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Etched Glass Shattered - Spontaneously
Posted by on
Received three doors from Home Depot, all in good condition, and I must emphasize, apparently good workmanship, at least from an esthetic standpoint. I installed 2 of them as pocket doors and all was fine for about 2 years. The door was never opened or closed for 6 months, when I began hearing a "tinkling" noise in the wall, on and off, for a couple weeks (I thought it was a cricket trapped in the wall). Pulled door out one day afterward, and YIKES! the glass was shattered - all crackly like a windshield in a car accident (see photo). No obstruction or catching inside the wall (door moved perfectly smooth); nobody anywhere near that door for months (it was fine last time I looked). Unfortunately, this occurred 2 years after the door was installed/purchased. There appeared to be an "origin" to this process emanating from the surrounding the frame. The remainder of the glass just shattered uniformly throughout, but fortunately, stayed in place. Big mystery to me is how did this happen??? Heck, here's a 300 dollar door that only lasted two years. Far as I can tell...this occurred spontaneously, and (for lack of any other explanation) probably related to the way the glass panel was installed - (maybe a stress point, heretofore not stressed enough to initiate the break)..??? Whole point of this, is just to see if anybody else has had this problem. I'm (reluctantly) going to eat the cost of a replacement - and the hassle of finishing a new one - hopefully it'll match - this is one of a pair!). But a neighbor with experience with glass doors and windows said it probably was due to stress created in installation of the door glass and the surrounding moulding....but, who knows? Question is: Has anybody else had this problem (this glass was the etched cube design)?? FYI: Home Depot guys didn't want to be bothered with this issue - (bet if I had 42 double EE's and wearing Daisy Dukes, they'd a bent over backwards - but that's another issue).
Company Response 03/30/2011:

This is Bobbi from Feather River Door Customer Service. We're sorry to hear about this and would like to assist in some resolution. Please contact us at email@featherriverdoor.com. We hope to hear from you.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 03/30/2011:
if the door has never been used, how can it shatter like this? are the kids in the home? was anything nailed/hammered into the wall this door is in?
leet60 on 03/30/2011:
Glass doors, and windows can "spontaneously" break or shatter with no visible cause. There is a good article on this here:

RemodelBob on 04/01/2011:
No kids, in fact nobody anywhere near this door - door was never pulled out from recess during the time this happened; and nothing nailed or screwed into the recess where this door sits. That's what makes it such a mystery.
keclipse57 on 09/19/2014:
I have the same issue with the glass spontaneously shattering. Bonnie offered me glass replacement at approximately $200 more than the cost of the door which was $499. Yes $706 to replace the glass panel, the design is Preston. Jeld-Wen has ar comparible product almost identicle to the Feather River door for $350. I posted my complaint earlier today
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These doors peel badly
Posted by on
TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- My townhouse association bought 200 of the fiberglass doors and on almost every one the varnish coating on the outside surface began peeling off within 1 year, especially on doors exposed to the sun. If you follow the refinishing procedure as prescribed by the manufacturer, your door will, never look good again. Also, we had several doors that had the glass blown out during a recent wind storm. If you are interested in low maintenance and security, do not buy this door.
Company Response 05/18/2011:

This is Bobbi from Feather River Door Customer Service. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact us at email@featherriverdoor.com. We hope to hear from you.
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User Replies:
Skye on 05/01/2011:
Was the company who manufactured the doors, contacted about the peeling?

Anonymous on 05/02/2011:
These are low end doors with a cheap finish. Take it up with the association. Whoever ordered the doors needs to contact TGI and the manufacturer. What does the warranty say?
Kim on 04/11/2013:
Yes, we've had the same problem with our door that gets a lot of sun. The door doesn't look great after refinishing and needs to be refinished every year. Not worth the money.
Diana on 05/30/2013:
I looked at these doors today and glad I read these reviews. My door gets full sun all day and I was wondering how this door would fare.
Charlie on 09/29/2014:
I had the exact same experience and Feather River said its not their fault and that the instructions say the door MUST be resealed every year. Seriously? Isn't the idea of buying a f/glass door one of minimal maintenance? I find it strange that Home Depot failed to explain this to us and apparently any other customers. Personally I am very dissatisfied and feel conned, both by Feather River and Home Depot.
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Door does not seal within its frame lets light and air through
Posted by on
TACOMA,, WASHINGTON -- Door was not assembled flush within the frame it was attached to. This is a prehung door that is junk. It is nice looking but whatever I do I cannot get it to seal because it is so skewed within the frame it was built. The company did send out a service person who could not figure out the problem but said it was installed properly which I already knew.

