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Fiberglass Entry Doors
Posted by DOORGUYSEAN on 11/28/2007
BADA BING, NEW JERSEY -- Being in the door business for many years, few companies come along and change things for the better. Having the opportunity to order and install many doors, I have found that the Feather River Door Company is one of the best door manufacturers to deal with. Every door I purchase has the quality you look for in a fiberglass door. Some of my customers ask for Thermatru doors but when I show them the price and the fact that they would need to stain that companies door, it is an easy sell to Feather River. I am told that every one of their pre-finished exterior doors are all stained by hand. All I can say is, WOW!!!. I have to pay my painter $600 to stain a door and don't get the consistency that Feather River offers for a lot less money. The finish is warranteed too.

Out of the 30+ Feather River orders I make per year, I have to say every single door except for one came in on time. The one I waited for was that new Mahogany grain door. It turns out, the lead time was 28 days but the store guy told me 14 days like the OAK grain doors so it was not Feather Rivers fault. I had to hear it from the homeowner though. Home Depot now stocks these mahogany grain doors too. Once, I needed to get a replacement part for a damaged sill (probably hit by Home Depot fork lift guy) and I spoke to a sweetheart in customer service that sent me the part free of charge in just a of couple days.

Easy installs too.

I would recommend this company any day of the week and I would even put one in my mothers house.

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Posted by Principissa on 2007-11-28:
That is good to know. The house we are buying has a seriously old door that needs to be replaced.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-29:
$600 to stain a door?
Posted by grandma005 on 2010-12-17:
I have had a Feather River door for five years and could not be more happy with it. Highly recommend.
Posted by Thomas32828 on 2012-10-17:
Sorry. I have a very bad experience with them and their customer service never again.
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Warning! These doors peel and glass breaks - no repair possible
Posted by Maryelizabethanne2 on 05/02/2011
We were forced by our condo association to pay over $1000 for this door. Within a year it started to peel. The time-consuming and costly "fixes" suggested by the manufacturer did not restore the door to an acceptable condition. Then after 2 years the exterior safety glass shattered for no reason and the cost to replace the glass is almost as much as the door. NEVER get this door!!!!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-04:
You can try sending them a message about this at email@featherriverdoor.com and see if that'll help. Since your condo association apparently insisted on these doors, you should also talk to them. They share some of the responsibility for this problem.
Posted by wjk898 on 2012-10-10:
I got a couple of their attractive full pane etched glass doors and one of them spontaneously shattered after almost 2 years. They replaced it half price....and THEY found my remark on some obsure do it yourself blog thing and THEY contacted me...unsolicited. I was very impressed. I bet Bobbi will give ya a reply on this page. They scan the complaints daily I think.
Posted by Thomas32828 on 2012-10-17:
I had the same problem and after they told Home Depot they would fix it, they tell me they won't.
Posted by Ann on 2013-10-30:
It has been about 2 weeks since I ordered an entry for my kitchen . Yes I bought it at Home Depot store 0618 and the salesman was very helpful and said it was a heavier door than Masonite and since it had the half
mini-blind I placed the order.
To date have not received it but very concerned about many negative reports and just looking for insurance I will be happy with the door. it's #S0901 SKU 0000-806-449. We are seniors and hoping to be happy with our choice and Home Depot will handle and install properly. Please let us know if there is a problem with this door so I can cancel if necessary which is not what I'm looking for just a great door for our home. Please inform us Thank you
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Feather River Door
Posted by Spwhiting on 12/17/2009
Three Feather River Doors were bought from Home Depot. The double doors had the following discrepancies:
1) Sill plates - screws were high, sill plate not level.
2)Astral strip locks: one missing grommets. Unable to move top and bottom locks without using a screwdriver and plenty of force.
3) corner seal pads not installed.
4) Sill squeaked when walked on
5) a 3/8 x3/8 hole in the bottom area where the doors met.
6) movable door - bowed, did not seal at the weatherstrip.
7) Sealant not removed from picture frame at glass.
8) movable door - bottom weatherstrip came off.
9) Astral strip not finished by manufacturer. Does not match door finish.
10) Routing of hinges in door and door frame inadequate to allow hinge to seat completely.
11) The Home Depot installation resulted in: Unit was not square, unit was not plumb, not properly shimmed,
Single door:
1)mini blind does not retract when it is < 32 degree F.
2) Three hinges had four of the 12 screws missing.
3)Picture frame was white, but door is off white.
4)1/4 to 3/8" gap at top of door.
5) Installation was not square. Adjustable rail and sweep not installed properly.

Home Depot and Feather River replaced the double doors and realigned the single door. The single door miniblind failure to retract just started - time to talk to Feather River again-argh.

Overall poor quality from FR and sloppy installation from Home Depot.

