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Seller Fraud
Posted by Batzion7 on 04/27/2006
I was shopping for a bed canopy for my granddaughter, so I decided to check eBay. I have shopped eBay before and except for one seller, who's shipping charge was outrageous, my purchases were fine. After looking at many listings I found what "appeared" to be just the canopy I was looking for. The photo on the listing showed fabric on the end and sides of the canopy, just what my granddaughter wanted. So, Granny placed her bid and won. I was delighted....until...the canopy arrived. It was NOTHING like the one pictured on the listing. It had no fabric on the end or the sides, just a thin strip on each corner. I emailed the seller...no answer...no other contact info. So I placed the TRUTH on the feedback...WELL I sure heard from him then!!! He has insulted me and bullied me. I have returned the canopy to him. He has not refunded my money. I filed complaints with eBay's "safe harbor" and with PayPal. Still.... he continues to sell and I continue to fight to get my money back. The only way to "investigate" these sellers is to read their feedback....his seemed to be ok. He "suggested" to me that if we "mutually agreed" to remove both our negative feedback there would be no problem with a refund. Still.... he continues to sell on eBay and I fight to get my money back. This is just plain fraud!
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-04-27:
I would personally call EBay and see what they can do to help - this is where they need to be earning their money.
Posted by wary-consumer on 2006-04-27:
First of all, Hugh, you cant call eBay! They dont have a call center, you must email them. The email responses are usually generic canned responses that do not address your particular concern/complaint-and just blow the customer off.
Secondly, eBay wont do anything, becuase they claim they are merely a site that brings the Buyer & Seller together and are not respnsible for its memebrs actions.(Basically its a cop out to let the seller keep selling fraudulantly so eBay can keep getting their cut of the transaction fee until multiple negative feedbacks are recieved).
Lastly, the reason shipping is so much with the smart sellers is they lower the item price(which ebay takes a percentage of) and raise their shipping price(which eBay does not take a cut of)-So they are basically beating eBay at their own game. The higher the shipping and the less the item price then the less ebay gets to squeze out of the seller...Look at is as a combined price instead of separating it out like ebay does.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-04-28:
Amazing. You would think there would be some way to contact them about something like this - holding a person's refund hostage to insure their feedback stays high. This certainly cheapens their whole feedback system if it can be manipulated like this and EBay won't police it.
Posted by wary-consumer on 2006-04-28:
Your right, eBay's feedback system is a JOKE!! Its is a way for scammers to retaliate against honest people.
There are 2 ways to have a negative feedback removed:
1)Seller & Buyer both mutually agree to withdraw feedback, and
2)File a case with Ebays dispute partner Squaretrade which charges $30 (I'm sure ebay gets a cut of this $30 too- so they are all for letting retalitory feedback continue becasue it raises profits for eBay & Squaretrade)
As for getting your money back, PayPal & Ebay will propably say this is a goods issue betwwen the buyer and seller and deny your claim since you did recieve SOMETHING.
They will try to drag this "investigation" out past your credit card chargeback rights period (usually 90 days)so they can protect their profits.
Your best bet is to file a dispute with your credit card company before that time expires if they try dragging it out, but be aware it will close any case with Ebay/ Paypal (which propably would have been denied if they are delaying anyway).
If you did not use a credit card you may be SOL. Always use credit card with PayPal and not instant bank transer. PayPal tries to trick its users into thinking they have the same protections for both payment methods when in reality you do not- PayPal just does not get charged a merchant fee from a credit card company when you use an bank account instant tranfer instead= more PayPal profits$$. For more information read my post on 9/30/05 on this site entitled ""PayPal Buyer Protection Program...has a loophole=SCAM!!!!"" --Hope this helps.
Posted by batzion7 on 2006-04-28:
I am so glad to see comments on this posting. Just to follow-up...I did go through all of the proceedures required. Wary-consumer is exactly right. It did absolutely no good. I was advised on ebay "live chat help" to "escalate" the dispute and that this would get my money back and the seller would get a "strike" on his account. Well I am so frustrated with all of this..I did just that. This little lesson has cost me, to date, $52.35..ebay's so-called "protection" will return to me a maximum of $9.00, also doing this closed the dispute. So, I have no choice but to file charges with the police. I have filed a complaint with, the USPS mail fraud unit, the IC3 which is the FBI internet fraud unit...by the way..this one is good...they will be sending the complaint to law enforcement in the city where this guy lives, also the Attorney General of his state, to my Sheirff (good friend of mine) my state Attorney General. Bad things happen when good people do nothing...I am going to do everything I can do, through the Law, to see to it that this guy, at the very least, has to pay me in full as well as court costs. My documentation is excellent. I sent the item back to the jerk COD...he refused to pick it up...LOL now it comes back to me. Great...evidence. If any of you have any suggestions for further complaints please post them. Thanks
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-02:
You know you could post the ebay seller's name? I would. Anyway, here's a tip when you look for an item take a look if they are selling identical items. These power sellers get lazy and post the same picture so if you see that symptom run.
Here's ebay's phone numbers
Posted by batzion7 on 2006-05-03:
Mrs Manischewitz....Thank you for the numbers. Saw your picture...you sure do look (just like) Bea A. you know Dorothy on Golden Girls. Love that show. As of today I am still trying to get this resolved. Faxed 10 pages to my credit card co. and I am sure they will issuse a charge back to PayPal and they in turn will hit the seller. So, I guess that will be that. I did get an unsolicited email from ebay and this time there actually was the full name of the sender, most likely fictitious. I answered it and told the entire story, not that I think it will do any good.
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discrimination toward sellers from e-bay
Posted by Gatorcop91 on 12/08/2005
E-bay is the biggest joke on 7 continents. You can't talk to a real person and if you get thru with "live help" on the home page, they can't do anything. I think this is as frustrating to them as me. If they can't do anything why have them? Try finding an actual phone number! The ones that are suppose to be to corporate headquarters only send you to talk to a customer service rep (who we've already established can't help) in either the e-bay or paypal divisions. I haven't been suspended but have had the same 3 items yanked for trademark infringement. I had a letter of permission to sell my own personal items from the manufacturer as well as the trademark and copywrite office in DC guidelines, and the e-bay rules listed on the auction and was in compliance with all. It turns out the women who sold me the items last year is a "exclusive" seller on e-bay of these items, even though there were 1183 auctions going besides hers for the same items, complained that I wanted too low a price so they couldn't be authentic. They pulled them without ever reading the listing or checking the validity of the complaint. Then I respond and it's been days and I still haven't heard from them. I just passed my state bar and am going to compile a class-action suit against them for discrimination if it takes me the rest of my natural life. It won't cost me a dime but I'll keep their legal office busy. What a great hobby!
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Posted by Luxtoys on 2006-01-23:
eBay discriminates against small sellers because the powersellers complain whenever they have some competition, which I think is wrong! I would love to join in a class action suit against eBay. Their rules only protect them and their powersellers and you can't even defend yourself because you never get to talk to anyone, you just get the same old bull**** emails everytime they remove one of your listings. Try accusing a powerseller of selling counterfeit items and watch as their listings will never come down. In my opinion, almost every clothing item, every handbag, every shoe on eBay is counterfeit and without these items being sold, eBay will be washed out but they will only take down the listings of the little guy just to act as if they are complying with their own rules and regulations. In reality, they know that most sellers are selling counterfeit items but do not want to do anything about it because they will lose big bucks!! So much for the little guy. I hate eBay!!!!
Posted by Vertinias on 2006-06-24:
I am still confused about Ebay's methods...I have been a seller for a couple of months....I have a 100% rating. No complaints against my business, and legitimate business credentials. However; Ebay just suspends my listing privileges and asks for a great deal of personal information via email..Which they say they never would do. I have emailed back and forth and still they will not suggest any resolution. I threatened to complain and cancel my account...Now I have no responses to my emails. Soon they will hear from a lawyer, since my attempt at a small business has now been derailed.
Posted by rakushka on 2007-09-22:
I've been on ebay since 2004 and got my purple star already what makes me a seller but not a powerseller, of course. I've been tired of keeping my store alive briinging more and more items. The result was and is that ebay rises its listing fees and final value fees and after paypal fees you see so little that it makes me now think I had enough of bsh...ing... What absolutely annoyed me was: I was selling a prenatal listener I bought for myself and ebay keeps cancelling it though others sell same one in the same category. Ebay is screwing me with automated replies about some health depatrtment and obligatory category in Medical Equipment - where nobody of momies ready to buy will even look for it, but it's not the only disadvantage in categories and searches anyway. So I keep relisting and receiving rejections while others freely sell same item in same "prohibited" or "wrong" in a sick ebay's view category named OTHER BABY ITMES. I am looking for a good lawyer to help with discrimination suit against idiotic ebay and I am obviously closing my store. Forget about their Trust and Safety Team who will always ignore you and online help is like talking to the wall. Calling brought me to an idiot who hung up on me. The reasons as few as they are as they've been given by ebay DO NOT APPLY to other sellers who list and sell same item in the same category at the same time despite me reporting through ebay's absolutely idiotic system of useless messages to Trust and Safety Team.
Posted by ebay_ball_buster on 2007-09-30:
I have been on ebay since Feb-2000 and I was a PowerSeller. Just recently my identiy was stolen and I was forced close any and all financial accounts for my own protection. I contacted Live Help on eBay because at that moment I had 150 auctions running and had just had 47 close with sales. My PayPal account was put on hold and I was unable to accept payment. Those who had paid were refunded their money because I was unable to ship becaue all of my assets were frozen.

