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Bad Experience, Loss of Personal Item
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA -- Scheduled a vehicle for vacation 2 weeks prior to our vacation, and held it on my Amex Card. Rate was agreed upon with a confirmation number. I showed up, and the rate had jumped up to almost double, so I objected, and informed the person that I had a confirmation # with my rates included, which I had left at home. He stated that he was sorry, but the rate was over 150. a day, and as I continued to explain that was not what I had agreed to, and held the reservation on my Amex card, he actually raised his voice at me and told me to be shut up and let him figure out why my rate was different.

He even threatened to cancel my rental, as if he were in charge. I was not loud, or out of line, but firm I had not agreed to that rate. I actually think this guy has some anger issues, and felt intimidated and I didn't respond, as he was aggressive. He finally ceded that they had included the insurance which I declined, and after 15 mins, said I would get the rate I was confirmed for. He told me I had to inspect the car, (and my first thing I noticed, it had a LIMU sticker on it????) and when he raised opened the back door of the vehicle, he showed where the tire tools were (???) and told me to look where the spare was,

When I was looking, he slammed the door down on my head, and I was stunned, and shocked, and obviously hurting, He then stated I was really having a bad day, and reminded me how my rates were messed up. I think this guy is a half cocked individual, but I only wanted to leave, and get out of there. On Monday, my husband planned to go with me to return the vehicle, but he was not there. My issue NOW is we left our GPS, in the Vehicle, didn't realize it for a week, and of coarse, no one, after contacting the manager Joann, has turned it in. I got a sense of "your never going to see it again" and "we aren't responsible for items left in the car"

Well how about being responsible for slamming my head on the back door, and having a psycho yell at me? I know, and they know, that GPS was found in cleaning, as it doesn't belong with the vehicle. No one but staff has that GPS. Period. I swore by Enterprise rental prior to this, but I am disgusted with my last experience. The guy that dropped me off the day I turned it in was great! He needs to run and find a better place to grow his career. His pleasant demeanor doesn't fit in... I wanted to tell this manager about all of my experience, but there was no interest in hearing any of it. I am sure it happens a lot, and thanks to their policy, no one cares, or will you ever get your personals returned. I think I am going to file a police report, so at least it makes me feel better.
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clutzycook on 07/10/2013:
If you know for sure he dropped the lid on your head deliberately, why didn't you call the police right away and file an assault complaint.

As for leaving your GPS in the car and then waiting a week before you realized it was forgotten, you're right in that they are not responsible for items left in the car. I believe it's mentioned in the paperwork.
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Charged for Damages I Did Not Cause
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ESSEX, MARYLAND -- I had a small mishap with my car. I was told I had to use Enterprise by the insurance company. When the time came to get the rental, I was told by Enterprise that they did not have a car for me. 5 minutes After cancelling an appointment at the local repair shop, they came up with a car for me. It was snowing really hard and the car was covered with snow to where you could not even tell what color the car was. I had the car for 1 week and only put 31 miles on it. Upon returning the car to Enterprise, the person in Enterprise said they had to do a walk around inspection. Before they got to the car, the girl who did the inspection ran up to the cars front end and said I damaged their car. She wasn't even close enough to see it yet. It was like she already knew about the scratch on the bumper. One of her friends was driving it and she called her friend to bring it back because I needed it.

After about 5 weeks later, I got a bill for 800 dollars for the repairs. No investigation was done and the car got fixed before it was reported to my insurance co. Now I have a deductible to pay for someone else's car and still to this minute can't figure out how a company this size can continue to do what ever they want to whomever they want. I guess this is the way they cover their butts so they don't get in trouble. If someone was to hit my car, my insurance company won't let anyone touch it until they assess the damages. The scratch on the bumper could not be seen when I picked the car up because it was covered with snow. They wouldn't even clean it off for me. I was told there was not a thing I could do because they say the damage happened while I had the car because it wasn't discovered before then. Every single business has certain protocol's that they must follow to protect the rights of the customers. Why is Enterprise an exception to the rules. I know I'm not alone because I have read many reviews like mine. How many people are going to get screwed over before something can be done about this? This happens so often, there is actually a category in the complaint section called " charged with damages you did not cause".

Now, my advice to everybody who ever has to deal with Enterprise. Make the representative clean the car so you can inspect it yourself completely. All the way around, underneath, and especially inside. Maybe together we can change the way Enterprise rentals treats the paying customers. The paying customers are the reason Enterprise is still in business. Or is it .........
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User Replies:
onlooker on 03/28/2013:
Are you going to escalate your complaint?
You do not need to speculate about who or how the damage occurred.
Focus on the pre-rental inspection. Did you sign the papers - that have the inspection results on them? Did you note the snow made the inspection impossible? Did you note that they refused inspection?
When I take out my phone to document the condition of the car, the staff gets attentive.
You can challenge the charge, but focus on your case only.
BigAl on 03/28/2013:
I agree with you. Something needs to be done. I also believe that $800 was never spent to repair the car. This is out and out thievery and done on a regular basis.
quality525 on 03/28/2013:
No, It did not cost 800 dollars to fix it. They had lose of use and depreciation values on there also.
JAKFK on 03/28/2013:
The OP clearly admits fault in the last paragraph by suggesting to all other future customers that they be sure to get a representative to fully clean the car inside & out (including snow), so that the proper pre-trip inspection can be done. The OP failed to do this VERY important step before the initial rental. Another valuable life lesson learned. Thanks for the review and the warning!
Obsfucation on 03/28/2013:
I use Enterprise because they are local, convenient and relatively cheap. That being said, I always make a great show of walking around the car and snapping photos with my phone. They know they aren't going to get away with anything, and I never have any problem.
Nohandle on 03/28/2013:
I don't know if there will ever be a solution to the "pre-existing" condition on a rental car. Anyone ever rented one in the dark of night from a regional airport when the parking lot wasn't lighted? It happens and until daylight you don't even realize there is a ding anywhere or for that matter major damage on the body of the car. Then, in addition, you notice how nasty the interior is. And we, as consumers are expected to put the rental car back in pristine, like new condition for the benefit of the rental agency?
JR in Orlando on 03/28/2013:
I had a positive experience with Enterprise. I rented a car, walked around and saw nothing. A day or so later, when I was approaching the car from the front across the parking lot, I saw a trailer ball size hole in the bottom of the bumper. When I returned the vehicle, Enterprise checked their records and found it had been done before and the vehicle was scheduled for repairs.

