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Awful installation service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DENVER, COLORADO -- We needed to have our entire home re-floored after we flooded in a bad storm. Initially the salesman was nice and informative. He made a quote that was quite high and when we balked, he then "pretended" to call his boss to see what kind of deals he could give us. After ordering a laminate floor and carpets for the bedrooms we got a decent price compared to other company's. They told us they could be in to install within 2-3 days. A week later a carpet team showed up hours late (they called once to say they were behind). One of the installers was ill and went into our family bathroom for 42 minutes and got sick!!! He continued to use the bathroom frequently and it ended up taking he and his partner 6.5 hours to do a bedroom roughly 15X12 feet! I urged him to go home several times and that we could reschedule, but he barely spoke English and refused.
A week later as we already put a deposit on our laminate floor we had a contractor in for other repair. He told us the slab we wanted to put the floor on was badly damaged and would need significant repair before a laminate floor could lay flat and click together. I got a second opinion and they said the same thing. The empires salesman was ignorant and sold me something I could not even use. He had no understanding of the floors structure or make-up and what would be needed for prep-work. Finally, we went for carpet and after paying and expecting the carpet the next morning, we got a call at 7:48 the night before saying we owed $648.00 more dollars. We fired them. The entire team from salesmen, schedulers and installers were idiots. Poor quality and would NEVER recommend them. EVER. And I still do not have my last room of pre-paid carpet in. Three weeks later we are "on the schedule". I made a total mistake with empire!
Company Response 7/6/2012:
Kristin, we regret any inconveniences that occurred during your installation process. The experience that you’ve described is not in line with the world-class service that we expect for our customers. A member of our customer service team will be contacting you soon to discuss your installation experience and work towards a resolution. You can contact us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email us at customersupport@empiretoday.com if you have any questions. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager

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User Replies:
Bill on 07/06/2012:
Should have read the Empire reviews on this site first.
I would never ever think about using Empire, I would go with a local vendor even if it was more money.
trmn8r on 07/06/2012:
Calling you the night before installation to tell you that you owe money just sounds wrong.
face it on 07/06/2012:
Thank you for posting this review. I hope that other potential customers read this and the other reviews about Empire before they waste there money!

"The installer barely spoke English" does not surprise me, as Empire pays the lowest labor rates in the industry. Regardless of what they charge up front Empire uses under-skilled labor for there installations. This company is nothing more than a legally protected bunch of crooks. America does not need so called "organizations" like this filling peoples heads with there ridiculous commercials and with there obvious lack of compassion and over all quality.

As an installer looking for work I tried Empire for 3 small jobs, the first one I refused to do because of the laminate material they gave me to install was all warped and out of square, there comment to this was "Tell the customers that is the nature of the product, to have gaps" Knowing better I refused to install it. The other 2 jobs did not go very well either, the sales people have no clue what they are talking about (basically any used car sales man down on his luck can be a sales person for Empire, in my experience the sales staff has no working knowledge of product application and or limitations) . I was asked 3 separate times to tear out asbestos containing material on the same job, endangering myself and the occupants of the home! and after not being fully paid for the previous nightmares I was subject to via Empire at that point I told them to never call me again.

Operations like this have got to stop! The paying customer deserves better than what Empire could ever deliver. There sales Tactics are just south of illegal. They did not just roll out of ditch yesterday either, they know full and well what they are doing and they have taken extreme legal measures to protect there interest = YOU'RE MONEY!!

You're best bet is always to check with local reputable stores. Put it to you this way -If the sales person came in and gave you a price of lets say $10,000 for your project, then did the let me call my boss "bit" and came back with a price of $6,000. What if you agreed to the first price? It happens all the time, and Empire counts on that. You would not receive any better service or quality, you would just be out $4,000 more! and they would be laughing all the way to the bank.(hows that for buy 1 room and get 2 free!!) The overall quality of the materials they use is that of your local discount/close out store.

If you look at this review and then compare the company response to other reviews on this site, as well as other sites, you will see a very common thread. These responses are scripted, they have such a high volume of dissatisfied customers that making a scripted "we are sorry...blah blah blah" becomes a necessity!

