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Ebay Needs to Be Closed!
By -

SEQUIM, WASHINGTON -- I have sold on eBay since early 2006 with 100% feedback on all sold and purchased items. Recently, I experienced with what would be my last transaction on eBay. I closed my account after this, because of a person who was very deceptive, hard to deal with, and in the end, ripped me off over $400 plus the item, and WITH the help of eBay and PayPal (two of the same, one owned by the other). As all other sales in the past, this item which was a fragile figurine, one of three I sold and mailed, the other two arriving fine and with positive feedback left, that sold for a little over $400.

The person was complaining about things from the second she won the item, a sure sign she would be trouble. Well sure enough, she received the item, immediately put a claim in with PayPal, then emailed me it arrived broken "after" filing the claim.

PayPal informed the buyer they were to send them a tracking number showing the "item" had been sent back to me (the item having insurance required so I needed it for the postal claim), which they did in the time frame that PayPal gave them, which was March 3rd. I received a delivery notification from the post office that a "letter" was needing to be picked up and signed for. Once I got to the post office, I found that the "letter" was from the buyer who was supposed to be sending the "item" back. I refused the "letter" and called PayPal, where I am now in appeals with them to retrieve my money beings they did not uphold their end of the request.

Of course in PayPal's warped sense of doing things, they automatically gave them their refund of over $400, the minute I called them and told them what had happened. This made no sense to me beings I just told them that they sent a "letter", NOT the item, but that's PayPal's rules they said. After they released the money back to the buyer, who now had my figurine still, which was probably in fine condition & was pristine when shipped out, they now also have their money back.

So I now wait in the appeals process, having faxed them copies of the notice from the post office showing that it was indeed a "letter" not a "package with a broken figurine in it", the receipt showing I refused it (I figured logically that as long as it showed not received, they would not refund the money until I had the time to call them, Wrong!), as well as the receipt showing that this person signed for the returned letter which matched the tracking numbers off of my evidence I faxed them.

Now again, logic would tell one that I should get my money, we will see on that score. After dealing with them for over a month, I know now that anything can happen with them. I closed my eBay account not wanting anything to do with them after this, especially after they made the illogical decision of not allowing sellers to leave negative feedback for buyers, guess they "all" wear halos, and when checking for messages, there I see a big fat negative feedback left for me from this person.

I called eBay and explained that these people still had my item, got their money back, I had shipped it immediately, packaged it VERY carefully, (pictures kept of packaged item in stages), shipped it immediately, and yet, eBay's rules say that they cannot remove negative feedback unless one of two things happens. One, they used profanity in their feedback, which they did not, or, they leave it for the wrong person. Well, as you can see, neither of those fit my reason for wanting this final blemish removed from my 100% feedback site, this one being the last I would receive, so according to eBay, it will remain.

eBay has made it so that ALL the rules apply to and protect the buyer, as has PayPal. I also have purchased off of eBay, so I am a buyer as well, but it needs to go both ways. There are those out there without halo's on both ends of the spectrum. The weird thing is, and that really makes no sense, is that it is us, the sellers, that they make their millions on, not the buyers, so why would they make it harder for the sellers, and easier for the buyers to steal, knowing there is nothing that can be done in the feedback forum.

And, if you think when you post an item to sell on eBay, that the rules you put in place in your listing have to be followed, they WILL BE over ruled by PayPal once paid for, those rules will be null and void, and will not mean a thing, you should just leave them out, because they mean nothing to PayPal. Another thing, eBay made it so that the only way a buyer can pay is through PayPal, no more checks or money orders.

Could this be because eBay owns PayPal, and they were counting all the fees they were missing through PayPal when paid for with a check or money order? I think so, and, then once in the web of PayPal, sellers beware, the buyer WILL ALWAYS WIN! I asked one of eBay's workers in their so called "Resolution Center" today, and asked her why on earth did they make changes to their feedback rules, and her words were "I can't divulge that".

What's that mean? Both eBay and PayPal need to be put out of business. They are being allowed to systematically run a company that no one oversees, and allows people to rip each other off, is FILLED with loop holes to suit their rules, and makes a fortune off of "our" merchandise. They need to be governed if not closed down, and watched by an outsider, not from within their companies. Won't work to have the vampire in charge of the blood bank! The thousands on the internet that say eBay sucks, is right on!

