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Misled and Mishandled by Erie
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I was involved in an accident in April of 2008. The person who hit me was insured by Erie. They had me sign a release authorizing them to get all of my medical records for the accident.

They then sent me a release to sign to settle the accident. There would be two checks, one to settle the hospital lien and one that would cover my ambulance bill and a small settlement. I asked them if all medical records had been accounted for before signing the release. That was a big mistake-I should have had a lawyer involved! Now, two years later, there magically are ER doctor services that I am responsible for. Erie says that they didn't have those bills and it's not their problem. My feeling is that they settled as quickly as possible without doing due diligence to ensure that all medical bills will be covered.

I discussed filing suit with them and was told pretty much that they knew they would get the claim dismissed-when I asked how much their attorney fees would cost-it was within a few hundred dollars of the outstanding bill-I said then why don't we make a deal? The supervisor said it's not the money, it's the principle-they won't do the right thing and pay it or even part of it, because of the "principle" of it. While they say I wasn't under duress when signing the release-I did have a lien against me for thousands of dollars from the hospital-which Erie wouldn't pay until I signed their release. Not under duress? I beg to differ.

I am not asking-nor did I ever ask-for anything beyond what I deserved. My car to be fixed, my medical bills to be paid and a few lousy bucks to cover the day and a half I lost from work. Now they are giving me the runaround, the ER doc's billing department the run around and refusing to take responsibility for what they should have paid from the beginning. Shady and underhanded if you ask me-and a very convenient way for them to get out of what they owe. Simply put, they conveniently did not "know" about the bill and closed the case.

How utterly disappointed I am-lesson learned, never EVER deal with an insurance claim involving injuries without a lawyer!
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saj80 on 02/12/2010:
Why are there ER bills 2 years later that relate to this accident? You should have received billings from the hospital on a very frequent basis; did you look at them, or is the hospital now threatening collection if not paid? You admitted that you made a mistake in not retaining a lawyer, which is correct; your insurance agent and/or carrier would have provided guidance on this; did you involve them? Since you signed the releases and are now contesting bills from 2 years ago, I don't think you have any option other than pay the ER charges. Hopefully you go the rest of your life without another accident, but if it happens again, do not sign anything without the advice of your insurance agent or lawyer.
tiggerama on 02/13/2010:
Nope-no regular hospital billings. The first one showed up a year after the accident and I promptly referred them to Erie. Erie is telling the billing department they paid me and they are telling me they never had the bill. Live and learn, but it's a really disappointing way for Erie to treat a potentinal customer. I'll do nothing without a lawyer's representation in the future.
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Auto Claim
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MEDIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I've been an Erie Insurance customer for 5 years. On November 10th, 2006, I had the unfortunate need to use this insurance for the 1st time when I was involved in head-on crash. The other driver who was at fault is also an Erie Insurance Customer. Rule #1 - Don't have a claim where both both drivers have the same insurance.

Erie, which prides itself in Service, has the worst Customer Service I've ever seen. My experiences have ranged from wrong information, giving me the run-around, incompetence, ignorance and complete arrogance.

As of this review, it's been almost 30 days since my accident. I've only received 80% of the value for my 2006 Honda Pilot (only 6,700 miles on it which saved my life) and Erie has stopped payment on my rental car.

As results of my accident, I suffered a grade 2 concussion which have resulted in persistent headaches, dizziness and short-term memory loss. In addition, I have a neck injury which is causing numbness into my right arm and hand.

Erie was obviously annoyned that I had not acted to obtain a replacement vehicle in 10 days. Their 'parameters' note that this is sufficient time to obtain a replacement vehicle. I suppose it would be if you had all the necessary monies and weren't on massive pain meds.

Erie is horrible. I would never recommend this insurance company to anyone.

BTW....To add insult to injury, Erie also has my homeowners policy. I shutter to think how they could botch up a policy on my home. I won't give them the chance...