Again I would like to say thank you for taking the time to post your experience with Empire, and I am truly sorry that you did not see all the real Empire reviews before you wasted your money there.
Joan Waits on 10/04/2013:
We had our entire house re-carpeted a year this past April. Since then, we've had ripples on top of ripples to appear. My husband talked with a customer service rep. today and she told him that they would come out and correct the problems for
$150.00 a room. I couldn't believe it!! He told her "no thanks"
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Lousy Carpet & Installation
Posted by on
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- In March 2011, we foolishly hired Empire Today to install Laminate and Carpet in our home at a cost of over $11,000. Salesman stated Laminate must be installed before carpet and he schedules it accordingly. Laminate crew arrives and discovers that the do not have all the materials to do all the rooms paid for. Laminate crew chief returns 4 days later, which happened to be same day carpet scheduled for install, and completes Laminate job.

Carpet crew consisting of two men in shorts, flip flops, and undershirts arrive to install carpet in four rooms. They immediately yell at me because Laminate was installed first. I told him that is how salesman stated it MUST be done. They then complained about having to move furniture which they were required to do per our contract, and complained that job was going to take them longer than the 90 minutes they like to spend doing a job. They rolled out our carpet in the middle of the road and proceeded to cut the pieces. I inspected each room upon completion and noticed the carpet was not tacked down in most rooms along the walls and none of the thresholds had been tucked in all four rooms. I complained to the I staplers and the told me it was supposed to look that way and it would probably work itself out over next 6-8 weeks. That has to be the dumbest thing I ever heard.

I called Empire Today in May 2011, to have someone come out and properly install the carpet. Have been getting the run-around for two weeks now. Finally got a day and time for someone to come out to fix, take off early to meet them for the 2:00pm appointment, and they don't show up and don't call. I call them again, get on schedule for next day (June 3) same time, and as of 5:33pm, no show and no call. I complained to corporate office, someone named Helen. She just said she would call me Monday, June 6 to see if they showed up.

We are SO SORRY we chose Empire Today. They advertise buy one room get rest free. It's NOT free. You only get material free, and have to pay out the ear for labor and installation. Carpet is of very poor quality and poorly installed. DO NOT purchase anything from Empire Today. They are a total nightmare and complete rip off.

Company Response 06/23/2011:
Michael, it’s always our goal to make the installation process as convenient as possible for our customers and I’m sorry for the issues you’ve experienced. It’s my understanding after working with our customer service team a few weeks ago, your repair was completed and that you’re satisfied with the results. Please feel free to call me at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email me at customersupoprt@empiretoday.com if you have any further questions or concerns. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/04/2011:
Installing the laminate first should not be an issue for a professional team with the right materials and expertise. All the idiots needed was a threshold and the means to cut it to length.

With a job of that size, 90 minutes is too quick. For a professional install, that is.
madconsumer on 06/04/2011:
why are you calling people the 'I..' word?
DebtorBasher on 06/04/2011:
Good review, sounds like they're not the professionals they claim to be.
trmn8r on 06/04/2011:
Idiot: "someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way"

There are other definitions, but this is the one I intended.
Ponie on 06/04/2011:
I've heard both good and bad reviews on Empire. The most outlandish which was closer to home (member of my family) resulted in:

Numerous calls for assistance (pretty much, OK, we'll take care of it); report to BBB (which is quite useless); report to State Attorney General; Small claims court.

