce your bid or purchase, not produce the item, and then leave you holding a loss for return shipping in any amount? It adds up!

Okay, so I am an idiot for using Ebay, but YOU don't have to be... but here is why I am. This is not the first time this has happened to me. I used to purchase gemstones through Ebay, many came and tested out as glass or something other than what they were described... which descriptions are made to induce higher bids. Some will get here and turn out to be simple glass. Other scams for instance, are the seller claiming a flourite gemstone was Paraiba Tourmaline and described as such. The bids will be hundreds of dollars in difference to value, and shipping is $10.00 to $18.00 to return a gemstone overseas where most gemstones come from.

I have closed my Ebay account before for two years because of this constant loss in shipping, until I recently received an email from Ebay stating that they will guarantee shipping costs will be returned in future orders. The wording was just enough to get you sparked up, or believing them.... a manipulation of words to reel you in, but omitting that they will only get shipping PAID to the seller returned, and did not detail that your return shipping costs will not be requested or required to be returned by the seller.

I hope these complaints get out and people take heed. If we, as consumers, use these fraudulent companies such as Ebay and some of their fraudulent sellers... they succeed and we continue to fail more and more and more. If we wake up, put our foot down, STOP using Ebay and other fraudulent Internet selling sites, until they work to earn their income, protect the buyers and sellers PROPERLY, they will have to change their dirty methods.

This is my last eBay adventure ever. They cannot be trusted over their greed and manipulative emails. This was a $9.76 loss (providing I really get my money back from the seller), but aside from this, in the past, I have lost an approximate minimum of $370.00 in return shipping costs in several fraudulent sales on eBay (a minimum of 30 fake stones). When I realized that loss growing steadily, I stopped using them.

Fraudulent sellers should instantly be banned... STOPPED... and prevented from continuing. What is Ebay thinking? Of that almighty dollar? Could it be anything else? Fraud is Fraud and character of the seller! Guess what, it is yours, they essentially help these fraudulent sellers steal it from you and they are okay with that. Are you?
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User Replies:
candybear on 11/16/2010:
I completely understand your frustration. Ebay zips off canned responses to customer issues that have little to no relevance to what is going on.
I have been one of the good sellers there for over 8 years, with over 4300 positive feedbacks. When I have had to write them about issues, they keep you waiting for days, and then you receive a canned letter. In one case, they had someone call me...part of a satisfaction survey. I told her that I didn't appreciate it that good sellers are being treated like criminals lately and asked her why bad sellers are not immediately removed. This was her actual response. "We want to give them chances".
So they get to have more time to defraud people and good sellers get lumped in with them.
I still maintain a small presence on Ebay, but honestly, I buy there as little as possible. I simply refuse to give them money....by buying or selling on Ebay.
Have you tried Etsy or Artfire? You can get nice things there and deal with nice artists and sellers of vintage things in a friendly environment. I couldn't believe the difference.
trmn8r on 11/16/2010:
Ebay is far from perfect. Fraud is definitely a concern, and the objects you trade (gemstones) are a prime target for fraudulent activity.

In my experience, you would be better off not using Ebay to buy gemstones. It is just too likely you will run into trouble, even using sellers with 100% positive feedback.

I don't know how Ebay fights fraud, but their business is the perfect place for unscrupulous people to make a buck. It seems like it would be a simple matter to identify who is conducting fraudluent business, and who isn't. The best way to avoid it is not get involved where the risk is too great.
TDB on 11/17/2010:
Thanks for your responses. It helps to know people are reading and learning. Candybear I do know, I have been reading Sellers have pretty severe problems with eBay themselves. One obnoxious person can run your hard work earning 4300 positive feedbacks. I also know you are right about trading gemstones being trouble trmn8r. Working with Ebay, EVERYONE is at risk of losing something EXCEPT Ebay and that was my point in concluding I needed to post here. Ebay rakes in the money off of our (Seller and Buyer) activity, yet, they don't put hardly anything into correcting problems. The canned responses, the lack of communication, the lack of concern that honest buyers and sellers are losing, the charging of seller fees when a seller lost a deal. The list goes on, yet the point is still there.... They are raking it in and they couldn't care less about the people who are making it for them. It's time people wake up and take their business elsewhere. That sounds harsh, but the reality is, they get more obnoxious with their non-corrective responses as time goes on. The more they make, the less likely they will ever correct anything, and the floor will fall through for more and more Sellers and Buyers all the while we reward Ebay for their greed and inept business ethics.
max rockatansky on 08/27/2013:
hey I know it's been awhile, but is there any update on this?

I had my own experience with a fraudulent Ebay seller. There has to be power in the numbers of dissatisfied customers....

