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Very Poor Customer Service
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CALIFORNIA -- Enterprise's current TV ads about 'caring' and 'wanting to fix your problems, even if you didn't rent from their particular agency', are certainly NOT what we experienced! On 21 Dec, we (6 of us, 3 were children) rented a family van in Utah, then traveled to Sacramento CA for Christmas. On Dec. 23, while on I-80 just minutes from San Francisco, we were involved in a 4-car pile-up. We stopped in time but the car behind us couldn't stop and hit us from behind, plowing our rental van into a stopped truck. The van was totalled. We immediately called the Utah Enterprise office about our plight. "We'll pick you up!" their TV spot claims. Fat chance!

We were told we needed to call a CA agency for help, they wouldn't even relay calls for us at first. With our own GPS unit and our own cell phones, we began to call every agency we could find through the GPS - each said they couldn't help and passed us off. One agent said he could get another van from outside of CA but it would take 18 hours and we'd have to pay for its transport to CA. We stood on the freeway for three hours until the tow truck driver took pity on us and shuttled us to the closest exit. We hung out at a local diner and called the local agent back for the third time.

He was kind enough to drive over to the diner in a nice, big van and offer to drop us off at the tram to the Oakland airport, where he suggested we sit and pray for another van to become available at some future open-ended time. Mind you, this was the afternoon before Christmas eve and we had three children with us! We asked him why we couldn't rent the van he was sitting in. He said it wasn't available. EVERY Enterprise agent told us they expected us to get back to wherever we came from on our own power through our own devices!

So, we waited until our daughter-in-law got off a 12-hour shift in Sacramento and drove down to get us (7 people) in her Explorer. But, we did have a Christmas miracle. Early on Christmas Eve we began our calls again, and finally one great guy at the Sacramento airport agency actually took the time to check out his fleet and found he DID have a van sitting in his lot that would accommodate us (this was after multiple calls to this same office and getting no help). However, when we got home after Christmas, the nightmare continued.

Even though we weren't responsible for the accident, even though we sent required paperwork numerous times to Enterprise's Damage Claim Unit, in March we were still receiving invoices for $5700 saying we were responsible for damages. It seemed obvious to us that no one agency within the Enterprise group ever talked to another. Every time we got a call or a letter, it was from a different person in a different agency in a different state. What a bizarre way of doing business. I WILL NEVER RENT FROM ENTERPRISE AGAIN! NEVER NEVER NEVER!

Caveat Emptor: Enterprise Rent A Car
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Thursday, June 24th, 2010: I picked up a Ford Focus at 9:58 AM from Chicago Enterprise Leasing. Along with my 2 daughters, I drove south on Int. 65, bound for Columbus IN for a long weekend. Before long, I noticed a slight shimmy in the steering wheel, but considered that road conditions, or an out of balance wheel might be the cause; but I did not think there was any cause for alarm. While in Columbus, the car was not driven. Sunday afternoon, June 27th: While returning northbound on Int. 65, the shimmy worsened. Just outside Lafayette IN, the left front tire exploded, sending the car careening onto the shoulder. We were nearly rammed by a semi.

Upon inspection, I saw that both front tires had been stripped, right down to the belting -- I have photos to prove it. Our circumstances were this: the temperature was about 90 degrees; we were on a narrow shoulder which was tightly fenced in; and as far as could be seen in either direction, there was no escape should a drunk or reckless driver veer off the highway; and traffic was heavy and fast moving. In the ensuing 2 1/2 hours we remained there, over 3 hours were spent on 2 cell phones. In all that time, all but about 20 minutes were spent while on hold. The first call went in to "roadside assistance" at about 12:40.

After about 15 minutes of recorded music, an operator came on to ask what she could do. I described to her what had happened, and the danger of our situation. She then asked for our location. I told her that we were at milepost 181, northbound on int. 65, Lafayette IN. She said that she needed the name of the nearest exit; and that I needed to go find a map, or she could not help me. I was then put on hold for 20-30 minutes. She came back on, having lost interest in the map, and said that the wait for help would be "60 minutes or less." This sounded a bit rote, so I asked her to please confirm this.

After another 20-30 minutes on hold, she came back on the line to inform that the wait would be 1 1/2 hours from that point, and asked if there was anything else she could do for me. I demanded to speak to a supervisor, and was then put on hold for another 20-30 minutes, after which time a rather aggressive sounding lady asked what she could do for me. I informed her that we had been in a place for over 2 hours, during which time we were in extreme danger, and would she do something to get us out of there.

She apologized for the "inconvenience," and said that it would be at least another 1 hour and 45 minutes before a tow truck would be on the scene to retrieve the car, but not us. Once the car had been towed away, an attempt would be made to find a cab to pick us up. While talking to this supervisor, one of my daughters placed a second call for help, only to be told by an apologetic young fellow that, as of that moment, there was no record of a call for "roadside assistance" having been made in that area. I then told the supervisor that I intended to get all of us out of there asap, and she could have the car picked up anytime she wanted.

In a raised voice, she twice told me that I was not going to leave that car. At about that time, a local tow truck operator stopped and told me that he could get us and the car to a motel immediately. I asked the supervisor that, if I hired this fellow, would Enterprise compensate me for the tow and the motel. Assurances were given to both me and the driver that compensation was guaranteed, and that all pertinent information was being put into this system right then. All I had to do Monday morning was call "roadside assistance," and everything would be taken care of immediately.

On the way to the motel, the tow truck driver volunteered that the tires on my rental car represented the worst case of misaligned wheels that he had ever seen. Monday June 28th, 8AM: I called "roadside assistance," and was told that there was no mention of me, or calls made by me the previous day in their records, and that I would be put on hold while it was determined if there were even replacement vehicles available in my area. I was promptly disconnected.