The judge apparently had numerous cases against them in that geographical area because he not only awarded a complete re-installation of carpet, he tossed in a couple of thou' to make the claimant happy. The second install took almost twice as long as the first. Maybe because the home owner was on the installers like white on rice the whole time?
Tavonya on 06/24/2011:
Wow, Thanks people!!!Just bought a new home that I need to replace over 4000sq ft of carpet. Was just looking at the commercial for Empire. I went straight review sites BEFORE making the call to Empire. GLAD I DID OMG!!!!! My money and peace of mind is to valuable to be ripped off my Empire!!!
DebtorBasher on 06/24/2011:
It's always best to research before buying, Tavonya. In cases like this though, I think it all depends on the individual locations. I know someone who used Empire and was very happy with the results, but that's here in Cleveland. It's best to do 'local' searches on companies as well.
face it on 04/01/2012:
Most people think of Empire as a friendly local store where you can buy materials and installation services. THIS IS NOT TRUE!! the sales staff are sub contractors, the installers are also sub contractors. This means you may get an installer in your home that cares about what they are doing, but chances are you will get a less than skilled installer because the Empire pays there installers the lowest scale I have ever seen in my 24 years in this industry! They model there business this way for this simple reason. As a sub contractor (either sales or installation) Empire legally has no liability that way. There TV ad's border on illegal in regards to promising one thing and delivering something else. There are thousands of bad experience reviews out there. I can tell you first hand ,as I was a sub contract installer with Empire for a short time, that Empire uses the lowest possible grade of materials and there only interest is in collecting payment. They ask for 100% payment up front before they begin the work! Simply said Empire is not to be trusted! please see a review on this site ( http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=109615 )for an inside view of the inner workings of Empire.
Thank you for making this information available about your experience and I hope that anyone thinking about investing there hard earned money in Empire will see these reviews.
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Reduced quote
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- We had a sales representative come to our house he was very nice my first negative was when he started to bad mouth Home Depot and lows. I can't stand when a salesman bad mouths another company. Well anyway I let it slide thinking he was proud of empire. He measured and we looked at samples. I was not going to make a decision that day anyway - I just don't make decision that quick. Well when we got our quote it was over $8000 for about 2200 sq feet that was with the buy 1room get the rest free. When I told him my quote from Home Depot was approx. $6000 he immediately dropped his price to $6500 I said I wanted to find my Home Depot quote to be sure he started pressuring me to buy - that he could have it installed on Monday today way Saturday. I told him I still needed to pack up my house - we had 2 floods in our house and it was basically a mess I wanted to go through everything myself to discard what I didn't want anymore. He became upset at that point but was still pleasant. But I was assured when I made my appointment that I would not have to make a decision on the spot. We decided we would call empire back if we wanted to use them. Still have not decided, but I figured the price would be a whole lot better than what they quoted. I don't think they actually give you the deal they advertise on TV. I expected the quote to be at least half of the Home Depot price.
Company Response 03/04/2011:
I came across your post and I'd like to see if there's an opportunity to follow back with you and about the concerns you've expressed. I can see you're still trying to decide about home improvements and I'd like to be able look up your account, so I can help you with information about your quote as well as answer any questions about our sales promotion. You can email your contact information to customersupport@empiretoday.com or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 x 4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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User Replies:
unhappy999 on 02/23/2011:
I don't think Empire is known for having low prices. The specials they advertise are nothing more than advertising gimmicks. They try to get you to pay the most you are willing to pay. The more you pay, the more the salesman gets. You should do some checking on the internet. There seems to be a lot of complaints about Empire, their sales tactics and their carpet and installations. You should get an estimate for a local carpet store in your area to see how it compares with the ones you already have. Another thing you should do is check with anyone you know who might have gotten carpet recently for recommendations.
Venice09 on 02/23/2011:
I would never let an Empire salesman in my house based on the consistent complaints I've seen here. I don't like the way they turn on people and even bully and threaten customers when they won't make a decision on the spot. Even if Empire had the cheapest price, I wouldn't get involved with people like that?
dan gordon on 02/23/2011:
I worked for Mohawk carpet and have friends that have worked for Empire. One of the highest markups in the industry. What puzzles me is they sucked you in with your buying one room and then, gee, your whole house is free and you actually believed that. So the one room in $8000???? Home Depot marks up their labor and uses subcontractors and is not known to be the lowest. You should try an inependent carpet store to compare. Empire carries a very small variety of carpet compared to most any store. Why do customers believe any of their ads?? Please do a little more homework and you should save $$$
Venice09 on 02/23/2011:
Dan, I think one of the reasons people tend to believe the ads is because they've been around for such a long time. Also, nothing works better than the word 'free'. Of course, nothing is ever really free, but sometimes just the idea is enough to reel people in. Empire also gives the impression that they are cheaper, but as this OP and others have learned, that is not true.
ok4now on 02/23/2011:
It's amazing that these people are still in business considering the number of complaints and bad reviews. They advertise heavily and their sales staff are known for their pressure tactics. Sure they want to install the next day, so you don't have time to realize that you are being ripped off.