This taught me not to just stand up and look at the car, but squat down and look at the bottom of bumpers, doors, etc. Good review by OP.
JAKFK on 03/28/2013:
Obsfucation> I feel better knowing I'm not the only one that walks around the vehicle with my phone taking photos:p
Enterprise cares on 03/30/2013:
quality525 ,
We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to care[at]enterprise.com including the exact rental location information, your contact information, your rental agreement and any further information regarding your experience with us.
When emailing, please list Reference Number 130330-001014 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.
Carol H.
Social Media
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
OM on 05/06/2013:
The same scenario but with additional scam, when I called to reserve car I was quoted a low rate but when I went to pick up the contract I signed was 10.00 more, the agent refused to mark the dents, dings and scratches on the contract cause she assured me they would never charge for tiny dings. upon returning the original agent happens to not be available and new agent refused to let me leave without signing damage report with ding. she also charged credit card full amount, two days later my insurance company sent them a check for the same rental agreement and now company is refusing to reimburse the duplicate payment stating they can't find it in system. they also sent letter one month later to pay for the ding that was already there when the agent refused to mark it on the contract. I urge everyone to file a class action complaint on classaction.com under consumer fraud. it does not cost anything and scammed victims may get rewarded with penalties and interest on the amount that enterprise scammed. if they are not stopped they will continue to do this 365 days threw out the country ultimately increasing our insurance cost, I have rented from Hertz and Avis and have never had a single issue with rates or damage or double payment scams. anyone else out there that has been triple scammed?
Enterprise Cares on 07/03/2013:
We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send a detailed email to care@enterprise.com including the exact rental location information, your contact information, your rental agreement or claims number and any further information regarding your experience with us.
When emailing, please list Reference Number 130703-001608 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.
Carol H.
Social Media
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
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False Damage/Ding Scam if you do not pruchase their Insurance!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SOUTH BURLINGTON, VERMONT -- NEVER GO to this company, if you like me are on a budget and renting a car is a luxury or an immediate need go ANYWHERE but here...they will blame you for damages that don't exist and take all your money.

My story starts with that I was renting a car for Thanksgiving to go to my family's house in Connecticut. I discussed with the gentleman on the phone my plans and he told me that Enterprise had a 9.99/day extended rate on compact cars for the weekend. Awesome I thought!!! This is feasible. I arrived on the date I booked and they had no more compact cars, so I was given a 2011 Toyota Corolla. Which is fine, the girl Carolyn, told me she was new but was very sweet and gave me the same price...I think. Anyhow as we begin to walk around the car, I noticed an abundance of what she called "surface" scratches and told me not to worry about. STUPIDLY I believed her.

When I returned the car a gentleman was at the desk and immediately ready with my papers as I pulled in the drive. He busted out to check for damages sure enough I see him rubbing one of these "scratches". He comes in side and says theres a dent I need to have my manager look at it. At this point I'm in shock. I drove the highway for 4 hours parked in a spot that the car couldn't be touched for 5 days and drove the highway back. Nothing happened to this car...or could have. The manager goes out there and they bend at all angles and decide they see a dent.
They begin to tell me that 80 percent of their customers say they aren't responsible for the damages. I believe they probably weren't. This so-called scratch that is not even visible, if visible to them could not have been seen by me and the new employee Carolyn. I still don't see it and I took pictures of this so called spot. I told them I have no money to replace parts on a 2011 auto body and they held my deposit and claimed I lied about insurance. No I said, I have insurance, and the girl knew nothing about how personal insurance coverage worked and admitted that. I blindly trusted this girl who sat at her desk quietly as I cried and my fiance pointed out their false statements.

They held my deposit, and said they will charge my card for the additional damages. I can not begin to explain how horrible this scam is. They mentioned 3 times that I rejected their insurance...If I got in an accident I'd have to figure that out but this car was pristine and untouched....I think they do this to all customers that don't pay their $18/day insurance.

The manager there is Spencer and he thinks hes high and mighty. He asked me to sign the report about the damage. I declined as I will not put my name on anything stating my responsibility and he told me that didn't matter anyway he didn't need my signature...Then why did you ask?

I am a responsible, professional citizen who was completely taken advantage of. I will continue to fight this legally, but until then do NOT give your money to these people...unless you have great coverage...and then they will put claims on your insurance...and jack up your rates..do not trust them...from now on I'll be using Hertz!
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User Replies:
yoke on 11/28/2012:
I have learned when you rent a car to take pictures before you leave the lot. They don't like it when you do it, but it is protecting you. Had something similar happen until I showed them the pictures of the scratch BEFORE I left the lot. They were surprised to see the pictures and the person was also surprised to see himself in the background of one of the pictures.
tnchuck100 on 11/28/2012:
Going to Hertz won't change anything. All rental companies perpetrate this scam. Some locations are more aggressive at it than others.