My banks, PayPal, everyone was more than willing to work with me. I canceled all the auctions and tried to explain to those who would not be receiving their items. Ebay lended no support but rather took my account away from me. To make matters worse they have now suspended my Grandmothers account because she bought my son a Spanish Language program and had it shipped to my address. Shipping the item to my address linked her with me.

I have tried explaining the situation to Live Help again and again. I have written Trust & Safty. No one will respond to me and I am now sitting with $4K wholesale in Talbots clothing and no way to make an income for my son and me. I am disabled so need a means of making money from home on my computer.

I have run over 4,000 auctions, probably more. I was a PowerSeller and still they let a computer program make the decisions for what is going on. I now have lost about $1,000 per month in income that supplimented my disability which means I am unable to meet my bills.

There has got to be some mind of reason in this business who encouraged and encouraged me over the years to sell, sell, sell and build up an inventory to just take my business away from me like that without letting me even speak to a real person.

Worse yet, they took my 80 something year old Grandmothers account away from her because we are related. She had only bought two items in 3 years What next??? Are we really going to permit big business to control our lives and businessess without so much as a human thought behind it?

If there is a class action suit out there somewhere please contact me. I would love to see eBay have to take some responsibility for once. After the tens of thousands of dollars they have made off of me and not one human with a thought in their head to talk to.
Posted by Inspired on 2013-01-23:
I would like to be party to a lawsuit against ebay for discrimination. They have pulled some of my auctions for a supposed copyright infringement which it clearly was not, so much so they created a special rule to keep me from listing, but are allowing hundreds to list with clear copyright infringement, I have pointed this out to them asking them why the law breakers are allowed to list but we are not and the response is because we said so. Come one this is not right!!!
Posted by freelancing4fun on 2013-11-02:
member since 06 224 pos feedback the last two months were real hectic for me an I got my first neg feedbacks two of them I apologized to my customers unexplained I was opening a new car lot and have been running behind on shipping. but check an went over my acct had nothing pending Ebay closed my store last night no warning an told me I can't speak with anyone else about this matter. that seven years of hard work to build this store and no negative feedback I don't even get a chance to fix any problems they may have with how im doing business. im a white American and I feel belittled and definitely discriminated against I understand im the minority now but I thought these problems were fixed in this country instead other races are trying to get even for other generations bad decisions there no different than my ancestors but I just hope Ebay and the races in power feel better one more white American lashed an out of business was this the dream they had coming true
Posted by ftp on 2013-11-22:
Hey freelancing4fun, don't feel too bad, my account was closed indefinitely with 1600 100% feedback for 1 violation. To make matters worse, they also canceled my brother's account with over 8000 feedback at 99% feedback. They claimed our accounts were linked. FYI they track you bay your MAC, IP, cookies and more to find out if you are related and their computers automatically linked.

People are getting confused with racial discrimination. This should labeled as economic or financial discrimination against small business owners on their site. In my research on the web, I have learned that they don't do this to large sellers who bring time much more money.
Posted by Dude on 2013-12-31:
Ebay and Paypa descriminate against buyers too.
Ebay restricts you from buying, from buying anything from the same seller for a period of time, and unlists the sellers items and cancels winning bids. Paypal does it also by putting holds on funds and claiming your credit card company refused payment. You talk to your credit card company and they say they aren't putting holds or refusals on your
card, that Paypal is lying. I had no problem with a half dozen purchases before and after that one item. Ebay and Paypal should be sued for extortion, descrimination, and interference of commerce under the RICO Act. And the Nazi's that run them should be sued personally and jailed.
Posted by Mike on 2014-01-03:
I too am dealing with the same issues that you all are describing. I am fed up with it and I agree that we should sue!
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Unsubstantiated suspension/then debiting for fees!
Posted by Dragonswrath on 02/19/2008
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- After having been on Ebay almost since their inception for ten years and putting up with their crap because they are the only show in town this happened!. A couple of months ago with no warning they deleted almost a hundred of our auctions and suspended us saying that "someone" had informed them that we were not who we said we were! We were informed that we must verify our identities by faxing them utility bills and copies of our drivers licenses. We were furious but had items sold and some that had just closed or were about to. So we complied and were reinstated after a week... .but guess what? All our auctions were gone into the ether never to return. We had to relist every item and it took three days!

Zoom forward a month and BAM! they do it again but this time according to them we were consorting with a suspended member! With no justification or arbitration they suspended us again and deleted over dozens of auctions again. They will not respond to any of our emails, as usual and here's the clincher...

Today they debited our account for $490.00 in listing fees for the items they deleted!! If there is a God these tyrants will get what's coming to them and I will dance in the streets. That is after filing complaints with the Illinois states attorney and consumer affairs, as well as telling everyone within voice range to stay as far away from these clowns as possible. They will ruin your livelihood in a heartbeat with no remorse whatsoever...

Do yourself a big favor and steer clear of EBAY!
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-02-19:
if this was a bad deal from the beginning, why did you stay so long?
Posted by bargod on 2008-02-19:
A hundred auctions at once. Sounds to me like you are running a business. Can you do that? Maybe you just finally got caught doing something you shouldn't.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-19:
Bargod, many people make a living running a eBay business. Some have hundreds of items running at once and run an eBay Store behind it all. eBay is ripe for getting knocked off right now. The fee's just went up again and sellers are having an eBay boycott this week due to changes to the feedback system and rate hikes. If someone can come up with a better eBay now is the time. eBay sellers are in an uproar. Anyone have $500mil? I'm in.
Posted by bargod on 2008-02-19:
Wasn't sure don't know much about E-Bay. My bad.
Posted by dragonswrath on 2008-02-20:
madconsumer, I didn't say it was bad from the beginning. There have always been issues but as superbowl states it has been and still pretty much is the only game in town. So you tolerate a lot until it just isn't worth it anymore. I feel the decline of the empire is coming if you read the c omplaints all over the blogs. Good riddance.
Posted by fdmsboy on 2008-02-20:
They did the same to me. I had to fax a utility bill and all this other personal stuff. They closed it down again because a power seller complained I was underselling them and that there had to be something wrong. They shut down my account after they verified I was legit and kept billing my credit card. I know have a credit with them that they refuse to issue. They are liars and thieves.

