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Rating: 1/51

RENO, NEVADA -- I had a package that needed to go out by Tuesday. I scheduled a pickup for Monday, and FedEx Ground didn't pick it up until Friday. I called the customer support line and the representative told me that it showed the driver stopped by multiple times. I checked the address for the pickup and everything was correct. I used to work at a FedEx Ground warehouse and I know how some of these drivers are. If they don't feel like going to your location they'll just say they stopped by. I'm the only one in the warehouse most days, and no one ever stopped by. So now I use another service. FedEx Ground clearly doesn't care about their customers.

Shipping Fees
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Rating: 1/51

I had a parcel shipped from the U.S to Canada. The item was made in the U.S and the shipper is a U.S company. I picked the item up at a Fedex Ground Services location in Canada. The item is motorcycle parts for a value of $382.74CAD. I get an invoice three weeks later for the taxes and clearance entry fee for $77.26. The charges are broken down to Canada GST 19.14, Advancement fee $10.00, GST on Services $2.77 and a Clearance Entry Fee $45.35. I am good with all the fees except for the Clearance Entry Fee.

I call FedEx and according to them that is a standard brokerage fee... Why am I paying a brokerage fee on something that is under NAFTA and is that cost? I have had tons of stuff shipped with USPS and never had such a hefty broker fees... I would avoid FedEx Ground Services as those fees are crazy...

Unacceptable Delivery Window
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Last night I received a text message around 8 PM from FedEx Ground stating that a package would be delivered for me today and that it required my signature. Today, I called FedEx Ground Customer Service to get more detail about my delivery, as having to wait around at home for possibly 12 hours is completely UNACCEPTABLE. The customer service representative started the call off with an unfriendly attitude, kept cutting me off any time I tried to ask a question and just kept repeating that the only information she could give me was that the package would arrive sometime between 8 AM and 8 PM.

FedEx Ground needs to stop operating in such an archaic and customer unfriendly manner. Once packages are loaded and drivers have their route, they should be able to give a much smaller delivery window for folks that need it. Very bad customer service and way to operate!

Just Incompetence
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Rating: 1/51

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I was to receive a package today. First, my client send me an email saying FedEx sent him a message saying the address was incorrect. I called and verified the address and it is correct. So don't know why the driver did not bother to use GPS or something, or look at the door where the sign is, or ring the doorbell. Then I was told to show up at 6:30PM to pick up the package since that's when the driver would return. I showed up at 6:45, and gave them until 7 and was told the driver won't be back until 8pm. This is a 30 minute drive I had to make to the FedEx center where this driver was to return.

Not only did I lost trust with the client due to FedEx driver's lack of ability to find my address, which every other service (USPS, UPS) can find, but I also had to spend 2 hours driving back and forth between my place and this FedEx office. Not even a courtesy call to let me know the driver wasn't going to make it back at the 630PM time they originally told me. And there is no apology, just smirks and smiles. We are paying for your service and I have to incur cost for your incompetence?

Poor Customer Service and Incompetence
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- So an order I had made was suppose to arrive Monday (July 3, 2017) through FedEx Ground. I received a message saying that the address was incorrect. I called to verify and tell them the address was in fact correct. This happened 3 times until Friday (one day a delivery attempt was not even made) and I even registered with FedEx Delivery Manager and posted a link to my address on Google maps in the instructions for delivery section. Even with this information, it seems that no attempt was made to find out why the driver was saying it was incorrect.

I told them that my address could easily be looked up and that no other delivery service like UPS had any problems finding my house. The third time that my address was scanned as invalid, the package was sent back to the shipper (I contacted the shipper and they will be sending me my order via UPS now). I hope the shipper files a claim with FedEx to get their money back! Here is the funniest part - I just received a postcard from FedEx for registering with the Delivery Manager service. If my address is not correct then how did they send me mail to the same address!

Poor Leadership By Some Contractors And People They Appoint To Leadership
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Rating: 2/51

THE DALLES, OREGON -- I did 400 miles a day and the leadership by contractor was very poor. He let me go because I couldn't keep up with his poor planning. Maybe it is because he didn't make any changes, because he couldn't do it himself. Drivers had no benefits, just a paycheck and what a joke. Trucks were in bad shape, and five hundred thousand miles, on the trucks so they were constantly breaking down, but "go out and get the route done." Try making a person that becomes a owner. Knows what he is doing. Time to start paying the drivers a good paycheck, and they have retirement benefits, and health benefits. Quit being so cheap.

Delivery Not on Time
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Rating: 2/51

ROANOKE, TEXAS -- My very first shipment terrible two attempts were made. I called the pick up line to get my package of just two items of skin care products that Walmart no longer sells in-store to be sent to the FedEx store located in Walmart located in the Roanoke, TX supercenter. Nothing was sent to the store as I made my phone request.

I had to call to customer service to complain that people responsible didn't properly send out my product that should have already been sent to the store. Product took longer to get sent to the store as I waited longer for pickup. The customer service took good care of me and apologized - my product was neglected but it wasn't their fault. The FedEx center they had to call over and over responsible isn't organized.

