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Delivery of FedEx Smartpost
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Rating: 1/51

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- First of all I do not understand FedEx Smartpost logic. I live in Memphis. FedEx drives it to Memphis, then to Southaven MS, then back to Memphis TN to the local Memphis Post Office. How stupid is that? I am awaiting an order from Target. They sent it out on December 4, it got to Memphis on December 7 then they took it to Olive Branch, MS, then to Southaven, MS, all day yesterday.

Both these items stated on FEDEX TRACKING SHEET they would be delivered by the end of day on December 10. Late in the evening I checked and the date now states December 12. One item is still in Southaven, MS. So if it comes to the local post office today it will not get to me until the middle of next week. The other part of the order has got to a postal facility in Memphis have no idea how that is going.

So to break it all down, it came all the way across the country in a couple of days and it has been in Memphis and MS for five days and still not out for delivery. Be a cold day in hades before I order from Target or have it shipped to me by FedEx. These are gifts. I have no idea when they will get to me let alone to recipient.

When are they so slow in Memphis and MS? Why does it go to MS then come back to Memphis and go to the local post office in Memphis? I do not appreciate this delay. I do not appreciate calling FedEx and get a response from another country telling me they have no information - THEN WHY ARE YOU PAYING THEM? It is now December 11, the one item is still in Southaven, MS. Never again. This order was placed in November... YOU CAN'T GET IT TO ME IN A TIMELY MANNER, THEN DON'T TAKE ON THE TASK.

Panasonic D3 machines damaged by Federal Express ground shipment
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- I shipped four VTR boxes to Vandenberg Air Force Base in California after being repaired by our shop in North Hollywood, CA. We used FedEx ground shipping. FedEx is neglecting to send an adjuster or inspector to evaluate the machines for repair the damages caused by their irresponsible shipping and transporting methods. Insurance was purchased in the event of such anomalies caused by their negligence to properly protect the equipment from been damaged.

Below are the 4 tracking numbers given during the shipping process. All shipping charges have been paid to Federal Express and they still are not acknowledging responsibility for their actions. Tracking number **. I am thinking very seriously not using them again for my professional shipping service. I do have another company that they do a very good job shipping equipment and never have damaged anything like FedEx has.

I am still awaiting from FedEx to contact me back since I have left several phone messages for the claims department agent. "They quit working at 2:00 pm California time." Sometimes they will have me wait as much as 15 minutes on the telephone line. Any suggestion on getting some help here?

FedEx Lost My Wedding Dress
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Rating: 1/51

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, MARYLAND -- FedEx has allegedly delivered my package to me according to the tracking info. It says I signed for it and everything! However, I did not sign for anything and it is now 9 days before my wedding which will be out of the Country and I have no wedding dress or anything in my closest as a possible backup. Which means, I will have to go around town trying to find a summer white beach destination wedding dress in February!

The driver states he did not deliver any packages to this address all week, yet he scanned and marked the package as delivered. How does a company stay in business by not following the proper procedures? You're not curing cancer your dropping off packages. Is it really hard to remember not to mark the packages as delivered, until they are actually being delivered and to the right person. I ordered plenty of things online and this is the first time my package has been lost/ delivered to wrong address.

I'm scared to repurchase online that I would actually get it and would it be in time, and now have to take my chances with whatever is on the racks. My mother says it's a sign that I shouldn't even be getting married and this has added so much more stress and jitters to an already stressful time. Thanks Fed Ex for throwing such a curve ball in what was supposed to have been one of the happiest days of my life. I might even have to wait until I get there and hope I can find something.

Theft of Documents From FedEx Package
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Rating: 1/51

BETWEEN PASADENA, CA AND PRINCETON NJ, CALIFORNIA -- Be really wary about using FedEx, especially during income tax season. All of our tax documents were stolen from a package between Pasadena and Princeton NJ. The package was slit open and delivered empty to our CPA, with all that entails (identity theft, need to reconstruct every page). We know the documents were stolen because two of them were anonymously returned to us by US Mail two weeks later. Since then FedEx has stonewalled. Be really careful if you send any important documents through their care!