Posted by tour_de4ce on 2008-03-03:
eBay and PayPal, conjoined corporations, are enjoying status as some sort of unregulated monopoly with frequent reports of abuse of vendors and consumers. Incredibly, Paypal, a form of specialized bank, is regulated only by the Federal Trade Commission. For a rough idea of the scope and similarity of questionable practices, Google eBay complaints and Paypal complaints.
Posted by jammesd on 2008-04-30:
i could be a power seller but chose not too, i think you are a target for them when you let them entice you in, so they can keep there little perks i will just sell right along with the stupid power seller logo near my name.
Posted by gdpick on 2008-06-28:
I agree. EBAY SUCKS!
Posted by prodesk on 2008-08-21:
bargood, are you always in the habit of commenting on things you admittedly know nothing about? I too have experienced this exact same problem with eBay, as have many others. I was even told that I had "violated an unpublished policy and since it was unpublished they could not discuss it with me"... All this over 1 item listed in an eBay store and auction and they dumped all 900+ products from my eBay store and my 100+ auction items, representing weeks worth of labor creating the listings AND significant listing charges... And, poof, without 1 single supportable reason!

I try to talk to them on the phone and all they say is that they cannot discuss this on the phone, that I have to send them an email.

So I send emails and all I get in return is "your message was deleted without being read", "your message was received but will not be responded to". This is the epitome of arrogance, on a par with dictatorial powers.

Since they are The Only Game In Town, and they are totally unresponsive to their 'customers', perhaps it is time for government oversight or regulation...

Or at a minimum, a serious class action lawsuit...

Perhaps them they will put a responsible adult in charge and respond to their customers.


Perhaps the new management at eBay
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Fraudulent Ebay Seller: wholesale_dealzzz
Posted by Phanixis on 05/16/2006
This seller uses misleading titles to trick buyers into buying junk. I was looking for a processor upgrade for my old motherboard, which used an old Athlon chip. I need to upgrade to an Athlon XP for SSE capability. I went to eBay and did a categorical search, selecting the Athlon XP category under the CPUs for desktops category. I ran a search, and found what I though was a good deal. The auction title:

AMD athlon XP 2400+ heatsink fan, lapped

I looked it over, the feedback appeared to be in order, with a positive feedback score of over 95%. I checked the description, which said the AMD athlon XP 2400+ heatsink fan, lapped was an upgrade pull from an old computer. Payment methods were normal, although the shipping charge of $20 was a bit high, but it was a relatively fragile processor.

I managed to purchase it for a little over $30, paying a little over $50 when shipping was included. I immediatly sent a Money Order. Unfortunately, it took almost a month to receive the processor, with no response from my seller to my queries and the purchase status. Eventually the seller got back to me telling me I needed to give more detailed info. Never followed up, but I did receive the purchase.

Unfortunately, I did not receive a processor. Instead, I received a small package that contained a stock Socket A heatsink/fan unit, a cheap CPU cooler that was likely shipped with old AMD socket A processors. The unit was likely worth no more than $10, if that. I checked with the post office to get a shipping estimate to ship back to the sellers address, and found that shipping cost a mere $2.09. The seller had taken my money and handed me junk.

Originally, I was going to let it drop as a misinterpretation of the auction title on my part. But before I did, I did a more thorough review of the sellers feedback history, and found users repeadetly claiming they had this exact problem. Much of the negative feedback wasn't recorded, because it was either neutral, mutually removed, and removed because of an NPB strike. I eventually found that the NPB strikes were likely fraudulent.

Furthermore, I checked the category to see if I was searching in the wrong place. Sure enough, the auction was in the Athlon XP category, not the seperate heatsink category it belonged in. I also found a rule under Prohibited Items called Misleading Titles, which forbid using auction titles that could be easily interpreted as two seperate items. This auction title seemed to be a textbook case of the example they listed.

I sent the seller email informing them I believed that they defrauded me and unless they gave me a good reason, they would be reported to ebay for fraud. They gave me no response, but several of the mutually removed and NPB eliminated feedback that related specifically to the heatsink auctions disappeared the next day. I left negative feedback and placed an "item not as described dispute" against her the next day. Within a couple of hours, I had received negative feedback from the seller saying I refused to obey terms of service, along with a fraudulent non-paying bidder strike.

I managed to have the NPB strike dropped simply by entering my money order information, although I couldn't actually confirm the seller received it at that immediate moment. Later, after the fake NPB strike was settled, I finally received proof from the post office(which is agonizingly slow when it comes to confirming money order payments, almost a month in a half in this case) which provided me with a photocopy of my Money Order with Wholsale Department(the payment recepeint listed by the seller) stamped on the back. I have no doubt this seller will not ship until payment is cleared, just like every other ebay seller. The seller knew I paid and knowingly lied about not receiving payment.

This seller is a liar, a con, and a fraud who has a history of deceiving ebayers into buying junk. Worse yet, Wholesale_dealzzz will accuse you of wrongdoing should you complain. Avoid this seller.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-05-17:
A 95% feedback score on eBay is not very good in my opinion. I try to stick with folks who rate above 99%.
Posted by batzion7 on 2006-05-17:
I wish you the best with this problem. I am in the middle of an ebay fraudulent seller nightmare myself. My posts are: "ebay....seller fraud" & "You won't believe what an ebay employee said." Blessings to you
Posted by Dirtydave on 2006-05-17:
Ah ebay strikes again! For what it’s worth check out http://www.infotechnow.com
You can pick up a new Motherboard and CPU for about $100.00. The company is outside of Seattle, WA. They have been around for years and are quite reliable.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-17:
All-I've never used e-bay. The concept always seems intriguing but also make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. BUT...I've been tempted to use e-bay to buy stuff not found in other venues. Most of you sound experienced with e-bay. Are my instincts about them on the mark? I have colleagues who buy and sell virtually everything via e-bay without complaint. Still, I remain wary of e-bay.
Posted by batzion7 on 2006-05-17:
Doc J....I have purchased several things on ebay with no problem. BUT There is no way to know WHO you are buying from. ebay "claims" to have all of this so-called "protection"...Hogwash! That protection is for the seller. ebay makes their $$$ by charging fees on each sale. If you, as a buyer, get shafted ebay has a mountain of hoops that you must jump through only to find out that they are not going to do anything about your problem. PayPal is no better. Of Course ebay and Paypal are one in the same. The only way to kinda' check the sellers reputation is the feedback and it may be mostly faked by the seller and their friends and family. So....IF I ever use ebay again (very unlikely)I will not deal with any seller whose number of feedbacks is less that 1000 with at least a 99% positive and even then it is a risk. Blessings
Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-17:
Thanks. Sometimes my trait as a confirmed Luddite has saved me grief. I'm still getting used to the miracle of wireless phones.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-17:
wholesale_dealzzz (4585) click on the 4585, this seller's feedback is terrible, 9 negatives in the past month, 27 in the past 6 months, 58 in the past 12 months! The first thing I check is the sellers feedback if it's as bad as this keep walkin'. Your asking for trouble if you do business with these people. Also clearly this selles is obviously selling cheap merchandise mass produced in China. Look at their repetitive listings, it's absurd.
Posted by Phanixis on 2006-05-19:
I was just looking at the percentage, but I guess even their 95% implies a one in twnety chance of problems. The fact that this individual has twice as many mutually removed feedback as negative feedback(I wasn't even aware of mutually removed feedback until this transaction) actually implies an 85% rate, which is outright abysmal.
Posted by kludger on 2007-04-23:
I purchased 4 dollars worth of sterile piercing needles from this dealer, but he didn't accept PayPal or Visa. So, stupidly, I sent him 4 dollar bills with a printout of the auction in an envelope to his mailing address. (I've used this before in similar situations with success, but you have to trust the seller) He said I didn't pay, he gave me a NPB strike (My first bad experience with eBay!). He wrote ALL CAPS MESSAGES with horrible spelling and grammar, demanded I pay him $10,000 for writing a "fraudulent" feedback, and claimed to hand me over to a collections agency (although I haven't heard from any collections agencies yet.)
Do not bid with him!
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Seller Beware
Posted by Tikiwiki18 on 11/11/2012
This was was my first (and probably last) experience with Ebay. There were just so many problems that it's really not worth all of the time and effort. All I wanted was to sell my iPod in the medium that I was least likely to have to deal with scammers. And I thought maybe that was eBay because they boast of the "hassle-free" process and you actually have very limited interaction with the buyer. But I was wrong.