He contacted Feather River door and they sent me out a new wider seal to install where the original thinner seal was installed. Now it is so tight in areas that I have more light coming through the door and its frame on the top and side of the door. You need to look at this door very well before installation. You can see a lot of light (air) when the sun is directly on the door. Do yourself a favor and look real good if you decide on a Feather River door.

The door was installed in September 2008. I have been talking to them since early 2009. My last response from the company customer service manager (March 2010) was to call the installer to fix the problem. I will need to buy another door before I go through another winter.
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User Replies:
Alain on 06/01/2010:
Keep us updated on whether Trinity Glass International (the Korean based owners of Feather River Door Company) fixes this problem for you.
dickey on 06/02/2010:
Trinity Glass says the door was installed wrong. However their factory rep was out and said the install by the contractor is fine. When they (Trinity Glass) assembled the door within the frame it is not hinged flush with the frame it was built in. It is obvious that the door is skewed within its frame. They sent me a wider seal to go inside the frame however the door is so skewed that it it still lets light through in areas along the doors perimeter.It is a defective door plain and simple.
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Good Experience, So Far So Good, Lots Of Compliments
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
TRUSSVILLE, ALABAMA -- My contractor recommended the Feather River brand door. We chose the Chocolate Mahogany Woodgrain Home Depot SKU#0000-806-449, Slab Only. No frame as it was a replacement for our old wood door. My entry way gets lots of rain, and lots of sun from the West. The only surprise I had was Home Depot did not carry any of the doors in stock or any color samples. They only carried Masonite doors. Feather River was Special Order only. My contractor contacted Feather River and they sent samples to him. I did not like the looks nor finish of the Masonite doors compared to the fiberglass samples from Feather River.

After two weeks as promised the door arrived for pick up. I removed the door from the carton in the store and inspected it. The finish was truly amazing. It looks like real Mahogany. Heavy like a wood door. The contractor asked me to order it not pre drilled for entry handle or lock. It came pre milled for hinges. It also came with weather strip on the bottom of the door.

My contractor said he had installed Feather River doors before but this particular door was really striking and the finish amazed him. He did have to router for new hinges as he had suspected due to a long shot of matching up to the 18 year old wood door.

The door has been up for a few months now and still appears to be excellent. We have had many compliments on the door and no one can believe it is fiberglass.

My warranty states "Lifetime". I am not sure why some people that has rated the doors indicate the warranty has changed to one year. If you have a paper in your possession, and receipt of purchase they can't change the warranty on you. Keep pressing if they try! I have had this experience with other products. Having my warranty paper that came with the unit and the sales receipt has made me a winner every time.

It is my opinion part of the issues we.... consumers have is not having a product installed and checked by a professional. Someone that is experienced as my installer was and someone that has a relationship with the seller, in my case Home Depot. I believe if there is a problem going forward my contractor will be able to help me get it resolved as he has a personal relationship with the seller he buys a lot of remodeling material from on an annual basis and has personal relationships with the manager and store specialists.