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Ebay Seller Unjustly Blocked From Ebay
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Over the past 10 -12 years maybe longer I have been a seller on Ebay. I loved it. It was a significant part of my life each and every day. I firmly believe that Ebay could help me experience and achieve my personal American Dream. I struggled at first as I was attempting to navigate through the expectations of both Ebay and the buyers on Ebay. I received a few negatives along the way. some deserved but most not. I used them as learning tools to better myself and to make me a qualified and effective seller. I finally became a power seller for which I was very proud of. It was my intention to make a successful Ebay business a part of my retirement income. Things were moving a long fine but I realized about a year ago that it was essential for future stability and sugcess that it was important to find a steady source of good merchandise that I could sell on my site. So I began searching and researching many source for items. This is a bout the time that all my problems began. Let me enumerate

1. I received a negative feed back from a buyer which made no since. In communication with this individual it was discovered that the neg was never intended to be fore me. It was intended to be left for another Ebay seller which this buyer was having problems with. I tried and I believe the buyer attempted to have the feed back removed . We were both unsuccessful in our attempts. Ebay refused to do anything about it. THIS WRONG!!!

2. Not long after this I received another Negative. I accidentally switched items while packaging up items for delivery. The immediate upon receiving the item left negative feed back. I replaced the item for her and allowed her to keep the wrong item at no cost to her. She was very happy. She realized that she had responded to quickly and want to change the feed back but wasn't allow by Ebay to do so. This too doesn't seem right at all.

3. Then I received a third negative from a buyer who tried to scam me. They tried to say that they hadn't received an item that they had purchased. I told them I would replace it for them. At the time the Tracking on this item hadn't shown delivery. Just before sending the replacement I checked it once more and it was showing that it was indeed delivered and had actually been delivered prior to the buyer informing that they had not received the item. When I confronted the buyer they became very Hostile demanding that I send the replacement although I had proof that it was received. They attempted to stop payment that was sent through Paypal but Pay pal side with me. The buyer left the feed back and was allowed to by Ebay even though I was in the right. So now I have three Negatives that I did not deserve which were now affecting my standings with Ebay and it was affecting my DSR. My feed back was 98.2 now which is still good. My DSR readings were all in good standings.

4. Now my other problems began. In my Search for whole sale out lets I ran across DHGate. I purchase some items for resale. The first was some Channel Sunglasses whose I thought were Authentic. M first listing was removed for violations. It turns out that they why unlawful copies. So I did not relist or sell the remainder of these. I gave them away.

5. I also had bought some Coach Bags Through DH Gate. I thought I better check these out before listing them. I took them to a local Coach store who said they were very good replicas but that they were not the real thing. So again I did not attempt to list them as I did not wish to destroy my standings with Ebay.

6. I did some research on Ebay looking for what was Hot. I noticed that there were about 10,000 DG Designer Sunglasses for sell on Ebay and they seemed like they were doing well. I found a distributor, Olympic Eyeware in Utah. I purchased some. Listed them and they were doing well as I expected. then out of the blue I had a couple removed by eBay for Trade mark violations. I researched it and it appeared they felt that they were violating Dolce & Gabanna's Trade mark. The email that I got from eBay indicated that if the listing did not totally disappeared that if they appeared in my closed listing they could be relisted if done so properly. I did research with other sellers who advised me to be certain to list them As Designer Glasses (the brand Name and DG was what they were Known by. I checked with Olympic Eyeware who sent to me a copy of the Trademark registration. So I thought I was fine as long as I had the proper info in my listing. So I listed them again and all was well and then I had three more listings remove. Within a day of this I received an email stating that my account was suspended. Then a few Days latter It was blocked completely.

7. Since that time I have taken time to do some research. This is what I discovered.

* DG (Designer Glasses) Was registered (Reg. No. 2,582,314) in 2002 With a over lapping DG as their mark and in Word DG as their written Trademark
* Dolce & Gabbanna Registered their Trade Mark D&G in 2006. Their registration No is 3,108,403.
* At present the two companies are locked in legal negotiations. D7G was trying to have the Trade Mark of DG cancelled. However they were thus far unable to do this. Present as of 2009 they have been attempting to work out a settlement but nothing has been agreed upon.
* Basically at this time both Trade marks are registered and are legal, Use of the Trade mark is legal hen advertising the sell for the product they represent.
* My selling and listing them on Ebay Was Legal and in conformity of the related trade mark.