So I list my item. A few days later, I get an email from someone trying to negotiate my price. So we negotiate, come to an agreement and I change my price. This person immediately buys my item. Three minutes later, I get an email saying they can't pay and they ask me to cancel my order. What the heck? We just spent 15 minutes negotiating the price. So I select the "report buyer" option. I wait. I hear nothing, so I send eBay an email. I wait. I hear nothing, so I relist the item.

Second buyer buys the item. I wait a few days then send a polite email about how I'd be happy to ship the item just as soon as they pay for it. Nothing. By this point it's been a few weeks since I first started trying to sell my item. I open an "unpaid item case." I still haven't hear anything from Ebay. So I call them. (Which by the way, they make tricky for you.)

I talked to three people there, even a supervisor. None of them could see the original report I filed. They finally tell me that they DID in fact receive my email, they just haven't gotten around to it yet. It would have been nice if they had told me, oh by the way, it takes three weeks for us to respond. But they don't. They say that they'll get to it as soon as they can. Which if you go to most sites, that's 24-48 hours, maybe up to a week if the service isn't as good. But 3 weeks? THAT'S what they mean by "as soon as they can." Seriously, give us some context. It felt like I was sending information into an abyss.

Additionally, as I am new to Ebay, I didn't realize that you could only leave positive feedback (which is stupid because it doesn't give the full story). So I tried to leave feedback on the first buyer's profile with a warning to other buyers. Ebay offers to remove my comments, but stands firm on the fact that they WILL NOT remove the RATING. Which means now, that buyer has a rating that he or she did not earn. Does eBay care? No. (And at this point, I was talking to a supervisor.)

I even told eBay that I probably wouldn't be using them anymore, and their response was "we're sorry to hear that." As in, my business is not important enough for them to care. Thanks Ebay, I'll take my business else where.

Bottom line: do NOT use Ebay. They have the worst customer service for sellers and they don't really care enough about your business to make any effort to retain it.
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Posted by ok4now on 2012-11-11:
A well written post. I can understand your frustration with Ebay and why you no longer want to be a seller. Their customer service treated you horribly, shame on them! I stopped selling on their site for many of the same reasons you listed. They seem to favor the power sellers and treat the little guy with contempt. What they fail to realize is its the many little guy sellers that keep them in business. If enough sellers walk maybe they'll get the message.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-11-11:
very helpful review, and voted as such!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-11-11:
It is against Ebay's TOS for buyers to contact sellers and offer to buy outside of Ebay, which is what this first person done and that's when he should have been reported. Ebay can not do much to help the seller if they sell and advertised item outside of Ebay. (Of course they don't do much to help the seller who sells through Ebay anymore, either).

My advice as I have given to so many other unhappy Ebayers is to drop Ebay and sell on Webstore.com. You are not charged any seller fees at all. However, you won't be protected if you are contacted by someone, as you were, and sell off the site, but I think you have learned from that now. Anyway, check out Webstore.com and forget about Ebay, I think you will be much happier with them. Good luck!!!
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-12:
I started by buying several items on Ebay, learning how the system works, and then turned to selling.

I've never "negotiated" my price with anyone, and wouldn't. That right there started your transition to having contact with buyers that is unusual. Then evidently you found out you were dealing with a non-serious buyer who welched on paying. Having to deal with all this as a newcomer to Ebay is bound to be a shock, and no, Ebay isn't the friendliest site to deal with.

I'll continue to use Ebay, because I know its quirks and pitfalls to avoid. I can see how someone having this as their first experience would go away with a bad taste in their mouth.
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Ebay Customer Service Sucks - Outsourced To Philippines
Posted by Juju421 on 09/24/2012
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- EBAY has gone back to lousy customer service again!

Now instead of India, they are using the Philippines. I guess India got too expensive.

Wow, way to treat longtime loyal customers.

They also put all their corporate numbers on the system to send you to these customer service reps.

I do not even think they can take your contact information if they do not allow you a means to contact them directly.

I will leave after 7 years, if they do not get their act together.

