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Incompetent, Inconsiderate, Dishonest, Poor Workmanship
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Sales guy promised a start date (because we're already behind on our move due to a pest problem which we explained to him in detail along with the serious need to start right away). Promises a start date of 3/22 (our lease in our old house is up 4/1, again which he knew.) Part of the sales pitch that got us was that "they have such great prices because they have a warehouse full of their product waiting to be sold... blah, blah, blah... so they can start right away, and so on). Perfect for us, because we needed it ASAP.

Anyway, Thursday morning I receive a call that the ceramic tile (the one that is sitting in a warehouse in tons... just waiting to be sold and used...) is out of stock. So, now I tell them to cancel my $9000 purchase unless they can start something/anything ASAP (we bought carpet x3 rooms and tile). After multiple calls, and explaining the whole situation to everyone I got transferred to because they clearly don't communicate with each other, read their notes, or give a darn to make an effort to get thing right.

Finally I speak to another liar that promises that by Monday, they would have crews at our home (that has a garage packed with all our belongs because we can't move in until the flooring in complete) to start on BOTH. Monday rolls around and the carpeting crew calls ahead that they'll be at our home in 30 mins. Perfect and very considerate to call ahead. They install, letting me know how long it'll take. All is well with that so far, and that's the small glimpse of good that we saw from Empire Today, the three carpeting guys.

Also on Monday, I get an e-mail "confirming" that the tile installation will happen on Tuesday... um, okay. It's not like we're now five days behind from the original date the promised. Tuesday (not morning) afternoon they arrive at 2:30pm, no call ahead that they're on their way, just a call telling that they're at the property. They get there to unload their supplies... and that's it.

When I asked if they'll be ripping out the baseboard to lay the tile (at this point, I'm starting to read about the tile installation process and someone said that to install tile, baseboards will be ripped out. When I simply ask about this, one of the installation "crew" (two guys) guys tells me that to properly install tile, baseboards need to removed to lay the tile flush to the wall. My next question is "and those baseboard replacements are part of the installation, right?" To which he said no, not part of the contract. Mind you, the sales guy quoted me "with EVERYTHING INCLUDED it's $8919."

So, I now have to speak to the Empire customer (non) service, and I get Jeremy? In the customer retention department that gets the tile installation "manager?" to call me in about 15 minutes (and he keeps me on the phone while I wait for the call, because he doesn't want to lose my call in the queue. Although, I'm not sure why he couldn't just give me a call back or give me his direct line. Bill, the manager, tells me that no, baseboards don't need to be removed, but the quarter-round does, and of course I'm responsible for that, because it's not part of their installation process.

Again, how am I getting two different scenarios on tile installation from the same department??? Should've been yet another red flag! Call drops while talking to "Bill" and he calls me back. I ask him to please communicate with his crew to NOT rip out baseboards, to which he agrees to communicate to them. The "crew leaves at 4:30pm. And Bill apologizes that they ran behind on another job and couldn't get there sooner. Was there not another crew that they could contract to be there sooner???

Since this company has dropped the ball so many times with my contract? Moving along to the next day, the two tile guys (thank goodness I'm fluent in Spanish, because they have very limited English, so this wasn't an issue in our case.) get there at 9:30am, leave around 5:30pm stating that only one of them will be there for half the day as the other has a doctor appointment to get to... so now I got half a "crew."

Friday rolls around and they said they'd like to stay and work late to get work done... 4:30pm rolls around and they call to tell us that they're done for the day. I have yet to complain, because at this point you have your floors as a hostage. I don't want to complain so we can get this work done correctly and in the time frame. Later in the day, as I walked around, I noticed the foyer hallway had a row of tile (we had long tile installed, the wood-look tile installed) was made up if three pieces of a tile, instead of making it out of one long tile.

I later found out that my dad pointed it out to one of them, and they said that it was a closet so it didn't matter. So, of course I brought it up to them the next day when they arrived, Saturday. They arrived at 11:30am, we just waited around for them... because Empire figures we don't have anything else to do, like unpack, move furniture in, etc.