AN UPDATE: Well idiot me. PayPal sent the buyer another email giving them ANOTHER three days to send them a tracking number returning the item to me, this being sent to the buyer, and a copy of the email to me as well on the 12th, the day sent being counted as day zero by PayPal. So they had until this Monday the 16th of March to have that tracking number to PayPal. I was totally amazed that they were giving them another chance beings it had gone into appeals beings they had not followed the request originally, but again, that's PayPal for you.

On the 13th, one day later, I receive an email from PayPal that only states that the claim has been closed, and that no further action would need to be taken. That's all it said, and when I went into my account, all of the claim information had been removed, so I had nothing to go back on, so email on the 12th requesting this, and then closed on the 13th with no explanation. PayPal just closed the claim.

The people have my Royal Dalton figurine, their $401 dollars back, left me a nasty negative feedback, the only one out of over 1500 items sold, and of course eBay won't remove it because the buyer did not do one of two things, use profanity, or leave it for the wrong person, no Grey areas with eBay either, they suck too. I closed my account with that devil as well.

So now I sit here without the figurine, my money, wasted my time, and, an insurance slip that is worth nothing now, because without the so called "damaged" figurine (which is probably sitting on their piano right now in the same perfect condition it was when shipped), I cannot make a claim on the insurance through the post office, because they need the damaged item which they keep, to pay out the insurance. PayPal bent me over again!

EBay Just Shut Me Down
By -

KENMORE, WASHINGTON -- NOTE: with two in-text mail correspondences

I have been an eBay member since 2001. I usually sold RC Car items. I race RC cars as a hobby so when I would get a new kit I would sell an old one. Since 2001 I had only sold 59 items with 100% Positive Feedback. I was recently laid off and I decided you know what I like selling stuff on eBay so I went out and invested in books on how to sell like a professional, how to set up a store and so forth. I applied and received my business license and tax ID. I found some products I felt comfortable with and began selling them on eBay.

Things where going great I added a new item on eBay June 23rd at 11pm. When I woke up that morning June 24th around 7am excited to see if I sold anything there was an email from eBay (see email below) my account was suspended. I was flabbergasted. What is this? What did I do wrong? I read the email a thousand times to see if I could find an explanation but nothing was there. I checked my account to see if there was an explanation but nothing was there. I have sent eBay a thousand emails but I get no response.

What is this how can a company shut you down this way with no explanation? To this day I have no idea what I did wrong I have gone back into my submitted listings to see if there is something that I missed. Everything looks good. Yesterday I called my credit card company to cancel it so eBay cannot charge me until I receive a full explanation of why this company ripped my heart and dreams out. I was so excited to get this business off the ground. I worked hard at making new vendor contacts and now I am left with nothing.

We regret to inform you that your eBay account has been suspended due to concerns we have for the safety and integrity of the eBay community. "Abusing eBay" of the eBay User Agreement states, in part:

"...we may limit, suspend, or terminate our service and user accounts, prohibit access to our website, remove hosted content, and take technical and legal steps to keep users off the Site if we think that they are creating problems, possible legal liabilities, or acting inconsistently with the letter or spirit of our policies." .

Due to the suspension of this account, please be advised you are prohibited from using eBay in any way including registering a new account.

Please note that any seller fees due to eBay will immediately become due and payable. eBay will charge any amounts you have not previously disputed to the billing method currently on file.


Safeharbor Department
eBay, Inc.

Just so everyone knows this was sent directly to eBay and here is their response. So when I hit submit does this go directly to eBay?


Thank you for taking the time to write eBay with your concerns. My name
is **, and I'm pleased to be of further assistance to you.

I've reviewed your account and don't see any active suspensions related
to it. I can assure you that your account is neither suspended nor on

The email message stating that your account was suspended was a fake
(also known as a "spoof") email. These emails are sent in an attempt to
obtain your personal and/or financial information. They do this by
directing the recipient to reply to the message or link to a phony Web
page that will ask for the information.