Two more calls put me in touch with a man who informed me that there was nobody to whom I could complain about anything, and that he represented all the authority I would ever speak to, and so what was the problem? I informed him of what had happened, the need for a replacement asap. I then asked him how the promised compensation would be handled. He responded by saying that, since I had chosen an alternate service, Enterprise owed me nothing. I reminded him that, since it was Sunday evening when all this happened, a replacement car was not going to be available until Monday at the earliest.

Surely, he couldn't fault my daughters and me for getting a motel room. He then gave me a choice. I could either continue arguing with him, or he would help me get a new car. Which was it going to be? Properly chastened, I chose the latter. After several more petty annoyances, I was given (smaller) car, and we all 3 returned to Chicago without further incident. When I reached the dealer's office, I was told that, technically, I was responsible for coming in a day late, but that I would not be charged for it. But a report from the garage in Lafayette mentioned damage to the front end, and just what did I know about that?

"Nothing" was my reply; but given the condition of the tires, I was not surprised. Rather than give in to the impulse resulting from this hinted-at accusation, and possibly risking arrest, I remained affable. We parted, leaving the contract unsigned by me: this just in case the manager wanted to compensate me for my "inconvenience." Tuesday, 29th: Not trusting assurances I was to be called that day by someone from the complaint hotline (I actually had found one, and had even been given an "incident number"), I decided to call myself.

I was told by a young lady on the other end that she had no idea of what I was talking about, but that I would be put through to a regional sales manager -- which I actually was, and was soon speaking to one. He apologized for my "inconveniences," and went on to say that he could not blame me for what I did out on the highway. After all my family's safety came first. BUT, it was clearly stated in my contract that, should a breakdown occur, I was willing to accept an up to 4-hour wait for assistance. For that matter, he claimed, most customers are pleased that help is less time than that in coming.

I told this manager, that I was holding this contract in my hand, and would he indicate where this clause was. He replied by saying that Enterprise bares no responsibility for what happens after a call is placed to "roadside assistance," because requests for help are relayed to AAA, and they take charge of everything from there. He was absolutely certain, however, that if anything humanly possible could have been done for us, AAA would have done it.

Now to a settlement: I would not have to pay one penny of the $274 due on the rental! And I would be given a coupon towards 2 days for a future rental! (I later faxed the approval for the coupons back to him with a written note on the bottom which probably should not be repeated here.) But, of course, I was to pay for the tow, the motel, and the junk food. So, for a net gain of about $90 I was to be satisfied. I later informed this manager that I considered his "settlement" little more than an insult, and that I was going to be lodging complaints.

He then asked, rather testily, just what it was that I wanted from him. To this I replied: "exactly what I have come to expect from Enterprise--absolutely nothing." Wednesday July 7th: While out of town, a letter from "Enterprise Damage Recovery Unit" arrived at my home. In it I was directed to call and discuss the responsibility for the "Front end damage/blowout."

When I asked an adjuster what the nature of the damage, he declined to discuss it, but did say that since I had chosen not to take out Enterprise [$10,000-12,000 per Annum] insurance, and since I had chosen not to inspect the tires and the undercarriage of the car when I rented it, I was to be held responsible for all repair costs. I was to be contacted soon, and told how much I owed Enterprise. I then informed this adjuster that there was small chance that I would pay to repair a car which could have gotten both me and my daughters killed. He replied that he was terminating the call because he did not like speaking to "angry people."

Thursday, July 29th. Today, I received a letter from the Damage Recovery Unit, stating that I owed Enterprise $1,388.64 for the damage I inflicted upon their vehicle, and that payment is expected now. Among all the required repairs, according to the analysis, is significant damage to the front bumper. I took photographs of the front of the car before it was picked up, so I can prove that no such damage exists. August 1: Almost the same day Enterprise wrote their letter demanding payment. They were notified of my complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They immediately responded that, even though I damaged their car, I would be forgiven the charges.

And, oh yes, of course Enterprise would cover the cost of the tow and the motel. To this I implied that I was pretty much fed up with Enterprise's apologies for the "inconvenience" caused by their deliberate endangerment of the lives of my daughters and me. And I clearly stated that being called a liar by a corporate weasel really got on my bad side. I then stated that fair compensation for their criminal neglect and slander should be $20,000. Furthermore, a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General's would stay in place, with the hope that criminal charges might be made against Enterprise. I will keep the reader posted.

August 17th: Case Closed. Seems that Better Business Bureau will handle only so much disagreement before shutting down. No doubt, Enterprise is aware of this. Their last testimony claimed that they had forgiven me for damaging their car, and had reimbursed me for all of my out-of-pocket expenses, and that was all they were willing to do. A real whopper that one! I was reimbursed nothing. August 27th: I had a conversation with someone from the Illinois Attorney General's office. It was pointed out to me that, probably, there would be no response to my complaint against Enterprise, because that no law required them to pay any attention to complaints.

So much for consumer protection. But I did have an interesting conversation with a lawyer a few days later during a dinner get-together with friends. He said that, if you read the contracts issued by every car rental in existence and place them all in descending order based upon their value to the consumer, Enterprise ranks dead last. By all means, he advised, "Stay away from them."

Conclusions: Apologies to the reader for the length of this narrative, but I felt the details were necessary to draw a complete picture. And since it is drawn from the recollections of 3 individuals who remain angry, an arbitrator may well take exception to some particulars. But I stand by what has been written, and if Enterprise wants to dispute anything, let them make public unedited phone conversations pertaining to the events described. Repeated assurances were made that all calls are recorded.