I recently used a local independent carpet dealer with fantastic results. It took two professional installers over six hours to tear out the old carpet, install new padding & carpet on six steps and the upstairs hallway. No they were not slow. They took their time to do the job right with a lot of custom work. Empire never would have given me this.
Venice09 on 02/23/2011:
We only use local people with storefronts for major home renovations. If something goes wrong, I want to be able to take care of it face to face and not chase after some elusive television or online entity. That's why I would never be tempted to hire a company like Empire.
dan gordon on 02/23/2011:
where I live they just started in the last 4 or 5 yrs. When I see their cpt samples at the mall its really basic styles. If you notice they only promote Shaw and some very less know cpt mills. How are they supposed to be cheaper when almost all carpet is pvt labeled so its almost impossible to compare apples and apple.s
Venice09 on 02/23/2011:
Good point, dan.
Anonymous on 02/24/2011:
True story: I had Empire in my house last Saturday for an estimate. Not my choice, I am not the homeowner. Straight up told the salesman to measure and give a quote based on one of their most inexpensive styles. He did as told and left. No bullying. No harassment. No threatening. Reading the reviews here, that is not what I expected at all. Yes, the estimate came in high, but, like I said - not my choice.
dan gordon on 02/24/2011:
since your not the decision maker I'm surprised they made the appt, but pressuring you to make a decision when your not the one buying the carpet is why they came and left so easily.
Anonymous on 02/24/2011:
Dan, that might be true if they knew that, but, they didn't.
jktshff1 on 02/24/2011:
As a capital equipment salesman, I run across this often. I never badmouth, just state facts.
I made a $250K sale one time simply because competition dropped their price to $225k. When the customer told me that, I explained that that was my best price, but it seemed that he was overpriced in the first place trying to make more money. He thought a minute, called the other supplier on speaker and explained that if he was willing to drop his pant 25k he was trying to screw him in the 1st place, other salesman was dumbfounded, and I got the order.
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Outrageous Sales Pitch and Bully Tactics
Posted by on
We knew we were in trouble as soon as we all sat down because we were forced to get a history lesson on Empire when all we wanted was a carpet and install quote. We were held prisoner in our own home (unless we wanted to be rude) while he spewed his sales pitch, and spew he did, sending spittle into the air. When the first words out of your mouth are show casing all your awards we became suspicious. Why is this necessary? Doesn't your workmanship speak for itself? We found out later why because he gave us this outrageous quote of $3100 for ~ 350 sq ft of room, next quote was what Empire could provide it for at $2100 but if we signed TONIGHT, we could get it for ~$1300.By producing the first quote you think you are getting the deal of a lifetime, but the caveat is that you HAVE to sign a contract that night or else the deal is off the table. When we did not fold to his sales pressure he got mad and defensive claiming he would not be back as it costs $350 for him to even come out. He tried to guilt us into signing by saying Empire would not do business with us otherwise. What a awful sales approach. I work for a sales oriented company and our guys cold call all the time. It is the nature of the business and if we ever tried to bully a customer into buying from us we would never get through the front door again. Your deal or no deal tactic will not work in this economy. Bully sales tactics don't work. He also claimed the commercials do not say anything is free "pay for this room and got this room and this room for free" is not what they say. Really? I am complaining here, to them and to Better Business Bureau.
Company Response 11/23/2010:
We are currently researching your concerns. We are dedicated to service and satisfaction. A representative from our customer service team will continue to be in contact with you to assist with all your concerns.
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User Replies:
MDSasquatch on 11/22/2010:
Sounds like this guy was trained at Direct Buy
GoLocalSmallBusiness on 12/21/2010:
I had the same experience. I got the award showcase and the angry, defensive behavior when I told him I wouldn't give him a deposit. I wish I could rally all of my friends to waste this guys time and request estimates all in the same week only to tell him "No" just to really give this guy a reason to be angry and to reconsider who he works for. Although I'd never put my friends through what we went through in dealing with this guy. These are definitely sales tactics that are taught as this is the third post that resembles what we went through.
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Rude Salesperson
Posted by on
We are interested in replacing our floors with tile. I saw the saleperson at the mall and inquired on the products offered by empire. He offered me a free estimate and I accepted the offer. The Salesman was 2 1/2 hours late for the appointment. He gave this long speech telling us about the product, etc., then about his career path that led him to Empire. He stayed over two hours at our home and left after 9pm, we couldn't get him out faster. However, We did pick out two tiles. Since, we weren't ready to purchase that night, he refused to measure the floors and give us an estimate. Instead, a new appointment was scheduled two weeks later. Again, he was 1/2 hour late for the appointment. He asked if we were ready to buy. I told him only if it was within our budget. Forgetting the tile we picked out two weeks ago, we choose two other tiles which had two different prices. He quoted the prices to us which were way too high, 14,900 and 17,900. We told him that it was way to high at this time because we just located 1200 miles to another state to start new careers after being laid off from our present jobs. So, he called his manager who dropped the price, on the lower quality tile, which we had told him long before he wrote the quote that we didn't want. The price came down to $10,300 for 1100 sq ft of tile. Again we told him that we wanted to wait a couple days to think about it, plus, we weren't sure if the price was too high since we hadn't had any other quotes. He said put $200 down and think about it you have three days to think about it. We again said no. The pressure started to rise when he told us we needed to decide now or the deal was off and the price will be $14,900. We were firm and said no and we could tell he was angry. The last statement he made to us was, "do me a favor, don't ever call me again". When he walked out of my home, my jaw dropped. I ripped the flier with the additional $300 off. If circumstance where different I may had purchased since I want to change my floors. Times like today, time needs to be taken to ensure that good decisions are made. Like I told the salesman, I need to way out my decisions and determine if I am spending my money wisely. Maybe the answer is that I did make a wise choice tonight and that is not to be pressured into buying. All this Christian stuff he bragged on was a bunch of lies.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/18/2009:
You did the right thing. Lots of complaints about Empire Carpet. One big issue is Empire Carpet carries their own brands so it's hard to compare them to say Shaw or another real brand of carpet or tile. Their quality is lower than the name brands but they charge more for it anyway. Plus watch out for their warranties.