I would order another Feather River door for another entryway if I need one. I know folks typically only write a review if they have a problem but I like to do both, report bad and good experiences.
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Posted by on
EAST TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- The name is also under Trinity Glass International, Inc. I special ordered a front door from the Feather River company and I have to say it was beautiful until it shattered on Thursday for no reason. We left and it was fine and came home to a marbleized front door. I called Home Depot about the issue and they have been wonderful in trying to fix the defective door. I was instructed to call the warranty department today because the company representative told the gentleman from Home Depot it should be covered under the manufacturer warranty due to a defect between the light panes. I called this morning hopping for a speedy resolution and what I received was accusations from the woman on the phone who said because the front panel of the light shattered it was no longer under warranty. I tried to explain to her that the reason for the shattered glass was a defect between the beveled glass panels. The more I tried to explain the issue the more belligerent she became and when I asked to speak to a manager she said he did not get in until eight in the morning. I finally had to tell her in all my life I have never spoken to a representative of a company who was more of a detriment to the company than an asset. She caused me to distrust the company and it's product. I have informed all of my friends on Face Book not to do business with this company because they are not reputable and in the end it will cost you double for special ordered defective door. Sadly I am now going to have to find a carpenter to fix the door and I can only imagine what that will cost me.
Company Response 05/18/2011:

This is Bobbi from Feather River Door Customer Service. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Our finish warranty has always been two years however, we would like to work with you to resolve this issue. Please contact us at email@featherriverdoor.com. We hope to hear from you.

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User Replies:
Alain on 05/16/2011:
Contact Feather River via e-mail at email@featherriverdoor.com and also call the Home Depot customer service number at 800-553-3199 and tell them about the trouble your having.
Kurizumaru on 05/17/2011:
did you talk to a supervisor? what did he/she say?
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Failure To Stand Behind Their Products
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- I purchased Feather River Exterior Doors through Home Depot in BenSalem, PA based on the recommendation of the sales person in May 2011. Since I was having a great deal of renovations done on my home at the time rather than pay Home Depot to install them I had my contractor do the installation. When he unwrapped the doors that were delivered he noticed that the brick molding on one side was broken. Then he noticed that the doors were scratched and the finish was not even. But at this point they had already removed the existing doors so we had no alternative but to install them.

I contacted Home Depot and Feather River and sent in pictures. They offered to credit me 10% or replace the slaps. I unfortunately chose to have them replaced. The replacement was done by Home Depot, I thought, but now I am told that it was done by a company that handles the warranty inspections UTS. I noticed that my doors wouldn't stay locked and thinking nothing of it I adjusted the keeper on the lock and got it to stay locked. This was my second error. Because I kept looking and I could see the outside between my doors and they never seemed fully closed.

After suffering through this horrible winter and feeling the air just flowing in from the outside I put a request into the Customer Service Department to have someone check the doors. A representative from UTS came out and told us that the installation was out by 1/4" on the side of the stationary door and there was a bump in the threshold of the operating door which is why my sweepers kept having to be replaced. And he also said the operating door was bowed by 1/8".

Feather River now says that there is an installation problem so the warranty on the doors is voided. When I asked why the person that installed the new slabs, by the way he dropped the operating door during the installation, I was told he was there to install them not inspect them.

I have now hired an independent contractor to inspect the doors and correct them if needed. I am also going to post this on every blog site I can to warn other unsuspecting consumers of this shoddy product. It looks good but is not good quality.
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Paint on These Doors in Junk
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
QUINCY, ILLINOIS -- Purchased a custom set of Double Entry Feather River Doors painted Blue from Home Depot. Took 3 weeks to build ( 1 week of Custom BAKED ON BLUE PAINT PROCESS Extra $300.00) When I went to pick up doors I noticed several places where the original white paint on door was showing through, as well as where Home Depot had gently set it up against counter. and they really did set it gently I watched them. I told and pointed out the white showing through. There answer "We will give you a discount on a matching touch-up paint". Ummmm No I paid to have a custom paint job done by feather river. So I told them I would like to have a new set or something. As we moved them off the counter, There was a dent/ scrap in the door where it just barely was leaned against the counter!! 1 Week baked on paint for $300.00. Ha Ha, so long story short, sent doors back. went to go pick up new doors yesterday. To realize Feather River used touch up paint on the doors and shipped them back to Home Depot/Me (Touch Up bottle was laying against the door in wrap and clearly had been opened and used! Couldn't even send me a new bottle. Not a bad thing except the dent where they leaned against counter prior pick up, was clearly visible and paint seemed not to match in that spot. My biggest complaint about this Door company is that They hype up there paint process so much only to send me a touch-up bottle because apparently they don't even believe in there craftsmanship!!! Story will have a part 2 as I am waiting to hear back from Feather River
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No Quality Control!
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
I ordered two exterior doors through Home Depot, with whom I had just had an excellent experience with a kitchen renovation. I read the mixed reviews, but all brands seemed to have them.