Bad Representatives
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Rating: 1/51

MACON, GEORGIA -- 6/5/13 received a phone call, between FedEx and company sending my package, they left a message on my answering machine. I proceeded to call the Macon Ga. store to talk to a young lady that ask for my physical address, and she told me that my package would be delivered on 6/6/13, upon getting home from work, still no package, so I called the Macon Ga. store again, was told that they could not help me without a tracking number, which was never given to me, and for me to call 1-800-FEDEX, they also gave me the run-a-round, long story short, FEDEX workers had me calling from one office to the other because no one knew where my package was.

Don't know what time my package arrived, I stay until 11 PM, still no package. Awake the following morning to find my package sitting on the ground near my doorstep, after it had rain all night. About two yrs. ago FEDEX was supposed to deliver a modem from Windstream to my house.

When I called to check on it, I was told that it had been delivered to my home, when in fact it had been delivered to another address, told to me by the carrier, so Windstream told me to go and purchase one from BestBuy, and they reimburse me. I hope the next time that I have to have something delivered, that it can either come to my PO Box, or go through another CARRIER.

Clean Air Health Equipment Boxes Separated
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA -- I had been expecting 1 package (or so I thought) from a Air Filter company. A friend in town was accepting and signing the delivery slip for me at his residence because the apartment building that I live in is not set-up for deliveries of any kind. The reason I was getting the clean -air unit is because I was becoming very ill from the second-hand smoke coming into my apartment from other apartments.

"Time was of the essence" so to speak because I was becoming more and mire ill by the minute, with my respiratory system fully compromised and my asthma flaring up big time. On the day of the delivery, one box was delivered to my friend for which he accepted and signed for; but, upon viewing the tracking documents it seemed that there had been a second package, which contained special filters, that had been sent from the company, along with the first.

To make a long story short, the packages had been separated by FedEx, and they had been sent in different trucks with different drivers. This meant that now it was possible that I would have to wait the entire weekend PLUS the following Monday, due to FedEx delivery services not working on Mondays. This three day hold-up could have meant that I would land up in the hospital.

I was able to intercept the second delivery trucks route by making calls to FedEx and my friend was able to pick up the second package at a terminal. Of course, there should have been a message from the company to FedEx to not separate the boxes, but the onus was still on FedEx.

Fed Ex Wheeling, Illinois Facility
By -

If you are having something delivered via FedEx, I suggest you request it not be sent through the Wheeling, Illinois, facility. I have many, many things delivered by FedEx, and 95% of the time my items arrive promptly and in good shape. The 5% of the time when there is a problem, it's because it's "stuck" in the Wheeling, Illinois facility. Every single time. Unfortunately, I forgot that when I ordered my frozen food on 2/18.

I tracked it to Wheeling on 2/22, the date my e-mail notice said it would be delivered. It's still there on 2/23. The new date my e-mail notice said it would delivered. I just spoke to a FedEx rep, who told me my food is now scheduled to leave Wheeling 2/25. We'll see. BTW, my shipment was divided into two boxes, and for some reason box 1 did not go through Wheeling and arrived on 2/22 (semi-frozen but thawing and with no dry ice remaining).

Ghost deliveries
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- It's good to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with FedEx ground delivery service. What amazes me most is FedEx continues to let the drivers get away with it. Not all FedEx drivers are bad, just the ones I've dealt with lately. And it's true about some of the post that said when they tracked their packages on FedEx's website. They get the read out of a package estimate delivery date only to find out later that the message has been up-dated to: delivery exception, customer unavailable, or business closed. Having personally experienced this a number of times myself an with the driver not leaving any form indicating he/she was here.

