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DANVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I have had nothing but problems since I bought this new emachine. It constantly freezes. About 1 out of 10 times I try to save something it will delete it instead of saving. My computer has to be rebooted 4 or 5 times a day. Once when the little icon came up at the bottom I clicked on it for a Fixit and I couldn't get it to do what it was supposed to, I called the company and the techican I talk to said that the notice I got probably didn't amount to nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep it from freezing up so much.
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KenPC on 03/02/2006:
You sound like you have spyware/malware on your machine. Backup your data, then do a full restore form the CDs which (hopefully) came with the machine.

Make sure you have good anti-virus software, and as soon as you are back up, go to www.microsoft.com and download Microsoft Defender. (It's free). Set it to update and scan automatically.

Make sure you have at least 256k of RAM (memory). If you have less, Windows XP will not run reliably. RAM is fairly cheap, and is the easiest and least expensive way to sped up a machine.

Good luck.
tander on 03/02/2006:
I myself prefer ad-aware and tuneup utilities, you can get ad-aware from : http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/ and tuneup utilities is a program you have to purchase, but it deletes files from your registry that are left over from uninstalls or from malware that don't come off with ad-aware. But you should never delete or remove anything from the registry unless you know what you are doing. I also use a program called disk cleaner, you can find it here:http://www.robertenfemke.nl/~diskclean/, it deletes all the temp files that you know longer need, it's user friendly, so for the most acknowledgeable computer person, it would be easy to use.
dsmith68 on 03/02/2006:
Ken, 256K of memory?? If you can get XP to run on that, then I want to see it!!! :) My first PC had 640k on it.
tander on 03/02/2006:
I have a 2nd Computer with 256 MB RAM and Win XP, it runs fine, it would be faster with at least 512 MB though!
Anonymous on 03/02/2006:
My Dell is 2 1/2 years old. It came with XP and 256 ram. Runs fine and dandy.
dsmith68 on 03/03/2006:
Yes XP does run 'OK' with 256Mb of memory.. I was pointing out Ken's mistake of using K instead of M .. 256K is not even 1Mb. I was just being picky :)
Mr. MJ on 03/30/2006:
Please listen to me carefully & trust me. I purchased 2 crappy emachine pc's. One for my business & the other for my home. Before I get into details- GO OUT IMMETIATELY & PURCHASE AN EXTERNAL MODEM & STORE ALL DOCUMENTS IN IT THAT YOU WISH NOT TO LOSE!!!!! When you get back from the store, read the rest of my message regarding the eMachines/Gateway trash!
OK, I'm assumming you went out & bought the external modem you will need in order not to lose valauble documents.
YOUR SYSTEM IS GOING TO FRY, YOU WILL NEED OVER $500 TO REPAIR IT. It is not worth it b/c eMachines is absolute garbage. You cannot suck a watermelon through a straw. Both my emachine pc's are fried- they have motherboard issues, powersupply defects etc.
My emachine pc at home had over 300 of my chilrens pictures in it & b/c I am a clueless consumer, not aware that eMachines is complete crap., I lost all my kids pictures, which I can never get back.
They are nice looking pc's with a lot of memory & features, but it will break your heart if you store important personal info. in it.
I took both my emachine pc's to a popular repair facility (no, not BestBuy-They suck too)& the technicians began laughing when I placed both of my emachine turds on the counter! They knew exactly what was wrong, since they come in for repair constantly! They are made of complete garbage!
Thanks. I feel much better now!
Mr. I Hate eMachines/Gateway
Stoudt52 on 04/28/2006:
First of all, I want to point out that an external modem is not going to do anyone any good. And as for the PC breaking your heart, important data should always be backed up. There are several ways of doing this: External hard drive (not modem), USB thumb drive (smaller amount of data), and CD-RW. As far as Emachines having problems, there is a frequent problem that occurs in T-series desktop power supplies that cause the motherboard to burn out. Other than this, Emachine is a solid PC especially considering the price. And...if you have problems with your PC, take it to an authorized Emachine repair shop such as CompUSA, not some shop where they laugh at you. Hope this helps!
3CPC on 10/09/2006:
Stoudt52 is correct in regards to the external modem. Now onto the problem at hand. It very well could be adware/spyware. As for Emachine I will agree they are by far not a very reliable machine. Now speaking from a technician's point...The problem with Emachines is in fact the P.S.U (Power Supply Unit). They only use a 250 watt PSU in a pentium 4 or AMD equivalent machine. Intel, and AMD will tell you they require at least (the very minimum) a 350 watt PSU, BUT take into consideration the
1. The Hard Drive
2. CD Drive (CDR/RW Combo Or two separate drives)
3. CPU
4. Video Card
5. Motherboard
6. Memory

Now take all those items into consideration, because the P4, and Video card alone takes up a lot of wattage from the PSU. Then if you have a separate CDR/RW and DVD Drive, both of those take up even more wattage. The bottom line is check your power supply. If it is a 250 watt. Yank it, and install a 450 Watt or higher. I have refurbished two Emachines with new motherboards, and 450 watt P.S.U, because they both had 250 watt's in them. Fried both the mobo, & PSU. There I have put my 3 cents in.
spiderman47 on 11/24/2006:
I fix computers & there are other easy ways to solve
this problem such as defragmenting both disk drives,of course there are viruses in every computer when you boot it until you shut it down, do a disk clean up which goes with disk defragment, & you can always go to your
command prompt to check your disk for any & all errors.
my e-mail is: phyllisnelson@bellsouth.net or fax & call
me at (904) 766-2896.
NickNick on 02/07/2007:
The problem you are having is all on you my friend....you went online or something and ruined it yourself....get a spyware program to prevent it from happening again. do you go onto porn sites or use like kaZza or pther p2p file sharing stuff! those are flodded with viruses and I did hear that there is a virus that will just restart your computer at random.
Zukeeny on 03/24/2010:
Anonymous on 06/23/2013:
eMachines is solid alright, a solid piece of crap. I don't want to hear anything about price either, even cheap cars last longer than 2 years tops. I just wish people would value what it means to put effort into making something good
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