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Medford Oregon Location Will Not Have a Car Waiting for You as Promised.
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Rating: 1/51

MEDFORD, OREGON -- Enterprise Review - My husband and I reserved a rental car from Enterprise on April 19, 2016 to be picked up on June 21, 2016 at 11:00 in Medford, Oregon. A Toyota Corolla or similar. We were driven to Enterprise by a relative on June 21, 2016 and arrived at Enterprise at 12:15 to pick up the rental. Derek ** printed up the rental agreement and said it would be a little while as they were getting a car ready. We waited awhile and were then told it could be an hour or more as there was another customer ahead of us. I asked if there was even a car at the location and was told no.

The relative had an appointment and I asked if they could deliver a car to our Hotel in Ashland (we would get a ride to the Hotel with the relative). I told Derek they had made inconvenient for us and that was the least they could do. When you make a reservation, that's what it means. Reserve. Derek acted like it was no big deal and so did Mike the Manager. Derek said no and I told him to void the contract and I would go back to the Airport and get a car from Budget. Derek then said, yes he would. I said we needed the car by 4 O'clock as we had plans to go to a concert. Derek said that would be ok. We were driven to the hotel and waited until 4:30 and still no car.

I called Derek and he said he had been at the Hotel to deliver it and we weren't there. I said no way as we had been waiting outside our room the entire time. I said, "Why didn't you call as you had my number" and he didn't have an answer. I said, "We are going to have to rely on a cab to get us to the concert on time." Derek then said he would deliver it at 8 o'clock the next morning. No car came at 8 o'clock and I called him and left a message. I then received a call from Mike the Manager saying Derek had the day off. Mike said he would send a car and tried to cover up for Derek. Mike delivered a Ford Fiesta after 9 O'clock.

We then proceeded out of town and my husband says it smells like dog. I took a picture showing white hairs. We rolled the windows down and air it out for awhile. The whole process was frustrating and not how we wanted to start our vacation. It was upsetting to our relatives who had to go out of their way to accommodate us. Derek should be reprimanded as lying shouldn't be tolerated and not following through with an agreement. We were given a credit as we hadn't received it in time and were told the actual bill would be $200.00. The actual charge to my account was $250.00.

I have used Enterprise before and never a problem. I heard from others this branch always promises and never delivers. I hope this doesn't happen to other upcoming vacationers as you don't need the distractions when traveling.

False Claim for Damages I Did Not Cause
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Rating: 1/51

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- Run away as fast as you can - and make sure you keep running. I rented a car from these "professionals" and treated it like my own. The car was driven carefully and garaged while in my care. When I returned it I was treated to the old hail damage scam. Very tiny (and I do mean "very") dimples in the top of the car was presented to me as my responsibility; anyone could easily miss this on a walk-around inspection. I pointed out that I could easily prove: a) there were no hailstorms anywhere near the vicinity where the car was driven; and b) the car was under cover when parked.

No matter... within minutes (while I was walking out of the door) they filed a claim with my insurance company. About 2 hours AFTER the claim was filed the manager called me to remind me I had signed a contract in which an Act of God was my liability. What to do, what to do? Well, first I cancelled my company's contract with Enterprise; I have this thing about withholding rewards from scammers. Second, I did a little Googling ("Enterprise hail scam" - you'll very quickly see what I mean) to reveal the pattern and establish a basis for future claims.

Third, I called the National Climatic Data Center and requested a certified timeline of weather events in the region where the car traveled (the NCDC is a group of super people and their reports are both very detailed and viewed as expert evidence during litigation). Fourth, I penned a cordial letter to the President and COO of Enterprise, asking to take a hard look at some of the activities in this office - I made sure to include the names and details of the people I dealt with. The COO promotes a "do the right thing" policy. I called my insurance company to alert them to expect a claim from Enterprise.

Though the Office Manager promised to hold back any claim before 'his boss' had a chance to speak with me, in fact they had immediately filed a claim and my agent already had it in her hand. Does that sound like a company trying to honestly get to the bottom of things and find out the facts before acting? Well, by now you've Googled and already know the answer. Since apparently this pattern is widespread within Enterprise the problem might be a corporate policy of revenue generation, or it could just be a couple of grubby local managers trying to pump up the books - if the latter Enterprise corporate needs to know so the problem can be redressed.

In any large company it can be very hard to control satellite offices - that's a COO's responsibility and they deserve a chance to correct things. I take full responsibility for any damage I cause to a vehicle I rent, and I do everything I can to take care of a rental car in my possession. But I fiercely defend against a wrong and encourage everyone to do the same. If Enterprise fails to quickly withdraw this claim I will be sure the full record is made available.