The doors came in and one was just fine. The other had a deep gouge in it. The second door that came to replace it also had scratches. Finally, 5 months later, the third door had only a minor painting lapse on the inside edge, so I accepted it.

I would NEVER buy this door again, although I like the doors a lot now that they are installed.
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Warning! These doors peel and glass breaks - no repair possible
Posted by on
We were forced by our condo association to pay over $1000 for this door. Within a year it started to peel. The time-consuming and costly "fixes" suggested by the manufacturer did not restore the door to an acceptable condition. Then after 2 years the exterior safety glass shattered for no reason and the cost to replace the glass is almost as much as the door. NEVER get this door!!!!
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/04/2011:
You can try sending them a message about this at email@featherriverdoor.com and see if that'll help. Since your condo association apparently insisted on these doors, you should also talk to them. They share some of the responsibility for this problem.
wjk898 on 10/10/2012:
I got a couple of their attractive full pane etched glass doors and one of them spontaneously shattered after almost 2 years. They replaced it half price....and THEY found my remark on some obsure do it yourself blog thing and THEY contacted me...unsolicited. I was very impressed. I bet Bobbi will give ya a reply on this page. They scan the complaints daily I think.
Thomas32828 on 10/17/2012:
I had the same problem and after they told Home Depot they would fix it, they tell me they won't.
Ann on 10/30/2013:
It has been about 2 weeks since I ordered an entry for my kitchen . Yes I bought it at Home Depot store 0618 and the salesman was very helpful and said it was a heavier door than Masonite and since it had the half
mini-blind I placed the order.
To date have not received it but very concerned about many negative reports and just looking for insurance I will be happy with the door. it's #S0901 SKU 0000-806-449. We are seniors and hoping to be happy with our choice and Home Depot will handle and install properly. Please let us know if there is a problem with this door so I can cancel if necessary which is not what I'm looking for just a great door for our home. Please inform us Thank you
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Posted by on
Despite reading the reviews posted here, we decided to order 3 Feather River Interior Doors from Home Depot in Fall 2010 because I really liked their privacy glass MultiSquare pattern. We ordered two doors primed white that had the MultiSquare Privacy Glass and a primed white bifold door that had matching glass on the top half of the bifold. We discussed the negative reviews extensively with the door salesmen at our local store. They promised to check out the doors before they released the doors to the installers.

After several weeks the doors were brought to our house by the installer who installed the bifold doors in the bathroom first. We assumed the Home Depot door people had checked them first. On the bifold door, there was caulking on the glass that the installers were afraid to remove because it might remove some of the frosting on the glass. There were a few problems with the glass but we were willing to overlook it as I really liked the glass pattern. We decided to look at the full length glass doors outside before proceeding. How disappointing. Big swirls on the glass, damaged and so visible on both doors! The doors just had cardboard around the edges so it was very easy to see the damages. Home Depot never looked at the doors. We could not install these doors and called the Manager at Home Depot. Home Depot said we could reject the doors and eventually gave us a credit on our card for the doors. What a waste of our time and the installers. They had to reinstall our old linen closet door. Our Home Depot does not look at your doors at the store and depends on you to accept or reject doors at your house!

These doors were supposed to be installed before our bathroom was tiled. We had to just go with the doors we had and will have to find other doors to install after-which is not what we wanted. We were fooled by how nice the doors look in the catalog and what was hanging in the store display. It was a waste of our time ordering them and staying home to have them installed-we have nothing to show for it but aggravation.
Company Response 12/20/2010:
Hi, This is Bobbi from Feather River Door Customer Service. We’re sorry to hear about your experience and would like to work with you to resolve this issue. Please contact us at email@featherriverdoor.com. We hope to hear from you.
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