I would never recommend Feather River to anyone...a considerable amount of time and effort was spent with FR and Home Depot to get the doors replaced, reinstalled and fixed properly. Spend a few more dollars and buy elsewhere. Feather River warranty claim # 563301.
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Posted by SadSackSam on 2009-12-17:
Oh so did they do anything right? How many poor people did you go off on durring this process? And as far as the blinds they almost never work at or below freezing. try Micheal from the other post he might help you.
Posted by homedepot_michael on 2009-12-18:
Hi this is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care. I’m sorry about your experience with us. I would like to offer my help. If you would like to share more details, please send an email to michael_care@homedepot.com

The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
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Posted by Mamawolf98 on 05/16/2011
EAST TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- The name is also under Trinity Glass International, Inc. I special ordered a front door from the Feather River company and I have to say it was beautiful until it shattered on Thursday for no reason. We left and it was fine and came home to a marbleized front door. I called Home Depot about the issue and they have been wonderful in trying to fix the defective door. I was instructed to call the warranty department today because the company representative told the gentleman from Home Depot it should be covered under the manufacturer warranty due to a defect between the light panes. I called this morning hopping for a speedy resolution and what I received was accusations from the woman on the phone who said because the front panel of the light shattered it was no longer under warranty. I tried to explain to her that the reason for the shattered glass was a defect between the beveled glass panels. The more I tried to explain the issue the more belligerent she became and when I asked to speak to a manager she said he did not get in until eight in the morning. I finally had to tell her in all my life I have never spoken to a representative of a company who was more of a detriment to the company than an asset. She caused me to distrust the company and it's product. I have informed all of my friends on Face Book not to do business with this company because they are not reputable and in the end it will cost you double for special ordered defective door. Sadly I am now going to have to find a carpenter to fix the door and I can only imagine what that will cost me.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 05/18/2011:

This is Bobbi from Feather River Door Customer Service. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Our finish warranty has always been two years however, we would like to work with you to resolve this issue. Please contact us at email@featherriverdoor.com. We hope to hear from you.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-16:
Contact Feather River via e-mail at email@featherriverdoor.com and also call the Home Depot customer service number at 800-553-3199 and tell them about the trouble your having.
Posted by Kurizumaru on 2011-05-17:
did you talk to a supervisor? what did he/she say?
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These doors peel badly
Posted by JeffPA on 05/01/2011
TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- My townhouse association bought 200 of the fiberglass doors and on almost every one the varnish coating on the outside surface began peeling off within 1 year, especially on doors exposed to the sun. If you follow the refinishing procedure as prescribed by the manufacturer, your door will, never look good again. Also, we had several doors that had the glass blown out during a recent wind storm. If you are interested in low maintenance and security, do not buy this door.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 05/18/2011:

This is Bobbi from Feather River Door Customer Service. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact us at email@featherriverdoor.com. We hope to hear from you.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-05-01:
Was the company who manufactured the doors, contacted about the peeling?

Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-02:
These are low end doors with a cheap finish. Take it up with the association. Whoever ordered the doors needs to contact TGI and the manufacturer. What does the warranty say?
Posted by Kim on 2013-04-11:
Yes, we've had the same problem with our door that gets alot of sun. The door doesn't look great after refinishing and needs to be refinished every year. Not worth the money.
Posted by Diana on 2013-05-30:
I looked at these doors today and glad I read these reviews. My door gets full sun all day and I was wondering how this door would fair.
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Posted by Brooklyn mama on 12/17/2010
Despite reading the reviews posted here, we decided to order 3 Feather River Interior Doors from Home Depot in Fall 2010 because I really liked their privacy glass MultiSquare pattern. We ordered two doors primed white that had the MultiSquare Privacy Glass and a primed white bifold door that had matching glass on the top half of the bifold. We discussed the negative reviews extensively with the door salesmen at our local store. They promised to check out the doors before they released the doors to the installers.

After several weeks the doors were brought to our house by the installer who installed the bifold doors in the bathroom first. We assumed the Home Depot door people had checked them first. On the bifold door, there was caulking on the glass that the installers were afraid to remove because it might remove some of the frosting on the glass. There were a few problems with the glass but we were willing to overlook it as I really liked the glass pattern. We decided to look at the full length glass doors outside before proceeding. How disappointing. Big swirls on the glass, damaged and so visible on both doors! The doors just had cardboard around the edges so it was very easy to see the damages. Home Depot never looked at the doors. We could not install these doors and called the Manager at Home Depot. Home Depot said we could reject the doors and eventually gave us a credit on our card for the doors. What a waste of our time and the installers. They had to reinstall our old linen closet door. Our Home Depot does not look at your doors at the store and depends on you to accept or reject doors at your house!