The way I see it is the problem is three folds. Accountability. Poor business management. Lack of communication. Allow me to explain....Accountability...No one is held accountable as far as I can tell for repeated mistakes by FedEx drivers. Poor business management....FedEx sub leases some of its deliverers to independent drivers saving FedEx money but causing some customers aggravation in the form of drivers who don't know their routes and rather than admit it. They simply say the customer was unavailable and the FedEx facility having no way to verify the driver attempted a delivery, simply assume the delivery was made.

Lack of communications...Once a customer calls FedEx and inquires about their package/s they are told it is out on the truck for delivery. You never get the facility the driver works out of, just the 800 main facility. The agent politely tells you “We have no way of contacting the driver once the driver leaves the station, however we will call the station the driver works out of and leave a message and someone will call you back later to inform you of status of your package.”

My experience has been a hit and miss scenario...mostly miss. I've called fed-ex and e-mailed them to suggest they put some form of communication in the truck with the drivers so the station the driver works out of can contact the driver on a moments notice to avoid problems such as these in the future. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate or fancy... A cell phone with a direct link to the station and driver could do just as well.

When the suggestion was made, you can imagine the response I got. It's safe to say it won't be happening anytime soon. Granted I don't live in the best of neighborhoods, but FedEx is in the delivery business and the drivers it hires knows this as well, plus the fact that... And I've seen this for myself, some drivers will drive by a place of delivery and see a bunch of people hanging outside and decide right then and there they're not going to make the delivery.

As a fed-ex driver you know that you might have to make deliveries anywhere and everywhere your assigned route. In all fairness to the drivers however I also concede that sometimes circumstances beyond the drivers control can account for packages being late or damaged, but when the offense is repeated over 3/4 the time, at the same address, rather that lie and say the business was closed or customer was unavailable, just tell the truth... Some of you was to scared to make that particular delivery.

Because I'm handicapped, I do a lot of shopping online and don't need the aggravation of wondering if my packages might get delivered. Add to the fact that there are 3 adults here and there is always an adult here to receive my packages, then there is no reason I should have to go through these changes just to get a package. Like most delivery companies fed-ex offer pick up option...You or your agent can pick up your package/s at a fed-ex facility. That's not a viable option...

When you pay for shipping and handling for a package, you expect it to be delivered to your door (not you have to pick it up at a fed-ex facility... (If you do pick up your package/s from any delivery service, will they reimburse you for shipping)? Ha! Ha! What a joke.

Anyway, thanks for letting me get this off my chest, the problem is still there but I feel much better knowing that there are others out there like me who understand the frustration of having to deal with a company that seems to not care about its customers.

FedEx killed my dog too
By -

MAURY COUNTY, TENNESSEE -- Just before Christmas, 2010, while I was out buying dog food, a FedEx driver came into my yard to deliver a package (I guess) and killed my dog and left him in the snow to die without even checking the dog's injuries or notifying me until asked about it by law enforcement. I was gone only a little over an hour. The week before, the dog had barked at the driver and he left furious and cursing under his breath, so I didn't even have to think about who did it. The most unnerving aspect of the incident was that the dog had no signs of being "accidentally run over" as the lying bum told me and law enforcement.

The "detective" assigned to "investigate" the incident never even saw the scene where it happened, never saw a single photo of the scene, and formed his "opinion" about what happened without even letting me know that he was finished with his "investigation." I was told by [snip] "That's Messed Up!" website, that it was assumed that the driver "accidentally hung him with the bumper while backing out." This is the type of generalizing and stupidity that causes so many crimes to go unsolved.

Had this "judge/detective" gotten off his butt and done his job properly he would have seen that NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD "BACK" OUT OF MY DRIVEWAY!! It has a large area, similar to a cul-de-sac that allows for a car, truck, or even a semi to pull in and without any "backing" at all, circle and leave. The house was previously owned by a semi driver and I'm sure that is what he designed the driveway for.