The lives of my daughters and me were twice jeopardized by Enterprise. In the first instance, the risk was caused by negligence in their maintenance department -- to have a vehicle put on the road with wheels so far out of alignment is inexcusable. But in the second instance, the risk was caused by a callousness crossed over into criminality. So, buyer beware: if one of their vehicles break down, they will be certain to rescue it, but may well leave you to the wind. And do be skeptical next time you see an ad extolling their miracle-service.

Used Car Sales SCAM
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Trusted Car Salesman (patient) -€“ his belief in the 109-point inspection and 12-month warranty and how there is "€œno way I could go wrong, and he would take care of me"€. Visited Enterprise Car Sales (Hillsborough Ave, Tampa). Decided on a 2006 PT Cruiser with under 38k miles priced at $8,999.00 ($1k below blue book). Took for test drive, but did not drive above 40 mph. Finance Manager was to see if she could secure a loan for me within the $200.00 per month payments and no money down as I requested. Requested money to hold the car.

They do not take credit or debit cards (now I know why€“ I would have be protected) and took $30.00 cash &€“ that'€™s all I had. Received a voice mail message that I was approved for $200+ per month and to call back for details. I returned call and received voice mail. No return call that day. Called Car Salesman to let him know I would be by. Brought family with me. Paperwork was presented and signatures requested. One of which, Repurchase Agreement, indicates that I can return the car in 7 days if not satisfied, either pick out another auto or get my money back less $200.00 (for documentation and cleaning fee).

I was informed I was capped out by loan company for $9500.00. They stated I would need $600.00 down, and I could not include the Bumper-to-Bumper warranty for $1950.00 and could only afford the GAP for $479.00. Told them I didn'€™t want the GAP and to apply it toward the $600.00 down. They stated that could not be done and it would be backed out of the loan. They stated I needed the GAP and that they didn'€™t get a commission on selling this. It showed the lender that I was serious about being responsible and intended to pay the loan in full. I signed all paperwork.

I stated the interest rate was high at 15.75 but they said that was good for me and the other lenders wanted up to 20%. She said this was a friend of hers at the lender and she called in a favor for me. She said there was still a balance of the Manufacturer's Warranty but wasn'€™t sure what it was. They told me I could check it out to see what the warranty was for that year. They forgot to collect the $600.00 check from me and to give me the other key. Tank was filled ½ full. As I drove the vehicle home I noticed that there was a bad vibration at higher speeds. Arrived home and told my Uncle about vibration. He took the PT Cruiser for a test drive and I went as well.

There was a vibration at lower speeds, but were difficult for me to detect until he stepped on the gas. He thought it was a motor mount by the feel and the reaction of the vibration or how it occurred. I searched the Internet for similar problems and found "UPDATE: On the vibration problem on some PT Cruisers. I have a 2007 and a 2006 PT Cruiser. The 2006 had a vibration at 18-20 and 40-50 mph. Very irritating. Took to a local Chrysler dealership to have the service manager tell me at 22,000 miles there was nothing that could be done. Took the vehicle to another dealership and they ask me to leave it a few days."

"They contacted Chrysler and fund the drive'€™s side axle shaft was the culprit. Chrysler told them to order a turbo axle shaft, which is balanced. They put it in and the vehicle is as smooth as silk. The standard axle shaft is not balanced but the turbo axle shaft is balanced and it made as much difference as night and day."

Called Enterprise next morning to let them know of the axle imbalance. They claimed no knowledge of defect and said they would research and get back to me. They also made the comment "Oh good, this would be under warranty and won'€™t cost us money"€. No apology to me. Sure makes me feel like things are going to get taken care of well as long as it won'€™t cost them money. Received call from Car Salesman that they forgot to get $600.00 check and he would get it from me on Saturday when he came my office for his treatment. I asked him "What about the axle problem?" He told me I could bring it back at my convenience and get a loaner.

I explained to Car Salesman why I dealt with him. I do not have any time to be down and inconvenienced. I needed a reliable auto. He said he would pick up the PT Cruiser on what happened to be 8 days after signed paperwork & leaving me out of the 7-day return if not happy. Then he would get the axle fixed. He would return the PT Cruiser to me the following Saturday. No apology for what'€™s happened to this point. Day 2 I try to start PT Cruiser. Click, click, click, click. Try again and it starts. Now I know I'€™ve got a lemon and why they are trying so hard to get the deposit of $600.00 not to mention the promised repair work out of the 7-day return policy.

They obviously are aware this is a lemon. How could a 109-point inspection have been done on this car that has presented these kind of problems in only 2 days? I am, now, putting 2 and 2 together and decide that I am returning the vehicle to them and intend on cancelling the contract. My friend went with me to return the vehicle. I was greeted by the Car Salesman and I told him I was there to return the car and cancel the contract. He wanted to know why and I told him of the events and that I didn'€™t trust him or anyone there and didn'€™t want another vehicle.

They were trying to sell me a car that they knew had problems and I did not want to do business with them. He states he would make me happy and do right by me. Besides he had 98% satisfaction. Guess I fell in the other 2%. He then states that they just received the recall on the half axle on Monday. Another lie. I told him that I gave him the benefit of the doubt and that he was doing what he was told to do. He disclaimed that saying "no that is not the case." He then asks me why I didn'€™t call him directly instead of just showing up there. Told him, it would just give them more time to cover their tracks and time for better lies.

I then pointed out to him that on my 12-month warranty they never verbally disclosed about the $50.00 deductible per service repair. He gives me this dumbfounded look and stated he never heard of it and asked if he could take it to Finance Manager. Finance Manager comes in with a newly printed warranty that does not include the deductible terminology and states that she doesn'€™t know how it printed out like that. She tries all her smooth talking and states that because of my bringing to her attention about the axle half shaft she has spent the entire day calling all buyers of PT Cruisers and informing them of the recall. Believe that one?