Be very suspicious of email messages that ask you to submit information
such as your credit card number or bank account information.

If you're having difficulty signing in, I recommend that you request a
new password. To do this:

  1. Click the "Help" tab at the top of any eBay page.
  2. Click the "Contact Us" link.

If you're not writing from the email address registered to your eBay
account, please be sure to give us the account User ID so we can resolve
any sign-in issues.

Since you have received a spoof email, your email address has most
likely been collected by a fraudulent source and you might continue to
receive spoof emails for some time.

If you ever have any doubt about whether an email message is from eBay,
click the "My eBay" tab at the top of any eBay page. Click the "My
Messages" link. Any email we sent to you about your account will be
listed in the "My Messages" section. If the email you're worried about
isn't in there, then that email is a fake. Do *not* respond to it.
Forward it to spoof@ebay.com. Please don't remove the original subject
line or change the email in any way when you forward it to us.

What to Do if You Think You Have Given Out Personal Information

If you think you may have entered personal information such as your
password, Social Security number, or credit card number into a Web site
based on a request from a spoof email, you need to act *immediately* to
protect your identity. For detailed instructions about what to do, go


Going forward, you might consider downloading the eBay Toolbar with
Account Guard (it's free). Account Guard has an indicator that shows you
when you're on a real eBay or PayPal Web site or a spoof (or "phishing")
site. Account Guard also has buttons to report fake eBay sites and a
password notification feature that warns you when you may be entering
your eBay password on an unverified site.

In addition, we have enacted several preventative measures and added
information to the eBay Help pages to help you spot fake emails. We
encourage you to take the opportunity to learn more about spoof emails.
To access this information, please click on the "Security Center" link
at the bottom of most eBay pages.

To help you better protect yourself from fake eBay and PayPal Web sites,
we have developed a feature for the eBay Toolbar called "Account Guard."
Account Guard includes an indicator of when you are on an eBay or PayPal
Web site or a known spoof (or "phishing") site, buttons to report fake
eBay Web sites, and a password notification feature that warns you when
you may be entering your eBay password on an unverified site.

To learn more about the eBay Toolbar with Account Guard go to
www.ebay.com, click on "Downloads" at the bottom of the page, and then
click on the "eBay Toolbar" link.

If you are ever concerned about an email you receive from eBay, simply
follow these steps:

  1. Open a new Web browser and type www.ebay.com into your browser
    address field to go directly to the eBay site.

  2. On eBay, sign into your account and click the "My eBay" button at the
    top of the page.

  3. Check the My Messages section located at the top of the My eBay page.

If an email affects your eBay account, it's now in My Messages. Any
email sent to your registered eBay email address from eBay or from
another eBay member via eBay's member-to-member communication system
will now appear in My Messages.

Once again, thank you for alerting us to the spoofed email you received.
Your efforts help keep eBay a safe and fair place to trade.


eBay SafeHarbor

From: **
To: eBay Customer Support
Subject: Consumer Feedback

The following review has been posted on My3cents.com. The consumer
requested a copy be sent to you.

If you need to follow-up with the consumer, please contact them at

* * * * * * * * * *

I have been an eBay member since 2001 I usually sold RC Car items.

Ebay's Customer Support Is Beyond Terrible
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I am a seller on eBay and have been for years now and I am really fed up with the customer support that eBay has to offer. It is completely terrible. The worst I've experienced in my life and that's saying a lot since I really have had some terrible service.

Since I have been a member for so long, you'd think they would treat me better since I am more prone to giving them negative feedback if treated wrongly. What makes matters even worse is that I am also an extreme buyer, so I know both sides of the story and buyers are treated slightly better but not by much. The overall support is just terrible.

Firstly as a seller, eBay provides absolutely no security and buyers usually abuse their feedback. But personally I had my account put on restriction because I was, "selling too many items." they they proceeded to ask for proof of merchandise. If you have a regular account, not a company account, how can you provide proof of merchandise?

They are basically slandering their own motto where it states that they are the place where you can sell old items and earn a little extra money. Who keeps receipts for items you bought for family members or your children years ago? What if it were a gift? It's simply impossible for home sellers to provide "proof of merchandise", period.