Enterprise left me stranded
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Rating: 1/51

LAUREL, MARYLAND -- I had urgent need of a rental car as my car will be in the shop for several days. I tried calling the closest Enterprise office but never could get through. I then called the main Enterprise toll-free number and made a reservation, gave the representative all of my information, and arranged for pickup. She assured me that everything was arranged and that I would hear from someone when they were on their way. This was about 2:30 in the afternoon.

After an hour or so went by, I started trying to call the local office again. I waited on hold listening to the ads and the occasional "Please hold - someone will be with you shortly" type message until eventually it told me that it couldn't get me through right now, "Try again later" and hung up on me. Did this a few times. No one ever answered at the Laurel location. I called the main toll-free number and explained the situation and was told that there was nothing they could do and that I needed to call the local office. It was now a bit after 4:30 and I was getting worried.

I tried the Laurel office again a couple of times and someone finally picked up the phone. He then asked if he could put me on hold. A few minutes later, he returned to the line and I explained that I had made a reservation a couple of hours ago and was waiting for pickup. First he said they were really busy, then he said we weren't in their pickup area. He claimed that the Jessup office was the location that would do pickups to where our offices are located.

I then called Jessup. They were very nice and apologetic but said that they were not the correct office and it made no sense to say that it would be them when they were much farther away. They eventually got through to the Laurel office but really couldn't do anything about the situation. It was now about 5:40 and, even if I could have found someone at work to give me a ride somewhere, all the relatively nearby rental car agencies would be closed.

So I still have no rental car and am still at work the next morning. I suppose it could have been worse but this is not the kind of service I expect from anywhere but especially not when you may be putting your customers in a dangerous situation.

Company Response 06/29/2016:

Customer service and satisfaction are very important to us at Enterprise. I would like to follow up with you. Please email me at with the complete details, contact information (including a phone number) and any rental agreement numbers. Also reference #160629-003447 in the subject. I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you. Chris, Social Media Monitor, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

A Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA -- My insurance carrier made rental arrangements for me through Enterprise. I picked up my rental on what turned out to be a busy Monday afternoon for their office. Did a quick walk around a wet/air drying vehicle for dents and scratches bigger than a quarter per the rental agent. There was a nick at the top right corner of the windshield that was not documented. All is well the first week with the vehicle.

Warm weather moves into the area and a crack develops in the windshield. Take the car back to the Enterprise office, they do a damage claim and ask for my insurance information. I question the rental agent about the process. He says "someone will contact you by phone and you can dispute the damage." Okay... So they place me in another rental. I have to ask them to perform the walk around to note damage. The vehicle I was given was filthy (looked as if someone had spit on the window) and smelled like someone's dog had been living in the car.

Since I was unsure of when my vehicle would be fixed, I decided to return the vehicle the next day. Went to the Enterprise office. Was told no vehicles, come back at 5:00; sure. Made a return trip to the office and they placed me in another rental vehicle. Mind you the interior of this vehicle was just as bad. At this point I conceded. Received a letter in the mail from the Damage Recovery Unit of Enterprise requesting I file a claim on my insurance for the windshield.

I call the number listed and after two transfers I am told they don't have an estimate for the windshield. Excuse me, it's a windshield. How complicated is it to get an estimate for a windshield. Representatives says "I see it is just windshield damage so it's no big deal." What! It's a big deal to me since they are demanding I pay it or file with my insurance. "Oh, I understand someone will call you by next week." Really! I want this nightmare to be over.

Got a call from the local office this morning. Enterprise Agent says "we want to charge the card on file for the damage waiver," my response "I still have the rental vehicle". Her response "we just want to take care of the current charges". Fine, I give up. (I took out the damage waiver after the issue with the windshield, didn't want any additional headaches). Enterprise is about to screw me out of a lot of money.

The Car Dealer Paid for the Rental but I Would Have Been Better [Off] Walking to Work.
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Rating: 5/51 - Consumer improved rating by 4 stars

AUSTINTOWN, OHIO -- The car dealership paid for the rental but still I would have been better off walking to work. I recommend walking over renting a car from Enterprise even if the dealer is paying for it. The car smelled like cigarette smoke, and no one even bothered to to press the button on the dash that shuts off the recirculation of the air mode. I was in a rush to get to work so I didn't have time to say anything about that. I had an appointment to drop off my car to be repaired at 9 AM and I had to be a work by 10 AM. I just opened the windows, turned the air recirculation off and went to work.