BEWARE if you are new.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-09-24:
Leave Ebay behind and check out Webstore.com...NO seller fees! I love selling with them after Ebay turned their back on their sellers and added fees to everything.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-24:
I've been with Ebay since 2001. They have gone way downhill. I have several things to sell, and I have been avoiding it because I hate what Ebay has become.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-09-24:
8er,8er, my 8er...haven't you tried Webstore yet? You know The Basher wouldn't steer you wrong!
Posted by GB on 2013-06-14:
I have had the worst problems with ebay's Phillipines customer service. 9 times out of 10, the information has been inaccurate and cost $$$! Back in 2010 being new to ebay and wanting to list some items I contacted ebay for help on how to list. Naturally the call was routed to the Phillipines. They encouraged me to do the 29 day listing becuase he said it was free and he said it automatically relists unless I cancel and each time it relists it is free. I was excited and decided to list 50 items because of that misleading information. My items didn't sell so I continued to relist for over 3 months and each time thereafter I was charged a fee. #1) Well I didn't realize ebay would give me misleading nor unreliable information, #2) I didn't realize I could check my account to see what my fees were but neither did I realize there was a need to check since I was told by ebay that the lisitngs were free and nothing had sold! So I linked a bank account that I wanted to close out and there wasn't much money in it therefore. Well ebay charged me for each and everyone of those listings and after 3 months that was over 150 listings. I wasn't keeping up with that bank account because I knew what I had in the account and only had it linked to ebay and didn't realize ebay was taking out fees (fees??? they told me it was a free listing on all 150 listings). So in the end I sold 2 listed items and made only $8.00 between those 2 sales. But ebay charged me addtional fees because there wasn't enough money in my bank account and my bank account was closed down. All together those fees amounted to over $500.00 between ebay and my bank (pluse it hurt my credit rating which had been perfect) and yet I only made $8.00 from 2 sales. Ebay had the recording of the person telling me that I wouldn't be charged for none of those listings. I might also add that I have never in all my years of owning my own bank account ever been overdrawn, never had a bounced check, my checking accounts have always been very clean. Well I took the matter up with ebay again, yup in the Phillipines and each time they told me they would take care of the matter. I went back and forth with them for over 1 1/2 yrs about this matter and had to pay the $500.00 even though they had prood I was telling the truth (they had the recording where I was told I wouldn't be charged anything) and even though my calls were directed to a supervisor each time. They reassured me they would take care of it and they NEVER did! One day, 1 1/2 years later I called about another problem and my call was directed to UTAH! WOW! Finally an American!!! The American listened to the problem and the recording and within 24 hrs. credited ALL THE MONEY BACK (over $500.00 )! Ebay charges 10% of a sale and they recently told me the most ebay will charge me on sale is $200.00. So there was a cap on the fee. They said any sale over $2000.00 is still a $200.00 fee. So if I were to sell $2500.00 the fee would still be $200.00 and not $250.00. NOT TRUE! (Becuase of my past problems with ebay I had asked at least 5 different people and they all said the 10% selling fee caps at $200.00). I just had a $2500.00 item sell and I was charged $250.00 so the inaccuracies are still going on. IN SUMMARY ~ I HATE DEALING WITH THE LIEING PHILLIPINO EBAY CUST. SERVICE AND I AM SHOCKED EBAY WOULD ALLOW THIS TO GO ON. THEY REPRESENT EBAY, THEY ARE WHO EBAY IS!!! List on RUBYLANE they are great!
Posted by Magie on 2014-03-07:
eBay Indian or Philippine customer service representative suck they can't think or even read English. They just recite policy. I had the worst experience with one called Archie (American name real name unknown) from the trust department. He retaliated because I argued with him and took my Ebay account down stating I violates copyright and didn't not deliver items. Let me tell you my feedback is 100%!!! Something fishy here!!! I am going to have this investigated and I hope he looses his job what he did was wrong-making false claims.
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Ebays New Seller Policy Changes
Posted by Sgast on 07/13/2011
EBAY is now mandating that sellers offer a cash refund and accept returns. I sell antiques and collectibles, USED ITEMS, not new, I have a great feedback record on eBay but do not offer refunds on all items and do not feel that I should have to. I own an antique shop in Wisconsin and do not accept returns in my own shop, now eBay is telling me that I HAVE TO TAKE RETURNS. I have been with eBay for over 10 years and each year they infringe on my ownership of my own merchandise by telling me how I can do business. Ebay is also making it harder for sellers to communicate directly with our eBay customers or potential buyers by telling us we can't put our email address or telephone number in our eBay listings. My customers appreciate the effort I make to contact them directly with pertinent information about their purchase. Perhaps we should just mail our merchandise to eBay and let them take care of the rest since have eliminated our rights to sell our merchandise. There are always a few bad apples in every bunch, buyers and sellers. Just as there are in the real world. But that doesn't mean that all sellers nor buyers are out to scam people. I have over 5000 positive feedback and work to see that my eBay customers are happy but there are buyers who try to scam you by saying that they didn't receive the item, it came broken or it wasn't as stated and want to return it but really want to return an different item and not the one you sent. Ebay needs to quit messing with seller rights!!!!!
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Posted by Slimjim on 2011-07-13:
Your seller rights are only defined as what they give you under their Terms of Service. If you make the decision to use Ebay as a platform, then you agree to follow their rules. While frustrating, it's their call 100%.
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2011-07-13:
Why don't you want to allow returns in your shop? That doesn't seem very customer friendly.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-13:
I've been in a lot of little antique shops that do not allow returns. As long as I've been aware of that policy while making my purchase, it has never been an issue. If what eBay is doing is unacceptable for your business, have you thought of creating your own website to sell through? My father just did that for his art, and had an easy time doing it. Or you could check out etsy.com and see if their terms are more appealing.
Posted by raven2010 on 2011-07-13:
Nicole etsy.com is only for "handmade" items, unless that has changed recently?
Posted by MissLeopard83 on 2011-07-13:
Wow, I didn't even know about this until this review. I am selling items right now but I will definitely think twice after the change. That's ridiculous. I never offer returns or exchanges on my items because I am not a business, but I totally understand why antique shops won't allow returns. What bogus crap!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-13:
I hardly ever sell anything on ebay anymore with all the BS fees they charge its not profitable for me.

This new policy will prob get rid of allot more sellers.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-13:
Raven, I didn't know that...thought someone told me they had sold antiques there, but I'm probably thinking of another place.

Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-13:
I agree completely with the OP. If they make you accept returns, think of the opportunity for fraud that it opens - unscrupulous buyers substituting an inferior item for yours, BREAKING yours, and then making you take it back. And think about the risk of the buyer not having a clue how to repack the item properly. This is critical for a lot of vintage and fragile items.

Ebay used to be a place where you read the feedback, read between the lines of the feedback (like reading reviews here), and THEN decided if you wanted to get involved with the seller. Sure, some idiot buyers didn't read the feedback and got involved with unscrupulous sellers. But HONEST sellers were all over the place - you had to know how to spot them.

Now they screwed around with it so much I also wouldn't want to sell there. It simply isn't worth it. You go through all the work to post an ad, pay the fees, pack an item properly, do the communication, and then buyers hose you. No thanks.

Very informative. You never know what new way Ebay is going to stick it to you.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-07-14:
I own an antique shop in Wisconsin and do not accept returns, but you do not own e-bay and have to abide by their terms and conditions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-14:
ebay isn't seller friendly and hasn't been for some time. I am not surprised by this latest change. For the last 2 years or so, sellers have the option of allowing or not allowing returns (you had check mark a box if you allowed returns, or leave it un checked if you do not). Unfortunately, if a buyer filed a claim because they changed their mind or it didn't fit and the seller refused to let them return it, ebay usually sided with the buyer even if the listing specifically stated "no returns". There have always been shady sellers out there but ebay has opened the floodgates for shady buyers. I have read far too many horror stories from sellers on a particular forum I belong too. Buyers know what they are doing and how to manipulate the system. Someone recently shared the user id of a user (who bought and sold) who had left over 100 negative feedbacks (not one positive or neutral) for sellers over the last year! It is thought that she would make false claims and get partial to full refunds on many/most of the items she bought. Ebay finally caught on and she lost her account.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-14:
You have had the option to accept or not accept returns forever on Ebay, not just in the last few years.

I was thinking about this complaint this morning, and it dawned on me that it was only in the last few years I have seen the vast majority of ads say "No returns accepted".

My guess is that with the previous onerous policies altered to favor buyers (eg sellers can't leave neg feedback for buyers, sellers can be debited without their permission and without notice based on buyer complaint) that this started happening. Thus, Ebay screws it to the sellers even more now. Beautiful.
Posted by BlogShag on 2011-07-14:
If you become an Ebay member to sell or buy, they're assuming you read their TOS, which changes from time to time. It's totally within limits of legality
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-14:
The issue isn't that they change their TOS from time to time, or that trading partners need to adhere to the TOS.

The issue, for people who have used Ebay for years, is that the policies have changed radically. And those of us who have used it know that our ability to make a fair profit decreases more an more each time they change the TOS. The fees have also gone way up on a percentage basis. It seems to be one thing after another.
Posted by xenon on 2011-08-09:
what you lot have not realised is Ebay is trying to get rid of anyone selling second hand items world wide , .
they only want retail items and the accasional house wife sales to make it look good for them

if you read the reports on everyone that has been terminated you will get the real picture
Posted by LCH on 2011-08-12:
With regards to "Returns" and scamming, that is why you need 'insurance' AND 'Delivery Confirmation'. If a buyer writes back saying the item arrived broke and you have insurance on it...PER USPS, once the addressee/Buyer accepts delivery of the package and OPENS IT, the item LEGALLY belongs to them - THEY OWN IT and it is THEIR responsibility to file an insurance claim NOT YOURS. (I had this problem and eBay sided w/me on that one). The only time the addressor/Seller files the insurance claim is a) the package was lost during shipment, b) the package arrived at its destination but the box looked damaged and the buyer REFUSED ACCEPTANCE and USPS returned package to addressor/Seller (if item is damaged addressor/Seller files claim, or c) the addressee/Buyer REFUSED ACCEPTANCE of the item and it was lost during the return.