In addition, like the other story here, my driveway is over a quarter mile, close to 1/2 mile long. The dog was a registered German Shepard in prime condition, 10 months old, and I have no doubt whatsoever that a truck traveling at 10 mph would be able to run over his head (the only place there was trauma) with him giving it his full attention. Also the dog wasn't in the driveway; he was in the grass approx. 10' from the driveway and approx. 110 yards from where the package was left! There was no gravel or tread marks anywhere on the dog and no blood or hair or even disturbed gravel anywhere in the area! (Very light grey gravel just washed by melting snow).

When asked if FedEx would replace my dog, their spokesman said that he had been in "contact with the family and expressed their condolences." THIS IS A BLATANT LIE! There is no "family" as I live alone and the only contact I've had from FedEx was the liar who came to deliver another package the next day after law enforcement started asking them about it. He said that he did not drive the day my dog was killed. He admitted he was the one my dog barked at, and he was delivering on the day he told me this lie, but it was an anonymous "someone else" who actually killed the dog, he just "forgot to contact me" after he told the "guilty driver" that "I will handle it".

It was a driver who was "so upset" that he left my home and felt he should tell his supervisor-the liar I was talking to. Not to tell me anything or see if the dog needed a vet. No note was left, no phone call until the "detective" told him to call me and say something. My dog was at home minding his business. He would come to anyone offering him a snack. EVEN-IF-HE-HAD-PREVIOUSLY-BARKED-AT-YOU!!! "Seek first to understand-THEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD!!!!!"- Steven Covey. THIS IS MY H_O_M_E, NOT TO BE VIOLATED IN SUCH A WAY BY A_N_Y_O_N_E!!!

Loaded Fraudulent Charges & Equipment Destruction
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I am a blind business owner and requested assistance with shipment of my office equipment November 2009 from Texas to Colorado. The agent on the phone said she had no problem assisting me and there would be no charge for the help since I was visually impaired. I requested the shipment be sent to my office receiving station in Colorado and the company refused to deliver to a competitors address. I made arrangements for the shipment to be delivered to FedEx Express. Later it was discovered Ground Drivers made snide remarks about shipping hear as well.

The order was placed for the equipment to be picked up on Tuesday November 17, and I waited all day, and no one showed up. I called in around 6:00 PM to be informed they would not come until next day. On Wednesday the driver finally showed up with no help, no dolly and attempted to move my equipment from my home office to his personal vehicle as advised by one of my neighbors who was helping me. Rather than having my equipment damaged my neighbor retrieved my personal dolly from the garage and then returned when driver finished loading. All cartons were labeled and ready to go when driver arrived.

I contacted again and requested a second shipment on Thursday and this time they sent two drivers who proceeded to take boxes at random rather than what was marked for shipment. They were unprofessional and very rude. After shipping my equipment the trouble began firs there is a box stolen from my shipment containing valued electronic equipment and then there was destruction of CCR TV used by me and my staff who are all blind. We submitted a claim for damaged goods and was insulted again by James who works at the local office stating that FedEx would not honor a damage claim from my business.

I am refusing to pay for delivery until they replace all my damaged goods, make the invoices correct and cease attempting to charge me with service I did not order. They are attempting to charge me with Call Tags never requested. They are charging return charges that never occurred. And then there is the damage of more than $5,000 of which they have made a trivial payment in the amount of $400. I will be cancelling service with this company after 20+ years and will use the competition as I refused to be abused and subjected to predatory practices because I am blind.

As a business owner and shipper it is my choice where to have products delivered business to business not Federal Express Ground. It is my right to file claims for damaged goods due to poor handling of clearly marked goods. It is my right to receive quality service and performance as a blind person just as if I were sighted. It is time business stop attempting to take advantage of visually impaired business owners.

Seems strange they would lie to public "FedEx is committed to providing outstanding customer experience, to being a great place to work, a thoughtful steward of the environment and a caring citizen in the communities where we live and work. At FedEx, we are passionate about sustainably connecting people and places and improving the quality of life around the world:". This quote is from their website. How can it possibly be true if this type of customer treatment is to be allowed. FedEx Customer Relations.

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