Even though the car dealer paid for the rental itself, Enterprise still tries to get you to pay around $14 because if a scratch gets on the car you will have to pay for it unless you pay the $14. I decided not to pay the $14 because all I needed the car for was to go to work and back one time. Since I didn't pay the $14 they recommended that I bring the car directly back to them instead of bringing it to the dealer, because If something happened to the car between the time when I brought it back to the dealer and when they received the car I would still be held accountable for it. I brought it back directly to them without a scratch and I got a ride back to the dealer and my wife was now with me.

I asked if my wife could be dropped off at a location on the way between Enterprise and the dealer. They said that they couldn't do that. Then I told them about the car smelling like smoke. They said that it doesn't do any good to tell them about the smoke after I have already dropped off the car. Apparently, they're not interested in airing out the car for the next person who might get in the car either. My advise to you is just walk. The exercise will be good for you, and avoiding the stress of being a Enterprise customer will be even better for you.

Car Rental Nightmare/Potential Ins. Fraud
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Rating: 1/51

LAKEWOOD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- We were picking up a new vehicle in Lakewood, New Jersey. Closest we could fly into was LaGuardia so we rented a one way to drop off in Lakewood following morning. This was a $200 rental. Picked up car as per usual, did walk around etc… The following morning, as I dropped it off I was informed I had had an accident. Obviously I was surprised, would have thought I might have known that. Went out to car and they showed me a piece of plastic popped away from car body, no scratches, nothing, but glue was clearly visible under the plastic. I pointed out this wasn't an accident, but a defective repair. They didn't care, I had to pay.

Called roadside, they confirmed the car had recently been in an accident and repaired, same spot. They said "Put me on with manager", I did, manager listened, said "ok", hung up, looked at me with a grin and said, "You are paying anyway". I said "Call the police", he said "No, you call the police". I called my insurance company, relayed the story, they said, "Put me on with the manager". They told him "you do not move that car until we get an adjuster there", and then told me "Go ahead and leave after signing". Upshot, the Enterprise location then billed me, immediately, without the car being looked at, for $480 for the “regluing” of this part.

I called Amex and stopped payment, called Enterprise, anyone ever try to get customer service in corporate? There is none. The damage department said they would not step in, even though they also could see that this was previous damage. There was absolutely no assistance. Regional representative would not do anything, told me he would get back to me and didn't, although he was also pretty useless, said he backed his employees, and that they “did the right thing”.

Finally called NJ AG's office, they started investigation and suddenly Enterprise couldn't wait to credit the money back to my card. Funny how that worked. Never want to use Enterprise again. They have some real crooks working for them, and no recourse within company.

Company Response 08/26/2014:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, John. As customer service is of the utmost importance to us, we would like the opportunity to look into this for you. Please contact us at with the complete details. Include the exact rental location, your contact information, rental agreement or reservation number, claim number, and any further information regarding your experience with us that you would like to add.

When emailing, please place reference number 140826-002715 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

Social Media Coordinator
Enterprise Rent A Car

Charged For Damage I Did Not Cause
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I had the misfortune to have to rent a car from Enterprise last April. I left my car at a local collision repair shop in Houston after someone hit my car from behind. I was taken down the street to an Enterprise Car Rental on the Southwest Freeway. The only car available was a red Nissan Cube. I stood with the agent and inspected the car. It was my first time to ever rent a car since I was only 21 at the time. There was some bodily damage on the passengers' side and I took pictures and asked the agent to document it. Never, in a hundred years did I ever think to check the undercarriage of the car.

I drove the car to college and stayed there for about 3 hours and proceeded to drive across town. I was driving through a neighborhood and slammed on my brakes quickly because I saw a stop sign I had almost missed. When I did, both wheels bent in the wheel well enough to make the car undriveable. My first thought was to call AAA since I had never had a rental car towed, but I ended up calling the agent. The agent told me where to have the car towed. When the AAA tow truck showed up, he said he was unable to tow the car there because it was supposed to be an Enterprise tow. After calling the agent again, he finally gave me a 1-800 number that I called.

I eventually had to speak with 3 different people before Enterprise sent a tow truck out. When the tow truck driver was loading the car on the truck he examined the undercarriage of the vehicle and said that there was no way that slamming on the brakes could have cause the damage. The frame was bent. Chances were that there was already damage and slamming on the brakes rendered the car undriveable. The car was towed and I heard nothing from Enterprise until one day they sent me a bill for $443. I called them to tell them there was no way I could have done that much damage with my brakes.

They really didn't care and told me that the damage had been done while the car was in my possession so I had to pay for all damages. Since I knew the undercarriage of the car had not been inspected when I rented, I knew my arguments would most likely not be taken seriously. I negotiated a payment plan with the Enterprise Recovery Expert. The first month I was unable to pay all the money I had agree to, the recovery specialist called me and yelled at me. He turned my account over to a collections agency, which is where it is now.