It is IMPORTANT to pay the .80 Delivery Confirmation Fee so you can TRACK that item, see when it was delivered, if it was not accepted by the addressee/Buyer and its return to seller route. (See addt'l comment included below re 21-Day hold)

As of yesterday, I was selling on eBay but sales have gone down to practically nothing. W/buyers wanting everything for under 10.00 its not worth my time or effort to sell 5 items out of 30 (in the last 2 weeks). And cBay/PayPal instituted the 21-Day hold on my payments which I can't AFFORD. My family's financial situation is one where we sold on eBay our personal items/collections in order to meet our rent every month. I needed the purchase price funds to be available immediately to give to our landlord and not 21-days later AND I'm SOLELY DEPENDENT on the SHI costs in the sales to SHIP THE ITEM. I and many others like me can't wait to be reimbursed by eBay once Tracking has been given, which means that Delivery Confirmation is a mandated MUST HAVE now for anyone who continues to sell on eBay. I had to refund a sale yesterday because I needed the money not only to give to our landlord, but the funds to ship the item as I'm broke.

Additionally, this is all fitting into eBay's scheme to get rid of the antique/collectible/trying to sell items to make a living sellers. They don't want us and why don't they want us...

Read the following post. It was posted in 2008 and has circulated the web, but it appears that his timeline of events is taking place within eBay NOW. I've noticed for months that eBay's stock was going down (read on) and besides the mandated Return Acceptance/Money Back policy, well they have more in mind...like making you buy their boxes w/their names on it to ship your items in! Ridiculous!

So, as of yesterday, I said NO MORE TO EBAY the CHEAP WAY! Time to move on. Meg Whitman didn't have a clue what she was doing when she sold the company and her dream company has turned into a nightmare.

From a website I came across - shown as posted & don't think that just because it was posted in 2008 that it isn't happening because as you read it, you will clearly see that this is taking place now:

"I found this on another site posted by Anonymous. It was posted on the seller central discussion board 5/4/08 by someone who claims to be inside eBay management… this post was pulled by eBay moments later. Note: When you see them saying "I" that's not the admin of this site, it's the author of the post.

I posted this at the feedback forum at eBay but it was killed by staff less than a minute later. I should have known. My ID will be toast soon anyway. This was the only other place I thought where my statement might have an impact. Do with it what you will. After Chicago, my only desire is to be heard.

There will be those who will not believe me and I sympathize. I wish the facts were fiction but to deny what I know would be to live in a fairyland of make-believe. I understand that the bulk of this “manifesto” reveals a plot so against the spirit of eBay that it will be dismissed as lie. So be it. I cannot force the world to accept it. All I can do is state the truth as I know it and leave it to you and to your common sense and experience to judge.

The deck is stacked against me. Aside from the natural resistance to believe I know that the boards are stocked with eBay’s tools. Their goal will be to discredit me. I will be accused of being a “disgruntled”, “paranoid”, and “emotional” seller. Their words will be specially chosen for effect. That is part of the function of the tools and I am not fazed by it. However, to protect my own identity within the corporation, I cannot be too specific lest the details single me out to the powers that be.

What I intend to reveal is common knowledge to many in the management division behind the scenes.

By the way, the tools are not only the mouthpieces that promote the policies. The psychological tactics employed by the powers that be are far deeper and grander than that. The subtlety of the method is remarkable. The tools come in a wide range of flavors with their own, individual “characteristic” rhetoric. From those who are “for” the policy - and spread various degrees of hostility toward the sellers - to those who are “against” the change - and spread panic and further the divide with the buyers. Both serve the same exact purpose: a manipulation designed to remove the more involved and savvy small to large sellers who will not fit into eBay’s future business plan.

First, let me correct the record regarding the concept of sellers extorting positive feedback. While the violation was known to happen, the activity amounted to less than a tenth of a percent of the yearly transactions. Further, it involved sellers whose feedback percentages were below 80%. The absolute majority of sellers did not engage in such practices. Nevertheless, the powers that be could not resist the fact that promoting this notion of feedback extortion as a wide-spread phenomenon would be the perfect cover with which to hide the true intentions of the policy.

The powers that be want to transform eBay into an overstock warehouse venue. A kind of outlet store for the internet much like a cheaper and streamlined version of Amazon. From a strictly business point of view, given the size of eBay and the growing costs of doing business, it makes a certain kind of sense to shift gears. Think about it: when eBay started, sellers were about rare and unique items but here and now the majority of items are common, used counterparts of what can be found new online at retail sites. Truly rare and unique items are sold at real auctions
Posted by Ed B. on 2011-11-19:
I had some communication issues in 2011 but policy changes after that changed the amount of items I can sell to SEVEN items per month! I have something akin to 7000 items to sell in my n-scale collection and just can't be limited to selling only 7 items. Ridiculous policies....
Posted by G. on 2013-11-18:
Ebay has never enforced sellers to do anything except provide good customer service. They do not enforce you have returns, but if you want the 20% discount then you do. Ebay changed the eTRS (ebay Top Rated Seller) requirements back in 2012 To creat 2 levels of it. There is eTRS and eTRS Plus. eTRS changed enough to allow more sellers than ever be a part of the program and for the discount, that is when they require you to offer returns and a one day handling. Before that they never enforced you and that is still why you can pick what you want to do. And as for seller limits eBay has had selling limits for a long time now and they do that for the protection of their website. I think everyone forgets that ebay is a business too an what the sellers do directly reflects back on the ebay. So creating limits and forcing sellers to not to get in over their heads is a great business move. All the sellers feels like it should be a far playing field with buyers, but that's is how retail works. Sellers are always going to be help to a higher responsibility than a buyer is because you are the one providing the experience for ebay's customers. Buyers are just there to spend money and that's it's. No one can force a buyer to spend money they have to be enticed by Great Sellers with good customer service and the over all a pure need want to help. The seller is the one creating the experience for the buyer. The seller pays ebay's paycheck, but the buyer pays the sellers paycheck so ebay is going to make sure the seller gets their paycheck by making sure ebay gets theirs.
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Seller Selling Items Not Vintage Mexican Silver
Posted by Ann Margaret on 12/22/2007
There is a seller(gbay4114)on eBay that has been selling vintage Mexican silver jewelry and doing very well. My problem with this, is that he has been doing repairs on many of the pieces without telling buyers. Some people may think this is okay, but if a piece is replaced with a newer piece it should be noted. Since this seller has been getting away with this, he started buying silver balls/squares, wire, and various stones to make his own jewelry.

Now this person is buying (silver7stone) lots of junk silver, and has even paid over $1,000 for one purchase, as there were several pieces that were hallmarked by well-know Mexican jewelers. Now he is selling jewelry that he has created himself from all new items, and adding the hallmarked pieces from the junk silver purchase he made. This seller is stating that they are made by an artist, like Castillo, when Castillo never made the piece and never would have. Anyone that is a collector of Mexican silver jewelry would pick this up right away, but still some people are being taken in by his flowery writing and descriptions.

He is getting some very high prices for these new pieces that are really new except for the small piece containing the hallmark. This is fraud if there ever was a case of fraud. All one has to do is look at all of the items he has purchased, and then the items he sells to see that he is doing more then simple repairs on many of the items he sells.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-22:
Well, Ann Margaret, posting here is a start. I would also look to see how you could report this to ebay. Also, look into other areas for reporting fraud. What does his feedback say about him? Do these people not know they are getting ripped off? How do you know so much about the differences between what he advertises and what he delivers?
Posted by LeeSee on 2007-12-23:
It is always buyer beware, but his customers seem very happy with the merchandise. 1 negative out of 853 is better than most on E-Bay.
Posted by Ann Margaret on 2007-12-23:
Yes, this seller has good feedback, but only one person had the conviction to leave him the negative. She wanted to return the item, since it was not as he described, and he would not accept it back, threatened her, etc. He comes on nice, as long as he gets his way, but if anyone questions him or differs he is extremely the opposite.