Not only were they harassing me by putting my account on restriction. But for over two months I called in every day to resolve whatever issue they had with me. Countless times would they tell me they would call me back or send me an email to address my concerns and I NEVER received a response. They always told me that the department I was trying to get a hold of had no phone support and they didn't know their email address for me to contact them. Sounds hard to believe that they don't know how to get a hold of one of their own departments, don't you think?

Two and a half months later I called back in and spoke with a phone representative and they FINALLY slightly lifted the restriction. Instead of the previous items I was allowed to list (as many as I want), I was allowed to list 5 items. 5 items couldn't even pay for gas money. As a seller since 2007, you'd think they would treat me with a little more respect then only giving me 5 items.

When I threatened them that I would cancel my account completely, only then did I receive a response and after leaving a long detailed message the only part they responded with was, "We do this to all our sellers." Does that make sense to you? We are bringing in all this money for them and they are treating us like s***. If it weren't for us then they wouldn't be as successful as they are now.

I felt I needed to voice my opinion because I understand that there are people who cheat eBay and do them wrong, but for me to be a member for that long and to have excellent feedback, there's got to be something wrong with the eBay company.

Ebay Destroyed My Store and Selling!!
By -

I sold items on eBay for over a year. I had 100% positive feedback until the end of March. Where do I begin with this? EBay will black mark any seller if you receive neutral or negative feedback or if a buyer opens a case. Buyers know if they open a case it 100% guarantees they get their money back for any reason. This includes them destroying items or sending back empty boxes - eBay kisses their ass. The first bad review was a woman who bought a epad tablet from me.

Two days after purchase I am sending out her order. After I just dropped it at the Post office she gives me a negative feedback saying "worst experience ever". I never got one email from her. Ebay regardless counts it against me! I sold about 50 tablets in 2 weeks. Ebay never put any restrictions or selling limits on me due to being a long time member before they started that. I go on and my account was suspended! They said because my sell gross was 10,000! WTF! I had to submit paperwork about all my electronics. I had no sales due to this. No money for 2 weeks till they approved me to sell.

They gave me 5,000 a month gross. This is not profit! I had 2 buyers open. Not described cases (very common lie with buyers). I got black marked for that. They lie saying items not working bs. Items came back fine. They just wanted their money back. They should just send it back asking for a refund. I then start selling again. I had a buyer receive a tablet and send me an email cursing at me. I told him to return it if he did not like it. He opened a case after I told him to return it. It came back DESTROYED. The buyer took the tablet apart.

I called eBay and had video and picture proof. They still gave him his money back! I then have another guy mad because he destroyed his tablet trying to program it. I told him I don't refund customer damage. He thinks it's because they're fake! He really knew nothing about android programs. He writes a review saying Fake tablet! He calls eBay saying his Microsoft 98 certification makes him an Android expert. Yeah whatever **!

He wrote all my buyers who left reviews! I then get 3 more cases buyer admitting his harassment and lies. Ebay sides with him regardless of all my proof vs HIS MOUTH!! I have facts and documents from manufacturers. They send eBay messages encouraging buyers to file claims due to what he said as well! I talked to eBay appeals and other departments. They tell me buyers are allowed to do what they want! This buyer destroyed my company and so did eBay! No proof just mouth!! My Paypal that Ebay owns is negative and I can't pay it! I am sick of this. I need a lawyer!!

Open Letter to eBay (A Cautionary Tale)
By -

I have been a long time eBay user, a loyal customer and seller, advocate, cheerleader, and even a shareholder of the company stock - but my most recent experience has forever changed my opinion of this company.

My journey to resolve a 2-minute simple situation took me deep into the bowels of eBay'€™s indifferent and arrogant customer service department, tumbling down a black hole I found myself in the pit of customer service hell, snarled for weeks in their labyrinth I was flushed out the other end of this mind-numbing experience having wasted countless of hours of my time, only to find myself no closer to a resolution. Convinced this company couldn'€™t give a damn about customers.

