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Nothing but Problems
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Rating: 1/51

It took a month and 4 different installers to finally get my flooring in place. First ones arrived at 5 pm, took off my baseboard and put it outside, tore the carpet up, and put down moisture barrier. Second ones came several days later, only after I called and found out that the first ones hadn't told anyone the job wasn't done. They told me the concrete subfloor was too uneven for hardwood.

Estimator and manager came by and said it wasn't too bad and that a certain very skilled installer could do it. He was not available for a few days and I had to schedule him even later when I could finally arrange to be home all day again. On the arranged and long awaited day, the third installer showed up, NOT the guy they had promised. He said the floor was not uneven at all but tested the moisture content (which should have been done first thing) and said it was way too high for hardwood.

I had to make more calls and they told me they couldn't even get another estimator out for a week to show me alternative floorings. Well, the Internet is a wonderful thing and I used it to find the CEO's email address. Shortly after I emailed him, I got a call from a higher-up manager and an estimator was there the next day. I chose some LVP for the basement floor and we stuck with the original hardwood for the stairs. He said he could not discuss any change in price with me but would have someone call.

Several hours later I get a call to schedule the installation but that person can't discuss price either. Later on someone finally calls who can talk money with me and she says that the LVP I had switched to was actually more expensive than the engineered hardwood but that they would not charge me any extra. Sounded fishy to me but my research showed that it might be true depending on what quality of each flooring was involved. At this point I just wanted it done.

The 4th installers came out two business days later. While the LVP on the basement floor turned out OK, the engineered hardwood on my stairs looks awful. They used solid hardwood for the edges and engineered for the inner pieces, and they are slightly different colors and thicknesses. The installer said this is standard practice, but no one told me that beforehand or I might have chosen differently. Upon my request, they did replace the baseboard that got ruined when the first installers put it outside, but they did not replace the other pieces of trim they had taken off. So now I have work to do to finish the job.

All along, I dealt with people not calling when they said someone would call, or being promised a certain person would call and getting the call from someone else. I should have gotten a very deep discount for all my trouble but instead I am stuck with the original cost for OK vinyl plank, missing trim, and mismatched hardwood stairs. I highly recommend AGAINST this company.

Empire Today is horrible
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Rating: 1/51

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- Working with Empire Today has been a complete nightmare, and I would not recommend them to anyone. I have paid for everything, but have yet to get the tile even scheduled because of their lack of communication. From the beginning, this has been a horrific experience. My original install dates for both carpet and tile was April 15th. At this point I had not paid for anything. On April 14th, I received two confirmation emails (one for carpet, one for tile), confirming my install was to happen the next day, April 15th. At 1230 on that Saturday, I had not heard from anyone, so I called the 1-800 number. They said my carpet showed it was to be installed the 17th (even though I scheduled this for the 15th, and had a confirmation email saying so), but they said the tile installed should have called by now, so they reached out to him. He claims he called me several times and was even out in front of my house, but since I didn't answer, he went to the next job and was not coming back that day. I had zero missed calls, and he even admitted to the empire representative that he did not leave a voicemail or knock on my door (even though he was sitting outside my house). He also did not contact empire to let them know he could not reach me. So I had to reschedule both carpet and tile for the following Saturday, the 22nd. The tile installer shows up shortly after 8a.m., I pay form the tile, and he begins work. The carpet installer shows up shortly after 9am, and sees that I am having tile done in the same room, and he says he cannot do the carpet while the tile is being done. So I have to reschedule the carpet, AGAIN. After about 6.5 hours of the tile installer being there, he calls me down to y basement. He shows me the tile, and says he cannot complete the job because some of the tile is 1/16th of an inch too big, so it is not lining up properly. He has to rip everything out that he has done and start over after he gets more tile in. He told me he would get more on Tuesday, but I had already scheduled the carpet to be done Tuesday, so he said he would come back to do the job (that I have already paid for) on Wednesday. I called on Saturday the 22nd to speak with a supervisor about all of this, but nobody ever called back. So on Tuesday the 25th, my carpet finally gets installed. I call to verify that my tile is still scheduled for Wednesday, the 26th, and they do not see that in their system. I ask to speak with a supervisor. I finally get a hold of one, and he tells me the installer should not have told me he would come back on the 25th. He says he will look into this and call me back in an hour. I never heard back from him. I called him back and left a message, still never heard back. I called the 1-800 number, and finally got a hold of a different supervisor, who told me the tile would not even be in stock until Thursday, the 27th. I asked if it would be possible to have it installed on a Sunday since they had made so many mistakes and that was the earliest day that worked for me. He said he would check with the installers, and assured me he would call me the following morning (Wednesday morning). By Wednesday afternoon I had heard nothing, so I called him back. He said his installer was unavailable on Sunday, so I asked him to contact a different installer. He said he was going to do that, and would call me back that same day. Never heard back from him. I now have an area of my basement that has had the originally flooring ripped out, and I have paid this company $1100 for this job. They have failed to contact me numerous times, even when I was told I would receive a call back by a specific person.