Finance Manager proceeded to show me the FEDEX receipt that was shipped and it couldn'€™t be stopped. I told her to cancel the contract, the entire agreement involving the car and to sign something that she was in receipt of the car. She refused. Told me the financing company will want $200.00 to cancel and that she was trying to come to some agreement with me but I wasn'€™t listening. She wanted me to look at her screen for this and that and I refused. I saw her in her office at the computer. She apparently changed my file to cover her tracks. Can I prove it?

As my friend said, "If there was any gray matter, it was all cleared up with the changing of the warranty document, and this was no legit business"€. I left there with their refusal to sign anything that the car was in their hands and Finance Manager hoped I would get over my anger with them. She said to give her 2 hours to see what she could do. Never heard from her. I didn'€™t expect to. When I returned home I searched the Internet for the RECALL which was supposed to be issued the Monday before I purchased the vehicle. No such recall. Imagine that... another lie. Another confirmation they knew what was wrong with the vehicle.

Next day I receive a voice mail from Manager to give him a call regarding the purchase of the PT Cruiser. Next day I called Attorney General'€™s Office. Informed that I owe the $200.00 because I signed the paper. It doesn'€™t matter that they lied, the car is a lemon, or that they knew and were trying to get one over on me. I signed and I owe. 9:50 a.m. I called the Manager and got his voicemail. I left a message to please return my call. Manager left me a voicemail stating to call him from 5-7 p.m. Called back at 6:47 p.m. and Car Salesman answered. Said Manager had just left, but Finance Manager was available. I asked if their position had changed and he said "no."

Told him I didn'€™t want to speak with Finance Manager and to please have cancellation paperwork ready for 1:30 p.m. tomorrow and I would have the check for $200.00 and to have my $30.00 cash, that I left to hold the car, ready as well to return to me. I told him to please make sure the paperwork is ready and that I would take time to read through before signing. He said he would be by my office tomorrow if that is okay. I told him we would not conduct business there and it did not have anything to do with his treatment. He said that he didn'€™t mean that, wanted to see if I was comfortable treating him.

Told him that no discussion of the car would take place and it belonged outside of my office again, it has nothing to do with his treatment. After work I went to Enterprise with my check and to cancel transaction. Receive a call from Car Salesman that he had my $30 cash to give back to me, but forgot. I just told him last night that no business would be done at my employment. I now also know that I won'€™t see my $30.00 either. He asks when he can give it to me and I told him to give it to the front desk when he comes in 2 days from now. Just another little game he'€™s playing.

Then I receive a call from lender stating they hold the loan for my car and needed information. I proceeded to tell her that I returned the car last Friday and am on the way to cancel the sale because they are a SCAM. She asked me to repeat myself and "You gave the car back?". She said she would call me later. Called Enterprise to let them know I was on my way.

I arrive shortly after 1 p.m. and Finance Manager tells me to come in to her office. There is another couple (potential buyers in another office). She'€™s typing up the cancellation and I ask her who to make my check out to. She then informs me that she cannot take a personal check it has to be cash or certified check/money order. I asked why no one told me. She states Manager should have told me and she would have but she heard that I didn'€™t want to talk to her. Well, I would have if she told the truth at anything. That the paperwork did not state it had to be so. She refused to take my check and I told her I wanted to talk to the manager.

She fakes a call and somehow loses him and then can'€™t get him back. Another game. I call my uncle and tell him trying to make it difficult and playing more games. I call my mother for advice (I know I only have one more day before they hold me to the contract and I now see how difficult and at what depth they are going to try to stick it to me. I walk outside her office near the entrance door and tell my mother what they were trying and the worst word I used was "** they were pulling"€. Finance Manager comes out of her office and confronts me while I am on the phone with my mother to remove myself from the property.

I said "Are you going to take my check?" She stated if I didn'€™t remove myself from the property she was going to call the police. She started dialing her phone. Low tactics. She didn'€™t want the potential buyers to overhear the SCAM they pull there. I'€™ve never been threatened with calling the police on me &€“ I'€™ve never given cause and never will. So humiliated, I left and went to the bank for a certified check. I explained to the Teller what I was being put through. I didn'€™t know who to make the check out to so she called and asked for Finance Manager. She was transferred to some man'€™s voicemail.

She called back again and explained that she was issuing a check and needed to know who the check is to be made payable to. She is then told "€œEnterprise Car Sales"€. I call my uncle to meet me at Enterprise, for I will not go alone again -€“ not without a man or a witness. We parked at parking lot next door so they wouldn'€™t leave when they saw my car and we walked to Enterprise. Finance Manager is not in her office and Manager is motioning with his finger (just a moment) since he was on the phone. I see Finance Manager look at me through the window in the entrance door and she walks a little faster out to the parking lot.

Manager takes us to his office and edits Finance Manager's release letter and he starts with his speech. I told him we all know what happened here and don'€™t tell me that you were going to take care of things. I had no faith in them and everything they pulled left me with an awful taste for Enterprise. He said "€œsorry"€. My uncle and I left and another salesperson was outside having a cigarette and sarcastically said "Did Manager take care of you and make you happy?" I said "Well, he ripped me off." My uncle asked her how she could work at a place like this. She said it was a great place to work and I told her "only if you enjoy scamming people€".

Am I really free of this transaction? Only time will tell. But now it is my time to tell so I can save others from this scam. Lesson learned? It cost me over $200.00, but I am passing it on to you for free. $180.00 in lost business because I had to cancel appointments on Friday (a business I just recently started); total of 326 miles or $58.00 in gas (counting everyone that came with me) and $30.00 cash I will probably never see. So I am out close to $500.00 and they are considered to not be in the wrong by our Florida law. Please don'€™t be in a hurry with paperwork and really think what you are signing.

