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Disappointed with Erie Insurance
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS -- I have been blessed enough to have never had an accident and if I would have found this review they would have gotten 5 stars with flying colors. Unfortunately, I went out of town 2 years ago and my car was in an accident. The driver ran into something and dented the front end of my vehicle. No police report was filed, but they wanted to handle the situation on their own and pay for the repairs. That was fine with me until 2 years had passed and I had to report it. First I tried their insurance company and to my surprise they changed companies. Their old company said they would only pay a claim if I report my car stolen.

So I called my insurance company... Erie. I made the report and they sent someone right away to review my vehicle. The person I spoke with was very nice, but I had lots of questions since I had never had an accident and since this was not my fault I wanted to know the repercussions of filing a claim against my insurance. They told me no problem - they have a no fault policy and that policy would allow them to fix my car with no problem. They would seek to recover the costs from the people who had the accident in my vehicle.

I received the check to take my car to the repair shop, but the day before I felt really uncomfortable and called the adjuster. She did not have the same friendly attitude of my agent. She called the people who caused the accident and (basically, they lied) they told her they did not have any idea what happened to my car and she told them they were not responsible to cover my vehicle therefore they would not be going after them to recover the payments made by the insurance company. So I called both her and the agent, but only the agent spoke with me - the adjuster did not return my calls.

Needless to say, I returned the check and started seeking another insurance company to do business with. But the story does not end there. Somehow, looking for other companies became a task based on the information that Erie has on me as an insurance holder. They have me in the system for 2 hit and run accidents. And even though my payments are direct withdrawal monthly I have no payment history for more than a year.

I was livid. The fortunate thing is the people that wrecked my vehicle did pay for all the damages, so my car is fixed. But this has been some ordeal with the insurance company... Apparently, when you have an accident they check your credit and decided to increase my insurance premium even though they did nothing except cause me grief... The nerve of them.

Misled and Mishandled by Erie
By -

I was involved in an accident in April of 2008. The person who hit me was insured by Erie. They had me sign a release authorizing them to get all of my medical records for the accident. They then sent me a release to sign to settle the accident. There would be two checks, one to settle the hospital lien and one that would cover my ambulance bill and a small settlement.

I asked them if all medical records had been accounted for before signing the release. That was a big mistake - I should have had a lawyer involved! Now, two years later, there magically are ER doctor services that I am responsible for. Erie says that they didn't have those bills and it's not their problem. My feeling is that they settled as quickly as possible without doing due diligence to ensure that all medical bills will be covered.

I discussed filing suit with them and was told pretty much that they knew they would get the claim dismissed. When I asked how much their attorney fees would cost - it was within a few hundred dollars of the outstanding bill. I said then "Why don't we make a deal?" The supervisor said it's not the money, it's the principle. They won't do the right thing and pay it or even part of it, because of the "principle" of it. While they say I wasn't under duress when signing the release, I did have a lien against me for thousands of dollars from the hospital which Erie wouldn't pay until I signed their release. Not under duress? I beg to differ.

I am not asking nor did I ever ask for anything beyond what I deserved. My car to be fixed, my medical bills to be paid and a few lousy bucks to cover the day and a half I lost from work. Now they are giving me the runaround, the ER doc's billing department the run around and refusing to take responsibility for what they should have paid from the beginning. Shady and underhanded if you ask me and a very convenient way for them to get out of what they owe. Simply put, they conveniently did not "know" about the bill and closed the case. How utterly disappointed I am. Lesson learned, never EVER deal with an insurance claim involving injuries without a lawyer!

Auto Claim
By -

MEDIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I've been an Erie Insurance customer for 5 years. On November 10th, 2006, I had the unfortunate need to use this insurance for the 1st time when I was involved in head-on crash. The other driver who was at fault is also an Erie Insurance Customer. Rule #1 - Don't have a claim where both drivers have the same insurance.

Erie, which prides itself in Service, has the worst Customer Service I've ever seen. My experiences have ranged from wrong information, giving me the runaround, incompetence, ignorance and complete arrogance. As of this review, it's been almost 30 days since my accident. I've only received 80% of the value for my 2006 Honda Pilot (only 6,700 miles on it which saved my life) and Erie has stopped payment on my rental car.

As results of my accident, I suffered a grade 2 concussion which have resulted in persistent headaches, dizziness and short-term memory loss. In addition, I have a neck injury which is causing numbness into my right arm and hand. Erie was obviously annoyed that I had not acted to obtain a replacement vehicle in 10 days. Their 'parameters' note that this is sufficient time to obtain a replacement vehicle. I suppose it would be if you had all the necessary monies and weren't on massive pain meds.

Erie is horrible. I would never recommend this insurance company to anyone. BTW... To add insult to injury, Erie also has my homeowners policy. I shudder to think how they could botch up a policy on my home. I won't give them the chance...

Erie Insurance WORST!
By -

SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND -- Do Not Do business with this company. I cancelled my insurance b/c they never returned my calls and when I spoke w/ an agent about why there weren't automatic payments being withheld from my account, they told me they were sorry that their office has been backed up. Now they want me to pay them money for something I cancelled. Unorganized and unprofessional!

Cancelled without written notice
By -

STAUNTON, VIRGINIA -- We had received cancellation notice for October 22 due to late payment, but found out it was canceled last week without our knowledge or consent. They just sent us new cards for all our vehicles YESTERDAY. They're so messed up. After being their customer 25 years, that's the thanks we get. They can explain this to the insurance bureau in RICHMOND!

Stay Away
By -

This company doesn't pay claims in a fair way. Stay away. Forget about the price they quote. What good is cheaper insurance if they don't pay?

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