Problems with FedEx Ground
By -

The last few days have destroyed my image of FedEx as a good company. There are times when a package is damaged because it has been poorly wrapped, and there are other times when it is obvious that the package was woefully mishandled. When false records are created, the whole thing stinks of covering up unacceptable performance.

I made the conscious decision to use FedEx to ship precious family documents and memorabilia to myself using FedEx instead of any other shipper or taking the packages with me as airline baggage. I thought that with the proper packing and the tracking numbers, the family heirlooms that I was flying from San Francisco to Washington, D. C. to collect would be safe. I trusted FedEx more than United Airlines. Silly me!!

Since I would not have access to a computer printer at my 91 year old deceased uncle's home, prior to flying from San Francisco to Washington, D. C., I printed out a large number of FedEx shipping labels. Before I realized that I could list myself as both the shipper and the receiver, I printed some labels with my 90 year old aunt's address in Potomac, Maryland.

On Saturday, February 20, I took 6 boxes to the FedEx office in Rockville, MD. The clerk was alone in the store. I explained that I had printed the labels days previously, but she said that new labels should not be printed and that there was no discount for shipping multiple boxes together. She could not give me a price for my shipment, which consisted of two identical large mirror boxes, 2 book boxes, and 2 small U-haul boxes. All of the boxes were purchased that morning from U-haul. The two mirror boxes each contained 2 paintings by my mother. I split $20 worth of bubble wrap between the two boxes with each picture wrapped round and round with bubble wrap.

The clerk asked if each box was fragile and I told her that only the two mirror boxes were, and she put multiple fragile labels on them. The clerk explained that the boxes would not go out until Monday, but that I should receive them on either Friday, February 26 or Monday, March 1. The next day, I returned with one more box to ship and saw the stack of my boxes from the prior day still sitting behind the counter.

On Saturday, February 27, FedEx delivered 6 of the 7 boxes at 2:30 PM. I was surprised that one of the two mirror boxes was missing and wondered why the shipment had become separated. The mirror box that was delivered was in perfect condition. My husband then checked the tracking number and saw that the box was due to be delivered in three days on Tuesday, March 1. It seemed odd, but I had faith.

When the box was not delivered on Tuesday, March 1, I called FedEx. That was the beginning of FedEx's plunge in my estimation. I called and got ** of the Bristol Customer Advocate Team. When he said that the package had been damaged and was being shipped back to the sender, I asked to speak with his supervisor. I was terrified the package would be shipped back to Potomac, MD, because I didn't know which of the boxes had the labels with my aunt's address as the return address.

When I asked to speak with his supervisor, I was transferred to **. When I asked her for a written apology for the poor service I had received and the failure to notify me that my package was damaged, she put me on hold for 10 to 20 minutes while she wrote the apology, which turned out to be a small gift basket delivered two days later and an apology note. When she finally got back on, I asked to speak to her supervisor.

** supervisor told me that their office was only from 2:30 to 11:00 EST. I was horrified that I would not be able to get any update until the next afternoon on whether my package was headed back to the East Coast. I pleaded with him to find out, and he said he would call me back if he could. ** agreed that the overdue package should be given priority handling.

Then I got on the computer to check what the tracking info said and saw the latest entry for 9:19 AM that morning (about 9 hours before my call) the entry “damaged, handling per shipper instructions.” This was an outright mistruth as I was the shipper and had not given any instructions regarding the damaged shipment. It stinks of a cover-up. When I tried to call back, I got an office in Central America.

First thing on Wednesday, March 3, I called and asked to speak to a high-ranking person and got ** at the corporate headquarters. She checked and said that the glass on one of the pictures had broken and that the broken glass had to be removed. The package would be delivered sometime that day. ** said all that FedEx would reimburse was the cost of the broken glass and that I had to produce a receipt to get that.

The package finally was delivered at 4:45 PM on Wednesday, March 3. You could see from across the room that the package had been severely mishandled. I had images of the old Samsonite Luggage commercials with the gorillas mishandling suitcases. Given how abused the box was, it was a tribute to the huge pile of bubble wrap that only the glass on one painting broke. I was furious to see that when the glass was removed that the bubble wrap had not been wrapped back around the paintings, but was balled up at the ends. It is a miracle that the paintings done by my mother were not completely destroyed.

The pictures would have been sent back to Maryland, if I had not listed both the shipping and receiving address as my home address. I'm very lucky that the damaged package was not one for which I had used my aunt's address as the shipping address.

Insured Shipment But Not Receiving Reimbursement For Damages
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KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN -- The end of Dec 2008 I opened an account with FedEx since DHL was no longer making domestic pickups and deliveries. I had sent 2 almost new pieces of luggage with DHL and then had to send them back with FedEx. I went online to schedule the pickup for Jan 2nd and had much trouble in printing out the labels. I called FedEx and was told to call their technical support number. I must have been on the phone for at least an hour trying to set this up and having problems with the labels.