Looking back now, I would have never agreed to the $200.00 forfeiture, for the only reason I personally would have returned the car was due to a lemon or dishonesty. Listen and watch for the red flags or puzzle pieces, don'€™t wait for the puzzle to be complete. It is unfair and unjust, but used cars do not fall under the Florida Lemon Law, nor is there a 3-day to rescind. They can be selling me a lemon and pulling lie after lie, but there is nothing wrong with that in the eyes of the law.

I signed the paper and that'€™s all that counts. Even though on the backside of this same document is the 109-point inspection that has AXLES and ELECTRICAL/BATTERY checked. The only thing that appears to have been checked on this auto is that the part was there, not that it was actually working. And, they do not take it for a road test. Who inspects a car and doesn'€™t give it a test drive?

Enterprise Scam
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY -- On October 30, 2006, I rented a car from Enterprise Rental, 7500 S. Shields, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, because that my own personal car, a 2005 Suzuki Forenza, had been hit and damaged by my neighbor while backing out of his driveway. My neighbor was insured by Allstate who covered all the necessary repairs to my vehicle. When settling the claim to my vehicle, Allstate advised me that I could have access to a rental car free of charge to me through their rental agency partnership with Enterprise while my own personal car was being repaired.

I rented this car from Oct. 30, 2006 until Nov. 14, 2006 while my own personal car was being repaired at Legends Auto Body shop in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When I returned the car on the afternoon of Nov. 14, 2006, I was greeted by a young woman who shook my hand and took the keys and the pink copy of my paperwork, said "€œthank you"€ and then walked to the back of the agency. Normally I would have left at this point but I had forgotten to tell her I needed a courtesy ride to the auto body shop where my personal car was being repaired. All of the agents were busy at the time, so I waited about 10 minutes for someone to wait on me.

Finally the young woman came back to the counter and seemed confused as to why I was still in the agency. She asked me if there was something else I needed and I told her I needed a courtesy ride. She said, "€œOh yeah just a minute while I go take a look at the car you returned"€ like she had forgotten she needed to do this. She took a clipboard out with her and came back into the agency about sometime later, went up to one of the male rental agents and said something to him.

He then proceeded to ask us if we knew anything about the damage to the left side of the car. I told him that damage was already there (as stated in my explanation below) and he disagreed with me. I reminded him that at the time I rented the car, he mentioned the car had some dings, dents and scratches on it and he disagreed with me again. He then asked for the name of my insurance company and my deductible amount, and asked us to sign some paperwork, which I refused to supply to him because I am not responsible for this previous damage.

At this point he refused to listen to anything else I had to say, ignoring me and referring another agent to me who explained that Enterprise would be investigating this damage as damage caused by me while the car was in my possession. After waiting about 15 more minutes, I was finally supplied a courtesy ride back to the auto body shop to pick up my personal car.

When I arrived at Enterprise on the morning of Oct. 30, 2006 to pick up my rental car, I was told there were no cars available at the moment but there should be one available soon because one had just come in but was in such a mess, it was having to be cleaned up and would be available, if I would just wait a few minutes inside the rental agency. After about 20 minutes, one of the agents (Agent # **) told me my car was ready and gave me a set of keys. He had me go over the standard rental paperwork and initial at the spots where I declined the additional insurance.

He told me to come outside the dealership in the parking lot right outside the front door so he could "€œget me ready to go." He had a clipboard in his hand and showed me the car that was to drive, a late model 2-door red Chevy Cobalt. He walked around the car making notes on his clipboard. He acted like he was in a hurry and stressed, and it was very cold outside and wind was blowing, so the entire walk around process lasted about 2 minutes.

At the back of the car, he stopped and stated "€œthis car was a mess when it came in and the seats were pretty dirty and stained but we got them cleaned up"€ and went on further to state "€œthere are some dings and dents and a few scratches on the car but it'€™s in good shape"€ while pointing with his hand in a general manner to the car. I made the statement to him "Well as long as it doesn'€™t break down on me on the highway and it isn't dangerous to drive," to which he laughed and said "€œNo not at all."

He had me initial on the paperwork that I accepted his comments about the car, and then handed me the pink copy of my paperwork, told me the car had a ½ tank of gas in it, and started talking to another agent outside while re-entering the rental agency. At no point during the initial process did he go over each and every ding, dent and scratch on the car and have me initial each one, but had me initial a general area that I accepted the car.

I have never done this through any previous rental agency so I did not know I should have demanded to go over each and every blemish on the car; I thought his general statement about the car having "€œdings, dents and scratches"€ on it covered everything since the damage on the left side was so obvious. As I started to get inside the car, I did notice there was a dent (the dent I am being accused of causing) on the left side behind the left back window. I neglected to mention the dent because I thought he had already referred to the dent while mentioning the "€œdings and dents and scratches"€.

I thought this practice was strange since I have rented cars many times in the past from various rental car agencies such as Alamo, Budget, and Thrifty (never Enterprise) and I have never had a rental agent do this at the time of rental. In the past when I have rented my car, I complete the necessary paperwork, go over the rules and regulations, and the rental agent gives me keys, then tells me where I can pick the car up in their parking lot, they have never physically walked me out to the car.

I have never had to go over a car with a rental agent therefore and because I thought he had referred to the "€œdings, dents and scratches"€ in his statement, he was including every ding, dent and scratch on the car and I did not specifically point out every one that I noticed. In fact, one of the scratches he pointed to in a general way on the back bumper turned out to be bird manure that came off when I rubbed it with my finger. The car the rental agent (Agent # **) supplied me had keys already in the ignition but as stated above, he had also given me a set of keys. Thinking this was a second pair, I placed them in the glove compartment.