What has Happened representative of Dolce and Cabanna Have come into the Ebay community and have begun Identifying listing that they do not want there and telling Ebay they are Violating their Copy Rights Which they do not as the courts have not ruled in their favor. Using the Designation DG Sunglasses is OK and perfectly legal. This I found out in less than an hours worth of research. Ebay chooses to take D7G word as gospel and is systematically removing listing of DG Sunglasses and in many cases unjustly removing and blocking godd legitimate sellers from Ebay accusing them of unlawful activities and the violation of Trademarks. This is being done with know investigations on their own part. I'm considering what actions I must take including possible Legal resource in order to correct then injustices place upon me in regards to my right to operate within the Ebay Environment and for the unjust accusation against my character and reputation in the auction environment.

I would like very much to hear from others that have experienced the same on eBay and face the same feels of dismay and frustrations that I have felt.

Company Response 01/29/2009:
I have never sold knock offs or replicas on ebay These Sun Glasses Have Been Trade marked by the United states Government and in fact were done so before D&G eyeware. Mine are DG eyeware. The only thing Ebay has finially said is that I can sell them but do not use the word Designer in the discription or use the wording similar to those worn by celebreties.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 10/17/2008:
If you had plainly stated in your listing "just to be clear, these are NOT Dolce and Cabanna glasses" you might have a leg to stand on.

But if I am EBay and you have already been busted once for selling counterfeit goods, I would make the assumption you were hoping people would assume these are the name brand product and not a knock off.

And there may be a legitimate beef over the copyright, but that's between the two companies that dispute the ownership of "DG", it's not for EBay to rule on. They have deep pockets and would make an attractive target for some energetic lawyer that decided to sue them for failing to take steps to stop counterfeiting.

spiderman2 on 10/17/2008:
Maybe your listing should have said "knockoff designer sunglasses" because it sounds like that is what they are. The meat of your complaint/problems are #5 and #6. The rest of this stuff really doesn't matter. Those reasons are not why you were suspended.
Suusan B. on 10/17/2008:
DHGate is China's version of eBay - - I looked on their site for Coach handbags and the fact that the price on the bag I looked at ran from $18.24 for one and $6.31 for 1,001 should raise a huge red flag that these are counterfeit. You were suspended for attempting to sell counterfeit goods and I, for one, am glad that eBay is staying on top of this issue.
Patti Ann on 11/02/2008:
The only thing Ebay is "on top of" is their bank accounts.
Nike air max on 07/12/2011:
That same material choice also inhibits ventilation on the Nike air max Hyped. With what is primarily a one piece upper, the only ventilation comes from a handful of perforations on the toebox. Unfortunately, the tongue is actually stitched in further forward in the shoe than these perforations, so breathability is average at best.

Overall, the Nike air max 2011 leaves me feeling stagnant. It’s like one of those underachieving students that you know could be doing better. It has plenty of the right pieces to be near the top of the class, but they’re put together in a “just getting by” kind of fashion that doesn’t really shine in any particular way.
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Ebay refuses refund on Counterfeit Pants
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I purchased a pair of NWT Tommy Hilfiger pants from a seller on Ebay called "dintyclutter". A few months after I got them I finally figured out the so called Tommy Hilfiger cords I bought were knockoffs. The seller still had some of these on his site and after I reported him to Ebay they made him take down his other knockoffs. Because it took me longer than 45 days to research this before I accused and reported the fraud, no one will give me a refund. Not Ebay, PayPal, or the seller "Dintyclutter". I found the fraud for Ebay and I'm still out my money.
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User Replies:
Dinty on 07/09/2013:
This reviewer fabricated a story here, sorry folks. So, just a couple of FACTUAL corrections. The Hilfiger cords were in fact legitimate, from reliable authorized retailer, on Sale. And eBay did NOT "take down my other knockoffs", as she falsely claimed. They are still for sale, selling and no other complaints. This poster "opalmatrix" fabricated the entire story. :-( Sad to see people like that. THAT, factually, is why she did not get any refund. She had no case. Anther fact, she avoided telling...she never contacted me before the 45 days she waited.....I would have gladly resolved the issue regardless of her wild invalid accusations, but not after 45 days of use. We do have a 14 day return policy. SAD. Just to set the "facts straight".
Dinty on 07/09/2013:
MORE FACTS on this false accusation above. This user on eBay is ID " cheifs1". BEWARE selling to her, as she insisted on her wild false accusations, even after I gave her the major retailer store manage's number and she contacted her to validate the cord's authenticity. All this after wearing them SEVERAL months (bought Sept 1 and Complained April of the following year, if you can believe that!and even leaving me glowing eBay feedback on the pants (see below).
" Love my jeans and the seller was way more than fair." Seller: Dinty ( 21452) Oct-13-12 13:40
Reply by dintyclutter (Oct-14-12 08:26):
THANKS. Glad that you liked our product! Come back soon. Lots more Hilfiger. :-)
This buyer has a SERIOUS problem of some sorts.....BEWARE. She continued her negative falsified SPAM accusations on this site for several months. :-(
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