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5th 3rd Auto Loan payoff .. RIP OFF ! ! !
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CINCINNATI, OHIO -- OK.. So get to the LAST page in my Car payment book... It says to call this number at 5th 3rd to get the final payment amount... I did.. Payment was slightly lower than my monthly car payment. :) ... I send in that payment and assumed BINGO... Car is paid off. ... Fast forward 1 1/2 months and I get a letter in the mail saying I owe almost $1100 for the final payment and its due in two weeks or I will get charged extra late fees!... What a bunch of BULL! ... Why is the final payment OVER TWICE what the normal monthly payment is? ... Why did THEIR AUTOMATED SYSTEM give me the amount it did, then want more later... Its a bunch of shlt... I called them to try to sort it out.. Big surprise.. They say say that I owe this $1100 and they have no record or proof that the other amount was given to me. And there is NOTHING they can do and that the amount owed. ... 5th 3rd SUCKS! ... If you have a car payment with them and your near your final payment... Call the automated number they give you.. AND RECORD THE CALL! Otherwise they will pull the same BS with you as they did me. ... I WILL NEVER EVER EVER DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER AGAIN! ... I will steer EVERYONE I KNOW AWAY FROM THEM ! ... And I LOVE the fact that this P. Brian Moore whos name is on this crap letter can not be gotten a hold of... No email address anywhere... No one will connect you to him... EVERYONE STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM 5TH 3RD BANK NO MATER WHY!... DO NOT get a Credit Card from them, don't do a car loan with them, do not get a house loan with them, Don't even get a checking or savings account with them. ... If this is how they treat someone who has ALWAYS paid they payment on time... Think how they treat others! ... 5th 3rd YOU SUCK A$$!
Unethical overdraft fees
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OHIO -- Fifth Third Bank is robbing people. My daughter's boyfriend deposited a check to pay the bills on Friday and was told it was deposited. He asked if it was okay to write checks on the weekend and the teller said sure.
The next week on Wednesday he found out that the check he deposited didn't go in until late Monday and he had several overdrafts which were acumulating. By the time he found out his whole paycheck went for overdraft fees. It was over $200.00 and he needed the money to go for his rent. He went to Fifth Third Bank and begged them to please drop some of the fees and they said fact if you don't get money in there right away another $200.00 will be charged to your account by the end of the week so he had to borrow some money from his parents to keep from going bankrupt this month. This is a young kid with very little money who by the way doesn't bounce checks all the time and works very hard for his money. I don't understand why a check isn't deposited right away and if it isn't why that isn't indicated on the deposit slip. No other banks that I have ever dealt with are like this. Of course the answer is simple I they can rack up fees on poor people and make all kinds of money. This is so unethical. Now the poor kid is trying to close out his account and go to another bank but they told him it costs $50.00 to close his account. What a bunch of crap!!! I hate this bank. I dealt with them many years ago and they said I made 1/2 a car payment which I would never do. I always paid the whole payment on time. They sent the information to a collector and I had to get it off my record. The information was completely wrong. I have no idea where they got their information but they would not fix it on our credit report. I dropped Fifth Third years ago and now it makes me sad to hear they are still just as unethical as ever if not worse. It makes me mad because no one will do anything about this bank and all the unfair things they do.
Prior Reviews
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I work for a large national financial institution, so I know a little bit about banking. I was reading reviews and made my way over to this Fifth Third page. It is amusing how all of these reviews are about people that have overdrawn their account and are angry they are being charged fees. All banks that I know of charge overdraft fees, even credit unions. I have relationships with 6 banks (3 of which I have checking accounts with), and if I were to overdraft my account or "Cut it too close" on the dates, I would expect an overdraft charge.

Some of the other reviews are about the "Grace period" First off, the grace period is something that is granted to you by the financial institution. I have been in the recovery side of the business, and for example, they can technically repo your car the day after your due date even though you are in your "Grace period"

I know that people only go online and vent when something is wrong, and never when they are happy or content with something. But it seems that the majority of the reviewers are people who obviously don't handle their money well or run into financial hardships and blame the bank. I personally make sure that there is money in the account prior to writing a check or making a payment online.

Another fun fact for you people that enjoy the grace period...Just about every auto loan is a simple interest loan, every day that you are in your grace period, you are going to owe additional interest at the end of your term. Granted, in most cases it is a small amount, but I have reviewed accounts in which someone was a month late for all 72 months so they received both a late fee and additional interest. This person had a $10K auto loan and after the 72 months, had an additional $4000 to pay the loan off because of the additional interest and penalties on top of the interest charged.

All in all, I just wish people would spend more time keeping their books as opposed to jumping online and blaming all of these banks for their problems.
Bank Delays Repayment Of $2,527.18 Car Loan Overpayment 3 Weeks And Counting
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BRADENTON, FLORIDA -- This bank is possibly intentionally using archaic methods that result in additional late fees. This could be financially advantageous to them so they have little motivation to improve.