When I brought it up to the "lead" installer, the other guy was introduced as his assistant from the beginning, he again gave me that incompetent response by replying "Is that closet going to have a door?" (I guess he thought I was going to accept that response meaning that I just need to close the door and not look at it???) I told him that it wasn't going to stay like that and he politely said he'd fix it. He fixed it by making that last row out of two pieces now instead of three!! Wow!

Also, instead of continuing the pattern in the closets, they just put aligned rows in the closet, instead of continuing the pattern. When they left, 8pm-ish when I'm trying to get my kids ready for bed, they had me sign the form "that the job was complete."

Later, I actually looked at the form, they had re-filled the questionnaire that was meant for me, as the customer, to fill out. The one question they filled out for me, that irked me the most: Would you recommend Empire Today to friends/family? They marked "yes." Wow!!! I never got a warranty or care brochure. They did however, tell me I need to clean it in the morning with vinegar and water. So guess what I got to spend doing on Easter morning? Mopping, mopping and more mopping, doing research online on how to remove grout residue from my brand new tile and visiting Home Depot to buy products to remove this "soot" from my $9000 floors!!!

When I called them later in the afternoon, just utterly disappointed, they said they'd put a ticket in. When I inquired as to when I'd receive a response, they said it could take 2-3 days What??? I'm on a time crunch before this residue becomes permanent!!! Rep said she'd flag it as a priority call... so that's where we're at. I'm concerned that they know where I live, so my accurate review of them better be anonymous with Empire! And there's a LOT of miscellaneous, yet frustrating events that I left out for sake of time!

Company Response 04/04/2018:

Jenny, >, our goal is for our customers to have a great experience from start to finish - and we're sorry that didn't happen. Please send us your contact information to so we can help.

Installers Walk Off Job, Calls Go Unanswered, Promises Broken!
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Rating: 1/51

SPRING, TEXAS -- We signed a digital contract for Empire Today to install new carpet on 4-13-18. We received a system generated email regarding our scheduled install date of 4-25-18. It stated the install would take place between 8am-6pm. My husband and I did everything noted in the email by removing all small breakable items and really most heavy furniture. It was in our contract the install team would move the heaviest items. On the "date of install", 4-25-18, I began to call the company letting them know that I have not received a call from the installer and that it was getting progressively late in the day.

I had to call numerous times to get any information, even then, they refused to tell me what was going on and when to expect the installers to arrive. At 1:10pm 3 guys showed up at my home. The lead installer "Chino" told me that he was just to unload our carpet and he would be back at 4pm. I reminded him that I was told our install would be a FULL day and that it being so late, that would be impossible. I had emptied my 3 children's rooms and disassembled their beds. I had moved everything in preparation for them to finish carpet install. After arguing with "Chino" that I had no place to put my kids to bed this night, he agreed to stay and complete their 3 rooms.

As I normally would, I walked through as they performed the work. I noticed they had installed the basic carpet padding throughout the room when I had paid for the "upgraded" waterproof padding. I also saw they were leaving the 13 year old padding in the closets. "Chino" tried to tell me the waterproof membrane is "visible" on some padding and "invisible" on other! I insisted he pull it up and replace with what we had paid for. I also told him that leaving the old pad is NOT acceptable!

At that point he told me that he was not given enough waterproof padding from the Empire warehouse to even finish the 3 bedrooms. He cut and laid some carpet in 2 rooms. Tack strips and padding were still exposed in my 5 year old's bedroom entrance. He did not mend the seams or complete the closets or doorways. He promised my husband and myself that he would personally call me before 8am and be at my house working by 8am to finish the job the next day! We had to agree as we had our whole house turned upside down.

Next day, 4-26-18, 8am came and went without any word from "Chino". I began calling Empire and spoke with numerous different customer service reps. Finally I just wanted this entire nightmare to end. I was given a number to "Anthony" who would have the ability to cancel the contract/ job altogether. After speaking to him at length, he said that he couldn't cancel the contract/ install since work had begun. That would come from "George" the install manager.

During our conversation I had to take my daughter to school. He asked if there was any way I would let them complete the work if the guys came and finished up that day (4-26-18). He placed me on hold to call the "install manager". Within 10 minutes "Chino" was calling me saying he was at my house. I told him I was 10 minutes away and to please wait. He said he would. I switched the call back to Anthony and told him that "Chino" was at my house and he would wait for me there! Anthony said he relayed that to the "install manager".