These doors were suppose to be installed before our bathroom was tiled. We had to just go with the doors we had and will have to find other doors to install after-which is not what we wanted. We were fooled by how nice the doors look in the catalog and what was hanging in the store display. It was a waste of our time ordering them and staying home to have them installed-we have nothing to show for it but aggravation.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 12/20/2010:
Hi, This is Bobbi from Feather River Door Customer Service. We’re sorry to hear about your experience and would like to work with you to resolve this issue. Please contact us at email@featherriverdoor.com. We hope to hear from you.
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Made good on a problem
Posted by Rudoffmm on 03/29/2014
TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- Yesterday I posted about a problem I was having with the Feather River front doors I purchased through Home Depot. At the time of the posting I had been told by the Feather River Warranty Department that the warranty on my doors had been voided because the one side was off by ¼”. After hearing this needless to say my blood began to boil.

I systematically went through all of the issues trying to be just factual an unemotional. I also sent a copy of the posting to the manufacturer. I am happy to report that yesterday evening I received a call from a manager at Feather River who informed me that not only will they honor the warranty but they are going to send a complete new replacement unit.

I know this will still cost me a few hundred dollars to have them installed. To be assured that they will be installed per the factory recommendations I am going to pay Home Depot to do the installation.

I am extremely pleased that this American manufacturer has stood behind their product and is trying to rectify what was a bad situation.
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Failure To Stand Behind Their Products
Posted by Rudoffmm on 03/27/2014
TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- I purchased Feather River Exterior Doors through Home Depot in BenSalem, PA based on the recommendation of the sales person in May 2011. Since I was having a great deal of renovations done on my home at the time rather than pay Home Depot to install them I had my contractor do the installation. When he unwrapped the doors that were delivered he noticed that the brick molding on one side was broken. Then he noticed that the doors were scratched and the finish was not even. But at this point they had already removed the existing doors so we had no alternative but to install them.

I contacted Home Depot and Feather River and sent in pictures. They offered to credit me 10% or replace the slaps. I unfortunately chose to have them replaced. The replacement was done by Home Depot, I thought, but now I am told that it was done by a company that handles the warranty inspections UTS. I noticed that my doors wouldn't stay locked and thinking nothing of it I adjusted the keeper on the lock and got it to stay locked. This was my second error. Because I kept looking and I could see the outside between my doors and they never seemed fully closed.

After suffering through this horrible winter and feeling the air just flowing in from the outside I put a request into the Customer Service Department to have someone check the doors. A representative from UTS came out and told us that the installation was out by 1/4" on the side of the stationary door and there was a bump in the threshold of the operating door which is why my sweepers kept having to be replaced. And he also said the operating door was bowed by 1/8".

Feather River now says that there is an installation problem so the warranty on the doors is voided. When I asked why the person that installed the new slabs, by the way he dropped the operating door during the installation, I was told he was there to install them not inspect them.

I have now hired an independent contractor to inspect the doors and correct them if needed. I am also going to post this on every blog site I can to warn other unsuspecting consumers of this shoddy product. It looks good but is not good quality.
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Posted by Deewarder on 10/24/2013
INDIAN HEAD, MARYLAND -- Purchased the door in 2004-2005 from Home Depot and have had issues since. Of late, a Home Depot installer came out to investigate the issues, informed me that the door was not originally installed properly and showed why. Eventually the same door was reinstalled but I was informed that the oval glass, which had already slipped in the opening, would continue & I was told by Feather River it is "NOT" covered.

BEWARE of Feather River!
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The Bitterness of Poor Quality
Posted by Samlliw on 10/21/2013
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- I have a Fiberglass Feather River French Entry door. These are full glass doors with the blinds inside the glass panels. It is no more than 5 years old. First thing we noticed was the finish peeling off. We called Feather River to see if there was any warranty against this. We were told there is not, and they offered instructions on how to refinish them ourselves. This past weekend we installed a storm door with low E glass hoping to protect the doors after we refinished them. During this process we discovered that the fiberglass panel on one of the doors was coming loose. This was the working door. Upon further inspection we discovered that the same thing was happening on the stationary door. And not only that, but the trim that holds the glass in place was also loose. The screw holes on the opposite side are rotted and there is no way to fix this. We talked to Home Depot about this and they offered their sincere apologies and nothing more. Our only choice is to replace the doors, jambs and everything.

These doors face east so they are somewhat exposed to the sun in the morning but not all day. We also live at high altitude, around 7000 ft. so the sun is a bit more intense. But this kind of thing should not happen to any door in any location. There is another steel entry door on the same side of the house that is over 10 years old and no problem with it, We are replacing these Feather Rivers with the same type of steel door.

Bottom line is that if you have to replace a door with any sun exposure, don't buy Feather River.
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Posted by r_jablonski on 2013-12-03:
Thanks for the review...I wouldn't buy Masonite doors either. They don't honor warranty and they are poor quality.
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