After I got home, I opened up the glove compartment to put my Enterprise paperwork in it and I noticed the keys were to a silver Ford Taurus. I am suggesting that the agent meant to place me in the Taurus but in his haste that morning, he placed me in the Chevy Cobalt. As I stated above, the agent seemed to be in a hurry that morning and confused about which car I was to rent. I also remember there were two or three people coming in at the time I was waiting in the rental agency to return their cars and my speculation is that one of them was the previous renter of the Chevy Cobalt because after they left the agent told me my car was available right outside the door.

I think he meant for me to rent a silver Taurus because those are the keys he originally gave me, but he became confused and gave me the red Chevy Cobalt instead. I am suggesting that the previous renter is responsible for the damage to the car and (1) he left before the rental agent discovered the damage, or (2) the rental agent never noticed the damage but noticed it when I returned the car and I am being accused of it unfairly.

I would also like to point out that Enterprise utilizes elderly drivers to pick up renters and take them to Enterprise to rent cars. One of them picked me up in a van the morning I rented the car, but the afternoon I returned the car, one of them took me to the auto body shop to pick up my personal car that was being repaired and he transported me in the same car (the Chevy Cobalt) that I had rented. On the way to the auto body shop, the elderly driver almost ran a red light at S.W. 74th and Shields and would have had my husband not been riding in the front seat and reminded him to stop.

The driver seemed confused about almost running the light as if he never saw it. I am suggesting that this same car (the Chevy Cobalt) could have been damaged in the transporting of renters back and forth by negligence or accident on the driver's part with or without him being aware of it, due to the elderly nature of the drivers. Also I noticed Enterprise rental cars are parked in an uncovered parking lot and this car could have been damaged by vandalism or an object striking the car in the parking lot.

I am not responsible for the damage to the car of which Enterprise is accusing me; responsibility for the damage is due to negligence by Enterprise in not adequately documenting damage done by a previous renter, vandalism or natural accident; therefore, Enterprise is attempting to coerce an innocent party, ** and/or her insurance company to pay for the damage when there is no conclusive proof that she is responsible.

Do Not Rent From Enterprise
By -

DO NOT RENT FROM ENTERPRISE: My uncle and grandmother rented a car from Enterprise rental to drive my two small children ages 5 and 7 home from Michigan. They got about an hour past Charleston WV and got a flat. Enterprise refused to bring them a new car out to the location they were at (like they say they do), instead made them wait over an hour for a tow truck which then drove them an hour back to Charleston. The kids rode in the tow truck and my uncle and grandmother were forced to ride in the car on top of the flatbed truck which stranded them in Charleston until they can somehow get a new car from Enterprise sometime tomorrow (hopefully)!!!

They have to stay at a hotel overnight in Charleston due to the poor customer service from Enterprise. If it were me I would make them pay for the hotel stay!!!! Plus the mechanic that towed them back said that metal was coming through on all the tires and the vehicle is MECHANICALLY UNSAFE TO DRIVE AT ALL!!!

I'll Pass On The Next Enterprise Rental
By -

GARLAND PLANO, TEXAS -- I originally rented from Enterprise in Plano.. slightly less $$ than my original destination, Hertz. Major mistake. Only picked Plano Hertz as it's close to my job, pulled into Enterprise because I rented there last year. The guy that rented me this year's car allowed me to look it over before we rented because it was a very small car; it sufficed so we accepted it. On one side there was a major scrape to the quarter panel, 5" to 6” high by 3.5” wide (primer & plastic exposed), a scratch on the hood & a buttonhole dent on the driver door; all documented by ** of the Plano Enterprise location, before I signed the contract.

I also paid for insurance removing liability for damages upon returning the vehicle. I was assured there would be a slight reduction in my overall costs if I returned the vehicle early. After 2 full safe weeks, no incidents at all, with more gas in the tank than when I drove it off the lot, I drop the car off early early dark morning, car-washed & vacuumed! I go back a few hours later same morning to drop off the keys, finalize my contract. Lady named ** asks if it's the vehicle that was already there, as in, she saw it when she arrived for work; "Yes", I reply.

After she does her walk around, she walks back inside, announces in front of a room full of people, "Did someone hit you?! There's damages to this vehicle!" I inform the Lady - apparently in charge of the room - that the damages were there when I picked the vehicle up, to which she responds (to all), "Hold on I have to call about this (shaking my contract at me), I have to make sure, I mean the damage is bad! I see the little notes they made on the contract, but uhh, I mean, this damage is severe! I have to write a report!"

So not only am I now embarrassed by her comments like I'm on hold awaiting the rental car police, but now she's treating me like I have a reason to lie about the car I made sure I returned as I took it, in front of everyone! I wait until she's done with a majority of their customers, while I wait for the rental police, for her to call the Plano location to verify knowledge of these 'horrible damages', pre-existing, not of my doing at all, as already noted on the contract, but she has to make sure they're aware of it!

She makes her call, I'm standing there listening along with other customers as she talks loudly about how bad the damages are,"I mean it's bad, it's scraped really bad, it's actually dented, you can tell its been hit before!" When she's done with the call, after Plano relates they indeed are aware of the damage(s),she invites me to walk out back with her, contract in hand with the initialed notes, circles, etc. I explain what and why I ended up at their Plano location in the first place.