Short story: I sold an item to a buyer that ended up in dispute. eBay settled the dispute in my favor, yet the buyer was still able to leave negative retaliatory feedback, even though their stated claim was fraudulent. My question (and request), is it possible to have this erroneous feedback removed? Much abbreviated "G" rated history of events:

Over the course of three (3) weeks I have spent no less than 30+ hrs on hold.
I have spoken to 22 different customer service representatives and had 6 separate chat sessions.
Each representative required that rehash and re-explain in exhaustive detail, ad nauseam, the same points over and over again (22 + 6 = 28 times) because they keep NO record of your previous call/transcript.

After each lengthy explanation, every representative told me they did not have the authority to help me with this matter, but assured me this would be taken care of, and transferred me to the Trust and Safety dept (who do have the authority) where
Each time I was promptly disconnected or rang busy (19 times).

Each time I was told that if I get disconnected they would call me back. I'€™m still waiting for those 19 callbacks.
Start over again.
On 3 occasions the transferred call actually made it through (yay!) to Trust and Safety where I was able to explain the circumstances to a live human, only to be put on hold so they could "€œlook into it"€, and then I got disconnected again.
The End!

My initial thought was that my experience was the result of complete unmitigated incompetence, which is almost tolerable. But after three weeks of exhaustive effort and numerous conversations with these staffers, I am convinced I was on the receiving end of a malicious and insidious strategy at eBay to throw up so many unbearable, herculean, and painful obstacles that you get worn out, ground down, and just go away bewildered.

There is no way anyone can justify and explain away the experience described above with a lack of training of staff or simple ignorance in customer service department. This was mean-spirited, arrogant, and disrespectful. The fact that everyone in this department at eBay was "€œon the same page"€ exposes eBay's leadership, the intent of their customer service scheme, and their total lack of regard for those who, in the end, pay their salaries. This has been, without equivocation, the absolute worst customer experience I have ever encountered. eBay makes the airlines industry look like five-star JD Power customer service rockstars!

As a consumer: It is unacceptable for any company to treat their paying customers with this level of disdain, disrespect, and lack of regard. I have never encountered this level of unaccountability, ignorance, and indifference at any company I have ever done business with. Thankfully there are other auction-retail options, do I will vote with my two feet, and take my business elsewhere.

As a shareholder: A strategy that centers on giving your customers the proverbial stiff-arm and middle finger is not a long-term sustainable business strategy (This also in part explains why my investment has been in the tank for years). A multi-billion dollar company can fly blind for a long time (maybe years) with incompetent pilots, a dysfunctional flight plan, and a broken autopilot, but eventually this vessel will meet the side of a mountain and crash. It is inevitable.

And as a shareholder I have seen enough to know my investment is not in capable nor ethical hands, so I have sold my entire long term equity position in this company, and will take my money elsewhere. I tried in vain to reach someone at eBay to tell this tale of whoa, but of course I was put on hold, disconnected, hung up on, etc.

This was not meant to be a rant that falls on the trash-heap along with millions of other unanswered complaints. Rather, my hope this ends up in the hands of someone at eBay that actually gives a damn about the company and their customers, and becomes a wake up call for this once great company.

Want to sell on Ebay? Get ready to BEND OVER!
By -

Ebay started out as such a great idea! People who had something they no longer wanted could pay a REASONABLE fee to show it to people online who might be looking for it.

It was a "win/win" situation, most of the time.

The feedback system wasn't perfect, but *nothing* is ever perfect. Yes, there may have been some abuses by sellers...but, in the long run, those abuses would cause the sellers to lose bidders, thus making eBay unattractive to them.

The feedback system allowed individual buyers and sellers to determine their individual level of confidence in the person with whom they were considering entering into a transaction.

I have been buying and selling on eBay since 1999. With the exception of one or two transactions, out of many many hundreds, even thousands, I have had very few negative experiences, that is, until Ebay began making the changes that have resulted in RABID buyers...by RABID, I mean, buyers who KNOW that I no longer have ANY power in the transaction. They know that I can only leave them POSITIVE feedback, or nothing. They know that they have "buyer protection" through Ebay and Paypal. They know that they can claim an auction item was "significantly not as described", whether that is true or not. They can *claim* anything and Ebay and Paypal WILL support them because Ebay has decided that the BUYER can do no wrong. Ebay has decided that their CUSTOMER is NOT the individual who PAYS their OUTRAGEOUS fees, but the Buyer.