Your ONLY defense is to note EACH AND EVERY scratch, dent, paint chip, discoloration and tar splat (don't forget to check underneath the vehicle for the slightest abnormality) make the agency SIGN IT!

Renting a vehicle today has become a real challenge.
trmn8r on 11/29/2012:
The stories I have read in the past few years make me wonder if this has always happened.

The rental cars I have rented I have mistreated on the road (hard acceleration, cornering, braking) but I don't believe I have ever scratched or dented one (other than the one that had a blowout and I dragged the undercarriage along a road gutter). That last one was a corporate rental, and I denied I had done it.

I would check any car very carefully, and see the damage is noted. If there are numerous scratches, I don't know how they come up with new ones. Good luck.
At Your Service on 11/29/2012:
Assuming you used a credit card for the deposit, I'd suggest disputing the charge and seeing if your bank will help you get it reversed.

Secondly, make sure you dispute any bill they send to you IN WRITING. There are a couple of laws which protect someone in this instance. They're referred to as the Fair Debt Collections and Reporting Acts. With the dispute, instruct them that they are to not contact you further.

Jump over to this link and you can read further instructions as to handling situations like this: http://www.clarkhoward.com/categories/consumer-issues-id-theft/collection-agencies/?page=2
Old Timer on 11/29/2012:
Once they got you over the barrel they almost always win at this scam game. Now I just start a video on my phone and video the entire car, every inch of it. Then I add the agent or something else to prove the date and time stamp. Then I note any dings or bangs and have them sign. Yep, they often get bent over it, but I have yet to get stung like this from one of these car rental crooks.
Enterprise cares on 11/29/2012:
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like to look into this further. Please email Care[at]Enterprise.com with your full name, the exact rental location and any other details.

When emailing, please list reference # 121129-000977 in the subject line.

Gillian T.
Social Monitor Coordinator
Oscar on 01/08/2014:
Exactly what happened to me yesterday when I returned the Corolla I had rented from them! Same situation as story above. I was shocked and refused to sign their form which states I accept responsibility. No way! From the first moment I was given the car and walked around, I told the lady helping me about all the scratches and little dings all around the car. She said it was okay since the size was within the diameter she showed me. I have rented over 20 times from them I believe in last few years and could not believe this was happening. The assistant manager that checked in the car also collected and incorrect deductible from. I told him how impocompetent he is and told him to redo it with the correct amount (lower). If he was going to charge me without my consent, I wanted the correct amount on it. What idiots! Now I have to call the number he gave me to protest these damages that I supposedly caused.
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Very Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CALIFORNIA -- Enterprise's current TV ads about 'caring' and 'wanting to fix your problems, even if you didn't rent from their particular agency', are certainly NOT what we experienced!

On 21 Dec, we (6 of us, 3 were children) rented a family van in Utah, then traveled to Sacramento CA for Christmas. On Dec. 23, while on I-80 just minutes from San Francisco, we were involved in a 4-car pile-up. We stopped in time but the car behind us couldn't stop and hit us from behind, plowing our rental van into a stopped truck. The van was totaled. We immediately called the Utah Enterprise office about our plight. "We'll pick you up!" their TV spot claims. Fat chance! We were told we needed to call a CA agency for help, they wouldn't even relay calls for us at first.

With our own GPS unit and our own cell phones, we began to call every agency we could find through the GPS - each said they couldn't help and passed us off. One agent said he could get another van from outside of CA but it would take 18 hours and we'd have to pay for its transport to CA. We stood on the freeway for three hours until the tow truck driver took pity on us and shuttled us to the closest exit. We hung out at a local diner and called the local agent back for the third time. He was kind enough to drive over to the diner in a nice, big van and offer to drop us off at the tram to the Oakland airport, where he suggested we sit and pray for another van to become available at some future open-ended time. Mind you, this was the afternoon before Christmas eve and we had three children with us! We asked him why we couldn't rent the van he was sitting in. He said it wasn't available. EVERY Enterprise agent told us they expected us to get back to wherever we came from on our own power through our own devices! So, we waited until our daughter-in-law got off a 12-hour shift in Sacramento and drove down to get us (7 people) in her Explorer. But, we did have a Christmas miracle.

Early on Christmas Eve we began our calls again, and finally one great guy at the Sacramento airport agency actually took the time to check out his fleet and found he DID have a van sitting in his lot that would accommodate us (this was after multiple calls to this same office and getting no help). However, when we got home after Christmas, the nightmare continued. Even though we weren't responsible for the accident, even though we sent required paperwork numerous times to Enterprise's Damage Claim Unit, in March we were still receiving invoices for $5700 saying we were responsible for damages.