It has always been "Buyer Beware," but some people feel that due to his excellent feedback that he is an honest seller. You can't go by eBay's feedback, as they almost tell you not to leave a negative. This seller has been reported for misleading descriptions and titles several times and nothing has been done by eBay. You and I both know that all eBay cares about is getting their percentage of sales, and this seller sells at much higher prices than anyone else, so they are not going to lose the money from his sales. Just look at the pieces he has bought on eBay and resold for double, triple, and sometimes even higher. Some sellers are not including a statement that they will not guarantee that the items they are selling are genuine or haven't had parts repaired or replaced. This tells you that there are a lot of faux pieces being listed now, and this seller is definitely one that is selling many faux pieces. Eventually this will scare everyone away from collecting Mexican Silver jewelry.

If anyone thinks that reporting to eBay that he is creating his own "vintage" pieces from new merchandise and adding a tag from scrap collections that he has bought will do anything they are wrong. EBay is a business, and they don't care about anything other than the money coming in. This man has to be reported to his local police department for committing fraud, and maybe then something would be done to stop him.

I have been a collector for many years, and I have done my research, and know that this seller is ripping off at least 99% of his buyers who are not knowledgeable, or are being taken in by his misleading statements on the items he is selling. Everyone should do research on what they buy, especially at some of the high prices they are paying, as maybe then this man would not getting away with ripping off his buyers.
Posted by flairnet on 2008-03-01:
This is really interesting. I have reported this seller to eBay on numerous occasions. His items are very suspicious. He first got my attention when I noticed that every one to two months he listed the exact same “rare” bracelet supposedly from one of Hector Aguilar’s apprentices. The photos on each of these listings were exactly the same, except for the photo of the hallmark—which quite obviously was superimposed over the previous hallmark! The description copy was exactly the same, too, only the name of the “apprentice” changed. This guy talks these pieces up so well that he sucks in all those buyers who know nothing about vintage Mexican silver and convinces them that they are getting a very valuable piece. Though I have sent eBay several of these listings which show the same bracelet over and over again, eBay has chosen to do nothing. This, too, is very suspicious. This seller brings in a lot of revenue both for himself and eBay. And I am sure there are lots of other sellers that are just too profitable for eBay to censure or kick off. I don’t bother reporting this guy to eBay anymore. Obviously, there is a bigger picture here, which I have no control over.
Posted by Ann Margaret on 2008-03-01:
Flairnet, You are so right about every single thing you said. I know that several buyers and sellers have reported him for the same things, including is misrepresenting the items. Ebay ignored them, including myself, due to the profits they are making from his sales.

This seller buys on ebay under another name, which I believe is silver7stone. if you check his purchases, you would find that he has purchased many of his pieces on ebay, he has purchased damaged pieces, bought cheap stones, and other items to do repairs. I've seen many of the broken pieces he purchased up for sale by him described as "museum" quality. He has also purchased stamps for metal, and inscribing tools, and this makes me wonder how many of the pieces are actually signed by the true taller.

One of these days he is going to sell something to someone, who is going to bring criminal charges against him and his flowery descriptions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-04:
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-03-04:
probably 'cause you keep yelling.
Posted by myrta on 2008-03-28:
AHA!!You discovered gbay on ebay? Do you know his cohorts? Yes, they all shill each others mexican silver auctions helping them get extraordinary prices no one else get when selling vintage mexican jewelry. They also buy reproduction jewelry from Mexico & claim vintage.No, ebay will do nothing about it.They are all making too much money for them to step in.He is not the only one doing this. Yes, it's pretty awful.No, ebay will do nothing to change it.
Posted by seeitallnow on 2008-04-08:
I just got taken by a seller in the vintage costume jewelry category and started looking for places to report them other than ebay. I received a brand new reproduction piece listed as vintage.

The first thing I want to say is a way to do something about these sellers is file a SNAD with Paypal. Forget reporting to ebay of course. Don't even file a SNAD with ebay. File with Paypal. You may have to pay for an appraisal of the piece.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think (and it makes sense) that when Paypal gets enough SNADs of one seller, they do something about it. Not for any moral or legal reasons, but because it costs them money for full refunds. Of course, all gbay has to do is create another ID and start selling again, but he'll have to all get a new bank account and mailing address, or Paypal will recognize him again.

I filed right away on mine. I knew, and was correct, that the seller wouldn't refund my money - if she was smart she would IMHO. I don't know the outcome yet, but I also have investigated her a lot more and know that she's sold the same necklace from the 1920s THREE times. Gee, what are the odds of finding a mint cond exact same vintage necklace 3 times in a row.

I think gbay leaves one obvious clue - the number of perfect vintage items he has - doesn't anyone ask themselves how does he get that?
Posted by myrta on 2008-04-09:
Unfotunately, there are a group of sellers who make a very nice livelihood selling counterfeit Weiss & Haskell on ebay.Katie Hafner wrote an article published in 2006 regarding fake Weiss in the NY Times. Those sellers were never punished in any way.They all still sell on ebay.
Posted by seeitallnow on 2008-04-10:
Maybe the reason ebay is making the decision that a buyer can leave neg fb but a seller can't (starting in May) is that they and paypal are inundated with complaints. I can't believe, though, that either company really CARES, just that they can't handle the amount of work that has to be done AFTER a sale.

Just my estimate, but I'll bet at least 80% of all auctions are deceptions. The odds that you're going to get burned are pretty high no matter how careful you are.

Right now, in order to warn other buyers, you have to suck it up and take a retaliatory neg. And unless other buyers page back to your neg, or Toolhaus the seller, they'll never know anyway.
Posted by myrta on 2008-04-12:
The real stinky is that there are a number of these "vintage jewelry" sellers that left ebay & went to Ruby Lane. So, it is still a buyer beware market.
Posted by ValkyrieVixen on 2008-05-03:
I wish I had seen this earlier! I sold him a very nice bracelet recently, he wrote me a nice note that it was great but there was a small crack in one stone so he'd like $10 partial refund. I checked with other rockhounds and they agreed that it was a natural inclusion, as I already knew, but since I didn't have it in my hand to double check and he was sooooo nice in his emails, calling us friends, etc. that I gave him the partial while denying my gut that it was uncalled for. Today I see that he has the same bracelet listed as PERFECT, says what looks like a crack is just an inclusion, as I told him! I'm sick about being taken like that, it wasn't a lot of money but the principle of it nauseates me. I sent a money request through PP for the $10 but as expected, no response. He has NO conscience, he lists post 1979 pieces in the Art Deco/Nouveau categories and now I see he falsifies other things, it all makes me sick.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-04:
The guy has been on eBay since 2003, has almost a perfect rating and is a star power seller. Don't know what to tell you besides he has learned how to buy low and sell high. Can't blame him to much for that or that a minister is looking to add to his income on eBay.