When I got this impression dealing with their car loan to me, I decided simply to pay off the remaining $2,445.00 balance on the loan. I sent in the check but after 8 days they called to say I hadn't made a payment and claimed I was past due. At this point I became alarmed and eager to be done with their poor service and aggravation over possibly trumped up late fees. I ended up making a payoff by a ACH funds transfer over the phone, and of course, had to pay a penalty and funds transfer charge. The resulting payment was $2,527.18 which posted to my checking account at my regular bank on 2/12/2009. The next day (2/13/2009), the check I mailed in posted to my account for the original payoff amount of $2,445.83

I noticed the overpayment two days later when I checked online my regular checking account statement. I called 5th 3rd Bank promptly and let them know they had debited my account twice for a sizable sum. It took a long time over the phone even to get them to agree there might be a problem and they asked me to provide documentation. I offered to send it and they then referred the matter to a supervisor who said that the first payment may have closed the account so the second payment had no place to go. I was told the matter would clear up if I was just patient and that within 10 working days, I should receive the overpaid money back in my account. So far this has not happened 14 working days after I notified them and they said the solution was in progress. So I asked, at what point should I become concerned.

I am also planning to write a complaint but am only now learning who, what agencies to address. I still haven't received my overpayment money, although I received the title to the car a few days ago.
5/3 Bank Unethical/Screwed - Up Refinance
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FT MYERS, FLORIDA -- This occurred in Ft. Myers Florida 5/3 Bank Colonial office in Dec 2005.

My husband (my fiance at the time) had some debts and wanted to refinance one of his properties to pay off the debts as we wanted to build a custom home and needed the debts paid off to qualify for a construction loan.
My husband met with the loan officer at the Colonial Branch of 5/3 Bank and where he reviewed my husbands debts (several credit cards and one equity loan). My husband said that the officer seemed to be quite competent and added up the debt and said my husband needed to refinance BOTH of his properties in order to pay off the various credit cards and Suntrust equity loan so my husband said okay.

After the closings my husband came home and complained that it had seemed quite disorganized and unprofessional and that 5/3 Bank was to mail out the checks to the various creditors. He had no conformation or copies of the checks that were to be mailed out to his creditors and instructed me to keep a close eye and make sure the bills indeed had been paid, which I did. The credit cards were paid but I soon noticed that we had a very large credit (close to $20,000) on his SunTrust account. When I pointed it out to him he said, just wait it may be a bank error and they will catch it.

Well this went on for two more months until we caught on and asked for SunTrust to mail us the $20,000 credit.

This is what had happened. Two checks for $20,000 had been sent to SunTrust by 5/3 Bank. There had NOT been any need to refinance BOTH properties as the refinance of one would have covered all his debt. Because of incompetence or greed (the loan officer wanted two commissions instead of one) the loan officer had refinanced both properties and we had paid for a refinance that had NOT been necessary.

That fiasco cost my husband at least $5,000.

I called and complained to the loan officer on one occasion and he said "he would look into it"...I complained to the branch in Ft. Myers and they said "they would look into it". We are now living in the TampaBay area and here at the Seffner 5/3 branch I complained to the Bank Manager and he washed his hands of it and did not even bother to say "I'll look into it".

We would never have refinanced the Ft. Myers house if we had known it was not necessary to qualify for the construction loan as we needed o sell that house to build the new one anyway. As it was we refinanced the Ft. Myers house in Dec 2005 and it was sold in April 2006.