It seemed obvious to us that no one agency within the Enterprise group ever talked to another. Every time we got a call or a letter, it was from a different person in a different agency in a different state. What a bizarre way of doing business. I WILL NEVER RENT FROM ENTERPRISE AGAIN! NEVER NEVER NEVER!
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User Replies:
GenuineNerd on 04/28/2012:
Usually, your auto insurance should pay for damages to a rental car, if you didn't sign a CDW (collision damage waiver) with Enterprise. You shouldn't be getting these bills. Since the accident wasn't your fault, the auto insurer of the person that hit the rental car should pay.
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Enterprise Car Rental Location in Eden Prairie, MN
Posted by on
EDEN PRAIRIE -- I rented a car from the Eden Prairie, MN (16001 Venture Ln, Eden Prairie) location for a long weekend starting on Friday via Travelocity. The location was closed on Monday but Travelocity showed me a notice that I can drop off my car on Monday and drop the keys in the keybox. I went there on Friday to rent the car. The Rep started with nice talk and then without even asking if I wanted any kind of insurance coverage, he directly said "Which coverage do you want, basic or full?" as if it was mandatory. I said I do not want any coverage and then he started his marketing talk. I again said no. Then he started showing me the car and asked if anyone mentioned about a $10/day surcharge for taking the car out of state. I said I did not see that anywhere and I will no pay it. He went on to say that he will waive this charge off if I bought insurance. How dare he? He was openly forcing me to buy the coverage. I again said no and he said I will have to talk to the manager. I should have left the facility without renting the car at that point but went ahead and talked with the manager. He said he will waive off the surcharge this time as if he did me a favor. I have never heard of this surcharge before. They just used this tactic to make me buy the insurance. The sales guy again started giving me sermon on how bad it is to drive without any insurance blah, blah, blah. Finally I gave in to it and bought basic coverage. I should note that the car was not at all cleaned when they rented. I returned the car back on Monday and dropped the key off. In about a week I saw a charge on my Credit Card for this rental which was $50 extra than expected. I called the location and the guy wasn't sure why I was charged extra. He then said may be because it was a weekend rental and I dropped off the car during off time they couldn't tell when I dropped the car. So the extra charge was a one day rent. This was outrageous!! Even then it did not add up because I rented for $27/day. I said nowhere was it mentioned that I will be charged extra for dropping off the car during off time. What's the point of having a drop box if I will be charged extra anyway? Guy asked me for my number and said somebody will call back. Its been 4 days but nobody has yet called. I am disputing this charge. These guys are stealers. Its ridicolous!! Very very bad business ethics. Forcefull-Insurance-Selling tactic had left a bad taste but the extra charge completely ruined my renting experience. I am never ever going back to these guys. I would not recommend this rental location to anyone. I have rented from Enterprise before from other locations and never had any issues but people at this location crossed all their limits. Stealer!
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User Replies:
olie on 07/12/2011:
Every car rental contract I've had has specified "unlimited mileage in State X, State Y, and State Z." When I was in Washington state, we could even drive into British Columbia.

This is good info for anyone who rents a car. Your own insurance likely covers the rental. Any time you rent, check the website for where you can drive in the vehicle and how much mileage you can use.

For the record, we have NEVER had issues with Enterprise. We've always had great service, even with "we'll pick you up".
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Car Rental Beware!!
Posted by on
LUBBOCK, TEXAS, TEXAS -- My daughter is a college student in Lubbock, TX. She was in a minor accident and her car was in need of autobody repair. Our insurance company set up a rental car for her with Enterprise. She picked the car up on a Monday afternoon and drove it only to work and back through Thursday. She had put approx. 70 miles on the car in those 3-1/2 days. On her way home from work Thursday she was stopped at a stop light, and then accelerated through the intersection when the light turned green. She heard a very loud popping noise coming from the car. She continued up the road a short distance, but continued to hear a dragging noise. She pulled over to see what the problem was and as it was approx. 9:30 at night really couldn't see anything under the car. (A VW bug). No lights were on, so she continued to drive the car approx. 8 miles further to her apartment. When she pulled into the light at her apartment complex she was able to see that some of the plastic undercarriage had torn loose and was dragging the ground. She returned the car the next morning and then a few weeks later we received a bill for nearly $400.00 in charges for damage to the undercarriage. She did not run over anything, she didn't hit anything, the car never drug bottom while she was driving it...the car simply came apart as she was driving up the street. The initial damage to this car was most likely already there when she drove it off the lot. I was told that they have trained personnel that thoroughly inspect each car after it is returned. I asked if they had actually laid on the ground and inspected the under-carriage before renting to my daughter....I was told it didn't matter, that we were responsible for the damage anyway. I then asked them to send me pictures so that we could better understand what had transpired. I was told I just needed to turn it over to my Insurance so they could take care of it and not to worry about it. I informed that I had no intention of doing so until I received the pictures I had requested. After several telephone conversations, several e-mails, I finally received the pictures. The only problem was they were so blurry that it was impossible to see what had happened, other than there was damage to the car. I then e-mailed and asked for the original photos and was then told that's all they had and I was liable for the damage regardless and again told to turn it over to my Insurance company and they would be able to figure it out. I realize $400.00 isn't a substantial amount of money, however, it's the principle of how this company conducts its business. It broke while you were driving it, so you are responsbile for fixing it....period. Doesn't matter that the damage was probably already there and missed by one of their "trained personnel". They don't routinely check the undercarriage, so unless the damage is blatant they would never catch it, and then rent the damaged vehicle to the next unsuspecting client. My husband travels extensively and uses rental cars approx. three times a month. We will be sure never to use this company again! All the professionalism and training in the world does not take the place of good customer service and good old common sense.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
I would have also liked to know what happened. What exactly happened underneath the car? I do want to say, that it was foolish for your daughter to keep driving the car when she heard the dragging noise. If something is dragging underneath the car, it pretty much means that you should pull over immediately and call a tow truck. Driving it those 8 extra miles could have damaged the vehicle even more, which is why they may be charging you.
Enterprise cares on 03/23/2011:
I apologize for your frustration with this situation and would like to talk some more about it. Please email me at care[at]enterprise.com with your full name, the exact rental location, the 6-digit rental agreement number and the "DX" or damage claim number.

When emailing, please list reference #110323-002973 in the subject line.