Bad Company
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- We had some estimates on some flooring, and decided to go with Empire Flooring. The worst home project mistake I ever made. Immediately after the install I called them to discuss the install. They placed three seams directly across the hallway upstairs, highly noticeable. I mean it looks horrible! They sent someone out to fix it, (and let me say first the customer service dept. is not local, a call center somewhere else, I need not say more about this process and all the confusion, most know how these things work). The guy that came out the first time had no clue why he was here, and no material or anything to fix it.

This process happened a couple more times. I took time off work, and no show no call. I called them and they said they didn't have carpet, had to order some. When they did come out they said that the carpet they sold me could not be installed any other way, because of it being Berber it can't be matched up to not show seams. They decided to redo a section to try and match it up better, and it didn't work. Then one of the seams started coming up. I was still trying to get the carpet redone correctly, with seams in the doorway (less noticeable), but everyone involved kept saying it couldn't be done because of the carpet style, and length restrictions.

They came out to redo the seam, it looks worse. Now another seam is coming up. I gave up on this, the stress level was just so much, and the company makes it worse. I think it's part of the process to get you to give up. The salesperson did not mention anything about these issues with the carpet, promoted it as premium carpet. I had a carpet person look at it, and said it is low end, and the install with the seams in the hallway are bad, and look horrible. If you are buying in Tucson, the lady salesperson is not knowledgeable about carpet types and install, that according to their own installer.

I saved money for my flooring project. This is my first home, and the carpet job is a mess. The old carpet they pulled out had no noticeable seams at all, so it can be done. This is a standard track home, no real surprises. I did cancel the downstairs laminate install with them, and had another local company do it, and it came out amazing.

I tell everyone stay away, try to find a good local company, with experienced installers, knowledgeable sales, and local customer service. Be careful of the materials they sell you as well, may not be premium even if salesperson says it. If you do use them, I wish you good luck!

Company Response 05/18/2017:

Dear Customer
We sincerely regret to hear about your experience, and assure you that we take matters such as this one very seriously. Please email your concerns and account information to, and mention my3cents in the subject like for further assistance.
Thank you.

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Rating: 2/51

TEXAS -- I WILL NEVER USE EMPIRE AGAIN (and I have a lot of flooring left to do in my home). I would like to start by saying that the end result is beautiful and the installers were quick, professional and very helpful. This is not where my problem lies. My problem is every other facet of this company. We interviewed/received quotes from several different companies. We narrowed down our decision to two. We went with Empire (a slightly more expensive option) because we were told the floors were made in the USA as opposed to China. That was our deciding factor.

The day the installers get here we notice the boxes all say "Made in China". Wait. What? We call the salesman, no answer. I call the main office number and tell them our issue. What is their explanation? "The floors are made in the USA but the boxes are made in China." What? The boxes? This is the story you are going with? Ok, the boxes. I make them promise that yes, the floors are in fact made in the USA.

We Google the name on the box, "Valinge". Guess what? MADE IN CHINA - but I mean, we knew this. We call again and all they can tell us is there was no excuse for the lie and the customer service person trying to get us off the phone and that all we can do at this point is cancel the order. Well, that would be great and we could go with the cheaper option since they too were made in China if perhaps maybe all of our tile and carpet hadn't already been pulled up. I'm hosting a party in 4 days! How long will it take to get floors? What the... Fine, just put it down.

Half way through the installation I look at the padding and I ask "Is that the upgraded padding that we had paid for, you know, the quiet walk?". He tells me no, that this was the standard padding and that they don't use the upgrade on this type of flooring because it actually makes it echo even worse. Now, rewind... sitting at our breakfast table, the day we signed the contract I ask "How much extra are we paying for the upgraded padding?". He tells me something like 20 or 40 cents a square foot and he had knocked down the price. Ok, cool.

But now today when we call the main number they tell us we did not pay for upgraded padding. What? We call the salesman he says no, we did not get charged for it. "Ok, then why was the price we paid the same as when you told me you charged us 40 (or 20) cents a sq. ft.? Wouldn't that price drop?" He says we went over what all the costs were when we signed, and we did, but that's when he told me the price per sq. ft.