Basically, since I cannot prove that I did not cause the damage, my credit is ruined. I am still paying on the balance, but the advice I can give to everyone is to always inspect the undercarriage of the car before renting so something like this does not happen to you.

Fraudulently Claimed Hail Damage to Vehicle.
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Rating: 1/51

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA -- For years, I have been a good customer of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I fly into DC every month to see my girls who live in the DC area. This past time, I dealt with a young black man who seemed to have it in for me. He showed me an upgraded car (I have been VIP for years, so I am used to upgrades from Enterprise) and asked me if it was OK. I took a walk around the car and did not notice anything glaring about the condition of the vehicle. It was a Dodge crossover SUV type vehicle with just over 14K miles. I kept the car for the six days, returning it at 4 am, as I had promised.

Since nobody was there (at the Enterprise area of DCA), I left the car and went to catch my flight. Two days later, I received a letter stating the vehicle had suffered "damage to the roof due to hail" and that I was responsible for 2300+ in damages. I called and said that I did not look on the very roof of the vehicle when I checked it out, since it is an SUV and I am a senior citizen and did not feel comfortable climbing up on the wheel well and looking at the top roof. After all, I had never thought to look at the top roof of any SUV I rented in the past.

Enterprise insisted that the car had been damaged whilst in my possession, a finding that I found difficult, since I could not remember any hail coming down while I was in the DC area. I went to the NOAA (National Oceanographic and Aerospace Agency) and looked up the storm reports for the week I had the car. There were no reports of hail within 300 miles of where I was. Since I had only driven the car for 225 miles, I figured this was proof positive that the car did NOT receive any hail damage whilst I had it in my possession. I even emailed the link to the NOAA to the claims people at Enterprise.

They continued to deny my claim that the vehicle was damaged before or after I had possession and insisted that I either have my insurance company (AAA) pay for the damage or that I pay for the damage myself. I am very angry at the way I was treated. Even after I provided absolute PROOF that no hail had occurred while I was in possession (an impossibility), they continued to insist that I was responsible. My take on this is that the young black radical who helped me had it in for me. I am a successful businessman and he had an attitude from the get go. I cannot prove he purposefully gave me a car he knew was damaged, but I feel I was set up.

Now...since I have not listed his name, I am not committing libel, but the real kicker is that even with POSITIVE PROOF from the main storm SCIENTIFIC center for the USA, Enterprise continued to claim the car had been damaged while in my possession. My insurance company is going to pay the claim, minus my deductible, but the absolute crappy way I was treated has firmed up my resolve to NEVER again rent from Enterprise, or their sister companies, Alamo, or National.

I spend about 6K a year on just my DC trips with them, but now...I just booked a six day rental with Hertz, my old car company, who for some reason, I quit using (I think Enterprise is cheaper, now I know why, jerks). So, here you have it. An unscrupulous company claiming damages to a vehicle by a loyal customer, even after proof has been provided. I almost thought about suing them, but finally, just decided to let my insurance pay and leave as many bad reviews for them as possible. Caveat Emptor.

Fraud and Lies
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Rating: 1/51

EDGEWOOD, MARYLAND -- Enterprise has wrongly accused us of damaging our rental car up for thousands of dollars. They refuse to return phone calls and are reluctant to give out information when questions. One representative referred to my questions as "irrelevant" and told me to call my insurance company. I believe that Enterprise is running an illegal and unfair scam to hurt consumers. I have done the research and there are thousands of similar complaints against this company.

Do not use them. If you do, record all of your dealings with them. Never let a company representative transfer your car (the company won't record names of transfers - it's irrelevant). Do not allow this greedy corporation take advantage of you.

Falsifying Charges
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Rating: 1/51

VENICE -- We rented a car in Venice Italy from Enterprise Car Rental, only to find out they were the same company as Locauto at this location. There were only three people in line at the time we arrived and it still took them over an hour to get through those three to get us our car, though we had already reserved and prepaid for the car online. We had to return the car prior to the rental service opening as our plane left at 0700. Once we returned the car, full of gas as we ALWAYS do when we rent in Italy, we received a charge on our credit card for 18 liters of gas.

When we contacted Enterprise and let them know that we had returned the car full, they refused to show us any documentation to the contrary and continued to charge our card. This is just a scam on their part to get more money. They offer lower prices and then charge exorbitant fees at the end to squeeze more out of you. We have always taken photos of our cars when we drop them off to prove that there is no damage to the vehicle, now we know to take a photo of the fuel gauge as well.

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