- Elizabeth with Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Reneb on 03/28/2011:
A similar thing has just happened to me. I received an enterprise rental car at a gieco auto express repair shop. It was noted to me that the passenger side bumper had been hit and dented prior to my rental. After my repairs were completed, I dropped the car back off at the auto body shop in the exact same condition I received it in. The women called enterprise to come and pick up the car. I later learned the car was left at the auto body shop until Monday afternoon. The clinker is that I then received a bill for damage incurred to the bumper of the car above and beyond the existing damage. Apparently the bumper was now cracked. I called the location and they informed me that I was responsible for the car for the entire time UNTIL they decided to pick it up. What??? So basically the car was out of my hands for more than 3 days and now they are trying to pin 600 dollars worth of damage on me. Can I ask how this is going for you. I called enterprise several times and they are insisting I signed a contract and am responsible for the damages..even so they didn't pick up the car. My Geico adjuster told me to just put it in on my insurance but I also refuse because I am NOT at fault. The car was barely driven by me as I wasn't driving my kids around in the cheap piece of plastic I was given!! The auto repair shop that fixed my car said it was basically impossible for enterprise to determine that I caused the damage because basically the pre exsisting damage under the surface could have easily caused it. I am going to spread the word on how deceitful enterprise rental car is! Just disgusting!
Nikki P on 05/07/2011:
Something like this happened to me. They don't trained professionals check anything. They tried to hit me with a $600+ bill in damages that I didn't cause. They gave me that trained professionals check the car b/s. My reply to them was if they really do check the car when its returned why did I find the previous renters wallet with credit cards, social security cards, drivers license, etc. They're a complete scam.
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Trying to rent a car
Posted by on
OXON HILL, MARYLAND -- To: The Chairman

The word upset does not encompass my feelings about the poor service I received this week at Enterprise Rent a Car.

On Tuesday of this week I brought my car into the body shop and had a car reservation made at the Enterprise location on Livingston Road in Oxon Hill, MD. I waited for two hours to be picked up, and was forgotten about. I had repeatedly called the location every half hour asking to be picked up. It never happened. At 5:50 the owner of the body shop drove me to the Enterprise location on Saint Barnabas Road in Temple Hills, MD. I was very mad at this point.

Once in the Enterprise on Saint Barnabas Road, everyone was sprinting for the door because it was quitting time. I was helped quickly but my reservation could not be found. I ended up wasting another hour only to be told that my reservation could not be found. I called farmers insurance and allow the assistant manager to use my cell phone to speak with the Farmers customer service representative. Farmer’s representative told him, they had authorized the rental but did not have the number. Farmers ask if he would bill it to a corporate account and use the customer service representative’s extension as their authorization. He refused to take the authorization. He glibly offered to allow me to rent the car on my own charge card and he said, “The insurance company will reimburse you for the fee”. Since when is the assistant manager allowed to speak for Farmers insurance? How do I know that will work out? I said NO!

He offered me a ride to someplace close by. He should have been offered a ride home. I had to ask my mother to come and pick me up. My 70 year old mother does not like to drive at night and is nervous to drive through some of the neighborhoods that are along the way. Thankfully as mothers do; she drove me home. Wasting her time and gas.

The next day I needlessly had to take public transportation to work. It take a lot longer to get to work by public transit; for me it means having to take an extra hour to get to work.

Once at work I called Farmers and asked my adjuster for help. I was directed back your Livingston Road location, asking again for my reservation that they supposedly had. Only one person in that office was aware of the issue and had the reservation number. I wonder what would have happened if she was not there?

It turns out that my reservation was incorrectly entered into the computer system and no one could find it as a result. I asked that the reservation be transferred to the closest location in Arlington, VA. (Glebe Road). I was told that a car would be at my office by 1:30 to pick me, and that they would call before when the driver was on his way. Guess, what? I waited until 1:30 and did not receive a phone. I figured I had better fix the problem myself before the same set problems arose again. I called and was picked up and brought to their office around 2. The Glebe Road location could not find my reservation either. I had them call Livingston Road to get the number. No one was at Livingston Road that could help me. The young lady who knew the number was probably at lunch. I thought here we go again, and what am I going to do without a car for the night.

I was getting really mad again. I said to them, “I do not care what you have to do, but I want that number now!” Eventually, they found the number and gave it to the service person at Glebe Road. It took me almost 24 hours to get a car! This service is totally unacceptable!
I was stuck throughout this process . . . I could not select another car rental company if I wanted to be reimbursed.

Enterprise advertises, “We will even pick you up”. There should be a disclaimer on that promise, “only after you yell and scream and wait for 24 hours”
• What is the problem?
• Why don’t these offices communicate with one another . . . all the locations say Enterprise?
• Where was my reservation?
• Why could it not be found?
• Why is this company unable to deliver on the advertised promise to come and pick me up?

I experienced, utter incompetence by Enterprise Rent a Car. Your company failed to deliver the goods and services that Enterprise Holdings is in business to accomplish. Enterprise lost a day’s rental, and more importantly you have lost a customer.

• How is this company going to solve this problem?
• How is your organization you going to make amends’ to me for my aggravation, and wasted time?

• Enterprises actions had consequences that were not even considered.
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Anonymous on 02/18/2011:
"Farmer’s representative told him, they had authorized the rental but did not have the number."