The floors are in, we received no discounts, no refund for padding. Also, when I call to complain I want results. I DO NOT want to hear anything about anyone losing commission or the contract we signed. I know what we were told. I know we were lied to. I know we were blown off. Lack of integrity, that is where my issue lies. Don't lie to me.

Company Response 03/07/2017:

Dear Raymond,
We appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention. We understand that we have spoken to you and reached an amicable solution. Your continuous satisfaction is important to us, for future concerns please contact us at
Thank you.
-ET Customer Support

Terrible communication issues, unprofessionalism
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Rating: 1/51

FAIRVIEW, TENNESSEE -- I called Empire for a free estimate.....A representative came to my home on 11-17-2016 and gave me an estimate. I was very pleased with the price and the new wood laminate floor that I had chosen. I scheduled the installation to be done today, 11-21-2016. The representative, David, and I went over payment options and I decided to finance. My Daughter and I discussed the possibility of financing earlier in the day and she wanted to finance in her name if we went that direction, to build her credit. However, she was at work when David was here to get her information for the credit check. So, David asked that she text him her information no later than 11-18-2016, he would run her credit then and we would go from there. The next day my Daughter called him because she was uncomfortable texting her information and SS number. There was no answer so she left a voicemail asking that he call back as soon as possible. After waiting most of the day for a return phone call from David, she texted him the information that he needed because It was getting late and she had to go back to work. We were told that if he didn't have that information on the 18th that I would lose that estimate and I would not be able to have the floor installed before Thanksgiving. I have family coming to stay with us for Thanksgiving, so it was very important to us to have the installation complete as there is only a sub-floor in our livingroom at this time. And this is why my Daughter went ahead and texted all of her information even though it made her uncomfortable. She never received a text, phone call, or voicemail that night or the following day. I called him twice over the weekend and never received a call back. I texted him......still no response. I had no idea if we were getting the floor or not. Monday morning, two men came to install the floor. We were so happy, and excited! We started moving the furniture out of the living room and the two gentlemen started to bring to floor in. Then, one of the gentlemen stopped bringing the floor in to get me to sign some paperwork, as I was signing he asked for the entire balance to be paid up front. My heart sank and I told him that it was to be financed. There were no notes in his paperwork stating that, so he called his supervisor who also stated that there was nothing indicating that I, nor my Daughter was planning on financing the floor. At this point the tears started and I couldn't stop them to save me life. One of the gentlemen made a phone call to a representative and handed me his phone. I told him everything that happened leading up to this point, I'm not sure how much he actually understood because I just couldn't control my crying. He tries to call David but there was no answer. He calls his supervisor who tries to call David, still no answer. He then tells me that someone will be calling to try and resolve this. The two men leave but promise to come back today if it is resolved. I waited for two one called. So, I call the 800 number and speak to someone....she tries to call David and as usual no answer. She then tells me that a supervisor will be calling me. That was two hours ago. It has now been four hours since they left and I have given up all hope. I'll be calling my family to call off our plans for Thanksgiving. I can't have them over when I don't have a floor in the living room. It's ugly and I'm embarrasssed by it. It's been years since Ive seen some of my family, I just can't have them over with my home looking like this. I'm hurt, I'm disappointed, I'm mad, and I'm frustrated. I've heard good things about this company but my experience has absolutely been terrible and at this point, I don't even want them to install the floor, they have lost my trust. I will not be recommending this company to anyone and will tell anyone who asks what my experience was. I have never dealt with a company so unprofessional that they would rather leave a client in tears and in limbo rather than return a phone call.

Carpet Less Than 6 Months Showing Traffic Pattern, Inferior Quality, Not Name Brand, Do Not Stand Behind Product.
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- We replaced 12 year old carpet in only 3 rooms on the lower level of our home, the rest of the downstairs is hardwood or tile. Our home was designed by us and our Custom home builder... every aspect of our home contains great workmanship and quality, including the original carpet. One of our older dogs had a few accidents and got sick in our master bedroom, although we had the carpet cleaned numerous times the stain reappeared. We decided to replace the 12 year old carpet in all three carpeted areas downstairs and chose Empire.