I feel by husband was duped or cheated out of at least $5,000 for an unnecessary refinance due to the incompetence or greediness of 5/3 Bank or it's loan officer and we want the costs of refinancing the Ft. Myers house REFUNDED immediately. If this post does not attract any attention within 30 days, we will contact an attorney and 5/3 Bank will pay a lot more.
Rip Off Check Cashing Fees
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FT MITCHELL, KENTUCKY -- Today I went to 5/3 bank to cash a $60 check I received from a friend. I was informed by the clerk that since I did not have an account, although my friend did, there would be a $4 fee deducted. even the manager declined my request to fore go this fee on such a small amount. I argue that since it was written on a 5/3 account that they should honor the full amount. or perhaps charge the account holder the fee. my bank does not penalize a person for cashing checks I write when cashed at my bank. 5/3 sucks.
Policy of Evil
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I work at a used car dealership that has been in business for 29 years. A customer traded in his vehicle to us and it had a payoff at Fifth Third Bank.
We wanted the title as soon as possible, and the customer had the 10 day payoff amount, so I sent a CASHIER'S CHECK overnight via UPS to their national headquarters at 5050 Kingsley Drive in Ohio 45263. I included a PRE-PAID return UPS envelope to send us the title back, along with a signed release form from the customer. UPS verified that they received the check on September 28th.
On October 3rd, I called the 800-972-3030 and waited on hold for 30 minutes before a hurried woman answered. She looked up the customer's information and told me she'd need to contact the title department and put me on hold for another 20 minutes. Then another woman answered and told me she refused to help me unless I had the customer's SSN or account number and that the woman before shouldn't have helped me at all.
I called the customer, got his SSN, and called Fifth Third back. I waited on hold another 20 minutes before I got through again. Once I gave the customer's SSN, I was told I was calling the wrong number and the wrong department. They gave me another number to call: 877-812-0490.
I called them and waited on hold for a brief 10 minutes before another woman answered, Ethel. She told me it was their policy to hold the title for 10 business days before releasing it and that she couldn't tell me anything more unless I faxed her a signed authorization release from the customer.
Lucky for me, I had one, and I faxed it right away. I called back and waited another 10 minutes before I reached Ethel again, who told she didn't actually get the fax I sent, it went somewhere else, and I would have to wait till tomorrow to call her to get any information.
I work with banks, credit unions, and finance companies from across the county. I have never been so mistreated and witnessed such unprofessional and rude behavior in my life. Does Fifth Third just have a general policy of evil or what?
Homeless in Arizona
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38 FOUNTAIN SQUARE PLAZA, OHIO -- Fifth Third Bank placed me in a forbearance program to assist me with keeping my home in this failing economy. I found out about it by calling them one day to check on the status of my loan, at this time I was told that I was in the program and my payment was past due. I asked for information on the program and the gentleman assured me that he would mail and fax me the information needed to secure my position in the program and prevent me from becoming homeless. I waited 10 days and received nothing, so I called in and reached several rude and unfriendly customer service reps. each time, they assured me they would look into the problem and call me back, I never received any return calls from them. In late October 2010, I received a call from Fifth Third Bank and made the October payment which was supposed to prevent my home from sold and the person was going to assure that I received the needed paperwork. I NEVER RECEIVED IT! She called me again about 3 weeks later and denied our previous conversation. She was asking for another payment I refused the payment until she could get me the contract I needed, she promised to call me back in 15 to 20 minutes with information I needed. She never called. I received another phone call from Fifth Third Bank about 1 week later, I told the young man my situation and he told me that he knew nothing of any paperwork but If I did not make a payment he would enter into the computer that I was refusing to make my payments. So I hung up and placed over 20 calls to Fifth Third Bank leaving messages on voice mailboxes and speaking to anyone I could. On November 17,2010 I finally received a call back form the same young lady that was going to back in 15 to 20 minutes, she was seeking another payment again. I refused and again she was going to look into the problem and call me back with information I needed, she called me back on 11/19/10 and informed me that my home was sold on 11/15/2010 and there was nothing she could do to help me! To this day, I still have not received the paperwork needed to secure my position in the forbearance program. Remember my home was sold on 11/15/10? I received a total of 3 phone calls within 2 hours on 11/20/10 requesting that I make a payment on my home in order to prevent my home from being sold? I am amazed a bank can carry on this way and I have vowed to bring this practice to the attention of our US president whom initiated the making homes affordable program! I am facing homelessness and this bank thinks it is just going to move on with business as usual..........I DON'T THINK SO!
Credit Card Application Security
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I received a credit card application that offered a 0% APR on balance transfers and mailed it to 5th/3rd in the enclosed postage paid envelope on August 20, 2010. Having not heard anything from 5th/3rd, I became increasingly concerned, considering it has my social security number as well as other personal information and today is September 14, 2010.

I called today only to be treated as though I had done something wrong. The customer service person told me if the offer period expired, the application would be shredded and I would not receive any notification. I then told her I was extremely worried about my personal information being in the wrong hands and she told me, "You should have applied online if you are concerned".

I then explained that the website was down on the night before it was mailed (as it still is and I was of the impression that a postage paid preprinted envelope would make it to its destination.

She responded with "You should have called, we are open until 8PM Eastern Time". There was absolutely no concern as to the security of my personal information, contrary to what the website states. Furthermore, when I asked her advice as to what I should do next, I was told I could call back everyday until it comes in.

In twenty-five days I would think an envelope could make it to Australia and back. I am thoroughly displeased with 5th/3rd, will NEVER do business with them, and will ALWAYS recommend another financial institution over 5th/3rd.
Fifth Third Bank Compliment
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Let me start off by saying, and I have seen this before, "No one gets on a computer to write about how wonderful a company really is." Everybody gets on and vents about what a terrible experience it has been for them.

Well all of these bad reviews about Fifth Third, I just wanted to come in and say that I think Fifth Third is one of the best banks out there. Customer Service is great! I recently switched and I have to say that I am very satisfied. I sat down with a great financial advisor and he told me up front that "you know I am here for you! My job is to help YOU finance YOUR money properly and doing it the right way! I can remember being 19, in college and no one sat down with me to help me manage my money efficiently and I'm going to do that for YOU." He made me feel like I had nothing to worry about, like I was making the right decision and I DID. Every time I walk into the bank, everyone has made an effort to get to know me, kind of like walking into a small family owned business.

Every bank has their own set of rules, if you follow them you won't have to worry about being over charged. It is YOUR responsibility to keep track of your transactions, you don't pay the bank to look after your accounts so ABSOLUTELY there are over draft fees and late fees.

Its basically as simple as, We'll hold your money and make sure it's safe as long as you meet our deadlines. That seems fair to me!?

You know, there aren't many Fifth Third Branches everywhere but if your fortunate enough to have the opportunity, I would recommend them to ANYONE!!
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