Are you sure this wasn't a miss on Farmer's end? How is it that they authorized a rental but failed to have the number? I recently went through this process myself and the insurance company I dealt with (not my own) gave me the car rental reservation # and details.
Enterprise cares on 02/19/2011:
We are listening and I do sincerely apologize for all the confusion that occurred at our branches. I would like to investigate the situation further. Please email care[at]enterprise.com with your contact information, rental agreement number, and any further details of the incident. Please use "Incident 110219-002026" as the subject of the email. (Rich)
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Enterprise rip off
Posted by on
KAILUA KONA, HAWAII -- My wife and I went on vacation to the big island of Hawaii for a few days (after visiting Maui) and returned the Chevy Aveo on 1-18-11 to the airport by Kona HI. We pulled up to return the car and the employee (Nick) did his inspection. He squatted down aways from the car and said we had a problem on the passenger side. My wife and I went over there to look and the rocker panel under the front passenger seat had a dent on the bottom of it. He checked the paperwork and said it was not noted when we picked it up and we needed to go inside and double check the original paper work, I said it was not listed on there or I would have known about it when we picked the Aveo up. When we picked the car up on 1-15-11 we thought it was odd but the employee asked us who our auto insurance was through and also wanted to know what our deductible on our plan was. He even wrote these 2 items by hand on the rental contract (we noticed this later). He also asked us twice if we wanted to buy their special insurance so there would be no out of pocket expenses in case there was any damage. When we picked the car up the only inspections on the car that were done by us or the employee were done standing next to the car looking down, not 12 feet away squatting down looking underneath it. When he told us we needed to go inside and double check the original paperwork I told the employee (Nick) I wanted to take my own pictures of the damage and he said that was fine that they even encouraged that. Well guess what, when I came back out the car was gone and it took about 10 minutes for him to bring it back. I've been driving for 34 years now and have never put a dent in a rocker panel and I never put this dent on this car. I let my guard down, trusted Enterprise and unfortunately I had to learn another lesson the hard way. Enterprise, you can fool me once but you will never get the chance to do it twice.
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biomajor on 01/19/2011:
I rent from Enterprise a lot, and they always ask me about my insurance and deductible. I usually just make a copy of my card for them :)
ok4now on 01/20/2011:
This sounds highly suspicious that they would focus so intently on the rocker panel. It's almost like they knew the damage was there and wanted to bag you with it. I recently needed a rental from Enterprise due to an auto accident. The agent spent over 10 minutes pushing the optional $18.00 dollars a day insurance. Big sales pitch to save the $500.00 deductible. I flatly refused. This is high profit for them and the agent probably gets a cut or commission. Renter beware!!
enterprise scam on 02/24/2011:
Same thing happened to me....they are blaming me for damage underneath the front bumper and that area was not looked at during the inspection when we rented the car. My advice..get on all fours and take pics when you rent a car.
wyatt1881 on 08/21/2011:
Always, but ALWAYS put the car rental charge on a good quality credit card, like AMEX, which will stand behind you. Dispute the BS charge, and you will almost always win.
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Enterprise Chicago Beware!!
Posted by on
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I rented a car in October 2010 from Enterprise/National. I rented it from the internet and it said it was at the Midway Airport. The only thing at the airport was the place where you give them your information. The car lot is actually a bus ride away. At the airport counter, I gave them all my information, including the insurance information I had purchased from the internet. They made a copy of everything and I was told to get their shuttle bus outside to take me to their lot (not at the airport!).

When I got there, the bus driver told me to pick one of 4 vehicles and then to drive it to the booth and they would check me out. One of the 4 cars had yellow circles all over the windshield, circling damage I would assume since it was too dark to see it clearly, so I didn't pick that one! I picked one of the others (it was dark out and the lot is lit by overhead street lights and its hard to see any damage because of the lighting). I thought when I got up to the booth, I would review the car with the person that would check me out. Instead, she took the info I had received from the lady at the airport, I was never allowed out of the car, and was told I could leave. I was very surprised that I never got a chance to view the car to see if there was any damage or asked about damage to the car.

I was in town working doing inventory and was working long days and only saw the car when it was dark. (I was starting work around 7am and leaving around 9pm each day.) When I returned the car, I was told there was damage to the front bumper. I told them I had not damaged the car. I definitely would have known if I had hit something! I told them what had happened when I picked it up and that there was another car damaged that was next to this one and one of the few I was told I could pick. They said the bus driver was supposed to tell me to review the car. I said that didn't happen. They apologized and said they would remind their drivers. I said the lot was too dark to review the cars where they were parked and should be reviewed where there was decent light. They said they would review my complaint and let me know.

I got a letter from them saying I owed over $400 for the damage. I called the number and left a message to talk to someone. The person I left the message with pulled up my claim and said they had a different phone number for me. I told her I didn't know where they got the phone number since I had never heard of it before and didn't even know the area code. I now realize it must have been from the car insurance company that I had given the person at the rental counter at the airport. Talk about being set up!

I called back a few times over the next few days since I had not received a return call. When I finally got a hold of the person handling the claim, I told him what I had told the person at the lot, that I had not damaged the car and that the car next to this one was damaged and that I assumed this was also since I didn't do any damage to it. He said he would check in to it and call me back. Instead I got a letter saying I owed them for the damage and to call with any questions. I called back to talk to the person who was assigned the claim again and it said to call if I had any concerns and left several messages over the next week or two. Not once has he or anyone else called me back. Enterprise won't even call me back. I know they know the car was insured and figure they thought it was an easy way make extra money. After reading the other complaints on this website about Enterprise, it looks like it's a common scam even if you don't have insurance.

I will never rent from them again. I feel this whole thing was a scam and I was set up.

Since it looks like Enterprise reads these, I have a question for you, how many phone calls must a person make to actually get a call back from your company? I would leave the name of the person I left messages with, but that's against the rules of this website. I have never received a call back and all I ever get is voice mail. I'm sure you can look up the person assigned with the following info.