We had shopped around some and chose Empire, although it was a 50% off sale, the price was very similar to other quotes. The representative was personable, so we chose Empire. MISTAKE. 6 months later wear patterns are appearing in the master bedroom and master closet, the office shows some wear patterns but not as distinctive, the seldom used guest room is ok. The carpet we chose has a pattern which is no longer as distinctive.... at the time of this writing the carpet is only 9 months old! Our 13 year old carpet upstairs that withstood 5 children and now our grandchildren shows no traffic patterns or depressions.

Empire sends someone out who looks at the fibers and says, "It is still good, it is not wearing. It is just a traffic pattern that will come back with a cleaning!" I am not a Rocket Scientist, however, it is very obvious the carpet I was sold is an inferior product and incapable of handling the daily traffic of two slim people walking in and out of their bedroom or master closet. It seems walking on this carpet puts too much stress on its resiliency and forces the pattern to disappear under the daily pressure of a 120 lb women and 180 lb man.

Empire's Solution: Get the carpet cleaned with only hot water OR PAY MORE FOR AN UPGRADE! What the heck did I pay for??? I was very specific with the salesperson about the quality of the carpet desired. The sales person did not have many samples to show me. She did go back to her car and bring in the second book of samples from which I selected my carpet. I am very dissatisfied with this carpet.

Empire does not stand behind their product and has little regard for customer satisfaction. We paid over $3,000 for carpet that we are very dissatisfied with, our only recourse is to spend more money with them.... Not on your life. I will never use them again and will dissuade anyone else contemplating their services. We are going to have several reputable carpet companies look at this carpet, get their professional opinion and probably replace this carpet, based upon the current deep traffic patterns it will be worn to the pad within 6 months.

Company Response 04/16/2015:

Hi Donna, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. It's disappointing that your product has not been meeting your expectations, and we can assure you that we are taking this situation seriously. We are committed to working with our customers until they are completely satisfied, and we regret that this situation has not yet been resolved. We understand that we've been in contact with you about this matter, and we will be following up with you again shortly. Thank you. Jeanette Ramey, National Customer Service Manager

Carpet Sales Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

LYNDHURST, OHIO -- Empire today carpets. I scheduled an appointment for a sales associate to come give an estimate to install carpet in my house. He measured and quoted a price, and said the installation would be the following day. I was excited because the sales guy talked up the carpet to be amazing. When the installers came to install the carpet, I asked the installers, "Is this good carpet?" They replied "ehhh I mean it's ok." Instantly I got a pit in my stomach because I was told it was one of the top carpets. The installers came into my house and I showed him the areas that the carpet would be installed.

About 20 minutes later the installers told me that they have an issue and that there wasn't enough carpet in the van to install the areas. That the sales guy must have measured wrong. Aggravated but polite I said "ok, well can you install then come back and finish the stairs?" He said "no it all has to be done the same day". I was upset because I lost money due to taking off work. I asked the sales guy to come back out so I could talk about different type of carpet.

He arrived 2 days later and we talked about a different carpet. I then told he I receive a better quote for the carpet but they had the newer generation of carpet. So empire said they would match the price. But they only had the older generation of the carpet. After thinking about it I decided well I already got approved through empire and I'm selling my house anyway so it really doesn't matter. So I signed the contract. I called friend. My friend and explained everything (because he has installed carpet for 20 years through multiple company but is retired now.)

My friend said "WHAT? They charged you how much for the carpet you picked out?" I told him, and he said "NO, the carpet you are getting is NOT the same carpet and ANY other carpet place would sell the carpet for $15 less a yard." And my house was quoted at 120 yards. So that's 1800$ in cost. He came out and measured the 2 areas I'm getting carpet. Great room. Basement and 1 set of stairs. And said he came up with 100 years and not 120. My stomach sunk and I became sick. I called and told Empire my story and they said, "Unfortunately we cannot give you a better price."

Well sorry Empire you just lost my sale, and the other friends and family that I will demand that they do not give Empire their business. I hope this review helps anyone looking for carpet because as of this moment October 2nd 2014 they have not made any attempt to earn my business.

Company Response 10/07/2014:

Hi Donnie, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We regret that your installation was not completed as initially scheduled, as we never want our customers to be inconvenienced. We understand that we've been in contact with you regarding your pricing concerns and are currently working towards a resolution. We will be following up with you shortly and you can also reach us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or Thank you. Jeanette Ramey, National Customer Service Manager

Installers did not show up
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON -- We scheduled a carpet installation for our living room, hallway and one guest bedroom. We chose this company because they said in their advertisements that they could install carpets the next day. They could not. We needed the carpets in before a visitor arrived and the installers were scheduled to come the day before.