Finally they asked me if I wanted them to just schedule the pickup and have the driver bring the labels. They had all the information including the weight of the 4 packages I was sending and the amounts of insurance I wanted on each one. I had $400 on the smaller suitcase and $500 on the larger (the same as what I insured with DHL). The other 2 small boxes I just used their standard $100 insurance (and these arrived in great condition).

When the driver got there Fri 1/2 he said he didn't have labels and he was the wrong person to pick them up. He called in and told them they needed to send a different truck over. About 1/2 hour later the driver, **, from Kalamazoo, MI came for the pickup. He did not have the labels and said he would make them up when he got back to the FedEx office.

When the shipment arrived at the destination the driver just left them sitting out in front of the house. No wonder he didn't let me know he was there as the 2 suitcases were damaged. They look like someone rolled them around in dirt, had white markings (like a white magic marker) all over them and the handle was broken on one.

I called their phone and was told they didn't cover luggage that it should have been in boxes. I then called my sales representative who told me that other people ship the pieces of luggage and never heard of anyone having damage like this and I should pursue this.

I finally got claim form to send in. They send me a form saying it was not a claim and there were no tracking numbers or proof of value. I had filled this in and contacted them again. I again sent the claim form along with photos of the damage and photos of replacement pieces with the price tags attached.

I kept calling them to find out what was happening but never got satisfaction. Then I get a check for a little over $100. I called them about this and they told me it was to cover the one piece of luggage and the shipping fee. I asked them why only $100 as they were insured for $400 and $500. They told me I did not take the additional insurance and would not pay anymore but would process the claim for the 2nd piece.

I am not happy with how they are handling this and called again today to tell them to check their phone records and they would see that I told the customer service representative the amounts on each piece. She told me that they couldn't do this and even if they did they probably wouldn't have the tape of this call. I told her about what happened when ** picked them up and she said that should not have happened that they are to put the tags on when they arrive to pick up.

They asked for a copy of my credit card charges to see if I paid extra for the insurance. I don't know if I did or didn't and that's not the point. Somebody (or somebodies) at FedEx screwed up my shipment. Why would I sent it back to AZ without insurance when I originally sent it to MI with DHL with insurance? I will never use FedEx again. Seems like nobody there can do their jobs. What a screw-up company.

Just too bad that DHL is no longer domestic as I had shipped luggage with them many times without any marks or damage. I am thinking now of trying UPS and hopefully they will not be as ignorant as the employees at FedEx.The company email address I provided below belongs to the supervisor in the ground claims dept. She is the one I have been working with to get this settled.

Federal Express Home Delivery - Do You Really Want To Use Them???
By -

, ILLINOIS -- I was getting an important package which requires a delivery signature being shipped to my home address. Shipper provided me with a tracking number on Thursday December 18. I looked the status and noticed that the city name was miss-spelled. I called Fed Express customer service and was assured that this is not an issue, because they use zip codes. I also asked them to read the street address and it did match my home address.

After looking at the tracking data Saturday, on December 20 package showed being on truck for scheduled delivery... I spent the whole Saturday at home waiting for the package to be delivered. FedEx truck never showed up and when I checked tracking log Saturday evening I found a new log entry at 8:45 PM "Customer not available or business closed."

I was angry!!! Called Fed Express Customer Service and told the representative that whoever entered the log was a liar and I need to talk to a manager in Carol Stream... After being put on hold and waiting few minutes was told that the Carol Stream location was closed and that they could not get in touch with anyone... I asked for Carol Stream phone number but was refused.

Monday Morning I did not see any status updates so I called Fed Express Customer service and insisted that I need to talk to Carol Stream manager. I was told that Home Delivery is closed on Mondays and that they will transfer me to someone who can help me. I was transferred to Customer Advocate Team member and she explained that no one was at Carol Stream location and I would have to wait until Tuesday for center to open up. So I went to work.

Around 9:30 am I looked at the Fed Express tracking log and noticed that there was a new entry at 8:33 AM stating that the package was on a truck for delivery! I took off from work and drove quickly home. I was at home at 10 AM. No missed delivery ticked on the door. GREAT!!!

About noon I checked status again and there was another entry at 10:40 AM stating "œLocal weather delay, delivery attempted"; looked outside with disbelief. It was sunny and skies were clear!!! Another log LIE from Fed Express Home Delivery!!! I called Fed Express customer service and talked again tot the representative from Customer Advocate Team. They could not get a hold of anyone in Carol Stream again and have no means to track the driver.

I am faced now losing another day from work on Tuesday and even not sure if the driver will even show up on my street tomorrow. I feel sad that DHL is no longer doing business here... This leaves me with the only logical decision... to give all my shipping business to UPS!!!

Resolution Update 12/26/2008:

I finally got the package delivered on Tuesday. It seems that Fed Ex was trying to deliver to an address in Medinah, IL. I am located in Roselle, IL. Address label on the package had the correct address and city name, I guess this was not sufficient for Fed Ex.

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