The claim number they assigned was 00991022
Date of claim 10/29/10

Update 1/20/11
This must have gotten their attention, since I got a call from the person above. Of course he only calls when I'm at work even though the first time I called there someone noted in the file the time of the day I would be home to take calls. We've been playing phone tag, with me calling each morning and getting voice mail and telling him to call me back before a certain time and he has yet to do so, instead I get a message after I have left for work each day. I got a call yesterday to call him and when I called this morning, his message said he was out for the rest of the week. Same story different day! Nothing seems to change.
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Enterprise cares on 01/14/2011:
We are listening and I want to offer my assistance in resolving your claim issue. Please email us at care[at]enterprise.com. Please include your contact information, the names of the people you have spoken to/left messages for regarding the claim, the website that you used to reserve the car/pruchased the coverage through, and any further details. Please use "Incident 110114-003044" as subject of the email. (Rich)
Don James on 08/17/2012:
Which Enterprise is this, because I'm going today 08/17/2012 to enterprise on Irvin Park, for scratch on the hood they say we I caused. Never went under low tree, no where near anything to cause a scratch, if I caused damage I will pay for it no problem, but I refuse to pay for something that I didn't do. It saddens me to see so many of the same complaints by enterprise. I thought you all were better than that?????
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Caveat Emptor: Enterprise Rent A Car
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Thursday, June 24th,2010: I picked up a Ford Focus at 9:58 AM from Chicago Enterprise Leasing. Along with my 2 daughters, I drove south on Int. 65, bound for Columbus IN for a long weekend. Before long, I noticed a slight shimmy in the steering wheel, but considered that road conditions, or an out of balance wheel might be the cause; but I did not think there was any cause for alarm. While in Columbus, the car was not driven.

Sunday afternoon, June 27th: While returning northbound on Int.65, the shimmy worsened. Just outside Lafayette IN, the left front tire exploded, sending the car careening onto the shoulder. We were nearly rammed by a semi. Upon inspection, I saw that both front tires had been stripped, right down to the belting--I have photos to prove it. Our circumstances were this: the temperature was about 90 degrees; we were on a narrow shoulder which was tightly fenced in; and as far as could be seen in either direction, there was no escape should a drunk or reckless driver veer off the highway; and traffic was heavy and fast moving. In the ensuing 2 1/2 hours we remained there, over 3 hours were spent on 2 cell phones. In all that time, all but about 20 minutes were spent while on hold. The first call went in to "roadside assistance" at about 12:40. After about 15 minutes of recorded music, an operator came on to ask what she could do. I described to her what had happened, and the danger of our situation. She then asked for our location. I told her that we were at milepost 181, northbound on int. 65, Lafayette IN. She said that she needed the name of the nearest exit; and that I needed to go find a map, or she could not help me. I was then put on hold for 20-30 minutes. She came back on, having lost interest in the map, and said that the wait for help would be "60 minutes or less." This sounded a bit rote, so I asked her to please confirm this. After another 20-30 minutes on hold, she came back on the line to inform that the wait would be 1 1/2 hours from that point, and asked if there was anything else she could do for me. I demanded to speak to a supervisor, and was then put on hold for another 20-30 minutes, after which time a rather aggressive sounding lady asked what she could do for me. I informed her that we had been in a place for over 2 hours, during which time we were in extreme danger, and would she do something to get us out of there. She apologized for the "inconvenience," and said that it would be at least another 1 hour and 45 minutes before a tow truck would be on the scene to retrieve the car, but not us. Once the car had been towed away, an attempt would be made to find a cab to pick us up. While talking to this supervisor, one of my daughters placed a second call for help, only to be told by an apologetic young fellow that, as of that moment, there was no record of a call for "roadside assistance" having been made in that area. I then told the supervisor that I intended to get all of us out of there asap, and she could have the car picked up anytime she wanted. In a raised voice, she twice told me that I was not going to leave that car. At about that time, a local tow truck operator stopped and told me that he could get us and the car to a motel immediately. I asked the supervisor that, if I hired this fellow, would Enterprise compensate me for the tow and the motel. Assurances were given to both me and the driver that compensation was guaranteed, and that all pertinent information was being put into this system right then. All I had to do Monday morning was call "roadside assistance," and everything would be taken care of immediately. On the way to the motel, the tow truck driver volunteered that the tires on my rental car represented the worst case of mis-aligned wheels that he had ever seen.

Monday June 28th, 8AM: I called "roadside assistance," and was told that there was no mention of me, or calls made by me the previous day in their records, and that I would be put on hold while it was determined if there were even replacement vehicles available in my area. I was promptly disconnected. Two more calls put me in touch with a man who informed me that there was nobody to whom I could complain about anything, and that he represented all the authority I would ever speak to, and so what was the problem? I informed him of what had happened, the need for a replacement asap. I then asked him how the promised compensation would be handled. He responded by saying that, since I had chosen an alternate service, Enterprise owed me nothing. I reminded him that, since it was Sunday evening when all this happened, a replacement car was not going to be available until Monday at the earliest. Surely, he couldn't fault my daughters and me for getting a motel room. He then gave me a choice. I could either continue arguing with him, or he would help me get a new car. Which was it going to be? Properly chastened, I chose the latter. After several more petty annoyances, I was given (smaller) car, and we all 3 returned to Chicago without further incident. When, I reached the dealer's office, I was told that, technically, I was responsible for coming in a day late, but that I would not be charged for it. But a report from the garage in Lafayette mentioned damage to the front end, and just what did I know about that? "Nothing" was my reply; but given the condition of the tires, I was not surprised. Rather than give in to the impulse resulting from this hinted-at accusation, and possibly risking arrest, I remained affable. We parted, leaving the contract unsigned by me: this just in case the manager wanted to compensate me for my "inconvenience."