The night before they were supposed to come, we moved all the furniture from our guest room and living room and unhooked all the electronic equipment. The installer called at 8:30 am and said they would be there in the afternoon. I said fine but reminded them that the job had to be done today because our visitor was coming tomorrow. By 4 pm, they still hadn't arrived, so I called them back. The installer said that they were doing a big job and could not make it to our house until 6 pm. I told them to please come because it had to be done today. She told me they would.

At 6:30, they had not arrived so I called the installer and the call went right to her voicemail. I left her a message but she didn't call me back. I called my salesman, David, to tell him the situation. He made some calls and found out that the installer told her supervisor that I had agreed to get the job done tomorrow. This was a blatant lie! We had to put all the furniture back together before our guest arrived. We had put down a deposit on the job and I told our salesman that we wanted a refund. He said he would see what he could do and call back. Of course he never called back.

A month or so goes by and Empire is again contacting me trying to schedule an installation. Since I didn't want to lose my deposit (about $200) and we still needed new carpets, I stupidly agreed to try again. We again move all the furniture out of the guest room and living room and unhooked all the electronics. The installers showed up at 10:30 am. They started taking measurements and said that our salesman measured incorrectly and they did not have enough carpet with them. I told them to go get more and I'd wait. Of course, they wouldn't do that. I've had it with this company and will tell everyone I know not to use this company. With all the terrible reviews listed here, I find it hard to believe that this company is still in business. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!

Horrible Quality
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Rating: 1/51

If there were an option for zero stars that's what I would give!!! I've used Empire in the past at two separate houses I've owned, this is the third time I'm using them. In the past the customer service was outstanding, the quality of the product I received was also outstanding. This time garbage and no one is willing to help fix the problem. I had carpet installed a week ago, and was going to have vinyl floors placed this week. The installer came. It was one man and an elderly woman. Neither spoke English. He installed the carpet and afterwards I walked around with him and tried to explain issues I had but he did not understand anything I was saying to him.

I called Empire Saturday to voice my concerns, I was told then that an inspector would contact me to come out and discuss all of my issues, my biggest issue was with the padding, it feels as if there is no padding under the carpet. To make a very long story short, after speaking to multiple people and then a second installer coming out whom which I thought was going to address my concerns...the second installer basically confirmed that the padding used was of poor quality and the installation was poorly done, and that I was way overcharged for what I received.

He asked why I didn't negotiate the price with the salesman! I didn't realize that this was a barter type purchase. I was told a price for what I thought was going to be a quality product!!! The installers exact words to me were, “That salesman hit a home run on you!”

PLEASE EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM EMPIRE!!! I FEEL LIKE I WAS TAKEN! And the last representative I spoke to flat out said, “You got exactly what was in the contract” and that I was stuck with it. I got the 6lb pad that I ordered but it is of very very poor quality! I cancelled the credit card and am disputing! Oh annndd I paid for 47 yards of carpet, 33 yards were installed and the other has mysteriously disappeared!

Installers Never Showed up...
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Rating: 1/51

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- I am renting an apartment to a friend of mine and scheduled an Empire Today install 3 a 4 weeks ago with the sales agent. I have movers, furniture delivery and a move-in date occurring the day after the scheduled install date. Needless to say, the day that I took off of work for the rug install, installers never came. Not only is this unacceptable, but my Tenant is supposed to be moving in everything today, but there is no rug in a majority of the apartment, just an unfinished floor. As a repeat customer of Empire Today, I am speechless.

I called the customer service number for Empire at least 3 times yesterday, trying to get an estimated time for the installers to show up. The company had me waiting home all day, even after they told me to expect installers between 1pm & 3pm. That time came and went, along with another phone call to them.

About 6pm in the evening, after it turned dark outside, I called customer service again to see if they will be able to make it at least sometime early the next day so that my Tenant can move into her apartment, and possibly re-schedule new furniture delivery for later time in the day. The customer service agent didn't seem too convincing about the install happening today, and even said that he couldn't say whether the carpet would even be able to get installed until a future delivery date.

Installers never contacted me the day of the expected install date, and customer service stated that the installer attempted to call me once on the scheduled delivery date. I have no missed phone calls or messages from anyone. I would go as far as even acquiring phone records to prove the installer made that up to their boss.

Waiting around today for another 10 hours at home... hopefully my time is not wasted again. Meanwhile, how can this be allowed to happen? Shouldn't there be any compensation? I felt so bad even telling my Tennant that she has no rug installed, on top of the fact that she has new couches and furniture being delivered for those areas of the apartment that need the rugs. What do I say to that? Lost for words here.

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