Empire Carpet also promte 60% off, but 60% of what? You have nothing to compare it to since its often their own brand.
lessthanzero on 08/18/2009:
I have always found it best to secure bids from only local carpet/tile stores, have always received a fair price and fast installation. SB is right, Empire Carpet has too many complaints. Also, given the fact the salesperson was late for both appointments I would have dismissed him and his company right away.
Ytropious on 08/18/2009:
I hate when they try to push you into it by telling you if you don't buy now you don't get the "good" price. This is almost always a bluff. If they try to play that game with you then you know what kind of company you're dealing with.
Faythe on 08/19/2009:
I am content with my decision last evening with not putting a dollar amount to hold the sale price that I was quoted. I believe that it would have been difficult to back out of the contract seeing how we were treated by the salesman. Now that I have square footage on our floor, (thanks to empire), I now see that they are way out of the ballpark. I have seen ads in the newspaper for reasonable prices on ceramic tiles and installation. They are almost triple the cost.
KC88 on 08/21/2009:
Awful experience!! Call 503-640-6311 local "carpet" guy can get all products through contractor store. Saved $$ & LOADS OF HASSLE buying it this way. Easy!!
PepperElf on 08/21/2009:
local to whom...
BokiBean on 08/21/2009:
When they start "calling their manager for a better price", I just completely shut down. They may as well say, "just grab your ankles, this will only hurt a little". Good review.
KC88 on 08/21/2009:
Sorry to Portland, OREGON but he uses them to buy direct from mills so they worry about the shipping not him. Also all places like Empire & lowes, Home Depot use FAKE carpet names but usually his store can match it up if you can take the sample into his store. My tile I found with him were also at Home depot but HD has only one glazing on it compared to 3 glazes so that's why so cheap. Mine is so shiny even after 10 years! Price difference was like 10 cents!
KC88 on 08/21/2009:
oops cannot type- this guy is local to Portland but can purchase for anywhere except maybe California - just ship to whatever ship comp local to you he said.
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Carpet Sales Rip Off
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LYNDHURST, OHIO -- Empire today carpets. I scheduled an appointment for a sales associate to come give an estimate to install carpet in my house. he measured and quoted a price, and said the installation would be the following day. I was excited because the sales guy talked up the carpet to be amazing. when the installers came to install the carpet. I asked the installers, "Is this good carpet" they replied "ehhh I mean its ok," instantly I got a pit in my stomach because I was told it was one of the top carpets. the installers came into my house and I showed him the areas that the carpet would be installed. about 20 minutes later the installers told me that they have an issue and that there wasn't enough carpet in the van to install the areas. that the sales guy must have measured wrong. aggravated but polite I said ok, well can you instill then come back and finish the stairs? he said "no it all has to be done the same day". I was upset because I lost money due to taking off work.
i asked the sales guy to come back out so I could talk about different type of carpet. He arrived 2 days later and we talked about a different carpet. I then told he I receive a better quote for the carpet but they had the newer generation of carpet.so empire said they would match the price. but they only had the older generation of the carpet. after thinking about it I decided well I already got approved through empire and I'm selling my house anyway so it really doesn't matter. so I signed the contract . I called friend my friend and explained everything (because he has installed carpet for 20 years through multiple company but is retired now.) My friend said WHAT? They charged you how much for the carpet you picked out? I told him, and he said NO, the carpet you are getting is NOT the same carpet and ANY other carpet place would sell the carpet for $15 less a yard. and my house was quoted at 120 yards. so that's 1800$ in cost. he came out and measured the 2 areas I'm getting carpet. great room. basement and 1 set of stairs. and said he came up with 100 years and not 120. my stomach sunk and I became sick. I called and told empire my story and they said. "unfortunately we cannot give you a better price" well sorry empire you just lost my sale, and the other friends and family that I will demand that they do not give empire their business.
I hope this review helps anyone looking for carpet. because as of this moment October 2nd 2014 they have not made any attempt to earn my business.
Company Response 10/07/2014:
Hi Donnie, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We regret that your installation was not completed as initially scheduled, as we never want our customers to be inconvenienced. We understand that we’ve been in contact with you regarding your pricing concerns and are currently working towards a resolution. We will be following up with you shortly and you can also reach us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or customersupport@empiretoday.com. Thank you. Jeanette Ramey, National Customer Service Manager