So, if an unscrupulous person "buys" something from a seller and pays through Paypal, then, receives the package and claims the seller put a brick in it, Paypal will refund the buyers money and Ebay will allow the buyer to give a NEGATIVE feedback comment to the seller AND issue a "Seller Non-Performance" strike against the seller. There is NOTHING the seller can do to prevent this....NOTHING. And, once the seller has been ripped off by the unscrupulous buyer, they cannot leave ANY feedback other than POSITIVE. And, IF they say ANYTHING negative in the "positive" comment, Ebay will remove it.

The unscrupulous buyer may now move onto another unsuspecting seller, rinse and repeat.

I am constantly reading messages from prospective buyers who tell me "I have 100% positive feedback from buying on eBay"...What a JOKE!!! 100% positive feedback as a BUYER???? That means NOTHING! Because, the seller you just RIPPED OFF CANNOT leave you the NEGATIVE that you DESERVE because you are a liar and a thief. Additionally, there are very few "checks and balances" in place to verify or validate a "buyer" on eBay. Ebay wants ANYONE and EVERYONE to "buy", because Ebay has come to believe that the way to restore INVESTOR confidence and Ebay's stock price, is to bring more BUYERS to Ebay. Sadly, Ebay's beancounters don't realize that a transaction requires TWO parties...the Buyer and the SELLER, and that the SELLER is Ebay's customer.

My hatred of Ebay and Paypal grows exponentially, every day. I have never had such a vehement opinion about them, and, in fact, for the first 8+ years of my experience using them, I was, for the most part, pleased with our "relationship".

But, Ebay has turned me into a prostitute...I earn the money and turn approximately TWENTY PERCENT over to them. They take it, and keep it. If I come across an unscrupulous "customer", that's *my* problem. Ebay does not support me in even the SMALLEST way.

If wishing for something made it so, Ebay would disappear into the sewer and it's management would all be on the street wearing signs that say "Kick me, I contributed to the ruination of Ebay."

So, you want to sell on eBay? Get ready to bend over and don't say I didn't warn you.

Stay Away from EBAY
By -

BEWARE OF EBAY CRIMINAL, MATTHEW BECCUE OF BATAVI -- I started selling on EBAY in 2002, but until recently I was reluctant to buy anything that cost more than $100.00. Although EBAY's "Trust and Safety" staff supposedly oversee the transactions, I often wondered whether EBAY would help victims recover money that they lost to dishonest sellers. It was so easy for me to sell on EBAY; I figured that criminals could too. As EBAY's popularity and prosperity grew, I came to believe that it would be bad for business if EBAY let its web site become a venue for criminal activity. If a crime occurred, I thought that EBAY would chase the criminal and compensate the victim, but when I became a victim, I learned otherwise.

On March 22, 2006 I paid Matthew Beccue of Batavia New York $3,850.00 for a Nikon D2X camera. Beccue had been an EBAY member since 1997 and was credited with 140 transactions and 99.3% positive feedback. After EBAY notified me that I had won the auction and after receiving the EBAY invoice, I sent Beccue my check, but he never sent me the camera. When I turned to EBAY for help, it diverted me to an ineffective dispute process that did nothing for me or against Beccue.

Away from the flashy ads and promotions, an obscure page on EBAY's web site tells buyers how they can file a dispute against sellers (and vice versa). For thirty days, buyers and sellers must try to settle their differences without EBAY's intervention. During that time I notified EBAY that the seller had cashed my check, but would not send me the camera or respond to my emails, but EBAY seemed oblivious to the possibility that a felony had occurred on their web site. Until the thirty days had lapsed - giving Beccue enough time to cover his tracks - EBAY would only repeat: contact the seller and try to work things out.