When I arrived back home, "Chino" was gone. I reviewed my security footage and after he hung up with me, he walked to his car, got on the phone again, loaded his tools back in the car and drove off. I pulled in my driveway minutes after he left. I called Anthony back immediately and told him what happened. I was really hoping this company would make things right after all of the things they had put my family through. They did not. I was told that "Monica" would call me...I got a call from a "Diana".

She seemed like she would be helpful at first. I told her since we were on day 2 and our carpet was still laying in my garage, we just wanted to cancel. She said, “But what if I get them back to you by 1pm and they finish today.” I just was not hopeful as we have been lied to so much by these people. At 1pm, nobody came to my house, I called Diana. She said, “I thought you wanted to cancel...if they get there in 30 minutes can they finish?” I said, “Yes but I need them to finish today.” She said, “They would!”

I rushed to my daughter's school, picked her up and rushed home. The installers showed up at 1:50pm. They didn't speak to me at all. I had to ask what happened to him not calling or showing at 8am? He said since he has a newborn baby at home, he has to take his oldest daughter to school, then go back and take care of his 2.5 year old and 1 month old baby. He said he can't get out of the house much before 9am anyway. At this point, I have zero faith in these installers, so I am periodically walking through checking on the progress.

I noticed they were talking about a problem so I went into the 3rd bedroom and noticed he shortcut my son's room by 1 inch. He wanted to do a 1 inch seam on the tack strip. My husband and I said, “Absolutely not, you must recut this room and do it right.” He said "I am not recutting this piece and getting back charged". “I will leave before I do that.” He got his tools and told his guys to load up the truck and began yelling at me in my driveway in front of my neighbors. I got Diana on the phone and let her listen to his yelling. I told her this was Empire's last chance and this installer just blew it.

My husband got the sales representative on the phone, he was no help. He lied to cover himself, just like everyone else within this company. At this point, we wanted Empire to pick up their materials and part ways amicably. We cannot get anyone from this company to return phone calls or address this issue. Everyone blames another, then when pressed, they are blaming us, the customer.

My husband talked with Meygan today, 4-27-18 and was told the contract will be cancelled and a full refund will be issued. She told him that she would send an email stating that...we have not received anything from her. Not surprising! Oh and before you post to send this in an email to, I already did including our contract number.

Hardwood Flooring
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Rating: 1/51

CALERA, ALABAMA -- I thought I was making an upgrade for my house which has became a nightmare. The installers were completely rude and didn't care if anything was broken. They were too lazy to pull up the vinyl in the kitchen so they just laid the hardwood floor on top of it. Then on top of that they couldn't cut a true 45 degree angle with corner round to save their lives. Worst decision ever. At this point pull up the hard wood and take it back. I'll be happy with my vinyl floors. Please research others before you choose Empire.

Worst. Deceptive. Bait And Switch Company - Avoid
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Rating: 1/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I called Empire Flooring for Laminate flooring. The salesman visited my home. I had already pulled up some of the carpet and padding, so he can access what was underneath. The underneath was stick on tiles stuck onto real hardware flooring. The salesman was ok, I guess. Immediately took a 100.00 deposit and I was informed that the installation would take place the next day. Well... 2 Spanish speaking guys show up, in an unmarked box van, Empire Flooring SUBCONTRACTS OUT THEIR WORK!

First, one of the installers, already had an agenda to raise the price. He was claiming OUTRAGEOUS claims. First he said the home may have had a problem with the floor. So I immediately started snapping photos. All the while, he was on the phone with some man with the company. Then the two installers, began to put a big gash in the middle of my floor. I have an 80 year relative and a dog in my home, with my new born granddaughter on her way home at my house. I decided to cancel because they said it would cost me an additional 1342.00 to lay the tongue and groove flooring.

Meanwhile the salesman had quoted me a price of 1800.00. The installers acted all concerned that there may be asbestos in my home. My home was totally rehabbed in 2012. Well, I guess to them that ploy didn't work. Now they decide to put a hole in the middle of my floor and leave! So now I was in Catch 22! It was a Saturday, and what was I to do??? So they leave and I immediately get a call from Empire, a man named Josh. He told me the installers were parked outside. Oh how convenient. So much for any concerns they had, I thought. He double talked me as he knew I was in a panic.