Posted by ValkyrieVixen on 2008-05-04:
Maybe with the new feedback rules people who wanted to neg him but were afraid of retaliation will now damage his rating. I've been contacted by several other people who've had problems with him, he is far from an innocent seller.
Posted by myrta on 2008-05-04:
I contacted him sometime ago on ebay when he grossly misrepresented a Mex piece he was selling.He thanked me & never changed the description. He & another seller of mex jewelry buy new pieces & sell them as old.Building jewelry from parts & representing as old is also fraudulent.He does not like to take returns & gets downright nasty.Why does he react that way if he is a good seller? Just another scammer with reverend in front of his name.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-04:
Well then it's up to those that claim they have been scammed to report him and get eBay on your side. He looks to have the run of the house right now.
Posted by ValkyrieVixen on 2008-05-04:
We have no recourse, the powers that be at Ebay have no clue about proving the authenticity of his items. We could report till we were blue in the face and nothing would happen. I'm just hoping the new FB rules will allow those that have been defrauded to finally have their say without fear of retribution. My sale was with his buyer ID so can have no direct affect on his selling ID.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-05:
Posted by seeitallnow on 2008-05-15:
I'm sure he wouldn't care if he saw all this. Ebay is the perfect place for fraud. And the fraud sellers ALL get mean and nasty if you call them out. That's so you'll back down. I think that most of them have personal problems beyond committing crimes - they are a sorry sorry bunch - and make up the bulk of ebay.
Posted by LacksFocus on 2008-05-20:
Wow, I'm so glad I stumbled across this discussion... I've been watching two of his auctions and was going to bid on a necklace. Not anymore! Thanks, guys.
Posted by myrta on 2008-06-28:
Oh- an update.He & his buddies just made all their auctions private listings- a sure sign something less than legal is happening. Now, if you want REAL some attention- post at the rip off report. Call him out. He is one of at least three. Another is hilandlass.
Posted by LacksFocus on 2008-07-07:
I'm very suspicious of hilandlass. She keeps posting the same "vintage" pieces over and over again. Where does she keep finding the same vintage necklace?? Vintage my foot...
Posted by lucikins on 2008-07-09:
please can u reply!!!! i got a ring of ebay for £100 and it never came through?
what shall i do?
Posted by lucikins on 2008-07-09:
please reply!!!! i bought a ring mfor £100 pounds what shall i do? and they didnt give it me!!!!
Posted by 4mulesnmexico on 2008-07-24:
Did the same to me too. I was fortunate enough to have some kind ebayer inform me about her dealings. Another buyer id she used quite frequently is tranquilharborsales.
Posted by restlessdog on 2008-07-28:
Ah, The truth at last! Restlessdog
Posted by ValkyrieVixen on 2009-01-04:
I just heard from a seller who sold him a lot of Mex pieces. He has added false marks to several of them and repaired many others without divulging that fact.
Since I saw both the auction where he bought the pieces, showing they had no marks and/or were damaged, and the ones he listed with false marks and repairs I know it is a fact he is a fraudulent seller.
Not to mention the fact I have seen numerous items that he has totally misdescribed. Unfortunately most of his buyers don't have the experience in jewelry to see it but those of us who do know that the "spiderweb carnelian" and "genuine turquoise" are really dyed howlite. It's really disgusting what he is getting away with.
Posted by myrta on 2009-01-06:
Go to the complaintsboard.com to expose him as a fraudulent seller.The last time comments were made about him on ebay, the thread was pulled.All negative comments disappeared.Also, he is participating in a site antiquejewelryseller.com listing him as "trusted seller". What a fraud.
Posted by 4mulesnmexico on 2009-02-21:
i think they both should be reported to the IRS. Consider it done here!
Posted by revdfp on 2009-09-28:
September 2009: How sad that one can be so mis-represented on this site. I am the minister,who you name and I do not have any of the user names that you have mentioned in this thread. You have all chosen to defame an innocent person. I have spoken with the first complainer and told them that they had the wrong person! I even have had the CT State Police on the case. SO PLEASE - stop this! You could ruin my reputation if you haven't already! I am not a crook and I DO NOT SELL ANY JEWELRY on ebay or anywhere!! NEVER HAVE! Thank you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-28:
Let me just say that Ebay buyers got what they wanted. Now they can live with the consequences. Complete control over a seller who actually pays Ebay's bills yet has no control over their own business. So you ran all the good honest sellers off so all you are stuck with is the crooks. Happy shopping.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-09-28:
This reviews goes back to 2007 & the rev just found about it today? Am I the only one who thinks something is fishy here?
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eBay protects sellers, not buyers
Posted by Boydlan on 12/10/2004
I purchased a 1999 Polaris Ranger from an eBay seller. They tell me that someone had stolen the sellers account and I paid a thief for the Ranger, which I never did get. I also never go my money back. Square Trade told me that the seller was a member and I did not have anything to worry about. That was all I lie. I lost $3,100 and ebay and Square Trade tell me it is my fault, because I bought the item out of eBay. That is also a lie. Be ware of buying anything thru eBay. They do not run an honest auction.
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Posted by 1hung2lo on 2004-12-11:
I've never bought anything on Ebay, but have heard success and horror stories alike. It's like anything else, buyer beware. Call them up.
Posted by tander on 2004-12-11:
Holy Smokes, That's alot of money, can't they track this person by IP number or something?
Posted by sleepyzz on 2004-12-11:
ebay ousted me because seller said they did not receive payment. they were not interested in my money order receipt. i am out my money plus the product.
Posted by nn234j on 2004-12-13:
I can agree that Ebay gives a lot more favor to sellers. So far I haven't been taken for a large amount of money, but if a seller does something like send you the wrong item or calls you a non-payer because the payment you mailed the next morning took too long to get to them, you don't have much recourse. God forbid you make a complaint, even tactful and truthful, in the feedback, as it almost always earns you a retaliaton, and for most items Ebay just doesn't care, you fill out forms and get standard replies. I used Ebay as it was the only place to find a lot of things, but it's not worth it. As soon as I complete my current transactions I'm quitting and not going back.
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Ebay refuses refund on Counterfeit Pants
Posted by Opalmatrix on 04/25/2013
I purchased a pair of NWT Tommy Hilfiger pants from a seller on Ebay called "dintyclutter". A few months after I got them I finally figured out the so called Tommy Hilfiger cords I bought were knockoffs. The seller still had some of these on his site and after I reported him to Ebay they made him take down his other knockoffs. Because it took me longer than 45 days to research this before I accused and reported the fraud, no one will give me a refund. Not Ebay, PayPal, or the seller "Dintyclutter". I found the fraud for Ebay and I'm still out my money.
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Posted by Dinty on 2013-07-09:
This reviewer fabricated a story here, sorry folks. So, just a couple of FACTUAL corrections. The Hilfiger cords were in fact legitimate, from reliable authorized retailer, on Sale. And eBay did NOT "take down my other knockoffs", as she falsely claimed. They are still for sale, selling and no other complaints. This poster "opalmatrix" fabricated the entire story. :-( Sad to see people like that. THAT, factually, is why she did not get any refund. She had no case. Anther fact, she avoided telling...she never contacted me before the 45 days she waited.....I would have gladly resolved the issue regardless of her wild invalid accusations, but not after 45 days of use. We do have a 14 day return policy. SAD. Just to set the "facts straight".
Posted by Dinty on 2013-07-09:
MORE FACTS on this false accusation above. This user on eBay is ID " cheifs1". BEWARE selling to her, as she insisted on her wild false accusations, even after I gave her the major retailer store manage's number and she contacted her to validate the cord's authenticity. All this after wearing them SEVERAL months (bought Sept 1 and Complained April of the following year, if you can believe that!and even leaving me glowing eBay feedback on the pants (see below).
" Love my jeans and the seller was way more than fair." Seller: Dinty ( 21452) Oct-13-12 13:40
Reply by dintyclutter (Oct-14-12 08:26):
THANKS. Glad that you liked our product! Come back soon. Lots more Hilfiger. :-)
This buyer has a SERIOUS problem of some sorts.....BEWARE. She continued her negative falsified SPAM accusations on this site for several months. :-(
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