EBAY further exasperates victims by refusing to speak to them. All correspondence must be by e-mail. Only a few "power sellers" (EBAY's money-makers) have the privilege to speak directly to EBAY. I expect that EBAY does not talk to buyers because they are ripped off so frequently that EBAY cannot give them any level of personal attention. In a feeble attempt to provide a personal touch, EBAY offers "Live Help" a chat room where you can exchange messages with an EBAY staff. I chatted with Chad who typed so swiftly and composed his English so perfectly that I suspect he lives in India. Once I saw that Chad was giving me the same canned responses that I had received by e-mail, I interrupted him and asked, "Will EBAY do anything for me or should I call the police?" After some hesitation, Chad typed, "Call the police".

I now hope that the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center will recover my money and punish Matthew Beccue. But even if he goes to jail, Beccue could return to EBAY under another name and bank account and resume stealing. I say this because EBAY does not screen sellers or reveal much about them. Moreover, EBAY does not go after sellers who steal, but they will file a lawsuit against a buyer who submits a fraudulent claim for the $175.00 (maximum) compensation that EBAY offers. In my case the $175.00, is not much more than the $80.00 that EBAY made on my transaction.

When I finally convinced EBAY that my claim was legitimate, it promised to pay me its token compensation. EBAY then changed its mind. I was notified (by e-mail, of course) that because I did not close the dispute, EBAY would not compensate me or penalize the seller. The e-mail included a link to the EBAY web site where I was instructed to open the dispute (again). I replied that enduring EBAY's dispute process for another three months was not worth the $175.00. A few days later EBAY sent me an apology and the $175.00, but they never mentioned Matthew Beccue. Curious about his fate, I sent EBAY the following message:

Yesterday, June 22, 2006, I received from EBAY the $175.00 reimbursement for the $3850.00 that was stolen from me during an EBAY auction on March 22, 2006. This token compensation along with EBAY's impersonal and ineffective dispute process clearly reflects an indifference towards crime on its web site. For my sake as well as those who shop on EBAY, please tell me what happened to Matthew Beccue - the criminal who stole my money. Did you try to find him? Will you prosecute him? Have you banned him from EBAY, and if so how will you keep him from returning?"

EBAY never responded, so I posted my story on their community discussion board where it attracted comments from sellers who have a financial interest in EBAY's success. Most of them agreed that crime is so rampant on EBAY that it cannot chase the criminals or compensate their victims. A buyer's best defense is to use a credit card and hope that the bank who issued the card provides the protection that EBAY lacks.

Others criticized me for not thoroughly reading EBAY's user agreement which states in part,

"We [EBAY] have no control over and do not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of items advertised, the truth or accuracy of listings, the ability of sellers to sell items, the ability of buyers to pay for items, or that a buyer or seller will actually complete a transaction."

In retrospect, I should have thoroughly read this lengthy agreement before joining EBAY, and all shoppers should read it again before making a purchase. Far more compelling than this article, the user agreement makes the case to Stay Away from EBAY.

Terrible Customer Service! Buyer Beware!
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

NY, NEW YORK -- I needed some "no smoking" stickers to place on the front door of my rental properties. I went to a local place and they want $5-20 per sign. So I checked on eBay and found some for $3 each. I purchased 10. The seller had a good rating, over 90,000 transactions, so I figured he was sound.

A couple of weeks later I get a package from Sam's Club. Inside are 10 stickers that say "store hours". Wrong item. So I contact the seller through EBay. The seller says, according to eBay's rules, I am to pay the postage and return the items to a different address (not back to Sam's Club). I emailed them back saying, "this problem was not created by me, the seller shipped the wrong item, the seller should fix the problem and pay the shipping. It is his error." Then they email me a link to print a label to ship the 10 pieces of paper back. Great, except I do not have a printer.

I again email the seller suggesting he either send me the product I ordered and throw in a return label or just mail me a return label. I never heard from the seller again. Big effort on his part to fix his mistake. So I took it up with eBay. And I won! They emailed me a link to print out a label to send the product back for a full refund (when I escalated the case, I told them I did not have a printer).

Finally, I got someone on the phone at eBay. They said eBay does not have a printer either and that I would have to waste my time, gas and money driving the several miles into town to find a place (library was their suggestion) and drag in my tower computer to have the label printed so I can return the item for a refund.