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Not Worth the Cheap Price
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA -- The selection which to choose from is poor, the carpet is of poor quality, and for what you are getting the price is too high. There is no deal here, buyer beware. The service is not that good either. The salesperson asked for a cash tip in lieu of part of the cost to be charged.

The wait window is too open, from 8 in the morning to 6 at night. They call the day of the install with an approximate time your installer will come, but this too is very 'approximate' as my installers were two hours late.

And you have to listen to a lot of whining. The sales guy is not going to make any money, the installers have too many jobs to do, blah, blah, blah. However, the installers did do a good job given what they had to work with.

I needed new carpet, but I really wished I had waited till I could have afforded better. I will not do business with Empire again.
Company Response :
Anne Lisa, it’s disappointing to know that you have not been satisfied with your product and the service you’ve received. We can assure you that we are committed to working with our customers until they are completely satisfied, and we would like to learn more about your concerns. A member of our customer service team will be contacting you shortly. If you have additional questions, you can also reach us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or customersupport@empiretoday.com. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 04/28/2013:
Excellent review. I had carpet installed by Home Depot, which I would guess is similar in some respects. I did it only because I needed carpeting and the house in question wasn't one I planned to keep in the long term.
Really? on 05/09/2013:
I am also disappointed with Empire's pricing. I paid nearly $600.00 to replace carpet in a not very big room, and they were going to throw away the small 2 foot piece until I grabbed it from them. I was also going to take advantage of their "$99.00 per room" pricing until I barely saw that this did NOT include labor, padding, or other materials needed for the install. This is deceptive, and someone needs to do something about it.
chaz U on 05/09/2013:
Home Depot, great installation. Got "Stainmaster" carpet, best around . This is the way to go.
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Terrible everything just don't buy their carpeting
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ALBANY, NEW YORK -- I bought my carpet for them after pricing out quality and price from Home Depot and Lowes. Empire seemed to offer better everything and a good price, They installed the carpet with the wrong pad. The carpet in the hall way was laughable bad. In one door transition they left a 2 inch gap between the bedroom carpet and the hall. The floor below was clearly visible!!! The stair was supposed to be wrapped with the end of the carpet. They stapled the carpet jaggedly cut to the rise of the stair! Empire was good about it and re-installed the entire carpet with the correct pad.