She states she understands, she sees the notes, the initials, that I paid the insurance covering such, but can't believe they rented the vehicle to me in the condition it was in; then she looks at the out of state license plate...Kansas! ** now states she needs to see if I still owe any kind of balance; of 12 to 15 people originally there when I arrived I'm 1 of 3 left; myself awaiting the State Troopers on the way to have me step into the back office! She tells me she sees they've already charged me for the full amount, but that she can't finalize the charges, they have to. Then its, "Okaaay, you're all done, that's it...that's it" Like I didn't hear her the first time.

My accident report reads verbatim, "CUSTOMER RETURNED THE CAR WITH DAMAGE TO THE PASSENGER SIDE REAR QUARTER. THERE IS ALSO A SCRAPE ON THE FRONT BUMPER". I walk outside; call the Plano office intending to speak with the original guy, **, apparently not necessarily as high ranking as this Forest Ln Lady. Woman on the phone says, "he's out all week, can I help you?" I relate all the crap I just endured via the damages on the vehicle I did not create. She states she is aware, she was the one that just spoke with, "that manager".

I ask her if there is a chance at minor reduction in charges as I returned the vehicle 4 hours early. She states "No, the time for an early return allowance was yesterday. I have customers waiting, can I call you back at the number you called from?" "Yes", I reply... She has not called me back, it is now 7:39 hours later.

Enterprise is a scamming enterprise: Price and Damage Scam
By -

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO -- Enterprise is a lying mess. This company is trying to rip me off with "hail damage" for pre-existing dents on their car and trying to charge additional for a car I rented. I rented the car on 7/5/11 after being injured from a rear-ended accident on 7/1/11 and returned on 7/21/11. The first hail was 6/8/11 and second hail on 7/13/11. First Enterprise on College Avenue in Fort Collins tried to rent me a car with cracked windshield and failed to note it until I pointed out and tried to urge me to take it anyway, but I refused. They had me drive that same car to their Mulberry location in Fort Collins to do an exchange. Paperwork was already filled out at the College location.

The car I exchanged for was a mess inside and out. They only cleaned up a bit when I told them it wasn't acceptable. I waited while the agent took it to a $3 car wash. Not much improvement. The agent failed to note numerous damages I pointed out, such as scratches, bent license plate including the dents. I was told that if the damages are not shown through the paint to metal and not at least 4 inches there was no need to document them. I even reported warning light for "oil maintenance" and loosely latched gas tank while I had the car. I was told it was common and to keep driving it when I asked for an exchange.

Because I was desperate to get back to work I reluctantly made the exchange. While the car was in my possession it was garaged at home and at work. It was garaged when it hailed on 7/13/11. I returned the car in the same condition as rented. I received a letter from Enterprise's "Damage Recovery Unit" trying to determine the cause of the dents being called as "hail damage". While I was in communication with this unit I received calls from Enterprise on College demanding and threatening to charge my credit card around $500 for "upgrade rental" and insurance deductible for repair of "hail damage".

When I told the staff (** and ** on College Avenue) that the dents were pre-existing and that the car was garaged ** hypothesis that perhaps a tree or branches fell on the car causing the dents if not by hail while I had it. I told her to stop fabricating lies to fit her demand. Now these two women weren't there when I made the exchange nor were they there when I pointed out the damages to the agent on the Mulberry location nor were they present when I dropped off the car at the Mulberry location. They are now in the picture to collect $$$.

**, the agent whom I dropped off the car with at the Mulberry location didn't want to give me confirmation of the return. He reluctantly wrote, "Customer returned car on 7/21/11 at 5:00 pm" followed by his employee number with Enterprise. This company is scamming on people to get free repair for their pre-existing damages. I am appalled at their dishonesty and lies. I hope this message will reach many people and hope that they go elsewhere for rental or rent a friend's or family's car instead. I urge other victims of Enterprise to spread the word. Enterprise is a scamming Enterprise.

Bait & Switch to small cheap Kia
By -

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Buyer Beware of Enterprise's Bait & Switch tactics. Last weekend, I had a terrible rental experience with Enterprise at the Rochester, NY airport location. I reserved a "standard size SUV" online with Enterprise 3 weeks in advance. Enterprise describes this car class as 6 cylinder and gives examples of Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Explorer, Nissan Pathfinder. I reserved a standard size SUV because I needed ample cargo space to move my son from Vermont to Rochester, NY. When I arrived to pick up the vehicle at 8:30 am on Saturday, I asked if I would be getting a Cherokee. I was told no, I was getting a Kia Sportage.

I questioned the adequacy of the cargo space and the rental agent reassured me that it was the same as the Cherokee. When I saw the Kia, I spoke with the branch manager, ** and again described my need and questioned the cargo capacity of the Kia in comparison to the Cherokee or Explorer. ** again assured me that the Kia was the same class as the Cherokee and had the same cargo space. I questioned his opinion and asked what other standard size SUVs were available. He said "None". The Kia turned out to be totally inadequate for my needs and I had to leave some of my son's belongings in storage in Vermont.

When I got home, I did some research online and learned that the Kia Sportage is classified by Kia, Consumer Reports and Edmunds as a "small SUV" not a "standard/midsized SUV". I further learned that the Kia Sportage is the smallest and cheapest Kia SUV and is 4 cylinders not six. The 4 cylinder Kia had poor highway performance on a 12-hour trip. Kia lists its competitors to the Sportage as the Honda CR-V, Ford Escape and Nissan Rogue... all "small SUVs". Furthermore, the Kia Sportage has the smallest cargo space (26.1 cu. ft.) compared to the three other small SUV competitors, which have up to 35.1 cu. ft.

When comparing the Kia Sportage to true "intermediate/midsized" SUVs, the cargo space difference is even more dramatic. When I returned the Kia to Enterprise on Sunday, I expressed my complaints to an agent and **, manager. I found the agent to be professional and responsive but the manager was very unprofessional...telling me that the Kia was a "standard size" SUV and if I was unhappy with it, I should have asked for another vehicle yesterday. I reminded him that I did ask him for another car and he said there were none. I also told him the Kia Sportage is the smallest SUV that Kia make and is a 4 cylinder not a 6 cylinder as advertised.