Now maybe I am just a little old fashion, but where I come from if you screw something up, you make it right. Where I come from the customer is always right. Not at eBay. At eBay if the seller screws up, it is the buyer's responsibility to fix the problem. Nice!

You can have all the "great" reviews in the world, you can have the highest customer rating ever recorded. But you only get one chance to screw me over eBay/Paypal. Never again will I make that mistake! Now is anyone interested in some "Store Hours" signs, I have 10 for sale, cheap!

NO protection for the sellers!
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CLARKSVILLE, TN -- After being a seller for over a year, I can completely and truthfully say eBay is more than completely unfair to sellers. I have a 100% feedback score, yet I still have all these problems. Yes I have my fair share of buyers with great communication, fast payments, and no problems at all. However, here recently I have dealt with such HORRIBLE customers. Customers that do not read the items listing or description, then open a case on me, and demand their money back. Buyers that know they are not buying a brand new item, yet when they get it expected it to be absolutely brand new.

I just recently had a case opened up on me because the buyer did not read the listing, yet continued to bid on the item over and over. The buyer had the item for over two weeks before they "all the sudden" wanted their money back. They then argue with me via emails over the eBay rules and regulations that are clearly stated, saying I was the one wrong. A case is then opened up on me and of course eBay sided with this absurd buyer. Clearly the buyer NOT reading the listing was MY fault. The buyer then waited another week to even mail the item back to me. I then never received my final cost fees back or listing fees, as I haven't in the other few cases I had to refund.

It is obnoxious that the buyers go through so much to offer items on eBay, then in the end the buyers are the ones that get screwed. One particular buyer that did not read my products description and listing thoroughly and cussed and fussed with me for what seemed like days, demanding their money back, broke my product in the process, ended up with their money back and me a useless product that I can't even resale. This is also a buyer that could not even make legible sentences, that it literally took me several times reading over their horrid emails to make sense of it.

Now this person has been suspended and kicked off eBay because I'm sure they were doing the same thing to several other people. I know not all buyers are outstanding, just as all sellers are not. With all this trouble, stress, and money I have lost over eBay not protecting their sellers I will not be selling on eBay much longer. It's about a joke of a company.

Beware: Ebay Takes Fees From Seller When Buyer Doesn't Pay
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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I sold an item on eBay auction. The buyer didn't pay me but asked me to cancel the transaction because she didn't read the item description carefully. It's annoying but understandable. I re-listed the item on eBay for auction - the second buyer didn't pay AND didn't contact me. All emails from me were ignored. This buyer had a (3) next to his name at the time.

The buyers have their money however, eBay TOOK money from my account for their fees even though the buyer didn't pay me. I am left feeling cheated by eBay and their methods of collecting money from the seller WHEN NO MONEY WAS RECEIVED FROM THE BUYER. Seems to me, when someone bids on an item, the money should Be immediately taken from their account and given to the seller before eBay takes their fees. What's up eBay?

The customer service people instructed me to complete 6 steps to open an unpaid item case. After 4-7 days I am supposed to manually close the account and eBay will supposedly reimburse me. Guess how much of my personal time this nonsense has taken?

The customer service people talk in circles. No one will tell me how many times a buyer can make "fraudulent" purchase before being suspended. No one will send me a copy of the notice sent to the buyer requesting my payment (maybe because eBay never contacted the buyer?). The second buyer received 3 additional feedback scores in the past week AFTER not paying me or even returning my emails requesting payment. How is this person permitted to continue to buy and sell without settling an unpaid item case?? He now has a (6) next to his name all while ignoring my request for payment or at least an explanation.

What happens to those sellers who don't notice eBay TOOK fees from their accounts even though the buyer never paid? Seems like a great way for eBay to take money from people. If you're not paying attention they take money from you and the only way to get it back is to go through multiple steps. Does this seem right to anyone? Suggestion to eBay: Hire and train qualified customer service people to treat your buyers and sellers with respect and not act like ROBOTS who read from a script. Refrain from taking your fees from your sellers UNTIL the buyer pays your sellers AND offer concessions to your sellers when your buyers act like fools.

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