If these subcontractors were so concerned with any health issue, and trust me there are none in my home! They didn't bother to place a tarp or tarps on any of my furniture. In addition, I think OSHA would be very interested in investigating how subcontracted Empire Floor installers can install and use a nail gun, crow bars, hammers and nails, utilize a massive laminate floor machine cutter, all the while, with no safety shoes, protective eyewear, gloves, protective head gear, face masks, etc.!

When they walked in they claimed everything was wrong with my existing floor. Now here's the best part, I was charged 3 times for some bogus plywood, and I mean the thinnest plywood anyone could buy and double charged for the vinyl flooring in my vestibule. My house was filthy dirty and I had to have someone come and clean everything and I mean everything in my house and outside my house. I had nails, wood chips, dirt, you name it and it was there on my steps and sidewalk.

This whole procedure is a disgrace and I WOULD AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS! They subcontract their work out. My neighbors actually asked me if I had hired Mexicans to do my floor. I said "No, I hired Empire Flooring". The reaction I received from my neighbors was a chuckle, apparently they knew more than I did. Empire Flooring commercials are a bunch of malarky. Do not believe those commercials. They are deceptive and have an agenda to scam and defraud the unaware public.

I am a senior citizen and I cannot believe this company actually advertises FALSE AND DECEPTIVE commercials. They do not clean anything. The real truth is they make your house absolutely filthy. They modify anything they feel like, after they damage your existing floor. And by the way, they do not leave you any instructions on how to care for your floors. My floors are scratched, creaking and I have a damage dented floor heater. The trim around the floor, no pun intended, did they cut corners!

I am thoroughly disgusted and I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. I intend to retain an attorney and hopefully, they will be more transparent with their advertising, instead of being deceptive. If I could rate this company a negative 5, I certainly would!!

Installers Never Showed up...
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Rating: 1/51

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- I am renting an apartment to a friend of mine and scheduled an Empire Today install 3 a 4 weeks ago with the sales agent. I have movers, furniture delivery and a move-in date occurring the day after the scheduled install date. Needless to say, the day that I took off of work for the rug install, installers never came. Not only is this unacceptable, but my Tenant is supposed to be moving in everything today, but there is no rug in a majority of the apartment, just an unfinished floor. As a repeat customer of Empire Today, I am speechless.

I called the customer service number for Empire at least 3 times yesterday, trying to get an estimated time for the installers to show up. The company had me waiting home all day, even after they told me to expect installers between 1pm & 3pm. That time came and went, along with another phone call to them.

About 6pm in the evening, after it turned dark outside, I called customer service again to see if they will be able to make it at least sometime early the next day so that my Tenant can move into her apartment, and possibly re-schedule new furniture delivery for later time in the day. The customer service agent didn't seem too convincing about the install happening today, and even said that he couldn't say whether the carpet would even be able to get installed until a future delivery date.

Installers never contacted me the day of the expected install date, and customer service stated that the installer attempted to call me once on the scheduled delivery date. I have no missed phone calls or messages from anyone. I would go as far as even acquiring phone records to prove the installer made that up to their boss.

Waiting around today for another 10 hours at home... hopefully my time is not wasted again. Meanwhile, how can this be allowed to happen? Shouldn't there be any compensation? I felt so bad even telling my Tennant that she has no rug installed, on top of the fact that she has new couches and furniture being delivered for those areas of the apartment that need the rugs. What do I say to that? Lost for words here.

Bait & Switch
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Rating: 1/51

EAGAN, MINNESOTA -- We ordered carpet from Empire a few months ago. The sales experience was great; lots of choices, differing price points and felt like we made a good decision. But on the install date, they showed up 2 hours late AND WERE AT OUR HOUSE FOR NINE HOURS. They didn't leave until after 11:00 PM. The installers were clearly inexperienced and complained that they had to move furniture (which we had paid for as part of our package). Moving furniture took about 15 minutes total, by the way.

Around 8:00 PM I tried calling the sales guy to say they needed to leave as my kids had to go to bed. I couldn't get a hold of him so I told the installers they needed to leave by 9:00 PM. They argued with me and told me that if I didn't let them finish, they would leave the carpet unfinished and wouldn't be able to come back for at least a week. I let them stay because I had already missed a whole day of work. Eventually they wrapped up and left without cleaning up all the spare bits of carpet fuzz they left all over the house.