Then I vacuum once and the seam that was NOT supposed to be in the hall has started to come up. I am still waiting for that carpet to be re-installed. I called they said no problem we will take care of it and no one has shown up or returned my calls. The carpet is not as good quality as I had thought either. After a month it no longer looks new nor nice. Just don't bother no matter how nice and friendly the sales people are, they are not. The sales guy who sold me the carpet wouldn't even return my calls!!!
Company Response 4/24/2012:
Jennifer, we’re disappointed about the lack of follow up you’ve received. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and we want to work with you to make sure all your issues are resolved. A member of our customer service team will be following up with you soon to discuss your situation and make things right. If you have any questions, call us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email customersupport@empiretoday.com. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager

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User Replies:
face it on 05/04/2012:
Thank you for this review. I wonder just how long this company can keep doing this to people before they are forced to close?
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Horrible Sales People
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I gave this company two opportunities to install carpet in our new. It was potentially a huge commission for the right company. The first guy they sent us didn't even know they were running a promo and said that it was over. Gave us a quote of $6000 for the whole house with no promotion.

Later that night we saw the commercial about the current promo and called them back the next day. Next guy that came gave a quote of $12,000 with the promotion! When we asked what happened to the $6000 from the previous guy, he then said, if I give it to you for $6000 will you give me the job?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! He was ready to pocket $6000 for himself! We asked him to leave right away. This is the biggest scam of a company.
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Anonymous on 10/08/2011:
I always believe in getting several quotes, and not just from the same company. Hopefully you won't be floored by the next one you get...
ChuhBaca on 10/08/2011:
Flooring seems to be one those industries where there are a lot of cheaters out there.

In most cases, you purchase the carpet from one company, but they sub-contract the installation to whomever they can find. You go in thinking your dealing with one company, but really your dealing with a company and whatever sub-contractor was available that day.
Nohandle on 10/08/2011:
Even if you deal with a locally owned business, many utilize sub-contractors. That's OK with me but I had better have one number to call back if there is a problem of any nature and they, the company I purchased from, best take care of it.
Skye on 10/08/2011:
You did the right thing OP.

Thanks for warning others about your experience.
Skye on 10/08/2011:
Great point NH, about only wanting ONE phone number to deal with.

Avoids major headaches and run arounds.
Business Response on 11/29/2011:
Amy, we’re truly sorry for your sales experience. We can assure you that as a company we’re committed to fair and ethical business practices and are disappointed to hear this may have not been the impression you received. It’s our understanding that we did speak with you recently to address your concerns. If you’d reconsider using us in the future, please feel free to email us at customersupport@empiretoday.com or call us at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager

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Missed Appointments
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I needed carpet installed by a certain date so I called empire and told them my time restrictions. They promised that if the carpet was in stock, they would be able to install the next day. What they didn't tell me was that their sales person would cancel the appointment 3 times. And would not call and tell me. I only found out that they weren't coming when I would call them to see where the person was at. If your time is precious, do not use empire. They didn't seem to care that I waited for 2 hours the first time, 1 hour the second, and 2 hours the third. Terrible customer service.
Company Response 09/26/2011:
We’re truly sorry for your missed appointments. We know your time is valuable and are disappointed to hear about this as it isn’t how we expect our customers to be treated. Your business and satisfaction are very important to us and we’d like the chance to reach out to you to learn more so we may follow back with the local market and get an appointment rescheduled for you. Since we don’t have your information, could you please send it to customersupport@empiretoday.com or call us at 888-588-2315 and we’ll reach out to you? Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Old Timer on 09/24/2011:
I would never deal with Empire Carpet. They jack the price up 3-4 times then tell you that you're getting two rooms free. There brands are all pretty much in house junk. "IF" they do show up the next day as promised they start jacking up everything on the order. "Oh', you have one step to go up? That will be extra"...

Our Son used them, never again. Consider yourself lucky they never showed up!
ok4now on 09/25/2011:
This is a Scam Business that advertises heavily then rips the consumer off. They sell inferior products at inflated prices to make a killing. Reputable businesses who are honest and treat the customer right do very little advertising. Their satisfied customers recommended them. Do NOT do business with Empire, you will be sorry.
Sharon on 10/15/2014:
I am so angry with Empire Carpets! I have had five scheduled appts to get blinds and carpet throughout my house, and they have canceled everyone of them on the day of the appts.
I asked to speak to a supervisor, and was PROMISE that on my last appt there would be someone there! Well, AGAIN, my appt was canceled.
What a coincidence, I was told later on today about a horror story that another person had with Empire.
Everyone BEWARE!!!!!!
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