** walked away and left me with the agent who made a price adjustment. My advice to all the other families, who are renting vehicles from Enterprise to move your college children...BEWARE. Enterprise won't commit to reserving specific vehicles. The vehicle examples listed on their website doesn't match what you will receive. They "bait" you with their advertisement listing bigger, more expensive cars and "switch" you to small, cheap Kias with inadequate cargo space and engines when you pick up your rental.

False Accusations, extremely rude behavior, very very disappointed
By -

GERMANTOWN, MARYLAND -- I am having a very similar bad experience with ENTERPRISE. Now I have no doubt they totally blame customers for their own faults and make customers pay for the damages caused by whoever earlier. Recently, I had to rent a car because my car was in for repairs due to Hit and Run damages. They gave me a car which had a small dent on passenger side, but the representative told me it is considered minor wear and tear. Very next day, my own car was fixed so around 4:00 I returned the rental car to Enterprise.

I asked the cashier 3 times if she wanted to go out or have someone check the car to see if it is in good shape, and she said all three times, "No it looks fine" and not to worry about anything. So I drop the car with them, and asked them for some notification of this upon which they gave me a paper that stated Rental Car Return date/time etc. More than a week later, I receive a letter from Enterprise Damage Control Dept that there was some damage to the vehicle returned and I am liable for that. Damage estimate is stated yet to be made. I was shocked as nothing had happened to the vehicle at all during the one day I had it and even when I returned it.

It was totally as I rented with not even a single scratch. I double checked it myself before I gave it to them.
So I called the Enterprise guy who helped me with rental. His name is **, he is located in Montrose Automotive, Germantown, MD. He told me there were some scratches on passenger side. During the whole conversation, he was so so unprofessional and extremely rude. He told me he had left a message for me next morning - Such a liar as I never received any messages from them. If I would have, why wouldn't I get back to them the same day?

Then he tells me though I dropped the car around 4:00 pm a day before, he did not walked out and checked it until 8:00 or 9:00 am next morning, so any damage that had occurred during that time frame is my responsibility. This is such a ridiculous claim. How I am responsible if you did not check the car for 16 hours since I dropped it off? I mean I did not have the keys to the car, it was not in my parking lot or possession, I have a paper from you all that I returned it fine, then how in the world is it my responsibility? I told him that anyone during those 16 hrs may have done something and "How can you blame this on me?"

I wanted to talk to his manager, and he tells me he is the manager. WOW To Enterprise for having such unprofessional, rude, ill-talking, and careless managers in their locations. I am thinking that maybe he himself is in trouble for not checking it for so long hours and not knowing for whom the damage was done by, and that is why he threw it on me in first place. He never notified me same day because then I would want to go check it and talk with him, but he lied that he left a message. Then he is not even willing to talk to me to explain anything. He literally was ready to hang up the phone and told me he cannot do anything about it. That's it, it is your fault.

I am so upset for being accused of something so wrong and false, and then receiving such mistreatment from him. Anyway, I called my insurance and notified them of whole situation. Hopefully they will work something out. Otherwise I am going to go file a claim in court, and sue both Enterprise and this guy for such trouble, ridiculous customer service, false accusation, and harassment. I would not take blame for something that I did not do or I am not responsible for. For sure, no one in my circle is ever going to rent from Enterprise ever again. So Beware, don't be fooled by Enterprise reps.

Will Find Any Way to Steal Your Money
By -

CATONSVILLE, MARYLAND -- I was involved in an accident for which I was not at fault. Since there were so many parties involved, I had to use my own coverage to get a rental car. My insurance made an appointment for me and since I was busy, my mom went to pick it up with my brother. At first, they gave us a car that reeked of so many awful smells, I couldn't even make out what it was. It was hard to breathe and I felt dirty just sitting in the car and would feel the need to wash my hands as soon as I got out. We had them switch the car for us after one day since we could not stand the smell.

We brought the other car home (this was the only time we drove it) and it literally sat in our driveway for 9 days because of a huge snow storm. Oh so conveniently, the day the storm ended, we got a call from Enterprise asking if we were content with our coverage. I had no idea what he was talking about. He kindly informed me that we were getting billed $18/day for insurance on the car which our insurance company did not cover but would come out of our own pocket. I asked my mom about it and she said Enterprise specified that everything would be covered by our insurance company.

After arguing with them for a very long time, the manager told me if I came into the center by the next day, he would stop the charges on my credit card. When I went in the next day, I found out that he had already charged us for the 9 days that our car just sat in our driveway. He kept saying that we were informed of the charges and we had signed off on it. However, my mom and brother recall a different story. They say they were told by Enterprise that everything was covered by our insurance; the only thing that Enterprise would charge us was a $100 deposit, which would be returned after we returned the rental car.

After a very long time of arguing, the manager did not budge at all. He refused to take off any charges, even though we told him it was a misunderstanding. He finally removed one day of charges, acting as if he was doing us a huge favor. All in all, we were charged $160 for renting a car that sat in our driveway for 9 days and was never even used. The managers and employees were rude, were not understanding, and showed no compassion for our situation. It seemed to me like the employee lied to his manager just to make money.

My mother and brother swear they were told the insurance company would cover all charges and no other charges were discussed. I am convinced that the employee lied just to make some extra money. Unfortunately for us, we were involved in an accident that was not our fault, but ended up costing us money out of our own pocket aside from the disgust of driving their dirty used cars. Thanks, Enterprise.

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