Last, there was something about the color of the carpet itself that was slightly off from what I remembered. I couldn't be positive, so I sent an email to Empire telling them the color seemed off. The next day the sales guy called me back and I asked for a discount due to the poor service. He hemmed and hawed and about 4 days later I got a call from the regional manager. He said he'd offer me $100 off but that they couldn't do anything more. I was ticked. He wouldn't even talk about the carpet itself not matching what I ordered. Again, I wasn't 100% positive myself.

Now, three months later it is apparent they installed the wrong carpet. What is supposed to last 15 years has already matted down completely on our stairs and in high traffic areas. Vacuuming it helps, but then it immediately lays back down. We called Empire to do a service call at our house as we wanted them to verify for certain what was actually installed and to figure out why it is matting down so much. Guess what? They just called and said they couldn't make the appointment today!! I've decided it's time to take action since we've done all we can trying to work on this issue locally. Great jingle... horrible service.

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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- They are a rip-offs. First they quickly merge you with their bank Wells Fargo to take your money and then someone goes to your house and decide your sub floor is good for wood flooring. Then after a few months my floor start squeaking but when we called them it was horrible. No one was able to help us. The manager left the secretary in charge because his wife was having a baby. So no one was at the store. Just the secretary who was giving us the runaround. Still these days no one has been able from Empire to contact us about the problem.

Horrible Service and Installation
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- We ordered carpet from Empire for our entire second floor and two stairways and a den. The installers came out day one and did a good job but left by 2 P.M. saying they were short of carpet and had to get more. Based upon the extra carpet they left in my garage I think it was a lie. They came back for day two to finish and installed carpet that was the wrong color and clearly stained with bleach and totally discolored.

They further destroyed a large amount of trim moving furniture. They took two doors off of my laundry room and broke both just to leave them sitting against the wall. They told my wife to sign and they just left without a walkthrough. They ran. The sales contractors will not return a call and the 800 service is friendly but not reliable. I hope to get the problems resolved. I will not recommend Empire to anyone.

Wood Floors Buckling
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- RUN!!! Empire Today is a complete rip off! September 2017 "a few weeks ago" I had natural oak wood flooring installed in my home, today is 11/15/17 and I have not made my first payment on the account. About 2 weeks ago I noticed my wood flooring started buckling in multiple places throughout one of my living areas I do not often go in. I called Empire and on a Monday and Saturday morning an inspector showed up to review the floor. I received a call today from Empire "Megan 866-588-2305 ext **" and she informs me, it will be $1600 to repair the water damaged flooring.

I then called the 888-739-5502 and spoke with a manager who then transferred me to a customer service representative named Sabrina at my local office. I nicely informed Sabrina of the issues I had with the new floors buckling and asking how could this have happened if I do not use the space in my home. Sabrina became argumentative and stated she had pictures of the water damaged floors and I needed to pay the $1600 in repairs.

Again I have not made a payment on the newly installed floors but they are requesting $1600 in addition to the $4600 cheaply installed floors. I have yet to make a payment on. RUN do not use this cheap company. The quality of work is cheap and the customer support is very rude and my floors are a disgrace to my home! I hope this helps someone. And I will be filing a claim with the BBB!!

No Show Installation
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Rating: 1/51

NY, NEW YORK -- I have been waiting a few weeks to have this carpet installed. They were supposed to arrive yesterday. Installer comes here, looks at the room that the salesman took measurements... Says, "I am supposed to do the steps?" I say yes, and he literally leaves and never comes back. Empire said they will send a new team today. I get the call that they will be there in the afternoon. No one arrives. I call customer service and they said they had van trouble. I called my sales representative and he keeps saying there is nothing he can do as he has nothing to do with installation.

It's unreal how horrible this company treats customers. I am waiting for the next install tomorrow. I have a feeling they will no show it again. I am also worried that they will do a poor job on the install just based on the 1000's of bad reviews everywhere. I honestly only saw about 4 positive reviews. Unbelievable. The last company that I did carpet with came by, installed the carpet, cleaned and left. Like they were never even here.

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