Tuesday, 29th: Not trusting assurances I was to be called that day by someone from the complaint hot-line (I actually had found one, and had even been given an "incident number"), I decided to call myself. I was told by a young lady on the other end that she had no idea of what I was talking about, but that I would be put through to a regional sales manager--which I actually was, and was soon speaking to one. He apologized for my "inconveniences," and went on to say that he could not blame me for what I did out on the highway. After all my family's safety came first. BUT, it was clearly stated in my contract that, should a breakdown occur, I was willing to accept an up to 4 hour wait for assistance. For that matter, he claimed, most customers are pleased that help is less time than that in coming. I told this manager, that I was holding this contract in my hand, and would he indicate where this clause was. He replied by saying that Enterprise bares no responsibility for what happens after a call is placed to "roadside assistance," because requests for help are relayed to AAA, and they take charge of everything from there. He was absolutely certain, however, that if anything humanly possible could have been done for us, AAA would have done it. Now to a settlement: I would not have to pay one penny of the $274 due on the rental! And I would be given a coupon towards 2 days for a future rental! (I later faxed the approval for the coupons back to him with a written note on the bottom which probably should not be repeated here.) But, of course, I was to pay for the tow, the motel, and the junk food. So, for a net gain of about $90 I was to be satisfied. I later informed this manager that I considered his "settlement" little more than an insult, and that I was going to be lodging complaints. He then asked, rather testily, just what it was that I wanted from him. To this I replied: "exactly what I have come to expect from Enterprise--absolutely nothing."

Wednesday July 7th: While out of town, a letter from "Enterprise Damage Recovery Unit" arrived at my home. In it I was directed to call and discuss the responsibility for the "Front end damage/blowout." When I asked an adjuster what the nature of the damage, he declined to discuss it, but did say that since I had chosen not to take out Enterprise [$10,000--12,000 per Annam] insurance, and since I had chosen not to inspect the tires and the undercarriage of the car when I rented it, I was to be held responsible for all repair costs. I was to be contacted soon, and told how much I owed Enterprise. I then informed this adjuster that there was small chance that I would pay to repair a car which could have gotten both me and my daughters killed. He replied that he was terminating the call because he did not like speaking to "angry people."

Thursday, July 29th. Today, I received a letter from the Damage Recovery Unit, stating that I owed Enterprise $1,388.64 for the damage I inflicted upon their vehicle, and that payment is expected now. Among all the required repairs, according to the analysis, is significant damage to the front bumper. I took photographs of the front of the car before it was picked up, so I can prove that no such damage exists.

August 1: Almost the same day Enterprise wrote their letter damanding payment, they were notified of my complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They immedietely responded that, even though I damaged their car, I would be forgiven the charges. And, oh yes, of course Enterprise would cover the cost of the tow and the motel. To this I implied that I was pretty much fed up with Enterprise's apologies for the "inconvenience" caused by their deliberate endangerment of the lives of my daughters and me. And I clearly stated that being called a liar by a corporate weasel really got on my bad side. I then stated that fair compensation for their criminal neglect and slander should be $20,000. Furthermore, a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General's would stay in place, with the hope that criminal charges might be made against Enterprise. I will keep the reader posted.

August 17th: Case Closed. Seems that Better Business Bureau will handle only so much disagreement before shutting down. No doubt, Enterprise is aware of this. There last testimony claimed that they had forgiven me for damaging their car, and had re-imbursed me for all of my out of pocket expenses, and that was all they were willing to do. A real whopper that one! I was re-imbursed nothing.

August 27th: I had a conversation with someone from the Illinois Attorney General's office. It was pointed out to me that, probably, there would be no response to my complaint against Enterprise, because that no law required them to pay any attention to complaints. So much for consumer protection. But I did have an interesting conversation with a lawyer a few days later during a dinner get-together with friends. He said that, if you read the contracts issued by every car rental in existence and place them all in descending order based upon their value to the consumer, Enterprise ranks dead last. By all means, he advised, stay away from them.
Conclusions: Apologies to the reader for the length of this narrative, but I felt the details were necessary to draw a complete picture. And since it is drawn from the recollections of 3 individuals who remain angry, an arbitrator may well take exception to some particulars. But I stand by what has been written, and if Enterprise wants to dispute anything, let them make public unedited phone conversations pertaining to the events described. Repeated assurances were made that all calls are recorded.

The lives of my daughters and me were twice jeopardized by Enterprise. In the first instance, the risk was caused by negligence in their maintenance department--to have a vehicle put on the road with wheels so far out of alignment is inexcusable. But in the second instance, the risk was caused by a callousness crossed over into criminality. So, buyer beware: if one of their vehicles break down, they will be certain to rescue it, but may well leave you to the wind. And do be skeptical next time you see an ad extolling their miracle-service.
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Helpful on 07/16/2010:
I actually read through this entire letter and I will admit it is very well written.

I was right along with the OP until he stated that Enterprise offered to just simply wave the rental fee. This seemed very fair to me, if not overly fair. Even the OP states this settled the incident at "a net gain of $90".

As for the settlement for damage, this is difficult to say as the OP would want a lawyer, in my opinion, to study the agreement which was signed and agreed to at the time of rental. I'd also get this same agreement to the OP's insurance company. If the OP is responsible for the cost of the damage, it might be that the OP's insurance company would cover the costs.

Ultimately, I wouldn't leave this unaddressed as it can be reported as bad credit, destroying the OP's credit rating or the OP could be taken into court to pay the damage.

I sure wish him and his family the best of luck.
Enterprise cares on 07/18/2010:
I want to wholeheartedly apologize for the entire situation. We'd like to address this with you. Please email care [at] enterprise [dot] com with any other details you would like included (rental agreement number and DRU claim number, for example).

Please include reference number 100718-005491 in the subject line of the email.


- Kevin from Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Helpful on 07/18/2010:
That's awesome Kevin.

OP, let us know what happens.
Iss152 on 01/14/2011:
Thank you for writing this. I had a problem with Enterprise saying I damaged a car that I didn't damage also. Thanks to what you wrote, I find I am not alone with this issue.
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