Rose Bandru
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Skye on 12/05/2006:
Rose, I feel your pain. I am a chronic pain patient now due to a horrible car accident. We were rear ended while stopped at 70mph. But my insurance company has been great. I still am in treatment, and have had every conservative treatment out there. It's not fun being 33 and feeling 103.2 out of 3 doctors feel surgery will not help me, so I just have learned to live with the pain I have been left with. My accident was almost 5 years ago. I hope things get better for you, and soon you do not need pain meds and are on the road to a healthy life, again.
Washingtonian on 12/05/2006:
My suggestion to you... Dump Erie and go with the Gekko!
RoseB on 12/05/2006:
Skye, I very sorry to hear about your incident as well. You are ten years younger than me and I pray that your body can recover. What type of car did you have to survive a 70mph rear-end crash? My accident was head-on. I was traveling about 50MPH and the 18 year-old in the other vehicle was traveling about 60MPH. I thank God I had a good car (2006 Honda Pilot) which enabled me and my 2 passengers to walk away w/ somewhat minor injuries. Take care.....Rose
mazz8 on 01/22/2009:
Geico is horrible. One of their customers hit my sister and was cited for going through a stop sign and they won't pay to fix her car. She has to sue the other driver personally. I'm sorry , but 10 days is enough time to buy a new car. It seems you didn't have gap insurance which would have helped you recover the lose of value on your vehicle.
douglasr on 04/20/2009:
ERIE has a certain time limit on how long they can pay for you to have a rental car which is stated in the insurance policy that you chose. Don't blame them for everything, you have a certain amount of responsibility when in an accident.
Smith on 07/25/2011:
I will have to agree that the claims department is unprofessional, arrogant, and often confused about facts. In fact, one of their representatives was so verbally abusive over the phone, I had to hang up on him. By the way, the auto accident we were involve in was cause by one of the persons they insure.
Ridge Runner on 04/25/2013:
I was involved in an accident in my Antique Truck with an Erie Insured vehicle. They were at fault for speeding, Reckless driving. Both vehicles were totaled. After an MRI the accident had ruptured 2 disk in my back. After 1 1/4 years of treatment Erie has yet to pay 1 cent. Thank you Erie for all your help, lol. My lawyer will make sure you pay now, lol.
Disgust1 on 11/14/2013:
A Erie insursed driverhit me as I was standing outside my car then hit my car. This company has refused to pay so far. I hope that my attorney makes it very hard for them as well as my insurance company.
Same Here on 12/04/2013:
Your experiences with Erie are the same as mine. I was rearended by an Erie insured driver while my car wasn't moving. The person handling the claim for Erie has found one excuse after another to delay sending my settlement check. First she delayed I believe intentionally some paperwork that she was supposed to file. The paperwork expired which caused a 30 day delay and then she told my lawyer that she couldn't send the check on Dec 2 because she didn't receive the paper she needed until after 12 noon. She told my attorney that she would send it in the morning on Dec 3, 2013. It is now Dec. 4 and I have heard nothing from my attorney about receiving the check. I have tried contacting the CEO of Erie but so far I have received no response. This seems to be typical of how Erie handles claims. I am glad that I am not insured with them.
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Cancelled without written notice
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STAUNTON, VIRGINIA -- We had received cancellation notice for October 22 due to late payment, but found out it was canceled last week without our knowledge or consent. They just sent us new cards for all our vehicles YESTERDAY. They're so messed up. After being their customer 25 years, that's the thanks we get. They can explain this to the insurance bureau in RICHMOND!
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Alain on 10/27/2010:
I don't think they need your consent to cancel you, but written notice would have been helpful. Let us know what Richmond has to say about it.
mazz88 on 10/31/2011:
Let me get this correct. You didn't make a payment and got canceled. Why are you mad at them again?
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Stay Away
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This company doesn't pay claims in a fair way. Stay away, forget about the price they quote. What good is cheaper insurance if they don't pay?
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Alain on 10/20/2010:
What was it about the claim payment that you thought was unfair? This needs a bit more information.
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Erie Insurance WORST!
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SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND -- Do Not Do business with this company. I cancelled my insurance bc/they never returned my calls and when I spoke w/an agent about why there weren't automatic payments being withheld from my account, they told me they were sorry that their office has been backed up. Now they want me to pay them money for something I cancelled. Unorganized and unprofessional!
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Skye on 10/04/2010:
I guess they want you to pay for the time your vehicle was covered by them, even though they were not deducting from your account the money. You still had the benefit of insurance coverage.

You did yourself a favor by cancelling with them. They sound totally unorganized.
Stasiya on 10/05/2010:
Actually I cancelled before the month I was supposedly covered as I was traveling for the next month and a half. They are the worst.
madasH on 10/26/2010:
The agents we dealt with weren't very informed. We made a change on our insurance and they couldn't even tell us what the added amount would be. Just mumbled something to the effect it would have to "go through the computer." I used to work for Erie and they're prejudiced also against certain races. You can have good credit, good standing in the community, etc. and if they don't like your looks (or your clothes) they're told not to write you with Erie!
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